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    834 KB Dictator Quest Part 5 Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)12:15 No.17736661  
    You can't keep us down! We will dictate the fuck out of you until your a peaceful, prosperous nation. /tg/ So far you have proven being a dictator isn't such a bad thing for the populace of a nation... it has been a weekend, lets see where we go now.

    Info posts to follow so everything is in one thread.

    Nation: Republic of Zanzi
    Information: Free Religion! Republic!
    Resources: Average Resources. Specific to come soon.
    Location: West Africa near Ivory Coast. Fictional location. To be mapped.
    Political Ties: Russia is a close friend - when they remember we exist... China has sold/loaned equipment to us before.
    Era: Near Future / Modern. Late 2012.

    Leader: President Negasso Garawa. Also known as "Xavier" - Elected President For Life.
    Race: Black Male
    History: Graduated from Moscow University with a business major. Has contacts within the Russian government.


    Still accepting proposals for flag designs (MSPaint them.) - No offensive flags please. Must 'fit' the logic of a national standard.



    Also, for those wondering why my name is "Grand Leader Quest" - it is because Dictator Quest is one of many "grand leader" quests I have in mind... when this one is done (if and when) - there are other settings I have yet to operate. Dictator is only one of many.
    >> State of Military Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)12:35 No.17736807
         File1327944934.jpg-(28 KB, 400x359, IMG_3709.jpg)
    28 KB
    Zanzian Army
    -8,462 men
    -187 scout corp
    -TAR-21 Primary Combat Weapon
    -Limited ATM and MANPAD (Anti tank and anti air) weapons - Strela-2's
    -30 BMP-2's
    - 100 Sarath mobile mortar carrier
    - 100 infantry 51mm E1 mortar
    - 10 BM-21 with conventional and napalm rockets

    Zanzian Airforce
    9 Fighter pilots
    1 Helicopter pilot
    27 Trainees
    -4 Mig-29s (Best fighters in region...)
    -3 SU-25 (Best anti-ground in region...)
    -2 Mil Mi-2 (trans helo)
    -6 Cessna 172 (Scout/Personel Transport..civy craft.)
    -11 Mi-24 Hind D
    -20 MiG-21
    -4 MiG-21 Trainer
    -2 Ilyushin Il-78 aerial refueler
    -1 Beriev A-50 AWACs

    Coast Guard
    26 Boats mounted with whatever weapons we had laying around. They double as fishing boats.
    1 freighter for local shipping, armed with a 20mm Bofors from WW2.

    Military Deals
    - United Aircraft Corporation Sukhoi (Su) and Mikoyan (MiG) part manufacturing in exchange for license to produce older products (MiG-29/Su-24 and down. Older like Mig-21s = easier/quicker to produce/maintain however.)
    -Zanzian Airbase outside capital built and joint-operated by Russians. 1 Fighter Wing + Misc. of RuAF.
    -Zanzian Base built and joint-operated by Russia in the remote mountains.
    -Zanzian Radar & Air Defense built by Russians, trained-by-Russian Zanzian operate facilities.
    -PMC hired to help patrol.
    Deals considered/interesting the players.
    -3rd Party Suppliers (India/Israel/Swiss) for small arms and light vehicles.
    -A navy of some sort.
    -Ranged weapons competition to pick a gun and best marksmen?
    -NV/ThermOptics for officers/spec ops
    -Grenade launchers (Universal Door Key Card)
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)12:39 No.17736836
    At the end of the last thread, we wanted to ask Israel Military Industries if they would offer us a package deal for the STAR-21 Designated Marksman Rifle and the Negev Light Machine Gun.
    The advantage is that we then have one bullet for all of our forces, and makes interchangeability of parts easier.

    One thing I'd like to know is how the PMC is viewed by our citizens. Usually, mercenaries are not looked kindly upon by a populace.
    But we've made sure that the BlackJets attack only the proper targets, have them provide fire support to citizens fighting off rebels and criminals, and in general they seem to have been doing a good job.

    Also, I'd like to know how the citizens view the military. Are they afraid of the Army and see them as necessary thugs, or are they proud of our professional forces and how they compare to those of our neighbors?

    Finally, how is our Everyone Works, Everyone Eats, Deal With It Policy viewed by our citizens and by the world?
    >> Laurentius 01/30/12(Mon)12:42 No.17736856
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)12:43 No.17736870
    OP! Welcome back, we missed you!
    >> State of Nation Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)12:49 No.17736906
         File1327945768.jpg-(336 KB, 1000x1296, flg.jpg)
    336 KB
    >We need a flag still, today, we will vote. When this thread hits auto-sage, I will tally the votes. See picture.

    From an Anon who is awesome for composing a list of our projects:

    Social and Economic:
    - Increased education (Currently Early American High School Equivalent)
    - Increased Health (both getting medicines out to people and training more doctors)
    - Vocational Technical Schools
    - Limited Capitalism and government incentives for small businesses
    - Responsible and intelligent farming (improved storage facilities, better crop rotation, pesticides and herbicides, better irrigation)
    - Anti-Corruption Initiative (concentrating on who was embezzling money from us)
    - National Bank of Zanzi completed, secure gold vault being constructed and filled with gold

    Engineering and Infrastructure:
    - National Road System
    - National Power Grid
    - National TV Network
    - National Sewage Treatment
    - National Irrigation Network
    - National Rail Network
    - Thorium Power Plants
    - Desalinization Plant
    - Wind Farm
    >> State of Nation Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)12:50 No.17736911
    Also new flags will be added...but the votes will only be in this thread. So if you have ideas, put them into thread - replying to that post, with a new letter.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)12:50 No.17736914
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)12:52 No.17736927
    C, but an additional colour scheme. I'll see if I can knock one up, but I might not get a chance tonight as I'm off out.
    >> Laurentius 01/30/12(Mon)12:52 No.17736931
    voting for c or a, if I had to choose one I'd pick c
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)12:53 No.17736944
    Also, I'm definitely for equipping all members of our elite 2 platoons (4 soldiers per squad, 2 squads per platoon, sized so they can fit in a Hind) with night-vision equipment.
    For the regular Army, NV and thermal imaging can be limited to 1 per platoon, for the ranking officer, until we can afford to equip all of our soldiers.
    >> Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)13:01 No.17737004
    Working on post.

    Also, I can spruce C up. As it was heavily supported last thread...but that may delay my next post or whenever I do it.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)13:04 No.17737020
    >> Dago 01/30/12(Mon)13:04 No.17737022
    Very cool to see this continued! Got bummed when I refreshed the Psrt 4 and the thread was 404'd after I got back from working a double-shift.

    Nice to see the military is growing to defend the nation and a navy seems to be the next long-term project; arms selections seem to be short-term.

    Question: I know we have oil fields and gold mines, but do we have a large fishery or anything off the coast? I saw our 'navy' is comprised of smaller craft that double as fishing vessel. Is the fishing on a subsistence level or could we have a sustainable commercial operation?
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)13:08 No.17737040
    Our next industrial/economic project should sustainable fishing and growth.

    We will need to increase our Coast Guard to a Navy at that point, I think.

    We haven't tapped the in-land oil fields yet, but our rail system isn't ready so i don't think it matters.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)13:11 No.17737063
    i also belive there was some rebels in the forest near the oil
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)13:13 No.17737077
    Most of the rebels were routed last thread, though, and they were retreating north to Burkina.

    We found their main base and it was deserted.
    >> Jan. 2016 - State Report Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)13:15 No.17737091
         File1327947305.png-(704 KB, 300x518, 34o1tms.png)
    704 KB
    -India has begun work on Tropicstan's Thorium Reactor and a 2nd Reactor for the capital.

    -Gold Mine! New vein discovered at primary mine, doubling it's value!

    -Financial Outlook: While our oil and gold has helped with our financial situation, we should reserve some currency or gold in our new national bank vault just encase... If you would like, we could provide you a general break down of where our money is going.

    -Liberia simply says it was doing what it had to and that the people of Ivory Coast chose a new, solid leadership... AU buys it for now. UN is unsure. US supports Liberia in it's actions.

    -In regards to your intrusion incident with "US forces" - the United States reminds you that plenty of people operate the C-130 and plenty of people can acquire it's arms from any common source and reminds you not to point fingers so swiftly. US assures you it has no intent to interfere with your nation.

    -US Embassy refused.

    -Israel at this time is not willing to sell any more weapons, but will consider it in the near future.

    -Ghana is stable at this time. Your support is welcomed.

    -National Competition between your people and Brazil in Football (Soccer) will be in May. It will be hosted in Brazil. Your team will be flying to Brazil to play. Perhaps we should send our Vuvuzela Bands with them?

    -Military Situation in the World: European Union lifts sanctions on Iran in the need for more oil. Iran has refused to sell anyways. EU currently pointing fingers as NATO and UN for botching the entire Iran incident and hurting furthermore the European economy and industry.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)13:15 No.17737097
    ohh, nevermind me then
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)13:17 No.17737105

    Oh, well, I guess we can all go home for tea then.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)13:20 No.17737121
    good idea! although i am more of coffe person.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)13:23 No.17737142
    So, uhh, do we have a national treasury yet?
    >> Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)13:29 No.17737179
    Yes, kind of. Made a national bank with primary bank and vault in capital. Said vault is sort of treasury.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)13:30 No.17737186
    The state motto is "Deal with it", right?
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)13:32 No.17737199

    Ok. How are we doing, funding wise?
    >> Dago 01/30/12(Mon)13:36 No.17737228
    Liberia: Put Border Units on a higher state of alert and increase patrols. Their bullshit along with the American dismissal of their intrusion seems like the calm before the storm.

    Israel: We thank them for their consideration and again express our interest in working with them again. We bide our time but don't look to anyone else. We don't want to look like every other African tin-pot dictator that runs from country to country trying to buy guns.

    Continue to build and strengthen ties.

    Europe: Put out feelers to see about supplying them the oil they need. Some extra funds will not hurt us.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)13:36 No.17737230
    Voting for flag C.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)13:41 No.17737258
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)13:42 No.17737268
    Begin setting aside godl for our reserves, and 5% of our oil for strategic reserves.
    Get the breakdown.

