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  • File: 1330136197.jpg-(222 KB, 604x652, MSWQ header.jpg)
    222 KB MAHOU STRIKE SHOUNEN WITCHES QUEST: When In Rome... Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/24/12(Fri)21:16 No.18087172  
    Wait. wut?

    Majaik, elegance, and an angry teaset. We have it all.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-LAST TIME=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

    Later that evening, with Ursula sleeping soundly on one side of you, Erica tells you stories of her home dimension.
    ".....and then they say Rommel punched him in the face, after hiding in the fridge for a day."
    Your mind can only imagine parallels of historical figures from your world doing such things.
    "Oh, also. If Shirley ,that's the tit monster i was talking about, ever catches you alone somewhere, you should run as fast as you can out of there."
    "I'll do just that." you tell her.


    The following morning after some breakfast and packing some stuff in your folio, you and the twins head down to the Stargate located inside the AdMin building.
    There you find another pantsless individual with a duffle bag identical to the twins' laying by her feet.
    After exchanging pleasantries with the twins for a moment, she turns to you.
    "So, this is the guy you two have been telling me all about..."
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:19 No.18087200
    She's on to us, quick hide in a teacup!
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:19 No.18087201
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:19 No.18087202
    Give a bow.
    "Pleased to make your acquaintance, Miss...?"

    Which Witch is this Witch?
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:20 No.18087206
    if the picture last time was accurate, its Trude.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:23 No.18087237
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:33 No.18087340
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:34 No.18087347
    I don't think it's Trude, because it sounded like Trude was waiting for the Hartmanns back in their dimension and wanted them to report in during the break.

    Also, this Witch was supposed to be in negotiations with the Bureau upper management, so I'm guessing it's either Mio or Minna.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/24/12(Fri)21:34 No.18087350
         File: 1330137256.jpg-(89 KB, 600x583, 579f8581d73279af8fea00087fb7dd(...).jpg)
    89 KB
    You quickly scan the new witch. Brown hair tied in two small pigtails. A grey shirt and boots, also pantsless.

    "I am Flight Lieutenant Gertrud Barkhorn, fomerly of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing." She says as she takes some steps towards you "I hear you've been keeping these two company over the week."

    You think of how to respond to this introduction

    [ ] salute
    [ ] shake her hand
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:35 No.18087358
    rolled 40 = 40

    We aren't military.

    Shake hand.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:35 No.18087364
    >[x] shake her hand
    We aren't military, so we don't salute. It's actually disrespectful, generally speaking, for civilians to salute to military.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:35 No.18087370
    We aren't military, shake her hand.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/24/12(Fri)21:36 No.18087373
    We're not military, we're a gentleman, at least outwardly.
    [x]shake her hand, then bow over it.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:36 No.18087380
    id say shake some military people get pissed when civvies salute them
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:36 No.18087381
    Shake her hand.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:37 No.18087391
    Hooray consensus
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:38 No.18087397
    Oh, right, do we introduce ourselves as Hayate, or Susan?

    I'm voting Hayate, since the twins have probably talked about us with that name, and she's from another dimension and very, very unlikely tied to the Yakuza from our home world.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/24/12(Fri)21:38 No.18087400
         File: 1330137515.jpg-(17 KB, 357x319, 12334d232w.jpg)
    17 KB
    [x] shake hand

    "pleasure to meet you miss barkhorn." You say as you give her a firm handshake. "I have indeed been lucky enough to enjoy the company of those two."

    "My name is ....."

    [ ]Susan
    [ ]Hayate
    [ ]other?
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:39 No.18087404
    Hayate. We don't have to hide our identity with her.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:39 No.18087409
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:39 No.18087410
    >These choices
    >LG now ticking routes off chart
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:40 No.18087413
    Hayate. We've largely come out of the Susan closet now.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:40 No.18087416
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:41 No.18087420
    That is how it works yes.

    We've so far managed to avoid the 'get smacked the fuck up by Trude' route.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/24/12(Fri)21:45 No.18087462
         File: 1330137924.jpg-(53 KB, 409x341, 12354345345ds.jpg)
    53 KB
    "My name is Hayate Ayasaki." you tell her, "I hope you dont mind me intruding on your vacation."

    "Oh no, not at all. I will have to give you a bit of a warning though." she informs you
    "Even if it is true that majaik is prevalent in our dimension, a male majaik user such as yourself is almost unheard of. I'd appreciate it if you would keep it below radar."

    [ ]yes
    [ ]no
    [ ]NGAF
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/24/12(Fri)21:46 No.18087470
    The fuck is "NGAF?"

    Regardless: [x]I'll do my best.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:47 No.18087478
    >[x] yes
    The twins can take care of us if need be.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:47 No.18087482
    On the one hand, Yes keeps us from getting smacked by Trude.

    On the other, NGAF sounds like we'll get to experience MC Pilot shenanigans.

    Option 4: [x] Say "I'll do my best." and actually NGAF.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:47 No.18087484
    NGAF = no giving a fuck/not giving a fuck

    Also [x] yes
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:50 No.18087506
    Of course, I'm just there to spend time with these two on their trip.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:51 No.18087519
    [ ]yes
    just because were going to the strike witch dimension doesnt mean we stop being a gentleman and scholar
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:53 No.18087534

    [x] Yes
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:54 No.18087544
    >[x ]NGAF
    But pretend to GAF
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/24/12(Fri)21:54 No.18087548
         File: 1330138479.jpg-(83 KB, 938x704, stargate (1).jpg)
    83 KB
    "I'll do my best." you tell her with a slight bow.
    "Good, a couple of gnomes running around the base is too much already. I would not want an uproar when a full blown Magos like you shows up."
    'Gnomes?' you think to yourself, but keep from asking her about them.

    Introductions now over, you wait for the Stargate to be dialled-in.

    >be at home.
    >suddenly mom pops by for a visit
    >oh cool she brought lunch
    >posts might now be considerably slower due to IRL parental interactions
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:55 No.18087555
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:55 No.18087556
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:56 No.18087559
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:56 No.18087566
         File: 1330138608.png-(70 KB, 423x200, Hayate shopping.png)
    70 KB
    We've been getting food the hard way our whole lives, I'm sure we haven't forgotten how after a couple of weeks.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:57 No.18087567
    This time we are a guest. No worries.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:57 No.18087568
    Hah! MC Pilot shenanigans ahoy!

    I'm wondering what their official classification is, whether it's Warlock or Wizard. Though I can totally see them all being call collectively "gnomes" as a slur by Witches.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:58 No.18087584
    >Whenever my parents selfishly asked for meat, I'd penetrate
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:58 No.18087585
    Doesn't matter!

    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:59 No.18087597
    Oh crap!
    You know what we forgot to do?

    Get to a currency exchanger and get some of the local currency!
    It's unseemly for a gentleman and a butler to have their mistresses pay for everything.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)21:59 No.18087598
    We should ask him.

    "Hey are you one of those gnomes?"

    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:00 No.18087617
    They live on a military base and get pretty much whatever they can get their hands on fo free. Also gold is still good everywhere.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/24/12(Fri)22:02 No.18087647
    Even slower? Balls. I'm curious, can we quietly ask Erica/Ursula what she meant by Gnomes?
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:03 No.18087651
    While true, I still want to be amused by Hayate confusingly trying to understand 1940's British currency with his early 21st-century Japanese currency mindset.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:04 No.18087671

    It concerns money.

    His mind will instantly adapt.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:16 No.18087789

    Awwwwwww, but I really wanted all other girls to swoon over us and then become jelly when they learn that we're in a relationship with Erica&Ursula.

