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  • File: 1329361979.jpg-(226 KB, 1024x768, 1230269903_1024x768_dreamy-city-landscap(...).jpg)
    226 KB Civ Thread Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/15/12(Wed)22:12 No.17968729  
    Your group of 30 has been banished from your homeland of Zetharn on counts of rebellion. You and your people are told never to return.
    What is your race?

    -Force start in Mountains
    -Unable to use magic
    -Bonus to Architecture

    -Force start in forest
    -Able to use magic
    -Penalty to weaponry

    -Able to use magic
    -Penalty to weaponry
    -Can start anywhere

    -Start with improved Technology
    -Penalty to magic
    -Can start anywhere

    Lizard Folk:
    -Stronger starting weaponry
    -Unable to use magic
    -Can start anywhere except forest

    First 5 votes win.
    Locations will be posted after race is chosen.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:13 No.17968742
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:14 No.17968753
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:15 No.17968782
    all hail the lizard empire!

    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:16 No.17968787
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:17 No.17968804
    vanilla Humans
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:18 No.17968827
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:19 No.17968839
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:19 No.17968840
    same anon?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:19 No.17968849
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:22 No.17968883
         File: 1329362537.jpg-(275 KB, 400x530, Liza1.jpg)
    275 KB
    Voting lizard folk
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/15/12(Wed)22:23 No.17968909
    4 for Lizard Folk
    3 for Dwarves
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:24 No.17968924
    Was just goin to moniter but whatever
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:25 No.17968933
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:25 No.17968935
    The Lizardman regime shall reign supreme!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:26 No.17968964

    I say we genocide the dwarves.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:27 No.17968981
    Genocide the dwarves and take over their superior starting architecture due to our superior weapons?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:29 No.17969010

    Why don't we save the Dwarves for second that way they have time to build up some better buildings for us to steal?!

    In the meantime we can't raid some human scum!
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/15/12(Wed)22:29 No.17969014
         File: 1329362954.jpg-(83 KB, 559x700, Lizard Folk win.jpg)
    83 KB
    Lizard Folk win

    Where has your group of Lizardmen been banished to?

    A. Plains:
    -Bonus to food
    -Penalty to defence

    B. Near River:
    -Bonus to food
    -Penalty to architecture

    C. Mountains:
    -Bonus to defense
    - Penalty to Food

    D. Forest:
    -Bonus to food
    -Penalty to technology
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:30 No.17969035

    Kill the elves or gnomes first. Letting magic users grow and get more powerful is a recipe for disaster if we can't counter with our own magic
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:30 No.17969039


    Offense is the best Defense anyways!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:31 No.17969056

    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:31 No.17969060

    I second my kinsman's motion!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:31 No.17969062

    River, grow our numbers faster and we can use portable housing
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:33 No.17969081
    I'm going to have to agree with this dude here. Magic can get bad really fast if we let them prosper.

    I say we start in Plains, because food means more people. Quantity has a quality of its own.

    Also, we burn down nearby forests due to them not letting us start there, and because of elves.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/15/12(Wed)22:33 No.17969092
    Just a heads up

    I count all posts (or at least most of them) as ideas put forth from The Council (You guys)

    Most of what you say/post will be effecting the game
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:34 No.17969095
    Rivers is good, I change my vote from plains to rivers.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:34 No.17969099
    Plains! Let's go nomadic.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:37 No.17969146
    Rivers let's us be nomadic without a penalty to defense however, only architecture and if we steal dwarven architecture...
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:37 No.17969149
    Plains. We need to ramp up our warmachine if we're going to genocide the magic users.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:38 No.17969167

    Actually you're right... boat people perhaps? Wandering the river systems? Sounds awesome.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/15/12(Wed)22:39 No.17969184
    Plains: 1
    Mountains: 1
    River: 3 (4?)
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/15/12(Wed)22:39 No.17969197

    Namefagging myself
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:40 No.17969221
    Let's go for rivers! We're reptiles, water is always good for chilling out in.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:41 No.17969222
    Very well, if my brethren wish it I shall surrender to the idea to settle the Rivers!
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/15/12(Wed)22:41 No.17969228

    Lizardfolk river pirates? Fuck yes
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/15/12(Wed)22:42 No.17969246
    Council Member (Big Fat) Zergling!

    River Wins

    Starting Paint map
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)22:43 No.17969266

    OOC: Would you like us to make names to know who is who?
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/15/12(Wed)22:46 No.17969313
    It's up to you

    It would help to prevent cheating though
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/15/12(Wed)22:49 No.17969369

    My namefag
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/15/12(Wed)23:00 No.17969556
         File: 1329364858.png-(13 KB, 800x600, Liz1.png)
    13 KB
    After Weeks of traveling you band of Banish-ies have found a suitable home away from the empirical tyrants that are the other Lizard Folk. You have set up rudimentary mud dens near the bank of a river. No one in your group actually know where the river is coming from. Your counsel is deciding on your next move.

    Population: 30
    Food: Moderate- Fish Diving
    Architecture: Very poor- Mud dens
    Weapons: Average- Claws and basic spears
    Tech: Poor
    Defenses: none

    What is shown is what you know of about your environment. The red is Zetharn, your home city.

    What do you do next?
    A. Improve
    1. Tech
    2. Weaponry
    3. Architecture
    B. Explore
    1. North
    2. East
    3. South
    4. West
    C. Look for source of River
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/15/12(Wed)23:02 No.17969586
    If you'd like a better map, feel free to make one. My paint skills are about as good as your mud huts, if that tells you anything about either of them.
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/15/12(Wed)23:03 No.17969599

    Send a scout group to see if they can find the river source. I'd hate form us to be camping downstream from some filthy human settlement
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)23:04 No.17969610
    Improve tech.

    >> Tooth Chewer 02/15/12(Wed)23:04 No.17969611
    C, keep wandering. Find an ocean, you can do alotta good shit with a beach.
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/15/12(Wed)23:06 No.17969620
    Zetharn has fallen to the hands of vile rebels who make themselves out as kings! For now I believe it is best to sharpen our claws and strength our weapons in the case of patrols that may come from our once beloved City-State!

    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)23:06 No.17969628
    If we look for the source of the river, that will probably lead us to a mountain...

    Our weapons are fine for now, our food is fine for now, but knowledge is indispensable, so I say we explore. Since we want to get further away from Zetharn, cause fuck those guys, I say we explore south, following the river.

    Question, are we down stream or up stream from Zetharn?
    >> Red Hardscales 02/15/12(Wed)23:08 No.17969664
    I vote for exploration. Better to know some of the layout. The river was nice because we got some defense, so improving architecture (assuming architecture = defense) would be a poor choice right now. If we know the layout of the land, we can plan our assault on those blasted pointy ears faster.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/15/12(Wed)23:09 No.17969680
    You are downstream. And for the sake of simplicity south is unexplorable.

    The source is North
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)23:10 No.17969696
    just wondering about physiology of the lizards (particularly how diseases and pests affect us) also c. find the source
    >> Red Hardscales 02/15/12(Wed)23:11 No.17969699
    If we are downstream, that means the river source would be upstream, near our enemies. I vote staying away from them, for now at least.

    Ruling out C, I say explore to the West for now.
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/15/12(Wed)23:11 No.17969708

    Alright, let's explore northwest along the river
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/15/12(Wed)23:15 No.17969764
    Yeah, explore west sounds good, what with new things in light.
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/15/12(Wed)23:15 No.17969779

    Very well, I am willing to postpone improvement of weapons to go scout west of these lands.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)23:16 No.17969790
    Fair enough. Which side of the river are we on, or does that not matter? If it matters, explore the side of the river we're on, if it doesn't then east.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)23:18 No.17969822
    Being downstream, I predict some problems with trash and dirty water, unless the source makes it to where we're both downstream. A mountain between us maybe? If it is indeed a mountain, or perhaps several, that means there may be a desert nearby due to the cloud formations...
    >> KeKeKeKeKe 02/15/12(Wed)23:19 No.17969827
    I say we explore downstream. All rivers flow to bigger water.
    >> Red Hardscales 02/15/12(Wed)23:20 No.17969840

    Not sure how diseases will affect us, but since we have scales, we have natural armor. So if we improve our technology, we can focus less on armor and more on weapons to smite those damn pointy ears.
    >> KeKeKeKeKe 02/15/12(Wed)23:26 No.17969950
    May I make a minor suggestion? You should give us a minimal view of the land based on the path we took from our home city to where we are now.
    >> Horned Lizard 02/15/12(Wed)23:28 No.17969975
    KeKeKeKeKe here. Gonna change my name to "Horned Lizard." Why? Because I want us to be able to shoot blood from our eyes in defense.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/15/12(Wed)23:35 No.17970098
         File: 1329366923.png-(18 KB, 800x600, Liz2.png)
    18 KB
    Population: 30
    Food: Moderate- Fish Diving
    Architecture: Very poor- Mud dens
    Weapons: Average- Claws and basic spears
    Tech: Poor
    Defenses: none

    I’m assuming the general consensus is “Find the source” With some disagreements from part of the council.
    Also from now on try be more specific in your votes, not actually a big problem.

    The council has deemed it important to find the source of the river which provides your current food source. A scouting group of 5 is sent armed with spears along the river North West. They find an incredibly large body of water. None have seen anything quite like it, Not that’s saying much. Most of your little tribe had never gone outside of Zetharn. What is your next move?

    A. Improve
    1. Tech
    2. Weaponry
    3. Architecture
    B. Explore
    1. North
    2. East
    3. South
    4. West
    C. Input answer

    My apologies, internet died.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/15/12(Wed)23:35 No.17970100
    I do wonder how we got to this spot. What crazy shit happened in between?

    What the hell did we walk over?
    >> Horned Lizard 02/15/12(Wed)23:37 No.17970121
    Well, is the source fresh water or not? Further inland or not?
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/15/12(Wed)23:37 No.17970129
    B, Explore, but in two directions.

