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    24 KB Dictator Quest - Part 11? Aviationfag 02/04/12(Sat)21:34 No.17808743  
    Zumwalts and Tomahawks and Ospreys OH MY!

    Since the last thread is in autosage and we're waiting on Grand Leader, new thread from >>17796326

    After killing or capturing the escaped USSOCOM/MARSOC operatives that escaped and recovering a Neotekz abductee, we're currently discussing retaliation on the US, either diplomatic or military, and how best to deploy our soon-to-be ready railguns and lasers, to protect our people and tech.

    Previous threads at: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=dictator
    >> Aviationfag 02/04/12(Sat)21:39 No.17808806

    Phase 1: Begin secret deployment of camouflaged anti-shipping railguns on our coast while using world media to rebuke the US, and also deny their government workers, in any capacity, access to our AIDS cure and any future cures we develop. Conventional military and conscripts remain on standby, while we fabricate vehicles to motorize our regulars and small arms to arm our conscripts.

    Further phases to be decided based upon results of phase 1, anywhere from railguns capable of hitting the continental US to "lol hey, we're just gonna colonize space while you and Russia bicker"
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)21:43 No.17808866
    I advocate a policy of diplomacy while we research and build up our railgun and laser weapons in secret.

    We still need to build a power plant for the railguns, and NeoTekz says that they still need more time to test the new railgun design.

    So, until that's ready, we get our diplomacy going. Main people to talk to are the AU and our African neighbors for a greater defense pact.
    Talk with Germany and other nations that are reconsidering their NATO alliance. Try to get them to either leave, or at least reign in the US from doing more stupid bullshit.

    The world will still be concentrating on the shooting going on in the North Sea.
    Military equipment will be likely hard to buy as everyone will want to keep their own stockpiles.

    We can have NeoTekz adapt their nano control tower technology used in creating the new river to also create more military equipment.
    But first, we should try to get more Thorium Reactors to power all of this nanotech.
    >> generictripfag !!2gvSr5QNeFI 02/04/12(Sat)21:47 No.17808907
    Seconding. I also think now might be the time to stock up on hardened underground facilities and antitank mines.
    >> Aviationfag 02/04/12(Sat)21:48 No.17808918

    you'll note my expanded plan in the last thread had the creation of 2-3 dedicated thorium reactors in the primary Neotrekz lab for just this purpose. With 23000 regular troops, we should be able to fabricate enough armored vehicles to motorise them all easily, based on our current 1st battalion. The problem is training. I don't think our troops are all cross-trained on our T-90s, BMPs, BTRs, and SPAAGs, SPGs, and SAM systems. Our conscripts will be posted to civilian defense as foot infantry with heavy MANPADs, with mercenary assistance, along with Russian oversight, using the troops they sent to assist.

    The problem is time. Can we get our regulars trained up to 1st Battalion's level in time? Can we keep the Us away long enough? I don't know.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)21:54 No.17808981
    We have to think of where we're going to buy all of the thorium from.
    India has large reserves, so we'd probably buy from them.

    As for fabbing up the thorium reactors, we can see if it's possible. Just the reactor isn't enough, after all. We also have to fab the power generation equipment and the control systems.
    They're going to be big, because thorium reactors haven't been miniaturized like fission reactor have for nuclear subs.
    >> generictripfag !!2gvSr5QNeFI 02/04/12(Sat)21:58 No.17809011
    If anything, thorium reactors should be easier to minimize. Ideally, we have our economy on a war footing to finance all of this.
    >> Aviationfag 02/04/12(Sat)21:59 No.17809027

    We can just fab the thorium using our existing reactors to create it. With WW3 brewing, I doubt we'll be able to buy up anything, so we'll have to rely on nanites for new gear, unless Russia feels generous.

    If we need more power than those, we can roll brownouts. As it stands, we can build a 3rd using nano-fabbed parts and assembled using Zanzian labor.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)21:59 No.17809034
    Wait a second.
    Our nano-tech works on a atomic level right?
    so couldn't we use nuclear fusion as a power source? I mean, it shouldn't take that much for the nano-bots to smash some atoms together.
    and hay, we can make some oil or gold at the same time.
    >> Aviationfag 02/04/12(Sat)22:01 No.17809059

    Oh, if I wasn't clear, I meant a PUBLIC 3rd reactor, to supplement the Tropicgrad and Port Liberty reactors, in addition to the Neotekz labs generators.

    Any thoughts on my plan to stud the coast with nanite towers to be able to turn it into Normandy on every steroid known to man and PCP if the US decides to try an amphibious invasion?
    >> Slushed 02/04/12(Sat)22:02 No.17809069
    there is the option of supplementing the reactors with a water turbine system using our artificial river creating powers
    >> Aviationfag 02/04/12(Sat)22:03 No.17809071

    Not a mature tech. We're on a war footing, which means replicating existing tech. Once we're back in peace, we can just go to the moon, mine it for He-3, and start fusion research without needing to waste power fabbing up reactor fuel.
    >> generictripfag !!2gvSr5QNeFI 02/04/12(Sat)22:03 No.17809079
    It's simpler to extract from seawater. We won't start mining the moon for a long time.
    >> Aviationfag 02/04/12(Sat)22:08 No.17809120

    Ah. I thought it was simply extremely hard to find on Earth. Still, we'll need the moon eventually. But we're getting off course from current problems.

    We'll need to mechanize our regulars, see about either hiring or stealing combat rated pilots, and fabbing up airframes for them. Maybe Russia is willing to sell us or provide us blueprints for the PAK-FA? We could fab some up with our "Secret manufacturing center", give Russia a few, and keep a few squadrons of our own. At the least, we can get as many fulcrums as we have pilots, and bring our Frogfeet and Fencers to a full squadron each. That will give us more tactical flexibility, if we need it.
    >> Not completely retarded 02/04/12(Sat)22:10 No.17809146
    I have a questions for Grand Leader about the nanofabrication boxes.
    Do these 'make ammo from sand nanoboxes' follow known real world thermodynamics (ie conservation of energy) or does this wonderous new technology disprove it ingame?
    Can our nanofabs make fissiles without huge electricity demands? eg sand into thorium?
    If not, we should at least consider using the nanofabs to reprocess the waste from our reactors into new fuel, even if its just sorting the waste into its component isotopes.
    Are there any locations suitable for geothermal power in our country?
    I think we should keep any nanofabbed equipment hidden so that spies cant see that we have a sudden huge increase in production capabilities.
    What about digging secret tunnels and using the removed dirt to make vehicles?

    We should keep improving our cybersecurity, maybe have a look at our shiny new quantum computer and figure out how it works so we can fab our own in a few years (not a direct copy of it, we don't want american backdoors in our systems) (this can wait until after our railguns and lasers, but we should keep considering it for later)

    I think we should assign guards to the neotek employees, in case america tries something again.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:10 No.17809147
    If we're going to fab thorium, using the electricity already produced by thorium, would it just be better to divert some of the stored thorium that was intented for our existing thorium reactors to the new ones?

    We can't make energy from nothing, and using thorium-derived electricity to create more thorium is simply a waste of energy due to power lost during the conversion process.
    >> generictripfag !!2gvSr5QNeFI 02/04/12(Sat)22:11 No.17809159
    The main resource we need right now is electricity. I would ask Russia about providing manpower in exchange for expedited production and an Atlantic base. I'm also thinking we start tunneling like crazy to protect against enemy air support.
    >> Aviationfag 02/04/12(Sat)22:12 No.17809169

    True. We also have wind farms, but that probably won't give us enough power.

    We can see about fabbing up a massive number of solar panels, maybe, turning a stretch of desert or unused land into a massive solar power generator to provide power for reactor fuel fabrication?

    At the least, reactor waste is already energetic, so we should be able to fab it into thorium with less energy input.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:12 No.17809170
    Shouldn't we be getting a bigger navy as well? An aircraft carrier would be excellent, although unlikely, but we should at least get some battleships.
    >> Aviationfag 02/04/12(Sat)22:14 No.17809197

    No point. Our railguns aren't combat ready yet, and we'd need anti-stealth arrays for our ships to not get shitkicked by US zumwalts. Better to stay on the defensive until we can deploy frigates or destroyers armed with railguns and laser CIWS.
    >> generictripfag !!2gvSr5QNeFI 02/04/12(Sat)22:17 No.17809234
    We might want to look at getting bases in Cuba or Brazil, to get a geographically closer position. Of course, to man these we'll need either to borrow from foreign militaries or conscript soldiers as fast as we can.
    >> Aviationfag 02/04/12(Sat)22:24 No.17809306

    We currently have 80000 troops to work with. 23000 professional army, that we'll hopefully be all putting into mechanized regiments, with maybe 1 dedicated tank unit with minimal infantry. (These are soviet styled, with air-defense at a battalion and regiment level).

    We can probably ground our fishing boats to draw seamen, with Russian oversight, to man our new nanodestroyers. We can also have a nanite tower on board to allow for damage control that would put any other navy to shame, using seawater as fuel.
    >> Slushed 02/04/12(Sat)22:24 No.17809312
    It wouldn't be bad, however once we get our Shoreline railguns up, any immediate threat naval threat will be negligent. After the InterCont Railgun is ready there wont be a US carrier group on the planet that could hide from us.

    The only other thing I would stress right now is looking Into some anti-submarine measures. So now might be the to use our AIDs cure to buy the PAK-FA and a few subs, obviously the less we have to fabricate the more nanites can be put to work on our other projects.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:26 No.17809337
    >turning a stretch of desert or unused land into a massive solar power generator to provide power for reactor fuel fabrication?
    Unless our nanotech allows us to break the law of conservation of energy, it would be better to have the solar power plant feed directly to the nano control towers.

    The only advantage that a nuclear reactor, even a thorium one, has over a large solar power facility is energy density (lots of power in a relatively small space), as long as we discount reliability due to weather conditions.
    And since our thorium reactors aren't miniaturized to be vehicle-ready, nor is the technology anywhere near being that mature, making thorium fuel from new energy isn't the answer.

