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  • File : 1327448170.jpg-(140 KB, 600x683, Chapter Quest.jpg)
    140 KB Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:36 No.17661099  
    Who's up for another Chapter Quest session?

    New players/anons are welcome!

    p.s. is it just me, or front page marine gets more and more sinister each time?
    >> Adamus 01/24/12(Tue)18:37 No.17661110
    I'm up! Rising son.
    >> O'Grady 01/24/12(Tue)18:39 No.17661126
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:43 No.17661167
    Go go go!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:44 No.17661175
    Do it.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:46 No.17661207
         File1327448803.jpg-(152 KB, 957x532, mistius sacrifice.jpg)
    152 KB
    i will be prepared in 20-30 minutes, i just need to eat something. i will dump you some stuff so that you wouldn't be bored

    pic - last battle
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:48 No.17661224
    Hell yes, time to deal with that chaos cruiser!

    Also you forgot your name/trip.
    >> Ellermus 01/24/12(Tue)19:04 No.17661386
    Can we get any info on the cruiser, Anything has changed with it from the last time we've scanned it

    (Lurker since first thread)
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)19:07 No.17661413
         File1327450054.jpg-(28 KB, 971x523, cryptus.jpg)
    28 KB
    thank you, brother

    Since the last session:
    +you gained a new biological replacement for your hand
    +Heresy is decreased when Onyx happily reports to Sector Command how you dealth with Dying Souls warband

    you are right now on planet Iridonia, still within a cave... All the enemies are finished off and in front of you there is a huge ancient labyrinth to explore - if you want to. And above, in the skies, a Chaos Cruiser Nix Mirius still remains an unsolved mystery...
    >> Strill 01/24/12(Tue)19:11 No.17661474
    TODO list:

    Inspect Chaos cruiser; be wary of traps
    Find Task Force Kappa
    Get a new Chaplain
    Beg someone for a new Librarian, since Omiron won't be taking apprentices...or just go without any other Librarians for now.
    Find out if Onyx are traitors, and whether this incident was a setup.
    Get Eldar prisoners to inspect halberd for chaos taint.
    Trade Eldar prisoners for potential STC
    Look into potential options for purifying chaos taint. (i.e. the cruiser and all the power armor and weapons we've looted from these chaos marines)
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:14 No.17661517
    We can explore the caves later, did we collect any notable loot from the cultists/csm? Surely they had at least a few tainted items that we can either purify or destroy.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)19:17 No.17661554
         File1327450654.jpg-(132 KB, 957x532, 1.jpg)
    132 KB
    You are not the first one and I am really happy that you join our ranks.

    As for the Cruiser:
    -no one within it moves
    -no one has a heat signature
    -no one makes any sounds(unless it's lower than ships ambient)
    -testing it for warp again is impossible, because Sophius is dead, but last time it was negative
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)19:22 No.17661591
         File1327450927.jpg-(145 KB, 957x532, 2.jpg)
    145 KB
    roll d100 for cultist loot and maybe you do want to take some trophy from Borborygmos?

    Also, labyrinth exploration will require another roll of d50.

    As always, it is better if different people roll.
    >> Ellermus 01/24/12(Tue)19:24 No.17661613
    Send a group of boarding parties, A small task force of about ten marine to make sure that it is not a total trap to be followed up by a larger landing party, Make sure that a back-out plan is always available
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)19:24 No.17661616
         File1327451083.jpg-(114 KB, 957x532, 3.jpg)
    114 KB
    Sountrack needed in order to enjoy this:
    SPACE MARINE soundtrack(find yourself)

    and anything else you find to be epic(i will add them to the list)

    Listening is mandatory. Failure is punished by death, Not having earphones is not an excuse.
    >> O'Grady 01/24/12(Tue)19:26 No.17661628
    rolled 72 = 72

    1d100 for loot.

    I also vote we leave, maybe a dozen marines down here to explore the caverns and see if there is anything interesting to be seen. I also vote we take Borbyglorbos (sp.) cannon arm.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:26 No.17661630
         File1327451167.jpg-(44 KB, 520x506, 1317945373085.jpg)
    44 KB
    Is this like a test based game?
    Like something similar to masters of orion?
    Cause if it is...WHERE THE FUCK DO I GET IT
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:26 No.17661636
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:28 No.17661643
    rolled 30 = 30

    Wouldn't every part of that monstrosity be suffused with chaos taint? Taking a trophy from his corpse could be dangerous, but we can always test it later... Lets take his helmet (minus the head please).

    I'm sticking with my opinion that we should wait to explore the caves until we've done something about the cruiser.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)19:29 No.17661667
         File1327451397.jpg-(157 KB, 830x1276, nix mirius.jpg)
    157 KB
    how do you want marines to proceed:
    >stealth (vulnerable, but chance to surprise enemy)
    >defence(higher survival rate in case of combat)
    >aggression(higher initial casualties on enemy side)

    pic: very similar to Nix Mirius
    previous threads
    >> O'Grady 01/24/12(Tue)19:30 No.17661672
    rolled 23 = 23

    1d50 for cave exploration. As for dealing with the ship, I'm with >>17661613
    on how to handle it. I think we should deploy multiple parties though. Maybe two groups of ten, go around the ship opposite ways, meet up on the other side.
    >> O'Grady 01/24/12(Tue)19:31 No.17661677
    rolled 44 = 44

    I vote for defense. Go slowly and cautiously.
    >> Ellermus 01/24/12(Tue)19:32 No.17661689
    Defense is the way we want to go I think, They would of known about us for quite the long time
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:33 No.17661712
    How do you play?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:33 No.17661714
    Defense. They know the ship better than we do, therefore they know the best hiding places. We won't be able to sneak up on them.
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)19:37 No.17661749
    Awwww yah, I'm so in on this.

    We should go defensivly for the boarding action, but once we finish exploring those caves. For a trophy, we should take the helmet of the Defiler.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)19:38 No.17661762
    Your marines find enough jewelry and technological trinkets on the bodies of traitors to be worth 7 Wealth. None of these seem to be tainted.

    Furthermore, you found two relics:

    'Book of the Dead Gods' - ???(none of the marines dared to look inside to know what is it about)

    Heavy Bolter of Reaping - Traitor Sergeants weapon, Omiron feels that it is tainted with warp magic to make it deadlier... He claims, that with right activation bolts from this Heavy Bolter become soul-seeking and are unavoidable.
    this is just a QUEST, but you are welcome to join :)
    As for trophies - you have taken

    Borborygmos Autocannon(+AT dmg)
    Borborygmos Horned Helmet (+Warp Armour)
    >> Adamus 01/24/12(Tue)19:38 No.17661764
    rolled 1 = 1

    >> O'Grady 01/24/12(Tue)19:41 No.17661794
    rolled 5 = 5

    Can we get that bolter purified? Don't really care if it loses it's special powers, it'd still be better than what we're using right now.
    >> The Celt !BzcOsK03.w 01/24/12(Tue)19:42 No.17661807
    Another Rising Son reporting in.

    If we explore the caves, we shouldn't do it personally. We should leave a party on the planetside for the time being or something.

    As far as exploring the Cruiser goes, Defence all the way.

    Also, at this stage we REALLY need to get around to finding the lost third of the chapter, it's been quite some time now. Also, did we ever find that Ice Planet we were looking for? I've a strong feeling we didn't.

    /r/equesting Lexicanum on Stygia and Salvation (I just want to see their current status).
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:44 No.17661823
    Was the book tainted? If so put both the book and bolter into storage until we can discern the danger they pose.

    If it isn't warpy then lets open it up and see what it says, but have our marines on standby in case a daemon pops out.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)19:45 No.17661838
    oh, i haven't seen you before. Welcome, Adamus :)
    both trophies are tainted, but you can keep them in stasis field in Reliquarium(if for display) or cleanse them and use them yourself

    > We should get rid of these trinkets, they stink of warp, Master.

    > It is the deeds that matter, not trophies, my Lord. However I admit that the more trophies we have, the happier men will be...

