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  • File : 1326066441.jpg-(112 KB, 566x800, 4096843860346.jpg)
    112 KB Black knight quest III Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)18:47 No.17467225  
    >"A mysterious stranger once sold me a magical set of armor. His price was my own flesh and blood. I graciously accepted, for I would sacrifice anything for king and country."

    >"I still remember my own horrid screams as I donned the armor, blood pooling at my feet as my flesh was consumed, and my soul bound."

    You are Sir Hadrian Blackhand, all that remains of a shattered kingdom and her people. Your soul bound to a living suit of armor, and entombed in the fallen capital of your kingdom. Recently however, you have regained your freedom, and set out for find the cause of the apparent cataclysm that rocked the world while you were imprisoned.

    You traveled east, only to find a blasted landscape seared by a massive fire elemental, and the sick cult that worshiped him. Bringing the very fury of winter itself to the island, you dealt with this false God and his prophet, saving what was left of a family and fleeing the burning hell that soon crashed down to the earth.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)18:51 No.17467283

    Living armor (Your body)
    You can heal minor damage such as gashes and holes punched through
    >Arcane hearing
    You can hear significantly better than your average mortal, but even that has its limits for the moment
    >Arcane sight
    You can see things that are normally left unseen. (Magic, spirits, ect.) Has its limits.
    You can consume things to gain power. The only thing you have tried it on was a normal steel sword.
    You gave birth to a horse fueled by the souls of the damned. You might be able to do similar things.
    Your Glaive is now covered in the same substance as the armor, increasing its power tenfold (Can cut through rock, its as unbreakable as your armor. The blade glows a ghostly white)
    >Flames of manipulation
    Your newest power. Surrounds your body in flames that you can control completely, even the temperature. You mainly use them for defense at the moment, but you can do anything with them. When inactive, it appears there is a cloud of shadow around us. Mercy also gets this to a lesser extent, it surrounds his legs protecting them. (But a flaming hoof the the face will probably hurt a fuck of a lot more than a normal one.)

    Your Cloak (Crimson)
    >Has hammer space storage. (Enough for half a shark)

    Mercy(Your Horse)
    A horse you gave birth to, who has the soul of a young boy we killed a short while after the entombment. Fueled by the souls of the damned who inhabited the ruined city.
    >Can use the flames to a lesser extent
    Uses them to walk on water, and shield his legs from harm.
    >No other upgrades

    Glaive (Your weapon, no name currently)
    >Converted into the same material as your body.
    >Blade has a ghostly white glow and can cut through stone
    >Same regenerative properties as your armor.
    >Can imbue it with the fire that surrounds you
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)18:53 No.17467310
    Vengeance (Your Metal snake)
    >Born from the tortured soul of a creature you found in the tower, it begged you for a chance at revenge, to strike down the ones responsible for its plight.
    >Can extend very long
    >Very quick (Spring at the old mage quicker than you could even catch)

    Turning away from the fallen elemental, you point your attention towards the little head now peaking out from in your cloak, staring at the snake with the flicking tongue

    >How are you going to explain this to the girl?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)18:54 No.17467311
    First things first, land somewhere safe and check on the girl. Then we need to get her dropped off in civilization somewhere because I don't think having a young girl traveling with us will be a very good idea.

    Where we ride we bring nothing but punishment and death. We saved her from the cult, I hate to see her get wrapped up in our vengeance and die in a crusade that is not hers to carry out.
    >> tha/tg/uy 01/08/12(Sun)18:55 No.17467324

    Onto business, we don't know how long that girl we picked up has been in that tower, our first priority should be to find civilization.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)18:55 No.17467331

    The previous threads.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)18:55 No.17467333
    rolled 91 = 91


    Hmm, maybe the soul of her sister can speak to her more easily than we can.

    Either way we need to communicate to her that she is free and needs to seek her newfound life elsewhere.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)18:57 No.17467351

    Use vengeance to ask the girl where the closest town/city is

    Leave girl there if the people accept her
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)18:57 No.17467356
    Looking at the other thread now, have you guys picked out what your character portrait? I've just been using this one because its easier to find more of, and I like the armor design.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)18:58 No.17467358
    Pat her on the head, and keep riding.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)18:59 No.17467374

    Just pick the ones you think work the best. They're all pretty awesome.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)18:59 No.17467375

    Just keep using that, if the quest becomes popular, a drawfag may appear and offer his services.
    >> Archivist 01/08/12(Sun)18:59 No.17467377
    Reporting for duty sir!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)18:59 No.17467378

    I quite like >>17466596.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)19:00 No.17467383
    Alright, I'll try and use the ones that best fit the situation.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:01 No.17467401
    apologize that we didn't arrive earlier to save her people from this horrid fate.

    and based on how op described what they look like we might not find her a home in civilization
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)19:02 No.17467410

    Alright, the first order of business is to talk to the girl using Vengeance?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:02 No.17467411
    rolled 40 = 40

    take the girl with us until we find the next town.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:03 No.17467422

    Unless someone has a better idea. I think the soul of her sister can communicate better to her than we can.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:03 No.17467425
    Yes talk to the Girl with Vengeance see whats up and if there is maybe a town nearby
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:04 No.17467427

    Let's just pretend to be a grunt and let the serpent talk, it would be akward to talk ourselves due to our metallic voice and the fact that we killed her family.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:06 No.17467444
    we have already talked to her so thats out
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)19:06 No.17467448
    To be fair, she has already heard our booming voice. But trying to talk through Veng. might not scare has much, but that leads to "other" complications. But if thats what you guys want to do, I will write it, just pointing that face out.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:07 No.17467456

    Yeah, she will have to accept that her brother/sister is a metallic serpent, it's still the best we have.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:10 No.17467481

    There's going to be complications no matter what we do at this point.

    She may not have any family left alive, but we've given her bloodline a chance at retribution through Vengeance. We are not capable of bringing much that is pure or good into this world, only eradicating that which is evil, but we could give her this gift of rebirth at least.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:12 No.17467497

    An addendum: Her sibling chose through her own free will to join us.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:12 No.17467501
    I almost think this would be the best course of action as it allows her a chance to be reborn and serve a better purpose...
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:15 No.17467537

    What? No. Absolutely not. We gave that choice to the elder sibling (was it male or female, I forget if we found that out), because she was already dead. We are not bringing a child, a LIVING child who survived this ordeal into our crusade.

    We wanted to save her from darkness and death and by serving us, we will only bring her more of that. Her sibling had nothing left but vengeance, this girl has so many more opportunities and possibilities open to her yet, and we will not take that away from her.

    She will not travel with us.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:15 No.17467539
    How about we just get up front with the little girl and ask her, to her face

    "Do you fear me little girl?"

    With luck she might be one of those fierce spirited little things that will surely pout and try and act tough
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:19 No.17467582

    I meant what we offered her brother/sister back in the tower. I don't think we can do the same for her.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:19 No.17467584
    We're giving her the choice to travel with us, not the obligation.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:22 No.17467607

    I don't care if she wants to travel with us or not. She'll only slow us down and I don't want to see her killed fighting our battles after we saved her the first time.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:23 No.17467620
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)19:24 No.17467633
    Holding a plated hand out in front of the snake, it obeys and coils around your arm, head in your palm. Speaking directly to the snake, you tell her that she will speak for you, for you do not take pleasure in frightening a child.