    >at the end of this sub-plot: all other girls want to join the Bureau too just to be close with us
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/24/12(Fri)22:18 No.18087805
         File: 1330139895.png-(99 KB, 600x674, 8425 - erica_hartmann reaction(...).png)
    99 KB
    "okay, you guys can go through now." the man in the small booth off to the side tells your group.

    You begin walking up the small ramp.
    "WAIT!" Erica grabs your hand.
    "You know what would be fun?"
    You turn around to find a grin on her face and Ursula holding an all too familiar paperbag.

    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:18 No.18087812

    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:19 No.18087818
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:19 No.18087820

    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:19 No.18087825
    "Maybe later, during a special event"
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:20 No.18087830
    No I'm pretty sure we want to be the little girl, yeah.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:20 No.18087833

    Slowly back away towards the stargate and RUNNN
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:20 No.18087840
    Lightly resist.
    "Oh no. I know that look."

    Give in, but at least make an attempt to resist.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:22 No.18087861
    Ask Ursela if they still have a room here. If yes, quickly snatch bag, upend it over Erica's head, grab her around the waist, and haul ass towards said room. No costumes quite yet.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/24/12(Fri)22:22 No.18087864
    rolled 89 = 89

    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:24 No.18087884
    Eh why not.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:25 No.18087889
    CRAZY IVAN. Say look the "winged victory of samothrace", point in a direction and then run through the portal.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:25 No.18087891
    "Oh, you really want the other girls witness the this glory without having to work for it like you did?"
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:26 No.18087906

    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:27 No.18087909
    rolled 93 = 93

    I wanna see where this is going so seconding this guy.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:28 No.18087928
    We're going to be forced to wear it; there's no question of that.
    The only question is how much we resist, and if we make the other Witches work to see us in it.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:29 No.18087939
    rolled 69 = 69

    >if we make the other Witches work to see us in it.
    This. It's no fun when they just get given stuff without effort.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:31 No.18087949
    in4 we lose another potentially great idea due to LG not refreshing.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:34 No.18087973
    rolled 18 = 18

    >Go in
    >See everyone is pants-less
    >Start taking of the pants
    >Erica:"What the hell are you doing!?"
    >"What? I thought this was customary in your world."
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:36 No.18087998
    There is at least one dimension that we will eventually have access to where this is the case.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:39 No.18088030
    rolled 78 = 78

    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:40 No.18088039
    rolled 24 = 24

    We must not do this, but I am laughing.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/24/12(Fri)22:45 No.18088092
         File: 1330141511.jpg-(61 KB, 600x517, 146940.jpg)
    61 KB
    "MEEP MEEP!" you say as you run.
    You dont even know where you're headed, you just run. You run as fast as your feet can propel you.

    But you didn't count on one thing, youre feet are smalltime compared to full blown magic engines.
    2 pairs of magic engines pursue you down a hall in AdMin.
    There is no implausible painted-on tunnel to save you now.

    [ ]invisibility
    [ ]keep running
    [ ]teleport
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:46 No.18088104
    >[x] keep running
    We're not trying to get away, just trying to make them work for it.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:46 No.18088109
         File: 1330141606.png-(1.24 MB, 2128x2998, RETREAT.png)
    1.24 MB

    [x] keep running

    [nospoilers]otherwise we might get away[/nospoilers]
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:47 No.18088113
    rolled 92 = 92

    >[ ]teleport
    lol, not this, we can only teleport to our team-mates. And we are running away from our tem-mates.

    Make sure no one sees it.
    ...Or actually
    >[x] stop-watch
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:47 No.18088115

    And tell Kraus to sever his network connection so that Frau and Victor can't track us.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:47 No.18088118
    Turn a corner, go invisible, escape. I don't want to burn a teleport on this quite yet.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:48 No.18088126
    Keep running.

    We aren't trying to get away.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:48 No.18088131
    We're not actually trying to successfully escape. We're playing hard to get.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:48 No.18088136
    If Erica is pursuing, stop suddenly, grab her, and blow a loud, raucous raspberry on the sensitive part of her neck. Then resume our escape.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:49 No.18088150
    rolled 54 = 54

    Begin stripping, we cannot escape so we midas well make the job easier.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:50 No.18088157
    Hahaha, yes.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:50 No.18088162

    Didnt we just have TIMESTOP?

    [x]keep running
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:50 No.18088164
    Stop Watch, pull down their underpants, then return to where we were, resume time and continue running.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:51 No.18088180
    We got them during our 80's training montage last thread.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/24/12(Fri)22:51 No.18088181
    Give up. We've done our token resistance maneuver
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:51 No.18088185
         File: 1330141911.jpg-(18 KB, 300x260, CaptainPicard.jpg)
    18 KB
    rolled 41 = 41

    Make it so.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:52 No.18088193
    If they really want to catch us they need to deserve it, not something easy like catching a man on foot using rockets attached to their feet. Go invisible when they lose sight of us for 1 second.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:52 No.18088195
    >Run into MC
    >Ask him to hide you
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:52 No.18088196
    She will be merciless.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:52 No.18088197
    What? Giving up so soon?
    No, no, they need to corner us and semi-rape us.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:54 No.18088209
    /tg/- rape fetish.

    keep on running.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:54 No.18088214
    >Get MC Pilot's help
    That's right!
    Turn invisible, double-back, go through the Stargate and run into MC.

    "What's your hurry, kid?"
    "HIDE ME."
    "....under that workbench."
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:55 No.18088221
    That's fine. The idea is to make her work for her lulz. It will be less interesting if we are but putty in her hands.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:56 No.18088227
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:56 No.18088236
    Yes, she has us completely whipped. But she likes it when we're feisty.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)22:59 No.18088268
    So were letting ourselves get caught, right after we raspberry Erica. Most excellent.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/24/12(Fri)23:00 No.18088277
    Well, that's my vote, but it seems I'm the only one ready to give up already. But that's fine.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:00 No.18088282
    i dont mind being whipped theres always a light at the end of the tunnel... or entrance into hers ; )
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:01 No.18088293

    that was terrible.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:01 No.18088295
    We will turn it around at least once at some point.

    But this is not the time or the place.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:02 No.18088303
    Loyal anons are working in inter-dimensional harem even as we speak.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:03 No.18088305
    what the hell?
    NEVER GIVE UP! ...come on, man.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/24/12(Fri)23:04 No.18088318
         File: 1330142676.jpg-(149 KB, 600x945, 363978-by_youkan__9_.jpg)
    149 KB
    You keep running.
    Luckily the corridors are deserted.
    You keep running on. Taking random corners and side corridors, you soldier on.

    You're coming up to a crossroads.

    [ ]left
    [ ]right
    [ ]straight ahead
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:05 No.18088327
    Break right, break right!
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:05 No.18088328

    left because nobody expects the left.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:05 No.18088331
    Always left.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:06 No.18088335
    UP!, Find a vent above us and get into that.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:06 No.18088338
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:07 No.18088342
    Stop. Ready watch. Take off our jacket. Why? Because were sexy.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:07 No.18088349
    This! Break the pursuit! Make them have to hunt for us.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/24/12(Fri)23:08 No.18088357
         File: 1330142935.jpg-(50 KB, 602x774, e07ab15844b1112bb28045f99c737c(...).jpg)
    50 KB
    You feint to the right, but take the left hallway at the last moment.
    The twins, going too fast to correct themselves stumble a bit at the crossroads and overshoot.
    You take a quick peek behind you, while still running.

