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  • File: 1330832971.jpg-(103 KB, 628x851, 130388547368.jpg)
    103 KB STRIKE WITCHES: NOPE OFF THE BOAT planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/03/12(Sat)22:49 No.18194668  
    Sean's plan is sensible and offers your best chance of survival, so naturally you consider several more interesting solutions, like surfing the wingless fuselage of your burning, fuel-filled bomber to the ground, or somehow signalling the Witches to pick you up, preferably with your face in their bosom.

    "... fine," you say at last. "We'll jump."

    Sean grins. "Hey, did the pilot just-"

    Something explodes in the burning Douglass.

    "NOPE!" Sean exclaims, leaping to his feet. He sprints like a mad bastard over the precariously tilting deck, hauling ass for the aftercastle of the ship.

    "HEY!" you shout, and belatedly stagger after him. Ian keeps behind you, stopping every so often and sending a polite little carbine "Pop!" downrange behind him.

    Ahead of you, Sean reaches an access door in the ship's aftercastle. He thrusts his revolver into his shoulder holster, and from his waist he draws his broadsword with a flourish.

    The hatch in front of him swings open, and Sean finds himself staring a Martian in the face.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/03/12(Sat)22:50 No.18194674
         File: 1330833006.jpg-(18 KB, 470x396, 1327896424374.jpg)
    18 KB
    >Lest we forget what the Martians look like.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:51 No.18194686
    >> NavalAnon !!jz5JQZ1dN2Q 03/03/12(Sat)22:51 No.18194689
    kill it.
    kill it with fire
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 03/03/12(Sat)22:51 No.18194691
         File: 1330833077.jpg-(365 KB, 900x1391, Metal_Slug__The_Movie.jpg)
    365 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:51 No.18194695
    ....well? What is he waiting for? Fucker's got a broadsword, doesn't he?
    >> Panzerhexen !mYedictMKA 03/03/12(Sat)22:51 No.18194697
         File: 1330833100.jpg-(24 KB, 379x395, 1328879881563.jpg)
    24 KB
    Lets kill em dead
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:51 No.18194700
         File: 1330833115.png-(234 KB, 874x894, 1323911608948.png)
    234 KB
    >Seans face when
    >> Will 03/03/12(Sat)22:52 No.18194706
    Ian, if you please.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 03/03/12(Sat)22:52 No.18194711
    Stab stab stab
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:53 No.18194720
         File: 1330833210.jpg-(48 KB, 510x546, 1315219108880.jpg)
    48 KB
    >Martian with a face
    lets see how long that lasts
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:53 No.18194724
    Also, guuuuuys~

    I've just realized what Minna did and why she was so reluctant.

    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:53 No.18194726
    >> Starshadow 03/03/12(Sat)22:53 No.18194727
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:54 No.18194731

    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:54 No.18194734
    explain, dammit
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:54 No.18194735
    Fuck yes! It's boardin' time, gents!
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:54 No.18194740
    No PF explained already it was just a transfer of magics to wake our tired ass up.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:54 No.18194742
    Thank god. We picked the sane option.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:55 No.18194750
    gotta play to our individual strengths here after all
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:55 No.18194752
         File: 1330833315.jpg-(183 KB, 800x800, 1329890435715.jpg)
    183 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:55 No.18194753
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:55 No.18194758
    I think we'll need to get cutlasses after this, like proper pirates.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:55 No.18194759
    She recharged the MC and she was reluctant because she's sure we're going to die if we keep throwing ourself into shit like this.

    That's all there is to it.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:55 No.18194763
    Serve him a piece of your hot lead. Wait, not a piece. A dozen
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:55 No.18194764
         File: 1330833348.jpg-(65 KB, 640x341, ProvidenceIsAwesome.jpg)
    65 KB

    Time to show the power of warlockery and GTFO
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:56 No.18194768
    Planefag, hey planefag!

    I picked this thread up on the recommendation of the boyfriend, and I'm really glad I did! I heard you were aiming for the same sort of 'devil may care' bullshit as Maid Quest, and you really hit it head on. Thanks for an awful lot of laughs!
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:56 No.18194772
    See, you're making sense. We can't have that.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:56 No.18194773
    But Sean is a idiot, so we go forward.

    Ahh well.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 03/03/12(Sat)22:56 No.18194774
         File: 1330833380.jpg-(465 KB, 900x912, 1330499623701.jpg)
    465 KB
    Its time to start to kill some motherfucking xenos. And escape the crashing planething. And survive. And get laid. And not give a fuck while we're doing all of this.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:56 No.18194783
         File: 1330833417.png-(25 KB, 350x350, ghostrider_nose3.png)
    25 KB
    So I was an idiot and saved only the flattened version of the logo file originally, had to redraw it. Need more ghosty effects or no?
    >> Major Airlift 03/03/12(Sat)22:57 No.18194784
         File: 1330833420.jpg-(100 KB, 800x782, 1329015088610.jpg)
    100 KB
    Purge the xeno!
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/03/12(Sat)22:57 No.18194785
    Is it time to Loot and Kill?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:57 No.18194801
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:58 No.18194805
    No reason Sean has to be the only one, after all.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:58 No.18194807
    in that order?
    and where is the rum?!
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:58 No.18194808
         File: 1330833505.jpg-(467 KB, 592x900, 04d457e145ceff19dc4e471395d4e3(...).jpg)
    467 KB
    It still needs something...
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:58 No.18194816
    Loot a plane? YES, YES IT IS!
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:58 No.18194817
    Are all the fuckers this smug looking?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:58 No.18194818

    Elaborate on what a pactio (pact?) is please.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:58 No.18194819
         File: 1330833532.jpg-(17 KB, 405x289, Kyon facepalm.jpg)
    17 KB
    I hate you Sean.

    Go in metal slug style. BULLET STORM.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:58 No.18194820

    ALIUM, 3 O'Clock

    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 03/03/12(Sat)22:59 No.18194825
    It's fine.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:59 No.18194829
    >>18194808fuck you
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:59 No.18194830
    Looks pretty good.

    Fuck no, and fuck you.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:59 No.18194833
    You're right! Kill counters!
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)22:59 No.18194834
    Read Negima.
    >> Starshadow 03/03/12(Sat)22:59 No.18194836
         File: 1330833586.gif-(1.92 MB, 320x224, 1328149198347.gif)
    1.92 MB
    BTW planefag. I'm not going to question how a great lakes ore freighter from TEH FUTURE was made to fly and somehow stolen from Canada and taken all the way to Britain.

    What I'm wondering is what makes the Edmund so famous in this universe that people (pilots in particular) would recognize it on sight.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 03/03/12(Sat)23:00 No.18194841
         File: 1330833612.jpg-(150 KB, 700x586, krieg.jpg)
    150 KB
    Oh, and we should get our hands on a gas-mask for all of us in case of an emergency like this happens again. Also, we might want to get our hands on a machete or trench knife.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:00 No.18194846
    Kill counters go under the cockpit, not on the logo. We get enough and maybe I'll make a connect-the-dots Widow out of them.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:00 No.18194847
    The Martians are kinda cute. :3
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:00 No.18194850
    MC's dad helped make it
    >> Tarot !bWB/btsqX2 03/03/12(Sat)23:00 No.18194851

    nice! that looks much better now, enough ghostly stuff is enough though.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:00 No.18194852
         File: 1330833651.png-(195 KB, 494x309, 1271652126164.png)
    195 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:01 No.18194863
         File: 1330833672.png-(24 KB, 140x140, Fuklaw.png)
    24 KB
    Choose your next words with EXTREME care
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:01 No.18194864
    From last thread.

    What's the status on the Warlock? Does it even exist in this world?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:01 No.18194865
    they read in the papers about how aliens from the past came and stole it. thats a pretty notable event, no?
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/03/12(Sat)23:01 No.18194868
         File: 1330833700.jpg-(30 KB, 640x480, welcome_to_earth.jpg)
    30 KB
    Martian and Man stare at each other for a long, awkward second.

    The Martian reaches out with one dainty tentacle, and gently swings the door shut again.

    Sean turns and looks at you and Ian over his shoulder. He blinks.

    He shakes his head. "This way!" He fairly flies up a ladder next to the door, and swings onto a narrow walkway about ten feet up the aftercastle, where there's another door. He opens this one and vanishes inside. You and Ian follow, hauling ass before the Martians behind you get lucky with their smoke-obscured marksmanship.

    The interior of the Fitzgerald is all narrow corridors and high doorsills. Your crew clambers through the twisted, narrow hallways of the ship. Sean rounds a corner and runs right into a Martian, bouncing off its rubbery hide.

    The Martian's bulbous eyes lock onto Sean. It's wearing the webby green combat-armor favored by the Martian infantry, and all sorts of horrible and wicked weapons dangle from its "vest." It rises as high as it can in the narrow corridor, a horrible psionic sibilance slithering into your minds, a vile, invasive battle-cry.

    "FUCK YOU!" Sean screams, and slams his fist into the Martian's face - the fist enclosed by the basket-hilt of his sword. The Highlanders made 'em sturdy, because the Martian flies backwards like a paper lantern swatted by a baseball bat, crumpling limply to the deck.

    "I take it back," Sean says to you. He grins, and by the dim flickering lamps of the ship's emergency lights, his haggard grin is fearsome to behold. "Thanks for flying us closer. I really, really, REALLY wanted to hit them with my sword."
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:01 No.18194872
    Gas mask doesn't do shit for the black smoke
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:02 No.18194874
    Bullshit Anime Thing. Basically magic marriage.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:02 No.18194875
    We need to add the dreadnaught and the EF someplace.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:02 No.18194880
         File: 1330833746.jpg-(48 KB, 600x674, 1329019086867.jpg)
    48 KB
    Well played, Planefag.
    Well played.
    >> Starshadow 03/03/12(Sat)23:02 No.18194884
    Is that from the alternate timeline doc? If so cool. I haven't read that yet, I'm going to wait for the complete version.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:02 No.18194889
         File: 1330833773.jpg-(195 KB, 640x931, 1323294042759.jpg)
    195 KB
    The Martian didn't even want to fight. ;_;

    Ah, screw it. BULLET STORM
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:02 No.18194890
    You guy need to learn to control your mouths.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:03 No.18194895
    >The Martian reaches out with one dainty tentacle, and gently swings the door shut again.

    I love this mental image
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 03/03/12(Sat)23:03 No.18194904
    >hit them with my sword
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:03 No.18194905
    >not welcome_to_earf.jpg
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:03 No.18194907
         File: 1330833832.jpg-(2.82 MB, 5000x3042, 1329623710128.jpg)
    2.82 MB
    We need to get Yoshika to change her puppy emblem to the panties-on-head witch thing in this.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:04 No.18194911
    I die a /c/itizen, I die maintaining that the Martians are cute, and with my dying breath I curse the least cute Witch.

    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:04 No.18194912
    but my epenis is bigger!
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:04 No.18194913
         File: 1330833844.jpg-(79 KB, 734x404, 1328153630439.jpg)
    79 KB

    >Everything in this post
    >It be GLORIOUS

    Love you PF
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:04 No.18194915
    Definitely better, but I still dunno. Side view maybe? With a ghost tail?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:04 No.18194917
         File: 1330833852.jpg-(34 KB, 640x454, 132136506767-oh-u.jpg)
    34 KB
    I really, really, REALLY wanted to hit them with my sword.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:04 No.18194919
    I think it's just pf being a bit silly.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 03/03/12(Sat)23:04 No.18194922
    Fuck. We should still get our hands on a trench-knife
    >"Thanks for flying us closer. I really, really, REALLY wanted to hit them with my sword."
    I see what you did there. Snark back at the bastard.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:04 No.18194924
         File: 1330833868.png-(223 KB, 590x335, dream team.png)
    223 KB
    >The Martian reaches out with one dainty tentacle, and gently swings the door shut again.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:04 No.18194926
    >The Martian reaches out with one dainty tentacle, and gently swings the door shut again.
    Well, huh. If this martian bro survives, I vote we buy him... er, her... well, IT a beer.
    >> Major Airlift 03/03/12(Sat)23:05 No.18194935
         File: 1330833903.png-(560 KB, 750x600, drive me closer_ i want to hit(...).png)
    560 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:05 No.18194936
         File: 1330833907.jpg-(116 KB, 1200x750, 1329623150831.jpg)
    116 KB
    Trude version because I'm equal opportunity, also DAT BULGE
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:05 No.18194944
    We need a cutlass, like >>18194758 said.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:05 No.18194948
         File: 1330833945.jpg-(8 KB, 327x151, Execution.jpg)
    8 KB
    >> Starshadow 03/03/12(Sat)23:05 No.18194950
    >"Thanks for flying us closer. I really, really, REALLY wanted to hit them with my sword."
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:06 No.18194955
    i know right theres so many fucking kids around and we dont want the little bastards to pick up any fucking shit... i mean god damn shitfuckbadgercunts
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:06 No.18194956
    Now I want him to put Minna on our plane just screw with you.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:06 No.18194961
    Martian defector?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:06 No.18194964
    nice balls, witch-chan~
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:06 No.18194967
         File: 1330834000.jpg-(1.69 MB, 3500x2188, 1276182479617.jpg)
    1.69 MB
    alt uiforms!
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:06 No.18194968

    Did that martian just NOPE?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:06 No.18194970
    squadron mascot?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:07 No.18194979
    But they would have read that in the future, so they can't have read it now.

    Unless the aliums had filled the Edmund Fitzgerald with newspapers about its theft before jumping back.

    ...this was the work of the dreaded Martian raider Khar'mn Sn'dyeygo, wasn't it.
    >> Major Airlift 03/03/12(Sat)23:07 No.18194980
         File: 1330834038.png-(133 KB, 296x333, 1320542058546.png)
    133 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:07 No.18194981
         File: 1330834038.jpg-(56 KB, 405x412, smiling loli.jpg)
    56 KB
    >The Martian reaches out with one dainty tentacle, and gently swings the door shut again.

    >Martians face when
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:07 No.18194982
         File: 1330834038.jpg-(137 KB, 1000x600, Fly Me Closer.jpg)
    137 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:07 No.18194986
    Loot the Martian

    Apparently the proper name for them is Reprca, and they are sinners.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:07 No.18194988
    wasn't part of original dickwaving, was just poking fun at the interwebtubes tuff guys. 'sides, i don't think MC deserves Minna
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:07 No.18194995
    He just wants to go home. Back to his sweet old Ma and Pa farming Space Potatoes on Mars. He didn't want to be drafted and sent to Space Vietnam.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:08 No.18195001
    The shadow of the shadow Yoshika thing has only one ear.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:08 No.18195003
    You would too if you opened your door and saw FUCKING SEAN bearing down.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:08 No.18195005
    This is why I hate trudefags. Absolutely no class.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:08 No.18195007
    More like that one mook in every action film who realizes that he's boned, and just can't be bothered to give a fuck anymore.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:08 No.18195009
    >Hey dude, I'm doing a number 2 right here. Wait for your time
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:08 No.18195011
    he did indeed

    >Going about my duties
    >Action Stations
    >Battle, we get hid badly
    >head up to deck for damage control
    >door opens
    >human standing there with a huge FUCK OFF metal stick
    >We look at each other for a bit
    >close door, hide in corner
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:09 No.18195015
    I know, Planefag's such a crass wanker.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:09 No.18195021
    but the past that the fitzgerald was stolen in is still the future, assuming this is on the ww2 timeline.

