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    36 KB Planetary Governor Quest: Episode Two TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/12(Sun)10:44 No.18286800  
    You are the newly appointed Planetary Governor of the planet Daysimir, following the previous Governors removal from office for corruption and failure to pay the Imperial Tithes.

    The world itself is somewhat larger than Terra and has gravity roughly 10% higher, along being notably richer in mineral resources, it also has deposits of several useful substances not found on Ancient Terra. It's population of 3 billion 32 million souls (The old Governor was fastidious about keeping up population census, if nothing else) is spread more or less evenly across the single inhabitable mega-continent of Daysimir, stretching from pole to pole and containing a wide variety of environments. The planet is dotted with smaller island chains and landmasses, but due to harsh climates they are populated only by research and weather-observation outposts, along with the occasional goat herd that remains only because they have no means of leaving.

    Aside from divergent continents the planet is practically the twin of Ancient Terra, having been terraformed and seeded with Terran life forms during the Dark Age of Technology, the planet has both a massive moon similar to Luna and a range of trace minerals nearly identical to Old Earth, meaning that the population of Daysimir, unlike most other planets in the Imperium, does not require regular supplementary pills to make up for trace minerals that the planet is deficient in.

    The Sector that Daysimir is located in is near the Eastern Fringe, but far enough away from both the Tau Empire and Ultramarine space to keep interference by both parties to a minimum. There are, however, several minor Xenos Empires, a handful of Eldar Exodite and Ork-held worlds, and a single Daemon world in the sector, along with the usual blend of competing Imperial authorities.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/12(Sun)10:44 No.18286807
    The people of Daysimir are a hardy and independent folk, heavily armed and used to telling authority figures to go to Hell when their interference becomes annoying, the old Governor was blocked from tyrannizing his people by fear of a planet-wide rebellion, and was thus limited to squandering tax money on a lavish palace and personal pleasures instead of holding his populace in an iron grip as he had intended. The Governor was eventually removed from power when he began cracking down on the ancient civil rights of the planets citizens. Imperial authorities in the sector feared that a successful rebellion (As the PDF had atrophied from constant embezzling of funds for several decades) would encourage unrest across dozens of worlds and removed him from office. The planet is also unusual in that most positions normally held by Techpriests are instead occupied by civilian engineers and technicians, leaving the Techpriests in control of only the most complex and advanced pieces of machinery and greatly reducing the amount of influence the AdMech holds over the planetary government. The population of Daysimir boasts both a very low rate of mutation and almost twice the number of Geneseed-Compatible citizens, making it a popular recruiting world for fleet-based Astartes Chapters.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/12(Sun)10:48 No.18286832
    When we left our Heroine Elyssa von Braun, she was negotiating with a band of expertly trained resistance fighters that had been planning to overthrow the previous Governor before he could betray them to the Tau. Also the whole sector is going downhill in a greased sled and there are possible Genestealers/Chaos Cultists lurking in the sewers beneath our Capitol.

    Previous Thread:


    On with the show!
    >> sk- the Gubernatorial public speaker 03/11/12(Sun)10:50 No.18286844
    right, since I don't know if OP saw it as it was the last post of last thread, but continuing our conversation....

    Davos, you misunderstand our intentions.

    We are not here to declare martial law. We are not here to crush this planet under our boot heel. We are here to see this planet prosper above all else.

    Why would we alienate the populace by imprisoning the very heroes that kept this world imperial? To do so would be counter-intuitive, counter-productive, and serve no purpose. Your words here, and the intentions you bespoke only further the very point I made in asking you here. That you could be one of the greatest assets in assisting effective and just rule here that I could possibly wield. I would no more imprison you and yours than you would throw away your rifle before engaging in a firefight.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/12(Sun)10:54 No.18286872
    Okay, so to review, we're at a meeting with our officials, the local officials, and "The Resistance" lead by Dravos.

    And the current problem on the table is an unknown group beneath the sewers.

    Did i get that right?
    >> sk- the Gubernatorial public speaker 03/11/12(Sun)10:57 No.18286891

    that and he is still overly worried about us imprisoning him and the other resistance members. I think it is a fairly ridiculous fear, but imperial justice can be pants-on-head-retarded sometimes. I at least, am currently trying to allay his fears and get him firmly on our side.
    >> Trade Advisory Legislator 03/11/12(Sun)10:57 No.18286896
    " Under imperial definition you are militias. or gangs. Lets leave it at that, for expediency and politeness sake."

