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  • File : 1328552263.png-(374 KB, 700x1000, on the backs of gods.png)
    374 KB On the Backs of Gods. sirbriggz 02/06/12(Mon)13:17 No.17831503  
    Stupid thread disappearing while I was drawing.It's not like I am curious about turning this into a quest thread or something...
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)13:26 No.17831593
    Yeah, the nazimod must have deleted it without even opening it.

    Didn't help that there were idiots reporting it, I suppose.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/06/12(Mon)13:28 No.17831610
    Yeah...there were some good ideas in that thread. Hood thing it wad archived.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)13:29 No.17831618
    >It's not like I am curious about turning this into a quest thread or something...

    Anyway, it was probably the faggots reporting the thread for no reason. I can't contain the rage that I feel at that.
    >> sirbriggz 02/06/12(Mon)13:32 No.17831650
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)13:34 No.17831664
    >>17831618 >>17831593

    bloody idiots, it was a good thread.
    Anyway, which do we like more, the single giants idea or the herds of giants idea?
    I personally like the herd one, for the epic farmland stealin giant rustler opportunities.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)13:34 No.17831666
    The concept reminds me of one of the characters of Demigod. It's pretty much a living castle.
    >> sirbriggz 02/06/12(Mon)13:35 No.17831672
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)13:37 No.17831692
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/06/12(Mon)13:37 No.17831694
    Why can't you have both?
    Different regions and different enviroments led to different ideas
    >> JSCervini !!L+hOixyXrvo 02/06/12(Mon)13:38 No.17831698
    I always liked the idea, but I don't think it would really work unless everyone was chained to a maintenance rail or some such. Or perhaps everyone had insanely high DEX scores to balance on a moving giant, of if the giant was stable enough when moving in order to not move the town-on-its-back too much.

    And just imagine the obligatory city on top of an AERIAL giant.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)13:40 No.17831717
         File1328553621.png-(233 KB, 700x1000, Giants PCs.png)
    233 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)13:41 No.17831724
    The giants might have very slow metabolism.
    They stay in one place most of the time. During winter they move into warmer regions.
    Reproduction happens rarely, maybe every few years.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)13:41 No.17831726
    Your ways of describing a civilization living in a giant with your drawskills was a surprising twist to that thread. It opens a whole aspect for scenarios and events. I can only blame the mod for replaying to the haters and deleting it without checking the content of it.
    > Quest
    Whatever you want but I rather have you wait so that more people have the chance to see and read the previous thread before attempting to bring it to life.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/06/12(Mon)13:44 No.17831752
    A quest you say? Id play it.
    >> JSCervini !!L+hOixyXrvo 02/06/12(Mon)13:46 No.17831772
    That may work, though it would certainly make inter-giant wars much less frequent if most of them are so low in metabolism.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)13:47 No.17831778
         File1328554058.png-(358 KB, 700x1000, Giants Cheer him on.png)
    358 KB
    I'd play the HELL out of a quest like this.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)13:48 No.17831788
    Depending on how big they are, it wouldn't be much of an issue. If the giant was going to make big movements like walking up/over a mountain, or doing battle with another giant, they'd know well ahead of time, since the back of a massive creature is a great vantage point. Bolting down furniture and other items in the home would be common practice, and I'd imagine there would be sideways ladders/handles and such outside for when it gets really tipsy.
    >> JSCervini !!L+hOixyXrvo 02/06/12(Mon)13:50 No.17831807
    Would certainly make for a hardy and inventive lot.

    >Stefano, lihlyst
    Stefano, meet Lihlyst. Lihlyst, meet Stefano. You can thank Captcha for you two meeting today.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)13:51 No.17831814
    Rotating beds.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)13:53 No.17831829
    This whole thing reminds me of FF8. Not the greatest game, but the war between the two flying school thingies was pretty cool, and I think it could be used here.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)13:55 No.17831853
    I wonder why the Female Cities look more human then the Males.
    Or, as a rule, do people only populate the Males? Kinda like you don't hunt Does, you go for Bucks. Because Giants with Cities on them attract the attention of OTHER Cities/Beasties, and they don't want to hurt the Females as they are more rare then Males?
    >> JSCervini !!L+hOixyXrvo 02/06/12(Mon)13:58 No.17831883
    If so, then would there be a matriarchal society who would revere the femgiants?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)13:58 No.17831890
    How about different species/types of giants?

    >"fleshier" hill/plains giant, commonly fought over by orcs and humans
    >stony mountain giants, dwarves can still be "dwarfy" there
    >"hairy" giants, with elves living in the forests it sprouts on its back
    Or any variety you can think of really. The world is a big place, even with big things living on it, so there's plenty of room for subspecies.

    Also I think the mere existence of these giants is enough to stop people from colonizing the ground, since their settlements could be easily stepped on. No need for the floor to be made of lava or covered in tarrasques.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/06/12(Mon)13:59 No.17831893
    A question sirbriggz, if you did run this as a quest, would you continue to draw for it?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)13:59 No.17831899
    I think that males are favored because females tend to get 'mounted' when mating, thus the cities on top of them would have to be VERY durable.
    >> sirbriggz 02/06/12(Mon)14:01 No.17831913
    Of course, I can churn out pics. All I need to do is research running a quest thread and help develop the setting.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:01 No.17831915
    Maybe it's because of the Female Giants keep themselves clean from dirt and such. They might be ones that make sure that there are no parasites making havoc on its fair being by living out in the ocean. Also its easier for them to take care of a child when in the sea. Just a fact. Easy to find nourisment for it as it grows.
    >> sirbriggz 02/06/12(Mon)14:02 No.17831925
    Females could be the ones with ground settlements.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:03 No.17831937
    I would think that dirt gets clotted in the hair of a giant's back, creating a layer of sod. As the giant grows older, the life on its back goes through the stages of succession. I'm picturing a massive giant with an old growth forest leading a herd, smaller giants ranging from prairies to stands of trees.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:03 No.17831938
    That honestly sounds reasonable.

    Inb4 thread ding dong bannu again for breaking glorious christian board conduct
    >> sirbriggz 02/06/12(Mon)14:04 No.17831944
    You know, I large ground or mountain city could be a sign of a female in the area.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:04 No.17831954
         File1328555077.jpg-(490 KB, 850x1133, 1278189886960.jpg)
    490 KB
    That ALSO could factor in.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:04 No.17831956
    smaller towns etc marking territory, or breeding grounds, with larger cities marking sites closer, etc.?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:06 No.17831971
    That may be why the people living on them attack each other, if the giants were all hermaphrodites and could both pitch/receive. The "loser's" city gets scrapped off, so the inhabitants launch an all out attack on each other to make sure their giant tops.

    Mating between them should probably be rare, otherwise people would get sick of that crap and live on the ground, consequences be damned.
    >> sirbriggz 02/06/12(Mon)14:06 No.17831974
    That sounds pretty good.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:07 No.17831979
    There may be female cities, but they require a different architecture.
    Dome cities should do it. Kinda like tortose shells you know.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:07 No.17831981
    Why build near a female giant? Being ON TOP of a Male Giant for protection makes sense, but unless you worship the Titan as a god, I'd want to avoid them, as you could get stepped on.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:07 No.17831984
    Put the farmland on females, it can take being destroyed every few years. The giant breeders would probably know the schedule so that years that would be destroyed are left barren and work isn't wasted.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:08 No.17831992
    If you're planning on doing a picture-based quest it's probably better off on /tg/chan.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:09 No.17832003
    >but unless you worship the Titan as a god,
    If some woman the size of a MOUNTAIN was wondering around my country, and I'd not even made it to the Industrial age, I'd worship her as a god. She'd probably not even notice my land as she stepped on it.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:10 No.17832010
    Is the relationship between the denizens and the giant mutualistic, parasitic or does the giant just not care?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:11 No.17832021
    Didn't we say in the old thread that the world could be some kind of mysterious gas/lava/poisonous surface that required all humans to live on the backs of giants in order to survive?

