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  • File: 1329133053.jpg-(212 KB, 473x800, dc574c488c173c24fda30b9a8a0cd20ca9198e96.jpg)
    212 KB Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)06:37 No.17927799  
    Suppose /tg/ by some astonishing set of circumstances a dark eldar baby is left on the door step of a craftworld eldar family. Would the craftworlders be able to sense there's something different about the child? Suppose that child is raised in proper craftworld fashion, would he/she grow up to be just like other children or would some kind of innate malice eventually manifest?
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)06:38 No.17927811
    I don't know too much about Eldar/Dark Eldar lore, but as far as I can tell we'd get an Eldar struggling against the effects of the thirst, which would actually be pretty awesome.
    >> Hank Pym !!A0/lWspso1i 02/13/12(Mon)06:41 No.17927837
    >Would the craftworlders be able to sense there's something different about the child?
    > Suppose that child is raised in proper craftworld fashion, would he/she grow up to be just like other children or would some kind of innate malice eventually manifest?
    No, they would not, yes, it would. They'd be stuck in the Warrior shrines, if "Path of the Warrior" has any weight.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)06:47 No.17927874
    >we'd get an Eldar struggling against the effects of the thirst
    Why though? Wouldn't the foster parents go get a spirit stone for the kid?
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)06:51 No.17927906
    Most likely, yes. However, there's no evidence that suggest spirit stones do anything more than keep an Eldar's soul from going to Slaanesh, or whether normal Eldar would also suffer from the thirst. We frankly don't have enough information to determine what would happen.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)06:52 No.17927913
    bump for interesting character idea
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)07:07 No.17928000
    Suppose you're a hardworking, law abiding Eldar on the Path of the Baker. In the dead of the night you hear a knock on your door. Investigating, you find a baby Eldar girl soundly asleep inside a basket on your door step. The bottom half of the basket is filled with blank spirit stones and there's also a note left for you. The note reads:

    "Lady Malys plots for my daughter, Commorragh is no longer safe for her. Watch over her and raise her in you ways and you shell be richly rewarded.
    -Asdrubael Vect, Lord of the Kabal of the Black Heart"

    What do you do /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)07:11 No.17928036
    Raise it to become the most talented warrior in Eldar history, so one day it can fight back against the Dark Eldar, with the power of love.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)07:24 No.17928129
    too old, throw away
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)07:27 No.17928141
    They would raise him to be space-Drizzt.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 02/13/12(Mon)07:30 No.17928157
    Raise the baby to become the best baker this side of the galaxy, and become the Avatar of Bread God.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)07:32 No.17928173
    Bread jokes are rapidly becoming stale
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)07:32 No.17928176
    >> Mastermind 02/13/12(Mon)07:36 No.17928201
    Not sure if it's terribly related, but in Path of the Warrior one of the Scorpions is a Deldar Incubus who turned himself into the craftworlds to continue living.

    Asides from the fact he isn't allowed to talk to anyone and his sole occupation is fighting or training it certainly seems that Deldar can be turned back.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)07:37 No.17928207
    Wait, aren't Dark Eldar non-psykers while Eldar live on a world that requires you to operate pskyer-technologies.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)07:39 No.17928227

    What? not every Eldar is a psyker, they would have reconquered the galaxy by now.
    >> Mastermind 02/13/12(Mon)07:41 No.17928238
    The Dark Eldar have since evolved to a point where the parts of their brain that control psychic powers have since atrophied.

    Baron Sathonyx uses farseer bone pieces to divine the future though.
    >> ­­Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)07:44 No.17928249
    Yes they are. At the very least they can all communicate telepathically.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)07:46 No.17928259
    Yeah the dark eldar bred their psychic talents out of their race.

    They don't use spirit stones, instead they live in the webway. However even the webway would not be enough to hide an unspiritstoned eldar psyker from the demon world.

    A rip in the webway would cause all of diarrhearagh to plunge into the warp. The dark eldar can't really go huunting for spirit stones either, since they would have to go into the eye of terror to get any. Going into the eye without a spirit stone, while being as hedonistic as a dark eldar would just mean an early lunch for slaneesh.

    Bottom line is basically the dark eldar are the descendants of the old eldar who have shit nothing in psychic power or relatively little psychic power, while the craftworld eldar are the descendants of the old eldar who had so much psychic power that they even foresaw that shit was going to get real when the entire rest of their race didn't.

    So the dark eldar baby would be kind of like a squib. The craftworlders use their psychic powers to make coffee in the morning.
    >> Mastermind 02/13/12(Mon)07:48 No.17928274
    If the Dark Eldar still retained that level of psyker power the daemons would psychically eviscerate every last one of them.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)07:49 No.17928279
    Yes they are. Pretty much all of their combat-gear is based around this. Just not all of them fire mindbullets or predict the future. The reason why Slaanesh was born was because of the collective psychic influence on the warp. Humans are in danger of the same thing happening if their psychers becomes even more common.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)07:51 No.17928293
    So he ends up as the janitor?
    >> ­­Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)07:54 No.17928303
    Exactly right. Dark Eldar have none. All Eldar have some.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)07:58 No.17928327
    I wonder if one could be lost on the Path of the Baker.
    How would Vect feel about his daughter becoming a baker Exarch?
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)07:59 No.17928333
    Yeah, pretty much.