    Hell, i'm pretty sure the fitzgerald wasn't even commisioned until the 1950's or 60's.
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 03/03/12(Sat)23:09 No.18195024
         File: 1330834179.jpg-(46 KB, 399x397, nani.jpg)
    46 KB
    >The Martian reaches out with one dainty tentacle, and gently swings the door shut again.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 03/03/12(Sat)23:10 No.18195034
    I thought Planefag was shipping Mina?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:10 No.18195036
    Alium face when
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:10 No.18195037
    See >>18194979
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:10 No.18195043
         File: 1330834243.jpg-(138 KB, 600x409, 12405324_m.jpg)
    138 KB

    >least cute
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:10 No.18195044
    Ask >>18195005
    he's the one who quoted him.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:11 No.18195052
         File: 1330834273.jpg-(71 KB, 1024x576, Yoshika gets raped.jpg)
    71 KB
    Yoshika lets everyone into her pants.

    What a slut.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/03/12(Sat)23:11 No.18195053
    This is what we are missing. The other side of this war. I kinda hope brolien survives, if just so that he can NOPE.jpg again.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:11 No.18195054
    hey man thats not cool planefag cant help it
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:11 No.18195058
    Needs some spaghetti.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:11 No.18195060
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:12 No.18195063
    He was, but then last thread someone posted this >>18192144 and he changed his mind.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:12 No.18195064
    Incorrect. Everyone lets Yoshika into THEIR pants.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:12 No.18195065
    they are made out of spaghetti though
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:12 No.18195066
    I have no idea how that quote got in there. Please disregard it.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:12 No.18195069
    I'm half expecting him to burst out of the door in, say, three posts or so, heavy ordnance in his tentacles and screaming in some thick accent.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:12 No.18195074
         File: 1330834367.gif-(21 KB, 540x490, antiminhammer.gif)
    21 KB

    nope. just us.

    and yeah, this shit is basically a lost cause but goddamnit. even the widow? what happened to having class in victory?

    chew on the miserable wretchs tongue if you gotta but leave the plane alone.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:12 No.18195075
    She lets them into her pants so that she can steal her pants.

    Equivalent Exchange, witch.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:13 No.18195083
    That's our little sister and pilot in training, jackass.

    She gets into everythings pants, not the other way around.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:13 No.18195085
    >impliying he wasn't trolling
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:13 No.18195086
    >screaming in some thick accent

    Russian, most likely.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:13 No.18195088
    You just keep thinking that...
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:13 No.18195090
         File: 1330834427.png-(126 KB, 426x426, This pleases Kuroki.png)
    126 KB

    Spaghetti, eh?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:13 No.18195093
    Have faith, brother! We will never surrender!
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:14 No.18195099
    Fucking Marstongue.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:14 No.18195101
         File: 1330834476.jpg-(220 KB, 1200x800, 12750463235439.jpg)
    220 KB

    sure is.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:14 No.18195102
    What about Christel?

    >rc: hnourt Untertau.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:15 No.18195113

    I like to think we just ran into a hungover martian.

    >Totally stole a ship from the future, time to get blackout drunk.
    >Wake up to huge explosion. What the fuck?
    >Fuck, why are they shooting things?
    >Augh my fucking head.
    >Wait, is that a human?
    >Fuckit, I'm going back to sleep.

    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:15 No.18195117
    GTFO, Minnafags
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:16 No.18195130
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:16 No.18195133
         File: 1330834591.gif-(1.9 MB, 450x301, 1327032624026.gif)
    1.9 MB
    How we're walking away from this
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:17 No.18195143
    Shit like this is killing these threads for me.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:17 No.18195145
    Really quick, does anyone have screencaps of the thread yesterday?
    Namely the 'motherfucking chesterfields' and the posts before it.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:17 No.18195149
    We used to be able to talk about this in a polite manner. What happened?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:18 No.18195154
    This. The waifu shit is really getting out of hand.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:18 No.18195158
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:18 No.18195163
    go to the suptg archive
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:18 No.18195166
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:19 No.18195171
    We've never been able to do that.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:19 No.18195172
    A pair of new trudefags showed up from /a/ pissed that their waifu wasn't picked.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/03/12(Sat)23:19 No.18195173
    Just look at the archived thread.
    Yeah...leave it for the discussion thread if you must argue over it. Or a wat do that it is relevant for.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:19 No.18195179
    Sup/tg/ has archives, I just got finished catching up.

    Sure is waifu in here. What happened to giving no fucks and the art of the B-B-B-BOUNCE? If we don't achieve harem-ending (widow included) then we are doing something wrong.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:19 No.18195180
    We were cool for the first few threads, but you may be right.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:20 No.18195185
         File: 1330834810.jpg-(1.61 MB, 3500x2188, 1276182737144.jpg)
    1.61 MB

    im prepared to. took a couple posts to a couple hundred posts over this and thy just couldn't be dissuaded. and it was ruining everything. id rather have a quest with a crap heroine then a shitpile of raging.

    but the /plane/? its to damn much.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:20 No.18195187
    I hope this martian becomes a recurring character.

    >Raid alien base
    >kick door open, martian sitting on the can
    >Awkward silennce
    >martian closes door

    >Aliens raiding our base
    >alium bursts through door
    >sees us
    >awkward silence
    >steps back out, quietly closes door
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:20 No.18195188
    You're all fags. Now, could you be fags in the privacy of your own heads so the rest of us can enjoy the airplanes?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:20 No.18195189
         File: 1330834825.jpg-(501 KB, 700x990, m &t.jpg)
    501 KB
    ladies ladies dont get your panties in a bunch we can have them both

    >brother isovermen
    no captch its never over
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:20 No.18195195
    >and then MC marries his childhood sweetheart back home

    The end
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:20 No.18195200
    I successfully ignored this quest right up until you brought that boat into this.

    I never fucking thought I'd see the day the Fitzgerald made an appearance on /tg/. If someone beat me to posting this, apologies, but it's obligatory.

    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:21 No.18195209
    Actually, I'm pretty sure his OTP is planefag/our delicious tears.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:21 No.18195211
    Come to think of it, we did have a recently-ex-girlfriend back at Eastchurch.

    Honestly, the idea of encountering a non-magic female is quite appealing.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:21 No.18195212
    Started off as cool guys and waifu fights.

    The waifu fights drove the cool guys away, so now we're left with this.

    It happens.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:22 No.18195218
    Who is Martianbro.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:22 No.18195220
         File: 1330834935.png-(291 KB, 451x257, wdwhb2.png)
    291 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:22 No.18195221
         File: 1330834948.gif-(489 KB, 320x180, af85f4ddc0db1bd3b4262385f7770f(...).gif)
    489 KB
    There's a fair bit of Minna/Trude art.

    Not as much as Sakabroto/Minna, though, but then again you have this.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:22 No.18195223

    I don't have a reaction image but just so you know that's sad.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:23 No.18195230
    God yes. After all the crap he's been through with these fucking witches, do you really think MC's gonna want anything to do with them after the war?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:23 No.18195231
    Recurring /k/ommando here, I only post after the >WAT DOs and try to ignore the rest of the shit.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:23 No.18195233
    Holy shit. How did that happen?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:23 No.18195235
    how come every night the first thread is great but the second thread is a warzone?

    this patten is getting consistent.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:23 No.18195240
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:23 No.18195241
    >watch, his childhood sweetheart is minna, because he was adopted froma German Orphange in between wars.
    >how's that for a plot twist? is it worthy of M. Knight shamalan?
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/03/12(Sat)23:23 No.18195242
         File: 1330835025.png-(556 KB, 863x752, 1276388025649.png)
    556 KB
    You and your comrades manage to cannonball through the Fitzgerald's interior without further incident, and presently emerge on a rear observation deck of sorts.

    "Fuck," Ian says, looking at the thick windows enclosing what appears to be a small crew lounge of some sort. "Those are meant to hold out huge waves on the Great Lakes. We're not-"

    You point your Thompson and hose the windows with an entire magazine. Then you try to pick up a chair to smash them out. It's bolted to the floor.

    "You have to use some subtlety," Sean informs you, and smashes out a section of shot-up sea glass with his blade. He cleans out the edges of the frame with his blade, and makes a polite "you first" gesture.

    "I don't know..." you say hesitantly.

    Sean raises an eyebrow.

    "I mean we're in the heart of the enemy stronghold!" you say. "I kind of expected..."

    "Oh, do tell," Sean says, stroking his chin dramatically. "What DID you expect to find in a flying ore freighter infested with homicidal green tentacle monsters from the Planet Mars?"

    "Uh... Chris Barkhorn?" you muse. "Like, in a telekenetic dome or something, or wired into the ship and flying it, or YEARGH!" Sean seizes you by the front of your jacket and slings you bodily out of the ship.

    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:23 No.18195247
    It looks like Sakamoto's trying to chew Minna's lips off.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:24 No.18195248
    More like "Never talk to anyone"guys and "It's called Strike Witches Quest so there should be Strike Witches" guys.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:24 No.18195249
    cool guys are currently waiting for more chances to do something cool. waifu fights are a way to pass the time in between opportunities for AWESOME.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:24 No.18195251

    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:24 No.18195254
    Sakamoto got dumped in an huge ancient urn full of wine. That was a weird episode. Perrine was a pirate and Sakamoto reenacted a one man version of the Hangover.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:25 No.18195265
    Sean, I love you so.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:25 No.18195268
    Thank god for Sean
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:25 No.18195269
    >Tosses us out

    Start screaming, activate 'chute, pray
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/03/12(Sat)23:25 No.18195270
    And now we leap. FOR GLORY.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:25 No.18195272
    Oh, Sean.

    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:25 No.18195273

    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:25 No.18195275
    This should end well
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:25 No.18195276
    "Cool guys" are really Minna haters. They view her as a threat to their NGAF attitude.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/03/12(Sat)23:26 No.18195283
    She'll be fine. Trust in your comrades if you want them to trust in you.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:26 No.18195284
    Right. Cool guys and waifufaggots.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:26 No.18195286
    BLOW THE WHISTLE WHILE WE FALL. Everytime we blow it, something happens
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:26 No.18195292
    She can punch shit dead even better than Sean, she'll be fine.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:26 No.18195293
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:27 No.18195305
         File: 1330835259.jpg-(70 KB, 875x350, 2008-03-20-Disapproval.jpg)
    70 KB
    >Loudly alert the aliens to exactly where we are
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:27 No.18195306
    Aww, no plane hijacking, or Chris Saving? Oh well.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:27 No.18195309
    I prefer FOREVERALONE guys and waifufaggots.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:27 No.18195310
    Start singing this:
    >> Will 03/03/12(Sat)23:27 No.18195314
    And now we begin landing procedures on the USS Softness.

    Let's just hope it's Kathy who catches us, I don't want to think of what would happen if it was Trude or Minna.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:28 No.18195315
    here's hoping we're the descendant of othar tryggvassen, gentleman adventurer
    >> Tarot !bWB/btsqX2 03/03/12(Sat)23:28 No.18195317

    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:28 No.18195318
    There will be snap rolls for this Sean, all the fucking snap rolls!
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:28 No.18195323
    >out of the ship
    I'm a bit confused about the layout of our surroundings right now. Are we leaping out the back? We still can't safely jump.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:29 No.18195338

    Too bad. Sean just threw us off the ass end of the ship.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:30 No.18195346
    >We still can't safely jump.

    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:30 No.18195347
    We don't even know where chris is. Assuming he is even here.

    >which ripmage
    I don't know captcha, which ripmage are we after? And can they help us here?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:30 No.18195353

    I'm just waiting for the Bismarck to make an appearance.

    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:30 No.18195356

    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:30 No.18195358

    Holy shit, Sakabroto is that fucking nuts.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/03/12(Sat)23:31 No.18195361
         File: 1330835461.jpg-(78 KB, 455x500, 1316466762773.jpg)
    78 KB

    You yank your ripcord the second you feel air whistling around your freefalling ass. You're only a few hundred feet up, which is barely enough room for a safe parachute jump from a slow-moving vehicle. The 'chute billows and flaps and WHUMPHS into a successful opening. You look up into the taught canopy with satisfaction, and heave a sigh of relief.

    Then you slam into the goddamn ground.

    You lie there, stunned, as your 'chute gently flutters down atop you. A minute later, you hear somebody swear right before they WHUMP into the ground themselves.

    Getting your wits about you, you wisely thrash and wrestle your way out of the fucking parachute. In the distance you see the Edmund Fitzgerald slam to earth, the massive steel bow crumpling as it digs into the earth in a long, shuddering, skidding impact. The entire stern of the vessel seems to be on fire, and somewhere around where the shafts used to be, the steel is slagging, glowing white-hot with heat.

    And then the Martians begin to emerge.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/03/12(Sat)23:31 No.18195368
    Time to engage then.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:31 No.18195369
    In the show, she can't hold her liquor for shit. She got a jug of wine dropped on her, and she instantly drunked the fuck up.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:31 No.18195373

    Kill em

    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 03/03/12(Sat)23:32 No.18195377
    1) Why did the FAEBs not kill everyone inside?
    2) Why did Chuck never hit the freighter?
    3) Did nobody see us land?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:32 No.18195382
         File: 1330835538.jpg-(13 KB, 353x337, don't worry, I'm raping yo(...).jpg)
    13 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:32 No.18195384
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:32 No.18195385
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:32 No.18195390
         File: 1330835567.jpg-(186 KB, 800x800, uh what.jpg)
    186 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:33 No.18195395
    "You mad?"
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:33 No.18195403
    Regroup and take cover. WHERE THE FUCK IS CHUCK?!
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:33 No.18195406
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:33 No.18195408
    "Minna! A little help here?!"
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:33 No.18195413
    Start shooting, I gues.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:33 No.18195417
         File: 1330835619.jpg-(182 KB, 480x446, 1330668808669.jpg)
    182 KB
    We paratrooper now
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:33 No.18195419

    No really, shoot while backing off, we do NOT want to dive into the middle of that if we can help it. Not unless backup arrives or a vehicle of mass destruction falls into our lap.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:33 No.18195420
    she, is short for Christiane Barkhor, trudes sis (and Gerd's waifu IRL)
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/03/12(Sat)23:34 No.18195428
    >inb4 SAS reinforcements
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:34 No.18195429
    Take cover, open fire, hope someone has some bombs left.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:34 No.18195431
         File: 1330835655.gif-(415 KB, 480x384, pop pop pop watching motherfuc(...).gif)
    415 KB
    Get our comrades to start strafing the ground.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:34 No.18195433
    >A minute later, you hear somebody swear right before they WHUMP into the ground themselves.
    Only... only one other WHUMP?