    Converting waste to usable fuel is a different matter though.
    >> Aviationfag 02/04/12(Sat)22:28 No.17809366

    WW3 is brewing. We probably can't buy ANY new war materiel, even from Russia. We can see about asking them for ASuW support or advice, but they're probably stretching it just sending over the units they did after the latest attack. Maybe we could buy plans for an attack sub, and build it, but we still need crews. And we can't train them in a small enough timeframe. A better bet would be sonar buoys and Air-Dropped torpedoes.
    >> generictripfag !!2gvSr5QNeFI 02/04/12(Sat)22:30 No.17809392
    We just want to convert the energy to something that's harder to destroy.
    >> Aviationfag 02/04/12(Sat)22:31 No.17809407

    Solar panels are exposed, though. We can use them for direct-nano fabrication after we get the Neotekz labs reactors online for security. Yeah, we COULD use just solar panels, but what happens if they get blown to hell before our defense net is online? You can't just think about the expedient solution, you need to think about the secure one, as well.
    >> Slushed 02/04/12(Sat)22:34 No.17809439
    If we had sonar and a position of the attacking sub, would we even need torpedo? Provided they were not super deep and we had a strait shot, wouldn't the shore guns be able to punch though the water?
    >> generictripfag !!2gvSr5QNeFI 02/04/12(Sat)22:36 No.17809460
    Surface tension is a bitch. I wouldn't try it.
    >> Aviationfag 02/04/12(Sat)22:38 No.17809474

    Nope. Our railguns would be even LESS effective than a gun. The faster the projectile, the less it penetrates water. Air-dropped torpedoes, even current gen, are a better bet. After our laser and railgun programs are working, we can see about a nanite-boosted (To breakdown the water ahead) super-cavitating version.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:38 No.17809476
    Point about the security issue.

    What having the lab create some nano control towers, hook them up to the national grid for power, then have the towers use nanites to dig down into the Earth's crust far enough for a geothermal tap to be feasible?

    We could buy the plans and maybe even the necessary technology and technicians from somewhere, perhaps Russia or India.
    This would help in that a geothermal plant requires no fuel.
    >> Not completely retarded 02/04/12(Sat)22:38 No.17809478
    No, the water would rapidly absorb the momentum and the projectile would break a few meters in, ifhttp://kwc.org/mythbusters/2005/07/mythbusters_bulletproof_water.html even that.

    The mythbusters did a demonstration of this, it was quite interesting.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:38 No.17809485

    Nope. ballistic dropoff in water is insane, even with herpavelocity railguns.

    Torpedoes are still the Last word in ASW.
    >> Aviationfag 02/04/12(Sat)22:40 No.17809504

    Not enough time. We know and can independently operate Thorium reactors. We'll stick with it until we have breathing room. Its a good plan, but until we have the current crisis resolved, we can't take the time to go about it.
    >> generictripfag !!2gvSr5QNeFI 02/04/12(Sat)22:40 No.17809508
    I like it. It might take a long time, though.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:46 No.17809589
    stupid questions:
    is our nenotech in molecular or atomic level?
    is it stable enough to let it build a new power plant to us?
    can we replicate it enough to speed our efforts?
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:47 No.17809595
    All the more reason to get into talks now to begin acquiring the technology.

    But your point about being able to immediately implement the technology is a concern.

    Thorium isn't used as a strategic asset by many nations, since only India was aggressively researching thorium as a power source.

    South Africa has sizable deposits, as do Brazil and Australia.
    If India can't supply us, Brazil (who we have deals with) or Australia (not a member of NATO) could.
    >> Aviationfag 02/04/12(Sat)22:48 No.17809601

    We can turn sand into bread, make a railgun, and literally make new rivers. Speed is determined by power in non-box forms, and I'm not sure on the scale.
    >> generictripfag !!2gvSr5QNeFI 02/04/12(Sat)22:50 No.17809620
    Australia is out (ANZUS treaty.) I would like to put Zanzian military bases near fuel sources, especially where Brazil is concerned.
    >> Aviationfag 02/04/12(Sat)22:50 No.17809621

    The problem is that there's a shooting war developing between the NATO countries and Russia. Its NOT a good time to be buying up stuff on the international scene. Too many ways for it to go wrong. We'd also need to import experts on tech we don't already have, and that can lead into espionage problems. I'm not saying geothermal isn't a way to go, we just can't look into it RIGHT NAO, except as a feasability study on the nano-side of things.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:54 No.17809666
    What about South African thorium, though?
    It would be traveling overland or through the airspace of Chinese-aligned or Unaligned African nations.
    >> generictripfag !!2gvSr5QNeFI 02/04/12(Sat)22:55 No.17809678
    True. But rail and truck travel is easy to disrupt, and building more reactors takes time.
    >> Aviationfag 02/04/12(Sat)22:57 No.17809694

    That might be an option, they're probably more amicable than they were last time we went to them for stuff since we cured AIDS, but I don't know if they'll sell to us. They didn't before, they might still not. Or, the price might be too high. I recommend we try South Africa, while still working on the home-grown plan.
    >> generictripfag !!2gvSr5QNeFI 02/04/12(Sat)23:01 No.17809742
    It might help that they have some of the highest rates of AIDS on the planet. If we lose, their citizenry suffers enormously.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:02 No.17809762
    If they want to keep their citizens alive, they need us.
    >> Aviationfag 02/04/12(Sat)23:04 No.17809799

    We've already deployed the AIDS box to all of Africa, though. Sure, we wouldn't be able to RE-treat infections if we lose our labs, because of the fact that the nanites need to be built in our country, but we're already curing them. But with the current world situation, and us being an enemy of the US, they might be too afraid being drawn in to sell anything to us.
    >> generictripfag !!2gvSr5QNeFI 02/04/12(Sat)23:06 No.17809837
    That leaves Brazil and India. What's our Merchant Marine like?
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:09 No.17809890
    It's a bunch of fishing boats. Some of them have guns.
    I think we have more planes than boats.
    >> Aviationfag 02/04/12(Sat)23:10 No.17809897

    Current naval forces are 10 Svetlyak PT boats, with AShMs, 29 fighting boats armed with a mishmash of guns, and a local-shipping frieghter with a WW2 era BOFORS. We are NOT capable of blue-water lifts or escort.
    >> Slushed 02/04/12(Sat)23:11 No.17809911
    I think our number of ships is quite low.

    Working a deal out with India still shouldn't be a problem though
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:12 No.17809925
    Actually, according to 2005 estimates, Egypt has something around 100,000 tons of thorium reserves, as well.
    >> generictripfag !!2gvSr5QNeFI 02/04/12(Sat)23:12 No.17809926
    I've been ranting for years (in game time) of the need to register some ships for war commerce.
    Everyone forgets the Merchant Marine when they think of military branches. This right here is what decides if we have materials during a war. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merchant_marine
    >> generictripfag !!2gvSr5QNeFI 02/04/12(Sat)23:13 No.17809941
    Isn't Egypt a heavy US ally?
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:14 No.17809958

    Until the revolution. Grand Leader has ruled that they've fallen more into Russia's sphere since then.
    >> Aviationfag 02/04/12(Sat)23:14 No.17809959

    The problem is finding crews and ships. Even if we can nanofab em, we need crews.

    Egypt might be willing to sell, too. We'll need to ask. Hell, we can go to EVERYONE and see what we can get, and still work on home-grown solar farms and our Neotekz reactors.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:17 No.17810004
    it might be racist, but poverty breeds childrens
    its more a matter of educating them for the job than finding them
    >> generictripfag !!2gvSr5QNeFI 02/04/12(Sat)23:18 No.17810019
    We just nationalize existing shipping companies and keep the same crews. Easy peasy.
    It's more of a trade skills thing. People can pick it up on the job.
    >> Aviationfag 02/04/12(Sat)23:18 No.17810022

    We're not poor anymore though, we're at highschool early college level education, and we're doing EXTREMELY well, for Africa, and decent for the World.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:24 No.17810099
    do we know how much middle class citzens correspond to the % of population
    the middle class might be rising but the poor must be the majority for now
    we just make sure they dont die or kill each other
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:53 No.17810512

    Of course, but i'm willing to bet we've got a proportionally huge middle class, by Africa standards at least.
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)00:12 No.17810774
    Bumping for more discussion. The more ideas we have (Even bad ones) help to refine our course of action.
    >> Not completely retarded 02/05/12(Sun)00:44 No.17811273
    How are we going to hide our advanced weaponry? Could we build fake houses, and put at least some of the rail guns and lasers inside them, so that if we are attacked, we have a second set of defences? (i'm guessing we'd either need a railgun producing box, or underground tunnels to get the guns in place)
    We should make more portable radars, and hide them around the country in case we need them, so that even if they use anti radar missiles, we can just wheel out another from its hiding place? (Maybe store them in warehouses or if they'll fit, a houses garage?)
    We need better communications infrastructure, some fiber optic links.
    We need to remember that missiles and aircraft arent the only ways the us could nuke us, they could smuggle one into our country if they had to, so we shouldn't put all our big guns in one place, maybe we could build them underground, so they cant be seen from sattelites until we actually fire them
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:46 No.17811310
    Since they're a Russian ally, and so are we, we can probably get some thorium fuel from them.

    So we have Egypt, South Africa, Brazil, and India for possible sources of thorium fuel.

    Yes, the US could try to mess with the shipments from India and Brazil, but they'd need a damn good explanation, because doing so would put the rest of the world not already on Russia's side against the US.
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)00:53 No.17811418

    I suggested shore batteries, ie: Multiple sites. We can disguise them as anti-ship launchers, or just nano-fab them inside hidden bunkers underground with rock doors.

    You'll note I also suggested fabbing ALL our gear in excess. In addition to fitting out our army regulars with full mechanised gear, we can make enough spare ammo, missiles, parts, and radar to sustain losses beyond what any "regular" army could. At this point, we can't really HIDE that buildup beyond some hollowed out mountains. Maybe have Neotekz build some massive underground highways, but it'd still get found by ground-penetrating radar.
    >> teka 02/05/12(Sun)01:02 No.17811591
    Conceal railgun systems and compact power plants/power storage inside cheaply purchased and remodeled container ships.

    Mix them with other shipping being handled at our ports, move them from dock to dock, shuffle around the colors of the mock-container shells on the highest levels, change the hull numbers, etc. This could serve as a somewhat mobile hidden weapon in a time of need.

    Go to every world organization to complain about the US. Everything from the UN to the International Council on Agricultural Standards if need be.

    (publicly) start some grand space program projects.
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)01:06 No.17811645

    UN is busy with the whole "World about to erupt into WW3" thing.

    Space Program will raise more questions.

    We only have 1 freighter under our flag, and our fishing boats can't handle a railgun. Our Svetlyak's might be able to handle a railgun with proper capacitors, though.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)01:19 No.17811856
    >Space Program will raise more questions.
    Because all the other military projects wouldn't? I re-iterate my belief that having the inter-continental railgun capable of launching satellites into space is simply much much more reasonable than just having it be able to reach America. Thus in the off case it gets found out before we have intention of using it, there's the excuse that it's only designed to launch stuff into space.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)01:22 No.17811903
         File1328422955.jpg-(120 KB, 400x394, 1262867074647.jpg)
    120 KB
    >retaliation on the US
    >railguns and lasers
    clearly this has spiraled down into a game of pretend
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)01:25 No.17811946

    You said "grand". The rail-launcher isn't grand. I thought you meant, like starting our space elevator or a self-sufficient orbital community.

