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    87 KB The Inquisitor - Chapter II Dante !!lH9TiVLAn8S 02/28/12(Tue)14:49 No.18136464  
    Chapter I - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/18107071/

    Outside it was raining. As far as I can remember it was always raining. A few days had passed since I talked to Xanthis. Had to keep my head down. People might get suspicious.

    Had a message after I talked to Xanthis. Came from Lupus, said I was to get a new partner. Didn’t mention anything else, as far as I know I’ll get another Acolyte still wet behind the ears. Guess I’ll find out soon enough.

    Managed to find the hideout of this so-called ‘Nixios’. Fancy gambling joint in town. Scoped it out a few times. Lots of muscle, lots of guns. I suppose it evens the odds a bit.

    I give Vera a clean before I head out. I always clean her before a kill.

    I get into town. Much more higher class than Jay’s bar. Adverts, music, lights. Recruitment posters for various organisations dot the buildings. The most recent Space Partridge victory plays out on a screen above me.

    Before long I’m looking at ‘Nixios’ place. Large sign on the front. Reads; Nixios. Huh, I wonder which one’s the original.
    >> The Inquisitor - Chapter II Dante !!lH9TiVLAn8S 02/28/12(Tue)14:56 No.18136546
    Bouncers are outside. I join the queue and get in without a hitch. Walk through the double doors. Reminds me of Jay’s, but with more class. The smell of various makes of cigars wafts through the air. This place is probably soaked through with the taint of Chaos. Shame. Would’ve liked to come here on a day off.

    I get to the bar. Order a drink and make small talk with the bartender. Mention I’m new around town. These words get the attention of someone walking past. He walks over.

    “You’re new in town you say?” The figure says. I nod.

    “Well then, let me welcome you personally! Nice to make your acquaintance, I’m Nixios.” He puts his hand out, expecting to shake mine. I delay for a split-second, can’t let him think something’s up. I return the hand-shake and congratulate him on such a fine establishment.

    “Yes, it’s something isn’t it?” He looks around, keeping his eye on the high-rollers tables. “Took quite the investment….”

    He seems to wander off in his thoughts. He snaps back into reality.

    “Well it was very nice meeting you Mr….”

    “Dariel” I lie.

    “Mr Dariel, well take care and I hope you have a good time.”

    He walks away, two bodyguards swiftly walk either side of him. Their eyes dart constantly around the room.

    I keep my gaze and take a note of the door he walks through.
    >> The Inquisitor - Chapter II Dante !!lH9TiVLAn8S 02/28/12(Tue)15:00 No.18136589
    I wait a little longer. More and more security walk into the doors Nixios left through. The amount of them in the main room doesn’t seem to go down. Strange.

    I walk through the doors making sure no one is watching. Probably pointless, there’s bound to me cameras in this place.

    I walk down a long corridor. Stone walls, stone floor. Stark contrast to the carpeted floors in the main room. I try to slow down and keep my steps quiet. My heart races. No idea what to expect. My hand moves to Vera all on its own.

    End of the corridor. Right turn. Hit the end again. Left turn. Emperor knows where I am now. Flight of stairs. Go down them carefully, keeping my eyes open.

    I get to the bottom. It’s a warehouse. Crates and boxes scattered randomly around. Can’t be for organised storage. Walk a bit further, see a bodyguard with his back to me. Big mistake. I slowly approach him and place my hands on his head. I break his neck before he cries out. My weight shifts, big fella, I try to dump him as quietly as possible. Empty warehouse, good acoustics, I make a slight noise as I push the carcass behind some crates.

    Make my room way the middle of the room. I’m not prepared for what’s there.
    >> The Inquisitor - Chapter II Dante !!lH9TiVLAn8S 02/28/12(Tue)15:07 No.18136658
    Two chairs, with tied-up occupants. Well, ‘occupant’ technically. I recognise Scab sitting in the right chair, his face is bruised completely, blood is dripping from his mouth and three of his teeth are on the floor.

    He’s the lucky one.

