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  • File: 1332307864.jpg-(234 KB, 604x652, MSQ header H2.jpg)
    234 KB MAHOU SHOUNEN QUEST Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/21/12(Wed)01:31 No.18400824  
    These are the continuing adventures of the HMS Swagtanic. We will sail on until we can safely drown in a Sea of Bitches.

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-LAST TIME=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    You lay in the bed, the girls curled up on either side of you.
    Eric and Ursula to your left, with nanoha and Hina to your right.

    You spent hours on end being their own personal clothes model.
    Hina was apprehensive at first, but when they put on the clothes you wore back when you first met her, she lit up.

    After tiring themselves out dressing you up over and over again, the girls collapse into bed.

    Now only you and Erica remain awake.
    "You know," she tells you "I admire her for having the courage to tell us her feelings."
    "I do too." you answer her
    "What exactly powers it though?" she asks you
    "Powers what?"
    "Your chick magnet. We take our eyes off you for an afternoon, and another girl manages to fall in love with you. It's like you just draw them in without you even knowing."
    "I have no Idea what you mean." you answer her "i jsut treat everyone as I've almost always have, with respect, care and a smile on my face."
    "EXACTLY. That fucking smile will drown you in girls." she tells you with a chuckle. "I swear."
    "You know you need to take her out sometime soon, right?" Erica asks you, "She did become another one of your girlfriends after all."
    "Of course I will." you tell her.
    "Good boy." she then snuggles in closer into your side. "Now shut up, kiss me, and let's go to bed."

    >lol sorry for the delay
    >paperwork is a bitch
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)01:35 No.18400863
    Yeah, I know that feel, bro.

    Anyway, shut up, kiss Erica, and go to sleep.

    We need to wake up early to get everything recorded for Nanoha's locket.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)01:36 No.18400877
    Shut up, go to sleep covered in women. Get up early and find somewhere quiet and maybe even soundproof to record all the stuff we'll need for Nanoha's locket, we don't want to ruin the surprise or cause mass depression when we play the violin.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)01:36 No.18400878
    So, we need to make recordings for Nanoha's locket, and what the hell are we actually doing for her birthday, aside from that?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)01:38 No.18400889
    Girly, sugary spectacle for the whole family to get in on.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)01:38 No.18400893
    Don't we still have ingredients for a cake that we never assembled?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)01:39 No.18400896
    I was actually thinking of a morning jog out to town, and doing it in the park. It should be pretty empty in the morning. We can get started on Sousuke's bread before we head out, and leave Jakob to watch over it.

    Aside from the locket, I was thinking a chocolate cake with icing wings.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)01:39 No.18400899
    I can't recall. We might.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)01:41 No.18400918
    Something involving explosions, hopefully.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)01:42 No.18400928
    Maybe ask Sousuke if he's found a Weapons Firing Range here, and test out our Molotov Paintball Gun?
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)01:43 No.18400933
    Winged Chocolate Explosions.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)01:44 No.18400940
    That actually explode when thrown!
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)01:44 No.18400941
    Flying (Winged) Chocolate Hearts that if told to, may explode.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)01:45 No.18400948
    I think we may need some help on this.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)01:45 No.18400949
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/21/12(Wed)01:47 No.18400968
         File: 1332308855.jpg-(106 KB, 490x700, cant turn the swag off.jpg)
    106 KB
    Kraus wakes you up early that morning like you asked him to.
    "I'm up. I'm up." you tell him mentally.

    You take a quick moment to enjoy the warmth of your bed, and of the girls in it.
    Nanoha and Hina are still on your right, Ursula is snuggled up to your left side.
    Erica is somewhere on the floor.

    You give the girls a quick squeeze and teleport out.
    You then lift Erica back on the bed, and put her in the middle where you were.

    After one final look at the girls, you begin to go into action.
    You skip making breakfast, and decide to just materialize it later to get some more time.
    You take a quick shower, change into your bureau tracksuit, grab your folio, and head out the door.

    The time is [04:00]

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)01:49 No.18400983
    They explode, sending a melted chocolate core all over the place.

    Perfect for sexytime shenanigans. Throw a few up in the air and look at this mess we have to clean up, yum.

    >qumiscl church

    No, captcha, this isn't something we should do in a church.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)01:49 No.18400990
    Find somewhere isolated to record the violin segments for the locket, we don't need to set up bread yet with it being 4 in the morning.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)01:50 No.18400994
    Head to the park in town, or some other place we think we can be undisturbed, for recording to the Locket.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)01:50 No.18400995
    Let Jakob out, so that he can get started on Sousuke's bread. He can use Laplace Mode as necessary.

    Then we job out to the town and the park, and set up on the shore of the lake. Then we start playing, our memories and love for Nanoha. Have Kraus record it, so that it can be transferred into the locket.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)01:50 No.18400998
    Let's talk to Vita and Sakura about the sorts of things Nahona likes. They're good friends after all, they'd have good ideas for stuff to put on the locket.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)01:50 No.18400999
         File: 1332309054.jpg-(112 KB, 1024x770, mythbusters.jpg)
    112 KB
    Just saiyan, but we need a "Application of theoretical madness in practice" class.
    By these two.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)01:51 No.18401005
    >these two
    meant "these guys"
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)01:51 No.18401008
    Record some upbeat tunes and a few sickeningly romatic tunes for Nanoha's locket.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)01:51 No.18401009
    Do this >>18400995

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)01:52 No.18401016
    Do we have a solo date with Nanoha or throw her a big surprise party?

    Im leaning towards the big party myself
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)01:52 No.18401017
    They're probably asleep. All we should really need for the locket at the moment is the song, it's not like we can't record more stuff later.
    >> Amateur Drawfag 03/21/12(Wed)01:55 No.18401035
    Well, our room is sound-proofed if I remember correctly. How about we record it here later once the girls are out?

    Also what was the Fudgeyate wearing? Full blown lacy skirt and all?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)01:56 No.18401041
    >> Lookout 03/21/12(Wed)01:56 No.18401046
    bunny mode.

    seconding going to the park to do the recordings.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)01:57 No.18401051
    If the girls are leaving the room, we can't be far behind, or we'll be late for class.
    And considering what happened last time, we DON'T want to be late for class.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)01:57 No.18401053
    Any time this evening/after classes to talk with Perinne?
    >> Amateur Drawfag 03/21/12(Wed)01:58 No.18401056
         File: 1332309494.jpg-(4 KB, 214x121, download.jpg)
    4 KB
    So like this?
    >dat face
    >> Lookout 03/21/12(Wed)02:00 No.18401072
    >"A pastiche of what appears to be a maid uniform. With a red frilly skirt, striped thigh-highs and and big red ribbon."
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)02:00 No.18401076
    Only with bunny ears, pretty much.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:04 No.18401092
    We still need the neko mode.
    At least go for his canon cross dressing for power modes
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:06 No.18401104
         File: 1332309996.jpg-(90 KB, 530x757, 4057ccb8dad80e64b1eb67a576efd8(...).jpg)
    90 KB
    this is bunnymode
    >> Amateur Drawfag 03/21/12(Wed)02:08 No.18401116

    I need it for . . references . .
    Yeah lets go with that
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:10 No.18401125

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:10 No.18401131
    Normally I'd cry metagaming, but then again, thinking about Hina falling prey to the swag should bring up Perinne through association.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/21/12(Wed)02:11 No.18401138
         File: 1332310314.jpg-(10 KB, 216x215, images (1).jpg)
    10 KB
    You let Jacob out and ask him to get started on Sagara's bread and lay our the cake ingredients you had hidden.
    You then jog into town.

    You arrive at the lake in short time, your legs taking you there quickly.
    You take out Kraus, the locket, and your violin and you begin to think of what to record for Nanoha.

    Roll for playan skillz
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:12 No.18401143
    It's not really meta gaming when we know he is affected by us anyway.

    We just haven't spent much time with her since we are busy and she only just got to our dimension recently
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)02:12 No.18401146
    And thinking of Perrine should soon bring to mind her brunette doppelgänger.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:13 No.18401150
    rolled 73 = 73

    The memory of our date with her, the excitement of the shooting and the romance of laying in a boat together.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:13 No.18401154
    The song for Nanoha, about how much we love her and care

    Phrases are good morning, good night, I love you, us saying her name
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)02:14 No.18401157
         File: 1332310452.jpg-(14 KB, 119x186, 1327881699281.jpg)
    14 KB
    I finally get to be in an active thread, its been a while. Not the same catching up via archives, after all.

