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  • File : 1328670188.jpg-(52 KB, 817x848, 1327893814984.jpg)
    52 KB STRIKE WITCHES: GHOST SEX WOO WOO! planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/07/12(Tue)22:03 No.17850260  
    "Hey! Are... are you still alive?" You hear Ian's scared voice drift in from the window.

    Trude leaps up, casually strolls to the window, and grabs Ian by the shirt-front, where he's dangling in a makeshift rope harness.

    "He's dead, dummy!" she says. "Look, there's his ghost!" Then she gives him a hard thrust to the side, sending him swinging.

    "ShhhiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiit," Ian's sotto-voice complaint dopplers as he swings back and forth past the window. "Pull me up, you big fucking ape!"

    You begin to get to your feet. "Well, I guess this round goes to OOOOF!" you exclain as Trude's bare foot lands on your chest.

    "Where do you think you're going?" she snaps.


    "My eyes are up here," she says dourly.

    "EVERYTHING us up there," you say defensively, but you still shift your eyes a little to look her in the face, rather then the panties.

    "What if I hadn't figured it out? Were you just going to let me think you were dead?" Trude leans forward a little, compressing your bruised ribs painfully. "Well!? What the hell is wrong with you?"

    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 02/07/12(Tue)22:04 No.17850279
    "I'm a pilot?"
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/07/12(Tue)22:04 No.17850280

    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:04 No.17850281
    "I am a HUGE jackass"
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:04 No.17850283
    Chuck's Idea, not mine

    And I was on morphine and beer when we discussed it...so....
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:04 No.17850290

    >uns beerioa
    Also that, Captcha.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:05 No.17850295


    with a vengeance.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:05 No.17850297
    Something along the lines of "learn to live happily for those who go ahead without you. No need to be so icy."
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:05 No.17850299
    Shrug, then say "Honestly? I was high as a kite on morphine and we didn't think this prank all the way through."
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:05 No.17850301
    this and >>17850279
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:05 No.17850303
    it was funny! you laughed too!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:05 No.17850310
         File1328670347.jpg-(7 KB, 250x183, 250px-WhaleBiologist.jpg)
    7 KB
    Sorry, Pilot.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:05 No.17850311
    "If you weren't planning on sharing the Snapps, I was as good as dead to you already"?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:05 No.17850312

    works for me
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:06 No.17850314
    "Yeah. What if you hadn't figured it out? What you said down in the kitchen, did you mean that? Because baby, I heard everything and fuck you if you think death makes you stronger."
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:06 No.17850316
    The doc says brain damage
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 02/07/12(Tue)22:06 No.17850318
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:06 No.17850320
    HUGE doesn't quite cover it. BRODBDIGNAGIAN or COLOSSAL might.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:06 No.17850322
    "I'm a pilot"
    >> Will 02/07/12(Tue)22:06 No.17850324
    "What's wrong is I have a good-as-new liver, and haven't gotten properly smashed yet. Still got the schnapps?"
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:06 No.17850332
    You glorious bastard.

    "I think the pants and shades would have clued you in, also, what ghost comes bearing schnapps? Answer: the best kind!"
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:06 No.17850333
    Or 'Pilot'.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:07 No.17850340
    I think the right answer here is "I'm a pilot?"
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:07 No.17850341
    I overheard the doctor mention something about brain damage, and there was the morphine....And Charlotte's brother....and we were all kinda drunk
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:07 No.17850342
    Something that doesn't make us look like an ass.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:07 No.17850345

    All of thee above.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:07 No.17850346
    Or, you know, we could sing our theme song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__s4OMTVyhI
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:07 No.17850350
    "Realised it was probably a bad idea when I was listening to Ian's performance from the fridge. Figured it would've been worse to make a fuss stopping it there than to see it through.

    The Original idea though? I think I was still high as a kite on morphine or whatever the doctor gave me."
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:08 No.17850359
    didnt we have a conversation about how i dont think about shit already? honestly not expecting these sort of shenanigans from me would be wildly irresponsible on your part.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:08 No.17850360
         File1328670527.jpg-(553 KB, 625x938, silver-sword-toledo.jpg)
    553 KB

    Whats wrong with us? We're a pilot, every time we sit in our plane and fly a mission chances are we are going to end up dead. The majority of our wing died before they even finished their first few flights and we're not any better than they were. We're just luckier than them, and we know it. Knowing all that, we get in our plane and fly, because we are the best, and Ace. Knowing that, builds up stress and if we don't get rid of it somehow, we're gonna end up making a mistake and getting shot down, can't fly tense, or your dead.

    So my problem? I'm just blowing off some steam.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:08 No.17850364

    Then faint.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:09 No.17850366
         File1328670541.jpg-(89 KB, 699x647, 1325936055993.jpg)
    89 KB

    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:09 No.17850371
    Blaming it on Chuck's just a cop-out, have to counter her death-speech from earlier, but I have no idea how to word it.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:09 No.17850378
    my problem is that I have enough danger pay to BRIBE DEATH.

    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:10 No.17850383
    See >>17850297
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:10 No.17850387
    "Also, Minna is a bitch."
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:10 No.17850388
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:10 No.17850391

    "I was ending my night here anyways... Why did you think you were last?"
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:10 No.17850392
    "I live in the air and am so fated to die by -fire-."

    give her no ground, but get the point across that we're only going to die in the air, by fire.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:10 No.17850394
         File1328670640.jpg-(23 KB, 297x411, 1327748099986.jpg)
    23 KB
    "The doc says brain damage"

    It gives her a chance to counter-snark and we can move on to running like hell.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:11 No.17850398
    Still got that schnapps?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:11 No.17850399
    "I think I would. You hate my guts already so who cares?"
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:11 No.17850408
    >Minna is a bitch
    Honestly, can we drop this?
    So what if she's a bitch? We're a bigger asshole.
    And it's her right as a pilot with more kills than us AND rank to be an absolute bitch to us because compared to her tally we're nothing but a nugget right out of flight school.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:12 No.17850415
    Running? Why the fuck would we run. Trude is now at Shirley and Sakamobro.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:13 No.17850422

    Oh fuck everything, this.
    >> General Winter 02/07/12(Tue)22:13 No.17850423
    "I was high as a kite attached to the space shuttle. Speaking of which, why do you look like you're on fire?"
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:13 No.17850426

    We still haven't had any, as far as I can recall.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:13 No.17850430
    "Well, the doc says it's brain damage. Severe, too."
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:13 No.17850434
    Eh, she's got her reasons. Sure, she IS an uber-overprotective bitch, but she has her reasons for that. It isn't like she just decided it would be funny.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:15 No.17850464
    Before we tried to troll a girl who sister just disappeared, I would have disagreed with. BEFORE.

    I guess we can cut her some slack.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:15 No.17850465
    Funny thing about that: she's got more flight time, more kills, more combat experience than Sean, Ian, and us combined. Not really impressing her with anything we're saying, I think.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:15 No.17850468
    Tellher "No, I came here for this." and proceed to give her the best kiss of her life.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:16 No.17850476

    ... Seriously?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:16 No.17850479
         File1328670982.jpg-(111 KB, 500x500, 1326847250412.jpg)
    111 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:16 No.17850487
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:17 No.17850490
    Waifufags gonna waifu, I guess
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:17 No.17850492
    oh look, it's /a/
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:17 No.17850494

    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:17 No.17850497


    Guys. Seriously. No.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:17 No.17850500
    I'm good with a single emphatic "pilot".
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:17 No.17850505
    Not gonna lie, I'd laugh.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:18 No.17850512
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:18 No.17850514
    "What do you think this was supposed to be?"
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:18 No.17850515

    Doesn't fit MC. Not even in his more dickish and foolish ways.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:18 No.17850518
    She did ONE awesome thing. We should wait until she does at least three before we consider that.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:18 No.17850527
    That's not even waifufagging, they at least have a sense of timing, that's just a troll.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:18 No.17850528
    Nope. Aside from the whole "Minna makes more sense given the current plot progression" thing, there's also the "this is a horrible idea right now" thing and the "even we aren't this big of a douchebag" thing, plus the "it's seriously fucking creepy" thing.

    tl;dr FUCK NO
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:19 No.17850531
    So, start with "The doc says severe brain damage. Probably why I'm a pilot."
    Then "No, obviously I wouldn't have led you to believe I was dead for too long. I came here, didn't I? It's how I blow off steam and combat stress."
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:19 No.17850533
    Yes. This will confuse her enough to distract her while we take the first drinking the entire bottle of schnapps.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:19 No.17850534
    As much as I am tempted to agree with this... this might be a bit... no.

    "Our being dead was a golden, fantastic opportunity for us to have some fun. And honestly, after what Minna tried to do to me I deserve some dicking-around time."
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:19 No.17850546
    I don't care, but we still need to work this in somehow:
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:20 No.17850549
    And we made her think we died, bringing up some bad memories. I'd say we're even.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:20 No.17850556
    Short, simple, and sweet. PILOT!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:20 No.17850560
    No, the spider stabbing us made her think we died. we had no part in that
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:21 No.17850561
         File1328671260.gif-(895 KB, 303x227, HatersGonnaHate.gif)
    895 KB
    We're how many threads in and haven't gotten any yet? We need to fix this, fucking go for it. And the rest of you stop being fags already!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:21 No.17850565
    Nthing 'I'm a Pilot?'
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/07/12(Tue)22:21 No.17850568
    How many of the girls know that minna is trying to have us transfered?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:21 No.17850574
    >Short, simple, and sweet. PLOT!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:21 No.17850576
    Best I've seen yet in this thread.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:21 No.17850577
         File1328671287.png-(24 KB, 201x201, Yes.png)
    24 KB
    >moved our stuff in with the enlisted
    Tell me, honestly, if you wouldn't have done the same exact assholish thing if you were in her place. That you wouldn't have trolled a bunch of sparkly girls by forcing them to room with the base nursing staff or some other shit like that.
    You're just buttmad at getting a taste of your own assholishness.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:21 No.17850580
    It's not like we wanted to be stabbed by spiders.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:21 No.17850582
    Hold up where did WE make her think that? That was the doc saying we didn't have a chance to wake the fuck up.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:21 No.17850584
    We're complicit by our hiding in the fridge thing.

    Yeah, this seems the best option.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:21 No.17850588
    Start with Pilot.... then continue with >>17850082
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:21 No.17850589
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:22 No.17850596
    Knowing this base? All of them.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:22 No.17850601
    inb4Trude breaks down followed by hug it out
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:22 No.17850606
    no fuck your waifuing ways.

    MC is not a waifu fag, we can do whatever the fuck, fuck your shit!

    anyways planefag does whatever the fuck he wants anyways.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:22 No.17850607
    She KNOWS we are alive though. we never made minna think we were dead except by being a victim of circumstance
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:22 No.17850608
    Going by Trude's comment about a small unit of women, probably all of them by now.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:22 No.17850612
    Hum Wild Blue Yonder while saying this.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:23 No.17850616

    This is good.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:23 No.17850619
    Trude said it herself before: the rumor mill might as well be telepathic in the castle.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:23 No.17850620
    Were being classy. There is a difference. Plus, most of the girls are underage.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:23 No.17850628
    I like this one.
    >> Major Airlift 02/07/12(Tue)22:24 No.17850636
    God damn. Stop arguing, people. We're at 100 replies and planefag has posted once.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/07/12(Tue)22:24 No.17850639
         File1328671452.jpg-(50 KB, 665x910, 1328161804447.jpg)
    50 KB
    "It was Chuck's idea!"

    "Chuck WHO?"

    "Shirley's brother!"

    "That's Lieutenant Charlotte to you, scum!" she says, glaring down at you. "Stop looking at my legs!"

    "But they're RIGHT THERE!"

    "Fine!" She takes her foot off your chest, and falls to her knees, straddling you, hands pinning yours to the floor. "Now, try again!"

    "I'm a pilot and I'm a huge idiot - no, like a gargantuan asshole - no a totally Brobdingnagian-scale asshole - uh, that means really really fucking big," you say, your voice coming thin and reedy as you stare into Trude's cold, unflinching eyes. "And you're really good you trolled me fantastically and I respect that, I respect that SO MUCH and I was so high on morphine when Chuck threw this idea at me and did I ever say you have really pretty eyes and - and - oh well, I've always wanted to die straddled by a beautiful woman AAAAAHAHAHAHA THAT WAS A JOKE HAHA, SEE, FUNNY TIMES-"

    Trude leans in, her eyes flat, deep, empty and utterly without remorse.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:24 No.17850640
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:24 No.17850651
    What else is there to do? we've reached a fairly clear majority and have no response yet.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:24 No.17850654
    Ten quatloos say she's trolling us for all that it's worth.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:25 No.17850655
         File1328671508.jpg-(239 KB, 1024x768, 1328411837669.jpg)
    239 KB
    one thing for it.

    "SEAN, PULL"
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:25 No.17850659
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:25 No.17850661
    Please don't make us break out the age chart again.

    Short version is: Zucchini, Yoshika and the Winter Lesbians are underage. The rest, IIRC, aren't, not in the 1940s and not when the MC himself is only 20.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:25 No.17850663
    This is the part where she hurts us.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:25 No.17850670

    see i just lost $50 betting that there wouldnt be a safety in the superbowl so, no.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:26 No.17850677
    Given they are also SHOOTING ALIENS, I do not think underage applies so much. That said if anyone suggests Yoshikawa or Zucchini as waifus, there will be beatings.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:26 No.17850678
         File1328671583.jpg-(284 KB, 888x500, 1326243295122.jpg)
    284 KB
    >Trude leans in
    She's going for the throat!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:26 No.17850680
    I concur, this seems a little odd.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 02/07/12(Tue)22:26 No.17850683
    Massive troll incoming. I think we are dealing with a pro here.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:26 No.17850685
    Definitely. We need to play this cool and see how it goes. We're fine with whatever outcome, but we should probably stop blabbering.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:26 No.17850687

    the rope was cut man.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:26 No.17850688
    "...I'm sorry. Shoulda have clued you in before doing this"
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:26 No.17850689
    >"I'm a pilot and I'm a huge idiot - no, like a gargantuan asshole - no a totally Brobdingnagian-scale asshole - uh, that means really really fucking big," you say, your voice coming thin and reedy as you stare into Trude's cold, unflinching eyes. "And you're really good you trolled me fantastically and I respect that, I respect that SO MUCH and I was so high on morphine when Chuck threw this idea at me and did I ever say you have really pretty eyes and - and - oh well, I've always wanted to die straddled by a beautiful woman AAAAAHAHAHAHA THAT WAS A JOKE HAHA, SEE, FUNNY TIMES-"

    Awww, yeah.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:26 No.17850690

    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:27 No.17850692
    >inb4 we scream at Sean and Ian because were THIS close!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:27 No.17850693
    we've been cut
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:27 No.17850695
    Doesn't change the fact that waifu fags are in a minority here
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:27 No.17850696

    As they say, lie back and think of England.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:27 No.17850697
    Again with the legs, planefag? I think you has a fetish.

