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  • File: 1330337738.jpg-(194 KB, 755x878, two of these things are derpy.jpg)
    194 KB Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:15 No.18118824  
    Hey late-night /tg/.

    What chapter would this proud battle-brother belong to?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:16 No.18118832
    The Grimderp Skulls.

    Now, even as a ponyfag myself, I must say gb2/mlp/.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:17 No.18118835
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:17 No.18118837
    Blood Ravens, he clearly has received gifts.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:18 No.18118844

    Of the Pony-Derp chapter

    From the Forgeworld Derpquine

    In the Derp system
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:19 No.18118852
    Fuck off.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:22 No.18118874
         File: 1330338142.png-(3 KB, 209x215, WHELP.png)
    3 KB
    >ask a question of late night /tg/, post obviously silly picture
    >expect silly responses

    Jesus, guys. I was expecting some comedy, not girly scream-crying.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:23 No.18118886
    Why are his legs so tiny?

    Is he like half space marine, and half squat?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:23 No.18118887
         File: 1330338236.gif-(2.49 MB, 500x281, 1330335538530.gif)
    2.49 MB
    well it is /tg/ they are still in the old mindset about ponies.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:24 No.18118895
         File: 1330338299.jpg-(328 KB, 787x1014, request__i_heard_u_leik_ponies(...).jpg)
    328 KB
    White Unicorns
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:25 No.18118900
    >/tg/ changes
    >bitching and moaning
    >/tg/ doesn't change
    >bitching and moaning
    Such is life on /tg/, I guess.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:26 No.18118905
    The legs are proportional.

    Everything else is padded out because it's covered in skulls upon skulls.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:26 No.18118912
         File: 1330338399.jpg-(240 KB, 550x778, chapter_master_by_rumbles-d4d2(...).jpg)
    240 KB
    That chapter had some really cool aesthetic ideas.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:27 No.18118917
    They just look so silly?

    And why wouldn't they pimp out his legs in skulls?
    Did they run out of skulls when working on the top half? You'd think they'd plan these things.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:28 No.18118924
    >that armor design

    Damn, that looks far too awesome to belong in 40k.

    I'd be tempted to join 40k if they had actual, legitimate space-Romans in proportional armor.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:28 No.18118934
    You could always be super bad ass with greenstuff/converting and make your own.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:29 No.18118936

    Is their chaos equivalent a group of Khornate marines called the Red Griffons?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:29 No.18118937

    Just have seen a whole lot of "lol brony" around in general lately. Not really seeing the appeal, but I sure am past the fanboyism.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:29 No.18118941
    >too awesome to be in 40k
    well that means it will never be in 40k. even though it does look awesome. instead you will get grimderp dread knight
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:32 No.18118962
    Your kind belongs in /mlp/. No board has ever wanted you here, not /co/, not /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:32 No.18118970
         File: 1330338761.jpg-(110 KB, 720x641, 1328497795257.jpg)
    110 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:33 No.18118974
         File: 1330338786.jpg-(256 KB, 940x528, amazing ponies.jpg)
    256 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:36 No.18119001
    That's just a normal Mehreen kitbash drawn way out of proportion.
    MK4 helmet with a blade and a crest
    Sanguinary Guard torso and legs
    Standard backpack
    Normal left paudron, custom right pauldron
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:36 No.18119004
    they are called angrymarines i think

    ps on topic it pretty marines with a chaos armor
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:38 No.18119015
    That, I think, always frustrated me the most about 40k.

    I have friends into 40k, I almost WANT to get into 40k, but the aesthetic is so bad. It was getting better, but after a certain point with stuff like the new GK Dreadknight they seem to have become dedicated to making their models even worse.

    The only thing even close to the realistic-enough future armor style I'd like to play in 40k are the Tau, and they look WAY the fuck out of place.

    SPEEC MAHREENZ should be a little more Tau, and Tau should be a good bit less Tau.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:38 No.18119019
    What would be best to use as a base for sculpting that armor? I'm thinking Sanguinary Guard (to get the torso), forge world helmet (or do the type of helmets with that faceplate come in the regular box? i've never even opened a SM box so i don't know), ordinary power sword, combat shield (or storm shield perhaps?)
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:39 No.18119021
    I am legit curious as to the appeal of ponies. Is it the cartoon aesthetic, or the light-hearted angle that is appealing? Or is it nostalgia? Or some combination thereof?

    Genuinely interested regarding this.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:42 No.18119049
    Mostly the mix of light hearted good fun, with the comedy reminicent of old cartoons. And it avoids the typical vapidness of girl shows.

    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:43 No.18119055
         File: 1330339411.jpg-(470 KB, 800x960, only good MLP image.jpg)
    470 KB
    I'll answer your genuine intrigue with a genuine answer.

    I'm not one of the crazy-ass diehard fans, but I've watched episodes 1-15 and the first couple of season 2 and genuinely enjoyed the run. It's kind of slice-of-life-y, the characters are fun, the world is colorful and cheerful. It doesn't require a lot of thought, it's a good turn-off-your-brain, enjoy, and laugh show. The animation is well done, well stylized, and consistently enjoyable.

    I personally don't understand the next level of faggot beyond me, the shipping fags and the diehard fans with horse waifus, but I think it's a legitimately good show for what it is. It's just not a fucking way of life.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:44 No.18119065
    that doesn't even make any sense. now what should happen is they should actually make it more science fiction, rather than steam punk.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:45 No.18119081
    This man is correct.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:46 No.18119091
         File: 1330339596.png-(71 KB, 180x229, inuyashamonocle.png)
    71 KB
    >pic related

    40k isn't even close to steampunk. What people tend to call it is "science fantasy," but I'm not sure if that'd be entirely accurate as an aesthetic description.

    But yes, less "science fantasy" and more "science fiction" would be a good aesthetic. The space Romans above are pretty much exactly what I'd want to get into 40k.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:48 No.18119108
    Appealing artstyle, lighthearted comedy and some clever trope subversions every now and then.
    The writing is pretty good too.

    Not really a nostalgia thing for most, since it is quite dissimilar to the old show.

    In short, it's a fun kids cartoon made by some really talented people. People who like that sort of thing will probably enjoy it.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:48 No.18119110
    look at a dreadnaught and tell me that it is not steam punk.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:51 No.18119131
         File: 1330339883.jpg-(623 KB, 1400x1426, steampunkairbus.jpg)
    623 KB
    Son, you clearly have a limited grasp of steampunk.