    You beckon the girl out, and with even more reluctance she climbs out of your flowing cloak, seeming to stumble on something inside. You offer her vengeance who hissed silently, and she took the snake up gently, barely able to hold its weight, she fell backwards with another squeak when its form sucked into something much smaller, and coiled itself around her arm.

    Looking gazing down at the snake, tears welled in her eyes as they had a reunion you choose to stay out of, for you knew what conversation was passing between the two just by the body language alone, made ever clearer when she fell to her knees embracing her previously lost sibling.

    Her voice was still shaking when she looks up to you "T...thank you....thank you so much..." You are this girls savior, you are sure if you asked it at this point, she would do anything with little objection.

    >What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:24 No.17467639
    Do we have any food and water for the poor little thing?
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)19:25 No.17467647
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:26 No.17467652

    Ask vengeance for a good place to leave the child.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:26 No.17467656
    Attempt to look nice.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:26 No.17467661
    it seems we have a side quest to find somewhere safe for this child.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:27 No.17467673
    ask her what she knows about..the last hundred years or so, along with a safe place we can take her.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:27 No.17467675
    rolled 42 = 42


    Can we tell in which direction the nearest inn or shelter is? Take her there and tell her that she is free to make of her life as she wishes.

    But I don't like the idea of leaving her defenseless...

    Can we fashion a dagger or small knife from the metal in our armor? And then give it to her that she might protect herself from those that seek to enslave or harm her like that mage did.
    >> Archivist 01/08/12(Sun)19:28 No.17467677
    rolled 30 = 30

    I ask her if she would like to find somewhere safe to live away from this terrible place
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:29 No.17467684
    We have no food/water and honestly keeping a kid around is just stupid and the logistics are annoying. We should find the nearest bit of civilization and drop her off, making sure that she'll be well taken care of. She survived events that honestly should have killed her, she deserves a normal life.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:29 No.17467689
    it may sound stupid but i think she would be safer staying in our cloak.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:29 No.17467693
    rolled 2 = 2

    Have Vengeance spear into the water and grab a big fucking fish for the girl once we cook it in our flames.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)19:30 No.17467695
    All you can see around you is blasted wasteland, but it cant ALL be wasteland. But it could be ages before you come across any kind of civilization, and you have no food or drink to give her.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:30 No.17467699
    rolled 35 = 35


    Only until we find a safe place to drop her off. We can't guard her forever, our mission is sure to take us into danger again soon.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:30 No.17467703
    Back to the idea of giving her release in the form of one of our machinations
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:31 No.17467708
    We can pull water off by freezing water vapor out of the air but food is trickier but still cookable with our fires.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:32 No.17467715

    You mentioned dead creatures in the ocean, pick one of them and give it to the kid, if neither the child nor Vengeance know of a town, then we shall charg a maximum speed until we find it.

    It's not like we have anything else to do right now.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:32 No.17467720
    rolled 86 = 86


    Well we can't just leave her here. Back into the cloak, mount Mercy again, and get some vertical distance so we can see the lay of the land better, if we find a road, there's bound to be an Inn of some kind along it where we can bring her.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:32 No.17467721
    Can we use Creation to make some kind of edible food?

    Or would it be too infused with dark magic?

    I'm not really keen on listening to the pitter patter of little armoured feet anytime soon
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)19:33 No.17467724
    Up until now you have only gotten them from specific things, it might not even work. But you could TRY, after all you haven't tried consuming a living being yet.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:33 No.17467727
    rolled 21 = 21



    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:33 No.17467728
    rolled 80 = 80

    That wouldn't be release. It would just be enslavement.

    Fish with vengeance. Freeze the air around us and then thaw it for water. Keep her fed and hydrated until we find some hospitable land and drop her off.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:33 No.17467729
    how about using the gems and stuff we found we start this girl on a new life or buy some manor somewhere and have her run it for us, that way we have a loyal follower who manages things for us and we have a way to continue to check on the girl for vengeance's sake
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:33 No.17467730
    Nah, let's see if she actually likes being in the cloak before we shove her in again. See if she'd like to ride with us.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:34 No.17467735

    this is a good idea.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:34 No.17467744
    rolled 33 = 33

    We're not going to turn this into the Black Knight and his spunky girl sidekick.

    Rolling for not keeping her with us forever. Drop her off as soon as we can.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:35 No.17467746

    Actually, does anybody remember the Blackguard's Daughter threads from a while back?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:35 No.17467755
    As in, see the world outside the firey hell she just escaped from.

    Of course we won't be keeping her.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:35 No.17467756
    Liking these ideas rollin for em cause they are all extremely good
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:35 No.17467758
    rolled 59 = 59


    If we find an inn where we can drop her off, we can drop one or two of those gems to pay for the people who run it to take care of her.

    Between that and our... force of presence, shall we say, that should give her a place to stay for a bit until she can get up on her own feet.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:36 No.17467760
    rolled 88 = 88

    Rollan for civilization search
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:36 No.17467761

    If we are thinking the same thing, that was really fucked up...
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)19:36 No.17467766
    Alright, going for getting Vengeance to fish and you can make her some water. Actually its pouring rain right now in case you forgot.

    Is there anything you would like to say to her yourself?
    >> Archivist 01/08/12(Sun)19:36 No.17467767
    rolled 30 = 30

    dammit forgot my roll
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:37 No.17467771
    As non-evilly as we can:

    >Are you all right, girl?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:37 No.17467773

    Stay silent.

    Akwardly silent.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:38 No.17467775
    rolled 3 = 3


    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:38 No.17467780
    rolled 28 = 28


    Oh if it's raining, then we can just gather that for water.

    I don't know if us speaking to her would make her feel any better.

    I suppose we could ask simply if she knows of a safe place nearby where we can send her.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:39 No.17467786
    rolled 97 = 97


    We remain silent. There is nothing we need to say.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:39 No.17467791
    rolled 61 = 61

    So, technically we are Lawful Neutral right?

    Say, "Fear me not child, for you are no wrong-doer." in a less echoey tone.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:40 No.17467802
    As much as I'd like to try to be soothing I don't think we could pull it off that well. In our gentlest voice we could say "All is well child, no harm shall come to you under my protection."
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:40 No.17467805
    Ask about what happened at the town/village/wahtever before we arrived
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:41 No.17467809

    Uh uh, nope, we are not dragging that back into the conversation this quickly. Have a little tact, man.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:42 No.17467818

    her name. It'll be better than calling her girl.

    and I don't feel comfortable just giving the girl to some random peasant, I mean remember Le Miserable when Cosette was given to the landlord and how everyone talked so kindly of him. Then as soon as everyone isn't looking he's ready to start selling her off to the highest molester.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:44 No.17467835
    We can fix that by checking in on her, frequently.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:45 No.17467846
    >her name

    Actually yeah, this would be a good idea.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:46 No.17467855

    Vengeance should know it, let's ask her.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:48 No.17467878
    We're a giant suit of armor covered in darkness, and our horse is on fire.

