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  • File: 1331742360.jpg-(261 KB, 469x372, dirkwillemscap.jpg)
    261 KB Let No Good Deed Go Unpunished: conclusion Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:26 No.18324310  
    Hey /tg/...
    A couple of months ago I made a thread here about a campaign I was playing in, where the DM was of the philosophy of “Let No Good Deed Unpunished”, and....
    ...Well, I guess that due how it ended, I'll take a break from gaming.
    Care to listen, /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:29 No.18324340
    Of course.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:31 No.18324364
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:31 No.18324370
    My interest is piqued good sir.
    Pray continue.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:33 No.18324382
    Well, then...
    As some of you (maybe) remembers, my DM had as concept that there was no such thing as an uncorruptible character...and didn't wanted to hear anything against that point.
    I was playing a CG human cleric: he was generally gentle, friendly, a bit naive, spent a good part of his gains into charity of sort and never turned down anyone that required help in a moment of need...thing, that apparently made my character target of all kinds of bullshit from the DM everytime I tried to do some good actions.
    I gave a coin to a poor man? He tries to cut my throat as I turn my back to get all the rest.
    I went to help a wounded traveller? Turns out that it's a fuckhuge monster that though for some reason it was able to disguise himself into an human.
    I tried to help the poor orphan kid at the side of the road? Turns out it's a demon, that immediately curses me.
    There would be many other examples, but let's get to the point...
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:34 No.18324394
    Did the first thread get archived? If not, carry on anyway!
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:37 No.18324421
    lol at the picture
    also c'mon OP
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:37 No.18324425
    I think it wasn't...as far I know, at least.
    During the last two months, I had to endure a rather...large amount of situations of sort: from getting almost lynched several times to getting almost killed in my sleep by a guy that I gave shelter for the night...after a while, though, the DM started to take my character background and completely break it, coming up with several -never heard before or even quotes- family members that became evil and are pretty much the worst kind of scum -short of one that he decided to kill in front of my character-...seemed like he wanted to break my character at all costs.
    Myself, I kept enduring as much as I could, countering his attempts of “LOLFALL” at times...and then, he took it on a personal level, let's say. He started to take me over to discuss that my character was completely unrealistic and gave me tips on how he should turn to a completely darker tone. He even went his way once to try to bribe me IRL in extra EXP points and equip if I decided to turn evil, for fuck sake!
    Nonetheless, I kept playing my character: I had decided that I wanted to play him to the end!
    So, here we get to the last session...
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:41 No.18324447

    During last session, the party stopped to a town (where, funny enough, the only evil member of the party was pretty much treated like a king whatever he did) to rest for the night...
    Up to then, there were no big problems of sort...I get pretty much treated like shit as usual by the innkeeper (max ranks on diplomacy and 16 CHA apparently doesn't do diddley), and we went to hit the sack...until in the middle of the night, I hear a scream.
    My character wakes up, and decides to check out immediately what happened: he rushes in the streets, and sees in one of the alleys a group of orcs that just killed a human....as they see me, they immediately run off.
    I try to stop them, but they manage somehow to outrun me, and-
    Suddenly, the guards arrives!
    As they see the scene, they immediately try to arrest me for killing the town chief: they are planning to justice me as soon we'll reach the prison...I try to explain myself, and show also an airtight alibi (hell, I didn't had even a knife with me, even less a multitude of them), but it's no use.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:41 No.18324453
    just looked up Dirk Willems on Wikipedia. Burned at the stake for pouring water on his head for Jesus by people who believed that he couldn't do that because water had been poured on his head for Jesus when he was a baby.

    And I have to ask myself, why do DMs go to great lengths to make worlds that are believable or "make sense" for their players to campaign in when the real world has so much retarded and unbelievable yet true shit in it?
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:43 No.18324478
    Dude sounds like a dick that took a first year psych class and can't think for himself. Ignore him and play how you want.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:45 No.18324488

    I think this is a threadstory about the player doing exactly that. All ahead full and damn the torpedoes!
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:47 No.18324501

    At this point, while they are taking me (no combat involved of sort, or any chance to escape: he just went “they get you, punch you repeatly until you bleed, insulting you all the way” regardless of being a level 15 cleric), a blackguard appears and starts to slaughter them, much to the surprise of my character (still unable to act), and started to do a long one-sided talk about why I helped these people if they all deserve to die, etc etc etc...
    At the end of this 5 minutes long talk, I finally was able at least to answer...and I kept it simple, just like my character: “...Why I help these people? Simple....it's because all I can see, is anger , suffering and hatred...I might not change the world, but someone has to take the first step to improve it in a better world, no?”