    Increase border patrols, look to Brazil in purchasing Super Tucano's to help border patrols.

    Thank them for the consideration, and hope that they will reconsider in the future.
    We're doing okay with TAR-21's for now, no need to hurry on the other gun deals.

    Continue providing medical support.

    >Football competition
    While our people like Vuvuzela Bands, we know that they are not looked upon too kindly by the rest of the world.
    Have our analysts see if Brazil would like the bands or not, and we will base our decision on their assessment.

    See if certain nations will like our oil exports.

    >Free Action
    Look into sustainable fish farms and fishing practices to increase our fishing industry.
    >> Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)13:57 No.17737376
    Going to get some lunch, be back soon.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)14:03 No.17737415
    >Perhaps we should send our Vuvuzela Bands with them?

    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)14:03 No.17737417
    Russia's not going to be happy with us selling to the EU.
    I suppose we could tell them:
    "Tovarisch, please, I am an economist. We must make as much money as we can while the Strait of Hormuz is blocked. And that means selling to the EU.
    "Selling to them shows that they must consider alternative sources of oil. Such as you and I, tovarisch. They cannot depend on the Middle East forever.
    "And finally, we cannot allow the EU to suffer more economic failures, for our own sake. We live in a global economy, tovarisch. The economic failures of our opponents can cascade into crippling our own."

    I want to add "I have foreseen it." but that might be a bit much, even if we are an economist.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)14:08 No.17737461
    No, we really shouldn't.
    Vuvuzela's are not liked by the international community, and they're really more of a South African phenomenon.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)14:14 No.17737522
    I know.

    >Implying our Vuvelzela band will not drive the Brazil team up the wall making our inspired Zanzian team win.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)14:37 No.17737729
    Not that I doubt it's going to lose, but I'm voting C.

    Put out some feelers to Europe while at the same time soothing over Moscow if they complain.

    Start getting some propaganda going with you and the football team; maybe take them out for Ice Cream after a training session.

    Oh, and keep an eye out for any wanna-be super villains in case Black Superman comes back again. We can use them to either draw him out or keep him in perpetual conflict with the forces of evil in order to keep the populace happy.
    >> Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)15:00 No.17737983
    Back, eating, making post.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)15:07 No.17738047
    Could we also get these questions answered:
    One thing I'd like to know is how the PMC is viewed by our citizens. Usually, mercenaries are not looked kindly upon by a populace.
    But we've made sure that the BlackJets attack only the proper targets, have them provide fire support to citizens fighting off rebels and criminals, and in general they seem to have been doing a good job.

    Also, I'd like to know how the citizens view the military. Are they afraid of the Army and see them as necessary thugs, or are they proud of our professional forces and how they compare to those of our neighbors?

    Finally, how is our Everyone Works, Everyone Eats, Deal With It Policy viewed by our citizens and by the world?
    >> Feb. 2016 - State Report Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)15:13 No.17738097
         File1327954439.jpg-(26 KB, 400x279, South-Africa-gold-mining-field.jpg)
    26 KB

    -Ghana has declared the cases resolved. Lock down in place until confirmed by UN. Ghana thanks us for our help.

    -Liberia(IC) border alert level has been increased, just in case. Do you wish to send extra troops there as well?

    -Education! Our new team of engineers graduated training, and wish to create a new, "all green" city somewhere, perhaps near the Liberian(IC) border, suggests a tactical adviser. A base near it would increase security - and an all green planet. India, EU, and Russia both are offering to sell these engineers the tools they need.

    -Vuvuzelas - investigation shows Brazil will NOT like them...

    ++Financial break down
    On a 100 scale.
    -25 of our national budget is going to military up-keep and new purchases. Once the impact of new purchases settle, up-keep costs will drop to 5 of our national budget. Further expenditures will raise it to 30-35+

    -Infrastructure improvements, expansion, upkeep, 40 of our current financial proceeds are going into the training/building/operation of new roads/railway systems, and purchase of power systems.

    -15 of our national finances are going to farm/health/education systems along with related civil projects.

    -5 of our national finances is being spent on misc.

    -15 of our national finances is being put into the vault to grow our reserves or unused.

    General economic outlook is: Average.
    -If we continue purchasing new and large expenses such as reactors, we may need to cut back on other things. Perhaps we should open up the 2nd mine, or increase operations?
    >> Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)15:18 No.17738140
    PMC has not done anything horrible. They have been mostly away from major population centers and have been doing a fine job. So far.

    Generally proud. There has been no outstanding complaints as any action taken by our force has been done in the jungles and briefly in Staling-I mean Tropicgrad.

    Locally it is far more rewarding than the prior regime's.
    World wide, not many people have an opinion either way.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)15:20 No.17738152
    >Liberian border
    Do not increase troops, but increase air patrols.
    Continue to ask Brazil for a deal on Super Tucano's to help in border patrol and COIN operations.

    >Education/New City
    Move troops to this new city, somewhere near the Liberian(IC) border. The troop movements will be part of security as the city is built and a new Army base is contstructed.
    Evaluate the deals from India, EU, and Russia. Decide only on the quality of tools.

    Keep them home for now.

    >Economic outlook
    Open up the second gold mine.

    >Free Action
    Begin investing in sustainable fishing practices, improve our fishing industry.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)15:28 No.17738239
    >15 of our national finances is being put into the vault to grow our reserves or unused.
    We can use this as a buffer when purchases or expenditures increase beyond their current levels. Say if we need to make another big military purchase or need to fund another large civil project.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)15:30 No.17738258
    I support this
    >> Dago 01/30/12(Mon)15:40 No.17738359
    Seconded and supported. That being said, I do think we should increase patrols along the border as 'security measures' for the building of the new city. Maybe clear a patch for the Hind to use as a helipad for QRF and maybe widen a pathway leading into the city for use as a STOL field.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)15:41 No.17738362
    I second all of this, except I'm suspicious of this "green city" idea. not that I don't like sustainable energy, but it doesn't seem the technology is refined enough yet to work without subsidies.

    also I vote for the A flag.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)15:44 No.17738397
    I support this also. and I assume once we have our new military purchases done, the extra expenditure will go into the vault?

    speaking of Hinds, I strongly suggest we become a more helicopter-centric air force. we use the MiG's for air interception, keeping our skies clear, the Hind's for close air support, blasting the shit out of the enemy's ground forces before moving in, and the SU's can supplement the MiG's or the Hind's.

    more training helicopters, more helicopter trainees. we've had those same 27 trainees for...years now? what's taking them so long. we have 11 Hind's and 1 pilot.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)15:46 No.17738414
    Semi-related to topic, since our game is based in "real world" - this will also give you an idea of what happens when you fuck with the oil...

    US has sent it's THIRD carrier group to Arabian Gulf. THREE battlegroups... jesus christ.

    So yeah guys... keep that in mind lol
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)15:51 No.17738462
    I said it last threat/two threads ago. We keep trying to make our armies as western as possible with helicopter fleets and a large air force.

    Now, those things are necessary, don't get me wrong. However, if we ever do get into a tussle with a western power they will show us exactly how they do it. Hell, if we even get into a battle with US backed Liberia we would be screwed pretty hard.

    We need to develop new strategies that aren't as reliant on a dominant air force or helicopter fleet. If we try to into war the way the western powers do, all we are going to get is screwed hard when they come into town.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)16:00 No.17738535
    The only effective fighting tactics against a modern military force are those practiced by the insurgents in Afghanistan and Chechyna.

    Against all of our neighbors that don't have modern armies, ours is the most modern and we can use our vehicles to good use.

    The problem isn't developing tactics that would work. The problem is that the tactics that DO work involve dragging our civilians into the conflict and suffering massive damage to our infrastructure.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)16:10 No.17738628

    Why does it have to be our own civilians and infrastructure? We could have a modern military that can defend our cities and whatnot, and also have an insurgent force designed to infiltrate and destroy neighboring enemy cities.

    To take Liberia as an example, should we ever go to war with them.

    We design a military force that nestles itself inside of enemy cities with a large population. Maybe 500-1000 in each major city, as our army is small. This force is tailor made for that particular city, scoping out likely ambush spots and defensive positions long before hostilities start. Then, once hostilities are engaged with Liberia these groups are activated and designed to hold certain areas of the city and raid into other areas of the city. The enemy army, in this case Liberia, would be forced to battle in its own streets to get rid of the enemy forces, and most likely would not use an air campaign because the civillian targets would be too high (ditto for artillery strikes).

    We could turn their own cities into battlegrounds, and occupy their armies in such a way that they would possibly never reach our cities.

    There are problems with this, as you need a absolutely fantastic intelligence system. But it is a thought that can negate an enemies use of airpower on our forces.
    >> Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)16:12 No.17738647
         File1327957963.jpg-(160 KB, 1024x768, AIR_EMB-314_Super_Tucano_Domin(...).jpg)
    160 KB
    -Brazil has agreed to sell you new-ish Super Tucano's at a factory cost in exchange for 30% discounts in buying your oil. As, if you recall, you had jacked prices up (but reasonably lower than other nations) to sell world wide.

    - World "peace and green" Movements support the idea of a new, lean, green Africa. Several organizations in the US and EU applaud the efforts and wish to help make this a world class, model city. A company France, Leon Construction Concepts, wishes to donate a method for creating quick concrete dome constructions. (Real too! If I recall, it is a large, inflated balloon with interlaced / locking substructure of iron beams, while it is inflated they pour concrete over it. Easy, quick dome. Super strong and cheap.)

    -I had fixed this but, accidentally closed window.
    -12,500 men
    -23 Fighter pilots
    -14Helicopter pilots
    -47 Trainees

    -Liberia has begun air patrols on their side of the border to match ours.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)16:13 No.17738651

    Requesting update on the status of our intelligence agency.

    How is the current judiciary arm of the government? Due to the previous corruption case, it is about time we setup a anti-corrupt taskforce/agency to police our services arms.

    Improvements to our Firefighting brigade and Police force should be looked into:

    -What equipment do they currently have?
    -What system for monitoring and responding to fires?
    -Standard of training?