    > Dis stuff stinkz. Wen we go kill baddies?

    > It is a costly, but glorious victory, we must remember it in anyway we can, sire. For Mistius. For our brothers.
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/24/12(Tue)19:47 No.17661855
    I have returned.

    Taint is the reason why we cannot take trophies from chaos.

    If we have need of improved weapons, surely we can combine STC patterns and have it manufactured by our artificers (do we need to aquire these?). Otherwise, we shall purchase them from onyx. We need to do this after we complete this mission. For too long we have neglected arming our characters and now look what has happened. It probably cannot wait until we build the manufactorum with our fortress monastery.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:47 No.17661857
    Does cleansing items work the same way as cleansing ships (time+wealth)? Does it affect their abilities?
    >> Ellermus 01/24/12(Tue)19:47 No.17661858
    Leave them on display for now.
    >> Adamus 01/24/12(Tue)19:48 No.17661865
    Oh. I've actually been here since the first thread, but as a anon, I threw on a name for another thread, I'm the one who often puts "Brother" or something like that at the end of my suggestions
    And I agree most with Omiron
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)19:48 No.17661870
    "In the stasis field they go! For the Emperor! For the Sons! For the fallen! For Mistius! For the Memory!"
    >> Strill 01/24/12(Tue)19:49 No.17661878
    Taint isn't an issue if the items are in stasis and having them on display will improve morale.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)19:54 No.17661955
         File1327452896.jpg-(145 KB, 957x532, stygia.jpg)
    145 KB
    For the record: your chapter has Heavy Bolters, Flamers and other weapons in plenty. I don't differentiate between devastators/assault/tactical marines because it is a nightmare to track and calculate properly. So if you just want a plain heavy bolter - you can take one from your armoury.

    btw, it is an open question - for the realism of Chapter simulation I can start differentiating between different types of marines. if it will make you game more enjoyable - please speak up and i will work something out.

    Ave, Brother Celt.

    Stygia for you and Salvation soon coming up.
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)20:00 No.17662037
    I personally don't really care how our companies are made up. Besides being Codex and all, don't bother deciding which Battle-Brothers are Tactical marines, devastators, or assault marines if it's a headache for you.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:01 No.17662057
    We should collect something from our fallen heros, perhaps helmets, and display them in a "hall of the fallen" or something upon the battle barge
    >> Adamus 01/24/12(Tue)20:02 No.17662063
    The only thing I'm really iffy on that about are Apothecaries, Scouts, techmarines and officers, beyond that, do as you wish.
    >> Ellermus 01/24/12(Tue)20:03 No.17662077
    There is a idea.
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/24/12(Tue)20:04 No.17662089
    I for one, would very much like to have a squad loadout option.
    For eas of calculation, we can assume each 10 marine squad is equiped with 1 assault, 1 heavy weapons and a close combat weapon for the sargent. Equipment costs should factor in ammunition and maintanance. However some weapons might degrade faster than others depending on rarity.

    And training special types of marines should come as an objective, perhapse requiring training bases similar to the sky arena, which generate a specific number of these types of marines.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)20:05 No.17662096
         File1327453513.jpg-(151 KB, 957x532, salvation.jpg)
    151 KB
    The book has no clear warp taint on it, but knowledge sometimes corrupts even more...
    Salvation for you and yes, you are right, soon you will 'celebrate' a decade after the last contact with the Lost Third.
    Yes, it costs time and money(changing and blessing parts, paying for 500 monks to pray for three days without stop, etc.) and it might change/and or modify abilities. However it will not become everyday object in anyway.
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/24/12(Tue)20:05 No.17662105

    In the astarties, equipment not destroyed in battle is maintaned and passed on to the successor of the same post.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)20:11 No.17662177
         File1327453903.jpg-(67 KB, 957x532, 4.jpg)
    67 KB
    Indeed a good idea, except that you have no monastery yet...
    I like how you think and I approve of this '1 in squad' idea for now.

    please roll me a d100 for Defensive infiltration
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:12 No.17662187
    not always. sometimes the armor is stored as a relic due to heroic deeds and may later become part of a set of artificer armor. such armor would be given out to future champions or heroes of the chapter that are deemed worthy and considered a chapter relic.

    I'd look up the page in my old ass codex, but it is still packed somewhere from the move.

    also, there was a bit about "older armors being superior" for some reason near it?
    >> Adamus 01/24/12(Tue)20:12 No.17662188
    rolled 55 = 55

    Rrrrrolllliing for the emperor!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:13 No.17662196
    Keep it locked in a box then. We might need to open it later if we find anything significant in the cave.
    >> Ellermus 01/24/12(Tue)20:13 No.17662210
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:14 No.17662215
    rolled 54 = 54

    For the Emperor!!!
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)20:14 No.17662216
    indeed, but for heroes(whom you consider worthy) you can make exceptions.

    if you want to, I can start writing the Book of the Glorious Dead - names of all marines that have laid down lives for you(i mention them in Battle AAR's)
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:15 No.17662233
    can we not start such a hall in one of the (many?) temples/shrines within our battle barge?

    until we get a monastery, that is

    >sorcery arcrima

    captcha feels the warp overtaking it!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:18 No.17662270

    we should keep two books:

    One with the names of our dead, and one with the names of those Missing (be they lost in the warp or MIA in a drop pod or something)
    >> Strill 01/24/12(Tue)20:20 No.17662296
    Or just have one book and not include them in the book until they're officially declared lost to the warp
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)20:20 No.17662297
         File1327454424.jpg-(92 KB, 957x532, 5.jpg)
    92 KB
    >> Adamus 01/24/12(Tue)20:21 No.17662319
    Lay a ambush.
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)20:23 No.17662345
    Pull out is my initial reaction, but there's not much we can do. Proceed carefully as close to the bulwarks as possible so if it turns to shit we can blast a hole in the side of the ship so our marines can jump out. We should head towards the back of the ship, to the engines.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:25 No.17662373
    in this 40kverse, can ships jump into warp from anywhere or do they prefer/need to jump from the edge of the system's gravity well?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:25 No.17662377
    >> Ellermus 01/24/12(Tue)20:26 No.17662384
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)20:28 No.17662414
    Suicidal, preferably ship jumps from system's edge,
    Yes, you can,
    Ambush it is then...
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/24/12(Tue)20:30 No.17662448
    Proceed to the bridge of the ship as planned. Attempt to gather information about this threats movement there.

    Othewise, evade it. You are too few in number. We stand ready to bombard the decks of the ship containing the threat.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)20:36 No.17662550
         File1327455389.jpg-(190 KB, 957x532, 6.jpg)
    190 KB
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)20:38 No.17662576
    How bad is an olbliterator? > or < the Defiler? a CSM?
    >> Adamus 01/24/12(Tue)20:38 No.17662578
    rolled 6, 1 = 7

    Are they equipped to handle this corrupted tech-marine from the horror-spouting bung of the galaxy?
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)20:39 No.17662585
         File1327455540.jpg-(68 KB, 587x384, Obliterator.jpg)
    68 KB
    quality. argional

    Scanner detects 3 - 9 moving objects
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/24/12(Tue)20:40 No.17662622
    What did Kalemus equip his squad with before the battle? (considering we didnt discuss it)

    I think we should let the obliterators pass, then bombard the decks they are on.
    >> Ellermus 01/24/12(Tue)20:42 No.17662641
    Purge. Sergeant

    Get our larger boarding force ready to move in
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)20:43 No.17662672
    3 to 9 is a lot. Only engage if you feel you can win perfectly.
    >> Strill 01/24/12(Tue)20:43 No.17662675
    Absolutely not. An Obliterator is extremely heavily armoured and can spawn any weapon it has previously absorbed from its body. It's pretty much ideal for close quarters combat since lighter opponents can't outmaneuver it.