    But we have two crew!
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:34 No.18195434
    Give us a fucking break, this is groundpounder territory now.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:34 No.18195435
    There was blood upon the risers, there were brains upon the chute,
    Intestines were a'dangling from his Paratrooper suit,
    He was a mess, they picked him up and poured him from his boots,
    And he ain't gonna jump no more

    Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
    Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
    Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
    And he ain't gonna jump no more!
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:34 No.18195438
    Then do we attach the chainsaw to our Chicago Typewriter and turn this into a manly grunting simulator on the Xbox?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:34 No.18195439
    [x] make like a tree and leave
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:34 No.18195442
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:34 No.18195443
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:35 No.18195446
    Check our gun, find cover, begin firing on the Martians until both Ian and Sean are up.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:35 No.18195447
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:35 No.18195449
    Cue the patton girls?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:35 No.18195453
    Posted it in the last thread, we need it in both.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:35 No.18195454
    Ian probably jumped out last because he's a pansy. He'll be falling on Seans head any minute now.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:35 No.18195457
         File: 1330835739.jpg-(112 KB, 1280x720, 131528001277.jpg)
    112 KB
    2nd Armoured! Where are you?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:36 No.18195462
    At least it's appropriately showy
    >> Starshadow 03/03/12(Sat)23:36 No.18195463
    Do we still have the SMG? If not, locate bros and bug the fuck out of here. Wounded pilots make mediocre paratroopers.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:36 No.18195466
    "Ian ... don't miss."
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:36 No.18195475
    This guy beat you to it, >>18195428
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:37 No.18195478
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:37 No.18195481
    Or he didn't jump...
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:37 No.18195485
         File: 1330835860.jpg-(1.03 MB, 1133x1600, b877cfe8fce8b90965da191c280a12(...).jpg)
    1.03 MB
    Inb4 tanks and ground witches
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:37 No.18195487
    And suddenly it all makes sense. This is why Planefag had us choose someone for ground.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:37 No.18195488
    climb a tree and hide.

    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:38 No.18195491
         File: 1330835889.png-(1.34 MB, 600x900, 1324331245977.png)
    1.34 MB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:38 No.18195495
    FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! now I have to dig the DVD's out of storage
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:38 No.18195496
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:39 No.18195505
         File: 1330835952.png-(963 KB, 1689x2400, 041 [5351B172].png)
    963 KB

    Goddess of Victory, where art thee?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:39 No.18195508
    >implying that we are not going to be supported by Stirling & Stirling
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:39 No.18195514
         File: 1330835980.jpg-(84 KB, 400x300, 1328149405616.jpg)
    84 KB
    MFW I just started watching this series in full again yesterday
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 03/03/12(Sat)23:39 No.18195517
         File: 1330835996.jpg-(96 KB, 541x800, I'm trying my best but my gun (...).jpg)
    96 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:40 No.18195519
         File: 1330836004.jpg-(283 KB, 800x1089, 1324330959769.jpg)
    283 KB
    Okay, that poster didn't go where I thought it did. Here, have a better one.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:40 No.18195524
    > filename
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:40 No.18195525
    everyone saw us crash into the glowing-white freighter. theyve probably assumed we're dead. I doubt they watching for chutes at 200 feet.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:40 No.18195528
    why does she have treads if she can't use them?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:40 No.18195533
    Time to shit talk like a groundpounder

    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:40 No.18195535
    Patton Girls won the vote if I remember right.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:41 No.18195542
    planefag asked for a ground unit from us before we left for this mission he had it all planned out
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:41 No.18195545
    JESUS, Conrad, tie your FUCKIN' laces!
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:41 No.18195547
    I'm more curious how her legs even fit in there. The treads look like they recede in too far.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:41 No.18195548
    she goes on her knees

    like for a lot of other things she does

    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:41 No.18195549
    planefag never stated which wom and it was damn close.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:42 No.18195550
    OH GOD
    >We're FUCKED crew, Command is DRUNK AGAIN!"
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:42 No.18195552

    It's been said before.

    Why not both?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:42 No.18195555
    how do you fix a bayonet to a tank gun?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:42 No.18195558
    ...Is she missing her lower legs? Because it doesn't look like anything but machine is down there.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:43 No.18195566

    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/03/12(Sat)23:43 No.18195569
    Because then there would be none of the tears that planefag requires for sustenance?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:43 No.18195573
    >Fix Bayonets
    >not Fix Swords
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:43 No.18195574
    same way that air strikers work
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/03/12(Sat)23:44 No.18195578
         File: 1330836243.jpg-(317 KB, 1650x1760, stalin hitler.jpg)
    317 KB

    You stand and watch numbly as the distant freighter's hull seems to fall apart. Huge sections of her sides open into well-concealed hatches carved into the hull herself, and from the interior come war machines of all shapes and sizes come pouring out. Infantry swarm like gnats around the Martian tanks, most of them the sturdy walkers with six stumpy legs, and the occasional limber, tall Tripod.

    "You know what?" you say. "This is bullshit."

    "How so?" Ian asks. You look up to find him sitting on the roof of a barn.

    Of course. That smooth asshole never has an awkward moment, does he?

    "Dude. We kicked their asses!" you exclaim. "We planted fuel-air bombs inside the hold, took half their reinforcements on those rocket-ship things and rammed 'em right up their ass, scattered half their paradrop all over the countryside, CRASH-LANDED on their - well, our - ship, and then just jumped off it like we didn't give a shit!" You turn and point at the Fitzgerald disgorging troops. "And they're still unloading! God dammit! God dammit, man!"

    Sean sighs as he disentangles himself from a hedge and his own parachute. "What did you expect? You thought you were going to take down a Laker all by yourself and win the day? Even we have limits."

    You just watch the Fitzgerald unload an entire army of Martians only a few hundred yards away from your position. Despite everything, you've failed.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:44 No.18195579
    very firmly
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:44 No.18195582
    I think her legs are just behind the treads, covered up from the front.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:44 No.18195584
    Patton girls won.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:44 No.18195589
    Going by series canon, the girls legs are displaced to a different dimension, which is why near skin contact is required for them to work.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/03/12(Sat)23:44 No.18195592
    Wait for it...
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:44 No.18195593
    Tankers tend to be only moderately capable in melee, they are definitely no infantry.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:45 No.18195599
    Gunner, aim at zat camera in the sky
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/03/12(Sat)23:45 No.18195603
         File: 1330836323.jpg-(76 KB, 800x674, 1326592116995 (1).jpg)
    76 KB

    Poor Matilda-San~
    >> Arcbound 03/03/12(Sat)23:45 No.18195607
    >you've failed

    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:45 No.18195610
    Lets head home. There's nothing more to do here.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:46 No.18195616
    Nope. We didn't die for nothing. Oh wait, we didn't die.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:46 No.18195617
    Better than unloading in london in a cloud of deadly black smoke. Seriously MC is sounding like a whiny bitch right now.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:46 No.18195621
    Don't be too hard on yourself MC, we still managed to kill a fuckton of them and keep the ship from reaching its target.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:46 No.18195622
    Shut it Seanya, we weren't the only ones shooting at it.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:46 No.18195625
    You keep telling yourself that, until planefag reveals the winner, we will not know.

    And for the record, SAS beat patton girls anyday.
    BRITISH BALLS OF STEEL versus loli battle weapon? No contest.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:47 No.18195628
         File: 1330836420.jpg-(166 KB, 800x1024, 1330047884447.jpg)
    166 KB
    Where my armor support at?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:47 No.18195629
    now would be a good time for Chuck to drop that 2,000lbs of HE that he is apparently still carrying.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:47 No.18195631
    Did Chuck use his bombs already? We heard something hit the ship before we went inside, but it could have been a missile.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:47 No.18195632
         File: 1330836430.png-(13 KB, 438x499, 1324474529762.png)
    13 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:47 No.18195633
    We still have a gun and there are still aliums over there.

    Let's get shooty while we wait for our Deus ex Machina to show up.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:47 No.18195634
    ...this was our Kobayashi Maru?
    >> Starshadow 03/03/12(Sat)23:47 No.18195638
    Doesn't Chuck still have his bombs? I smell a bounce.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:47 No.18195640

    we dropped the situation from war endingly bad to very bad.
    pretty damn good days worn in my opinion.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:48 No.18195645
    We're missing the big picture.
    Do we have the guncam footage of our bounce of the dreadnought still?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:48 No.18195650
    yes, it's in our pocket
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:48 No.18195653
    That's either back home or in our jacket. Either way, it's mostly unharmed. Probably.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:49 No.18195655
    In our jacket pocket
    back at the pub
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:50 No.18195661

    we handed it off at the pub
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:50 No.18195663
    A man only fails if he gives up or he dies.
    we aint dead
    and we aint done
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:50 No.18195671
    So out of curiosity, what happens if a whole bunch of Witches make really strong shields beneath themselves and then drop to the ground? Specifically, what happens if they do this while there's a shit-ton of aliums underneath them?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:51 No.18195674
    It's simple. They bounce the aliums.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:51 No.18195677
         File: 1330836705.jpg-(489 KB, 1049x1032, 1330633493502.jpg)
    489 KB
    >Despite everything, you've failed.
    that sounds like something someone who is not a fucking pilot would
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:51 No.18195678
    Ever drop a 20 lb free weight on an ant bed as a kid?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:52 No.18195681
    they bounce, in the silly trampoline sense of the verb.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:52 No.18195686
    We're Missing the big picture.

    Our Black Widow is back home waiting for us and we're going to have to apologize for not being entirely faithful.

    And to think, we were almost seduced by a single engine plane.
    A navy plane.

    Gentlemen, we must do our best to repent for our sins towards our waifu.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:52 No.18195688
    ngl i'd be gay for papulu
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:52 No.18195690
    My god. Why havent we thought of this before?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:53 No.18195693
    This man is right
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:54 No.18195702
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:54 No.18195705
    Because they can't make a shield strong enough to survive the fall that covers a large enough area to actually be worth doing. It's much easier for them to just strafe the fuckers.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:55 No.18195708
    Actually he pretty much had to force us to NOT constantly only use the Widow
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:55 No.18195714
    Yeah. Erica said it, directly using magic to kill things is inefficient as all fuck.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:55 No.18195716
    shut up!! those twin booms go all the way and you know you love it!!
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:56 No.18195718
    Wait, we're near a barn?
    Find the house.
    They might have a phone.
    ...Do we know the number to the base?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:56 No.18195720
    They don't way much, and spread over a large area they don't weigh anything. It could be a good way to supress their fire or something though.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:56 No.18195721
    SAS would make an interesting change from witches, and it would let us see some normals being badass rather than witches being all sparkely.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/03/12(Sat)23:56 No.18195723
         File: 1330836987.jpg-(5 KB, 210x95, 1277951717582.jpg)
    5 KB

    You look at the sky.

    "Despite everything," you state dramatically. "WE HAVE FAILED."

    Nothing happens.

    "... who will save us now?" Ian tries.

    All that happens is the crunch of hedges as some Martian tanks turn towards your position and start lumbering towards you.

    "Well, it was good knowing you gentlemen?" you try.

    Nothing at fucking all.

    "Minna, your sense of dramatic timing sucks rancid buttermilk scum," you say bitterly, ramming a fresh magazine into your Thompson. "And you too, Trude. Fuck you."

    "So what now?" Sean asks

    "We die, I guess," you say conversationally. "But between you and me, were I to live, I'd go for Erica."

    "You'd - what?" Sean marvels.

    "Yeah. Redheads; all drama, no play. Brunette had promise, but then accidentally all the aliums." You sigh and shake your head. "So that leaves blondes."

    "Perrine!" Ian interjects from his rooftop.

    "... well, fuck it," you decide, locking the bolt back on your Thompson. "COME AND GET SOME, YOU FUCKING ALIUMS!"

    "YEAH!" Ian says.

    "YEAH!" Sean says.

    "MRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRN!" says a twelve-cylinder, forty-liter engine as it rips through the air sixty feet over your head.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:56 No.18195724
    It was either take an un-pimped Widow or another type all together. Our true waifu simply couldn't be repaired in time; I'm sure she'll understand.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:57 No.18195729
    Also tell Civvies we run into to get the hell out of here, this place just became a warzone
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:57 No.18195733
    Oh god, we need to get some oil, something so we can give her a good buffing, some nice paint for our new kills. Oh god, I hope she won't mind!
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:57 No.18195735
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:57 No.18195736
    Oh, MC.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:57 No.18195737
    >But between you and me, were I to live, I'd go for Erica.
    Planefag you magnificent bastard.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:58 No.18195740
         File: 1330837081.jpg-(62 KB, 700x500, 1258911400448.jpg)
    62 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:58 No.18195742
         File: 1330837084.png-(34 KB, 199x200, 1329877984198.png)
    34 KB
    >> Will 03/03/12(Sat)23:58 No.18195743

    And here, at the end of all things...

    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:58 No.18195744
         File: 1330837089.png-(11 KB, 400x400, 1 (2).png)
    11 KB
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 03/03/12(Sat)23:58 No.18195746
    Oh lord, are you TRYING to waifu-bait?

    Yes, yes you are.

    I liek you.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:58 No.18195755
         File: 1330837124.jpg-(12 KB, 275x183, 1308794948527.jpg)
    12 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:58 No.18195761
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:59 No.18195764
    testicle crushing aside, YESSSSSS
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:59 No.18195766
    yeah, and even at full dive they cannot accelerate fast enough to exert any meaningful amount of force.

    hell, going from anime footage they barely react to gravity at all, shirley's jugs SHOULD reach her navel if they were bound by physics, and don't get me started on their foot-wide heads...
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:59 No.18195767
    YES. If we want our balls crushed, let it be done by Erica
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:59 No.18195768

    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:59 No.18195770
    >> Starshadow 03/03/12(Sat)23:59 No.18195771
         File: 1330837174.jpg-(48 KB, 662x439, Hawker_Typhoon_showing_salvo_o(...).jpg)
    48 KB
    >> Major Airlift 03/03/12(Sat)23:59 No.18195774
         File: 1330837182.gif-(379 KB, 500x550, 1328157745192.gif)
    379 KB

    You motherfucker...
    >> Anonymous 03/03/12(Sat)23:59 No.18195777
         File: 1330837188.jpg-(9 KB, 210x214, 1328147243141.jpg)
    9 KB



    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:00 No.18195778
         File: 1330837202.jpg-(113 KB, 1280x960, huehuehue.jpg)
    113 KB
    the very Platonic Form of Trolling
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:00 No.18195779
    No way. We shot down the plane. That's our kill. He can kill all the ground pounders. They don't count.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:00 No.18195783
    rolled 7 = 7

    Chuck, if you remembered the cluster bombs, we won't fuck your sister. For now.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:00 No.18195785
    >I'd go for Erica.