    „Now to assuade your fears, isn’t it obvious i am trying to recruit you not hunt you down? Regarding the arms regulation, considering that almost everyone has a gun, arresting on that basis allone would be a waste of time and resource, since it would end with a prison world. Without guards and armed population. A Idiotic course of acction at best. The registry is intended as a accounting against criminal accts as well as civilian defence appraisal. If i would have to arrest anyone it would not be on bais of who what gunor haow many he or she has. Not under these local circumstances.”
    Sippng from the Recaf cup Elyssa looked up and took in the artifical taste of the soft drug.
    „And about the sewers, I cannot let you go through with any plan without imperial sanction- a reason why i want you in PDFs or Enforcement agencies or through a colaboration agreement or institutionalizing your various organization into a Organ of the government. Think Civil defence Or something similar. ”

    Puting a statistical data slate down, Captain, now Governor Von Braun locked eyes with the spokesman of the milita.
    „I dont want to hunt or dismantle you. I want to use you to the best of my ability fot the restoration of Daysimir. I think you should apreciate that even more than what you are trying to get, since its a far better deal. "
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/12(Sun)10:57 No.18286901
    Davos jabs a finger at the table in front of him

    "Our issue with this is that once the Government knows who has what weapons, then the process of disarming and subjugating them becomes that much easier. Do you think that Rodoris didn't try the very same tactic? That half a dozen times he asked that the Citizens of Daysimir register their firearms to keep them out of the hands of Chaos worshipers, Tau-Sympathizers, and other dark and insidious foes? And that every single time those fool enough to trust him were Take, their families disappearing, never to be heard from again? Well, at least until the sixth or seventh Enforcer squad on Confiscation and Arrest duty was taken down by snipers, of course. Then the usual backpedaling would begin, laws would be repealed, politicians blamed and hung out to dry, but he always tried again."

    "And even if you do not abuse this registry of yours, what of the Governor after you? And the next? And the next after that? Will they prove to be trustworthy?"

    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/12(Sun)11:08 No.18286965

    "I understand miss, in fact, I support almost everything you're trying to do. However, I cannot trust the liberty of my descendents to the judgement of yours."

    "I know for a fact that half the men in this room, and many of their followers, would march immediately to the nearest recruiting station and sign up if we can come to an agreement here. In fact, let's go further. I would love nothing more than to see government-instituted mandatory training of every adult capable of wielding a firearm, to see each of them issued a Lasgun and a flak vest so that they may fight against any foes that seek to besiege us. But if we are to be truly free from the shadow of tyranny, the people must always have an ace up their sleeve, an X-factor tom keep the rulers from getting too comfortable. By all means, regulate any munitions you hand out, but the peoples private weapons are just that, their private property."
    >> Trade Advisory Legislator 03/11/12(Sun)11:09 No.18286969
    Proposal for response:

    Putting her hands on the table Elyssa was getting rather tired of the circular argument.

    " Lets go at this from a different angle. Would you agree to the registry, if I would implement legislation to have every household have the mandatory duty of owning a weapon?"

    " The sheer mass of them would be distribute throughout the population and impossible to dislodge. Furthermore anyone having a unregistered weapon during a sanctioned search or using it in public would be contented with a fine. I dont want to ban weapons. I want to know how many there are, so i know how many more i need to buy."

    "At any rate this is going to happen somehow over time , eventually, in one form or the other. No need to discuss it so heated yet - What i am interested is if you are open to continue your service in PDF units, Enforcer squads and civil defence units. There is a certain drought of quality and I have to redress it one way or the other yesterday. This is a one time offer that safeguards you far better than any promise would, and gets you out of future governors cross-hairs rather nicely at the same time. If i may say, i was thinking of it as a very clever solution to your needs, mine and Dasyimirs at the same time ."
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/12(Sun)11:12 No.18286985

    Is this the agreed-upon response?
    >> Trade Advisory Legislator 03/11/12(Sun)11:14 No.18286994
    Proposal for part II:

    "As for your fears against future governors i cannot see how you cant see the same thing i see. And if i have to name it, I should not be Governor, and you should not be the man you are, especially if i have to spell it out."

    >(dear god this one is either a dolt of a idiot or is baiting us into something or trying to provoke us. Seriously? Is he that deluded ? )
    > Also the annos should go with a yay or nay vote on the various responses once we pick up or start to diverge.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/12(Sun)11:14 No.18286996
    I think we need to drop the gun registration idea. This isn't about us at this point. It is about the future and they will not budge on something that could bring them great risk if we are killed or replaced.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/12(Sun)11:16 No.18287008
    >> sk- the Gubernatorial public speaker 03/11/12(Sun)11:16 No.18287010

    Leaving aside the simple fact that there simply aren't THAT many lasguns on this world to equip every citizen, let's approach this from a different angle.

    You want a means of ensuring that my descendants don't crush yours under tyranny? How would a spot on my general staff sit with you? You clearly have a great deal of experience, certainly something we need, and it would give you a voice in my ear at all times and a measure of control in the day to day running of the government.

    Beyond the obvious military control, this would also allow you to set up that training regimen you desire, and would furthermore give the government a measure of legitimacy from the people that your folk-hero status would only enforce. This planet has a proud tradition of democratic rule for positions in the lower government, and seeing one of the "local boys" in the big leagues would only bolster civilian support and produce the impression that anyone, no matter their birth, can attain greatness if they strive for it. A commendable idea, don't you think?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/12(Sun)11:17 No.18287020
    Now this is a much better approach.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/12(Sun)11:18 No.18287024
    I think this is a great idea, but keep in mind that he has had certain "dealings" with sources of heretical nature.

    If the inquisition hears this . . .