    I say we retreat and attempt to withdraw if possible.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)20:45 No.17662699
    I will give you the best equipment. Kalemus squad has:
    2 meltas
    1 grenade launcher
    6 bolters with penetrator rounds
    Kalemus with power weapon

    Obliterator = squad of marines

    Engagement odds(against one):
    90% Victory
    20% Victory without loses

    Engagement odds(against all):
    5% Victory
    >> Adamus 01/24/12(Tue)20:46 No.17662721
    Wait for them to leave and withdraw and reinforce or abandon the effort for the ship.
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/24/12(Tue)20:47 No.17662725
    I suppor this.

    It would take only 1 obliterator to match the fire power of a squad, And in that case we would take more losses as we only have 1 squad there.

    We should let them pass, and have the lances destroy them.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)20:50 No.17662762
    roll below 50(+20 for Kalemus' preparation) not to be spotted.

    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:50 No.17662774
    Lets not stir the hornets nest with only one squad. They obviously left their more dangerous forces on the ship.
    >> Adamus 01/24/12(Tue)20:51 No.17662791
    rolled 10 = 10

    Rolling for survival!
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)20:52 No.17662803
    Adamus, you are quite the roller. Luckily, this is 40k style, so low is good. 4 degrees of success up in here!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:54 No.17662830
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)21:02 No.17662975
         File1327456965.jpg-(178 KB, 957x532, 7.jpg)
    178 KB
    Awesome roll, brother Adamus!
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)21:05 No.17663011
    Hit him so hard he thinks it's yesterday. And I don't mean yesterday, during the year 026.M41, I mean yesterday, 1/23/2012.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:07 No.17663028
    We might want to get them off the ship before we start lancing it, brother.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)21:07 No.17663038
    This time it indeed is a good roll, however sometimes just for fun I switch sides or look for certain numbers to show up.

    >It was a wise decision there, Master. Guarding the lives of your men is a priority.

    >Indeed. It is an honour to serve you.

    >Klemus is nice. We play hugs with him. Can I help him?
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)21:10 No.17663070
    About lancing:
    a) they are not close to the outer hull, so such damage will make ship a wreck.
    b) it will cost d5 wealth, please roll(depends whether warp shielding will work and how many strikes you will need.)
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:10 No.17663074
    did we get a count on how many oblits are in that cell?

    we might be able to take them if we load up a squad with anti-tank weapons and ambush them somehow...
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)21:12 No.17663093
    We would need more than a squad to do that.

    Also, to be clear. When we lance the obliterators; we're target firing right? We want to keep the ship intact.
    >> Adamus 01/24/12(Tue)21:12 No.17663102
    rolled 7 = 7

    Let's hope for another monster roll!
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)21:12 No.17663106
    Oh yeah, 6.
    Ambushing them again and with greater numbers would be quite hard, but possible.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:13 No.17663115
    Lets wait until we explore the ship more. We can deal with oblits by bringing enough marines and the right weapons, and for all we know they're the worst thing on the ship. It's not worth it yet.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:16 No.17663161

    i thought space marine ships didn't have lances?
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)21:16 No.17663168
    It possible to continue searching the ship, keeping tabs on the obliterators. When they are near the surface, we should hit em where it hurts.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:19 No.17663216
    Practice restraint, brother. Now is not the time.

    How long would it take to bring reinforcements to Kalemus' squad? Enough to purge the obliterators without much loss of life, I mean. If it would take long, Kalemus and his men should pull out and return with more battle brothers. If reinforcements can arrive quickly, the forward squad should stay put and be ready to help flank the traitors.
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/24/12(Tue)21:25 No.17663314
    I belive a lance strike is the only way, brothers. The obliterators are too great a threat.

    I did have an idea to try and get them to chace Kalemus to the surface. But its very risky...
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)21:25 No.17663316
    Ways to do it:
    a) withdraw, destroy obliterators with the ship
    b) reinforcements and engage(losses almost inevitable, as closed space denies our numerical superiority)
    c) wait until they come back to engine room and then blast them(60% not to damage ship, but if fails - whole ship is lost).
    >> Ellermus 01/24/12(Tue)21:26 No.17663330
    >> The Celt !BzcOsK03.w 01/24/12(Tue)21:26 No.17663333
    Now that there's a tracker on the oblit surely we can explore the cruiser more, safe in the knowledge we know their location?

    Have the current team continue to explore, it could come across something useful, and at the same time have a squad with anti-tank style weapons sent over to the Cruiser to eventually take out the oblit.
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/24/12(Tue)21:27 No.17663351
    *chase* derp
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:30 No.17663388
    Can't we just withdrawal our brothers on board and fire upon the obliterators' position wherever they are on the ship?

    Anyway, I say option C, but we should withdrawal the astartes on board, beforehand.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)21:30 No.17663389
    you know exact location of ONE obliterator. if you will start exploring the ship, they are quite likely to split up and then safe evasion chance is just 25%.
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/24/12(Tue)21:30 No.17663396
    Real late, catching up.
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)21:31 No.17663398
    "In a game of cat and mouse, if somehow the mouse knows where the cat is at all times, he has essentially won. But when he gets foolhardy, that is when the owl swoops in. Kalemus must be wary of any owls that are sitting hidden in the night that is the ship, even though his cat is taken care off."
    >> Strill 01/24/12(Tue)21:32 No.17663418
    I'm in favor of withdrawing and destroying the ship.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)21:32 No.17663425
    i would give you xp for that if this was a pnp.
    >> The Celt !BzcOsK03.w 01/24/12(Tue)21:33 No.17663443

    Oh, okay then. Option C is probably our best bet: We'd have to purge the ship anyway if we can't get rid of the Oblits, and we can't engage them without serious losses.
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)21:33 No.17663454
    Would you believe I made that up? I feel like it should be a movie quote, but I brainstormed it right here when I should be studying for statistics.
    >> Strill 01/24/12(Tue)21:35 No.17663473
    Are we to understand that option C involves our scouting team being destroyed in the blast? If so I reiterate my support for option A
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)21:36 No.17663494
    Well if we go with C, we should pull out before. There is literally no reason why we would leave them on the ship. Also, I support C. Even if the ship gets totaled, we can still sell it for scrap.
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/24/12(Tue)21:39 No.17663530
    Let us purge this vessel, brothers! I knew something was wrong!
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)21:39 No.17663544
    I assume that you go with C, but withdraw Kalemus' squad at first. Roll d100, please.
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/24/12(Tue)21:40 No.17663557
    rolled 33 = 33

    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)21:40 No.17663558
    Come on- YAHTZEE
    >> Ellermus 01/24/12(Tue)21:41 No.17663582
    Kalemus, Get your men out of that accursed thing, Then we can destroy it.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:43 No.17663613
    rolled 1 = 1

    Purge it for the Emperor!
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)21:44 No.17663622
    Or not. No big deal. Sides, that's probably better than I could do
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:45 No.17663644
    Why can't we draw the obliterators to the edge of the hull then lance them? Lay some bate?
    >> Strill 01/24/12(Tue)21:45 No.17663654
    As I understand, that's what option C is.
    >> Reason 01/24/12(Tue)21:47 No.17663695
    Leave something that emits heat on the outside fo the hull and when then the obliterators come (we could leave cameras to get the timing right) to check it out bam shelled to the warp.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)21:48 No.17663702
    Your capital weaponry makes a short work from one side of the ship, blasting those abomination into space. From what you can see, ship in general seems almost undamaged (92%). When you take over it's deck and scan it for any further surprises, it seems that the ship is clear. Thank the Emperor, that the Owl is somewhere else tonight.

    Also I want to remind you, that Inidium, Eldar Farseer is still waiting for your release of Enelion and other Eldar prisoners.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:48 No.17663704
    Look at all these pretty rolls.
    >> Ellermus 01/24/12(Tue)21:48 No.17663715
    >> Reason 01/24/12(Tue)21:49 No.17663727
    I thought that C was just shoot into the middle of the ship. Not trying to draw them out first. If thats the case I chose C.