    Tact left the building a long ass time ago.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:50 No.17467899

    Well we already know what happened back there, dick-ass mage summons a fire elemental that destroys the landscape, and then creates a cannibalistic cult with himself as the head priest-king at the top and uses mind-control to keep it going.

    Straight from the horse's mouth.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)19:50 No.17467901
    Holding out your hand to Vengeance once more, she coils back up your arm. Giving her a command, she jerks her head back in alarm.


    You throw the snake into the ocean with a single command.


    The girl seems rather alarmed you just tossed her sibling into a giant body of water, but you place a hand on her head soothingly, and reach into your cloak looking for something you just remembered you had.

    Ah, there it was. You were rewarded with a silver goblet, one of your plunder from the orc ship, and hold it out letting the rain fill it up. You calmly present it to the girl, and she accepts, gingerly taking it from your hands.

    You take a seat on a rock, and look back to her sipping on the water.


    Your voice booms out, causing her to almost drop the cup. "I...its....We were never...never given names. He...the speaker had just called us by numbers."

    You are waiting for Vengeance to return.

    >What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:52 No.17467912

    Wait for vengeance to return
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:52 No.17467920
    rolled 30 = 30


    Tell her to choose a name for herself.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:52 No.17467921
    Inquire as to her comfort, i.e, is she cold, hurt, etc.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:52 No.17467924
    "What were you gathered for?"
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:53 No.17467934
    Help the little girl choose a name, then ask more about the speaker.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:55 No.17467960
    rolled 28 = 28

    Food and sex, dummy. Jesus.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:55 No.17467963
         File1326070540.jpg-(4 KB, 185x82, 1318391956428.jpg)
    4 KB
    This whole scene is just so awkward and kind of adorable at the same time.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:56 No.17467976

    Dude, did you not read the last thread? We already know what was going on in that tower.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:57 No.17467984

    do this to keep her entertained

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:57 No.17467988
    Interrogating her is a bad idea, her sister probably knows the same as her, plus we don`t have to use our sinister trauma-inducing voice.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:57 No.17467989

    lol vengeance

    I think we should name her Emerald or something cause of her eyes. Hopefully she'll like the name, or she can pick one out her self.

    every now and then walk to the edge of the water to make sure vengeance is alright
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:58 No.17467997
    We. Are. Not. Going to abandon this girl anywhere near this island. We will find civilization and if she wants we will leave her there.

    Our armor may be as black as the abyss, and what is left of our soul frosted over with a rage that would make a god cringe in fear.

    But we are not heartless. We are an asshole yes, that comes with being filled with HATE. But we are still human at heart. Capable of great things, capable of horrible things. We may never be called a "hero" in good light.

    But one thing is certain.

    We are not the villain.

    If this world needs a hero, we shall be the hero it needs, if not the hero it wants.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:59 No.17468018
    rolled 28 = 28

    we should name her hope.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)19:59 No.17468022

    We're not doing magic tricks for her.

    She is a sentient being and thus deserves the dignity of a proper, real name. But we are not making small talk or interrogating her beyond that.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)20:00 No.17468029
    Everyone seems split between naming her ourselves or letting her choose.

    1d40 first 2 rolls after this post. The highest of the two.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:00 No.17468032
         File1326070847.jpg-(20 KB, 320x320, 1317698147270.jpg)
    20 KB


    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:01 No.17468034

    I like you.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:01 No.17468038
    rolled 32 = 32


    Name her hope
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:01 No.17468042
    rolled 16 = 16


    Let her choose a name.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:01 No.17468045
    rolled 32 = 32


    I doubt she has enough experience of the outside world to pick a name from something.

    I say offer her the choice, but if she can't choose for herself, then we name her "Hope".
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:01 No.17468046
    rolled 34 = 34

    I don't give a shit about her name,
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:02 No.17468048

    She is a little girl

    Little girls love magic tricks
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:02 No.17468050
    rolled 22 = 22

    let her name herself. She hasn't been created by us, and thus is not ours to name/
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:02 No.17468051
    rolled 12 = 12

    let her name her self
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:03 No.17468068
    rolled 10 = 10

    Let her choose.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:06 No.17468100
    rolled 27 = 27

    Huh, naming her "Hope" won the dice toss, but the majority vote seems to be in favor of letting her choose her own name.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:08 No.17468121
    rolled 38 = 38

    That's because highest roll is a bullshit way to run a quest.
    >> tha/tg/uy 01/08/12(Sun)20:09 No.17468132
    How about we give her the suggestion of the name Hope, she how see likes it?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:11 No.17468158
    rolled 57 = 57


    Or like what >>17468045 suggested and offer her the choice and go with "Hope" if she can't decide herself.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:12 No.17468173
    Everyone, let's not bicker.
    Everyone who hasn't read the previous threads, do so.
    It doesn't fit Hadrian to name something he hasn't created. Yes, objectively we're the only ones who can give her a name, since she probably doesn't even KNOW any names, but that's not how the Knight sees it
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:13 No.17468178
    She was just imprisoned by a sorcerer. A psychotic and abusive sorcerer who kept her and her sibling around as a food supply.
    No magic tricks.
    At all.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:13 No.17468191

    True that
    >> Tzeentch Follower 01/08/12(Sun)20:15 No.17468204
    I am all for the name 'Hope'
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:16 No.17468212
    rolled 34 = 34

    rollin for this as well seems like the best course of action
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:16 No.17468213
    Yeah? Well most of us aren't.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:16 No.17468215

    This guy seems legit
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:16 No.17468219
    rolled 43 = 43

    >It doesn't fit Hadrian to name something he hasn't created.

    In a way, although we didn't create her like Mercy and Vengeance, we gave her a second chance at life.

    I agree with offering her a chance to choose herself, but "Hope" is very fitting if she can't decide. It's not right for a person to live without a proper name. She's just had everything taken from her, I want to give her something that she can own wholly and without restriction.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:17 No.17468232
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)20:17 No.17468242
    Staring at the small form before you, noticing the wispy white cloud flowing away from her face with every breath.


    Your question doesn't startle the girl as it did last time, instead she looks expectantly at you, almost anxiously. You gaze thoughtfully for a moment. Your actions had given this girl a chance at a new life, something to hope for as opposed to the horrid life she lived before. The answer was clear.


    She thinks on it for a moment, repeating the name over under her breath. Frowning, she looks back to you. "I will keep the old name I was given. Even if it was a number, I will not forget what I came through to get where I am now. My name shall be Drei."

    The girls fire surprises you, still giving a you a fierce look, you can't help by chuckle. As close to chuckling as you can anyways, it escapes your shell like grinding sheets of metal causing the girl to look confused.

    >"VERY WELL."

    Hearing a wet dragging noise, you feel that Vengeance is approaching, burdened with something.

    It seems to be rather large. Dropping his burden he quickly slithers up your leg staring you in the face.