    And then you crash.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:09 No.18088366

    oh god not shiruo please...
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:10 No.18088372
    Can't we use the stop-watch to stop the time for 60 sec, then go back and move BEHIND Erica and Ursula. They will continue pursuit onwards, while we will leisurely walk in different direction.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:10 No.18088374
    rolled 44 = 44


    If we crash into someone, our hands are all in the inappropriate places.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:11 No.18088377
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:12 No.18088388

    We're not really trying to escape, just playing hard to get.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:12 No.18088394
    why not?
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:13 No.18088401
    Do a barrel roll.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:13 No.18088406

    Also we want to be the little girl.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:14 No.18088410
    Because we want sexy fun times with the two hot twins chasing us and we don't actually have an issue with crossdressing for them? We're just trying to excite them.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:15 No.18088428
    well, alright then
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/24/12(Fri)23:15 No.18088434
    Erica's got a thing for snagging panties, doesn't she?
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:17 No.18088451
    And for making us wear them, so that she can take them off.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/24/12(Fri)23:17 No.18088454
    Because then it would be so much worse when we are caught. And we would be caught.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:17 No.18088458
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:20 No.18088484
    Worse? Or BETTER?
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:21 No.18088492
    Worse. It would go from fun pain to pain pain. We want her excited, not mad.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:22 No.18088504
    >SWQ MC avoids sexy-times with witches like a plague
    >Hayate comes
    >"Don't worry man, I'm going to take care of them. I'm going to tap those asses so that you don't have to."
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:27 No.18088556
    Well one of our plans was an inter dimensional harem and I can think or wise ways to start than in the SW universe
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/24/12(Fri)23:42 No.18088689
         File: 1330144963.jpg-(38 KB, 277x400, to-love-ru_157.jpg)
    38 KB
    The crash was a soft one. Too soft even.
    Like the masters of the the ancient Japanese art of FALL-N-GROPE teach, you instinctively squeeze whatever your hands were touching at that moment.
    "Done yet?" Trude looks down at you as you lay there between her decent mounds.
    'Aaand two more for good luck.' the motions are ingrained into your very soul.

    "ARE YOU QUITE DONE YET?" She asks again.

    [ ]NOPE

    >again my apologies for super slow posting.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:43 No.18088698
    >[x ]NOOOOOOPE
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:43 No.18088699
    "Yup, thanks for breaking my fall!"

    Then keep running.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:43 No.18088701
    My heart's not into getting a harem anymore. Friendships with benefits, sure, but it's not an overriding desire. That was when we had nothing.

    But now. Now we have something. Hayate finally has a bit of happiness. He's got something to lose. And he's going to do whatever it takes to keep from losing it.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:45 No.18088714
    "Yes'm. Thanks for the crash pad."
    And get up and start running, cause now Trude's after us as well.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:46 No.18088724
    rolled 50 = 50

    "Well it appears I've made a poor impression. I do apologize, but your friends are attempting to force me into cross-dressing once again, so I must run for a short while longer, before they inevitably catch me."

    Help her up, dust yourself off and double back to the beginning of our run.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/24/12(Fri)23:47 No.18088729
    rolled 63 = 63

    Ahahah this
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:48 No.18088739
    Second. May as well stay courteous and dapper.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:49 No.18088745

    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:49 No.18088751
    This. Uncomfortable honesty is fun.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:49 No.18088756
    rolled 14 = 14

    Trying for a better roll for this one.

    It baits Trude, teases her, tantalizes her with the mental image of what Hayate must look like cross-dressed that would get Erica and Ursula, of all people, so hot and bothered that they would chase him down with their Strikers.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/24/12(Fri)23:50 No.18088760
    rolled 49 = 49

    Damnit, this is so much better.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/24/12(Fri)23:51 No.18088778
         File: 1330145507.jpg-(159 KB, 665x910, e546d0a1559c30551004f140a0fd86(...).jpg)
    159 KB
    YOu quickly asses the situation before replying.
    'Breasts. Cleavage. My face. Starga- GODDAMMIT IM BACK AT THE STARGATE! CURSE YOU, RATIONAL GRID LAYOUT.' you scream inside.

    While trying to find a half decent one-liner, you hear this behind you,
    "NOOOOOOOOOOOOPE. Not quite done yet."

    Your struggling does nothing to stop the twins from dragging you into a storage closet.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:51 No.18088782
    rolled 83 = 83

    Gotta keep with our persona.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:53 No.18088799
    OH GOD THE HUMANITY. Also, let's get a little frisky with them while they're doing this. It's a perfect time to raspberry Erica's neck and kiss Ursula so hard she nearly faints. Bohohoho...
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:53 No.18088802
    i am intrigued
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:54 No.18088806
    This is the best way to fight back.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:54 No.18088812
    Right. I mean, we're still not going to win. But it will be a fun way to go.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/24/12(Fri)23:54 No.18088813
    rolled 51 = 51

    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:55 No.18088824
    im down
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:56 No.18088833
    Thats more or less what we were aiming for
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:57 No.18088836
         File: 1330145835.jpg-(29 KB, 502x284, 1296789532347.jpg)
    29 KB
    So much for my well though out one-liner.

    Fuck yea, more crossdressing.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/24/12(Fri)23:57 No.18088837
         File: 1330145845.jpg-(29 KB, 400x397, hayate cute maid sute.jpg)
    29 KB
    A few moments later you emerge from the closet once again wearing the maid costume from the costume shop you visited last week.
    Erica is dragging you along with a shit eating grin on her face. Ursula following behind with a handkerchief against her nose.

    You see Trude throw you an abrupt [hungry?] look, before returning to her calm demenor.

    "... so we pretend he's a witch, and now he can use majaik whenever he needs to." Erica explains as the four of you step through the Stargate.
    "Also. It's cute." Ursula adds with a straight face before you are all engulfed
    >> Alpharius 02/24/12(Fri)23:58 No.18088847

    THE END.

    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:58 No.18088849
    "Ursula's reason is the actual reason they're doing this..."
    >> Anonymous 02/24/12(Fri)23:59 No.18088853
    "Clever, but it shall backfire within the hour." Seriously, this situation is obviously going to crash and burn.
    But were gonna look damn good doing it.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:00 No.18088863
    Oh god....

    Onsen scene incoming
    Mistaken gender
    Witches all over us...
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)00:01 No.18088870
    rolled 20 = 20

    And it was good. Very good.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:02 No.18088879
         File: 1330146172.jpg-(9 KB, 259x194, kilt.jpg)
    9 KB
    just remember even with frills when a man is wearing a skirt its a kilt
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:03 No.18088883
    It only needs to fool the general populace.

    The witches can know but we can't have every person in the SW verse seeing men using majaik
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:03 No.18088885
    A kilt isn't any old skirt. It's a very specific type of Scottish skirt.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:04 No.18088896
    that only manly men wear
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:05 No.18088901
         File: 1330146311.jpg-(38 KB, 600x460, 1329615113541.jpg)
    38 KB
    >You see Trude throw you an abrupt [hungry?] look
    >Trude's fw seeing what the Hartmann's get to taste every night
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)00:05 No.18088903
    Oh no it's not.
    Besides, we are secure enough in our sexuality to be okay with the occasional spot of crossdressing and man loving. We're all about the ladies, of course, but then, there's... Kurou-Saaaan~.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:06 No.18088912
    "Hayate wanna try my striker?"
    We crash into the bloody obelisk outside
    of the Vatican, our panties come off and
    Susan's dick is there for the world to see.
    Men can use magik, and this one's a
    sexual deviant.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:06 No.18088916
    but kurou doesnt count he can get anyone and i mean ANYONE
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:07 No.18088924
    This actually gives me an idea.

    When we take however many of our team to our home lets suit up.

    Let's walk around like a bunch of cosplayers and use our ridiculous appearance to our advantage.

