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  • File: 1329946219.png-(15 KB, 640x640, 1.png)
    15 KB Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:30 No.18057915  
    I have been blind since birth. However, that all changed yesterday! I was visited by a man who cured me!
    Now I am going to see the world! Travel to capital! Become famous! Rich! Or a wizard!
    I have saved up 200 piens, which should be enough for a while.
    All I need is a plan...
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:32 No.18057941
    I say you should go back to living in squalor.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:03 No.18058243
    Is it bad that I read that as 'penis'?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:10 No.18058319
    It is helpful to make quests overt OP.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:12 No.18058339
    Invest in a heavy pair of goggles, so you don't become blind again.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:14 No.18058360
    We don't know how we became blind in the first place. It was probably genetic.

    Also what's the relative value of a pien? How does it correspond to IRL money? Like, how many whores can it buy?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:21 No.18058424
    I fail to see how not knowing how we became blind in the first place is a valid argument against preventing such things from happening in the future. Eye protection is needed first! And then we shall whore about the countryside!
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:23 No.18058444
    Buy a pair of Goggles and join the Wizard academy, impress them with our natural genius level intellect. (Except when applied to colors, we still don't really get those things.)
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:24 No.18058453
    I can't imagine colors or like, knowing how to read, could be important to wizards.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:26 No.18058473
    >> Stagger 02/22/12(Wed)17:26 No.18058474
    What kinda knife you got there, squire?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:27 No.18058483
    There's no such thing as a blind turnip farmer, we couldn't have been a turnip farmer.

    ...we were probably a beggar.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:29 No.18058498
    I support this, the Wizard that doesn't know what red is.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:30 No.18058508
    Stare into the beautiful sun. Gaze at it's vibrant beauty.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:30 No.18058510
         File: 1329949833.png-(10 KB, 640x640, 2.png)
    10 KB
    I was born blind. I don't know why. But it's good I was cured! Too bad I didn't get a chance to thank him.

    Well, pien is uh. I guess day's meal is about 8 pien. Whores- I don't know.
    Goggles, they don't sell them around here. Sometimes we get traders bringing all kinds of stuff. There are some here right now!

    Yes, wizard academy! I think there's one in the capital of this country.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:31 No.18058517
    >Whores- I don't know.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:32 No.18058525
    Are you a boy or a girl? Also, what's up with the freaky spiral eyes there? That's pretty crazy.

    Why'd the wizard cure you, anyway?
    >> Stagger 02/22/12(Wed)17:32 No.18058526
    >Become cured of blindness
    >Have insatiable urge to whore immediately afterward

    We sure do have some funny voices in our head. I think that we should talk to that one girl with the really sweet voice, and show off all our seeings.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:32 No.18058528
    Wait, what the fuck is up with our eyes? Find a mirror ASAP. Also, do we have a name?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:33 No.18058537
    Go to the market, get a pointy hat, get work on caravan to the capital, become Wizard.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:33 No.18058538
    35 days of food then.


    Looks like you'll need to find a steady stream of income or at least some where to put your ass up for board and rent.

    Wizard school probably costs money as well. Robe and pointy hat maintainance, skulls with candles on them, alcoho- I mean, potions.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:33 No.18058539
    My, what swirly red eyes you have. Is that a side effect?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:34 No.18058549

    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:34 No.18058557
    We can probably get a scholarship.

    We can also try to intimidate bakers into giving us free food with our devil eyes.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:35 No.18058560
    exactly how old are ya kid?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:35 No.18058563
    Maybe the wizard like, imprinted his thoughts on us when he cured us. So he was thinking about whores. So to find him, we should go to the brothel. Possibly several.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:36 No.18058567
    Or we could pick up a bit of sleight-of-hand, scare the peasantry, and bullshit our way to wizardry.
    >> Stagger 02/22/12(Wed)17:36 No.18058575
    This sounds like reasoning I can get behind.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:37 No.18058581
    That has the downside of not giving us bitching magical powers though.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:37 No.18058594
    ...do we have any parents?
    >> k 02/22/12(Wed)17:37 No.18058596
    i saw we eat all 200 piens worth of food in one sitting
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:41 No.18058632
         File: 1329950500.jpg-(38 KB, 478x376, 1327441406101.jpg)
    38 KB
    Lets take the piens, spend it on the best courtesan we can find for as long as the money lasts, and THEN we set out for adventure!