    Still, we should hold off for now on that. A space-launcher? That'd be at our spaceport, and open to the public, and raise a lot of eyebrows. It'd still probably be called a WMD or some other jingoistic shit because what goes up can come down just as fast. An artillery piece could be at least hidden in a mountain until it is deployed. Not to mention, the rail-launcher would reveal more of our technological base than we need to. Anything above our current army bases we should keep hidden until we're forced to use it.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)01:27 No.17811990
    Yeah, but some people want to create a railgun as a WMD hidden in the mountain.. but not make it capable of space launches.
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)01:32 No.17812052

    They're actually quite different in my view, I'll get to after I explain WHY we're talking about them in the first place. I originally suggested the rail-artillery because it looked like we'd HAVE to engage the US in a military campaign, and we don't have the military force to mount an invasion, only defend. With new ideas giving a potential political out, we don't NEED it. I'm still saying we should draw up plans for it. There would be fundamental differences between an orbital rail-launcher and a fuckoff huge railgun as artillery, though, though. A rail-artillery piece would have a much faster firing rate, be smaller, and generally be a more robust system than an orbital lifter, and the lifter would probably have a launch loop to assist in slowly bringing up cargo to speed to facilitate human space efforts.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)01:43 No.17812183
    That sounds reasonable, but realistically would there be much of a room for a railgun to have differing firing rates? The smaller doesn't really ring true to a large extent, though. If you have a railgun large enough to launch a projectile 8000km from Ghana to New York, while satellites orbit 100km up..
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)01:44 No.17812186
    i hope all you bush monkeys get nuked for messing with the USA
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)01:47 No.17812224
    Is it possible to tune down the muzzle velocity of our railguns and turn them into super long range Depth Charge lobbers?
    Mabye attach parachutes to the charges to stop them from breaking up when entering the water, possilby even rockets.
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)01:49 No.17812248

    Rate of fire is important for a military system. Compared, to say, a civil lift platform being used 1-4 times a day, our rail-artillery needs to be able to place at least 4 rounds on target inside of 5 minutes.


    The US started it. First they fund rebels in our country, then smuggle weapons and deny our lawful right to impound it, THEN they kill our people, bomb us with Tomahawks, and expect to get away with it? We're at the least not going to give them access to our wonderful medical tech.

    Oh, and their nukes? Yeah, we're probably half-way to an anti-satellite/nuke laser.
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)01:51 No.17812275

    I doubt it. We probably can't design electronics capable of surviving the magnetic fields. We'd be better of upgrading current air-dropped torpedoes until we have a navy capable of independent ASuW.(Anti-Submarine Warfare, for those not familiar with acronyms). It's a nice idea for the long-term, though.
    >> Not completely retarded 02/05/12(Sun)01:55 No.17812342
    If it comes to defending against nukes, we'd have to fend off specops teams with man portable bombs, not just missiles and planes.

    Maybe we could look into developing a giant nanite built wall, to be deployed if shit hits the fan?
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)01:58 No.17812373

    Already suggested. That was also hinted at with the Saw'sin city TV tower, it can double as a massive nanite control tower. Coupled with a Very Large Array searching optically and in infrared for shit that shouldn't be places, we can hopefully find and kill enemy troops before they detonate enemy nukes.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)02:09 No.17812536
    >can't design electronics capable of surviving the magnetic fields

    Man I feel retarded for not thinking of this

    >I'm an electronics major
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)02:17 No.17812637

    Its a good idea for making longer ranged anti-submarine weapons. Current ASROCs have a decent range. But if we can have ASuW railguns with, say, 20-40km range to free up VLS cells for missiles or something? Or even eliminate them altogether for more guns? Great long-term research project, bad for current applications.
    >> Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 02/05/12(Sun)02:30 No.17812770

    Anyways, I'm here, but fucking tired..GAME TOOK TO LONG...Due to Zubats. I'll try to make a post tomorrow. I'll be reading up on this too.
    >> Slushed 02/05/12(Sun)02:44 No.17812932

    It's cool, stinking nanites have turned this from "Run third world country and look for useful dated russian equipment" to "Read up on physics, electronics, ballistics, and experimental science projects and think of novel ways to use said knowledge."
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)02:50 No.17813024

    To be fair, it was the fact that we BELIEVED that the nanites would work, and threw money and scientists at them. If we didn't, we'd still be third-world with some good things going, but nowhere near where we are.
    >> Slushed 02/05/12(Sun)02:55 No.17813068
    Oh, I'm not complaining, AND I've learned a little bit, so there's that. If the nanites turned out to be a scam we might have a much more active part to play in this Sino- American conflict. Our eastern jungles would have been stacked with bodies
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)04:28 No.17813913
    Actually, our black box concept gave me an idea.

    Since we lack seapower, why dont we build a UAV carrier, with the black box programmed to produce UAV's from raw materials?

    No pilots means it can have minimal crew, and throw dozens of UAV's at any target. Dont event need to recover the UAV's provided we keep the thing fed with matierals?
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)04:31 No.17813932

    That... not a bad idea actually, with a quantum computer we can probably look into that FTL linked particle idea for instant, lag free control, and with railgun and laser equipped UCAVs, we can have cheap CAS anywhere, albeit extremely dangerous to lose, since they'd have top-tier CnC, Ewar, and weapons tech.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)05:16 No.17814220

    We could use conventional UAV's for the meantime, disposable and in large numbers.

    Its also possible we could get an arsenal ship to go with this, use the UAV's to find a target, then have a mass of cruise missiles launched to overwhelm any air defense.

    the carrier could provide air defense for the arsenal ship too.

    Only issue is that its exposed to submarine attack, then again, we could get submersible suicide bots... like torpedoes, only alot more of them
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)05:22 No.17814254

    Who needs missiles? Railguns are faster and deliver more energy per pound, simply by kinetic force. The only point of missiles is for fighter aircraft for BVR combat where beam collimation (The diffusion of the laser's power through the spread of the focal point because of the atmosphere diverting and asorbing the radiation) would become an issue.

    And we can't afford or build convential UCAVs at the moment. To my knowledge the Russian UCAV program is next to nothing, and even then probably wouldn't supply with a working model or blueprints if we asked for them.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)05:32 No.17814300

    I was meaning to start out with, since if we lose railgun or laser tech, its going to hurt in the long run.
    >> Dr.Ceithre Lau, Ph.D. 02/05/12(Sun)07:26 No.17814805

    Maybe you can buy some from Israel.

    You guys are not Muslims, right?
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)08:05 No.17814947
    i believe we dont have an official religion
    for what i care the population can believe in coco the space monkey
    as long as he dont fuckwith the government someway
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)09:19 No.17815346
    Okay, somebody said all ideas are welcome, so here's my two cents. The US is belligerent, we are. Some durkas fly into a building and kill some of our people and now we hate all brown people from the East. That was started by them, US don't like to be the attacker, we like to be seen as the great defender of all men, the only problem is that they haven't been caught balls deep in the farmers daughter like this before. They were getting hella confrontational, so they have to explain it to the people or there will be another riot. We need to tell the American people of our good intentions. Our people do not want war, we are happy and content. US Govt. will try to convince the citizenry that there are dirty bombs in every one of our peoples houses and that they all are trained to use them, and that our people hate them. We cannot let that happen, we need to do some sort of very dramatic and public peace offering to America, so if they reject it everybody will see what it is they want.
    Also bump.
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)10:29 No.17815948

    America can't exactly sweep a V-22 and Zumwalt under the rug, and their people aren't exactly happy with their government. I think that simple fact that they're attacking the country that cured AIDS will do a lot to sway public opinion, as well the fact that it was to extract their SF forces who were smuggling weapons.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)14:08 No.17817867
    The BBC has already been spreading our story far and wide, and they have a lot of social clout.

    The problem is that the shooting war in the North Sea is taking up everyone's attention right now.
    >> Slushed 02/05/12(Sun)14:21 No.17817992
    Ya, before I knew what all we were up against I was yelling INVASION, but since it turned out being that Zumwalt was only trying to take out our radar so they could get that Osprey to recover the their SF, I think we should be safe from outright US attack for the time being, at least long enough to get the anti-naval guns up and running. What we really need to keep a close eye on are the Liberian troops on our eastern boarder.
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)14:30 No.17818086

    Assuming troop counts stayed somewhat steady, we greatly outclass Liberia, especially with 1st Battalion and the fact that we have an air force, unlike them.

    The problem is that Nigeria likes Liberia, and Nigeria can drown 1st Battalion in bodies.

    Of course, this can be mitigated by nanofabbed vehicles to allow for the rest of our regular army to mechanise.
    >> MAY 2018 - STATE REPORT Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 02/05/12(Sun)15:46 No.17819025
         File1328474779.jpg-(192 KB, 600x460, 1327525112930.jpg)
    192 KB

    -Captive Soldiers are undergoing interrogation & legal trial. So far all of them have been found guilty for murder, espionage, etc. etc. etc. by our judges.

    -A heavily damaged Russian Destroyer is limping into port requesting repairs after a run-in with the Zumwalt. Air patrols, sea patrols, and combat intel from other regions show the Zumwalt engaged them while steaming away to somewhere in South America.

    -Falkland Islands 2.0 has started...

    -Defense Towers 2 and 3 are going up, it is not impacting railgun research.

    -NeoTekz has completed a functional rail-gun, and is ready for combat trials if necessary. They say within a few years they may be able to make them small enough for tanks or infantry, if any major breakthroughs happen with portable energy systems.

    -The US has sent a communique, requesting you cease assistance of the Russians. If you do, they would be willing to give you military equipment, pay for AIDs curing facilities ran by Zanzians in mainland US. If you do not, they can not guarantee that we will be safe from any pursuits of Russian forces in our territory. They do apologize for the collateral from their Special Forces and the Zumwalt, and will do their best not to damage us further if such an event is to occur again.

    -UN is being strained! Russia and EU members walked out during a Presidential speech from the US at the UN.

    -India says they will sell us the blueprints to Thorium Reactors if we pay them a 30% license fee for every reactor built.

    ::OP Statement:: I understand a few people feel like Railguns/Lasers etc are "silly" for such a nation. In fact, everything so for IS scientifically possible in some form. The reason the nation has them is NeoTekz, and because they chose to fund them HEAVILY. They are a GERMAN company. So in short, our country is what it is due to German Engineering funded by African Gold and Oil. I see no problem with this.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)15:54 No.17819103


    Make sure they don't break out again.

    >Russian ship

    Let them in.

    >Falkland Islands


    >rail gun

    Keep up the good work, NeoTekz. Start trials.


    It's a little late for this now, isn't it?


