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  • File : 1328488312.jpg-(80 KB, 704x476, schematics.jpg)
    80 KB Maverick Hunter Quest 02/05/12(Sun)19:31 No.17821490  
    >Repairs! Hazing! Upgrades! Meeting teammates! Exposition! Slow update pace!
    >And the valiant MHQ guy did righteous battle with the distracting forces of the nefarious Team Jerkass!
    Prior thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/17791182/

    You are Anode, the newest officer of the Maverick Hunters 4th Overland Unit. You are just off-mission and still getting familiar with your surroundings.
    Current goals: explore the base, formulate a plan to prosecute a prank war with Seven and Tanker Tigershark, and to that end, get acquainted with India, who apparently holds some level of hate-on for Sev.
    A quick check also tells you that if you took a recharge-nap in your quarters, you'd be approved to take another mission straightaway. Or, you could say forget all of the above and come up with something new to do with yourself.
    >Wat do?
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)19:39 No.17821563
    Go visit India and talk to her about helping you prank the others.
    >> Maverick Hunter Quest 02/05/12(Sun)19:51 No.17821698
    Okay, no need to get too distracted. You set out to begin a campaign of counterhazing, that's exactly what you're gonna do! Strike while foresight is gone and it's still fresh enough to care!

    You jog down towards the Commons, where you saw her last, thinking about what you can do to pay Sev and Tanker back. Honestly, you still don't have any ideas. At least Em was on board, whatever you come up with.

    You get to the Commons, and she is... not there. A look at that same dossier from before tells you she hasn't been deployed, so that's something. You turn around to leave...and almost walk straight into her.

    "Yeah, what." she says by way of greeting.

    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)19:56 No.17821768
    "I was wondering if you felt like helping me get back at Seven and Tanker. They ended up taking advantage of my lack of eyes from the last mission and pranked me."
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)19:59 No.17821792
    Oh fuck yes.

    Also tell her you've got Em in on it too, to bolster her confidence in SUCCESS!
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)20:07 No.17821867
         File1328490457.jpg-(139 KB, 702x483, 1293935158422.jpg)
    139 KB
    >> Maverick Hunter Quest 02/05/12(Sun)20:12 No.17821917
    "Sev and Tanker are dicks, want to help me take petty vengeance?"

    Her face brightens. "Do I?!"

    "Em's on board, now we just need an idea."

    "Hmm. I'm spent for ideas that don't involve dropping something on them from orbit," India replies, looking pensive.

    "...Is that an option?" you ask.

    "Hell no." Damn.

    "I was just heading out to the motor pool. C'mon, new guy. We'll talk about it on the way."

    "So basically, Frog will turn a blind eye to just about anything," she explains as you walk, "as long as it doesn't hamper anyone's ability to fight. He knows we need to blow off steam, as long as it doesn't get personal."

    "Does it? And what's too much?"

    "Eh, I can't muster the energy to give enough damns about Sev to be personal, dunno about him. And too much... well. There's this story about a battlefield medic in the Third who once took the arms off of every single officer in the base." What, really? "Then again, there are stories that he used a beam scalpel to cut off a lock of Zero's hair, so your mileage may vary."

    You exit the main building, and you wince to yourself as you pass the main entrance again, complete with Anode Liberty gracing the screen. India gives you a sly look. "That'd explain that, then. I don't blame you for wanting comeuppance. C'mon, Motor Pool's around back."

    The motor pool, such as it is, is a large hangar building that houses the transports the 4th maintains, when teleportation isn't an option. It also serves as the faculty for the inactive mechaniloids that make up the bulk of the 4th's combat muscle. You pass a few on sentry, which quickly accept your credentials and let you pass. Among the crates and crates of dormant machines, India continues to talk.

    "So, you have no ideas just yet? Because if we can't come up with something good we're through before we start. Think about it."

    Well, you can try. How do you wish to exact retribution?
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)20:16 No.17821950
    Ask her if she's ever seen Se7en. I'm assuming we have, just because for some reason Anode comes off as a bite of a cinephile to me.

    Long story short, fake head-in-box with spring-loaded snakes.
    >> Remarkably Unmolested Merchant 02/05/12(Sun)20:24 No.17822053
         File1328491457.png-(6 KB, 300x300, somepig.png)
    6 KB
    You do good work! However, my artistry is too primitive to pay proper homage to any of these characters.

    Therefore, have this pig reploid and hopefully the time spent will register happy feelings in you.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)20:24 No.17822055
         File1328491475.jpg-(241 KB, 900x636, 1305318488576.jpg)
    241 KB
    Ask if we can put something in their oil or something like that.
    >> Maverick Hunter Quest 02/05/12(Sun)20:29 No.17822103
    "...Okay, so, we get a box, and we get a head..."

    "No." she answers flatly.


    "You don't think the box would tip them off?" Gah. She does have a point there, but what's the point of being made of metal if you can't take an inert head and leave it for someone?

    As you talk, India's begun looking through a docket report on a shipment, scrolling quickly through it and tapping the screen a few times, selecting a handful of the units. ...say, that gives you an idea.

    "How about something with a mechaniloid? Like, spring-load a Helit to fly around and dive into their faces?"

    She grins a little. "No, rules say they stay dormant until they're deployed, and the only ones active on base are all on duty. Good thought, though."


    "How about putting something into their oil?"

    "Can't interfere with regular function, buuuut, as long as it wasn't harmful..." It occurs to you that dour Lifesaver unit that fixed you must have seen you walk into the medbay with the scales in hand. I guess as long as it doesn't cause any harm, he probably couldn't care less what you do.

    It's a start, at least. Any further ideas? You could also get to know your new partner-in-crime.
    >> Remarkably Unmolested Merchant 02/05/12(Sun)20:46 No.17822295
    Let's talk about her while we brainstorm. And maybe talk about Tanker and Seven. What do THEY like to do?
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)20:53 No.17822366
         File1328493188.jpg-(109 KB, 400x400, 1309074958623.jpg)
    109 KB
    Perhaps something so oddball that it would seem obvious as a prank, but it's actually harmless.
    The actual prank is something of theirs swapped out for... something.
    >> Maverick Hunter Quest 02/05/12(Sun)20:58 No.17822437
    "It'd help if I knew a bit more about them. You too, probably. What are you doing, anyway?"

    "Organizing the 'loids," she replies, typing away at her datapad again. "I swear I'm the only one who bothers sorting the shipments." Putting a period on her sentence, a pair of transport models come online and start snaring boxes with their long, chainlike arms, and begin to shuffle them about. "Em never bothers because he doesn't use the damn things, but if he did he'd know how annoying it is to look for a Tombot and getting a Tombort." You don't know the difference anyway, so you couldn't say. "Oh, hey," she adds. "You got cleared for a detachment."

    "Just now, yeah," you say. "I guess next op I'll have backup."

    "Don't expect to sit back and relax, they're generally used to contain a threat while you do the heavy lifting." India sets down the datapad, her work done.

    "I'll keep it in mind. How about Seven and Tanker? Anything about them we can work off?"

    "Tanker? Hardly. I swear he's only here for recharge, repairs, and re...being an ass. Seven just likes to bitch. It's almost all he does. He's got something to say about everyone, as long as they're not there."

    Maybe you could take advantage of his gossiping somehow?
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)21:09 No.17822628
         File1328494158.jpg-(596 KB, 750x888, 1298794953897.jpg)
    596 KB
    See if we can spread about rumors of our own saying he said something particularly nasty about someone.
    >> Remarkably Unmolested Merchant 02/05/12(Sun)21:10 No.17822637
    Something nasty about Tanker. Hell, he already HAS, hasn't he?
    >> Maverick Hunter Quest 02/05/12(Sun)21:29 No.17822906
    Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lItNymlY-jY
    "What if we fight fire with fire? Turn the two of 'em against each other?"

    "Sev IS easy to hate," India muses. "We might be able to work with that. Might have to bide our time, though. He'd see right through it if you said anything now. And me, he just doesn't give a fuck what I say."

    "Why? How'd this all start?" You ask. You still don't know much about what's gone on before you came here.

    "Well, no sooner than I transferred over, he started up. I was a pilot, and they're phasing out manned ships. He made some backhanded remark about me pulling my weight without a chair under me. Said, 'I don't know how you do things here, but in the Eleventh we fight, not talk,' and told him not to get in my way. The rest is history."

    "I'd heard you were a transfer, yeah. When was that?"

    "Tch. Two years ago, now. Didn't help that things weren't as busy back then, so it was months before I got a proper mission. Of course, business being good is bad, in the long run. Anyway, the upshot is Sev has nothing but shit to give and I'm not gonna be the one to take it."

    >Continue talkan gaems
    >Go back to scheming
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)21:40 No.17823062
    >Continue talkan gaems
    >> Remarkably Unmolested Merchant 02/05/12(Sun)21:41 No.17823080
    Seconding. Also reconsidering this prank, since it seems more mean-hearted than humorous. Maybe if things escalate, but should we be busting out the elephant gun so quickly?
    >> Maverick Hunter Quest 02/05/12(Sun)22:02 No.17823309
    Thinking about it, you decide that it's probably best you keep getting to know your comrades--such as they are--while you're still making first impressions, lest you be the next asshole in the unit.

    "Okay, I'm curious. Em told me about his deal, what's yours, India?" She looks up at you sharply.

    "First of all, it's what they named a reploid designed to look Indian. Second, I was actually part of a Pakistani-Indian collaborative. Third, I'm actually bloody British Indian."

    "How does that...?"

    "The team that built me were ex-nationals working out of the UK," she adds. "It's just stupid. It's like if you were named...I don't know, Lightning Rod Guy." ...She starts snickering. "Actually, I like that. Lightning Rod Guy. That's your new name now."