    It's not like adventuring takes some sort of start-up cost, we can put the money to good use, and then set out! Allot of people start out adventuring penniless, without the benefit that they got some well-spent and sweet lovin' beforehand.

    Plus we've been blind for our life, why not take in some lovely sights for starters?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:42 No.18058641
    We should just find a courtesan who looks like she might be a useful adventurer and hire her, then go adventuring with her. Two birds with one stone.
    >> The Still Voice 02/22/12(Wed)17:44 No.18058662
    Or we could invest our Pions into the fabled castle of WALL STREET. Word on the street is it's full of happiness and free moneies and happiness. But mostly free moneies.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:46 No.18058677

    Alternatively, just spend 50-100, provided the company is still nice, and then the rest on supplies.

    Because really, as just starting out as an adventurer, is the difference between a 100 pien sword and a 200 pien sword really going to be that great?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:47 No.18058687
    Or we could spend money on food/supplies before we just hit the road. I mean, do we even have proper shoes?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:47 No.18058691

    And just pay her with loot as we go along, that we come across?

    That sounds like a good idea, well thought. Whelp, I guess it's off to the wenchery to find us a strong beautiful orc courtesan.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:47 No.18058695
    We should go to these traders I guess. What's our checklist?

    >Goggles (preferably shades for the cool factor)
    >Sword (or other suitable weapon)
    >A Prostitute

    Oh shoes! That's a good idea.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:48 No.18058706


    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:50 No.18058724

    Sure, get the basics, like decent clothes and basic supplies, maybe a leather chestplate, a decent sword and shield (wooden maybe).

    Then spend the rest on a mistress, ideally one that is willing to travel. Ideally one that is attractive and not disease-ridden.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:50 No.18058730
    Armor too? Or a change of clothes? And some camping stuff
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:51 No.18058742
    We want to be a wizard, a pointy hat is a must. Everything else is optional, though the goggles are probably a good idea.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:51 No.18058743
         File: 1329951084.png-(26 KB, 640x640, 1329949833525.png)
    26 KB
    (Not OP)

    Just a badass cape.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:53 No.18058767

    Ok so a pointy blue wizard hat, goggles, a badass cape, and a sword, maybe shield. And the basic food supplies and the like.

    Then the rest to a companion.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:53 No.18058768
         File: 1329951207.png-(11 KB, 640x640, 3.png)
    11 KB
    Name's Daniel.
    Eyes are not supposed to be swirly like that?
    Well, I did get some weird looks ( or were they normal? )
    Might have been a side-effect! I mean, I am not sure if it was a wizard. Before he even healed me, I could see his outline! Sort! Maybe it was a god. I need to find that guy and thank him.

    I am an orphan. 15 years old. I sucks. I live with other kids with similar troubles. We spend large amount of day begging for pien. I have saved money for 8 years already. They won't miss me.

    But yes, let's get me some goggles, maybe a pointy hat! I hear that there are no brothels in the town. Supposedly some very strict religious group burned them away anyway.

    Now, let's get those gogg- oh god what is that.

    >"What 's it kid?"
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:53 No.18058780
    how about we look for perhaps a future employer? Someone who might be looking for some protection, or maybe a messenger?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:54 No.18058791

    Aw dude we totally need an lovely older lady to help us in our travels.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:55 No.18058795
    It's... a dude? Give him the old 'look them in the eyes' move. Now that you can actually do that.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:55 No.18058804
    That's a person Danny, just keep calm. Ask him if he knows where to get the stuff you want.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:56 No.18058812
    Man, we should go it alone. Think about it. We've been going it alone for 15 years. 15 years! Blind! Blind and we still made it!