    Because seriously who is gonna believe you saw magical girls, Kamen rider, a butler and an amazon schoolgirl walking around?

    People will just think it was a cosplay convention or something in town. Plus it gives us a chance to get the twins back into the succubus outfits we got them
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:07 No.18088931
    I don't think the Church is much of a thing in the SW universe.

    Considering ya know, magic and shit.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:08 No.18088935
    >Men can use magik, and this one's a
    sexual deviant.
    No, no, that's our excuse!
    "Only sexual deviant men that cross-dress can use majaik."
    There, that'll keep men of this world from trying to become maguses.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:09 No.18088944
    I said vatican because its basically the center of Rome, or close to it. Really we could crash into anything.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)00:09 No.18088946
    That's... That's my point, really. Also Keima.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:10 No.18088954
    You really think so?

    Cause to be honest if cross dressing sexual deviants could get majaikal powers I would be our there in a fucking flash and you can imagine the guys who have been fighting and wish they could use the sort of powers witches do
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:10 No.18088961
         File: 1330146657.png-(155 KB, 800x800, 1323073867318.png)
    155 KB
    mfw that actally works.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:12 No.18088986
    I only said it jokingly.
    Though we could use it as an excuse for why WE are wearing a dress.

    But I think the problem is that we're using flashy majaiks, while Wizards can only use the subtle kind, and the Witches don't want to have to deal with that yet.

    From the way that Trude mentioned the gnomes, it sounds like post-war, Allied High Command made the existence of male magic users public knowledge.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:18 No.18089031
    Im assuming their like little mahou shounen's, as we are apparently "Magos" or whatever.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)00:20 No.18089056
         File: 1330147223.png-(248 KB, 600x333, 252733-501stbase001_super.png)
    248 KB
    The light fades.
    You find yourselves on a beach,to your left a large castle with a runway jutting out into the sea.
    "Welcome to our home, 'HERMIONE'." Erica tells you with a grand sweeping motion of her right hand.
    "Wow, amazing place." you tell her as you take in the scenery. "What's with the name?"
    "I just thought it sounded more 'witchy'."

    You walk across the sand towards the magnificent structure, when you hear a telephone ringing out of nowhere.

    Looking to your companions to see if they had cellphones or something, Trude walks up to a rock and opens a hidden panel. She takes out the handset of what you assume is an old rotary phone and answers it.

    After a few moments she heads back to the group.
    "Seems like someone spotted us touching down. Minna wants us to see her in the conference room ASAP. Looks like some brass are on the island waiting for us as well."

    She then turns to you. "Ayasaki, as much as we would like to take you on a tour right now, duty calls. We must leave you to your own devices for a few hours."

    She then picks up her pace. Ursula jogging behind while dragging her twin.

    "Hey! Remember what i told you about the titty monster!" Erica calls out to you as they disappear into the distance.

    You are now left all alone just at the edge of the runway.

    Right ahead, the magnificent castle.
    A small air control tower sits at the near end of the tarmac.
    To your left are what appears to be some hangars.
    You also spot a pier in the distance jutting out of the beach.

    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:22 No.18089075
    Pier! Beach time!
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:22 No.18089076
    >more Witchy
    I see what you did there.

    Go to the hangars.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:22 No.18089080
    To ze HANGAR! She said avoid titty monster, so obviously we must do that.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:22 No.18089086
    Nothing good will come of this. But still.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:23 No.18089095
    Pier, might find bikini witches.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:24 No.18089104
         File: 1330147453.jpg-(329 KB, 1440x810, ohgodthisisnotworking.jpg)
    329 KB

    >more witchy

    Why is this so funny to me?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:25 No.18089122
         File: 1330147534.jpg-(134 KB, 600x700, 1278273420282.jpg)
    134 KB

    >avoid tits mcshirley
    >head straight for the hanger

    You're doing it wrong.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:25 No.18089124
    That's the false name Hayate uses in the anime too.

    TO THE HANGARS. Lets see if we can hijack one of them leg airplanes
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:26 No.18089141
    Doing it wrong? Fuck no. I wanna be higher that i've ever been in my life.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:26 No.18089142

    Then I really gotta check out this anime sometime. What's it called?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:28 No.18089162
    Hayate no Gotoku
    read the manga. It's more fun
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:28 No.18089167
    Strike Witches.

    Also seconding doing exactly what she said not to.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:28 No.18089168
         File: 1330147725.jpg-(257 KB, 1280x800, strike-witches-charlotte-yeage(...).jpg)
    257 KB
    to the hangars well never run into the tit monster in there
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:30 No.18089191
    Let's go to the castle. May as well find a place to relax.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:37 No.18089265
    Like a hotspring bath?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:39 No.18089277
    this idea i like
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:41 No.18089297
    I second going to the hangars and trying out a striker.

    If we get caught, play it off as being a new recruit for a tank unit, but our flight got sidelined due to red tape and we're stuck here for a bit.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)00:45 No.18089347
         File: 1330148738.jpg-(13 KB, 213x237, images2.jpg)
    13 KB

    Your thick skirt under the blazing sun is begining to cook your lower extremities.
    Since there's very little in way of shade at the runway, you decide to head to the nearest cool place you could see.
    You go to the hangars.

    You find one with the doors wide open. Inside, mechanics are shuttling about doing their mechanical mechanicality.

    In the middle of the floor sits a gorgeous large black plane. It's airframe fairly unique.
    With two booms connected to the engines and the tail, and the crew compartment hanging in between.

    Your experience as a night janitor at a military museum told you that this was a P61 BlackWidow. Designed by Northrop back in the second world war. This beauty was one of the first planes to use RADAR.

    You reach out with one hand to touch an edge of a propeller.

    "Hey. What're you doing there!"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:47 No.18089362
    Im waiting for a neroui raid. Why? I wanna blow the fucker out of the sky with a tea laser.

    And we'd be in butler mode, so we'd look dapper as fuck doing it.

    Awesome one-liner necessary. "Sorry chap, but your ruining my ladies vacation, I simply cannot allow that to happen."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:47 No.18089364
    "Touching this beautiful bird."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:48 No.18089376
    And then you'd get Lynnette allover your cock.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:49 No.18089392
    "They ditched me so i'm looking around. Sup with the black antique?"

    Being 50+ years in the future in an alternate timeline kicks ass.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)00:50 No.18089406
    That sounds a bit rude, though.

    This is good, though.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:51 No.18089413
    I just was looking at this beautiful machine, I'm a guest of the Hartmann sisters and they left me here and told me to entertain myself.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:51 No.18089416
    Do we play up being a skirt?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:51 No.18089418
    rolled 88 = 88


    This one.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:52 No.18089425
    The war is over. No more aliums on Earth.

    It's also a crossover with SWQ, so they'd be Martians not Neuroi.

    Also: "Just taking a look at this plane. I'm a ground unit myself so I don't get to see many this close."
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)00:52 No.18089434
    rolled 6 = 6

    With the second part o f>>18089413
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:53 No.18089455
    "Looking around, naturally this beautiful contraption has naturally caught my interest. What is it?"

    Also ask about "gnomes" sometime.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)00:54 No.18089474
    Martians then. Still really want to use that line.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:02 No.18089567
    just started watching the hayate anime
    pretty badass, and i dont even like anime other then strike witches of course
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)01:04 No.18089584
         File: 1330149840.jpg-(45 KB, 550x359, northropp61blackwidow.jpg)
    45 KB
    You look around trying to find where the voice came from. You spot the man in the cockpit of the plane.
    You make a quick decision to act in character as it were, [not wanting to be mistaken for a weirdo running around in a maid's uniform].

    using the most feminine voice you can, [and it's not that much different from your true voice], you say.
    "I-i was just touching this beautiful plane. C-can't I?"
    "No. No you cant." he then taps a small hand written sign stuck to one of the panels that make up the transparent canopy.
    You can barely read, CLUB GHOSTRIDER - GNOMES ONLY.