    Now, if a team of eldar psykers could sneak into cormorantghfghfgdh they could rip a hole in the webway from the demonic side and watch the fun.
    >> Mastermind 02/13/12(Mon)08:01 No.17928343
    Dark Eldar are still Eldar.

    I was confused by the potential inclusivity there.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)08:01 No.17928345
    But who is the phoenix lord of the breadway? Does he show up in times of dire famine with his ornately crafted bread shovel?
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)08:03 No.17928355
    Don't the Eldar look down on the ones who get lost on a path? Or was it just Exarchs because their thoughts are pretty much bloodshed all day everyday. Regardless it would be pretty humiliating to get lost on the Path of Baking or the Janitor.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)08:04 No.17928358
    Could you have an Autarch who combined the talents of many cookery related disciplines? The Eldar iron chef?
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)08:04 No.17928362
         File: 1329138277.png-(51 KB, 240x285, Fun.png)
    51 KB
    phoenix lords are exclusive to the aspect warriors

    probably not. The vast majority of the paths are lacking in an "exarch" expy. Seers and Aspects are the odd ones out
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)08:06 No.17928374

    They don't exactly look down on them, they pity/fear them, for they represent the fate that could be waiting any eldar who enters a path.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)08:07 No.17928384
    >Seers and Aspects are the odd ones out
    And rangers, they have their pathfinders.
    Come to think of it Path of Outcast is not really a legit path, if they can have their version of exarch then surely all paths can.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 02/13/12(Mon)08:08 No.17928390
    Wow, this quickly became Yakitate! Eldar.
    What's next, the Gray Baker takes his breadful skills against the Imperium's Ordo Pastris? Or would he challenge the Ork Roastmastas? Or maybe go toe-to-toe against a Necron High Nutritionist?
    >> Mastermind 02/13/12(Mon)08:09 No.17928394
    It depends on the Craftworld.
    E.g. Alaitoc is very strict and rigid in regards to the Path. Rangers and Pathfinders are tolerated in times of war, but are suspicious and wary of them and don't allow them on the Craftworld for long.

    Biel-tan, a more militant craftworld, while wary would tolerate them much more due to the aggressive and military nature of their society.

    Not Iron Chef, he would become the Chairman of Kitchen Craftworld.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)08:10 No.17928399
    It was going to be made but then we panned it.

    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)08:12 No.17928416
    Some eldar have this belief that the more paths a single eldar masters the more useful they will be in the infinity circuit, for Ynnead. Eldar who master a shitload of paths give more power to him. Exarchs on the other hand are lost and don't join the infinity circuit, they join the armour, and eventually the phoenix lord, diminishing Ynneads power.

    Every spirit stone is really precious to the craftworlders for it's ultimate goal of being embeded into the infinity circuit. Spirit stones are rare and risky to get from the crone worlds. So an exarch is a waste of a good stone.

    Atleast that's the way I remember it. But I quit 40k years ago.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)08:14 No.17928426
         File: 1329138874.png-(9 KB, 369x346, costanzinople.png)
    9 KB
    >implying all outcasts = rangers
    >implying pathfinders are "stuck" in the path of the outcast
    not the case. "Outcast" eldar are just eldar who aren't on any path, wandering from place to place unrestrained.

    technically speaking, all eldar corsairs are "Outcast Eldar".
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)08:18 No.17928453
         File: 1329139114.jpg-(61 KB, 624x900, Cheesasaurus2_thumbsup.jpg)
    61 KB
    The Avatar of the Kraftworld
    >> Mastermind 02/13/12(Mon)08:22 No.17928471
    I love you.

    Please ~duckck haggard~ me all night.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)08:32 No.17928543
    >Don't know about the path of the janitor janitors supremis, lord of cleaning stuff.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)08:38 No.17928586
         File: 1329140310.jpg-(410 KB, 1500x1364, 1307629667819.jpg)
    410 KB
    I have a fun time imagining Vect visiting the baker man from time to time to check up on his daughter.

    Vect would show up in the middle of the night with an Incubus guard. To show he doesn't mean harm and to impress the baker he would bring out a bottle of mysterious liquid and share a drink with him. The Eldar takes a cautious sip and finds to his surprise that it's pure bliss. They both down the cup and Vect starts to refill.

    Then the baker asks Vect what it's made from and Vect nonchalantly answers "mon-keigh eyeballs".
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)09:12 No.17928876
    In Path of the Warrior there's a former Incubus that has joined the Craftworld Eldar and become a Striking Scorpion. He's not allowed to speak and has to remain on a warrior Path. Only the Exarch of the shrine knows his secrets, so him being DE doesn't seem to be somethign other Eldar would immediately know (they probably assumed he was just mute and kinda creepy), and he had no problems using Eldar tech.