    By the way thats me.
    >> Adamus 01/24/12(Tue)21:51 No.17663756
    Release them! it must be done, a deal is a deal!
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/24/12(Tue)21:52 No.17663767
    The idea was; that we have both halfs of the STC examined before releasing the last prisoner to prevent eldar trickery. To this end, we requested a further 5w for the last prisoner.
    >> Strill 01/24/12(Tue)21:52 No.17663768
    A was to destroy the whole ship
    B was to send reinforcements to our scouts and try to engage them with ground forces.
    C was to lure them to the engine room and target that, with a 40% chance of destroying the ship.

    Allright, let's leave some people to clean up here and head out to meet them. On the way there we can get the Eldar to look at our Halberd and appraise it for chaos taint.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:52 No.17663770
    So what do we do with this ship, now? No doubt it's tainted.
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)21:53 No.17663785
    Well, lets set about reclaiming this Heretical Hunk. Pretty sure someone mentioned dragging it over to the Sisters of Battle in order to get it purified, they could help us out immensely. Lets get a nice Imperial Eagle on its prow as soon as possible.

    We shouldn't leave Inidium waiting for those Eldar. A STC is a valuable chunk of tech.
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/24/12(Tue)21:53 No.17663790
    Can i just mention that, before moving on. What do we learn from the ships machine spirit and what do we gain aboard the ship?
    >> Reason 01/24/12(Tue)21:55 No.17663815
    Wait so low is good?

    Lets leave 75 Marines (with enough specialists) and a few thousand guard to start clearing the hulk and cleaning up (the guard with direct marine oversight)
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:57 No.17663849
    The scans said everything was "clear" before we found those obliterators, I wouldn't trust the scans.

    I say we scout it more.
    >> Reason 01/24/12(Tue)21:57 No.17663850
    I'm sure that he will understand because we are fighting chaos (the only people that the eldar hate the most)
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)21:58 No.17663855
    In the 40k RPGs (Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, and Deathwatch) you try to role under a target number with percentile dice. An 01 is critical success.
    >> Strill 01/24/12(Tue)21:59 No.17663875
    Hopefully purify it if we can afford it. If we can't afford it we can keep it in stasis until we can. OP hinted in a previous session that purified ships may perform better than loyalist ships due to their hatred of chaos due to their mistreatment while under the control of chaos forces.
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/24/12(Tue)21:59 No.17663882
    It is probably best we take it to a specialist. Perhaps Onyx. (they will be surprised)

    This is not a job for warriors.
    >> Reason 01/24/12(Tue)22:02 No.17663920
    But they can make sure that there is nothing dangerous still there (I want to be really sure that we missed nothing) and they can start to scrap out the chaos symbols(and stuff like that).
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/24/12(Tue)22:02 No.17663922
    I agree, let's take it to Onyx. After that we can go meet the Eldar.
    >> Reason 01/24/12(Tue)22:03 No.17663946
    i say we take it to Mostar it's on the way to Lamenta and we trust the Sisters more.
    >> Strill 01/24/12(Tue)22:05 No.17663972
    I agree with asking the Sisters first. We still haven't been able to clear up that rumor of the Admechs firing on our missing battle-brothers.

    Of course that begs the question: What does purification entail? Does it require priests, tech-priests, or both?
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)22:07 No.17663984
    Also, we should have 2 escorts from Task Force Lantern go back to searching for the Lost Third.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)22:07 No.17663990
         File1327460854.jpg-(73 KB, 957x532, 8.jpg)
    73 KB
    nice to see you, you just cleared the Nix Mirius.

    oh, and i got some 40k-ish fonts that i want to play around with.
    >> Reason 01/24/12(Tue)22:08 No.17664002
    I wonder if purifying would be counted under that 50% discount we got for go after the chaos people.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)22:09 No.17664007
         File1327460950.jpg-(62 KB, 467x333, legacy chapter.jpg)
    62 KB
    >> Reason 01/24/12(Tue)22:11 No.17664032
    Huzza, Huzza, Huzza!
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/24/12(Tue)22:11 No.17664038
    rolled 23 = 23


    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)22:11 No.17664048

    I think B is the best. Just after our new brothers join us.

    Also, Don't know if you know that Captcha trick, but right there you wouldn't need to type chapter. YOu only have to completely type the wavy word, the other i just hit a couple random keys. As long as you have the wavy word, a space, then some letters the captcha registers as complete.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)22:12 No.17664052
    Less than 10 is critical success :)
    Both. However Onyx will not give you discount for purifying this ship, mostly out of envy, However they will gladly buy it.
    >> Reason 01/24/12(Tue)22:13 No.17664073
    I say A and say an extra 5W and 1 year to be truly sure of it's purity.

    Next we go to speak with the eldar.
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)22:14 No.17664080
    I don't actively play em, just listen to a lot of Actual play podcasts. How I deal with long drives. Thanks for the pointer.

    I think we should definitely refurbish this thing for personal use.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:14 No.17664083
    I'm not keen on selling another cruiser to them until we figure out why they fired on our lost brothers.
    >> Ellermus 01/24/12(Tue)22:14 No.17664087
    Alright. Good plan.

    Hm, How are our other projects faring Skargan
    >> Reason 01/24/12(Tue)22:16 No.17664107
    I want some Wealth to be leftover to sink into the infrastructure of Salvation (I really want a strong economy)
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/24/12(Tue)22:16 No.17664117
    I agree, B seems best.
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)22:19 No.17664148
    Salvation already has a bustling economy. Salvation's lexicanum snapshot in this thread said so. I think we're pretty much set when it comes to that city. If we invest in anything, I think we should invest in Nordgrim or Lamenta.
    >> Ellermus 01/24/12(Tue)22:21 No.17664174
    I think some solid investments in Nordgrim could do us some serious good, Such as that orbital defense station and other things we promised them.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:21 No.17664178

    vote for cleansing plan B

    also, we should contact the SoB on Mostar and look into having them once-over bless or study the ship after the AdMech. Better to waste a bit of wealth than to let that cogboy planet sneak a time bomb into our fleet.
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/24/12(Tue)22:22 No.17664194
    I vote for Lamenta V, been wanting to check it out for some time.
    >> Strill 01/24/12(Tue)22:22 No.17664204
    Putting industry in Nordgrim would likely cause political upheaval since technology is considered "occult".
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)22:24 No.17664229
         File1327461887.jpg-(151 KB, 957x532, 9.jpg)
    151 KB
    i am away to make some tea, will be back soon
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)22:25 No.17664239
    Is it? I thought it was just fuedal? If it is, we should play the role of Sky Gods and teach them otherwise while spreading the Immortal Word of the immortal Emperor.
    >> Ellermus 01/24/12(Tue)22:26 No.17664258
    We could just float the orbital defence station just in sight as a sign of The Might of the Emperor
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/24/12(Tue)22:26 No.17664269
    Let us proceed with it, I see no qualms.
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)22:26 No.17664270
    STC's are archeotech. Archeotech is good and holy. We should build them bigger, better.
    >> Reason 01/24/12(Tue)22:28 No.17664294
    Skargan Some questions.
    Could we have a updated map, and a key to what the colores mean (i've forgoten)

    Are the siclincers in subsector Mortis?
    I see your point but a little more couldn't hurt. But we could set some aside to help Nordgrim. But how are we going to make that planet profitable? (Any Ideas?)

    I'm not sure I trust that. There Must be some consequences, treat a few test subjects with it and we will see.
    >> Strill 01/24/12(Tue)22:28 No.17664296
    The deal was that if we protected Nordgrim, the emperor there would give us access to his private "occult" library. There we found various plans for bridges, antibiotics, etc... along with a table labeled "STC". Actual Chaos-tainted occult items are destroyed immediately.
    >> Reason 01/24/12(Tue)22:30 No.17664318
    > siclincers
    Balls I can't spell tonight, I mean that friendly Chapter
    >> Strill 01/24/12(Tue)22:30 No.17664323
    Hasn't it already been profitable!? The reward we got from the emperor of Nordgrim has lead us to THREE STC plans thus far!
    >> Ellermus 01/24/12(Tue)22:31 No.17664336
    Make it happen.
    >> Strill 01/24/12(Tue)22:31 No.17664358
    Agreed. Go ahead with the STC genetic modifications.
    >> Reason 01/24/12(Tue)22:32 No.17664375
    How about we leave 25 Marines to join Witch hunts for some time. After gaining their trust we could start spreading our Holy Occult.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)22:35 No.17664412
    Lamenta has no civilisation(or so it seems for now), so building anything there will first of all require colonisation/relocation of people from other parts of the realm.