    "I-I'm sorry." You say as you back away.
    You remember Trude, also using the word 'Gnome' earlier.
    "Whats a gnome? A-are you a gnome?" you call up to him.
    You could swear he teleported out of that aircraft to get to you.
    >> Writefag 02/25/12(Sat)01:04 No.18089594
    I am Writefag and what is this?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:05 No.18089607
    Pure distiller canon shredding awesome
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:06 No.18089617
    Oh shit are we racist now?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)01:06 No.18089621
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:07 No.18089633
    rolled 27 = 27


    Scream like a little girl

    This will get SWQ-MC-kun in hot soup, probably with Minna.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:07 No.18089638
    rolled 5 = 5

    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:07 No.18089639
    rolled 12 = 12

    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:07 No.18089640
    rolled 88 = 88

    Who needs evasion when you can stop time? Oh well. Rolling for evasion.

    Shit we can use bunny mode too if need be.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)01:07 No.18089643
    rolled 82 = 82

    No, just fucking dumb.

    Rollan for Diplomancy
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:07 No.18089645
    >Click thread.
    >Realize its MSQ in drag.
    I'm okay with this.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:08 No.18089650
    rolled 73 = 73

    Evasive action!
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:09 No.18089669
    rolled 40 = 40

    rollan for meido grace.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:10 No.18089695
    Wait. Is this quest actually crossing over with another quest?

    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:11 No.18089706
    rolled 13 = 13


    I dont think we are, from how I read the earlier it seemed like LG didn't want to do a crossover, but then again I was half asleep.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)01:11 No.18089711
    rolled 66 = 66

    Sorta. But not, I think, really.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:12 No.18089721
    He just described the plane from SWQ. down to the little sign in the window.
    Yeah, we in SWQ territory now.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:12 No.18089726

    AU of SWQ, where the war ended.

    ...Yea, an AU of an AU, chew on that for awhile.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:13 No.18089739
    Fucking autocorrect

    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:14 No.18089749
    rolled 51 = 51

    Well then. Time to fuck up the space time continium.

    Rolling for counter attack. (Dodge)
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)01:21 No.18089839
         File: 1330150868.jpg-(143 KB, 728x1213, hayate09_131.jpg)
    143 KB
    He says with a fist held up.
    You put your hands up over your head and drop down to stay in character. A not-so-fake fake scream escaping from your lips.

    "Where did you learn that word?!" [fake?] anger filling his voice.
    "I-i saw it written on the sign."
    "oh. ..."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:26 No.18089903
    I am sorry if I offended, but i've never heard the term gnome outside of fairy tales back home, so any insight would prove truely worthwhile.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:31 No.18089955
    Let's just drop the whole "gnome" thing.

    This man is clearly unstable. Let's get out of here and find the strikers.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)01:35 No.18089998
         File: 1330151746.jpg-(115 KB, 651x850, untitled1232.jpg)
    115 KB
    You think you're on to him.
    A grown man, trying to pick on 'girls' for fun?
    Why, that's just ungentlemanly.
    You decide to push his buttons.

    "Wait, who are you? I've never seen you around these parts before. Hell, I've never seen a skirt here wearing an actual skirt."

    Putting your plan into action, you pounce.
    "I'm Ayasaki Hermione. The Hartmann twins invited me to come with them when they went gnome for vacation."
    You see a twitch in his eye.
    'Ohohohoho, gotcha now.'

    "I-im sorry for touching your plane so suddenly, I should'ave gnome better."
    Another larger twitch.

    "They left me all agnome to check out the area when they went in for that meeting. I-i'm sorry for offending you without gnoming it."
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)01:37 No.18090012
    I never knew we were suicidal.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:38 No.18090018
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:39 No.18090029
    Even in drag we got balls of steel.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:39 No.18090031
         File: 1330151953.png-(277 KB, 1071x610, 1294554035380.png)
    277 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:43 No.18090076
    You do know WHY it's called drag, right?

    Because for a man to do it willingly, with his head held high, he must have balls that drag on the ground as he walks.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)01:47 No.18090117
         File: 1330152428.jpg-(436 KB, 2097x3478, 0ed73cf9bac7d6ffab944e42e7ae53(...).jpg)
    436 KB
    You see him fiddling with the catch on a pitol he has in his holter.
    'OH SHIT,' you think
    'I really need to learn to read people better.'

    WAT DO?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:47 No.18090127
    I admit, I did not gnome that.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:48 No.18090130
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:48 No.18090136
    Gnoming is half the battle
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:49 No.18090141
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:49 No.18090148
    ...maybe we should mentate to Erica that we need help. Violence may be imminent and we don't want to blow our cover before an hour has even passed by defending ourselves.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:49 No.18090153
    Time stop, pants him, take the pistol, replace it with pants. Point pistol at him in an inquisitive way, head tilted.
    "Weren't expecting that were you soldier boy?"

    We are butler. We control time. We will not be phased.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:50 No.18090157
    "I'll cry rape if you touch me."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:51 No.18090168
    rolled 48 = 48

    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:51 No.18090169
    Nah, we can handle this.

    Time-stopping is covert, we can play it off as our ability being super-speed. Which it sorta is with bunnymode.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:52 No.18090178
    i find myself supporting this.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:52 No.18090180
    rolled 97 = 97


    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:52 No.18090184
    This, but change to "Bet you didn't gnome I could do that."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:54 No.18090201
    This so fucking hard.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:54 No.18090202
         File: 1330152894.jpg-(24 KB, 482x439, Gnoming is half the battle.jpg)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:55 No.18090212
    rolled 53 = 53

    Yesss add this.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:55 No.18090216
    rolled 14 = 14

    Grab him and say
    "Gnome, I am an alien from another dimension, help me escape this form."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:56 No.18090221
         File: 1330152960.jpg-(33 KB, 331x319, tearsofjoy.jpg)
    33 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:56 No.18090230
    DONT say ALIEN.
    Thats an easy way to get shot around here
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:57 No.18090243
    no. no.
    we say.
    "Arent you out of uniform? as then say, WHEN IN GNOME..."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:58 No.18090244
    We already are saying Gnome to someone we really shouldn't be, might as well go full AHUEAHUEAHUEAHUE.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:59 No.18090262
    Saying GNOME gets you punched. or at worst SOAP BULLETS.

    caliming to be an AILUM gets you blasted with anti-aircraft fire.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)01:59 No.18090264
         File: 1330153190.gif-(2.2 MB, 337x268, 1289010886908.gif)
    2.2 MB
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)02:00 No.18090269
    rolled 31 = 31

    We knock this gnome shit off, for the love of god. Possibly even apologize.

    Fuck's sake.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:04 No.18090302
    It's also putting us in a position to make posters want to use MAJAIK, which we will probably end up being FINED and PUNISHED for, like Mike said.

    So we might as well get a Bad End and reload from a save where we won't lose all of our Guptas because Anon wanted to use Majaik/call the Magic Traumatized Pilot a Gnome.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:05 No.18090316
    rolled 43 = 43

    Good point. Butler modo, then apologize. But timestop and take his weapons.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:06 No.18090326
    No Timestop. FINES, PUNISHMENT, BAD.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:07 No.18090339
    We only get punished if we use magic in an obvious way.

