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  • File : 1326157671.jpg-(20 KB, 666x410, setthreadtoludicrousspeed.jpg)
    20 KB TG Quest 49: Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey... Stuff. MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)20:07 No.17481740  
    "Good Heavens, Brutus, what's that coming out of her nose?"

    "TG QUEST?!"

    "Oh, shit. There goes the imageboard."

    Last thread:http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/17471475/

    Short Summary: After finally defeating the Ebon Night, you find yourself stranded on an echo of the Kingdom of Zeal, searching for a way out. You've been cut off from your ships in orbit and some of your forces, and the fate of Cheryl and the psychic team is unknown.

    Also, cast off shards of the Ebon Night's soul have tracked you here and hunger for your blood. I did mention that, right?

    But not all the news is bad. You've managed to talk the two Echoes of the sages Melchoir and Balthasar into joining your team, and have managed to locate and meet up with Char and your mech force.

    The Aurors report hearing music from the Palace, but on your orders they have fallen back for the time being.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:09 No.17481763

    /r/ current forces at our disposal.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:11 No.17481783
    Ask Melchior if he knows where Gaspar might be, and if he's met with any other echoes.

    If he hasn't, have the Observer check out the Sun Shrine in more detail, VP-99 to the North Palace (blue pyramid) and the VF-25 remnants to the City of Dreams.
    While we're still here in the City of Magic, find the energy signature that Egon had detected earlier.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:13 No.17481821
    >While we're still here in the City of Magic, find the energy signature that Egon had detected earlier.
    Seconding this part. Personally, I am against splitting up much here though.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)20:16 No.17481857
    Finalon the Elf, Lyla the White Mage, Elaine, Darius Fortes, Lt. Commander Data, BLU team, Spike Spiegal, Egon Spengler, Carl “Mouse” Sampson, Star-Lord, Douglas Cartland

    You have the following troops, all with kinetic barriers, Shadowrun gear, and reality emitters.
    >Enough Advanced Bio-Stabilizer Masks. (Immune mind affect/poison) for 12 squads.
    1 squad (4/12) of UNIT troops with Power Armor, Fallout energy weapons, and A280 Blaster Rifles.
    1 squad (3/12) of SCP troopers with Tiberium enhanced lasers, Phaser Rifles, and Advanced Power Armor mk 2
    1 squad (11/11) of Sandmen with Mass Rifles.
    1 squad (7/12) of Delta Greens with Chinese Stealth Armor, Mass Rifles, and A280 Blaster Rifles
    3 Mobile Infantry in Marauders equipped with Panther Assault Cannons and Phaser Rifles.
    1 Auror team with prototype NOD armor and AK-47 backup weapons
    2 (8/20-3/4)(10/20-4/4) Reasonable Marines Tactical Squads with 4 Silencers each.
    Zombie Hunter Squad: 15/15. Especially good vs. undead units. Starts with 20th century arms and body armor. Led by Dr. Han.
    4 Prawn Combat Suits
    TG Soldier Squad(7/12. Equipped with Pulse Rifles, Laser Rifles, and Fat Men.)
    Drone Squad (2/16) (Includes 1 Protoss Observer and VP-99.)
    Abjurer Team (L9 3/6)

    3 Tomahawk Destroids, 2 Mad Cat Battlemechs, 1 squadron of VF-25s (7/12), Char in Hyaku Shiki, and Crowe in Brasta.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)20:18 No.17481887
    Unfortunately, Melchoir does not have any new information to share.

    The energy signatures Egon was detecting in the city were from passive magical machines that seem to still function. Lights, water heaters, basic infrastructure.

    >If he hasn't, have the Observer check out the Sun Shrine in more detail, VP-99 to the North Palace (blue pyramid) and the VF-25 remnants to the City of Dreams.

    These sites are completely intact, but seem to be completely abandoned as well.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:22 No.17481937
    Oh, the 3 SCP guys got bowled over by the Tail of Ebon Night when it attacked, are they alright?

    Ask Belthasar if he actually has a prototype of the Wings of Time ready. Our technical specialists may be able to fit it to the Blackbird, which I would prefer as our exit method.

    Then I believe that, since no other echoes were detected in a search of the other locations, that we only have the Palace left.
    Have the Observer begin taking scans of the Palace; I want a floor plan and the locations of any echoes or psionically active individuals.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:23 No.17481956
    If I recall from before I lapsed out of consciousness correctly, there seemed to be some suggestion that there might be some early bits of the Epoch around?
    I recall bits of Ebon Night interrupted.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)20:26 No.17481980
    They were banged up, but the Medic and Elaine patched them up.

    Balthasar winces. "Ah... I wish it was. But everything in this place is an echo. Not the real thing. Not so bad for things like people or plants, but magical devices... well, they don't really work."

    The Observer heads towards the Palace.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:26 No.17481986
    Enhasa, Kajar, Sun Shrine, and North Palace.
    Have we been through all the places and found no items or people of interest?
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)20:26 No.17481988
    rolled 50 = 50

    The OP forgets to roll.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:28 No.17482009
    Do you think it would be possible to make the Blackbird functional?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:29 No.17482026
    Is the Mountain of Woe still present?
    Might as well check there too.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)20:30 No.17482039
    "Everything's possible, lad. If nothing else works, I guess I could give it a go."

    The Observer manages to pick up Tosh's psionic signature within the upper palace levels, along with at least two extremely strong magical signatures. The data seems to indicate at least one is an echo.

    The Observer is charting a floor plan and recommend course now.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:31 No.17482056
    >Mountain of Woe
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:31 No.17482057
    Send the Brasta to the Mountain of Woe. When that's done have him rendevous with Char.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:32 No.17482072
    You know, we should try to make sure we keep the bearings to this place. A nice sunny land with working lights, water heaters, a lake, and isolated from canon would make a great place for TG shore leave.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:32 No.17482073
    "Hey Crowe, loot everything you can in there!"
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:34 No.17482091
    How do you suppose we bookmark a bearing for this place?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:36 No.17482118

    Second star and straight on till morning, give or take a couple time loops?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:36 No.17482123
    That's IF the Mountain of Woe exists here.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:37 No.17482138
    Ask Egon and the Auror team how to stabilize the time ghosts.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:38 No.17482144

    Let's scan the are to see if the Mountain of Woe even exists, first.

    Sending Crowe to loot something that doesn't even physically exist would spend valuable time and be a little cruel to someone so heavily indebted.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:38 No.17482148
    If I knew that, I'd be in the Bureau of Sciences, not the Guard. I'll leave that to Egon, Data, and the Gurus.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)20:38 No.17482151
    If only you didn't repeated get the feeling of being watched, and consistently see movement out of the corner of your eye, but never turning in time to see what it was.

    Brasta flies around, but does not find the Mountain of Woe. When it attempts to fly down past a certain point, its sensors begin to go wild and Crowe pulls up.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:39 No.17482155

    We should also probably Balthasar and Melchior if they can exist stably outside of this time-lost version of Zeal.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:39 No.17482164
    One of those echoes is likely to be Queen Zeal.

    Before we go to the Palace, we should make sure that we've at least looked over the other locations for Gaspar. The Three Gurus will likely be needed to get everyone out.

    Assuming that the Mountain of Woe doesn't exist, We should probably begin making our way towards the Palace.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:40 No.17482170
    >If only you didn't repeated get the feeling of being watched, and consistently see movement out of the corner of your eye, but never turning in time to see what it was.
    Which reminds me, we should ask the Gurus about that, it is a little unsettling.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)20:41 No.17482181
    "We might be able to bind them to an object or person like Guts was bound to Gondegal. I'll have to run some tests. Check back in a while," Egon says, running a PK-E meter over the sages.

    "Don't talk about us like we aren't here," Melchoir complains.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:41 No.17482187
         File1326159688.jpg-(76 KB, 431x300, doctorwhosilence.jpg)
    76 KB

    >Movement out of the corner of our eyes that we can't seem to catch or glimpse

    This may be very bad or super bad. And we wouldn't even know it.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:42 No.17482205
    Ask the two Gurus if they know what's watching us, if it's the Nu's or something else.

    Also, as we walk towards the Palace, ask Egon and Data to run a scan with what equipment they have on Belthasar and Melchior, and see if they can determine what a temporal echo is, and if they can keep their existence stabilized outside of this timestream.

    Also have VP-99 and Crowe return to us and form up.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:44 No.17482223
    Have Crowe mark down that suspicious place on our maps.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:44 No.17482227

    We should also consult the Gurus themselves. They're pretty smart guys, and Balthasar was even working on a time machine; he probably has some valuable theories on time travel and relativity and flux capacitors and all that other technobabble.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:45 No.17482241

    I guess this also means he's found the boundary of this place? Anyways we need to see where this point lies on the map.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:46 No.17482250
    Indeed, work with them, not just talk about them.
    However, I do recall time ghosts seemed more stable than spirits.
    Can we interact with them physically? Most time ghost encounters were friendly, so it didn't come up..
    Though one might call the whole Devourer of Time thing an echo that got a hostile life of it's own.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:47 No.17482272
    That 'suspicious place' would be the borders of this bubble of temporal memory.
    You don't want to exit that way if you can help it.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:47 No.17482274
    Have the two Gurus, Egon, Data, and even Engineer take a look at the problem of stabilizing time echoes. Maybe by understanding them, we can find not only a way to keep them stable, but also a way to leave this echo of Zeal.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)20:48 No.17482287
    rolled 67 = 67

    "You're beginning to see other echoes," Melchoir says. "They're all around. The others who died here. But you won't be able to detect them until you... well, synchronize with this place."

    "I would recommend leaving before then if you can," Belthasar says. "It might complicate escape attempts."
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:50 No.17482303
    Bind the time ghosts to someone, huh?

    Alright Egon, you must do what you must.

    Also, let's find that clumsy Auror and bind one of the gurus to her, so she can be useful beyond trying to act cute being clumsy and having big boobs.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)20:51 No.17482312
    Egon, Data, and the gurus converse while the group marches to the palace. The Aurors join them in this conversation when they meet up. They conclude that a variant of the spell the Aurors cast on Gondegal might enable the sages to better interact with the physical world outside of Zeal, while anchoring them to an object or person might help them exist without complications.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:52 No.17482326
    Looks like we're on the clock, people.
    Let's hurry up and get to Tosh.
    Do we have any of those newfangled flying contraptions laying about?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:53 No.17482336
    When did the clumsy Auror suddenly get a sex-change? They were a HE when we were in Rivendell.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:56 No.17482368
    I suppose we should ask the Gurus if they would prefer to be anchored to an item or a person.
    If a person, I would recommend Egon or Data, as under normal circumstances we would keep them safe in orbit.

    Have the Delta Greens activate their stealth systems and stay ahead of the group towards the Palace. Scout, too. Have them scout ahead, using the Observer's map of the Palace. Don't go up to the top yet, though.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:57 No.17482375
    Just shows how many fucks we actually gave on that.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)20:57 No.17482378
    I have no idea. People suddenly started saying he was a she. Though I guess a spell could've backfired or something.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)20:59 No.17482399
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:01 No.17482420
    Does that Observer have the floor plans and/or the recommended course of entry ready?

    I think Tosh was at the top of the castle, wasn't he? It'd be nice to have it go closer and try to get a better read on his location. Although the psi-signatures the observer gives off might get detected by any latent defenses. And we can scarcely afford another drone loss.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:01 No.17482422
    At this rate the clumsy Auror will evolve into a miserable blob of fetishes /人 ◕ ‿‿ ◕ 人\
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)21:02 No.17482433
    The Delta Greens activate their suits and move out, scouting a path through the palace just short of the upper levels. They encounter nothing along their way, not even any traps.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:04 No.17482448

    Ideally, the Gurus should be bound to people who are going to spend a lot of time in research. I'm not sure if binding them to one or more aurors that are both clumsy or ditzy would help our research effort (though it would do wonders for meeting our monthly schadenfreude limits).

    The same principle goes for the objects that they will be bound to.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:04 No.17482459
    Hooray, /tg/ quest!
    Fuck, I'm late.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:05 No.17482462

    >Megane Dojikko
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:05 No.17482463
    Agree, Egon and Data are the best people for that.
    Though if it is a one-per-person thing, we'll need another for Gaspar.

    Which reminds me of something my tired brain forgot to ask last night, do the Aurors detect/scry Gondegal anywhere?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:06 No.17482466
    Like I said: Flying machines.
    But really, all we can do is move forward until something happens.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)21:07 No.17482484
    rolled 92 = 92

    They attempt it...
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:08 No.17482491


    I think if we bind one of them to the Clumsy Auror, it would help her somehow. It will also keep her out of harm's way too.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:09 No.17482510
    Oh, have the Aurors been able to detect Gondegal anywhere? Or did he 'die' when he empowered the Black Arrow and pierced Ebon Night?