    If raised by Craftworlders from a young age, a Dark Eldar would be practically indistinquishable from Craftworlders, atleast to the average Eldar. DE have atrophied psychic powers and use drugs to keep them supressed, but they still have psychic potential, albeit weaker than CW Eldar (there would hardly be need for the DE to ban the use of psychic powers if it was somethign they had no ability at all to do). If they were to receive proper training, they could probably manifest very minor psychic abilities. So the child could never become a Farseer or Warlock, and would have weaker psychic abilities than other Eldar, but she should be able to operate basic Eldar techology. Whether or not she'd still suffer from the Thirst is less clear, as is whether or not the Craftworld lifestyle would lessen the effect.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)09:20 No.17928939
    How very non-grimdark, the poor dark eldar kan live as a mute with craftworlders in relative peace.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)09:29 No.17929018
    Well both Craftworld eldar and dark eldar can become harlequins, incubi becoming aspect warriors, phoniex lords becoming dark eldar, outcast eldar and pirates becoming dark eldar....
    seems to me the differences cant be all that deep. Assuming psychic powers increase with training and decrease without use (like all mental disciplines) an atrophied dark eldar psychic brain 'lobe?' could simply un-atrophy with training and use (these guys are freaky aliens after all).
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)09:31 No.17929048
    And this is why Eldar hate humanity. It's an excuse to harvest the eyeballs.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)09:33 No.17929068
    Then they would use the chance to transform into Alpha Plus Psykers and rape chaos.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)10:03 No.17929326
         File: 1329145409.jpg-(25 KB, 302x403, Drizzt_Pic_1.jpg)
    25 KB
    sorry for the quality but paint + mouse its an awful way of drawing.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)12:16 No.17930587
         File: 1329153378.jpg-(765 KB, 970x1490, orikan the diviner.jpg)
    765 KB
    Oh look, the china dolls are starting to shatter.
    I suppose the old ones slaves have always come in different flavors. Now they've divided into sub-species?

    I wonder who thought it was a good idea to locate their entire civilization in one city? In the webway no less.
    I think its time the gates finally take whats left of their fragile empire and smash it with good measure.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)15:28 No.17932442
    Write fags assemble!
    I can so something if people want. but i'm kinda shitty.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)15:45 No.17932624
         File: 1329165944.jpg-(197 KB, 1024x768, Commorragh.jpg)
    197 KB

    Commorragh isn't really a single city in any conventional definition. It's a huge bunch of subrealms all over the Webway, many separated from eachother by thousands of lightyears. It's all linked with portals to allow instantaneous travel from one relam to another, but the portals can also be shut to seal one realm off the rest (which Vect has done on multiple occasions. His favourite tactic when dealing with some uppity Archon seems to be to seal his realm off and drop something really nasty in it).
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)15:48 No.17932643
    This sounds a lot like 4chan.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)16:02 No.17932795
         File: 1329166971.jpg-(122 KB, 682x1100, dark_eldar_by_muju-d4bnlbf[1].jpg)
    122 KB
    I was under the impression that Dark Eldar are still as Psychic as most Eldar, they just don't train themselves to use it like Eldar Warlocks & Farseers do, since if they tried without being protected by a Spirit Stone they'd get their souls devoured.

    Also, the Thirst is the Dark Eldar's need to protect their soul by capturing other creatures souls in it's place, so if a Dark Eldar wore a Spirit Stone they wouldn't feel it's effects.

    Finally, why does everyone miss the fact that the Eldar and Dark Eldar don't hate each other?

    Eldar/Dark Eldar =/= Elves/Dark Elves

    The Eldar see the Dark Eldar as chaotic-stupid and corrupt, while the Dark Eldar see the Eldar as boring and whiny.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)17:33 No.17933812
    Why must we focus on Dark and Craftworld Eldar? Why can't we have some Exodite babby found on the wraith-porch of the Baker? Would the Exodite be sent with a small dinosaur egg? Would he follow the path of the Pet-shop?
    >> Hank Pym !!A0/lWspso1i 02/13/12(Mon)17:40 No.17933927
    >I was under the impression that Dark Eldar are still as Psychic as most Eldar, they just don't train themselves to use it like Eldar Warlocks & Farseers do, since if they tried without being protected by a Spirit Stone they'd get their souls devoured.
    The Dark Eldar states verbatim that their psychic potential has atrophied. It's likely that some shreds still remain (I'd assume that they are still very sensitive to psychic phenomena compared to a regular human), but it's pretty pathetic compared to other Eldar.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)17:51 No.17934121
    Even if Dark Eldar psychic potential has atrophied I doubt it would be a barrier to a DE baby growing up in a craftworld. Remember Dark Eldar are still capable of manipulating wraithbone. For one they make soulseeker ammo from tortured wraithbone.

    Worse comes to worst you have a moe moe Dark Eldar girl who's something like a disabled person in human society and needs accessibility help with using wraithbone constructs.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)18:33 No.17934778
    Craftawa Shoujo
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)18:37 No.17934831
    Aye, this. You'd have to have read the new codex to learn this, though.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)18:56 No.17935135
         File: 1329177410.jpg-(523 KB, 1300x1650, 1307631519170.jpg)
    523 KB
    School for disabled eldar? I can dig it.