    The watch isn't magic, and we can easily pass it off for something normal in this universe. We just move really fast, it's our magical ability.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:08 No.18090341
    When we're wearing a skirt, we're a girl. Girls can use majaik just fine.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:08 No.18090343
    Let's go somewhere out of the sun. Like you said before, this long skirt is fucking hot.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)02:08 No.18090345
    rolled 88 = 88

    Thank you. Let's check the beach. Even if it isn't entirely comfortable in the dress.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:08 No.18090352
    rolled 98 = 98

    Damn I wanted to die today.

    Castle. We should raid their kitchens.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:09 No.18090353

    It's a subset of time magic, which im quite sure the bureau can detect.


    [x] castle
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)02:10 No.18090365
    oooh, i wish i coulda seen this earlier.

    You quickly tell Kraus to put up your armor, the flash of light disorienting the man long enough for you to get back up in full butler uniform.

    "Hey man, It's cool. I'm sorry if I insulted you."

    He takes his hand off his pistol and proceeds to punch you. "Fucking crossdressing weirdo."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:10 No.18090366
    [x] Castle
    may need cleaning, give us something non-supicious to do
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:11 No.18090379

    wait, whut?

    We're not going with this, right?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)02:12 No.18090384
    nope, just a WHAT-IF
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:12 No.18090385
    Yey sensibility.

    "I'll have you know the Hartmann's cornered me, forcibly stripped me, and dressed me as a maid."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:14 No.18090401
    There is no way to make instantly vanishing weapons not obviously something a witch from Strike Witches couldn't do, not even Shirley is that fast. Because they can't do that, SW Magic takes time to conjure without Striker Units. It's blatantly not SW Magic, meaning Crossover Issues, which I really doubt Mike would overlook.

    And in the worst case Scenario, neither would a Transpace Guard taskforce.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)02:14 No.18090409
    damn that's another good one.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)02:15 No.18090410
    rolled 46 = 46

    Too bad it's not happening.

    Might be good to make WHAT-IF posts more clearly WHAT-IF.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:18 No.18090452
    im tired as fuck and on top of my game.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:19 No.18090460
    And that makes me curious. Landing Gear, is there something in your flowchart about the Transpace Guard or other organization dealing with us becoming Meta Contaminants?
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)02:21 No.18090481
    rolled 6 = 6

    The IDPKB was established early on to work with the Guard. First, maybe second thread.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:21 No.18090486
         File: 1330154479.png-(3 KB, 203x210, 1329484336207.png)
    3 KB

    An actual reload?

    Bad precedence, man.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:22 No.18090503

    what? don't reload, just save them for the next time we see him.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:22 No.18090507
    Yes, and this means exactly what when a Trainee starts fucking up other Canons?
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)02:22 No.18090510
    If it gives him a better situation to work with, I'm okay with it.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)02:23 No.18090524
    That it's the IDPKB's job to clean it up, I assume.
    >> lol i really should refresh more often Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)02:24 No.18090530
         File: 1330154651.jpg-(7 KB, 221x207, untitledsdasd.jpg)
    7 KB

    You quickly get Kraus to activate your armor.
    The bright flash of light distracts the man long enough fo your to stand up in your butler uniform.
    "hey man. It's cool. Im sorry if i pissed you off or anything."

    He takes his hand away from the pistol and proceeds to punch you square in the face.
    "Fucking crossdressing freak." he says.

    Still reeling from the hit, you reply.
    "II'll have you know the Hartmanns' cornered me, forcibly stripped me, and dressed me as a maid."
    "Oh? And you didnt try to fight back?" he asks
    "They were having too much fun, I didn't want to spoil it." you say with a smile.

    "Goddamn witches." he says with a small shake of his head.

    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:24 No.18090536
    Yeah, you really should refresh more often.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:24 No.18090537
    This is the very first time he has done it.

    He had plenty of calls to do it over other decisions but he has stuck by his word. So if LG feels like doing it then there is no problem
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:25 No.18090544
    So we can assume that our own group has it's own Black-Ops or failsafes to deal with wayward Members?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:26 No.18090552
    So, good sir, are you a pilot then?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:26 No.18090561
    "So what's your name friend?"
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)02:26 No.18090564
    THIS. allows some more interaction with MC-NGAF

    bear with it for now.
    not just a scenario. its a whole story-arc
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:27 No.18090567

    It's the first time on a slippery slope. Hence why I'm hesitant on it.

    And it adds fuel for folks to cry 'better option came later, reload and redo'.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:28 No.18090576
    Speaking of which.

    What did kraus think of that little episode since he didn't get changed into anything and has in the past admitted he likes seeing his user dressed up like a "SLUTTY MAID FROM SOME CHEAP DATING SIM"
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)02:28 No.18090584
    rolled 78 = 78

    "Sorry about all that 'gnome' business, but seriously, what's the deal with it?" Sigh, and continue, "I should probably change back, disguises and all."
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)02:29 No.18090590
    rolled 34 = 34

    He probably thinks it's hilarious.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:30 No.18090607
    Yes but he has already laid down the precedent that complaining about it won't change anything.

    That's why we can trust him to only do it when it is something very big or something that he really thinks adds to the story
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:33 No.18090633
    rolled 40 = 40

    He just struck us.

    As a gentleman, we demand satisfaction.

    Right-hand hook the FAKE! LEFT TO THE EYE!
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)02:35 No.18090653
         File: 1330155319.jpg-(53 KB, 251x177, images_45.jpg)
    53 KB
    Kraus says audibly.

    "What the fuck was that?" the man asks
    "uhhh that was my partner." you say as you take out your badge/Kraus
    "SUP GYRODICK." he greets the man.

    "Hey..." he says as he leans in close. "ARE YOU MAGIC?"

    [ ] punch
    [ ] yeah
    [ ] other
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:36 No.18090670

    No need to punch him back because we honestly deserved it. Also it is unseemly of a butler to take offense at such a small thing
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:37 No.18090671
    [x] Punch
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:37 No.18090675
    >[x] punch
    And then turn back to the maid uniform and run away crying.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)02:37 No.18090682
    rolled 41 = 41

    Stop time, move behind him, resume time, [x]"Yeah."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:37 No.18090684
    Punch. "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you want everyone catching on?"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:39 No.18090701
    rolled 53 = 53


    [x] "Somewhat, I guess"

    Butler not be an asshole.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:39 No.18090702
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:39 No.18090710
    rolled 43 = 43

    Okay. I like this.
    Forced reload was worth it.

    "yeah" then we serve him some coffee
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:40 No.18090713
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:40 No.18090716
    "What is magic? Im just a spectacular butler who has supernatural abilities. Keep it quiet though, that Trude character seemed quite serious when she said im not to let people see me use magic whilst im here."

    We are butler. We must be whitty and not lie to a possible bro.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:40 No.18090724
    Let's just ignore the magic comment, ask about the airplane, "So, tell me about flying a nightfighter. How do you navagate and such?"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:41 No.18090730
    That's so perfect!
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:41 No.18090733
    [X] Punch

    "Does that answer your question Sir?"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:45 No.18090771
    >possible bro
    >punched us out for something out of our control

    He gets an elbow in the nads.

    Actually, I'm surprised that an older man hitting us didn't trigger horrible memories of our father abusing us every night he came home drunk after failing at gambling, wasting our life savings that we had promised the cute girl next door to take her out for ice-cream with. And we had to make up some bullshit excuse about it and she never talked to us again.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:47 No.18090786
    Hahaha, that's awesome.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:49 No.18090817

    Let's not talk about Magic if at all possible. Meta-Contamination is serious business.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:50 No.18090828
    Nah we are over out little PTSD moments for now.