    Well, lets just say that we should keep this nice and quiet
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/12(Sun)11:19 No.18287034

    He's not deluded, he's just been through a lot of shit. From a crackdown on the Tau-controlled world he grew up on that started with gun confiscation, to the 10 years he spent killing Tau on Daysimir after being conscripted and defecting, to Governor Rodoris being an ass and disappearing everyone that registered their guns, plus just being a stubborn person by nature.

    He's also somewhat mistrustful of you due to you having your henchmen threatening them before you walked in for the express purpose of making them all angry. Quote "Stick, then carrot" End Quote. You've also made vague threats at several other points in the conversation, which isn't helping.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/12(Sun)11:23 No.18287052

    "That...sounds fairly reasonable."

    He rests his chin on his fist. "It's obvious that we aren't going to come to an agreement today, and even now Abomination breeds beneath our feet. We must deal with the problem at hand before we resume our discussion.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/12(Sun)11:25 No.18287062
    >and even now Abomination breeds beneath our feet. We must deal with the problem at hand before we resume our discussion.

    All right, lets deal with the gun problem later. We have bigger problems here. Give us the intel, just what in the Emperor's name is going on down there?
    >> sk- the Gubernatorial public speaker 03/11/12(Sun)11:25 No.18287063
    "The finer points and details we can work out at a later time, but I am glad that you can be reasonable. It bodes well for our working together in the future."

    As an aside, am I the only one thinking that we may well have found our governor's future husband?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/12(Sun)11:27 No.18287071
         File: 1331479633.jpg-(1.81 MB, 2560x1600, ws_Bioshock_Infinite_2560x1600.jpg)
    1.81 MB
    They'll take our guns!

    We should try to create some kind of gun manufacturing industry here. Arm every citizen that can!
    >> Trade Advisory Legislator 03/11/12(Sun)11:28 No.18287078
    Lover, perhaps. But we are a career noblewoman of the Navy officer cadre. we go for political arranged marriage or no marriage. marriage is a alliance tool.

    but as someone we might have affections for, this Patriot does have a certain charm.

    also kudos on the position of power bait.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/12(Sun)11:28 No.18287081

    Woah there boy/girl, lets not get hasty here.

    >Though that is a possibility . . .
    >> Experienced Rogue Trader 03/11/12(Sun)11:29 No.18287085

    You're the kind of roleplayer GM's dream about.
    >> sk- the Gubernatorial public speaker 03/11/12(Sun)11:30 No.18287094

    I was planning that one for a while. I WAS the one saying stick first, carrot second, remember?

    Also, given that the worst of the negotiations are done for the moment, my work is done for the moment, and I am going to go for my morning run that I have been thusfar neglecting. On my return, I expect to see some dead sewer-whatevers.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/12(Sun)11:35 No.18287124

    "We don't know much, what we do know is that if we don't act fast it could go badly for us."

    He produces a stack of papers from his backpack and lays them on the table.

    "Our intel traces the phenomenon to a wave of refugees from some war-torn world further in towards the Tau Empire shortly after the beginning of the Family War, many of the refugees were noted by immigration officials as acting strange, speaking in odd dialects, and staying close in small family groups at all times. They were also noted as having gone to great lengths to conceal certain family members that were almost always referred to as figures of authority from customs officials, leading to suspicion of hiding mutated individuals from the government. These families then simply disappeared, seeming to drop off the face of the planet the moment they were past the checkpoints. But in the confusion and violence of the time, especially dealing with the smaller, short-term crisis of the refugee wave, no investigation was ever carried out"
    >> Experienced Rogue Trader 03/11/12(Sun)11:44 No.18287187
         File: 1331480688.jpg-(39 KB, 555x448, 1291216278124.jpg)
    39 KB

    Can we call in the nuns with guns yet?

    *sigh* Note, need to ask Rogue Trader buddy about solving Genestealer problem. Maybe he has some bioweapons for sale.
    You don't wanna fight anything like that in close quarters like a sewer.

    The Imperial response to genestealer infestation is often used as storytelling device to illustrate the ruthless and brutal nature of 41st millennia humanity. It also frequently serves to justify that ruthlessness and brutality as a rational response to the threat that the Tyranids represent.

    The typical Imperial response to discovering signs of a genestealer infestation is to hunt down and kill all genestealers, hybrids and infected humans. The authorities then institute strict screening measures for detecting newly infected humans and quickly kill any that are found. If the infestation was widespread before discovery, the entire sector is then typically put on alert for impending Tyranid attack.

    The Ciaphas Cain novel "Duty Calls" depicts the disruptive consequences of a late-stage genestealer infestation. It also depicts efforts undertaken to eradicate the infestation from local PDF regiments as the Imperial Guard prepares to fend off a Tyranid hive fleet that has been attracted to the infestation.

    If the infestation is too widespread to eradicate, the typical response is to write off the uninfected human population and use orbital bombardment to wipe out the infestation wholesale. If the entire planet falls (whether to a genestealer cult insurrection or the inevitable arrival of a hive fleet) the entire planet is laid waste in an Exterminatus.
    >> Trade Advisory Legislator 03/11/12(Sun)11:45 No.18287190
    Not really, i only read OP until i started posting. everything else was rather irrelevant since it was only a waste of time.