    Somehow, I just knew you'd do that eventually.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:00 No.18195786
    Does anyone have Maximum Overtroll.jpg? I seem to have lost mine.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:00 No.18195789

    the edmund fitzgerald still only counts as one.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:01 No.18195793
         File: 1330837277.gif-(391 KB, 160x120, mbishonyes.gif)
    391 KB
    Yes! YES!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:01 No.18195795
    We should totally start hitting on her when we get back, just to mess with everyone. Who knows, it might even rattle her for a change.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:02 No.18195804
    Maybe so, but it'll look awfully nice next to the Dreadnaught on the Widow.
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 03/04/12(Sun)00:02 No.18195805
         File: 1330837322.jpg-(62 KB, 327x294, witch on head retarded.jpg)
    62 KB
    how many desires can you fit in a b-52
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:02 No.18195810
         File: 1330837351.gif-(1.77 MB, 314x291, 1307473028901.gif)
    1.77 MB
    One better!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:02 No.18195813
    Dammit you guys. Erica is only 15, she's below the cutoff age.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:02 No.18195816
         File: 1330837379.jpg-(71 KB, 924x1019, 1327644866091.jpg)
    71 KB
    even planefag knows who the best witch is
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:03 No.18195822
         File: 1330837397.jpg-(819 KB, 1600x1304, 1329376852915.jpg)
    819 KB
    It'd be funny to see Minna's reaction.

    Or maybe not so funny
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:03 No.18195830
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:03 No.18195831
    Maybe we get a yandere base commander?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:03 No.18195832
         File: 1330837434.jpg-(342 KB, 744x1052, 1328845868992.jpg)
    342 KB
    >Minna and Trude

    Awww yeah
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:04 No.18195834
         File: 1330837442.jpg-(138 KB, 760x501, 1258916977957.jpg)
    138 KB
    This many.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:04 No.18195836

    grass on the field, play ball.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:04 No.18195842
    I think she's 16, and just for >>18195822 it'd be worth it. Besides, we have to troll Erica at some point, and this might be the best way to do it.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:04 No.18195844
    She could be 16
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:04 No.18195845
    Wow, yeah, not even close to what I meant. That's not trolling,t hat's just being an ass.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:04 No.18195852
    >implying we don't already have one
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:04 No.18195853
         File: 1330837494.jpg-(49 KB, 322x494, b-gata-h-kei-2155351.jpg)
    49 KB

    >She was only sixteen, only sixteen.But I loved her so
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:05 No.18195857
    Anyone else find it funny that MC is only considering the three German Witches?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:05 No.18195861
         File: 1330837525.jpg-(100 KB, 640x960, snail trail.jpg)
    100 KB
    Better make good on those words MC!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:05 No.18195862
    Well, they do have the best accents
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:05 No.18195866
    16 by the end of 44, and 15 in the summer of 43.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:05 No.18195867
    she is 16 which is legal in most parts of the world and was there even age laws in 1943?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:05 No.18195868
         File: 1330837550.jpg-(444 KB, 1280x720, 1279650151565.jpg)
    444 KB
    To the Fucking Aliums!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:05 No.18195872
    He's a glutton for punishment, I guess.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:06 No.18195875
    He takes our threadbanter into consideration for later writing. We were basically doing the same thing, so he's running with it.
    Dude does a surprisingly good job of working our collective thoughts into the game.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:06 No.18195877
    >two faction waifuwars shitting all the threads
    >areodromehomosexual trolls them by mentioning 3rd party
    >three faction war

    well whatever, kill aliens keep not giving a shit.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:06 No.18195886
    maybe he likes sweet German nothings being whispered in his ear during sex? i know i do....
    >> JA TO THE BO, BITCH planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/04/12(Sun)00:07 No.18195894
         File: 1330837620.jpg-(70 KB, 500x750, tigersrevenge_1.jpg)
    70 KB

    The B-Model Mustang screams overhead, and something hot and metallic bounces off your head and hits the ground. Smoking tracers plunge into the massed troops by the grounded freighter, sending Walkers and Martian infantry diving everywhere.

    And then Chuck uses his bombs.

    They drop off the rails cleanly, bellying into the earth. Still moving at four-hundred miles per hour, they bounce and skip off the farm fields, digging deep furrows in the earth as Chuck peels his Mustang away in a tight chandelle. One of the bombs strikes a stone wall and flips into the air, tailfins-over-nosecone, and it somersaults into the midst of the Martians. The other keeps skipping along the earth, finally tilting sideways and breaking up as it slams into the Fitzgerald's side with a collision so loud you can hear it clear from where you stand.

    The Martians have just enough time to stare at the eggs in their midst when the 500 pound bombs detonate.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:07 No.18195897
    Hail deutschland!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:07 No.18195898
         File: 1330837634.jpg-(122 KB, 672x960, 001.jpg)
    122 KB
    >MC wants his balls crushed
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:07 No.18195899
    My sides are moving on their own
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:07 No.18195900

    Most are either too young, too lesbian for each other. The legible ones are Sakamoto and maybe Shirley and those two are more bro materials.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:07 No.18195902
    I fully support this.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 03/04/12(Sun)00:07 No.18195904
    The others, except for Sakamotobro, are too young.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:07 No.18195905
    >And then Chuck uses his bombs.

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:08 No.18195913
         File: 1330837700.jpg-(27 KB, 526x352, doubledecadeawesome.jpg)
    27 KB
    rolled 32 = 32



    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:08 No.18195915
    He did show some interest in Shirley early on, but we haven't seen much of her since the whole gnome thing heated up.

    As far as screentime goes, Minna has the advantage of being the commander, and Trude has the whole subplot with her sister going on (as well as being sorta #2 or #3 in the chain of command), so it's not surprising that they tend to be around more.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:08 No.18195918
    Fucking finally. He's getting some slaps after this
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:09 No.18195927
    Have you ever heard germans having sex? I'll admit it's just a matter of phone sex with me - guy in the next cube over didn't know I spoke german and was talking with his wife - but it's like talking dirty to your cat. It's just so...so cutesy, even when you're saying such lewd things.

    > Aww, lookit the little schnookums. You're a good little cocksucker, yes you are! Such a cute little whore!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:09 No.18195935
    >And then Chuck uses his bombs.
    Fucking finally.

    And he'll expect to be congratulated back at base, too, won't the late bastard.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:09 No.18195936
    Shirley tried to rape us, and Sakamoto's been a bit hot/cold with us for a while.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:09 No.18195941
    >> Will 03/04/12(Sun)00:09 No.18195942
    A battle of THREE armies?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:09 No.18195943
    Suddenly, the ericafags mistake banter and trolling for genuine feelings.
    You guys are just setting yourselves for disappointment. The battle is between trude and minna, with minba currently coming out in front. If recent threads are to be belisved at least.
    Also, Erica is underaged. And don't try to argue that into somehow being acceptable.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:10 No.18195946
    i looked it up and in the 40's its legal if within 6 years of eachother and over 13 so now that thats settled...
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:10 No.18195949
    Now run before they figure out what happened.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:10 No.18195951
    Am I missing another thread?

    And clearly the course of action is to CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGE!

    We'll at least make some noise on their hull.
    >> Starshadow 03/04/12(Sun)00:11 No.18195965
         File: 1330837893.gif-(2.11 MB, 320x221, 1329438573757.gif)
    2.11 MB
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:11 No.18195967
    "Bout time you earned your keep"
    Followed by beers back at base
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:11 No.18195970
    Now that we've gotten over it, I favor USA USA USA USA USA!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:12 No.18195973
    Erica is not underaged. Also
    >yfw Sakabro goes on a trip with MC to bounce more witches
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:12 No.18195983
    I support continuing our war. Though a measured cleanup seams more to the point.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:12 No.18195988
    Not genuine feelings, just an opportunity for more trolling. See
    and also
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:13 No.18195994
    naw, t'was all fair game if the father Ok'd it and you married.but with hartman you're obliged to marry ursula too.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:13 No.18195996

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:13 No.18195997
    You mean Kathy? I'm down with that.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:13 No.18196002
    Honestly, I'd be okay with Kathy End.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:13 No.18196009
    Source please.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:13 No.18196010
    ...This is a bad thing?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:14 No.18196011
    There might be more Minnafags than Trudefags, but when you factor the pure antiMinnafags in, she's not ahead.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:15 No.18196025
    Yup. Even the Minnafags would support it so we can watch her get all jealous.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:15 No.18196034
    >Focusing on getting a Waifu for MC instead of getting Miyafuji with Lynette
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:15 No.18196036
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:15 No.18196037
    Of which, from what I can tell, there are maybe two or three.

    They're just very loud and very persistent.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:15 No.18196039
    We're classier than Mahou Shounen Quest, goddammit.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:16 No.18196044
    Fight? On the ground?

    Heck with that. We need evac.

    >> Starshadow 03/04/12(Sun)00:16 No.18196045
         File: 1330838173.jpg-(35 KB, 338x450, 1329360395705.jpg)
    35 KB
    planefag does not care from whom the bitchtears flow. Only that they do.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:16 No.18196049
    I meant with regards to how its being portrayed in planefags posts.
    Not with the number of waifufags that each girl has. Hell the waifuwars are the cancer of these threads and the source of planefags power.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:16 No.18196051
    i support this
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:17 No.18196057
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:17 No.18196060
    We should just play matchmaker for the whole squad and pair off Minna and Trude with other people so we don't have to deal with them.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:17 No.18196062
    This. Fuck this waifufaggotry here.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:17 No.18196069
    It's been better recently, maybe just cause we've been in the air a lot. It was pretty bad in earlier threads though.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:18 No.18196074
    Minna/Sakamabroto, Trude/Shirly?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:18 No.18196075

    Control the waifus, control the tears.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:18 No.18196077
    I think my favorite thing about it is how he simultaneously gives everyone exactly what they want and still trolling them sideways.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:18 No.18196080
    You can even sort of identity them. The ALL CAPS guy, the no caps guy, and the potty mouth.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:18 No.18196083
    Yes, tears for the tear god, bawww's for the bawww throne
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:18 No.18196085
         File: 1330838330.jpg-(71 KB, 916x395, 1328151419416.jpg)
    71 KB
    Clearly we have been forgetting what this quest is really about
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:19 No.18196087
    But then how will planefag replenish his unholy powers without the endless supply of bitch tears?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:19 No.18196088
    >are the cancer of these threads and the source of planefags power
    > planefags power

    clearly we must never cease to waifuwar least he runs out of juice.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:19 No.18196090
    >implying that couldn't be the same person
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:19 No.18196097
    You know, MC and crew are being charged by a large hoard of Aliums, in a situation that could mean the fall of Britian. Why are we preoccupied with waifufaggin right now?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:19 No.18196100
    By troling /cgl/
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:20 No.18196109
    Subverting the magical sparkle girl crap from the series and showing them up? Well we did just shoot down a fucking freighter.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:20 No.18196112
    Note: the no caps guy could also be the potty mouth.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:20 No.18196114
    Nothing better to do?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:20 No.18196117
    Welcome to SWQ.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:20 No.18196119
    True, we need to do that.

    Also this.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:20 No.18196122
    He didn't say >wat do and there's no real obvious course of action.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:20 No.18196123
    because he hasn't posted "wat do?" so we're not needed yet.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/04/12(Sun)00:21 No.18196126
    That is the eternal conundrum.
    We must locate an alternate power source for lord overtroll planefag.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:21 No.18196128
    On the same token, we need not encourage them either. The bitch tears will flow with no additional encouragement.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:21 No.18196129

    been trying to give up for 15 or so threads now. you just keep being far to retarded. the stalkerwatch. painting the plane. crawling into her damned bed??

    why? why do you have to be total asburgers about this? those would all be far to terrible to not object to even if there were no minna involved.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:21 No.18196131
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:21 No.18196133
         File: 1330838479.jpg-(22 KB, 242x261, 1330132347108.jpg)
    22 KB
    rolled 15 = 15

    In unrelated aviation news:

    Top Gun 2 features Maverick as a F-35 Test Pilot
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:21 No.18196134
    Why it is of course for our great benefactor planefags amusement, why else would we argue over waifus?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:22 No.18196148
    Well, you know how MC allocated parts of his personality to the various witches?

    It's like that. MC is actually a Democratic Socialist state.

    Currenlty, we are being zucchini
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:22 No.18196153
    >wat do
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:22 No.18196156
    Except to feed his hunger for bitchtears.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:22 No.18196159
    This is a joke, right? RIGHT?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:22 No.18196160
    Why do I feel like this may be some kind of snark against >>18194911?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:23 No.18196165
    Nope. Not particularly a waifufag. Just pointing out that Minna-hate has dwindled to a relative few people.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:23 No.18196166
    yeah, we all know the one true love of Mc is Ian, we're just playing along
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:23 No.18196174
    that fucking doujin
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:23 No.18196177
         File: 1330838627.png-(316 KB, 325x456, 1328149579233.png)
    316 KB

    You wish. I wish.

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:23 No.18196178
         File: 1330838634.jpg-(475 KB, 1280x2880, 1329071661037.jpg)
    475 KB
    >what this thread needs
    >or maybe not it's all funny shit to be honest
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/04/12(Sun)00:23 No.18196179
         File: 1330838634.jpg-(1.91 MB, 3466x2776, 1328383796960.jpg)
    1.91 MB

    The shockwave of the blast doesn't knock you on your ass, but it comes close. You wipe blood off your pilot's goggles to better watch the towering fireball climbing into the sky as bits and pieces of aliums begin to rain down about you. Dirt and rocks begin to rain down as well, prompting you to sprint inside of the barn. Ian comes swinging in through the haymow door, and Sean tromps in, his parachute neatly draped over one arm. Yours is still attached to your harness, and you just drag it with you as you haul ass inside the barn.

    "Chuck! Chuck, you beautiful bastard!" you cry. "Oh, that'll show the bastards! Welcome to London, bitches! Haha!"

    You slump onto a hay bale. "I am tired," you announce.

    "Well, today has been fascinating," Ian says. "Only one dark spot."

    "What's that?" you ask, looking up at him wearily.

    "You feeding me to Perrine like fucking dog kibble!" he shouts, throwing a handful of loose hay at you.

    You stare at him blankly as the hay sprinkles over you, and quite suddenly, you begin laughing. You lean against the wooden wall and laugh and laugh and laugh, and soon after, Ian joins you.

    "Hey," Sean says. "Shut up."