    Nordgrim is a feudal society, so building Industry there will have serious consequences. Nordgrim's tech grade will increase in a few decades, maybe a century(that's very fast, when compared to 500 year natural evolution of progress), however it will cause instability, population boom and maybe even a civil war between pro/anti-tech factions. It would be interesting and could pay off greatly, but it is risky,
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)22:39 No.17664471
    I vote for a colonization effort of Lamenta. Deathworlds make good strong people. People that will make good marines. 200 years down the road when our fortress monastery is set up on Lamenta and the average citizen can choke a tiger with their hands, that is what I call a successful investment.

    But then Nordgrim already has people. And being credited with bringing about civilization would merit respect as founders, like Simon Bolivar in South America or George Washington in the United States.
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/24/12(Tue)22:41 No.17664492
    Without question.

    I have 2 plans for nordgrims industry.
    - They're main problem is food supply. Most of its inhabitants probably grow their own food. If we were to purchase food from the agri-world. We may ease theyre burden and see what comes of it. We will most likly get more worthy intitiate recruites as less will become frail with hunger.
    - We could have them manufacture the bike design unearthed. They allready probably make use of horse-drawn carrages and plows and cavilry. Civilian versions could be used to fullfill these roles. And again, we could see what comes of it.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:41 No.17664498
    >> Strill 01/24/12(Tue)22:41 No.17664499
    What, does the fact that we're sons of the God-Emperor not merit enough respect?
    >> The Celt !BzcOsK03.w 01/24/12(Tue)22:42 No.17664504
    We owe Nordgirm some AA at the very least, anything else is optional.

    Now that we've this Cruiser business sorted, we need to tackle the lost third problem: the longer they're on their own the more dangerous things get, chaos could taint them or something. We don't want a Chaos Warband full of 1st Generation Rising Sons running around, it'd be quite embrassing for the Chapter.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)22:44 No.17664525
         File1327463040.jpg-(82 KB, 957x532, 10.jpg)
    82 KB
    >> Reason 01/24/12(Tue)22:44 No.17664531
    So Heidrun might be the safest investment. I kind of want to invest so mich that the whole planet (or at least salvation) jumps a tech grade. From Imperial to Respectable.

    By the way how much would that cost in time and wealth. May I assume that It's like the ship where necessary time and wealth are inversely proportional.
    >> Strill 01/24/12(Tue)22:44 No.17664534
    >Halberd's blade

    Oh god an entire generation of warp-tainted marines. We're doomed.
    >> Reason 01/24/12(Tue)22:47 No.17664573
    I love it. For those who can't be bothered to google it, it's means New Angle.
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)22:48 No.17664585
    That's acute
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/24/12(Tue)22:48 No.17664587
    Let the machine spirit stay.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:49 No.17664604
         File1327463350.gif-(17 KB, 186x249, 1313732704534.gif)
    17 KB
    >the halberd

    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:49 No.17664614

    >use tainted weapon to draw blood to enhance next generation of marines

    +10 to Character DERP rating.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)22:52 No.17664651
    cryptus map:
    red/black - separatist/semi-imperial planets
    green - undeveloped
    yellow - feudal/pre-modern
    blue- civilised
    red with slash - hive
    grey with triangle - stations and forge worlds
    black with white dot - faction-specific worlds
    grey with X - forbidden worlds(visiting them gives heresy)

    Silent Guardians do not have presence in Sub-Sector Mortis, as far as you know, they mainly operate in SS Tyranus. SS Mortis is known for not having a single Imperial planet... Chaos, separatist and xenos run that corner of space
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/24/12(Tue)22:53 No.17664674
    Oh... no... dont do that...

    I wanted to see what our geneseed turned out as... not have it influenced on a whim of fait...

    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/24/12(Tue)22:55 No.17664691
    I kinda wanted us to turn out to have a specialty that no one else has...
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)22:59 No.17664757
         File1327463972.jpg-(74 KB, 957x532, 11.jpg)
    74 KB
    >> Reason 01/24/12(Tue)22:59 No.17664760
    Google can do anything. (it also has a translator)

    Right and we should have 21 wealth leave of which I want to invest 20W in salvation's Infrastructure (pending what Skargan says about tech progression).
    >> Reason 01/24/12(Tue)23:00 No.17664775
    Call him back, chase him down. He can't have gone far.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:01 No.17664783


    All marines to ALERT MODE

    possible infiltrator or sorcery may be afoot!
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)23:01 No.17664785
    Disagree with bottoming out our coffers just to throw more money at an already rich City. Also, run after that man, grabbing his scrolls as you go. Read them on the fly.
    >> Ellermus 01/24/12(Tue)23:02 No.17664802
    Chase him down, That blood shall not be used!
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/24/12(Tue)23:03 No.17664806
    Let's do this as well as having our self checked out.
    >> The Celt !BzcOsK03.w 01/24/12(Tue)23:03 No.17664807
    For the love of the Emperor get rid of the damn Halberd, it's clearly fucking with us!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:03 No.17664810
    Call him back, NOW.

    The halberd's taint has already been described as subtle, I'm guessing it did this.
    >> Reason 01/24/12(Tue)23:04 No.17664827
    >> That guy from /m/ 01/24/12(Tue)23:07 No.17664853
    Alright! I'm all caught up and ready to roll. Find Asmodeus and get that blood back ASAP.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)23:07 No.17664857
         File1327464437.jpg-(32 KB, 971x523, cryptus.jpg)
    32 KB
    forgot map.

    Reason, you are right about tech grade development. Actually it is very easy to raise Salvation's tech level, because it is just a city, but planet-wide upgrades take decades at least and cost in hundreds of Wealth, i will prepare the mechanics when you will have resources to do that. Also, above Imperial level [IV] tech requires sponsor - like a forge world or a dedicated genius/organisation/faction that would not only import tech, but also show how to replicate/maintain it. Because tech grade shows what world is capable to produce by itself.

    you have 20 wealth (-100 for ship, -1 for bombardment)
    So, +1 Industry on Salvation?
    >> Ellermus 01/24/12(Tue)23:08 No.17664863
    I'd rather have that go to Nordgrim's long promised AA.
    >> That guy from /m/ 01/24/12(Tue)23:09 No.17664875
    Send it to Nordgrim. They are looking to us as protectors, I say we protect them.
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/24/12(Tue)23:09 No.17664881
    No. We should use that money to buy wargear for our characters and/or establish our monastery. It is time we got that done.
    >> Strill 01/24/12(Tue)23:10 No.17664887
    We haven't reneged on our promise to Nordgrim. The agreement was that we'd protect them, so we left them a beacon to contact us. Of course AA would be more effective, but it's not as though we're flat-out lying.
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)23:10 No.17664890
    Or just save that 20 wealth. There's no reason to burn all of our cash. Also, how much did we get from the Cruiser? I remember you said roll a d50. i don't know if that got factored into our total/
    >> Reason 01/24/12(Tue)23:12 No.17664925
    I suppor the Industry because For the next five years we (hopefully) will just be waiting and building up, and I want to maximise that.

    But what about the blood?
    >> Brother Vernus !.GTvzQt2Lo 01/24/12(Tue)23:13 No.17664948
    Don´t forget that we should return the body or gene-seed of Librarian Sophius back to his chapter Silent Guardian to show your respect and honor. And also try to avoid asking them for another librarian because we don´t deserve it after we lost their value brother.


    Lock away the Halberd! Get the blood back NOW! PRONTO!
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/24/12(Tue)23:14 No.17664953
    I agree.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:14 No.17664960
    Skargan, how do we go about purifying our tainted items? Specifically the halberd and helmet.
    >> Reason 01/24/12(Tue)23:15 No.17664981
    We could just let our battle barge Idle in Nordgrim's system to intimidate pirates away. No investments and Nordgrims safe.