    "frak."..." This was a nice session, if you please we two now have to meet up with the general staff."
    On the way we quip our thoughts in a sincere, concerned way.

    "I need you integrated in a command structure last month, starting purging the sewers last week with cyanide pill option troops, and Imperial Aid yesterday."

    Ladies and Gents. We have a Patriarch and a gene stealer infestation on our hands.

    Without some terminators, ample amounts of Sororitas. May i faux suggest auto cyanide injection a-la Snake Plissken for sewer troops and perhaps generous amounts of melta charges or perhaps a plasma bomb as house warming gifts for the Patriarch.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/12(Sun)11:45 No.18287194
         File: 1331480745.jpg-(238 KB, 556x544, 1324355818477.jpg)
    238 KB
    Anon keeps up their health too, I am beyond envy.

    >> sk- the Gubernatorial public speaker 03/11/12(Sun)11:47 No.18287207
    (go for 15 minute run. nobody has posted in the mean time. I am dissapoint /tg/)

    "Well, given the intelligence you just provided us with, it sounds either like genestealers, attempting to hide the patriarch and purestrains, or a chaos cult trying to hide its psychers from the customs screenings. Either way, we will need to exercise caution, and have a concentration of firepower with each element that goes down there.

    I trust I don't need to bring you up to speed on the risks of corruption of any personnel that become separated from the main body of troops down there?"
    >> The Mediator 03/11/12(Sun)11:48 No.18287214
    No, Seriously; Underground Genestealer Movement Gaining Momentum, I'm Out.

    O. U. T.

    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/12(Sun)11:49 No.18287222

    Shortly after the refugee wave subsided, the number of bodies found floating in the sewers decreased dramatically, despite the gang-war and resulting number of corpses in need of disposal only increasing in intensity and violence. At the same time there were a number of unexplained sewer worker disappearances in the area that were put down to them getting caught in the crossfire in Family shootouts. Soon after, sightings of strange creatures and mutated rats began to file in, as the number of sightings and disappearances grew, sewer workers eventually refused to enter the area unless traveling armed and in large groups, and only for serious problems. Fortunately for them, the number of organic blockages (Such as waste fat from restaurants and other facilities) decreased dramatically soon after. Almost as if someone were cleaning" up all that spoiled food for them. Due to a combination of the Family War distracting all competent officials and Rodoris' general incompetence no investigation was ever made into these occurrences."

    "Recently, however, with the Family War at an end, the disappearances have reached an all-time high. Children are being snatched off the streets in many poor areas of the city and the sewers have become so unsafe that most workers refuse to enter them. Obviously, something is very wrong"


    ...huh. I think I really should have anticipated that response, but since planned this out with the assumption that the Governor would be male...Shit. I've got a few female characters that would appear later on that I have to modify now.
    >> The Mediator 03/11/12(Sun)11:50 No.18287229
         File: 1331481024.jpg-(37 KB, 500x400, fuck-this-shit.jpg)
    37 KB
    After the negotiation scene and now this, my brain is fried; the Mediator is temporarily out of commission.

    May sk, in their godly ability, continue to lead the way.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/12(Sun)11:52 No.18287246
         File: 1331481125.jpg-(22 KB, 291x320, fuck this shit.jpg)
    22 KB
    So it's Space Hulk: Sewer Edition, minus Terminator Space Marines?
    >> sk- the Gubernatorial public speaker 03/11/12(Sun)11:52 No.18287253
    ooc: gameroom, in a pure numbers game, how many forces do we have at our disposal? including the resistance members.

    >> The Mediator 03/11/12(Sun)11:52 No.18287254
    Actually it could just be underground muties since this planet seems to also be thorough in its medical screening
    >> Trade Advisory Legislator 03/11/12(Sun)11:52 No.18287255

    Leave them in. they may be good rivals. or we may swing both ways. no need to modify it yet. only on poster has a affection for the former Rebel Terrorist.

    the world is as it is, no need to be changed just for us. We'll do the changing.
    >> Trade Advisory Legislator 03/11/12(Sun)11:56 No.18287287
    well, i suggest Snake Plissking time delay kill switch for all sewer troops. Fail to report on time for anti genestealer screening you die.

    also liberal amounts of flamers, grenades and melta charges.

    And we need those sisters yesterday. they may be fanatics, but those that have been decommissioned would relish the chance to fight against foul xenos and abhorrent mutants. and safeguard a rising jewel of the imperium from the depredations of the ruinous powers.
    >> The Mediator 03/11/12(Sun)11:56 No.18287289
    wait, I'm having another brilliant idea

    >> Anonymous 03/11/12(Sun)11:58 No.18287307
    That's a lot of PROMETHIUM

    Anyways, I suggest we focus a bit on the Ecclesiarchy we need a strong church to steel the people for the times ahead.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/12(Sun)11:59 No.18287308

    "We've learned from the sewer workers that have the courage to venture down there that our only chance is to never, ever get separated from the group."

