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  • File: 1332688843.jpg-(466 KB, 1600x1200, 1318347335158.jpg)
    466 KB InfiniCon hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)11:20 No.18452035  
    Some of you may or may not remember InfiniCon, the Con that never ends.

    >A Convention so large that it occupies its own city. infinity City, the cleverly named home of InfiniCon is a relatively small, but densely packed urban paradise where fandoms of all kinds coexist in a year-round celebration of anime, video games, sci-fi, fantasy, LARP, and just about any other kind of nerdy subculture you can imagine. With multiple conventions running all the time, each organizing their own large events and gatherings, the city is more or less split into districts.

    The setting is still pretty much in the early state and I think we can work on it, like a little more deatails to the various districts or the life in the city.

    So, throw in some ideas /tg/
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 03/25/12(Sun)11:25 No.18452056
    Clash between religious faction. The warrior of Pelor face with the soldiers of the Emperor. Meanwhile PRAISE THE SUUUUUUUUUN spread among vidya gamers.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)11:32 No.18452087
         File: 1332689526.jpg-(24 KB, 499x374, tumblr_le59uspfCN1qfk4y8o1_500.jpg)
    24 KB
    How about a bunch of Star Trek nerds, the kind that read Hamlet in Klingon. They could be like an order of elders.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)11:35 No.18452109
         File: 1332689707.jpg-(676 KB, 1600x1067, fallout3-263.jpg)
    676 KB
    that's a good start and I think it will add another layer tension between the various groups.
    And maybe the Chaos worshipers will try to "convert" the lolitas too
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)11:37 No.18452123
         File: 1332689856.jpg-(171 KB, 594x980, 1324708428035.jpg)
    171 KB
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)11:37 No.18452124
    >the kind that read Hamlet in Klingon
    I think those are the same kind who are wrote it in the first place. They would be pretty much deep in the immersion and thus important persons in the sci-fi district
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 03/25/12(Sun)11:41 No.18452149
    Each group would have their councils of elders or whatever they want to call it. The oldest virgin of them all. The kind that play everything since first edition and read everything about them. Is able to bring out evidence and cite source in every argument. Truly an opponent to be feared.
    Indeed. Religious in-faction war would be interesting. Madokan fighting against Haruhism, Imperial Truth fighting against Chaos, WRPG against JRPG. Glorious.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)11:42 No.18452155
    There needs to be an evil, Chaos-like energy that turns normal geeks into grotesque weaboo mongrels, the rare and horrible CHUDs you encounter in the darker corners of any convention. Like nuclear radiation, this dark energy is absorbed through excessive exposure to bad fanfiction, pocky, and other corrupting influences.

    Too much of this dark radiation will turn a sexy catgirl into a bloated, greasy furry, or convert an easygoing anime fan into a member of the Cult of Naruto.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)11:43 No.18452169
    >Permanent Con.
    >nobody sleeps
    >almost nobody showers

    Sounds like a horror campaign to me, bro.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)11:44 No.18452173
         File: 1332690290.jpg-(140 KB, 687x516, 1327601414047.jpg)
    140 KB
    >and just about any other kind of nerdy subculture you can imagine.

    This terrifies me to no end.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)11:45 No.18452177

    >...an evil, Chaos-like energy that turns normal
    >geeks into grotesque weaboo mongrels,

    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 03/25/12(Sun)11:45 No.18452181
    Indeed. It's call the internet.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)11:46 No.18452184
         File: 1332690370.jpg-(197 KB, 456x608, 1312994319288.jpg)
    197 KB
    There is no such energy but there is the Undercon which is the underground tunnels and similar places where furries and other outcasts goes. Or those unfortunates that don't have enough money for a proper home in the city.
    And some of the more hardcore postapoc playing people.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)11:51 No.18452228
         File: 1332690676.jpg-(98 KB, 720x480, 1305663295503.jpg)
    98 KB
    >almost nobody showers
    nah, I'm pretty sure that the weeaboo district would have some kind of artifical hotsprings, the larpers would make their own baths too, and the other guys would solve this in their own ways too.