    Giants would have to mate, naturally, in order to make more platforms for humans to live on. I'd assume there would be a big celebration for the mating process, as well as an even bigger celebration when a giant gives birth.

    Would giant children already be able to walk and function by themselves? If so humans who were daring enough to start a new life in a new land would probably try and scramble onto the fresh territory.

    Also Airplanes/Zeppelins would probably be the most common form of travel.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/06/12(Mon)14:11 No.17832022
    Depends on whether the giant is sentient and how intelligent it is.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:11 No.17832023
    I'm still for an engineered nature of those things.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:12 No.17832035
    Should depend on the giant.
    It can be symbiotic by cleaning the giant. Or more powerful cities might even help it gain territory by using siege weaponry against other giants. Some others might have parasites living on them, using the natural ressources that the giant produces on its back.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:13 No.17832048
    Depends on the culture of the city, some might be trying to exploit/control it, some would revere it/care for it, and as I mentioned in the last thread it would definitely have vampires inside if it had blood.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:15 No.17832061
    I like how those two Giants don't even seem to notice the little humans and monsters fighting on them.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:17 No.17832074
         File1328555827.jpg-(365 KB, 1024x768, mortal_engines.jpg)
    365 KB
    Okay, it has to be said.

    Does no one else see the parallels with Mortal Engines here? This is a golden opportunity that should not be squandered.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/06/12(Mon)14:18 No.17832086
    Exploitation/Control could be done in a manner akin to that doctor who episode.
    Direct stimulation of the pain centres of the brain.
    Hell, you could have an empire that's exploiting giants and using them to conquer the surrounding areas.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:19 No.17832096
    Well shit I totally forgot about that. You're right though, it's dead on. Replace futuresteampunk with 'it's magic, ain't explaining jack diddly' and we got ourselves a setting.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/06/12(Mon)14:20 No.17832106
    Yeah, I see them as well.
    Always liked the setting.
    >upon sholdier
    Holy shit, captcha are you psychic?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:21 No.17832109
         File1328556076.jpg-(23 KB, 512x412, feels good man_mordin.jpg)
    23 KB
    Holy shit /tg/ I love you.

    I had this idea a number of years ago, and only came back to it in recent weeks.
    Lo and behold, you elegan/tg/entlemen are here and fleshing out such an idea, in some cases coming up with things I never thought of.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:22 No.17832114
    The the gods!
    may I get a happily married couple?
    The wife's a cleric to a goddess of love, and the husband is a lich.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:22 No.17832117
    All because of a picture of two giants fuckin'.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:23 No.17832131
    Do we really have to make this grimdark?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:25 No.17832149
    I think it'd be better if the giants weren't directly controllable. The first person to control more than one would be able to beat all the others into submission by tag teaming. Controlling the giants should be BBEG material, not common practice.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/06/12(Mon)14:25 No.17832151
    Nope, I was merely making a suggestion as to how you could do exploitation.
    The only way I would want to include was as an antagonist.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/06/12(Mon)14:26 No.17832157
    I agree, that was kind of what I was getting at.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:26 No.17832158
    >> sirbriggz 02/06/12(Mon)14:32 No.17832220
    The planet should be kept liveable but for to hostile for humanoid life.
    >> sirbriggz 02/06/12(Mon)14:32 No.17832230
    >far to
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:35 No.17832252
    So how would the cities stay in contact with each other? Messenger birds and sending spells? How would people move between them when they weren't battling?

    Airships and/or mages with the ability to teleport seem like good choices.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:36 No.17832263
    Should there even be magic?
    Wouldn't that make the setting needlessly convoluted?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:37 No.17832269
    Maybe it's one of those worlds, where humans are pretty far on the small spectrum of things, with giants (between 3 and 20 meters) being much more common on the surface, causing humans to retreat to their possibly for this purpose created/altered cities.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/06/12(Mon)14:39 No.17832288
    So in addition to the colossi, there also exists giants of a more traditional size?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:40 No.17832300
    I don't know, could be interesting.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:41 No.17832305
    It probably destroys the uniqueness of the setting by mudding the lines.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:42 No.17832313
    Let's keep it to one gimmick at a time.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:43 No.17832319
    I'm pretty sure you're going to need either the power of magic or technobabble to keep an entire city on the back of a giant while it's fighting or plowing other giants.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:43 No.17832322
    No magic, no small giants.
    Magic may exist as something natural in case it's necessary for the concept to work.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/06/12(Mon)14:43 No.17832324
    I would say it depends on whether there are giants of the whole size spectrum or if there is still a massive size disparity between giants and colossi.
    As long as there is a still a size disparity, I don't have a problem with it.
    >> sirbriggz 02/06/12(Mon)14:44 No.17832339
    There definitely will be a variety of giants, for sure.

    I would like to keep magic in the world. There would be a definite limitation on it, to be sure. Maybe it takes physical tolls on the caster or rare reagents are needed for most things.

    Birds for messengers and airships.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:45 No.17832349
    Then maybe some human outposts on the ground in livable patches.

    I just want someone to trade with. Those colossi are great opportunities for trade/routes.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:47 No.17832368
    The japanese game Xenoblade was set on the backs of 2 giants that incapacitated each other long ago, one organic and one mechanical. Life has arisen on both. The game ends with boths giants slowly coming back to life, causing havoc to the lifeforms on them.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:47 No.17832374
    Archived this one too, just to be safe.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:48 No.17832375
    I'd imagine quite a few of the inhabitants would be resentful towards the giants. I mean they're forced to live on these monolithic entities that might not even know they exist, and they regularly fight each other, forcing what would otherwise be peaceful people to go to war in order to protect themselves from the other giants. So...

    A necromancer takes over a city giant, and is working to kill and reanimate it so he can murder all the others. The giant is currently having a civil war between the necromancer's undead army and a group of vampires that don't want their food source (the giant's heart) to stop pumping.

    Do the PCs help the necromancer fulfill his dream of bringing stability to the world-that-walks, or help the vampires and avert a potential catastrophe?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:48 No.17832376
    You'd HAVE to have SOME airships. Even if it's just Hot Air Balloons.
    Because if you have a city taking up the whole back of a Giant, where are you going to get the Stone for the buildings? Lumber for furniture? FOOD? You'd have to trade with other Giants/those brave fools who live on the Surface. And in order to get things from one Giant to the other, or the Surface to the Cities, you'd need something big enough to carry stuff.
    >> sirbriggz 02/06/12(Mon)14:49 No.17832393
         File1328557793.png-(263 KB, 700x1000, a herm.png)
    263 KB
    There might as well be a herm species, much like a worm.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:51 No.17832411
    How would people living on the surface be viewed by the giant-backers? Would it be similar to FF XIII's Cocoon and Pulse dynamic, with each side living in mutual fear and hatred of one another? Or would they grudgingly get along? Would there be no difference in attitude at all (as hard as that is to believe)?