    I can just make out the shoes of the poor bastard in the left chair. Xanthis. Someone knew they talked. What remained of Xanthis starts to fall out of the chair. The ropes can’t hold that much wet flesh and bone for long.

    The corpse hits the ground with a squelch. I shake Scab gently.

    “Scab, you still alive?” I whisper. Don’t want to alert anyone. Emperor knows what they’d do to me.

    He coughs, a mouthful of blood splatters on the floor next to me. “They know….Arc….”

    “Know what Scab?” I look around for anyone approaching. Nothing.

    “They know…..you’re here….”
    >> The Inquisitor - Chapter II Dante !!lH9TiVLAn8S 02/28/12(Tue)15:12 No.18136716
    Fuck, where was that new partner I was supposed to be getting.

    A shot rings out. The round whizzes past my head into what used to be Xanthis. I roll out of the way and whip Vera out. The attacker disappears.

    I slow down. No use getting excited. I strain my ears, damn this guy’s quiet.

    “You know Arcturus….”

    The words drift through the warehouse. I don’t see where they come from.

    “I’m not even the one you’re looking for”

    A bullet hits my leg. I hit the floor on one knee.

    “You see...” A figure walks out from the darkness. Nixios.

    “This goes much deeper than you could imagine.”

    He lifts his gun. The bullets hit me in my chest. One in the arm. Three broken ribs, organs ruptured. Not long left now.

    I try to lift Vera. It doesn’t work. She falls to the floor and a resounding metallic clang echoes through the room.
    >> The Inquisitor - Chapter II Dante !!lH9TiVLAn8S 02/28/12(Tue)15:14 No.18136741
    Nixios chuckles and starts to walk away. I try to say something. All that comes out of my mouth is blood.

    I hear a shot. I wait for it to hit me. Seems like forever. I wait a few seconds. Nothing happens. Nixios falls to the floor. I hear a pounding on the ground. Shit, what now?

    “You must be Inquisitor Arcturus” I hear the voice behind me

    “One and only” I barely manage to cough the words out.

    The giant steps in front of me. The blood-loss must be getting to me.

    “Then I must be your new partner.” He kicks the lifeless body of Nixios and turns towards me. “Helbrecht Octavian, at your service.”

    Space Marine. Grey Knight. Quite the odd couple.

    “Now’s….not the time….for introductions”

    My vision fades and I black out on the granite floor.
    >> The Inquisitor - Chapter II Dante !!lH9TiVLAn8S 02/28/12(Tue)15:17 No.18136772
    “Fuck me you’re in bad shape Arc”

    I wake up. My mouth if full of tubes. Medical equipment makes beeping sounds next to me.

    The smug bastard in front of me is Scab. Looks like he healed up nicely. Well, he still looks like fuck.

    “The Sisters say you’re going to be alright Arc, you just need your rest. I’ll see you when you get out.”

    “Oh, and that new friend of yours hasn’t left since you arrived. He’s just standing outside. Do Marines even need sleep?”

    He turns around and heads out the door. I hear the two of them talk for a small while before the footsteps head away from the room.

    I fall asleep for Emperor knows how long.
    >> Dante !!lH9TiVLAn8S 02/28/12(Tue)15:25 No.18136891
    End of chapter 2.

    Shameless self bump for feedback.
    >> Anonymous 02/28/12(Tue)15:37 No.18137057
    >Noir as fuck

    Diggin' it.
    >> Dante !!lH9TiVLAn8S 02/28/12(Tue)15:43 No.18137168

    I'll have to go over tvtropes and look at the film noir stuff for my next chapter.

    I might have the Helbrecht have his own story while Arc is hospital.
    >> Anonymous 02/28/12(Tue)15:59 No.18137394
    keep it up dude, can't wait for chapter 3!
    >> Dante !!lH9TiVLAn8S 02/28/12(Tue)17:28 No.18138464
    Meh i'm gonna archive this so I can link it in the next threads.

    Hopefully there'll be more interest in the future :/

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