    That is entirely forgivable, but you need to stop pretending that that's not the case.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:51 No.18119133
         File: 1330339914.jpg-(48 KB, 399x599, 399px-Steampunk-falksen.jpg)
    48 KB
    I am now confident you have no actual clue what steampunk looks like.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:52 No.18119142


    So, to a casual observer or passerby it could be said that the core appeal of the show is that it translates a fundamentally feminine aesthetic and focus, into a subject matter and entertainment medium accessible to the everyday male.

    And it accomplishes by not being gritty or realistic enough to compromise the distance from reality that it establishes by being stylized entertainment-focused cartoon.

    Does that sound at all right?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:56 No.18119164
    I'd say you're pretty on the money.

    The girly-ness of it is some of the fun to me, honestly. It's a funny show, and I enjoy it doubly that I can be okay with myself enough to watch something so obviously pink and feminine and have a good time.

    The fact that it's My Little Pony doesn't bother me, really. I don't even see it as a primarily girl's show, even though it obviously is. I just see it as a (usually) good show, one that I occasionally enjoy watching, and that's about the long and short of it.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:57 No.18119169
    40k is for people who hate the minimalist ipod mass effect scifi look and want bulky shit full of skulls and pistons.
    Play Eldar or something if you need that look, don't shit up the Mehreens.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)05:59 No.18119178
    see >>18119001 for a full list.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:00 No.18119189
    >bright neon colors and flashy, tasteless angles and accessorization

    It's like every faction besides Tau, 'Crons, and 'Nids is stuck in the 1980's.

    Or 40's, if they're the Imperial Guard.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:01 No.18119194

    I think it's important to be able to appreciate well-executed material. Even if it's something that is not to your personal taste.

    I remember watching the original My Little Pony and being really insecure about it. I'm a lot better at dismissing the prejudices of others now, but I think there will always be a natural human response to include awareness of the prejudices of others into how one interacts.

    That's, actually, probably a large component of the irrationality you see associated with Pony fans both online and off. Come to think. If they're not completely secure with their affection for the show, or if that affection is at an unhealthy level, they have to compensate for it. And so they compensate for that imbalance by taking things further than they need to.

    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:02 No.18119201
    Many fandoms have those creepy diehard fans, and the more casual/sane fans of the show/franchise/game never understand them.
    MLP is nothing new in that regard.
    There will always be faggots to ruin what you like.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:03 No.18119205
    it may not be as blatant as the authentic design, but it is there. open wires, pipes, exposed moving parts, smoke poring out of everything.

    science fantasy might be what they actually call it but it could be a lot better if it was more science fiction. I'm still a pissed that they didn't go in that direction with the necrons. would of been so much better if they didn't have space magic involved at all.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:03 No.18119210
    >silly 80's british sci-fi
    >stuck in the 80's
    Share more of your dark secrets, oh great seer.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:04 No.18119220
    I never watched the original pony show because it was for girls.

    I watch the new pony show because it is for fun.

    Also the old horses had this sort of 'hawk-face' thing going on that absolutely terrifies me.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:05 No.18119230
    Steampunk pretty much is stuck on the Victorian machine aesthetic. Dreadnaughts have the machine bit, but not the Victorian.

    Machine != Steampunk, but I see what you're getting at.

    I was just saying that Eldar aren't a perfect match for someone looking for sleeker sci-fi aesthetics.

    Sue me for pointing out the obvious.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:06 No.18119235
    Pretty much. The episodes do vary, with some being about things like a god of chaos changing the world to his liking or a dragon is threatening the well being of the town, to smaller things, like Rarity is working to make dresses for everyone but they keep having her modify them or the town is cleaning up winter and starting spring, but the main character doesn't know where she can help out.

    But it handle them well, and usually has universally appealing aspects to all the episodes.

    Wires, by being there are already throwing off steampunk aspects. And you brought up dreadnaughts, which are none of those things.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:07 No.18119239
    I will. Meet me in court on the 5th, and we shall settle this like gentlemen.
    Also, you can't really call out the colours of anything in 40k, since you paint the damned things yourself. Your eldar could be black on black if you so wanted.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:09 No.18119248
    Old 40k was the best 40k.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:09 No.18119249
    I'll agree with >>18119142 as far as the "trancends aesthetic limitations" thing. Yes. I agree. There izs more to it tbhan "it is pink and made for girls"!

    The characters have personalities beyond being vapidly "nice" as you find in most cartoons targeted at girls. The plots are more varied than "let's show off another toy or accessory", and the show excells because it is made by people who care about what they are doing.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:10 No.18119255
    >hurr dah hurpey doo

    Colors aside, the jaggidy-Eldar-bits are about as unstreamlined as you could get.

    Old 40k was fugly as heck, but at least it had a consistent idea of what it wanted to be.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:10 No.18119258
    >lulsorandumb shit
    >terrible models for the most part
    At least modern 40k tries to be subtle with the references and jokes.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:12 No.18119277
    >calls Eldar unstreamlined
    >liked Tau, whose central unit is the box collection that is the Chrisis suit
    What next, you'll bring up aerodynamics and complain how a Valkyrie couldn't fly in real life?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:14 No.18119288
    >At least modern 40k tries to be subtle with the references and jokes.

    You're missing the point.

    Old 40k was clearly itself primarily a joke. It was a bunch of Judge Dredd types knocking heads with green soccer hooligans named after British politicians. Humor was its main attraction.

    Modern 40k retools that into ALL SERIOUS, ALL THE TIME, which is tragic because there are certain elements of 40k like the orks that can't help but intrinsically be a joke.

    So you have these BIG SERIOUS TOTALLY NOT JUDGE DREDD GUYS defending a planet to the LAST MAN from GREEN SOCCER HOOLIGANS who are A SERIOUS AND LEGITIMATE THREAT yet act like retards constantly.

    It's damn confusing, is what it is.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:14 No.18119290
    Lauren Faust, who had the lead role in creating FiM, also worked on stuff like Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and the Powerpuff Girls, if I remember correctly.
    I respect her and the entire FiM team for managing to make such an enjoyable show out of such horrible source material.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:15 No.18119293
    >thinks "streamlining" is exclusive to aerodynamics


    Educate yourself.