    Send out two parties to check out the rest of our sweet ass lake. This is now Lizard-Lake.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)23:37 No.17970130
         File: 1329367074.gif-(8 KB, 188x240, 31edd966a6e3ff8680df3ce9c4baf1(...).gif)
    8 KB
    Much as I should like to have joined this, its late for me and I'm not going to. However, OP, I can see you getting a benefit from using the Haunted, Sinister and Terrifying dynamics the next time you play this thread game. If you're unfamiliar, consult Dwarf Fortress.

    Pip Pip, carry on.
    >> Red Hardscales 02/15/12(Wed)23:38 No.17970136
    Can we get an exact understanding what improving certain things will grant us? At first I thought tech was weaponry, but now it appears as it's something different.

    But that being said, a big area of water. We could probably explore it underwater keeping us out of harms reach of any land walkers that may spot us from the shores. But before that I vote

    A2 - Let's get our claws doing some more umph.

    On a side note, we need a name for our clan.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/15/12(Wed)23:40 No.17970179
    Extremely resistant to disease. But even with that if your living in complete waste, Someones going to come down with Something.

    You were blindfolded and forced to march. You know the general direction you came from, but not much else. I'll give you a general area of where they left you to die though.
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/15/12(Wed)23:41 No.17970200

    I assume we weren't keeping track of how we got here and we just know we went southeast of Zetharn.


    C) Start settling down for the long haul. Constantly have hunting/foraging groups roaming within about a day's travel to supplement our food supply and keep the area well scouted.
    >> Scarred Scaleseer 02/15/12(Wed)23:42 No.17970218
    No idea, but I guess it was more pressing concerns than paying attention. For now... We need a more effective way to catch fish. While spearing and diving do us good for now, perhaps there are other methods? I say an investment in technology may be a good next method, or general investment in technology as is.

    (Trip because everyone else has, I'm the guy who talked about stealing dwarven architecture and burning elven forests)
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/15/12(Wed)23:46 No.17970296

    Sharpen the claw, strengthen the stick!
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/15/12(Wed)23:49 No.17970352
    B: Explore the lake! It could be a holy site for our scaled gods! If so, they would bless us with their magic! Our people need magic!
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/15/12(Wed)23:50 No.17970365
         File: 1329367852.png-(33 KB, 800x600, Liz3.png)
    33 KB
    Update map
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/15/12(Wed)23:52 No.17970383

    Bah! Magic is the tool of smooth skins; our gods deny us such abilities for a reason! We need better tools then we may search these new waters...
    >> Horned Lizard 02/15/12(Wed)23:53 No.17970407
    I'd still like to know whether the water is fresh or salt.
    >> Red Hardscales 02/15/12(Wed)23:53 No.17970415
    Agreed. We don't know how big this lake is. I would rather have our search party able to defend itself well in case they get ambushed and we can't reach them in a timely manner.
    >> Scarred Scaleseer 02/15/12(Wed)23:54 No.17970416
    Agreed, magic leads to nothing but trouble. And scars, painful, painful scars.

    Still standing with the technology quote.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)23:56 No.17970458
    You dare compare the winged snake gods to the smooth skins' false gods? The blessings of our gods will ensure fertility in our women and abundance of fish; spurn them and the the rivers and our hatcheries will run dry!
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/15/12(Wed)23:57 No.17970462
    Hmmmms, I likes this ground. We should put our backs to those mountains. Only Big slow Dorfs use mountains, safe place to put huts.
    >> Red Hardscales 02/15/12(Wed)23:57 No.17970473
    Now are you saying this because you want to try to get more people? I'm assuming lizardfolk are strong in numbers then? If so, then we should get more food.

    But I think securing our food source with stronger defenses would be better first. We have a moderate food supply - I'm guessing that should be enough for a population of 30.
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/15/12(Wed)23:58 No.17970487

    That makes me think: What's our gender distribution? How quickly do we reproduce? How long does it take our eggs to hatch? How long until our young grow to adulthood?
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/15/12(Wed)23:59 No.17970495
    What feeble mouth is this?

    Our gods do not bless, they only curse.
    They do not shelter, they only sharpen.
    Until we have fitting sacrifices, we should not disturb them.
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)00:03 No.17970561
    I do no such thing! Our gods glorify our independence from the arcane arts while the little gods of the smooth skins must "gift" their own crippled creations with such constant acts.


    We outnumber all who oppose AND can tear apart a smooth skin without effort; do not belittle our glorious creator by making such claims!
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)00:04 No.17970581
    We need to spawn more lizards.
    >> Red Hardscales 02/16/12(Thu)00:05 No.17970588
    Notice, I was trying to confirm our usual fighting style. Are a few lizardfolk enough to take down massive armies, or do we need to have numbers in order to do anything?

    Either way, I still believe that we need to make our weapons better before we do anything else.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)00:06 No.17970594
    Bah! We are born of the gods themselves! You count our very existence a curse? Such pessimism does not belong on the council!

    We need more warriors to take revenge on our hated Zetharn brothers! They will pay for this injustice!

    Arcane? I spit on the word. You fool, I speak of the magic of our gods!
    >> Red Hardscales 02/16/12(Thu)00:09 No.17970641
    Yeah, we could use some more people to get revenge. But think. We could have 700 warrior for all I care. But they all will be equipped with sticks and our claws. Assuming by civilization that means they have strong defenses, we aren't going to do much by just sheer numbers right now.

    So therefore, I say let's make our weapons better. We can defend ourselves better. And we could expand our weapons to battleships to control the river, which could double as fishing vessels when they are off patrol duty.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)00:10 No.17970643

    Our existence is no curse, but our gods made us strong, to be worthy of their image.

    To go bowing and scraping at their heels is to invoke their wrath. We must be worthy of their attention before we seek it.

    And is not all magic Arcane? Our people do not use such tricks. Scaleseer, what do you know of these things?

    This councilmember still thinks it best to Explore this lake, see what obstacles may surround it.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)00:10 No.17970649
         File: 1329369037.png-(51 KB, 800x600, Liz3.png)
    51 KB

    You decide to divide the attention of your tribe

    First two parties of 5 are sent to explore the boundaries of what you can now assume is a lake.

    The western group finds a narrow part of the river to cross. One of the scouts fall in and begins to be swept downstream. That is when he discovers he a decent swimmer. He informs the scouting group, but the don't take much interest. Across the river they are greeted by a dense forest, but are unwilling to delve very far inward. The place is just downright unnerving.

    The Northern finds evidence of another civilization. Well, twig huts along the lake side, They were long abandoned. Some from the Northern team say they saw something far out onto the lake. Unsure of what.

    While your scouts are at work your tribe get to work on ways of defending yourself. Some from your tribe have been experimenting with making new spears from the shells on the shore. Not many satisfactory results.

    A. Improve
    1. Tech
    2. Weaponry
    3. Architecture
    B. Explore
    1. North
    2. East
    3. South
    4. West
    C. Special
    1. Explore forest
    2. Send swimmer into lake
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)00:10 No.17970650

    Stupid quick reply not saving my name.

    Anyway, we should decide on WHY we were banished in the first place. Assuming it's our choice to make that is.
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)00:11 No.17970661

    As always I am in agreement with Hardscales. We must improve our weapons so that our hatchlings can be born with greater tools of war. Let us build up our steel now, so that our future heirs may better drive them into our enemies hearts!
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)00:13 No.17970673



    That also means we need to know more about "standard" lizardfolk civilization
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)00:14 No.17970692
    I agree let us find what secrets the lake holds.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)00:14 No.17970698

    Quite a lake indeed.

    Good to know we can swim.

    We have some knowledge of our land, let's work on our technology. It's the first step to improving anything else.
    Voting: A1

    At the same time, can we send scouts to investigate those ruins, possibly figure out why they're abandoned?
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)00:15 No.17970709


    Bah...these shells are worthless! Perhaps this lake holds greater secrets for us to obtain.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)00:15 No.17970710

    Good call. Can we have a vote on this, or at least an idea why?
    >> Scarred Scaleseer 02/16/12(Thu)00:16 No.17970717

    I know very little, other than an attempt into it. Didn't go well, didn't really accomplish much, name kind of stuck though, thought it had a ring to it. The scars still burn some nights though...

    To reach a consensus, I'm willing to move my vote over to weapons. We're fine with food for now, but I still believe that advancement of technology will be a safer, and ultimately better method of advancement. Weapons bring us safety, food people and a future for our offspring, technology can provide however much. Better methods of cultivating food, better ways to make weapons, education goes a ways.
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)00:17 No.17970732

    OOC: OP's post says it was a successful rebellion that led to our exile. Apparently we were not part of the "In" crowd for the new regime
    >> Red Hardscales 02/16/12(Thu)00:17 No.17970733
    A3 - Improve Architecture - See if we can secure a route to the mountains to start getting rock supplies back to our village. That way we can improve our defenses, and as a plus we can get stone weapons.

    I notice that we are also near plains. As a side note, are there any big game in the plains area? If there is, we could hunt for food + hides to make some leather armor. More defense is always welcomed.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)00:17 No.17970737
    Zetharn was a corrupt city, almost all had completely forgotten "The Old Ways." Not many in your small tribe know what they were either, but this did not stop them from their attempt at overthrowing the city. This, as you can obviously tell did not fair well. With your few number and you lack of planning, your revolution was a bust.

    The average life of Lizard Folk is 40 years.
    Eggs can be lain and hatched within 2months.
    Maturity is reached is reached within 3 years.

    I'll be adding a speed up option to the choices, this will move the game a year in time. While it normally moves day-by-day.
    >> Red Hardscales 02/16/12(Thu)00:19 No.17970762

    I'm going to change my vote to C2. Seems like most people sense something useful could be in the lake, so let's check it out.
    >> Scarred Scaleseer 02/16/12(Thu)00:19 No.17970769

    C2 seems agreeable to me. Finding what is out in the lake could be beneficial, if only to learn to avoid it for future reference.
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)00:20 No.17970779

    OOC: Yeah but why were we rebelling? What were we disagreed upon? Conflicting religions? Oppression? Different claims to the throne? War protest (either of us, really)? Did we (or them) commit some atrocity that we just can't forgive? There's a ton of reasons.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)00:23 No.17970823
    Scaleseer speaks wisdom, I change my vote to A2
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)00:31 No.17970933
    Population: 29
    Food: High- Fish Diving, small Hunting
    Architecture: Very poor- Mud dens
    Weapons: Average- Claws and Stone Spears
    Tech: Poor
    Defenses: none

    The council decides to send Swimmer-of-Lake to see what the opposing scouting team mentioned. He has not reported back.