    Could it be something as simple as Surfacers being treated as country bumpkins by Giant-backers?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:54 No.17832430
    They'd view each other as a mix of insane and brave. Both lifestyles carry a big risk, since they're putting their fate in the hands of the giants either way.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)14:55 No.17832445
    The City Dwellers would HAVE to get along with at least SOME of the Surface Dwellers. I mean, Giants are big, sure, but you couldn't feed an entire city AND the people needed to farm the back of one at the same time. You'd need SOME resources from the surface.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:00 No.17832481
    I live on a Female. Our settlement is up between the shoulder blades, so we're mostly safe during Matings.
    When it's safe...ish I go down to the feet to scavenge. Sure it;s dangerous work, but the resources you can get make it more then worth it. Sometimes, if your REALLY lucky, you find some really interesting stuff.
    We have to rebuilt the Forts down there pretty much ever season though. And we DO need those forts! You'd be amazed what tries to crawl on from the surface.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:01 No.17832488
    Ground dwellers are insanely awesome guys who do what needs to be done.
    They are merchants that gain huge glory by being the only ones with balls big enough to supply everyone with ressources.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:04 No.17832512
    By the Walkers, a Footy. We all KNOW you guys are just perverts who like to look up.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 02/06/12(Mon)15:05 No.17832531
         File1328558735.png-(50 KB, 250x270, 1328151153517.png)
    50 KB
    I'm glad I was proven wrong.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:07 No.17832552
    So what kind of scary shit should be on the surface? Giants would be avoidable if you lived in small nomadic groups, so there has to be something else to make it harsh. The entire surface is like Austrailia with a sprinkle of Catachan maybe? Giant bugs, terrifying dog things, poisonous plants, and oh god all the horrible shit that lives in the water...
    >> sirbriggz 02/06/12(Mon)15:07 No.17832553
    Giants would have different cultures for sure.

    "Your disgust of those surfs is well placed, Hisgar. They live in the filth of our god."

    Now I want to keep this slightly funny, as I am not a good writter.

    I have to go off to work now so hopefully this will have some more ideas when I get back.
    >> sirbriggz 02/06/12(Mon)15:09 No.17832570
         File1328558941.png-(233 KB, 700x1000, disgust.png)
    233 KB
    Crappy render of quote.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:12 No.17832611
    Yeah, sure, and next time the Worms try to crawl up the Walker, I'll just let them past as I'm staring upwards.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:16 No.17832652
    Would mating be seen as a peaceful creation of new land?
    Would conquest be about getting your Giant laid?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:22 No.17832700
    There you are, why aren't you out at the toes to apply the polish? Yesterday a tarrasque was trying to get up here and it almost didn't slip off.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:22 No.17832701
    Or not so peaceful, in some cases.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:23 No.17832713
    "Sire! There is not enough housing for all our people! What should we do?"

    "Boogie nights."
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:24 No.17832719
    Depends. If the one getting mounted has a large city on it, they'd probably try to drive it off to avoid getting crushed. Like pulling off a woman's pants and finding a bunch of wasps that don't want your pingpang smashing their nest, but then you unzip your pants and show that YOU have wasps on your bum too, and what follows is a battle between your little symbiotic wingmen and the woman's cockblock legion.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:25 No.17832725
    >Send out the Boogie Knights!
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:26 No.17832730
    That is the most horrifying metaphor ever. The only possible way that could be worse is if you replaced wasps with spiders.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:26 No.17832733
    I'd assume that there might be more peaceful unions in a mutual effort to create more living space as well.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:27 No.17832744
         File1328560063.png-(1.02 MB, 1232x4500, spiders are the best horro.png)
    1.02 MB
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:31 No.17832781
    As a Boogie Knight, I often get called upon to set out in search of a mate for Our Goddess, The Walker Lelina. It is no easy task, let me assure you.

    At dawn on the day of my quest's beginning, I set off for the Feet, a journey of many days that is traditionally undertaken on foot without rest. There, I recuperate for a day after a week's hard travelling, before donning the ceremonial armour and robes of station and setting off on the voyage proper.

    I cast off from the Feet on an airship, a small two-person dirigible. The other "person" is actually just enough supplies and Disposable Locomotion Enchantments to see me through to another Walker, and so the journey is a lonely one.

    Once I eventually find another Walker, I dock at the Feet (or equivalent). I am greeted with the respect my station as a Boogie Knight deserves, and then I set off for the capital of this new God.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:33 No.17832796
    Cities on female colossi would not be on the backside, but hanging from the underside.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:33 No.17832803
    Wait, wait, guys, you aren't thinking about the big picture here.

    Forget giants. Well, don't forget them, but put them beside dragons, giant turtles, golems, whales and the like.

    There are a miriad of giant creatures with cities residing on them. And they fight.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:34 No.17832805
    ...That's not that bad of an idea.

    By the way:
    Do we have human looking colossi like in the original picture? Or are we disregarding that completely?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:34 No.17832810
    I got kicked off my Walker for that.
    Now I fly around, looking up at other Walkers. I'm generally not welcome after people find out what I'm doing.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:35 No.17832827
    Still human looking, but plenty aren't. The original picture the female was pretty human looking, and the male looked like a Golem.
    And in this thread, the Golem is fighting one that looks like an animal.
    So we have both!
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:37 No.17832839
    The question is:
    How do you live on a colossus that is walking upright? And what do you do when it's mating?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:38 No.17832858
    The houses are kept at the ends of giant chains and inside of bands that the giantess will wear around her neck and wrists and ankles. Jewelry people!
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:39 No.17832864
    Build on its back. Everything tilted so as it walks we stay upright. It's always hard to get used to the tilt of another Walker.
    And that's another reason not to live on a Female! There's not a lot you can do to stop a Mounting.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:39 No.17832865
    Hope the young don't nurse...Actually, just thought of way the backers could help the giants. They would make exclusively military forts on the babies' backs, to protect them from situations like this:

    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:41 No.17832879
    >Do we have human looking colossi like in the original picture? Or are we disregarding that completely?

    I should hope we kept the human-looking ones, considering that's what spawned this whole thing. I don't think people live on those ones, but I guess they're good for breeding?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:42 No.17832889
    I am brought to the capital and presented to the King or Queen of the Walker. This person, part head of state and part religious leader, listens to my message: Our Goddess is fertile, able to bear children. We would like a union between our nations, between our Walker Gods, such that new fruit can be seeded, new land grown and a new Walker - a new nation - born.

    Oftentimes, I am rejected. Resources are scarce, or the public is in turmoil, or one of any number of inauspicious signs. Only when a community is in a moment of perfect harmony can the King of the Walker spare the lengthy amount of time needed to communicate with their God.

    If these conditions are met, I am welcomed to a room in the royal quarters. I quickly make myself at home; when the King communes with his Walker, it can take months for the conversation to advance to the necessary point. Eventually, the two come to an accord - most usually in my favour, though some Walkers have been known to refuse, though none can guess as to why - and the Walker ponderously halts. I then journey to the Feet, this time accompanied by a royal procession that lasts for months and travels to every major settlement between there and the Crown.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:43 No.17832900
    I like this one. Just because the idea of cities on the inside of spheres that are swinging around/toroids that are jangling with every step amuses me.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:43 No.17832903
    I take off with new supplies and a response to my message, and after many more months of journeying alone, I arrive, finally, at Our Goddes, the Walker Lelina. There, I am greeted as a hero; I am permitted to dock at the Crown itself (the only time such a thing is ever permitted), and I then speak to the Queen of the Walker.