    We'll need to look into Purchasing better equipment, especially for FF Brigades outside the capital. If we're selling oil to the EU, we can ask tack on a request for old equipment and an exchange program to send some of our more experienced members for co-training and pick up experience.

    Police Force:
    -Equipment being used and their vehicles?
    -Do we have a Rapid Response Force (SWAT/STAR Teams)?
    -Level of corruption in the force. This is a major point. Very efficient militaries are common but the police force is very usually corrupt due to their contact with the civilian populace, unlike the military which is isolated.

    Like the FF Brigades, overseas training of senior members to build an instructional corp will help their development very much.

    If it has not already been setup, we need the setting up of a Police Academy but preferable a Civil-Service Academy. Joint, so as to allow members from the differing branches to make contacts with each other. This will enhance crisis management and allow us to concentrate resources.
    >> Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)16:14 No.17738662
    Consider that part of this month. A short post. New month turn will come later.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)16:19 No.17738707

    25% discount and it includes licenses for us to manufacture spare parts in country.

    This lets us keep our forces at high readiness without having to be totally reliant on outside supplies. It also has the benefit of creating jobs.

    >Green City
    Accept. Also open an invitation for foreigners and observers who would wish to live in the model city. If it is going to a world city, a mix of people from various backgrounds and cultures is a must for innovation.

    >Liberia air patrols
    SOP for our airmen is 'fire only if fired upon'.
    Lets not start a war here.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)16:21 No.17738723
    How do you expect to get that many people, that many sleeper agents into a target nation like that? How will you supply them with weapons and ammunition, and secure our communications?

    While such a strategy might allow for short-term gains, our soldiers would ultimately be cut off and eliminated, seeing as they're in a hostile city with no support. It'll be just like the Tet Offensive all over again, except that we won't have the intended social effect of making a far-away populace reject an unpopular war.

    And while all of this is going on, Liberia would be able to send troops across the border and the soldiers we DO have would be insufficient to put up a defense.

    In short, this strategy would only result in our soldiers being cut off and killed, and our nation being given a bad reputation for starting battles in highly populated areas. And that's even assuming that the movement of such large numbers would go unnoticed, or could be coordinated.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)16:25 No.17738771
    >Super Tucano's
    Try to haggle down to a 20% discount, and the licenses to create components and spare parts domestically.
    Aim for 25% as our fallback position. The full 30% is acceptable, however.

    >French company
    Accept the technology with our thanks. Make sure that if the city succeeds, they are mentioned as having been a great support to the city's foundation.

    >Liberian air patrols
    Rules of Engagement are to only fire back if fired upon. Do no engage, do not fire first.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)16:34 No.17738875

    I am simply throwing around ideas. Everybody assumes that the way a modern battle or war should go like this:

    >air superiority
    >Air superiority takes out/significantly takes out large ground forces
    >Helicopter fleet brings in advance forces to hold territory while main army moves up
    >main army moves up

    Cycle, repeat ad infinitum.

    The only problem with this is that smaller forces less technologically designed get fucked hard, with barely a fighting chance. Whether we like it or not, we are the smaller forces and we need to drastically innovate the way we conduct a war to minimize the enemies advantages while maximizing our own. And we need to learn how to do it.

    I am all for modernizing and giving our army any advantages it can, but I think we are going the wrong way with the Air superiority concept/Helicopter fleet.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)16:36 No.17738903
    Just a question likethat, but what is our country universal language? English?
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)16:40 No.17738943
    Mostly I think that, while your concept is nice, it's a pipe dream.

    Modern warfare exists the way it does because it works.
    Many of the means by which smaller, less technologically advanced and less industrially capable forces have defeated larger ones is only through attrition and accepting horrendous losses to infrastructure and lives.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)16:40 No.17738946


    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)16:43 No.17738982
    This. Are we speaking English, Russian, or that crazy African clicking language?
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)16:46 No.17739018

    Click language, with pidgin Russian and English.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)16:48 No.17739041

    I vote that we speak Tuareg
    >> Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)16:54 No.17739104
    Having a crunch @ work...new post in 1-2 hours. sorry.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)17:04 No.17739200

    That warfighting concept was created by groups and individuals who had no compulsion toward sacrificing their allies toward defeating their enemies. It worked because we didn't have a concept that a war could be fought that way with blatant disregard for civilian and infrastructure, with the only objective toward defeating the enemy.

    Modern warfare exists this way because it works better than what came before it. I am trying to find a better way to fight war that would supplant the modern doctrine.

    As for an example, in the Bosnian war the soldiers created tanks out of cardboard and old cars. US and NATO forces kept bombing these fake targets so much they were literally running out of bombs to drop. Delta force agents, when in the initial invasion of Afghanistan dropped special forces parachutes tied to large blocks of ice near cities. Enemy soldiers would find the parachutes and scour the hills looking for the fake soldiers, thinning them out while US armed forces closed in on the cities.

    We need to innovate how we conduct warfare, or else we will be the US forces while MacNamara was in charge.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)17:14 No.17739302

    It's cool. Hope you continue to do this quest well.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)17:20 No.17739391
    Asymmetric warfare:
    Zodiacs and other very light boats armed with rocket launchers, and small speed boats with torpedoes.
    Their small size and lack of lots of metal means small radar signatures and difficulty in targeting them with modern fire control systems.

    Air force:
    Keep SAM radar off until a visual confirmation of a target can be made. That will make it harder for attackers to respond to search radar.
    Use light signals to reduce radio traffic, making air fields harder to target.

    Bikes. Motorcycles and bicycles, to allow squads to move quickly without being detected as easily. As the MC'02 showed, a motorcycle messenger service, while slow, cannot be intercepted by enemy E-Warfare.

    Overall Strategy:
    Attack the enemy's supply lines with ambushes.
    Move artillery in complete radio silence and at night to positions and shell enemy positions.
    Attempt to engage the enemy at extreme close ranges, where they cannot use CAS for fear of hitting their own.
    We can use an opponent's reliance on sensors to trick them, such as using radio communications to simulate a forward base camp, and using it as bait for an ambush.
    We could also create human-sized heat signatures to fool IR sensors and satellite thermal imaging, using some coat hangers and heating elements from a hand iron, hooked up with some batteries. That would create false indications of troop concentrations.

    The only strategy is to deny the enemy a head-on engagement, and to stay moving to prevent the enemy from being able to mass armor and troops.
    After an attack have the squads disperse and head in all directions, only to come back together in a few day's time for another attack on enemy supply convoys.
    >> Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)17:32 No.17739541
    OMW home, next post within an hour.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)18:06 No.17739911
    MC02 isn't an effective or responsible model to adopt tactics from. the simulation software was complete shit. you cannot stack a rack of 4 Sunburn missiles onto a dingy.
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)18:11 No.17739979

    I've been looking for this thread FOREVER.

    Is Russia willing to lend/lease us a team of 4 Hips? We need them to supplement our Hind's trooplift capacity, and they can airlift light vehicles while carrying troops, including light SAM systems such as the Crotale. This would allow us to field near a full airborne company, with vehicles. If its too expensive at this time, hold it for later.

    What versions of the Fulcrums and Fencer can we build? We should also make a 4th Frogfoot so we can have 2 pairs of CAS aircraft operating.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)18:15 No.17740042
    fuck that, we'll develop new air tactics based around flights of 3 instead of flights of 2.

    free action: attempt a non-military trade deal with Israel, so we can strengthen ties and they will be more willing to deal us firearms.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)18:22 No.17740119
    Right now I feel we should rqmp up for some 'final' civilian infrastructural improvements - finishing the reactors, setting up the new city, getting an airport in the capital if we don't have one and then improving irrigation further if we can.

    Towards the end of that, I'd say start increasing building up our gold mibes and oilrigs'll be vital, using any savings to really push it, while we move some of the excess forces from the green city to them for a while, and start a modest navy to protect our waters.

    After that, depending on our financial situation, I'd suggest expanding healthcare and education to improve the standard of living, along with nationwl libraries so people have somewhere to go without the internet.
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)18:25 No.17740143

    You obvioiusly don't know air combat tactics, so I'll forgive it, but we really should get a 4th frogfoot, either built here or bought from Russia/India/some shithole.

    We should also see about aqcuiring more modern MANPADs than the Strela-2. See if India or Russia has a thousand or so they can spare on the cheap.

    What's our primary AT/ATGM? If we need a better one, and Russia doesn't get butthurt, we can see about getting French MILAN ATGMs for our weapons platoons.

    I'm also assuming that Russia is keeping us supplied with the most modern ordnance our airframes can fit, right? AA-10s, AA-12s, cluster bombs, thermobarics, HARMS, etc., am I right in this assumption?
    >> Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)18:27 No.17740173
    Home. Reading up then posting.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)18:29 No.17740189
    You sound like you've only skimmed the previous threads at best and only read this thread at worst.

    We already have an airport in Port Liberty, that's what the Russians used until the military airbase was finished.
    We're already opening up the second gold mine, and we need to buy oil extraction technology and training from someone if we want to exploit our inland oil fields.
    Education improvements are being constantly done, and take up 40% of our national income.
    >> Servant of the Emperor 01/30/12(Mon)18:30 No.17740205
    I'm a little amused at this situation.
    We're trying to act like Russia's Isreal, while boosting out own relationship with the country.

    US === Russia
    Isreal === New Zambi
    I'm kinda getting a Romeo and Juliet feel.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)18:33 No.17740249
    Whatever happened to black superman?

    Also, find out where the rebels got their weapons?
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)18:33 No.17740250
    For ATM's I know we're using a combination of RPGS-7's and 9's.
    You know the Russians will get butthurt, but it always depends on the vendor agreeing to sell to us.

    Since we have a license to build SU-25 parts, I suppose we could build one ourselves.
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)18:39 No.17740324

    I'm referring to the economic cost.

    If Russia doesn't want us buying ATGMs from the NATO countries, they'd better offer us some guided goodness that isn't fired out of a tank/BMP-3 barrel.

    As it stands our only guided AT is air-dropped or on our BMPs.