    While back at the village some of your clansmates have perfected your spears. Instead of using the fragile shells, rocks from the mountain range were sharpened and tied to old spear shafts, replacing your bone spears. While heavier, they can do a lot of damage, fish spearing is now common place for gathering food. Some of your tribe have been spearing small game near the forest edge, increasing you food stockpile.

    Your talk of gods and magic have intrigued your tribe. They want to learn more.

    A. Improve
    1. Tech
    2. Weaponry
    3. Architecture
    B. Explore
    1. North
    2. East
    3. South
    4. West
    C. Special
    1. Explore forest
    2. Speed up
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)00:33 No.17970960

    A1 + C1
    >> Red Hardscales 02/16/12(Thu)00:34 No.17970978
    A1 - Without a doubt, it's time to improve our technology. We seem to have a general understanding of the area, and it seems like it's pretty secure route to the mountains for stone supplies. Better spears also means we can defend that supply route a bit better.

    I'll leave the decision on what to research up to other people, but I believe we should try to research and establish better technology for our people.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)00:36 No.17971013
    What shall your people research?
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)00:36 No.17971014

    Our missing swimmer bodes ill. If indeed some malign force resides within the lake, we must bolster our defenses. Stone walls would be ideal, but a palisade and earthen wall around our perimeter will have to suffice until we find a source of stone. A watchtower couldn't hurt either.
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)00:37 No.17971022



    I oppose this action! (C1); forests are no place for lizards, at this vulnerable time we leave ourselves open to ambush in such places. No we must let the dark woods be for now, focus inwardly at improving our lot before more go out dying needlessly.
    >> Scarred Scaleseer 02/16/12(Thu)00:38 No.17971032
    I am, and always be, a proponent for the advancement of technology and education. With our improved spears, things should be fine for a while there. Better housing arrangements however should be our next goal. These mud dens, while nice, are lacking.

    Hm... What if we were to shape the mud into blocks, and then harden them somehow? Perhaps with heat?
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)00:39 No.17971048
    Varanus speaks true! The forest is not for our kind! And lest you forget, the scouts reported a feeling of foreboding at its edge! It's likely cursed!
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)00:40 No.17971062
    A1, we need to be stronger people, this is the gate to that end. Res

    As for our talk of the gods, it is all simple.

    Lizardfolk were created in the image of He Who Thirsts. He made us from the flesh and blood of gods he had defeated.

    He Who Thirsts led by strength and cunning. As such, we do the same. Our last chief had neither, and the people began to forget the old ways. Because of this he was killed. We who know how to follow the old ways were cast out, something that would not have happened when the old ways were followed.

    When the old ways were followed, we never would have survived.
    >> Red Hardscales 02/16/12(Thu)00:41 No.17971081
    While I agree something isn't right, at least our weapons are better, so if anything, we can fight if something is in that lake. For now, I say let's let i be. If anything it's a monster. It wont get THAT much more powerful than it currently is. Also, if the lake is it's domain, I doubt we need to worry much about it coming down the river.

    That being said, attempting to build mud bricks sounds like it could be useful. Scaledseer you seem like you know how to steer the direction of technology, so I'll support you since I have no idea where to start. - A1!
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)00:43 No.17971106

    The forest has game to catch and wood to use. So what if it's scary? We are not hatchlings with soft scales, barely able to eat on our own.

    That said, I'll agree to focus on technology instead. Perhaps we can try heating hunks of mud over a fire until they are hard and use those hunks to build sturdier shelters
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)00:44 No.17971126
    You malefolk are quick to attribute our creation to He Who Thirsts, but are quick to forget it was a twofold union! Our mother god, The Feathered Snake who resides within the Forbidden Mountain begat the first of our kind and tended our eggs! She is a vengeful goddess who even our scaled father fears! Spurning her will be our end, lest she emerge from the mountain to eat us alive!
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)00:46 No.17971148
    Perhaps...If we were to mix crushed shells and grass into the mud and then lay it out to harden in the sun they would be more solid?!
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)00:48 No.17971166
    True, true... perhaps we ought make her a shrine somewhere.

    He Who Thirsts wants action, not words, but Feathered Snake, like most women, enjoys hearing her name spoken aloud.
    >> Scarred Scaleseer 02/16/12(Thu)00:49 No.17971180

    You may be onto something. Having a malleable building material will benefit us greatly, offering wider options and choices of shelter and even defenses.
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)00:49 No.17971181

    Why wait on the sun? If we gather firewood from the forest we can make this hardened mud much faster and in much greater amounts
    >> Red Hardscales 02/16/12(Thu)00:51 No.17971206
    This makes sense, but the only forest I would agree to getting wood from would be the small copse of trees between us and the mountains. I vote for better armor, and weapons before we step into an unknown terrain that we have no idea how far it extends to.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)00:51 No.17971207
    We have a small grove on the mountain side of our lake, let us harvest from there. By the time that wood is gone we will be strong enough to stand against any woodland curse.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)00:51 No.17971211
    Population: 29
    Food: High- Fish Diving, small Hunting
    Architecture: poor-fair: Mud Brick dens
    Weapons: Average- Claws and Stone Spears
    Tech: Poor
    Defenses: Some-what hidden

    The council agrees improving your current standard of living has become top priority; you have a group of tribesman research on the subject. While not widely used amongst the tribe, fire is still known. Using the fires heat the mud is hardened. Not so much into perfect block, but it is very close. As is your peoples’ way, you dig burrows in the ground. Keeping the mud at bay with mud-brick walls.

    With the lack of a type of ceiling, many have moved their attentions to the night sky. Making patterns in the stars. The Feathered Snake, and He Who Thirsts have been found and many a are legend told.

    There are trails of smoke on the horizon, towards the North.

    A. Improve
    1. Tech
    2. Weaponry
    3. Architecture
    B. Explore
    1. North
    2. East
    3. South
    4. West
    C. Special
    1. Explore forest
    2. Speed up
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)00:52 No.17971218
    OOC: I want to address our species sexual dimorphism. Are we like most reptilian species where the females are larger than the males and thus stronger and to be feared? I'm not saying let's go balls out matriarchy, but what if the females are like the big bads, but they usually stick to the nests and protect the young on their own while the males go out and do the warrioring, scholar studies, and whatnot.
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)00:52 No.17971222
    Mayhaps we gather wood gifted to us from the great lake and running water that we find on the shore? We may even use dried water plants! Surely, that would be better than venturing into the forest!
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)00:53 No.17971229

    Agreed. Once we get ourselves built up a little better we should focus on reproduction
    >> Scarred Scaleseer 02/16/12(Thu)00:54 No.17971249

    I agree with Hardscales. I don't trust those forests, and am thankful they're on the other side of the river. If we do investigate, I suggest no less than a four kin group armed, with rations for a few days.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)00:55 No.17971262
    Some of the worse swimmers from your tribe have begun making small driftwood rafts. This has dramatically helped fishing. It's an improvement for even the better swimmers.

    Small Raft invented
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)00:56 No.17971267
    This councilmember thinks that we have good homes and solid spears. We should continue to explore our lake until we encircled the whole body.

    Looking to the stars is good. Perhaps we should use the darktime to tell the tales and history of our strong people, so that our younglings do not become weak and forgetful like our feeble kin of Zethran did.
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)00:58 No.17971288

    I propose a speed up (C2) with our focus remaining on bettering our technology. (A1)
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)00:58 No.17971296
    Oh no! I just had a thought! Floodplane! Are we in the floodplane?! Should the God(s?) grow displeased with us they may flood the great lake and the running water...our sunken homes will surely be a death sentence for many!
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)00:58 No.17971302
    Legends and Lore are up to the council entirely.

    Before the Zetharnian age, there were great tails of conquest however.

    Who's to be the Lore Master?
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)00:59 No.17971309
    These rafts are genius! We can use them in our voyages into the lake to ensure the return of our scouts.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)01:01 No.17971345

    Scaleseer is wise, and anything he says may be counted as wisdom.
    Coatlicue knows the women's ways.
    But Toothchewer? Toothchewer knows much and more of our old ways. You may trust Toothchewer to invest our younglings with the tales of our glory.
    >> Scarred Scaleseer 02/16/12(Thu)01:02 No.17971356

    This smoke... It is made by being, I am sure. Our scouts did find houses to the north of the lake, perhaps they are related? I vote for sending the darker of scale (sneakiest) of us to investigate, but to avoid detection.

    As for our other matters, these new rafts seem intriguing. Perhaps we could better scope out the middle of the lake with them, but for now I'm against this particular action however. We shouldn't mess with what is there yet.

    (OOC: As for the sexual dimorphism, doesn't bother me much. What you have proposed sounds fine to me so far.)
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)01:04 No.17971384

    Should our gods grow displeased with us we'll have more to worry about then some water. Better to serve them strong then try to hide from their wrath.
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)01:04 No.17971388
    A single Lore Master would be our downfall. Let us draw guidance from the conflict between our parent gods. Conflict between the sexes leads to strength in both. I propose a dual position between one of our malefolk and sistersnakes.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)01:05 No.17971405
    The Rafts are nowhere near sturdy enough to enter deep water. They are basically limber tied together with vines from the outskirts of the forest. Your Lzardkin lay across them while spearing fish.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)01:06 No.17971413
    A good idea, and one often used in the old days.
    One head male, one head female.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)01:07 No.17971426
    limbs of trees tied together with vines*
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)01:07 No.17971429
    (OOC: Are we able to intentionally develope abilities within our people? Like being able to squirt blood from the eyes, pull off limbs should they be grabbed and later regrow them, gills, etc.?)
    >> Red Hardscales 02/16/12(Thu)01:08 No.17971442
    I assume that most of our men can fight, but I believe we should build a superior strike force. Not everyone can excel at everything.