    He pulls out a sheet of paper and begins drawing on it.

    "The abductions seem to only happen after nightfall, so the operation should be marginally safer during daylight. We'll need to pull every PDF Trooper we can get here today into active duty and essentially clean out the sewers block by block. We'll need Heavy Stubber emplacements at pretty much every intersection, with regular patrols through all the areas we've already cleared. My men will lead while PDF Troops secure cleared sectors. If you have any off-planet support to call in, now would be the time."

    He levels his gaze at you. "I would also appreciate a few more details about these "Gene Stealers" I'd heard of incursions by similar creatures during my time in the Tau military, but all that escaped the Tau information blackout was vague rumors and hearsay. All that was clear was how exceedingly dangerous these creatures are"
    >> Experienced Rogue Trader 03/11/12(Sun)12:00 No.18287320
         File: 1331481625.jpg-(18 KB, 360x359, dealwithitshepard.jpg)
    18 KB

    >> Trade Advisory Legislator 03/11/12(Sun)12:01 No.18287322
    Residual water means you still have to go in there. with the Snake Plisskin time delay kill switch.

    I am certain soldiers would prefer to die than turn into mindless drones of the xeno hive mind.

    all sewer troops should be educated on tyranid SoP and combating it.

    Also, those sisters are needed. thy like flamers and meltaguns. and meltaguns have this nice amount of Kill for the monstrous creatures like Patriarch.

    we may not get terminators, but Celestian Adepta Sororitas with meltaguns are the next best thing we can get, and better then guys in flak jackets with stubbers and lasguns plus the odd nade or flamer.
    >> The Mediator 03/11/12(Sun)12:03 No.18287335
    To put it lightly, every man woman and child that goes into the sewers will need to be screened for genetic and psychological taint and most of the men who go down there will be at a disadvantage against creatures that, if we are dealing with a genestealer incursion, give the vaunted Astartes a run for their money.

    >too much?
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/12(Sun)12:05 No.18287350

    PDF is about 300,000 troops planet wide (remember, that is the military of an entire planet of over three billion souls) They are poorly trained, their equipment is faulty, and they are likely to run if the fighting gets fierce.

    The Resistance numbers at about 8,000 members in total, in small cells scattered across the planet. They are expertly trained, well equipped, and many are experienced veterans of a long and bloody guerrilla war against Tau occupation forces. Work best as Spec Ops.
    >> sk- the Gubernatorial public speaker 03/11/12(Sun)12:05 No.18287351
         File: 1331481954.png-(20 KB, 1008x630, seweres simplified.png)
    20 KB
    guys, guys, guys, you're going overboard. We don't want to destroy our infastructure or have to wait 2 months. We need to fix this problem, and do so immediately, and I have a plan for how.

    We treat it like an insurgency boarding action. We setup a series of strongpoints on the outside and slowly push in. Say that the image to my left is a simplified setup of the sewers. the red blocks are heavy weapons teams with overwatch snipers behind them and a good mass of troops as well incase they get attacked en masse.

    we slowly have each unit push forward till they meet up with others, make a slowly constricting net that kills all nids found inside. Once we encounter heavy resistance, mark that spot, and hold advance there. Once all teams have met sufficient resistance that they can't advance, just use heavy ordinance to blow everything inside that perimeter to hell.

    We may not have much forces on a planetary scale, but we should have more than enough to use this tactic.

    sound good? if so, I say we present it to our military staff.
    >> Experienced Rogue Trader 03/11/12(Sun)12:07 No.18287366

    "That's pretty spot on, they're man sized abominations. Multiple appendages with very long claws. In melee they may be one of the most dangerous foes in the galaxy. Worse yet they're capable of varying degrees of mind control. If it's not with you shoot it, even the innocent may bare the spore of one of those things. And where a genestealer infestation is Tyranids are soon to follow. We have to be quick and decisive, there can be no mercy or quarter given. The imperium would sooner bombard us from orbit than let a single one escape. I may have some assistance. I will meet with them and see if an arrangement can be met."
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/12(Sun)12:08 No.18287373

    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/12(Sun)12:11 No.18287396

    He nods and walks off to join his staff at one end of the room.

    Your Rogue Trader friend has sent a message saying he'll be there in two to three days. He says he's bringing some "New Friends" with him that would like to meet you. Knowing him, you can only hope he isn't bringing Tau traders to your doorstep.
    >> Trade Advisory Legislator 03/11/12(Sun)12:12 No.18287403
    Couple this with snake plisskin time delay kill switches and proper rotation and that is the most we can do now.

    but remember that these things are more numerous then terminators, and cut said terminators to ribbons. If one of them gets into the strong point or the battle line it is lost and they have broken through.

    We need to get al the water out of the sewers, then get the troops with some kind of night vision auspex googles or bionic eye implants. plus aforementioned time delay kill switch.

    getting the sororitas would be great. until they get here we might fight our way to the patriarch or at least contain it.

    but once we get to the patriarch the resistance fighters wont cut it. we need power armour, meltaguns and some faith miracles.