    Did we ever reach a consensur regarding purchasing T-90s from India with a full electronics package and an ATGM stockpile for them?
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)18:43 No.17740378
    Gotta stick together.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)18:48 No.17740435
    I don't believe so.
    Given our current economic forecast I think we should wait until the second gold mine becomes operational and we buy oil extraction tech to exploit our inland oil fields.
    Russia's offering us a deal again, but this time I think we should buy the tech and do it ourselves. Maybe from Argentina or Venezuela.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)18:52 No.17740491
    I vote for Argentina. Argentina is a powerful force in South America and in case of WWIII we want an ally on every continent.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)18:53 No.17740511
    if WWIII breaks out we're staying the fuck home.

    allies are for economic development and making sure we don't get a war declared on us.
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)18:57 No.17740547
    One thing I will suggest is this: We need to be able to rapidly respond to situations as they develop. As it stand we only have 1 mechanised formation (Our BMP-2s).

    If we can, I'd like to suggest forming 1-2 more motorised infantry companies with Indian or Russian made BTR-80s and -90s, mixed with some Pantsir systems. If we do this, we'll have 3 companies of motorised infantry, one with IFVs, 2 with APCs, and we should then have some of the best armed forces in the region, training permitting. All we'd need after that is a single armored company that we can split into platoons when they're needed.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)18:57 No.17740552
    Of course we're staying home! I want to conquer the Ivory Coast and Liberia before I worry about anything even close to deploying on another continent.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)18:59 No.17740567
    Actually, OP, what is Burkina Faso doing? Being poor and dieing of AIDS?
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)19:04 No.17740622
    My god! Burkina Faso is perfect for conquest! They are ruled by a cruel dictator, they're the third least developed country in the world, and the dictator supports violence against journalist and other political activist! Let's free the shit out of them!
    >> MARCH 2016 - STATE REPORT Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)19:13 No.17740714
         File1327968783.jpg-(236 KB, 1024x768, sub.jpg)
    236 KB

    -Firefighting is minimum quality and quantity. Currently if there were a major fire in any city there would be overwhelmed professional(ish) firefighters. Forest Fires are out of the question.

    -Police are adequate, augmented by military in remote regions.

    -Brazil agrees to 25% and parts manufacturing (not the whole plane...)

    -There is a significant lack of factories... in order to produce more parts, we need to increase our factory count. State ran or pirvate... still needed.

    -A farmer has discovered bananas seem to grow relative well in the lower areas of the country, in number. He has begun planing larger amounts and has taken the initiative to start a banana company, Moon Co.

    -Israel is not willing to start up trade ties.

    -Iran seems to have acquired some American technology, and sold it to Russia. Russia is discreetly asking permission to dissect it in the now nearly half complete mountain base. You will gain all benefits of discovered technology.

    -Another submarine has been spotted off our coast, this time in Liberian(IC) waters, just avoiding our territory by a few miles...
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)19:17 No.17740769
    Increase firefighting training. Perhaps try to shop around for some modern firefighting equipment we can get cheaply.

    Invest in the construction of more factories. It can serve as areas of employment for the workers just getting off the infrastructure projects we're completing.

    If the business seems to be doing well, let it be. No need to fix something that's working.

    >US tech
    OH HELL NO. We already have suspicions of US special forces snooping around our country. No need to give them even more reason to try and infiltrate our borders.

    Get some aircraft near it without breaching Liberian airspace. See if we can try and ID that sucker.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)19:17 No.17740771
    Private companies. We don't need any more drains on the state resources
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)19:18 No.17740781
    Tech: Thanks but no thanks. We already have the US breathing down our necks, and we really don't have the manufacturing capabilities to put any knowledge we get from it to good use
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)19:20 No.17740809
    Give a speech before our people, promising to subsidize any entrepreneur who takes it upon themselves to start up their own company. Promise special benefits to those in the automobile, television, furniture, clothing, canning, shipping, and fishing industries. In addition to this, set up state-run factories for the production of ammunition, weapons, and armor.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)19:21 No.17740816
    And when I say subsidize, I don't mean permanently. Just get them up on their feet to run on their own and then pull them off the government teat.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)19:21 No.17740819

    >US TECH
    I vote allow it to happen and plead ignorance, Nothing wrong with free American tech
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)19:23 No.17740842

    Since its parts for national defence, these should be nationalised corporations. We dont need private sector tomfoolery causing us shortages of war materiel.

    Let the Banana Company do its job. Hopefully we'll get a good tax return on it.

    I'd usually say no to tech but we might need russia's help with Anti-Ship munitions for our planes since 'what navy'.

    Firefighting: look to europe to purchase old equipment, since we're already selling them oil.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)19:23 No.17740843
    Definitely this for factories. This will help our economy as well as our manufacturing capabilities.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)19:27 No.17740889
    >firefighters and police
    Expand them, set up a civil service academy, see if we can buy firefighting equipment from our trade partners.

    >US tech
    Recommend to Russia that it is not a good idea. US specops are snooping around already.

    Build more factories for military needs. For civilian needs provide incentives.

    >banana company
    Congratulate the man.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)19:45 No.17741076
    >US specops are snooping around already
    Yes, this. Tell Russia that we'd love to, but we simply can;t risk it.

    That way, if it *is* them trying to play us for fools with fake US Spec Ops (as our CIA informant told us), then its just shot them in the foot.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)19:46 No.17741085
    Have the Super Tucano flights include anti-sub patrols in their routes. See if we can identify the class of submarine.

    >Free Action
    Inquire with Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela if they would be willing to sell us oil extraction technology and training. This is a purely for-cash only deal.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)19:47 No.17741097
    Regarding infrastructure:

    Since we don't have a large pre-existing investment in roads and road infrastructure, I'd like to suggest that we adopt rail transport as our primary transport infrastructure. Heavy rail for freight and inter-city, lift rail/trams within the cities. In sufficient size to replace cars as a primary mode of transport.

    It's more eficcient in the long run, especially if we use electric trains running off our abundant Thorium generators. We may need Deisel-electrics for our heavy freight, but we have the oil to make that viable.

    Zanzi National Rail!
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)19:50 No.17741125
    We're already doing that.
    See >>17736906
    The Zanzi Rail is currently still being built, and is meant to be our primary means of mass transit.

    Could you please not waste posts on things we already agreed on and are currently in progress.
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)19:54 No.17741157

    Our Fulcrums should be able to carry AShMs, but if they can't, we should look into Su-30s for their AShM capability. It would also enchance our SEAD and AtA capability, and generally make us a nightmare for anyone trying to take us in the air, at least in this part of the world. India has the MKI, and it can carry everything we need for naval combat.

    But we really do need a navy. I'd suggest 3 frigates, minimum, along with some cutters. 2 ASh/AA, 1 ASuW. The problem is cost. Ships are NOT cheap to purchase, even second hand, much less crews, maintenance, ammunition, and parts. We'd also need to construct a port and drydock.

    At the least, we should ensure our Fulcrums have adequate AShMs and the training to properly fight a modern naval vessel.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)19:58 No.17741201
    Plenty of countries have a "national rail". Outside of Europe, they tend towards gross underfunding and sizes that restrict usefulness. There's nothing on that summary Ost that indicates our current Rail project is any different, or even of sufficient size to become our primary. Therefore, it bore mentioning.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:02 No.17741247
    more resources into firefighters. both for urban areas and a forest-fire-fighting division.

    seems adequate, but don't neglect.

    fantastic. confirm the trade deal.

    state run factories for state business, such as the military. private factories for everything else.

    fantastic. free enterprise is good. no subsidies.

    in retrospect, the whole TAR-21 idea was dumb.

    >US tech
    politely decline. like another said, we probably won't even be able to take advantage of it.

    increase attempts to identify it.

    >free action
    I'm not an expert of naval forces, but if anyone else suggests expansions for the coast guard, I'm for them.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:03 No.17741255
         File1327971795.jpg-(178 KB, 600x1375, 1302280220509.jpg)
    178 KB
    >Outside of Europe, they tend towards gross underfunding and sizes that restrict usefulnes
    Have you ever been to the UK? Our National Rail is a hideiously underfunded, ovepriced, beurocracy choked mess that is never on time and is constantly breaking down.

    And, admittedly sounding like a weabo, Japan on the other hand has possibly the best rail system in the world.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:03 No.17741264

    I think we should leave our Fulcrums in their air superiority role, since thats what they excel at.

    There was a variant of Frogfoot that was designed for use with the carriers of the USSR. That should mean that the bogstandard frogfoots would be compatible with russian AShMs and the more advanced versions at that. The older munitions should be compatible with the 21s.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:06 No.17741295

    And the worst fucking unions ever.

    (Honestly, the tube is separate but really. Fuck the unions. Striking at the drop of a hat.)
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:08 No.17741320
    The Russians did offer a single Krivak-class frigate for lease.

    Surely there must be a cheaper stopgap measure.
    Perhaps a modernized PT boat?
    We don't need naval force projection, just the ability to defend our territorial waters.
    >> MARCH 2016 - STATE REPORT Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)20:08 No.17741326
    New post shortly.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:09 No.17741342
    Oh yes, and makes sure to confirm the Brazil Super Tucano deal.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:12 No.17741379
    >Implying Britain is part of Europe in anything but name

    Ahahahaha no.
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)20:12 No.17741395

    Fulcrums were also carrier aircraft.

    They are also faster and smaller than a frogfoot, allowing them better chances of kinematically dodging SAMs from any vessel firing on them. I'm just not sure if they can carry AShMs in any useful quantity.

    For proper AShM duty with an aircraft, we'd need the Su-30 MKI, since Fullbacks are probably WAY out of price range right now and IIRC Fencers don't carry AShMs.


    You'll note I said 3 frigates AND cutters. The Frigates are there for force projection against our neighbours if they decide to invade us/make us invade them. The cutters are for patrol. Cutter, however, can't do air defense or AShW or ASuW, which is why we'd need frigates as well as cutters.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:16 No.17741431
    >Japan on the other hand has possibly the best rail system in the world.

    I think you mean the Swiss, there.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:16 No.17741434
    Better yet, we can go for corvettes rather than full size frigates. Honestly, only First World countries can afford serious navies. Ours should really only be focused on coastal defense.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:16 No.17741441
    >which is why we'd need frigates as well as cutters.
    Yes, but we currently can't afford them, not without cutting back on our infrastructure expansion projects.