    I'm proposing that we have 3 or 4 men be solely military men devoted to defense of the village.

    As for other things, the rafts sound useful for exploring that lake. I still wouldn't suggest sending large parties out, out of fear of losing too many men.

    Also as for organization, I feel that we should have a homogenous group. That is, one gender isn't superior to the other. Everyone just needs to work together right now to support the best outcome for our tribe. We are vulnerable as is, so I'm proposing we organize and have everyone pretty much work at what they are good at. There is great wisdom in valuing both the book and the sword.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)01:09 No.17971470
    I'd like to give advice, instead of full out telling you.

    Pray to your Gods. With your devotion perhaps they will shape your people for the better.
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)01:12 No.17971506
    Our mud bricks are sturdy and and resilient. I am amazed that fire was able to change such a malleable material like mud into a hard and useful building material. I wonder what else we could put into a fire?

    Let's spear a fish and stick it into a fire. If it gets hard as well, perhaps it will not rot within a couple days and can be saved for days when we do not catch as many fish
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)01:12 No.17971510
    Scaleseer has swayed me. Our rafts are not yet ready for the lake and must be improved. A possible threat to the north should be investigated. If we are to exploit the mountains of their stone, we will need to know more of what resides among them.
    >> Scarred Scaleseer 02/16/12(Thu)01:13 No.17971528
    I still say we shouldn't ignore this smoke, it could lead to trouble, or perhaps potential gains. By sending the some of the darker of scale out to investigate without being caught gives us the advantage of knowing who else is amongst us.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)01:14 No.17971538
    Hmmmmsss, what else can we stick in the fire?

    What happens if we put rocks in the fire? Maybe they will get stronger like the mud did.
    >> Red Hardscales 02/16/12(Thu)01:15 No.17971554
    We have fire? We have mountains? Possible ore in the mountains? We may not be as great of smiths as the pointy ears or the stout-short legs, but we can make a fine weapon when needed.

    Also it seems as if the divine readings are telling us to pray to the gods. So Lore Master, let's do this praying stuff.
    >> Red Hardscales 02/16/12(Thu)01:16 No.17971588
    I agree. The smoke may be needed. Sadly, we don't know what's in the lake, so we can't use the lake as a vantage point. But we should send one of our darker kindred to investigate.

    It's going to take a shit load of heat to burn rocks. Not even worth the effort.
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)01:17 No.17971598
    Mayhaps we will find the speartips (if wood) hardening aswell? We may even have some other surprises (the stones the spear tips may be made of could be flammable) Gods willing.
    >> Scarred Scaleseer 02/16/12(Thu)01:17 No.17971604

    Fire is a wondrously destructive power that can be cultivated for both great advances, yet also great set backs. Much can be gained with fire, but also taken away. Handle with caution, for it is mischievous.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)01:18 No.17971607
    A consensus must be made.

    1. Do you send warriors/scouts to investigate the smoke from the north

    2. Do you send a party to explore the Forest of Fog? As your people have named it.

    3. Improve
    A. Tech
    B. Weaponry
    C. Architecture

    And in what way?
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)01:18 No.17971613
    While you menfolk discuss these matters, I will retreat with the sisters of the scale to appease the Feathered Snake. With her favor, perhaps our younglings will be born with blessings of her cold blood.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)01:19 No.17971642
    1, with the dark scales as another member suggested. This smoke is a sign and a gift, it should not be ignored.
    >> Red Hardscales 02/16/12(Thu)01:20 No.17971650
    1) - Send two scouts to investigate the smoke. Always send two. Both dark, and make sure both of our swiftess warriors. One slightly lags, therefore if the lead is killed, we can still get a report.

    I still suggest avoiding the forest, for now.
    >> Scarred Scaleseer 02/16/12(Thu)01:20 No.17971653
    The smoke is the most pressing matter, the subtler the scout, the darker of scale, and the missing of tracks is needed.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)01:20 No.17971664
    This will result in 3 days of prayer and worship.

    Continue? If so, how many will join you and your group?
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)01:21 No.17971699
    As much as this one would prefer to focus on furthering our own homes, we simply cannot ignore the Great Smoke. Mayhaps we should send a small party to observe, and merely to observe, so that we may form a better plan? Perhaps we shall find friends to trade and work with under the smoke. Perhaps we shall find enemies to war against. Perhaps we shall find prey to eat or to enslave.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)01:22 No.17971706
    We can not yet pray to He Who Thirsts. We do not have sacrifices worthy of his eyes.

    But for Feathred Serpent? We should make a shrine in her serpentine image, the young should have their lessons before it so she may watch them grow.
    >> Red Hardscales 02/16/12(Thu)01:23 No.17971719
    Sounds like a pretty good idea. We have 29 members, including the council. I say take over half (16 or 17). We could probably use some new kin now that our lives are a bit better.
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)01:23 No.17971731

    1) Send at least two of our sneakiest scouts. They are to remain unseen at all times and to return as soon as they think there's trouble. We don't have the numbers to risk losing healthy adults if we can help it
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)01:26 No.17971778
    Mayhaps we should mourn the lost swimmer? Perhaps a funeral pyre or float something to the Great Lake/down the running Water? It does not settle well with this one to forget one of our kin.
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)01:28 No.17971794
    I will bring with me 6 fertile young sisters and 3 of my most veteran midwives to insure their success. Retreating to the mountain, our mother goddess's most revered place, would be ideal but the outskirts of our village on the riverbank will have to do. I bid the council farewell until my return, I trust your decisions will remain wise in my absence.

    A shrine of anything less than stone will only anger her. We will have to erect a shrine in the future.
    >> Red Hardscales 02/16/12(Thu)01:28 No.17971802
    Have the women folk do it when they pray for new life. It will signify the old life passing to pave way for the new life to enter the world.

    Though he may not be dead. But something to remember him, if he has passed on would be soothing to our kin.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)01:30 No.17971819
    Red is right, we should not assume he is dead.
    But since he is gone, we should not forget.
    Lizardmen never forget. When they do, they become weak and feeble.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)01:30 No.17971825
    Lore "Dark Scales" are sent. They are not much darker than the other clansmen, but they are what has been specified by the Council.

    While none from the Tribe have any experience in "stealth" per-se. They do intend to cover their tracks. A days journey into the mountains has relieved 3 things;

    1. You have discovered Humans.

    2. You have discovered Drwarves.

    3. From your scouts descriptions, it seems that they are at war with each other. The Humans traversing the Rocky landscape in search of the Dwarves settlement. There have been a few skirmishes, minimal fatalities.

    What is next for the tribe?

    A. Improve
    1. Tech
    2. Weaponry
    3. Architecture
    B. Explore
    1. North
    2. East
    3. South
    4. West
    C. Special
    1. Explore forest
    2. Seek the Humans into a peace talk
    3 Attack Humans
    4. Seek out the dwarves
    >> Scarred Scaleseer 02/16/12(Thu)01:31 No.17971827

    I can't help but agree. This is however assuming he is dead, however it is likely he is. A body would be preferred, for it is not a kind fate to be sent off without a body, but if necessary a funeral pyre would suffice, with a memento from his life to be burned.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)01:31 No.17971839
    We have stone in abundance, but I will defer to you in matters of Feathered Serpent
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)01:31 No.17971841
    Indeed, until we have lain him to rest this one prays for his return. Mayhaps he will have grand stories of discover to share with us? That would be most pleasing.
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)01:33 No.17971873

    The soft-skins aren't looking for us, so I say we keeps scouts watching them, but otherwise ignore them.

    Go back to playing with fire (A1)
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)01:34 No.17971886
    OOC: I didn't think we did, just enough to tip spears with. If we do have enough for a shrine, I'd like to build one on the outskirts of the village and pray there.
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)01:34 No.17971888
    Mayhaps we should avoid this conflict. Our people are far too soft to war properly yet. This one thinks that we could change that, however, by tactically acquiring what is left on the battlefield after the two armies have met and moved on?
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)01:35 No.17971896

    Attack the humans, they are weak and foolish creatures, and they border our divine lake.

    Their blood will please He Who Thirsts.

    Dorfs are slow and never leave their mountains. They are nothing to us.
    >> Red Hardscales 02/16/12(Thu)01:35 No.17971898
    Ah, so we have finally encountered the stout short legs, and the tall round ears! I say we remain neutral. Open up trading with both of them. I heard we had an abundance of fish, yes? Food is a good trade for people warring as they cannot focus resources on growing food easily. If we pick one side, we could easily receive retaliation from the other side. We a weak, right now, so I propose we remain neutral, but open trades so we can receive resources.

    Did the scouts manage to map the land?

    On a side note, do we enjoy the pleasures of life? After a hard days work, do lizardfolk enjoy a nice mug of ale?
    >> Scarred Scaleseer 02/16/12(Thu)01:36 No.17971917

    Ah, seems we're at an advantage. The pink ones wage war with the stout ones, for what reason however isn't known for now. What little I remember of history doesn't mark a kind relationship between our kind, neither a cruel one, but rather one of uneasy respect.

    Hm... While I do not wish to send one to their death if things go bad, neither do I wish to ignore a potential advantage. However, without the dwarves we do not know both sides of this. The humans may be bandits, and the dwarves like us. The humans may be the oppressed seeking to rise against the tyrannical as well however... Knowledge is needed for a clearer path.
    >> Red Hardscales 02/16/12(Thu)01:37 No.17971924
    Agreed. We need to know, that's why I propose trading parties which can gather information while they trade.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)01:40 No.17971948

    Our history of humans is simple.
    They either fear us, or they assault us.
    Our times of peace have only come when the round ears are too weak to lash at us. We need to strike them so they remember to respect us.

    But... learning more of them before we do is a wise idea.
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)01:46 No.17972014

    I agree with Tooth Chewer, Human settlements should never be allowed to prosper. I propose we scout their land thoroughly to plan a raid of these territories.
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)01:47 No.17972019
    This one fears going to war with the Stout-ones when their mountainhomes are so close to our Great Lake. This one knows of many tales of their feats of construction and design.
    >> Scarred Scaleseer 02/16/12(Thu)01:50 No.17972051

    Perhaps we should aid the Stout Ones then? They often have the sense to understand honor and tradition, unlike the pink ones.