    As for the Palace, have the Observer stay on passive sensors. Have the mechs stay outside; they won't be able to enter.
    Move towards the top of the Palace, Aurors and Abjurers in front and ready to put up magical defenses.
    In fact, have the Abjurers cast Shield on themselves before we enter the room where Tosh and the other echoes are; it'll last 8 minutes and can absorb magic missiles.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:10 No.17482515
    Problem is that we sent Data into a dangerous situation once or twice, so Data as a binder should only be temporary. I say we use the Abjurer team, or bind the two other gurus to Char and Crowe.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)21:11 No.17482522
         File1326161475.png-(23 KB, 256x286, Mammonroom.png)
    23 KB
    The Aurors manage to locate Gondegal in the upper levels of the palace. He appears to be hiding, masking his presence within Tosh, who is bound to an odd statue. Opposite him is the glowing form of Gaspar, who appears bound by glowing chains to another statue. Dominating the room is a massive Machine.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:11 No.17482524

    I'm sure Melchior wouldn't mind. Data may be too much of a jack-of-all-trades hero to be holed up in R&D/Engineering for too long, given his tenure in Starfleet.

    But I still think we should bind them to research-exclusive personnel for MAXIMUM MAGISCIENCE. The clumsy auror(s) should be a last resort if we exhaust all of our research personnel.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:12 No.17482540
    We need a luck-boosting item for the clumsy auror. Like luck-enhanced eyeglasses.

    It seems if we destroy the Mammon Machine, this whole kingdom will go kaboom?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:12 No.17482546
    well, that's...ominous.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:13 No.17482550
    We plan of getting more engineers so we can shuffle them around if need be, and eventually they'll Science! up a way to stabilize themselves completely.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:13 No.17482556


    At least we know where our other personnel are.

    Consult Melchior and Balthasar. Inform them of the situation, ask them if there's any way to safely deactivate or otherwise render the Mammon machine harmless.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:15 No.17482566
    Crazy idea: deactivate Mammon Machine, then LOOT IT with our mechs.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:15 No.17482567
    "Good news, Gurus! We have found Gaspar!
    Bad news, he's bound to a statue and it looks like the Mammon Machine is active.
    "This could get dicey, everyone. Abjurers, you'll want defensive magics thrown up. Lyla and Elaine, ReRaise on yourselves, and a Wall on Darius and Star-Lord, who can stand in front."
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:15 No.17482569

    Also, ask them if they know of any secret passages or such that we might be able to use to get to the Mammon machine room.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:16 No.17482579
    Second these questions.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:16 No.17482586
    You know guys, we can have the VF-25's bore a hole in the castle walls with their head lasers and basically airlift people up through the hole.

    A VF-25's head lasers were able to slice through the bulkheads and hull of the Battle Galaxy in the finale of Macross Frontier; a castle wall, even magically enhanced, should be able to be cut through.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:17 No.17482601
    Well that's where we're headed. To the palace, away!

    Looting the Mammon Machine will probably blow this place up. We'll need to doorstop with the Lance of Longinus as that happens.

    Where would Magos's echo likely be? Upper floors of the palace? He -might- be worth getting, and also might be worth staying right the fuck away from.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:17 No.17482603
    Inform the other Gurus of this along with our science and magi folk.
    I'll bet my shoes that the power source that's off the carts is that too.
    Just how functional that machine is scares me.

    If an echo of Lavos can bind with someone to become the Dream Devourer, I wonder if the Queen is trying to bind them to the machine and still tap into that power.
    The bit about Dalton aiding Porre in destroying Guardia from outside time keeps running through my head.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)21:17 No.17482604
    "The Mammon room was built for defensibility and security. There aren't secondary ways in..." Melchoir says.

    "...but if you get us there, we can probably deactivate it safely. We DID build it, after all," Belthasar says.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:19 No.17482625
    Let's have the VF-25's slice into the walls with their head lasers for an express ride to the room?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:19 No.17482627
    It has not practical loot potential. It drew power from Lavos.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:19 No.17482631
    Will an Invisibility spell work on them? We could go in, keep the echoes talking while Belthasar and Melchior sneak in and deactivate the machine.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:20 No.17482633
    Wouldn't he still just be Janus at the time?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:20 No.17482634
    Then we'll make secondary ways in.
    Cut a way through the wall, airlift people in, turn off the machine, say Hi to Tosh, loot Gaspar, kill the Ebon Night's tentacle, Doorstop the way out, flip Lavos the bird and get the fuck out.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:21 No.17482651
    Certainly a way to make an entrance, but it is close enough to an outside wall for this?
    I'd be surprised if it was.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:21 No.17482653
    So, let me ask you this; when you're cutting through the wall, even assuming that the lasers can penetrate the magic wards, how do you propose to keep the echoes from activating the Mammon Machine to full power?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:21 No.17482654
         File1326162119.jpg-(31 KB, 410x276, headlaser.jpg)
    31 KB
    Pic related
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:23 No.17482674

    Gurus, is there anything that our other science personnel should know so they can assist in safely disarming the Mammon Machine? If I recall the L-dog/Giant Space Tick/Space Flea/Giant Flea incident correctly, the Red Knife was unable to stop the Mammon Machine from activating as it was gorging on L-dog's power. Having Mr. Spengler, Mr. Data, and the Engineer in the hardhat here may greatly help in the case that the Mammon Machine is siphoning another being's power.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:23 No.17482675
    Depends. Will OP reward us for being inventive, or will he punish us for having independent thought-
    Oh you guys this is my crouming moment of awesome this quest is just lile my japanesse anime
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:24 No.17482687
    >>close enough to an outside wall

    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:25 No.17482689
    Our options are: Bust down the front door, or Bust down the side wall.
    I see both as having downsides and the side wall as having the least.

    Data, if YOU were designing defenses for the Enterprise's warp core, and then wanted to breach those defenses. Would you go through the front door, or through a wall?

    Char, let's suppose you wanted to, say, break into A Boa Qu and tell Ghiren and Kycilia to go fuck themselves. How would you do it?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:26 No.17482708
    Let's ask Char for infiltration advice. Also, suggest the idea of cutting an entrance through the side walls.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:29 No.17482740
    Breach the defenses through the Jefferies tubes, of course.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:30 No.17482755
    rolled 70 = 70

    >...but if you get us there, we can probably deactivate it safely.
    I know exactly what will happen.
    "Let's see if I can deactivate this safely", he will say as OP rolls a 1d100.
    And it will come up 10 or below.
    I see it happening now.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:32 No.17482771
    Gihren and Kycillia? Make it look like nobody would want to question or suspect you.

    ie, have the Aurors transfigure a bunch of stuff into rats and bugs and have them infiltrate as deep as they can.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)21:32 No.17482776
    "You could combine the ideas. Have a force appear to enter through the front door, then have the rest breach from the ceiling," Char suggests. "That may catch any foes in a sort of pincer."

    "We'll tell you what we know, then," Melchoir says, beginning to brief Egon, Data, and Engineer on the Mammon Machine. A some of it sails over their heads. But they get the gist of it.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:33 No.17482784
    rolled 32 = 32

    Here goes.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)21:34 No.17482793
         File1326162854.jpg-(10 KB, 180x280, Notchar..jpg)
    10 KB
    "Of course there are perfectly good windows right there. Kycillia... well, she was standing in front of one when she died."
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:35 No.17482806

    "How well defended is the Mammon Machine? We could turn twigs and random things into rats and bugs to set off traps and to scout ahead of us."

    (ie, we could transfigure our drones too, I guess?)
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:36 No.17482818
    Sounds good to me Char. You take the Mechs and a 'handful' of KI and hit the top, we'll take the charge through the front door.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:37 No.17482825
    Ask Melchior and Belthasar about the location of the Mammon Machine and compare it with the map that the Observer created.
    Is there even a way to get to the Mammon Machine's room without causing massive structural failure, or even getting there in any quick fashion?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:38 No.17482831
    Some of the Abjurers should accompany whoever is coming in at the top, or it could be the White Mages.

    Definitely, the Aurors come in through the front and try transfiguring anything hostile into harmless things.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)21:38 No.17482832
    "Well... it was sealed with barriers that only the queen's pendant could open. That was its primary defense other than the guards posted around it. You have a way of breaching those barriers? They're extremely strong."

    "Or we could break in through the walls and ceiling," Char says.

    Belthasar winces. "I... guess you could."
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:40 No.17482860
    >"You could combine the ideas. Have a force appear to enter through the front door, then have the rest breach from the ceiling," Char suggests. "That may catch any foes in a sort of pincer."
    Seems wise.
    Also seems wise to go invis, or disguised, and scout ahead before breaching anything.

    The Queen won't help us so she's basically an optional bossfight we can skip by going through the wall.
    So: Go in invis or disguised, scout a path to the mammon machine, breach the ceiling then get cracking.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:40 No.17482862
    Why are we talking about transfiguring? It's probably going to be pretty clear we aren't time-ghosts.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:41 No.17482870
    Where do the transfiguration spells factor in?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:42 No.17482883
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:42 No.17482887
    We could try to find Schala, she might help us.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:43 No.17482897

    Agreed. The Aurors aren't time-lost, and I'm unsure if they can even mimic the effect.

    Disguising us may be useless unless we're disguised as those water heaters or lamps. Those are the only mundane objects that are fully functional now. But if so, we'd need to find a way to magically disguise our thoroughly non-magical aura.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:43 No.17482902
    Transfiguration. As in

    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:44 No.17482909
    "We are totally fellow ghosts."
    *char and mechs crash in*
    "..They are also ghost."
    Yeah, like the Ghost of Asswhupings Present.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:45 No.17482915
    There are no traps, so transfiguration is kind of redundant.
    And disguises would be useless because it would be obvious that we're not time echoes.

    We already had the Observer scan the Palace, and it only found 2 strong signatures.

    Observer, confirm that the 2 magic signatures are both in the same room as the Mammon Machine.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:45 No.17482917

    Finding Schala's echo would probably be a good way to get access to a pendant that might open the front gates to the throne room. We'd need a good way to infiltrate and detect time-ghosts, though.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:46 No.17482936
    The gurus said we're supposed to synchronize with this place to be able to reveal the other time ghosts.

    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:47 No.17482939
    So how do we, um, synchronise?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:47 No.17482942
    They also said if we synchronize, that would be bad.
    She should be strong enough of an echo to be found, like the sages, as opposed to her mother.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:48 No.17482952
    Realized that the aurors could transfigure random shit in the Mammom Machine as protection or to aid in the fight.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:48 No.17482958
    They also said that if we synchronize, leaving will become much harder.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:49 No.17482968

    They also said that it might not be a good idea.

    We're effectively non-existent from the time-ghosts' point of view, save for the stronger ones.

    However, if we synchronize, we could be suddenly beset by thousands of souls that are hungry for release from this plane. That would complicate things, as Balthasar said.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)21:49 No.17482969
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:49 No.17482970
    Give us some examples, and we'll see if they can work or if they're just stupid.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:49 No.17482973

    No, much like going full Tang, synching here would be a bad thing.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:50 No.17482974
    >>"You're beginning to see other echoes," Melchoir says. "They're all around. The others who died here. But you won't be able to detect them until you... well, synchronize with this place."

    >>"I would recommend leaving before then if you can," Belthasar says. "It might complicate escape attempts."
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:50 No.17482975
    Alright, we bust in and start searching the place for other echoes. Fighting unfriendly types like the Queen and Dalton, and recruiting friendly types like Schala and Janus. Magus.. fucked if I know, he's an edge case, maybe Char can talk him down to our side.
    Have mechs bust through walls and ceilings as appropriate. Only one of them gets to shout 'OH YEAH' though.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:51 No.17482993
    Magus is a decent guy. He acts kinda like an asshole, but that was simply to kill "The Great Flea."

    He joins up with the party in the end, and even Frog forgives him.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:52 No.17483003

    Do either of the gurus know if we can even INTERACT with the stronger echos other than waving/talking/giving them the bird. Because, if they are just going to sit there and scream at us, why do we care? Alternately, can we even hurt them if we want/need to?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:52 No.17483004
    I guess we have to hurry with the castle break-in before we end up synchronizing.

    I have a feeling we're one-third of the way synchronizing, so we need to stop stalling. We need to split up some of our guys so we can find Schala while the rest of our team breaks into the castle both ways.

    Of course, we need to delay the side wall breach to throw enemies off-guard.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:53 No.17483006
    Have Char, Star-Lord, and Darius take a look at the map. Identify the shortest path through the Palace walls to the Mammon Machine from the outside that the mechs could tear through that won't compromise the structural integrity of the Palace.

    Once we have that, have the Delta Greens and Scout trying going up to the Mammon Machine room; see if the Gates that would normally stay shut are open.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:55 No.17483027
    The Observer already scanned the Palace and only found 2 signatures, one of which an echo.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:56 No.17483038
    Not tear through, but BURN A HOLE WITH THE LASERS.