    True path is wraithguard girl, search your feelings /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)19:31 No.17935745
    Technomancer do that?
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)19:40 No.17935852
    Now all we need is an Eldar turned to Tzneetch to truly see psychic horror.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/12(Mon)21:43 No.17937688
         File: 1329187419.jpg-(442 KB, 1920x1356, necroncryptekh.jpg)
    442 KB
    >It's all linked with portals to allow instantaneous travel from one relam to another, but the portals can also be shut to seal one realm off the rest.

    guess what dolmen gates are designed to do?
    If even a fraction of commorragh is found all they have to do is keep breaching the portals til the whole race is boned.
    >> Iron Lung 02/13/12(Mon)22:18 No.17938154
    Smother the little bun with affection and attention, teach it the songs of yeast and oven and breadboard, the joys of providing and enjoying and seeing others made content.
    Let Vect deal with _that_.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/12(Tue)04:17 No.17942326
         File: 1329211056.jpg-(360 KB, 1013x868, dark_eldar_reaver_by_beckjann-(...).jpg)
    360 KB

    Considering the Necrons codex states that without the C'tan (who created the Dolmen Gates), the Necrons can't build any more, and that they're connected to a separate section of the Webway that was sealed from the rest during the War in Heaven when the Necrons breached it, I'd say Commorragh is pretty safe from Necrons.

    Really, for a supposedly super-advanced race, the Necrons have shitty FTL travel. They don't really have an FTL system of their own, but have to use the Webway created by their enemies, with fewer portals and the Webway actively trying to kill them while they're in there. I liked it better when they had inertialess drives thta could transit between two points nearly instantaneously.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/12(Tue)07:13 No.17943671
    I'd love to see a write faggotry about that.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/12(Tue)10:37 No.17945285
    "A baker?"
    "Yes your lordship"
    "My daughter, the daughter of the ruler of all Commorragh, wants to be a baker."
    "I'm sorry your lordship, but she was terribly interested in my path, so at first I let her watch, then..."
    "Enough! You'll suffer for this."

    Vect gestures to his Incubus and the black warsuit cladded warrior advances on the baker brandishing his Punisher.
    The baker doesn't move a muscle.

    "You seem awfully calm for someone going to the knives."
    "If you may your lordship, I have done some research on you."

    Vect’s interest suddenly perks up.
    "And? What do the libraries of the craftworld say of me?"
    "That above all else, Asdrubael Vect, Leader of the Kabal of the Black Heart loves to see the bewildered faces of those who bear witness to his inane actions.”
    “Go on.”
    “Then I understood everything. You picked me, a baker to raise your daughter for no reason other than to watch me agonising over the reasoning behind that decision.”
    Vect slouches back into his chair with a look of disappointment on his face.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/12(Tue)10:39 No.17945296
         File: 1329233974.jpg-(85 KB, 440x580, AsdrubaelVect.jpg)
    85 KB
    “Though there are no thrilling adventures to be found on the Path of the Baker, your lordship can be assured that your daughter will be safe on this Path.”
    “Fine, I care not, make sure no one else knows of her story.”
    “Yes of course your lordship. Oh before you leave, she has prepared a present for you.”

    Vect raises one of his eyebrows as the baker hands him a box. He opens up and inside the lord of the Dark Eldar finds a chocolate hot cross bun. Although showing signs of being made from inexperienced hands it nevertheless glistered in a way that betrayed the loving effort of the maker.

    Also in the box is a note, it reads:
    “Dear Uncle Vect, thank you for all the presents you bring us, you are too kind! Although I’m not very good yet, please accept my token of appreciation. I wish you would visit more us often but Daddy said you are always busy with work. Please don’t overwork yourself and take care. ”

    Vect closes the box, gets up and heads for the door without a word. The expression on his face rather complex.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/12(Tue)10:41 No.17945306
         File: 1329234062.jpg-(255 KB, 1300x1600, exarch baker.jpg)
    255 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/14/12(Tue)10:44 No.17945326
    Grab my fusion gun that I kept from my days on the Path of the Fire Dragon (Khaine only knows how I lived through that) and immolate it, obviously.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/12(Tue)10:54 No.17945399
    The inertialess drives meant people had to come up with absurd reasons for them not already taking, say, a fuckhuge fleet to Mars and freeing the Void Dragon.
    >> Path of the Baker Not LongPoster... 02/14/12(Tue)10:55 No.17945412
    >I like this story! Here's a slightly darker take on things...

    Sometimes I feel like I'm cheating Elliel out of her inheritance. Here, she is the daughter of bakers, where in Comorragh, she would be a princess. Are Soril and I right to keep her ignorant of her heritage? Why should we --

    "Father! I called you ten minutes ago -- dinner's getting cold!"

    Dinnertime -- already? Khaine and Isha, where's the time gone? "The order from the Andosana family --"

    "Already taken care of. You were real quiet, and I thought you might have been asleep. I didn't feel like disturbing you."