    Now that we can see, quite frankly, I think we might just well be invincible.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:58 No.18058836
    Oh, it's speaking, it must be a person. That is what people look like. How hideous.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:02 No.18058885
    "Where's the nearest plot convenient merchant caravan heading to the capitol?"
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:02 No.18058888
    >"Where do whores go?"
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:02 No.18058893
    So what kind of zen fighting prowess have we developed over the years of being blind?

    Get some scraps from a local inn for a few piens and feed them to a stray dog. Gotta have a dog companion if we're going on an adventure.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:08 No.18058971
    It's a person. Recognize the voice?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:11 No.18059009
    You there OP?
    I wanna become a wizard. ;_;
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:15 No.18059088
         File: 1329952536.png-(9 KB, 640x640, 4.png)
    9 KB
    No, I've seen people like me. I guess merchants are a different deal tho.

    "You are a merchant?"
    >"Yeah, I'm merchant."
    Merchants look weird.

    I buy goggles and a cape. 60 pien! I did not buy a sword, as I already own one! It's the only thing my parents left me.

    "Are you going to capitol?"
    >"Yeah, three days travel."
    "Can I come with you"
    >"We can take you with us, but it will cost ya 50 pien. We will leave in the morning at sunrise. Come bit earlier than that, okay?"

    Hm, should I?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:17 No.18059115
    Use your DARK EYES of INTIMIDATION to lower the price.

    Say 80 pien for the purchase and travel, be willing to go up to 100 pien.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:17 No.18059119
    Put on the goggles and hat.
    Offer to work to mitigate cost.
    Best Nightwatch man in the world cause lol blind.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:18 No.18059126

    That sounds like a good deal, accept. Also see if he has available a pointy blue wizard hat.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:18 No.18059130
    Ask him if there are any whores on the caravan. Or in the capitol.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:20 No.18059158

    Good question.

    And yes, offer services, so that we don't have to go more than 100 for the entirety of our expenses.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:22 No.18059182
    Ask if you can take a dog with you, if not we'll have to get our dog companion in the capitol.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:34 No.18059310
         File: 1329953653.png-(9 KB, 640x640, 5.png)
    9 KB
    Yep, managed to get it down to 100 pien! Now I just have to wait...
    Waiting is boring.
    What should I do meanwhile? I have bit of time before going to sleep.
    Oh, yeah!

    "Are there whores on the caravan?"
    >"No. Capitol has lots of fine whores tho."
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:34 No.18059312
    Buy rope. Always buy rope. Never be without rope.

    You'll know why.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:36 No.18059328
    Go find a helpful dog companion.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:37 No.18059335
    Seconding the rope.

    Also, feed some scraps to a stray dog and try to make him our pet. This can only benefit us in the future.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:37 No.18059345
    Go get your sword!
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:38 No.18059351
    Sey goodbye to any friends you jave I guess. Or maybe we can recruit one into your party.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:42 No.18059390
    Hell yes, let's get the big silent one and the sneaky thieving one, along with a dog.

    Just a note for when we become a wizard: we need to teach our dog to speak.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:46 No.18059434
    >not use magic
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:50 No.18059464
    I don't see how else we'd teach a dog to speak.

    We could become a master linguist instead though.
    >> Servant of the Emperor 02/22/12(Wed)18:52 No.18059486
    Woh woh woh, Why're we getting Charged to travel with them?
    We have a sword, they should pay US (or at least give us a free pass) to act as an escort. We've a cape and goggles now, so we look less of a useless street urchin now.

    Matter of fact that, we should find a blacksmitch to get our sword sharpened. We've been blind, cant say we've maintained the sword much in 15 years.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:52 No.18059496
         File: 1329954764.png-(9 KB, 640x640, 6.png)
    9 KB
    I searched high and low, but couldn't find a dog. I asked around for stray dogs, but last one was adopted by that crazy old man.