    Do we really need the blueprints? Can't we just make our own, from the thorium reactors we have? If we can't do this, then I say go ahead and buy the blueprints.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)16:09 No.17819263
    If WW3 is coming, does anyone else think we could do with some civil defense schemes in case of nuclear attack?
    >> Slushed 02/05/12(Sun)16:10 No.17819268
    Welcome back OP

    Begin ballistics testing in secret. How are the lasers looking?

    They mean selling them oil correct? If they will buy oil from us and trade reasonably then we could think about it, but under no circumstances will we allow U.S bases, intelligence or military into our country. The risk of a leak is already too great

    >Russian Destroyer
    Allow repairs in exchange for information on US activities in the area. Don't strain yourself OP, some more information on the war would be much appreciated

    Agree to deal- begin fabrication as soon as possible
    >> Doc 02/05/12(Sun)16:17 No.17819336


    Allow the vessel to dock. Commique to its captain and the Kremlin that due to the recent unrest in our country, we cannot allow the seaman shore leave and ask for their understanding. We will however, provide aid in repairs and resupply.


    Have them begin test for the railgun. The material for producing the water should have created a large empty cavern underground. Let test against armoured material commence there.

    Should the drought have ceased, its probably time to turn off the tap for awhile.

    The Republic of Zanzi, cannot in good concious, allow such a vessel in their damaged extend to take to the open seas. Per what is right and expected of a sea-going nation, aid will be given to allow them to be seaworthy.

    Should the US wish to pursue warmer relations with the republic, our Great Leader is willing to consider these exchanges. However, in light of the recent events, good will alone, will not suffice. The US must first make the first step.


    As a forward looking country, issue a statement, expressing disappointment at the continued hostilities and our hope that the nations around the world will soon come to peaceful term.

    (All hogwash of course. But its politically pleasing hogwash)


    Offer a 20-25% for the Thorium reactors with an agreement that India will share the underlying technology on its workings with us and that our university will work with theirs (I'm expecting IIT) to produce better versions. Of course, this means that any advancements on our side will be shared as well.
    >> Doc 02/05/12(Sun)16:31 No.17819460

    >Other plans

    Regarding the UAV carrier, we have all the materiel we need to work with: Water.

    Our nanite plant can keep producing conventional UAVs (so that if they're captured or lost, no problem there) while it needs to. Recovered UAVs that exceed our storage or needs can be reconverted to water.

    This means our crew has to be utterly loyal... or inhuman. Totally cybernetic CiC should be an option, alone with a big bomb should there be capture.

    >Vehicles and quality of human life in Zanzi

    This one is a big plan. I'd like to introduce electric cars throughout Zanzi and their electric charging equipment.

    We're busy exporting lots of oil and we have huge reactors to supply energy, I do believe, Zani is in a unique situation to successfully convert our road going vehicles to a cleaner form of transport.

    We can offer paid incentives for our citizens to convert to electric vehicles and our money situation should allow us to install electric charging points all around Zanzi and on the highways.

    This means a lower rate of energy loss: power cable transmission vs trucking petrol to petrol stations, lower emissions (a better quality of life).
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)16:44 No.17819584
    >Captured soldiers

    Make the trial public. We can use the anti-US sentiment to unite the people and draw attention away from other domestic problems.


    Step up security! The railgun must remain a secret at all costs. Monitor all NeoTekz staff in the country closely. They must be heavily guarded at all times. Any leak can get us bombed back to stone age.

    >The US

    Collateral? They call that collateral?

    Punch desk in exasperated anger. Refuse the offer. It will cause too many problems, our oil industry was built with Russian aid, our intelligence advisor is Russian, most of our military hardware is Russian - changing sides now would be an economical and a political nightmare. Besides, the US has been causing trouble for us ever since we came to power, are we just going to let that slide?

    Anyway. In the grand scheme of things we're still unimportant, this should prevent the US from mounting a full-scale attack on us. If they do throw something at us - well, here's an opportunity for them railgun combat trials.

    >Russian Destroyer

    Let it in, but make sure it doesn't outstay its welcome. Repair, resupply, send it on its way.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)17:00 No.17819751
    >enemy specops
    Make sure they don't escape and that their trial is held to international standards. This is to be a fair trial, not a kangaroo court.

    >Russian destroyer
    Let them into port and render whatever assistance is requested. The Russians have done fair by us, and we should keep that in mind.

    We cannot, and will not, refuse safe sanctuary to a ship in need. We will not compromise our values for some implied threat of war.

    Publicly state that we are disappointed that a diplomatic solution could not be reached.

    Try to haggle down to 20% for each reactor in exchange for a guaranteed thorium fuel contract in their favor.

    Begin secret weapon trials in underground testing labs.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)17:15 No.17819934
         File1328480151.jpg-(14 KB, 250x300, 1326351255623.jpg)
    14 KB
    tell the US to go fuck themselfs

    infact send a nano swarm pakage to the US

    mission: disassemble the USA
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)17:20 No.17819984

    Things we shouldn't do: this.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)17:30 No.17820073
    >Captive soldiers
    Have the trial up to international standards
    >Russian Destroyer
    Repair, refuel
    Ignore, though this is pretty good
    Reply that we do not negotiate with terrorists. (Not really, though.)
    State that we regret that diplomacy has not worked out
    Buy them. We're going to produce them anyway, but it's good for relations with India.
    Yeah, it seems reasonable to me, nothing is really all that out there

    We REALLY need to work on diplomatic overtures with states like Germany which might be convinced to drop out of NATO. Shit's key to everything.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)17:42 No.17820183

    Seconded on the Germany thing.
    >> MAY 2018 - STATE REPORT Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 02/05/12(Sun)19:28 No.17821435
    New post soon
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)19:43 No.17821619
    Ask the U.K. if they need assistance in the Falklands? does anyone else care about this?
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)19:45 No.17821634
    UK is a staunch US ally, and won't take too kindly to our interference.

    Besides, Argentina is a possible trading ally.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)19:50 No.17821684
    If anything the other way around, not that we could do anything...
    >> generictripfag !!2gvSr5QNeFI 02/05/12(Sun)19:52 No.17821708
    I honestly don't give a crap about either side (at least in the game.) England isn't going to help us, and Argentina has nothing worth while.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)19:52 No.17821720

    There's nothing we can do about it without causing more of a problem than we really need to.
    >> Not completely retarded 02/05/12(Sun)20:23 No.17822032
    What sort of encryption are we using for our military secrets?
    I'm no cryptographer, but don't quantum computers make cracking traditional codes easy?
    The us has a quantum computer, so we should probably be using one time pads for all our sensitive stuff.
    >> JUNE 2018 - STATE REPORT Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 02/05/12(Sun)20:32 No.17822140
         File1328491922.jpg-(37 KB, 264x520, rusai.jpg)
    37 KB

    -Soldiers are under MUCH heavier guard now. Our judge requests to know if he should have them hanged. They deserve it..but, given the situation...

    -Russian ship is being repaired now. Report is they never saw the Zumwalt. NeoTekz says the damage is kinetic... which means Rail Guns.

    -Production of Indian designed Reactors have begun where we need them with a 23% license fee per reactor.

    -NeoTekz has gotten the Quantum Computer duplicate prepared for a "dumb" version that could be installed in every city. Dumby-QC would only permit so much computational power, so our own people couldn't use it against us.

    -Communication with Germany and many EU NATO states with Russia and their allies (us included) has pushed the general consensus. Europe is tired of being a World War battlefield, all but France and the UK have withdrawn from NATO.

    -United Nations collapses. While it "exists" - many foreign powers aligned with Russia have recalled their diplomats from the US at Russia's beckon. They highly suggest we remove our people from the UN building in NYC.

    -War Ongoing: Air War over Alaska! Russia delivers ground troops into Alaska via air and limited naval landings. Anchorage is currently a major battlefield between Russian Airborne and Nat-Guard/US Marines

    -US forces have re-invaded Iran via Kuwait in another attempt to now cut Russia from it's oil supply.

    -Russian fleet all but lost in the North Sea. Carrier limps back to port with only one escort left. Extensive US/UK casualties reported.

    -Kosovo NATO forces engaged by Russian Army. Battle on-going. Russia has also re-invaded Georgia, one of the few US allies in the region. (IRL: We're RE-ARMING THEM NOW...what the fuck Obama?! But yeah.)
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)20:41 No.17822240
    >Enemy Specops
    They deserve a hanging, but no, I think it better that their sentence be commuted to life imprisonment with no chance of parole.

    >Zumwalt using railguns
    Tell NeoTekz that we need to step up the testing of the railguns.

    >thorium reactors
    Good. Make sure that they are also adequately fueled.

    If it will not draw from our military preparations, roll out the Dumby-QC to our cities.

    Recall our people. Russia is probably going to nuke New York.

    >US re-invades Iran
    Now's our chance. Tell Russia that we can provide them with more oil at a 20% discount if they'll give us oil derrick technology so we can exploit our in-land oil reserves and help protect our thorium shipments from abroad.
    >> Not completely retarded 02/05/12(Sun)20:56 No.17822416
    I'd prefer keeping the prisoners for possible intel or as a barganning chip, maybe lessen the sentance from death to life in prison, after a legitemately fair trial, of course.
    If the US is going after russias oil supply, we could use this as an opportunity for cheaper naval vessels from russia. If Russia doesn't want to sell its boats due to it's losses, we could ask for plans and help building our own, perhaps asking for some fancy naval tech like sonars and torpedos?

    If we deploy the copied Quantum computers, we need to disquise that we copied the americans tech, and that we have quantum computers. I'm guessing we plan to disguise the quantum computers as server farms, slowly increasing the capacity using the disguise of upgrades?

    We need landlines installed to nearby countries.

    What level off security do we have on our aids cure machines? Do we ship fake materials to disguise that we can use our nanites to make more nanites from arbitary materials? Do the systems self destruct if tampered with or moved without permission?
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)20:58 No.17822439
    >Soldiers are under MUCH heavier guard now. Our judge requests to know if he should have them hanged. They deserve it..but, given the situation...
    Don't execute them for now. Lengthen the trial so we get some more time

    >Russian ship is being repaired now. Report is they never saw the Zumwalt. NeoTekz says the damage is kinetic... which means Rail Guns.
    Advise NT to step up the railgun developement. If the US has working ones we really need to hurry.

    >United Nations collapses. While it "exists" - many foreign powers aligned with Russia have recalled their diplomats from the US at Russia's beckon. They highly suggest we remove our people from the UN building in NYC.
    Withdraw from the UN. With those nations leaving it's pretty much a US puppet show anyway.

    >US forces have re-invaded Iran via Kuwait in another attempt to now cut Russia from it's oil supply.
    Let's try to make a profit out of this. Sell Russia more oil at a discount in exchange for various technologies
    >> Taffer 02/05/12(Sun)21:00 No.17822471
    Hang em. They are guilty of murder, kidnapping et cetera. We are a nation of laws are we not

    >Neoteks QC, thorium reactors
    Good job guys
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)21:01 No.17822485
    See if the USA would give us anything for the soldiers safe return.