    By that I mean VF-25 head lasers because every other beam weapon has output that's way too high.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)21:57 No.17483051
    We have two options:
    1. Find the Queen, Dalton, Schala, Magus etc.'s ghosts for pendants, and possibly captured psychics, then go through the front door to the Mammon machine.
    2. Knock down the walls (it's alive in you) and Break out yeah.

    Which one?
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)21:57 No.17483058
    The shortest and safest route would be to drop in from the ceiling or through the huge windows in the back. This precludes use of the Tomahawks, but attempting to use them to breach holes in the landward walls will only invite disaster.

    The Delta Greens and Scout head up to the Mammon Machine room, and are stopped by a series of doors with an odd sigil etched into them. They also get the feeling of being watched far more strongly here.

    "Well, we echoes have problems interacting physically... but all our magic will still work."
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:00 No.17483098
    The only time echoes strong enough for us to detect them while we're still out-of-phase are both in the Mammon Machine room. Your choices are invalid, as the second one is the only one that can be done.

    Have the Observer go around to the large window in the back, staying about 50 meters away. Have it zoom in visual cameras to see if it can pick up the two magical signatures.

    Have the Delta Greens and Scout pull back; we can't get through those doors without the Pendant.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)22:03 No.17483133
    rolled 72 = 72

    The Observer floats around, trying to detect the signatures...
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)22:04 No.17483149
    The Observer is able to tell that one of the signatures is Gaspar, but it's having trouble pinpointing the second. It's definitely an echo, and it seems as if it's trying to remain concealed, though it's within the room for certain.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:05 No.17483158
    Through the ceiling and/or windows it is.
    Where's the lowest point of the ceiling to floor? People who take the most falling damage should get slowfall. Also, if anyone has any abseiling ropes or rapelling ropes, those would be neato.

    It's Janus (Magus). Anyway, all in.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:07 No.17483177

    It's either Dalton, Magus/Janus, Schala, or Zeal.

    If this were a Chrono Cross reality, it might be some sort of twisted echo of Crono's death that somehow became sentient.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:11 No.17483214
    It seems like the door is going to be locked & barred, so maybe just have everyone drop through the ceiling? Or else, have those who only have physical attacks stand a bit back to act as backup. If they can only hurt us with magic, then it seems to me we need to prepare magic defenses before going down. Shell, at the very least.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:13 No.17483225
    Alright, just to be safe.
    Abjurers, cast Magic Circle Against Evil on Darius, Star-Lord, and yourselves. Save all of your other spell slots for Feather Fall.
    Lyla and Elaine, make sure you have ReRaise on yourselves, and put a Wall on Darius and Star-Lord.
    This breaching is going to be difficult without a dropship; we have 7 VF-25's, the Hyaku Shiki, and the Brasta.
    How many people can we get up there?
    Darius, Star-Lord, Egon, Belthasar, Melchior, and Data are a must.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:14 No.17483237


    The First Age LOTR weapons are probably powerful enough to affect time ghosts.

    Ask the Gurus if mundane materials can have any effect on Time Ghosts. If not, then we may be better off having our other troops assist in freeing Gaspar & Tosh.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:15 No.17483251
    According to the map, is there a way to get above the Mammon Machine room?
    We can then cut our way in with infantry, while Char and the VF's bust through the window as a distraction.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)22:16 No.17483256
    "Weapons that are magical or are made of or disrupt energy should prove effective."

    The Hyaku Shiki and VFs can transport a total of 15 people safely, or more if you want to risk people falling.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:18 No.17483282
    This seems to be the correct plan.
    Most people coming in the ceiling, with Char and the VFs coming in the window to distract.
    decent tactics for the fignt. Anyway, in we go.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:19 No.17483293
    >or disrupt energy should prove effective
    Alright, so the Lance of Longinus is going to make this echo's unlife very complicated.

    Rather than using the mechs to do the breach, can the infantry simply walk up to an upper level and cut their way down the ceiling?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:21 No.17483310
    Specifically, we have 19 mass rifles (Mouse should have one) that fire micro-black holes. I can't think of a better weapon to cut through a floor and breach a hostile-controlled chamber.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:23 No.17483331
    Rookies are the best weapon to cut through a floor and breach a hostile-controlled chamber.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:24 No.17483344

    Can newtypes communicate telepathically with each other? If so, then Char might be able to contact Tosh and see if we can get any more info about the situation inside the Mammon Machine room.
    >> Potential Writefag 01/09/12(Mon)22:25 No.17483347
    Transport the fifteen people. We don't need to take risks here. The usual suspects - Darius, Star Lord, White Mages, the needed people for shutting down the machine, and maybe a Prawn or two for lightning guns and TK shenanigans... Would the Abjurers be good here? Dimensional Anchor might be a good option for solidifying an echo or two so we can properly stab/shoot/cast on it.

    All magic-based defensive spells should be up and running before people go in. We should do a few physical protection spells here.. This reeks of SUDDENLY EBON NIGHT FRAGMENT to me. Bad shit'd go down if it showed up in the wrong place, right? I'm not versed on Chrono Trigger, so yeah..
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:27 No.17483364
    Depending on whether we can get above the Mammon Machine chamber or not, we might be able to get in a better position, with Char and the VF's being a distraction while we drop in the sabotage team.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:27 No.17483368
    Ok, then.
    Egon, Mages, and people with Magic Weapons are go.

    Hey Egon, suppose you can get that ghost trap to work on echoes?
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)22:27 No.17483371
    Scaling the palace would take an extreme long time and you don't have climbing gear.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)22:28 No.17483380
    Egon pauses, a thought occurring to him.

    "It should."
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:29 No.17483390
    Guess we airlift people 15 at a time and cut in through the ceiling.
    Yes! QUEEN ZEAL was captured!
    Give a nickname to captured QUEEN ZEAL?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:29 No.17483396
    But isn't this whole place kind of an echo?
    What's to stop the ghost trap from just sucking up everything?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:29 No.17483397
    Don't forget the Gurus so that they can shut down the machine.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:31 No.17483420
    Set that up, in case we need it.
    Anything else occur to you with that thought?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:35 No.17483456
    So the Mammon Machine is effectively at the top-most chamber? Or that the only way to access those upper levels it going through the sealed gates?

    Anyway, have Egon work on getting his proton pack and ghost trap attuned to work on time ghosts.

    The 15 to be transported:
    1. Darius
    2. Star-Lord
    3. Finalon
    4. Egon
    5. Data
    6. Engineer
    7. Melchior
    8. Belthasar
    9,10,11. Aurors (3)
    12,13. Lyla and Elaine
    14. 1 KI Silencer with Lance of Longinus
    15. Abjurer who hasn't cast any spells and is ready with Feather Falls

    Set up the magical protections from here: >>17483225

    Have Char cut through the ceiling with his beam saber.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)22:36 No.17483464
    Char reports he is unable to make contact with Tosh.


    Strike Team:
    Darius, Star-Lord, Egon, Belthasar, Melchior, Data, Prawn Suit, Silencer with Lance, Knight with Spear, Finalon with Nameless Blade, Lyla, Elaine, 3 Abjurers.


    And I forgot the MI have jump packs, so they can tag along as well, if you want them to.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)22:38 No.17483478
    Swapping out Abjurers for Aurors, and one Prawn.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:38 No.17483481
    Wait a minute...agh, I've been so foolish!

    Have the Aurors create a port key and give it to Egon.
    Once they're through the ceiling the Aurors can apparate to where the sabotage team is using the port key.

    That will free up 3 more slots, which can be: 2 other Abjurers and 1 KI with the Voiceless Spear.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:38 No.17483485

    I think we should include the MI.

    They may be able to help in any heavy lifting while our other strong troops are busy fending off the time ghost(s), or ferry Gaspar/Tosh to safety.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:41 No.17483504

    Wait...couldn't we theoretically use the ghost trap to transport the Gurus out of here, then release them board the ship? Or would it be more reliable to do magocal bonding?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:43 No.17483511

    Instead, use:
    1. Darius
    2. Star-Lord
    3. Finalon
    4. Egon
    5. Data
    6. Engineer
    7. Melchior
    8. Belthasar
    9. Prawn Suit
    10,11. Lyla and Elaine
    12. 1 KI Silencer with Lance of Longinus
    13. 1 KI with Voiceless Spear
    14,15. Abjurers who haven't cast any spells and is ready with Feather Falls

    The Abjurer that stays behind does all of the buffing for everyone.
    Magic Circle Against Evil on Darius, Star-Lord, and the two other Abjurers. Bull's Strength and Cat's Grace for all melee fighters.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:44 No.17483525
    Also have the Mobile Infantry come along as well.
    Also cast Magic Circle Against Evil on their corporal, and Shell on all three.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:45 No.17483531
    >>All magic-based defensive spells

    The Aurors can cast Expelliarmus to deflect any physical projectiles.

    Additionally, they can cast Accio to retrieve _The Lance_ after it strikes it target.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:45 No.17483532
    That seems perfect.
    The MIs can jump jet in.
    The Aurors can port key in.
    The Engineer can start setting up a teleport exit.
    The Soldier can rocket jump in. Don't worry; rocket jumping was the #1 way to reach the second floor of buildings before Abraham Lincoln invented stairs, and the Soldier is familiar with the art of Fighting all the way back to Sun Tzu. So I think he knows a LITTLE more about reaching upper floors of buildings than you do, pal.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:46 No.17483545
    Magical Bonding, or we risk losing the Gurus after we release them from the ghost trap.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:47 No.17483556
    Dammit, I forgot to include the Aurors again!
    Have them cast Porta on something to use as a port key, so that they can transport up to the sabotage team once they breach the chamber.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:47 No.17483559
    just checking.

    So, you think we'll bee stopping by anywhere else on our shopping list?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:50 No.17483570
    Well we're looking at riding the Blackbird while running over Ebon Night shards with it on our way back to Cheryl.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:51 No.17483587
    Alternatively, the Aurors could cast Depulso to deflect any physical objects.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:53 No.17483600
    The Aurors could also cast Apparate instead of using a Port key?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:54 No.17483605
    We might end up looting the Blackbird, but we'd have to go through Dalton to do that. Still, beats staying here while shit dies.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:55 No.17483622
    I suppose. They can do either one.
    The point is that they have a means of transporting themselves up to the chamber without the aid of the VF's.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:56 No.17483629
    If Dalton appears, we could attempt to throw him out the hole where we came in. Or blow another hole in the castle with another spell.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:57 No.17483643

    Has BLU tested the teleporters since we got here? I specifically mean BLU, since they have the ability to respawn. If we are able to use those, the engineer should be able to either ferry people in or have a quick exit out. Provided we aren't turning people into horrible abominations of nature anymore.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:58 No.17483656
    To be honest, I was thinking more along the lines of other universes.

    Imagine the look on Ebon Night's face when we show up with a gaggle of Gavs, Agria Oaks, the three Gurus, and a Black Barrel replica in tow.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:58 No.17483657
    BLU Engineer makes a teleporter!
    Ebon Night shards come out!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)22:59 No.17483661
    Someone suggested looting the Mammon Machine. What for? So we can turn it in for funds, the way we turn in nukes for funds.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:00 No.17483679
    Alright, so, are we going with this deployment:
    1. Darius
    2. Star-Lord
    3. Finalon
    4. Egon
    5. Data
    6. Engineer
    7. Melchior
    8. Belthasar
    9. Prawn Suit
    10,11. Lyla and Elaine
    12. 1 KI Silencer with Lance of Longinus
    13. 1 KI with Voiceless Spear
    14,15. Abjurers who haven't cast any spells and is ready with Feather Falls

    Mobile Infantry use their Jump packs to get up, while the Aurors use apparate/portkey.

    The Abjurer that stays behind does all of the buffing for everyone.
    Magic Circle Against Evil on Darius, Star-Lord, and the two other Abjurers. Bull's Strength and Cat's Grace for all melee fighters.
    Cast Magic Circle Against Evil on the MI corporal, and Shell on all three Mobile Infantry.
    Lyla and Elaine cast ReRaise on themselves, Protect and Shell (cheaper than Wall but has same effects combined) on Darius, Star-Lord, Finalon, the two KI's. Haste on the Prawn.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:01 No.17483690

    Messing with the Mammon Machine might be a bad idea.