    I managed to get myself some rope. It is four times as long as I am.

    I also bid farewell for my buddies. Jonathan is kinda jealous, Tom wishes me good luck and cheers.
    Oh well, might as well go to sleep now. I have to wake up early!
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:55 No.18059540
    Gonna have to wait till the capital to get a dog, then.
    Recruit the FUCK out of Jonathan.
    >> Servant of the Emperor 02/22/12(Wed)18:58 No.18059571
    What, Johnathan, are you going to sit around all your life, and wait till you get picked up by some farmer only to make you break your back in the fields?

    Hell No.

    Stand up, put your MAN pants on, and you're going on an adventure with me, We're going to see the world, you hear me?

    Als you're going to need to put together some peini for travel expenses. But i can loan you it if you need it.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:59 No.18059586
    Which one is the one with the eyepatch? He looks much cooler than the other one. Bring him.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:02 No.18059611
    Bring both.

    Sad that we don't have one beefy mute friend and one shady thieving bastard, but what can you do.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:10 No.18059705
         File: 1329955816.png-(10 KB, 640x640, 7.png)
    10 KB
    But Jonathan doesn't even have arms and Tom has only one leg. They might really hinder me, and Jonathan is completely fine living here.

    Not to mention, the merchant might expect me to pay more. Jonathan and Tom don't have much excess pien.

    Anyway, good night!
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:12 No.18059724
    Note for when we become a wizard: come back and merge Jonathan and Tom so they have 2 arms and 3 legs altogether.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:12 No.18059739
    Wake up early, get on caravan, go to capital, become most powerful wizard of the age.
    Cast regeneration on Jonothan and Tom
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:17 No.18059792
    >But Jonathan doesn't even have arms and Tom has only one leg.
    Hahahaha. Damn!
    >> Servant of the Emperor 02/22/12(Wed)19:21 No.18059829
    After we get breakfast, and some rations for the trip, We'll need to get a sling bag or something too, blanket (or we can use our cape), flint and steel, a flask or canteen of some sort, and go to the blacksmith and get our sword sharpened!
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:23 No.18059853
    I wonder if Jonathan can fight with a sword in his mouth.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:33 No.18059944
         File: 1329957205.png-(12 KB, 640x640, 9.png)
    12 KB
    Good morning!

    Yes, when I become the best wizard, I will give Jonathan arms and Tom an eye and a leg! I promise!

    As for the slink bag and canteen, I don't own those. The orphanage however, does.
    I will borrow them for a while. They probably won't need 'em. I will return them when I have more money to get my own canteen and bag.

    I think the sword is sharp enough. Blacksmith is lazy and won't get up in few hours.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:34 No.18059957
    Man those eyes are freaky.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:37 No.18059982
         File: 1329957440.png-(14 KB, 640x640, 8.png)
    14 KB
    Sword, canteen, rope, cape, goggles, flint and steel.. Check!

    I arrive at the caravan. They are still loading some stuff inside. It looks like they are almost finished.

    >"You are the human kid going to Joros?"
    "Uh, I guess."
    >"You look... scrawny. You won't be much help with loading. Just get inside with the other folks. We'll leave soon."

    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:39 No.18060007
    It's time to show off our insanely powerful muscles.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:40 No.18060018
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:40 No.18060022
    So... what are the other species?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:40 No.18060032

    Soooo, what are the other species?

    Just quietly get in the caravan and see who else is there. Hopefully there's someone willing to be recruited by a 15 year old kid with a sword and without even a helpful animal companion.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:41 No.18060039
    "It looks like you just bought yourself a ticket... to the GUN SHOW."