    Ramp up our own rail gun testing.

    Use with caution install fail safes if it gets out of control.

    Recall our diplomats.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)21:03 No.17822514
    Oh also: do we have any idea what China is doing (or have they released any statements regarding the world situation?)
    They are keeping awfully quiet, considering what is going on, and while I am not surprised they are not openly acting, I am quite surprised they haven't had their say.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)21:03 No.17822516
    Perhaps we should start building a slipway large enough to accommodate frigates & Destroyers, and liscence the plans for some from Russia? If we incorporate nanotech pylons into the slipways under extreme secrecy, we could be shitting out ships for us and Russia, and our/their allies at a dihorretic rate.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)21:05 No.17822553
    I've got a $20 bet that they had a hand in manipulating this shut to a flashpoint. Remember the F-35 with bugged data?
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)21:06 No.17822574
    and also make it very obvious that we have some secret manufacturing technology.
    Note that I am not completely opposed to this plan. But it has its risks and is going to jump us up the US target list by quite a stretch. Are we ready for that yet?
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)21:06 No.17822583
    We should keep an eye on them, I agree.
    They're probably consolidating their forces right now, waiting for America and Russian to exhaust themselves against each other, especially since Russia just staged an invasion of US soil.
    >> Not completely retarded 02/05/12(Sun)21:07 No.17822601
    I think we should not deploy the copy QC in anthing but an isolated envoronment, as it may have backdoors or other trickery in it. We can make as many servers as we need with the tech we have.

    The QC could be a ploy by the americans to gain access to our systems from the inside.
    This system was sent to an ally of the US, not to us forces so it may have backdoors used to spy on that ally, or they could have caught on to our duplication tech and be using this as a way to get it for themselves.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)21:08 No.17822612
    >Are we ready for that yet?
    Without working railgun defense batteries?
    No fucking way.
    >> Not completely retarded 02/05/12(Sun)21:09 No.17822634
    Agreed, no showing our hand until we have anti missile lasers and railguns deployed
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)21:10 No.17822646

    - Being building anti-ship shore batteries. our railguns should be able to out perform a US one, but still, maximum camoutflage.

    - Recall our diplomats from the US, offer all EU nations, including the UK and France, an embassy in our capital in exchange for one in their's.

    - Status of our laser research?

    - Status of our nanofabrication of additional war materiel?

    - Iran: What other people said. Uwse this to get Russian resourcing tech and Thorium so we can get more nanotech up.

    Perhaps we can try and poach some scientists to work on our laser program from Russia? I think they have a few...

    >> teka 02/05/12(Sun)21:13 No.17822676
    stockpile partially built ships, nested or "flat packed" in dockside warehouses?

    or build the nanotech slipway in a hollowed mountain, converting rock into ships packed end-to-end in tunnel, ready to flood, open a cliff face onto a canal and dispatch an entire force?

    Would be a bit of a last-resort force.
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)21:15 No.17822703
    Oh, shit, forgot about this:

    - Arrange a "leak" of the US communique where they admit to having those SF under their command to the BBC. That shit is a fucking political gold mine. The US can seriously go fuck itself in my view.

    - FREE ACTION : Begin developing either a nanite-assembled blimp-drone-based or if possible a nanite-based Very Large Array for detection of stealth aircraft and naval assets, cpaable of designated said targets.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)21:16 No.17822714
    I like the idea of being able to instantly produce a fleet out of our sleeve. Though we should probably wait until we have working lasers and railguns to arm the ships with.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)21:17 No.17822728
    Fully support this.

    Fuck the US, the line was drawn quite some time ago.
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)21:17 No.17822745

    We'd still need CREWS for ships.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)21:22 No.17822824
    Theory: do we want to consider the AU in all this? Sure, everyone in it us someone's puppet, but it'd be very advantageous to us to bring it together in a more centralized manner - With it Funding Zanzian-backed infrastructure and modernisation throughout Africa, of course.

    If we're patient and play it right, We could be Africa's Prussia forming Africa's Germany.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)21:25 No.17822860
    Sure, we'd need crews, though we can set up a training program via our existing ships and other armed boats to firm a Naval crew reserve. Not overnight, mind, but it'd be a good trump card.

    Also, Russia is suddenly seriously lacking in ships. How delicious would it be for them to buy a new navy from us?
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)21:29 No.17822911

    That would paint to massive a target on us. We could offer Putin some promises of industrial capacity for new ships that we've been working on in exchange for laser scientists. Once we have our anti-air/anti-orbit grid up, we can build the new Russian navy in a day.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)21:31 No.17822946
    Provided we could somehow solve the crew problem, could we somehow manage to build a fleet of submarines completely under water? A fleet that is only revealed to the enemy the very second we start our attack would be even better than one just suddenly sitting in our harbour.

    Would submarines armed with railguns even be feasible?
    ('submarine' is maybe a bit off, let's say, submersible railgun destroyer)
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)21:34 No.17822985
    Wow, that brings Subs full circle, back to when they were just "Ships that could go underwater". I'm not sure how to feel about this.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)21:36 No.17823010

    Ehhh, Submarines are hard. Without any prior experience with them, they'd be a no-go, even with nanotech. Crewing them is an even bigger bitch. Sub crews need to be a lot better trained than our Navy can realistically provide at the present time.
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)21:37 No.17823019

    Personally? I'm against the concept. There's too many ways for it to go wrong, and we don't have sub-trained crews. A submarine is a VERY training-intensive environment.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)21:39 No.17823052

    Speaking of which; Do we have a proper Military Academy, or are we just training up recruits at bases and camps?

    It may take a it of investment, but a Well-regarded, functioning military Academy like Duntroon or Sandringham would be a serious boost to our prestige and military Professionalism.
    >> Not completely retarded 02/05/12(Sun)21:40 No.17823053
    Not if we want the railguns to fire underwater, but we might be able to have waterproofed turrets or something, for surface use.
    If we want to do underwarter combat torpedoes are what works.

    We could build underground tunnels connecting to somewhere underwater, and launch submarines through that, or maybe with some extra research make a waterproof construction nanites, i'm not sure if the ones we have for making oil would work in the ocean for making ships.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)21:45 No.17823125

    Waterproofing gun mounts is an easy job - The Poms and Frogs have been sticking oversized Destroyer and Cruiser guns on submarines since the '20s.

    Underground tunnels are eh. Fuckload of effort for something that can easily be kicked in the nuts by ground-penetrating radar.
    >> teka 02/05/12(Sun)21:57 No.17823235
    cut out the human factor.
    Build ultra-long distance Unmanned Submarine Vehicles.
    A cross between a torpedo and an automated missile launch platform, smaller due to removing the human needs and living space.

    If they have long enough endurance you could park them on the seabed offshore ahead of an invasion force. Make them small enough to ship and they could be another product to Very quietly sell to the russians or other friendly nations.

    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)21:57 No.17823241
    I have an idea and it depends on how fast nanite tech can create torpedoes/missles.

    What if instead of creating subs to defend our coasts, we create nanite silos underwater that regurgitate torpedoes when the US navy comes a knockin'? That way, in the short term we can avoid the problems of training a fully capable sub crew/navy while at the same time having a coastal defense.

    Do you think it could work?
    >> Not completely retarded 02/05/12(Sun)21:57 No.17823244
    How good is ground penetrating radar? How far away can they use it? Would a secret base in the middle of our country be invisible without a plane in our airspace? Is their stealth good enough to put one over us for the scan?

    What political shenanigans can we pull, since we're basically waiting for our big projects to finish before we implement anything else.

    Can we do anything to increase our educational levels?

    How small can we make a system to scan something for production? Maybe we could make a bird shaped device that flies onto then nanoscans an enemy vessel, then flies off to be collected?
    >> Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 02/05/12(Sun)22:04 No.17823347
    New post incoming
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)22:06 No.17823367

    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)22:15 No.17823508

    Given that the US seems to use spamming Tomahawks at us as the primary method of fucking with us, would it be prudent or economical for us to invest in a flight of Mig-25 or Mig-31s for cruise missile interception?
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)22:17 No.17823529

    Our lasers are meant to do just that. All we need is a laser/railgun defense system, and we can just crank out boats/planes/guns/whatever else RUssia needs.

    Out of game, Russia is the last nation I'd want to have this nanotechnology first. EU would be preferable, I think. least likely to use it to expand their hegemony.
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)22:17 No.17823531

    No. We've got a good air-defense shield, and I'm not certain if our Alamos, Archers, or Adders can hit cruise missiles in flight.

    Better to put that money into our laser CIWS program.

    Hell, if its stalling, we can look into a mini-railgun array with like, 20 barrels, firing in sequences on a high-mobility turret, like an old-school WW2 AA gun, but computerized and hypersonic.
    >> that guy from that stream 02/05/12(Sun)22:34 No.17823715
    You know since the nanotech we have is essentially lets us subatomic manipulation letting us get only at a cost of matter and energy. Why build a nuke proof mine/lab/energy/metal base underground in an expansive complex under the facade of a rare earth metal mine. Not only could we use the nanotech to make the rare earth metals for the market put displacing all that dirt would not raise suspicion since it is a mine.
    Also we should get a deal for the S300 SAM tech so we could use it for ABM with our lasers/railgun tech.
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)22:35 No.17823722

    We have at least 2 batteries of S-300 systems, so there's that. I'm not sure if we ever got our secondary, deep weapons facility up though.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)22:37 No.17823737
    We've already got S300s as spry of our static air-defense system, which was one of the first things we made an effort to get.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)22:40 No.17823770
    That said the Rare Earth metal mine is a good idea, especially since rare materials will be at a premium with almost-war breaking out everywhere.

    We'd need to consult some geologists to put it in an area where the materials in question are possible to occur naturally to avoid suspicion, though.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)22:43 No.17823808
    rare earth elements are primarily exported by China though, and with them not taking sides (thus far) I am not really sure if we can really exploit that market.
    >> Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 02/05/12(Sun)22:52 No.17823921
    I'm a horrible person...see this is why I didn't run it last weekend. WAY to much going on...I promise a post, then girlfriend distracts me, then a movie happens...crap like that.

    I'll work on a post now, I swear. I'm sorry everyone for the bumpy ride lately.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)22:54 No.17823949
    Indeed; on the other hand, if China is behind the flashpoint to a certain extent, then they'd be inclined to limit or cease exports as it suited them for extortion or whatever. Increasing our potential profits and importance to our allies enormously.