    And I totally support it.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:27 No.17850698
         File1328671659.jpg-(109 KB, 418x455, 1277705036545.jpg)
    109 KB
    Yeah, we all know what's about to happen.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:27 No.17850699
    Despite it having happened twice already? Yes, I do believe our MC breaks down like this when only centimeters away from one of the Witches that obviously wants a piece of us.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:27 No.17850700
    defenestration is the least of my worries.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:27 No.17850705

    Not trying to waifu, just confuse her enough to get Sean to PULL and get us out of here.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:28 No.17850709
    I have to admit I'm suspecting this all too much. A poke on the nose with a finger. Potentially even a kiss if she's been in the schnapps and has already figured this out well beforehand just to mess with us; this would be right before we get pulled out of the room by our crew, of course.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:28 No.17850711
    As do leg-grasping flight-engines. Sweet sweet engines.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/07/12(Tue)22:28 No.17850714
         File1328671718.jpg-(38 KB, 600x700, 60c18fae9ac9fece5a366c37649d50(...).jpg)
    38 KB
    "I'm fated to die by fire!" you say desperately. "Down we diiiive, spouting our flaaa~mes from un~der, off with one, helluva roo~oar~" you sing, your voice quavering as you try to sound casual and fearless. It's another reason you've always loved the song - the chorus is the best eulogy any pilot could hope for, so you spit it out as your last words, defiantly. "We live in fame, and go doo~wn in FLAAAME-"

    Trude kisses you.

    You close your eyes and enjoy the last desperate fantasy of your dying brain as oxygen leaves your system, and wait for the sweet oblivion of death to take you.

    "You're not *really* dead," Trude says with irritation, and she kisses you again. This time, reality sinks in, just in time to be blown out the back of your skull again. She really is a great kisser. Tangible reality as you know it breaks down its shit, packs up and leaves the vicinity, leaving just you and Trude, pinning you to the floor as she kisses you as passionately as possible, which turns out to be a hell of a lot. Choirs of angels sing, and your head spins.

    An eternity later, she presses a sweat-slicked forehead against yours, panting for breath. "Didn't... know... ghosts... kissed like that...."

    "Can't... blow the rape whistle... with no lungs..." you wheeze in return.

    A blood-curdling siren starts in the distance, the loud tone penetrating the walls with its long, drawn out rising whooops.

    You just had to open your big fucking mouth, didn't you?

    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:28 No.17850716

    All hands, abandon ship for Diego Garcia! It's at least better than DEATH.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:28 No.17850717
         File1328671723.jpg-(113 KB, 500x416, 1325420286567.jpg)
    113 KB

    Also, I have a feeling this is going to be like the broom closet incident
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:28 No.17850720

    >someone made this image even better
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:28 No.17850722
         File1328671733.jpg-(17 KB, 191x243, 1317862925224.jpg)
    17 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:29 No.17850726
    Rope. Was. Cut.

    Won't work.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:29 No.17850727
    Trude cut the ropes.Our aircrew can't get us out of this. We're flying solo.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:29 No.17850728
    Rape whistle time.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:29 No.17850729
    What's the most?

    Ok, other then the knife, and needing to punch her in the face if she calls us a Gnome.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:29 No.17850730
    Hey now, this time she only appears to want to kill us, before it seemed like imminent rape, and I'd like to think we are more calm in the face of death than rape.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:29 No.17850733
         File1328671753.jpg-(381 KB, 900x900, CRAZY IVAN.jpg)
    381 KB
    The only choice
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 02/07/12(Tue)22:29 No.17850736
    I fucking knew it.


    HERO TIME!!!
    Strap up and prepare for killing!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:29 No.17850740
    Unfortunately, we have quite a penchant for this sort of thing. I don't like it any more than you do, but planefag seems intent on continuing it.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:30 No.17850749
         File1328671802.png-(22 KB, 128x128, avatar_8f2b2da12150_128.png)
    22 KB
    She's either about to kiss us, or throttle us, and either way, I want to let it happen.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:30 No.17850750
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/07/12(Tue)22:30 No.17850751
    Excellent timing as always
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:30 No.17850752
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:30 No.17850755
    Help me to the hanger, I may not be able to walk well but I can damn well pilot a plane!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:30 No.17850757
         File1328671817.jpg-(79 KB, 500x457, 1215022302298.jpg)
    79 KB
    Didn't see an answer in the last thread, asking again.

    Did we cure Perrine of her gay?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:30 No.17850760

    run for the plane.

    but i give good odds that its actually sean and ian setting it off to 'save' us.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:30 No.17850764
         File1328671836.jpg-(349 KB, 808x808, 575475f1d9fdb1513a8ff1c94f15e5(...).jpg)
    349 KB
    We can't do shit, we're pretty much disabled, remember?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:30 No.17850768
    We're a 20-year old pilot. Being ALWAYS HORNY, ALL THE TIME is so in character it hurts.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:30 No.17850770

    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:30 No.17850773
         File1328671858.jpg-(54 KB, 217x278, 1319676285683.jpg)
    54 KB

    >Air-Raid Siren

    What the fuck are we waiting for? It's a fucking Scramble! Get to the plane!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:31 No.17850774
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:31 No.17850779
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:31 No.17850782
    Well shit, sounds like someone's fired up the Hero Signal.

    Time for us to get to work.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:31 No.17850783
    so can we tie a shotgun or 2 to our wheelchair and blast the crap out of aliums nao?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:31 No.17850784
    Wait, yeah.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:31 No.17850786
    This was awesome. Thanks, planefag.

    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 02/07/12(Tue)22:31 No.17850789
    I made some spaghetti just so I could drop it.

    Git doze lousy boyz togetha, we'z got foightan ta do.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:31 No.17850790
    it is time to let the aliens see there are heroes left in MAN, this one is also a GNOME and a GHOST, but most importantly of all, a PILOT.
    >> Major Airlift 02/07/12(Tue)22:31 No.17850794
         File1328671904.jpg-(24 KB, 300x229, p61.jpg)
    24 KB

    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:31 No.17850795
    Given the way she is acting towards Ian, i would guess that yes, she has been cured
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:31 No.17850796

    Since when has that stopped MC?

    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:31 No.17850797
    We go be a fucking hero. Again.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:31 No.17850798

    Lets put on our Aviators, give Trude her and rock and roll.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:31 No.17850799
    Of course we can! We're a goddamn Pilot!
    Get Trude to carry us! She's got super-strength, may as well use it!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:31 No.17850800
    tell trude to go, and wait here. we cant run for the hanger in our condition and having her carry us would slow her down way to much.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:32 No.17850801
    We can stay out of the goddamn way.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:32 No.17850803
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:32 No.17850805
    The Martians.
    They cockblocked us.

    Not only did they take our muskmelon.
    Not only did they shoot our booze.
    Not only did they ram a foot of their alien alloy into our body.

    But they cockblocked us. From Trude.

    Martians will die tonight.
    Get down to the hangar, get in our Widow, and get some fucking kills.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:32 No.17850806

    Disreguard, I was was too busy sucking cocks to refresh the page.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:32 No.17850807
    >We're being classy
    While acting like a trolling dick at the same time, huh? Yeah, nah. Though to be honest, given that planefag mentioned he was drawn to the idea of doing this based on the now long over Maid Quest(good times right there) I'm surprised you all think it isn't going to happen.

    And the 13yos show up, awesome.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/07/12(Tue)22:32 No.17850808

    Her crush on Sakamoto was just schoolgirl hero-worship/infatuation. On Ian? Who knows. Of course, Ian seems to be reciprocating a bit...
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:32 No.17850809
    Look at her with this drug-dizzy smirk and kiss her again, before dashing off. Can't let Chuck get any more kills! If we're low enough, jump out the window. If not, burst out the door and run for the Widow. "Off we go into the wild blue yonder, Climbing high into the sun; Here they come zooming to meet our thunder."
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:32 No.17850814
    Why is all of /tg/ such bitches about getting kissed? It's not like you'll suddenly get a dick up your ass for the rest of your life that orgasms every five minutes, and pulls while you're in the shower just long enough for the semen to leak out, leaving you sobbing miserably. Grow a fucking pair.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:32 No.17850818
    You realize it's nearly impossible to fly a plane without working feet, right ?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:32 No.17850819

    Awww yeah! Boss-like trolling? A smoking hot make out session AND a Martian raid? CAN THIS DAY GET ANY SWEETER!?!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:33 No.17850823
         File1328671992.jpg-(120 KB, 800x401, 1313545248921.jpg)
    120 KB

    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:33 No.17850828
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:33 No.17850830
    don't forget, they highjacked trudes sister.

    may as well go get revenge for that as well...
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:33 No.17850831
    I would think being confined to a wheelchair would restrict one's ability to pilot a plane. We need a different way to help.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:34 No.17850838
    Are we physically capable of piloting without doing permanent harm to ourselves? If yes, then we ask Trude for a rain check and we head for our ride.

    If no, then we ask Trude for a rain check, let her head for her ride, and see if there's anything we can do to help.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:34 No.17850839

    "... I have to get more kills than Chuck."
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:34 No.17850840
    Doesn't mean we shouldn't get ready anyway. Martians love their ground raids.

    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:34 No.17850843
    Fucking Bader did it with no legs.

    Besides, our feet work, we're just in a wheelchair because walking around strains the newly-healed hole in our gut.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:34 No.17850844
    Our feet work fine. We're just a little weak. And high. Adrenaline will fix both!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:34 No.17850845

    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:35 No.17850851
    You know, I'm perfectly ok with Trude or Shirley.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:35 No.17850853
         File1328672111.jpg-(27 KB, 420x322, 1327902154203.jpg)
    27 KB
    >cockblocking aliums


    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:35 No.17850855

    So... We're bad on walking... but good on 5 g turns?

    We're still grounded folks.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:35 No.17850857
    Our feet work, we just have no real abdominal strength, so we can fly, just not walk.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:35 No.17850859
    Or get us killed.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:35 No.17850861

    No. Even in a slow, old ass plane like a widow, a decent amount of G-Force is exerted, and you need your legs to keep blood flow working. Plus, rudder pedals, and our reaction time on morphine is probably pretty low.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:35 No.17850863
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:35 No.17850865
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 02/07/12(Tue)22:35 No.17850866
         File1328672146.gif-(38 KB, 200x200, 1326213585607.gif)
    38 KB
    >Had ~100$ joystick setup
    >mfw this happened EVERY TIME
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:36 No.17850878
    Why would we want to walk? GET UP IN THE SKY, PILOT!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:36 No.17850882

    I think the morphine's worn off by now.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:36 No.17850884
    She'd better get out there. Sean and Ian will probably be in to grab us, and until then we just hope no one sees us lying on the floor in Trude's room.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:36 No.17850886
    We do what we gotta do.

    ...Or, Chuck is going to do it. GODDAMNIT FFFFFFFFFFFFFF
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:36 No.17850887
    "Fucking. Aliums."
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:36 No.17850893
    on the martians for their shenanigans and bullshit.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/07/12(Tue)22:36 No.17850894
    You know, if we wern't the main character, dramatic irony would demand that we really did die in this sortie now.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:36 No.17850895
    We can get killed any day of the week, adrenaline or no.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:37 No.17850898
    No, we'd be hurting everywhere if it had.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:37 No.17850910
    SeanQuest, huh?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:37 No.17850913
    Go man an AA gun.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 02/07/12(Tue)22:38 No.17850919
    Wait, isn't at least one other crewman trained to pilot? We could man the turret but JUST FOR TONIGHT.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:38 No.17850925
         File1328672307.jpg-(14 KB, 330x241, welcome.jpg)
    14 KB
    Yeah, but being in a weakened state is basically playing Russian Roulette with an M1911.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:38 No.17850927
    What are we, mechanics? TO THE PLANE!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:38 No.17850928

    You forgot... We'd win
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:38 No.17850929

    >Aces High

    I second this. We are a pilot. a little thing like a shiny new liver will not affect our ability to cannon us some aliems.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:38 No.17850933
    Still not very safe because G-Force
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:39 No.17850934

    ChuckQuest more like.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:39 No.17850936
    We've won that before
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:39 No.17850941
    Yep, so we're "safe" enough probably.

    Unless we die, and Chuck gets our crew while attempting to live in our shadow and finding out about gnomes, leaving us a new MC.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:39 No.17850946
    We still need a name for other characters to use for us.

    Somebody in the last set of threads proposed Timothy Grant, known as "Tiji" to his friends. I'd like to support that idea.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/07/12(Tue)22:39 No.17850955
    You best be trolling, IanQuest us the only real answer here
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:39 No.17850956
    I mean as something other than a gnome.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:40 No.17850965
    Fuck the injury.

    Fuck Minna trying to chuck us from the squadron.

    Fuck Trude macking on us.





    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:40 No.17850966
    Nah, we must go unnamed until the end, where it is revealed our name is Dongs or something.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:40 No.17850969

    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:40 No.17850971
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:40 No.17850978
    I don't think OP has the balls to do that, but I wouldn't really object if he did. Probably the only way we'll learn MC's name.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:41 No.17850979
    But we need to be a gnome in order to justify our plot armor
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:41 No.17850983

    Hey man. Diego Garcia quest could have been our future. This >>17850910 could become true if we're not careful.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:41 No.17850987
    This isn't Something Awful.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:41 No.17850988

    If we are grounded, then it just doesn't feel right to just let Trude walk out on our crippled ass.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:41 No.17850996
    What is it with all you faggots doubting planefag?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:42 No.17851002
         File1328672551.jpg-(749 KB, 950x1509, 1e546e219c03332812a9d14ed6dc25(...).jpg)
    749 KB
    It is time to kick alium ass.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/07/12(Tue)22:42 No.17851007
         File1328672563.png-(115 KB, 560x421, rage ultimate.png)
    115 KB

    You and Trude freeze as the eerie whooping of the scramble siren sends a cold chill through your blood. It's like a pail of icewater thrown in your face, and with sudden, horrible clarity, all things are made clear.

    The Martians have denied you your muskmelon.
    The Martians have shot up your booze.
    The Martians fucking stabbed you through the gut.

    And now - NOW - they've taken away HOT WITCH SEX.

    Fury surges through you like a river of molten hate. You see red, and the entire universe becomes a hateful, repulsive thing. Space-time itself is the enemy, for it is responsible for the concept of distance, the one thing keeping the fucking Martians from the rending, tearing fangs of your white-hot wrath.

    "I am going to DEVOUR those motherfuckers," you snarl, squiggling out from under Trude and rolling onto your hands and knees. "Those scum-sucking cesspool-slurping shitburgers with flies on the side! I will END them, oh, I will fucking END THEM!"

    You try to rise, and stagger back to the floor. "Shit.

    "Your abdomen still hurts?" Trude asks, catching you under the arm.