    ...well...I guess I'm still rather wordless, to be fair.
    Let no good deed go unpunished? I guess that was his way.
    I regret nothing.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:47 No.18324504
    Just giving my support
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:49 No.18324515
    What network was this on?

    Just curious.

    Also, it sounds like you were spoiling the mood of the game, dude. How did you get into that game in the first place?
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:49 No.18324517
    What the fuuuuuck.
    Sounds like he had some fucking issues.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:49 No.18324519

    your DM was a faggot good job OP.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:50 No.18324522
    Wow, what a faggot.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:50 No.18324523
    It's difficult to believe this is real.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:50 No.18324527
    well he's a terrible person, but to be fair it seemed like he wanted grimdarkdeathmurder and you weren't playing along with that. I'm not defending him, though - he sounds like a cunt.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:50 No.18324534
         File: 1331743849.png-(81 KB, 190x290, fuckyouimawalrus.png)
    81 KB

    What a fucking dick.

    Can't say it looks like being banned from his game was a bad thing at all.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:52 No.18324552
         File: 1331743951.png-(349 KB, 378x375, 1282708315482.png)
    349 KB
    You followed the hard and valorous path. And he was a douche.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:52 No.18324553
         File: 1331743956.jpg-(89 KB, 640x480, 100 out of 10.jpg)
    89 KB
    Your DM is a turbofag.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:52 No.18324557
         File: 1331743975.jpg-(74 KB, 499x374, 1323985022528.jpg)
    74 KB
    Some people dude, some people...
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:53 No.18324561
    Did you keep logs?

    Post logs.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:54 No.18324572

    It was on rizon.

    Regardless: I don't really think I was doing much to spoil the mood of the game, to be fair. It was a bit grimderp, yeah, but really: I was one of the two person that actually bothered to roleplay further than just their own class. The rest of the party pretty much was in for EXP and loot: they actually didn't bothered with social encounters that I took care of most of the time. (even if they kept backfiring in several cases)
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:54 No.18324573
         File: 1331744085.jpg-(10 KB, 201x221, wiki wants your sex.jpg)
    10 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:58 No.18324595
    Was it a /tg/ group?
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:58 No.18324597
    You done well, OP, you done well. I was expecting a longer story, but it seems your DM blew a fuse when he couldn't railroad you into herpaderpevil.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)12:58 No.18324598

    Sorry, I don't, otherwhise I would had linked them...
    Damn, now that you mention it, it would had been a good idea to start to get some logs some time ago.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:00 No.18324609
         File: 1331744404.jpg-(32 KB, 340x327, 1240611981830.jpg)
    32 KB

    Dude, no. I call bullshit. There's no one so fucking megafaggy as that

    Post some fucking IRC logs
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:00 No.18324620
         File: 1331744453.jpg-(196 KB, 840x840, 2010-12-30-357993.jpg)
    196 KB
    <- Your DM needs this to happen to him.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:01 No.18324626
         File: 1331744495.jpg-(100 KB, 900x662, 1309919247509.jpg)
    100 KB
    Even now there is hope for man.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:03 No.18324637
    Retarded underage faggot who think being evil is super cool.

    There are many of them actually.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:03 No.18324643
         File: 1331744639.jpg-(23 KB, 170x236, 1324870370198.jpg)
    23 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:04 No.18324648
    The rule I live by when GMing is this -

    It may be my scenario.
    We may be using my rules.
    But they are NOT my characters, and I don't get to dictate how a player chooses to RP them.

    There is only one exception to the above rule, and that's stupid failure-to-consider-the-consequences moments like using Detect Evil on the evil king, then stabbing him the moment it comes up positive.

    it's served me well so far
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:04 No.18324651
         File: 1331744699.jpg-(190 KB, 436x600, cockatoo_LOVES_chocolate.jpg)
    190 KB

    Apparently, there was. This one DM didn't like him, though.