    "My lady," I would say. "Your Boogie Knight has returned, and he bears good news. The Walker Ospileth has accepted Our Goddess, the Walker Lelina's offer of courtship, and the nation of Ospileth will join with ours for a time. A new Walker shall come of this union, and a new nation shall be born!"

    At my proclamation, much jubilation arises, but the preparations for an even greater jubilation (and, more importantly, for The Mounting) begin.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:43 No.17832904
    Maybe some but not many. The large golem ones that walk around on all fours are the real population centers.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:44 No.17832920
    I find it amusing that you're implying that the giant doesn't decide who he mates with and the people living on him just have to deal.

    Might be a good idea not to piss off other nations - you never know when yours might take a fancy to her!
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:47 No.17832950
    I imagined it more as the Walker deciding "hey, I'm pretty horny. Better send a message out; the little people are good for something after all!" and then the Boogie Knights would be sent to a bunch of different Walkers. It'd be unlikely to find another one willing to mate off the cuff, but they're sort of diplomats who work at it and eventually a mate is chosen (at which point a message is sent to recall all the other Boogie Knights).

    'Tis a lonely life, that of a Boogie Knight, but 'tis necessary work.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:48 No.17832957
    Not that the walker would say that. But around the third time in a week it pleasures itself the people know something has to be done.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:49 No.17832959
    Is it just me or is the archived version not keeping up?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:50 No.17832970
    I think I like this better than my idea of talking directly to the humans.

    And the humans talking to the Walkers could be like a very, very subtle subliminal message, so that the Walker knows there's a mate THAT way, but doesn't remember how it knows that.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:52 No.17832987
    I don't actually know what you're talking about, myself.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:53 No.17832995
    Yes, I like it.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:54 No.17833006
    How did the walkers reproduce before they got humans living on their backs?

    ...Did natural selection just remove the features needed to find mates because the humans were more efficient at doing that?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:55 No.17833017
    Can someone link to the pic of the original OP? For uh... reference.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:55 No.17833022
    That, or they have a complex "megaphone tower" that lets them give a mating call. Every giant would be either trained or only able to hear a certain frequency/note/song, the Boogie Knight's job would be to exchange those frequencies/notes/songs and help them adjust their towers to play it. They'd be a mix of bard and engineer.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:57 No.17833036
    Natural selection.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)15:57 No.17833037
    Its in the other archived thread.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:01 No.17833058
    Evolved alongside humans I guess. The ground is scary, the giants are stable and off the ground. The humans keep the scary things off the babies, so the adults don't mind if they make huts. By the time the baby is an adult, it always had people on it, and so will its children, and its children's children.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:05 No.17833094

    Maybe some of the giants can't even tell there are humans on its back, and for all purposes really don't care?

    Would all giants be different depending on region, but at the same time all able to interbreed with one another?

    I'm thinking of a giant Scorpion/insect-like giant for a desert region.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:07 No.17833119
    We shall call them
    Titty Cities.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:15 No.17833182
    Definitely more than one species, but they'd rarely encounter each other or leave their territory. When they do, the two cities would either try to keep the giants from fighting, or try to kill each other.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:18 No.17833199
    Or at least the 'bunkers' could be down there.

    "Everyone, we're about to get fucked! Grab what you can and get down into the titty city!"
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:18 No.17833200
    /tg/ gets weird shit done.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:20 No.17833218
    And of course, the bigger the better.

    >"Look at the great tracts of land on that one!"
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:21 No.17833227
    >"That city must be very wealthy."
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:21 No.17833228
    And the city on the male would be obligated to help them rebuild. Instead of cuddling you have disaster relief and construction work.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:22 No.17833237
    Post-Coital Construction. I like it.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:24 No.17833246
    The best part of this setting is that, if there's anything you do or don't like, its ridiculous enough that you can say MAGIC! I DON'T GOTTA EXPLAIN SHIT!
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:26 No.17833261
         File1328563582.gif-(1.99 MB, 446x252, 1327326162374.gif)
    1.99 MB
    progression of this thread and the original
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:27 No.17833269
    The populations of both cities could also do some citizen exchanges during the reconstruction, to prevent inbreeding.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:31 No.17833301
    Yeah, when cities fuck, their inhabitants do it as well.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:33 No.17833322
    You know, this setting could have interesting effects when combined with that magic via sexual essence once... anyone remember and have the link for that?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:37 No.17833353
    >magic via sexual essence
    Oh dear god. So two giants fucking would be a temporary ley line?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:37 No.17833358
    At any rate, now that we're going full on silly, should we start laying some more ground work down or just keep fleshing out the setting's context.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:38 No.17833367
    i've been lurking in the archives so i dont know if this has been mentioned, but wouldnt it be easier if the giants were quadrupeds? sure, that's closer to giant creature territory, but it seems like working on a giant (growing crops, building, simple travel, whatever) would be really fucking hard to do. unless humans are god-tier climbers
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:38 No.17833368
    Something like that. It would be a Big Fucking Deal in any case.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:38 No.17833372
    Some more writefaggotry might be useful.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:40 No.17833381
    >Big Fucking Deal
    OH YOU!
    We've all but decided that there would be both.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:41 No.17833394
    I kind of imagined they were judging by the OP's picture. having a vertical city would be possible, but not on a particularly large scale. Quadrupedal walkers would allow for broad building areas on the back. Plus it doesn't have to even be quadrupedal, evolution can get all up in there and create different species adapted to different things.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:46 No.17833426
         File1328564760.jpg-(608 KB, 900x1845, 2006-07-24-girl_vs_bear.jpg)
    608 KB
    Perhaps something vaguely along these lines, minus the wormholes and bears
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:47 No.17833437
    ah, well thank you for clarifying, i'll leave you gents to it. Sounds like a cool setting so far.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:48 No.17833442
    Was this that transhumanist comic
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:50 No.17833453
    so what if the more bipedal giants wore something like portable backpack cities so when mating or hell sleeping for that matter they didn't crush their symbiotic inhabitants. It could also serve as a means of transferring the Titaneers to their young for protection.
    AND THIS. would these kind of giants still be around and if they were wold they be revered as being related to the titanic scale giants in any sense.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:50 No.17833455
    Not 100% sure but I'm guessing that's a yes.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:50 No.17833458
    dresdencodak.com, and yeah that description is as good as any.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:50 No.17833461
    I had imagined the Walkers as being bipedal, but being so huge that they had their own (magic-assisted) gravity well - one that was strong enough to anchor civilisations to them at weird angles, though not completely upside-down.

    So you'd get a Walker with a city stretching across his back and shoulders like a mantle, but it couldn't hang from under his arms.

    I don't know; a wizard did it.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:51 No.17833467
    The quadrupeds have the big sprawling metropoli/citadels. The bipeds have large populations as well, but they're spread out between "towns", and connected by things like rope ladders that work regardless of orientation.