    It's probably a time-echo anyway. While it might be functional, there's no way of telling if it'll be stable once we take it out of this time bubble. If it goes critical, it may produce a very large explosion that may affect the fabric of time or something.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:01 No.17483692
    The Aurors can cast Shield Charms if necessary.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:03 No.17483713
    Pretty soon we'll be able to turn in Research for funds. We're setting up a Research, Engineering, and Magic base that occupies a good 50% of our incoming requisitions.
    Amazing how Science and Industry creeps its way into even a bunch of rag-tag heroes fighting the bad guys.
    We should try to stop the mammon machine from blowing up this place, but otherwise leave it alone. Hopefully Echo_of_space_flea.wmv won't show up and eat us.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)23:03 No.17483720
         File1326168215.jpg-(79 KB, 335x750, nicehair.jpg)
    79 KB
    The VFs and the Shiki launch into the sky, followed by the Mobile Infantry. It takes barely a minute of flight before the group reaches the great windows. Beams of intense light lance out from the VFs, burning large breaches in whatever material the windows are made from. In Gerwalk mode, the VFs thrust their giant hands through the openings and drop off their living cargo two at a time until the Shiki does the same and the Mobile Infantry just crash through weakened portions of the window.

    Tosh looks up.
    "Knew ya'd be comin' for me. But you'd betta watch out, there's..." he begins to say. Gaspar cuts him off.

    "Too late, she's here!"

    Insane laughter fills the room as a beautiful, luminous woman with a regal air appears in front of the Mammon machine.

    "You kept me waiting!" she scolds. "Bad enough that I had to allow such filth as you to desecrate this royal chamber with your presence! But to arrive so late? What impertinence! I'll erase even your names from history once I feed your souls to the Machine!"

    "Well, missy, I got just one thing to say to that," Engineer says, slapping his wrench into his gloved palm. Then he grabs a disc-shaped device and slams it on the ground. "Teleporter goin' up!"
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:05 No.17483735
    If the lance is thrown, an auror should be ready to cast Accio to retrieve it. Hopefully.

    If we encounter Dalton, there's a bunch of spells the Aurors can use to stunlock him and basically put him out of commission.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:05 No.17483739
    That's true.
    However, it seems to be more of a single-use spell that needs to be cast each time, rather than a timed effect like Protect and Shell.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:08 No.17483766
         File1326168510.jpg-(202 KB, 514x948, 1310759948139.jpg)
    202 KB
    >Teleporter goin' up!
    Aurors, apparate now!
    Get in here and set up magical defenses!

    Darius, Star-Lord, everyone, run interference for the Gurus, Egon, and Data while they shut down the Machine!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:10 No.17483784

    WAIT! You never answered the question! I don't want our people going through teles only to phase out of existence or become some sort of horrible abomination! Oh, god, this may end so bad. Please, please tell me we tested something going through these before we started.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:11 No.17483793
    Mr. Data, break Gaspar and Tosh free! We will need the Guru of Time's help for this!

    Abjurers! Cast Magic Weapon on the Mobile Infantry!
    >> Potential Writefag 01/09/12(Mon)23:11 No.17483801
    I think this bitch needs a good spear to the face. Either Voiceless or Longinus will do nicely. Kite her away from the machine, then get between the team and her. Darius should give some encouragement to help reinforce Echo of the First Age.

    Then cleave her crown to crotch. Like a boss.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:12 No.17483806
    Weaken her but don't make her faint, then Egon can catch her in the ghost trap.

    Let's get Tosh and Gaspar free, and put the Dead into the Queen Zeal.

    Queen Zeal fight.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:12 No.17483810
    The Aurors can cast Protego horribilis around the disarming team if necessary.

    If it gets bad, then Protego inimicum.

    Just that they have to cast it as a group.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:13 No.17483820
    Quickly, Melchior and Belthasar start working to shut down the Mammon Machine! Also, unless Melchior and Belthasar say it should not be done, get Gaspar and Tosh unchain from the statues.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:13 No.17483821

    Should we have our WMs attempt to cast slow on Zeal?

    I forget if FFT time mages have slow.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:14 No.17483840

    Also, if there's time, ask Tosh and Gaspar if there's anything really important that we should know right know other than the crazy time ghost magical Queen who wants to kill all of us and use us as fuel for this not-Mammon Machine.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:14 No.17483844
    Yes, time mages can cast slow.

    Aurors can also cast Arresto Momentum.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:17 No.17483872
    And the Aurors can spam Stupefy on Zeal.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)23:17 No.17483874
    rolled 28 = 28

    Your soldiers begin opening fire and surging forward, the Lance of Longinus sailing through the air as the teleporter begins to assemble itself in what seems to be a tortuously slow amount of time.

    Belthasar and Melchoir dash for the machine as the Abjurers and White Mages begin to cast protective magics over the group.

    Data runs over to Gaspar. After a few moments he looks back.

    "These bindings appear to be magical in nature, and are not responding to my phaser," he reports. He pauses for a moment and then reaches out and pulls the glowing chains from the statue, chunks of stone hanging from the end links. "Alternative solution: successful."
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:19 No.17483894
    Oh, that's gonna hurt.

    Mr. Data, get Gaspar out of those chains then do the same for Tosh.

    Aurors, we need your magic up here!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:20 No.17483908
    Get Tosh and Gaspar free.

    Right, here's the problem: Halation. HP goes to 1.
    We'll need wards against it.
    If you can Reflect it, then good motherfucking game bitch. Otherwise, block as much of it as you can and heal people.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:21 No.17483918
    Aurors, cast the shield charm together! Two of you, cast Depulso at the Queen!
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)23:21 No.17483923
    rolled 26 = 26

    The Lance of Longinius... misses, sailing past Queen Zeal and sticking into a wall. An on the ball Auror Accios it back to the Silencer that carries it however.

    Phaser fire, lightning, and even the proton stream pass through Queen Zeal seemingly without effect. She frowns.

    "This is it? Best to end it fast. Halation!"

    A rainbow ring of light blasts outward from the ghostly woman, nearly killing every single one of the assembled group no matter their defenses. It's as if their very life force had barely escaped annihilation.

    >Halation: Drop all targets to 1 HP.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:22 No.17483932
    >Magic barrier door.
    Go through the window.
    >Magic chains.
    Pull out the roots.

    I love our team.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:23 No.17483937


    White mages, time to spam cure!

    Medic, time to medic like you've never medic'd before!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:24 No.17483958

    Abjurers and White mages, heal everyone! Medic too!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:24 No.17483963
    Lyla and Elaine, concentrate on casting Cure and Regen!

    Aurors, Abjurers, defensive magics! She'll cast an offensive spell next!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:25 No.17483969
    Aaaand there's Halation. Area of effect heals go up now.
    Next up is MP Buster, draining everyone's MP.
    Get the Medic through the teleporter.

    Stab the bitch with the Voiceless spear, Silence / Counterspell / Reflect her magic, and get Tosh and Gaspar free.

    Fortunately, her "kill you" attack leaves a revive-able corpse.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:26 No.17483986
    White Mages, Cure 3 all around!
    Aurors, see if you can help the White Mages' Cure effect cover more people, got a Amplifio or something?
    VFs. project a barrier field in here to shield while we recover!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:27 No.17483988
    KI with the Voiceless Spear! Silence her! It's the only way to keep her from casting!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:28 No.17484002
    Damn it, people.

    Aurors, cast Protego Horribilis to shield everyone!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:30 No.17484039
    Darius. May the First age protect us, and deliver Ringil unto evil.
    Star-Lord. Give people orders to dodge and evade. Look out for those who cannot look out for themselves.
    Finalon, your aim is true. Snipe the bitch.
    Egon, there's a ghost. Bust it.
    Data, get Tosh free.
    Engineer, Erect a Dispenser once the teleporter's finished. Mana-free healing for all is good.
    Melchior, figure out a way to disable or shut down the Mammon machine.
    Belthasar, you too.
    Prawn suit. Deliver fist fulls of lightning or TK to our friend Zeal.
    Lyla and Elaine, Heal and raise.
    Silencer with the lance? Walk up to the queen and stab her.
    KI with the spear? Do the same.
    Abjurers? We'll need wards against this shit.

    MI? Help break out Tosh, and then see if your flamers can burn ghosts.
    Aurors? There's an evil spellcaster here. End her.
    Tosh? Time to Psionic blast Mrs. Halation.

    Char? Test the effects of Beam Sabers on ghosts.
    VFs? Get out of here, bring in more dudes.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:32 No.17484053
    Chrono Trigger battle music.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:32 No.17484058
    Do Chrono Trigger spells require vocal components?
    Because an Auror could just cast 'silencio' if that was the case.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:32 No.17484061

    Calm down, people. We now have someone around who knows what exact spells that the Aurors can cast now.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)23:33 No.17484076
    rolled 16 = 16

    The Aurors cast protego totalum, wrapping the group in a bubble of protective magic.

    Lyla and Elaine chain-cast Cure 4 on the already grouped together melee fighters.

    Darius leads everyone with a melee weapon into combat, but Zeal raises a hand and they are thrown back as a barrage of glowing magical orbs materialize and crash into them. The healing they had just received is what saves them.

    Data goes to work on freeing Tosh.

    The teleporter completes set up. You may add one unit to this fight every turn unless it is destroyed.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:35 No.17484104
    Shield first (protego horribilis + fianto duri + repello inimicum), silencio next.

    The Aurors should cast the different spells together at the same time.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:35 No.17484108
    Damnit, can we win one battle without sustaining heavy casualties?
    Just one?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:35 No.17484110
    rolled 100 = 100

    Medic first.
    Also Op, stop rolling low, let me do it.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:36 No.17484116
    Aurors, start casting Silencio and Stupefy repeatedly at Zeal!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:36 No.17484122
    Teleport in Medic.
    Have Engineer create a Dispenser next.

    Have the Aurors keep up the shield charms.

    Lyla to cast Holy on Zeal, Elaine to cast Slow on Zeal.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:38 No.17484141

    Son of a bi...no. Not going down this route. Rolls are random. RANDOM.

    Get healers up here followed by anyone who can do damage to an incorporeal form. Elf dude, I am looking at you and your first age blade.
    >> Potential Writefag 01/09/12(Mon)23:38 No.17484146


    All units, brace for incoming! Protect the Mages! Harder stabbing and head lasers and gunpods and beam sabers and all sorts of stuff at Zeal.

    Fire Everything. Hell, throw a kitchen sink at her if we've got one.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:38 No.17484150
    Oh you asswipe!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:38 No.17484152
    Uhh, how many people's worth is the Auror team? Have two people be the one to spamming Silencio and Stupefy at Zeal, the rest maintain the shield, and reinforce it with Fianto Duri and Repello Inimicum)
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:39 No.17484166
    Have the Aurors do the spells in >>17484152
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:39 No.17484167

    Combine these two.

    Is Gaspar free? Is he helping Melchior and Belthasar?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:40 No.17484182
    We have 3 Aurors.

    This guy has the better spell casting queue:
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:41 No.17484193

    EGON WE KINDA NEED A PROTON PACK HERE. No rush or anything. It isn't like we are getting wailed on by A GIANT INCORPOREAL CUNT or anything. Again, take your time.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:43 No.17484206
    He needs to remodulate the proton stream, as shown by >>17483923
    >even the proton stream pass through Queen Zeal seemingly without effect
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:43 No.17484220
         File1326170627.jpg-(74 KB, 720x480, roll to cry some more.jpg)
    74 KB
    Thirding Medic first.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:44 No.17484226
    Get the Medic in here!
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)23:44 No.17484233
    rolled 9 = 9

    The Hyaku Shiki is far too big to enter the room, and to attempt to reach its arm in would certainly hurt friendlies more than the single foe you face.

    Medic teleports in and immediately begins sweeping the Medigun over everyone.

    Queen Zeal winks and blows a kiss at the Knight Inductor with the Voiceless Spear. He gives out a strangled cry and drops to his knees, the life force sucked out of him.

    The melee fighters attempt to rush the Queen once more, but she just starts laughing as her form floats into the air.

    The three sages are now at the Mammon Machine, working on it, while the three Aurors erect an impregnable shield around everyone that isn't the melee team or Zeal.

    "Incredible! It's just an echo, but... it can still tap into Lavos' power!" Belthasar exclaims.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:46 No.17484255
    rolled 89 = 89

    Let me roll.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:47 No.17484268
    you fuck it up for the rest of us
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:48 No.17484275

    Ah. My bad.

    EGON! PROTON PACK REMODULATED! NOW! No rush or anything. It isn't like we are getting wailed on by A GIANT INCORPOREAL CUNT or anything. Again, take your time.

    Unfortunately, I don't have much to add. Demoman may be useful up here with the claymore seeing as it is a possessed weapon. But we have many, many other units that are needed up here first.

    Harry Potter fans, spam with that spell babble!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:48 No.17484287
    Elaine, cast Raise on that Knight!

    Lyla, cast Holy on Zeal!

    Silencer, take careful aim with the Lance of Longinus.

    Gurus, shut down the Machine as fast as you can! It's still feeding power to Zeal; if we shut it down she'll be weakened!

    Have one of the Aurors try Silencio on Zeal, the others should keep up the shield charms.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:49 No.17484289

    WMs may want to raise the KI with the Voiceless Spear.

    Good idea? (y/n)
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:49 No.17484292

    >roll a 9

    Alright, everyone into the defensive!