    although in one of the proposed mechanics there were indeed a stat "hygene"
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)11:53 No.18452239
         File: 1332690782.jpg-(68 KB, 500x375, tumblr_l5i7t6dYlh1qak4nvo1_500.jpg)
    68 KB
    this...this right here and also pic related he is our Abbadon
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)11:54 No.18452251
    >Day 34
    >Came across pack of furries today. Carpet skin too tough for plastic BBs, but rest got message when Donovan shot one in eye.
    >Most unharmed; Gregorovich not so lucky. Big wolfy one grabbed him and dragged him off deeper into tunnels.
    >Sergeant says no rescue; too dangerous.
    >Found big stash of food; had to clean semen off some packages, but food itself still edible.
    >Camping for night soon; have first watch. Probably will be raped by furries.
    >Such is life in the Undercon.
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 03/25/12(Sun)11:55 No.18452263
    >underground tunnels and similar places where furries and other outcasts goes.
    Oh yes this is glorious. My dream come true. Space Hulk with furries instead of Nids. Hunting for artifacts (rare collectible items, rulebooks, whatever) while avoiding furry patrol and other monsters. Cleansing the Undercon in holy flame.
    Such fun.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)11:56 No.18452264
    We must find out what this could be. To /jp/!
    >Cult of naruto
    well shit, that aint a fit. how bout all things MOEMOEKAWAIIIIIIII~ instead?
    to /c/?! fuck!
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)11:56 No.18452267
         File: 1332690980.jpg-(225 KB, 1200x1600, 4776484316_f3ea504c57_o.jpg)
    225 KB
    I'm not sure if this guy would follow him, although miracles and warp magic could happen
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 03/25/12(Sun)11:57 No.18452279
    I'm sure they couldn't get any worse.
    Go batshit insane and destroy anything that isn't cute?
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)11:58 No.18452284
         File: 1332691106.jpg-(34 KB, 549x600, 1332600568771.jpg)
    34 KB
    you forgot /d/
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)11:58 No.18452288
    he mentioned some dark force and grotesque weaboo mongrels
    I figured we should get a better idea of what it could be.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)12:00 No.18452300
         File: 1332691216.jpg-(17 KB, 251x251, out.jpg)
    17 KB
    Note:Im not serious please dont go to /jp/ and shitpost
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 03/25/12(Sun)12:00 No.18452301
    Ah my mistake. I thought you meant what this dark power could do to /jp/ and /c/. It's probably a combination of a lot of board.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)12:04 No.18452324
    The entire thing will require some Twilight Zone handwaving. If a person needs to replenish their stock of food and items, they'll have to leg it back to their hotel room/encampment or to their(Mom's) car, a permanent, slowly replenishing source of material.

    Arriving in-game entails slowly coming into awareness that you are towards the front of the registration line, after an indeterminate period of time. The line stretches for miles behind you; you can see vendors and small camps in the winding trail... amazingly, everyone seems to stay within the boundaries set by the masking tape on the floor.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)12:06 No.18452340
         File: 1332691586.jpg-(51 KB, 400x600, 1306178363514.jpg)
    51 KB
    and you could properly stalkan there too.
    There could be furries, zombies, chaos worshipers, unwashed fat cross-dressers and other horrors under there, but the loot could be money, various materials for the new cardboard armor, nerf gun or airsoft weapon or maybe some rare artifact...
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)12:07 No.18452346
    >had to clean semen off packaging


    as for 'evil' BBEG and such for the setting:

    Corporate exploiters that seed 'fake' congoers amongst the masses, to drum up hype about new product lines and games.

    If they catch you they'll brainwash you and hollow out your nerddom - you'll become a fake, with an everpresent smile and no opinion of your own, only what your corporate masters tell you

    these shadow lords try to direct the tides of infinicon, to sell endless amounts of swag - and profit from hungry masses

    the true goal of players of the game could be to keep the factions at peace - and keep them from being corrupted by corporate slaves
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)12:08 No.18452355
    I mean all the bad things that can show up at a con. Mostly meaning furries, Homestuck maniacs, fat autistic black men cosplaying as Sailor Moon, Bronies, Yaoi banshees, and most people between the ages of 12 and 16.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)12:11 No.18452390
    >Caste of nerds with rich parents.
    >Hang around in packs with one another
    >Spend thousands of dollars on royalty themed cosplay
    >Look down on all the other nerds
    >Suddenly a convoy is attacked by a group of raiders
    >Raider: "We're here for your swag solarians!"
    >Solarian: "Seems the rabble has forgotten their place. Sword henry.
    >Some poor nerd who is employed as the guys squire hands him a sword.
    >"It's real steel you know. Not that foam garbage you trash uses." the solarian says.
    >The raiders descend uncaring
    >But suddenly the paid off con security swoops in and breaks up the fight. Ignoring the no real weaponry rule violations.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)12:11 No.18452392
    The idea is that the city has shops and everything and the Con staff is actually the guys who (barely) maintain the city so it has food water electricity and other things. The inhabitant Conners could buy things in the city (whic is in a constant state of Con) and even work there while wearing their costume and all.
    What really needs the handwave is the city income because it's obviously needs some external income which could be "explained" by exporting high grade costumes which the craftsmen who are live in the city made, or various contracts with reality shows and such.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)12:13 No.18452405
    Oh God, yes.

    The Corporate forerunners created the Infinicon realm. But it is populated by people who genuinely love their fandoms, from Trekkies to Furries to LARPers. Perhaps a campaign could culminate in uniting the fandoms to declare sovereignty over the convention?