    I'm cautious to propose war so soon without knowledge, it is with reluctant acknowledgement that the pink ones will come to blows with us sooner or later due to one thing or another, as are the pink ones.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)01:50 No.17972055
         File: 1329375022.png-(49 KB, 800x600, Liz4.png)
    49 KB
    The only notable thing in the mountains was the Human encampment.

    A shrine has been monumented. Comprised Completely of stone. A small stone wall surrounds the large burrow containing the Stone carving which bears the resemblance of Your mother goddess.

    You and your chosen have sealed yourself here for 3 days. After these days of rigorous prayer. You emerge. All who were within now have scales as black as the void itself, and have acquired dark vision. Your Goddess has made your followers as cold as the night.

    Further scouting of the Human encampment reveals they have a type of projectile weapon. You've not heard of such a thing. All weapons from the battlefield are scavenged. Leaving nothing behind.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)01:52 No.17972087
    The Humans number at 15 Men.
    -Projectile weapons
    -Leather Clothing
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)01:53 No.17972088

    We should try to figure out the soft-skin's weapons. They may be a weakling's weapon, but we are weak right now. We need all the help we can get.
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)01:53 No.17972090

    Let us kill two birds with one stone! Send in these black scales to ambush a small human hunting party and bring back these projectile weapons they carry. It would greatly help us if we could chuck more than a spear at threats!
    >> Red Hardscales 02/16/12(Thu)01:53 No.17972097
    Seems like several council members are wanting to go to war. I suggest we train to use these newly acquired weapons. Also, it seems as if we have people who can fight in the night. Guess who can't fight in the night - those pink skins. We should send our darkscales to scout out and find out just exactly the situation. And if an opportunity presents itself, strike.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)01:54 No.17972101
    The shadow scale take word from only Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife.
    >> Scarred Scaleseer 02/16/12(Thu)01:54 No.17972105

    Strange ways of war are not unknown to the pink ones... Strange ways that often work to interesting effects. It wouldn't do us bad to discover the trick to their new weapon.

    As well, it seems that the Feathered Serpent has heeded us, and found us worthy, as have in the days of old. Truly a sign.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)01:55 No.17972108
    Our people do not have a history of peace with the short ones.
    But neither do we have a history of war.

    Talking with them would not be a bad idea. I vote we scout for the Dorf settlement.

    Veneration should be given to Coatlicue, councilmember motions for a feast honoring her, and giving greater honor to the blessings of Feathered Serpent.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)01:56 No.17972119
    Decisions must be made.

    1. Humans
    A. Attack
    B. Aid
    C. Seek Council

    2. Dwarves
    A. Aid
    B. Seek Council

    3. Improve
    A. Tech
    B. Weaponry
    C. Architecture
    >> Red Hardscales 02/16/12(Thu)01:58 No.17972133
    Sounds like people are pushing for

    1A, and 2B. Let's do that. If we attack the humans, we need to strike at night.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)01:58 No.17972138

    1A, with Coatlicue's Night Scales

    And, 2B, a small group of kinsmen should seek parley.
    >> Scarred Scaleseer 02/16/12(Thu)02:00 No.17972145

    Motion seconded, on both accounts. It is always bad to tarry on an advantage, as it is bad to fight a war on two fronts. Helping the stout ones remove the humans will aid us, as we may share a common goal.
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)02:00 No.17972148

    1A) A night time ambush led by Coatlicue's Shadow Scales would be ideal if she consents.

    2A) I suppose that's what we're doing anyways since if we attack the humans

    3A) More uses for fire
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)02:01 No.17972154

    We will easily tear through the hide armor of the humans and with a night attack from our blessed Cult of the Feathered Serpent they will surely be overrun!

    However we need some form of friends, even if they are untrustworthy. We must at least establish relations with the Stout ones.

    And finally we must improve on our settlements. This is the suggestions of Varanus.
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)02:03 No.17972164
    I can spare one of my midwives for they are older and stronger, but of the rest I propose we allow the fertile among my Shadow Scales to begin breeding at once, in honor of our Serpent mother, so that we may beget more of their number.

    Let us make this a twofold feast. A contest among the malefolk to decide who among them can breed with these blessed sisters.
    >> Scarred Scaleseer 02/16/12(Thu)02:04 No.17972172
    Hm... I agree, an attack at the night, when the pink ones are at their weakest will be keen. The use of the dark scales will be beneficial, but it must be with the consent of Coatlicue.

    Parlaying with the stout ones are also to our advantage, if but for now. The most verbose and silver tonged of our kin should meet them to offer our aid against the pink ones, with tonight's attack being stated as only the beginning of our aid.
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)02:05 No.17972176
    OOC: Nix that, send in all 3, but leave the 6 left to get filled with babbies.
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)02:06 No.17972186

    We can send a group of a half dozen warriors led by your veteran midwife. They can ambush a small group of humans and return with their weapons.
    >> Red Hardscales 02/16/12(Thu)02:08 No.17972201
    Eh, it's all about timing in war. I would say myself, who is a beserker, and if others train as some, we could easily plow over the humans. There's 15 of 'em. We have naturally thick protective skin. Fashion me a shield, and while raging, nothing shall harm me!

    She does bring up a point that we should try to get more Night Scales kin. But either way, if we at least have one to guide us at night, we can sow confusion with the first attack in the human ranks.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)02:09 No.17972202
    That is a fitting feast. He Who Thirsts enjoys contests.
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)02:13 No.17972221
    Tonight we feast and celebrate; tomorrow, we smite our foes! With our gods' favor, we will be unstoppable!
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)02:13 No.17972223
    With our Gods' and our kins' blessings, this one will happily seek council with the Stout-ones. Mayhaps this one will garner some knowledge of their architecture while I visit. This one merely asks for a Tail of scouts to watch this one enter and report back should anything misfortunate happen.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)02:14 No.17972233
    With Coatlicue's 3 Shadow scales leading, a team of 6 is dispatched. Taking the Humans by surprise, with the cover of night, you eliminate all of the 15 Human Raiders. There are no casualties from your side. And only minor injuries. The Humans were doomed from the start, lost in the confusion.

    Among the corpses your group has scavenged 11 Bows. The rest destroyed in the ambush. These can easily be replicated.

    -Bow Weaponry and grasp of projectile weaponry gained.

    On return a feast is held, with you abundance of food, and your great victory in battle, your Gods are surely very please with you.
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)02:15 No.17972238
    May this one make another suggestion? The Night Scales have stirred the idea of rubbing the ashes of our fires over the scales of our warriors should they wish to strike at night.
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)02:17 No.17972246

    I propose the Shadow Scales train more heavily with these bows than the rest. With time they will become incredible scouts and hunters.

    Anyways. Let's see if we can find the stout ones and start a parley
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)02:17 No.17972253
    The Horned Lizard knows well the ways of the moss-faced shortfolk, I feel his guidance on this venture would be ideal. You have my vote.
    >> Red Hardscales 02/16/12(Thu)02:17 No.17972257
    Humans are gone. Let's go begin diplomacy with the stoutlegs.

    And ashes on the scales is an interesting concept.
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)02:18 No.17972265

    *Screech* Great gods be praised! We should take to our mates and make new eggs bred of the champions of this stunning victory! And hey if the others follow suit then why not?
    >> Scarred Scaleseer 02/16/12(Thu)02:19 No.17972276

    A good idea, but do make certain that the ashes do not hold a latent spark.

    As for these new weapons they do indeed seem interesting. A length of wood corded with a fibrous material, capable of flinging small spears surprising distances. It would be wise to learn to replicate and make usage of such weapons.
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)02:19 No.17972281

    Do we take mates? And if we do, do the parents raise the hatchlings or is it a communal sort of thing?
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)02:19 No.17972283
    Population: 29
    Shadow Scales: 9
    Food: High- Fish Diving, small Hunting
    Architecture: poor-fair: Mud Brick dens
    Weapons: Average- 11 Bows, 35 Stone Spears
    Tech: Fair
    Defenses: Some-what hidden

    You seek Council with the Stout-Ones. But there has been no siting of them. Surely they could not have been all killed by the Smooth-Skins.

    A. Improve
    1. Tech
    2. Weaponry
    3. Architecture
    B. Explore
    1. North
    2. East
    3. South
    4. West
    C. Special
    1. Train in the use of Bows
    2. Begin in the construction of More Bows
    3. Seek out the Dwarves
    4. Explore the forest
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)02:20 No.17972284
    It is a good day to be a Lizardfolk.

    The Humans should be offered as sacrifices to He Who Thirsts, and all should drink of their blood. Redscale should take the extra blood so that he may train his berserkers. It should help the younglings if they grow up with the taste in their mouths.

    As Coaticlue has said, we should now focus on breeding and growing our numbers.

    And I look with anticipation to see what Horned Lizard takes back from his meeting with the Dorfs.
    >> Red Hardscales 02/16/12(Thu)02:20 No.17972290
    As a bored mind wanting to do something new, what if we took a man and trained in the art of druids? If I recall our race has always been good with druids. Animal allies could be useful for additional encounters.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)02:21 No.17972304
    If I may make an additional suggestion, it was noted earlier that one of our number found himself to the a good swimmer. >>17970649

    Given our chosen home by the waters, I believe it would be wise to take the time to explore this affinity and ensure all our people are trained in swimming. The tactical advantages of being able to more easily traverse the waters than the smoothskins is readily apparent.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)02:22 No.17972307

    Amend that to 'seek out dwarves'.

    We need not train with bows. They are a useful trick, but little more. We should focus on our natural strength and thick hides. These will bring us to the enemy.
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)02:22 No.17972315


    Beh, if the Dwarves wish to hide in their mountains we should not break our backs to seek them out!