    Especially if they break through the first and secondary lines and we only bottle them in somehow.

    the civilians wont like not having sewer services but we need to drain them or else the swim ambush will be our undoing and we will get only dead men. plus night vision.
    >> The Mediator 03/11/12(Sun)12:15 No.18287436
         File: 1331482555.jpg-(44 KB, 750x600, nuke-them-from-orbit.jpg)
    44 KB
    no, of course not, it's another 'stealer cult
    >> Experienced Rogue Trader 03/11/12(Sun)12:16 No.18287438

    We should really look into the former sisters on this world. I'll take any help we can get. We're going to suffer losses and honestly we can't afford to lose too many of our newly acquired special forces
    >> sk- the Gubernatorial public speaker 03/11/12(Sun)12:17 No.18287446

    Thats why I said that once we've got an area we have surrounded and can't advance into, evacuate the city above it and just drop some heavy bombs on it. Surely our PDF has basilisks or something thereabouts.

    That way, we don't have to worry about sending our troops piecemeal into the hive. We just figure out exactly where the hive is and then drop the ceiling on it.
    >> Backbencher 03/11/12(Sun)12:18 No.18287455
    go in flamer and melta heavy, burn the everloving fuck out of anything remotely 'Stealer. have medicaes aware of the implant thing stealers can do, and ready to either operate to remove the parasite or troopers on hand to 'mop up' ?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/12(Sun)12:18 No.18287456
    And remember that genestealers can tunnel and have likely modified the sewers enough to make the city plans far less useful.
    >> The Mediator 03/11/12(Sun)12:18 No.18287459
         File: 1331482726.jpg-(40 KB, 750x600, mirvs.jpg)
    40 KB
    not to mention anything big enough to kill a patriarch is big enough to nom with an extra helping of hive fleet

    let us hope we are only dealing with Cultists summoning a horde of daemons
    >> Experienced Rogue Trader 03/11/12(Sun)12:19 No.18287462
         File: 1331482755.jpg-(68 KB, 292x302, Awesome 143.jpg)
    68 KB

    They're under our capital city...
    >> Trade Advisory Legislator 03/11/12(Sun)12:19 No.18287465

    Sector, not world.
    heh, they might even be greatful for getting a presence in this forsaken area of the eastern rim.

    They may be somewhat more cynical and somewhat more realistic, now that they got a cold sower of defeat, but reforming them might give us the aid we need now and perhaps some political pull down the line sometime.

    Plus, you never know when you need the backing of your own ordo militant against another one.
    >> Trade Advisory Legislator 03/11/12(Sun)12:23 No.18287497
    I proposed a plasma bomb. rmeber the Dawn of War Dark Crusade Necron Stronghold assault mission? with the guard(or anyone else for that matter)?

    IF we get to the patriarch thats the only way to kill him. and doing so kills all the troops that got there (meaning the new SF) for we cannot allow it an chance of escape.

    basilisks may allow it to escape through the rubble.

    That is why i want Bolter bitches. they get those faith miracles and are very melta heavy. enough to kill monstrous creatures. ready to bring a plasma bomb and detonate it with them. plus no political fallout with the local population for killing a hero.
    >> The Mediator 03/11/12(Sun)12:25 No.18287505
         File: 1331483137.jpg-(80 KB, 750x600, curiousity.jpg)
    80 KB
    >> The Mediator 03/11/12(Sun)12:27 No.18287527
    well... we could begin phase one of the sewer slog and pin the stealers into a wide perimeter while we wait for the Sororitas to arrive

    but 2 months means a lot of ammunition...
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/12(Sun)12:28 No.18287536

    You send a distress call to the nearest Sisters outpost requesting help with a Genestealer infestation, you get word back that the Sisters are occupied with several other infestations and "Other Problems", but they will be able to dispatch about 200 Sisters Militant to help you, and that an Ultramarine ship carrying a full company of Marines in the vicinity has agreed to help you for the good of the Imperium despite the "dishonor" dealt to them at the hands of the previous Governor.
    >> Experienced Rogue Trader 03/11/12(Sun)12:32 No.18287571

    Bah, I'd rather nuke the planet
    I think we all just love our bolter bitches
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/12(Sun)12:33 No.18287583

    You begin draining the sewers and cordoning off entrances. Manholes are welded, Heavy Bolter emplacements are installed, and a combination of Enforcers and a ragtag Volunteer Militia patrol the streets.

    Mandatory testing has shown several infected individuals in the poorer areas of the city, they are disposed of. Davos begins handing out respirator masks and drilling the PDF for underground warfare.
    >> The Mediator 03/11/12(Sun)12:34 No.18287587
    Oh thank the God-Emperor, now let's hope they don't get delayed by warp eddies or run afoul of reality shoals.