    "Like hell," you say, grinning despite. "I'm probably already gonna have to put up with Judge Anode or somesuch shit."

    "The honorable A. Node, presiding," she returns. "Bailiff Lightningpants."

    "Constable Electrograph."

    "The good Marshall Zappystick."

    "And so on," you say. "Anyway, forget the prank war for now. I'll run stuff by Em tomorrow and see what he thinks."

    As long as you're here, though, you could look over the mechaniloids. No real need, though.
    Wat do?
    >> Remarkably Unmolested Merchant 02/05/12(Sun)22:05 No.17823357
    Let's inspect 'em. No reason not to wait until combat to get familiar with the machines you might be using.
    >> Maverick Hunter Quest 02/05/12(Sun)22:25 No.17823619
    No time like the present. You pick up another datapad and pull up a report.

    It looks like the oldest models are being phased out--the old Bar Waying types are set to be replaced by the new Drill Waying variety. Who names these things? You have a few sets of Aclanda scorpion platforms, and a handful of wheeled Roaders.

    "Giving yourself the crash course, huh?" India asks, clearly approving. "I'll give you a hand. The ones doing the crate lifting are Carry Arms. There's Earth Commanders--figure that one out, it's basically a bladed copter. We just got a new shipment of Drimoles--they're modified digging machines, hence the "W" at the end, for War. Ganseki Carriers are like upconverted Carry Arms with missiles. There's Helits for that, too. Tomborts work as mobile platforms to get over dangerous terrain. They're a new mark of the old Tombots, which drop bombs. Most of our ground weapons are Head Gunners and Notor-Bangers, with a few new Victoroids fresh off the line. We've got one Walk-Blaster, which to me just looks like a dick on legs. Grasshopper legs, no less."

    "Well thanks, now I can't unsee it. You asshole."

    "You're welcome, luv. Oh, and I almost forgot," she says with a grin as she steps past a tarped crate. "Back here is the fun stuff." You follow her over to see...

    Jet bikes. Ride Chasers. The Ride Armor's fast little brother. Rows and rows of them, polished to a mirror sheen.

    "Fourth gets the majority of these to cover terrain. They're my babies. Next best thing to a gunship. Hey..." She looks at you, a grin and an idea on her face. "Want to take them out for a midnight spin?"

    >> Remarkably Unmolested Merchant 02/05/12(Sun)22:30 No.17823665
    Oh hell yes.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)22:30 No.17823667
    >Pakistan and India ever working together
    >Laughing servbots.jpg
    >> Maverick Hunter Quest 02/05/12(Sun)22:32 No.17823685
    Remember what I said last thread about how murderous supremacist warbots making old enemies bury the hatchet? Pretty much had this specifically in mind. Ask her about it.
    >> Maverick Hunter Quest 02/05/12(Sun)22:49 No.17823887
    "What am I gonna say, no? Let's fucking ride."
    "Attaboy." She grins wider, hitting a button with her fist and opening the garage bay.
    You've always wanted to run one of these. You went through simulations, but the real thing is something else entirely. You mount up and begin the warmup, feeling the engine thrum to life beneath you.

    "This," India calls over the building whine of the bikes, "Is an ADU-T400 "Turbo" Ride Chaser, known fondly as the Cheval. She's been in service in some form or other for something like 67 years. The armor is jack shit and the gun can't build a charge, and the thing turns like a pregnant fucking sow, but what they have in spades is speed!" She guns the engine for emphasis, kicking up a layer of dust around the hangar. "The engine is basically an upconverted Emergency Acceleration System that never turns off. It uses unfocused plasma engine, like on old spacecraft, only times a few thousand and put through an emitter."

    "Enough of the lesson, already," you yell back. "Let's go already!"

    "Man after my own heart," she calls, and takes off like a shot into the night.

    Do you race, or do you cruise and take in the sights?
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)22:55 No.17823964
    Lets cruise, we can race later.
    >> Remarkably Unmolested Merchant 02/05/12(Sun)22:57 No.17823992
    Seconding. Maybe on a second outing we can race, for now let's just familiarize ourselves.
    >> Maverick Hunter Quest 02/05/12(Sun)23:21 No.17824373
    We meet again, Field Too Long.
    She did say she was a pilot, and that she takes care of these things. She'd probably smoke you. Besides, it's your first time riding one of these for real. Probably better to get a feel for it.

    Gunning the engine, you feel yourself pushed back in your seat as you lurch out of the gate in a jackrabbit start. Oof. Hope she didn't see that... You adjust quickly, turning and making a wide bank across the headquarters grounds. It's not long before you catch up to her and the two of you settle into a comfortable pace, engines whining with the plasma release. You don't even have to resort to comms to talk.

    "Sorry about that," India yells, "I forgot to mention I tuned them up a little." Shit. Guess she did see that.

    "It's fine," you holler. "A lot more fun than simulations."

    "Isn't it just?" She grins manically. "C'mon, we've got nowhere to be and comms if they need us, I'll give you a tour."

    >> Maverick Hunter Quest 02/05/12(Sun)23:29 No.17824552
    The neon glow of lights through the night streak through your vision as you cross the flat-leveled ground and leave the Fourth facilities behind. Now, sprawled out across the horizon, as far as you can see, is the rest of Maverick Hunter Headquarters. Beyond that, glimmering with a million pinpricks of light is the city at large. You wend your way "slowly" around the central command tower, by far the tallest building in the hunter pavilion. India gives you snippets of facts as you go--she modified the engines using tricks she learned at the Eleventh caring for her bird, this is the Fifth, Recon is at the top of the tower, R&D is underground, Artillery is at the ground level, and so on. You get a real scale of just how big and important the hunters really are, cruising around this city of a base, miles across--and realize just how small you are next to all of this. And at the same time, you also realize just how much you matter to the operation. All of these units, working and fighting and coordinating, to protect the human population, and, depending who you ask, acquit the honor of the reploids as a whole.
    Cont. son of twelve bitches
    >> Maverick Hunter Quest 02/05/12(Sun)23:30 No.17824574

    "So this was fun," India says as you turn back into the hangar. "I don't normally get to enjoy a good ride like this."

    "Yeah." you agree. "We'll have to do it again." By now, your first day has been and gone--it's sometime in the early hours of the next.

    "Maybe next time we can use the gas pedals, huh?" She cajoles.

    "Yeah, whatever, Indy 500." You wave her off. "I needed to get the lay of the land anyway."

    "Only one who calls me Indy is Sev," she says, "but 500 is new on me. I actually kinda like it now." Your body still vibrating from the hum of the bike and your ears still unused to the comparative silence, you take a moment to adjust as you step under the closing hangar door together. "Thanks for the ride, Anode. You're all right for a dumbass rookie."

    "No problem, you crazy space bitch. See you around."

    That ... was a pretty good way to close out your first day of duty. Though perhaps you should get ready to begin your next.
    >> Remarkably Unmolested Merchant 02/05/12(Sun)23:50 No.17824890
    Let's recharge then, and get ready for a new day of bein' awesome.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)23:58 No.17824998
    YAY! Maverick Hunter thread!
    >> Maverick Hunter Quest 02/06/12(Mon)00:26 No.17825394
         File1328505962.jpg-(46 KB, 453x640, Vilesigh.jpg)
    46 KB
    I have to admit I'm getting kind of discouraged. If you're a lurking reader, can I trouble you guys to be a bit more active?
    Your trip back to your quarters is uneventful, if slow, letting you get a feel for the quiet, if no less active, base nights. Aside from patrol mechaniloids, the distant sound of mechanical activity and passing vehicles, things are still and lonely. A few button presses on a wall panel see the hatch on your rest capsule open and permit entry. You climb inside, swinging your legs in with a hand on the raised, clear dome. Another button press, and your 'bed' closes with a quiet hiss. Slowly you relax as your systems begin to recharge, lapsing off into the reploid equivalent of sleep.

    The new day comes without much event--a timer tells you five and a half hours have passed, and a simulated indicator tells you the sun is coming up. As you sit up, you give a cautious look around, half-expecting more hazing. No, your room is just as bare as you left it. You're gonna have to do something about that before too long. You climb out, stretching a moment before you realize--Em is probably done with your upgrade. A small indicator on your wall tells you that there are missions available to undertake.

    What do you do?
    >> Remarkably Unmolested Merchant 02/06/12(Mon)00:28 No.17825419
    Scan to see what missions are available, and then grab our upgrade from Em.

    As far as that goes, it might be the time. Who knows?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)00:28 No.17825423
    Check the upgrade first. If it looks like it will take a chunk of time to install, check the missions. If nothing's urgent, get the upgrade. If there's heroing to be done... well, we got through the first job without it.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)00:31 No.17825453
    Let's take a look at that mission board and see what's available. After that, we can check with Em and see what spiffy new upgrade he might have. It's good to plan your loadout for whatever potential mission you go on.

    I've been meaning to ask: outside of our lance, what sort of buster do we have? Is it built-in or like external guns from Zero? Do we have just one or are we going around double-barrel?
    >> Maverick Hunter Quest 02/06/12(Mon)00:41 No.17825554
         File1328506883.jpg-(44 KB, 453x640, vilesigh.jpg)
    44 KB
    Also, I made this better.
    Anode has a buster in each arm, single-barrel, rapid-fire.
    Em's helpfully left you a note saying the upgrade is ready, and that installation will take something like 15 minutes ("10, if you aren't ticklish"). As for the missions, none are marked as high-priority. You'll have to check in the command center, but you get the feeling it's probably okay to go for the upgrade first.
    >> Remarkably Unmolested Merchant 02/06/12(Mon)00:43 No.17825574
    Get upgrade, check mishes, and then get to work.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)00:46 No.17825605
    Well, if it's not high-priority, then I don't see why not. Let's go check out our new swag. Considering Chaff Weasel specialized in sensory manipulation and tricky tactics, I imagine we'd get some radar upgrade or something. Then again, that's not a weapon, so I'm not quite sure. Claws?
    >> Tactical Routine Omicron !oiqMeATbAg 02/06/12(Mon)00:49 No.17825645
    Let's do this.