    My body is ready, LG
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:14 No.18401158
    Didn't we have a list for this?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:14 No.18401160
    rolled 68 = 68

    And I forget my roll.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)02:16 No.18401174
    rolled 33 = 33

    Our time with her, two particular bits being the tourney, and the date. The piece would end some what suddenly, as, well, the relationship is still growing.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:16 No.18401175
    rolled 65 = 65

    A song that represents how we feel about her, our love for her, excitement, tenderness, explosions.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:18 No.18401186
    rolled 19 = 19

    A song infused with our memories of Nanoha. All of our feelings for her. Her smile, her upbeat attitude, her determination to not lose.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:18 No.18401188
    rolled 64 = 64

    Our meetings of her, her confession, our current loving situation.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:19 No.18401193
    rolled 37 = 37

    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)02:19 No.18401194
    rolled 55 = 55


    Hard to put it any better than this

    >I can't find my picture of the crazy hobo on the panflute...
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:20 No.18401196
    rolled 35 = 35


    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)02:20 No.18401199
    rolled 12 = 12

    We don't seem to be today. Not bad, but nor the best.
    >> Lookout 03/21/12(Wed)02:21 No.18401201
    rolled 34 = 34

    rollan for this
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:21 No.18401204
    rolled 42 = 42

    1812 Overture
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:22 No.18401208
    rolled 22 = 22

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:22 No.18401209
    rolled 61 = 61

    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)02:22 No.18401212
    rolled 92 = 92

    We can't just play some other guy's work for a lady we love. Not that it's a bad choice for her, but we've gone all original so far, and there's no reason to stop now.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:22 No.18401213
    rolled 98 = 98

    Wow, our rolls are just plain average and bland today.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:23 No.18401214
    rolled 90 = 90

    Seconding this one
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:23 No.18401218
    rolled 33 = 33

    goddamn the dice are hating today
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)02:23 No.18401224
    rolled 1 = 1

    Don't worry, I've got this
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)02:24 No.18401226
    rolled 25 = 25

    And I just bet all three of these are too late.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:24 No.18401227


    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:25 No.18401230
    oh papa
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:26 No.18401237
    I hope you swallow your mouse.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:26 No.18401238
    Yeah great going there.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:27 No.18401244
    Papa you so crazy

    So out of curiosity how is it being on the other end of the HUEHEHUE?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:29 No.18401258
    rolled 6338 = 6338

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:30 No.18401266
    rolled 60 = 60

    Play something with a lot of sudden crescendos in a minor key.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:30 No.18401268
    rolled 40 = 40

    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)02:30 No.18401269
    Got a bit too many sides there, chum.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)02:30 No.18401273

    It feels like dancing in the rain, like showering in an amber stream of rum and just letting the HUE overtake me.

    My GF tied me to a chair and made me watch Lucky Star with her ever since I got home from class (which isn't where I thought she was going with it).

    I've been trolling /sp/, /o/, and /k/ just to try to let off some HUE and then I see this thread pop up and all at once the world is a better place.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)02:31 No.18401278
         File: 1332311498.jpg-(46 KB, 481x341, BR.jpg)
    46 KB

    Grumble grumble grumble
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:31 No.18401282

    hey no matter what dice he's rolling if Papa-N rolls a 1 it counts
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/21/12(Wed)02:32 No.18401287
         File: 1332311564.jpg-(277 KB, 527x812, 96126a96e355dcee715af42181ddf8(...).jpg)
    277 KB
    "Kraus," you tell your device "Start recording and transfer everything into the locket."

    You begin playing.
    A sweet song, a loving song.
    A song that seems ageless.
    You play your heart out for Nanoha.
    Joy, love, affection, companionship all in one song.
    You put in the memory of your first dance.
    Of that first kiss, of that fireworks display you put on for her at this very lake.
    The melody just seems to go on and on forever.

    After you finish playing, and Kraus transfers the song into the locket, you record some simple phrases in it.
    "Good morning."
    "Good night"
    "I love you."
    As an aside, you put in, "BOOOOOOOM!" to be activated whenever she says the world 'explosion'.

    You think if you have something else to add:

    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)02:33 No.18401290
    Why you gotta be mad, guys? You don't gotta be mad, there's no need.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:33 No.18401293
    >My GF tied me to a chair and made me watch Lucky Star with her
    So she's into bondage AND torture? I feel sorry for you, man.
    >> Lookout 03/21/12(Wed)02:33 No.18401295
    rolled 69 = 69

    a Battle Hymn
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)02:35 No.18401306
    Yes, I like this.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:36 No.18401308
    rolled 88 = 88

    Battle music?
    Using the memory of our fight against Kringle, the fight at Castle Barin, Allahu Ackbar'ing Sousuke.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:36 No.18401310
    Fuck yeah Violincore battemix
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:37 No.18401316
    Christ she is going to fucking love that boom, we will get it back and it will be played the most

    I said this during HLQ but you are a lucky man to have a girlfriend like that. She may torment you but it sounds like she does it as an art
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:37 No.18401321
    Ode to Joy. Or Ride of the Valkyries. Something to which one can kick ass.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)02:38 No.18401328
         File: 1332311902.jpg-(4 KB, 126x126, 1326222964479.jpg)
    4 KB
    >As an aside, you put in, "BOOOOOOOM!" to be activated whenever she says the world 'explosion'.

    All of my bear leaves


    I like it, a lot.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:39 No.18401335
    rolled 77 = 77

    Rolling for these.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:39 No.18401337
    "I miss you", to be triggered either when she hasn't seen us in a long period of time or she says it first.

    "You're beautiful", "Have a nice day"

    We know she'll at some point have training away from us so reminders to eat breakfast lunch and dinner, that can be activated if she wants.

    Awesome Battle Music.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:40 No.18401341
    rolled 27 = 27

    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)02:40 No.18401344
    These are also good.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:40 No.18401346
    Hey Landing, how many rolls do you wait for before the next post? I notice that you'll often wait until someone scores a 90, even if it takes like 20 posts.

    Are you just selecting them so that you can write good things? Or do you have hidden criteria?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:41 No.18401351
    Seconding this.

    Still think once she figures out boom that is going to be used more than anything
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:42 No.18401363
    Oh, those are also good suggestions.
    If the locket can handle them, let's include those.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:43 No.18401368
    He said before he waits for at least 5 for a minor thing or 15 for a major roll.

    Gives him more chance to get awesomer results or HUEHUEHUE when it matters

    He also waits at least 5 minutes so anyone who is a bit slower can still post their ideas
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)02:43 No.18401370
    He's said in the past he waits 5-15 minutes before committing, but he has also had unfortunate tendencies to not see things, on occasion.

    How this all applies to his current methodology, who knows.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:43 No.18401371
    For important things he'll only take the first few, or an average, or roll to decide which ones to average

    Ones take top priority of course.

    Doubles seem to attract special attention sometimes as well.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)02:44 No.18401375
         File: 1332312264.gif-(938 KB, 500x280, 1328686435129.gif)
    938 KB
    >"I miss you", to be triggered either when she hasn't seen us in a long period of time or she says it first.
    I lack a Lucky Star related heart attack picture, so have a puppy instead.


    I like cute girls doing cute things, but for hours on end...

    I might have warped her pure soul into something far more sinister then perhaps even my own.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:46 No.18401384
    Lucky you, maybe you should show her strike witches next?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/21/12(Wed)02:46 No.18401387
         File: 1332312405.jpg-(68 KB, 510x536, Magical_Girl_Lyrical_Nanoha_Na(...).jpg)
    68 KB
    You record another song.
    Something set to play whenever she casts at least 3 combat spells in succession.

    You use all the memories of the battles youve had in the Bureau.
    There was the fight with Kris Kringle, a frantic, fast tune.
    There was your fight with the paper sisters, one more relaxed but still carrying some weight.
    Your fight with team WHAT IS A VAGINA was more whimsical part of the melody.
    Your fight with her translated into energetic, vibrant notes.
    As a finale, you used the memory of explodinating Sousuke with his own grenades.

    With that done, you put away your violin and put the locket back into its box.

    As you walk away from the lake, and back towards the main path, you hear some rustlings in the trees.

    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)02:47 No.18401392
    rolled 8 = 8

    And away we go
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:47 No.18401393
    rolled 66 = 66

    FUCKING SHIROU/oh hey Perrine
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:48 No.18401395
    I thought that Nahona might enjoy a picture of a cute puppy.

    Then I thought that she might enjoy a picture of an explosion.

    Would she enjoy a picture of a cute puppy exploding?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:48 No.18401399
    rolled 78 = 78

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:48 No.18401401
    rolled 55 = 55

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:49 No.18401404
    rolled 54 = 54

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:49 No.18401410
    rolled 35 = 35

    A wild Luchinni appeared!
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:49 No.18401412
    rolled 63 = 63

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:49 No.18401413
    rolled 62 = 62

    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)02:49 No.18401414
    rolled 48 = 48

    No, with a roll like that, we continue as though nothing happened. So, we would just... go.
    >> Lookout 03/21/12(Wed)02:49 No.18401417
    rolled 68 = 68

    time for some HUE
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:50 No.18401418
    Dude, she made you watch anime Seinfeld. It's up to you whether that is torture or not.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:50 No.18401423
    rolled 13 = 13

    spot check!
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:51 No.18401426
    rolled 19 = 19

    I got a puppy from Papa N, that feels surprisingly good.