    Not to say we won't have anything trigger any more Hilariously tragic memories to relate to people though
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)02:50 No.18090829
         File: 1330156222.jpg-(166 KB, 800x1024, 0a84a7351ba3bd6947233d06353102(...).jpg)
    166 KB
    You throw a quick punch right to his face, watching him flinch as you stop just millimeters from making contact.
    "Does that answer your question?

    "Hey, since im almost pretty sure we're both not what we seem, can I ask you one thing?"
    "What's with this 'gnome' thing? Trude mentioned it earlier, and you really did not take well being called it. What's up with that?"

    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:51 No.18090841
    rolled 26 = 26

    Come on 1
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:51 No.18090850
    rolled 76 = 76

    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)02:52 No.18090854
    rolled 1 = 1

    Here goes
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:52 No.18090857
    rolled 93 = 93

    Let us roll like gentlemen.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:52 No.18090861
    rolled 78 = 78

    Gnome, guide my rolls!
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)02:52 No.18090864
    rolled 77 = 77

    Fuck me sideways.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:53 No.18090868
    rolled 36 = 36

    Sadly it won't count now but you got my roll!
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:53 No.18090873
    Damn it guys...
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)02:53 No.18090874
    lol 1d1+ fake 1d100email
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:54 No.18090892
    rolled 12 = 12

    Comeon tell us you old bastard.

    "It's clearly bad, if not derogatory. I'm a guest in this world, and I need to know these things if I'm to blend in."
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)02:55 No.18090902
    rolled 79 = 79

    Not in the slightest. It's not even a noko, so you can check. But if you want to ignore it, I'm fuckin' fine with it.

    Fuck's sake a trip alone doesn't mask the email. It's using noko that masks the email. Which, okay, I do while on my phone, but only because it's a bitch to get back to threads.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:56 No.18090917
    Your dice say "dice 1d100" instead of "dice+1d100"
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)02:58 No.18090939
    rolled 90 = 90

    All my dice do! They work the fucking same!
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)02:59 No.18090949
    I'm just saying, that's the reason he thought that.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)02:59 No.18090952
    yes, I mad. A bit. And I probably shouldn't be.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)02:59 No.18090957
         File: 1330156787.jpg-(67 KB, 458x704, 1328848726251.jpg)
    67 KB
    "it's all HUSH-HUSH bullshit, but were basically witches with pants and balls."

    Deciding to not push this any further you talk to him about the plane.
    "So, what are you doing with a plane as gorgeous as this?"
    "I fly this baby. Dives like nothing else." he says as he gives the engine cowling an affectionate pat.

    "HEEEEEY! YOU GUYS SEE THAT GIRL ERICA FLEW IN WITH?" you hear from outside the hangar.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)03:00 No.18090964
    rolled 76 = 76

    Oh, okay.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:00 No.18090969
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:00 No.18090970
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:01 No.18090978
    rolled 81 = 81

    Timestop. Change back. Curse under your breath.

    "Kraus deactivate on the double. She'll kill us if she finds out we changed back!"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:02 No.18090986
    What kind of phone do you have? I use the htc sensation when i am out and about and it has a back button which makes life a lot easier.

    Been browsing the Internet with an iPad lately though since I have no computer
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:02 No.18090989
    rolled 88 = 88

    ...He doesn't use dice+1d100...


    More seriously, does this guy know about the inter-dimensional stuff? Might screw ourselves over if we talk about stuff we're not supposed to.

    "Do you know where the Hartmanns have been for the past few days?"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:04 No.18091001
    back to maid costume, tell him to keep it quiet. Don't wanna cause any more fuss.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:04 No.18091005
    Hide behind the plane then Time stop and deactivate kraus back into Meido

    Gotta keep it quiet
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)03:04 No.18091006
    rolled 41 = 41

    iPhone, and I'm fuckin' lazy. But any way.

    Curse, change back. Look all impressed by the plane.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:05 No.18091015
    No, stop that, mc-ngaf is a ww2 fighter pilot, not a multiverse-travelling reality-fixer-in-training.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)03:06 No.18091028
    Also, it's been a couple weeks.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:08 No.18091036
    I dare say they would of been listed as "away diplomatic missions or away training exercises"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:10 No.18091047

    I highly doubt that he knows anything about this whole arrangement.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:15 No.18091089
    rolled 45 = 45


    ...This is why I suggested trying to ask questions to gauge whether having a dude with a talking card and flashy instant clothes changing makes any sense around here...
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)03:16 No.18091092
         File: 1330157798.jpg-(41 KB, 225x350, 51304.jpg)
    41 KB
    You quickly deactivate your suit, going back to wearing the maid uniform once again.
    "Gotta get back into disguise i guess. Don't want Erica to staple this outfit onto me."
    "Goodluck." he says as he scrambles back up into the plane.

    You turn to the hangar door and see a small girl of about 12 walk in. Shes wearing a khaki shirt on her tanned skin. Her lack of pants showing off blue and white stripped panties.

    "THERE YOU ARE! Erica told me to take you on a tour." a fang is noticeably protruding as she says this

    [ ] go with her
    [ ] nope

    Best not to push.

    >is that technically a shirt?
    >is that khaki?
    >my eyes suck
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:17 No.18091103
    about as much sense as little girls flying around with guns and no pants, with planebits stuck to thier legs. as they fight aliens
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:18 No.18091107
    [x] Go with Zucchini
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:19 No.18091116
    Well, if Erica said so...
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:21 No.18091139
    Yay tour.

    make sure this is archived, i need sleep.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:22 No.18091152
    Next time we get more powers we need to get noko mode.

    We talked about it earlier on but we never did it

    also LG probably has about 10000 pictures of him with nekomimi
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)03:22 No.18091155
    I'd call it a blouse, but any way.

    [x]Go with her
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:24 No.18091166
    Fuck not noko mode neko mode.

    I swear autocorrect is learning how to screw with me each time I post
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:25 No.18091178
    Go with her.

    What's the worst that could happen
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:27 No.18091186
    rolled 77 = 77


    Why not have kemono mode and cover all the bases?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:28 No.18091197

    in the military shirts are blouses and id say white
    [x]Go with her
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:28 No.18091200
    We shall go with her.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)03:30 No.18091208
         File: 1330158637.jpg-(10 KB, 225x225, images (5).jpg)
    10 KB
    >[x] go with her.

    Once again using your faux-female voice, you say
    "Hi, Im Hermione. I would love to get a tour of this place."

    "Im Francesca." she replies. "but first things first..."
    She moves to grope your chest

    [ ]evade
    [ ]head-on
    [ ]crazy ivan
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)03:31 No.18091212
    "Wh-what are you doing?"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:31 No.18091215
    >[x] crazy ivan
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:31 No.18091219
    Well we started with bunny so I figure as we find new ways to change we can add more animals

    But that works too
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)03:32 No.18091225
         File: 1330158746.jpg-(29 KB, 720x450, shirou about to cockblock you (...).jpg)
    29 KB
    >whats the worst that could happen
    Dont test me.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:33 No.18091229
    Crazy Ivan. Maybe get some majaik ally enhances fake breasts to make it seem less wrong
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:33 No.18091236
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:33 No.18091239
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:34 No.18091241
    >trans-dimensional tunnel of fudge
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:34 No.18091245
    rolled 99 = 99


    We have longer arms, right? COUNTER-GROPE.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:35 No.18091250
    Crazy Ivan this!
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)03:37 No.18091259
         File: 1330159043.jpg-(95 KB, 800x600, resize nice buns.jpg)
    95 KB
    >[x]crazy ivan
    You think quickly and command Kraus to materialize a pair of buns under your shirt.
    The little tyke grabs full hold of these, and squeezes for a few moments

    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:38 No.18091267
    rolled 35 = 35

    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:38 No.18091269
    rolled 51 = 51

    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:39 No.18091270
    rolled 18 = 18

    ...Oh god what.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:39 No.18091277
    rolled 14 = 14

    Please be gentle.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:40 No.18091279
    rolled 12 = 12

    best bluff check i have ever rolled against
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:40 No.18091281
    I got nothing.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:40 No.18091282
    Rolling for maximum kneading satisfaction.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:40 No.18091284
    [x] head on
    create magical implants THROW SOME D'S ON THAT BITCH (being us)
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:40 No.18091287
    rolled 26 = 26

    Bluff like the gods themselves.