    We ended up getting gypped out of salvage with him. Weasel turned out to be fresh off the factory line, so his parts can't be released till they turn up clean. Instead, we're getting a charge upgrade.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)00:53 No.17825691
    Wait, we're subject to a statute of limitations on enemy-themed upgrades? Huh.

    Well, I read up on the passive kinetic charge idea, so that's more than acceptable. Helps to be self-sufficient when it comes to one of our main gimmicks. We had a freebie going into that power plant, since it was more than obviously pandering to our specialty. Next time, we won't have that luxury, so this is welcome.
    >> Remarkably Unmolested Merchant 02/06/12(Mon)00:58 No.17825749
    It's more that it was denied for story reasons, I think. We may get it later, who knows?
    >> Maverick Hunter Quest 02/06/12(Mon)01:03 No.17825797
         File1328508202.jpg-(15 KB, 400x321, editrcdamperset.jpg)
    15 KB
    No sense wasting time. You're almost giddy with excitement as you make for the lab at a light run. Em's there, same as always, with a set of four sturdy-looking spring-things resting on a countertop.

    "Hey," he greets. "Just in time. I was just about to go see about those missions."

    "Yeah, me too, I just didn't wanna wait." That gets a chuckle out of him.

    "Well, if there's only one left by the time we get there, you can have it. I still haven't slept. Okay, there's a table over there you can sit on. Pop the seals on one of your legs, we'll start there."

    You do so, hopping up and swinging your legs over. You disengage the locks on your armor plates, watching the grey front raise up, revealing the frame and inner workings beneath it.

    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)01:06 No.17825844
    This upgrade will be the closest thing we get to a Mega Buster, and the best part is we don't have to hold down the Y button to charge it up. Now to see how efficient it is.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)01:08 No.17825874
         File1328508526.png-(1 KB, 256x224, Working Through the Night.png)
    1 KB
    We may well now owe Em one. Or several depending on how awesome this is.
    >> Maverick Hunter Quest 02/06/12(Mon)01:13 No.17825942
         File1328508801.jpg-(290 KB, 1021x1218, ZeroCrossSection.jpg)
    290 KB
    The weapons data was withheld by Command. Basically, what >>17825749 said.

    Emerald hauls over the coils. They look a bit heavy, making you apprehensive.

    "Those aren't gonna slow me down any, will they?" He shakes his head.

    "No worries, the weight's not that much, and it's distributed. Absolute worst case would be a slightly shorter runtime between recharges as your limbs demand more power draw. Do I need to ground myself or anything?" Your turn to shake your head, now, as he puts some overlaying, armored gloves on and picks up a small tool.

    "Okay, I'm about to isolate your leg from your power plant. Perfectly safe." You nod, and he goes ahead, slotting the end into a small port in your exposed skeleton's hip. Immediately you lose all sensation and it goes completely dead.

    You don't have to wait long--the small mechanic built the coil to nestle in among your systems comfortably. He locks it into place, Running leads from it to your power reroute cables, and wiring the other end into the mechanics of the leg itself takes only a few minutes. He lifts another tool, like a smaller version of the shock probes from the factory. He prods the lead, and the coil gives a slight whir and turns slightly. He nods, satisfied, and then finishes wiring the coil to draw power from your body's core. Before you can even mention it, he's already tucking the wires into armored sleeves and running them along the length of your frame's skeleton. No muss, no fuss, and no wires likely to get shorn off.

    >> Maverick Hunter Quest 02/06/12(Mon)01:34 No.17826227
         File1328510067.png-(53 KB, 250x219, HmmUpgrades.png)
    53 KB
    I think I figured out the secret. Images.
    "Okay, repowering your leg. If something blows up, it'll be now," he says cheerfully as he re-engages the power flow. Gee, thanks, Em.

    Nothing explodes, however, and your systems quickly interface with and naturalize the hardware. A few moments, and the power has normalized to what you'll need, and you can't feel any difference as you swing your leg experimentally.

    He repeats the process for each limb at a time, and you note as you watch him operate on you that the two in your legs are slightly larger. It's sort of morbidly fascinating, seeing yourself popped open.

    "Aaaaand...done. Twelve point three minutes. A new record," Emerald says, putting down his tools.

    "You need to work on your stamina, Em," you say wryly as you stretch your shoulder, testing its feel.

    "I can't help it, it was just too good," he says, putting the back of his hand to his forehead in a swoon, repair gauntlet and all. "No but seriously, that was a breeze. Don't get used to it. Normally installing hardware requires getting ahold of a liaison from R&D to do the work. It's just that I knew this equipment so well. How's it reading?"

    "All green," you say--wait. "Whoops, sorry. All systems nominal." You hop up and down a few times. Your systems indicate a slight increase in charge.


    "Awesome," he says as he removes the workgloves. You're inclined to agree.

    "Thanks, Em. I owe you one." You leave the lab with a spring, literally, in your step, and watch your capacitors build.
    >> Maverick Hunter Quest 02/06/12(Mon)01:35 No.17826236
         File1328510129.jpg-(6 KB, 320x240, bigdakka.jpg)
    6 KB
    Frog is waiting in the Command Room as you head in. He nods quietly to you, intent on whatever streams of data are flickering across his screen. You quickly check the missions available, and see that just as Em thought, there is only one mission left:

    1: Guns Wallaby (Class A)
    Reconnaissance has identified troops massing for an attack on the storage facility for the Enigma-class laser weapon system. Elements of the 15th Artillery are on-station should the weapon go live.
    Intel has provided a full dossier and profiling of the target. An infantry specialist who had gone Maverick, taking an entire unit of new recruits he had been training with him.

    Accept mission?
    >> Remarkably Unmolested Merchant 02/06/12(Mon)01:38 No.17826268
    Let's DO IT!
    >> Tactical Routine Omicron !oiqMeATbAg 02/06/12(Mon)01:38 No.17826273
    Accept the fuck out of this mission. It's time to tear some ass.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)01:41 No.17826297
    Why the hell wasn't this on the take care of this yesterday list?

    YES. HELL YES. Nobody needs to be using lasers capable of destroying space colonies from miles away.

    (Why the hell did they build it in the first place anyway? Not that it doesn't come in handy.)
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)01:41 No.17826304
    Don't see why not. It's never fun when a weapons system is being held hostage, and at least we have fire support.

    So any and all motor functions will generate charge over time, and we can always manually charge up on site. I'd say we're looking pretty good.

    ...Y'know, for that matter, how do we look in general? All I caught is that we're humanoid with new yellow eyes.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)01:41 No.17826305
    Let's do this thing.
    >> Maverick Hunter Quest 02/06/12(Mon)01:51 No.17826415
    You tap a few buttons, indicating you'll accept the mission. No time like the present to test those upgrades. Before the teleporter activates, a new screen pops up.

    --Please mobilize forces--

    Ah, that's right--you're an officer, and now you can deploy troops with you.
    A quick look tells you that you can field 30 units with you in total, split as you desire between mechaniloids and infantrymen.
    Mechaniloids are generally purpose-built for one role or another. Their specialization gives them strength, and they're far more expendable. The downside is twofold: If you choose the wrong kinds for the situation, they'll be almost useless. More than that, they're nonsentient machines. They can only follow directives and orders very basically.
    The Steel Berets, as they're called, are the rank and file of MHHQ, presided over by officers such as yourself. Lightly armed and armored, they rarely have the punch of a mechaniloid. Their advantage is in their intelligence--the berets are all reploids, sapient and versatile, able to interpret orders and act on initiative. They can keep in contact with you or carry out tasks you would otherwise have to do. And although most officers are built to higher specs for the role, it's not impossible to have outstanding candidates make a name for themselves and eventually become officers themselves.
    What mix of units do you pick, and what makes of mechaniloid do you bring?
    >> Tactical Routine Omicron !oiqMeATbAg 02/06/12(Mon)01:58 No.17826484
    I vote for whatever gets us accurate medium-range support. Have them ping at our foes while we close in for the kill.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)01:59 No.17826493
    Bringing fresh rookies along for a ride against ones that have been trained by a specialist seems like a recipe for either disaster or a logistics nightmare. One has a high body count, and the other relies on information we may not have access to. Mechaniloids may be the better choice THIS time. I imagine that this won't be the case most of the time though.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)02:01 No.17826518
    So we've got the choice of up to thirty of...

    Bar Waying
    Carry Arm
    Earth Commander
    Ganseki Carrier
    Head Gunner
    Notor Banger
    One Walk-Blaster


    Not sure what to take, honestly. I'd say ten Steel Berets and twenty Mechaniloids, seems like a good ratio.
    >> Maverick Hunter Quest 02/06/12(Mon)02:06 No.17826552
    If you want any info on how they'll handle in MHQ, by all means, ask.
    Currently Anode has new yellow optics, grey armor with a blue trim, and a beam lance, mounted on a hip when unpowered. The armor is of medium strength, somewhat similar to X's build, but still light enough to permit speed and mobility. He or she is of undetermined sex just yet. At this point I'm debating leaving it ambiguous so the quest players can consider Anode whatever the hell they like.
    >> Tactical Routine Omicron !oiqMeATbAg 02/06/12(Mon)02:11 No.17826599
    Are you kidding? Anode is definitely a dude. Not that it matters when you have robot junk.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)02:11 No.17826600
    Earthcommanders for recon, and when the time comes, they can take potshots from the air and turn into inferno wheels.

    Notor Banger does have SOME range in game, so will they qualify as mid-range support? Head Gunner Customs are nearly strictly superior to Notor Bangers otherwise.