    Kudos to you, OP.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:07 No.18324663
    Because logs would boost your credibility by a great deal.

    For example, not trying to stop the blackguard slaughtering innocents? Really?
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:08 No.18324674
    I'm proud of you OP.

    If you wanted to DM a game, I'd be happy to join.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:10 No.18324688
    You did the right thing, OP. Shame your DM decided to act like a six-year old girl and throw a fucking temper tantrum.

    Normally I'd say that you need to get in another group with this guy and this time REALLY play up the do-gooder angle. Act like all the bullshit just makes you more resolved to help people. In this instance, however, I'd say that this jackass needs to never DM again.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:14 No.18324700
         File: 1331745241.jpg-(57 KB, 400x561, f15a8476549fbda316f702b19c5b8f(...).jpg)
    57 KB
    I play a ridiculously cute and innocent and loving and sweet and lover of all things cute magical girl in Magical Burst. How sweet? She always buys presents for her friends. How innocent? She thinks sex is something they put in TV shows so kids can't watch it. How much does she love cute? Her favorite store sells Lisa Frank art. How loving? The record for meeting her in person (without hostility) and not being hugged tightly is 27 seconds.

    How tear-jerking can it get when she pushes on even if her corruption is destroying her? Very. Bright characters have a place in grimdark, especially if they keep smiling no matter how bad it gets and never break down in sheer defiance of everything. It just takes skill to pull it off. Noblebright characters refusing to yield in a dark setting are often the best characters.

    Case in point: Ramza Beoulve
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:15 No.18324710
    OP! What was the name of your character?
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:15 No.18324713

    To be fair: the DM went in "description mode" (aka: "do not take any actions until I'm done describing and I tell you to go") so I couldn't do much in that moment. My next course of action would had been to beat the everliving shit out of him and try to capture him alive, after the talk.

    Still, yeah: shame I didn't thought to start to save logs for it.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:16 No.18324715
    Agreed. If the DM was not such a colossal jackass and actually was with the player for this, occasionally even throwing a bone at him, it could've been awesome as all shit.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:20 No.18324731
    Or find the group where this guy is a player and play the most cheerful LG person ever. If he plays in IRC that wouldn't be too hard.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:20 No.18324732
    >did not try to heal any of the body parts lying around
    >did not actually start buffing
    >started talking to the psycho who just cut down a whole bunch of people in front of you
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:20 No.18324733
    wow. Just... wow. Were I in this game, and saw the DM act like that to another player, I'd drop the game right there. That's certainly a "That DM", and I don't want to hang around for the inevitable rape scene (done because it's "dark and realistic", presumably)
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:22 No.18324741
    >try to heal people and therefore drop his guard for the blackguard attack
    >not try to talk him out of it diplomatically and without bloodshed, like a real good cop
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:23 No.18324746
    Just from the way OP writes I am assured that he is the massive faggot and that the DM acted nothing like OP describes.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:29 No.18324773
         File: 1331746150.jpg-(8 KB, 176x175, images.jpg)
    8 KB
    OMG, someone's DM threw a hissy fit 'cause OP was actually role-playing?

    Someone give this man a medal.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:29 No.18324778

    His name was Glewinn. Why you ask?


    - The DM described them outright dead with no chance to save them (I actually asked about that, you know.)
    -Couldn't act before he gave the "Ok" for it (yeah, kind of a bullshit rule, but at least it worked for get them BBEGs have their speech.)
    -Talking, was all I was allowed to do at the moment.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:31 No.18324794
    >yo I think this nigga's evil
    >yup, he's evil

    Typical PC logic.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:47 No.18324892
         File: 1331747235.jpg-(64 KB, 600x450, stabmint.jpg)
    64 KB

    Remember, there are no adventurers. Only murderhobos.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:55 No.18324943
    The DM described is a faggot.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)13:57 No.18324966
    Wow, this is... this is pretty bad.