    You now have food and water for the girl.

    >What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:18 No.17468252
    >Your voice booms out, causing her to almost drop the cup. "I...its....We were never...never given names. He...the speaker had just called us by numbers."

    Let's give her a poke or snap our fingers or something before we speak. That might help her to get used to our voice and not scare her that much..
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)20:19 No.17468261
    Didn't think that the highest roll would cause that kind of problem, I'll just go with popular opinion next time. Sorry about that.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:19 No.17468264
    Fuck you. I'm outta here.
    >> tha/tg/uy 01/08/12(Sun)20:19 No.17468265
    Feed her, dur. After she's eaten we set off to find civilization.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:20 No.17468271
    First things first..We need to find civilization, and then we need to find out what the hell happened while we were underground.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:20 No.17468276
    >She thinks on it for a moment, repeating the name over under her breath. Frowning, she looks back to you. "I will keep the old name I was given. Even if it was a number, I will not forget what I came through to get where I am now. My name shall be Drei."

    Oh That Girl. Always so witty
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:20 No.17468281

    Feed the kid, then travel to the nearest inhabited place.
    >> tha/tg/uy 01/08/12(Sun)20:20 No.17468283
         File1326072049.jpg-(101 KB, 500x406, ANASFGD 1.jpg)
    101 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:20 No.17468284
         File1326072054.jpg-(9 KB, 215x199, 1304515701880.jpg)
    9 KB
    rolled 63 = 63


    Ha. Necessary sacrifices. You'll get over it.

    Cook the fish over some conjured fire and then give it to her. I'm thinking we'll remain silent for the rest of the night.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:21 No.17468287
    Themes ong guy here, this shit starts when i'm asleep and keeps me entertained all day, good show sir, won't post for a while, reading thread.
    >> Archivist 01/08/12(Sun)20:22 No.17468300
    So then I say we cook the fish feed her and then we ask what she wants to do next...
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:22 No.17468302
    rolled 15 = 15


    Eh, it really wasn't that big of a deal.

    Waiting for majority opinion sometimes really bogs down quest threads like that, so in the future if things are moving slowly, it's better to just pick the most popular choices and ask for a roll.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)20:22 No.17468308
    Is this whole scene incredibly awkward for anyone else? Or is it just be because I'm writing it?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:23 No.17468310
    rolled 27 = 27


    greatest snake ever. But we should apologize, after all we just kinda threw it and said fish.

    lets rev up those campfires, cause you know we aren't trained sushi chefs and I'm not entirely sure where that fish has been.
    >> Archivist 01/08/12(Sun)20:23 No.17468311
    its damn awkward
    >> tha/tg/uy 01/08/12(Sun)20:23 No.17468313
         File1326072216.jpg-(34 KB, 500x374, Bicycle made of Dreams.jpg)
    34 KB
    I find it adorable.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:24 No.17468325
    By the way, if anyone finds out where she came from, and associates her with us, she'll get ostracized. Tell her to never mention us to anyone, once back to civilized surroundings
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:25 No.17468326
    rolled 5 = 5


    It is a bit awkward, but it's a nice contrast to the asskicking we were delivering yesterday. Nice character development we're doing here.

    I'd ask you to reconsider though if you were going to have us roleplay out the entire trip involved in finding a place for her to stay, since that might get boring pretty quickly.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)20:25 No.17468333
    I was just about to ask if you guys wanted me to timeskip a bit ahead.
    >> Tzeentch Follower 01/08/12(Sun)20:26 No.17468334
    Oh, how cute.

    Anyway, let us bring some change up in this grimdark whore of a world. TAKE CARE OF THAT GIRL.

    First things first: inquire the two about the state the world is in. Then if they know about the nearest center of culture, or any culture besides their own.

    If there are no helpful answers, then keep the girl in hammerspace and look for a civilised spot where we can drop her off safely, of course with us making sure she is taken care of.

    It would be nice to visit her once in a while, too.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:26 No.17468339
    I can't wait to see how she reacts to the fact that we can travel faster than a fucking bullet train over the water on Mercy....speaking of which, if we go full-cold mode won't that affect here? Or will our cloak protect her from the cold?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:26 No.17468344
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:26 No.17468345

    It's awkward in a good way. Hadrian is a Black Knight who really hasn't had much of any combat experience at all, and is hell-bent on VENGEANCE FUCKYEAH-ing his way through anything and everything to kill the wizard responsible for his kingdom's demise.

    And now he has to deal with the inevitable downtime and intermittent periods in which he does not get to burn alive or impale things.
    >> tha/tg/uy 01/08/12(Sun)20:27 No.17468347
    If you can do it without the expense of plot than go for it.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:28 No.17468364

    Not to mention the last time he had any contact with people they were all going insane and murdering each other and feasting on the remains in a crumbling city....and that was centuries ago.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)20:29 No.17468367
    Alright, is there anything that you would want done within the timeskip? Like searching for anything, ect.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:30 No.17468380
    Searching for some place to drop her the fuck off at.

    And have the snake go with her for protection. They're sisters after all.
    >> Archivist 01/08/12(Sun)20:30 No.17468382
    Yes start searching for civilization... Drei needs somewhere safe to live
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:30 No.17468385
    Who gives a shit what she wants? Did people not read the other threads? We are Justice. We will weed out the evildoers, and let the world be inhabited only by those we have judged to be good, honest and just. And we? We
    ... We will become God of this new world!

    Kidding aside, we're really not the talkative type. We should say less. Just ride for a place we can drop her off and continue our quest against the evil mages of the realm.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:30 No.17468387
    asking what they know of history, if anything.
    every little bit helps piece something together.

    Also, check if the leylines corrected themselves
    >> tha/tg/uy 01/08/12(Sun)20:31 No.17468392
    Information. History we need to catch up on, landmarks, villains to put on our hit-list, and a home for Deri.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)20:32 No.17468408
    Thats not something that would just fix itself over night. But taking the elemental down was probably the biggest thing you could do to help.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:33 No.17468416
    rolled 6 = 6


    It is named Vengeance after all, I doubt it will be happy with anything other than riding with us.

    I suggested seeing if we can make Drei a dagger or small knife to use to defend herself (just in case) while she's on her own. We can drop in sometimes to check in on her, but we're not going to be her full-time guardian.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:33 No.17468417
    I like your style.

    Shit that doesn't matter.

    We'll find evil and we'll kill the shit out of it. End of story. Don't need to know all kinds of history for that.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)20:34 No.17468431
    Alright, going for the timeskip. writing now.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:36 No.17468451
    Ignore him

    Let's find out what's been happening in this world since we've been trapped.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:37 No.17468459
         File1326073038.gif-(1.63 MB, 314x226, 1309568789275.gif)
    1.63 MB
    rolled 93 = 93

    Blackknight, this is an awesome quest and you're awesome for running it.

    Just letting you know.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:37 No.17468463
    Yeah, just ignore me. Not like I'm playing in this too.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:37 No.17468469
    >Shit that doesn't matter.
    >We'll find evil and we'll kill the shit out of it. End of story. Don't need to know all kinds of history for that.