    Are we looking to keep them from it, or for complete eradication of the opposing forces?

    And do we have an estimate on enemy numbers?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)02:13 No.17826622
    Considering mechaniloids are highly specialized, it's almost obligated we learn as much as we can of our theater before we make a decision. To that end, I'm thinking we just stick with a bunch of Steel Berets for now. They don't hit hard, but they're versatile, and that's always appreciated.

    Any hard intelligence on our operation and theater is appreciated: terrain, potential hazards, etc.

    >opp. stynams
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)02:16 No.17826647
         File1328512606.jpg-(68 KB, 638x390, Victoroid.jpg)
    68 KB
    I think maybe...

    One Victoroid
    One Drimole-W
    One Tombort
    One Helit
    Two Acalandas
    Two Roaders
    Two Ganseki Carriers
    Two Head Gunners
    Two Notor Bangers
    Two Bar Wayings
    Three Earth Commanders

    And fill the rest with Steel Berets.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)02:16 No.17826648
    >Notor Banger does have SOME range in game, so will they qualify as mid-range support?
    >Head Gunner Customs are nearly strictly superior to Notor Bangers otherwise.
    Unfortunately, Customs are few and far between. These are the mass produced model.
    >Are we looking to keep them from it, or for complete eradication of the opposing forces?
    Primary objective is the retirement of the enemy commander. Opposing forces will eventually be wiped out, but the main goal is cutting the head off the attacking force.
    >And do we have an estimate on enemy numbers?
    Guns Wallaby had a full compliment of Steel Berets when he left--estimates are somewhere between 20 and 30 hostiles.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)02:17 No.17826658
    Then again, he makes a point.

    But I still think we should definitely take a Victoroid. Look at that thing.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)02:18 No.17826667
    15th Artillery is already on-site, so any firing-for-effect can be called in, assuming we have that authority. I think we just need a few extra bodies to pad our ranks. Our Steel Berets can match theirs while we engage Wallaby ourselves.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)02:22 No.17826697
    1 Victoloid
    5 Earth Commanders
    4 Notor Bangor
    20 Steel Berets
    >> Maverick Hunter Quest 02/06/12(Mon)02:22 No.17826701
    That was me. I should either get a name or a trip for when I run this damn thing.
    Enigma's storage facility is a warehouse on the outskirts of the city sprawl. The terrain should be mostly developed or urban with little rough ground. If the fight's made it indoors you can probably expect some entrenched positions and close-quarters fighting.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)02:24 No.17826713
    Fine, a couple Victoroids can't hurt. Just point them at the renegade Steel Berets and Wallaby.

    "See that Maverick over there? Fuck him and everyone around him."
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)02:25 No.17826725
         File1328513110.jpg-(177 KB, 500x532, stalin.jpg)
    177 KB
    Hey OP, just got caught up, figure I'd contribute as well.

    If he's feeling up to it, couldn't Em come with us and double team that bitch?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)02:27 No.17826740
    Emerald said he'd default this mission to us. He made his nifty sabers himself, but his busters aren't anything to write home about, and I doubt assaulting an artillery encampment with a knife is the smartest of decisions.

    Besides, he said he needed some shuteye.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)02:30 No.17826764
    Yeah. Let Em sleep. He's earned it.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)02:35 No.17826806
    Fair enough. Brofist him on the way out.
    Also, have some kickass music to get you in the mood:
    >> Maverick Hunter Quest 02/06/12(Mon)02:40 No.17826846
         File1328514018.jpg-(88 KB, 640x480, releasetheballs.jpg)
    88 KB
    Sorry, but Maverick Hunter Headquarters has a strict policy against rational doctrines, like bringing more guns to the fight than your enemy--no, you totally can, if he's up to it. If most of the unit was deployed, probably not, in case a priority attack happens, but right now you can, if you choose to. Since it looks like people would rather let him rest, you can consider that an option for future missions in general.

    Also, thanks.

    Since exact numbers are hard to pin down, how about 15 Berets, Four Earth Commanders for scouting, a pair of Victoroids for punch, and then two Roaders, three Notor Bangers, three Head Gunners, and then an Alcalanda?
    (For those tired of wiki-paging back and forth: Four flying drones, 2 big gunbots, 2 wheeliebots, 3 cannon-hopper things, 3 missile walkers, and a laser/mortar scorpion.)
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)02:42 No.17826863
    also seconding this, with an addition of around five S.B.'s to help direct them.
    Let's gets some grunt interaction goin'! And talk like R L Ermy whenever we give out orders, right here on the history channel!
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)02:42 No.17826864
    Fundit! Now let's stuck in, boys!
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)02:45 No.17826899
    also OP, may I suggest simply naming yourself Anode for this quest?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)02:46 No.17826909
    Seems like a needless change when his name is already the name of the quest, but it's OP's call.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)02:48 No.17826927
    Maybe something like Navigator or Dispatch or whatever?
    >> Maverick Hunter Quest 02/06/12(Mon)02:53 No.17826981
    I'd feel a bit weird about that, and it might turn new players off.
    That's not a bad idea. How does Hunter Command grab you?

    If everyone's okay with my compromise (rate my mechaniloid army list for a 1500 point game, please) I can start writing.
    Alternatively, we can square away the finer details of prep tonight, and then launch the mission tomorrow afternoon. Up to you.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)02:54 No.17826990
    I'd be good for tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)03:00 No.17827061
    I'll be working but should be home before the end.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)03:01 No.17827063
    eh go whenever your ready. I'll miss some early parts tomorow cuz lolwork

    I'm for Hunter Command being your monicker. makes sense, really.

    The loadout is good for the most part, I still think some Steel Berrets should come along. I like reading your character dialogue, and the grunts could offer some perspective we'd miss.
    >> Hunter Command 02/06/12(Mon)03:05 No.17827116
    Tomorrow it is, then. I'll probably wake up late, so you may not miss a ton.
    Half the force is Steel Berets, so you've got a healthy mix. If you want to keep the thread going, feel free to talk, hash out plans, strategies, or details, or what have you. If it's here tomorrow I'll use it, otherwise I'll go in for a fourth thread. I'll also try to include images, more decisions, quicker updates, and lower taxes. The long and short is "thanks for playing and bear with me, I'm still learning this as I go."

    See you tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)03:06 No.17827118
    15 Berets are in the mix. And I approve the list.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)03:08 No.17827145
    If we get there before hostilities, we should spot choke points so that we can make our bots count.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)03:14 No.17827204
    about the enemy Berret's, I'm assuming they're all considered Maverick? Could there be a chance that not all of them turned by choice? If we captured any, or they surrendered, what will happen to them?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)03:17 No.17827236
    I think we can assume that they won't be coming quietly unless their commander is defeated (barring false pretenses, in which case they're still enemy combatants).
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)11:49 No.17830777
    The Steel Berets can be brought in easily enough. Remember, the priority is Guns Wallaby.

    As for our force deployment, does our Earth Commanders offer us their visual feeds? For that matter, do we see what any of our mechaniloids see? I'm going to assume that at some point, we're infiltrating the warehouse itself, meaning it's going to get close-quarters very quickly.

    Whatever the case, the Earth Commanders are our universal recon, with Notor Bangers for escort if they're close enough. Our Victoroids, Head Gunners and Alcalanda are our personal artillery, though I'm tempted to have the Victoroids charge inside and just club everything out of their way as they barrel forward if we have to go inside the complex. I don't think they're quite that forward thinking, though.

    I really want the image of us standing atop our two Roaders, one foot on each, and just stand hands-on-hips with the biggest shit-eating grin as they plow forward and overrun the Steel Berets inside, while our own SB contingent files in behind us. Then again, we'll get shot, but A REPLOID CAN DREAM, CAN'T HE? Still, I'd say when we get inside, we deploy our Roaders and redeploy the Alcalanda. Depending on how high the ceiling and how much space there is to move around, we move the Notor Bangers inside as well. Mavericks have a bad habit of deploying Notor Gunners in positions where the low ceiling botches their shots.

    As for the Steel Berets, I can't think of them as anything but our personal escort, except when they get inside and fan out. The outside will be ruled by heavy weapons and artillery, especially considering the 15th Artillery is on-site.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)11:55 No.17830839
         File1328547335.jpg-(59 KB, 666x718, 1206150001656.jpg)
    59 KB
    >do our Earth Commanders
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)12:00 No.17830874
    wait, ENIGMA's storage facility?

    guys, we don't want to fuck this up, because enigma was pretty vital to X5. Yes, there's also the Shuttle, but it's better to take it out on the first run.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)12:16 No.17831014
    I just noticed:

    >Reconnaissance has identified troops massing for an attack on the storage facility for the Enigma-class laser weapon system.
    >massing for an attack

    I think this means Wallaby and his renegade Berets are not on-site yet. Assuming we get there quickly enough, all we hopefully have to do is hold off his forces and maintain a chokehold on the Enigma warehouse. The longer Wallaby stuck in the open, the longer he gets hammered by artillery. We stand at the front door and do some reploid yoga or reploid cardio to build up our charge.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:03 No.17832505
         File1328558601.jpg-(263 KB, 525x700, 1213315618669.jpg)
    263 KB
    Assuming OP is on his way back, here's a complimentary afternoon bump.
    >> Hunter Command 02/06/12(Mon)15:52 No.17832993
    I am here! Ready to resume in just a few minutes.
    >> Hunter Command 02/06/12(Mon)16:22 No.17833234
         File1328563322.jpg-(84 KB, 452x408, whomakesthesethings.jpg)
    84 KB
    You mull it over, and quickly settle in on a loadout.
    --Please mobilize forces--
    2x ROADER

    After you submit the form, a small bar appears over the top for a few seconds before blinking once and reading -Accepted.- A new prompt tells you that your forces are mobilizing and will be arriving by transport gunship because the site is relatively close to the base. You'll be teleporting to the Artillery unit's camp to get there ahead of them.