    I only advocate this as a stopgap till a more permeant solution presents it self.
    >> Strill 01/24/12(Tue)23:17 No.17665014
    And possibly recovered power armor?
    >> That guy from /m/ 01/24/12(Tue)23:17 No.17665022
    That's fine with me. And Tactical does raise a good point: we've been out and about in space nearly a decade and we still don't have a monastery. Unless we plan on becoming a fleet based chapter, we should find a planet to hunker down on.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)23:19 No.17665056
         File1327465174.jpg-(143 KB, 957x532, 12.jpg)
    143 KB
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)23:21 No.17665089
    Seems like:
    -Move Eternity to Nordgrim
    -Lets leave an escort over Salvation
    -Return to looking for Lost Third
    -Invest in building a monestary

    I saw his name pop up on the Allies list, but I thought I just missed something

    Oh, you!
    >> That guy from /m/ 01/24/12(Tue)23:21 No.17665102
    Warp taint or Alpha Legion. Take your pick. Either way, destroy that hailbird.
    >> Ellermus 01/24/12(Tue)23:22 No.17665108
    Lock down everything, It could be that Asmodeus is a creation of the tainted Halberd, Get ridda that shit and destroy these papers
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:25 No.17665158

    fuck, he's a warp entity.

    the halberd is to be destroyed before its taint can spread.

    stand down all forces.

    proceed to eldar meeting point?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:25 No.17665167
    We've been getting bounced around between a hive of scum and villainy, (possibly) treacherous admech, dark eldar ambushes, chaos space marines, and NOW what might be a Tzeenchian daemon-in-a-stick.

    I was wondering who the hell that was, I assumed he was just newly promoted but then-unnamed marine. Shit. Lock down the ship, and put a hold on the production of new marines. Brilliant move OP.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)23:27 No.17665197
    forgot to add 23 wealth you looted from the cruiser. 43 total
    Complete Purification:
    Halbeard d10 Wealth, 3 years
    Heavy Bolter d3 Wealth, 1 year
    You could purify Borborygmos' artifacts, but no one in your chapter would use them by their own free will...
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)23:29 No.17665219
    I think we should just throw them in a stasis field as trophies of our conquests for morale. That halberd is messing with our head.
    >> Ellermus 01/24/12(Tue)23:31 No.17665240
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/24/12(Tue)23:31 No.17665241
    I agree with this. Check with the techmarine in charge of STCs.
    >> Reason 01/24/12(Tue)23:31 No.17665243
    I vote to just toss them all.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:32 No.17665261
    Alright then, after we deal with Asmodeus we can purify it. For now we'll stick it in stasis.

    The simple fact that it CAN be purified is proof that it isn't the cause, just a tool used against us.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)23:33 No.17665276

    Actually I hoped you won't notice those small hints... Asmodeus had big plans for your little brothers. But I admit I am amazed how quickly and with how many posts you reacted. Bravo, you just averted the worst disaster in your Chapters history so far.
    >> That guy from /m/ 01/24/12(Tue)23:35 No.17665321
    You'll have to forgive me if I don't want to see us branded as heretics and slaughtered by The Inquisition *just* yet. Well played though all the same!
    >> Nigel 01/24/12(Tue)23:36 No.17665335
    Good night all, I'll check the archive for then ending. Once again, great job Skargan.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:38 No.17665358
    rolled 6 = 6

    Averted? Then the blood has been located/destroyed?

    That halberd has too much sentimental value to just toss, especially when this option is available, so rolling to have the halberd purified. Should've done this sooner.
    >> Strill 01/24/12(Tue)23:40 No.17665406
    I remember seeing Asmodeus in the allies list and thought "That's a suspicious name", but I never said anything.

    I hope we see some even more devious twists than this one in the future. This was a very fun turn of events.
    >> Adamus 01/24/12(Tue)23:40 No.17665410
    rolled 36 = 36

    halberd purification roll, HO!
    >> Mostly Puritan 01/24/12(Tue)23:42 No.17665432
         File1327466520.jpg-(92 KB, 575x480, IKeelYouEldar.jpg)
    92 KB
    That's going on in this thre--

    I'm watching...
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:42 No.17665451
    after missing another quest's hints that were-spiders were about... this anon is paranoid about details at times
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:43 No.17665467
    Lets not blow all our wealth at once on purification, we know that the tainted items are safely inert if put inside a stasis field. The halberd was dangerous primarily because we carry it around.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)23:44 No.17665473
         File1327466659.jpg-(176 KB, 957x532, 13.jpg)
    176 KB
    btw, please have in mind that I would support narrative time(skipping some time to recuperate, boost economy, grow marines, etc.) if you will need it. But abusing it might end badly, because setting is sandbox, and stuff is happening even there where you aren't and if you will decide to chill for a century, it might end in a very bad way :)
    >> Strill 01/24/12(Tue)23:47 No.17665528
    Yes but if there are any traitors in our midst, a corrupted artifact within arm's reach is a really easy way to screw us over.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)23:50 No.17665575
    good night, i will archive it. next game will be on thursday.
    Averted in a sense -> you understood that something is happening. Unless you will forget everything, there is very small chance now for 'just as planned'
    >> Strill 01/24/12(Tue)23:50 No.17665582
    Mail the papers to the Ordo Hereticus and ask them what they think about it.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/24/12(Tue)23:53 No.17665634
    Year 027.M41 begins as you enter Lamenta V system where prisoner exchange must take place... After some discussions Eldar agree to pay additional 5 wealth in jewels IF next time when you deal with them you will trust them and make no nonsense.

    Do you proceed with the exchange?

    Eldar prisoners -> STC + 5 Wealth
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/24/12(Tue)23:53 No.17665638
    We need to seek purification, I suggest we go to the sisters and bring the halberd to them. Let's show the papers to Hypocrates. I believe we should tell the men the trurth, we might be tainted.
    >> Strill 01/24/12(Tue)23:54 No.17665653
    Tell Hypocrates sure. Tell everyone else, HELL NO.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:56 No.17665677
    We should tell them the truth (as far as we know it).

    Those caves held a powerful daemon, which proceeded to follow us onto the ship in an effort to sabotage the marines during their creation. We caught on to its vile machinations and their "search for the invisible man" caused it to flee, averting a horrible disaster. Such is the danger of facing the minions of chaos.

    I'm thinking we should give those Nordgrim witch hunters a "tour" of our ship, to make sure it doesn't linger. Also destroy the papers and don't let Hypocrates see them, his comments when studying the xenos make me doubt his ability to resist this temptation.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:56 No.17665685

    address the chapter and allies as such:

    "The Emperor's light shines down upon us all, but let my actions today remind us that we must remain ever vigilant, for idleness and complacency weaken the mind of the Emperor's servants, be they his angels of death or his humble human warriors. The Emperor guides and protects us, but our eyes and ears must be open and listening to follow his light and voice!"
    >> That guy from /m/ 01/24/12(Tue)23:56 No.17665690
    Seal the papers away, no one is to see them, touch them or even know of their existential until Hypocrates can decipher their meaning.

    My take:

    >"Forgive me my fellow brothers and guardsmen, the day has been long, and the battle was hard fought; our loses were quite dear. And I greatly fear I may have suffered more dearly at the vile claws of Borborygmos. While I do not doubt my strength to lead you all in duty and in battle, I do no wish to cause further alarm nor exposure to taint upon any of you. After our business with the Eldar is concluded, set course for Mostar, let the sisters there know I seek purification."