    You point at him, like the very sight of him is hilarious, and continue to guffaw along with Ian.

    "Please be quiet," Sean says intensely, and both you and Ian choke on surprise.

    "Did you just say... 'please'?" Ian asks with quiet wonder.

    Sean unlimbers his sword with a casual, wide motion, and hefts the blade once to secure his grip. He begins wandering around the floor of the old barn cautiously. There's a single sad-looking milk cow in a single stall to one side, bales of hay stacked around the place, and some broken-looking tackle... and not much else.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:24 No.18196181
    And pastah. ... And ROMANYAH!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:24 No.18196182
    Planefag never read your post. Don't try and delude yourself.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:24 No.18196184
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:24 No.18196185
    Would you hand over your true love to the Hound of Gaul?

    Didn't think so.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:24 No.18196188
         File: 1330838668.jpg-(216 KB, 1600x1200, 1328680650584.jpg)
    216 KB
    I don't even care who we end up with if any, but I'm going to paint Minna on the plane because you've proven yourself thoroughly and irredeemably unlikable in every thread.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:24 No.18196190

    be careful. britian will chemically castrate us for that.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:25 No.18196197
    >painting the plane

    I just had the best idea ever.

    What if we paint Ian onto Perrine's Striker Unit? And Sean onto Sakamoto's? And maybe Lynette onto Yoshika's, to get her thoughts moving in the right direction?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:25 No.18196202
    Something feels off.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 03/04/12(Sun)00:25 No.18196205
    We must Sam Fisher this bitch.

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:25 No.18196209
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:25 No.18196214

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:25 No.18196217
    Okay, check our gun. If Sean thinks it's important enough to say "please", then it's fucking important.
    There's probably some Martians around here. Maybe that one that we saw bail out its Prick.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:26 No.18196220
    In the coming days, that cow will be essential in defending Britain.

    So we must kill the cow.
    >> Starshadow 03/04/12(Sun)00:26 No.18196223

    I think Sean just found Chris.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:26 No.18196227
    > sean onto sakamoto's
    Could someone explain where the whole sean/sakamoto thing came from? Hells, WE'VE been more interested in Sakamoto than he has. About the only thing I can think of is the "I love that girl" he gave when she trolled us, which is a whole different sort of love.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:26 No.18196228

    There might be treasure in the cow. Or Chris. Or a surprise party. Either, let's open the cow.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:26 No.18196229

    As have you. Now shut up.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:26 No.18196230
    where dis from
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:27 No.18196237
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:27 No.18196240
    Seans outriders senses are tingling
    >> Major Airlift 03/04/12(Sun)00:27 No.18196244
    It shall be our mount and mascot!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:27 No.18196245
    Thank goodness it's a joke. Now I must prepare myself for the strange hallucinations that it's real that I somehow know will come.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:27 No.18196247


    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:27 No.18196249
    I'd love to see Sakamoto and Sean spar which either other or maybe even perhaps Jack Churchill.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:27 No.18196250
    Sean is actually Seanya, radar gnome extraordinaire, we must pay attention and search for threats.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:27 No.18196254
    Except I haven't posted in any of these arguments prior to that post?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:28 No.18196255
    His radar is active even without a plane! His gnome powers have awoken!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:28 No.18196258
    Because we frequently find the two of them hanging out together during their free time, and getting your crewmates laid is part of the Bro Code?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:28 No.18196261
    The cow was dominated by aliens! Reverse-mind-fuck her
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:28 No.18196267
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:28 No.18196269
    Please have it be nopemartian.

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:28 No.18196272
    >Sean opens barn door
    >Reaches out and closes barn door
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:28 No.18196274
    We left him behind in the now bombed ship. Even if he didn't die to Chuck's bombs, he couldn't have made it out and crawled to the barn before we got there.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:29 No.18196275
    Really, Ian is the one who's probably gotten closest to her. He saved/helped her from/with the alium that broke into her room, they were in the submarine together, he's the one who convinced her to let Sean keep the sword. All Sean's ever done is look at her ass.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:29 No.18196276
    Heft Thompson, head over to check it out.

    The Thompson needs a name. I propose Gregory.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:29 No.18196278
         File: 1330838953.jpg-(72 KB, 414x486, hidden.jpg)
    72 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:29 No.18196282
    Have they ever been seen in the same place together?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:29 No.18196285
    Think about this for a second, guys. What sort of poor ass farmer has ONE cow. ONE. This is clearly a trap.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:29 No.18196286

    So we have Seanya, Ianette, and MCila?
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 03/04/12(Sun)00:29 No.18196290
         File: 1330838981.png-(50 KB, 250x270, 1328151153517.png)
    50 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:29 No.18196292
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:29 No.18196293
    We were out for several minutes.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:29 No.18196294



    It's happening alright.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:30 No.18196295
    Look at that. He can't into logic.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:30 No.18196301
    If its martian bro hiding, we must capture him and study effects of beer on martian physiology.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:30 No.18196303
    Ours is machine sense


    We're Irish.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:30 No.18196305


    Fuck, we're playing X-com...
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:31 No.18196308

    What if Chris is nopemartian?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:31 No.18196313
    Yeah, Sean was there when Sanya came floating in right before the assassin robot spider thing attacked.
    >> Starshadow 03/04/12(Sun)00:31 No.18196314
         File: 1330839082.gif-(478 KB, 499x312, 1329216577802.gif)
    478 KB

    Updating the list of win conditions.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/04/12(Sun)00:31 No.18196317
         File: 1330839088.gif-(6 KB, 176x377, dracula_wut.gif)
    6 KB

    "Sean?" you ask politely.

    Sean circles around, waving his blade like a divining rod... and ends up facing the only other living thing in the barn, the tired-looking milk cow.

    "What the fuck are you doing?"

    "Shhh," he says, staring down the cow.

    "We kind of have an entire army of very pissed-off Martians a few hundred yards away, and the ones that are not chunky salsa are going to be looking for cover from air attack in around five minutes ago," you say. "So..."

    "What part of SHUT THE FUCK UP don't you fucking understand?" Sean growls at you, not turning away from the cow. He picks up a handful of hay and throws it in the cows face.

    It knickers and paws at the ground.

    Sean blinks. Then he steps forward and smacks it in the forehead with the flat of his blade. The old cow rears on its hinds, whinnying loudly.

    >Thine expression
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:31 No.18196318
    That makes sense, but I'm not sure Perrine's willing to give him up at this point. It might have to be a threesome.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:31 No.18196319
    And how often have we wound up with perinne during our spare time, accidentally or otherwise?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:31 No.18196321
    >Sean opens door
    >Martian closes it
    >Sean opens door
    >Martian closes it

    This continues for an hour until one of them gives up.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:31 No.18196323
         File: 1330839110.jpg-(47 KB, 350x318, 1330162724224.jpg)
    47 KB
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 03/04/12(Sun)00:32 No.18196332
    Sean has lost it.
    Or is trying to get revenge on us by pretending to have lost it.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:32 No.18196333
    "And you wanted to have ME institutionalized. Bitch."
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:32 No.18196335
    is the cow nopemartian?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:32 No.18196336
         File: 1330839156.gif-(7 KB, 176x377, 1330839088951.gif)
    7 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:32 No.18196338
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 03/04/12(Sun)00:32 No.18196341

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:33 No.18196345
    Cows aren't supposed to rear or whiny. That's not good. Start looking for secret doors?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:33 No.18196346
    Let him go, Anon. He's retreated to a happier place in his own mind where that movie isn't being made.

    I envy him.
    >> Major Airlift 03/04/12(Sun)00:33 No.18196347
         File: 1330839211.jpg-(199 KB, 573x728, 1327278591016.jpg)
    199 KB

    Secret martian base?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:33 No.18196350

    ...HE'S RIGHT! Cows don't fucking whinny!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:33 No.18196352
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:33 No.18196353

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:34 No.18196357
         File: 1330839268.jpg-(39 KB, 211x192, 1260992305001.jpg)
    39 KB

    what the what?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:34 No.18196358
    wait, wait wait wait. How much of a city boy is MC? If he's as city as he's been implied to be, he may never have actually seen a horse before.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:34 No.18196359
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:34 No.18196360
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:34 No.18196361


    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:34 No.18196363
    It's their... wait for it...

    MOOn base.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:34 No.18196364
    the cow is a spy!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:34 No.18196365
    Sean, if you need some alone time with your new friend, just let us know, ok.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:34 No.18196366

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:35 No.18196369
         File: 1330839302.png-(262 KB, 500x700, druid.png)
    262 KB

    Our face when.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:35 No.18196370
         File: 1330839308.jpg-(46 KB, 293x445, 1328373677190.jpg)
    46 KB
    AND THEN SEAN SAID, "That's no cow, that's me CO! BWAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!"
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:35 No.18196371
    in before Planefag reveals his true waifu was Pinkie Pie all this time
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:35 No.18196374
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:35 No.18196375
         File: 1330839329.jpg-(84 KB, 511x363, suspicious.jpg)
    84 KB
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/04/12(Sun)00:35 No.18196378
         File: 1330839341.png-(67 KB, 354x232, starekuya.png)
    67 KB

    You stare at the cow.

    Sean stares at the cow.

    Ian stares at the cow.

    The cow scans the dubious faces peering at it from three angles.

    ".... oink?"

    >WAT DO
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:35 No.18196380
    It's the '40s, I sort of figure everyone knew about farm animals back then.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:35 No.18196381
    Martians? Okay.
    Witches? Sure.
    Flying dreadnoughts? LET'S DO THIS.
    A cow acting weird? OH SHIT OH SHIT WHAT THE FUCK GUYS

    I love you sometimes, /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:36 No.18196386
    give it up alien, we know you are neither cow, nor horse, nor pig
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:36 No.18196388
    punch the cow
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:36 No.18196389
    Initiate cow puns.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:36 No.18196390
         File: 1330839387.gif-(1.53 MB, 252x168, 1330451835970.gif)
    1.53 MB
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:36 No.18196392

    Tip the cow
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:36 No.18196393
    Shit just got wut. They're hiding something. We may not even be in a barn.
    Trust our gnomebro.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:36 No.18196394
    "Try again. Make it convincing."

    Point GUN at COW.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:36 No.18196395
    Point all available weapons at it and demand an explanation.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:36 No.18196397
    Hug the cow.

    It's the only way to be sure.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:36 No.18196400
    Punch it in the face
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:36 No.18196401

    quack at it.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:36 No.18196402
         File: 1330839412.png-(328 KB, 500x600, 1329374322951.png)
    328 KB


    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 03/04/12(Sun)00:36 No.18196403
    Draw thompson. Level gun.
    Say very clearly: "Who the FUCK are you, and why should I not shoot you?"
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:36 No.18196404
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:37 No.18196406
    I couldn't let the opportunity go.

    The steaks were too high.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:37 No.18196407
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:37 No.18196410
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:37 No.18196411
    "Oink? Oink ain't no country i ever head of. they speak english in oink?"
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:37 No.18196412
         File: 1330839443.jpg-(26 KB, 479x308, 1314584564338.jpg)
    26 KB
    What the fuck is going on?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:37 No.18196413
    Rejoice, men. For today we have BACON
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:37 No.18196416
    i do not even... wat
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:37 No.18196420
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:37 No.18196421
    So we have BACONSTEAK?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:38 No.18196423
         File: 1330839480.gif-(1.15 MB, 636x360, 1328903864155.gif)
    1.15 MB
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:38 No.18196424
         File: 1330839483.gif-(2.9 MB, 290x189, 1330233787772.gif)
    2.9 MB
    "It's 'moo,' ALIEN."
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:38 No.18196425
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:38 No.18196427
    Bring up our Tommy gun, click off the safety.
    "Try again, motherfucker."
    >> Starshadow 03/04/12(Sun)00:38 No.18196428

    Seems legit.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:38 No.18196430
         File: 1330839502.jpg-(15 KB, 476x356, 1270411564128.jpg)
    15 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:38 No.18196431
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:38 No.18196432

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:38 No.18196433
    Exploit magic cow for monies
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:38 No.18196434
    Heh, nope. Show your self, if you don't want to taste some lead.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:38 No.18196437
         File: 1330839521.jpg-(55 KB, 1280x720, Bitch, You Gonna Get Kille(...).jpg)
    55 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:38 No.18196441
    "Hey guys, do cows go "oink"? I always thought they went "Have a fine cup of tear, my friend", since this is England".
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:39 No.18196445
    Don't tell them that!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:39 No.18196451
    i've seen enough hentai to know where this AND THAT is going
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:40 No.18196453



    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:40 No.18196455
    As perplexing as horse-cow-pig is, did Chuck's bombing run take out the whole Martian army? Or are there going to be pissed off xeno survivors coming after us?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:40 No.18196457

    >> Major Airlift 03/04/12(Sun)00:40 No.18196460
    Tip it!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:40 No.18196463
    Funny, but I think the jig is up.
    >> Will 03/04/12(Sun)00:40 No.18196464

    That's not a cow...

    Level all our weapons at it. Include threatening click-click sound.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:40 No.18196468

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:41 No.18196476
    Happy tentacle sexings?

    Because those are rare.
    >> Starshadow 03/04/12(Sun)00:41 No.18196477
         File: 1330839669.jpg-(58 KB, 300x450, 1326689523375.jpg)
    58 KB
    >WAT DO
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:41 No.18196479
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:41 No.18196481

    Introduce ALIEN COW to our earthly tradition of COW TIPPING.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:41 No.18196482
    Oh for FUCKS sake it's Chris disguised as a cow.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:41 No.18196485
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:41 No.18196486
         File: 1330839694.gif-(1.5 MB, 357x194, HORSES DON'T WORK THAT WAY.gif)
    1.5 MB
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:41 No.18196490

    Then we pin that cow down and get some answers.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:42 No.18196498
         File: 1330839744.gif-(975 KB, 256x192, 1327528138283.gif)
    975 KB
    Attempt to take the cow prisoner
    >pic related for when it's a closerange infiltration murderbot
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:42 No.18196500
    IT'S ROMMEL!!!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:42 No.18196501
    Milk it for all the information we can.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:42 No.18196503
    >implying Rommel didn't stuff Chris into the fridge
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:43 No.18196509
    Clock that smug son of a bitch In the teeth
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:43 No.18196513
    tip the cow
    hold at swordpoint

    that's all I've got
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:43 No.18196517
    multi-hoof drifting?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:43 No.18196520

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:44 No.18196527


    "Let's try that again. Shall we?"
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:44 No.18196531
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:44 No.18196533
    We have parachutes, which means we have parachute links and silk.

    If it wants to pig that badly, HOGTIE IT!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:44 No.18196539
    Wait a second. This cow in wonky...

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:45 No.18196544
    Then, when it breathes a sigh of relief:
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:45 No.18196555
    Oh crap YES. I was going to suggest that but dropped it when I thought we didn't have anything to rope it with.