    Let us begin training in these bows, and become equally deadly near and afar!
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)02:22 No.17972317
    This one shall remain with the fires tonight. Mayhaps our Gods will see this one in their light and provide for him whilst he journeys away from the Great Lake as the Great Fire rises.
    >> Red Hardscales 02/16/12(Thu)02:23 No.17972327
    Yeah we've pretty much searched most of the water near our home, and well we kinda lost a swimmer in the big open pool. So until we have more people, and boats that can survive in deeper water, we are kinda putting exploring the lake off to the side. For now anyway.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)02:25 No.17972334
    Your people would like to dedicate a shrine to the Father God. How should they be instructed?
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)02:25 No.17972347
    True, but, it wouldn't be a bad idea to swim along the banks, so that all know how to swim.
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)02:25 No.17972348
    Indeed it is a clever idea. Until more true Shadow Scale are hatched, we should practice this technique.
    Another brilliant concept. We shall wait after the new brood hatches. The malefolk among them will learn this new device and the sisters will sing the praises to the Feathered Serpent, She Who Dwells Within the Depths of the Mountain and teach our enemies to fear the Mother Who Devours Her Own.

    (OOC: Basically males will be trained to be rogue/scouts, females to be warrior shadow-priestesses)
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)02:27 No.17972360

    If we can't find the dwarves, fine, we have our own needs that need attending. Now's the time to start focusing on bulding ourselves up. Start reproducing and have every able-bodied member of the tribe trained with our new weapons. They're easily produced and we need every bit of help we can get when it comes to hunting and defense.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)02:28 No.17972364
    Mating celebrations after battle? A tradition worth starting!
    Indeed, we should record that idea and this victory somehow.. Perhaps inscribe a picture of it onto the smooth side of some bark?
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)02:29 No.17972367
    Mayhaps we should teach our young the ways of swimming when they are but hatchlings? This one asks for his Gods and kin to allow him to go to the mountains for sometime to build a fire and remain at that fire. If this one cannot find the Stout-ones, perhaps they will find him. This one will survive off any plants and game he can catch while in the mountains. He recalls seeing many bushes of colorful berries and flowers.
    >> Red Hardscales 02/16/12(Thu)02:29 No.17972369
    I don't think we should have everyone train on defense. I think we should have some people start engineering a better boat for deep water travel and that can hold more cargo, like fish for instance. Of course these engineers would also become sailors and fishermen as they will know the boat inside and out by the time it's constructed.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)02:29 No.17972371
    He Who Thirsts enjoys conflict and blood.
    During battle, if possible, survivors should be taken, and killed in front of his shrine.

    As for his shrine, He Who Thirsts has little concern for material trappings. A clear area where the strong may battle in contest while venerating his name will do.

    If a shrine is to be built, it must bear weapons that have been blooded. However, it must be the enemies blood. He Who Thirsts would not like it if we killed our own off just to make him an offering. There is no strength in that.
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)02:30 No.17972373

    Or onto a piece of mud before we bake it. Then the depiction of our great victory will last as long as the mountains themselves!
    >> Scarred Scaleseer 02/16/12(Thu)02:31 No.17972376

    Hm... This could work. By using the charcoal, it should keep a mark until more permanent markings may be made. Bark could work, although so could leather I propose. The humans had leather clothing, although probably ruined by now.

    As for the shrine, I believe I leave that in Tooth Chewer's grasps, he is more knowledgeable about such practices.
    >> Red Hardscales 02/16/12(Thu)02:32 No.17972381
    Hardscales brain hurts after not having enough sleep due to planning combat and such against the pink flesh. As a result, he must now enter hibernation for a small period of time, and wishes the rest of the council members best of luck.

    As a parting message, he notes that the tribe needs a name, and a flag. Something to help give us some identity, not just another tribe of lizardfolk.
    >> Alfonso 02/16/12(Thu)02:33 No.17972382
    rolled 18 = 18

    Hey-hey! I remember when I brought these over from /b/.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)02:35 No.17972391
    Horned Lizard takes to the Mountain accompanied by 3 tribesman equipped with spears. They will not let one of the council be so vulnerable. A great fire is constructed, and within hours a scout is sent from the Dwarven settlement.
    He informs you that he and his kin know how your people rid them of the Human scourge. His people seek peace with yours. Horned Lizard, how do you proceed?
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)02:35 No.17972393

    Forgive me if I may sound like an heretic Lore Master for it is not my intention, but does He Who Thirst actually need fresh blood from prisoners of war? Must we make this a tradition. I do not believe He Who Thirsts would want to see his Chosen Warriors become little more than slave drivers, cold blood slew from the battlefield should be all He requires to drink. A warriors duty is to kill enemies of his Tribe first before all else, we must not degrade our army into believing prisoners are more important than causalities to our enemies.
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)02:35 No.17972394
    I second this. Swimming coupled with an improved raft should be of priority. The lake beckons to be explored, we owe our missing brother as much to finish his mission.

    Recording our people's history is a brilliant idea! This was the reason for our schism, we should safeguard against the loss of our cold-blooded way in the future.

    Go with my blessing, Horned Lizard. Isolation in the wilderness may even lead to the rediscovery of one of our old gods.
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)02:35 No.17972395

    His shrine could also double as a dueling and training area. There were times in the past when we had no enemies to take blood from and the blood of our warriors, shed through honest combat if not true battle, had to be substituted
    >> Blue Thinker 02/16/12(Thu)02:37 No.17972400
    Making a name for myself now that I'm speaking up in Council.

    I speak of swimming the river and shallows of the Waters quietly and quickly. Then we may approach enemies of our people from yet another direction. Leave probing the Deep for later tales.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)02:37 No.17972403
    Why do we war with the humans, when they invent such useful ideas?
    Capture them in the future, negotiate, force them to become our vassals, do any of these and we can reap the benefit of future inventions. In exchange, we could offer protection from the other races. Force them to send contingents to fight with us, and we can see any inventions or ideas they fail to tell us about firsthand.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)02:38 No.17972411
    Not heretical at all, it must be my explanation that was lacking.

    He Who Thirsts does not need blood. He merely appreciates it.
    The tribe should never weaken itself to bring him sacrifices.

    But if, after a battle, an enemy is found to be alive, it would please He Who Thirsts if the man's life was given to him in a consecrated space.

    This is good as well. Such a thing would please Him.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)02:40 No.17972419
    O ron another note, we could demand they send contingents of a specified size to plac eof our choosing to fight OUR warriors, as way of training fighters in a controlled environment where they can both see real battle, but be in a place where we can ensure they are not slaughtered.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)02:41 No.17972430
    This would also mean a steady supply of blood for he-who-thirsts. That is all I can think of, council.
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)02:42 No.17972438

    I also figure that since He Who Thirsts is a god action and war, a place where we are constantly honing our skills is the perfect setup for Him
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)02:42 No.17972442
    Indeed, He Who Thirsts is not so named for his fasting. Spilling the blood of the enemy on his effigy will bring us much favor from our father god. In fact, it was this thirst for blood and battle that drew The Feathered Serpent to him as a mate. Sating his thirst may please our mother god as well.
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)02:42 No.17972443
    This one would dispatch the fastest of his Tail back to his Kin so he may give them word of contact with the Stout-ones. After that, this one would travel with the Stout Scouts to speak with their leaders at their pleasure; spending his free time travelling their halls trying to take in all of their building techniques and secrets. Possibly finding a forge and with their permission observing their Fire Fathers as they work with the strange material that is hard when cold but soft when hot. (OOC: The main things I'd like to learn are things like arches and MAYBE the forge. I'd also like to approach them with friendly terms that the others should agree on that we can assume was decided upon before I left.)
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)02:44 No.17972456
    I curse at this! You would insult our people by having them fight caged cattle? We are Lizardfolk, not Elves.
    >> Scarred Scaleseer 02/16/12(Thu)02:44 No.17972458
    If perhaps not the pink ones, what about the stout ones? The pink ones care little for tradition and history, as is often their downfall. The stout ones however, I do not doubt they will appreciate a dedication to tradition. If they seek peace I see no reason to dissuade it, but this is all reliant on Horned Lizard's return.
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)02:44 No.17972460

    I do not believe such traditions should be created. What would we do pray tell if somehow gods forbid these training slave bands find a way to kill our warriors? Do we sentence them to death? The Humans would not take kindly to that, in fact I can very well say they would rebel at such notions and call it tyranny.

    Such Vassalage I do not see as one capable of generating stability.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)02:46 No.17972467
    Masters of the Council! Knowers of the Old Ways! Venerators of the Old Ways! I had a dream last night, a dream of the fire in the sky. It had to be a vision from He Who Thirsts.

    In the dream, old scaled ones were brought into the world, and oh, my brothers and sisters, they were mighty. They crushed the earth beneath them and were such masters of fire that they breathed it as if it were air! But these Draypon, eldest children of He Who Thirsts, grew arrogant and struck at our mighty father with their fire and accursed arcane powers.

    But He Who Thirsts caught their evil with his hand, crushing it into the orb that fly through the sky. But what happens if we don't start venerating He Who Thirsts? He might open his hand and let the Draypon's fire burn our sky away! We need worthy sacrifices of blood to avoid this fate. I saw it in my dreams. And I weeped for our hatchlings if we fail our great father.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)02:46 No.17972470
    Cloaticule has the right of it. He Who Thrists Thirsts for the blood of combatants, those who are seized with strength and honor.

    But he is a picky eater. He does not want craven's blood to be spilt on his stone.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)02:47 No.17972478
    Cattle? No. they'd fight clever warriors, with unfamiliar weapons, equal in number, in the open. The foe would know they were coming, and be ready. Think of it, kinsman. Constant battles, constant supply of blood. New weapons, new ways of war. Warriors who've ALL fought in small skirmishes by mutual agreement. all without greatly harming our tribe and fighting force. I don't propose making the number stacked against the human, just limiting the overall size of each battle, so we do not risk too much, and bring ruin on our tribe if our new warriors fail. Which they may well do.
    >> Blue Thinker 02/16/12(Thu)02:48 No.17972487
    I approve of these thoughts.

    We must develop a proper way to record our tales, whether in charcoal, scratched into stone, or scrawled into the sand. I shall go to the shore of the Waters by our home. There I shall scratch marks into the soft soil and meditate at the lapping waves that wash them away. I shall see what inspiration strikes me, and any that travel with me. If I can turn our tongue into markings, we can record all of our tales and ways so that they are never to be forgotten.
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)02:49 No.17972494

    Hmm...there are no enemies that we can bleed for He Who Thrists.