    The teleporter warms up, ready for you as you step in.

    Music, and this came up by chance just as I wrote your army mobilizing, so enjoy it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjG5sKXBBsA

    >> Hunter Command 02/06/12(Mon)16:37 No.17833355
         File1328564226.jpg-(37 KB, 525x566, thisisntactuallyhim.jpg)
    37 KB
    You get that moment of vertigo as you're displaced kilometers in a second, and then there you are. A few guards watching the teleporter nod, waving you over--good thing they got word you were coming. One jerks a thumb over one shoulder at a prefab structure and then goes back to keeping his gun trained on the teleporter pad. "CO's that way."

    He's not hard to miss, as it turns out. He... looks like a steel beret, if he swallowed a few live grenades, wore a scarf made out of ammunition belts, and swapped someone else's cap. As you approach he points a massive finger at a map display.

    "I'm telling you," he says, "they're farther up than you think. We should be moving, not--hold on." He turns to you, giving you a quick salute, which you return. "You'll be the 4th's field agent, then. Good to see you." He points back at the map, showing a 3-D image of the bluff the Enigma facility is located on. "I was just having a polite word with HQ about our orders. 15th's not going anywhere, apparently. They just want us on station if they seize control of the cannon. I've been trying to convince them to let us attack."

    >> Hunter Command 02/06/12(Mon)16:57 No.17833505
         File1328565445.jpg-(31 KB, 256x214, butmyshirtisntred.jpg)
    31 KB
    "Right," you nod. "I'm Anode. My team will be arriving shortly."
    He points one of those fat fingers at himself. "Kiloton. Come on, I'll show you the layout." He starts moving... without walking. A quick glance tells you he has some kind of treads built into his legs. The two of you "walk" around the table and look out onto the weapon facility proper.

    "The facility was built here to deny a ground attack, not that it stopped them," he explains. "When they flattened this area, they just cut a path out of the existing stone. It winds all the way around. There's deployable cover and entrenched positions running the whole way up, with a choke point bottleneck right at the doors." He frowns hugely. "And if we're not lucky, they'll have already taken them. If that's the case, you have my apologies, Anode, because they'll be the devil to drag out of there."

    You nod. "Anything else?"

    "Yeah," he replies. "We haven't had any word from the facility's defenders since we got here. I'm fairly sure they're jammed, which speaks to some coordination."

    You're both alerted to the growing sound of engines as a pair of transports marked 04 bank around the bluff in a wide berth and rapidly draw into view. "Looks like you're on," he says. "We can try to maintain comms and coordinate with you from here, but unless Command sees reason, we can't budge."

    Your troops quickly offload, the berets seeking out defensible positions and cover to establish their own perimeter base. The mechaniloids fan out to provide lines of fire, per their programming.

    What are your orders for your advance up the bluff? If it's defended, a blind march could kill you all.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:22 No.17833714
    We need to scout a bit to begin with. Are there any mechaniloids that excel at that or can we get map data somehow?
    >> Hunter Command 02/06/12(Mon)17:26 No.17833743
    Earth Commanders are excellent for that, but fragile if they come under fire, so you probably don't want to risk getting them too close. Roaders are fast and more sturdy, but they're stuck on the ground. The Steel Berets are able to scout, but they'll have to be careful, because if they get caught out in the open, they probably won't survive.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:28 No.17833757
    hey writefriend, just wanted to drop by and praise your work
    wish I could chime in earlier, but I could only find archivals on suptg until now.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:39 No.17833864
    Let's use 1 earth commander to scout ahead then and see if it can relay what it see's over to us.
    >> Hunter Command 02/06/12(Mon)17:55 No.17834032
    You decide you'd rather spend equipment than men. You order one earth commander to scout. It beeps an affirmation, and then whizzes off.

    It gets to the base of the slope before hails of fire blow it out of the sky, sending its stabilizing arm spinning to the ground trailing sparks, fire, and an almost confused "beep...?"

    Well. Shit.

    "Well. Shit," says Kiloton. "If they're at the base of the slope, that means they've probably got forces entrenched all the way up."

    Looks like a hard advance. How do you play this, Anode?

    ...And Team Jerkass has attacked once again! I'll be a bit slow, but I guess that's all right, since most of the players from last night said they'd miss the opening and we're slow now anyway.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:30 No.17834439
    Ugh, I can't think of anything. Can any of you lurkers think of something to do?
    >> Hunter Command 02/06/12(Mon)18:47 No.17834599
    Back from getting food aaaaand nothing.
    Welp. I'll be here. Let me know if you need more information to act.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:13 No.17834867
         File1328573610.jpg-(105 KB, 400x500, 1294090226257.jpg)
    105 KB
    I can't into tactics, so have a bump.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:18 No.17834923
    I'm not the best at tactics or anything, but maybe we could consider a spread formation? It seems like trying to fight our way up a slope in single file would be asking for trouble. It's going to be a grueling fight either way, since it sounds like they're pretty firmly entrenched.

    If we could get a better grasp of the geography, maybe we could target something specific, and try to take advantage of the slope to cause a chain reaction that damages their forces rather than ours, but that might prove tough.

    Anyone else got ideas?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:29 No.17835043
    How tall and steep is the bluff? There are defensive positions winding all the way to the top, where the warehouse is, right?

    Does the 15th Artillery think they can peg anything from their current location?
    >> Hunter Command 02/06/12(Mon)19:50 No.17835265
    You can walk or roll up it, it isn't terribly steep. Natural defensive positions were built into the slope as it was created, and there's deployable cover.

    I can probably start writing with a spread formation advance like >>17834923 suggested.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:50 No.17835268
         File1328575809.jpg-(283 KB, 538x724, 1254761198284.jpg)
    283 KB
    Can we even see any of the entrenched positions from where we're standing (presumably either at the 15th command tent or among our Berets in the defensive perimeter)?

    We're obviously gonna get our hands dirty, such is the nature of the job. Now that we have a contingent under our command, it's just a matter of when.

    Assuming we could pick out the defensive positions from when they shot down our Earth Commander, we order our Victoroids, Notor Bangers, Head Gunners and Alcalanda to unload on the defensive position(s) at the base of the bluff. With any luck, the heavy suppressive fire will destabilize their position, drowning them in lasers, missiles and mortars.

    We're not quite looking for kills in the storm of suppressive fire. That's our job. Under the cover our assault, we take a few Steel Berets with us and charge their embankment, wiping out the pinned-down defenders. The key is that just like any other engagement, we have to shoot more stuff than the enemy does. Once we take the position, we move up and repeat the process for each position up the bluff.

    When all you have is a hammer, you just have to hit stuff. Fortunately, we have a really big hammer ourselves.
    >> Hunter Command 02/06/12(Mon)20:18 No.17835552
         File1328577489.jpg-(38 KB, 500x405, boom.jpg)
    38 KB
    You frown. Kilo looks at you. "So what are you thinking?"

    "Well, whatever training they've got, they'll have to keep their heads down if we pour the fire on. I'm thinking I keep the guns rolling, me and the berets get around them and take out their positions."

    "Spoken like a gunnery officer," Kilo says approvingly. "Keep in mind these guys are well-disciplined. That trick may not work more than once, and it's a narrow walkway, so your advance will be tricky."

    He pivots on his heel, squinting into the distance as he squares himself towards the base of the slope.

    "I can't leave my post, but first hit's on me," he says. And then his rolls of "fat" open up, and a blistering cascade of rockets and missiles scream through the air. The ground rumbles as dozens of explosions go up all around where the defenders revealed themselves.

    "Suffice to say the approach is softened," he says lightly as his plates close with a hiss. "On your way then, Anode, and good luck."

    >> Hunter Command 02/06/12(Mon)20:44 No.17835896
    Team Jerkass is playing Castlevania again. Is that a bat made of gold?
    "You heard him," you call, drawing your lance. "Berets, with me! Mechaniloids, roll up, spread formation. Saturate the enemy positions with fire."
    They blink their acknowledgements, and the Berets salute. With that, you lead off, rolling fusillades of laser and missile fire at your back as you charge the first position!

    What few survivors of Kiloton's freebie don't last long. You vault their cover just as one raises his head, catching him through the chest with your lance as the next two are cut down.

    The first position is--was--staffed by five Berets. Their armor is somewhat tarnished and damaged from wear and tear without repairs. Despite the fatigue, it's clear the equipment is well-kept and maintained. The only immediate difference in their uniforms is a red stripe painted across the breastplate.

    "Thanks for the assist," you key your comms to Kiloton and his camp.

    "Happy to help," he replies calmly. "Most of the enemies are going to be on the far side, but if we have clear lines of fire, tell me where to aim and I'll spend some ordnance."

    Well, you have a strategy and you have a little backup for your advance. Continue as you have, or consider more options?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)21:00 No.17836154
    That first one was a freebie. Let's try it again and see how far we get on our own effort. Is it a straight shot to the warehouse, or do we have to do a couple loops up the bluff to get there?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)21:02 No.17836180
    Are we all charged up? And what are the exact options we have in spending a charge? So far we've seen an uncontrolled discharge of energy and something that I imagine looks like a Raijingeki.
    >> Hunter Command 02/06/12(Mon)21:51 No.17836877
         File1328583105.jpg-(37 KB, 349x450, keepgettingthisnamewrong.jpg)
    37 KB
    Goddamn it's hard to focus over here.
    You can channel the attack through conduits in your hand. The lance is designed to take the energy and offload it, both through itself and projecting a beam from it. You can do that from your hands themselves, as well. If you wanted you could develop attacks and techniques to do more with your lightning, or with other weapons data.