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:46 No.18196559
    Wait, is the cowhorse a gnome?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:46 No.18196561
    actually made me lol
    >let's do it
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:46 No.18196565
    "I knew those girls were gonna drive me insane"
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:46 No.18196566
    This would work.

    This is concerning.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:46 No.18196571
    Didn't somebody accuse the cows of being aliums in disguise when we first flew over the field?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:46 No.18196572
    I feel this is needed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WFp4kozlOU
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:47 No.18196574
    well duh, they were their infilrator aliums, they scout and soy and ruminate.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:47 No.18196575
    Sean, as I recall.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:47 No.18196582

    i like it.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:47 No.18196583
    Wait, I've figured it out.

    This cow is another hallucination of ours. This is our Confusion.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:47 No.18196585
    Fucking gnome radars, man
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:48 No.18196588
    THIS. A thousand times this.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:48 No.18196591
    point a gun at it and say "wanna try that one more time?"
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:48 No.18196596
    I think this supports that idea. Also, I find it suspicious as fuck that we find this weirdass "cow" right near where the martians were putting down their airborne assault.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:49 No.18196601

    Agreed on this. We must troll the COWPIGHORSE
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:49 No.18196612
    You know, I think I'd find a cow that says oink suspicious ANYWHERE.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:49 No.18196615
         File: 1330840196.jpg-(8 KB, 302x248, 1288731237795.jpg)
    8 KB
    I like the way you think.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:50 No.18196618
    The cow goes...

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:50 No.18196620
    Supporting this.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:50 No.18196621
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:51 No.18196634
         File: 1330840270.gif-(1.99 MB, 369x271, 1312882394399.gif)
    1.99 MB
    Let's tip this fucking cow
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:51 No.18196635
    i don't know why but this cowpighorse fills me with RAEG so therefore we must kill it with fire
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:51 No.18196642
    i for one think the cow IS legit.

    crazy cockroaches. never know what sort of weird crossbreeds they'll try and make.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:52 No.18196657
    not on /d/, though, since cowpigbitchhorse it's pretty much the standard Sub .
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:52 No.18196660
    Well I think we've had enough time to ruminate on our course of action.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/04/12(Sun)00:52 No.18196664
         File: 1330840378.png-(163 KB, 463x437, 1330716128402.png)
    163 KB
    You and Sean exchange a Look.

    You stand up from your haybale and advance on the "cow."

    "Wait," Sean says, grabbing your arm. "What if its a lure? A trap? Imposter with intent to murderize?"

    "Are you saying the... stakes are too high?" you whisper back.

    Sean drives his elbow into your solar plexus, sending you to the ground gasping for air.

    "Fuck you so much," he grows, and with no more ado advances on the cow, sword dangling casually from his hand. The cow bends its front legs in a kind of kneel, and it's tail rises over its back... and starts making a sinister rattling sound.

    "Hiss!" the cow says. As in, it actually SAYS THE WORD HISS.

    "I cannot believe this shit," Ian says, and drops off the haymow floor right onto the things back.

    The... THING trumpets like an elephant and charges out of its narrow stall, bucking and twisting madly to throw Ian off. Ian clings with both arms and legs, gripping the creature grimly. The creature can't really buck or kick very well, not being built like a proper bull, and Sean simply bides his time, until the struggling, trumpeting "cow" passes by at the right angle, and you and he both rush the thing, plowing your shoulders into it.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:52 No.18196665
    Let's be sporting and give it a third try, first.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:53 No.18196669
    I agree with guy. So we should cut it up and have steaks.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 03/04/12(Sun)00:53 No.18196678
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:54 No.18196689

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:54 No.18196691
    Planefag, I would like you to know that SWQ has actually had a positive influence on my life. Today a girl I haven't talked to in a long time texted me asking how I'm doing. I was hesitant to respond since there's a lot of unresolved drama with her circle of friends. But then I realized-


    And now it appears that sexytimes might happen.

    That's right folks. SWQ led to sexytimes.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:54 No.18196696
         File: 1330840484.png-(8 KB, 493x402, hahahahaha.png)
    8 KB
    >"Hiss!" the cow says. As in, it actually SAYS THE WORD HISS.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:54 No.18196697
         File: 1330840487.gif-(1.02 MB, 320x181, 1319697217681.gif)
    1.02 MB
    You know what? Let's just leave it.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:54 No.18196699
    Tie its legs with the chute strings
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:54 No.18196700
    Plane flyan!
    Lady wooan!
    Alium killan!
    Cow tippan!

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:55 No.18196701
    THE 142nd FASTEST GUN! ...in the west
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:55 No.18196702
    Cue a witch walking in on us right now.

    She will have the best expression.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:56 No.18196712
    Fuckin' cow thing.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:56 No.18196713
         File: 1330840576.jpg-(39 KB, 450x268, 1148_1253230725640.jpg)
    39 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:56 No.18196717
    If it's Kathy she'll just join in. That's why she's the best witch.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 03/04/12(Sun)00:57 No.18196723
    After we wrangle the fucker, we look up to see the Patton Girls standing in the doorframe, covered in alium goo, staring at us in complete incomprehension.

    "...What? Fucker hissed at me!"
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:57 No.18196727
    "What? It's not like any of you ladies were putting out."
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:57 No.18196728
    Oh god, please let it be!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:57 No.18196730
    With a ten gallon yarmulke on his head.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:58 No.18196736
         File: 1330840684.gif-(188 KB, 427x240, 1326766533674.gif)
    188 KB
    I lost it.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:58 No.18196743
    she just has a... really convincing cow costume...
    hmm, maybe not
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:59 No.18196744
    Well, when in Rome I guess...
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:59 No.18196746
    >And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
    Poor cow.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:59 No.18196748
         File: 1330840753.png-(7 KB, 250x242, 1326024183566.png)
    7 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)00:59 No.18196751
    We have to use this! If not now, then later.
    >> Major Airlift 03/04/12(Sun)00:59 No.18196753
         File: 1330840799.jpg-(52 KB, 897x669, 1296240866101.jpg)
    52 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:00 No.18196768
         File: 1330840845.jpg-(63 KB, 351x440, 1321134046379.jpg)
    63 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:00 No.18196770
         File: 1330840855.gif-(1.22 MB, 300x168, 1274487249866.gif)
    1.22 MB
    >Chris' magic ability is to transform into animals
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:01 No.18196771
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:01 No.18196778
         File: 1330840878.jpg-(56 KB, 350x427, 1273908579583.jpg)
    56 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:01 No.18196782
    >that pic
    Fuck yes, bomber grape. Also, nichijoubro
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:01 No.18196783
    >> Crix !!nLvSV/0cRma 03/04/12(Sun)01:01 No.18196785
         File: 1330840918.jpg-(148 KB, 520x700, a real cowgirl.jpg)
    148 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:02 No.18196786
         File: 1330840926.png-(713 KB, 1214x859, Patton Girls.png)
    713 KB
    inb4 these 3 show up
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:02 No.18196788
    >Minna finds us naked in our widow
    "What? It's not like you were putting out."
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 03/04/12(Sun)01:02 No.18196789
         File: 1330840931.jpg-(76 KB, 798x450, why_is_he_naked.jpg)
    76 KB
    >the witches' faces when they walk in and witness all of this
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/04/12(Sun)01:02 No.18196794
         File: 1330840961.png-(133 KB, 300x300, reveal your secrets.png)
    133 KB

    Ian goes tumbling off its back, landing in a graceful sprawl amidst some loose hay. You and Sean pile on top of the creature, sitting on it, while Ian comes sprinting over from the busted tack with several lengths of broken and worn-out bridle leather.

    "Check in that stall," Sean suggests. "I wonder if the operator is under there!"

    You and Ian sit on the "cow" long enough for Sean to seize the legs in a loop of leather and begin hog-tying it with impressive efficiency.

    "Hiss!" the thing proclaims.

    You tap the beast on the nose, and make a silibant hissing sound.

    "Hsssss...?" the creature tries.

    "Hssss," you agree.

    "HSSSSSSSSS!" the cow hisses with wicked delight as Sean and Ian continue to hog-tie it. You slide off and advance cautiously on the stall it was standing in, your Thompson raised. Nothing leaps out at you, so you feel around in the straw with your foot.

    "OW!" somebody says.

    "AYSHIGGIDIT!" you say, leaping away. Once your heart crawls down your throat into your chest again, you reach out and gently feel around in the straw.

    "OW! THAT'S MY EYE!' somebody shouts, and a flailing foot catches you in the nads. You go down, wheezing with pain. A small, brown-haired girl sits up, piles of straw falling off her. She rubs her bleary eyes. "Aww, what time is it?"
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:03 No.18196807
         File: 1330840997.gif-(7 KB, 256x256, 1291138419281.gif)
    7 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:03 No.18196810
    chris? CHRIS?!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:03 No.18196812
    Nah, our Plane we jsut make love to because she's our girl.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:03 No.18196813
    Awww shit, is that cow a FAMILIAR?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:03 No.18196814
    >"OW! THAT'S MY EYE!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:03 No.18196816
    was obvious to everybody else, but i called it
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:04 No.18196818
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:04 No.18196820
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:04 No.18196823

    It's Chris!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:04 No.18196827
    >A small, brown-haired girl sits up, piles of straw falling off her. She rubs her bleary eyes. "Aww, what time is it?"
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:04 No.18196832
         File: 1330841081.jpg-(150 KB, 620x916, 1330343013154.jpg)
    150 KB
    Is it Chris?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:04 No.18196834
         File: 1330841086.png-(2 KB, 250x250, OB000000.png)
    2 KB
    >brown-haired girl
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:04 No.18196836
    >giving advice about fake animal noises
    >alium accepts the lesson happily

    oh god smiling so har

    oh wait, whats this then?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:04 No.18196837
    Small brown haired girl? Chris? Izzat you?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:05 No.18196840
    >inb4 planefag ends today's session right here
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:05 No.18196842
    >OW! That's My Eye!"
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:05 No.18196843
    >Brown haired girl

    One of these thing does not belong.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:05 No.18196844
         File: 1330841118.jpg-(36 KB, 482x600, yayifications.jpg)
    36 KB

    Hello Chris!

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:05 No.18196848
    Chris has a cow familiar? PF was railroading us into oppai loli fetish all this time?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:05 No.18196850
    >We Carry her out.
    >Walk into Trude.

    Say >>18196727 regardless.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:05 No.18196853

    Also, who are you?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:05 No.18196854
    Now you see, that's how cows work. They go "Hsssss", not "Hiss!"
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:05 No.18196857
    "Since I just blew the hell out of a flying cargo ship and wrestled a talking cow I'm going to go with 'Long past time for a nap.'"
    >> Will 03/04/12(Sun)01:05 No.18196858
         File: 1330841154.png-(667 KB, 1920x1080, mission accomplished.png)
    667 KB
    Ladies and Gentlemen, Chris Barkhorn.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:06 No.18196861
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:06 No.18196862
    >Everyone thinks we're dead
    >Arrive with Chris
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:06 No.18196863
    Calling it now. We found Chris but Trude died.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:06 No.18196866
    "Hi Chris."
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:06 No.18196868
    "It's time for me to punch you in the tits, girl...ohgodmynuts"
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:06 No.18196872
    >Not Chris Barkhorn

    I shiggidy diggidy.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:06 No.18196873
         File: 1330841210.jpg-(185 KB, 736x473, Kamina approves.jpg)
    185 KB
    And tonight we're getting Gratitude Raped by Trude.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:06 No.18196874
         File: 1330841214.jpg-(16 KB, 375x262, 1326001477547.jpg)
    16 KB

    You're coming with us.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:07 No.18196879
    >Calling it now. We found Chris but Trude died.
    And then there's this faggot.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:07 No.18196886
    Somebody needs to get a long lecture.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:07 No.18196890
         File: 1330841272.jpg-(282 KB, 1000x1000, a67feab9824b40c12b0af463cbf8f3(...).jpg)
    282 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:08 No.18196896
    lol, like planefag would make our choices actually matter. Gnome magic fixes all.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:08 No.18196898
         File: 1330841292.png-(109 KB, 349x314, 1288930438037.png)
    109 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:08 No.18196902
    They're going to have to invent a new medal just for us.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:08 No.18196905
    inb4 its just some farm girl.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:08 No.18196911
    oh but it's BOUND to happen.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:08 No.18196916
    Start with this, and then get the hell out of Dodge. The alien ground forces will be heading for structures like this in general, and if it really is a snatch and grab op, they'll be headed here directly.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:09 No.18196924
    Please. How many small, brown-haired girls can there be?
    >> Starshadow 03/04/12(Sun)01:09 No.18196931
    So uh. Any chance we can ride that cow out of here?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:10 No.18196932
         File: 1330841402.jpg-(385 KB, 800x674, Laughing Witches.jpg)
    385 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:10 No.18196936
    The tears would be epic.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:10 No.18196938
    Well, it could be Trude.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:10 No.18196940
         File: 1330841425.jpg-(42 KB, 500x302, landaskeptical.jpg)
    42 KB
    >that feel when MC was right
    >that feel when Chris really did decide to wander off of her own volition
    >that feel when some paper-pushing chucklefuck decided to write her off as dead after the bombing so there wouldn't be any questions about how she got out
    >that feel when FUCKING DESK-JOCKEYS
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:10 No.18196946
    >Please. How many small, brown-haired girls can there be
    >disguised in the form of a cow?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:10 No.18196948
    Depends on how many B-52s you filled with them.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:10 No.18196950

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:10 No.18196952
    none, this is animu, regular people have pink, blue or green hair.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:11 No.18196954
    >How many small, brown-haired girls guarded by hissing oinking cows can there be?
    Not very many.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:11 No.18196958
    So wait. Chris actually is here and she's being guarded by a Martian in disguise?

    Was this really an extraction?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:11 No.18196960
    Might be worth trying to pick it up. If it's not too heavy I'm sure some scientist would love to cut it open.

    Let's go with this, but not tell her how we know her name.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:11 No.18196962
    I dunno. If she's hiding, she might have escaped during the confusion of the fight... although, this is frankly approaching trans-finite degrees of improbability.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:11 No.18196963
    >Run out of the barn with 4 people riding a hissing cow
    Can't remove that sight from my mind
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:12 No.18196976
    >Erica finds us
    >Tries to trick us again
    >"Guys... this time for real... Trude's dead..."
    >Chris pokes her head out from behind us
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:13 No.18196987

    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 03/04/12(Sun)01:13 No.18196988
         File: 1330841582.jpg-(62 KB, 392x345, 1327684643548.jpg)
    62 KB
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/04/12(Sun)01:13 No.18196990
         File: 1330841586.gif-(460 KB, 320x240, 1274488960934.gif)
    460 KB

    You stare at the brown-haired girl. "Are you... Chris?"