    We can do this.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)02:51 No.18401428
    rolled 75 = 75


    She lurks the upcoming movie threads on /a/ more then I do. She wants to go as Lucchini for Halloween this year. Going to be pretty out of place considering I'm going as Kane.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:51 No.18401430
    rolled 17 = 17

    dice gods i beseech the grant me dem 99's
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)02:52 No.18401434
    rolled 60 = 60

    Don't you know anything?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:53 No.18401442
    rolled 78 = 78

    Couldn't be Perrine. No way she'd lower herself to sneaking in the bushes like a common cat burglar.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:53 No.18401444
    rolled 45 = 45

    of course but it was worth trying
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:53 No.18401445
    rolled 93 = 93

    Rolling to spot the adorable puppy that needs a home.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:53 No.18401447
    rolled 55 = 55

    I envy you more than any man alive Papa.

    Does your girlfriend have a twin sister or any other awesome things you are not telling us? Are you actually rolling in cash? Seriously you lucky prick
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:53 No.18401448
    rolled 13 = 13

    We don't get 99s by asking for them like that, we get them by complaining about bad rolls or being spiteful towards the dice. /tg/ dice love irony and you can sometimes manipulate them.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:53 No.18401449
    rolled 18 = 18

    Striped panties and all?

    If I were in your position, I'd have already taken her measurements and started learning to sew.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:54 No.18401452
    apparently the dice gods approve of puppies
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:54 No.18401457
    rolled 78 = 78

    If by "puppy" you mean the Hound of Gaul.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)02:55 No.18401464
    rolled 19 = 19

    I'd be okay with that.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:56 No.18401470
    I just rolled three 78's in a row.

    I think I'm done now.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:56 No.18401477
    rolled 45 = 45

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:57 No.18401481
    fine then fuck you dice gods
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/21/12(Wed)02:58 No.18401485
         File: 1332313089.jpg-(150 KB, 1280x720, horriblesubs-strike-witches-2-(...).jpg)
    150 KB
    You step into the tree line and find the major with her sword drawn, shes pulling off impressive katas.
    "Good morning major." you call out to her.
    She sheats her sword and walks towards you.
    "Good morning Hayata! My, you are up early."
    "I had something to do by the lake." you tell her.
    "Were you the one playing?" she asks
    "Yes, yes I was."
    "A man of diligence and class. I like that. HAHAHA!" she says.
    "Why don't you join me for some training?" she tells you.
    "We should have a quick match."

    [ ]sure
    [ ]maybe later
    [ ]only if i dont have to go pantsless
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:59 No.18401491
    [x] only if I don't have to go pantsless
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:59 No.18401493
    Only if I don't have to go pantsless.

    We might lose but only a select few have the right to remove our pants when and where they choose.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:59 No.18401495
    More like
    [x] Only if I get to go pantsless
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)02:59 No.18401496
    [x]Only if I don't have to go pantsless
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)02:59 No.18401501

    Let's not give her ideas.
    >> Lookout 03/21/12(Wed)03:00 No.18401502
    [x] sure

    Time to try out the Gun Kata
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:00 No.18401513
    Only if I go pants less
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:00 No.18401514
    [x]only if i dont have to go pantsless
    Well, Jakob is seeing to Sagara's daily bread, so I suppose we can afford some time.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)03:01 No.18401518
    [ ]only if i dont have to go pantsless

    Too good to pass up.

    No and no. I live spartan, gotta put my sisters through college on a very fixed budget.

    Well, she'll likely wear pants when we're out and about, she's pretty modest outside. My guess is she'll find a lot of her costume online and sew the rest herself. I'm already on the search for good Kane shit, I don't mess around when it comes to Halloween.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:02 No.18401533
    [X]only if i dont have to go pantsless
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:04 No.18401545
    >[X]Only if I don't have to go pantsless.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:12 No.18401608
    >Only if I don't have to wear pants.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/21/12(Wed)03:15 No.18401636
         File: 1332314158.jpg-(20 KB, 337x450, 1231234444ed.jpg)
    20 KB
    "Only if I don't have to go pantsless as well," you tell her
    She looks down at herself and her pants hanging off a trees branch.
    "This?" she says, "Hahaha! Don't mind me. I just feel more comfortable without them, years of fighting like that does that to a person."

    She secures her sword's sheath and brings it to bear.
    "Now, do whatever you please and come at me."

    [ ]fists
    [ ]knives [small]
    [ ]knives [large]
    [ ]guns
    >> Lookout 03/21/12(Wed)03:17 No.18401643
    [x] guns

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:17 No.18401644
    Large knives.

    Swordfighting is cool and she's one of the better opponents we'll find to train with.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:17 No.18401645
    [x]Knives (Large)
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:17 No.18401646
    rolled 24 = 24

    [^]knives [small]
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:17 No.18401651
    Set up a cleanup bubble first
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)03:17 No.18401652
    [x]Large Knives

    We still aren't practiced with guns, even if we've loaded them properly. Though swapping out for the Molotov Paint Balls would be a good trick.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:17 No.18401654
    Fists. Because parrying with a knife is hard.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:18 No.18401656
    [x] fists
    We've used knives plenty, and I don't thing the sound of gunfire is a good idea at 4-5 AM.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:18 No.18401658
    [ ]knives [large]
    we are gentleman afterall
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:18 No.18401664
    [x]knives [large]
    Guns training is Sunday. We could use the melee practice that's conveniently here right now.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)03:19 No.18401666
    All the more reason to use knives, we're practiced with them. Meaning we'll have a better chance.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:19 No.18401672
    Knives [large], when things get dicey we'll pull out something she doesn't expect to get an upper hand, all is fair in love, war and training battles with pantsless witches.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:19 No.18401675
    Large knife

    Sword fight
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:20 No.18401686
    Well looks like our decision is made.

    Have we ever used our knives for anything other than ZA WARUDO?

    We could stand for some training in melee.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:21 No.18401687
    no homo
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:21 No.18401689
    [x]knives [large]

    We need to train with Sagara before we can do Gunkata.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:21 No.18401690
    It's not about defeating her, it's about practice and learning.

    Fighting unarmed against a good swordfighter should be a great opportunity.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)03:21 No.18401691
    [X]knives [large]

    Time to bring a knife to a sword fight
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:21 No.18401693
    I thought she along with the other witches didn't actually wear pants still.

    Given mike called Erica little miss no pants
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:21 No.18401696
    But SATAN, this is just a practice session. She even sheathed her sword.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)03:21 No.18401698
    We've used large knives as swords training in melee combat with Mike.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:21 No.18401701
    We sparred with Hina and her swords a bit, IIRC.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:22 No.18401709
    We need to learn proper technique for our knives anyway, fist fighting is something we can learn from Max but sword fighting against different opponents with different styles serves well to see where our own shortcomings are
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/21/12(Wed)03:22 No.18401710
         File: 1332314567.jpg-(71 KB, 700x913, 22163-strike-witches-sakamoto-(...).jpg)
    71 KB
    >knives large

    You bring out a pair of knives and enlarge them into swords.
    "Nitoryu huh?" The major comments on your weapon choice, "Interesting."
    She then rushes towards you, the blade of her sword flashing in the first few rays of sunlight.

    [ ]block
    [ ]parry
    [ ]evade
    [ ]counter
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)03:22 No.18401711
    A great opportunity to die, perhaps.

    It's called iaijutsu. It'll fuck our shit.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)03:23 No.18401719
    Evade & counter
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:23 No.18401720
    Evasion seems to be our style. Or parry.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)03:24 No.18401729
    Evade + counter?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:24 No.18401730
    rolled 15 = 15


    Counter if we can after.
    >> Lookout 03/21/12(Wed)03:24 No.18401733
    [x] parry
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:24 No.18401734
    That's the key to Nitoryu, after all.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:24 No.18401736
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:25 No.18401739
    Stupid auto fill stop that.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:25 No.18401742
    Evade, I don't fancy our knifes chances against her presumably magic as hell sword. Fight dirty, throw sand in her eye.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:25 No.18401744
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:25 No.18401746
    They seem to in public usually. They definitely need those pants with the velcro/snapped legs that you can just rip off.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:25 No.18401750
    No dude this is training
    >> Amateur Drawfag 03/21/12(Wed)03:25 No.18401751
         File: 1332314756.jpg-(360 KB, 1512x2358, fudgeyate.jpg)
    360 KB
    [x]evade or block
    then counter if possible

    Also to the anon who asked, here it is

    "Fudgeyate and the Drooling Dorfrou"

    >yes, he's using his mouth to carve it, you think Shirou would waste all that fudge?
    >that also includes the parts under the skirt
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:26 No.18401762
    When it comes to iaijutsu, dodging or blocking is expected and results in DEATH.
    Parrying or countering is more of a 50/50 sort of deal, but there you go.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:27 No.18401768
    Her sword isn't actually majaikal it is a focus.