    Charge status is still low, something like 7%. You noticed a more sizable increase from your attack.
    "Right," you say. "One down. Keep your guard up, we're not trying to win this by attrition." You take up position behind the mechaniloids and begin your advance. The berets are at your back, weapons up as they sweep the area.

    The next position is ahead--prefab cover has been deployed and a bristling line of guns staring you down.

    They open fire just as you do. The Berets throw themselves prone, using the slope and the 'loids for cover. They soak up the fire and return it. Your aclanda proves its value as it fires wide-beam laser spreads and flicks a bomb behind the cover, sending the defenders diving for cover. One vaults the cover as the explosive detonates. You and the Berets fire on him, knocking him out quickly. You have a moment's pause.
    >Vault the cover! Get stuck in!
    >Stay back, throw more dakka.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)22:01 No.17837000
    Jump that shit like a boss and come down on some poor sucker with our lance. We can't count on another opening like this.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)22:02 No.17837012
         File1328583736.jpg-(25 KB, 544x400, 1295495167591.jpg)
    25 KB
    We've got dual busters, and I'm pretty sure our aim is better than a mechaniloid's. Let's get stuck in and throw some of our own dakka. If our supporting salvos don't get the renegade Steel Berets, then our own plasma will suffice.

    By now, the defenders likely know we're coming, so get an Earth Commander or two high in the air to scout for alternate routes up the bluff. Our primary goal is to get ourselves inside and take on Guns Wallaby ourselves. With as big a ruckus as we're making, we might be able to slip through a few barriers and get inside the warehouse.

    Hopefully, pic related doesn't happen as we head up the hillside.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)22:04 No.17837049
    The key to a good feint is to make it look convincing. I'm sure missiles and mortars en masse can be VERY convincing.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)22:26 No.17837302
    I say back up a little more out of their range and have the Aclanda chuck some more bombs to soften them up. THEN we jump them like a boss while the berets cover us.
    >> Hunter Command 02/06/12(Mon)22:41 No.17837511
    You realize they're going to be back in line before much longer and make a snap decision. Stowing your spear, you vault over the dead enemy, with one hand on the cover, you roll across the barrier and land prone on the other side, firing both busters. Forced to pick between the lethal suppressive fire of your force and you, they make the obvious choice (aside from 'die,' but a few have decided to try that) and hunker down on this side, trying to hit you.

    Most of the shots go stray, but a few land, splashing across your armor. You're faster and hit harder, though, and the last of the enemy Berets go down with minimal damage. You stand back up slowly. "Report."

    "Berets accounted for," one of them says. "We lost a Head Gunner and two of the Bangers. Some damage on the others, nothing serious."

    "Okay, good work. Let's keep it up." The mechaniloids are slow to cross past the cover, but eventually make it up. You continue to wind your way up the slope, now on the far side from Kiloton's camp.

    You're nearing the next position when a rumble goes through the entire bluff, and a bright light comes from overhead. What the hell was that?

    Your comms pick up. It's Kiloton again. "Anode, can you hear me? I think they've breached the facility doors!"

    Well... shit.
    >Double-time it!
    >No, stay calm. Getting ourselves killed won't win the mission.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)22:46 No.17837590
    Both, Stay cool, but seriously, pick up the pace, if they get that laser online we are screwed with a capitol S. Keep the remaining Earth Commanders out front.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)22:50 No.17837658
         File1328586629.jpg-(3 KB, 88x88, 1254867094837.jpg)
    3 KB
    And just like that, we've reached the worst-case scenario.

    The worst thing for us to do is panic and charge up the hill to try and beat the enemy to the punch. Get those Earth Commanders in the air and see if we can't find a better route up to the warehouse.

    Seeing as the enemy is in the process of seizing the warehouse, I'm pretty sure this clears the 15th Artillery to make a move. We could REALLY use the extra firepower right now. We have to get inside.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)23:40 No.17838309
         File1328589646.jpg-(46 KB, 600x450, vava2.jpg)
    46 KB
    Don't let the 15th fire on the weapon yet. They'll probably still have to contend with security systems and overrides or some shit.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)23:43 No.17838334
    Naturally. They won't fire on the weapon itself. I should hope they'll be firing on the encampments all the way up the bluff to clear a path for us to get inside. Besides, we still have to get in contact with the original defenders of the warehouse, assuming they still live.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)23:57 No.17838525
    Dammit guys. I get home and this is what I'm greated with? Squad broken? Pshaw. We can do better than this.
    >> Hunter Command 02/07/12(Tue)00:00 No.17838563
    "Roger that. We're moving. Double-time it," you say. "Keep wary for ambushes, we're not throwing ourselves onto their sword." You direct the Earth Commanders forward, covering you from the air as you move up the slope. The first shots of the next salvo are aimed at the Commanders, which swoop and dive over the barricades and you hear a few cries of pain as they ram their attackers. Those few moments of surprise give you the chance to advance to the cover and open fire.

    The Berets advance carefully as the fire turns their way, and the mechaniloids just throw barrages. You duck back behind the cover as counterfire rakes your position. You take the opportunity to motion for the Berets to fire back. One primes a small grenade and lobs it over your head. The satisfying 'whoomph' runs through your body through the barrier, and gives you the opening you need to hop the barricade again and charge into the thick of the enemy force. You quickly shoulder into one and send him sprawling into his fellow, running a third through. Your Berets take advantage of your interruption and are hot on your heels, advancing between the lulls. One more down, an--

    "Ambush!" One of the berets calls, diving against the cover he just vaulted.

    A quartet of grenades fall among your clumsy mechaniloids from above as another squad of enemy Berets rappel in. The explosions decimate your team, and damage the survivors.

    >WHAT DO?!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)00:04 No.17838620
    Rappel from what?

    How much electrical charge do we have, 'cuz I think we need to invoke the wrath of Tesla on some sumbitches.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)00:08 No.17838668
         File1328591288.jpg-(56 KB, 650x810, vava3.jpg)
    56 KB
    What's status of our unit? If our Earth Commanders are still up and running, use them to distract the abseiling Berets while we move ahead, taking potshots. It'll break our momentum, but we've got to get them off our backs.

    On that note, what's our charge at?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)00:10 No.17838695
    On that note, how far are we from the warehouse's front gates?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)00:16 No.17838769
    We need to get inside. That's where our friend is going to be. I didn't know until this past round that we were trying to get to the Enigma before they did. I thought we started at it and had to defend it.
    >> Hunter Command 02/07/12(Tue)00:20 No.17838813
    You're nearing the top of the bluff. They set up an ambush from there down onto the ramp.
    You're nearly to the top.
    Charge is sitting at 32%. The Earth Commanders are 2 strong, now, with one damaged. Taking a full stock during the ambush would take time and only cost you more units. If you want, you can direct the Commanders to attack again hastily, since they stand out and were away from the pack when they got hit.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)00:22 No.17838835
    Keep the commanders for when we reach the top. They'll give a moments distraction that we may well need to reach the objective.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)00:29 No.17838913
    It's a little busy to be taking stock of our squad's composition. Assume the worst and throw some plasma at our ambushers. Deploy the Roaders at the rim of the bluff. They are our battering ram to get inside the front door of the warehouse.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)00:31 No.17838931
    Also, I retract my call for Tesla's vengeance. Save our charge, because the fighting is probably only going to get worse once we get inside.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)00:31 No.17838937
    Do this. Follow the Roaders as best as we can, and order any remaining Berets to trail behind us a bit. If we hit another ambush, fall back and have Berets throw grenades.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)00:35 No.17838967
    Once we get inside, we should get a full dossier on the Maverick in charge, Guns Wallaby. He is still priority one. We take down Wallaby, and the Enigma is that much safer. What are his capabilities, specialties and noted tactics?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)00:35 No.17838970
    Thirding this.
    >> Hunter Command 02/07/12(Tue)00:49 No.17839129
    Thematic music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0uDG9HZqVM
    Thinking fast, you quickly shout a few orders. "Form line at the barricade! Roaders and Commanders back!" Deciding to conserve your fast attackers for a crucial moment of surprise, you mentally resign yourself to the next words leaving your lips: "Open fire!"
    Whatever the enemy ambushers were expecting, it probably wasn't that. You and your Berets open up with another rolling barrage. Those that dart behind your mechaniloids for cover are surprised as their shields turn and cut them down.

    The crossfire is racked with a chain of explosions as reploids and mechaniloids are swiftly destroyed. By the time shooting stops, it's been only a scant few seconds, but half of your attackers are gone. The Berets, amazingly, are all alive, having followed you to this side of the cover on your charge, with a few wounded.

    Your mechaniloids, though... You managed to save your remaining 2 Earth Commanders and both Roaders. Your Victoroids, heavy and strong, both survived the attack, albeit damaged, and one severely at that. Your Notor Bangers were wiped out, you have only one damaged Head Gunner left, and your Alcalanda is missing one claw and its tail. It could be worse, you decide.
    >> Hunter Command 02/07/12(Tue)00:54 No.17839174
    Goddamn, had a picture and lost it. Oh well. Also, back at home. Team Jerkass is no more...for now.

    "Kiloton, can you sight any targets on the top of the bluff?" You ask over comms.
    "I can't destroy the facility unless it's made clear the Enigma is taken," he replies.
    "Copy, but what about some blindfire to disrupt the defenders? We're getting ready for the push up top and I could use all the help I can get."
    His response doesn't come right away. "...I could. The wind's light and the thing's more than far enough across. Margins of error would be laughable, it's just finding ordnance light enough."
    "That must be a new problem," you observe.

    His answer is a bit more amused, despite the severity of the situation. "You could say that. Okay, let me see what you've got. We'll coordinate--shelling first, then your attack."