    "Yeah, let's go with that," you say quickly. "Hangar! C'mon!"
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:42 No.17851010
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:42 No.17851011

    ...Why do I want to play this? Oh no! My inner bitch is showing!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:42 No.17851013
    This should be interesting IC, for MC-kun. I see running and dodging about the base as he tries to avoid both Minna and Trude and the brain-hurting questions.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:42 No.17851014
    He is a glorious rat bastard storyteller, trusting him is a fools errand
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/07/12(Tue)22:43 No.17851023
    You monster.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 02/07/12(Tue)22:44 No.17851036
         File1328672673.gif-(907 KB, 150x113, 1321583639621.gif)
    907 KB
    All right, all right, chillax, y'all, let's let art flow over us.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:44 No.17851037
    >"Yeah, let's go with that,"
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:44 No.17851040
    Guys, we absolutely must NOT go to the Widow tonight, and here's why:

    So that in the future, when one of the Witches inevitably decides to go out on a sortie when they're too badly injured to fight competently, we can tell them to sit the fuck down and stay on the base without them ignoring us due to massive hypocrisy.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:45 No.17851051
         File1328672721.jpg-(14 KB, 259x194, GODFUCKINGDAMMIT!.jpg)
    14 KB
    >MC's face when
    well, trudes being a bro and helping us proceed to kick alium ass, time to proceed to do so.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:45 No.17851059
    We can tell them to do that anyways, we have a chair.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:45 No.17851060
    Does the base have AA Guns? Can we man them then?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:45 No.17851062
    We're a pilot, of course we're a fucking hypocrite. We just don't give a fuck.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:46 No.17851064
    Knowing planefag, Minna and Trude are just the start.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:46 No.17851065
         File1328672762.jpg-(819 KB, 1600x1304, d9f6f0f8c4ca8da1cce775c335a317(...).jpg)
    819 KB
    If Minna finds out about MC and Trude, we're going to experience a fate worse than death.
    >> Will 02/07/12(Tue)22:46 No.17851068
    There is romance. We give exactly one fuck. Deal with it people, Trude's the best witch anyway. That said, LET'S END SOME FUCKIN ALIUMS!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:46 No.17851071
    this is exceptional circumstances.

    they interrupted us...

    and they will pay...
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:46 No.17851073
    Why would we tell them that? That's Minna's job.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/07/12(Tue)22:46 No.17851075
    This man is wise.
    Though I think our crew should get a say, if they don't want us flying, we don't fly.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:46 No.17851076
    ...Why would we do that? There's a plane there and aliens to eat for...what time is it?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:47 No.17851085
    The only other witch who's gotten any time with MC is Perrine, and she's for Ian.

    Trude will win because Minna sucks.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:47 No.17851086
    Minna talking to us again?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:47 No.17851088
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:47 No.17851089
    Let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's not like there's a lack of options.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:47 No.17851097
    Also, I suddenly wish I weren't naked under this sheet, and that's something I never thought I'd say in my life.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:47 No.17851100
         File1328672866.jpg-(21 KB, 567x456, My GOD.jpg)
    21 KB
    It's on now, gents.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:47 No.17851103
         File1328672876.png-(11 KB, 227x300, destroy_panties.png)
    11 KB

    you know what, as long as theres still shooting aliens i dont care.

    thank fuck it isnt minna.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:48 No.17851109
    >what time is it?
    Night time.
    And you know what we fly?
    A night-fighter.
    We're finally going to use the Black Widow for the kind of fight it was designed for.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:48 No.17851110

    Go away. Trude it is.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:49 No.17851121

    IC, MC hasn't had anytime to even digest any of this info. And now his pilot brain has a chance to catch up to his head. This should be a delicious dilemma.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:49 No.17851123
    Mah waifufaggin niggah
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:49 No.17851126
    inb4 in this very mission theres a choice between saving trude or saving someone else
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:50 No.17851131
    Also, let's try to prevent anyone from seeing us on the way, they all think I'm dead, so it'll be extra surprising when I fly out to save some butts.
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 02/07/12(Tue)22:50 No.17851132
         File1328673007.jpg-(84 KB, 491x450, THANK YOU.jpg)
    84 KB
    Why fly a black widow when you can aim a Bofors?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:50 No.17851135
    Well, we were going to give a fuck, but the Martians prevented it. They will rue this day, and rue it HARD.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:50 No.17851137
    >implying best witch isn't sakamoto
    piss off and die waifu fags anyways.

    we have aliums to kill.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:50 No.17851139
    we'll just kick it into overdrive and save everyone.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:51 No.17851143
    This could prove... Awesome
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/07/12(Tue)22:51 No.17851144
         File1328673067.jpg-(133 KB, 1200x1392, 0803010_3.jpg)
    133 KB

    "Can you fly?"


    "But your liver-"


    "Okay!" she says, relenting. Since Trude is helping you down the hallways, you and she are last in line. By the time you get to the hangar, your crew is waiting for you and the last of the Witches are already roaring down the runway.

    Trude helps Sean and Ian shove you through the floor hatch into your cockpit, and the last you see of Trude is her tight ass wiggling about as she slides into her Striker. There's a roar of thunder, and she's off, stripping her guns off the rack as she goes by.

    "Status!" you cry out.

    "Everything fixed, ammo good, guns charged, combat fuel load," Ian reads off for you.

    "Warming the set," Ian informs you.

    You hit the magnetos and get the engines turning, relaxing as their throaty growl fills the air. Bumping the throttles, you start the big bird rolling, thanking God for the tricycle landing gear as you execute a hairpin turn inside the hangar and get her lined up with the runway.

    "Gentlemen, let's kick some alium ASS!"
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:51 No.17851145

    You are retarded.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:51 No.17851146
    Hard to rue things when you're dead.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:51 No.17851148
    Trude or Sakabroto. Choose wisely.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:51 No.17851150
    Well, Trude or Shirley. Either way, win.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:51 No.17851153
    Because the Widow comes with 4 20mm Hispano autocannons and a quad-linked .50 cal machine gun.
    And it will be totally sweet when we come out of fucking nowhere to save some Witches.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:51 No.17851154
    ...and who do you think is most likely to pull this bullshit?

    (Yes, I know that canonically it's probably Sakamoto, but IC we don't know that)
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:51 No.17851158
    Sakamoto is Sean's.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:52 No.17851167
    Why does everyone hate Minna?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:52 No.17851171
    I try.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:52 No.17851175
         File1328673161.gif-(1.26 MB, 252x168, 4b2860097d512cb280dd8a5ce2c012(...).gif)
    1.26 MB
    We're going to need to destroy something. In some fashion. In some way. Utterly annihilate it. Obliterate it. DESTRUCTICATE IT.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:52 No.17851176
    Of course, if we really want to make it to the hangar as fast as possible, we should just have Trude turn on super-strength and ride her al the way down.

    Making sure to note the looks on everyone's faces as we do so.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:52 No.17851177
    because shes a bitch who has essentially treated us like a pile of crap ever since we got here.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:53 No.17851178
    Opposing waifufags.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:53 No.17851181
    Fuck you guys, we're shooting for HAREM ENDING
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:53 No.17851182
    inb4 planefag kills off Trude in this sortie
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:53 No.17851183
         File1328673192.png-(98 KB, 459x350, 1314470210730.png)
    98 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:53 No.17851184

    Not too sure, really. Somewhat strange.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/07/12(Tue)22:53 No.17851186
         File1328673194.jpg-(399 KB, 700x1105, reisen with python.jpg)
    399 KB

    Why aim a Bofors when you can aim a Python?

    She can handle my python any day dohoho
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:53 No.17851191
    Personally I like Minna. And Trude is nice, too.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:53 No.17851197

    ...I find this oddly appropriate (and just happaned to be listening to it when reading this thread):
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:54 No.17851199
         File1328673247.gif-(13 KB, 220x218, goodnightminnapride.gif)
    13 KB

    >denied landing to our burning plane
    >tried to arrest us after we saved her entire squadron, BECAUSE we saved her squadron
    >tried to throw us out on our ass twice
    >generally bitterly incompetent

    really, take your pick.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:54 No.17851200
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:54 No.17851202
    We're a PILOT! Back to flyin' and killin' xeno scum! YAY!

    And we even have the WEP to use!!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:54 No.17851204
         File1328673261.png-(10 KB, 160x160, 1312840862630.png)
    10 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:54 No.17851206
    Because she's a massive pain in the ass who lets her emotional issues get in the way of her running not only an effective command but in the way of everybody else.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:54 No.17851211
    You arre retarded.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/07/12(Tue)22:54 No.17851213
    As she keeps putting us through shit. She is currently trying to have us transfered and tried to strip our ace status from us.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:55 No.17851215
    Hey, I want MC to end with her, because redheads. But I'm cool with Trude anyway.

    Also, if the other witches ask, get Ian to tell them the plane is flying on its own. Because.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:55 No.17851224
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 02/07/12(Tue)22:56 No.17851227
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:56 No.17851234
    ...Trude hasn't seen THAT picture yet.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:57 No.17851239
    You know she's only done that to us. She was handling the squadron just fine before we came along.

    Now, I admit that she should have had a better grasp of the tactical situation when she refused us landing permission.
    But aside from that, she's acted like a bitch to us, and we would have done no better in her place. Actually, given our NGAF attitude, we're even LESS qualified for a leadership role.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:57 No.17851241
    "H-How is it flying?"
    "I don't know. Maybe his spirit seeks revenge."
    "Hey guys. Miss me?"
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:57 No.17851243
    I like Minna.
    Minna treats MC like a schoolgirl with a crush would. With hostility and very little showing of her soft side.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:57 No.17851245
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:57 No.17851246
    Few people do. It's just a few VERY vocal anons who don't like her.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:57 No.17851248

    YES. THIS.

    Also, I'm still okay with Trude being our single-given-fuck.

    ...whichever way you read it. Oh hohohohoho!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:57 No.17851254
    She, for one should understand how hard it is to resist our swag.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:57 No.17851255
    Have the Witches corral the aliums and force them towards the deck. Then we dive through the middle.

    Think like the videos of a group of dolphins forcing a school of fish into a tightly-packed ball, then charging through the ball one-by-one to grab their prey. The only difference is that we're the one to do the charging, because the Witches are much better suited to the sort of maneuvers necessary to pin the Martians in one general spot in the air.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/07/12(Tue)22:58 No.17851256
         File1328673483.jpg-(98 KB, 900x675, p-61-black-widow-caught-in-the(...).jpg)
    98 KB

    The new twincharged engines eat up the altitude like nobody's business, and you revel in the power. Sean is working frantically between the radio sets and the radar.

    "Tally two on your six!" a voice cries.

    "I've got a contact on your seven-" *static*

    "Guns, give'm the guns!"

    "I'm on fire, I'm bailing out!"

    You key the mic button to raise Fighter Command and ask what the fuck is going on out there, in the dark, but you pause.

    They never did assign you a callsign.

    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:58 No.17851258
    I saw we get MC a witch pile of Shirley, Minna and Trude.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:58 No.17851264

    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 02/07/12(Tue)22:58 No.17851266
         File1328673508.jpg-(189 KB, 480x700, detective reisen.jpg)
    189 KB
    But what about some .38 Special?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:58 No.17851268
    This is a night fight, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vItH-gCV_Q is superior.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:58 No.17851273
    >> Major Airlift 02/07/12(Tue)22:58 No.17851274
         File1328673526.jpg-(155 KB, 720x405, zJU7b.jpg)
    155 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:58 No.17851275
    >qualified for a leadership role.
    Uh. Yeah.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:58 No.17851280
    I thought we were Blackbird One-One or some shit, when we were flying home from Christchurch.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:59 No.17851283
    >Keep Alive
    Oh come on. You're going to reference the AH soundtrack and you're not posting either White Devil or Naval Warfare? What the crap man?
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 02/07/12(Tue)22:59 No.17851284

    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:59 No.17851285
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:59 No.17851287

    We are the Flying Dutchman.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:59 No.17851288
    Oh good. It's great material for messing with Perrine, which is always fun, and it might relax things with Trude somewhat (in that she might back off a bit, leaving us open to continuing with it or not).
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:59 No.17851291
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:59 No.17851294
    The Tally Wacker
    >> Will 02/07/12(Tue)22:59 No.17851297
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:59 No.17851298


    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:59 No.17851301
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:59 No.17851302
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:59 No.17851303
    I vote for callsign: Idgaf
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:59 No.17851304
         File1328673590.png-(22 KB, 800x600, 1319334457751.png)
    22 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:59 No.17851305
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:59 No.17851306

    Vain. Arrogant. Hoards precious items. Breaths fire like a motherfucker.

    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:59 No.17851307
    Mickey Mouse.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:59 No.17851308

    Being incompetent wouldn't let her have the ammunition to effectively blackmail and argue down generals and marshals. She has kept the 501st in good shape. One doesn't become a Wing Commander by incompetence.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)22:59 No.17851310

    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 02/07/12(Tue)22:59 No.17851311
         File1328673597.jpg-(40 KB, 570x600, the troll hunter.jpg)
    40 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:00 No.17851312
         File1328673605.gif-(529 KB, 350x180, HAHAHA.gif)
    529 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:00 No.17851313
    "This is Mobius 1. What the HELL is going on?"
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:00 No.17851314

    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:00 No.17851315
    Some good choices. I like Ghost Rider.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:00 No.17851317
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:00 No.17851321
    Ghost, or Gnome? Decisions, people!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:00 No.17851322

    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:00 No.17851327
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:00 No.17851329
    Oh, and split any kills from this between everyone involved. It's only fair, and making ourselves look good in front of women takes precedence over our killcount.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:00 No.17851330
    Seconding Gremlin.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:00 No.17851335
    On the other hand, is it really smart to withhold possible tactical knowledge from our allies?
    They can fight better knowing what they have backing them up.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/07/12(Tue)23:01 No.17851338
         File1328673668.jpg-(128 KB, 632x479, revolver problem solved.jpg)
    128 KB
    >dat Model 10

    dammit crix I can't write and fap at the same time why u do dis
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/07/12(Tue)23:01 No.17851339
    Ace of Spades
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:01 No.17851342

    pfffhahHAHAHAH. Oh god I fucking hate you so much.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:01 No.17851344
         File1328673680.gif-(403 KB, 200x180, 96af78d942446c00af0c46a939d154(...).gif)
    403 KB

    I'm tired of all this Minna hate. But it's all justified. ;_;
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:01 No.17851345
    Papa 61
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:01 No.17851346
         File1328673683.jpg-(230 KB, 707x1000, 1299645333244.jpg)
    230 KB
    I haven't read the other threads, but is you a dude or or some sort of loli flying machine?
    It kinda ruins it for me if the main character is a dude, strike witches is about cute girls doing cute things

    pic semi related, AIR INTERDICTION
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:01 No.17851347
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:01 No.17851350
         File1328673695.png-(85 KB, 521x500, 124851078928.png)
    85 KB

    no, thats trude
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:01 No.17851351



    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:01 No.17851352
    Ghost rider is good for the moment, but gremlin suits our mechanical luck and trollish ways better
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:01 No.17851353
    They only take one hand each.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:01 No.17851356
    The first step to fooling your enemies, is fooling your friends.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:01 No.17851357
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:02 No.17851358
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:02 No.17851359
    Forgot to clarify, this is the closest to a valid callsign I can think of from NO fUCKS GIVEN
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:02 No.17851362
    i like gnome
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/07/12(Tue)23:02 No.17851364
    Oh gods this. Or spectre.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:02 No.17851372
    We are a dude and we're turning witches into MACHINES OF TROLLING. Sit down and enjoy the show.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:02 No.17851373
         File1328673760.jpg-(61 KB, 444x519, 1325950863090.jpg)
    61 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:02 No.17851375
    Well shit. Looks like the callsign is gonna be Ghost, you guys.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:02 No.17851376
         File1328673765.jpg-(57 KB, 391x389, 1326247477125.jpg)
    57 KB
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 02/07/12(Tue)23:02 No.17851378

    That is a terrible joke.