    And this is sparring so no need to go all out, we want to do this and maybe continue doing it in the mornings so we get better at using our weapons before we get forced to fall back onto our dirty tricks
    >> Lookout 03/21/12(Wed)03:28 No.18401778
         File: 1332314896.jpg-(3 KB, 126x126, 1331621767304.jpg)
    3 KB
    >that also includes the parts under the skirt
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:28 No.18401780
    That is awesome and disturbing on so many levels.

    I guess he smoothed it out by licking it then?
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)03:29 No.18401788
    D: I had to carefully put down my DS, and pick up an empty can just so I could drop something in horror safely.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:29 No.18401789
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:30 No.18401790
    Trap her sword. One knife blocks it, the other goes behind it and pins it between the two. Then we swing hard to one side and try to throw her sword away.

    If this doesn't work, we still have a blade inside her guard.
    >> Lookout 03/21/12(Wed)03:30 No.18401794
    as much as I agree with you, when has "not needing to" ever stopped some of us from from trying to steamroll our opponent in a fight?
    >> Amateur Drawfag 03/21/12(Wed)03:31 No.18401799
    >I guess he smoothed it out by licking it then?
    >smoothed it out by licking it
    >licking it
    >under the skirt

    That is fucking horrifying.
    I like it.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)03:31 No.18401800
         File: 1332315102.jpg-(50 KB, 546x366, 1329649135326.jpg)
    50 KB
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/21/12(Wed)03:32 No.18401805
         File: 1332315149.jpg-(246 KB, 630x1000, 1331772388003.jpg)
    246 KB
    You evade and jump to her right, thinking that her eyepatch would give her a blind side there.
    She swings her sword down and barely misses your left ear.
    "ohohoho, you're fast" she comments as she charges in again.

    [ ]evade
    [ ]parry
    [ ]counter

    >mouth carving.
    OH GOD.
    >> Lookout 03/21/12(Wed)03:32 No.18401808
    unseeable mental picture aside, that's pretty good.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:32 No.18401809
         File: 1332315167.png-(443 KB, 640x480, 1295291150602.png)
    443 KB
    >that also includes the parts under the skirt
    That's just...no wonder even the Players got creeped out when we found the shrine.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)03:33 No.18401815
    rolled 66 = 66

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:33 No.18401816
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:33 No.18401818
    [x] counter
    >> Lookout 03/21/12(Wed)03:33 No.18401819
    [x] counter like its the fridge-match all over again.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)03:33 No.18401821
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:34 No.18401822
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:34 No.18401832
    She still has her sheath, so don't discount that.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:36 No.18401835
    I'm glad you appreciate the horror that came into my mind looking at the picture

    Now excuse me for a minute going to get my bottle of brain bleach out of the fridge
    >> Amateur Drawfag 03/21/12(Wed)03:37 No.18401843
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:40 No.18401869
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/21/12(Wed)03:44 No.18401889
         File: 1332315862.jpg-(145 KB, 850x1062, 2864 - sakamoto_mio strike_wit(...).jpg)
    145 KB
    You block her horizontal swing with your off-hand blade, and aim for her torso wit ha thrust with your right.

    She blocks it with her sheath, and pushes you away with a boot to your torso.
    "You have quite some skill. Have you trained in swordfighting before coming here?"

    [ ]attack
    [ ]wait for her to make another move
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)03:45 No.18401892
    rolled 16 = 16

    "A little, but a lot more with Mike, my handler since I arrived."
    >> Lookout 03/21/12(Wed)03:46 No.18401896
    [x] attack

    "only enough to keep knife-wielding Yakuzas from stealing my organs"
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:46 No.18401902
    This, plus "It's a little different fighting someone with normal length arms."
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:47 No.18401905
    Some when I was young, I'm not exactly an expert.

    Throw the knives at her while materializing new ones to attack with.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)03:47 No.18401911
    Waiting for another attack seems like our best chance
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:48 No.18401912
    [ ] attack.

    May as well see if we can pressure her some before it's all said and done.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:48 No.18401914
    Do these ones:
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:49 No.18401924
    [x]wait for her to make another move
    "A little. Long ago. Mike has improved me much, however."
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:49 No.18401925
    Not much before coming here, but Mike my handler trained me in using these as long or short weapons pretty hard
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:55 No.18401957
         File: 1332316532.jpg-(140 KB, 600x800, 1280419882652.jpg)
    140 KB
    Damn, now I want to watch Sakabroto fight with Signum. That'd be one entertaining fight.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/21/12(Wed)03:56 No.18401960
         File: 1332316588.jpg-(93 KB, 482x652, 4ee4282ad638e55dd05201ab5cc39b(...).jpg)
    93 KB
    "A little," you answer her as you put your guard back up "But Mike, my handler, has improved that greatly."
    "It's quite refreshing to crosswords with someone with normal length arms." you add.

    "I see, then I shall no dissappoint you."
    She lunges at you fast.
    You barely had enough time to block her slash when the sheath comes swinging for your head.

    You duck under it and attempt to trip her feet, but she again kicks you back to get some distance between you.

    AS you regain your balance she jumps up and prepares a downwards slash.

    [ ]block
    [ ]evade
    [ ]counter
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)03:57 No.18401969
    Counter, by throwing knives
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:58 No.18401972
    Don't even want to consider blocking that.

    Evade, tactical dive roll time.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:58 No.18401973
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:58 No.18401974
    rolled 14 = 14

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:58 No.18401980
    Counter, we are on the ground so dodging is unlikely and blocking her with all that momentum behind her isn't going to happen.

    Counter, throw a gaggle of knifes at her and attempt a counter strike.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)03:59 No.18401984
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)03:59 No.18401985
    Evade, attempt to use the dive to get behind or to the side of her and counter
    >> Lookout 03/21/12(Wed)03:59 No.18401988
    [x] evade
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:00 No.18401989
    Block by hitting the end of the pommel with one knife handle to disrupt, then try to smack her with the flat of the other.
    >> Amateur Drawfag 03/21/12(Wed)04:01 No.18402001

    Throw the knife at her, she cant dodge while in the air.
    That or lengthen the knife then hit her with the butt end. We can do that right?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:04 No.18402018
    >Sword Eating 101
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:06 No.18402026
    She's telegraphing. Move in before she can initiate the strike and block her arms with one of ours, and finish the fight.

    High risk, high reward.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:07 No.18402032
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/21/12(Wed)04:14 No.18402064
         File: 1332317647.jpg-(71 KB, 550x750, kanikama_strike-witches_sakamo(...).jpg)
    71 KB
    >counter optional

    You roll to your left and thrust out as she lands.
    She dodges that and moves away to allow you to recover.
    After you get back on your feet she comes at you.
    Repeated swings you can barely block or dodge push you back, she leaves no opening for you to strike.

    She disarms you with a fluid move, your swords ending up on the ground by her feet.

    You jump back and recompose and rearm yourself.

    [ ]go back to dual weilding knives
    [ ]urumi
    [ ]fists
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:14 No.18402075
    She can shield herself still.

    I think evade is really our best option She is on a pretty set trajectory coming from above so if we evade towards her we could set up a good shot
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:15 No.18402078
    Urumi. Let's make things weird for her.

    I'm willing to bet she's never fought against one of these before.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:15 No.18402082
    Go for the belt sword. We really barely have a clue how to use it, but it should throw her off too.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:15 No.18402084
    >> Lookout 03/21/12(Wed)04:16 No.18402087
    fists, then awkward grappling leading to sexual tension.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:16 No.18402088
    Urumi, but mix in throwing knifes at random intervals, lets get exotic up on her. I doubt she has any clue what to do against a whip sword that hits from any direction while blocking projectiles.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:16 No.18402091
    This will be a learning experience for Sakamoto as much as for Hayate.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:16 No.18402092
         File: 1332317800.gif-(261 KB, 300x306, 1321840162213.gif)
    261 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:16 No.18402093
    >Remove Belt
    >Make things weird for her

    Yeah, this'll be interesting.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)04:17 No.18402095
    We've probably spent time practicing with it with Mike as well
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)04:18 No.18402101
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:20 No.18402107
    > remove belt
    > giver her ideas

    Seriously though I think she is gonna want to join in on the family because we are one of the few people who can keep up with her in fighting, drinkan and we cook

    That's pretty much you gonna get taken home material for Sakamoto

    The girls are gonna start keeping us on a leash or something
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:21 No.18402117
    [x] beltwhipswordthing
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:22 No.18402126
    I think it's more like she'll want to see what else we can keep up with her in. She'll want to test our...stamina.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:23 No.18402134
    Sounds like a good sidequest.