    One of the Aurors, go cast Accio on that KI and bring him back in!

    Raise the shields again!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:49 No.17484293
    Well, everyone huddle together. Res the dead KI if it's possible.
    Queen bitch is being ... a bitch, predictably. Throw more Lances of Longinus at her to win.
    Turn off that Mammon machine, it's going to kill us all.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:50 No.17484303
    That's incredible, Belthasar. Could you please shut it off here before she manages to kill us all.

    Elain, rez/heal the inductor so he can steal her voice. Egon, modulate your proton pack so we can capture her.

    Engineer. Need a dispenser here!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:51 No.17484324
    Gurus, turn off the Mammon Machine.

    Have one of the Aurors cast accio to bring the dead Knight and the Voiceless Spear back behind the shield charms. Pull the entire melee team back for now.
    Elaine, try to Raise the Knight.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:52 No.17484330
    The White Mages need to cast Reflect on anyone that's trying to hit Zeal in melee.

    They should do this after they're done healing.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:54 No.17484352
    Who's next through the teleporter?
    I'm thinking:
    >Zombie Hunter Squad: 15/15. Especially good vs. undead units.
    Either Dr. Han, or a Sandman with a mass rifle.
    Get the Observer in through the window. Click it repeatedly until it hurries up.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:54 No.17484355

    Medic! Call out when you have uber ready to deploy! With the amount of hurt being laid down, it shouldn't take very long. If we get the demo up here with his eyelander, use it on him. Otherwise, pop it to save yourself or the Engie.

    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)23:54 No.17484356
    rolled 85 = 85

    >These are the wages of low rolls.

    Lyla and Elaine, along with the Medic, spam as much healing as they can to as many people as they can.

    "There's something wrong with my pack. Wait for a minute," Egon states, fiddling with the unlicensed nuclear accelerator strapped to his back.

    "Do you think that silly barrier will stop me?" the Echo of Queen Zeal asks. She raises a hand to the heavens and slashes down with it. The magical barrier shimmers as it absorbs whatever magic Zeal just used, then a series of explosions batter the entire part of the room that is unshielded, killing the melee fighters. The Knight Inductor with the spear is the only one to survive, being raised and pulled behind the shield just before it chain reacts.

    Caught on the other side of the room, Tosh is knocked unconscious, and Data is severely damaged by the explosion.

    Demoman pops in from the teleporter to futilely charge the flying Zeal.

    "AH!" Melchior screams. "That explosion jarred something in the machine! Er... Hang on! Maybe if we..."
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:55 No.17484361
    Careful Gurus, that might be because there's a Lavos echo around, and I don't feel like recreating that fight, we need to get this thing shut down.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:56 No.17484372
    I don't any of those choices will be good, since Zeal is a time echo and immune to their weapons.

    No, the only other person that I can think of that might make some kind of difference is the 3rd Abjurer who might still have some spells left for the day.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:56 No.17484386
    Re: >>17484361
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:57 No.17484392
    When we're going on offensive, one or two of the aurors should start casting Silencio and Stupefy on Zeal to stun her long enough to get hit.

    Likewise, the Aurors should cast Holy Aura on anyone trying to hit Zeal in melee.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:58 No.17484403
    Res the melee! We need them! Heroes first!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:58 No.17484406
    Balls. That was Darius, Star-Lord, Finalon, and who else that just got themselves dead?
    Hope Reraise gets some of them. Whoever isn't dead, get a Raise.
    Erect that Dispenser.
    Data, grab Tosh and drag him into the Barrier.

    Accio Lance, throw lance. At least one person in the barrier's gotta have a good throwing arm.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:59 No.17484410

    Seconding the raising of the heroes.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)23:59 No.17484413
    rolled 2 = 2

    "Dispenser going up!" Engineer calls as he plunks the device down and starts hitting it with his wrench.

    "OK. Testing..." Egon says as he turns and fires his proton pack at Zeal. A shimmering beam of yellow and crimson lightning lashes out to wrap around the time-lost echo.

    "What magic is this?!" Zeal shouts as she tries to free herself in vain from the beam. "Put me down you bespectacled buffoon! Yo-"

    Zeal is cut off as one of the Aurors finally manages to get a Silencio spell past her magical defenses.

    Lyla and Elaine hastily raise Darius and Star-Lord.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:59 No.17484419
    Aurors, keep up that shield!
    The two of you not keeping it up, accio everyone's bodies back behind the shield for Elaine and Lyla to Raise.

    Mr. Data, are you still able to free Tosh?

    And if anyone can throw the Lance of Longinus at Zeal, take the shot!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)23:59 No.17484425

    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:00 No.17484432
    And here's Lavos!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:00 No.17484433

    The spear KI should be buffed now with WM's Reflect + Abjurer's Holy Aura to charge at Zeal right now.

    The other Aurors should start casting Silencio and Stupefy to get her vulnerable enough. The White mages should revive Darius.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:01 No.17484440
    Shields to maximum, brace for impact!
    Mr. Data, help monitor Egon's proton pack.
    Gurus.. be very careful.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:01 No.17484444
    rolled 79 = 79

    Let me roll man.
    Give me the dice man.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:01 No.17484448

    >Demo can't fly while charging with a ramp. Or with a sticky jump.

    That being said, res everyone we can and get the KI with the voiceless spear to try again.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:02 No.17484449
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:02 No.17484457
         File1326171754.jpg-(106 KB, 452x308, Goddamnit.jpg)
    106 KB
    Aurors, keep that shield up!
    Elaine and Lyla, you're going to have more casualties!

    Prawn, use your TK field to drag everyone's bodies behind the Auror's shield.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:02 No.17484459
    rolled 23, 18, 60, 58, 62, 43, 30, 12, 77, 49, 87, 92, 43, 65, 13 = 732

    Stop being a retard with the rolling. You're not even trying to absorb bad rolls by rolling multiple times, like this.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:03 No.17484468
    rolled 97 = 97

    I mean shit man
    Fine, get another KI in here for the melee weapons since our melee team just died.
    And let me roll god damn
    Just showing that I roll good. I mean check this.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:03 No.17484471


    We at least will have 1 healer left alive.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:03 No.17484473
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:04 No.17484486

    Man I'm hate these shit rolls dicking with a good thing..
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/10/12(Tue)00:05 No.17484491
    rolled 37 = 37

    "GRAGH!" Zeal roars as she shakes off the Silence and the proton pack's ensnaring beam alive with a sudden burst of power. "You snakes! You'll pay for that!"

    The Knight Inductor with the Spear takes aim and throws it. The Prawn Suit is about to haul in bodies, when it realizes the Aurors have beat him to it. Instead, he telekinetically grabs the Lance and fires it towards Zeal once more...

    The three Aurors hastily recover the Silencer, Finalon, and Tosh's unconscious body behind the shield.

    "Something's wrong! The Mammon Machine... it's drawing huge amounts of power! It's..." Gaspar begins to say. He is cut off by Belthasar as the room begins to shake.

    "Something's coming through!!!"
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:05 No.17484492
    Holy Aura?
    Are you fucking stupid?
    Holy Aura is an 8th level Cleric spell! These are Abjurers! Not only are they nowhere near the level needed for a spell of that power, but it's not even a spell that they could learn!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:05 No.17484494
    Clumsy Auror, take the bad roll quick!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:06 No.17484511
    rolled 55 = 55

    Damn it op Give me the dice GIVE ME THE DICE GIVE THE DICE TO ME NOW.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:07 No.17484518
         File1326172034.png-(90 KB, 875x880, 1216089847170.png)
    90 KB

    ...And yet further proof that TG dice are GIANT trolls. Well played random site code. Well played.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:07 No.17484519
    Read up, motherfuckers.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/10/12(Tue)00:08 No.17484531
         File1326172100.gif-(6 KB, 160x208, Mammon_Machine.gif)
    6 KB
    rolled 58 = 58

    Both Lance and Spear sail harmlessly past Queen Zeal.

    Meanwhile the Mammon Machine begins to smoke and spark, cracks beginning to spiderweb across its frame as the three sages hesitantly back away, then begin to run at full tilt away from the thing.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:08 No.17484532
    >Lavos is coming through
    >We just fired the Lance of Longinus, one of our most powerful weapons
    That's just great.

    Aurors, one of you accio the Lance of Longinus back, and the others cast Protego Maxima.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:08 No.17484538
    Damn it!

    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:09 No.17484555
    Accio Lance! We need it back!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:10 No.17484558

    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:10 No.17484561
    Aurors, cast Diffindo and Reducto on the machine! Destroy it now while it's not yet done spawning the monster!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:11 No.17484578
    rolled 17 = 17

    Everyone other than Egon and the Lance of Longinus shooter, switch focus of fire to the Mammon machine.
    Lyla, try to Holy the bitch.
    Abjurors, got any magic spells to try?
    Aurors, need more silence and stupefy for Zeal. Fuck, turn her to stone, I don't give a shit.
    Prawn, grab Lance.
    Lance thrower, Throw Lance.
    Elaine, Medic, Heal and raise the dead.

    Through the teleport now comes:
    The Spy, gentlemen.
    Get Sappers on that mammon machine.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:11 No.17484582
         File1326172286.jpg-(19 KB, 300x300, the_tardis_whoohoo.jpg)
    19 KB

    >something's coming through!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:11 No.17484592
    Wait, why'd I roll there?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:13 No.17484612
         File1326172402.jpg-(27 KB, 425x208, Lavos.jpg)
    27 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:14 No.17484624

    Aurors, cast Reducto and Diffindo on the machine to smash it to pieces!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:15 No.17484641
    Wait, it's just a repost.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/10/12(Tue)00:15 No.17484643
    rolled 52 = 52

    "Lavos will destroy you all!" Zeal shouts with glee as the machine rumbles.


    An ear-jarring explosion rocks the room as the Mammon Machine suddenly explodes. Pieces of metal go ripping across the battlefield as a giant, skeletal dragon skull rises from its smoking remains. Baleful red orbs are set into its blood-spattered skull.


    The skull rears back and sprays a cone of utter darkness over the Auror's magical ward, dissolving it completely.

    "You're not Lavos..." Zeal says, with a frown. Then she smiles. "But the enemy of my enemy..."

    Queen Zeal snaps her fingers and the air wavers around the room, all of the magic users suddenly feeling very drained.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:15 No.17484645
    1 Auror and the Prawn pull back the Voiceless Spear and Lance of Longinus, respectively.

    Hand the Lance back to the Silencer, and have him drive it into the Mammon Machine. That will hopefully sever the dimensional connection it has with Lavos.

    Other 2 Aurors, keep the Protego Horribilis up.

    Elaine and Lyla, keep Raising and Curing. Same with Medic.

    Grab ahold of Melchior, or any one of the Gurus.
    "If we destroy the Mammon Machine, will it kill us or will it save us?"
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:16 No.17484658
    Ebon Night x Lavos?


    VF, knife the machine before it comes through!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:18 No.17484681
    Update that to knifing the Ebon Skull!
    >no magic?
    Egon, show that bitch how we do things downtown!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:18 No.17484687

    Egon! Hit Zeal with your proton pack again!

    Aurors, get that protego charm up again!

    Lyla, Elaine, hit Ebon Night with a double holy if you've got the strength left.

    Mobile Infantry, hit Ebon Night with your cannons, then Star-Lord and Darius get in there and cut him up.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:19 No.17484692
    Prawn suits, use your TK fields to hurl the Ebon Skull out of the castle!

    VFs, Hyaku Shiki, Brasta, be careful, but try grab the skull if it resists! Make sure it doesn't go back into the castle!

    If they manage to remove the skull, the Brasta is to fire it's Bunker Breaker and use the cable to jam the skull.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:19 No.17484698
    Next into the room should be a Sandman.

    Egon, we have a massive cunt that needs sandpapering. Mind seeing to that?
    Everyone else, there's a Skeleton here.

    Elaine, Lyla, Abjurers, Aurors ... now's a good time to max elixir. Don't have one? Then pick up a rock and throw it.

    Throw the Voiceless spear at Zeal. Everyone else, point guns at the Ebon Night and fire.
    Char? I know you can see this asshole through the window. Feel free to chop him to pieces.

    How long until the VFs arrive with our next set of troops?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:20 No.17484704
    Plus hitting her with the Voiceless Spear, and getting Longinus as well.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:20 No.17484710
    Mechs get targetting data
    Mechs aim at Ebon Night
    Mechs put the dead in the Ebon Night.

    And we are now in Autosage. there is no longer any hope for us.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:20 No.17484714

    The mechs outside are too big to safely reach inside of the castle.

    The Prawn suits need to toss Ebon Skull outside.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:21 No.17484727

    The Prawn suits might be able to mute Zeal the old-fashioned way: by using their minds to strangle her.