    Wow, that's possibly the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Clearly the world is a MUCH different place then we left it--we assume the orcs are evil because they were evil when we were entombed--how do you know they aren't a peaceful people now? They are certainly more advanced than before.

    In other words, knowledge is exactly what we need now, idiot.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:38 No.17468479

    No, Justice is not ours to decide, we live by the virtues of our knighthood, they have just taken a new meaning since our story began.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:39 No.17468499

    Could you sound anymore pissy?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:40 No.17468504
    rolled 96 = 96


    Yeah I'm with this guy.

    We're not a rampaging Juggernaut that just tears shit up, we strike at evil, and we need a better idea of where evil is found and the best way to lance into it like the festering boil that it is.

    You want us to be an atomic bomb. We need to be a scalpel. Granted, a very big scary scalpel wreathed in flames, but still precise and very, very sharp.
    >> Tzeentch Follower 01/08/12(Sun)20:40 No.17468505
    Gather information, look for society, drop girl off at society, give her a shiny dagger from yourself, make sure she is otherwise provided for, then go off riding into the sunset.

    That's what most people seem to want to do.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:41 No.17468514
    rolled 41 = 41


    We'll get around to kicking evil's ass either way. Now just shut up and wait for OP to finish writing the timeskip.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:41 No.17468516

    This, just make sure it's a good place...
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:41 No.17468519

    We can't give her anything soulforged because we need souls for that, we have gold and gems, we can buy her anything she needs if there is a town somewhere.
    >> Archivist 01/08/12(Sun)20:43 No.17468542
    This and this combined remove that soul forged bit and we are set as for what to do next
    >> Tzeentch Follower 01/08/12(Sun)20:44 No.17468553
    Another thing, could we check if the gems we have in our possession maybe, just MAYBE SOMEHOW have taken up a little bit of magic while we were in the presence of the fire elemental or the mage, and the subsequent death of the mage?

    Because if yes, we might have something on which we must decide to either sell to gather funds for the girl, or consume to our own gain.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:45 No.17468559
    >ITT: People who didn't read the first threads
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:45 No.17468563
    Another thing, stop being a faggot.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:46 No.17468573

    >ITT: every quest thread ever
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:47 No.17468582

    Dude, calm down that was a perfectly legitimate suggestion.

    The previous threads were awesome, I don't want to see this quest die buried underneath pointless bickering and bitching.

    We're here to fight against EVIL, not each other.
    >> Tzeentch Follower 01/08/12(Sun)20:47 No.17468583
    At least I brought forth viable arguments.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)20:47 No.17468585
    And so your journey across the blasted landscape began leaving behind that wretched place, you continue heading along the coast, in hopes of catching the sight of a harbor town or some sign of civilization.

    Drei had taken up residence in your cloak, for she was unable to stand the bucking of Mercy and the blinding speed at which you rode. On the night of he rescue, after apologizing to Vengeance, you had both agreed to was to dangerous to have the girl travel with you, and resolved to find her a more permanent residence than your cloak.

    Sadly neither of them had rarely stepped foot outside the tower, and could provide no directions towards civilization.

    You search seemed fruitless until one day, the landscape changed from barren to yellow grass and overcast clouds. Riding further along the coast, you come across a road, leading from a dock that seemed very recently used away from the shore further inland.

    >Your course of action is obvious, but asking anyways in case there is something else you wish to do.
    >> tha/tg/uy 01/08/12(Sun)20:48 No.17468604
    Follow the road, what else is there to do?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:48 No.17468606
    rolled 69 = 69



    Ride on, Black Knight.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:49 No.17468609
    Further inland of course.

    But lets not thunder our way through, we're likely to kill something.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:49 No.17468616
    Take the bloody road.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:50 No.17468633

    Proceed, at a reasonable pace. And no fire, not right now.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)20:50 No.17468634
    Actually, conversion doesn't need souls. Only making beast like Vengeance and Mercy need that. In theory you could convert a stick, or a rock. It would just take time.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:50 No.17468637

    I think it's obvious, we should turn 90 degrees and travel that way instead
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:51 No.17468639
    rolled 15 = 15


    I grow bored with the coast line, time to head inland.

    TONIGHT WE DINE ON FOREST ANIMALS! or the girl will atleast.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:51 No.17468646

    Same as before, find a good inn or tavern, use a gem to pay for lodging and food for a few nights, and then leave her there.

    Also, if we're going to be near people, make our horse and armor look as normal as possible. i.e. get rid of the fire.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:51 No.17468650
    While we can't keep her with us I am very much against just leaving her with some random family or group of people, I mean, who KNOWS what they would do to her when they are sure we are gone?

    Also, does it seem that we have a fuckmassive soft spot for children? We gave Mercy what he/she asked for and it became our steed, Vengeance cried our for her vengeance and the chance to protect her sister. And we are protecting this girl until we can find her a home.

    Not that I have a problem with that at all, we gave our our flesh and blood to protect a now dead Kingdom but we are still a Knight, and we are still a man.

    What type of Knight Or Man would not protect a child?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:52 No.17468669

    In that case, I agree with the idea of making her a knife.

    Even if we can't travel with her, she'll still have a bit of us to protect her.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:52 No.17468672

    We don`t even know what society is like in here, we must see for ourselves before deciding anything else.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:53 No.17468675
    A knight that doesn't give much of a shit about 1 person when there are thousands upon thousands more to save.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:53 No.17468676

    I stand corrected then, follow dat dere coastal road and hope for civilisation, gutter the flames and chill, we don't need them to think we are a demon, we look it enough without eldritch fire.
    >> tha/tg/uy 01/08/12(Sun)20:53 No.17468678
    The path we will tread will be bathed in the blood of villains and tyrants. It will be no road for a child to travel upon.
    >> Tzeentch Follower 01/08/12(Sun)20:53 No.17468686

    Considering, as the OP implied in an earlier post, that Blackhand was a father in life, it just seems appropriate. Also fucking win.

    The type that would NOT protect a child is the kind we seek to EXTERMINATE!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:53 No.17468688

    We can only guard her for so long. Sooner or later she's going to have to learn how to protect herself, and we can't ride into danger fighting evil when we're trying to keep her safe at the same time.

    I understand your attachment, but this is for the best.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)20:54 No.17468698
    By "Something else" I was referring to maybe you would try and make yourself look less terrifying? You are venturing into a civilized place now for all you know, and I doubt people would take the minor of the evil knight into their homes. Just FYI, but if thats what you want, there is always the intimidation factor. Their fear of you would ensure her good treatment [spoilers]maybe[/spoilers]
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:55 No.17468707

    It's more that we have only come across children in need so far, i'd like to think we would help anyone we come across in need.
    Also is Vengeance a boy or a girl? Even OP has used both him and her describing it.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:55 No.17468709
    As do I.