    This is why you game in person whenever you can; you can see bad scenarios like this coming from a mile away through body language and other hints.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)14:04 No.18325025
    I'd join that dm's game.
    Half because I want to play a good guy, and half because I just want a game to play :c
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)14:05 No.18325037
    are you using mIRC? I know for a fact it automatically keeps logs for you.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)14:13 No.18325103
    Me too.
    Actually, give us all the channel.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)14:13 No.18325104
         File: 1331748817.jpg-(62 KB, 481x636, 35636_154217411291561_10000109(...).jpg)
    62 KB
    not all of them are hobos
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)14:17 No.18325130
    channel please
    hell, i could even go for a grimdark dark, i just want to play
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)14:19 No.18325146
    How would I deal with a reversed situation? I'm DM, my world is fairly noblebright and there's a chance my players might go full grimderp evil. My first thought to "I kill the little girl" is "celestials come in through the ceiling" but that's bad DMing isn't it? How do I give Evil consequences without punishing it? Also if my players rape something am I justified in sending a paladin hit squad?
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)14:20 No.18325153
    If you are ever in the situation again you should play his game....to the extreme. Rape infants, kill pregnant women, eat someone alive, etc.

    When he talks about how extreme you are tell him that this is what he wanted.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)14:21 No.18325158
    Maybe the little girl was the daughter of the town mayor or something and they are chased out of town and never allowed to return.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)14:28 No.18325236
    The little girl was Skruul in disguise.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)14:28 No.18325241
    local police (or similar force) will hunt them if they left enough evidence.
    If the players kill some of the low level chasers then high level headhunters will come into the game.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)14:30 No.18325260
    Then you take off the kid gloves and show them consequences of stupid evil. Send bounty hunters after them. Make it so that no one is willing to trade with them. Either they eventually get destroyed or learn to practice smart evil.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)14:31 No.18325276
    Another guy from the game here.

    I'd give you the channel but the DM is kind of big about his privacy, liking to think this is his own super-secret cool club, invitations only, and whatever. If you want to play - and frankly, I think he went way overboard with the OP and endorse your plan completely - I can give him the message once he pops online and we'll see if we can throw an email to your end or something like that.

    That said, OP was originally recruited from /tg/, while the rest of us came from elsewhere, so he may have gotten the wrong sort of an idea about this whole place. I'll see what I can do, though.

    Okay, remember, you never met me. Sshh.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)14:39 No.18325359

    Fallout handled it well. if you killed a child somehow, you got a trait called, inventively enough, "Child Killer"

    It made you an instant fucking social pariah.

    in a DnD game, the work should just dry the fuck up unless it's coming from amoral killers who'll use and probably betray the PCs at the first opportunity. The intelligent amoral bastards CERTAINLY won't take them seriously - they're a shortsighted incompetent liability, fit only to be used and discarded, preferably before they get it into their numb craniums to maybe try and screw their employer over.

    They want to do stupid evil shit like that? Then the consequences are a spiral into the ass-end of society where respect stops at the end of your sword, where trust simply doesn't exist, where nobody has enough money to buy the cool shit you find in your dungeon crawls, or if they do then they're too savvy and mean to pay you what it's worth. Where the pay sucks and further erodes their reputation among the general population, until they become Public Enemy Number One and a party of bounty hunters show up to try and claim the price on their heads that they've inevitably accrued. hell, maybe that's how their employer betrays them - calls the bounty hunters up and says "I know where the biggest marks in town will be tonight".

    Consequences don't mean angels coming through the walls and delivering immediate justice in the form of an ass-kicking. It means finding out what REALLY happens when you're on the wrong side of morality what happens when society has finally had enough of your shit, and just what it feels like when the floor drops out from under you, and the rope around your neck goes tight...
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)14:47 No.18325420
    Cool beans, thanks!
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)14:54 No.18325471
    This GM's setting seems head-on retarded.

    If everyone is lolrandom evil dick, how they can function as a society? Magic?
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)14:54 No.18325473
         File: 1331751253.jpg-(6 KB, 180x192, 1293918722668.jpg)
    6 KB
    How does crime even work in a high magic society?

    Police/town guard or whatever is upholding the law can just hire a mage investigator. Guy that can detect lies, call ghosts of victims to tell what happened, use divination to track criminals, etc.