    The Commanders and the Roaders are waiting at the top, like you said, but you do still have some gun left, and your Berets. How do you want to set them up for the big push?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)00:56 No.17839190
    We know he's an A-class (like us) and an infantry specialist. The mission spec supposedly had the full intel on him, so presumably we already know it. We just haven't bugged the DM about it yet :P

    I'm guessing his combat capabilities are extremely general, and he has a master-of-none thing going on. We probably won't be able to ambush him, but we might be able to tank through and get in close, where we have the advantage. If we can find a way to get significantly above him, our kinetic coil generators will certainly provide enough charge to take him out easily if we jump down.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)01:02 No.17839242
    call Kiliton, Barrage on the sides of the bluff leading up to the facility, lets see if they can pull off an ambush while its raining lead.

    As for us, double time to the facility, its time we lay the smack down.
    >If possible, have a breif barrage laid in front of the facility do kick up some dust and kill whatever might be waiting for us.
    >Time it so we can jump right through the dust after the barrage has ended to punch the enemy in the face
    for reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=FHrutEsNcqA#t=238s
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)01:02 No.17839246
         File1328594572.gif-(699 KB, 160x120, 1210990439445.gif)
    699 KB
    Our Victoroids take a football defensive line stance alongside the Roaders at the rim of the bluff. Once the shells fall, the Roaders and Victoroids will charge forward like an angry Guts Man, trampling and overrunning EVERYTHING, right on through the front door. Our Alcalanda and remaining Head Gunner fan out and provide supporting fire. We and the Berets will charge straight up the middle right behind our impromptu linebackers.

    That door won't know what hit it.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)01:05 No.17839271
         File1328594708.jpg-(6 KB, 225x159, asking-a-ninnja.jpg)
    6 KB
    well damn, you had the idea already.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)01:15 No.17839344
    this is probably are best bet. Just make sure the fire has stopped before we try to cross. Suck to get our first KIA's from friendly fire.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)01:16 No.17839359
         File1328595382.gif-(757 KB, 252x210, 1270949387256.gif)
    757 KB
    That goes without saying. We aren't THAT dumb.
    >> Hunter Command 02/07/12(Tue)01:21 No.17839405
         File1328595673.jpg-(471 KB, 2048x2048, lightitup.jpg)
    471 KB
    "Okay, we're on the rear face, relative to you," you relay to Kilo. "We're going to be coming back around. Can you hit the front with heavier stuff, and then shell the shit out of the top?"

    "Can do," he answers. "I'm loading up a few of my guns with shrapnel-based mortars. Say when you want it, and unless you want something to die twice, don't tell me 'repeat.' First hits will be the slope, second round will be the top."

    "Acknowledged," you say. "We're ready on this end. Let's give the bluff a haircut."

    "Roger that. First salvo firing--" his signal breaks up and you can hear the whoosh of ordnance sent underway. "Initial impacts in fifteen seconds." Damn, longshot much? "Barrage walking along the slope. You are clear to engage."

    "Moving!" You motion the Berets forward, this time ahead of the damaged 'loid force...

    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)01:26 No.17839441
    Have the Earthcommanders go out ahead of the troops. Giving the enemy two targets means that we're more likely to keep one alive. Preferably our Steel Berets. Besides, they usually turn into firewheels while exploding.

    Keep our eyes peeled in case our man is in the thick of the fighting instead of inside like we thought.
    >> Hunter Command 02/07/12(Tue)01:33 No.17839503
         File1328596385.jpg-(37 KB, 480x360, shit-fucking-blows-up.jpg)
    37 KB
    You thunder forward, the slope ahead full of angry attackers, all ready to take another shot at you.

    They never get the chance. The ground trembles, practically recoiling away from the hammering as the first blasts fall. You feel the backpressure as you advance--it could probably kill a human outright, even from here. You press ahead, busters firing into the smoke and flying metal. Whatever survives the artillery is struck down by your fire, and vice versa.

    "Second volley underway!" Kilo radios. You smile grimly--there's no way they don't know you're coming, but let's see how they like it when he knocks on the door.

    The way is pockmarked with craters, now, huge rents blown out of the metal that provide cover against whatever feeble counterfire comes your way. The injured 'loids begin to straggle behind negotiating the terrain. Their use by now is limited, but they still have the most guns. If you wait for them to stack back up, the defenders will have time to recover from the ass-kicking about to land on their heads. If you rush ahead, you'll have less fire going downrange, but you might not need it. How do you proceed?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)01:35 No.17839517
    Leave a few Steel Berets to marshal the 'loids and advance. If that isn't possible, advance without them.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)01:37 No.17839532
         File1328596656.png-(38 KB, 193x124, Blitz.png)
    38 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)01:39 No.17839553
    The Victoroids and Head Gunners and Alcalanda have served their purpose. They'll hold the gates against any uppity renegades. We lead the Berets further inside ourselves. We should probably make a beeline for the Enigma system's control room, since if I wanted a boss fight against a Maverick with the fate of a weapons system at stake, I'd have it in central command.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)01:50 No.17839638
         File1328597411.jpg-(54 KB, 400x502, 1261875260244.jpg)
    54 KB
    What's our Beam Lance constructed like, exactly? Is it like the Triple Rod in Megaman Zero?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)01:52 No.17839651
    Leaving mechaniloids by themselves isn't going to be all that useful, since they aren't sentient, so we'll have to stick a couple of Berets with them. If we noticed any of them were really Johnny-on-the-spot earlier, delegate to those guys. Do they have clearance to call in backup from Kiloton if they need it? That'd be useful.

    Otherwise, this.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)01:53 No.17839658
    Order the loids to form up around the entrance to form a perimeter.
    Have about half our Berrets stay with them, preferably the least fresh of them, since they'll have beefy loids to hide behind.

    Lead the remaining half of your berets inside and have them fan out in oposite directions, swat style, while you charge in. Literaly.
    >> Hunter Command 02/07/12(Tue)01:53 No.17839663
         File1328597616.png-(219 KB, 500x394, maverickhuntersascend.png)
    219 KB
    You take stock. Two of the Berets are somewhat injured. "You two, stay back and get the guns back into formation. Follow us up when they're ready." They nod and hang back. You hear the whistle of a mortar clearly designed to announce itself seconds before you hear a chorus of hollow thuds. "That's our cue. Charge!"

    It must be a hell of a sight--the hostile SBs are only just pulling what's left of themselves up as the last mortars land, only to see a pair of flying rings descend, and two rolling machines careen at them, metallic tusks leading. One actually hits a divot from the mortar fire, and gets airtime, crashing down atop one of the stragglers. And behind them you come, at the head of 13 maverick hunter soldiers, all guns blazing.

    It's not quite that they never knew what hit them--they knew exactly what hit them, and they never stood a chance. ...the factory doors are closing!

    You're grateful for your decision to move ahead. You have time enough to decide who stays and who goes inside. Choose what to defend the gates--most of the mechaniloids will have to, they're too far back--and who to bring with.
    >> Hunter Command 02/07/12(Tue)01:56 No.17839687
    The lance is closer to a larger beam sword, with the beam comprising the body outside of the grip. It's designed more for thrusting and delivering force to a single point, but serves as a cutting edge, as it's still a beam weapon.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)02:00 No.17839715
    Our eight freshest Berets follow us inside. The rest hold the perimeter with the mechaniloids.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)02:02 No.17839734
    Charge ahead full speed. 2 on either side of Anode, follow him. They have the best chance of making it in. If the door closes too fast, then they are in charge of operations outside. Right and Left hand men as they are.

    Other than that, take prisoners, but only after totally disarmed. Even if that means they don't have their arms attached anymore.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)02:04 No.17839750
         File1328598297.gif-(267 KB, 320x174, 1293048707140.gif)
    267 KB
    Basically do this:
    But take our fastest mechaloids with us, as well as our ten freshest soldiers.

    Also, give orders for the forces that stay behind to request artilery support should they come under attack from any remaining hostiles.
    >> Hunter Command 02/07/12(Tue)02:18 No.17839841
    Momentum is a powerful thing. If you can keep it up, all the better. "Six freshest, stack up, three on either side." Six unwounded Berets flank you as you approach the door. You direct the Roaders and the undamaged Earth Commander to join you. A quick check to your capacitors--you're pleasantly surprised to see 67%. Guess your capacitors absorbed some of the shocks from those shells. "The rest of you, wait for the mechaniloids and form up to hold the door. I'm giving you permission to request fire missions from Kiloton. You get that, Kilo?"

    "Affirmative," he says. "It'll have to be more fragmentary rounds, if it comes to that."

    "With respect, sir, we ain't picky," one of the Berets chimes in. Kilo chuckles.

    "Good man. Get in there, Anode, we're not finished yet."

    You pass through the closing gates with your chosen force. "Eyes up," you warn. "Not too late to get hit again." You realize you've received a transmission from base. It's a full writeup on Wallaby.

    Wallaby is an early 2nd-gen reploid, A-class. He began with training humans, and the prior generation of reploid infantry, the Lanceteamer Bingos. Though effective and reliable, they tended to form close knit groups that proved difficult to integrate with human allies. His weapons are Phase-pistols--specially modified to be able to disrupt the magnetic bubbles directed plasma is stored in with his own. He is built with repulsors in the soles of his feet, allowing powerful jumps and a protective field against incoming fire. HQ speculates that most of his training gear will be modified for combat. And last, but not least, a note. Wallaby had been a civilian consultant assigned to assist with the Maverick Hunters, 4th Overland.