    I'm talking about aesthetic flow more than airflow.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:16 No.18119298
         File: 1330341362.jpg-(167 KB, 900x1200, I'M THE PALDRONING.jpg)
    167 KB
    >Not liking santa's legion
    >Not liking tricycle squat
    >Not liking EGG PARTY HARD 'NAUGHT
    >Taking 40k SRS BSZ and saying their jokes aren't funny because they are inmature easy to do jokes and references.
    Yeah, no you are a faggot, go back to aspergerland.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:16 No.18119303
    You do realize modern 40k is still a knee-slapping jokefest that is simply dressed up to look serious, right?
    That's half the joke. It looks straight-faced and grim, but is full of hilariously overblown sillyness just below that surface.
    40k has never truly been serious.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:17 No.18119309
    >pony OP
    >go in expecting shitstorm
    >saging reverted to gentlemanly discussion on MLP and (relatively) civil 40k debate

    Good to see some fellow fans in here, /tg/ has the best off-topic threads.

    These White Unicorns you speak of.

    They are quite boss.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:18 No.18119316
    Times change. You can't call the CHURCH OF THE HOLY PUDDING good humour any more, much like the Three Stooges wouldn't win a single award if it was made today.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:18 No.18119319
         File: 1330341508.jpg-(131 KB, 600x900, THE CRABISSAR.jpg)
    131 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:20 No.18119329
    In a sense, FiM is the professional equivalent of recreating famous movie/game scenes with those online comic generators.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:20 No.18119337
    Yo, /tg/! We've been had!

    The pony ruse was a... Distarction.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:20 No.18119338
    >You do realize modern 40k is still a knee-slapping jokefest that is simply dressed up to look serious, right?

    People constantly say this, but I just don't see it.

    40k plays it so straight it's painful. I'd like to assume they've got some humor behind it, but I'm convinced that most of the writers and staff behind the lore are so up their own assholes about how awesome their lore is that they forgot that the whole thing was supposed to be a joke.

    Reading any piece of fluff for 40k feels to me like someone telling a really bad joke. One where they get sidetracked before the punchline and ramble on about unrelated things for hours, only to forget that the punchline ever existed in the first place.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:21 No.18119341
         File: 1330341660.jpg-(50 KB, 356x329, fuck yeah squats.jpg)
    50 KB
    I tend to forget about today jokes must be "srs bsnizz about real life with a social humoristical drama application"-faggotry.
    Where are my stupid jokes?
    My infantile jokes?
    My stupid references to 2000 AD?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:21 No.18119344
         File: 1330341699.png-(55 KB, 455x451, I gazed into the internet,(...).png)
    55 KB
    Ye gods, we've been tricked into having a good discussion thread.

    Someone needs to die.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:22 No.18119349

    I do believe you meant "distaction", dear sir.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:24 No.18119360
    You sound like this
    >People keep saying that, but I don't see what's so funny here. A dead pet is a horrible thing, and if I was ever sold one, I would be hurt and devastated. To think that cruel shop owner nailed a dead bird to a perch, oh it breaks my heart. I, for one, think the Dead Parrot is deeply hurtful and should not be laughed at!
    Ridiculous premise + playing it straight = funny.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:24 No.18119363
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:26 No.18119374

    Would you like your Farting Space Marines back with all those?

    I like how modern 40k's more:

    "no matter how stupid it is it's still going to be awesome"

    as opposed to:

    "so stupid it's awesome."
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:26 No.18119382
    I read that twice and tried to laugh at it. Like, actually, honestly tried. It didn't work.

    The trick is delivery. It's something that 40k just does not do these days. It sets up the joke, plays it rigidly straight, and never delivers the deadpan punchline.


    Which are increasingly out of place these days.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:27 No.18119386
         File: 1330342078.jpg-(270 KB, 500x345, gorkamork.jpg)
    270 KB
    I like the "This is going to be so stupid this is going to be awesome. Or just awesome, either way we are going to laff our asses off."
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:28 No.18119390
    I guess you just don't like 40k then. Well, that happens. To each their own.
    Just try not to shit up the thread by trying to convert others into not liking it, aight?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:29 No.18119391

    No he doesn't. There is a substantive difference between being offended by something, and asserting that something isn't supposed to be funny to begin with.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:29 No.18119395
    The core message is the same. The person in question is looking at the joke wrong, and fails to undestrand why anyone finds it funny.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:31 No.18119405
    Just airing grievances, not trying to "convert" anybody.

    I really WANT to like 40k, but I'd probably like it better if it was a different product entirely.

    So maybe I should check out Infinity.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:32 No.18119406
    I think it's clear that GW really is steering the good ship 40K away from any humor what-so-ever if the "Space Marine" game. The "Space Marine" game seems to go out of it's way to show how GRIMDARK SERIOUS BUSINESS the universe is.

    Even the Orks who are meant to be the comic relief of 40k have had all humor removed. Most of the servo skulls are just people whining about how EVIL AND DARK AND GRIM the Orks are
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:33 No.18119412
    Probably, yeah. As prominent as it is on /tg/, it really takes a specific kinda person to like 40k.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:35 No.18119425
    I thought the orks were only ever funny if you looked at things from their perspective.
    To them it's all good fun with lots of sillyness, to their opponents it's hulking green aliens killing the shit out of everything including themselves.
    Which is pretty funny on many levels.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:36 No.18119430

    So 40k isn't good enough, but dat ass, tit robots, furries in space, the internet building a space colony, and muslims in space somehow are?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:36 No.18119435
    I seem to remember that back in the day, /tg/ was pretty eager to start statting things from FiM and finding the best way to have an MLP tabletop game. As I recall, the only thing that stopped it was the trolls, and the subsequent banning of ponies to /co/ and /b/ generals.

    I wouldn't be surprised if, now /mlp/ is it's own board (no matter how questionable that decision might have been), /tg/ may eventually approach the subject again, in the context of taking inspiration and resources from other boards.

    Technically, there isn't anything stopping us. Same as the Touhou (or whatever it was) RPG/Anime shitstorm ages ago- as long as it was /tg/ related, the thread was allowed to stand.