    We have to make do with our limited budget, until our second gold mine becomes operational and our inland oil fields begin producing.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:17 No.17741455
    >Thorium Reactors
    Um. Has the whole reprocessing problem been solved on these? Last I heard that unless a method of reprocessing the fuel into something useful, Thorium reactors generate several thousands of times the amount of waste of a conventional nuclear reactor. And that waste is insanely radioactive, chemically reactive and corrosive, which means there is no known means of containment, waste disposal or cost effective reprocessing with current or even foreseeable technology.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:19 No.17741479
         File1327972782.jpg-(1.97 MB, 2618x1808, PSKR-915-Nevel'sk(DN-SC-97-015(...).jpg)
    1.97 MB

    Patrol Boats, should be sufficient for now. Look at the Svetlyak-Class (Since we use mainly russian tech, more russian technology would make maintenance more streamline and easier to manage).

    Specifically the 10411 and 10412 export models: AShMs and MANPADs respectively.

    A few of each should be able to protect our coastal regions.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:20 No.17741493
    Problem is, we really don't have the budget for those three frigates, nor the training or crew to man them. With out small coastline, we're better off leaving rejection to air assets and having light vesselslike gun cutters and gunboats for local defense.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:22 No.17741518
    I was thinking at most a cruiser. No need for something like a a Car Nicobar class corvette and maybe 3 or 4 Sukanya class patrol vessel from India?
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:24 No.17741533
    Ha, I fused my old post and the post I made together to make a zombie post. The first half can be ignored.
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)20:24 No.17741534

    I know. Which is why we should just get a few cutters, MAYBE a pair of Missile Boats in case someone decides to come knocking with a surface vessel.

    We can also use them as a base to get trained operators of modern warships, and then use that for when we buy a true warship (I'm thinking an indian frigate. I want us to have maybe 6 major surface vessels with 1 refueler, probably 5 frigates and a DDG as a flag.)

    Our best bet right now for anti-naval warfare is getting 4 Su-30 MKIs to act as our heavy hitters, carrying either Kh-59(MK or ME) or Kh-35s. We can also use them to great effect in the air, since they can all carry IR AA-10s, allowing them to hit BVR with IR missiles, making them a ridiculous threat in air to air engagements, since they wouldn't need AWACS links to hit BVR without revealing their position. (IRST is GOD)

    They can also carry Novators, allowing them to potentially fuck up any AWACS we see.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:26 No.17741559

    Check your terminology, mate. Outside of Carriers, cruisers are the biggest naval combat vessels in operation right now.
    Only rich nations and the US can afford them.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:27 No.17741571
    Supporting the idea of acquiring good patrol boats instead of blowing our money on frigates. We aren't really that rich, and as nice as having frigates would be we can easily make do without them while saving the money for more urgent matters.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:30 No.17741605
    Honestly, if we're taking a leaf out of this book: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millennium_Challenge_2002
    it might just be woth stocking up on a bunch of fast dhingies backed with RPGs and Semtex
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:30 No.17741607
    seconded. light patrol boats, corvettes at the absolute max. a frigate is too much.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:30 No.17741619
    Realized that but forgot to delete it.
    We can just get patrol boats for now and build up from there.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:31 No.17741629
    I've already stated earlier in the thread, you can't actually mount a rack of anti-ship missiles on a fucking dingy. a larger boat sure, I enjoy the idea improvised missile boats to keep blockades away, but you have to be actually realistic about it.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:33 No.17741647

    Also, the version that was exported to the slovanian navy included:

    -1x AK-306 (A 30mm CIWS Gatling, good for most small targets)
    -2x 14.5mm Machine guns
    -16x Igla-type MANPADs
    -AShMs and decoy launches.

    I'd say its a good fit for our purposes. That russia doesn't need to retool them would cheapen their cost as well.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:34 No.17741661

    I'm sure putting large ship launched missiles on motorboats would work out pretty well.

    (The MC2 was such a farce)
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:37 No.17741702
    That sounds nice, actually.

    As for ASW, I suppose Helo- based stuff is our best bet?
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:37 No.17741708
    /k/ here. Ctrl-F MRLS yields 0 results. Get on that.
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)20:39 No.17741733

    We have a battery of BM-21s.

    You shut your whore mouth.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:39 No.17741738
    The BM-21s don't count?
    >> generictripfag !!2gvSr5QNeFI 01/30/12(Mon)20:40 No.17741750
    >>17741708 here
    I'm also recommending some Kilo class submarines (636 is best) and a merchant marine program.
    I'll be honest, I was too lazy to read the thread. Just work, gentlemen. Any hinds?
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:41 No.17741758

    Vote for Flag D.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:41 No.17741765
    Considering for the near future we will only have to deal with subs close to our coast I would assume that our airforce should be able to handle it.

    That is assuming that we have anything equipped for anti-sub warfare. If not acquiring a few choppers capable of doing so shouldn't be too heavy on our budget.
    >> APRIL 2016 - STATE REPORT Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)20:42 No.17741769
         File1327974133.jpg-(1.69 MB, 3008x1960, Ghanaian_Navy_035.jpg)
    1.69 MB

    -Your increased firefighting and police force measures are welcomed by the people.

    -We have purchased 10 Brazillian STs for a start up. More for purchase at the same cost are always available under current deals.

    -Russia understands about US tech issues.

    -Submarine has been ID'd as a South African vessel, or so the pilot believes.

    -India and Russia both have small vessels to offer. Iran as well has it's small locally produced flying boats to offer. It is willing to give us an entire fleet of them in exchange for our engineers to help them rebuild their oil infrastructure post-war.

    -WORLD NEWS: US Forces world wide have been recalled home, with the exception of strategic European and Pacific regions.

    -Ghana flu has broken out again!

    -NeoTekz informs us that a nanite construction system may be possible to easily, and cheaply, build structures from nano-tubes. Such structures would permit cheap space elevators and mega structures. They also are making progress on using nanites to cure AIDs in test subjects. They request more funding for both projects and promise results.

    -Your northern neighbor, Burkina Faso, is having riots.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:42 No.17741770
    >10 BM-21
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:43 No.17741786
    >I'll be honest, I was too lazy to read the thread.
    ....then get out

    what the hell is a tiny African nation with an even tinier coastline going to do with a fucking Kilo? or multiple Kilo's?
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)20:45 No.17741806

    Purchase 6 Patrol boats from India/Russia.

    Inquire as to availability of 2-4 Su-30 MKI's from India, with full suite of ordnance (Including Novators and long-range cruise missiles/AShMs)

    Go to the AU and UN about deploying a peacekeeping mission to Burkina Fasao to stabilize it, led by our military.

    Get the AIDS cure first, the money we make from a joint venture will allow the megastructure project to get done a lot quicker. Then we can build ARCOLOGIES!
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:45 No.17741811


    We don't need it right now, I don't think.

    >Ghana flu

    increase border patrols, make sure the flu doesn't come over here

    >Burkina Faso riots

    What are they rioting over? We could always welcome some refugees.

    Now, I don't know how our education system's run right now, but I'd like to propose basing it off of Germany's, with the different tracks and levels of higher education. Obviously this is more of a long term goal, but still.

    Also, if we have a high level of cultural tensions (IE: arabs vs. blacks, muslims vs. christians), maybe we'd want to set up some kind of representation for these groups, allowing them to discuss their problems in a public forum (in front of the parliament I assume we have).

    Finally, We should also fix up our public services; public transit, police force, firefighters. But the most important part of this, is to insure that corruption is stamped out wherever it rises. Greatly increase penalties for those guilty of corruption, and institute some sort of oversight system to regularly check all government agencies for graft.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:46 No.17741813
    I say we put some troops on the border and offer to send peacekeepers. Don't do anything with Iran.
    The West African coast is covered with Pirate Fisherman and such. I was thinking a dedicated naval interceptor.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:47 No.17741828

    Well, South Africa isn't so bad. Keep an eye on it, consider asking South Africa about it. We don't want to seem jumpy though.

    >Patrol Boats
    We ain't buying shit from Iran. It would just piss off the US beyond belief AND it'd add more competition in the oil market! Screw that.

    >Ghana Flu
    Medical personal and checkpoints along the road into our capital from Ghana. Reach out to our neighbor offering aid, both medical and food aid.

    Fund them! Fund the shit out of them!

    >Burkina Faso
    Try to discern what the riots our about. If they're trying to overthrow their government, come out in open support of the rioters.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:47 No.17741830

    Oh, also, give the necessary funding to the nanotech guys. Under the condition, of course, that we get a reduced price for any possible AIDS cure/cloaking suits/technological singularity shit (unless we're already getting that)
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:48 No.17741839

    >Flying boats

    The fuck are we going to do with them? I can't see those things fitting with our current inventory, considering we'll only be able to use them at our coastline. If we had some inner bodies of water, that might have been a different story.

    >Ghana Flu

    Prepare quarantine measures once more. Another outbreak means this strain might be more virvulent than expected. Drop a line to the WHO. Request help from the transmittable disease centers for experts to help with the situation. We cannot have this thing crossing our borders.


    Can they provide us with a commercially viable use of the tech right now? Some results would be good and we can continue funding them.

    >Burkina Faso

    ...As of right now, this is still an internal Burkina Faso matter. Bring up the readiness level of units close to the border and strengthen patrols but for now, do nothing.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:48 No.17741844
    Yes, definitely base it off of Germany's education system. Really anything but the broken-ass US system.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:49 No.17741857
    No no, what we want from NeoTekz from the AIDS cure is some credit. We want to be mentioned as being integral to finding the cure.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:49 No.17741858
    I was thinking a privatized system with a government instituted testing regime. Pay for it with an India style ID scheme.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:49 No.17741860
    Well, not much we can about it other than send a query to SA.

    I'd rather we buy from India or Russia. Nations that deal heavily with Iran tend to pick up a bad rep. Plus, the longer their oil production is crippled means the longer we can keep prices up.