    Several OLDER WOMEN have taken Hayate Ayasaki prisoner and are forcing him to be a SUAVE MOTHERFUCKER for their amusement! Are you a bad enough dude to take control of the HARTMANN SISTER TAG TEAM PAIN TRAIN and rescue him?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:23 No.18402136
    Yeah, I bet she'd wanna be our partner for the "sack race".
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:23 No.18402137
    Well that comes after the getting taken home part.

    She has already mentioned more than once we would make a good wife...
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/21/12(Wed)04:23 No.18402138
         File: 1332318238.jpg-(65 KB, 769x699, hayate gone native2.jpg)
    65 KB
    YOu put your hand on your belt and take it off.
    "Ohoho, I think you have another kind of sparring in mind now." she says as she watches you.
    "No, nothing like that Major."
    "You sure?" she gives you a look.
    "Of course." you answer her as you transform your belt into it's rapier form.

    You take up a fencing stance and lunge at her.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)04:24 No.18402145
    rolled 87 = 87

    I shouldn't be doing this.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:24 No.18402146
    rolled 57 = 57

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:25 No.18402148
    rolled 61 = 61

    En guard!
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:25 No.18402150
    rolled 78 = 78

    Oh god we're gonna dice ourselves...
    >> Amateur Drawfag 03/21/12(Wed)04:25 No.18402153
    rolled 14 = 14

    Oh boy, is it time for HUE?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:25 No.18402154
    rolled 6 = 6

    With our battle cry of "WAAAH I FORGOT HOW TO USE THIS THING!"
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:25 No.18402155
    rolled 100 = 100


    Rolling for introducing whips to our private activities.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:26 No.18402157
    rolled 38 = 38

    You have a dirty dirty mind Major, and my sword is up here not down there.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:26 No.18402159
         File: 1332318381.png-(33 KB, 200x200, 1327794497750.png)
    33 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:26 No.18402160
    rolled 96 = 96

    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)04:26 No.18402161
    rolled 69 = 69

    Is it time for a nat1, Slaanesh?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:27 No.18402162
    rolled 37 = 37

    Maybe we can duel that way another time but how about we finish up our first duel instead
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:27 No.18402164
    rolled 99 = 99

    Chill out guys, I got this
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:27 No.18402166
    Oh jesus. Looks like we're going to prove her right.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:27 No.18402168
    >Feat Acquired:
    >Exotic Weapon Proficiency - Whip
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:27 No.18402170
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:27 No.18402171
    I think we have this one in the bag, I would certain expect so after this performance.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:28 No.18402173
    >Make hamfisted innuendo
    >See other guy's pun, must express displeasure.

    >100, 96

    Imma stop rolling for now, I'll step in again if something important comes up.
    >> Lookout 03/21/12(Wed)04:28 No.18402176
         File: 1332318504.gif-(1.55 MB, 357x296, 1329876591232.gif)
    1.55 MB
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:28 No.18402180
    Urumi exhibition.

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:29 No.18402187
    Slaanesh wants you to know she is watching, and that the time will come.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:29 No.18402189
    >we soundly trounce a swordswoman
    >with our belt

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:31 No.18402199
         File: 1332318660.gif-(2.56 MB, 319x239, 1328417008275.gif)
    2.56 MB
    Gentlemen, this is how we roll.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:31 No.18402202
    Well we can beat 2 mikes about 3 out of 5 times when sparring with a rapier
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)04:31 No.18402204
    >all of these rolls

    Yeah I'm content with that
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/21/12(Wed)04:34 No.18402226
         File: 1332318888.jpg-(20 KB, 430x357, 1331702609555.jpg)
    20 KB
    the quickness of your blade pushes her back.
    "Fencing huh?" She says as she parries your strikes "You are indeed a man of many skills. I like that."
    She brings her sheath into play "I like that a lot!"

    She switches to using her sheath for guarding and attacking simultaneously with her sword.

    You dodge a vicious swipe from her blade, and go back on the offensive.
    With two weapons in her hands, her defense is night impenetrable.

    You jump back, and turn your sword into its urumi form.
    "Aw. Its gone limp" She says with mock disappointment.
    "Don't worry major, I can get it hard again whenever I choose." you asnwer her as you send the ribbon like blade her way.

    The softer weapon is harder to predict and block, she's noticeably having difficulty fighting it.
    Even as she dodges and rolls away from your strikes she has a smile on her face and a glint in her eye.

    "Has Perrinne told you yet?" she asks you in between swings
    "Told me what?"
    "Oh she hadn't? Anyway, I'm sure you would be a great father for your child." she tells you with a laugh as she ducks under your blade

    [ ]wat
    [ ]wait wat
    [ ]no srsly wat
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)04:35 No.18402229
    rolled 85 = 85

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:35 No.18402230
    She is trying to confuse us and put us off do not let up
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:36 No.18402237
    [x]wait wat
    Now she's just trying to distract us in order to take advantage of an opening and to push us down to the ground.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)04:36 No.18402238
    hah, cheap trick
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:36 No.18402240
    Damn that makes two now...
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:37 No.18402243
    [x]I'd make a great father for yours too.
    Don't let her fuck with us.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:37 No.18402244

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:37 No.18402246
    I am going to do everything my parents didn't do in raising my children so of course I will be.

    What does Perrinne have to do with this anyway?

    Because not going to wat in the middle of combat, if she wants to play that game we can play it right back
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:37 No.18402247
    She wants to put us off our game, we can do that as well.

    I certainly hope she's pregnant by now, it took long enough.
    >> Sanguinius !oDZ3/a4B/. 03/21/12(Wed)04:37 No.18402248

    [X] wat

    Obvious attempt at distraction is obvious. We use it as a feint. Pretend to be stunned, then we launch a trap!
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:37 No.18402250
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)04:37 No.18402251
    rolled 66 = 66

    That's why the correct response is [x]Bullshit.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:39 No.18402259
    >I am going to do everything my parents didn't do in raising my children so of course I will be.
    Seconding this.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:40 No.18402267
    Maximum trolling.
    We must take this path
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:42 No.18402278
         File: 1332319356.png-(149 KB, 321x487, 1286098745258.png)
    149 KB
    Okay, so... wait, I missed the part where we got the swordbelt fixed after Touma broke it.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:43 No.18402280
    Either of these, or both.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:43 No.18402285
    We were inna reality bubble thing for that.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:43 No.18402288
    He didn't actually break it, he temporarily drained the majaik out of it
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)04:46 No.18402307
    Well, because I wanna finish my train of thought from this:
    "Bullshit. She's a sweet girl, but she wouldn't let me close to her. Couldn't have happened."
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/21/12(Wed)04:47 No.18402320
         File: 1332319655.jpg-(89 KB, 539x765, b6d9d925ed9bbb13af5720cb926bc4(...).jpg)
    89 KB
    > bullshit
    >Fuck with her in return

    "I see, that makes three then." you tell her as you keep your eye on her sword.
    "What? Three?" she asks you as she lets her own guard down and slows for a fraction of a second.

    You take this chance to wrap your blade around hers and pull her katana out of her hand.
    It ends up stuck in a tree trunk a few meters away.
    You then make your sword rigid again and point it at her chest.
    "Yes, major. Three." you tell her as she admits defeat.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:51 No.18402355
    Thank her for a wonderful fight and ask if she would care to join us and our ladies for breakfast. We're cooking for five, a sixth would be no trouble.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:52 No.18402357

    Beat her at her own game.

    Now we find out she's part of some crazy Japanese honor-cult that demands to marry whoever beats them in combat.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:52 No.18402361
    That makes sense. I guess I've just read too much of IB actually breaking magic artifacts lately.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:52 No.18402366
    Yeah, but isn't it nanoha's birthday? Perhaps we should keep today in the family.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:53 No.18402370
    Thank the Major, help her get her sword out of the tree. I suppose it's only appropriate that we invite her for breakfast, in thanks for the training session.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:53 No.18402373
    >giving LG ideas
    Goddamnit, will you ever learn?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:54 No.18402377
    Thank you for the morning exercise Mio, would you care to join me and the girls for breakfast?

    No, she will be so impressed we beat her at her own game and combat that she demands we marry her.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:54 No.18402379
    Now it's time to ask her if she was serious, and if so to talk to the twins, Nanoha and Hina asap, because while normally such additions are their choice, we will not abandon the mother of one of our children.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)04:54 No.18402381
    LG's toned it down against Majaik, as opposed to Magic, though.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:55 No.18402392
    >Happy Birthday Nanoha! I got you a Perrine!