    My little girl is responsible to a fault -- my bakery will be in good hands. I tease her, asking, "But you were okay with disturbing me now?"

    Elliel plants her hands on her hips. "Dinner's important -- and if you don't eat it fresh out of the oven, it doesn't taste so good." Her logic is flawless. I promise to be down momentarily.

    Of course, every time I see her, I know she's in the right place. She doesn't have to fear assassination or treason here; she can play with children her age without having to wonder if they are manipulating her, or if they are the "wrong sort" for her, or if she will have to kill them later; and, of course, she has a mother and father who love her wholeheartedly.

    The stories about Vect say that he is cruel and merciless, and I have no reason to doubt this; nevertheless, I wonder if, for just an instant, his heart warmed at the sight of his child. Why else would he send her to a bakery at the rim of the galaxy? She is strong, and fast, and courageous -- everything he could want in a successor.

    Unless Vect has further plans for Elliel...no. If, some day, he wishes her to know the truth, I will be honest, but Khaine help him if he tries to steal my daughter.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/12(Tue)11:42 No.17945856
    >> Anonymous 02/14/12(Tue)12:14 No.17946207

    To bounce off that, I like how the new dex says that Eldar and Dark Eldar are both very defensive about Crone Worlds and fight together when someone finds one. Along with the whole "Eldar are being idiots by not breeding, Dark Eldar have no 'dying race' issues" it builds an image of a darker, but equally valid culture instead of just a generic bad-guy culture.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/12(Tue)16:04 No.17948395
         File: 1329253446.jpg-(822 KB, 900x1800, Blackholeinabox.jpg)
    822 KB
    What are the fluff available on Vect? I know there's that short story called "The Torturer's Tale" are there any others?

    Vect is a troll according to canon huh?
    >> Anonymous 02/14/12(Tue)16:05 No.17948411
    DE codex

    he's getting old and bored
    >> Anonymous 02/14/12(Tue)16:07 No.17948430
    >the Necrons codex states that without the C'tan (who created the Dolmen Gates), the Necrons can't build any more

    Nowhere in the codex is it stated they can't make any more gates.
    >> Not LongPoster... 02/14/12(Tue)16:51 No.17948937
    I'm glad you like it (both my story and Anon's).

    I went back and forth on whether or not Elliel has two parents -- I settled on two, but I wrote the story out of order (some parts before I made that decision), so the tone doesn't reflect that all the time (e.g. "my daughter" vs. "our daughter").

    Story ideas rattling around in my head:

    Elliel comes home in tears; her classmates made fun of her for her reduced psychic potential (she has trouble operating psycho-reactive machinery and exhibits no active abilities of any kind), culminating in a game of keep-away where three telekinetic individuals dangled her belongings just out of reach. They also accused her of being soulless. Soril gives her a psychic hug (as well as a physical one); that Elliel feels it is proof that her psychic abilities are present, just in need of training. (A note: Elliel's reduced psychic abilities will lead to her being physically more capable than her peers. Might be useful later.)

    Elliel tries to use her parents' Big Oven; it requires a far more nuanced touch than hers, and as soon as she manages to activate it (after great effort), her sudden exultation causes it to vaporize her bread, making a big, smoky mess.

    Final note: is the Thirst hereditary? I could write a whole book about Elliel discovering that her soul is being drained away while she lives, and having to deal with that -- preferably in a different way than her parents...
    >> Anonymous 02/14/12(Tue)16:54 No.17948987
    With the soulstones the thirst stop.
    And go fucking on.
    Disregard fluff if you want, after all is 40k.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/12(Tue)17:03 No.17949121
    This, it actually say that the Burning One taught them how to breach the webway, there's nothing saying they forgot how.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/12(Tue)17:06 No.17949140
    the Thirs is something that happens to all Eldar who don't have a way of keeping their souls together. A Soulstone basically is a way for the Thirst to feed on itself, but it also has implications...
    >> Anonymous 02/14/12(Tue)17:07 No.17949163
    > They don't really have an FTL system of their own

    Inertialess Drives remain canon until BFG is updated to remove them or a book directly contradicts their existence. FTL can be slow by comparison to other FTL, you know.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/12(Tue)17:07 No.17949167
    Isn't it the paths that stop the thirst? Spirit Stones just act as a soul trap on death.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/12(Tue)17:29 No.17949458
    I think the paths might just be there to keep Eldar focused, as they don't want to repeat the fall. Idleness leads to heresy, etc.
    >> Not LongPoster... 02/14/12(Tue)21:09 No.17952574
    Hmmkay. How's this for a plan?