    >US Recall
    Good news for us, I guess. We'd only have to worry about special forces rather than conventional US forces. Send a public response that we're saddened that the US will no longer be contributing to African security and stability.

    >Ghana flu
    Send a couple of medical experts there to find out where the hell this flu is coming from.

    So we get dibs on space elevator plans and AIDs cure? GIVE THESE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT.

    >Burkina Faso
    Politely ask them to get their shit together. Mobilize some forces to make sure the violence doesn't spill over our borders.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:51 No.17741885
         File1327974696.png-(2 KB, 181x154, impliziert.png)
    2 KB

    >Privatized education system
    >in a third world country
    >implying that can be better than tried-and-true German education
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:52 No.17741896


    For purchase of the patrol boats, look to russia to purchase the Slovanian export model of the Svetlyak class patrol boat. The one here:

    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:52 No.17741904
    Africa doesn't have a good history with that sort of thing. I want to minimize the chance for graft of incompetence.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:52 No.17741907
    Offer peacekeeping aid with the authorization of the UN and AU.

    agree, but keep them on a short leash here.

    >Ghana flew
    >offer medical and quarantining aid.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:54 No.17741920

    Ech. Africa has a pretty bad history with private industry, too. At least with a state-run system, we can be sure of our ability to interfere at our leisure.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:54 No.17741921
    I'd say that we should be as accomadating as fuck for the Nanotech peeps. Give them everything they want, stay out of their way, etc. We don't need to demand credit, if they achieve an AIDS cure on our soil we will prosper.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)20:56 No.17741960
    Fun Fact: The first year of most South African universities is dedicated to teaching people how to read. I'd trust a civilian with the incentive to learn something with their welfare money over an official who will sell the money for political connections.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:02 No.17742019
         File1327975367.jpg-(41 KB, 483x322, jm_2004_BM_Bayern__1259830p.jpg)
    41 KB
    >tried-and-true German education

    There is very much we have to learn from the intelligent people people of Africa. Their superior school systems will be implemented all over Germany. The old prussian-styled education system was a remnant of facism anyway.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:05 No.17742055
    >Prussian Education Methods
    >Remnant of Fascism

    What the actual fuck.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:05 No.17742062
    You're kidding right? The German school system is one of the most praised in the world. If you graduate from Gymnasium, you have about the same skill set going into college as an American would coming out of a technical college
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:06 No.17742065

    European liberal jokes.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:06 No.17742079
    I just thought to ask a stupid question. Should we do mandatory conscription Israel style?
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:08 No.17742094
    Actually, not a bad idea. With the good will we've built up we should be able to pull it off.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:08 No.17742095

    A draft? Yeah. Even if they don't actually fight, it helps build national cohesion and unity. Doesn't matter if they learn how to shoot a gun, or how to drill wells and build roads. They just need some of that army disciprin.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:08 No.17742100
    To school? Well no, that'd be crazy hard to do, what with all the tribes in the wilderness. I'd say we could start by making school available to all children living in the capitol, and then move to smaller cities after we have 80-90% attendance there.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:08 No.17742101
    conscription just pisses people off and leads to a less effective military.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:11 No.17742128
    I remember hearing that the IDF was actually pretty good at teaching technical skills. We won't have enough money to equip that many armored units, so I'm thinking Swiss style militia for the national defense or peacekeeping operations.
    It depends how much the people hate you. If we have at least a pseudo-democracy and a good NCO corps, it should be fine.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:11 No.17742134

    Actually been giving it some thought.

    Some sort of compulsory military service, since we're too small to support a full size professional army. Perhaps 2 years of service, with our recruits being drawn and sent to the fire fighting, police and military. Military mostly being the army since navy and air force require much greater training times.

    Once training is complete, they are reserves for a set number of years, probably 20 years with more for officers. Re-training being conducted once a year to freshen them up.

    This makes our home defence much stronger since we can potentially call upon a much larger armed force that one would normally expect.

    I was considering if we should also go Sweden style and allow the soldier to bring their arms home but that would cause too many problems and drive our cost waaaay up.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:12 No.17742148
         File1327975956.jpg-(761 KB, 1378x1601, Volker-beck-rosa-funken.jpg)
    761 KB
    Making sense is for facists.

    And that's probably the reason why almost half of the German parties want to abolish the Gymasium in favour of something similar to the American high school
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:14 No.17742169
    I wouldn't allow small arms to flow back to questionably loyal people, and playing tribal politics is a terrible idea. Once we get decent urbanization and education, we can begin to arm the people.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:14 No.17742170
    If we allow them to bring their arms home, and for some reason our dictator is taken out of the picture or social order breaks down, we'd have an instant armed rebellion.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:14 No.17742174
         File1327976086.gif-(2.75 MB, 250x170, A BLOO BLOO BLOO BLOO.gif)
    2.75 MB

    >American schooling system
    >being exported

    Oh god. What have we done.

    We could have stopped this.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:15 No.17742179
    They just butthurt bruh.
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)21:15 No.17742183


    We aren't in their position, we have no need. We should make sure that army is a viable career, though, pay and benefits wise. (And I don't just mean officers and pilots, I mean your bog standard grunt.)

    One thing I think we should do is cut back our admin personnel (In the army), and farm it to civilian contractors, giving us more combat personnel.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:17 No.17742214
    We could just have a healthy permanent military, and establish a wartime draft if it were necessary.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:17 No.17742216
    You don't get a full-scale revolution without decades of an unpopular regime.
    Hell no. The military is an easy economic stimulus and social control. And fuck civilian contractors, no respectable country would use them for anything other than training and security work.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:21 No.17742240
    Speaking of decades of unpopular regime, I think it's funny that we've never gone into detail in our past. Like pre Glorious President Xavier days.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:21 No.17742245

    Exactly why I threw out the idea.


    What do you mean tribal politics? If it is implemented across the board at a certain age, say 18, fairs fair.


    We are starting to get into that position with our neighbours starting to look aggressive.

    Whats more, compulsory military service does have many more social benefits. Its a good equaliser and boys from many social backgrounds will train together, helping social integration and a good sense of camaraderie. These usually extend outside of the service period and into civilian life. I've seen it happen since I served compulsory military service myself.
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)21:22 No.17742256

    I'm referring to Starship Troopers style farming to contractors (Wherein we put more actual soldiers on the line, instead of in offices doing admin work that any jackoff who can type can do)
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:24 No.17742293

    Its a good idea. In theory.

    What this usually results in is stupid civilian fucks not understanding why the guys on the grounds need some shit sorted out and not overlooking some paperwork or similar crap that wasn't filed in time.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:26 No.17742312
    In a heavily rural country, it's not like there's a government office everyone can just stroll on into. Any type of infrastructure is heavily politicized. And there's the real possibility that if you arm the wrong people, the guns are just getting used for tribal warfare. So that leaves you arming only the most loyal tribes and facing resentment from everyone else.
    There were civilian contractors in Starship Troopers? I thought it was just a matter of sending even the highest ranking people into combat.
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)21:29 No.17742361

    That was the MI.

    But the MI didn't have desk-jobs unless you lost limbs/got paralyzed, etc. All the admin rear-echelon crap that could be done by someone who wasn't MI WASN'T done by the MI, even it would be done by a soldier today. There were no MI REMFs, no POGs. That's the kind of thing I'm referring to, just not as extreme. We'll still end up with POGs and REMFs, I just want to cut down the number.

    Speaking of the MI, talk to Neotekz about a possible nano-fire extuingisher, both for forest fires and as a combat fire extuingisher that's safe to use in a human-occupied vehicle.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:30 No.17742382

    Ah i see. My idea was sending the recruits together to a camp for basic military training then having them form into units for the duration of their service, not actually just arming them on the spot. The servicemen will serve in mixed units across the country. This way if tribal boys from different tribes are interacting, there is a chance for understanding and will help to ease tensions between them. If it doesn't, it would still remain as the status quo.
    >> Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)21:32 No.17742395
    new post within 30.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:34 No.17742421
    Fire extinguisher? Bullshit, we're selling someone a space station.
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)21:36 No.17742447

    Baby-steps, bitch.

    Besides, with this we can sell add-on kits to EVERYONE for massive profit with combat-capable, safe fire suppression for their vehicles.

    And better yet, we can help stop wildfires.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:37 No.17742461
    I actually rather like this. Huge cash-cow for funding more grand technology.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:38 No.17742472

    I'm more concerned about how its suppose to fight fires.

    How is it suppose to be superior to a standard foam or chemical extinguisher when its so obviously more expensive?
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:38 No.17742475
    I'm not seeing the profit here. Forest Fires NEED to happen, and the car system would just suffocate people.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:42 No.17742515
    Besides, can you think of any other industry that can (and routinely does) pay thousands of dollars per pound of material? Okay, nuclear power, but you see my point.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:43 No.17742525
    For the unnamed city, how about Corabana? Reminds me of corona and cabana, sticking with the tropical theme.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:44 No.17742541
    I like it. Part of me wants something grandiose, but this works.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:57 No.17742650
    better than Tropicgrad.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)21:58 No.17742673
    God damn you, now I want something with "grad" in it.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:00 No.17742698


    The city will be all about BEER
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:02 No.17742718
         File1327978954.png-(18 KB, 749x484, Flag.png)
    18 KB
    How about this for the flag? Obviously my paint-fu will need a little touching up but an idea none the less.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:03 No.17742728

    Aww shit, I change my C vote to this.
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)22:03 No.17742730

    We could grow the ingredients on the rooftops of the domes!

    Brewpubs EVERYWHAR.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:03 No.17742739

    Corona O'Grady?
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:04 No.17742748
    flag vote C
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:04 No.17742758

    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:07 No.17742792

    C, with A as second choice.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:10 No.17742824
    Once the flag choice has been nailed down i can use my PS skills to come up with some variants if OP and everyone wants?
    >> MAY 2016 - STATE REPORT Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)22:11 No.17742837
         File1327979490.jpg-(26 KB, 318x256, cam_Rhumsiki_peaks.jpg)
    26 KB

    -Burkina Faso riots seem to be related to their economic standings and how their government is handling the situation.

    -Rebels! A rebel group has recently been caught heading towards the Liberian(IC) border. Our patrols intercepted and killed them all.