    Let's wait a day before we go to them with this.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:55 No.18402393
    Of course, but when would we even have the chance to have...

    Time Travel shenannigans. What the fuck.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)04:55 No.18402394
    Should be a gentleman and get her sword for her

    >ah its just 3am, I'm good for time
    >check clock again just now
    >class starts at 7

    Guess there's no stopping now...
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/21/12(Wed)04:55 No.18402395
         File: 1332320149.jpg-(55 KB, 687x894, 12335345667.jpg)
    55 KB
    "Wat." She says blankly.
    "You have three kids underway?"
    "I was only joking, major. I knew you were trying to distract me, so I had to turn the tables on you." you tell her as you put the sword away.

    She recovers her own sword and sheaths it.
    "I am defeated. you are indeed a man of many talents. You even have wits to boot. I like that in a wife."
    "A wife?" you ask.
    "Yes. I have decided I will take you as my bride. hahaha!"
    "Major, i hope you understand, I'm male"
    "It makes no difference. Hahaha!" She begins to walk away.
    "I shall see you back at the Bureau."
    "Goodbye major." you tell her with a bow.
    "By the way, what makes you think I was lying earlier?" she says before she vanishes among the trees.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:56 No.18402402
    It's another person to wish Nanoha happy birthday and maybe we can slip Sakamoto a gift to give her.

    Yeah, LG said he nerfed Touma's power level considerably in this setting. Took me a bit to realize how much which was his explanation of it during the manly picnic
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:56 No.18402403
    Mine is at 8. Goodnight errbody. Yer all welcome for that 100.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:57 No.18402408

    Goddammit if future us didn't use protection we are gonna have to kick our ass.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:58 No.18402411
    That crazy bitch is playing mind games. Oh dear.

    Eh, Worry about it later. It's not like anyone else will notice for another few months if it's true, anyway.

    Back home to make breakfast.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:58 No.18402412
    See if she will join us for breakfast, mention it is Nanoha's birthday and give her something to give her as a gift

    Then I think back to the room to find Erica groping Hina while we fix breakfast
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:58 No.18402414
    The birthday bit was included in the asap,not really something to spring on a birthday, so we'll need to wait till that's done.

    Still an urgent situation. Also, we probably shouldn't wait to talk to the twins about it, while at the same time emphasizing that we don't know what happened so anything that did was time travel shenanigans.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:59 No.18402418
    Our recordings are done, so jog back to the dorms, make breakfast and lunches, make sure the bread is done, and wrap up the locket in some nice wrapping paper with a bow, and keep it in our folio.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)04:59 No.18402419
         File: 1332320366.jpg-(14 KB, 262x337, 1326242876040.jpg)
    14 KB
    >"By the way, what makes you think I was lying earlier?" she says before she vanishes among the trees.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:59 No.18402421
    >"By the way, what makes you think I was lying earlier?"
    The fact that we haven't KNOWN any of the girls long enough for them to even start showing?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)04:59 No.18402423
    Wait, did I miss something?

    Anyway, if there's time before breakfast, maybe we could invite Perrinne. Really, it's just one more mouth to feed, and she must get pretty lonely with nobody caring about her and all.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:00 No.18402426
    WORRY more about how we managed to get into her panties while she's still in tsun mode. There's a whole lot of shit not making sense going on here. There has to be trolling or bullshit going on somewhere here, because my brain isn't wrapping around how it's possible.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:00 No.18402429

    get out of our head!
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:00 No.18402430
    Nanoha birthday stuff. Normal morning stuff. Possibly ponder Perrine.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:01 No.18402433
    Make sure the locket has phrases for every conceivable situation keyed in, anything from there being an erupting volcano in the background to her listening to a jazz duet.

    The major deigned to join us for breakfast and we can worry about the hypothetical, potentially false but given LG probably true, Perrine situation when it comes up. I'm blaming future Hayate for this one.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:02 No.18402441
    I'm willing to bet LG got the idea from that Preggo-Perrine pic that's been flying around for weeks.
    >> Lookout 03/21/12(Wed)05:02 No.18402442
    Head back, get ready for class, contemplate damage control.

    Perrine thinks she's pregnant. good luck explaining that one guys. i gotta get some sleep.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:03 No.18402445
    rolled 81 = 81

    > I'm male
    > You will have to share
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/21/12(Wed)05:04 No.18402448
    time passes differently in the bureau.
    Hina spent to weeks in your homeworld while you only spent a day in the bureau

    You need to clarify with one of the witches how long ago it was when you visited that dimension with the twins
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:04 No.18402449
    I don't think she has a problem with the sharing.

    She and Erica would have to fight it out over who wore the pants in the relationship though... And we would have to sell tapes of it for 10guptas a pop
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:05 No.18402452
    At this rate we're going to have the entire 501st in our harem. And that's just ridiculous.

    Although the SOFTNESS could act as a reserve pillow. Or maybe a primary pillow.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)05:05 No.18402454
    We got nothing to worry about, she never let us close enough for it to be possible. Since we don't know about Futuyate going to comfort Perrine in the night.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:06 No.18402460
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:06 No.18402463
    I'm pretty sure we were able to in character guess from the context of her statements.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:06 No.18402465
         File: 1332320793.jpg-(336 KB, 1388x1006, 1332106441919.jpg)
    336 KB
    Here, maybe this'll get you in a different kick that hurts my brain less.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:06 No.18402466

    I'm pretty sure Mio is trolling us, and our reaction would incapacitate her with laugher if she could see us.

    Guys, what.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:06 No.18402467
    Get out of my head, major!
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:07 No.18402470
    That isn't necessarily a bad thing...
    I don't think Miyafuji really would join in though

    That's our story and we are sticking to it
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:07 No.18402472
    rolled 27 = 27

    I meant that there'd be no reason for hayate to say "i'm male", much more probable he'd say "you'd have to share"
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:08 No.18402483
    Adult Zucchini is too sexy to be legal.
    I mean goddamn.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:09 No.18402486
    You will be my wife little boy

    Damn she goes from HNNNG to YESBONER!
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:09 No.18402488
    Huh. So that's what's going to happen when Luchinni gets to Advanced Classes and gets a jar of Ms. Melmo's candy.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:09 No.18402489
    It would give us a reason to forcibly draft her into our family, claiming that we needed to "take responsibility" but never explaining what that meant.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:09 No.18402490
    Return to the room and Majaik up some breakfast.

    Have Nanoha sit in our lap, and drape the locket around her neck while whispering happy birthday.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:09 No.18402494
    >"It's been almost two months since I last saw him." Perrine talks to herself in bed, "Why can't I go and tell him after all this time?" #msq

    GODDAMMIT LG, stop with the tweets!
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:10 No.18402502
    An even better question is, if we had foreknowledge of the problem of Perrine getting preggers, and still went back and time and knocked her up...why would we do something like that?
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)05:10 No.18402503
         File: 1332321038.gif-(682 KB, 320x240, 1332189161041.gif)
    682 KB
    >that pic
    >every single time
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:10 No.18402505

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:11 No.18402507
    Landing, I know you're a fan of HUEHUEHUE, but I really don't think that a child is in the best interests of ANYONE at this point.

    And unless Perinne gave it up to Futureyate on the very night she met him, then we don't need to worry.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:11 No.18402510
    We don't want to fuck with paradoxes?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:11 No.18402514
    Fuck that we are going into advanced classes.
    WE need to steal that shit
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:12 No.18402519
    if she didnt get pregnant she wouldnt follow us to the bureau,
    If she didnt follow us to the bureau, we woudnt know she got pregnant
    And if we didnt know she was pregnant we woudnt go back in time to comfort her and get her pregnant that night
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:12 No.18402523
    can we punch her in the stomach to make sure?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:12 No.18402528
    I honestly doubt we got her pregnant.

    She probably thinks so but we either ate some no tadpole candies or used time majaik to stop it
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:14 No.18402544
    Or Mio could just be fucking with us.

    Either way, I say we find out. I've had enough of this "why is he with her and not me" stuff, anyway.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:15 No.18402549
    Why is all this wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff so mind raping?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:16 No.18402557
         File: 1332321405.jpg-(32 KB, 440x295, OAO.jpg)
    32 KB
    Another tweet:
    >[Dear, me. I'm sorry but it had to happen. I know you know that. Paradoxes and shit. now have fun. I know you will. -FH] #msq

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:16 No.18402558
         File: 1332321406.jpg-(99 KB, 500x667, 1329128342826.jpg)
    99 KB
    Don't forget.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:16 No.18402559
    [Dear, me. I'm sorry but it had to happen. I know you know that. Paradoxes and shit. now have fun. I know you will. -FH]
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:17 No.18402562
         File: 1332321427.jpg-(60 KB, 370x552, adult_lucchini.jpg)
    60 KB
    >"It's been almost two months since I last saw him." Perrine talks to herself in bed, "Why can't I go and tell him after all this time?"
    Well that's one question answered for those of us with LG's twitter page open...