    It would be 10 times more effective than what modern day police have.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)14:56 No.18325493
    I concur.
    But I like >>18325236, too. Whenever they try and be grimderp, have it backfire on them, not by fucking them over with consequences, but by foiling their attempts to be evil when it turns out the puppy the mage just kicked was a demon in disguise, the school they blew up was actually an illusion-disguised cult center where they sacrifice children, the girl they raped was someone under a horrible curse that trapped them in that shape and made them suffer horribly until they have sex, etc...
    It takes creativity and very quick thinking, but the results would be more than worth it.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)14:57 No.18325498
    Most crime is petty.
    Do you really need mr wizard showing up because 2 guys got into a drunken fight in a tavern?

    Or some punk painted ROMANS GO HOEM on the side of a wall?

    Or a purse snatching to the tune of 48 cp.

    Wizards would handle things like people using magic to create gold and shit.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)15:03 No.18325561

    If the setting is high magic enough, some righteous powerful wizard could turn himself immortal and solve all the crimes in the whole kingdom, while feeding the poor with magical dirt.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)15:06 No.18325579
         File: 1331751987.jpg-(110 KB, 501x701, flamey type.jpg)
    110 KB
    Hell yes. Please DM for me.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)15:06 No.18325580
    Hmmm, yeah society turning on the antisocial nature of some parties would make sense. And your players can't blame you for it, not really. Even a player who's a total sociopath probably understands that other people react a certain way when you screw them, even if he doesn't empathize with WHY, or have feelings like a normal human being does regarding guilt and etc.

    Such things are one of the key ways that WFRP PC's snuff it, once you remove the fate point buffer. The other is dumb luck turning against you fighting some stupid Orc or Troll because the law of averages dictates you will die in such a perilous situation at some point under normal circumstances, even if you have a clever plan. The nature of a situation with real risk simply makes it so. If you don't have any more fate points, and you engage in really risky behavior, the dice screw you eventually, and you die.

    Amusingly, one of the traditional way to lose fatepoints is penny ante shit without similarly heroic or great acts to recharge it. In other games, you don't always get the benefit of character shielding however, and your number gets punched sooner.

    You also have the Witcher Crpg. I like that you can get seriously dangerous Bounty Hunters and the like on you if you senselessly kill people.

    Sure, you can win, but it's totally not worth it considering the difficulty, cost in resources, and reward.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)15:10 No.18325608
    Hehehe. A Deadlands/Western kind of picture. I can see how that post resonates with you. I think that kind of sensibility goes well with an American West Campaign, or something with the same notions as your traditional cowboy movie/show/book.

    I think in any game where things are fairly realistic, you should also get vigilante justice. Like, you start shit, and some guy on the street straight up shoots you in the back, and he gets acquitted because you were clearly being a fuck.

    Because that happened historically. Reputation is a big thing in realistic situations. Have a good reputation and people believe you when you said you defended yourself or someone wronged you. Have a reputation that's pure shit and society hears your cries of injustice, and kicks you into the ditch to choke on the filth because you are clearly a lying, perfidious sack of shit.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)15:15 No.18325653

    I don't know about most DMs, but I'd declare that Mechanus or some other plane would intervene sooner or later and stop the Wizard because he's destroying mortal progress and evolution by doing that.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)15:17 No.18325669
    >I regret nothing.
    I see nothing to regret.

    >Police/town guard or whatever is upholding the law can just hire a mage investigator.
    Criminal Mage cleanup crews.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)15:21 No.18325710
    Ah, but you forget: wizards have to trade in their sense of right and wrong for their powers.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)15:25 No.18325739
    was your DM a 12 year old or something OP?
    you earned fucking bro credentials for slogging through it and if the asshole was as pissed off as you describe, i'd say it was time well spent.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)15:32 No.18325784


    They could simply work for police. Get paid really well for doing their stuff.

    Magic schools would probably even have a specializations for police mages.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)15:32 No.18325785
         File: 1331753538.jpg-(79 KB, 500x700, Nanoha 08.jpg)
    79 KB
    > How does crime even work in a high magic society?
    > Reaction image of a soldier who fights criminals in a high magic society.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)15:32 No.18325793
    Yeah, one thing I like in fiction is really "evil" selfish people who try to keep a decent reputation for that reason...then they use that reputation against others to get what they actually want. Too bad most RPGs I've played, the characters are not really the protagonists, they are antagonists to whatever bad guy is acting up at the moment. Self-interested characters don't fit that role as easily.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)15:34 No.18325799

    "Turn in your badge and your component pouch, Cedwick! You're off the case!"