    Although we might have a way to go before the kind of people who are immediately offended by any mention of MLP will allow that sort of thing to happen.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:37 No.18119440
    It's like a dude stabbing babies. That shit's hilarious, from the dude's perspective.

    It just takes a shitlot more work than should be necessary to get into that mindset.

    Probably. I know next to nothing about Infinity except it's pretty as all hell.

    And Dat Ass, Internet Colony, and Space Muslims don't sound so terrible.
    >> sage sage 02/27/12(Mon)06:39 No.18119451

    I prefer a serious game, myself. The old fluff was extremely retarded, and borderline juvenile. Frankly, a lot of it was stupid.

    The current fluff has its flaws, but it's moving towards a more consistent setting. It's hard to make a gaming world which is heavily based on absurdity.

    Polite sage for ponyshit.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:40 No.18119456
    >He takes and likes 40k serious
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:40 No.18119458
    Well the only way to do it is to well... do it.
    Problem with a pony game is, while the setting is great, the show itself is too much of a pacifist slice-of-life to truly draw much more than background lore from.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:42 No.18119466
    Oh wow, I'm not sure if you could possibly sound any more trolly.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:50 No.18119504
    That's probably why what few adaptions /tg/ managed to fluff up in time included Don't Rest Your Hooves and Ponyfinder. One is built on a very dark game, and the other is, well, Pathfinder with pony races.
    >> sage sage 02/27/12(Mon)06:50 No.18119506

    Farting marines. Half-Eldar. Squats. Names like 'Killaz' and 'Pskyo'. The time for that kind of humor is long past, really, and hardly appealing to anyone above 12.

    Removing retarded fluff like the Sensei Knights and the Star Child, as well as a lot of the first-edition weirdness, is just the logical modernization of the fluff. There's an argument for 'stupid awesome', but the old fluff danced over into 'stupid retarded' most of the time.

    Also, OP, ponyshit has it's own board. You post a troll thread, and you act offended when we don't welcome you with open arms? Piss off.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:51 No.18119511
    Yeah, but the game makes no attempt to make the Orks funny. It's all grimdark, all the time. They even took out all the classic orky lines. It just ruins the Orks' character and makes them feel like Locust guys from GoW.

    I was hoping there might be a secret servo skulls where an ork had recorded over someone's last words with their new jam, but no, all grimdarkness all the time
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:53 No.18119521
    Well that's just Spess Mahreen.
    At the other end of the spectrum we have Retribution, which was so full of hilarious shit it was almost Soulstorm all over again, but on purpose this time.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:54 No.18119527
    >You post a troll thread, and you act offended when we don't welcome you with open arms?
    That /co/ thread supports the suggestion that OP was a troll, but I am genuinely startled that nobody has shat their pants from the mention of ponies. And some people are discussing them rationally.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:55 No.18119535
    There's a decent amount by now.

    There are hydras, dragons, Discord (not counting any other threats on his level), things from the Everfree Forest (which can apparently be just about anything from giant bears made of astral material, to basilisks, to mystical plants, and flies that eat everything and multiply too rapidly to properly contain).

    The show has dark enough elements to deal with, the problem is Equestria itself is mostly safe, and all the strife and turmoil between pony races not only got dealt with long ago, but if it were to start again, everyone knows that evil winter spirits will freeze the land. Celestia keeps the Sun and Moon going, but doesn't handle, or is incapable of handling big threats by herself nowadays.

    So far the show has given the following, non slice of life pacifist background bits.
    1. Threats from the Everfree Forrest
    2. Ancient threats waking up
    3. Relationships with non-ponies, like the Buffalo
    4. The occasional pony antagonist who causes trouble by accident like Trixie or the Flim Flam Brothers.
    5. The Wonderbolts have been called to defend Ponyville from a Dragon, they have a purpose beyond racing and flying shows.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:56 No.18119539
    See I was with you until
    >ponyshit has it's own board
    So do many other things, but that has never stopped us from talking about them, integrating them into out games or building systems around them.
    Or do you think that for instance AdEva should be banned because it is based on an anime and manga, which belong in /a/?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:59 No.18119563
         File: 1330343978.jpg-(479 KB, 755x878, 40k.jpg)
    479 KB
    Wasn't grimdark enough.
    Still think it could do with improvements.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)06:59 No.18119566
    You forgot one of the most key ones
    >Pre-Celestia Equestria
    Both three-tribe era and Discordian era.

    We know reidiculously powerful ponies existed even back then (like Starswirls the Bearded), so while the Elements of Harmony did not yet exist, the players could still use quite high powerlevels when needed.

    Also, three tribes era opens the door for outright wars and would be the best setting for a tabletop wargame.
    >> sage sage 02/27/12(Mon)07:02 No.18119576

    Ponies are explicitly banned on /tg/. AdEva, to answer your question, wasn't.

    Also, reported.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:04 No.18119586
    Reported for abusing the report system, misunderstanding the sage function, trolling, shitposting, failing to contribute, ruining the board, >rape, murder, arson, jaywalking, knowing either of those references, and being a meanyhead.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:08 No.18119615
    Three tribes and Pre-Celestia Equestria Post Three Tribes both work well for wars, as the ponies either try to expand their territory, or establish themselves in a new land, but due to the wendigos, they can't properly fight each other in either time period.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:09 No.18119627
    fucking meanyheads. Always headed those bastards.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:13 No.18119652
    Maybe the fact that Windigos exist would simply mean aspiring pony warlords need to come up with new ways to wage war, as prolonged combat only ends in both sides freezing to death.
    This leads to most wars being a series of extremely fast skirmishes, fought by very professional soldiers who have little to no personal feelings agaist their opponents. Without the hate involved, it takes the Windigos longer to sense conflict, granting the soldiers some extra time to fight before they must retreat or die of cold.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:14 No.18119658
    With so little known about the discordian era, you could treat it him as a hands-off ruler of a chaotic landscape full of peril. I'm tempted to compare it to the Elemental Chaos, but I'm not sure how befitting that is. At any rate, the nature of the world would mean you could invent any number of blasphemous monsters to be a threat, or great treasures and dungeons forming and unforming in reality. Anything you like the idea of, essentially.

    Or you can do something rather classical, and have the party go on a hunt for the elements of harmony in order to defeat Discord himself. This could be doomed to failure, or just be an alternate history.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:15 No.18119666
         File: 1330344924.jpg-(575 KB, 755x878, 40k2.jpg)
    575 KB
    After a few changes to better fit the conventions of the genre I think I've got a marketable product for GW.