    -Corruption Report: The person who was the source of our investigation needs has been found - he shot himself. Documents show he had no outside ties. His account was seized from the bank. He had been filtering a huge amount of currency to the rebels!

    -South Africa says it has been investigating Liberia(IC) situation with the submarine.

    -10 Svetlyak class patrol boats have been sold to us through Russia.

    -Ghana Situation, there does seem to be an increase of outbreaks. WHO has gotten involved at your, Ghana, and China (Ghana's military ally)'s request...


    -ZIA has uncovered with GoogleEarth (Poor man's spy sat) what appears to be a small village and base in the mountains. They can't get to close due to resolution, and have sent out a Cessna to investigate.

    -A solar eclipse is due to occur overhead next month.

    -The Education system is being overhauled to increase grade levels as per requested.

    -WORLD NEWS: Mass protests in America.
    >> Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)22:12 No.17742853
    Almost tempted to void everyone's votes and go with this...
    >> Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)22:13 No.17742868
    That blank - should be

    -NeoTekz says it has nothing to offer as a functional or marketable system that is safe for use at this time... it asks that you give them this one last funding before asking for results.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:13 No.17742870
    How about a mix and match? Steal that symbol, put it on C's background?
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:14 No.17742872

    Why not say, next thread, since we have such a good contender?

    Or restart vote from your current post.
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)22:15 No.17742884

    Any progress on getting our troops cutting edge NV/thermal imagers, or the Indian talks about Su-30s?

    And can we afford some old russian Mi-8s for increased troop lifting capacity?
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:16 No.17742893


    >Establish an oversight agency dedicated to stamping out corruption.

    >start patrols with the patrol boats, meant to counteract any possible piracy.

    >Fund NeoTekz.

    >(if we have any big cultural conflicts) establish organizations allowing the various cultural and religious groups to take up their issues with one another in front of parliament, as opposed to letting them kill each other in whatever corner of this shithole they choose.
    >> Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)22:19 No.17742926
    Next thread I'll just put the "winrars" and the new one, to a NEW vote.
    >> Fleet Admiral Anon 01/30/12(Mon)22:19 No.17742934
    That flag has my vote!

    >Burkina Faso riots seem to be related to their economic standings and how their government is handling the situation.
    Don't interfere as yet.

    >Rebels! A rebel group has recently been caught heading towards the Liberian(IC) border. Our patrols intercepted and killed them all.
    Medals all around!

    >Corruption Report: The person who was the source of our investigation needs has been found - he shot himself. Documents show he had no outside ties. His account was seized from the bank. He had been filtering a huge amount of currency to the rebels!
    We should still hold some sort of PR at our hatred of corruption.

    >10 Svetlyak class patrol boats have been sold to us through Russia.
    Oh yay, a Navy! These ships should suffice for now, we don't need anything bigger.

    >Ghana Situation, there does seem to be an increase of outbreaks. WHO has gotten involved at your, Ghana, and China (Ghana's military ally)'s request...
    Quarantine the border until safe as approved by WHO, Ghana inspectors and our own officials.

    >ZIA has uncovered with GoogleEarth (Poor man's spy sat) what appears to be a small village and base in the mountains. They can't get to close due to resolution, and have sent out a Cessna to investigate.
    Interesting. Send the Cessna, but have CAS/Fast Jets on standby to help out if needed.

    >A solar eclipse is due to occur overhead next month.
    Eh, what of it?
    >The Education system is being overhauled to increase grade levels as per requested.
    Excellent work!

    >WORLD NEWS: Mass protests in America.
    Fuck 'Merica. We don't care.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:20 No.17742943

    Wait, wait, put this one too.

    >> Doc 01/30/12(Mon)22:20 No.17742944

    >Burkina riots

    Heightened readiness. Does the AU have any reaction or response? Will they be sending in peacekeepers anytime soon?

    Get the ZIA to investigate their possessions and trace back any connections


    Fucking bastard. If its still under wraps, keep it so. Drop the funding level and see if the rebels contact this bastard. Hopefully we can ferret out more of the network. Once his usefulness is expended, hold his corpse out as an example.

    >Patrol boats

    Excellent. Begin training our crew in their usage. If they're the variants I proposed, they also have decom chambers for divers so we might as well start a diving commando unit at the same time.

    >Ghana situation
    Nothing much but continue monitoring the situation

    >Rebel base
    Keep us informed of the situation. Send in some pathfinders as well and begin drafting plans for an attack.

    >Solar eclipse

    TOURISM. Publicise it, see if we can get foreigners and their dollars into the nation for the period.

    >Mass protest
    WTF is going on? Whats on CNN?
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:21 No.17742947
    >Burkina Faso
    Send in the ZIA to foment an actual uprising. We can consider this a field test of our espionage capabilities.

    Congratulate the border patrol for their excellent work! Everyone gets ice cream!

    By the way OP, what economic plan did we go with?

    >South Africa
    Ah, very good. Offer to help them out if we can.

    >Patrol Boats
    Get them equipped, manned, and deployed into our waters.

    Fund their asses so hard, they won't be able to spend in the morning.

    Send some pathfinders into the mountains to make sure we can get ground support for the Cessna. The last camp had heavy AA defenses, after all.

    >Solar Eclipse
    Party in the RoZ!

    >Education System
    Maybe ask Germany or the international community in general for advice?

    As for the protest in America, well that's just perfect. I hope the south secedes and kills them some damn Yankees! Get 'em off our backs.
    >> Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)22:23 No.17742970
    Added. Damn good too.

    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:24 No.17742972

    >Burkina Faso riots

    >Ghana Situation

    Keep a close eye on these two situations, make sure they don't negativly effect our nation too greatly.

    >Newly recieved boats

    Start patrols to discourage piracy in our local waters


    Continue funding them, could lead to very promising results.
    Ask them to show us any proof at all of progress just to make sure they arn't wasting our funding money.

    >WORLD NEWS: Mass protests in America.

    Interdasting. Maybe once we get access to our oil reserves we will have more power in the world?
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:24 No.17742979
    We got the Super Tucano's? Sweeeet. Time to get a swarm of them and smite those rebels.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:26 No.17742992
         File1327980384.jpg-(158 KB, 800x516, rocketman2.jpg)
    158 KB

    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:27 No.17743000

    >-A solar eclipse is due to occur overhead next month.
    Send out a national announcement regarding this event, give everyone a half-hour/hour off work to watch the Eclipse. Good for morale, a long lunch is always appreciated, helps to shut up the superstition-mongering witch doctors and assorted nutjobs.

    >-10 Svetlyak class patrol boats have been sold to us through Russia.
    Start a recruitment drive for people to Join the new Navy. Perhaps hire/licence the Village People to be part of the Multimedia broadcasts. You know what i'm talking about.

    >South Africa says it has been investigating Liberia(IC) situation with the submarine.
    Thank them for their prompt and forthright response.

    >-Burkina Faso riots seem to be related to their economic standings and how their government is handling the situation.
    Keep tabs on it. If it seems to be increasing in intensity, start a media campaign that shows off our economic growth and improving national conditions, make sure it's "leaked" to people In BF.
    >> Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)22:29 No.17743021
         File1327980564.jpg-(30 KB, 300x100, 1318633647383.jpg)
    30 KB
    Banner I saw = my reaction to that photo.

    Wh...why would you use an RPG to hold a man...I...god damn it.
    >> Laurentius 01/30/12(Mon)22:30 No.17743033
    we can still use the losing design by making it either the flag of our capital city or as part of the unit patch for one of our military units
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:30 No.17743036
    By the way, how have we formed up our army? Regimental system?

    If we have, we should probably give our regimants/brigades some names.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:31 No.17743051

    Give our regiments/brigades names, durr.
    >> Laurentius 01/30/12(Mon)22:32 No.17743070
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)22:33 No.17743084
    Regarding the possible rebel base.

    Stand to our Hind squadron, full complement of SF troops with pathfinders, full complement of rockets, along with the cessna doing recon, put 2 Frogfeet in the air, armed with a mix of cluster bombs, some FAB-500s, rockets, and a couple thermobarics.

    Get 4 Fishbeds in the air armed for ground attack, and another 4 armed for AtA, put our Fulcrums on standby. Get the Mainstay into the air to act as CnC for the force. Put our mechanised forces in position along the potential axis of retreat for their forces.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:34 No.17743089

    As long as we don't napalm the goddamned forest again.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:35 No.17743107
    We didn't do it the first time, did we?
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:36 No.17743122
    >Village People

    Oh gods, what have you unleashed.
    >> URGENT REGARDING A REQUEST IN A "DRAW" THREAD !vDcyU1BJg2 01/30/12(Mon)22:37 No.17743132
    HELLO, I'm the OP of this thread >>17740772 where I've been making flags for the past couple of hours.


    Someone posted a request that I made your flag so if you are still interested in me making a flag, just post your requests in my thread.

    That was all.

    Sorry to interrupt.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:38 No.17743146

    Woah wait. I could've sworn you just made us a flag.
    Are you from a parallel universe, bro?
    >> Incident Two. Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)22:39 No.17743168
         File1327981188.jpg-(28 KB, 450x300, armsdeals.jpg)
    28 KB
    Note prior: I have dentist appointment tomorrow. So can't go ultra late tonight, will keep going long as I can.

    Oh and.

    Time to test your rapid response skills... following posts are all "within month."

    -Cessna has been shot down by an anti-air system! Their last report was sight of armor and long trucks with a tube or something on it. Location is West of Tropicgrad on edge of mountains.

    -ZIA has no information.

    -KGB adviser says this may be rebels.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:41 No.17743183
         File1327981293.png-(42 KB, 749x484, 1327978954677.png)
    42 KB
    I took the liberty of tracing this in GIMP.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:43 No.17743208
    HA I KNEW IT! This is exactly why I suggested we bring ground support with the Cessna!

    How many troops can we deploy rapidly?

    If we can get the troops out within a day, I want to overwhelm them. Send in 500 troops to try and wipe out the rebels immediately, and if it's not rebels they fired on us and need to be wiped out anyway.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:43 No.17743213

    Mobilize necessary forces immediately, Prepare forces to move towards the known location of this village
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:44 No.17743227
    I like this but I want to add on to it.

