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  • File : 1328427842.jpg-(105 KB, 722x292, londonnighttime.jpg)
    105 KB Dykes of London Loch !!GzWmGH6V4eu 02/05/12(Sun)02:44 No.17812927  
    Previous thread:

    Posted for /tg/'s continued amusement, these are the logs of my Shadowrun game, in which nerdy boys play female characters to varying degrees of success, and general hijinks are had. A quick refresher of the party:

    Valk- Combat biker chick; extensive cybernetic limb replacement
    Pidgin- Cybered-out elf courier girl
    Artemis- A gruff Satyr lady with military-grade hardware
    Song- An amnesiac neotenous ork girl chaos mage. Yes, I know.
    Brandy- hipster girl technomancer
    >> Loch !!GzWmGH6V4eu 02/05/12(Sun)02:44 No.17812939
    So- Artemis is unconscious on the pavement, Pidgin is sprawled next to her, conscious, but in no shape to get up anytime soon thanks to wound modifiers and the large broadhead pinning her foot to the concrete. The van is rapidly careening towards them, Valk at the wheel while Song screams frantically for somebody to just do something. Brandy is busy fighting off Black IC in her rigger cocoon.
    >> Loch !!GzWmGH6V4eu 02/05/12(Sun)02:46 No.17812962
         File1328427970.jpg-(302 KB, 1000x562, 1296205988549.jpg)
    302 KB
    It is at this point that a new player arrives on the scene- a London Police drone, replete with flashing lights, shock handcuffs and a riot foam projector (remember the riots from last night, girls?). Valk doesn't think much of it at first, leaping out of the car to run towards her teammates. For her impertinence, the drone awards her one blob of Freeze Foam glue, sticking her to the pavement just out of reach of Pidgin. She manages to break free just as Pidgin undoes the quick-release on her modular cyberleg and leaves the foot on the sidewalk. Pidgin gets thrown into the van by the buff cyber-girl, and proceeds to crawl into the corner and moan about wound modifiers. Brandy finally fights off the black IC and manages to jack out, absorbing her dumpshock and passing out. The drone gums up two of the tires on the van with Freeze Foam; Song eventually manages to summon a spirit to go kill the thing, but it gets stunbolted back to oblivion before it can draw a bead on the 'bot. Valk lifts up the hapless Artemis with a mighty heave and tosses her in the van... just as another glob of Freeze Foam thwacks her in the face, knocking her down. Valk is now pinned to the road by the rapidly hardening foam, as is a third tire on the van.
    >> Loch !!GzWmGH6V4eu 02/05/12(Sun)02:46 No.17812969
    After a bit of faff with levitation magic, brute strength, and another of those pesky arrows taking out the Police drone, Valk manages to pull herself off the road and, head still covered in foam, get into the van and try to drive off. However, given that three tires are glued stuck and she can't see all that well, things go...poorly. The van tears off the road, but the wheels don't exactly spin, and the van slides like a greased pig backwards, careening into the side wall.
    >> Loch !!GzWmGH6V4eu 02/05/12(Sun)02:47 No.17812980
    Valk and Song are the only ones still conscious after the crash. They quickly extricate themselves from the mostly-intact van, and decide to do the noble thing and abandon their "teammates" to the authorities. Aided by some spirit movement, they get a good clip going, but the bow adept isn't having any of that. Song goes down first to a stick-and-shock arrow, skidding to a halt by a dumpster a block or so from the van. Valk gets about ten meters further before she too succumbs to overflow from stick and shock arrows.
    >> Loch !!GzWmGH6V4eu 02/05/12(Sun)02:48 No.17812999
         File1328428097.jpg-(55 KB, 400x600, 400px-30_St_Mary_Axe_from_Lead(...).jpg)
    55 KB
    The girls are captured by John Ashton's people. As they're all in serious condition, they're brought back to Carrington Financial's HQ in the Crystal Phallus for patching up so that they can talk. Valk and Pidgin wake up floating in vats in a cybersurgery room, their limbs detached and lying spread out on tables across the room. Artemis is wheeled in, strapped to a bed, Song comes in in some kind of big black gel-lined coffin, and Brandy gets shoved into the room by two guards with assault rifles. Ashton enters, flanked by his security mage and a large albino ork with a longbow on his back. Ashton is seven kinds of pissed and wants to know what the hell they were doing on his property and why he shouldn't just kill them now. Making good use of social skill rolls, Pidgin glibly tells him everything-- how they broke in to steal the tires to steal his car later, how they were hired by the johnson, the whole deal.
    >> Loch !!GzWmGH6V4eu 02/05/12(Sun)02:50 No.17813023
         File1328428216.jpg-(18 KB, 200x300, older-businessman1.jpg)
    18 KB
    The ork with the bow-- a streetwise adept known as Agincourt--manages to ID their johnson from Pidgin's description of him. Mr. Johnson's "real" name is Gabriel Allen, a negotiator who seems to work exclusively between London and Wales, hiring runners in one city at the behest of his backers in the other. Ashton surmises that a shrewd backdoor talker like Allen wouldn't hire five incompetents just to pull a simple job like this one- there must be a second, or even a third runner team working on something else Allen needs done. But there's still the matter of what to do with the five un-armed women here in front of him. They've intruded on corporate, and more importantly, personal, property, but on the other hand, these ladies managed to make a fantastic mess in quite a short span of time. That's the sort of thing that could come in handy if Allen's other team is to be stopped.
    >> Loch !!GzWmGH6V4eu 02/05/12(Sun)02:51 No.17813029
         File1328428278.jpg-(77 KB, 445x500, 1282596586505.jpg)
    77 KB
    Ashton decides to make the girls an offer: if they manage to stop or eliminate Gabriel's other team, or take out Gabriel Allen himself, he will graciously not kill them. Not wanting to die, they accept. It is at this point that the girls have a spot of "good luck": the power goes out. It seems that Allen's prime runner team have decided to make their move, and their target is somewhere in the building.
    >> Loch !!GzWmGH6V4eu 02/05/12(Sun)02:53 No.17813054
    Ashton and his bodyguards beat a hasty exit from the complex as the girls break loose from their respective prisons, put on their respective cyber-limbs, break through their respective doors and lockers to get their respective equipment, and put it on. All this takes a good bit of time, however, and when our heroines emerge ready for work, there's a full-blown firefight going on in the lobby, the attached underground parking garage, and up at the top of the spire between HTR and a pissed-off troll keeping them from reaching the nexus room. Deciding that they can kick more ass separately, the girls split up. Brandy runs behind Pidgin and Valk up to the top while Song follows the power-armored she-goat down to the lobby.