    There are, too, humanitarian concerns to an extent, too. A number of modern electronics (especially iPod) components are made from rate materials mined in appalling conditions in the Congo and elsewhere in Central Africa. Nosing in on that market will likely force those mines out of business, allowing us to acquire or influence them via national companies or shell organizations, giving us another source of income, and gain goodwill and prestige by dramatically increasing pay and working conditions to Zanzian standards.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)22:54 No.17823954
         File1328500481.jpg-(14 KB, 460x276, heroin460.jpg)
    14 KB

    You got to stop holding out on me man. I need my fix.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)22:55 No.17823967
    One more post and I can grab 5 hours of sleep for tomorrow.

    Come on, man. Quit holding out on me.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)22:57 No.17824001

    Girlfriends? Movies?

    All you need is /tg/, Grand Leader.
    >> that guy from that stream 02/05/12(Sun)22:59 No.17824038
    I guess I did not elaborate enough on the S300 idea. Basically we use the S300 radar and control hub but instead of missile trucks we have railgun emplacements. This would reduce costs and training required to use our systems. And it wouldn't look to odd if we have some more S300s around the nation.
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)23:00 No.17824054

    We'd be using them anyways.

    Don't you know how datalinked the modern battlefield is?
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)23:01 No.17824060

    I don't think a lot of African countries will appreciate their businesses tanking because of us. But there is more to be gained than to be lost, so I say we do it.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)23:10 No.17824184
    I suppose it links in with the vague notions of setting up a more centralized African Union (that conveniently gains us more power as a consequence.)
    To be honest, i'm frankly astounded that our neighbour's citizens aren't making more noise about wanting a Zanzian standard of living. Perhaps we should distribute documentaries to 'encourage' this?
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)23:17 No.17824294

    I wonder if the populace of other countries actually knows much about us. We do have the massive dish that broadcasts Zanzian TV, so they must know that we are doing some good. However, their political change might be stifled by "less than free" governments currently in control of the nations.

    I would approve of a subtle TV show that shows the positives of life in Zanzia as much as possible, and even movies which have a great life in Zanzia as a backdrop. If we actively spread documentaries, other countries could say that we were trying to incite rebellion in their countries.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)23:21 No.17824365
    I wonder, what sort of criteria would we have to meet for the UN/World Bank/Whoever to get us internationally regarded as a First-World country? *That* would be one hell of a PR coup.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)23:23 No.17824413
    Can we use the backdrop of this war to perhaps try to gain some coastal territory from an adjacent country?

    I am more than sure that the US will pressure Liberia to go to war with us if we continue to help the Russians out like we have been doing. They might not even bother with us if we hide a large amount of our military capabilities right before an attack.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)23:24 No.17824425

    If Liberia starts some shit, sure. Russia won't mind if we take Ivory Coast.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)23:28 No.17824505

    From wikipedia: In today's society the First World is viewed as countries who have the most advanced economies, the greatest influence, the highest standards of living, and the greatest technology.

    We do have advanced technology (but the world doesn't know that...yet), but we seriously lack in the influence and possible the economy as well. Once we get the rare metals up we should be in the clear for the economy but we need a post from grand leader specifying the economy.

    Also, for the standards of living possibly need to be increased too. Universal Healthcare, Unemployment benefits, etc.

    We can get the greatest influence if we broker a peace deal between the US and Russia. What a PR coup would that be!
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)23:28 No.17824512

    Liberia, as of current day 2011 levels, has 2100 members in its armed forces.

    Even accounting for a buildup, they can't have more than 10000 troops with proper gear. With a nanofabbed armored infantry regiment (2 more battalions like first, and an HQ company with more mortars, SPGs, BM-21s, and SAMs plus 2 extra tank companies) would SHITKICK them. The problem is that Liberia and Nigeria are pretty good friends, and Nigeria has a large army, bigger even than ours is WITH conscription.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)23:29 No.17824536
    *If* we do, we'd need to either occupy or cripple Liberia at the same time. If we half-arse it and leave loose ends all lying about, we're just going to perpetuate the clusterfuck Africa is in. We need to move in, offer IC statehood or somesuch, *force* Liberia into a similar situation, then roll on the reforms, infrastructure and improved standard of living. Tripling our population, land and resources in one short war? Bring it the fuck on.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)23:32 No.17824611
    Who's Nigeria's superpower buttbuddy? China?

    IIrc we' moved into full-scale production of aircraft. Would we be able to stalemate or bloody Nigeria with enough modern aircraft?
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)23:35 No.17824650

    Well. If it comes to war, maybe we could give a speech we'd televise across all of Africa. Anti-western, anti-hegemon. Pro-Africa. Talk about how we are proof that Africa isn't doomed to be a backwater forever, and say that it is the imperialists who have been keeping us down. Say that we go to war not out of bloodlust, but to oust an imperialist from Africa and liberate the people.

    The way I see it, we've got to be a beacon of hope to Africans all over. If Nigeria was to go to war with us to defend the imperialists, maybe their people would revolt?
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)23:38 No.17824707

    We've already got more airframes than pilots.

    Fat better to use a Russian stratagem of SAMs and SPAAGs attachd at a battalion and regiment level, allowing for mobile mechanised units to advance without having to worry about air cover keeping fighters off their backs. We can have our Fencers and Frogfeet fly CAS and SEAD in the heavy zones with Fulcrums covering.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)23:39 No.17824721

    That's a big gamble that probably won't pay off. If China is backing Nigeria then we could do some politicking with the Red Giant and tell Nigeria to back off if worse comes to worse.

    Or perhaps we need to wait until our army grows larger. All i know is that some country was setting those fires that threatened our country, and I'm pretty sure it was Liberia.
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)23:43 No.17824774

    Another problem is that China DOES have knockoffs of modern russian SAMs, including the HQ-15 and HQ-19, which are ripoffs of the S-300 and S-400 system.

    Personally I wouldn't want to engage in ANY campaigns until we have aircraft lasers and our Very Large Array, for spotting enemy air-defenses and marking targets for long-range ALCMs and BM-21 strikes. IIRC there's now laser-guided rockets for them.
    >> JULY 2018 - STATE REPORT Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 02/05/12(Sun)23:44 No.17824796
         File1328503483.jpg-(62 KB, 640x420, 1843.jpg)
    62 KB

    -Life imprisonment has been set for the prisoners...we don't have any major prisons, shall we construct one?

    -We have withdrawn from the UN

    -Russia has agreed to send more military equipment and civil equipment like fiber optics...but with the war ongoing, supplies will be limited and/or delayed. They will gladly accept more of our oil.

    -Railguns: NT says that they are operational now, at least at that scale. We have the capability. However, it still is not as efficient as it could be. Like comparing a B-17 to a B-2 bomber... what it is now, and what it could be.

    -Russian Invasion of Alaska has ended in a stalemate at this time.

    -Kosovo NATO forces have been removed as a threat.

    -France drops from NATO.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)23:48 No.17824852

    >France drops

    AWWW YEAH. All of Europe that's actually European is neutral.


    Eh. Yeah, we do need some prisons, don't we.

    Sure, sell them more oil.

    I vote we spend a little more time in development.

    >free action

    I'm thinking we start broadcasting talks across all of Africa, talking about African solidarity, showing off the high standard of living our people enjoy, showing what Africa could be.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)23:49 No.17824872

    It seems like this entire time we've focused primarily on the development of our tech industries, economy and military without developing our own influence in the International community as anything other than Russia's dog.

    Granted, we did cure Aids, but that just got us on the radar. I am pretty sure we can form some alliances and become leader of the AU if we really tried. We need a larger military if we want to become a significant leader in the AU.

    If we can have our country as another capital of the AU we can really be in regional diplomacy.
    >> Aviationfag 02/05/12(Sun)23:57 No.17824977

    Status on the Very Large Array and Laser programs?

    - Begin camouflaged (ie: have our nanites build them in underground facilities without disturbing anything aboveground, but able to deployed instantly) deployment of shore-based railguns.

    - See if Neotekz can work up a smaller, more nimble AA-variant to serve as a standin until our lasers are up.

    - Fab up some Fulcrums and offer Russia a couple free squadrons in exchange for assistance with power generation technology, if they ask, its because we want to enhance our medical technology and have a surplus to power our new radars.

    - Send out diplomatic feelers to France re: research aid for us, cure boxes for them, and oil/gold/rare earth.

    - Begin serial fabbing of ordnance, vehicles, and firearms for our own people. (I can't stress this enough, with our current constructor nanites, we should be able to fab up a complete mechanised army in a couple days)

    - Status of the world opinion regarding the US attacks on us after leaking the diplomatic cable where they admit their actions?
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)23:58 No.17824993
    Let's open trading relations, and get some diplomacy going to improve our image and visibility there.

    >Ruskie oil sales
    Sell them the stuff, but keep a detailed account book. Once this crisis is over we'll want to collect.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)00:08 No.17825162
    Yes, let's, but let's set some exacting standards for it's Construction, security and operation. We Want facilities befitting our First-World ambitions, not you usual African shithole or USA prison Slave labour 2.0.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)00:11 No.17825192

    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)00:11 No.17825201

    You know what I'd want for our super-max facility?

    A nuke-proof nanoprison. Instead of doors, we seal cells with nanite-built walls. Vent shafts circulate air, but they'll be too small to crawl through. You can't break down 3 feet of solid rock when all you have is a jumpsuit!
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)00:15 No.17825253

    Hah, as cool as that would be, it'd be way too expensive right now.
    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)00:17 No.17825288

    Energy wise, maybe. But we're kinda short manpower, with conscription, so I'm not sure which would be worse. Spending energy to make a prison and operate it, or lose manpower to building a regular prison?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)00:18 No.17825295
         File1328505500.jpg-(26 KB, 600x408, space-of-aids.jpg)
    26 KB
    All you baboons deserve a case of the negro pox (AKA AIDS) for coming up with this shit
    >> Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 02/06/12(Mon)00:20 No.17825322
    We cured that.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)00:20 No.17825329
    That might be tipping our hand a bit much at this early stage. Let's just go for a conventional, albeit top-quality facility for now.
    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)00:22 No.17825348

    This would be our "secret" (ie: People know it exists, just not where or how it operates) prison for the worst of the worst, like these SF fuckos. I suppose to keep world fears at bay over torture of foreign nationals, we can go a conventional route and phase into a nanoprison later, though, once the cat is out of the bag.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)00:25 No.17825384
    I'm amenable to that. Well bargained and done.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)00:32 No.17825469
    well, you might as well invent a gun that turns white people into fried chicken and watermelon then, since you people are so smart and into science
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)00:33 No.17825478

    We can turn sand into fried chicken and watermelon, if that's any consolation.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)00:34 No.17825486
    >Free Action
    Diplomatic Campaign!
    Send diplomats to other African countries to promote Zanzian products and services throughout the AU.