    I don't think much farming would happen in this setting, given its nature. The fruits/vegetables would be harvested by the ground dwellers, and the meat would come from large parasites that climb onto the giant. The cities would also send elite hunting parties into the more fertile spots to hunt.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:52 No.17833475
    Ah shit, now you're making me thing of what the hell these giants eat, and I really don't want to go there.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:53 No.17833480
    They eat magic. They eat magic and they don't poop.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:54 No.17833487
    I think >>17833467
    covers this >>17833461
    I mean, we seem to be leaning somewhat towards a more high fantasy type setting, I can't really see bi-pedal walkers being able to support fuck huge cathedrals
    Haha, the farming thing started making me think of fungus, which turn into feet... euch. That being said it is mentioned in the Mortal Engines that they reprocess waste for food, I think.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:55 No.17833494
    The cities of giants they defeat, or the giants themselves?
    Assuming hostile.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:56 No.17833499
    A low magic high fantasy setting, at that.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:58 No.17833516
    I guess one question might be, are we going with a more golem like giant, or a more humanoid like giant. I think there's plenty of room for organic related stuff in the golem version, the humanoid version strikes me as vaguely... creepy. Almost a bit too much like an anime plot.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)16:59 No.17833518
         File1328565552.jpg-(19 KB, 400x280, tablerapist.jpg)
    19 KB
    Depending on the species, they could eat giant plants, scoop up forests, or cannibalize.

    A walker is fond of fruits from a tree larger than it is. It rams the tree to knock fruit down. Then the ticks get knocked loose. The ticks are 20 feet long.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:02 No.17833533
    The picture we've been using as a base IS porn, so of course its somewhat creepy. I agree that it would work better with quadrupeds.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:02 No.17833535
    Humanoid giants are far more traditional than city-backed mountainous golems. Just don't imagine them like the animu girl in the example pic and more like the titans of yore and you'll be good.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:03 No.17833548
    >like an anime plot
    >humanoid giants
    >what do they eat


    Thanks, /tg/. You reminded me of this spectacular manga which I haven't read in ages.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:10 No.17833614
    I still want to see cities built on the insides of earrings/anklets/bracelets on the females.

    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:13 No.17833630
    How about in the lining of her clothes? You could probably put a sizable population in the ones hat.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:13 No.17833640
    That is significantly less jangly/earthquakey and therefore less hilarious. It's plausible, though.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:14 No.17833648
    Sigh, this is getting my writefagging juices flowing and I have work to do. ;_;
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/06/12(Mon)17:15 No.17833655
    You know what you have to do. More writefagging is always appreciated.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:18 No.17833674
    Im sure the surface dwellers would be powerful, hard men and women, having to live in a world full of giants, which is probably full of other terrible beasts.

    "My great great grandfather built this farm with his bare hands. His son rebuilt it when a giant stepped on his herd and home. His son rebuilt it again when two giants stomped it flat in a battle, When my father was stomped dead by a half awake giant I inherited this farm, I was 12 at that time. I've had to care for my mother, my wife, my two sons and this farm. But do I hate giants? No, they may be a bane on life down here on the surface, but I hold no hate for a being who barely knows I exist."
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:18 No.17833676
    I prefer more bestial giants, so we'd have something that looks like a dire tortoise rather than a person walking around on all fours.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:22 No.17833710
    Give me a day or so, I'm gonna sit on it a bit. My works shit, but I've got some ideas, I just need to collate them inbetween chemistry and molecular biology work :p.
    Yeah, I'm feeling something a little closer to that than humanoids. Not really interested in making giantess fuel/waifus.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:22 No.17833712
    Ka-thunk. Ka-thunk. Ka-thunk.

    The rocking chair rapped against the wall in a steady rhythm, though nobody was rocking it.

    Ka-thunk. Ka-thunk. Ka-thunk.

    Roger sat at the end of the bar, which was no mean feat considering all the modified stools were taken.

    Ka-thunk. Ka-thunk. Ka-thunk.

    He stared longingly into his beer, let out a sigh, and drained the rest of his drink.

    Ka-thunk. Ka-thunk. Ka- "KREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

    "Dammit! Why is it that a fucking city can find a girl but I can't!?"
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:23 No.17833721
    I don't believe "stepped on by giants" would be a major problem for them. Permanent settlements are a luxury only backers can afford, surface dwellers would have to be nomadic. Giants are big enough to spot easily, and predictable enough that they can relocate in time to avoid them, or even set up close enough to initiate trade with the cities.

    They might occasionally get stuck between a rock and a hard place, but since the backers rely on them for certain services they'd be willing to help them in those situations. Everyday life would still be harder than diamond coated diamonds though.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:33 No.17833813
    Well there would be those stubborn ground dwellers, just like there are stubborn people in real life who stick to a place even when it gets wrecked over and over again.

    But that could be an interesting skill of surface dwellers, all their settlements are designed for rapid migration. Movable farms, houses that can be pulled around, stuff like that.

    Hell the surface dwellers could eventually build moving castles.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:34 No.17833817

    Story somewhat related.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:36 No.17833834
    Or a machine that just stamps out fields.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:39 No.17833873
    The surface dwellers would have to be extremely good warriors as well, to survive the creatures on the ground. Rapid migration would be about avoiding the especially nasty predators just as much as the giants.

    >Hell the surface dwellers could eventually build moving castles.
    Eeeeh. After a few generations, the walkers would learn to associate large cities with their kin, so that's a terrible idea. The cities would be dry humped into ruin.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:40 No.17833876
    The farm house could have a built in field stamper and the surface dwellers could have a lot of crops that grow really fast
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:42 No.17833901
         File1328568145.jpg-(203 KB, 1400x757, howls.jpg)
    203 KB
    >Eeeeh. After a few generations, the walkers would learn to associate large cities with their kin, so that's a terrible idea. The cities would be dry humped into ruin.
    Then they would build castles more than capable of evading the giant boning.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:44 No.17833924
    At that point it becomes a question of why anyone is bothering to live on giants anymore.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:45 No.17833934
    Tradition and for religious reasons.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:46 No.17833941
    It's still easier to live on a giant than deal with those "mechanical monstrosities."

    So only those that are stubborn enough would be on a mobile castle.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:48 No.17833962
    Spider city! A city on a giant spider. Main resources: giant spider silk and venom.
    Their houses are kitted to the spider's back and possibly legs with the silk. They hang giant strands of sticky silk down to the surface from time to time to see what they catch.

    The people of spider city are giant jerks.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:50 No.17833983
    Then the spider breeds and the BAZILLION FUCKING GIANT SPIDER BABIES flood the back of the spider and everyone dies.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:51 No.17833992
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:52 No.17834003
    If they're living in a mechanical home that means a ton of continued maintenance and having to stay on the ground scrounging up supplies to keep the mechanism moving. I imagine it would be a lot more costly and exhausting to live in a mechanical home than on a giant.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:53 No.17834013
    But I don't wanna be mounted by a spider.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:53 No.17834015
    Well even once moving castles are made, it still doesn't make life on the ground easy. There would still be tons of horrible monsters, as well as the giants. Living on a giant is similar to living in a ritzy, fenced in neighborhood.

    But I really like the idea of the ground dwellers. They would all be tough bastards, stronger than any giant dweller could be because their life is constant danger, perhaps some surface dwellers even become legendary to some of the giant dwellers.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:55 No.17834034
    Anybody mind if I sketch up a few Giant-City concepts?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:55 No.17834038
    Surface dwellers are now Ghengis Kahn era Mongols.
    See a giant? Pack up your ger, strap it up behind your herd of ponies, drag to safety.

    See a monster? Shoot it with arrows from horseback till it becomes lovely meat for all your family.

    Be attacked by back-dwellers? Shoot them with arrows, using your maneuvreablility to stay one step ahead of them then move in, dismount onto the feet and swordcharge the shocked remnants.
    Use mobile siege engines to harrass their giant and destroy their cities while staying out of stomping range.
    Use swift surprise attacks to raid their settlements and steal their resources to sell back to them.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:56 No.17834047
    DO eeet.

    I mean, why should any one mind?