    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:16 No.18119676
    Alternatively, the party could be doing something that helps prepare for the summoning/creation of the Alicorns.
    If we need a lore explenation, the game is a story as told by modern ponies.

    Also let us not forget that Discord was not a unique being. The Draconequus had an entire race, otherwise he would just be referred to by name, and not by species.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:17 No.18119680
    It's ready.

    Alternatively, the wendigos could have arrived later, which would lend an explanation to how the tribes could have spent so long in contempt of each other beforehand.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:18 No.18119681
    Needs more skullz.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:19 No.18119686

    If I did that the skull quotient would exceed the acceptable. Personally I think the blessing of the repeating digits solidifies it.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:20 No.18119687
         File: 1330345221.jpg-(66 KB, 900x228, 1330239861198.jpg)
    66 KB
    >aspiring pony warlords
    I like this mental image. However, of all the notable ones mentioned, only Hurricane was a military leader, and I'm pretty sure neither he (she?) or the others would be all that much for starting shit. Well ok yes he would.
    Still, I'd imagine many of said warlords would be rogue elements not directly tied to their racial leaders.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:22 No.18119701
    Regarding Starswirls, wasn't Clover the Clever his student? I remember that he was, which makes no sense as Clover is older than Celestia, while Starswirls is younger than Luna.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:30 No.18119750
    I think Clover and Starswirls were both from old MLP, possibly G1, where they were student and master.
    In FiM, Clover was just the advisor to princess Platinum, and was probably long dead by the time Starswirls was born.
    Then again all we know for sure is that Luna met old Starswirls in person, and that young Clover lived in the time before Alicorns.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:32 No.18119764
    We can't pretend to understand the timeline. They've occasionally followed up some piece of worldbuilding with some context, but for the most part it's confusing as shit.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:34 No.18119778
    >Princess Platinum
    >not wearing her crown upside down

    I'm actually kind of disappointed now.


    Yeah Clover the Clever is Star Swirl's apprentice. So one of two things are true, Luna has seen pictures of Star Swirl that look just like Twilight's outfit (what with he actually being from Canterlot as well, and presumably having been to the Canterlot Library of Magic), or the Alicorns were around before Equestria was made, but didn't rule over the Ponies or move the sun and night sky yet.

    I'm erring towards the former.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:37 No.18119795
    The most glaring inconsistency is the age of Ponyville.
    >Twilight: Hundreds of years old
    >Granny Smith: Younger than me
    The only alternative explenation is that Granny Smith is like 400 years old.

    The timeline itself seem to be
    >Three races live in harmony
    >Three races go to war
    >Three races unite
    >Draconequus / Discord era
    >Creation of the Alicorns and the fall of Discord
    >Sisters era
    >Luna's banishment
    >Celestia era
    >Nightmare Moon
    >Modern era
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:39 No.18119806
    >Twilight: Hundreds of years old
    >Granny Smith: Younger than me
    Uh... you know Twilight was only PLAYING Clover the Clever in a stage play, right?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:40 No.18119810
    ...which reminds me, I wouldn't take all the implied fluff to be completely reliable, not all fantasy history is Tolkein.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:44 No.18119829
    >pony wargaming
    >all of my want
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:44 No.18119830
    I just remembered that Starswirl's full title is Starswirl the Bearded.
    It just amuses me that being a horse with a beard is impressive enough to supplement your name.

    At any rate, what sort of classes would be relevant in a Pony RPG, or does this call for a classless system? I could see the Three Tribes setting and possibly the Discordian or similarly early eras using your run-of-the-mill medieval fantasy classes, but I'm not sure how well those would fit with modern-day Equestria adventurers.

    You could keep certain things like spellcasting classes for unicorns, naturally. I'm also inclined to wonder whether the Cutie Mark should decide a pony's 'skillset' moreso than a class.

    Maybe a classless system where Cutie Marks are indicative of your greater strengths and weaknesses, and unique abilities?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:44 No.18119831

    He's saying according to twilight, ponyville is hundreds of years old, not that twilight is herself.

    Also, Clover the Clever says her mentor, Star Swirl the Bearded, taught her about Windigos.

    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:44 No.18119832
    I wasn't talking about Clover, I was talking about the age of Ponyville.
    In episode... 1 or 2, I think, she mentions Ponyville is hundreds of years old.
    Then later in Family Appreciation Day, Granny Smith tells everyone she is older than Ponyville, as she was there when it was founded.

    This means that either
    A) Twilight got her facts wrong
    B) Granny Smith is senile as fuck
    C) Granny Smith is like 400 years old
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:44 No.18119839
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:47 No.18119849
         File: 1330346828.png-(134 KB, 536x380, YES.png)
    134 KB
    >Maybe a classless system where Cutie Marks are indicative of your greater strengths and weaknesses, and unique abilities?
    You're onto something there.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:48 No.18119854
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:49 No.18119860
    It would probably be largely classless, with every character having a signature skill, along with other skills and weaknesses.
    Your race would dictate some of your core skillset and stat spread, and anything beyond that would be tweaking.

    For example, Twilight would be something like
    >STR 6 DEX 7 CON 14 WIS 18 INT 18 CHA 6
    >Special talent: Strong natural magic
    >Feat: Enhanced Cutie Ability (Major)
    >Feat: Fast learner (Minor)
    >Flaw: Socialy Awkward (Minor)
    >Flaw: Mental disorder (OCD) (Major)
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:52 No.18119866
    But if we just go "Welp, already done, /thread", we might as well just call it quits now.
    Talking about things is a lot more fun than reading a 60 page PDF.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:53 No.18119872
    Rarity's the one who has OCD, Twilight has Aspergers.

    And Pinkie Pie has ADHD and a raging sugar addiction.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)07:58 No.18119911
    This thread... might be archive worthy.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:00 No.18119920
    I'm not very familiar with Savage Worlds, but it looks like a high quality supplement. If we are talking about a new system or systems, however, we need to figure out how much it is going to resemble established systems, and what new initiatives we can take. I really like the idea of a classless system with cutie-mark based areas of expertise, with the addition of whatever skill or perhaps feat tweaking the player wishes.