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:18 No.18402571
    It's less confusing if when you go back in time you just stay on the rails.

    Currently we know we need to go out for lunch with Keima and spend a night with Perrine )possibly impregnating her)

    Anybody remember anything else?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:18 No.18402577
    >I've had enough of this "why is he with her and not me" stuff, anyway.
    Except none of that has come up in-character.
    Hell, Hayate's only been able to interact with Perrine twice since she came to the Bureau.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:20 No.18402583
    Yeah, how about sending a note to our past self:
    "Watch out for Mio Sakamoto; she LIES."
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/21/12(Wed)05:21 No.18402598
         File: 1332321711.jpg-(161 KB, 1200x936, 7129d82eb2ca8782d8367466180920(...).jpg)
    161 KB
    You pick up your folio and head back to the dorms.
    You file away what the major said for later.

    You arrive to find jakob almost done baking and the cake ingredients awaiting you.
    The girls are still sound asleep.

    Ursula is now snuggling Nanoha and Hina and Erica have thier hands in each others' pants.

    The time is [6:12]

    >> Amateur Drawfag 03/21/12(Wed)05:22 No.18402600
    Goddamnit. This is starting to make me regret ever wanting to fuck with the Tardis.
    Woah, there comrade. We DON'T know if she's preggie. FH's message only says theres a paradox incoming. and it realtes to this. If we pla our cards right, we can change this to another path without paradoxes biting our ass.

    >yeah im taking a leaf off Steins Gate here
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:22 No.18402602
    >Attempting to dodge the issue entirely instead of finding out the truth

    That'd make us exactly like our parents, who sold us for 150 million yen.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:22 No.18402603
    Guys, I think it's a safe bet that tweets are non-canon unless stated.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:22 No.18402604
         File: 1332321767.png-(256 KB, 425x408, 1329356497166.png)
    256 KB
    It's very simple. We go back to SW dimension and go back in time again, punch our own time-clone in the dick, tell Perrine to come and find us in our own dimension if she really feels left out, and that we may be kind of dense for a while but we'll come around if she's persistent.

    Then we tell her not to tell us what we just did, wait for our time-clone to disappear, then go back to our own dimension. What could possibly go wrong? Or, you know, we could find out that Mio was STILL just fucking with us, and LG by extension.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:24 No.18402612
    We shall blast a mighty load in her that night.

    And give Keima some advice about the future, nothing too direct but something vague and leaning towards "if things seem to be conspiring to get you and me together just go with it"

    And maybe time stop and slip whiskey into his drink
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:25 No.18402614
    Look utterly unsurprised at the sight in front of us, get cake made, quietly, hopefully without Nanoha waking up.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:25 No.18402616
    >Hina and Erica have thier hands in each others' pants.
    Yep, everything's going just fine.

    Time to make some breakfast.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:25 No.18402618
    Take pictures of Erica/Hina
    Bake that cake like a boss.

    Also consider giving Nanoha a big party tonight.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:25 No.18402621
    Shower, then breakfast.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:25 No.18402622
    Take a picture of the boarding action in process

    Then get started on breakfast and cake
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:26 No.18402623
    Bake the cake alongside some fudge, in order to hide the existence of the cake.
    Giftwrap the locket, hide it in our folio.
    Make breakfast, and lunches for the girls.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:27 No.18402632
    We were planning on it anyway I thought
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:27 No.18402633
    Guys, I think if we even MIGHT have gotten someone pregnant that should take a pretty high priority.

    Time shenanigans to investigate on a tight schedule, perhaps?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:28 No.18402638
    It's not dodging the issue when she's known to mess with people, and you are taking her at face value.
    >> Amateur Drawfag 03/21/12(Wed)05:28 No.18402644
    this, except NO FUDGE.
    Do you want Shirou on our ass?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:28 No.18402645
    It is one of our current girlfriends birthday, the baby isn't going anywhere if it even exists for a few months yet at least

    It can wait a day of two more while we figure out if Mio was fucking with us or not
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:28 No.18402646
    We don't have the watch fixed yet and the Doctor probably isn't around.
    But that's wrong. We go back, be NICE to her, and try to avoid stabbing the timeline in the gut.
    NO NO NO
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:30 No.18402655
    >avoid stabbing the timeline in the gut.
    No, We stab *Perrine* in the gut.

    No Womb, no problem.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:30 No.18402657
    Well. That puts Perrine's crying in bed earlier in a whole new light, doesn't it.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:31 No.18402661
    >birthday festivities
    >potential fatherhood
    I'd say one of these DRASTICALLY outweighs the other in its long-term implications.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:32 No.18402665
    >"I really should not have told him about that watch." The Doctor tells river as they fish. "There's no going back now" she answers. #msq
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:32 No.18402666
    Oops, forgot about tag-team kissing the twins.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:33 No.18402669
    Exactly, Long-term. We've got a few months to figure out what to do before it becomes too visible an issue.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:33 No.18402670
    Yes, it does. The one with the pink mountain-destroying beam comes first. Being disintegrated today will play hell with the time stream, don't you think?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:33 No.18402671
    Fine, instead of fudge, we'll make chocolate muffins.

    You guys and your irrational fear of fudge and Shirou. It's as if you don't trust the extra locks and reinforcements we built into our door.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:34 No.18402680
    >Have harem of girls we are sleeping with
    >Get one of them pregnant
    >"Nah, that ain't important. MORE HOT DICKINGS"

    For fucks sake, we're turning into Makoto.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:35 No.18402685
    The motherfucker tunneled through DIMENSIONS out of sheer derp. Do you really think something so simple as a door will stop him? That was meant to stop casual cockblocking, not a koolaid man entrance screaming FUUUUUUUUUUUUDGE.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:36 No.18402687
    Or we could just tell her you don't get pregnant from anal sex...
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:36 No.18402690
         File: 1332322588.jpg-(126 KB, 377x600, 1329883586100.jpg)
    126 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:37 No.18402694
    He's probably developed a "Teleport via Fudge" ability, especially after going Dorfy through it.

    Which WOULD make him pop out in the oven, but he would probably eat all the cake before he roasted to death.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:37 No.18402695
    You're a cruel, cruel man, Landing Gear. I think I'm the only one in the thread not taking everything you say at face value.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:37 No.18402697
    Still, something big just happened story-wise, and the current discussion is focused on whether to make muffins or fudge.

    You know that "big picture" thing people keep talking about? I kinda feel like we're ignoring it.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:37 No.18402698
    One, Perrine's not part of the harem.
    Two, it's unlikely she's pregnant.
    It is FAR more likely that Mio was just messing with Hayate's head.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:37 No.18402699
    Perrinne isn't part of our harem and e have no clue that she could be with ours in character.

    Sakamoto loves trolling people which we do know and she is the type to pull something like that to win a sparring match
    >> Amateur Drawfag 03/21/12(Wed)05:37 No.18402703
    >"I really should not have told him about that watch." The Doctor tells river as they fish. "There's no going back now" she answers. #msq

    >"I can't believe he did that" Athena says as she peers into the magical portal "I will have to accelerate my plans further." #msq

    Curious . . . very curious . . .

    >easyners and
    no captcha, it is not easy at all
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:38 No.18402710
    We don't know for sure that ANYTHING happened, and the problem isn't going anywhere or getting any worse for today at the very least.

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:38 No.18402711
    And how do you think the bearer of the pink beam o'death will react to us knocking up another girl, one OUTSIDE of the family?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:38 No.18402712
    Fuck now I need our drawbro to add more to his list now
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/21/12(Wed)05:39 No.18402714
         File: 1332322766.jpg-(32 KB, 502x554, sample-3469d063b3bbd12b090c4c1(...).jpg)
    32 KB
    You take a quick shower to wash the sweat off your body, after that you begin on the cake.
    You still have enough chocolate from Whiteday to decorate it with, so you make a rich chocolate cake.
    As the cake cooks in the oven, you make a pair of large white chocolate wings for it.

    After a while, you have a nice dark chocolate cake with white chocolate shavings and wings.
    You put it into the fridge to keep for now.

    As you work on breakfast, the girls begin waking up.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:40 No.18402723
    I think maybe she'll understand that it wasn't actually us that did it, but rather a hypothetical, future us.
    >> Amateur Drawfag 03/21/12(Wed)05:40 No.18402724
    >"I really should not have told him about that watch." The Doctor tells river as they fish. "There's no going back now" she answers.