    ...but I still loled.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:02 No.17851380
         File1328673775.jpg-(196 KB, 750x750, 1297916715080.jpg)
    196 KB
    >Ghost Rider
    >Mobius One
    Why must this decision be so hard!

    Fuck, I'll regret it in the morning, but going with Gremlin.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:02 No.17851381
    Well played, good chappy, well played.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/07/12(Tue)23:03 No.17851382
         File1328673784.png-(420 KB, 600x506, afterburner.png)
    420 KB

    >M-my airbrake is opening!

    I shit you not, the actual text.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:03 No.17851386
    >I haven't read the other threads
    And thus your opinion is automatically worthless.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:03 No.17851388
    Strike Witches is shit on its own. The only reason this is entertaining is because we're an asshole pilot coming in and fucking up the sparkle girls' shit.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:03 No.17851390
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:03 No.17851392
    It's gnome. Our callsign is Gnome. Planeflag will troll us all with it. Just watch
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:03 No.17851393
    I like all of these, in this order
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:03 No.17851394
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:03 No.17851395

    Bouncer isn't bad... We are the heaviest thing in the sky here.

    And it's not hard to imagine it.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:03 No.17851396
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:04 No.17851400
    /a/ here, and apparently a "waifufag" or whatever, but this motherfucker right here, now this shit annoys even me.


    read the threads, or shut up
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:04 No.17851402
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:04 No.17851404
         File1328673852.gif-(16 KB, 318x472, 1240163966370.gif)
    16 KB
    >not choosing Mobius 1
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:04 No.17851410
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:05 No.17851418
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:05 No.17851420
    I think Ghostrider will do for now. We can always change it later.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:05 No.17851421
    Awesome, a fellow /a/non, sup bro.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:05 No.17851422
    I'm a fan of the whole Ghost thing. Afterall, we have returned from the grave, and we DO haunt the night skys!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:05 No.17851423
    Gnome Ghost
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:05 No.17851427
    The Ghostly Gremlin
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:05 No.17851431
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:06 No.17851434
    ghost rider
    >> Major Airlift 02/07/12(Tue)23:06 No.17851437
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:06 No.17851438
    And this quest us about us being mother fucking pilots it magical sparkle fuel land. We don't give a fuck about sparklies as we know we are better by virtue of being a pilot. But if we cab make them like us....
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:06 No.17851442
    I am the Terror that flaps in the night.....
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:06 No.17851444
         File1328673993.gif-(37 KB, 259x279, 1240162802217.gif)
    37 KB
    You twats, we're night fliers.
    Our callsign is Schwarze.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:06 No.17851445
    ghost is about the single most lame and cheesy call sign a night fighter pilot could possibly have.

    i love it.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:07 No.17851457
    Gremlin Ghost sounds better
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:07 No.17851458
    Oh. Oooooooh.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/07/12(Tue)23:07 No.17851460
    It really kind of is. Hell I liked her to begin with, but after this shit she's pulled after we took a spider to the liver for her...
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:07 No.17851462
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:08 No.17851471
         File1328674099.png-(262 KB, 826x667, 1316491338701.png)
    262 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:08 No.17851476
    You do realize she did that BECAUSE we took a stab in the liver for her?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:08 No.17851477
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:09 No.17851482
    Fuck you, Zeek.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:09 No.17851492
    Dude, we do not take Dave's squad's name. He Will find us and he Will kill us.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:09 No.17851499
    That's her MO. She tries to drive away anyone she likes.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:09 No.17851500
    Supporting ghost. Time to kill some fuckin' aliums.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:10 No.17851501
    There is only one thing we can call ourselves...

    "Wizard Lead, in the air and looking to help."
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:10 No.17851504
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:10 No.17851509

    Considering MC's usual responses, I get the feeling he might just charge after it harder.

    He is, if anything, headstrong.

    (Also, personally, I can't hate her. Not when one understands why she does so.)
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:10 No.17851513
         File1328674237.jpg-(25 KB, 600x350, car ramrod.jpg)
    25 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:10 No.17851515

    You know, that doesn't sound half bad.


    God damnit, we're not piloting Zakus, yet.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:10 No.17851517
    I'm kinda both /a/ and /tg/ really, as I am a tabletop RPer as well. Also, /tg/ has S.T.A.L.K.E.R. love as well, without being shit like /v/! What more could I want?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:10 No.17851518
    Hey, who's not to say we're his ancestor?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:10 No.17851520

    "Casper one-one, entering the circuit. Requesting vector to hostiles, over."
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:10 No.17851521

    Then she is really effective at it.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:10 No.17851523
    only because we truely in every sense of the word, are a wizard.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/07/12(Tue)23:10 No.17851524
         File1328674259.jpg-(175 KB, 640x384, 6155092306_fedac1f2b7_z.jpg)
    175 KB
    "... GHOSTRIDER ONE-ONE, CALLING SUTTON FARM!" you declare. "Sortied from Bain, vector to nearest furball, over?"

    "Ghostrider, your vector is two-foh-ar-seven," a crisp English voice informs you. "Range, eight miles."


    "Massive raid! We've got Beaus and Blenheims intercepting. 442nd is scrambling. Unit and airfame, over?"

    "Five-oh-one, Black Widow, over!"

    There's a moment of silence. "Good luck, chap."

    "How do you want to play this?" Ian asks. It's a night battle without much moonlight; the kind of fight your plane and crew were made for - but you trained for snagging night intruders or entire bomber formations, not a nasty furball like this.

    >How do?
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/07/12(Tue)23:11 No.17851525
    I am aware, but its still not cool.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:11 No.17851526
    We predate him by a couple of centuries. To paraphrase a great line from a great movie, we can sue HIM.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:11 No.17851528
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:11 No.17851530
    >we bounce
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:11 No.17851533
    I understand why she does what she does and am of the opinion that she should punch herself in the genitals.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:11 No.17851538
    I understand her just fine, but I'd still slap her shit, and I still don't think she's fit for command.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:12 No.17851552
    At the moment, I think /tg/ can't decide if it likes Minna or Trude.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:12 No.17851554
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:12 No.17851558


    Do. Want.

    Almost makes me want to sign up on http://lego.cuusoo.com/ to request this.

    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:12 No.17851559

    Fuck.. I wish I thought of that.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:13 No.17851562
    Over watch mode, fly high, cover witches with the turrets, and hit anything that pops out of the furball with your main guns.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:13 No.17851563
    >how do

    Repostan from upthread:

    >Have the Witches corral the aliums and force them towards the deck. Then we dive through the middle.

    >Think like the videos of a group of dolphins forcing a school of fish into a tightly-packed ball, then charging through the ball one-by-one to grab their prey. The only difference is that we're the one to do the charging, because the Witches are much better suited to the sort of maneuvers necessary to pin the Martians in one general spot in the air.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:13 No.17851564
    now that i have that out of the way, we are gonna go in there scream fuck the world, and kick royal alium ass until every single xeno scum isn't even twitching from all the dead they have just aquired.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:13 No.17851565
    We come in high, dive through the thick of it and take down everything all the way through.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:13 No.17851566

    gain altitude the whole way. as much as we can. let the witches get stuck in and dive on any one who needs help or on a target of opportunity.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:13 No.17851569
    From what I recall, it goes something like
    >This is Wizard 1. The Demon Lord has entered the nest.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:13 No.17851570
    Can we pull some Schräge Musik shit on the aliums? Coming down from below, ripping them to shreds before they figure what the fuck?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:13 No.17851573

    Just like always. Come in high. Bounce. Try not to die.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:13 No.17851575
    Dive into the middle, guns blazing, attract as much attention as possible.
    Then disappear.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:13 No.17851577

    This is an easy "WAT DO?". We find our girls and we cover their pert little asses. LIKE A BAWSE.

    >stsorita propeller

    Damn, Captcha...
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:13 No.17851585
    See if we can pick off outliers or aliums joining or leaving. Pick up altitude and start looking.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:13 No.17851587
    Get up high, CLIMB LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER, it never hurts to get more potential speed.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:14 No.17851589
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:14 No.17851594

    Find out where the girls went, follow them in.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:14 No.17851598
    >The Gnome Lord of Castle Barin
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:14 No.17851603

    Gain as much altitude as possible, drop on things like a hammer. Rinse and repeat.

    Prioritise big targets that the witches might have a hard time of, with their smaller MGs to our cannon.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:14 No.17851604
    Get aliums grouped up for a strafing run then tear em apart with a fly by
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:14 No.17851607
    Mein gott im himmel! Du hast Recht!
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 02/07/12(Tue)23:14 No.17851608

    No sense in taking our fat ass right through the middle, pick them off when given the opportunity and keep them off the witches panty clad 6's
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:15 No.17851612
    God, we've fallen into the only thing worse than Waifufaging: Waifuwars.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:15 No.17851613
    That we can, our quad .50 mount does that nicely.
    Also can fire straight ahead, so we can blow up their errything
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:15 No.17851618
    take this bitch as high as the newfangled engines will go. and then a little higher then that.

    punch something hard when we can.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:15 No.17851621
    Her past record shows that she's a fine commander, with the only mistake being refusing us permission to land.
    Even the decision to go into the submarine herself was based on the fact that she can generate magic shields and has super-strength, while we are a squishy pilot with no shield, a single pistol, and the bare minimum of ground combat training.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:15 No.17851622

    climb as we head to the furball

    we need to start our attack from a dive before we go full retard dogfighting.

    preferable combat strategy of attack runs
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:16 No.17851630
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:16 No.17851633
    Eh, right as usual, Papa. Try to get intel on enemy movements to our charges.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:16 No.17851640
    The thing with Trude is that while I wouldn't mind getting in her (lack of) pants, I fear that speech while we were hiding in the fridge wasn't all made up. She may be just looking to relieve stress, like us and our trollan, and she still doesn't know what happened to her sister.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:16 No.17851644
    >implying the last thread didn't get to 700 posts
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:17 No.17851650
    Don't misunderstand; I don't have a pig in the race, so to speak, I just think Minna's a cunt. I don't care if we shag Trude or not, I just don't want anything to do with Minna.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:17 No.17851653
    I think it's about time we shifted into SUMABITCH gear.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:17 No.17851655
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:17 No.17851656
    They can't make shields without strikers.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:18 No.17851661
    >intel on enemy movements

    Yeah, I think that ultimately AWACS duty is actually the most useful thing we can do, once we figure out the right way to do it. That would free up Sanya to do her radar thing during the daytime.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 02/07/12(Tue)23:18 No.17851663

    I thought the animal used in the metaphor was a horse?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:19 No.17851669
    Pfft, we need to at least lap the bump limit twice over.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:19 No.17851672

    Is it OK to image MC debating with himself over who he likes while outfighting aliens?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:19 No.17851675
    Aaaaaand you think she's hot for us when she just wanted a quickie.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:19 No.17851677
    This seems like the best option. Also, lets go WAAAAYYY up, and not forget our WEP!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:19 No.17851678
    We're a pilot, we're not looking for anything serious here. If she just wants to let off some steam with us from time to time, that's perfectly fine with me.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:19 No.17851679
    I liked his version better.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:19 No.17851680
    We are talking about Minna, though.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:19 No.17851682
    >I just think Minna's a cunt
    And we're a massive asshole. That's the extent of your point?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:19 No.17851683

    Hell yes! Our radar and commo sets will make us an awesome overwatch aircraft. do these things!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:19 No.17851684
    But Sakamoto did exactly that on the motorbike.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:20 No.17851690
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:20 No.17851692

    That response, permanently? And part of that anger will still fall on MC as she'll be searching for something to pin it on.


    They can. Minna shielded us on our approach with the bike.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:21 No.17851701
    >We can act like an AWACS
    >Martians can triangulate radio signals
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:21 No.17851713
    >And part of that anger will still fall on MC as she'll be searching for something to pin it on.
    We're pilots, we're designs for quickies. And I'm sure that if we're a wizard, we can make sure she's not angry at us for a good, long time.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:22 No.17851715
    Unlike most AWACS we can fight back.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:22 No.17851716
         File1328674925.jpg-(2.18 MB, 1991x1792, QF_40mm_Mk1_CFB_Borden_1.jpg)
    2.18 MB
    >says bofors, posts gau 19

    also planefag which year is this? if its late 45 or even later maybe we can acquire some prototype mauser mg 213 to replace those unreliable hispanos. (i guess our gnome powers have kept them in check so far?)

    more rpm and muzzle velocity are also nice.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:22 No.17851717
    Hatesex is fun, and we can always just liquor her up with more schnapps.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:22 No.17851721
    Yeah, being the AWACS with the giant target painted on our side and NOT being able to generate magical shields sounds like inviting Martians to shoot us down.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:22 No.17851726
    if we're high up we'll at least force em to climb to reach us.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:22 No.17851728
    When she inevitably breaks, whose balls do you think will go busted? We know what happened and refused to tell her.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:22 No.17851729

    You chowderhead, we're an AWACS with fucking TEETH. Let'em come! Sorry, Chuck! You ain't winning this kill-count race!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:23 No.17851733
    Let 'em try.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:23 No.17851742
         File1328675033.jpg-(49 KB, 322x355, 1326923126212.jpg)
    49 KB

    Are.... are you suggesting to mess with Trude's strikers.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:24 No.17851747
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/07/12(Tue)23:24 No.17851748
         File1328675063.jpg-(356 KB, 914x1200, p-61_pit02.jpg)
    356 KB
    You decide to take every advantage you can, and claw for altitude, entering the fight high, but slow. You figure you can always dive for speed, and you'll probably have to anyways.

    "Minna!" you call out into the dark. "Widow here, callsign Ghostrider! Angels nine, bearing two-two-"

    "Copy that," Minna replies calmly. "We can't see anything down here. Engage at will and we'll form on you. Bandits at all altitudes."

    Well, fuck. "Formation at one mile," Sean calls out. "Bearing... tree-oh-one degrees, velocity... calling level bombers, our altitude." He repeats the bearings over the radio, for the Witches benefit.

    You push the engines to military power and adjust for intercept. Ten or twelve seconds later Sean corrects your heading a bit, and reach up to pull down the night binoculars in front of your eyes. Peering through the wide-angle binoculars, you just make out the moonlight glinting off the wing of what's probably a flight of Martian Gothas. They bear a passing resemblance to the Jerry Great War bomber, but they're naturally a hell of a lot more dangerous.

    You adjust you angle a little more, bringing your P-61 in at almost a right-angle to the formation. "I've got visuals. Sean, simmer down." He does. Officially, nobody's quite sure, but you're certain the Martians have radar-detection gear, and you'd rather not tip your hand, not this close.