    >Flaw: Mental disorder (OCD) (Major)
    If that ain't the truth.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:02 No.18119934
         File: 1330347735.png-(343 KB, 900x442, p&p.png)
    343 KB
    Fine, I'll go submit it now.

    But threads with mention of ponies invariably get downvoted with religious zeal.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:02 No.18119937

    Relevant fanfic featuring Derpy as a badass militia commander.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:02 No.18119938
         File: 1330347778.jpg-(425 KB, 756x2418, mlp rpg.jpg)
    425 KB
    No lie, this is the best pony thread I've seen in months and probably the first to actually discuss the world of the show, and not fanfiction, pornography or derp. (literally)

    /mlp/ is a fucking cesspool. I must commend moot for doing the worst possible thing he could to pony fans; giving them a place where they could get away with anything.

    And to provide content, I found this ages ago. Not sure how good it may be in practice.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:04 No.18119948
    Ok so what if we had
    -Races, which preset some things for the stat spread and cutie marks
    -a 1-10 scale for stats, with 1 being cannot into and 10 being godlike, with a total of say 30 points to use per character
    -a list of possible cutie mark powers (similar to classes, prestige classes, etc)
    -feats and flaws to boost your stats or powers, but they must always balance eachother out (1 major = 2 minors or so?)

    So for example
    >Base Stats (stat caps)
    >STR 3(6) AGI 3(6) STA 3(8) INT 6(10) CHA 6(10)
    >Base skills
    >Telekinesis, Aura of Command
    >Base flaws
    >Arrogant, fragile

    >Cutie Marks: Enhanced Magic (grants access to Enhanced Unicorn Skills [see table]), Craft (pick specialization), Command, Trickery and Illusion
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:05 No.18119952
         File: 1330347913.gif-(41 KB, 1000x600, p&p.gif)
    41 KB
    Never mind, someone beat me to it. 'MLP and WH40K Civil Discussion'. I can't lie, I would have emphasised what got done rather than the prevalence of manners.

    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:06 No.18119958
    ...is that... elven Twilight, cutebold Rarity, sergal Dash, pseudodragon Spike, gelatinous cube Pinkie, don't know what the fuck Rarity and Applejack are.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:09 No.18119976
    No kidding. Those tags are awful.
    No, seriously, what? Atleast it will never be hard to find this thread- I just have to search for that, and it will be the only result.

    Already, huh? Yeah, well, what'll you do.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:12 No.18119988
         File: 1330348361.png-(176 KB, 751x4716, Fluffyquest.png)
    176 KB


    And to top it all off, the guy who drew that is Weaver

    now known as Glitter Glue
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:15 No.18120001
    Well let's have a look.
    >Excitement and caring as attributes
    Well, that's questionable. Aside from mixing crunch and roleplaying, it means I could make caring my dumpstat, and become stronger than any of my nicer party members.

    >A cutie mark (or butt symbol)

    >Unicorn Ponies get magic related to their cutie marks.
    I don't feel very good about cutie marks being mechanically different for each race.

    At any rate, this ruleset was clearly thrown together in a hurry, so there's no point in me overanalysing faults.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:16 No.18120011
         File: 1330348592.png-(144 KB, 254x404, choking panka.png)
    144 KB
    >Common Feats
    >Enhanced Cutie Skill
    You are really good at whatever your special skill is. You gain a modifier equal to your level to all your Cutie Skill rolls.
    You can take a beating that would put most others out of commission. You can exceed your racial STA cap by up to 2 points, and only take half the normal time to heal from injury.
    >Abnormal Skillset
    You are one strange cookie. You can pick one Feat, minor or major, from any other race's list. Remember, you must still compensate for it though.

    >Fast Learner
    You can pick up new things on the fly. The time it takes to learn a new skill is cut in half, as is the time it takes to reach a new mastery rank.
    >Socialy skilled
    You can talk your way out of trouble and make friends with ease. You gain a +2 modifier to all persuation and friendship tests. This feat is mutualy exclusive with the Flaw: Socialy Awkward

    Should I keep going with this Y/N?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:17 No.18120014
    >caring about suptg score
    Only quests get positive scores there anyway.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:18 No.18120023
    >Should I keep going with this Y/N?
    I'm not sure. How far do we want to go with using feats, flaws and perks to define a character?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:19 No.18120029
    Well that's what I'm asking here.
    Is this a completely retarded idea?
    Because I'm not even sure if it will work in the end.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:22 No.18120042
    It's not a retarded idea, there are plenty of good games which use those mechanics.

    Does anyone want to argue in favour of using feats, perks and/or flaws here? My personal opinion is that it might overcomplicate what might be better as a more rules-light system, and divert from roleplaying. I'm not saying we ditch the mechanic completely yet, but it's worth mulling over. Maybe seeing if we can find a way to make it work even better.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:25 No.18120052
    Go for it, and remember that we have a tradition of getting shit done.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:25 No.18120053
    You have your own board now. Take it there.

    I saw an /o/ thread asking what cars each of the primary cast would be most like, so don't even pull the "hurr its 40k it's /tg/ related" card; if another board can take the time to use /mlp/, so can you.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:25 No.18120055

    My personal timeline that I made up trying to incorporate all generations of MLP:

    In the beginning a goddess called Bonnie created ponies, but had no love for them and so left them to languish in a world filled with demons and stuff like Tirac. Eventually as the demons fell another goddess, Faust, was given power and slowly guided the ponies to enlightenment, (MLP Tales). Eventually once Equestria was founded she birthed 2 children, Celestia and Luna, and left them to govern for her.

    Also, I'd like to think that there's some unstoppable natural force that allows different gods to rise and fall in the pony universe, which thus affects the quality of each generation and each season. It's meant to represent Hasbro.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:26 No.18120058
    Well without classes we are running ever closer to slamming head first into the brick wall that is freeform roleplaying.

    I say we keep the perk/flaw thing, and make some example characters ("pseudo classes" for people to base their characters off of) to help clear up what kind of things could be done using them.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:28 No.18120069
    There are more than 2 Alicorns in FiM though. A third one will soon be introduced in the show, and already exists in the comic.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:30 No.18120079

    Which is going to completely destroy my headcanon unless it turns out Cadance isn't at all powerful and alicorns can occur by nature but don't have deity status like the 2 we have now.