    Also counter grope to distract
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:41 No.18091288
    rolled 88 = 88

    Let me actually roll this time.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:41 No.18091292
    rolled 38 = 38

    Damn you /tg/ don't forget my rolls.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:41 No.18091293
    rolled 98 = 98

    tig ol bitties
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:47 No.18091336
    rolled 37 = 37

    One more roll for good measure
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)03:48 No.18091342
         File: 1330159695.jpg-(7 KB, 134x194, strike-witches-2-5.jpg)
    7 KB
    "heeeeey..." she says still kneading. "These don't feel right."
    She pulls the buns out of your shirt.
    'OH SHIT! JIG'S UP!' you think.

    "You don't need to be ashamed of a flat chest you know. Sakamoto told me that in Fuso, they were in high demand." she puffs her chest out. "Walk proud comrade."

    She then proceeds with the tour.
    Her explosive energy turned the tour into a blurr of scenery.
    'She's like Sakura's skirtless doppelganger.' you think to yourself.

    "Hey," she says as she winds down in what appears to be a dining room inside the castle "are you a witch too?"

    >what page are we on?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:50 No.18091358
    'Um, yes, but I'm not very powerful. I... Well, I can summon cutlery."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:51 No.18091365
    Kinda, not like you, I'm supernaturally good at preparing food and tea and don't always need ingredients.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:52 No.18091369
    rolled 31 = 31

    Page 4
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)03:52 No.18091373
    On page 4, towards the bottom
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:52 No.18091374
    rolled 41, 68 = 109

    two dice, one for each boob.

    Because, that's why.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/25/12(Sat)03:53 No.18091381
    rolled 19 = 19

    Hah. This.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:57 No.18091413
    As an addition to one of the other answers:

    "Oh! I have a rabbit!"

    Pull out Jakob and introduce him around.

    I HOPE we didn't leave him back in our room, at least.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:58 No.18091431
    rolled 61 = 61

    Now was this a success or failure?

    Because I found the idea of us getting it right and her loving the buns hilarious

    But I guess failure would of been she realizes we are a guy
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)03:59 No.18091435
    >introduce witche's familiar.
    >they demand to see your magic
    >forced to display bunny ears to fit in.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)04:01 No.18091447
    Can we really sacrifice a fellow butler to such a fate?

    Summoning cutlery is ridiculous. Besides our cutlery, what do we have? The watch?

    You know, I realize that our abilities depend entirely on our butler appearance. We need something we can do without being all suited up.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)04:01 No.18091459
    oh god.

    Bunnygirl mudfight.

    Then she finds our penis.

    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)04:02 No.18091463
    rolled 64 = 64

    We must introduce her to Sakura eventually.
    The results would be glorious.

    Say we are sort of a witch maid because our dimension doesn't need combat witches
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)04:04 No.18091474
    Uh, hold up. Do the other witches know about that?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)04:04 No.18091480
    Be advised, our Majaik is really not suited for Strike Witches Canon in any feasible way whatsoever, avoid using and talking about if at all possible.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)04:06 No.18091491
    rolled 7 = 7

    Among the witches I think it would be common knowledge since Erica said the idpkb approached the witches to begin with.

    Just the regular people don't know I think
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)04:09 No.18091518
    Which is why I suggested the cutlery thing.
    Nobody in their right mind would give 'UNLIMITED SPOON WORKS' a Striker unit.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)04:10 No.18091524
         File: 1330161048.jpg-(12 KB, 640x360, 640px-STRIKE_WITCHES_-_09_-_La(...).jpg)
    12 KB
    "Well, sorta. But I'm not very powerful. I... Well, I can summon cutlery."
    You say as you use Kraus to produce multiple sets of silverware.
    "OOOOH... SHYNY... " She says as she guides you deeper and deeper into the castle.

    "Your name sounds like you're from Fuso. We have a Fuso style bath in here you know." she says as she finally leads you to a room down in the basement.

    She slides the Japanese style doors aside and steam fills your vision, as it clears a bit you see human shapes moving around inside. Curvy, supple shapes.

    You quickly try and avert your eyes, not wanting to inconvenience the ladies inside the onsen.
    "hey want to try it out?" the little panther asks you.
    "N-No! No thank you." you say as try and keep your eyes shut. [it's a loosing battle]

    "that won't do!" With surprising strength she picks you up and dives with you into the pool of hot water.

    >TN NOTE: Onsen = hotsprings
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)04:12 No.18091539
    Oh well. I guess we sho-WHY DOES MIYAFUJI ONLY HAVE ONE ARM?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)04:14 No.18091545
    You can activate Kraus without activating your armor.

    BUT your armor is always priority in combat.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)04:15 No.18091554
         File: 1330161310.jpg-(45 KB, 565x450, laughingmegaman.jpg)
    45 KB
    >TN NOTE: Onsen = hotsprings
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)04:15 No.18091559
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)04:19 No.18091578
    Oh god. perfect title for next thread.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)04:19 No.18091580
    rolled 63 = 63


    Cannot unsee


    Squeal and get out! Alibi be the clothes are totally wet.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)04:21 No.18091590
    That will just get SOMEONE pulling them off of us.

    Not necessarily a BAD thing, just saying it's the most likely outcome.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)04:21 No.18091593
    >clothes are wet
    >"Well take them off, silly!"
    >"OMG A PENIS!"
    Let's undress IN the pool. And pray that Erica and/or Ursula find us sooner, rather than later.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/25/12(Sat)04:21 No.18091594
         File: 1330161699.jpg-(20 KB, 425x228, 4565467fd22s3s.jpg)
    20 KB
    NEXT TIME ON MSQ: Gnoming is half the Butler.

    new thread in about an hour and a half.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)04:23 No.18091604
    more like
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)04:23 No.18091608
    Wating warmly~
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)04:28 No.18091639
    rolled 46 = 46

    Death from sexual overstimulation.

    Not to mention they would spend 90% of the time dressing us up in various outfits
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)04:30 No.18091649
    AAAAAAAAAAND archive'd
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)04:36 No.18091684
    rolled 12 = 12

    OK, so random stuff time.

    I was thinking of Kemono Mode as an umbrella encompassing Neko Mode, Inu Mode, etc. in the sense they all use the same 70 second timer, they all have a stat-boosting effect and so on.
    So the first upgrade is to Kemono Mode (Usagi, Neko), then Kemono Mode (Usagi, Neko, Inu) and so on.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)04:43 No.18091715
    rolled 86 = 86

    That makes sense.

    I know neko mode was planned as a strength boost from earlier discussions.

    Inu mode could be a defense mode where we can protect ourselves and others
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)04:49 No.18091745
    Fffuuuuuuuuuuuu missed the thread :c
    I'll just go over here and read through this...
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)05:05 No.18091829
    Also Landing Gear, you should get Chrome and the 4chan Tools thing so you don't have to refresh
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)05:14 No.18091875
    Doesn't help when he's posting at work.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)05:35 No.18091969
    Well... fuck.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)05:36 No.18091974
    You don't need administrator rights to install chrome, or extensions to it.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/12(Sat)05:40 No.18091993
    New thread's up.

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