    "Deee-uuuh," she says, seeming disoriented. "What time is it, again? Where's Trude?"

    As if on cue, the thunder of hoofbeats sounds from outside, and through the wide-open door at the end of the barn comes Trude.

    On a horse.

    It's a big, fine-looking white steed, the distinctive brand of a registered Arabian emblazoned on its neck. It rears dramatically - (as an Arabian is wont to do,) pawing at the air majestically as its rider reigns him in - with her teeth, because each hand is wielding an MG-42, muzzles pointed skyward.

    Trude looks from you, sitting in the hay with her younger sister, over to where Ian and Sean are hog-tying a hissing cow.

    Everybody takes a deep breath -

    - and the side door of the barn opens with a painful squeal of long-neglected hinges. Standing in the doorway is a singed and soot-stained Martian, his bulbous head drooping, his coils of tentacles hanging limp and weary. He raises his bug-eyes to the room, and stands there for several long seconds.

    From where he kneels on the cow, Sean reaches out with the tip of his blade and gently nudges the door closed.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:13 No.18196996
         File: 1330841601.jpg-(333 KB, 1203x1122, 1b9b351903b59826d5b985e420b8d3(...).jpg)
    333 KB

    Quick! Before we give her back, teach her everything we know
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:13 No.18197000
    >oh no, MC sacrificed his life to stop the invasion of Brittain
    >MC rides out of a barn on a hissing cow with the rest of his crew and Trude's sister
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 03/04/12(Sun)01:13 No.18197002
         File: 1330841629.png-(10 KB, 347x444, 1326757574283.png)
    10 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:13 No.18197005
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:14 No.18197007
    oh god my sides
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:14 No.18197010
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:14 No.18197011

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:14 No.18197014
    Hey Trude, found Chris for you.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:14 No.18197015

    Orwell returns...

    His name is Orwell... You need to know this.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:14 No.18197017

    >Sean reaches out with the tip of his blade and gently nudges the door closed.

    Whoever, called, it, you deserve a cookie.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:14 No.18197020
         File: 1330841688.jpg-(43 KB, 231x340, 1309833874687.jpg)
    43 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:14 No.18197021
         File: 1330841691.gif-(1.01 MB, 172x162, 132657564793.gif)
    1.01 MB
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:14 No.18197022
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:14 No.18197024
    >Standing in the doorway is a singed and soot-stained Martian, his bulbous head drooping, his coils of tentacles hanging limp and weary. He raises his bug-eyes to the room, and stands there for several long seconds.

    poor bastard.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:14 No.18197025
    Wait, like, really?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:14 No.18197026
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:15 No.18197027
    >From where he kneels on the cow, Sean reaches out with the tip of his blade and gently nudges the door closed.

    I love you, Planfag.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:15 No.18197029
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:15 No.18197036
    well, at least it didn't FUS RO BAAAAAAH us...
    >> Will 03/04/12(Sun)01:15 No.18197039
         File: 1330841736.gif-(134 KB, 480x270, awesome god.gif)
    134 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:15 No.18197040
         File: 1330841736.png-(309 KB, 505x378, 1327947906816.png)
    309 KB
    >From where he kneels on the cow, Sean reaches out with the tip of his blade and gently nudges the door closed.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 03/04/12(Sun)01:15 No.18197043
         File: 1330841744.png-(219 KB, 370x367, The_boss_horse.png)
    219 KB

    >It's a big, fine-looking white steed, the distinctive brand of a registered Arabian emblazoned on its neck. It rears dramatically - (as an Arabian is wont to do,) pawing at the air majestically as its rider reigns him in - with her teeth, because each hand is wielding an MG-42, muzzles pointed skyward.

    Is...is Trude The Boss?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:15 No.18197044
    O.K., I'm going to need a good debriefing after this is all over, because right now, this is all feeling terribly random.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:15 No.18197045
    I...I don't know who NOPEd more.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:15 No.18197047
    has a martian ever been captured before?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:16 No.18197050



    >> Major Airlift 03/04/12(Sun)01:16 No.18197053
         File: 1330841780.png-(72 KB, 698x658, 1298189686345.png)
    72 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:16 No.18197055
         File: 1330841784.jpg-(21 KB, 250x301, COUNTER-NOPE.jpg)
    21 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:16 No.18197056


    ...Offer it a cigarette and make it the squadron mascot.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:16 No.18197059
    Oh God, can't... fucking... breathe.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:16 No.18197060
    We died when we crashed into the freighter. We are now in pilot heaven, where everything can be bounced.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:16 No.18197061
    I don't know what's better - the utter non-sequitur of Trude showing up, quite literally, on a white horse with her akimbo Hitler Saws into the middle of this entire clusterfuck, or nopealium reappearing.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:16 No.18197062
    Uhhhhh... The martian bit's funny, but Trude on a horse really doesn't make any sense.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 03/04/12(Sun)01:17 No.18197065
    You know...the name of this thread was NOPE OFF THE BOAT.

    Planefag planned this from the beginning.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:17 No.18197074
    Would you rather she be on a cow?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:17 No.18197076

    It's Trude, it doesn't need to make sense.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:17 No.18197078
    >...Offer it a cigarette
    You're going to offer it Chesterfields?
    That's asking for an instant maser to the face.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:17 No.18197079
    I hope you guys know...

    Trude has a little sister complex and probably molested Chris while she was in a coma. I don't think it's safe to take her back to Trude.

    Just kidding. But seriously, molested in her coma.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:18 No.18197082
    how does one ride with strykers on anyway?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:18 No.18197084
    She crashed earlier. She can still hold up the MG42's because her mayjick power is superstrength. She probably came to the barn because she saw our parachutes.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:18 No.18197085


    >So ship crashes, we begin deploying what we can
    >one of their planes bombs the fuck out of us
    >I barely manage to survive, see barn house a hundred Sectos away
    >Run like hell
    >Open the door
    >See 5 humans, three from before, one on some animal, and a smaller, younger one
    >awkward silence
    >human gently pushes door shut

    I cannot catch a fucking break with those three
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:18 No.18197088
    It would seem more appropriate, somehow.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:18 No.18197090
    Now we just need to figure out how to control Firebees in the Widow and we can be The Pain.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 03/04/12(Sun)01:18 No.18197091
    That's actually a very important question.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:18 No.18197092
    She obviously ran into Isaiah Mustafa and stole his horse.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:19 No.18197098
    We actually found out horses are damn useful against aliums in prior threads.
    The land war has been prosecuted with everything from tanks down to mounties, and prosecuted well. If Trude's out of her Striker, she needs to move fast, especially if there are clouds of Black Smoke growing in the countryside.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:19 No.18197102
    so? this is anime, Imouto love is pure and beautiful. also lewd.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:19 No.18197106
    They aren't on.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:20 No.18197112
    He gave her one of his many, you mean.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:20 No.18197115
    on a serious note, Trude can report us 'not dead'
    this is an important thing
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:20 No.18197116
    Keep between Trude, Chris & Nopemartian! Keep them all alive!

    >Pic unrelated because we've hit maximum images
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:20 No.18197118
    >"We found your sister!"
    >"We hogtied this cow."
    >"I'm tired."
    >"I'm on a horse."
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:21 No.18197122
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:21 No.18197124
    Well however unlikely her finding a horse and then riding it here are, the fact it that we're still stuck here. We've got some more firepower with us, but without a striker unit it's not going to do all that much. We need to get out of here.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 03/04/12(Sun)01:21 No.18197131
    If this winds up happening, I will be so happy, I may giggle like small child in a gyroscope factory.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:21 No.18197132
    2/3s of Trude pairings are little girls.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:22 No.18197136
    That one guy who did the fridge picture should do this scene now, complete with alium pushing the door open.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:22 No.18197138
    pic limit reached
    new thread?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:22 No.18197143
    >English countryside
    >This is alium D-day we didn't see coming

    Come on man, it's really not that unlikely.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:22 No.18197144
    trude has super strength
    grab chutes, make sling, fly away
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:22 No.18197146

    We're in farmland. Horses live in farmlands. Ergo there are horses for her to ride. How is this hard for you to understand?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:22 No.18197149
    so, she's here all hot and bothered after having 200 pounds of stalionhood humping her crotch, armed to the teeth and about to take her sister away...nice.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:22 No.18197154
    It's already 1:22, he'll probably wrap up here in a minute.
    >> Starshadow 03/04/12(Sun)01:22 No.18197155
    You forgot

    >C'thulu F'tuck My Life
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:23 No.18197163
    Ah, strike witches. /tg/ basically shuts down whenever this thing is on.
    >quantity hoEvac
    Gotta evacuate a large quantity of hoes.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:23 No.18197164
    See, this is where I regret that there isn't a SWQ doujin. Because this page would be used for reactions all over the chans.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:23 No.18197168
    And we're going to ride with her on an angered and confused hissing cow. Overall, not a bad day.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:23 No.18197169
    200 pound horse?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:24 No.18197185
    >SWQ doujin
    It's only a matter of time...
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:25 No.18197191
    >>capture live martian
    >>defect him to our side
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:25 No.18197201
    nah, just his stalionhood
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:25 No.18197203
    Comm buttons don't require strikers to function, right?

    Have Trude call in evac. Let's get back to the airfield, regroup, find another plane, and get back in the air again.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:25 No.18197204
    >Show creator these threads
    >all of my money
    >> Starshadow 03/04/12(Sun)01:25 No.18197210

    Witches can fly without strikers right? We ride the horse, Sean and Ian ride the cow. We tie a parachute to Trude and tow her with the horse.

    Paraglide yo.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:26 No.18197217
    We need to see if we can get him drunk, you know for science.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:26 No.18197221

    Well, to up the odds of that, we'd need to ALERT THE ELEVENS or >>18197122
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:26 No.18197223
    She needs a focus, though.

    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/04/12(Sun)01:26 No.18197224

    "Trude," Chris says sleepily.

    "Chris," Trude says numbly.

    "What's happening?" Chris asks.

    "We're surrounded by murderous aliens," Trude tells her. "Katherine saw you guys jump, radioed me."

    "What happened to you, Tex?" you say, nodding at the Arabian.

    "Shot down," she says tersely. "Found alternate transport."

    Your eyes slide towards the hog-tied, hissing cow.

    "Forever," Sean repeats to you, poking his sword in your direction. "For ever and ever. All the hate."

    Ian sprints to the haymow ladder and takes it two rungs at a time. Wading through piles of knee-deep hay, he applies himself to the window. "Armor."

    "The rolly kind or the stompy kind or the tripod kind?" you wonder.

    "Yes," Ian replies. "And..." he cocks his ear. "And... oh. Oh god. Oh god."

    "What?!" Trude asks.

    "Something horrible," Ian says dryly.

    Sean holds up a hand for silence, listening himself.

    "Fucking... bagpipes!?"
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:27 No.18197233
    >Witches can fly without strikers right?

    not well. and only with a broom.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:27 No.18197234
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:27 No.18197235
    Naw, let's just let him go.

    Nopemartian's...had a hard life.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:27 No.18197242
    Oh look, it's the Black Watch. Time for them to get wiped again.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:27 No.18197243
    only if they dryhump a broom for a few weeks, it's special old timey training.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 03/04/12(Sun)01:27 No.18197248
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:28 No.18197250
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:28 No.18197254
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:28 No.18197257
    Well that would explain why the martians needed cows...
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:28 No.18197262

    Fuck yeah! Bagpipes!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:29 No.18197267

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:29 No.18197268
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/04/12(Sun)01:29 No.18197270


    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:29 No.18197273
    When this shit is over, he's going to end up a bum on the streets of Cydonia. Poor bastard.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:29 No.18197278

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:29 No.18197279
    rolled 26 = 26



    Whelp. This is gonna be ugly and painful.

    At least its gonna be quick, martians.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 03/04/12(Sun)01:29 No.18197281

    They best be playing this.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:30 No.18197284
    You outdid yourself in this one, PF. Major fucking kudos.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:30 No.18197285
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:30 No.18197288
    Ah. So the cavalry's here.

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:30 No.18197291
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:30 No.18197292

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:30 No.18197295
    rolled 20 = 20



    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:30 No.18197297
    >mfw mad jack
    >can't post face because image reply limit but still
    >> Starshadow 03/04/12(Sun)01:30 No.18197299
    We must save NOPEMARTIAN!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:31 No.18197303
    Glad you didn't land in that smoke shit at least.

    Any idea of how the hell we're going to get out of here?

    And do you happen to know where I can get paint so I can add a flying battleship and cargoship to the side of my widow?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:31 No.18197304
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:31 No.18197305
    I ain't even mad. We finally found Chris and we don't have to deal with Trude's angst anymore
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:31 No.18197307
    Now I've got Knights of Cydonia stuck in my head, YOU BASTARD.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:31 No.18197312
    Pf's Churchill is "figthing" Jackie Churchill, extra slutty redhead loli; fights in blue paint and torque only, pins medals to her nipples.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:32 No.18197316
    Planefag I've been wondering, do we actually know if the Martians are from Mars, or is this just a name we gave them?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:32 No.18197318
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:32 No.18197326
    We know they're aliums, and everyone knows where aliums come from...
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:33 No.18197331
    Just a name
    All aliens are martians
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:33 No.18197335
    They come from Mars, bigass cannon and everything.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:33 No.18197336
    Planefag, I don't know what I'm going to do when this quest ends. I look forward to these threads way too much.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:34 No.18197344
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:34 No.18197345
    Compilation updated to 41. Kinda surprised. All the others got 100+ downloads and the last one got 17.

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:36 No.18197362
    Seeya Tuesday, Gents.
    Gonna grab a beer, some ice cream, and watch some Band of Brothers
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:36 No.18197369
    I'm curious because if they didn't get fired out of a cannon here that implies they flew here. And if that happened then all they have to do is wait till they get something big enough over to start orbital bombardment.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:37 No.18197385
    you are missing a scene in swq33, its the one where they comment on the martians bringing dreadnaughts.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/04/12(Sun)01:39 No.18197404

    Very good question. You do know, in fact, that they are from Mars. Which is why I refer to them as "aliums" or "aliens" in my timeline, when I describe the inital attacks of Dec. 7th/8th, 1943 - at that time it wasn't known where they were from. Earlier astronomic observations paired with closer scrutiny of the solar system soon revealed inbound projectiles from Mars, which was soon correlated with a supposed meteorite impact or "volcanic activity" witnessed months earlier; news easily ignored in the turbulence of war. It was the forging of a massive cannon, the mass-driver that sent the first Martian invasion force to Earth... and in point of fact, STILL sends them. That's what you were referring to when you tried to chill out Trude from thinking Chris had been abducted; the Martians can use the Mars mass-driver to enable orbital insertion almost anywhere on the planet, but it takes months and months for those troops to actually arrive, they don't always arrive exactly when they want, etc.