    Your closure is considerable. You peer through the illuminated ring of the reflector gunsight, and as you press the firing stud you squeeze your eyes shut.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:24 No.17851749
    AWACS aren't for spying, you ignorant assclown, they're for airborne C3I. You can't fucking hide a giant radar blasting away even in the real world, but that doesn't matter when the other guy has to spend all his time dodging the metric ton of shit you're directing his way.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:24 No.17851751

    I like the cut of your jib, sir.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:26 No.17851765
    >"Copy that," Minna replies calmly. "We can't see anything down here. Engage at will and we'll form on you. Bandits at all altitudes."
    Bullshit left back home, at least.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:26 No.17851766
    You mean pulling them out of the main furball enabling us to shoot them down with the big guns? I like this plan more and more.

    Make sure Ian has the bottom turret, we want him and his glare covering those pretty little arses.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:26 No.17851769
    i love the widow's turret, it's so bizzare.

    "Yeah, we're out of ball turrets, but our lead designer had like, a hundred miniature articulated battleship turrets just cluttering up his garage. So we used those."
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:27 No.17851779
    Like it or not, Minna is probably a better fighter than Trude.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 02/07/12(Tue)23:27 No.17851783
    This, AWACS are massive planes with a gigantic radar signature, they sure as shit aren't sneaky in the least.

    The problem with trying to attack one lies in the fact they see you well before you see them, and they have brought a lot of friends to the party.

    >closing eyes when you pull the trigger
    >> Major Airlift 02/07/12(Tue)23:28 No.17851786

    Use the force?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:28 No.17851788

    Trying not to get blinded by the flash.
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 02/07/12(Tue)23:29 No.17851803
         File1328675349.jpg-(160 KB, 700x488, gp-03homu.jpg)
    160 KB
    Because I don't have a picture of a bofors
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:29 No.17851808
    >flash from a /20mm/ cannon

    Yeah, those eyes had best be shut when you fire if you want any semblance of night vision afterwards.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:29 No.17851810

    I'm presuming they're fighting at night and he doesn't want to blind himself and lose his night vision from the muzzle flash?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:29 No.17851812

    Hey, I always close MY eyes when I'm fucking somebody. Glad to see the MC has the same tendencies.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:29 No.17851820
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:30 No.17851825
    Problem with using AWACS against Neuroi is their masers have near-all-round firing arcs.

    >closing eyes
    4 20mm cannons going off in close proximity. We'd better close our eyes if we want any semblance of sight.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:30 No.17851826
    Revved up like a duce, just another roamer int eh night.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:31 No.17851835
    And seeing the visions of your dreams.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 02/07/12(Tue)23:33 No.17851864

    It doesn't look like the muzzles are placed in such a way that the flash would be an issue, actually. That would seem odd being that the P-61 is a night fighter.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:34 No.17851876
    And the explosions and fire from whatever he's shooting at?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:35 No.17851879
    Good news everybody our call sign predates Ghost Riders first comic book appearance by about 30 years.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/07/12(Tue)23:35 No.17851880
         File1328675714.png-(710 KB, 889x757, as if.png)
    710 KB

    The quad cannons hammer and roar, their ponderous BUDDA BUDDA BUDDA vibrating through the seat of your chair deliciously. You were worried about muzzle flash ruining your vision, but the rearward placing of the cannons makes it a moot point.

    It's the first time you've fired your guns at night.

    You nose down just slightly, diving under the bomber box. "Got 'im!" Sean cries out.

    "Level bombers at angles nine, bearing tree-oh-one!" you call out for any other night fighters or Witches in the area. Tracers reach out for you wildly, but you simply roll inverted and pull into a steep dive, leveling out at six-thousand feet and moving like a bat out of hell. You begin a sharp turn to play the radar over the entire area.

    "Gaggle ahead," Sean calls out tersely, and you see the returns on the small guidance scope on your instrument panel. Leveling out, you chase after it.

    "Tally one bandit, two o'clock," a crisp English voice says.

    "Can't see him!"

    "Just above the horizon, chap!"

    "I got 'im!"

    On your scope you see the gaggle fuzz as a blip breaks towards you. You rip the night binoculars down and press your eyes against them, and glimpse something with wings and the forward-hunched attitude of a bulldog coming at you from a thousand yards or so.

    "NEGATIVE NEGATIVE FRIENDLIES FRENDLIES!" you yodel, desperately flicking your nav lights on and off rapidly. "Beaus hold fire, hold fire!"
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:36 No.17851888
    If it isn't enough to completely negate it, he's still better off closing his eyes for that brief moment. I'm sure he's practiced enough that it's just a seamless part of his shooting.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 02/07/12(Tue)23:36 No.17851889
    Gotta make sure you've hit it first. I assume guiding the tracers into the target would be quite effective at night.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:37 No.17851900

    Do we have IFF?
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/07/12(Tue)23:37 No.17851906
         File1328675853.jpg-(152 KB, 600x600, 1318267447802.jpg)
    152 KB

    And big coats that make you look bigger then you are.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:37 No.17851908

    No? What are you? This is 194X!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:37 No.17851909
         File1328675862.jpg-(70 KB, 523x367, 1270793967261.jpg)
    70 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:38 No.17851911

    Argh, Same team! Same Team!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:38 No.17851914
    In the 1940s? Yes. It's called us yelling very, very loudly.

    Its success rate is debatable.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:38 No.17851915

    Yes, it's called "rapidly flick your formation lights". :/
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:38 No.17851919
    Bogies are distracted, go full noise and feed the witches.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:38 No.17851920
    >practice enough
    >It's the first time you've fired your guns at night.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 02/07/12(Tue)23:39 No.17851926
         File1328675970.jpg-(112 KB, 1024x668, gwh1_48p61blackwidow (1).jpg)
    112 KB
    >but the rearward placing of the cannons makes it a moot point.

    Aha! My endless hours of shooting things at night finally pays off.

    This was the only depiction of the cannons firing that I could find, it really doesn't appear that muzzle flash would be an issue. Bit sad I cant find an actual video of them firing though.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:40 No.17851938
         File1328676030.jpg-(132 KB, 549x362, the_more_you_know2.jpg)
    132 KB
    >The center of the gondola housed the main wing spar, fuel storage, fuel piping and control mechanisms, control surface cable sections, propeller and engine controls, and radio/IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) /communications equipment, but was predominantly occupied by the top turret mounting ring, rotation and elevation mechanisms, ammunition storage for the turret's machine guns, the GE2CFR12A3 gyroscopic fire control computer, and linkages to the gunner and radar operator's turret control columns, forward and aft, respectively.

    Then again, it might just give the Martians a nice bullseye on our backs.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:41 No.17851954
    She's beautiful.

    I'm half tempted to go grab a P-61 model from a hobby shop.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:41 No.17851961
    Not who your responding to, but they actually did have IFF in the 40s, it was some really basic shit, but they did have it.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:42 No.17851975
    Colour me surprised.
    Sorry, mate.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:42 No.17851985
    Bet you it's not mounted on the old-as-fuck Bristol Beaufighters that are coming after us, though.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:43 No.17851990
    So in this alt history why isn't everybody flying around in jets thanks to Germany being friendly again?

    Delicious messerschmitts.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:43 No.17851995
    Me too, but I have no room to put it.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:44 No.17852007
         File1328676262.jpg-(53 KB, 504x404, NORTHROP P-61 Black WIDOW.jpg)
    53 KB
    As someone whose built one, I can say you won't be disappointed. (At least, with this model)
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:44 No.17852008


    Also most of Germany got eaten by aliens. Kinda hurts R&D.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:44 No.17852011
    We aren't Tom Brady, avoid scoring against our own side.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:45 No.17852025
    cause all of france and much of germany are occupied. even if they were getting jets out in massive numbers theres no way we could get em.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 02/07/12(Tue)23:46 No.17852039
    >no model shops with planes left in local area
    >sister stepped on and destroyed my p-38, complete accident
    Fuck, I wonder if I still have any old models lying around in a box somewhere.

    I want to make an Ork conversion B-17

    Cost and manufacturing difficulty, probably.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/07/12(Tue)23:47 No.17852040
         File1328676420.jpg-(91 KB, 1676x1004, P-61-VC.jpg)
    91 KB

    The Beaufighter thunders towards you -

    - and past, without firing its own 20mm cannons into you.

    "Beaus, break right, break break break!" you hear Trude holler. The Brits obey with aclarity, heeling their heavy fighters around hard, just as a two braces of Martian steam-sleds come upon them from behind, firing like mad. One Beau takes a hit to the tank, and it dives for the deck, a bright meteor of flame in the night as it tries to extinguish the flames.

    The steam-sleds are heavy, ponderous machines that trail thick clouds of vapor; hence the name. They lack any obvious or sizable wings, and it's a complete mystery how the oddly-shaped things stay airborne. They perform fantastically, but not unbearably. The Martians employ them like human forces employ Me-110s or Mosquitoes - heavy fighters, night fighters and escorts, ground attack or even light bombers.

    You push the nose down hard, and Sean curses as he loses radar track. You, however, can just barely make out their silloutetes against the slightly lighter black of the night sky, and wherever they occlude the Milky Way the steam sleds are plainly visible as they chase the hapless Beaufighters. Just dots at this range, but the sleds move in a subtly different way, slightly unnatural, as suits their strange relationship with aerodynamics.

    You turn hard, sliding behind and under the running chase as it begins to break into a mad melee. Tracers light the night, and you hear the Witches radio chatter as they got to work.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:47 No.17852044
    Also, Gloster Meteor
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:47 No.17852047
    Given we are in... 1943-1944?, there is likely jet technology but the turbines are not reliable. Our radials are far more tolerant of our bullshit.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:47 No.17852049
    Shouldn't effect this, though: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gloster_Meteor
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:48 No.17852058
    Wasn't it a brit who invented the jet engine, but it got killed by politics?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:49 No.17852063
    even if you had so many jets, why not fly the rest of your airforce too, its not like older planes disappear when new ones are manufactured. the pilots would need training with the new engine type and you wouldn't have tons of them right away.

    also there were jet engines for witches in the series.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 02/07/12(Tue)23:50 No.17852073
    Wait, did we literally just pull a DIVE DIVE DIVE, HIT YOUR BURNERS PILOT moment?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:51 No.17852085

    Same reason everyone in Germany wasn't flying around in jets.

    Jet engines are incredibly difficult to make, and the early ones weren't all that much better than propeller aircraft. They were fast, sure, but they were incredibly inefficient and would suck fuel like a like Lucchini wants to suck Charlotte's tits. They were also incredibly unreliable and would need to be replaced after a fraction of the flight hours of piston-driven craft.

    It's actually a pretty good argument to say that one of the big reasons Germany lost the air war was the diversion of resources into the highly-specialized equipment required to build jet-aircraft instead of improving and mass-producing battle-tested airframes like the Me.109 and Fw.190.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:52 No.17852094
    Well that and Hitler wanted to make the Me-262 a bomber.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:52 No.17852095
    this as well, the early jet engines were prone to catching fire, and were very temperamental.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:54 No.17852113
    A gremlin should look at this. Could get it to work.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:54 No.17852115
    Also, attaching them to the wings with glue wasn't the best of ideas.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/07/12(Tue)23:54 No.17852122
         File1328676875.jpg-(59 KB, 828x590, p61-9.jpg)
    59 KB

    You slide in below and behind a 'sled that's coming up hard on a Beaufighter trying to run. The Beau pilot's in a shallow dive, so you match angles to keep under the 'sled and in the Martian's blind-spot. As weird as they are, the fucking things are... 'martianed,' and the pilots are only, uh, martians. They DO have eyes in the back of their head, but even they can't see through solid metal.


    "Skiddly-boo-bop," Ian mutters as you saddle up on the Martian. The Beau pilot isn't maneuvering, unloading for speed, which is smart, but he hasn't spotted the 'sled, and probably won't before its too late.

    "Bop bippity..." the top-turret whirrs as it slews about.

    "BIP-BOP YEAH, MOTHERFUCKER!" The quad-fifties roar, and you hold the Widow steady as Ian fires up into the belly of the sled, aiming for the compartment housing whatever the hell it is that makes the steam, generally presumed to be the engine. There's a bright flash, then flames, and the 'sled heels over and vanishes. You bank hard, peering out the left-hand side of your canopy, and watch it enter a death-spiral.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 02/07/12(Tue)23:55 No.17852126

    Not until S2, IIRC, and also the experimental Jet Striker had problems similar to the Jet Planes. Except what it burned for fuel was magic.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:55 No.17852130
    Now Jazz Hands!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:56 No.17852135
    Point, I only see that German aircraft and the British Mosquito had them, far as I can see. Looking through some random googled sources(yeah, potentially inaccurate) says that most Allied planes had the MkI after it was developed in 1940, and the later planes had the MkII as it and they were being rolled out, but I cannot find a specific list, sorry mate
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:56 No.17852140
    What the crap, Ian?
    What the crap?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:56 No.17852141
         File1328676997.jpg-(28 KB, 331x311, 1312324884249.jpg)
    28 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:57 No.17852145

    Yep... Last thing we need is witches dropping dead...

    Dead tired! I meant dead tired! They're perfectly safe!

    Once we get them out of beta...
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:57 No.17852148
    is dat sum ysflight?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:57 No.17852156
    Warn the Beaus. Also, check on witch status. Try to bail out any that are in trouble.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:59 No.17852179
    Planefag, what time are you expecting to run to tonight? You started kinda early. I missed the first thread because of Cloudflare bullshit...
    >> Anonymous 02/07/12(Tue)23:59 No.17852182
    Now that's what I'm talking about, we keep outta sight and blindside the martians at every opportunity, they'll soon learn to fear the night like white men fear ghettos.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:00 No.17852191
    503 errors errywhere.

    I was so glad when they cleared up.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:01 No.17852198
    If we have time to watch our kills, we have time to get a sitrep on the witches, who I can only assume are up here with us.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/08/12(Wed)00:01 No.17852199
         File1328677293.jpg-(164 KB, 479x640, expert cirno.jpg)
    164 KB

    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/08/12(Wed)00:02 No.17852214

    This will be the last thread. Perhaps. I'll wrap it up in a half-hour or so.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:02 No.17852218
         File1328677364.png-(10 KB, 493x402, internethighfive.png)
    10 KB
    Yessssssssss I wanted use to do this on a night fight so bad
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:02 No.17852221
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:05 No.17852246
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:05 No.17852249
         File1328677538.jpg-(33 KB, 449x300, odog.jpg)
    33 KB

    >gunfire suddely erupting up through the floor.

    made me think of this.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:06 No.17852264
    Just get to the par where Trude is about to die and do your cliffhangar, I need to go to bed.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:07 No.17852284
    >Just get to the par where we get shot down right in front of Trude and she thinks we died for real this time and then cliffhanger.

    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:07 No.17852286

    Don't encourage him.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:08 No.17852292

    Nah, im expecting more of martians dangling her sister like fruit infront of her.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:08 No.17852294
         File1328677703.jpg-(95 KB, 620x655, oZV3U_41.jpg)
    95 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:08 No.17852298
    >Just get to the par where we get shot down right in front of Trude and she thinks we died for real this time and then new thread.