    In the lobby, Song and Artemis find a number of bodies, including the corpse of an ork who isn't in corp uniform; he's clutching an AA-16 shotgun in his cold, dead hands, and appears to have died of a hideously large puncture wound going between his ribs and out the other side.

    Up top, Valk and Pidgin move into position outside the corridor leading to the nexus room. The troll's managed to finish off the HTR guys with a grenade, and he takes a taser bullet from Valk's machine pistol and stays on his feet. Song summons up a spirit to help the crew up top deal with the troll and the hackers beyond him in the nexus room. Then things get interesting.
    >> Iron Lung 02/05/12(Sun)02:55 No.17813073
    >>Then things get interesting.
    GO ON.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)02:58 No.17813101
         File1328428704.jpg-(48 KB, 600x602, people_01_23.jpg)
    48 KB
    rolled 5 = 5

    did you imply things were not interesting enough already?
    >> Iron Lung 02/05/12(Sun)03:00 No.17813128
    Hell no I didn't.
    I implied my desire for MOAR.
    >> Iron Lung 02/05/12(Sun)03:01 No.17813148
    Micheal Jackson and Paul McCartney?
    Doing dishes?
    >> Loch !!GzWmGH6V4eu 02/05/12(Sun)03:02 No.17813166
         File1328428971.jpg-(53 KB, 559x768, 1327188033389.jpg)
    53 KB
    Somebody shoots out the window opposite the hallway, and an instant later, that somebody drives through the open window.

    A black motorcycle styled like a black unicorn with a cowcatcher on the front comes through the empty window and barrels into the troll, pinning him to the wall. The rider, leaping from the saddle at the last moment before impact, lands on his feet next to Valk. He's an imposing brute, standing a full two meters tall and clad in military grade power armor pimped out like a black suit of gothic plate armor. His faceless helm sports a black plume, and the armor is decorated all over with rude hand gestures and swear words from a half dozen cultures and tongues. All this seems secondary to the two handed sword in his left hand, a sword that the black knight puts to deadly use, slashing Valk across the helmet and knocking her on her ass (and back into physical wound territory, again). With a curt German command, Prince Un-charming strides off down the hallway, presumably intent on lopping more heads.