    The Martians are powerful... and strange... but they are in no way a species possessing interstellar travel, or any of that shit. Make no mistake, this isn't WorldWar. This is War of the Worlds cira 1944. With Witches. Uh.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:41 No.18197432
    Planefag, what happened to Warlocks. As in the main baddie from S1 of Strike Witches
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:41 No.18197433
    PF, if this is War of the Worlds (with Witches)...

    ..you ARE bringing Thunderchild in at some point, right?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:41 No.18197434
    Thanks, bro. Just wondering if we'd have to worry about Exterminatus at some point.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:43 No.18197455
    Ah shit, thanks. Fixin'.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:43 No.18197465
    How do you get Warlocks without Neuroi?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:44 No.18197467
    It's 1944 now? Thought it was '43.
    >> NavalAnon !!jz5JQZ1dN2Q 03/04/12(Sun)01:44 No.18197469
    So they are at most 50 years ahead of us. Man I can so see humanity using nukes and rockets to launch a counter attack (or a defense grid, rockets that big have massive radar and visual signs, they can be intercepted if they take months to arrive, and with atomic weapons orbital interception is literally calculus problems I can do with a mechanical calculator or a Mark 1 Firing computer.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:44 No.18197470
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/04/12(Sun)01:44 No.18197475


    There's all sorts of rumors about superweapons and secret projects, like in most wars. And there is some rumors of "Warlocks," though they're mostly scoffed at as idle water-cooler bullshit.

    Other guys are whispering about an "Aphrodite project," and yet others opine that if it's got nothing to do with tits and airmen's proximity to said tits, it's not worth the black funding it's received.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:44 No.18197478

    any idea of motivation? have they issued any demands? or did they just drop in and smacking around?

    heh, maybe they saw WW2 unfolding through the score and thought this was some sort of ceremonial activity. they were just being neighborly trying to participate!
    >> Starshadow 03/04/12(Sun)01:45 No.18197484
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:45 No.18197486

    >Sensing victory was nearing,
    >thinking fortune must have smiled;
    >people started cheering,
    >"Come on Thunder Child"...
    >"Come on Thunder Child!".

    Fuck yearrrr
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:45 No.18197487
    >mfw Thunderchild is the name of the reverse-engineered Avenger that takes us to Cydonia.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:45 No.18197493

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:47 No.18197503
    Happy ending with no crazyshit cliff-hanger at the end of the thread? Planefag, you're slipping!

    (Not that I mind, though...)
    >> Will 03/04/12(Sun)01:48 No.18197511
    While you're answering questions, how long have you planned on using NOPEMartian? it's stuff like this that keeps me reading, you glorious bastard.
    >> Starshadow 03/04/12(Sun)01:49 No.18197518
    I got the archive up. So many good quotes to choose from!

    I picked one from the beginning so as not to spoil anything.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/04/12(Sun)01:49 No.18197528

    At most, yes. And in other technologies, roughly equivalent. Much is still a mystery, but with their bigger fighters, like the 'Sleds, pilots have observed some movements that don't quite seem to obey aerodynamics. The whole "flying Lakes ore freighter" thing is probably going to reveal the secrets behind that quite soon; the same effect on a much larger scale. Their weapons are sometimes terrifyingly advanced - the masers, originally called the "heat ray," - but also mundane, like the mini-rockets they prefer over bullets. It might just be a matter of them discovering entire areas of science we're ignorant of, but not really progressing along them much more then we have our own.

    Like I said - freaking weird.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:50 No.18197542
    And fixed chapter 33. GETCHA COLLECTIONS HEEYA.


    I feel like I should stick other shit in these. Like the drawfag stuff or something.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:51 No.18197558

    I hereby dub thee "Archivalfag".

    Dude, putting the pics in is not a bad idea.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:52 No.18197568
    >flying Lakes ore freighter

    There's actually an explanation behind that? I thought you were just being derpy.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:52 No.18197580
    Planefag, was scoring from that fake "game over" accurate?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:53 No.18197584
    Reminds me of that one story where Earth was invaded by aliens who had managed to invent gravity manipulation and time travel, but had never progressed their weapons technology beyond muskets and single-shot rifles.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:53 No.18197585
    Yeah, thanks for that. Some of the descriptions for old threads pretty much give away everything that happens. It's kind of useful for finding the one you're looking for, but it also screws new readers over.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:53 No.18197594
    I'll probably do that and add the thread titles like I've been meaning to for the next batch.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/04/12(Sun)01:54 No.18197603
    >how long have you planned on using NOPEMartian?

    Completely unplanned. I was going for the whole WELCOME TO EARTH thing - I've had WELCOME TO EARTH as a macro for years and never been able to use it, I LOVE that scene - but it just felt right for at least one Martian to NOPE the way we usually NOPE.

    Because, I mean, damn.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:55 No.18197613
    If they mastered time travel why didn't they just send all their soldiers to the stone age where their shitty guns would win easily.

    Fuck Time Travel Plots, they almost never make sense.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:55 No.18197615

    Recurring NPC?

    Please make him recurring NPC
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:55 No.18197618

    its by the same guy that wrote worldwar too.
    >> Starshadow 03/04/12(Sun)01:56 No.18197629
    Been curious. Do you come up with most of this stuff in advance? And just how much freestyling do you do when we don't suggest anything/anything intelligent?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:56 No.18197638
    Maybe this is the variant of time travel where you can't go back before the time machine was constructed.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:57 No.18197651
    >time travel

    and that's when I derped so hard I herped. Sorry, meant space travel.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)01:57 No.18197653
    Yeah, so basically they use Gyrojet equivalents? It's basically just firing the whole bullet?
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/04/12(Sun)01:59 No.18197669

    Of course. I honestly didn't know HOW the Martians were going to show up at the "beam convergence" till I got to that post, and the answer just leaped out at me: a Landing Ship, Tank, except FLYING! Because ALIUMS! I mean, has nobody thought to ask how the fucking dreadnaughts manage to fly? And hover? Same shit.

    As for the Edmund Fitzgerald, it was a good name, identified the ship as a Laker, and timeline issues are - okay, faggots, you have magical girls wearing plane-legs fighting fucking Martians in their underwear (the girls, not the Martians, unless That's Your Thing.) And everybody gets hung up on the Fitz. Hahaha, oh wow.

    (... but I've got an answer for that too, being the OCD faggot I am. The Laker the Martians borrowed displaces 20,000 tons... and remember naval naming conventions...)
    >> Starshadow 03/04/12(Sun)02:00 No.18197679
    >pilots have observed some movements that don't quite seem to obey aerodynamics.
    If I had to guess I'd bet on gravity manipulation.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:02 No.18197714
    The one from '58 was 26,000, right? So it was just a predecessor? Makes sense and all, but you still have to handwave how they recognize it. Presumably it was a big deal back in the States or something.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/04/12(Sun)02:02 No.18197715
    >Been curious. Do you come up with most of this stuff in advance? And just how much freestyling do you do when we don't suggest anything/anything intelligent?

    I work out the IMPORTANT stuff in advance, like general plot directions, specific scenarios I can see coming, various shenanigans, etc. But many of the cliffhangers I came up with quicker, usually during the thread: they write a big check I then spend the next few days thinking furiously about how my writing will cash it next time. It's a great way to keep things moving and to keep me from becoming a boring complacent lazy fuck.

    As things went on though, I put more work into planning them, because delicious tears omnomnom
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/04/12(Sun)02:03 No.18197735

    I just saw this post. Now /tg/ is doing ALPHA better then /r9k/. Not that that is hard, mind you, but "you don't even need the other boards" has NEVER been so true!
    >> NavalAnon !!jz5JQZ1dN2Q 03/04/12(Sun)02:04 No.18197743
    Thrust vectoring , hell the B-2 has no surfaces that work (nor does the F-117), without advanced supercomputing, because if you try and fly them or put them into basic simulation models, the planes are... not very stable.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:04 No.18197745
    >The Laker the Martians borrowed displaces 20,000 tons... and remember naval naming conventions...

    Alright, the first things that come to mind is that SS can stand for space ship and... that song 20,000 Pounds of Bananas. Am I on the right track?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:04 No.18197748
    That never made sense to me either. It's why Time Travel just can't work in most plots, because it just kicks cause and effect in the genitals tells it to sit in the corner while it ruins everything.

    That whole can't go back before the machine was built always seemed like convenience to me. Why would they just stop working when they go back before it was invented? It's like that Y2K bug where your computer would realize it wasn't invented yet and shut down forever.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:05 No.18197753
    Out of curiosity, back during the soap fight in the hanger, was Minna's gift exchange something you had planned out in advance?
    >> Starshadow 03/04/12(Sun)02:05 No.18197760

    Were you planning on us using Sean to spoof the buzz bombs into the freighter? Because I've been thinking of that since thursday when you mentioned that radar messed up rocket guidance.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:06 No.18197768
    Hey Planefag, SWQ isn't coming to an end is it? I know we've got this big dramatic showdown with the Alium invasion fleet being done, and we've resolved the Trude's sister plot, but I just don't want it to end.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:07 No.18197785
    Shhh, it's ok. Remember, if the planefag doesn't get tears HE'LL DIE.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:07 No.18197798
    On this matter, when you do end the quest, PF, I want a postmortem. I've got a fair number of questions for you, and I don't think they'll all be answered by the end.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:09 No.18197820
    So is the writefag going to show up or not? I'd like to go to bed if not.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:09 No.18197822

    >They've gotta be TEARS, Seymour...They've gotta be FRESH!"
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:10 No.18197836
    Remember why Patton and Rommel and other Important People were hanging out in Castle Barin in the first place.

    Once we kick Space Lion in the dick, WE OVERLORD.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/04/12(Sun)02:11 No.18197840

    EXACTLY. It was the biggest, newest Laker of her generation. Predictably, the company that built it will be asspained about it being ALIUM'D, and build an even BIGGER one after the war to stick it to those goddamn aliums. Let's see them tarnish that name now!

    >accidentally the lake
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:12 No.18197858

    Ughnn.. That-that feel. I envision a Mars-rigged Widow painted in Rust-palette cookie dough camouflage...
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:13 No.18197863
    So ... it hits a 30 year old alien space mine?
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/04/12(Sun)02:14 No.18197871

    why do my readers keep loving everything I love it is glorious
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:14 No.18197877
    Whoa, whoa, back the fuck up. I mean Earth Overlord, as in WE'RE FUCKING TAKING EUROPE BACK YOU FUCKS. No Cydonia or Bust just yet.

    Point is, if PF keeps with it, we have a lot of SWQ to go through yet.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:15 No.18197887

    The tears or the plant, my friend? because honestly, most of us love BOTH.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:16 No.18197900

    Shit just got more real.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:18 No.18197918
    [01:15] <&Kota> Planefag, will you, after SWQ, do a writeup about how it was like writing this shit?
    [01:15] <planefag_> Sure, I guess I could
    [01:15] <&Kota> And also, is it a realistic possibility that we'll go and fuck up Mars after liberating Earth?
    [01:15] <planefag_> I might do that as a second quest sometime in the future
    [01:16] <planefag_> STRIKE WITCHES: THE MARTIAN FRONT

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:18 No.18197919
    As long as you're answering questions, are the days in this universe still 24 hours? You seem to cram an awful lot into the daylight hours here.
    And you really should do a postmortem. It'd be a good chance to talk about how to ran this, and hopefully improve the quality slightly of the many new quests that will pop up after this one ends.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:19 No.18197936
    I decided to try my meager skills at drawfagging and doodle up NOPEmartian.

    >image limit

    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 03/04/12(Sun)02:19 No.18197944
    Personally I'd like to know how the aliums can even breathe here.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:19 No.18197945
    what channel is this?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:20 No.18197953
    #swq on rizon
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 03/04/12(Sun)02:20 No.18197957
    I deleted some images. Post it now.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:21 No.18197966
         File: 1330845664.png-(283 KB, 680x777, nopemartian.png)
    283 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:21 No.18197970


    >> Starshadow 03/04/12(Sun)02:21 No.18197972
    >[01:16] <planefag_> STRIKE WITCHES: THE MARTIAN FRONT
    And that's how the 501st became X-Com
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:21 No.18197973
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:21 No.18197979
    imgur it
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:24 No.18198016
    You know, I was asking earlier "what exactly would we nuke?"

    Guess there's an answer, now. I wonder how the aliums will respond to that.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 03/04/12(Sun)02:25 No.18198028
    I love it.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:30 No.18198064
    I had an idea for Planefag when I was reading up about the A-20. There was a version with a giant floodlight in the nose that was used for night fighting.

    Replace the light with a reverse engineered alium maser, hook up Sanya as the oscillator, and go fuck around with their radio beams. And of course, NOTHING ever went wrong in the show when they tried to use Neuroi tech.

    Would rustle the MCs jimmies since the Turbinlite planes were unarmed.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:37 No.18198131
    This is over? Won't be back until Tuesday?
    kk, it's Sunday now, so that's 2 days of no strike witches.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)02:44 No.18198199
    Curse your incessant use of reaction images!

    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/04/12(Sun)02:58 No.18198345

    That's mostly because it takes an hour to describe combat that takes minutes in actual time. A lot of complex things happen in a few seconds in air combat.

    Also, remember the distances over England aren't very far when you're traveling at hundreds of miles per hour. England is TINY, when you think of it.
    >> Starshadow 03/04/12(Sun)03:07 No.18198442
    Whao its late. See you gents on tuesday.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)03:28 No.18198636
    So, PF. What do you know about WWII small arms? Which do you like? Which don't you like?

    Mostly I just wanna know how on my shit I'll have to be from now on, since we're going to be on the ground pretty often apparently.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/04/12(Sun)03:36 No.18198697

    I <3 the BAR. Shirley can stuff her complaints right up her gas tube; it's a Browning Automatic RIFLE, not a goddamn LMG. lern2read witches.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)03:49 No.18198789
    Eh, that's fine and all. But it's not a match for an MG 42. If you're going to include a light machine gun as part of your infantry smallarms doctrine, you need something better than the BAR. Of course in the Pacific, it really was used more as a rifle.

    For me, though, it's got to be the MG 42 and the M1911a1. I may actually build myself a 1911 once I have my own place.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 03/04/12(Sun)04:48 No.18199193

    Oh lawdy lawdy. MG-42 was a heavy machine gun, it was just so awesome it was light enough to put on a sling. Mmmmmmhmmmm. BAR was made for an entirely different job. Not that the lesser firepower was noticed as much, since the Americans could into semi-auto rifles.


    I have one. SO SHINY
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)07:54 No.18200472
    Ho, the thread's over, huh?

    Too bad we hit image limit, otherwise I'd have dumped DESERT TANK WITCHES. The MC guy in that is great. Kisses big titted ex-witches and don't afraid of anything.

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