    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/08/12(Wed)00:09 No.17852306
         File1328677746.jpg-(26 KB, 512x384, 1326491175567.jpg)
    26 KB

    Minna, Sean and the rear-radar-warning set all scream at you at about the same time, but it's Minna's addition of "break-right" that you obey, slamming the rudders immediately to side-slip, then shoving the yoke forward and turning it hard-right for a sharp turn. Tracers flash past overhead and your Widow shakes as a steam-sled thunders past overhead, leaving a strange reverberation in your chest for a moment.

    Minna's radio call let you turn into his attack, and like a rank amateur you catch a glimpse of the 'sled turning back the other way to come after you.

    "Bait and switch?" Minna calls. She's asking you to play the target.

    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:09 No.17852309
    >implying the we won't be the ones in danger
    And Minna is the one who saves us.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:09 No.17852312
    Ah, so evil!Witch time?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:10 No.17852317
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:10 No.17852318
    Yes sir.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:10 No.17852319

    >Strange reverberation in your chest

    I don't think the plane is going to fail this time.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:10 No.17852323

    Do it, we're a fat juicy target. One they'll go for.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:10 No.17852324


    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:10 No.17852328
    We've got its attention, her plan is sound.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:11 No.17852339

    >only one with out a shield
    >be the bait!

    left the bullshit at home, huh?

    ...do it i guess.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:11 No.17852342
    Yes, playing as part of the unit will lead to them trusting us more in the future, see if you can line up a shot yourself while you're at it.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:11 No.17852343
    Yes, it will never see her coming.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:11 No.17852345
    I'd feel a whole lot better about this if we weren't such an easy target, but I don't see a better plan...
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:11 No.17852346
    Fuck yes
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:11 No.17852347
    >Shot down in front of Trude
    >She thinks we're dead
    >Actually captured by Martians
    >Bump into Chris in the process
    >Steal steamsled
    >Home again, home again, jiggity-jig.
    >Biggest damn heroes

    It's what I want. Leave me alone.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:11 No.17852350
    Yeah what the hell. Yes.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:12 No.17852355
    do it

    blast a signal from our equipment, see if we can't draw some attention.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:12 No.17852356


    "ON IT! Y'know, Minna? This is a strange time for trust-fall exercises
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:12 No.17852357
         File1328677924.png-(68 KB, 258x222, RAPERAPERAPERAPERAPE.png)
    68 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:12 No.17852361

    Well, for once I'm inclined to listen to her. She is our superior officer (And not obviously impaired this time.) and this is a combat situation. We may be a pilot, but we still realize that orders in combat are orders.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:12 No.17852371
    Do it! "Jawoll, Comandant!"
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:13 No.17852385
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:13 No.17852386
    We already have the Martian's attention, and it's more likely to try for a sure kill against us than get cut down like its brethren against magically shielded Witches.

    So her plan is a good one. She DID leave the bullshit at home.
    We're a pilot, being a target is our job, remember?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:14 No.17852394
    We be the bait, but we get some support in the way of someone that can shield us.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:14 No.17852395
    A shield she can't use while playing bait anyway, so...
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:14 No.17852397
    Not Oberst?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:15 No.17852411
    "... don't screw this up."
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:18 No.17852428
         File1328678281.jpg-(467 KB, 592x900, 04d457e145ceff19dc4e471395d4e3(...).jpg)
    467 KB
    Aww... You do like her
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:18 No.17852435
    Say this.
    Don't say this.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:18 No.17852439
    Liking her and tolerating her are two completely different things, do not get them confused.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:18 No.17852444
    Her resistance makes our penis harder.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:18 No.17852445

    >functioning together as a combat unit

    not same.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:19 No.17852452
    >Aww... you do trust her to not completely fuck up in a combat situation
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:19 No.17852456
    i hope minna gets someone to shield us. other wise we'll have to gun it.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:19 No.17852465
    So much tsun.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:19 No.17852468
    For Trude, or Shirley.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:20 No.17852469
    Don't say this.

    You want to reward her for acting like the commander that all of you were saying she wasn't, with more asshattery?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:20 No.17852472

    Of course /tg/ likes her! they're just embarassed about it. /tg/ is tsundere IRL.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:21 No.17852482
    >For Trude and Shirley.

    Also, because I kind of want us to tell Chuck that we fucked his sister.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:21 No.17852483
    Fucking waifufags. 0/10 Troll better.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:22 No.17852494
    eh as far as i know there was no lack of (regular) planes but of trained pilots and later fuel. the me 262 would have been glorious if it wouldnt have been for ze fuehrer and his blitzbomber bullshit.
    only because galland was buddies with speer he could get a small amount of me262 for an experimental fighter squadron.
    btw barkhorn (trude) was in gallands final ace only me262 squadron too.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:22 No.17852495
    Minna's powers is an ability to know the positions of all enemy forces at all times, she's clairvoyant.

    i think we can trust her at night, she probably knows more about where the enemy is than we do.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:22 No.17852498
    "I broke the sound barrier!"
    "I broke your sister's hymen"
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:22 No.17852500
    Given the bath incident, I suspect it would be more accurately described as her fucking us.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:22 No.17852501
    My vote
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:22 No.17852503
    I'm a little surprised at that statement

    >> Major Airlift 02/08/12(Wed)00:22 No.17852508

    He'd probably respond with "No, she fucked you." or "No, she raped you."
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:22 No.17852510
    She's probably fine in combat, it's on the ground she a problem. But your right, no need to do something stupid like that.

    We really, really don't.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:23 No.17852519
    I think that is looong gone.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:23 No.17852524

    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:24 No.17852532

    In combat, she doesn't have time to be an idiot. She's still a pilot, after all.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:24 No.17852533

    Don't be a dummy, cum on her tummy.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:24 No.17852545
    So you're the physical embodiment of /tg/ now? We can't decide who we like better.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:24 No.17852546
    This, definitely this.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:26 No.17852561
    >She's probably fine in combat, it's on the ground she a problem
    >In combat, she doesn't have time to be an idiot. She's still a pilot, after all.
    That's not what you and the others were saying earlier in the thread.
    The posts directing hate towards her painted her as completely incompetent as both a soldier and a leader. That she could not fulfill her role as Wing Commander and as a combat pilot.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:26 No.17852565
    Some of us certainly fucking can, so you're in no better position to speak for /tg/ than he is.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:26 No.17852568
    There are two problems here. For starters
    >telling a guy you did his sister
    8/10 times this is suicide. He will kill you. If he doesn't, he's one of the 1/10 that will find some way to make your life miserable. I know if some douche used my little sister to get his rocks off I'd be making a lot of hits against that guy's weak point: his vehicle.

    Secondly, have we known Chuck for 24 hours yet? If not, we will soon, and man law dictates that after those 24 hours his sister is off limits FOREVER.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:27 No.17852575
    Actually, I think we're pretty well split on the Minna subject. Some of us hate her, some of us like her, some of us hate her now but expect to like her if/when she pulls that stick out of her ass, and the end result of all this disagreement is that the MC is so damn tsundere toward Minna he's practically bipolar.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:27 No.17852580
    Planefag, post soon because these morons are killing me.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:28 No.17852587
    I really don't remember anyone saying she was bad in the air. Her attempted raid of the submarine was stupid, but that was on the ground.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:28 No.17852588
    I can safely say we're in disagreement. Anyone want to challenge that statement?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:28 No.17852589
         File1328678895.gif-(21 KB, 540x490, antiminhammer.gif)
    21 KB

    no one said a damn thing about her as a pilot she has a hundred ninety something kills. trust mean ive been hating minna since season 1 i know why shes awful.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:28 No.17852597
    Oh god make it stop.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:28 No.17852599

    I subscribe to this. Planefag is probably having a hoot writing out this state of mind.
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 02/08/12(Wed)00:29 No.17852603
         File1328678954.jpg-(37 KB, 614x612, apathetic sumeragi.jpg)
    37 KB
    Not everyone is autistic like you, sorry.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:29 No.17852607
    I swear to god, I'll turn this thread around.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:29 No.17852608
    For some reason whenever I think of MC/Minna I think of that scene from BSG where Tyrol and Boomer are having a big argument on the flight deck, screaming at each other until they walk into a weapon locker and immediately start making out.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:30 No.17852618
    Wait, I'm still confused.

    How many wheelchairs CAN we fit in a B-52?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:30 No.17852619
         File1328679017.jpg-(92 KB, 400x300, 1317077412346.jpg)
    92 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:31 No.17852626
    I'm pretty sure that if Shirley tells us to drop our pants and Chuck to deal with it, we'll drop our pants and Chuck will deal with it. The consequences of not doing what Shirley tells you to do when she tells you to do it are likely quite severe.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:31 No.17852629
    That almost happened.
    Except we thought Minna was going to kill us for bathing with the Witches so we kicked the door down and ran like hell.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/08/12(Wed)00:31 No.17852632
         File1328679080.jpg-(849 KB, 3466x2776, 1327121300320.jpg)
    849 KB
    "Got that, pip pip and CHEERIO," you call back, and deliberately begin a turn to the right as the Martian turns hard-right himself to re-engage you. The turn puts you right in front of him and soon he's on your six, tracking for a shot. Sean keeps you informed quite tersely, since he's the one without anything but plexiglass between him and the minirockets.

    Your slow, easy turn gives the Martian an easy shot... and keeps him making a slow, easy turn. There's a brief roar of magical engines, the distant, muted rat-a-tat of small arms-

    "He's down, he's down!" Sean calls out excitedly.

    "Join on me!" Minna calls, and you see very dim green lights flash once in the darkness. Consulting your artificial horizon, you pull back the throttles just a little and form up. Looking right, you make out the vague silhouette of another Witch on your right, not thirty or forty feet away."

    "Bearings?" Minna asks.

    "Scattered contacts co-alt," Sean replies immediately, "small gaggle ahead, two miles, angels five, cold. Scattered formation at three o'clock, eighteen-hundred yards, angels... six and change, circling. Four miles, large gaggle, angels twelve? Hot."

    Minna is silent for a single, charged moment, and then she starts barking orders, quickly routing wing-pairs of Witches in every direction. About half of them she orders to climb hard for angels twelve, a few she keeps circling, trying to cover the Beaus, and she calls the rest to join on her.

    "Chatter on the Limey band; some Blenheims caught up with the level bombers at angels nine," Sean reports.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:31 No.17852637
         File1328679100.jpg-(49 KB, 300x283, 1326926135440.jpg)
    49 KB

    Yesssss, i can see this happening.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:32 No.17852645
    The reason I don't like the Minna pairing is that it's too obvious. Of course the MC would get together with the main character (I assume. I obviously don't actually watch that shit) from the show.
    It's cliche, it's dull, it's boring.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:33 No.17852652
    Pretty much exactly what I've been rooting for this whole time, but I'm still waiting for the aftermath from the whole "moving us to the other side of the island" thing.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:33 No.17852661
    I don't want to end with MC and Minna being a couple. I want it to end with them being bros.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:33 No.17852662
    Dude, the main character is Yoshika. As in, the little Japanese girl that keeps patching us up and being as unobtrusive as possible. Minna is actually the reasonable authority figure.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:33 No.17852664
    She's not even slightly the main character. Oddly enough, Miyafuji is, with Sakabroto coming close second.
    >> Major Airlift 02/08/12(Wed)00:34 No.17852666

    If our MC got with the main character of Strike Witches he'd be a pedo. Since it's Yoshika.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:34 No.17852672
    There really isn't a main character in SW. And if there is, it's not Minna. She's just the person in charge.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:35 No.17852679
    There is no way MC is gonna be a couple with the main character from the show. She's more like a niece to us than anything.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:36 No.17852689
    Or kid sister.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:36 No.17852702
    Nope. Sakabroto and Yoshika are actually the main characters of the show, if wiki and tvtropes aren't lying to me.

    I mean, use your brain for a moment. The show's made in Japan, would the main plot revolve around any characters who lack sufficient GRORIOUS NIPPONESE SPIRIT?
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 02/08/12(Wed)00:37 No.17852704
    Though she is the only one we've kissed so far.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:37 No.17852711
    Ah, noted. Though the number of people with familiarity of the show here does concern me somewhat.
    Either way, she's clearly a big figure in this quest, and if we can duck that and end up with someone other than the obvious tsundere choice, it'd be better.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:37 No.17852712
         File1328679473.gif-(1.6 MB, 350x197, 1307581846940.gif)
    1.6 MB
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:38 No.17852715
    She kissed us. We didn't start it.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:38 No.17852718
    Please tell me there are some Mossies around.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:38 No.17852722
         File1328679512.png-(876 KB, 1276x718, miyafuji whoa.png)
    876 KB

    We lack tits, Miyafuji is uninterested.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:38 No.17852724
    What. That little peck on the cheek doesn't count.

    And if it's for kissing, disregarding this thread's furious makeout with Trude, we did it with Perrine (of all people) first.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:38 No.17852726
    >Though she is the only one we've kissed so far.
    So you missed this >>17850714
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:38 No.17852728
    We've kissed Perrine, twice.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:38 No.17852729
    With any seriousness at least, frenchie counts for first kissed witch counts otherwise.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:39 No.17852734
    The overlap between /tg/ and /a/ is bigger than you might suspect.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:39 No.17852735
         File1328679578.jpg-(77 KB, 600x849, 95c883c2dad8ba1d94f0199cc81e71(...).jpg)
    77 KB
    Did we kiss her?

    Because I KNOW every other witch we've done it with we've been the one being kissed.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:39 No.17852736
    /a/ is all over this.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 02/08/12(Wed)00:40 No.17852742
    Yep. Seems like we have a decent /k/ presence as well.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:40 No.17852743
    I don't even remember a peck on the cheek. And as long as I'm avoiding searching through the archives, who was it that we saved in the third thread or so, when we first had to land at the castle? Was that Trude?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:40 No.17852747
    I'm not even /a/ and I knew that.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 02/08/12(Wed)00:41 No.17852753
    I mean, we initiated. Sorry.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:41 No.17852754
    >Though the number of people with familiarity of the show here does concern me somewhat.

    I went and looked it up. What, you think I'd waste my time actually watching it? LoGH is going to consume pretty much my entire animu-watching timeslot for the near future.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/08/12(Wed)00:41 No.17852755
         File1328679676.gif-(1.89 MB, 500x285, 1274211028742.gif)
    1.89 MB

    "Erica, Perrine, form on Ghostrider's right wing," Minna commands calmly. "Perrine, with me on the left. Ghostrider, take us towards the circling formation; I think they're fighters trying to re-form."

    You silently concur, and wheel your heavy fighter about. They're very close, and it doesn't take you long to close on them. You're barely thirty seconds from the merge when a voice snaps into your earphones as Sean hastily presses the mic of one radio to the speaker of the second:

    "-ore spotter Seven, Shore Spotters seven, got a chem-light in the water about two miles out, repeat, two miles out, no aircraft near it," a voice is calling. "Straight out from Bonners Li- I mean, the lighthouse on the cliff. Think it's a witch."