    I have it! Let our warriors give small portions of their blood to the altar, and follow it with ritual duels to appease He Who Thirsts! I am more than willing to give my own sample and compete in such games.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)02:50 No.17972502
    Time is passing.

    (Basically, give me a minute. Prepare for wall of text. Continue to discuss ideas.)
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)02:51 No.17972511
    (Any chance we can get a list of terms to present the Dorfs with? with any luck our GM will allow us to say that it was something we did before I set off for the mountains.)
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)02:52 No.17972515
    If they win, they win. the warbands they lose are their payment to us for not being slaughtered, and aid in their own wars. If they cry tyranny, and we must crush them so be it. It's not as if our current relations are much better, we lose nothing, as long as we don't let them grow too strong. In time, they may even come to venerate He Who Thirsts themselves.

    Besides, the warriors would clearly have died in battle anyway, if they couldn't defeat the humans.

    (ooc: for those who haven't caught on, i'm effectively proposing an equivalent to the flowery wars the aztecs fought, with the added bonus of us getting the odd new weapon.)
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)02:53 No.17972522
    Make a list with your council, this will be presented to the Stout-Ones upon your meeting.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)02:53 No.17972525

    Unless more humans show, we do not yet have enemies to bleed for Him.

    But the blood of warriors spilt in contest is fitting. May you
    fight well Varanus.

    Such contests would not displease him, but I don't think we can count on such displays yet.

    Perhaps the Dorfs will see fit to do ritual combat with us, should they make themselves known.
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)02:53 No.17972528
    It is indeed a sign from the father.
    A good plan. The malefolk shall give of their blood to the father as the shelizards give of their bodies to the young. There is balance in this and it would please both He Who Thirsts and the Feathered Serpent.
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)02:55 No.17972534
    (Yea, I was asking the others to discuss it for a little bit so we can get it out of the way and not wait on it.)
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)02:55 No.17972544

    Hmm...perhaps when our numbers allow such grand scale appeasement, but for now we must put our minds to other tasks so that one day such grand spectacles to He Who Thirsts can become made.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)02:56 No.17972547
    Indeed, perhaps the stout would be willing to do so. I propose that we offer this to all peoples we encounter, and impose it on all we may conquer, lest we crush all our foes and be left with no-one to fight.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)02:56 No.17972552
    Ideas for Dorf Contact:
    We don't know enough about them. Just learn about them, who they are, what their business is all bout, and whatnot.
    >> Blue Thinker 02/16/12(Thu)02:56 No.17972554
    (The Aztecs were dicks and hated by everyone around them for many reasons, but that was one of them.)

    I'm with those that would mark noteworthy battlegrounds as his holy sites, and the establishment of sparing grounds at such areas that no longer see true battle.
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)02:57 No.17972559

    Rather than bleed our warriors, we can hold a great feast in honor of our warrior's accomplishments after a victory. During the feast, the best warriors of the battle can take challenges from any other warriors who wish to prove their might in the eyes of the tribe and before the gaze of He Who Thirsts.

    The duels will be non lethal, but still intense enough to draw blood. We are hardier than the tree-dwellers or the humans, after all, a little blood being shed during a duel or even daily practice is right and proper.
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)03:00 No.17972586

    I leave it for our Lore Master Tooth Chewer to decide if bleeding is necessary before battle.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)03:00 No.17972587

    These are ideas He would approve of. Feathered Serpent would also enjoy the displays of strength and skill.
    >> Blue Thinker 02/16/12(Thu)03:01 No.17972597
    Alas, we have little to offer, save for things they would not have in the mountains: fish and polished shells.
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)03:01 No.17972601
    These Dwarves, we know very little about them. We could demand tribute for slaying their enemies. This may, however, prove too brash. I live it to the malefolk to decide.
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)03:01 No.17972603
    OOC: I meant, "These ritual duels"
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)03:03 No.17972616
    Also, name your tribe.
    We're 265 posts in and we haven't named it yet.
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)03:03 No.17972617

    I do not believe we should be so bold as to demand tribute, but reminding them of our deeds and using it as a base for friendship may prove advantageous in the long run!
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)03:03 No.17972619
    Perhaps we could offer these some of these new weapons we seized? Thye may trade us some of their own in return. With so few of our folk, any trick we learn could be what one day saves us.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)03:04 No.17972623
    He Who Thrists vastly prefers blood that is spilled through conflict. Contests such as these shall earn his favor. The blood that comes from these battles should more then suffice. Ritual bloodletting may be necessary in times of great crisis, but it will not be needed at times of festivity.
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)03:04 No.17972629
    (I propose we offer trade with them in the form of some of our bounty from the waters for some of their bounty of the mountains. We will also maintain contact and inform eachother of other peoples we encounter, discoveries, and all that. Maybe we can even set up some form of agreement to send our warriors and warrior aspirants to eachother homelands everynowandthen to do honorable, non-lethal battle with eachother for the sake of gaining battle experience aswell as forming a bond between our warriors of both people. A last thing, and one that I would truly love to do, is send some of (read as: bearded) our sons to them to learn from them in terms of architecture and metallurgy and all that.)
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)03:05 No.17972641
    We should ask the dwarves for engineering knowledge. It would be nice to learn to build something better than roofless mud brick huts without lots of time trying to figure it out ourselves
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)03:06 No.17972643
    (Also, the non-lethal battling would help to satisfy our god's thirst aswell as any god of war that they may have.)
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)03:07 No.17972654

    Is there a good tribe name that'll include veneration for the Old Ways? Something that sound good, but without being too wordy? I can't think of any...
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)03:08 No.17972660
    She would indeed be pleased. Contest between the malefolk reminds our mother of her mate and brings her joy. However, she is fickle and vengeful. After birthing our brood, she turned on us, her own children, and sought to devour us. Our god father saved our ancestors and fought against our god mother's primal strength and bestial ferocity. And so she both hates and loves He Who Thirsts. Rituals in his name please her, but too many will excite her wrath. Be warned, she may not be as clever as the father, but she is stronger.
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)03:09 No.17972671

    I too feel we should make our veneration of the old gods a primary part of our tribe's identity.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)03:10 No.17972673
    The old (or a word indicating an aged/worn) scales.
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)03:10 No.17972675
    (A name could be "Maintainers" or something of the such)
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)03:11 No.17972679
    (OOC: How about just naming ourselves after the Aztec god of war Huitzilopochtli? Admittedly, I took heavy inspiration from his mother, Coatlicue (lol) for the Feathered Serpent.)
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)03:13 No.17972696
    In that vein, why don't we just call ourselves The Thirsty?
    >> Hissapol the Dream-scarred 02/16/12(Thu)03:14 No.17972701
    Blood is power. In our blood is the power of the Feathered Serpent and He Who Thirsts. We should be known as the Blooded, Venerators of the Old Ways.
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)03:14 No.17972705
    Perhaps we should name our village and take our name based off the city? (ex. Babylonians, Assyrians)
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)03:16 No.17972714
    (Can I get opinions on my proposal?)
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)03:17 No.17972719
    (hozoippoitoch-OH FUCK YOU PEOPLE FOR HAINV SUCH CRAZY NEAMES I'M GLAD YOU GOT MASSACRED-is a sufficiently fucking ridiculous name that lizards would like it in my eyes.)
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)03:17 No.17972720

    I'm okay with this. It incorporates our love of battle, our dedication to the gods and our defection from our corrupt kin all at once.
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)03:18 No.17972727
    (Old scales or Venerated Scales would be cool)
    (I also like this idea, and not just because it's part of my name)
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)03:18 No.17972728

    Maybe change it to the Faithful? Though I feel we should make up a lizard word to represent that, english doesn't seem to cut it. OOC
    >> Blue Thinker 02/16/12(Thu)03:18 No.17972731
    A grand vision, if such can be obtained, so be it.
    If not, then at least a trade of our bounty of the Waters for something from their mountains would at least move us toward that direction.

    If we see that they possess some weapon that we do not know, I would support this suggestion.
    If they do not, I say we do not offer it.

    Hm. A name for the exiled Lizardfolk who dwell by the Waters.. we who have honored He Who Thirsts and the Feathered Serpent since the founding of our new village.
    We have sought out their favor and plan to master the Waters as well. We that wipe out human interlopers and parley with the stout ones.
    We see many opportunities, plan for the future. and even found our gods within the stars of the sky.
    Our eyes are wide to the world, and we see more than those that would see us exiled.

    I might suggest a name along those lines. Such as the Wide Eye Tribe.
    >> Hissapol the Dream-scarred 02/16/12(Thu)03:19 No.17972732
    (OCC: it is kind of fitting that a species that is 'cold-blooded' would put such importance into the idea of blood and its power. During the cold, when their bood temperature starts to fall, imagine the religous terror they might feel. It would be like their own blood is betraying them.)
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)03:19 No.17972733
    Yeah, I'm cool with this too.

    Also, Horned, your ideas are good ones.
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)03:20 No.17972738

    No this would not due, I will not accept a name that makes us out for naive hatchlings. I will support Venerated Scales; unless a greater name can approach the council.
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)03:25 No.17972759

    I support this.
    >> Scarred Scaleseer 02/16/12(Thu)03:27 No.17972778

    (The proposal seems straight forward to me, and I agree with them.)

    As for a name... We're trying to find our way back into old traditions, revering old gods who's ways our kin and keth of long since forgotten. We bask in their place, their knowledge and guidance. We see the fire for both the great it can do, as well as the worst it can wreck. We know honor, tradition, and the like.

    If a name is what we need... Perhaps the Reverent Blooded Scale?
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)03:28 No.17972783
    What is He Who Thirsts shrine made from? Stone or Wood

    Yes I've heard the talk of the training arena by the way, I'm not ignoring that.