    Ooh, could we get a sort of summoning thing on it, too? Like she says a command word and we get her message, or something.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:56 No.17468715
    we can make ourselves look less intimidating?

    then by all means, tone it down...lower the eye shine, and wrap our cloak around us...and make mercy less firey.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:56 No.17468717

    I was about to say it, but there's nothing we can really do apart from hiding hour fire aura.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:56 No.17468719

    That was my idea
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:57 No.17468727

    Oh yeah, I think we all agreed on getting rid of the flames and making ourselves seem slightly more normal.

    For all they know, we will just be a strange silent knight in black armor.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:57 No.17468728

    I know we can't keep, that isn't what I am implying, I'm just saying that we can't just leave her with some random people at the first opportunity. We know nothing of this world or its denizens, and what have we seen so far? Well-Armored Orcs and an Old man controlling people with mind control potions and cannibalizing them when its time for food.

    We can't keep her, but it would be wrong to leave her somewhere when we know nothing of this world or the people who inhabit it.
    >> Tzeentch Follower 01/08/12(Sun)20:57 No.17468733
    and there we would have the insurance that she doesn't get into too bad hands.

    But, we would also have to make sure that the thing can't just get stolen by some random thief, or murderer, off for some quick loot.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:57 No.17468734
    Normal looking as possible. Even try to get rid of the intimidation factor.

    Also, how are we communicating with anybody?

    >captcha: with chinersh

    Apparently with Chinersh
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:58 No.17468756

    Heaven help the thief that takes it and then accidentally summons us.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:59 No.17468772

    Minimally, also we are still knight errant, see if the townsfolk have any problems we can solve. Don't let Vengeance speak, that will scare people as much as us.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:59 No.17468774

    We stay silent and stare, we inspect the town before getting the girl out of our cloak
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:00 No.17468780
    Maybe we can have Vengeance help us out there. Have him/her/it claim that we're mute and that it speaks in our stead.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:01 No.17468788
    rolled 32 = 32


    1. Shift into a more standard knight. That is, make it less fricking obvious that we're not actually magic. This applies to Mercy and Vengeance as well (maybe Vengeance should just lay low for a while)

    Step 2: Acquire a quill and parchment. We should write out a letter explaining the girl's situation, that also explains we have lost our tongue; we cannot speak.

    Step 3: Let the girl speak for us until we get the above items, and bring her into town on our shoulder, NOT in our cape. Nobody will think we're evil if we're carrying a small child on our back.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:01 No.17468789
    Guys, we have a living suit of armor that is pretty much Venom's symbiote, but beneficial. We can probably disguise ourselves
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)21:02 No.17468802
    If you guys are so keen on giving her something converted, may I suggest digging around the treasure in your cloak? Perhaps there is a necklace or ring.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:02 No.17468803

    Drei would be better, talking little girl less threatening than metallic snake
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:03 No.17468818
         File1326074583.jpg-(344 KB, 1568x1400, Black Knight.jpg)
    344 KB
    Go with a set like this, obviously still dark and intimidating but nothing screams "Evil" about it.
    >> Tzeentch Follower 01/08/12(Sun)21:03 No.17468820
    I second this.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:03 No.17468826

    necklace works well.
    >> mick824 01/08/12(Sun)21:03 No.17468831
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:04 No.17468834

    We can`t morph like that, only extract shit from our armor or hide our magic
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:04 No.17468837

    We should've thought of that, what is she going to do with the knife anyway, she can hardly fight off a grown man with that let alone anything really threatening, can it ward her or something?
    >> Archivist 01/08/12(Sun)21:04 No.17468847
    This seems to be the rule of cool so i whatever endorse this
    >> Tzeentch Follower 01/08/12(Sun)21:04 No.17468848
    the point was also in giving her something that allowed her to protect herself.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:05 No.17468854
    How about a necklace that protects her from harm?

    That way we won't be waylaid from whatever quest we are doing at the time to rush to her aid.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)21:05 No.17468857
    Well, things that come from you have the same durability as your armor, and seem to gain some magical properties. (You Glaive can cut through rock now)
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:06 No.17468866
    Read the first thread, damn. I repeat, Venom symbiote
    >> Tzeentch Follower 01/08/12(Sun)21:06 No.17468870
    but is the effect utterly random, or at least partially controllable by us?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:07 No.17468876
    Yeah, see if we can make something that looks normal but will totally cut a bitch when needed.
    And has a panic button. Give her instructions to only use it if everything is going horribly wrong.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)21:07 No.17468884
    So we are making ourselves less intimidating, making sure Vengeance doesn't move at all, and having the girl communicate?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:07 No.17468885
    if we can do anything with our flames can we put them into a necklace or something to protect her?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:08 No.17468903
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)21:09 No.17468907
    It is controllable.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:11 No.17468931

    I was in the first thread, but I don`t think we are shapeshifters, So far the only thing we have done is make a horse appear from our chest, absorb a sword into our chest, burst in fire and make a serpents appear from our chest.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:12 No.17468944

    Yep. sounds like a plan to me.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:13 No.17468965

    We can't change our shape entirely, but we can probably at least remove some spikey bits.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:13 No.17468967
    And making a weapon for Drei.
    >> Archivist 01/08/12(Sun)21:26 No.17469121
    Is the thread still alive?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:28 No.17469140
    rolled 5 = 5


    Blackknight might just be writing, I hope it's not.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:28 No.17469149

    OP got shot
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:29 No.17469160
    You writing, Blackknight?
    >> Archivist 01/08/12(Sun)21:29 No.17469161
    Figure thats most likely whats up but no one else was commenting...
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)21:29 No.17469168
    Finally, hopefully you wont have to kill everyone this time. However, first you have to do something about your appearance, as riding into town on a felsteed wreathed in fire would not help your chances at finding information at and Drei a place to stay.

    You command Mercy to turn his flames off and do the same to yourself. Looking questionably to Drei, who will remain saddled on the horse with you for the rest of the ride.

    "You are still very spiky, and a normal knight doesn't have glowing red eyes." Focusing, you retract the spikes in, leaving metal bolts in their place. As for the eyes, well you can't really do anything about that, so you just pull part of your cloak over your head as a hood. It seems to work, as Drei nods approvingly.

    Taking a moment to rummage around in your cloak, you haul out an assortment of rings and necklaces, tossing all but the plainest necklace back in. It is a simple task converting the gold to an obsidian, and you place it around the girls neck.


    With those matter taken care of, you mount up and place her in front of you. Taking care to trot at a leisurely place, it is getting dark when you see the lights of a settlement on the horizon.

    As you approach the gate, you are pleased to see two human guards taking watch, and they wave you down as you approach.

    You dwarf the humans, the tallest of the two only reaches up to your chest. Perhaps the mortals of todays age are very short? You were an average height before your binding standing a head shorter than the king, but you grew the head when you were bound. No matter.

    The guards, still quite intimidated of the black armored giant, riding on a horse equally as black but speak to you all the same.

    "Sorry traveler, the city is closed for the festival."

    >What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:29 No.17469170
    Yeah, it was eerie. I thought maybe 4chan went down again, but no.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)21:31 No.17469195
    Also, we are getting close to the bump limit. Were at 233 post right now.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:33 No.17469226
    Inquire as to the length of the festival, and if there are any inns or other means of housing nearby but outside the city that we could stay at.