    Oh, and, seaponies died out sometime before FiM. Hasbro isn't going to put them in because apparently on a test audience they frightened children into crying.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:31 No.18120085
    From what we've seen, unicorns seem to be extremely specialised in magic for the most part anyway, at least the stuff they're good at. There's some universals- nearly all of them have telekinesis and can create light, and they seem to be able to learn spells from books or from practice and teaching, but for the most part a unicorn will be really good at one thing and not so much at the rest.

    Twilight is an exception of course, since her special talent is Magic, the goddamn munchkin. There's been a couple episodes where she's shown specifically casting the same spell(s) another unicorn did earlier in the episode, but being waaay better at it.

    Extra internets if you can somehow work the Transformers into that.

    I'd say the Cutie Mark would represent the 'thing I'm really really good at!' perk.

    There's also some apparently major physical differences between the races. Unicorns, of course, have magic, and see above for details. Pegasi can fly, and treat clouds like very malleable terrain, and they also seem to be quite physically strong in general. Earth ponies have crazy strength and stamina and physical abilities in general- remember that ep where Pinkie Pie freaking outran a flying Rainbow Dash? (who has broken the sound barrier!) Speaking of her, it seems Earth ponies may have a chance of simply being able to make the laws of reality their bitch.

    ...seriously, I think Pinkie must be a distant descendant of Discord or something.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:33 No.18120101
    Weaver also has a FA account (terrible, I know, but he has his reasons and if you actually bother to read what he's written it makes sense) under the name theweaver
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:33 No.18120102
    Hah, that'd be hilarious if you weren't making it up. (I actually wouldn't be surprised to see aquatic ponies if they ever make a seaside episode, but Ponyville is landlocked)

    One of the latest episodes seems to confirm that other quadrupeds in Equestria are sentient too, including donkeys and cows (not to mention zebras), but they don't seem to have the same special talents and abilities that ponies do. (you could possibly balance that by having them be more well-rounded than ponies, who seem to tend towards overspecialisation)
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:35 No.18120117
    Pinkie's chaos powers should be a major perk on their own. Possibly a cutie mark.
    She needed to take a shitload of flaws to compensate for them though, including gimping her communication skill to hell.

    Also regarding Unicorns, note how most important ponies seem to be Unicorns. They must have notable natural leadership skills.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:35 No.18120122

    Earthies are supposedly physically much stronger than either Unicorns or Pegasi, and from Family Appreciation Day it seems their magic is in fact potentially the most powerful of the three, disregarding special cases like Twilight Sparkle. Druidic, shaman magic done by Earth ponies is fascinating as all hell.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:36 No.18120131
    >Well without classes we are running ever closer to slamming head first into the brick wall that is freeform roleplaying.
    I disagree. I don't want to start peddling my favourite system like some dodgy door-to-door salesman, but I would like to draw your attention to Call of Cthulhu.

    It's classless, but you can choose an occupation, and in addition to putting your skill points wherever you want, you get an extra batch that can only be spent on skills that relate to your occupation. In addition, you can look forward to the kind of connections and resources your occupation entails, although that's more of a roleplaying aspect than anything.

    Now suppose that you were to replace the choice of occupation with a choice of cutie mark, and you have a classless system where, in addition to the normal amount of customisation you may expect, you will find yourself more adept in whatever pursuits your 'special skill' entails.

    Of course, this being MLP, we can also throw in much more blatant aspects of a cutie mark, like otherwise unattainable levels of expertise, supernatural abilities, and some level of ability made possible through the combined blessings of your race's powers and those of your own, as indicated by your cutie mark (Twilight's enormous potential for magic, Dash's ease with causing sonic rainbooms, and Applejacks... Apples).
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:37 No.18120142
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:38 No.18120144
    Earthies: High STR and STA, beter understanding of the world around them

    Pegasi: High AGI, flight, cloudshaping

    Unicorns: High INT and CHA, telekinesis
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:38 No.18120146
    Blatant troll bait, if you'd have made a thread about a pony themed homebrew you might have had some justification to post...

    ...wait wait wait, are you having a decent thread on this /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:42 No.18120179
    Have you been to /mlp/? Seen what it's like? It's part desolate wasteland, part sea of piss. Beyond the /b/ threads, the endless circlejerking of tripfags, namefags and avatarfags, and the people who have given up watching the show and simply become fans of the fandom, it's terrible there. The only place we could possibly try something like this with any hope of success is the MLP General formerly of /co/, and I don't think there are as many people there who have the knowledge to get this kind of thing to work.

    If you'd bothered to read the rest of this thread you'd notice what we're doing is absolutely /tg/-related, and we're getting shit done. If you really don't like it, hide the thread and move on.
    Polite sage for off-topic.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:44 No.18120186
    I would like to note that Twilight is pretty much the epitome of a minmaxing munchkin, dumping all her social skills for a ridiculously wide access to magic.

    Dash is very close to this as well, but instead she abandoned lots of her social aspects to build a single super ability, namely her Sonic Rainboom.

    Pinkie Pie on the other hand seems to be a bit of a punpun, taking flaws all over the board and then cashing in on strange powers from again all over the place, like teleportation on an Earthy.

    Fluttershy kinda mixes the above two, by being a Pegasus with notable access to Earthy skills (animal control), and a single signature power (The Stare)

    AJ and Rarity are more well balanced characters.
    >> sage sage 02/27/12(Mon)08:45 No.18120192

    It is only a hell because you have made it so.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:45 No.18120194

    I actually do wonder just how much power pegasus magic gives them. Their primary affinity seems to be with water, seeing as they manipulate clouds, essentially liquid water, and by extension this lets them control hail and lightning. Could a pegasus carry around a miniature cloud to shoot lightning at stuff, then? They don't just create the clouds and leave them to function, we saw Derpy jumping on a cloud to stimulate electric discharge.

    And if they control clouds, can they control seawater? Controlling currents and such could be important for maintaining weather as well.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:46 No.18120199
    I think it's just that unicorns, especially those from Canterlot (which if the origin episode is any sign, is the original unicorn settlement) are old money, and may have a natural tendency towards greed. (note that the two main unicorns are closest to Spike the dragon)

    It's also kinda funny that unicorns are also apparently adept with technology. Presumably, having magic to use as a power source makes it a lot easier to get a jump-start on engines and stuff.