    Valk is apparently extremely turned on by all this, even as she begins coughing up blood.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)03:03 No.17813175
    rolled 17 = 17

    interesting, yes?
    >> Iron Lung 02/05/12(Sun)03:04 No.17813185
    >>Valk is apparently extremely turned on by all this, even as she begins coughing up blood.

    >> Iron Lung 02/05/12(Sun)03:04 No.17813195
    Without question, sir.
    >> Loch !!GzWmGH6V4eu 02/05/12(Sun)03:05 No.17813201
         File1328429102.jpg-(181 KB, 697x622, 1290996876189.jpg)
    181 KB
    Pidgin rushes to Valk and helps her up. Sir Hacks-a-lot is a bit down the hall now, having just dealt with the troll impaled on his bike. He steps over the bike and continues towards the nexus room, where Song's spirit has already begun trying to stunbolt anything that moves in there. The girls don't even know what's going on anymore, but Pidgin and Valk hatch a plan.

    Valk charges the knight, lashing out with her fighting stick. The knight parries. Pidgin leaps in soon after, reaching out twice with her elbow talons. Sweeping their blows aside with an almost bored amusement, the knight opens up, swinging at both of them with his sword in a wide arc. Valk is hit and knocked on her ass again; the comparatively lighter Pidgin is sent careening down the hallway into a nearby trashcan, which begins rolling slowly down the large spiral staircase around the outermost hallways of the building. Brandy does the smart thing and books it back down the staircase. Just before she loses consciousness, Valk sees the knight turn, round the corner into the nexus room, and hears the sounds of screams. Song is acutely aware of the disruption of her spirit friend.
    >> Loch !!GzWmGH6V4eu 02/05/12(Sun)03:06 No.17813217
         File1328429191.jpg-(40 KB, 599x600, 1316382756152.jpg)
    40 KB
    Artemis gets down to the parking garage and finds an ongoing firefight between corpsec guards and some troublemakers in a van at the other end with automatic weapons. Spirits are also duking it out here in the middle of all the gunfire. Artemis blows up the van with a well-placed grenade from her AR, then turns to run back up the long staircase to the top to help out her buddies. The knight has retrieved his mount by now and rapidly makes his descent down the stairs on his motorbike. On the way down, Brandy and Artemis decide to hide from the scary motorcycle with the ram plate; Song thinks about trying to stop him, but the knight shoots a gout of flame at her on the way past and she thinks better of it. With the motorcycle gone, all hostiles on the premises are now accounted for. The girls get their van back and leave.
    >> Loch !!GzWmGH6V4eu 02/05/12(Sun)03:07 No.17813238
         File1328429271.jpg-(26 KB, 480x360, rombo04raisetheyamatofl.jpg)
    26 KB
    On the way out, they get a call from Agincourt. Mr. Ashton holds their agreement as fulfilled, and they are free to go on with their merry lives. He also wires them a small bonus, given the additional complications- 10,000 nuyen. Loot is split, Karma awarded, and the girls retire to their respective abodes, though not all do so peacefully, given that some still have rent and debt money to pay this month.
    >> Iron Lung 02/05/12(Sun)03:12 No.17813315
    Excellent. That is a glorious 7th World clusterfuck of a mission.
    Love it. Hope the players had tons of fun, and thanks for sharing!
    >> Loch !!GzWmGH6V4eu 02/05/12(Sun)03:15 No.17813346

    I'm afraid that's all from last week, gents. We've another session tomorrow, but I won't be able to update from that for a little while as it's the fucking superbowl and I've a very busy week of school after that. Look for it maybe this time next week.

    As always, this log has also been posted on Dumpshock for the munchkins to drool over.
    >> SR4rry !p28NxRuKMo 02/05/12(Sun)03:39 No.17813584
    Very nice!

    If the thread's still up I'll update after my game tomorrow. The whole escape from Phnom Penh thing. We're in Canada so the whole Superb Owl thing isn't gonna hold us back.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)07:02 No.17814755
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)12:20 No.17816884
         File1328462410.jpg-(782 KB, 1280x800, 1328032154767.jpg)
    782 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)12:34 No.17817027
    Fucking. Awesome.
    Looking forward to moar, Loch.

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