    "But I get results, chief!"

    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)15:34 No.18325807
    Read The Dresden Files, He specializes in dealing with magical crime.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)15:38 No.18325833
    >How does crime even work in a high magic society?
    >Police/town guard or whatever is upholding the law can just hire a mage investigator. Guy that can detect lies, call ghosts of victims to tell what happened, use divination to track criminals, etc.
    >It would be 10 times more effective than what modern day police have.

    It works the same, just more clever.

    I recommend you read The Quantum Thief. It's a sci-fi novel, but one of the main characters in it is a genius boy detective who solves unsolvable crimes in a society that's so strictly controlled that it seems crime should be impossible there. It may give you some ideas.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)15:45 No.18325885

    It's obvious somebody really smart and with some magical knowledge could pull it off, same with powerful underground organizations hiring evil spellcasters.

    But 90% of crime would be gone.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)15:58 No.18325999
    Calling in a mage on 90% of crime will just bankrupt the system. There's a reason you don't see speeding tickets and petty theft on CIS.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)16:01 No.18326017

    Hey there!
    Good luck with that, I guess... (hoping that he won't bug you as much he did with me)
    Eventually, tell me how it went later in PM, alright?

    Regardless, I can see that the thread took a rather ...peculiar turn. Never change /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)16:28 No.18326224
    Did you guys ever read Justine - The Misfortunes of Virtue ?
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)16:38 No.18326311
    Also, the Dresden files.
    I guess that kind of comes down to what you regard as "high magic" though. Because really powerful entities exist, and yet petty crimes occur.

    It's really a matter of "do I care enough to do something about it", and that some powerful effects can take significant investment, and the fact that people can do magical things to cover there tracks. It can be obvious that someone did something to cover, but not who did it, except to exceptionally talented individuals who might or might not elect to help you figure out who.

    In a society without our institutions, you might have to actually bribe the person with the wherewithal to help or hold someone accountable to even bother, or otherwise twist someones arm to get what you want.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)16:40 No.18326338
    No. What's that about?
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)16:52 No.18326442
    It's about a teenage orphaned girl in the XVIIIth century, who is raised in a coven until her distant family stop paying for it, and she gets thrown out.
    She holds very highly her ideals of christian virtue, and tries to make a living that doesn't contradict them. But most people she meets have other plans for her, and she faces a series of escalating hardships, mostly involving rape, as she persists in her dedication to God and virtue.

    It's a well-known philosophical/pornographic novel by Donatien Alphonse François de Sade.

    It's inspired by Samuel Richardson's Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded. And there's a second part called Juliette, or Vice Amply Rewarded, about her sister.
    >> H+ 03/14/12(Wed)17:10 No.18326658
         File: 1331759416.jpg-(40 KB, 600x376, 1520931-take_my_money_super.jpg)
    40 KB

    Fund it.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)19:14 No.18328149
         File: 1331766885.gif-(1.38 MB, 320x176, 133147726475.gif)
    1.38 MB
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)19:17 No.18328178
    And it sounds like Candide might have been penned in response to such moral tracts as this when you describe it.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)19:18 No.18328189
    It was written by the same guy who brought us 120 Days of Sodom and the very word 'sadism'. You do the math.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)20:57 No.18329771
    Actually, it's been published only after the french revolution, and probably started some years after Voltaire's death.
    I think that it was a new discussion more than a response to his works, too.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)21:01 No.18329812
    I don't think either that there was anything like it published in the decades before, which could have deserved a response like Candide.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)21:38 No.18330335
         File: 1331775527.png-(127 KB, 1259x1050, maelstrom.png)
    127 KB
    Don't take a break - your GM is grimderp retard. Best characters in grimdark worlds are the ones that try to make it brighter, and by their very existence just make the setting all that much darker in comparison, and sometimes, they make a difference. Pic totally related.

    Fucking FUND IT.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/12(Wed)22:09 No.18330747
         File: 1331777348.jpg-(658 KB, 1330x1196, Paladin Tenants.jpg)
    658 KB
    As the player who wrote that piece; I would love to know the channel OP came from.
    /tg/ would Paladin that shit all over the place together.

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