    Furthermore what type of housing are the LizardFolk moving towards?
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)03:29 No.17972785

    If we shorten it to "The Reverent" I will change my support to this name.
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)03:29 No.17972786
    (How about Order of the Ancients.)
    >> Blue Thinker 02/16/12(Thu)03:30 No.17972788
    I am putting forth the idea that we know and see the world better than those that would banish us for our ways. As further encouraged by the blessing of nightvision visited upon the blackscales.

    True Sight Clan, perhaps?

    or perhaps Seekers of the True Ways
    or Seers of the Truth Ways?
    'Old Ways' makes it sound as if they are out of date, when in truth, they are the True Ways of the world.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)03:30 No.17972791
    Many real world tribes didn't have just one name for themselves. They would call themselves, or be called by others, many different names. I say we do that and name the ourselves the Venerated Scales, but have it acceptable to be refered to by all the other suggestions in this thread so far, too.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)03:30 No.17972793

    Wood is fine, though we must be able to display used weapons upon it, and there must be a place for spilling blood.

    Actually, we should use this mud we've been making our houses out of. That'll soak up the blood nicely.
    >> Scarred Scaleseer 02/16/12(Thu)03:31 No.17972794

    I cannot answer for the shrine, but I can perhaps offer a direction in housing? Sturdy homes build partially in the ground, to conserve the heat, with roofs over them. The roofs could perhaps be made with a mixture of mud, sticks, fiber, and reeds that we often find amongst the banks?
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)03:32 No.17972797
    (We should name this settlement, too. Maybe something more along a name than a title. Maquiahuitl? For the weapon because it lets out blood and we are very warlike.)
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)03:33 No.17972802
    (I'd like to move to homes of brick and stone that burrow underground on land and eventually homes of wood and such on stilts/floats on the lake once we get that far.)
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)03:34 No.17972804
    That is a good point. The new ways aren't ways at all, more like mistakes.

    Still, Venerated Scales sounds better. Stronger. I'd rather we were known for our faith and might then for our vision.

    Though our vision is a prized gift from the gods, perhaps it is a gift best kept secret.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)03:34 No.17972807
    What is He Who Thirsts Symbol
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)03:35 No.17972813
    YEs, definitely partially below ground housing. THe first floor would be the like the "attic" of a modern home, with the real living space at least partially below ground. makes for an easily regulated temperature that doesn't ge too hot or cold, important for a cold blooded species.

    We could connect the with tunnels as well, so avoid having to go out when winter comes.
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)03:35 No.17972814

    I approve of the first idea for housing in this post. As coldblooded creatures our homes must be capable of withstanding bitter cold and blazing heat, giving us the chance to seek shelter from these elements.
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)03:37 No.17972822
    (Me again, we could also have some form of basking platform/roof above ground)
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)03:38 No.17972827
    A bloodied spear.

    Though our claws and hides are gifts from him, he is also a god of cunning. The spear is a sign of this, it shows we can use our wits to project our strength.

    (Any body object to that sign?)
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)03:38 No.17972829
    (Atl is the word for water, that could be fitting also.)
    (Here's some more: Acatl, reed; Cipactli, alligator; Calli, house; Miquiztli, the Death's Head; Cuetzpallin, lizard; Quiahuitl, rain; Tecpatl, flint or knife; Xochitl, flower.)

    (Some of these could make good tribe names as well. Just a suggestion)
    >> Hissapol the Dream-scarred 02/16/12(Thu)03:38 No.17972830
    He Who Thirst has many forms, and so there are many symbols. One is that a skink with wings of leather, keeping the Draypon's fire from consuming the sky with his mighty jaws.
    >> Blue Thinker 02/16/12(Thu)03:39 No.17972836
    I don't feel as though He Who Thirsts cares as much about the materials as the intent. A training ground, an oft-used battlefield, a sparring circle.. as long as they they are properly dedicated to him and further ways to slake his thirst.
    Though my own preference is to build it of stone. A strong and lasting material that is untouched by flame.

    Furthermore, I feel we should learn to make better use of stone to shore up the walls of our underground lairs, allowing us to build greater homes and perhaps deeper ones.
    >> Scarred Scaleseer 02/16/12(Thu)03:40 No.17972838
    The fire wanes in me, and the burns itch, I'm afraid I must retire for now. I trust our tribes path in the councils hands.

    Remember fellow council, force must be tempered with direction, and heated to be pliable for many a task.
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)03:40 No.17972840

    I support our Lore Master!
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)03:43 No.17972850

    I'm cool wit ha bloody spear
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)03:45 No.17972861
    That's it. It's Odin.

    I've been referring to it as the "All Father" in my mind. You've reinforced that.
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)03:45 No.17972863
    (I'll take this opportunity to give a symbol for The Feathered Serpent, or Coatliuitl as best I can figure in the Aztec language, should be something like a serpent consuming an egg or a heavy looking lizardwoman with her belly split open into a vicious maw of teeth and gore.)
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)03:48 No.17972878
    Noted, using the serpent for now.

    What fighting style do the Lizard Folk Utilize?
    >> Hissapol the Dream-scarred 02/16/12(Thu)03:48 No.17972883
    I defer to my elder, one who truly venerates the Old Ways, the True Ways. In battle, all true warriors must raise their bloody spears high into the heavens, to thank our cunning father.
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)03:48 No.17972885
    (Also Eztliamiqui means "blood thirst" in Nahuatl. Might be good for a name for He Who Thirsts?)
    >> Blue Thinker 02/16/12(Thu)03:50 No.17972894
    The Reverent Seekers, perhaps?
    'Venerated' makes it sound as though we are the ones to be venerated, 'Reverent' says more of our respect for the Ways.
    Reverent Ones could work too if you want to drop the seeing/seeking part of our heritage from the name.
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)03:52 No.17972906

    We pride ourselves on our individual skill at combat, so we prefer small unit actions and skirmishes. In larger battles it becomes less about individual skill and strength and more about discipline of the entire group as a whole.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)03:52 No.17972907
    (That is a god name for him)

    For style, I think things like projectile weapons should a side focus, something used to thin enemy ranks or launch an opening volley.

    The strength of lizardmen is their actual strength, their prowess in their spear and claw. Because of our thick hides and bloody heritage they like to get close the battle, and they trust in their scales to protect them.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)03:53 No.17972915
    Name needs to be decided now.
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)03:55 No.17972928
    (We really should invent an atlatl to take advantage of our superior strength for throwing spears.)

    (The Reverent sounds good to me.)
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)03:55 No.17972929
    Ambushes, like we did with the humans, should also be something we invest in. The weaker races will hide behind their bows and ranged weapons, so we lizardfolk have to use stealth and cunning to get close. We hide, like a snake in the grass, until it is time to strike.
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)03:56 No.17972933

    I vote for "The Reverent Brood"
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)03:56 No.17972935

    +1 from me
    >> Blue Thinker 02/16/12(Thu)03:57 No.17972939
    Skillful, but bloody. We focus on strikes that will bleed and weaken the enemy. From the unarmed ways of using our claws the rend at throats, wrist, and groin; to the way of the spear which stabs for these and into the deeper wellsprings of life-blood within our foes; to our new knowledge of archery, seeking out those weak points and wellsprings from afar.
    We bleed them to honor and feed He Who Thirsts, which also weakens and hobbles them quickly in battle.
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)03:57 No.17972942
    (I'm happy with whatever name we decide on for our tribe, village, gods, symbols and all that. I don't really have much to say about/add to it.)
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)03:59 No.17972948
    >> Blue Thinker 02/16/12(Thu)04:03 No.17972970
    I'll take 'The Reverent', and add on a tendency to apply various names after that to refer to our various sub-groups. ie: The Reverent Midwives that watch over the Reverent Brood; the Reverent Bloodied Scales that are the elite warriors dedicated even moreso to He Who Thirsts, the Reverent Seekers that explore the Ways of the world and expand the knowledge of the world; the Reverent Speakers that so skillfully speak to other tribes and races; etc.
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)04:04 No.17972977
    New Thread?
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)04:05 No.17972982
    +1 here too
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)04:05 No.17972983
    I'll be lookin' for it.

    Also, the Reverent [X] does sound like a good idea.
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)04:05 No.17972984

    I'd like to, but I have a shitty meeting in about four hours.

    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)04:06 No.17972987

    Yes, I'm ready to continue.
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)04:06 No.17972992
    (Yea, do it. Link to eachother though.)
    >> Big Fat Zergling 02/16/12(Thu)04:06 No.17972994

    In four hours I mean at 5am for me
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)04:07 No.17972997
    I tried finding a similar word to Reverent in Nahuatl (not sure if you guys are interested in all the Aztec words) and the closest I could find was Amazolli which means "old paper" or tradition.
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)04:08 No.17973003
    Well there's also Huehuetlahtolli, which basically means "cultural legacy" but I dunno about the huehue.
    >> Horned Lizard 02/16/12(Thu)04:09 No.17973007
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)04:09 No.17973008
    Let me finish the map, and I'll start it
    >> Blue Thinker 02/16/12(Thu)04:10 No.17973015
    I'll keep on going if you do.
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)04:11 No.17973020

    OOC: I like this one as like what the name would sound like in the lizard language; though personally I'm gonna just use Reverent so I don't have to copy paste the name every time I use it.
    >> Coatlicue the Blooded Midwife 02/16/12(Thu)04:14 No.17973031
    lol exactly

    Did anybody have any thoughts on the possible names for our village? I like Atl for its simplicity and it means water which fits.
    >> Varanus the Swift 02/16/12(Thu)04:17 No.17973049

    Me too I like that name.
    >> Tooth Chewer 02/16/12(Thu)04:20 No.17973060
    Atl's good.

    It's also the only Aztec/ 'lizard' word I'm likely to use, since the other are so.... syllable-y.

    But, y'know, they do sound good and have flavor, etc. So, y'know, keep 'em comin'.
    >> Hissapol the Dream-scarred 02/16/12(Thu)04:21 No.17973065
    Atl is a perfect name.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)04:22 No.17973069
    New thread
    >> Voice of Reason-ish !fTZ7nIUxd2 02/16/12(Thu)04:32 No.17973127
    I'd appreciated if someone could help archive this thread

    Here's the new one

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