    Rather, try to get Drei to say that. Talking ourselves might be bad.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:34 No.17469241

    Hmm, Drei needs to speak for us. She'll ask if there's a place where she can stay since we have other... arrangements and cannot care for her any longer.

    Surely the guards will be sympathetic towards an orphan, and wary if she has a connection to our intimidating figure.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:34 No.17469242
    inquire about the festival.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:34 No.17469243
    rolled 20 = 20

    Communicating through the necklace, I tell the girl to inform the guards about my tongue being lost in battle, and to inquire as to the festival.

    Afterwards, I attempt to bribe the guards with hammerspace treasure to try and gain entrance into the city.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:35 No.17469248
    "Forgive me, I am not from around here..What festival?"

    in our most non-tormented-souls-being-devoured-by-combine-harvester voice.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:35 No.17469249
    I do not plan on staying long, I am here to find a place for my companion. Would your city bar its doors to a little girl seeking a home.
    >> Archivist 01/08/12(Sun)21:35 No.17469258
    rolled 99 = 99

    Im here op dont worry got your back... thread is set up to archive when you are ready for the next one

    >as for the town
    Drei should inquire about this festival for us... We use the necklace to tell her to do so and wait and see whats up
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:35 No.17469262


    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:36 No.17469270

    There's not really a way to disguise our voice, Drei needs to be our speaker right now. I believe we can communicate through the necklace to her though.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:37 No.17469276
    rolled 16 = 16

    Also, fuck yeah, nat 20.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:37 No.17469278
    it's gonna happen eventually.

    I mean, we can't/won't always have a surrogate..it's best we get it out of the way now.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)21:37 No.17469282
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:38 No.17469299

    We reserve our own voice for only when it is direly called for. This is not such a time.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:38 No.17469302

    We aren`t going to be in this situations when we get rid of her, our best method of communication is staring.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:39 No.17469309
    politely inquire about the festival, the city, recent history(any wars?) who rules here and if there are any other citys/towns/villages nearby also if there has been any trouble recently(they seem pretty relaxed what with the whole fire elemental spewing distruction a ways off)(on that note ask about the elemental)

    when they freak about our voice/body explain that is's a result of a highly unpleasent encounter with a foul wizard
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:40 No.17469316
    while the stoic knight is great in the background, as the main character, being silent only makes things impossible.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:40 No.17469324
    rolled 41 = 41

    Hey, maybe we should keep her around as a surrogate then?
    Obviously with magical protection, but still.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:40 No.17469327
    rolled 13 = 13

    We need a paige.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:41 No.17469334

    What kind of things? We will not be chatting with people a lot. Besides, if we REALLY need to talk, we have the serpent.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:41 No.17469340
    Read the other threads.
    We're already talking too much.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:41 No.17469341

    We cannot mask our voice, just like we cannot mask our eyes.

    Our voice is comparable to metal being torn apart.

    Talking to normal people would do little more than make them fear us.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:42 No.17469354

    We have already decided this, we are NOT keeping her.

    And our job probably won't have us in situations where we need to talk our way around that much. We're better at killing shit and looking intimidating.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:44 No.17469368

    I see this encounter with Drei as a fluke. Hopefully missions in the future won't require us playing babysitter like this again.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:44 No.17469371
    rolled 53 = 53

    In order to properly administer justice, we need some contact with civilization. Maybe not keep her with us, but keep her somewhere where she can spy/inform for us, and pass messages to people in charge?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:45 No.17469377
    Oh yes, lets have the magic snake talk to them, compared to our voice, that's just precious.

    Plus, we can hardly find information, help innocents, signal that, despite our horrible visage, we arent evil, or convey any number of thigns without speech.

    While we may remain a silent destroyer on the battlefield, you need to talk in every day buisness, untill you have a reputation.

    which must be built. By talking.

    Plus, we just came from a twisted burning hellscape, we'll say we breathed in some ash and it fucked our voice.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:46 No.17469391
    well how do we expect to learn anything if we never communicate with anyone? its not like we can write notes and fake being mute ,we arnt literate in whatever scrawl passes as the local language
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:47 No.17469397
    rolled 19 = 19

    No, we need a goddamn page.
    What proper knight doesn't have a fucking page?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:47 No.17469399
    rolled 24 = 24


    This Anon is right.

    We need a contact within civilization to be our eyes and ears. Even better, what if we founded a secret society of do-gooders? Illuminati in the true sense of the word.

    We should find an honest man or woman, someone who loves justice and hates evil. They can be the foundation of the new Order...The Knights of the Round Table type shit.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:47 No.17469407

    I really don't like the idea of getting her involved in any of this. We're giving her a chance at freedom and making her own life.

    And we properly administer justice by killing the fuck out of it. Not by talking to it. We have no need of lodgings or supplies, and our only companions are the reincarnated souls of the lost and damned and tormented.

    Face it. We are a creature apart from normal society and our business does not lie in trying to integrate into it.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:47 No.17469416
    This. It's a wonder that we can even speak a common language after a few centuries underground.

    you'd think that would have changed a little bit.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:47 No.17469417

    Guys, we are not becoming Batman. In character, we don`t even know what to do with our new freedom, everything so far in this quest have been short term actions.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:48 No.17469422
    You are the dumbest motherfucker ever.
    All your presumptions are based around and ephemereal, law-bound mortal.
    We are everything but that
    >> Archivist 01/08/12(Sun)21:49 No.17469430
    Guys slow the posting we still need blackknights post and are running towards the autosage limit
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:49 No.17469432
    >While we may remain a silent destroyer on the battlefield, you need to talk in every day buisness, untill you have a reputation.

    >which must be built. By talking.

    We are a fucking black knight of unholy vengeance. Not a businessman. We build our reputation on the crumbling skulls of evildoers that we leave in our wake and in the fire that cleanses the land of their taint.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:51 No.17469467
    what part of "hello, where the hell are we?"
    >normal society and our business does not lie in trying to integrate into it.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:52 No.17469480

    There's a lot we can learn just by observing, I suppose.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:52 No.17469483
    so we just ride around in circles around the world until we see some evil being done and then kill it?

    Or do we want to head up to the towns, ask if there's anything that needs doing, and do it?

    We're a knight, idiot. We work in the service of king and country--the definition of law bound.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:53 No.17469489
    The way I see it.

    We don't talk, using our voice unless its really fucking important. If someone is important enough to talk to, and we need to do so on a regular basis, we make them a fucking trinket and mind-speak directly to them no matter how far away we are apparently (unless OP puts a limit on the distance)

    We are immortal, we are an unstoppable juggernaut.

    We do not eat, sleep, or need the basic things that a human needs.

    We have the soul of a mortal man, but we anything but that.