    Elliel's spirit stone gets taken and hidden. She decides to show everyone how independent she is (well, it's really to prove it to herself) by tracking down the thief and dealing with them personally, rather than going to her parents or teachers. As she's sleuthing around, meals don't quite satisfy her appetite, she starts getting little aches and pains, her temper gets shorter, she loses sleep, etc. Eventually, she corners Forenhuir, one of her frequent tormentors (one who had called her "soulless" before) and confronts her; when she pleads ignorance of the theft, Elliel doesn't take it, and pounds the stuffing out of her. It feels really, really good; the pit in her stomach feels full, the aching goes away, she feels rested, and her mood is lifted. At this point, she notices that Forenhuir is out cold, and she's got her hands around her throat; she is horrified, and rushes (with Forenhuir) to a hospital. The hospital contacts her parents, and she explains matters to them, and they, in turn, explain matters to her (though they leave Vect out...for now).
    >> Not LongPoster... 02/14/12(Tue)21:33 No.17952940
    I'm not quite sure where to take matters next, but some things that will happen:

    * Mood swings and soul pains for Elliel as the "high" from hurting Forenhuir wears off (which complicates matters, as it leaves her lacking vitality, and swinging between wanting to go full Dark Eldar and put the hurt on the repressed weaklings around her, and hating herself for having those urges)
    * Communal strife -- nobody wants to associate with the Dark Eldar spawn, or her family.
    * The thief of the spirit stone...it might be an agent of Vect, as he's hoping to mold her into his successor (or an adversary, so she can entertain him a little), or it could be someone, maybe Malys, who wants to hurt Vect through his daughter, and/or prove that the Thirst was inescapable, even by one raised away from Commorragh. If the latter, Forenhuir will defend Elliel, stating that when Elliel had the chance to kill her, she didn't. Not sure how convincing this will be to whoever hears.
    * I'm not sure what to do about Elliel's Thirst. Possibly send her on a quest to get her spirit stone back from whoever swiped it (if it's been protecting the part of her that's been draining away over the course of her life, she needs to get it back to be fully complete; on the other hand, if it's just been plugging the "leak," any spirit stone will do). Possibly put her through detox of the soul to flush the Slaaneshi taint from her system -- could lead to all sorts of spirit-world shenanigans. Other proto-ideas are bouncing around in my head, but they aren't formed enough to articulate.
    >> Not LongPoster... 02/15/12(Wed)00:33 No.17955289
    One last bump before bedtime...

    >Vertical vvernet
    Sounds totally radical, Captcha.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)02:06 No.17956420
    The Dolmen gates as the only FTL thing seems tacked on, the only reference it is in one other story and never mentioned again.
    Literally the rest of the codex has all sorts of FTL without the warp or webway (worm holes, teleportation, tombships being spontaniously created randomly flying anywhere in the galaxy, and pocket dimension hoping allowing flayed ones to be anywhere at any time).

    I see the advantage of having webway travel because they needed to smoke out the old ones and now they can prevent the eldar from jumping around and fucking their shit.

    As for the Dolmen gates. the way its written makes me think that the burning one showed them how to make them and they made them (nothing is stopping them from making more). Dark Eldar are legitimately boned if they stumble upon them while smashing their way through the webway.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)04:01 No.17957375
         File: 1329296497.png-(169 KB, 500x700, Lofn_Handshake.png)
    169 KB
    >I could write a whole book about Elliel discovering that her soul is being drained away while she lives, and having to deal with that -- preferably in a different way than her parents...
    I dig existential crisis stories like that, doubly so when it involves little girls. Actually come to think of it, if the story takes place in Ulthwé we could have Elliel and Lofn meet up and become profoundly attached to each other due to their shared experiences as outcasts. Then when Elliel snaps after finding out about her true origin and goes missing Lofn would chase after her all the way to Commorragh to Malys court where she pleads for her friend to come back.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)06:23 No.17958417
         File: 1329305009.jpg-(1.21 MB, 1920x1200, 1278836484922.jpg)
    1.21 MB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)06:46 No.17958560
    personally i want a noblebrite approach
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)07:06 No.17958675
         File: 1329307606.jpg-(2.08 MB, 1280x1039, 1298696046402.jpg)
    2.08 MB
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)08:35 No.17959251
    best. thread. ever.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)08:55 No.17959378

    I could've sworn that it's mentioned that there are only limited amount of the gates (both in the blurp talking about them and in the article about that one Dynasty that got most of its holdings destroyed by 'Nids and only has few gates remaining). However, I don't own the codex, and have only read it when I borrowed my friend's copy, so I could be misremembering it.

    I am certain that it mentions the Necron gates connect to a smaller, sealed off section of the Webway, though. On one hand, this would mean they can move around without even the Eldar being able to intercept the, but on the other hand it would limit the coverage of the gate network (which could validate the older fluff about them using inertialess FTL. Perhpas they gate to the general location and then use the inertialess drive to close the remaining distance) and prevent them from attacking the Eldar/Deldar through the Webway.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)09:02 No.17959416
    >Elliel and Lofn
    This calls for delicious little eldar girl lesbian sex scene where Elliel, unable to control her urges anymore (common, what else do DE do other than torture) forces herself on Lofn. Afterwards she calms down, realizes what she's done to her friend and falls into despair.
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 02/15/12(Wed)09:09 No.17959464
    /tg/ seem to love inter-race parenting.
    >to Malys court where she pleads for her friend to come back.
    Watched by her father and his three friends all the way there. Ready to intervene at any sign of danger.
    What a nice use of Assassinorum resources.
    >> Not LongPoster... 02/15/12(Wed)12:50 No.17961069
    The problem that I have with an epic tale is that it gets away from the concept that attracted me in the first place -- namely, the incongruity of having the daughter of one of the most ruthless bastards in the galaxy, heir apparent to the throne of Commorragh, being brought up in a loving family setting where all she stands to inherit is her parents' bakery.