    Also diplomats to the EU and South America to promote our international identity and recognition.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)00:34 No.17825491
    we might not have death penalty if is that what are you asking
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)00:35 No.17825501
    I would rather just give them to the Russians and let them handle it since they did also attack the russian base.Tell the world Zanzi currently did not have prison facility befitting of 1st world nations and thus leave them in the loving care of our 1st world friend to teach us prison wardens the proper prison ethics of 1st world.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)00:35 No.17825503

    We could turn bigots into sand, for another. If we were so inclined...
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)00:36 No.17825506
    We could get some good PR by having a Norwegian-style prison though. We could slap a couple of things together and then seal off the place in a certain way. Not too keen on the specifics, but at least we're not Gitmo.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)00:36 No.17825514
         File1328506618.png-(54 KB, 151x185, keep chilly.png)
    54 KB

    >implying there's a difference between bigots and white people
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)00:38 No.17825525
    We do. The judge wanted the SF wankers hanged.
    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)00:39 No.17825531
    Is it just me, or have the HURR NIGGERS trolls only started up after the weeaboo namefag left in a storm of butthurt?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)00:42 No.17825569
    You could be right about that actually, now that I think about it.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)00:42 No.17825571
    Mm, maybe, but the time gap is big enough to make me doubt it. Iunno.
    >> Slushed 02/06/12(Mon)00:47 No.17825617
    Just wandering trolls, looking for a handout I'd wager. We're usually pretty good at not feeding them
    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)00:55 No.17825713
    Oh, about the Russian Destroyer. Since we're actively aiding Russia, we may as well expedite repairs. Have them draw up a list of what material the need to effect repairs, with technical blueprints if necessary, and fab it all for them, deliver it, and help effect repairs. With us being an oil supplier as well as basing Russian troops, we're already a big target, so we may as well make sure Russia WANTS us around, and will hopefully be amenable to us being equals or betters when we reveal our nanotech.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)00:57 No.17825731
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)01:01 No.17825775
    Agreed, in principle. I wonder if we could finagle a deal that gives us support, or at least free reign to turn Africa into a new mini-superpower.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)01:01 No.17825781
    Not trollin, but you knee grows best take a step back and and look at the MARY SUE shit you are rolling around in.
    Don't know how retards figured africa can into railguns and lasers and shit
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)01:04 No.17825813
    Go fuck yourself with a rabid baboon. We're having fun here.
    >> Not completely retarded 02/06/12(Mon)01:09 No.17825880
    I'm against doing this if we use our nanofabs to do it, but if we're just tasking a machine shop to it or getting parts from a warehouse or something then i'm ok with it.
    We cant expose our secret nanotech capabilities to anyone until we're ready to hold off the world, even russia would be sending black ops teams in after our nanotech if they knew about it, also, if russia knew then america would probably find out, with all the spying each country does on each other.
    We need to stay our of this conflict until we can reliably stop an invasion.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)01:11 No.17825918
         File1328508717.jpg-(50 KB, 319x243, u-mad1.jpg)
    50 KB
    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)01:12 No.17825931

    I'm not saying we just nano-repair their ship in open view, I'm suggesting we get the list, go to some facility, fab the parts there, and bring them back. We can wait a couple days for "rush work", and then bring them back, but I never suggested we just up and nanofab them there on the docks.
    >> AUGUST 2018 - STATE REPORT Grand Leader Quest !tr.t4dJfuU 02/06/12(Mon)01:15 No.17825976
         File1328508933.jpg-(89 KB, 526x387, 1326432886889.jpg)
    89 KB
    Going to bed.
    -NT says they can not make anti air rail guns at this time.

    -Prison will be built, until then, prisoners will be kept in a locked room under Russian and Zanzian guard.

    -Germany and France do not wish to involve with us as there is a growing US interest in us. They do not wish to get on anyone's "side"

    -Fabrication of equipment is underway. It will be up to two months before prefabrication will be finished for migs and ammunition in bulk.

    -Russian engineers have finished here, they offer to work for us for a few more months (not to eager to go home...just in case of nuclear war.)

    -Tower 2 and 3 are up next month. NT suggests we should test the nanite shield...but that would likely alert the world to our technology level.

    -World News: Russian forces begin to make progress in Alaska. Further forces have been dropped into Canada, with a high casualty rate to Canadian Airforce pilots.

    -American oil supply has been dropped to UK oil and US/CAN oil supplies. World general outlook sees the US as the aggressor at this time, and simply wish to force them into peace.
    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)01:24 No.17826080

    - Have Neotekz shift research to our Very Large Array and Laser projects, with a small staff running small-scale, underground tests on the nanite shield with our railguns.

    - Is the Russian Government is willing, have them begin helping to work on our transportation infrastructure: Roads, highways, rail, etc.

    - Continue to deploy the AIDS cure to everywhere but the US. Make damn sure our people outside the country are safe, if possible arrange guards for them, citing the US SF kidnapping one of our scientists.

    - I would suggest that we make no moves besides increased patrols in our territory, no sense riling up the US fully until we can properly defend ourselves.
    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)01:51 No.17826419
    You know, I just think I realized something about the American railgun program.

    *We* got hit with Tomahawks. And that was with Us Special Forces trying to break out of our country under fire.

    A Russian Destroyer got hit with a railgun.

    This leads me to believe the US system is either easily detected, and not used on the Zumwalt often, or it is VERY maintenance intensive, meaning long firing delays and a potential upper limit on rounds fired in a single battle.

    Our railguns do not appear to be so limited.
    >> Not completely retarded 02/06/12(Mon)01:59 No.17826497
    Are we making copies of the american weapons we confiscated and scanned? Can the american SAMs we copied take down modern american planes? I don't want them used if possible, but it's better to be ready to keep cruise missiles out of our airspace.

    What exactly does this shield do? is it a giant wall, a surveilance array, a aircraft disassembler,
    I think we should keep our tech secret until we can hold off air based attacks, can they test parts of the shield without doing anything visible in the meantime.

    We should offer houses for the engineers families if they want to bring them here, maybe give the engineers teaching positions?

    Should we offer oil to the highest U.S. or highest bidder in exchange for some cool military toys, as a way to reduce tensions, or would that just piss Russia off? (the us is running our of oil sources, maybe we could get them to back the fuck down a bit from us and russia?)

    Keep training more pilots and sailors, we need more skilled soldiers.

    How much thorium do we have in reserve? how long could we go without more being shipped in? We should get at least a years supply before we do any public displays of our tech, we have to be prepared for embargos.
    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)02:03 No.17826527

    Dude. S-300s shitkick Patriots in the performance game. Our air-defense net is well-built to modern Russian standards, with additional mobile batteries in 1st Battalion. Patriots just add more logistics and training headaches. Plus I think we blew em all up as part of our media rebuke.

    As for thorium, if we NEED to, we can simply create massive solar arrays by funneling power from our current reactors, and then use the solar energy to convert sand or reactor waste into thorium for our hardened facilities.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)02:49 No.17826938
    OP, a quick note that you should probably update the "NATIONAL INFORMATION IN ONE POST" thing you usually open threads with, which still states that game time is 2012, Russia and China are hardly aware of us, and that we have only average natural resources with "specifics to come soon".

    Also: are we Zanzi, or Zanzia? Map indicates the latter, which I'm personally more fond of, but either is good.
    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)02:52 No.17826971

    That's true. We're probably up to second-banana in terms of military strategic targets the world over since our resources are being exploited, and we've obviously got something going on for Russia to be willing to send us so much assistance. I wouldn't be surprised if the US actually decided to target a couple ICBMs at us.
    >> New Canadian Empire 02/06/12(Mon)04:09 No.17827786
    > just wake up.
    > See thread.

    Goddamn it, can anyone give me an update? We boot out the marines yet?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)04:21 No.17827885

    "Marines" are dead or imprisoned again. They tried to haul a NeoTekz VIP out of the country so I personally still think that going batshit and hanging them would be completely justified.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)04:32 No.17827995
    Here's my opinions
    -Increase clout in AU with gusto. I'm sure we can do something to get increased AU backing.
    -Help Russia discreetly. I think they could really massively benefit if we were to give them the know-how to make railguns.
    Hear me out, we need to get the Russian navy as powerful as we can, as otherwise the American Navy can easily make us its bitch. If Russia is seen as not a major threat to the US navy in the arctic we're fucked.
    We also need to step up counter-intelligence significantly.
    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)04:38 No.17828062

    Current status of Zanzia, by my reckoning:

    Army and Air Force regulars are continuing heavy readiness drills, and probably cross-training in preparation of our incoming mass-fabbed armor units

    Neotekz is setting up facilities to begin nanofabrication of ammunition and Fulcrums, hopefully paving the way for a full production facility capable of industrial feats that make the entire Allied WW2 production look like cottage industry. This next bit is solely my plan, but I think it's a good idea, opinions are welcome. We'll be using the initial couple squadrons(Maybe a whole wing of fighters) as sweeteners to Russia in exchange for some scientists to assist our Laser program, so we can develop more nanotech without, or at least severely minimizing the threat of US missiles and aircraft.

    US SF have either been captured or killed, and put on very public trials. They're gonna rot in a Zanzian prison for the rest of their life. The US has recently sent us a communique to try and sweet talk us out of our relationship with Russia and get into bed with them, but prevailing opinion appears to be that they made their bed when they started bombing us, now they sleep in it.

    Railguns have a first-gen system ready for deployment, and the nanite shield should be ready next month. Testing is an issue, I recommended smaller-scale tests using our naval railguns underground.

    Most of the EU is out of NATO and trying to play neutral. If we spin it right, we might be able to get them to offer technical assistance to us in exchange for nanotech, maybe a cancerbox if we can figure one out. (That is, if we can slack our military R&D long enough, current operations tempo appears to mean we've stalled civil research for now. A pity, but once this episode is done, we should be able to fart out cures for most cancers and diseases in a couple years with all this headway we're making in the field)
    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)04:40 No.17828076

    They're military personnel, we can't hang them. Its against the Geneva convention. They're technically POWs, but since they're disavowed, we treat them as foreign nationals. We can't just execute other nation's citizens out of hand.
    >> New Canadian Empire 02/06/12(Mon)04:50 No.17828171
    Alright things are looking up some what. May I ask if we have any other pro Russian friends in the AU?