    Does this change your approach any?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)02:23 No.17839875
    So he can destroy our buster shots with his pistols, right? Projecting an electric beam should still work, yeah?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)02:25 No.17839891
         File1328599528.jpg-(172 KB, 1970x1530, 1270747527781.jpg)
    172 KB
    >Phase-pistols--specially modified to be able to disrupt the magnetic bubbles directed plasma is stored in with his own.
    >repulsors in the soles of his feet, allowing powerful jumps and a protective field against incoming fire.
    In other words, no ranged combat. We're gonna have to get stuck in against Wallaby in melee. Hopefully we can jump (or intercept) as well as we can fight.

    >Wallaby had been a civilian consultant assigned to assist with the Maverick Hunters, 4th Overland.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)02:26 No.17839899
         File1328599587.jpg-(27 KB, 277x318, Don't !Jump indoors.jpg)
    27 KB
    All I heard from that is that LANCING him was our best option unless he disarms himself and comes quietly. And I have my doubts about that after what we just did.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)02:29 No.17839928
    Unless any of our Beret escort are melee specialists, our entourage will have to hang back for this fight. We're not going to walk them into the fight with us just to serve as extra bodies to fall against Wallaby. That's not what we do as a CO. We're currently 15/15 with our Steel Berets, and I'd like to keep it that way.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)02:31 No.17839946
    if we get him alone, question why he turned. See if it can get a flinch out of him.

    When the actual fight starts, electrify the wall to force him to jump. Shoot up at him while you advance and dash stab him, basically try to take him out before he can land again.

    In the event he jumps off the ceiling, try to intercept him mid air.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)02:33 No.17839968
    Don't waste the charge on something he's likely to do anyway. If it doesn't look like he wants to go airborne, then by all means do so, but I have a feeling he likes to jump in the first place. Let's not reward him for following his own game plan.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)02:35 No.17839997
    Buster spam will probably keep him busy enough trying to shoot it all down.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)02:35 No.17839998
    Electrify the floor, damnit.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)02:37 No.17840017
    Now that I've thought it through a bit more: do both. Electrify floor AND buster spam.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)02:37 No.17840027
    Getting a straight answer out of Wallaby would be nice. That and all that pacing around having a dialogue can build our charge more.

    But yeah, if it comes to blows, let's keep it short, sweet and simple. One good electric lance ought to do it.

    Unnecessary. Electrifying the floor won't stop a Quake bunnyhopper. We have to catch him on a rebound.
    >> Hunter Command 02/07/12(Tue)02:41 No.17840058
    Probably--he might be able to diminish it, but good-fucking-luck to you, sir, if you try that against a full-capacity blast.
    ...you think.
    You feel a momentary pang of regret about taking the force in with you--This could easily turn into a slaughter. At least you were forewarned.
    "Target's well-trained, well-disciplined, well-equipped, and can negate fire," you inform them. "You might be able to suppress him, but I doubt it. Stick to watching out for me while I try to handle the matter." As you progress further in, you note your comms losing strength until they finally die altogether. That explains the lack of contact.

    Around you, you can start to see the signs of an attacking force--plasma burns running up the walls, fallen reploids--all security, you notice. ...And then, up ahead, you see him.

    Your team raises their weapons, ready to engage.

    "Whatever you have to say," Wallaby speaks in a surprisingly soft voice, "say it quick."

    >Talk (say what?)
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)02:42 No.17840065
    Did you not properly conjugate that segment of the enemy dossier that amounts to saying that between his pistols and his shield, OUR BUSTERS WILL NOT WORK? That, plus we shouldn't waste our charge on forcing him to do something that he's going to do anyway (read: get mad airtime like Michael Jordan).

    You're making this more complicated than it needs to be.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)02:45 No.17840085
    "I am Anode, newest member of the Maverick Hunters 4th Overland. I don't even know you, and I'm hurt.

    "Why'd you do it, Guns?"
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)02:48 No.17840108
    "I understand you turning, but what made you decide to take all those kids with you. Just what were you trying to accomplish?"
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)02:49 No.17840111
    He's either already cracked the Enigma, or he's about to kill us. Dodge left and then quip.
    >> Hunter Command 02/07/12(Tue)03:10 No.17840240
    You get a hunch--this guy is a veteran and he knows what he's up against. You motion your team to cover and pace a little, ready to break into a run and throw off his aim.

    "Anode, Fourth Overland. Why'd you do it?"

    He blinks once, and then chuckles. "I can tell you're new, if you even bothered to ask."

    "Maybe I just didn't want to kill a former comrade." He chuckles again.

    "Then you're in the wrong job. Spend enough time with the Fourth, and I guarantee you that you will." He looks at your squad, having gone to defensive positions. "You're willing to be civilized and you care about your team. That's a start. So here's lesson one of maverick hunting, Anode."
    He raises a hand--gun not drawn, and raises his finger and thumb, pointing at each Steel Beret. "I've had my own team with beads drawn on each of them since you came in here. Posturing just gives your enemy time." He makes a mock gunshot at each rookie hunter.

    "You didn't tell me why," you note.

    "You're right, I didn't. And I won't."

    "Then tell me why your squad. Why take them with you?"

    His expression hardens and his voice becomes sharp and cold. "The same recruits you just slaughtered? Those recruits?"

    "Yes," you say plaintively. "If they surrender or are wounded, we'll take them alive." 'You, too' goes unspoken.

    He narrows his eyes. "They were dead men as soon as we left. The Hunters are zero-tolerance. They left for the same reason I did, hunter. Because they had no other choice. Lesson two." He snaps his fingers. A chorus of shots ring out, and your mechaniloid backup is gone.

    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)03:16 No.17840277
    Lance at the ready.

    "If you and your men didn't have a choice then, you have one now. I'll only say it once: stand down and surrender, Guns."
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)03:21 No.17840310
         File1328602873.png-(6 KB, 136x92, Stick Roosevelt.png)
    6 KB
    Flair electricity to blind the ones in hiding, Get your team members back. Rush him, ride the lightning style, but back off before you're committed. Try to figure out where his men are hiding and direct your squad accordingly. Priority is getting rid of the snipers.

    Have your team fire supressing fire. Even if the guys guns can cancel out their shots, he still has to shoot them, and he's only got two.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)03:21 No.17840312
    The time for talk is over, clearly. Rush him; he might not expect it since we've started out talking.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)03:23 No.17840325
    As if.


    Also, is it just me? Or did we just push him over the cliff?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)03:27 No.17840355
         File1328603253.jpg-(30 KB, 199x185, 1239419085745.jpg)
    30 KB
    Probably. He's probably miffed the 4th sent their greenest member to lay him low, among other things. Hammer Frog will have some 'splainin' to do when we RTB.

    >mfw all will be said and done

    >from adoweed
    >> Hunter Command 02/07/12(Tue)03:28 No.17840369
    Okay, so it's late, my connection speed has slowed to a crawl while I download Tribes, and I'd like to run the courses of action past my co-conspirator before I commit to them.

    Break for the night at a dramatic moment?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)03:30 No.17840376
    Works for me.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)03:32 No.17840396
    Fine, fine. To be quite honest, I didn't expect Anode to be in a command position by his second outing. I'd figured he'd be running more solo ops.
    >> Hunter Command 02/07/12(Tue)03:35 No.17840421
         File1328603752.jpg-(7 KB, 426x356, Thanks.jpg)
    7 KB
    It's as much a trial thing as his first mission was. And 30 men is basically closer to a strike team, on this scale. Bigger threats or better officers can get many, many more units afield.

    Still, it's not too late to ask to go back to field agent solo ops, like Emerald. Or moving the job to a more strategic level, rather than on-mission command.

    Okay, so quest's done for the night, but I'll be around a little while yet. Questions? Comments? Critique? Things you like?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)03:39 No.17840454
    that's cool
    incidently, is Guns wearing any form of stylin hat? If so, lets take that as a momento
    >> Hunter Command 02/07/12(Tue)03:44 No.17840494
    I can neither confirm nor deny the swankness of any hypothetical hat. Not yet, anyway.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)03:50 No.17840538
         File1328604649.jpg-(26 KB, 688x470, 1265778176074.jpg)
    26 KB
    You have a pretty good narrative style, but the pace of the threads feels a little slow. It's probably because of the small crowd combined with 20-30 minutes between posts. If we need time to plot things out, I'm sure you'll know when.

    If you have to spread a scenario out across multiple posts, try prewriting it in Notepad or something so it can all be dumped at once. Then again, I've not run a quest before, and I don't know your personal writing style, so it's not my place to say, but it's a thought. The sooner we have everything together, the sooner we can respond, and the quicker the quest and thread moves.
    >> Hunter Command 02/07/12(Tue)04:03 No.17840609
    Yeah, right now I'm pretty much making shit up. I have a decent idea for each character and their personalities, and I have a string of events in mind, but how individual missions go depending on decisions made is pretty open. A handy example is whether you waited for the mechaniloids or not. Your attack would have been easier, but you'd have taken casualties. Then when the doors closed, had you hung back, you wouldn't have been able to get any troops through.

    I'm also used to a much more relaxed format, where I'd post pages at a time and then wait days to weeks between posts. I'm also really fucking pedantic, so "oh this will only take a paragraph" becomes "Error: Field Too Long."

    That said, I'm going to try to structure some barebones plans ahead for future stuff, so I can crank it out at a better pace.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)04:11 No.17840671
    Making shit up as you go is generally the hallmark of a good GM, so there's no issue there.

    /tg/ is a moderately paced board: not too fast, not too slow. If your topic generates enough interest, your threads will fill up fast. Plus, I can understand the forget-to-turn-off-the-faucet style of writing; it happens to me all the time.

    I'm of the opinion that if you just crank a whole post out in Notepad/Wordpad, there will be a better flow, since we won't be waiting twenty minutes between continuations.
    >> Hunter Command 02/07/12(Tue)04:15 No.17840698
    I'm tending to notice a lot more activity midnight and after, my time. It's probably partially due to being a new quest, with few readers. At any rate, I'll keep it in mind and try what you suggest.

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