    Another idea for a short story: Some rival of Vect (Lady Malys?) has learned of Elliel's existence. Her agents investigate the area where she believes Vect dropped off the infant, and along the way, they become customers at Elliel's parents' bakery. Elliel interacts with them extensively (taking/serving their order, small talk, etc.), but it never crosses their mind that she could be the daughter of Vect (too sunny). Eventually, they end up picking the wrong target (somebody plotting to make Elliel's day miserable, perhaps) and in their attempt on their target, they earn the enmity of the Eldar community where Elliel lives (I had thought to have Elliel live on Lida or some other Exodite World, but a Craftworld would also do), bringing retribution on their Kabal thanks to the Farseers of the community. Final scene: Vect (and possibly Eldrad) smirks and whispers "Just as planned."

    Another idea: basically Inspector Clouseau, but with Elliel as an inadvertent wrench in the works for some Dark Eldar plans that involve her community -- and, of course, being the daughter of Vect, they assume that it's all part of her master plan, when in fact she has no idea of the intrigue swirling around her (until later in the story, perhaps).

    Yet another idea -- not sure where to go with this -- but maybe friendship or other close personal connections with others helps stave off the Thirst; the more you reach out to others, the more difficult it is for something else to take your soul away?

    >My Little Dark Eldar, Friendship is Soul Protection?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)12:54 No.17961110
    There was a whole book where one of the Striking Scorpion who didnt talk ended up being a Dark Eldar who came to his sences although his orgins had to remain a secret.
    >> Not LongPoster... 02/15/12(Wed)12:56 No.17961130
    "Path of the Warrior", I think. I keep hearing about this Dark Eldar, but I never hear what happens to him!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)13:13 No.17961265
         File: 1329329591.jpg-(138 KB, 600x968, 2389534267.jpg)
    138 KB

    I have not read the Eldar books so I may be mistaken, but these story ideas would work better in a human society. As far as I know the eldar do as much as they can to keep control over their emotions, even the children.

    Also, pic related

    >mite b cool
    >> Iron Lung 02/15/12(Wed)16:50 No.17963806
    >> Not LongPoster... 02/15/12(Wed)18:37 No.17965221
    One idea rattling around in my head is that Elliel got left on an Exodite world; they seem to be a little more laid-back than the Craftworlders (frontiersy, perhaps?).
    >> Iron Lung 02/15/12(Wed)18:44 No.17965315
    I think the contrast is supposed to be that there's less temptation to go DEldar when you've got chores to do.
    Can't be a total wanker when you're not completely post-scarcity, or some such.
    >> Not LongPoster... 02/15/12(Wed)19:02 No.17965534
         File: 1329350529.jpg-(1.09 MB, 2000x1076, Exodites are cowboys.jpg)
    1.09 MB
    That's what I mean -- they're frontier settlers IN SPACE! It seems more reasonable for them to have a bakery than a Craftworld (making bread is easy to automate, and enjoying your work and meals too much leads to Slaanesh).

    Plus, Exodites are ten kinds of frontiersy badass. Pic related.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:08 No.17965628
    what the fuck is happening in this picture?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:11 No.17965673
    /d/. /d/ is happening in that picture.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:01 No.17966359
    still can't figure it out
    >> Iron Lung 02/15/12(Wed)20:02 No.17966381
    I think that's Taldeer reincarnating out of her Wraithlord frame.
    I'm not sure about the sword-crotch move though.

    Well, judging from the two Path Of X books, it seems like the Eldar really like whatever path their on to the point of abstaining from automation.
    So cranking out bread probably comes in second to just making it by hand because HOMEMADE BREAD IS OMGOODwarglebardgleaslkdjalf
    And it's the very fact of having that focus that keeps Slaanesh at bay.
    I mean, the Eldar are kinda weird like that. Emotional and psychically intense minds that FIXATE on experiences and are kept safe in that fixation. Exodites are probably a bit more mild because they've got more to do and the variety keeps them from fixating quite as intensely while they lack the materials to really go crazy.
    Add all that together and you get a baker who can perceive fractions of degrees of difference in oven tempature, can taste individual components in a given piece of food, and who probably can tell what the material composition is of an oven based on how it cooks the food.
    I can't really remember quite what my point was, except that now I theorize that Taldeer must've fucked like a starving Tiger, and that it's a good thing LIIVI was greatly persistent and took very specific direction well.
    Over all it's kinda of odd: Eldar don't worry about materials, but also supply millions upon millions of their number with handmade goods -so like %20 of a given population must specialize in making comestables. Hmm?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:09 No.17966490


    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:11 No.17966509
    A bonesinger is simply having BDSM action with a female wraithlord. The big thing is just a growing wraithbone "antler".