    The 500 is a good initial attack force, let's get the jets fueled and ready though. AS SOON as those AA batteries are taken out send the jets in to airstrike the shit out of them.
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)22:45 No.17743231

    Arm our Fishbeds with anti-radiation missles. Do we have any that loiter?

    Get our mainstay in the air and at least 200km from the site, protected by 4 fishbeds. Get our frogfeet in the air with heavy AtG, the only non-AtG should be 2 AA-8 on the wingtips.

    Fishbeds launch anti-radiation missiles as our strike element of frogfeet head in to flatten the area. Make sure we're on the air as this happens, if possible release delayed footage. Our Fulcrums will be performing SEAD, so arm them with Anti-radiation missiles and bombs to take out SAM sites and radars. Get our hinds moving with our SF to drop to take what's left of the site. Mobilise our mechanized infantry to cut off and surround the site while we put the rest of the military on alert. more to follow regarding the air attack.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:45 No.17743242
    >> Fleet Admiral Anon 01/30/12(Mon)22:46 No.17743249

    Launch all fighters, ground attack payloads. Hit hard and fast from the flight deck, aka nap of the earth flying. We shall bomb those Bastards back into the stone age!
    Launch Hinds with SF/Pathfinders for recon of a suitable attack path. Send out the BMP's, backed up by a company of our Mortar Carriers. Send in the Tanks!
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:46 No.17743255
    Changing my vote to this!
    From >>17743208
    Actually can we do both?
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:47 No.17743263
         File1327981666.jpg-(127 KB, 800x800, Top cryptologists.jpg)
    127 KB

    >this post
    [nospoilers] But seriously, That shit went right over my head. [/nospoilers]
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)22:50 No.17743292

    The battle plan will be as follows: Our Mainstay will datalink with our aircraft, and look for launches and active enemy radars. Assuming that we aren't up against S-300 systems, the 200km buffer should be enough for the Mainstay to stay safe. We push in our Strike Element of 3 frogfeet NOE with our fishbeds and fulcrums a little higher, sniffing for enemy radar. Once they detect it, they'll fire HARMs at the site. We have enough airframes to get at least 30 HARMS in the air, so we'll launch 2 at each target. our Fulcrums will act as wild weasels, trying to draw SAM fire, since they have the best chance of dodging both with CM and kinematically. Once the frogfeet drop their ordnance, our helos head in and drop SF to capture the site, with the helos providing CAS.

    Make sure that our Frogfeet all have at least 2 AT missiles per airframe.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:51 No.17743312
    Zanzisch Heer und Luftwaffe! Transform and roll out!

    We need fast SEAD strikes with ARAD gear, and Frogfoots providing CAS on call for the pathfinder corps and infantry advance. Liberal use of artillery. Get as much indirect fire concentration as possible on site.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:52 No.17743322
    this is the time to use our mortars. this is also the time to give our troops some battlefield experience.

    send the scouts in to get some better intel, and if they have a chance to disable some AA do it

    air wing should stand by to go in when the AA goes down, but we dont need to rely heavily on air units. too expensive to risk and the combat experience is going to be worth it later
    >> Not completely retarded 01/30/12(Mon)22:52 No.17743330
    That truck with the tube sounds like it might be a missile, either way that base has fired on us.

    Make sure to send a report to the media that our plane was fired on before we retaliate.
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)22:53 No.17743332


    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:53 No.17743338

    Alright, I can't do any of this military planning stuff, but I can get behind this plan. Once we get a chance, press conference time.
    >> Fleet Admiral Anon 01/30/12(Mon)22:55 No.17743354
    Hey Aviationfag, You'll need to use the full names of stuff rather than the acronyms. Only people like me who actually know what you are on about know what you just said. Keep it short and simple, lots of anons on here are just in it for the fun. That said, you have concocted a great battleplan. I'm just not sure we've got the properly trained pilots to fly it.

    That is why we must also SEND IN THE TANKS!
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)22:55 No.17743361

    We have no approach worth mentioning. A proper SEAD element with heavy ground attack will flatten the base and allow our forces time to sweep up. We aren't using our aircraft for anything other than a massive single strike. Our vulnerable craft are our hinds, since they'll have to loiter to provide CAS.

    The truck is probably a Patriot launcher or some other US/NATO SAM system. I doubt the rooskies would be dumb enough to send out an S-300 against an erstwhile ally. Although it might be a chinese HQ-15...
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:55 No.17743363
    I am iffy on the press conference. We might seem whine-y if we have a press conference because of the rebels, but then again they are backed by SOMEONE if they have that kind of tech.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:56 No.17743370
    Thirding the press conference.
    Can't risk denting our current image.

    Also approving of aviationfags battle plan
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)22:56 No.17743375

    Nah, it's mainly so people aren't alarmed when troops march out of the capital and jets soar overhead.
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)23:00 No.17743414

    Sorry. To expand:

    3 Frogfeet, armed with 2 anti-tank missiles each, minimum, along with the biggest thermobaric bombs we can fit, and some iron bombs and cluster bombs.

    4 Fulcrums, armed with a full suite of HARMs(Anti-radation missiles, AKA anti-radar), guided missiles, and iron bombs for SEAD/Wild Weasel(Search and Elimination of Air Defence) work, and 2 AA-10 Alamo and 2 AA-11(IR) (Air-to air missiles, long and short range)

    8 Fishbeds(Mig-21s) Armed with Anti-radiation missiles and iron bombs

    8 Fishbeds armed fully for air-to-air to provide air watch.

    Our Mainstay(AWACS) takes off and heads at least 200km away before powering its radar, it will be the only radar functioning, searching for enemy radar and telling our pilots where to shoot by datalink.

    4 Fishbeds will cover it.

    Explained battle plan to follow.
    >> Doc 01/30/12(Mon)23:02 No.17743445
         File1327982570.png-(62 KB, 792x215, RZAF MiG-21.png)
    62 KB
    9000 hours in MSpaint.

    P&M style
    >> Incident Two. Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)23:03 No.17743448
    -You have opened up live video feeds as best you can with military reporters and feeds from aircraft.

    -Nearest active group, 1 BMP-2, a few technicals, and 40 from a border facility have moved into viewing range as a forward scout. They are requesting permission to get eyes on target close.

    -We've mobilized our air-force according to Aviation Fag's popular tactics, but they are not in place yet to carry out the tactic in full. The units above are in immediate vicinity.
    >> Incident Two. Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)23:03 No.17743456
    I love you.
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)23:05 No.17743480

    On the approach, our aircraft will all be flying Nap-of-earth, or at least as close to it as they can, so their airframes get lost in the ground clutter and enemy radar can't spot them. As they'll be datalinked to our AWACS, they'll also have their radars off, meaning it'll take someone seeing them to detect them. Once we're near the enemy camp, we have our SEAD craft gain a little altitude to "sniff" for enemy radar (Basically waiting for someone to shoot at them). Once the enemy powers their air-defense radar, we dump 2-4 HARMs at it, and evade any incoming through kinematics (Basically turning hard enough that missile overshoots and can't correct before running out of fuel or it loses lock) and countermeasures.

    As our SEAD aircraft do this, our frogfeet will be flattening the enemy encampment with bombs and rockets, targeting any armor spotted with ATGMs. once the main camp is down and the SEAD is progressing, our Hinds will come in low and fsat, deploy our troops, and then dust off to provide CAS. Our infantry and mechanised forces will be moving fast for the enemies most likely lines of retreat to cut them off.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)23:06 No.17743491

    Hmmmmm. I THINK we should let them. It only makes sense, them being scouts and all.

    It all depends on how long it'll take the air-force to do whatever aviationfag says they should be doing right now. An hour or two, fine, they should probably hang back. Longer than that, they should probably move up.
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)23:07 No.17743497

    Have them set up an OP and that's it. We don't want to spook the enemy. See if the BMP's imagers see anything, though. Do they have any laser designators they can use to mark targets?
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)23:08 No.17743515
    >>17743491 here

    I retract that, and vote for

    Basically, just do whatever aviationfag says to do.
    >> Doc 01/30/12(Mon)23:09 No.17743525

    incidentally, when OP mentioned that our planes got attacked by AA, I was thinking that there wasn't any radar. Probably an old gun sight style anti-air gun.

    Don't think we'll be using the ARMs.

    Also NAP in a Mig-21 is asking for our inexperienced pilots to crash and burn.
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)23:09 No.17743528
    >Thread ends
    >Everyone thinks "hey let's take over an African Country"
    >Pasty, fa/tg/uy enlightened dictators spring up everywhere
    >Africa fixed in a decade.
    >> Incident Two. Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)23:12 No.17743563
    We've hit auto-sage. Making new thread.
    >> Aviationfag 01/30/12(Mon)23:13 No.17743570

    They won't be flying TRUE NOE, just low enough to get lost in ground clutter. They've had training with russian instructors and had at least 6 moths on in-seat experience. I also said they'll be armed with a mix or iron bombs and ARMs.

    Although upon reflection, arm the SEAD aircraft with some rocket pods, too. We need variety in our attack ability in this unknown situation.

    How good are our pilots at high-G dodging and using an AWACS as a CnC platform?
    >> !vDcyU1BJg2 01/30/12(Mon)23:13 No.17743578
         File1327983205.png-(43 KB, 900x630, Zanzi_made_by_Unnamed_smaller_(...).png)
    43 KB
    You mean this one? I don't know any more it seems someone else in your thread has made a flag, I don't know.

    Anyway, I'm not from a parallel universe.

    And if anyone else feel like checking out the (now boring) thread of mine, feel free to do so. >>17740772

    Original flag >>17742876
    >> Incident Two. Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)23:15 No.17743606
    Your thread isn't boring. I also love that flag, it will be entered into voting.
    >> Incident Two. Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 01/30/12(Mon)23:22 No.17743697

    New Thread
    >> Anonymous 01/30/12(Mon)23:27 No.17743777
    I change my vote from A to this flag!

    also the guy who painted our MiG is awesome, regardless of the flag.

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