    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:21 No.17484728
    What's the Sandman going to do?
    And the more people we bring up here, the more people are going to need healing because Zeal uses mass-area spells, and their weapons aren't going to be able to harm her.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:22 No.17484740

    Is it bad my first reaction was:

    "Phew! It is only Ebon Night soul's rage made corporal. A god like entity that we killed(?) and now are being chased by his pure hatred of us across time and space. That wasn't so terrible."
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:23 No.17484744
         File1326172985.jpg-(42 KB, 800x450, Ka-Bar OTEC AK-VF-M9 Assault K(...).jpg)
    42 KB
    Like that would stop a knife. There's as much room for that as Ebon's head!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:24 No.17484754
    Ha, we should totally say this.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:24 No.17484756
    No, and...

    I think Zeal just casted MP buster on all the magic users.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:24 No.17484762
    Any weapons fire that close will incinerate our other troops.

    Only 1 Prawn suit is here.
    Most attacks are unlikely to have an effect on Zeal unless they're magical or proton-based.

    The Prawn can try to throw Ebon Night out, but I doubt that the TK field is strong enough.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:25 No.17484767

    Char's Bazooka-thing was able to hurt other Ebon Fragments. It may be for the best if the Prawns hurled the Ebon Remains outside so the 'mechs can deal with it.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:25 No.17484770
    No. Char used the beam saber on the fragments.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:26 No.17484777
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:26 No.17484781

    Where are the other 3 Prawns?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:28 No.17484797
    rolled 46 = 46

    k guys watch this
    bam, 100
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:28 No.17484803
    Still on the ground with the other ground forces that wouldn't be able to contribute to this fight.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/10/12(Tue)00:29 No.17484808
    rolled 50 = 50

    The beam of energy lashes out once again and ensnares Zeal as the Aurors erect another charm... which is promptly brought down by another one of the Ebon Night's dark-breaths. The Aurors are out of magical strength for a while. Another prismatic ring blasts your forces as Zeal casts Halation once more.

    Lyla and Elaine dual cast Holy on the Ebon Night, the great skull writhing on its skeletal neck as it shrieks in pain.

    A Sandman teleports in as the Prawn suit recovers the lance with telekinesis and hands it off to the Spear Inductor, who attempts to throw it once more.

    Finalon and the Silencer's bodies stay dead, their time beginning to run out for Raise casting.

    "I am charged!"
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:30 No.17484822
    Agree with:
    Voiceless Spear at Zeal.
    Egon, proton beam at Zeal.
    Other fighters who can't hurt Zeal target Ebon Dragon remains.

    No other suggestions for magic users or teleporting in.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:30 No.17484825

    Gondegal, if you're going to do something to help us out, now would be a *very* good time!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:31 No.17484832


    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:33 No.17484848
    You're charged, eh?
    Only nearby target is the Demoman ...
    ... And there's a giant stack of bones for him to destroy.

    Problem: Halation. everyone's on 1 hp, we're out of mana, and we're tied up fighting the Ebon Night.
    We're ... we're fucked, aren't we? At least we can blow up the Ebon Night.
    Hope that Dispenser's been erected and up to level 3. We could use the healing.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:33 No.17484851

    Should the Medic start distributing the healing of the heroes so that as many people are healthy as possible? Or Should he focus on healing the WMs while they focus on healing everyone?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:34 No.17484858
    Medic, heal the WMs!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:34 No.17484860
    WMs are ... well, they've been mana drained.
    I'd say this is game over. It makes me sad.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:34 No.17484863

    Lyla, start the healing cycle again.

    If anyone else has any tricks up their sleeve, now is the time!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:34 No.17484865
    >get a Sandman
    >Medic just got ubercharge
    >We could have had Heavy come in instead

    Godamn it.
    Fine, I'll find some way to make this work.

    Lyla, Elaine, Raise on Finalon and the Silencer.
    Medic, Ubercharge Demoman, attack Ebon Night.
    Sandman, fire your mass rifle at Ebon Night.
    Prawn, attempt to throw Ebon Night's skull out the window for the waiting mechs to destroy.
    If you can't, then Darius and Star-Lord try to destroy the skull.

    Egon, can you trap Zeal? If you can, now's the time.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:34 No.17484867
    Alright then, send Pryo through first, Uber him for a fiery charge up Ebon Skull's nose.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:35 No.17484869
    White Mages, Raise on Finalon and the Silencer.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:35 No.17484875
    The gurus are casters, at least one should be either Wind or Water.

    Use Raise or Arise on Finalon and our Inductors Gurus
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:36 No.17484891

    Stop panicking.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:37 No.17484901
    Get the Gurus to stop running and fight!
    Or at least, start casting some Revive's and Cures for our forces.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/10/12(Tue)00:38 No.17484913
    rolled 10 = 10

    Elaine looks up, horrified. "I'm out of mana!"

    "Let me! Spirits of life... return to us! Raise!" Lyla shouts, casting Raise with the last of her own mana on Finalon, and consigning the Silencer to death.

    Ensnared by the proton beam, Queen Zeal is unable to dodge the Lance as it morphs itself into a cruel multibarbed spike that impales her through the chest. She utters a deafening screech as her form flickers, severely damaged by the weapon. Suddenly the Voiceless Spear floats up of its own accord, Gondegal materializing around it as he throws the weapon with all of his might towards the trapped ghost. The weapon hits home just under the Lance, and Zeal's screaming halts as her voice is stolen, the Spear passing through the incorporeal being to clatter against the wall.

    Egon kicks out a ghost trap just as Darius and Star Lord charge the Ebon Night with Sandman cover fire.

    Pyro appears and the Medic hits him with an ubercharge.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:39 No.17484924

    Everyone's at 1 HP right now due to Halation. We need to get some healing out or a *very* large portion of our force is going to be knocked out by a stiff breeze.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:40 No.17484929
         File1326174009.png-(157 KB, 371x291, all_dead.png)
    157 KB
    for (int i=0; i<100; i++) {cout << "f";}
    for (int i=0; i<100; i++) {cout << "u";}
    cout << "ck" << endl;
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:40 No.17484937
         File1326174040.jpg-(39 KB, 200x196, wtfman.jpg)
    39 KB

    These dice rolls.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:40 No.17484938
    I don't think the Gurus really have combat applicable talents.

    Medic should NOT focus healing on the White Mages; they're out of mana and can't heal any more.
    Medic should focus on healing everyone evenly, as much as possible to prevent Hallation from ruining our day too much more.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:41 No.17484941
    Why does probability hate us so?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:41 No.17484951
    Gondegal! Grab the Voiceless Spear and help against Ebon Night!

    Prawn, fire ARC shots against Ebon Night!

    Gurus, now would be a really good time for some heal spells!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:42 No.17484954
    Anyone who's out of magic should attempt to withdraw for now.
    Medic, heal everyone you can.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:42 No.17484962
    rolled 35, 43 = 78

    It's okay! I'll save us with ... These dice rolls!
    Godsfuckingdamnit we're all dead. Hope the Dispenser and Medic's been able to heal everyone.

    Hope those Mechs were able to cut a hole in the wall and shoot the Ebon Night.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/10/12(Tue)00:42 No.17484963
    rolled 7 = 7

    Egon stomps on the ghost trap only for Zeal to wiggle out of the way just before she can be caught by the device. A trio of glowing orbs smash into the machine, destroying it. Egon frowns.

    "That was the only trap I had on hand," he comments.

    Darius and Star-Lord charge only for the Ebon Night to swing around and bite at them at the last minute. A sudden flash of foresight causes Darius to grab Star-Lord and pull him down, just underneath the clashing jaws. The two barely evade the counterattack.

    >Valiant Savior
    >Gifted with the ability to keep nearby squads and Heroes safe and intact in crises.
    >Ability activates, negating this bad roll. Now on cooldown.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:44 No.17484980
    rolled 13 = 13

    *Steals the dice out of the OP's hand and rolls for him*
    Had it with your low rolling bs.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:45 No.17484985
         File1326174316.jpg-(94 KB, 452x390, whymca.jpg)
    94 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:46 No.17484996
    Is that Dispenser healing anybody, or...can the Austraillium technology help to restore the MP of the Aurors, White Mages, and spell slots of the Abjurers? Try it.

    Next unit to come through the teleporter should be Soldier.

    Prawn, grab the Lance of Longinus again. Egon, wrangle Zeal again with your proton pack, and hit her with the Lance again.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:46 No.17485001

    Bad roll, but ugh.

    Who should the medic prioritize healing now?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:46 No.17485003
    This man speaks the truth. Anyone who's been mana drained needs to GTFO with extreme prejudice. Worst case scenario, we bugger off this place, take a few days (or weeks) to recoup our losses and let Holtz chew our collective heads off, and go on to the next world.

    We got in way over our heads this time, and right now we can't be focused on winning. we have to be focused on surviving to fight another day. If that means letting shards of Ebon Night go, so be it.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:47 No.17485005
    Get Douglas in there! We can use his persona!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:47 No.17485008
    New /tg/ dice rolling scheme:

    90-100: You win forever
    80-90: You win and get max loot
    70-80: You win
    60-70: Critical damage:
    50-60: Good shit happens
    40-50: Noticably above average
    30-40: Average
    20-30: Noticably below average
    10-20: Bad shit happens
    00-10: You die
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:47 No.17485009
    >and consigning the Silencer to death.
    That seems harsh, you can usually let people sit a little while longer and still get them up from these attacks in the source material.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:48 No.17485024
    Ebon Night is chasing US, not the other way around. Also, where are we going to escape TO? This is a limited echo of the Kingdom of Zeal; there's no where to run or hide.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:49 No.17485032
    Terrible news, everyone! Lavos just killed the Ebon Night for us!
    Good news, everyone! Lavos came here to say hello!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:49 No.17485036

    Bearsona chasing Zeal sounds good.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:50 No.17485037
    Oh, that's right!
    Get Douglas up here and using his Persona! It's at full strength, so should be a match for Ebon Night's shard!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:50 No.17485044
    While it is nice that we found those Three Gurus we were talking about, I wish it didn't come at the cost of so many of our soldiers.
    I mean people just keep dying, and I can't think of any strategies regarding the echo of Queen Zeal and the shard of Ebon Night beyond 'hit them and try to stop them from hitting us'.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:52 No.17485053

    Dice rolls can be harsh at times. Bad luck strings, etc. etc. etc.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:52 No.17485056
    You negate the 10...only to roll a goddamned SEVEN.

    That's it, I give up. take it from the top with Paellion, guys.

    >Matthew's hetona

    Yes CAPTCHA, golden sun heroes are good. too bad we can't recruit them because they never die.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/10/12(Tue)00:52 No.17485057
    rolled 55 = 55

    The Dispenser has not been restoring MP, but it HAS been restoring HP to the casters near it.

    The Ebon Night rears up and grabs Star-Lord with its fanged maw, biting through the hero's armor and inflicting fatal wounds as the great skull twists to the side and hurls the broken body against the far wall.

    >RED: Star-Lord has been given a dose of R.E.D., meaning he can be recovered despite injury back at base. However, he's still dead until you get there.

    The Gurus are out of mana as well.

    Queen Zeal laughs silently blowing another kiss to the Knight Inductor that had thrown the Lance as he stiffens and falls down dead.

    The Pyro and Medic charge the Ebon Night and enhanced flames wash over the unholy creature. The shard of the Night rears back at this assault.

    Douglas pops out of the teleporter.

    The White Mages are out of mana, not because of the time limit.

    Gondegal runs for the Spear as Data fires his phaser at the Ebon Night. The Sandman is having difficulty lining up a shot with the melee in the way.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:53 No.17485068
         File1326174808.jpg-(34 KB, 350x401, oh for fucks sake.jpg)
    34 KB
    These dice are really starting to kill my enjoyment.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:53 No.17485069
    What strategies? The entire battle's success or failure is (mostly) slaved to the whims of the dice. All you need to do is suggest an action and the roll from OP is used to determine the degree of success or failure arising from that suggested action.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:53 No.17485071
    It's bad when the DM has to pull a "fuck da dice police" ability out of nowhere mid-fight.

    It's also bad if a 10 is preferable.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:54 No.17485080

    God damn you people.

    Yes, the idea is very basic, but it requires very precise management and application of the protection spells, which you people mess up by panicking by going "BANZAI! CHARGE!"
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:54 No.17485082

    Lord Quest
    >Falling off cliffs...

    Commander Quest
    >Almost die to shitty mountain bandits

    I swear, /tg/ dice has it in for us when we go to high places.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:55 No.17485086
    This fight is getting hard to BEAR.
    So if you could BEAR arms and help us fight back, that would be good.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:55 No.17485097
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:56 No.17485098

    Should we assign Douglas' to kill Zeal with his bear hands?