    Nothing related to LCB.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:28 No.17966760
    >> Not LongPoster... 02/15/12(Wed)20:42 No.17967015
    But...dinosaurs! Sniper showdown at the O.K.-fylylindyl Corral!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:43 No.17967042
    They'd get the kid a spirit stone, and then the entire craftworld would freak the fuck out that the Dark Eldar managed to sneak into craftworld unnoticed.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:47 No.17967117
    you argument has two flaws
    1)He's Vect, the motherfucker who gifts blackholes.
    2)Is 40k canon.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:47 No.17967124
    The "Path of the Baker" is an Aspect of the Path of the Artisan/Artist.

    Focusing on the creative part of their personality, they're enjoying cooking the most interesting baked products they can.
    It's not because home made bread is good, although it is, but because it's a piece of artwork made by an artist, and it is enjoyed by the eating.

    One trapped in the path of the artist, specialising in making baked goods, while not as militarily useful as one who specialised in making starships or tanks (like the Bonesigners are), but they would be masters of the culinary art, capable of making pastries that seem to glow like sunlight, are so light they seem like they're floating in the air.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:50 No.17967184
         File: 1329357011.gif-(551 KB, 416x234, horsebath_adventure_time.gif)
    551 KB

    Doesn't Lofn have a calming aura surrounding her that makes other beings incapable of violence?
    >> Hank Pym !!A0/lWspso1i 02/15/12(Wed)20:51 No.17967220
    >and then the entire craftworld would freak the fuck out that the Dark Eldar managed to sneak into craftworld unnoticed.
    You mean like when that Succubus literally walked right into an Autarch's office, slit his throat with a glass, and escaped?
    Craftworld security is surprisingly lax.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:55 No.17967278

    If I recall correctly the Dark Eldar and the Eldar don't necessarily hate each other with a burning passion, they just disagree with one another but are smart enough to know that since they are a dieing race fighting over opinions won't solve anything.

    Hell, Harlequins freely move between both Dark Eldar and Eldar Craftworlds if I remember right.
    >> Iron Lung 02/15/12(Wed)21:01 No.17967385
    and about a zillion more examples.
    As a species they'll cooperate with regard to threats on that magnitude, otherwise the DE consider CWE particularly delicious things to murder and mutilate.
    Someone around here probably has the DE codex scan about an Exodite colony managing to repel a DE raid only to all die simultaneously as a Humunculus poisons the planet's Maiden World Brain/spirit/thing.
    The IoM likes to wave it's Exterminatus Dick around, but only the DE have managed to stab a planet to death with a poison knife.
    >> Not LongPoster... 02/15/12(Wed)23:51 No.17970372
    God-Emprah above, /tg/ is blazing fast -- only 3 hours to drop all the way to Page 12? One last bump before bedtime.

    >Thy mmundsc
    My what?
    >> Hank Pym !!A0/lWspso1i 02/15/12(Wed)23:56 No.17970455
    >Someone around here probably has the DE codex scan about an Exodite colony managing to repel a DE raid only to all die simultaneously as a Humunculus poisons the planet's Maiden World Brain/spirit/thing.
    I think that that was Planetstrike or planetary empires.
    >> Iron Lung 02/15/12(Wed)23:57 No.17970472
    Right, check, whatever.
    Still fucked up. Brrrrr.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)00:56 No.17971275
    >A Pyrrhic Victory (801.M41)

    >The Viridian Knights, an elite force of Exodite dragon riders, repel the invading Dark Eldar from the lush valleys of their home world Ishareq. Alas, they are too late to prevent a cabal of Dark Eldar Haemonculi from poisoning the planet's World Spirit. One by one, every living Eldar upon Ishareq simply lies down and dies.

    Brr indeed.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)03:31 No.17972795
    >Doesn't Lofn have a calming aura surrounding her that makes other beings incapable of violence?

    Hmm I like it. So when Elliel suffers the effect of The Thirst and starts having malicious thoughts in her head she would run to Lofn and Lofn's presence would make her feel at ease?

    You are now imagining Elliel sneaking into Lofn's room after dark, blushing furiously and asking if she could sleep here with her tonight.

    Then later in the night, they start [whycanttghavespoilers]rubbing each others ears [/spoiler]
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)04:44 No.17973187

    She was supposed to be a part of a diplomatic meeting, so it wasn't like she just walked in without anybody noticing. The bigger question is how the Eldar didn't consider that even unarmed, a Dark Eldar wytch can still kill you in about a hundred different ways. The autarch was lucky to just get his throat slashed open with a broken vase.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)05:20 No.17973376
         File: 1329387621.jpg-(108 KB, 300x438, Tahril.jpg)
    108 KB
    It's me Archon Tahril.

    I'm here to remind you of the blood feud between the Craftworlders and their superior Dark Eldar kin.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)09:09 No.17974841
    Go back to being a failure Tahril
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)12:38 No.17976449
    >M...my ears are moving on their own!

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