    Then pose.
    >> Cpt. Jarem 02/22/12(Wed)19:44 No.18060078
    The art reminds me of Moomins.
    In a good way, that is.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:47 No.18060126
    Is there a bad way to be reminded of Moomins?
    >> Cpt. Jarem 02/22/12(Wed)19:54 No.18060207
         File: 1329958455.jpg-(5 KB, 300x225, Buka_will_come_for_you.jpg)
    5 KB
    Now try to sleep.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:59 No.18060279
         File: 1329958769.png-(13 KB, 640x640, 10.png)
    13 KB
    "What, scrawny?! Check this out!"
    He must be really impressed!
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:01 No.18060313
    Aw jeah that is straight up 1000% badassitude there. Probably all faintin' and shit cause he can't handle out raw projection of masculinity.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:02 No.18060327
         File: 1329958978.png-(15 KB, 640x640, 11.png)
    15 KB
    He just told me to get inside. Blah.
    There are two other passengers. One is like the merchants, other one is human.

    It is really silent.
    I guess the robed guy with pointy hat is asleep. I can hear him snoring.

    [ continuing tomorrow, thanks for playing ]
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:03 No.18060338
    The merchants aren't... human?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:07 No.18060377
    Thanks for running, I guess. Kinda interesting although not much happened.

    (Let us do more cool/silly things!)
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:09 No.18060403
         File: 1329959340.jpg-(105 KB, 392x374, kot.jpg)
    105 KB
    rolled 3 = 3


    Someone needs one day to sit down and create D&D version of that walking nightmare. Just so we can all scare our players shitless.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:11 No.18060430
    >pointy hat
    >pointy hat
    >pointy hat
    Oh wow, it's a fucking wizard.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:44 No.18060789

    No, notice the long ears they have. Same as the sleeping guy.

    They remind me of Nu Mou from FFT.

    Anyway rock and roll, we got ourselves some good starting gear, a steady trip to the capitol, 100 pien for a lovely courtesan, and to top it all off we have 15 years worth of living blind and developing senses, only now we can see! It's practically like having super powers, or being an elf/dog hybrid.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:55 No.18061605
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:06 No.18063236
    let's try to talk to our fellow travelers and learn who they are. Perhaps they might be adventurers, and the snoring one might be a wizard.

    On second thought, leave the dozing one alone. Never pays to make a wizard angry AND sleep-deprived.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:10 No.18063299
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:14 No.18063347
    OP said at the bottom of the most recent post it'll continue tomorrow.
    Page 15 alone will take some time to reach anyway so just keep it from there?

    (also, maybe take your e-mail out of the e-mail field unless you need it there, bud.)
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:18 No.18063386
    [This appears to be the same setting as http://tgchan.org/wiki/Tory%27s_Tower, for those of you who are confused.]
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:58 No.18065480
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)06:41 No.18066390
         File: 1329997286.png-(15 KB, 640x640, 12.png)
    15 KB
    The day was boring. Nothing special happened at all.
    I did talk with the other passengers tho. The sleepy one was a mage, journeying to Capital to make a report. The other human passenger is a blacksmith visiting cousins. I thought about asking about sharpening the blade, but decided not to. Caravan is mostly those long-eared folk.

    And I learned something about races. There are six major races: Human, Caowe ( merchants I have been seing ), Satyr ( horned goat-things ), Elfs, Dwarves, and um, Ongigil ( bird people ). That's about it.

    I am now on night watch with one of the long-eared folk ( I think it is the same one who was not impressed by my amazing muscles ). It has been peaceful, but there's been quite bit of annoying rustling going on for a while now.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)06:42 No.18066398
    Activate night vision super eyes.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)06:43 No.18066409
    I thought it was a hat.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)06:44 No.18066414
    [x] draw sword
    [x] investigate rustling
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)06:45 No.18066422
    This. gather some xp and grow magical powers in short order,
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)07:22 No.18066670
         File: 1329999754.jpg-(293 KB, 507x525, 1329886031235.jpg)
    293 KB

    Rustling you say?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)07:29 No.18066719

    This man raises a good point, before doing anything else we should check the status of our Jimmies. Who knows what sort of rustling could have taken place without our knowledge?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)07:34 No.18066748
    The plethora of jimmy rustling related images warms the cockles of my heart. God bless you sir.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)07:42 No.18066780
         File: 1330000952.png-(328 KB, 500x371, 1329262080887.png)
    328 KB

    Sir this is no laughing matter, there is some serious amounts of rustling going on here which we must check out.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)07:44 No.18066795
    That gave me an honest laugh in real life. Please no more, it will wake my family and I must save them all.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)08:21 No.18067002
         File: 1330003294.png-(11 KB, 640x640, 13.png)
    11 KB
    I'll check that out. But first I'll put the goggles on! Just to be safe!