    Then don't live on a spider-city, duh.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:56 No.17834049
    >stronger than any giant dweller
    Well I don't know about that, standing on ground thats always moving, holding onto whatever hand holds are available when there is a sudden lurch, having to climb and do god knows what to get around. Not saying they would be nearly as hardy but they'd have some muscles going on. Well toned calves, every one of them.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:57 No.17834060
    Considering the scale given in the original picture, arrows would do jack shit. They'd need small castles with mounted ballistas or bigger.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:57 No.17834065
         File1328569051.png-(6 KB, 225x210, TheServant1.png)
    6 KB
    Cool beans. Just give me some concepts and I'll do some cute little sketches.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:58 No.17834075
    >ritzy, fenced in neighborhood
    Nah, more like living on an island in an ocean, that may or may not have space for things other than the city/town.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:58 No.17834079
    Spider city!
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)17:58 No.17834080
    I think the surface dwellers would be to giant dwellers what Australians are to Americans who hear exaggerated tales of Australian wildlife.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:02 No.17834141
    >Considering the scale given in the original picture, arrows would do jack shit. They'd need small castles with mounted ballistas or bigger.

    >Use mobile siege engines to harrass their giant and destroy their cities while staying out of stomping range.

    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:02 No.17834143
    I was just thinking, what if there was a large settlement of surface dwellers, all living in specially built "spider" moving cities, and they make a living by raiding giants. Maybe even becoming famous for killing giants. Able to crawl on giants with their moving cities using special spiked legs and powerful siege weapons.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:04 No.17834163
    I guess that means I should start reading the post properly before replying!
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:04 No.17834165
    Instead of ponies, fantasy-mongols now have GIANT SPIDERS!
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:05 No.17834179
    True, but I would imagine a normal giant dweller hasn't had to fight a giant monster bear who has just busted into their food storage. Unless the giant dweller is some warrior, or a soldier or something they wouldn't be able to match a surface dweller in combat.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:06 No.17834184
    They could have bought those from spider city, hence making the people of spider city giant jerks.

    I mean, why not, if your city is about to be swarmed by giant spider babies, why not sell a couple of thousand to violent, vengeful surface dwellers?
    >> sagehoge@UTFIGHTERS !!sWiOZcWvsxC 02/06/12(Mon)18:07 No.17834201
    so would kingdoms commission people to turn there nation into Moblie Fortresses? Like as soon as Kingdom of The Sea could afford it they put all their shit on top of a giant tank just in case a violent town wants to nut up on you?

    Do wizards make their own shit just randomly? Do people who worship their giant consider making warmachines blasphemy?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:09 No.17834212
    Well I didn't mean literal spiders. Maybe some ride on the spider's like horses, but I meant they had specially made walking castles/cities, with big, intricate spider like legs, lined with spikes and hooks, letting them stick to giant's. The intricate legs allowing them to skitter about rapidly and outmaneuver giants, shooting huge harpoons into their legs or something. Maybe even cornering giants in valleys or near mountains, where they set up giant trip wires and traps.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:09 No.17834213
    two thread, and so far zero posting about hiding/living in female giant orifices.

    good job, /tg/ - looks like you can be mature now and then after all.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:10 No.17834229
         File1328569820.png-(5 KB, 275x244, Spidercity.png)
    5 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:10 No.17834238
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:10 No.17834240
    And so it ends.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:11 No.17834241
    The thing is, these giants are territorial or at least capable of fighting. The surface dwellers are going to have one hell of a time making moving fortresses while under constant assault by the wildlife, and when/if they do get them up and running, if they start using it to attack a giant its going to smash the shit out of it.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:12 No.17834262
    Of course not. That's a terrible place to build a home. It'd just get smushed by giant wang when it came mating season.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:12 No.17834264
         File1328569974.jpg-(4 KB, 145x217, 1327536560331.jpg)
    4 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:13 No.17834267
    Well, iof not inside their orifices, what about living inside the Giants themselves? Cutting into their skin and living inside the bones and flesh of the giant.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:14 No.17834277
    The same reason why you don't let critters live inside of you. Infections, entry for other parasites, etc.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:14 No.17834283
    The city's long legs allow it to step over other colossi. On such occasions, the people of the city with the sharpest eyes and they steadiest hands take fishing poles with extremely long lines and sticky ends and try to nab valuables from the city they pass.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:14 No.17834284
    Lack of air, negative response from the giant, potentially giant immune system.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:15 No.17834293
    What if their were giants with natural systems that allowed for the citizens to build within the giant? Massive internal structures dedicated to storage that the citizens took advantage of.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:16 No.17834303
    Which is why mountain forts become common place as walking castles appear. Huge fortresses built to manufacture these cities while being used as mining homes.

    Plus with enough skill and the right equipment, even giants can be killed.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:17 No.17834304
         File1328570221.jpg-(577 KB, 1280x720, aigaion01[1].jpg)
    577 KB
    So, does anything hunt these cities? Cause thats a quest right there for any adventure inhabitants.

    Also I demand flying cities born aloft on the back of giant thunder-birds, or attached to sky whales or something.
    >> slfz 02/06/12(Mon)18:17 No.17834305
    So, any other cities I should draw?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:17 No.17834309
    Destroying an entire nation? That's rather excessive.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:17 No.17834310
    Living in an orifice would be a grave error for obvious reasons. You wouldn't live in the middle of a railroad tunnel, either.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:18 No.17834314
    I thought we said "no living in giant cunts".
    >> Fireman Prime 02/06/12(Mon)18:18 No.17834319
         File1328570301.jpg-(214 KB, 1600x1200, 1600-1200-98185.jpg)
    214 KB
    A city built on the back of a very, very old Dragon would be very good for tourism among the more adventurous races.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:18 No.17834321
    I imagine that baby citygiants would be an incredible resource. They'd be enslaved for as long as they could be so people could build on them.

    Or maybe babies would be fiercely protected by the adults?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:18 No.17834324
    I still want people living on the interior of jewelry, but that's probably too detailed for basic sketching.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:18 No.17834325
    >living in fortress on back of giant
    >giant dies
    >new land fortress
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:19 No.17834334
    What happens to the inhabitants when a giant dies of old age?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:20 No.17834351
    Fuck it, I'm at a tossup between doing a straight story or a quest for this. Shit is too much cash to pass up. Any thoughts?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:20 No.17834352
    This is entirely on purpose. The first thread opened with porn and /tg/ has decided to treat it entirely seriously instead. Because that's how /tg/ works sometimes.

    Besides, half of this is still about the giants having sex. This is still /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:21 No.17834356
    Flying cities would probably be different from surface dwellers and giant dwellers. Since they would constantly be flying they would have to deal with high altitudes, sudden drops, flying maneuvers, even crashes could happen.

    But thinking of flying cities.

    What about cities on aquatic creatures, like a massive city on the body of a giant whale or shark.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:21 No.17834359
    >Implying giants aren't immortal.

    Come on.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:21 No.17834362
    I reckon this is why giant breeders were thought of. Maybe bring a newborn giant in tow and have the people help raise and nurse it until it's of age, then slowly start building on its back and having the people of the city move into it. It would be a comfortably slow process too.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:23 No.17834369
    That's kind of defeating the purpose of the setting. You can't do big permanent settlements on the surface, that's why people live on the giants. The surface dwellers should be badasses, but having fortresses on top of mountains and making moving cities that kill giants while being 10x more awesome than those pansy giant dwellers? That's veering straight into mary sue territory, if it hasn't already arrived.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:23 No.17834372
    Go with story. quest threads are overdone and take way too long.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:23 No.17834373
    The surface dwelling raiders would swarm over it like vultures. So they would either have to run and find a new giant to move onto, or attempt to integrate into a surface dweller society.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:23 No.17834376
    Quest man, I'd drawfag for it.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:24 No.17834383
    I'm partial to both, but it's better to start with a storytime
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:24 No.17834385
    >massive city on the body of a giant whale or shark.