    That's fine.
    >> Reason 01/24/12(Tue)23:57 No.17665694
    How about instead they tell us if the kappa force has fallen to chaos
    >> Strill 01/24/12(Tue)23:57 No.17665707
    No. We've gone over this before. We don't want to give away that we're not at full strength.
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/24/12(Tue)23:58 No.17665717
    I'm okay with that, let's just get anything about Kappa.
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/24/12(Tue)23:58 No.17665720
    Has the STC integrity allready been verified? What is its Contents?
    >> Strill 01/25/12(Wed)00:00 No.17665751
    You know what, I'm against even telling Hypocrates. You guys know how eager he is to start modifying our gene-seed and from what we can guess, these papers are a big guide on how to do just that. For all we know, these papers will be one big propaganda booklet begging him to turn to chaos.
    >> Strill 01/25/12(Wed)00:02 No.17665781
    But then on the other hand, we can't be sure whether or not we've sabotaged the gene-seed ourselves. I vote to tell him, but not show him the papers.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/25/12(Wed)00:03 No.17665791
         File1327467785.jpg-(94 KB, 957x532, 14.jpg)
    94 KB
    awesome, i love your rp
    2:1 in favour of 5W -> info about Kappa
    STC is verified as true
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)00:07 No.17665832
    "Your plans will shatter upon the Emperor's sons, deamon."
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/25/12(Wed)00:08 No.17665843
    YOUR MOTHER WAS A DONKEY!! (watch for reaction)
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/25/12(Wed)00:08 No.17665848
    "You will pay dearly for your acts.I swear to the Emperor you will be destroyed!"
    >> That guy from /m/ 01/25/12(Wed)00:09 No.17665858
    "Whatever vile machinations you plan, you will not succeed. This I so swear, on my Honour, and in the name of The Emperor on Holy Terra for whom I have sworn my every existence. You will not succeed!"

    "Go fuck yourself Dave!"
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)00:09 No.17665859
    What value could the words of a daemon possibly hold? We have no meaningful questions to ask that would be answered truthfully, and this exchange is little more than an attempt to plant doubt into our minds.
    >> That guy from /m/ 01/25/12(Wed)00:19 No.17665995
    Really quick, when it was first introduced, was it always called the Halbird of Deceit? Cus if so, that really should have been something we picked up on.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/25/12(Wed)00:20 No.17666007
         File1327468848.jpg-(199 KB, 957x532, 15.jpg)
    199 KB
    >> Strill 01/25/12(Wed)00:21 No.17666012
    No. It's always just been a Halberd.
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/25/12(Wed)00:23 No.17666034
    "Yes. Look it over thoroughly, brother."
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)00:25 No.17666063
    No, it was just the halberd. We knew it had a subtle warp taint, but nothing else. Also where do we go to purify this thing?

    Tell him the truth, these papers were written by a daemon. Look upon them not as an opportunity, but an enemy attack strategy. NONE of this information is to be used for ANY experiments or marines.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)00:26 No.17666076
    Hey guys, I have been gone for a bit (since last November) and I was wondering what the hell happened to Chapter Master. It was looking really promising last I checked but I have not seen a thread these past few days or any activity elsewhere.

    Will I have to give up my dream of winning glory in the name of the emprah through managing stuff?
    >> That guy from /m/ 01/25/12(Wed)00:28 No.17666098
    The Chapter Master sim/rpg still exists, this is not that game though. We are playing a Dark Heresy variant surrounding an unknown chapter.
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/25/12(Wed)00:28 No.17666105
    "No, brother. Let our minds wonder not from the path the emperor has put us on."
    (destroy the papers)
    "Incidentally, how is your psychic training progressing?"
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/25/12(Wed)00:29 No.17666114
    You're looking for this: http://tgchaptermaster.freeforums.org/
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)00:30 No.17666128
    Here's the forums for /tg/'s game

    Polite sage for off topic
    >> That guy from /m/ 01/25/12(Wed)00:30 No.17666132
    Awesome. I always like to imagine that the CM has a bit of a dry sense of humor.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)00:31 No.17666158
    Is that wise? If the specific mission was anything more elaborate than "kill everything" we could be uncovering a major chaos plot. This entire thing could be an attempt to weaken our chapter to prepare for an invasion of the sector.
    >> Strill 01/25/12(Wed)00:32 No.17666168
    "...but tell no one else about it."
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/25/12(Wed)00:34 No.17666187
    I assume that the enemy is allways preparing for an invasion, and as of yet, bolt rounds and holy promethium have proved the best allies and preperation.
    >> Reason 01/25/12(Wed)00:35 No.17666204
    Second this, for if we know what Mr. Ahole wants then we can frustrate him.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/25/12(Wed)00:35 No.17666216
         File1327469757.jpg-(198 KB, 957x532, 16.jpg)
    198 KB
    None of your words interested Asmodeus enough to answer and he fades to nothing,
    I named it like this only now, because of the events. You can rename it, if you want to.
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/25/12(Wed)00:36 No.17666226
    It would be unwise not to pursue this lead. We need all the information we can get on this Daemon and his plans.
    >> That guy from /m/ 01/25/12(Wed)00:36 No.17666228
    I was just curious if we had missed an otherwise HUGE CLUE.
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/25/12(Wed)00:36 No.17666232
    The papers were left for us to find. They probably contain taint for the eyes of the reader and we do not want to put such a burden on our psycher.

    Further still they could be used by the deamon to enter this realm as he did once before.
    >> O'Grady 01/25/12(Wed)00:37 No.17666239
    Am I the only one getting redirected to the 4chan homepage from all the pictures?
    >> That guy from /m/ 01/25/12(Wed)00:40 No.17666265
    Since we have no Heresy now, I say we take it; we can use it to find our brothers when we are more prepared. And we *will* find them and bring them home to us.
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/25/12(Wed)00:40 No.17666272
    Let's take the bone. We need to find that ice planet soon. This situation with Onyx is getting worse by the minute.
    >> Strill 01/25/12(Wed)00:40 No.17666276
    I was just about to say that. Take the heresy penalty.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)00:41 No.17666281
         File1327470067.jpg-(254 KB, 1660x1896, 1321658966670.jpg)
    254 KB
    Fair enough. Destroying the papers might be for the best, considering this daemon's penchant for manipulation he may be able to manifest through it.

    We should begin purification of the halberd immediately. It's been put off long enough, and since destroying it would not deter the daemon, we shall use it against him.

    >> Strill 01/25/12(Wed)00:42 No.17666298
    I cast my vote for burning them.

    Our plans are currently to head over to the Sisters of Battle to have ourselves be purified immediately after exchanging the Eldar prisoners.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)00:43 No.17666307
    Yes. This bone will either lead to the ice world, or to the treacherous mechanicus. Either will illuminate many mysteries.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/25/12(Wed)00:45 No.17666330
         File1327470346.jpg-(89 KB, 725x355, Shieldbreaker Pattern.jpg)
    89 KB
    STC Tank Design.

    A valid theory, but unless it was a very well orchestrated spectacle, you are willing to believe, that you saw those papers at all just because by using your superior intelligence and willpower you managed to see through daemons spells... After all it was 'using' you for at least a few weeks.
    >> Strill 01/25/12(Wed)00:46 No.17666337
    I'm getting worried about our chaos ship now. The admechs are probably sabotaging it as we speak.
    >> Reason 01/25/12(Wed)00:46 No.17666338
    The pattern is cool. Take the Eye Bone thingy and give them 2 wealth for their kindness.(We want the Eldar to think we are good tools)

    The Machine Planet sounds like Onyx (I don't like that one bit).
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)00:46 No.17666342

    >tank variant
    > 95mm main gun
    > 4(?) heavy bolter sponsons

    did you just give us plans for some sort of upgunned space M2 Medium Tank?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)00:49 No.17666373
    Daemons are experts at manipulation, and pride is one of the tools they use. But I have a compromise:

    Place the papers in a stasis field, and allow him to decode them from there. He can discern this "mission" without being at risk from direct manipulation by Asmodeus.
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/25/12(Wed)00:50 No.17666389
    How about we name the tank the "T Pattern Mobile Anti-Vehicle Weapon", in honour of Tetrovir.
    >> Strill 01/25/12(Wed)00:50 No.17666390
    Just to be clear, but what race was the pirate we bluffed away from Nordgrim?
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/25/12(Wed)00:51 No.17666398
    That is a good idea, he should take this course of action.
    >> Reason 01/25/12(Wed)00:52 No.17666406
    Good compromise, I second.
    >> That guy from /m/ 01/25/12(Wed)00:55 No.17666438
    Thoughts going forward:

    -Let us head to Morstar to have the chapter purified and send word to our brother chapter about their fallen Librarian, he should be laid to rest by his chapter brothers with the honour and respect he deserves.
    -Consolidate our available strength in preperation for whatever we are going to do with Onyx; we don't have to do anything now but the more we go down this road and the more we learn, the more and more I smell hereteks.
    -Lets find a place to settle and found our monastery, make use of the STC and bring ourselves back up to strength. And if possible find more information on The Lost Third.