    "Well do ya think or do you ya know, asshole-" Ian grunts.

    "-Wakes in the water!" another voice breaks in, and the owner can't be older then fourteen. "Coming from the French si- RAMS! MARTIAN BOATS! They're going for the Witch!"

    Eila wails, and your stomach knots as the dots on your little scope rush ever closer.

    There's no way to be in two places at once. The Witch is dead.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:41 No.17852757
    Aside from those us that watched the series, others of us felt it prudent to read the fucking wiki concerning the setting, since we're not supposed to be some backwoods hick from bumblefuck nowhere who just stepped off of the bus at an air force base, and should know a little bit about the setting.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:41 No.17852761

    yah, it was trude
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:41 No.17852766
    /k/ and /tg/, or /k/ and /a/? /tg/ I'm aware of, and that makes a lot of sense, but /a/ seems a -touch- more unlikely.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:42 No.17852774
    No, it was the other German girl, Whatshername.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:43 No.17852781
         File1328679787.jpg-(363 KB, 850x1250, sample_1ee94f8fad9063de911edb6(...).jpg)
    363 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:43 No.17852782
    Pretty much.

    We're all neckbeards here.

    Some like chinese cartoons, some like rolling dice and some like guns, we're all the same at heart.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:43 No.17852784
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:43 No.17852788
         File1328679798.png-(113 KB, 500x281, Sad Minna.png)
    113 KB
    >People making assumptions without even watching Strike Witches

    It's not because she's a bitch. Minna's just protective to the point where she can't handle casualties on her side, besides that, she's a very competent leader.
    >> Panzerhexen !mYedictMKA 02/08/12(Wed)00:43 No.17852790
    Planebro, don't mean to be a bother, but in your alternate history, what are the martians doing on the land front? Are they just using thier miasma to keep the "allies" at bay? or are they fightan like real men?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:43 No.17852791
    Actually, I think we were the instigator on that first kiss with Perrine. Wasn't that some of our early trolling with her?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:43 No.17852793
    This is why we have that "War Emergency Power" button.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:43 No.17852796


    We've got pretty red button, I say we use it.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:43 No.17852799

    I think we can, if we try.
    >> Will 02/08/12(Wed)00:43 No.17852801
    War emergency power time?

    War emergency power time.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:43 No.17852803
    She started it

    >Trude kisses you.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:44 No.17852804
    Naw, they'll try and capture her.
    Asploderate some more fighter then we can go fishing.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:44 No.17852806
    No, it was her making out with us on the spot to cover our stealing mad ammo from the Brits.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:44 No.17852810

    WEP. Strafing Run. Now.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/08/12(Wed)00:44 No.17852815
         File1328679882.png-(49 KB, 500x500, telling you aliens.png)
    49 KB


    I'm thinking we will re-convene SUNDAY, at the usual time. PERHAPS Thursday, if I can swing it. I'll post on /tg/ if that's the case to let you all know ahead of time.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:44 No.17852816
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:44 No.17852817


    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:45 No.17852822

    ...Damn! "Minna, Ghostrider; permission to break formation! We can't pull her out of the drink but we can keep the boats off her!"
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 02/08/12(Wed)00:45 No.17852825
         File1328679913.png-(193 KB, 640x480, much better.png)
    193 KB
    hell yeah mothefucker
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:45 No.17852826
    Now would be a good time to tell Minna we're breaking formation, and use that War Emergency Power.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 02/08/12(Wed)00:45 No.17852827

    I think Witches in danger constitutes a 'war emergency', don't you?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:45 No.17852835
    WEP time
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:46 No.17852842

    Waiting warmly for WHENEVER YOU RUN THIS GODDAMN. Who the fuck was in the lighthouse?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:46 No.17852843
    this is what people who haven't watched the anime actually believe.

    >pulls a gun on sakamoto
    >retarded fraternization policy
    >live ammunion, weapons, and strikers avalible for witches to just come in and take in attempts to murder each other
    >the air raid siren not only unguarded but UNATTENDED
    >seriously, witches cant even talk to their own groundcrews??

    shes a fucking awful political appointee and the only reason everyone isnt dead is because the 501st is made up of the top aces on the planet.

    sure you can put all that down to 'overprotectiveness' and say that *aside* from that shes great, whatever. ive got this cousin whos got sever downs syndrome and cant even speak but you know if it werent for that he would be GREAT at chess.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:46 No.17852846
    We need a SWQ setting thread so we can discuss without F5ing the quest thread to hell and back
    >> Major Airlift 02/08/12(Wed)00:46 No.17852849
         File1328679996.jpg-(72 KB, 310x451, 1303451934905.jpg)
    72 KB

    Damn you! It's been quite a few threads since you've had me with one of these cliffhangers!
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:46 No.17852853
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:46 No.17852854
    No, before that. When we crashed on what I assume was her bed, and woke up with her on top of us, warning us to stay away from Sakamoto.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:46 No.17852855
         File1328680017.jpg-(48 KB, 475x799, flametrain.jpg)
    48 KB
    I prepared myself, and you STILL got me!

    Damn you and your incredible writing skills! And your preponderance for cliffhangers!
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:47 No.17852857

    Where on /tg/ will you post?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:47 No.17852858
    FFFFFFFFFFFFFF got a game on sunday
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:47 No.17852859
    Next time, either we super magic, or dead witch.

    I'm gonna put money on dead witch for drama.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:47 No.17852861
         File1328680029.png-(121 KB, 500x500, 1325096474601.png)
    121 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:47 No.17852862
         File1328680044.jpg-(1.61 MB, 3000x4495, 1321132448321.jpg)
    1.61 MB
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:47 No.17852869
         File1328680069.jpg-(59 KB, 1051x1200, 1321849413308.jpg)
    59 KB
    An excellent cliffhanger.

    It hurts so bad, but I knew it was coming when you said half an hour left.

    In other news, witch armoured corps quest from earlier? Fuck yes.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:47 No.17852870
         File1328680078.jpg-(38 KB, 255x288, 1208210610254.jpg)
    38 KB

    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:48 No.17852873
    She probably thinks that her "sense everything on the battlefield" ability should translate to "able to perfectly coordinate everyone's movements 100% of the time so that nobody on her side ever gets hurt or dies", and can't quite get over the fact that she's wrong.

    The survivability of each individual Witch would just make it worse, since the downside of low unit turnover is that you've probably had plenty of time to get to know the poor sap who just got killed. It's a lot easier to take it in stride when you don't expect the majority of your squadron to make it through more than 5-10 missions tops.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:49 No.17852891
         File1328680166.jpg-(446 KB, 1263x1525, Legend of Galactic Homos.jpg)
    446 KB
    I've heard good things about it.
    >> Panzerhexen !mYedictMKA 02/08/12(Wed)00:50 No.17852898
    I wanted to try makin a tankwitch quest, but since in lazy,im waiting for planefag's master guide to his alt history before i can do anything ;_;
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 02/08/12(Wed)00:50 No.17852902
         File1328680238.png-(1.78 MB, 634x1374, sandwhich.png)
    1.78 MB
    Out of context screencaps are the best.

    Be sure to take some.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:50 No.17852903
         File1328680239.png-(37 KB, 747x521, 1321110490223.png)
    37 KB
    Again with the damn cliffhanger!
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:50 No.17852911
    Get this thread Chived if its not already
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 02/08/12(Wed)00:51 No.17852912
    >yfw I'm in that picture somewhere

    I don't lurk /k/ as much as I used to, though.

    I think /k/ has a pretty strong presence on /tg/, and it used to have a good relationship with /a/ before newfags flooded the board with their shit.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/08/12(Wed)00:51 No.17852925
    >Planebro, don't mean to be a bother, but in your alternate history, what are the martians doing on the land front? Are they just using thier miasma to keep the "allies" at bay? or are they fightan like real men?

    A combination of both. The miasma, or 'black smoke' is commonly employed, but human forces got pretty good at rushing for rivers, thick forests and other natural barriers to the miasma's spread. The Miasma is also rather ineffective against simpler engines and completely useless against things like horses (as long as they've got gas masks, as well as the riders.) The Russians and the Poles have fared well in quick maneuver warfare, using armored trains and cavalry for quick hammer-and-anvil maneuvers.

    The fighting in North Africa rages on, though the Martians major assault into Libya has been blunted, then crushed by Patton and Rommel's combined forces, augmented by the remnants of Italian divisions.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:52 No.17852936

    >"Erica, Perrine, form on Ghostrider's right wing," Minna commands calmly. "Perrine, with me on the left.

    wait a minute planefag, you just said theres no way to be in two places. why are there two perrines?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:52 No.17852937
    Is /k/lansmen still an accurate sobriquet for them or have the wingnuts all migrated to Stormfront by now?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:53 No.17852948
    Maybe he meant Trude?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:53 No.17852949
    Let me just check if I'm parsing this right:
    Someone, likely a witch, is in the water and has activated a emergency light on their lifevest or whatever. (Do the witches not have radios? Shouldn't we have heard someone go down?)
    The person reporting this over the radio sounds very young.
    Eila is still flying, and we hear her over the radio.

    Yes, no?
    >> Panzerhexen !mYedictMKA 02/08/12(Wed)00:54 No.17852960
         File1328680462.jpg-(593 KB, 1500x1100, 1307827797061.jpg)
    593 KB
    capicha is eatan mah images
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/08/12(Wed)00:54 No.17852961
         File1328680470.jpg-(36 KB, 180x200, shrug.jpg)
    36 KB

    The Martians also employ warships, presumably to counter their inability to use the Miasma over water. Direct-fire masers are powerful and never miss, but once a human battleship gets their range, shit tends to get incredibly real with great swiftness. The masers are particularly susceptible to blooming problems and sea conditions greatly influence their effectiveness. Martians have been employing ships with short-range explosive-chucking carronades recently, similar to torpedo boats but without standoff range. They've been dubbed "rams" for their passing similarity to ironclad-era torpedo rams.


    "Oh, sorry, Lynette. I get you two mixed up a lot."


    Minna's not above trolling. Either that or I accidentally a copy-and-paste while editing WHOKNOWS
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:54 No.17852962
         File1328680472.jpg-(149 KB, 372x549, Haters_gonna_hate.jpg)
    149 KB
    You do realize you're talking about an anime about magical girls, right? Plus, ground crews are allowed to speak with them. Just not mingle with them.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:54 No.17852963
    Cliffhanger be damned, that witch is getting saved.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:55 No.17852968
         File1328680500.jpg-(191 KB, 625x600, 98756da48b1a27c9980e731185d787(...).jpg)
    191 KB
    >The fighting in North Africa rages on, though the Martians major assault into Libya has been blunted, then crushed by Patton and Rommel's combined forces, augmented by the remnants of Italian divisions.

    So I take it we won't be seeing any appearances from the Star of Afrika. Dayum Shame.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:55 No.17852969
         File1328680505.png-(31 KB, 961x612, 1323651459044.png)
    31 KB
    /a/ and /k/ relationship has been rapidly deteriorating. I blame both sides.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 02/08/12(Wed)00:55 No.17852972
    The /stormfront/ folk are still around, though diminished with all the wordfiltering. Unfortunately didn't raise the quality of most threads.

    Its a fun board until you lurk it long enough that every thread is a repeat of a prior thread.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:55 No.17852976
    >"Oh, sorry, Lynette. I get you two mixed up a lot."

    Let this happen. Please.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:57 No.17852987
         File1328680625.jpg-(18 KB, 150x186, abrialj.jpg)
    18 KB
    One last question: Admiral Jean-Marie Charles Abrial. Dude who was in charge at Dunkirk. How's he doing in this universe?

    I know he was a minor commander, but he always sat right by me.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/08/12(Wed)00:57 No.17852992
         File1328680650.jpg-(216 KB, 1600x1200, prussian bird cooking sauerkra(...).jpg)
    216 KB

    Between strict and sustained mod action, and a mounting hostility from the board denizens themselves, the skinheads have pretty much been run off the board.

    Summer, however, still renders /k/ effectively nonexistent as the newest batch of 13-year-old fuckheads drop by to scream racial slurs then congratulate themselves on being the most edgy clever trolls ever to breathe.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 02/08/12(Wed)00:58 No.17853001
    I blame /k/ mostly, I remember when /k/ stood for /k/usanagi.

    Now you even mention animu and the thread gets shitspammed.

    Half the reason I stopped even going there.

    I've never seen much animosity of /a/ toward /k/
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:58 No.17853002
    It might still be Elia. All we can be sure of is that it's not Minna, Perrine, Lynette or Erica.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:58 No.17853003
         File1328680701.jpg-(19 KB, 238x233, 1326774049994.jpg)
    19 KB
    Planefag, you know we love you, right?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:58 No.17853005
    Well one of our goals in this quest is to get that sort of stupid shit corrected; there's no reasonable excuse for it.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:58 No.17853009
    So has the exodus from Germany resulted in American shipyards churning out Type XXI Elektroboots by the score?

    And if this quest goes to sea, the I-400 class submarines must make an appearance. They were awesome, and would be even more so when they only have to launch Witches instead of full-size aircraft.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:58 No.17853010
         File1328680733.gif-(379 KB, 500x550, 1328157745192.gif)
    379 KB
    Right, I'm out.
    Have some Erica.
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 02/08/12(Wed)00:59 No.17853015
         File1328680781.jpg-(50 KB, 502x401, japanese bird forever.jpg)
    50 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)00:59 No.17853018
    This post. I am so confuse.
    >"Erica, Perrine, form on Ghostrider's right wing," Minna commands calmly. "Perrine, with me on the left.
    I have to be reading this wrong.

    >There's no way to be in two places at once. The Witch is dead.
    Who? Or is that part of the cliffhanger?
    >> Panzerhexen !mYedictMKA 02/08/12(Wed)01:00 No.17853023
    Last question before i leave you alone for the night, anywhere (other then africa) where allied forces are fighting aliums on land? I reallllllly don't wanna write about sand
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)01:00 No.17853024
    >Plus, ground crews are allowed to speak with them

    nope. yoshika tries to talk to them and they tell her its for bidden and leave

    >realize its an anime???
    well now that you're appealing to the medium i guess ill just declare victory. night lads.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)01:00 No.17853029
    We wouldn't be able to do shit to her. She acts like us, wears glare goggles, and wears the closest thing in the SW universe to pants.

    Which means FUCKING BROS as soon as we've established who's the better ace. Which would probably be her.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)01:00 No.17853032
    Given Eila's reaction, the most likely candidate is Sanya.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)01:01 No.17853043

    Darn shame if it is so.

    Want a joint op with the 31st and the ground battle witches of the Afrika Korp.

    If just to see Major Glinda Miles.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)01:02 No.17853045
    It's supposed to be
    >>"Erica, Perrine, form on Ghostrider's right wing," Minna commands calmly. "Lynette, with me on the left.

    Who? Or is that part of the cliffhanger?
    Yup. All we know is it isn't one the the aforementioned girls.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/08/12(Wed)01:02 No.17853047

    Abrial convinced the spotter-Witches of the French fleet at Toulon to defect to England by way of flying to Gibraltar. The Witches, being well-respected in the French navy, caused quite a stir when they did this, which is considered to be the major factor in triggering the mass-desertion from Toulon harbor.