    Also considering booting up Canadian Empire builder thread two if any of you are interested. Aviationfag would be welcome since the air force needs a reboot.
    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)04:55 No.17828214

    Most of Africa really can't offer us anything, to my knowledge only South Africa and Morocco have real militaries, but Morocco is heavily in bed with France and SA is all about its own industries. Everyone else just uses what they can in hordes, it seems, except Liberia, which is too small an army, and pro-US, to boot. I honestly can't see any other AU member besides South Africa or Morocco offering us any sort of useful ally in terms of force readiness, equipment levels, troop training, and general maintenance.
    >> Not completely retarded 02/06/12(Mon)05:00 No.17828259
    I'm STRONGLY AGAINST sharing any of our tech, even though we are friendly with russia now, they'd turn on us in a second for our nanotech, and even if they didn't, we'd have another huge source of leaks. We aren't considered a magor player now, noone else knows we can turn SAND into MISSILES, just that we have a cure for aids, and maybe that we have medical nanos. They want our toys, but not enough to get into a major war with every other power.
    If work of our capabilities gets out, we would have world war 3 from the various international factions trying to secure it for themselves and deny it to their enimies. We look like we could GREY GOO the world if we wanted to, NOONE would stand for that anyone else having that shit if they found out.

    BAD PLAN: Grey Goo
    Program nanites to turn everything that isnt the target structure into the target structure, priorotizing energy rich areas.
    Target structure: nanite production and power generation, turning all that isnt for generation into more nanites to convert the surroundings.
    Our nanites look like they could do this shit, it's why every nanotekz anite needs a tower or box to operate.

    In short: Disclosing our tech is a bad idea

    We publically appear to have miraculous medical tech, with the possibility of a deeper search showing we likely have medical nanos. We have demonstrated no other uses than medical for our nanos, and show no inclination to research other applications for them. Possible conclusion: Zanzi can make nanos, zanzis nanos can cure aids, zanzi isnt showing any other use for its nanos, maybe they could be assasination tools, industrial tools, ect. NO SIGNS OF HAX TRANSMUTATION, NO SIGNS OF MILITARIZARION OF NANOS. Possible conclusion: nanos have a short operational lifespan.


    Any thoughts on my suggested course of action? (turtle until we can stop missiles and human infiltrators,)
    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)05:07 No.17828317

    I agree with the secrecy. We can always state that since Nationalizing Neotekz, we've split off a dedicated power-research division (erroneously giving info that our AIDS box cure production takes up insane amounts of juice, hence buying up thorium), looking to produce better power storage mediums (Without using any form of nanotech, since we can't do that shit yet, a lie, but it serves the purpose), so we don't lose power to overgeneration when we aren't actively producing the cure, and transmission mediums. Since that would also allow for ease of building anti-missile lasers, we need their advice on how best to construct mid-range anti-aircraft lasers, for defense purposes. They can then design proper laser architecture to handle our new technological innovations in power transmission, and we get a laser sooner than normal.
    >> New Canadian Empire 02/06/12(Mon)05:09 No.17828326

    I guess Ill boot up Canadian Empire. All are invited.
    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)05:09 No.17828331

    Of course, we'd need signed NDAs that anything we produce stays OURS, both in concept, execution, and even in spoken word, until we feel it safe for us to release any tech, but in exchange our Russian friends get a first look and preferred customer status.
    >> Not completely retarded 02/06/12(Mon)05:16 No.17828384
    I don't think a mere legal document is going to stop russia from getting secrets from the scientists they send us in that scenario.
    A non disclosure agreement doesnt work against the kgb
    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)05:22 No.17828431

    True, but I'm rather certain that our current intel head has been informing Putin of our work and Russia is currently going "Hey, these guys know what they're doing, at least, and aren't even entertaining thoughts of jerking us about, we'll just wait until they have stuff we want, and then ask for it nice while offering whatever they need in exchange."

    I mean, after all, they sent even MORE troops to us after the attack, WHILE in a shooting war, and while planning an invasion of the US and Canada. If that doesn't say "Yeah, we recognise you're more important than you let on, don't let us down." than I don't know what is. Right now, I think we're somewhere between state secret and Israel's nukes. Russia probably knows we're working on advanced weaponry, but isn't pushing to get us to share because they know we'd just clam up.
    >> Doc 02/06/12(Mon)05:25 No.17828461
    Regarding the engineers we should send them home. Regal them with words of home and duty, that we all have to play our parts to serve our own countries, Great Leader included.

    I believe we can also send a gift to Russia with them. A copy of our dumbed down QC. With reverse engineering, that we have a copy is plausible. The vessel can ship it back for them to dissect.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)05:25 No.17828464

    ...guys, I've been meaning to ask this since thread 2, but you are aware that KGB no longer exists, right?
    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)05:28 No.17828484

    >Implying the FSB isn't just the KGB isn't just a changed name
    >Implying that once you ever really leave the KGB
    >Implying our current former-KGB intelligence chief isn't KGB
    >Implying he isn't friends with Putin

    You're naive if you think the KGB ever really died. They just changed their name and clothes.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)05:32 No.17828519

    And technically Zanzia never did, IRL.

    Therefore, it does for purposes of this game.

    Besides, whatever Russia's intel agency is now is just the old KGB with a new acronym.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)05:34 No.17828534

    >Implying the FSB isn't just the KGB isn't just a changed name

    No, it isn't. It was disbanded in a fit of political buttmad and its functions are carried on by six separate agencies. FSB deals with domestic matters such as counterintelligence and terrorism. What you're probably so afraid of so much is SVR.
    >> Not completely retarded 02/06/12(Mon)05:36 No.17828549
    We had no plausable way to get that tech, at best we'd be working off xrays and other such scans, not actually having a working copy.
    I think we shouldn't share the qc tech if at all possible, it would jost leave unanswered questions we cant afford to answer yet

    Maybe some close up images of the thing from different angles, but i'd much prefer we just keep it at oil, our existing bases, and the helping the occasional ship that comes by
    >> Doc 02/06/12(Mon)05:38 No.17828556

    Its still a good acronym for referring to Russia's intelligence network, much like how people around the world refer to the SIS as M16 until they changed its name back. Don't nipick so much.
    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)05:40 No.17828573

    Personally, the US has already said the they're willing to violate our territory to attack our friends, so I don't see why we can't at least come out with a "secret expansion" of our UAC line, "underground" with our "First run" of Fulcrum squadrons, and give them to Russia as a sign of solidarity in exchange for their assistance after the SF debacle. We can see if they can spare any thorium for new reactors, as we can go with the "AIDS cure takes a lot of energy" angle, making the US think our nanites, if any, is inefficient to use, making combat uses negligible. That gives us the advantage of hopefully reducing our target importance from "Holy shit possible grey-goo" to "They can give the Russians some mid-spec fighters."
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)05:44 No.17828592
    But... KGB was the internal intelligence service, not the foreign intelligence.

    That was GRU, and you'll be delighted to know that unlike KGB, GRU is still alive and well.
    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)05:45 No.17828597

    No, GRU is Russian MILITARY intelligence. Not civilian.
    >> New Canadian Empire 02/06/12(Mon)05:46 No.17828601
    Thread created for the interested.
    >> Doc 02/06/12(Mon)05:59 No.17828654

    Then I say we should at least give them the shots and scans. They'll need all they help they can.

    I wonder if they'll be willing to pass us the SU-47 tech demonstrator. A miniaturised version of that would make a good basis for the proposed UAV. The composite materials would be a great help as well since we can clone those.

    To GL:
    how goes the reconstruction of port liberty?
    How is the mood of the common people regarding the war?
    How is the morale of our forces after our recent losses?
    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)06:03 No.17828681

    He's asleep, dude.
    >> Doc 02/06/12(Mon)06:04 No.17828693

    I know. Just posting so he'll see it when he wakes up.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)06:16 No.17828747

    >SU-47 tech demonstrator

    Fuck that, even with our hurr durr massfab capabilities it'll still be too much pain in the ass to redesign and maintain, not to mention that we don't really have our own aircraft R&D and it can't be created overnight. Better inquire about their canceled or otherwise unsuccessful projects such as Skat UCAV or something more modern (it's 2018 after all).
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)06:22 No.17828772
    Can our nanotech convert water into other things? Like sea into breadsticks or whatever?
    Because if we start fabricating on truly gargantuan scales, we might massively alternate the lands so that it is visible that something weird is going on.

    If we convert water, no one can say where it is going AND we will hold down the sea-level rising. BAM! Another global problem solved.
    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)06:24 No.17828781

    Well, if we're going solely for UCAVS, we can try the EADS Barracuda as a potential light strike UCAV/flying cruise missile(Fill the body with octanitrocubane, instant flying bomb?), or an Israeli design. Personally, I think we'd be better off only trying UAVs in a recon role if nanite-based cameras don't work for our Very Large Array. UAVs require a LOT of technicians to maintain and I'm not sure our nation has enough trained personnel to design, maintain, and fly them.
    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)06:26 No.17828786

    That's why our shit has been underground. Its also why we're holding off on the massive solar plant plan for self-sufficient massive energy production. We can turn sand into thorium if we have to.

    In earlier threads we literally made a new river just using a cave and some airflow.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)07:11 No.17829026
    But wouldn't digging underground too much cause massive cave-ins eventually?
    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)07:20 No.17829068

    Improperly made caves, perhaps, but a properly dug tunnel or complex will be fine. Not to mention, nearly all our underground facilities are nanite-built, which means we can literally reinforce our project as its dug, with whatever material we need, at least to my understanding. I like to think of it as a turbo-button to building an underground bunker complex. Instead of taking months of years, it takes days or weeks at current energy levels. (Neotekz said that really with large scale projects like the river or other things like it its the energy we devote, not the nanites, that affects the rate of construction)

    Speaking of energy, at the rate we're going, we might actually hit post-scarcity soon. As a long term civil goal, we might want to look into researching and developing a framework for an energy based currency, since we'll be able to make anything with our tech, the only real cost would be energy input, not raw materials or wages.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)07:27 No.17829114
    I see.

    Hmm... Actually, now that I think about it, we wouldn't need more land acquisition even as our power and country grows. We can simply expand underground, constructing cities and habitats in the caves we make, right?
    The only problem I think will be that humans are not really adapted to live underground. So that might cause some depressive mood. No natural light will do that to you.
    >> Aviationfag 02/06/12(Mon)07:41 No.17829224

    Fuck that, man, Neotekz first projects were the AIDS cure and megaconstruction (Space elevators, specifically).

    We'll build our military facilities underground, sure, maybe even full-fledged proving grounds. But for our people? Fucking Arcologies, dude.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)11:43 No.17830728
    Is there a core rule book or something for this or is it pretty much all thought up and planned out by the OP? Would love to run something like this elsewhere.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)12:21 No.17831061

    I'm pretty sure Grand Leader's just thinking all this stuff up.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)12:28 No.17831139
    Damn, these guys are too good. :(
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:44 No.17832911
         File1328561044.gif-(697 KB, 400x225, 2fort horde.gif)
    697 KB
    >> Slushed 02/06/12(Mon)18:33 No.17834459

    While weather they know or not is debatable (though probable), It sure doesn't hurt that we supply 40% of their oil.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)21:22 No.17836462


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