    >"... What is it?"
    "Heard something."
    >"I heard nothing."
    "Well, I'm going to check it anyways."

    Hm, it is not that bad! I can see pretty well in the dark!
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)08:22 No.18067010
    rolled 13 = 13

    Activate Spirit Vision
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)08:26 No.18067042
         File: 1330003616.png-(13 KB, 640x640, 14.png)
    13 KB
    I found the source of the rustling!
    It's some sort of beast. It smells like dead rats. A corpse? And there's some sort of circle on its head. Or am I just seeing things?

    Anyway, it sure does looks menacing.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)08:28 No.18067049
    Probably just misunderstood. Befriend it.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)08:28 No.18067051
    Looks Harmless to me.
    Anyway, Poke the creature if you sword.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)08:30 No.18067069
    See that thing? You don't want to go near that thing.

    You want to head back to the camp and wake everyone up.

    Things that smell dead and look like that are NEVER good news.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)08:32 No.18067081
    [x] Enter the zone
    [x] Do this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNlSoDoEHbQ&feature=related
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)08:42 No.18067141
    Dot Zatoichi(2003).
    Not Doing Zatoichi(1988)
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)08:45 No.18067157
         File: 1330004716.gif-(26 KB, 367x204, nuuskamuikkunen.gif)
    26 KB
    You know, for future acquisitions, we really need a scarf and a pointy hat. And a pipe and a harmonica. And a pair of high-laced boots to travel safely with. And some whiskey to taste around the campfire with our friends on a star-lit night. And a very laid-back anti-establishmentarian worldview.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)08:51 No.18067189
    Gee, uh... grandpa always said you should talk to yourself quietly and back away diagonally if you saw a big fuzzy beast looking at you in the woods.

    Grandpa didn't talk about this exact kind of big fuzzy beast though. I wonder if it's a scavenger, or could we play dead?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)08:52 No.18067195
    Try to see if you can pick-up rocks first and chuck it in the direction of the rustlings.

    When morning comes, try looking for a knife. It'll let you make pointy sticks to start skewing food with over an open flame. You can carve stuff with it that you can sell. You'll also have a back-up weapon if ever you can't reach your sword. And once you get someone into your party, you have a handy weapon to equip them with.

    If not a knife, you could instead get a wood-cutter's axe and start working as a lumberjack. Sell the firewood to the merchants you're travelling with, or to the market once you reach the city.

    Also, don't dual-wield. Your penalties will make you feel silly.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)10:54 No.18067849
         File: 1330012482.png-(17 KB, 640x640, 16.png)
    17 KB
    Well, I guess I shouldn't just stand here. I take run for it.
    It begins to chase me. For a corpse, it is quite fast!
    "Wake up! Something dead is after me!"

    The long-eared guy notices my call and begins to wake up other folks.
    >"Hey wake up! We are being attacked!"
    >"Undead? Ah fuck."
    >"Hang in there, we'll be there in a second!"
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)11:05 No.18067907

    Get ready for fightan gaems.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)11:51 No.18068241
    Run towards a horse, AND SLIDE UNDER.

    Horse meat should be just as tasty as human meat to the undead. Never mind that the cart its pulling will also be pulled from the momentum, at least you're alive.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)13:12 No.18068731
    KILL IT.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)15:40 No.18069782
         File: 1330029630.png-(11 KB, 640x640, 17.png)
    11 KB
    And under horse I slide! The beast attacks the horse, just as planned!