    Basically, he saved the French fleet. Churchill was a hairs-breadth away from having the Royal Navy accidentally the French in harbor.
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 02/08/12(Wed)01:02 No.17853049
         File1328680943.jpg-(281 KB, 539x620, 35.jpg)
    281 KB
    Best witch duo
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)01:03 No.17853053
         File1328680980.jpg-(45 KB, 325x708, Adolfine_Galland.jpg)
    45 KB

    >closest thing in the SW universe to pants.

    no, galland actually wears pants
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)01:04 No.17853065
    Well, Minna had hella witches to boss around up there, so there might be a possibility that she isn't a 501st girl. But if Eila is yelling, odds are it's Sanya down in the water.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)01:04 No.17853067
    Is there an ETA for the post that will give us the ETA on the next session?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)01:04 No.17853076
         File1328681086.jpg-(25 KB, 216x282, 1294037205271.jpg)
    25 KB
    Oh no. They're after her aren't they.

    And that chem light might be her... magic radar... things... anyways, shit, that is probably a bad thing.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)01:05 No.17853084
    Only Gunther Prien can save her now.

    Because the US sub aces are probably all in the Pacific.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)01:06 No.17853096
    What other witches are there? I thought the 501st contained all of the ones in the area. I assumed the person on the radio was just a spotter on the ground or something.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)01:06 No.17853100
    >man responsible for scuttling the French Fleet in 1942 to keep it from the Germans
    >Saves it from destruction in this universe

    Fuck yeah. I dunno if it is how you intend to play it, but in my own headcanon, he's the ranking officer of the French Navy now, and commands the Fleet from the Dunkerque.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)01:06 No.17853101
    Wait. Where's Chuck in all of this?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)01:07 No.17853111
    Day fighter.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)01:08 No.17853117
         File1328681286.jpg-(112 KB, 571x1000, e29581160b7d333ec060b5a8a74361(...).jpg)
    112 KB
    I stand corrected. Clearly I don't know enough about the other witch squadrons.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 02/08/12(Wed)01:08 No.17853123

    You have blown my mind. I did not even thing about Submarine Aces...In WW2.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)01:08 No.17853124
    Rarely has a cliffhanger driven my rage to such heights.

    Fucks given +1.
    >> Potential Writefag 02/08/12(Wed)01:09 No.17853127
    Hey Planefag, this shit's inspired me to write some stuff myself. Mind if I post my short fanfiction based on a quest-thread based on an anime based on WWII/Anime nerd fantasies?
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/08/12(Wed)01:11 No.17853152

    My fault, writing too fast. Erica and Perrine are on one side, Minna and Eila on the other. Minna's pairing the less-experienced Witches with a more battle-hardened leader.

    >59.99 FPS

    ... saved.


    b-but I'm so ugly uguu~


    Don't be so sure. After all, Rommel and Patton both found the time to visit England for strategy meetings; the front lines in Africa are mostly stagnant, and forces are going to be reorganized for the Big Push.


    This. The young voice is a kid, a shore-spotter on the ground watching for enemy aircraft with binoculars and sharp young eyes.


    Eastern Europe is proper fucked. Poland was home to a truly ancient Witch academy (which, incidentally, fucked up the Mongol's shit,) and so Polands small military hit a bit above its weight in Witches.

    >In the Baltic, the Soviet Union issues an 8-hour surrender ultimatum to Lithuania. Lithuania tells them to get bent. The bulk of the Polish Army-In-Exile, along with the ancient Polish Witch Academy, stage a brilliant ambuscade of invading Soviet columns. Several famous Witches on both sides are badly wounded in the battle, but not knowing of their enemies matching misfortune, the Soviets postpone their Baltic invasion until their Witches heal and newer Fighter and Striker units can be delivered to deal with the troublesome Polish Witch corps.

    These nations were encircled during the Martian invasion, hence the "balkans pocket."
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/08/12(Wed)01:12 No.17853161
         File1328681537.jpg-(157 KB, 676x507, do it faggot dog.jpg)
    157 KB
    >DO IT
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)01:13 No.17853169
    ...That would be the Baltics, my good man. The Balkans is a bit south of there.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/08/12(Wed)01:13 No.17853172

    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/08/12(Wed)01:14 No.17853178
         File1328681686.jpg-(18 KB, 437x364, 1322782086678.jpg)
    18 KB

    ... god dammit, who comes up with these fucking names?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)01:15 No.17853180
         File1328681703.jpg-(158 KB, 620x850, 718d175ba5ebf6c0d223114efa2b6c(...).jpg)
    158 KB
    Fingers crossed.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)01:15 No.17853183
    And the Martians invading can really only have improved the place.

    The Balkans, I mean. Which are basically the taint and asshole of Europe.
    >> Panzerhexen !mYedictMKA 02/08/12(Wed)01:15 No.17853185
         File1328681722.jpg-(378 KB, 1000x1200, 20400224bc453c1b9039a51598db44(...).jpg)
    378 KB
    Im a horrible lier, when do you hope to have your doc out? Its painful to ask one question and 3 more pop up in my head

    have some shirley for your troubles
    >> Thunder and Lightning Writefag 02/08/12(Wed)01:15 No.17853186

    Right then... Commensing Dump. I'm actually working on the second part of this, so maybe I'll just start posting shit at the end of every session.

    August 1942, 30 miles West of Alexandria, Egypt.
    “Feet wet.” Below him, the pale tan of Egyptian coastline gave way to the deep blue-green of the Med. Airman James “Sprig” Anders checked and rechecked his airspeed, altitude, engine temp, fuel and all the other signs and portents of his P-38.
    “So, enjoying your time in Egypt so far Sprig?” The voice over the radio was James’ flight leader, Lt. Harry Weltson.
    “I do not believe, in all my life, I have ever been so far from available women.”
    Harry laughed into the radio. “You’ll get used to it, Kid. That or your nuts’ll swell up and you’ll die of Blue Ba-Hang on…” The radio cut short and Harry’s Lightning banked over. “Sparkles! Moving out fast over the Med!”
    James banked his fighter, searching for the telltale glint of the Witches’ Strikers. “Count three Witches. Think they’re after martians?” He leveled the Lightning and scanned the horizon.
    >> Thunder and Lightning Writefag 02/08/12(Wed)01:17 No.17853202
    “Only one way to find out-“ Weltson’s P-38 accelerated, banking to follow the Witches’ heading. James through the throttle forward and went after him, their Lightnings easily catching up to the girls below. “Sparkle Flight, Sparkle Flight. Hound Flight is ready to assist. You guys going to a party without inviting us?” His tone was jovial and condenscending- and perfectly captured the tone and attitude of the Liberion combat pilot.
    “Hound Flight: This is a 412th engagement. Invited personnel only. Break off and head back to the coast.” The voice was, of course, female with a slight accent and a tone similar to someone who’d just noticed they’d stepped in fresh dog crap. Definitely Brittannian.
    James could almost see his flight leader’s grin. “How rude... Climb to 18,000 and maintain heading.” With that the two Lightnings accelerated into a fast climb, covering over two miles of altitude in less than a minute.
    He looked out over the Med as they leveled out. “I see it! Tally enemy Heavy! One’o’clock low!” It wasn’t a glint, not really. More of a triangular splotch against the Med below. “Looks like Witches are engaging…” He could see the flashes and tracer fire, and watched the Neuroi effectively ignore it.
    As the battle passed under the nose of the lightning, he rolled inverted to keep it in view. “Lieutenant, I’m seeing mazer fire…”
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 02/08/12(Wed)01:17 No.17853205

    Tomorrow as well, actually. It's mostly done, I just have to spit'n'polish and write up to the Martian Invasion.
    >> Panzerhexen !mYedictMKA 02/08/12(Wed)01:19 No.17853223

    Your god damn planefag among men who's souls have been weighed down by gravity, Have a good night n see you tomorrow
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)01:19 No.17853228
    And this would be at the normal time?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)01:20 No.17853239
    who is in the water? will you get there to save her in time? does anyone really believe we're dead?

    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)01:23 No.17853273
    I read this when you posted a link to the scribd page a thread or two ago, I think. It was pretty good, but we're at 775 posts here. Might make sense to save it for later when there'll be a bigger audience.
    >> Writefag 02/08/12(Wed)01:24 No.17853279
    “Copy that, Sprig. Let’s keep our distance for now…” The furball unfurled for another minute before he saw a mazer blast terminate in a flash of red energy.
    “God Almighty… It just splashed a witch! I just saw her take a hit!” Weltson was immediately on the horn, his voice suddenly serious. “412th, 412th. This is Hound Flight. SitRep. Do you need assistance? Repeat, do you need help?”
    A few seconds later a voice came over the radio, Karlslander accent this time. “Scheisse! Get clear, Hound flight! We have our hands fu-ARGH!” Another red flash. He could barely make out the third witch as she grabbed the Karlslander and retreated.
    “Two witches are bugging out, Lead.”
    There was long silence. “We need to pull back, get in radio range and let our forces know what’s coming.” His voice was strained; it was not a combat pilot’s first instinct to turn away from a fight, but the Heavy below just splashed two witches.
    “What about the last witch? I saw two bug out, there’s still one down there!”
    >> Writefag 02/08/12(Wed)01:27 No.17853293

    Well, I don't want to steal Planefag's thunder by posting my P-38wank in the middle of the thread.

    “I don’t like it either, kid, but there’s not much we can-What are you doing?!” James had jettisoned his drop tanks and inverted the Lightning into a power dive on the Neuroi. “Airman! Pull out!” was the last thing James heard before he armed the ten HVARs on the outer hardpoints. Nicknamed “Holy Moses,” the 5” rockets were designed to knock out tanks and bunkers.
    With a 500mph dive backing them up, they worked just as well on the Neuroi. The rockets fired in pairs and he set upon the invader. The first two pairs went wide, passing over the Neuroi’s leading edge or detonating along its leading edge, the other six rockets were direct hits, piercing deep into the Neuroi’s spine before detonating, 45lb explosive charges blasting massive craters through the Heavy. By now, he had the Martian’s attention. A red hexagon lit up and mazer beams lanced out at him, but he was moving too fast; the beams pass harmlessly behind him.
    James started pulling back on the stick, preparing to pull out of the dive and turn it into a high-speed run for the coast before the Martian could cut him out of the sky, but something caught his attention. A glint within one of the massive holes the rockets had opening into the Heavy. Settling the pipper over the crater he opened up with his guns, filling the crater with .50BFG and 20mm Hispano fire.
    And then the Martian was gone, passing underneath the Lightning at over 200mph relative speed. James hauled back on the stick, but the Lightning refused to respond. An icecube of fear dripped down his neck. Compressibility- as the Lightning had gained speed during the dive shockwaves created by the wings disrupted airflow over the control surfaces. He checked the altimeter, 8,000ft and dropping like a stone. In the background he could hear Weltson screaming at him to pull up.
    >> Thunder and Lightning Writefag 02/08/12(Wed)01:29 No.17853313
    ‘Back to training, James’ a voice reminded him. ‘Ride it out, engage airbrakes, you’ll get control where the air is dense.’ He reached over, popping the airbrakes out. ‘Both hands on the stick.’
    He felt the shudder of the compressibility stall lessen, the nose began to lift. “C’mon… Pull up…”
    The plane was recovering, the speedometer was dropping. But not fast enough… “Pull up!”
    2000ft… With a pop, the G-forces cracked the Plexiglas canopy above him.
    “PULL UP!” All at once the nose lifted he saw the horizon and then, with a spray of seawater across the canopy, the blue skies. “YEAH!” He screamed with all the primal joy that comes from walking up to the Grim Reaper, slapping him, and then walking away again.
    “Hound Two! Sprig! REPORT!”
    “Hound Two. Recovered at…” He looked to the altimeter, panting. “You really don’t want to know…” He looked back above and behind him. “Where’s the Martian?” He banked left and right scanning the skies. He couldn’t see anything.”
    “You vaped it, Kid! Whole thing just disintegrated after you passed over it!” There was another howl of joy from Weltson.
    “It’s gone! It exploded! Bye-bye! Auf Wiedersehen!” Another look over his shoulder and he could just make it out against the sky- flakes of… It looked like glowing snow- …with larger pieces just now beginning to fall into the sea.
    “You see the Sparkle?” James asked, scanning the horizon. “Wait. There she is!” She was about a half mile out and as he pulled the Lightning in closer he could see that she wasn’t in good shape. One of the striker units was gone, the other was trailing oily smoke. He reached down and opened the frequency.
    “Sparkle flight, this Hound Two. Bandit is down. Do you need assistance?” There was no reply, but he saw the witch glance back at him. “Sparkle flight. Your engine’s smoking, can you make it to the coast?”
    >> Thunder and Lightning Writefag 02/08/12(Wed)01:31 No.17853333
    “Were you dropped as a kid?” The voice was very angry and very Britannian. “I ordered you to pull back!”
    Weltson’s Lightning finally pulled up on the other side of the unhappy Strike Witch. “Respectfully, ma’am, our squadron is not within your chain of command. We received your request…” He put extra emphasis on that word. “…and decided against it. And it looks like you’re damned lucky we did.”
    James decided to speak back up. “Sparkle Flight, we can escort you back over the coast. We wouldn’t want you taking a swim after all this.”
    James could almost hear the gears turning in her head. As a rule, the Sparkles didn’t like the conventional air forces and the feeling was for the most part mutual. So it was every airman’s collective dream to outfly the Sparkles and have the chance to rub their nose in it. The Sparkle also knew this, but she had to realize that it was still another ten miles to shore and that engine didn’t look good.
    Weltson couldn’t resist. “Sorry Sparkle, didn’t catch that. Do you need assistance?”
    The voice was exhasperated. “Yes! I need assistance.”
    James nudged his Lightning in closer. For the first time he noticed the last foot and a half of the wing had been slagged off. “Sparkle Flight, you have permission to come aboard.” The witch reached out and grabbed a hold of the leading edge.
    Weltson’s voice came over the radio again. “Looks like we’re already on -heading to Sparkle Base.”
    As the Egyptian coast passed under them, they caught up to the last flight-worthy Witch, carrying what James assumed was the Karlslander witch that had taken a hit earlier.
    A dead Martian Heavy and the bragging rights for that. Saved a couple of witches, and who knows how many guys on the ground who would’ve had to fight that thing off. “Feet Dry.” It had been a pretty good first mission, all-in-all.

    >> Writefag 02/08/12(Wed)01:33 No.17853350
    Yeah, figured it would be polite to wait until after the Feature to throw this out. As I said I'm working on a second part that actually taking place at roughly the same time as SWQ is.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)02:02 No.17853604

    I dig it. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)03:52 No.17854526
    What sort of shit can these witches do anyways? Superior physical abilities and those nifty shields, or 3.5 arcane masters?

    And if the witch in the water is Trude, I will locate your home and BURN IT TO THE GROUND.

    "...I can't live without my sister... I just wanted to know... what it was like... to... kiss..." *silence*
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)04:02 No.17854595
    Read the wiki.

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