    Yeah, it seems Zecora's aptitude for potions, medicines and other natural concoctions might fall under that as well. Earth ponies seem to be closest to Equestria's strange-ass natural world. (don't forget they MANUALLY CONTROL THE WEATHER AND SEASONS)

    I think the Pegasi's equivalent to that kind of magic is the ability to kick clouds around and make freaking lightning bolts just by jumping on them.

    At first, we all thought /mlp/ was a /fur/ style bantrap. At this point, now I'm hoping it is, because it's making /vp/ look GOOD.

    Rainbow Dash has ridiculous physical scores, but skimped on utility and social skills.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:46 No.18120201
    We could call upon MLPG, but it could end really badly for all of us.
    And I'm still nto convinced that /mlp/ won't end up like /fur/
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:47 No.18120206
    Rainbow Dash created a freaking rainbow tornado in Swarm of the Century. (the Tribbles episode)

    I think seawater would be the domain of the theoretical terrifying Sea Ponies. Shoo be doo, etc.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:49 No.18120222
    Honestly, MLPG is only slightly less terrible than the rest of the board. Not that the rest of the board realised it, but /mlp/ ended up bringing back all of the people who quit MLPG for being too terrible. (and the /b/ crowd, who are naturally worse than everyone else put together)

    Pretty sure they'd be happy to act as/create a /tg/ Embassy though, if you can stand all the unfiltered pony.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:50 No.18120229
    Old money or not, Canterlotians seem to the regal leader types in general. Also Rarity's parents and the Flim Flams indicate that Unicorns in general seem to be rich and/or drawn to money. Not that they are the only ones, as proven by Filthy Rich.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:50 No.18120231

    After they supposedly died out though pegasi might have taken over those jobs.

    Now I really like the idea of seaponies being some sort of forgotten race transformed into eldritch abominations, though.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:51 No.18120237
    MLPG is(or at least used to be) full of /tg/'s old guard though.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:52 No.18120246

    >I would ask that you try to centralize all pony related threads here in /mlp/, and direct fellow ponies from /b/, /co/ and others to this board.

    How hard is this to understand?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:53 No.18120256

    I'd say unicorns being adapt with technology is due to their psychokinesis making manipulating fine machinery and such much easier than with hooves.

    How the fuck do their hooves work, anyway? I'm pretty tempted to just say they have a limited amount of psychokinesis around their forelegs that allow them to manipulate things as long as no one is looking.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:56 No.18120273
    That sounds pretty much accurate. In the show their hooves just work however they're needed to by circumstance, but having all the ponies have limited magic around their hooves makes a lot of sense, too.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)08:59 No.18120288

    How much of a faggot are you?
    >> sage sage 02/27/12(Mon)09:00 No.18120293

    Less of one than you, apparently.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)09:01 No.18120298
    For all the complaints, /mlp/ is so much better than the generals its not even funny.

    Conversely, I feel that there can be /tg/ relevant things featuring ponies. I sure hope the complaints in this thread won't happen to any MLP:FiM homebrews - some of those are pretty good, and I've got a few stories to tell about playing in one of those, where our GM turned the setting on its head and somehow made a decent horror game with it.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)09:01 No.18120299
    Dunno, probably just as hard as understanding global rule 14.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)09:01 No.18120305

    That they're using gear and items in their society that can only be really used by creatures with opposable digits should indicate some sort of outside influence guiding their culture, if no psychokinesis. That goes pretty well with my timeline of Faust being a god that guided pony society from little more than animals in G1 to now.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)09:01 No.18120306
    i thought we quarantined this shit. off to leper colony. shoo.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)09:02 No.18120310
         File: 1330351372.png-(189 KB, 548x472, unimpressed RD.png)
    189 KB
    Ok, gonna try this again, in compact form.
    Please yell at me, throw in your own ideas, and help me fix this
    Strangth - related to general physical power, primary stat of Earth ponies
    Agility - related to speed and fancy tricks, primary stat of Pegasi
    Stamina - dictates how long a pony can work, how much beating it can take, and how long it takes to heal
    Intelligence - related to learnign speed, booksmarts and for unicorns, magic. Primary unicorn stat.
    Charisma - related to social skills.
    Stats go from 1 to 10
    1 being Derpy's INT or Twilight's CHA
    10 being AJ's STR or Twilight INT

    Cutie Mark: one per character, dictates their most important skill. Can be picked from a list of existing marks, or a freeform mark can be used instead. Skill-related checks get a bonus.

    Perks: Come in Major and Minor forms. Can be used to augument stats or skills. A Major perk counts as two Minor ones.

    Flaws: Must be taken to balance out Perks. One major counts as two minors.

    Earthy - High caps for STR and STA, low caps for INT and CHA
    Pegasus - High cap for AGI, low caps for INT, cloudwalking and cloudshaping as natural skills
    Unicorn - High caps for INT and CHA, low caps for STR and STA, telekinesis as natural skill
    Nonpony - Higher stat caps and special perks, but no Cutie Marks. Includes Donkies, Mules, Zebras, Buffalo, Cows, Sheep, etc.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)09:02 No.18120312
    If we see any show discussion threads, we'll point them in that direction.
    Now if you don't mind, we're worldbuilding.

    Should we be working on a setting as close to the source material as possible, or a stylised one where for example violence isn't entirely marginalised?
    Also, we can throw in lovecraftian Seaponies.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)09:05 No.18120324

    >pony related

    Good thing that applies perfectly to this thread isn't it? It's like moot purposely made the language all encompassing or something.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)09:06 No.18120329
    The same reason you don't see Pokemon RPG threads in /vp/, because no one sane goes there and no one likes the morons who shit themselves and fling it at the screen at the mention of a pony.

    Dragons and Griffons might need somewhat different rules, but those can come later.

    Y'know, I kinda like the idea that ponies kind of naturally develop rather... extreme personalities, while nonponies are more rounded and often end up the voice of reason.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/12(Mon)09:07 No.18120332

    Something pretty interesting about the other seemingly sapient species:

    Regular hooves seem to equate to full citizenship, with ponies, donkets, zebras and such. Cloven hooves seem to relegate them to second-class citizenship, such as cowsm sheep pigs and so on.

    No idea where Ceratomorpha would lie, maybe full out slaves?

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