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)15:43 No.18069809
         File: 1330029801.png-(17 KB, 640x640, 18.png)
    17 KB
    Both beast and horse are engulfed in flames.
    I bet this won't end well for me.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)15:52 No.18069909
    >our life is now in debt to a wizardy mage user of some sort, maybe the mage we sat next to

    Oh boy time for apprenticing
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)16:01 No.18069991
         File: 1330030884.png-(17 KB, 640x640, 19.png)
    17 KB
    Not much apprenticing I guess.
    The merchant is mad for killing one of his horses. He demanded us to compensate for the loss. Mage paid it. He says it's not my fault really. There had been reports of rogue necromancer around here.
    I won't be on the night watch anymore. I guess it's good, I get to sleep more.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)16:02 No.18069995
    We should ask the mage about magic and shit
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)16:16 No.18070103
         File: 1330031762.png-(16 KB, 640x640, 20.png)
    16 KB
    After yesterday's screwup, I asked him about magic. He did not tell much. He just told me that there are many basic schools of magic, about wizard academy and about dangers yadda yadda.
    The basic school are uh, general magic, elemental magic ( which is divided to more schools ), ,conjuring, summoning, warping and enchanting and uh. That's about it. He might have left out a few.

    Then he just told me to bug off. The horse-incident had costed him 120 pien.
    I can see why he is not very fond of me right now.

    Soon we'll be in the capital. I cannot wait!
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)16:33 No.18070285
         File: 1330032812.png-(14 KB, 640x640, 21.png)
    14 KB
    Rest of the trip went fine. I don't think I left a fine impression on my passengers and the merchants. I might not get another ride for a while from them.
    Finally I have arrived to the capital! It's HUGE! It's incredible!

    Now, what should I do?
    I have only 100 piens left...
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)16:36 No.18070301
    We wanted to become a magic man, right?
    Well, first start inquiring how to do that. Ask around, visit the mage college, maybe search for a tutor.

    Or visit a tavern for ale and whores!
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)16:43 No.18070380
    This quest is great and OP should feel great.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)16:54 No.18070500
    True. I like the art.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)17:01 No.18070552
         File: 1330034475.png-(13 KB, 300x500, nuuskamuikkunen1.png)
    13 KB
    We look like a wonderfully psychotic Snufkin.

    We should wander about town and find a basic school of magic. Or well... we're obviously meant for greatness since we just came out of our 15 years of blindness, so why not go straight to the academy and badger them for an opening? If nothing else, at least a janitor's or a kitchen helper's job would be nice to keep us clothed, fed and housed, and we could use our access to the place to sneak a few peeks in some magic booksies.

    Anyway, let's find the wizard's academy.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)17:56 No.18071077
    op, you're gone?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)18:01 No.18071144

    The central motive for how to spend our remaining pien should be as it always has; spend some time with a lovely courtesan.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)18:06 No.18071188
         File: 1330038375.png-(15 KB, 640x640, 22.png)
    15 KB
    I found the academy. Why is everything here so big? And white. And by the I guess the tower's somehow enchanted. Cool.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)18:09 No.18071229
    Holy shit you can't even see the top. That is a right proper wizard's tower
    Head on inside and see what enrollment involves
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)18:10 No.18071231
    Find the entrance and enter the place. Ask them where to apply to learn magic
    >> 008 02/23/12(Thu)18:10 No.18071236
    Be careful with those wizards. They may get angry and take away your vision or something else. So use respect but not too much, don't be a doormat.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)18:11 No.18071256
         File: 1330038679.png-(16 KB, 640x640, 23.png)
    16 KB
    So this is the academy? So weird.
    Circles and strange marks everywhere. It looks kinda off, like they are glued on my eyeballs.


    Oh right.

    >"I guess that like others, you want to apply in our academy."
    >"How are your spellcasting skills in general."
    >"Oh, okay. What family are you from?"
    >"Give me a reason to let you in."
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)18:15 No.18071292
    I really want to learn the magic and it's nature.
    *puppy eyes*
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)18:28 No.18071467

    Show him your eyes, let him guess as to their nature. Tell him you want to find out more about them.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/23/12(Thu)18:28 No.18071470
    rolled 22 = 22

    I was blind, but a mage healed me. I want to study hard until I can travel around and track him down to thank him.