    Tactical, what do you think?
    >> The Celt !BzcOsK03.w 01/25/12(Wed)00:56 No.17666450
    Does anyone else worry if Onyx will grow jealous of the industry and prosperity of Salvation and one day try to seize it?

    That'll be a goddamn bloodbath if it ever happens.

    Take the wraithbone, the penalty is fairly light.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)00:57 No.17666459
    And while we're at Mostar, purify that damn halberd.
    >> That guy from /m/ 01/25/12(Wed)00:58 No.17666466
    I think we should space the fuckin thing, but whatever.
    >> Strill 01/25/12(Wed)00:59 No.17666474
    Alright so we can establish that our second hint to Onyx's betrayal is either independent verification, or a lie specifically fabricated by the Eldar to mislead us further. I say after we're done at Mostar we recall Task Force Lantern then head to the ice world.

    No way. It's obviously a Tzeenchian artifact. Throwing it into space is just begging for a "Just as planned" moment. Either purify it or destroy it.
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/25/12(Wed)01:00 No.17666487
    I do not believe the alien tail. It is far easier for a clairvoyant to tell the person what they want to hear, in this case about onyx, and spread doubt among them.
    Furthermore, they are marines, not civilans. If they should die they do so in the service of the emperor. Do not forget our mandate to protect the imperium and its interests.

    However, the eldar prophesy must be somewhat reliable considering our future prisoners exchange agreement.

    The eye bone is most likly a trick. But i think we have decided we are willing to accept the risk.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/25/12(Wed)01:01 No.17666492
         File1327471291.jpg-(134 KB, 957x532, 17.jpg)
    134 KB
    Jarred the Pirate was human, you still have his contacts.

    Done, papers are being decoded from stasis field.

    It is year 28.M41 when you arrive on Mostar
    >> Reason 01/25/12(Wed)01:03 No.17666513
    Burn it in a star, Better to be sure.

    Also did we reach consensus about weather we will Invers more in the industry of Salvation? (I'm still pro but I'm willing to bow to the majority on this one)
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/25/12(Wed)01:04 No.17666524
    Who are you to demand compromise anon??

    The papers are to be destroyed. This is the best course of action. We are not becoming a collection of tainted artifacts so that you can later demand that we use them in a time of need and then claim victory as the chapter falls to chaos!

    I will not have that. Shut up.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)01:05 No.17666535
    Personally I'm against this penitence. Not only did we thwart the daemon, but these events have shown that we cannot afford to remain vulnerable (by missing a chapter master for example).

    We cannot abandon our marines in a fit of self pity.
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/25/12(Wed)01:06 No.17666541
    We had at least 4 people agree to destroy the papers. And those people have been here the longest.
    >> Reason 01/25/12(Wed)01:08 No.17666557
    I'm also against this penitence, but it would not be bad to tell her of our worries and ask her thoughts. Might be helpful to get a outsiders opinion.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/25/12(Wed)01:08 No.17666559

    True, missed that, it's 6 AM here. Document and it's secrets burn...
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/25/12(Wed)01:11 No.17666586
    I thought it was tied?
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/25/12(Wed)01:14 No.17666617
    Thats not what i saw.

    In any case i need to go to bed.
    (op, you shouldnt drink tea at night, youll turn into an insomniac, but i'll have to stop around 3am from now on)
    >> Reason 01/25/12(Wed)01:15 No.17666621
    Actually we have 4 for burning them

    and 5 for decoding them. (though one may be a repeat)
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/25/12(Wed)01:18 No.17666637
    I sense that some of the people left, so let us leave this question for the next session. otherwise(if there are at least 3 named players)
    a) burn
    b) research with caution

    anons can also vote, but 3 anons = 1 named player.

    A) do it [your suggestion how]
    B) not do it
    C) just flirt about philosophy and strategy with Angelia
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/25/12(Wed)01:20 No.17666658
    I vote to keep the papers and study them in stasis.

    I vote to ask the Sisters if there are any other ways of purification as we are pressed for time.
    >> Reason 01/25/12(Wed)01:21 No.17666672
    The papers b)

    Purification A) but sort of C)
    I want to talk about how the situation happened, and how it might be prevented. Also talking strategy to present a unified front could never hurt.
    >> That guy from /m/ 01/25/12(Wed)01:22 No.17666677
    Burn the papers; nothing good can come from a Tzeenechian plot.

    I was the one who suggested purification but if the general consensus is that we don't need it I won't force the issue. Let's tell them of what transpired and our concerns, and see if there's something that won't take as much time (at worst, we can ask the sub-sector deacon for a crusade or something).
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)01:23 No.17666678
    Voting in favor of both of these.
    >> Reason 01/25/12(Wed)01:23 No.17666685
    Also ask for any roumers about Onyx. (they probably have nothing but it would be good to check.
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/25/12(Wed)01:25 No.17666703
    Are you sure? You wanted to burn them pretty badly.
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/25/12(Wed)01:26 No.17666710
    A) buuurn
    (hurp adurp aarrhhp)
    >> That guy from /m/ 01/25/12(Wed)01:27 No.17666713
    Cut him some slack, it's verry late there. I think we might have reached our stopping point for this session.
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/25/12(Wed)01:33 No.17666759
    That is all I was trying to do.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/25/12(Wed)01:39 No.17666798
         File1327473560.jpg-(150 KB, 957x532, 18.jpg)
    150 KB
    as we again have a tie, this anon breaks it
    Papers are kept in stasis.

    Also, thread archived:
    >> Reason 01/25/12(Wed)01:40 No.17666806
    Note I staunchly oppose use any of the genetic engineeringknowledge on our marines, but knowing what the daemon (or what ever he was) wants us to do could be a great clue.
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/25/12(Wed)01:42 No.17666822
    Great work today, see you on Thursday.
    >> Tactical Marine !dZX2eRS9eM 01/25/12(Wed)01:43 No.17666829
         File1327473786.png-(784 KB, 1104x602, marines.png)
    784 KB
    (thats my limit, nap time)
    Before i go. I'd like to submit this.

    I know we said that we should choose a chapter monastery first, so our colour scheme would better fit the location and as far as i'm concerned thats still the plan.
    I also know that you'll want to submit your own ideas as to the colour scheme for the chapter... but here you go anyway.
    >> Skargan !eJl3QEhBK6 01/25/12(Wed)01:44 No.17666844
         File1327473880.jpg-(526 KB, 1680x1050, k.jpg)
    526 KB
    Thank you all again for playing, I hope we will meet on Thursday. Bye to all of you
    >> Reason 01/25/12(Wed)01:45 No.17666851
    good night and Thanks for the game.

    Things yet to do
    Figure out weather to invest in salvation (yes I like to push it)

    The NordGrim Problem (how, when, and for how much)

    The lost companies (find, when)
    The Ice one
    The captured one

    And building up to full force
    >> Reason 01/25/12(Wed)01:46 No.17666861
    I like the middle one the most, the one on the right (with the grey head) the next most.
    >> mchl !wZgdzXoycg 01/25/12(Wed)01:49 No.17666884
    I also like the middle scheme. Maybe we could make the helmet a little brighter (maybe white?) and the eagle gold?
    >> Reason 01/25/12(Wed)01:53 No.17666922
    I like the pure grey it's dignified.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/12(Wed)01:55 No.17666943
    Something different about the left arm maybe? Also lets avoid red/black/white, as those are colors of the mechanicus.

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