    >> sk- the Gubernatorial public speaker 03/11/12(Sun)12:37 No.18287609

    "While the previous Governor did a most grievous dishonor to the noble Roboute Guilliman, it has recently come to our attention that he was a secret Tau sympathizer and in our routine investigations of his failings, in his incompetence, he allowed a genestealer cult to take root unopposed on this world. We are currently in the process of containing the infestation with what meager forces we have available, the unmatchable prowess of the Ultramarines would no doubt ensure a quick and decisive victory over the xeno forces. We thank you for deigning to aid us in our hour of need and appreciate the quickness of your response to this threat. Ave Imperator"
    >> The Mediator 03/11/12(Sun)12:38 No.18287612
         File: 1331483899.jpg-(33 KB, 500x400, desperation.jpg)
    33 KB
    I mean, this is probably going to work out fine and everything, but I think I could use a cat nap after staying up all night... I mean, holy crap.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/12(Sun)12:39 No.18287622
    Good, hopefully we can patch things up with the Smurfs.
    Try to distance ourselves from the previous administration even more.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/12(Sun)12:42 No.18287635

    You send the message, which gets a polite response obviously written by some Chapter serf or underling. You aren't worthy of being their allies yet, but they no longer actively dislike you.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/12(Sun)12:43 No.18287646
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 03/11/12(Sun)12:45 No.18287666
    Just read through the archive, awesome quest. shame you picked female, though, a badass male navy captain called Elyssa von Braun would be so much better.

    This, but there is no need to basilisk or plasma bomb it. Once you find where a major hive is, get a drill team and a prometheum cistern above the hive. Then, drill down and pour the burning prometheum in. At that point, they have to run out of their fortified position into your heavy stubbers, retreat deeper into the hive where you do the drill->fire trick again or stay and die.
    >> Trade Advisory Legislator 03/11/12(Sun)12:46 No.18287672

    well, at least we will get some proper meatshields to deal with the genestealers.

    until then i say we focus on containment and slow advance more. keeping them from getting out of the sewers or gaining any new stealer or cultist.

    sealing the sewer entrances
    killswithing our troops.
    Regular night patrols with auspexes or bionic Eyes.
    the works. We are a Professional, and we should present a professional dealing with any threat to the Imperium as befitting of a Capitan of his most Glorious Navy, the Strongest Arm of the Imperium.

    Once we deal with that. perhaps offer the sister residence. or something- a local ordo is always a good thing, and think of a way to soothe relations with the Ultramarines.

    Then we might have a proposition for our Rogue trader friend. A mutual beneficial one. As per the Rogue trader novel series, if a rogue trader buys from a alien and sells to a imperial citizen its a-ok. As long as its not a chaos tome or something with similar insidious corruptive effects.

    We sould offer him to cofound a station and attract some other rogue traders to visit the station. and we should see if we can get anyone interested in alien merchandise to the station.
    other Local governors, AdMech Magi, Chartist Captains. I am certain we can find some clientèle. and we and our Rogue trader friend get a modest 20% fee on any transaction, for maintenance and support roles.

    With a Sororitas order we could even check if certain artefacts are dangerous or not. So that they are not tainted by daemons or have other mind influencing or corruptive powers similar to tyranid or chaos infestations.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/12(Sun)12:47 No.18287676

    If Ultramar will not listen perhaps Tzeentch will!

    Hear my prayer, O changer of ways!
    >> Trade Advisory Legislator 03/11/12(Sun)12:47 No.18287678
    This way we get a proper Future Space Mall, for various Xeno merchandise the imperium should be aware of with the proper checks by a policing arm of the inquisition to safeguard against any dangerous material.

    the Rt will be happy for profits, the SoB will be happy to prevent any taint and we and Daysimir Prosper too.

    The SoB would not object since the RT can do this anywhere actually, without any supervision and the inquisition must prevent it only after the alien influence spreads and is confirmed to be coming from a malicious artefact. This way the prevent it from happening and dealing a blow to the smuggling of traders with the xeno without a Rogue trader warrant, who may bring dangerous and malicious merchandise.
    >> sk- the Gubernatorial public speaker 03/11/12(Sun)12:50 No.18287705

    This sounds good.
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 03/11/12(Sun)12:52 No.18287720
    This reminds me
    we have people on our planet who have a working relationship with the eldar and we have a friendly rogue trader.
    See if we can help our rogue trader get eldar contracts through the militia.

    Also, getting the eldar to agree to a "I don't fuck you, you don't fuck me" agreement.
    >> Trade Advisory Legislator 03/11/12(Sun)12:54 No.18287736
         File: 1331484885.jpg-(15 KB, 290x373, CaptainAmelia.jpg)
    15 KB
    Also I do hope we are a allays in a dapper uniform, in fit shape and have a stiff upper lip nothing can break.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/12(Sun)13:00 No.18287775

    You have several drill teams begin practice for Prometheum bombing operations, and hire a few of the Chemical-Engineering Families to mix the liquid itself.


    Your troops slowly clear the Sewers, section by section. Very little contact is had, a few hostile brood brothers are encountered, along with a few dozen vagrants (Mostly mutants) and half-insane sewer workers that have been lost for Emperor knows how long hiding in dead-ends and holes, they are scanned for infection and put in quarantine, just to be sure.