    I doubt this is good enough to convince him, but I'm not having much inspiration atm.
    >> Carparel 02/23/12(Thu)18:29 No.18071486
    Look at him
    and say.
    "Give me a good idea for not doing"
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)18:30 No.18071500
    Damn it see this is why we needed to buy a wizard hat, they would have let us just right in!
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)18:39 No.18071624
    Look him in the eyes and say "I was blind, but a mage healed me. What better way to repay him then to use these new eyes to learn magic?"
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)19:22 No.18072181
         File: 1330042964.png-(15 KB, 640x640, 24.png)
    15 KB
    "I was blind, but a mage healed me. What better way to repay him then to use these new eyes to learn magic?"
    >"Wait a moment here. How long have you been blind?"
    "Since birth."
    >"That is... very unique. According to my recollection, there is no single spell that can heal birth defects."
    "Uh what?"
    >"You see, most of healing spells can only reverse most recent injuries. The oldest injury ever healed by magic was regrowing King Zeben's arm. He had been missing arm for 4 years. Some of course debate whatever it ever happened. Please, let me see your eyes."
    "Uh. okay."
    >"Yes, quite unusual. Have you been feeling weird lately? Do you have any idea about who healed you? Do you see things which other people don't? Where are you from? Were the eyes you were born with like this?"
    "Um. Maybe"
    >"No matter, you should come with me. We'll go see someone might be interested in this. We might be able to negotiate about your enrollment after all."

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)19:25 No.18072232
    We get some magic!
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)19:28 No.18072274
    So, we're this close to getting into the wizard academy. There's a chance we'll meet the wizard that saved us and paid for us again. We should make it out current medium term goal to pay him back.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)19:33 No.18072359

    Well we're still 20 short regardless.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)19:41 No.18072480
    >Do you see things which other people don't?

    Well, we do see the runes. Like on the tower, and on the head of that beast we assume was undead. Maybe that's something worth noting.

    Although I wonder if it's safe to tell the magic people that.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)19:43 No.18072519

    Maybe we should hold off on it then.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)20:22 No.18073042
         File: 1330046527.png-(16 KB, 640x640, 25.png)
    16 KB
    The more I spend in this place the cooler it looks. I've seen lots of mages! Mostly humans and elves, I think I saw a satyr... Haven't seen the one that was in the caravan.

    "Hey, about your questions.."
    "I haven't noticed any sort of strange things with my vision. I couldn't see the healer because, well, I was blind!"
    >"Not even after you were granted sight?"
    "No, he was just gone."
    >"He? How old do you think he was? Did he have any sort of dialect?"
    "Not very old I guess. And I don't know about dialects..."

    We arrive at a door. Inside the room there's a human sitting on a bed.

    >"Dionne, I have a visitor who might interest you?"
    >"Oh please, it better not be-"
    >"No, not Scott. I have a visitor who has quite interesting eyes. He claims that his blindness was cured by someone."
    >".. Well, that's a quite thing."
    >"I will leave him with you. Do not remove his eyes. Test if they have any special proportions."
    The old man leaves the room.
    >"He was kidding about removing eyes, honestly."

    [ Continuing later, archive thread if you will. Thanks for playing. ]
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)20:23 No.18073067
    Oooooh, thanks for having us.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)20:25 No.18073088
    thanks for running this, op
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)00:11 No.18076297
    Somebody archive this.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)02:22 No.18078193
    While kind of interesting, I felt we basically had nigh on nil input in this quest.

    I like your art style but if you want to tell a story, tell a story.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)10:55 No.18081250

    Hey as long as we get to slam out some fine bitches, I don't care how OP takes this quest.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)13:58 No.18082856
    That's a fair point I guess?

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