    >"I can't believe he did that" Athena says as she peers into the magical portal "I will have to accelerate my plans further." #msq

    Interesting . . .
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:41 No.18402732
    You guys. Seriously? Come on.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:42 No.18402734
    Well we did it before we were with her for one except it is future us who does it, so maybe further down the track once she understands the needs of not fucking with the timeline we went to do it because it had already happened.

    Or maybe it is Mio trolling us with her misunderstanding what frenchie said
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/21/12(Wed)05:42 No.18402738
         File: 1332322956.jpg-(24 KB, 438x286, zzzzz to be continued.jpg)
    24 KB

    New thread at 0700 4chan time
    >Headed home.
    >fucking paperwork, im taking you home whether you like it or not.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:42 No.18402739
    But at the same time, if she is pregnant and it comes as a surprise later, we've got problems.

    There are 24 hours in a day. It costs us literally nothing to try and get out ahead of this a little bit rather than have it potentially sneak up on us.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:43 No.18402741
         File: 1332322981.png-(1.49 MB, 1920x1200, 1229470540377.png)
    1.49 MB
    It'll look something like this.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:43 No.18402746
    Landing Gear is just trolling us all.

    And it's working marvelously.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:44 No.18402749
    And how do you propose to do that? Without coming off as a gullible idiot for falling for something that Mio obviously meant as a joke.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:46 No.18402756
    Probably 50/50 he trolls us with her maybe being pregnant but the A-tan bits are happening, she is probably who has been pulling us back into our canon and she IS the source of our majaikal drain according to LG
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:47 No.18402758
    >"Stupid paperwork, it's not like I want to show you the i-inside of my office."
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:48 No.18402762
    rolled 17 = 17

    "An unexpected scenario has come into existence." a voice says "Will it affect the outcome?" another asks "We don't know how yet." #msq11:44am - 21 Mar 12
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:48 No.18402764
    Here's the thing, though. It may well BE a joke. But this isn't the kind of shit you just leave hanging. It's better to check on it and be seen as a fool, than have it come up in the future at the worst possible time and bite us in the ass.

    Is it that much of a far-out possibility? Have we even been using contraceptives at all with the girls?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:48 No.18402768
    Yes, but who's getting trolled? Those who take him seriously or those who refuse to?

    For the sake of practicality, I've tried to argue that we have to treat it as a possibility. If someone hints that they might have just spiked your coffee with cyanide, and you can establish both method and motive, could you write it off?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:49 No.18402770
    This is getting awful meta.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)05:50 No.18402773

    >fall asleep
    >dream I'm writing HLQ only somehow I screwed up and posted it on /sp/ and every other post is da bears win yadda yadda
    >fire truck wakes me up
    >get to reading

    Good show as always LG

    Time to go back to some weird dreams...
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:50 No.18402774
    Yes. Except for BEAR COMBAT. But they got pills afterwards.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:50 No.18402777
    We have a 40 pound box of condoms, and Trude seems to have no problems picking up some Plan B for whatever witches need it. The only mishap we've had was bear night.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:50 No.18402779
    >Have we even been using contraceptives at all with the girls?
    Yes, it has, that Hayate always is careful about that. Quite a number of times.
    It even got brought up between Erica, Ursula, and Trude.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:50 No.18402780
    Yes. forty pounds of condoms in our closet.
    And the twins have pills.
    We've only just slept with the two them anyway.
    [that's what we know]
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:51 No.18402783
    > Have we even been using contraceptives at all with the girls?
    Yes, apparently we're a stickler for that, according to Erica.

    The only exception was that time we went all BEARSEX, and that was cleared by the application of PILLZ afterwards.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:51 No.18402786
    How is that VN coming along btw papa?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:53 No.18402792
         File: 1332323620.jpg-(31 KB, 575x325, TWGOK-Elsie-Firetruck.jpg)
    31 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:53 No.18402793
    I think it is time for a derailing.
    We derailed LG's plans before but now we need to derail in game plans.

    See if we can get Kraus to remember any of our times we popped back into our canon
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:53 No.18402794
    How are you sure this WASN'T the dream?

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:54 No.18402799
    >Chains hold you up. Rails guide your way. You have no control of your own. Will you remain bound by plans not of your making? #msq

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:56 No.18402806
    Just as soon as we're made aware of said plans.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 03/21/12(Wed)05:58 No.18402810
    Slowly. I'm not much of a drawfag as demonstrated so there likely won't be much/any visual to the novel. Got Eight's back story pretty fleshed out but nothing beyond that. Haven't had the time but once Z&W is over I'll hit it hard.

    Class/work/stress has me to the point that Z&W is the only fun I manage a week.


    "Snerk!?" Max jolts upright, throwing his arms around to fend off the attack.

    "Oi! Idiot mon-keigh! Watch it!!!" Esh yells, smacking him in the face with a pillow, "You were snoring!"

    Looking around as he rubs his eyes tiredly, he freezes at one terrible sight.

    Tonya, usually metallic and silver, is now red. Red, with flashing lights.

    "Honk honk!" She yells, before playing a siren noise.

    The twins are spinning, like a top, and they aren't slowing down, even inertia isn't slowing them down.

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)05:58 No.18402812

    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)06:00 No.18402818
    Quickest way to derail would be to nullify A-tan.

    We should approach Mike or the Doctor about our dreams of the other world. That's the start of getting that fixed.

    Perrine's possible pregnancy is apparently the unknown situation. Keeping it might actually work in our favor long-term.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)06:02 No.18402822
    >We should approach Mike or the Doctor about our dreams of the other world.
    Except Hayate only had it once, back in the SWD, and he didn't remember much of it afterwards.
    We have no in-game knowledge to work off of.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)06:04 No.18402832
    So much this. If he was going to give us peeks at spoilers, he'd post them like he does in those side character posts. If it's not in thread, it's trolling. If it's in the thread, it's only half trolling.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)06:07 No.18402846
    LG: "Oh Oh, now I'll write some shady character talking about a scenario or something. These fools will instantly assume it means them and their situation. It'll be great. Then a few words about paradox and time travel. I'll say nothing at all, but they'll twist themselves around it until they think they've worked out the entire quest!"

    And LG was a master troll.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)06:18 No.18402879
    Not necessarily, some bits might be trolling, might be events we didn't trigger or may even be little side bits he just cannot be bothered posting in here.

    Nothing will stop some people planning things based around it though.

    I just want to deal with A-tan since LG said her castle involves a clock and our upgraded cassiopeia had a blue shard on one of the hands
    >> Amateur Drawfag 03/21/12(Wed)06:21 No.18402886
    Agreed, lets deal with the things we know first. We can worry about this horseshit later.

    One way we can test this is if we deal with Alistair in the future. If so, then those tweets have a grain of truth in them.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)06:27 No.18402908
    Quite. We should focus on the in-thread trolling before we even think about the twitter trolling.

    Before we do ANYTHING about Sakabroto's trolling, we should wait and see if our countertroll gets telephoned back to Perrinne. It shouldn't be hard to force their hands with some additional countertrolling. Hell, Erica might be down for helping us. We troll until the truth comes out of those 2. Or until Trude beats it out of all of us. Whatever works.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)06:29 No.18402919
    rolled 52 = 52

    True, being beaten is never bad.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)06:35 No.18402943
    Better that the trolling war end in a draw by Trude clubbing all of us than admitting defeat by taking this shit seriously. We can afford to not take it seriously because it's impossible.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)06:39 No.18402968
    Before we get into a trolling war with Sakamoto we need to even up our score with the gnomes
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)06:42 No.18402976
    That's on the list after we have bear pots. Spiked water cooler, etc. remember?
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)06:42 No.18402977
    Trude being beaten is never bad.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)06:44 No.18402983
    Hm, Strong women always taste nicer when they're battered.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)06:50 No.18403004
    I think the word you're looking for is tenderizing.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)06:56 No.18403035

    You are all terrible people and I love you for it.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)07:02 No.18403059
    I was just helping with the vocabulary. I'd never want to be mean to Trude for no reason. Now taking a paddle to her ass while we're wearing the maid outfit? Totally different and acceptable.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)07:07 No.18403079
    I was more for the gift of bear pots and the gender swap potion in the water cooler
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)07:12 No.18403090
    Dump them BOTH in the water cooler. That has to be worth 2 points.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)07:15 No.18403103
    No no no no no

    Dump bear pots in booze we give them
    Gender swap in water cooler

    Watch shenanigans as NGAF steals striker units to test

    Then gets wasted on BEAR whiskey

    Shit we need to actually make that now
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)07:19 No.18403121
    Two tricks in one still is only one point

    Would be two.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)07:31 No.18403167
    I stand corrected by your superior pranking skills.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/12(Wed)07:36 No.18403192
    In case someone missed it:

    New thread!
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/21/12(Wed)11:01 No.18404338
    Archival was fucked by trolls, next archived thread at:

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