    The back of a giant turtle would make more sense. The city would have to be fairly watertight too, in-case the creature submerged.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:25 No.17834390
    I think surface raiders should only be able to kill very small colossi. The point of those giants is that they are safe.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:25 No.17834396
    I agree with this. The focus of the setting is on the giants.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:27 No.17834406
    Alright, yeah I think i was getting too mary sueish for them. I guess raiders wouldn't be capable of killing giants unless they had HUGE armies of stuff. They would be more inclined to skitter up a giant, raid the city, then get out as fast as they can.

    Also I guess moving castle's could be built on the go. Starting out with putting some houses on an engine and basic legs, then as they move around they build up around the original body, which is why they are always rickety and require constant maintenance, they dont have time to sit in a spot and build it from the ground up and make sure its in good condition, they had to piece it together on the fly with whatever they could gather on their travels.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:27 No.17834409
    The surface dwellers aren't that numerous. They wouldn't be able to touch it until after the scavengers and the predators had picked it clean. And the people living on it would relocate to other cities well before their giant died, they wouldn't be trapped unless they wanted to go down with it.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:28 No.17834420
    The surface dwellers should be like ants basically. Scavenging hordes most of the time, but when a charismatic leader turns up they do raids on the gods themselves.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:29 No.17834427
    Killing a giant sounds like it wouldn't be much like a battle, but getting into it's body and taking out what it needs to live. Still far from easy, though.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:29 No.17834429
    Magical bubble surrounding the city that allows the turtle to submerge and the inhabitants to still breathe when it does that.

    Evil NPC threatening to remove protective spell and drown everyone.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:30 No.17834440
         File1328571056.png-(11 KB, 279x245, spidermongol.png)
    11 KB
    kinda long time waiting, but I'm crap at paint. but anyway
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:31 No.17834444
    Or have a non magical water tight fortress, forged from it's layers of shed shells collected over the years..
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:32 No.17834449
    Would giants come in different sizes, or would they all be, mega sized unless they are young? Cause I was thinking about smaller giants, not tiny giants, but not huge, with little tribes on their backs instead of huge cities. I'd also think a smaller giant community would be a little closer to their giant than huge cities.
    >> sagehoge@UTFIGHTERS !!sWiOZcWvsxC 02/06/12(Mon)18:32 No.17834452
    city on a dagon fighting a city on a tank
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:32 No.17834454
         File1328571166.jpg-(145 KB, 500x349, 3595089708_2b62fffc7e.jpg)
    145 KB
    Oh god would all the regular fauna be giant as well? Cause that would explain just how shitty it is on the ground for humans.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:33 No.17834461
    Oh and how about a shell that is itself huge and covered with growths that the inhabitants can live inside of?

    Shit, I do that all the goddamn time
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:33 No.17834465
    Yep, basically it would be Catachan-lite. Which is pretty damn horrific.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:34 No.17834473

    A super developed city would be built of layers. Say the more influential are on top, they wouldn't even come into contact with the host giant. The slums would be down on the back. Giants could be shackled together to form a caravan of cities.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:34 No.17834476
    Maybe water cities would be made of giant tarps of leather, sealed tight, then coated with shells or stuff, to protect the leather, and then the homes are built inside the tarps. Kind of like the cities in Big O, but domes of leather and shell instead of glass.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:35 No.17834480
    Not all of it, since no matter how big you go there will always be a niche for small ones. But a lot of it sure, all the better to deal with the giant animals everywhere.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:35 No.17834485
    Why not make the Turtle cities hide in giant hollowed out barnacles as well, that are latched onto the shell.

    With a combination of shell, air tight steel and barnacle a makeshift port-city would be spread about.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:36 No.17834486
    fuck yeah, why else do the pussy non-mongols live on giants?
    big ass spiders, wierd worm things, evil death bats, cockroaches the size of tables, sixlegged dog-cats the size of horses, flesh eating herd animals the size of buses, swarms of smaller grass eating lizards about the size of cars, which are eaten by snakes the size of trains.

    And that's just the everyday shit.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:37 No.17834500
    We speak much about the people on the giants, what about the giants themselves?

    Perhaps they see a City as a sign of power? the stronger the city the better the giant is? Pehaps they distrust those without a city, seeing them as clumsy or distrustful because they do not have any of the "tiny-folk" on them?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:37 No.17834505
    >Giants could be shackled together to form a caravan of cities.
    That kind of belittles the Giants. These are great, old beings who roam the lands and just kind of let people live on their backs. Having them shackled up like slaves and herded around like pack mules makes them seem so weak and pathetic.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:39 No.17834521
    How about a race of giants that has families ties? they keep in pairs or threes.. forming some kind of mobile Empire?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:39 No.17834524
    Wait did this get started by the whole "Colossus fucking a giant woman in a valley, wat do?" Thread this morning? I just got home from work.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:39 No.17834525
    Well depending on how advanced the civilization built on their backs is, they could consider it a symbiotic relationship. Basically it would be like if a normal human had his own personal swarm of killer bees willing to die to protect him.

    Except the bees have blade, bow and cannon at their disposal when a predator giant comes a hunting.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:40 No.17834531
    I'm thinking that these giants should have a matriarchal system. A female is much rarer that a male, and males have to impress the female so that she will present her self. So, the people living on the back of the giant will make firework shows, show off their powerful airships, their greatest technology. It's like a big festival to show how powerful their giant is.

    Magic is not used, as while it can be powerful, it smells terrible to the giants, causing them to flip out if too much is used.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:40 No.17834534
    of course
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:41 No.17834536
    I think we agreed they just sort of accept it since its been going on so long. We help them, they help us, and no one is sure if they're only as smart as animals or just don't have any reason or means to speak with us.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:41 No.17834537
    Also, what the fuck did I miss?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:41 No.17834540
    I see the Giants as kinda unknowable, like so massive and ancient that even their thought processes are vastly alien to those who dwell upon them.

    They move when they wish, feed when they wish, and mate when they wish. Beyond that, those who dwell upon them can only guess what their intents are.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:41 No.17834541
    It could be that some people work with, or even worship the giants, while others are out to enslave and dominate them.

    And yeah giant families/herds makes sense. Entire nations would be a part of the herd.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:41 No.17834542
    >Perhaps they see a City as a sign of power? the stronger the city the better the giant is? Pehaps they distrust those without a city, seeing them as clumsy or distrustful because they do not have any of the "tiny-folk" on them?

    From everything that's been said so far, they barely notice, if at all. Humans on giants is less "ants crawling on you" and more "microscopic dust mites living in your eyebrows". Giants have their own cares and we cannot understand them.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:43 No.17834559
    Are the Giants smart? What if some Giants themselves maintain a "kingdom" of sorts?

    It would be cool to think of a race of giants like the ents, they are far and wide, but Identify themselves as together, and gather on occasion.