    Or should we see if he has any healing available to him?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:56 No.17485100

    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:56 No.17485104
    Douglas! Bear down on them!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:56 No.17485110



    >>Prawn suits, use your TK fields to hurl the Ebon Skull out of the castle! VFs, Hyaku Shiki, Brasta, be careful, but try grab the skull if it resists! Make sure it doesn't go back into the castle!If they manage to remove the skull, the Brasta is to fire it's Bunker Breaker and use the cable to jam the skull.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:57 No.17485116
    Douglas, use your Bearsona to attack Ebon Night!
    Darius, pull back and get healed up by the Dispenser.

    Prawn, TK grab the Lance of Longinus, wait for Egon to hit Zeal with his proton stream, then launch the Lance at her again.

    Medic and Pyro, as soon as Douglas gets his Persona to engage Ebon Night, pull back and begin healing everyone else.

    Guru's! Do you know where there may be a stock of Ethers in the cities? Anything that can restore magic?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:57 No.17485125
    Okay guys, time for the escape plan. RUN! Have everyone get out of there with mech assistance.

    We'll have an easier time being far away from the castle and fighting outdoors.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:58 No.17485131

    Doug should have a persona with the mass heal spell.

    Cast that before going into combat!

    We need to save our troops!

    If he has recarm, he can also raise the silencers as well.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:59 No.17485137
    What happens if the Prawn tries to throw the Lance at Zeal, and guide it with TK?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:59 No.17485138

    No running!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)00:59 No.17485140
    Has it occurred to either of you that such an action is likely doomed to failure since Ebon Night can magically resist it and like the other shards, there's probably a dimensional tear he's still connected to?
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/10/12(Tue)01:00 No.17485145
    rolled 5 = 5

    You've had that ability for a while, this is just the first time it's triggered beyond its passive buff.

    The mass rifle collapses a chunk out of the Ebon Night's skull as it roars and grabs Pyro in its jaws, futilely attempting to chew up the flamer... until his uber wears off. But while so distracted, Darius stands with a scream and begins to carve into the skull with Ringil. The Ebon Night roars with pain as the ancient blade bites into it.

    Douglas flips a card into the air. "PERSONA!"

    Once again, the bear of the rainbow hide bounds forward, issuing a bestial roar before rearing up on his hind legs and slamming the ground. Columns of blazing light erupt under Zeal and the Ebon Night, wounding the latter and causing the former to wordlessly evaporate to nothing.

    >Megidola cast. Large Almighty damage, all opponents.

    The Prawn attempts to TK rip the Ebon Night out of the floor, but it fails.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:00 No.17485148
    No! Stop trying to get them to flail around recklessly! We need to either do the escape plan or toss Ebon out of the fucking castle.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:01 No.17485154
    Doesn't have control once launched, it seems.
    It can aim, but Zeal could still twist out of the way unless she's held in place by a proton stream.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:01 No.17485155
    We can't 'run' two at a time into a mech hands.
    We're cornered, we have to fight it out.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:01 No.17485158


    Doug, mass heal spells! We're gonna need it!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:01 No.17485163
    Is demoman still up and about? This bit of Ebon Night has eyeballs.

    RED eyeballs, even.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:02 No.17485169
         File1326175345.gif-(485 KB, 300x300, blacklannerderp.gif)
    485 KB


    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:02 No.17485175

    OP, what troops have yet to enter the combat space?

    What are the VFs doing? If they can't participate, have them transport the rest away.

    Do we have any with sniper equipment? Use them to snipe Queen Zeal.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:03 No.17485181

    Have the Prawn attack Zeal with the lance. But this time, throw the lance like a swirling boomerang!

    >>guide it with TK

    FUCK MAN, why didn't I think of that before? If it misses, make it fly around to hit her again and again.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:03 No.17485185
    Good news! We redefeated Ebon Night!
    Bad news! The Machine is still running...
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:04 No.17485196
    Doug, if you've got a mass heal spell in there, now's the time to use it!

    Medic, see if you can heal Darius as he fights.
    Is there a Knight still standing? If not have one come through the teleporter and grab the Lance of Longinus, help Darius and Gondegal fight Ebon Night.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:04 No.17485197
    I thought the machine already exploded.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:04 No.17485198

    Queen Zeal (Time Ghost) has been destroyed. Good.

    On the other hand, we just rolled a 5.

    Should we direct Douglas to attempt to heal, or see if those "protecting others" description of his Persona will come in handy now?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:05 No.17485204

    Fuck it. Nothing we do matters at this point. We are panicked, bloodied and in the negatives. Just roll until we wipe, because for every idea we have the dice look down on us and whisper "No."
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:05 No.17485210
    Anyone! Do anything defense you have left!
    Douglas, this is probably all on you man, show us what you got.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:07 No.17485226
    >guide it with TK
    Not gonna work.
    You can aim it with TK, but once launched, the Lance accelerates under its own power, becoming like a cruise missile.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/10/12(Tue)01:08 No.17485233
         File1326175689.jpg-(465 KB, 1260x977, dabears.jpg)
    465 KB
    rolled 17 = 17

    "YAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" The Demoman charges in only to have the Ebon Night grab him with his teeth and fling him out the window, leaving a Demoman-shaped hole in the glass-equivalent.

    Unable to cast healing Douglas instead glances to his Persona, who nods in understanding.

    "FIEND!" the bear roars, bounding towards the Ebon Night. "SEE HOW YOU FARE AGAINST A GOD OF BEARS!"

    The Ebon Night's red eyes flare and he drops whatever he was doing to viciously bite into the bear-god as Darius desperately tries to cut through the monster's spiny neck with Ringil. Unholy fangs bite deeply into ethereal fur as bellows of pain echo throughout the hall.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:09 No.17485250
         File1326175790.jpg-(100 KB, 500x313, 6115713823_0451e8c92e.jpg)
    100 KB
    Kick his ass Okku!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:10 No.17485253
    Gondegal, now would be a good time to help Darius out.

    Teleport in a fresh Silencer, to pick up the Lance of Longinus and use it to carve up Ebon Night.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:10 No.17485260
         File1326175838.jpg-(172 KB, 1465x1125, palp tg dice.jpg)
    172 KB

    These fucking dice rolls.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:11 No.17485268
    ...It looks like Ebon Night fares just fine against the god of bears, thank you very much.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:11 No.17485271
    rolled 4 = 4

    Welp, Bear's dead.
    Melee, Step back. As in, right the fuck back.

    MI, Fire.
    Any Mechs that could fire through the window, fire.
    Prawn, Fire.
    Fuck it, everyone Fire.

    Now, let's hope we can make an instrument of Bad Luck out of this.
    >Our luck was absolutely fucking terrible in Raccoon City
    >Our luck is absolutely fucking terrible against the Ebon Night
    It's obvious this Ebon Night motherfucker has the power to cause Bad Luck. I want to harness it and make it my own.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:11 No.17485274
    Also, any chance of getting the Gurus to answer my question about any Ethers or magic-restoring items left in the cities?
    The VF pilots are doing nothing, and if there was a chance for them retrieve an Ether, no matter how slight, I'd like them to at least be trying.
    >> Swarm of Rookies 01/10/12(Tue)01:12 No.17485277
    rolled 21, 61, 35, 79, 71, 68, 85, 4 = 424

    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:13 No.17485278

    Prawn dude, use the TK field to push open Ebon Night' jaw!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:14 No.17485285
         File1326176052.jpg-(18 KB, 340x501, hanginthere.jpg)
    18 KB

    These dice rolls... seriously...
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:14 No.17485290

    VF pilots, grab Ethers and give em to our guys!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:15 No.17485296

    Welp. At least we broke the double digits.

    Everyone standing, keep fighting. Everyone who can crawl, crawl to the dispenser. Medic, keep spamming heals. White mages, get to cover. You can't do anything else at this point and you are too valuable to lose. Try and move people to safety if you can.

    Egon, keep hitting the witch with your pack one you get it running. It at least keeps her distracted.

    Data, move to get people out of the way.

    Darius, try to pin the head with the sword and get ready to jump back.

    Aurors, if there are any of you left standing, keep spamming defense spells. Hobble over to the dispense if necessary and do if from there.

    Guys with the mass rifles, wait for an opening and fire.

    Prawns, arc the head.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/10/12(Tue)01:15 No.17485301
    rolled 32 = 32

    The Medic switches to healing Darius as the Ebon Night bites through Okku's form. The lord of bears gives one painful roar and fades away. Douglas stumbles back as if struck.

    "Sentry going up!" Engineer reports, laying down the machine and setting it up as fast as he can as the others continue to pelt the Night with everything they have to seemingly no avail.

    Darius winces, but complies, the melee fighters falling back as a Silencer teleports in.

    The Mobile Infantry open up with their autocannon, the Sandman fires with his mass rifle, the Prawn with the ARC, and Hyaku Shiki, the only mech still present in the area, fires with its beam rifle.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:17 No.17485313
    So guys, what plan for the mechs?

    All I can think of, is for Crowe to smash in another hole somewhere with his rocket anchor, and then use it to yank Ebon.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:19 No.17485322
    So, any word on those Ethers, if they exist or not?

    Medic, keep concentrating your medigun on Darius.
    Darius, keep Ebon Night's attention until the Silencer can get the Lance and join you.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:19 No.17485323
    YES! a 32! That's slightly above average!>>17485313
    I imagine the Mechs are trying to smash their way through every walls right at this moment, and all the soldiers are on the way as fast as they possibly can be.

    OP, are you SURE we defeated the ebon night? It seems he has a rather nasty case of the Still Alive.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:19 No.17485328


    Crowe, punch through the walls with the Bunker Breaker.

    >> MetaQuest OP 01/10/12(Tue)01:20 No.17485330
    rolled 29 = 29

    It seems the dice are the true boss of this stage.

    The barrage of fire causes the Ebon Night to roar in pain. It retaliates by strafing the room with its breath of darkness. The smothering cloud of night steals the life from Engineer and destroys his sentry, but Darius, Finalon, and the Sandman manage to hold onto life as another barrage goes off.

    "No Ethers here," Melchoir reports. "Nothing so mundane that you can use..."
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:20 No.17485332
         File1326176427.jpg-(12 KB, 200x181, 20090828-good-news-everyone.jpg)
    12 KB
    >and Hyaku Shiki, the only mech still present in the area, fires with its beam rifle.

    Good news everyone! We're all getting a deep suntan like those movie models get. Just make sure you're wearing my special heat reflective SPF 1,000 sunscreen.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:23 No.17485352
    Alright, if not us, what about you? Anything you can use, as time echoes?

    If we get everyone to fall back to a corner of the chamber away from Ebon Night and the hole in the window, would that clear the area enough that Char could thrust his beam saber into Ebon Night without cooking our own troops?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:23 No.17485356

    Which particularly sucks, since there is literally nothing we can do about it.

    Everyone keep fighting. Utter a prayer to whatever deity suits your fancy for some luck and keep shooting or stabbing. Healers, keep healing. Mechs, get to making a bigger door.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:24 No.17485365

    DO THIS:


    After we make a bigger escape hole...

    ...Cram as many people into the Brasta and Hyaku's cockpits, then the VFs.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:25 No.17485375

    Where the fuck are our SCPs, UNITs and MI?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:25 No.17485378
    rolled 31, 65, 86, 16, 22, 54, 50, 99, 25, 39 = 487

    >It seems the dice are the true boss of this stage.
    Might be a good time to escape. If we haven't done so already, of course!

    Is it even possible to roll above 70 in this fight? Seems "10" is normal and "30" is above average.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:25 No.17485380
    How about we stab him in the back of the skull with the beam saber while the rest make with what little attacking they have left while he wriggles in pain from the back-attack.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/10/12(Tue)01:26 No.17485394
    rolled 70 = 70

    "If we had our magic..."

    Your soldiers begin falling back as far as they can.

    The Ebon Night howls in pain once more, this time taking in a deep breath and spitting a hail of bone shards at the group. The Sandman finally falls, its form shredded under the flechette hail as it tries to flee. The nanites in its body swiftly begin devouring its physical form to disallow analysis of the corpse. The pilot of the Prawn suit too, is caught, but he manages to pull through, limping away with innumerable bone needles protruding from his carapace.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:26 No.17485400
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:27 No.17485406
    That is a terrible idea.
    They can only evac 2 people at a time, we have 14 that still need to be evacuated, and any evacuation would have to be done with Ebon Night still using his area-attacks against us.
    And not all of those 14 people are conscious or even alive (currently) and none of our magic users are able to use protective spells.
    This plan is just asking for more people to get killed.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:28 No.17485413
    There is no way for us to retreat in a manner which is not getting us killed. We probably should have thought of that before, but that's what we've got.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/10/12(Tue)01:29 No.17485428
    rolled 54 = 54

    Who set the dice to maximum overtroll?