    For fuck's sake we don't even have a body anymore.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:54 No.17469495
    and then we get swarmed by wanna be paladins trying to stop the murderous rampage of some demonicly rampaging armor
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:54 No.17469500
    Clarification, we are not batman, we are not evil, we in ourselves are not unholy. Vengeance is the snakes characterisation. Ours is Justice, and not brutal justice, we are upholding the knightly values of old, that is why we saved the girl when we should have legged it, that is why we didn't commit out people to to suffer and instead ended it swiftly.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:55 No.17469509

    We aren't bound by law anymore, even if we were its the law of a dead Kingdom where WE KILLED THE KING AND ALL OF THE NOBLES. Because they did something horrible and we fucksnapped (See: kidnapping the people and holding balls where the entrails of the people were the food)
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:55 No.17469515
    Ok ok, enough fighting.

    How about this. We drop off Drei somewhere, then we can do some wandering on our own and see what we find. If something comes up that requires us to communicate, we can deal with that problem THEN.

    We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now, can we all just agree that there is evil out there that we should be smiting.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:56 No.17469525
    so why dont we man-the-fuckup and deal with the fact that we have a scary voice?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:56 No.17469529

    so we just ride around in circles around the world until we see some evil being done and then kill it?

    This mission with the girl is a distraction, after this we have another mission: Find out what the fuck happened to the world since the last time we saw it (this will require some talking, I admit), and only THEN we will decide what to do with our live

    >We're a knight, idiot. We work in the service of king and country--the definition of law bound.

    A king and a country we murdered, remember?
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)21:57 No.17469538
    Placing a hand on Drei's shoulder, you speak through the necklace to her.


    With a bit of shy muttering, and a helpful poke, she finally speaks up. "Errr...You will have to forgive my...my...." Looking up at you, she tries to find words for what you actually are to her. "....I'm his Paige, he lost his voice due to an old wound." The older of the two guards looks grimly up at the girl, knitting his brow together. "More of you blasted Cinderfolk? Goddammit I thought we made it clear we didn't want your kind around any more!" He emphasis the last words stomping his foot.

    The younger of the two steps out in front of the man before he can continue his rant. "My apology's, my friend here is a veteran from the war, and has never quite warmed up to your kind." Making a grandiose gesture he continues "I can assure you all are welcome in King Kaden's halls." Pausing, he looks up to the girl "But sadly the city is closed for the next few days. The festival of lights is quite famous in this region you know."

    Looking back up to you, you urge her onwards, placing something in her hand. "We are only travelers passing through, and we only wish to find an inn to stay the night, we will be leaving soon after." She holds out what was placed in her hand, a gold ring and some of the silver coins you found. Both mens eyes went wide with delight and looked up to the two travelers.

    "Well, important guests are always welcome." Going over to the gate, he kicked it a few times, and with a shout the gate creaked open. "May I be the first to welcome you to the city of Grandal."

    Riding through the gate, you ponder over the thought of the war. Racism was still strong even in these times it seemed.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:57 No.17469539

    That wasn't our kingdom
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:57 No.17469543
    rolled 19 = 19

    What is a knight without a king?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:57 No.17469545
    We're not an actual knight you jackass, and we're definitely one in the moral sense either. We've committed genocide because we thought the people were depraved.
    Also, you're saying mute people can't figure out anything, pretty much. I've got a deaf/mute cousin who's currently taking an MBA, so yeah, fuck off you prat, or at least get some common sense.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)21:58 No.17469559
    I'm going to call it a night here guys. Those 8 hours last night really took a lot out of me.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:59 No.17469576
    Night OP, appreciate all of your hard work!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:00 No.17469580
    Night, mate. Hope to see more of you soon.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:00 No.17469585
    rolled 62 = 62


    Read. The. Threads.

    The king and country that we were originally pledged to and sacrificed ourselves to become the living armor we are today. The blasted and damned country that we came across in the last thread was a different place entirely.


    For the record, it's spelled "Page".

    Same plan as before, find an Inn, send Drei on her way.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:00 No.17469588

    see you sometime OP.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:01 No.17469598

    Good night! Forgive us for all the fighting.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:01 No.17469599

    I can see why, have a good one OP
    >> Archivist 01/08/12(Sun)22:01 No.17469600
    Here ya go OP

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:01 No.17469607
    rolled 90 = 90


    No sense dicking about.

    Bring the girl to the King.

    Who better to protect the girl?

    And swearing ourselves to his service (keeping in mind we shall still uphold our principles) is payment above and beyond what the King could hope in raising the child.

    Best of all, maybe the King raising a Cinderfolk child may hope to undo some of the racism in the city.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:02 No.17469621
    we became a knight to do what is Right what is Just and to Protect the Innocent, not to be some kings goon or a wandering demon. were centurys old, I think were mature enough to deal with the fact that we are fricking scary
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)22:04 No.17469628
    Thanks again. As for the fighting, it makes me think the quest is successful? One half wants to be batman, while the other wants to be a brutal force of nature, while others want to be something in the middle.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)22:06 No.17469654
    Also, I shall be back tomorrow at the same time. Around 18:00-19:00 4chan time.
    >> Archivist 01/08/12(Sun)22:07 No.17469665
    I will try to be here as close to that as I can be
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)22:08 No.17469679
    No....the place you were entombed in WAS your kingdom. You were part of the kings royal guard before you went to seek out something that could put a stop to the mage.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:08 No.17469683
    >little orphan girl
    >no one to help her
    >many of the locals are racist as fuck
    >given some gold and told "your on your own, live your own life"
    >no idea how citys work
    yep, she is totaly not going to end up in a brothel/slave pen/mass grave. Totally
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)22:11 No.17469708
    I'm sure the city can't be THAT bad......right?
    >> Archivist 01/08/12(Sun)22:12 No.17469723
    Its coming from your mind op which is not very nice not that thats a bad thing....
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)22:14 No.17469752
    Have I really made that grim of a world so far?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:16 No.17469773
    I'm sure Sign is very widespread and well developed in this world.
    >> Archivist 01/08/12(Sun)22:16 No.17469784
    Come on island with dead people lining the trail up to a tower... wizard that disemboweled a woman and fed her to the inhabitants of said tower... GIANT Fire Lord that basically ruined a major part of a continent.... Maybe just a wee bit grim but its why we love ya
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)22:17 No.17469796
    Good point, but at least we haven't come across any cosmic horrors or Shaggoths yet.
    >> Archivist 01/08/12(Sun)22:18 No.17469808
    Yes... not yet I am sure it is only a matter of time
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)22:21 No.17469857
    Haha, don't worry on that part.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:21 No.17469862
    >looks at intro post
    yep thats pretty grim
    >looks at orks
    hello, die violently.
    >firey waste land, castle/palace occupied by mind controled ash people in rather brutal circumstances, canabilism i think
    ya, its been pretty dark
    >> Archivist 01/08/12(Sun)22:22 No.17469871
    Seriously though man I can not wait for the next thread
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)22:23 No.17469889
    And I shall see you there I hope.
    Point taken.
    >> Archivist 01/08/12(Sun)22:24 No.17469900
    You shall you shall as I am the man haha
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/08/12(Sun)22:26 No.17469933
    Thread seems to be on autosage now. It was fun all, see you next thread.
    >> Archivist 01/08/12(Sun)22:27 No.17469938
    Later folks

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