    Maybe some kind of "giantmoot" is a great thousand year celebration thing?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:44 No.17834569
    It's easy to think of humans as Microscoptic until we start building large castles and cities on their backs, they are bound to notice eventually.
    >> sagehoge@UTFIGHTERS !!sWiOZcWvsxC 02/06/12(Mon)18:45 No.17834573
    it did
    /tg/ - turning weird into wonderful
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:45 No.17834575
    It did before Hitler McStalin sent the original thread to the gulag... to mine gas.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:45 No.17834576
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:47 No.17834596
    Sadly this cuts off significantly before how far the thread got before being deleted.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:47 No.17834602
    I'm not sure if we decided on just how the people would be living on the giants, but I'm gonna toss out some ideas that pop into my head.

    Class status based on body location. The ruling class obviously live on the head/neck area, higher than the other and able to keep an eye on the city below. Your influence in city workings is greater the higher you are to the top of the head.

    A navigator class lives by the eyes, and while they don't do much directing, they inform the rest of the city on the giant's general course, direction, and actions.

    Merchants, middle-men, artisans, etc. live on the sweeping expanse of shoulders and back, where they have room to build factories, markets, homes, guild-halls, and such.

    Commoners live on the lower back. Paupers need to eek out an existence on the haunches (or worse).

    Military men could live on the upper-arm, symbolically sharing the giants prodigious strength.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:48 No.17834606
    That makes no sense, I thought it was established that the giants/titans/colossi are something beyond human influence, unless said humans are trying REALLY hard to irritate or harm the thing.

    It's like rhinos and flies in Africa or some shit, the rhino doesn't care about the flies.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:50 No.17834620
    >in b4 "4chan lives in the ass"
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:51 No.17834625
    The building starts when the giant is a baby, and has been going on for generations (giant generations not human). You don't "notice" your dick or personal hornet attack squad do you? They're simply a part of you, ready to be used when needed, and out of the way when they aren't.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:52 No.17834632
    You're thinking of giants like animals. Giants aren't animals. They're forces of nature. Or Cthulhu, if you prefer that.

    Giants think about the humans living on them about as much as we think about the fact that we have streptococcus bacteria living on our skin. They're AWARE of it, if they care to find out, but it's meaningless to them.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:54 No.17834653
    > as much as we think about the fact that we have streptococcus bacteria living on our skin.

    And now I fear the giant who has Monk style OCD and cleanliness issues.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:55 No.17834655


    The navigators could hold sway over the city. They claim to have a special relationship with the giants, and a power over them, and demand tribute, favours, and influence to keep them docile, and working in the favor of the city. A pretty corrupt system, but perhaps it is based on some forgotten knowledge the earliest humans had to influence the colossi.

    Obviously this isn't all the cities, as I imagine they would all develop their own unique cultures.

    Fringe members of society live near the hands and feet; which are regarded as dangerous, often for good reason. Entire civil wars could take place on the hide of a giant.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:55 No.17834660
    You would have to believe that all the different Titainoplsises function under the same form of government it was mentioned that different giants would have different cultures the same would naturally apply to the politics of any given giant as well. But this definitely would be awesome.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:56 No.17834673
    Hey, in fairness, S. epidermis is only dangerous when it gets where it's not supposed to be. The rest of the time it's sitting around harmlessly taking up space and resources and preventing pathogenic bacteria from getting a foothold.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:57 No.17834688
    I, for one, would be horrified to find out that a nest of killer wasps was living in my pubic hair.

    Then again, an active defense against rape is kinda cool.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:58 No.17834698
    Shit thats exactly what humans are doing in this setting as well.

    Oh there's a thought. If humans are "good" parasites, should there be some bad kinds? Non human humanoids or other intelligent creatures.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)18:58 No.17834700
    this quest was like this. but the author tried to shove as much on his plate as he could and he crashed and burned.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:01 No.17834722
         File1328572867.jpg-(166 KB, 601x822, miko.jpg)
    166 KB
    you really are /d/ lite
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:01 No.17834724
    >living in pubic hair

    Hey guys, I figured out where to put the elves. I mean, hey, it's about as close to a forest as you'll probably get, right?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:01 No.17834729
    We know.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:03 No.17834746

    Perhaps pest and vermin type animals. You also have to imagine, if humans are to giants as bacteria is to us, larger animals also interact with us. Insects as an example. Birds, parasitic life-forms, and all manner of things live on real-world animals.

    As the city goes about its business it would suck to get attacked by a giant bird.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:06 No.17834782
    Is there a 1d4chan article for this yet? Should there be?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:07 No.17834792
    No. Yes.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:08 No.17834799
    If you want one, start one up.

    Hell, it might convince /tg/ to turn this into a fully written up setting, or something. Or spawn a quest thread. Or some other project.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:11 No.17834838
    I'll get on it now, but I'll have to be brief due to need of sleep. I hope someone else can pick it up after me?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:11 No.17834839
    I'm writing up the first post as I type. hold on to your anuses gentlemen. Decided to go story form, maybe some light reader suggestion
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:12 No.17834858
    I may be reading your post the wrong way but I don't think that humanity has shrunk any and are about this big >>17831717 for reference(as the original picture that started this is in the archive), its a manageable size to where the inhabitants could make a difference, of course there would probably be even larger giants where your statement is the case.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:15 No.17834886
    I think that drawfag wasn't being precise when it comes to scale, for humour purposes.

    Most organisms responsible for STDs are bacterial/viral and therefore microscopic anyhow.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:15 No.17834889
    Aw man, quest would have been more fun.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:18 No.17834922
    Thinking I'll do rolls for events, but I'd like a little firmer control over the setting/story since this is really my first serious effort.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:18 No.17834929
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:20 No.17834943
    true. I was trying to state that the size depicted in that picture (the other one would work better) for the city on the back concept as it it seems to be a good in between for small enough to not care but big enough to build a noticeable city. Huzzah for civil discussions.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:20 No.17834944
    1d4chan article created, though it's brief and terrible due to my poor Wiki abilities and lack of sleep (the second of which I'm going to rectify right now).

    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:21 No.17834956
         File1328574104.jpg-(177 KB, 1280x800, 1294275801220.jpg)
    177 KB
    OH MY GOD.


    There needs to be a villain in this setting, hell-bent on raising his dead lover at ANY cost!

    >He journeys the waste on a black horse
    >bearing only a bow and a sword
    >hunting City-Beasts for their essence and power
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:23 No.17834976
    No, you're not the only one. That's why people were calling the Walkers "colossi" earlier.

    Although Wanderer as a BBEG would be awesome, he specialises in man-vs-colossus combat, not man-vs-entire-civilisation-on-colossus-and-colossus-itself deathtraps.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:24 No.17834982
    Are we in autosage?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:24 No.17834987
    The Colossi seem to small in comparison to what I think everyone else is thinking of
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:26 No.17835011
    I'm thinking there is a sliding scale of massive involved here. Some things are far smaller than cities, some are far larger.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:27 No.17835022
    Yup, we're in autosage. Someone post a new thread or point me in the direction of an appropriate image so I can do it.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/12(Mon)19:28 No.17835035

    To the giants, it's a semi-annual get-together or a family reunion.

    But to the people, whose lives pass by in a fraction of a second (by the giant's reckoning) it's a rare event that happens once every millenia, and may have sort of a doomsday attached to it.

    on these rare doomsdays the priests must preform various rites and rituals "lest the world end" and when the giants go their seperate ways, the people assume it's their rituals that saved them (when really, the giants are just coming home from visiting Aunt Margaret, my how little Johnny has grown!)
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/06/12(Mon)19:28 No.17835037
    Posting new thread.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/06/12(Mon)19:36 No.17835121
    Posted new thread

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