    Several of your Night patrols engage Genestealers on the surface and locate several unsecured manholes that were missed by earlier sweeps and two hidden sewer entrances in the basements of churches, dozens of Brood Kin are discovered guarding both and have to be put down.
    >> Trade Advisory Legislator 03/11/12(Sun)13:01 No.18287783

    Which eldar? There are over a Dozen craftworlds each with their own agenda. Then there Are the harlequins. Then Exodites and then the Darklings almost no one is friends with.

    We might come to a NAP and trade agreement with the eldar that helped us. Perhaps. But that is the most you can get. and even a NAP is rather iffy due to imperial authorities superseding us.
    We could mediate a NAP or even a favour based alliance on the sector scale, if the Sector Governor is interested - which ought to give us some political standing and influence.

    Local Eldars may be able to dissude Eldar Privateers from praying upon Imperial ships, And in return the imperial navy may be able to patrool or answer to distress calls from local Exodite worlds. They may be able to bring the scalpel on threats, but some require a hammer.

    And who knows when the sector might be in need of a scalpel against that Deamon world and its incursions.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/12(Sun)13:05 No.18287807
    Well, there is an exodite world nearby, so they would have the most interest in stopping a relatively local threat like a tau expansion, but considering how quickly they can move around due to the webway, it could be just about anyone in the segmentum.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/12(Sun)13:05 No.18287809
         File: 1331485522.jpg-(301 KB, 950x1356, CF 1892.jpg)
    301 KB
    By the way, isn't our heroine supposed to be red-headed?

    captcha: derieno campaign
    yes, captcha, I think she distingueshed herself there
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/12(Sun)13:07 No.18287823
    You jot down several ideas for later reference.

    On a related note, Davos sends you a message saying that he can probably get an Eldar task-force to help if the Ultras can control themselves.
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 03/11/12(Sun)13:08 No.18287832

    forgot name

    I meant, the eldar that helped against the tau are probably the local exodites, and they are the ones we should at least try to get along with we enough that we don't get into fights over minor disputes.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/12(Sun)13:11 No.18287852
    No xenos, just yet. The Sisters and Smurfs make things uncomfortable enough despite how much we need them.
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 03/11/12(Sun)13:12 No.18287861
    I would rather not
    even if the ultras do control themselves, they will bitch and moan about it and tell others that we consort with xenos(even if they say so in a positive or neutral manner, rumors would be spread), and I would rather not call in favors from anyone unless we can help it.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/12(Sun)13:13 No.18287865

    According to Davos they were a mix of local Exodite Eldar and strike teams from a Craftworld somewhere nearby that offered to help their planet-bound kin. He says we can expect the same kind of support this time around, if we can avoid a gunfight between them and the more zealous allies that will be fighting with you.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/12(Sun)13:15 No.18287875

    You send a message saying that it would be awkward for future dealings with the Imperium, he acknowledges and resumes scouting missions in the sewer system.
    >> sk- the Gubernatorial public speaker 03/11/12(Sun)13:17 No.18287889
    I think I am, going to retire fromt he thread for the time being. Keep us classy /tg/
    >> Experienced Rogue Trader 03/11/12(Sun)13:19 No.18287899
         File: 1331486348.jpg-(3 KB, 126x126, cereal.jpg)
    3 KB

    Hate to press ahead, but any word from our RT?
    >> Trade Advisory Legislator 03/11/12(Sun)13:21 No.18287914

    Id say we have them as a backup plan. In case the imperial forces fail.

    I would not like to paint the planet as xeno sympathisers right fro the get go if we want to try for the political goal in the sector with brokering a mutual cooperation pact or something.

    So, it would be best if we could count on their help but be able to not deploy it unless the Imperial aid is destroyed.

    This goes into the murky depths between overkill and self-sabotage. and while there is no such thing as overkill, self-sabotage through overextension is quite real.

    At least i would not wager on the Sororitas to hold their trigger fingers before we can get the space mall running. then they might be more comfortable with reasonable aliens. since they know that they can burn every single one of them if they make a funny move. but give them the benefit of a doubt.

    and the ultramarines may see it as either a over reaction a insult to their prowess or good precaution. 2:1 that they get it negative is a bit much.

    So id rather not get the eldar involved if we can do this with the imperial aid.
    Although i bet the Eldar Could get faster here than the Imperium. Which does sound tempting.
    But lets not sacrifice their low numbers if we can. I am certain they will appreciate our insight or understanding of both aspects of the issue. Even if we can farsee.
    >> Trade Advisory Legislator 03/11/12(Sun)13:23 No.18287925

    Although the fact that they offered is a good sign for our political goal. Or its a ploy. Either way.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/12(Sun)13:25 No.18287937

    None yet. He should be here with his "New Friends around tomorrow.


    You tell an aide to ask Davos if the Eldar can be held as reserves the next time he comes up out of the sewers to wash the Genestealer guts off of his armor.

    Yeah, now seems like a good time to call it a day. I've been running this thing for almost 8 hours now. I'll archive this and resume next Saturday at around 8:00 PM US Mountain Time. See you then.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/12(Sun)13:28 No.18287955
         File: 1331486922.jpg-(1.34 MB, 2592x1944, space cowboy.jpg)
    1.34 MB
    'til next time, lad.

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