    Another barrage and a blinding beam of light from Hyaku Shiki and the shard of the Ebon Night gives off a pitiable wail and falls to the ground, dissolving. Amidst the ruins of the Mammon Machine, the rift through which the bony neck protruded slowly begins to widen, its interior alight with etheric energies.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:29 No.17485429
    Shut UP.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:29 No.17485433

    "It would really help if the Cybuster was here..."
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:31 No.17485444
    Come on, Gurus, is there a way for you to get your magic back, and fast?
    Can you still tap into the Mammon Machine's energy stream, distasteful as it is?
    People are permanently dying here, Gurus.

    As soon as the troops are clear, have Char try to slice off Ebon Night with his beam saber,
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:32 No.17485455

    There is always a way out. Just not the one we want.

    >> Potential Writefag 01/10/12(Tue)01:32 No.17485461
    Damnit. Char, toss a beam saber into Ebon Night's face. Try and get it through the eyes with the blade!

    Keep firing, damn your hides! We shall not go quietly into the Ebon Night; we will instead kill this fucker dead once and for all and be done with this goddamn horrorfest of a world! Too many depend on our success to allow failure!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:32 No.17485464
    Panel of experts: What's happening there??
    Also collect dead and wounded, stuff in nanny bags, and prepare to either escape this room if panel of experts recommend.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:33 No.17485472
    Gurus! Is that a way out?
    Observer, get your Protoss-manufactured psi-crystals over here and scan that portal.

    Medic, start triage and healing everyone.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:33 No.17485473
    Get the Brasta to jam it's shield in here, at least as a makeshift barricade against Ebon.

    How are the VF head lasers doing?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:34 No.17485482
    Wait. Widening instead of closing?
    I'm not sure whether that's good or bad.
    Egon, Gurus, your thoughts?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:34 No.17485483


    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:35 No.17485489
    Medic, do what you do best.

    If anyone else knows first aid or has any other sort of medical training, it might be prudent to try to stabilize the most wounded people.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:36 No.17485496
    If we had nanny-bags, I wouldn't be this distraught over our losses.
    We don't have them with us, check the inventory.

    Do you realize that this shard of Ebon Night is already dead, and that the portal is currently increasing in size?
    I don't think you read that post properly.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:36 No.17485499
    Are we supposed to stick THE LANCE into the rift?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:37 No.17485506
    Well, we can ask Philemon for a ride back to our ship, but he's going to want a hell of a favor for it.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:37 No.17485509

    IE Drag them to the dispenser the engie built. I don't think it ever got destroyed, so get the wounded close to it for maximum healing.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:37 No.17485511

    Seconding. Let's have our panel of experts plus one advanced drone see what they can make of this.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:38 No.17485516
    Why wouldn't they be with us?
    They were there when we went in against Ebon Night and everything else we had there is with us.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:38 No.17485521
    The main torso of Ebon Night is probably trying to come through.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:39 No.17485526

    Um...what happened to the huge bitch who was up in our grill a few rolls ago? I am pretty sure we haven't slayed her echo yet...
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/10/12(Tue)01:39 No.17485527
    rolled 21 = 21

    The shard of the Ebon Night is already dead, but your efforts hasten its dissolution into nothingness.

    "The energies used by the Ebon Night to tunnel into this world are interacting with the latent energies of the Mammon Machine's echo... fascinating..." Egon says as he scans the hole.

    "It's... not the safest or best way out, but theoretically you could use that wormhole to slip through the barrier of worlds. It'll just be unguided. And unguarded," Belthasar says.

    "If we had a way to navigate, we might be able to wait until the hole was big enough to fit those planes of yours in, and cram everyone into them..." Melchoir speculates. "Otherwise, jumping in is a crap-shoot."
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:39 No.17485539
    Should we just have Char stick the Hyaku Shiki's arm in the rift and open fire?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:40 No.17485544
    No drone, just experts.

    Actually, let's start escaping this room now.
    Mechs, pick up please?

    We'll study it from a safer distance.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:41 No.17485553

    Echo-Queen Zeal got annihilated by Douglas' Persona's bear stomp. After being impaled by Gondegal hurling one of the spears at her.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:41 No.17485558
    The only 'inventory' we took didn't mention proton pack or Nameless Blade either, and we have those.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:42 No.17485565
    Does the portal appear to be stable, or is still growing in size?

    Given a bit of time, and perhaps by disassembling some of our equipment, could you put together a device that could allow us to navigate, or at least stay shielded?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:43 No.17485574

    With that advice in mind, it may be wise to retreat from this place after we collect the wounded and the other artifacts lying about. Perhaps we can keep VP-99 and/or the Observer floating around there to keep an eye on the hole.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:43 No.17485581
    Egon had his Proton Pack equipped when he was sent down to Antarctica, and the Nameless Blade was specifically assigned to Finalon during deployment.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:44 No.17485590
    Welp OP, looks like next stop: Planet Eria!

    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:44 No.17485593
    And the rest of our soldiers have always carried nanny bags. It's standard on preventing people from dying permanently.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:44 No.17485594
    Something horrible is about to come through isn't it?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:45 No.17485598
    Right. Everyone to the blackbird. Prop the portal open with the Lance of Longinus and piss off back to the ground.
    We're getting the Blackbird, we're making it fly, we're loading everyone on it and we're getting the fuck out of here.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:45 No.17485605
    >"If we had a way to navigate, we might be able to wait until the hole was big enough to fit those planes of yours in, and cram everyone into them..." Melchoir speculates. "Otherwise, jumping in is a crap-shoot."
    Let's go with this, get everybody out again and try to find a way to navigate.
    Suggest Aurors start getting together a strong scrying for Cheryl, see if we can get a fix on her or her a fix on us to guide us back.
    Considering we can't fit everyone in our planes, I also suggest we get the Blackbird flying for this trip.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:46 No.17485613
    Now that we no longer seem to be in immediate peril, lets ask Tosh if he knows whether all the psychics (including Cheryl) are alive or not.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:46 No.17485614
    Perhaps we could contact Cheryl or one of our other psychics outside via Tosh or Char?
    If we can use this to establish even a small amount of psychic contact, it gives us a beacon to follow.
    A guide, if you will (though not a guard).
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:47 No.17485630
    Can an auror cast 'reparo' on Data? I'm not sure if the medigun would be effective on him.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:47 No.17485632

    Once Tosh is healed enough to be stable and conscious, that is.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:48 No.17485646
    This, lets get clear and prepare for the trip.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:49 No.17485653
    Or suck us all in.


    We can't afford to lose the lance just like that.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:50 No.17485660

    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:50 No.17485667
    If we don't have a big enough ship, we may have to ditch the Mad Cats. We can still and probably should take their pilots along, though.

    Otherwise, we may have to see if the Blackbird is stable enough to be repaired.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:51 No.17485673
    I push in a few of the morons in our crew who got people killed during the Ebon Night fight.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:51 No.17485680
         File1326178311.png-(162 KB, 300x612, masaki.png)
    162 KB

    Jumping in is a total crapshoot, indeed.

    But then again, Masaki's knack for direction is a total crapshoot too, OP.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:52 No.17485687
         File1326178351.jpg-(562 KB, 3000x2000, TG quest badge copy.jpg)
    562 KB

    Well, since the clusterfuck that was that battle seems over, I think it is safe to post this.

    I am making a logo for the TG. I thought it was crazy that no one has drawfag'd for this quest yet, so I decided to correct that. This is just a WIP, but I figured I would give you something before the thread ends for not killing us with the never ending critical fumbles.

    (PS: I picked an owl because birds of prey represent us well in terms of our stance on force, but not in terms of our presence. We are not overt killers like eagles/hawks. We stick to the shadows and only swoop in when necessary to protect the cannons. When we are doing our job right, no one knows we ever where there.)
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:53 No.17485694
    We don't need to prop the portal open, it is EXPANDING.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:53 No.17485702
    If it continues to expand. . .

    We all need to get to the blackbird NOW!.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/10/12(Tue)01:54 No.17485708
    "Yes!" Darius suddenly says. "Perhaps our psykers can lock onto Cheryl? If we are close by, it may work much as the Astronomicon guides ships through the Warp... though if we are not..."

    "We might have a spell to help with that," one of the Aurors states. "Though it's... not exactly used for this sort of thing."

    "We can guide it with our residual psychic impression of Cheryl," Char says, nodding to Tosh.

    "And I can help empower it," Gondegal says. "And if we fail, then sirs, it was an honor to fight by your sides."
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:56 No.17485725
    Excellent! Let's go fire up the Blackbird so we can get everyone through together, cause it's going to be hard to guide a bunch of people separate from each other.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:57 No.17485726
    And as we Autosage off into the distance...
    Well, get the troops in here, prepare to lock onto Cheryl, get everyone as mana'd up and heal'd up as is reasonable (feel free to waste ubercharges on the sniper), and be ready to go.

    Mechs might want to carve a mech-sized hole so they can enter the chamber.
    Nanny-bag the dead, especially Star-Lord
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/10/12(Tue)01:57 No.17485727

    That badge looks excellent.

    Yes, unfortunately you'll have to leave the Mad Cats and Tomahawks behind.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:57 No.17485730
    Okay, I've gotten an image of what a nanny-bag looks like, and their relative size to something a littler larger than a tennis ball, and if we have the emergency versions that are like this, then we can simply remove the heads of the dead for later reconstruction:

    MetaOP, can you confirm if we have any nanny-bags at all? Or was Ebon Night one more layer of a dick, and he teleported all of them away when he teleported us down to Antarctica?
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/10/12(Tue)01:58 No.17485738
    rolled 88, 85 = 173

    If you manage to get the Blackbird working, you might not need to leave the mechs behind, but it requires first to be stabilized outside the time echo, and then to have light repairs. If these two rolls are above 50 for the first, and 40 for the second, you manage in the short time you have.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:59 No.17485743
    Star-Lord actually doesn't need a nanny-bag, because he had a dose of RED-2 in him. The nannies will make sure his brain keeps until it can get rebooted.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:59 No.17485744
    Fucking FINALLY.

    We get to keep the mechs!
    >> No Man Left Behind Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:59 No.17485747
    No more leaving people behind!
    Also not leaving behind the people that can't fit unto the VFs.
    There's a big ass plane right over there that can carry us all, and I aim to take it.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)01:59 No.17485748

    For everyone uninvolved with this stage, prep our dead for transport with us.

    They gave their lives to save worlds which were not even their own. A proper military funeral once we get aboard our ship is only fitting.

    Medic should also help the KI with retrieval of the fallen Knight's Geneseed, seeing as they don't have an apothecary.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/10/12(Tue)02:00 No.17485753
    rolled 73, 83 = 156

    ...son of a bitch. OK, against all odds you rig up a space-capable ghostly Blackbird.

    But it's not all good news, because yes, Ebon Night was a dick.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)02:00 No.17485755
    We can't abandon the Brasta, but we can afford to leave our less mobile mechs behind, I guess.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/10/12(Tue)02:01 No.17485766
    Yes that means you can strap your mechs to it. No one is left behind.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)02:01 No.17485767

    >Pretty good rolls once again

    /tg/ dice, you cad.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)02:01 No.17485769

    So OP, what is this?



    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)02:02 No.17485771
    >OK, against all odds you rig up a space-capable ghostly Blackbird
    Lock onto Cheryl, jury rig up some shields or whatnot, and fly that shit to safety. Corpses included, of course.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)02:02 No.17485778
         File1326178974.jpg-(160 KB, 389x401, HAPPINESS.jpg)
    160 KB
    Finally! Something goes right for us in this thread for a change!

    Let's recover everything we can, make sure that we have the Lance of Longinus and the Voiceless Spear, all of our dead, and get everything on the Blackbird.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)02:03 No.17485780

    I sense that the OP wants to throw us into an SRW setting pretty soon.

    That or we're going to end up in the Rance-verse.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)02:03 No.17485786
         File1326179027.png-(4 KB, 218x200, Blackbird docked near City of (...).png)
    4 KB
    Well at least something is going our way.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)02:04 No.17485794
    We know Ebon Night is a dick. WHAT DID HE DO!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)02:06 No.17485809
    Yes, seconding this.

    Though the loss of even a single Knight is a painful blow to the Apriori Sector, at least with their geneseeds intact, they can create more Knights.

    ...hmmm....with all of our advanced nanotech and biological sciences, can we make copies of their geneseed, as a form of currency for TG Recruitment, that they can pay to the Chapter to recruit more Knights?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)02:07 No.17485819
         File1326179255.png-(31 KB, 256x224, chronotrig-4.png)
    31 KB
    Not just to it, IN it.
    >It was a massive, flying fortress designed by Belthasar
    Just don't shoot it with a laser by accident.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/10/12(Tue)02:08 No.17485827

    New thread.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)02:11 No.17485846
    Did we stabilize Melchoir, Balthasar, and Gaspar yet?
    Also are they still cool with accompanying us?
    I mean on the one hand they'll visit exciting new places, though on the other there will also be lots and lots of danger.

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