    Imagine leading your team of various geeks into the Undercon, and trying to persuade the Furries to join your rebellion. It'd be like figuring out what to do with the Krogans in Mass Effect(only... greasier.)
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)12:15 No.18452422
    Mom, duh.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)12:15 No.18452427
         File: 1332692143.jpg-(56 KB, 799x533, 1305217756041.jpg)
    56 KB
    >But suddenly the paid off con security swoops in and breaks up the fight. Ignoring the no real weaponry rule violations.
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 03/25/12(Sun)12:16 No.18452436
         File: 1332692197.jpg-(119 KB, 354x650, I'm watching you.jpg)
    119 KB
    >you could properly stalkan there too.
    Yeeeeeees. It'll be fun. Going in there and hunt down materials base on order or guideConners people through the undercon.
    >some rare artifact
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)12:21 No.18452486
    In the way you have the Klingon Nerds as the elders in the sci-fi district, you could have the Society for Creative Anachronism guys the same in the LARP district.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)12:26 No.18452540
    I don't think any individual can celebrate year round, they must go to infinicon in shifts, then leave after perhaps a week when they've had their fill. perhaps organizers could stay longer, but I think more than a month would be too much of a drain on resources. there would also be an incredible amount of mess generated, meaning the city needs to hire a large number of non-con-going janitors. Although I suppose attendees could be used for this purpose, perhaps this tithe is required for them to cover part of the cost of their stay? You attend for a week, then spend a day or two pseudo-attending as you observe but must clean up your area.

    There's also the idea of Infinicon being a mobile operation, moving from city to city, consuming all their fast food and AAA batteries, and leaving a pile of trash and confusion in its wake. However larger stands do not seem too mobile, so there would need to be some kind of gimmicky moving convention center that may not fit the setting.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)12:27 No.18452543
         File: 1332692864.jpg-(298 KB, 1226x816, _MG_1419.jpg)
    298 KB
    nah, the SCA guys are nowhere compared to reenactors like the "Guild of St. Olaus" or "The Company of Saynt George"
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)12:28 No.18452550
    This whole place needs to be protected in secret by the Transpace Guard.

    >brandy cultTV
    You tempt me with your persuasive words, captcha.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)12:29 No.18452556
    Eh. I see the Scadians more as the girzzled arsehole vets than the elder ruling caste. The guys (and gals) who'll sit around swapping stories over a cig and a bottle of mead; and if you come up to them with foam on your belt they'll laugh, but if you're respectful and don't act like a tosser then maybe they'll teach you a thing or two. At least the fighters; can't say for the Arts & Sciences group.

    Now, the Euro-LARPers who fight all in perfectly researched period gear with honest-to-god sharpened steel weapons? Those fuckers are the real elder gods of the LARP world.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)12:30 No.18452567
    when /jp/ gets worse they just take the portal-to-gensokyo threads seriously, they're self-policing.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)12:31 No.18452577
    >mostly meaning HFYs, Inquisitors, Edition Warriors, Fawkeses, Sagebombers, Gungans, Realists, bindlestiffs, trolls, haters
    It's not like there's a shortage of groups that might deserve ire, though I realize this wouldn't be the kind of place you'd run into Klansmen and Westboros.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)12:31 No.18452586
    >perhaps this tithe is required for them to cover part of the cost of their stay?
    that's the plan

    >I don't think any individual can celebrate year round
    Well as you said there are congoers that just basically tourists in the city but there is the hardcore part too who are actually living there. Not necessarily celebrating every day but live there where he is surrounded by what he/she loves
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)12:36 No.18452604
         File: 1332693360.jpg-(329 KB, 600x900, img_6245_std.jpg)
    329 KB
    > though I realize this wouldn't be the kind of place you'd run into Klansmen and Westboros.
    It could be an interesting story if those for example tried to assault the city for some reason and try to fight trough the various districts various horrors
    >> /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ 03/25/12(Sun)12:38 No.18452624
    >>Transpace Guard


    Thank you.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)12:43 No.18452657
    What rules would you use? I want to play this right now.

    Also, can we start a map of this? I want this to be so real.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)12:44 No.18452668
    >March 21st
    >We came across a buncha fags dressed like some kinda Jap cartoon characters.
    >Jeb starts doin' his thing, preachin' and hollerin', tryin' to get 'em all converted.
    >One of 'em says somethin' like he's a dragon and didn't need our god. Then he pulls out a sword, looked like it was made outa cardboard.
    >Zeke pulls out his Remington, tries to talk the kid down.
    >Then we hear it; the yiffin'.
    >Those damn furries done caught up to us again.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)12:46 No.18452686
         File: 1332693996.jpg-(136 KB, 500x600, InfiniCon_Map.jpg)
    136 KB
    there is this mock up that the guy made who originally came up with the idea and he intended it for a WoD game.
    and on 1d4chan you could find some early stage proposed mechanics but those are far from usable
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)12:50 No.18452715
    there should be more stories like these
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)13:00 No.18452791
    I like it. Thank you friend.

    Can we get more OC in here? Stories, characters, anything, i want to see this flourish.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)13:00 No.18452793

    Fucking hilarious. f5'ing furiously craving more.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)13:11 No.18452869
         File: 1332695497.jpg-(285 KB, 1280x1024, city1.jpg)
    285 KB
    because it's not a detailed map and making a map for a city is always a pain in the ass we could maybe use city generator programs to give us a head start
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)13:16 No.18452911
    >Day 1
    >I've been banished to the Undercon for speaking heresy in the presence of an Elder of the Trek
    >I claimed the superiority of Captain Picard over Kirk, but the Elder would listen to none of my blasphemous arguments
    >He invoked his sacred power and his guards carried me away at the point of toy guns painted like phasers
    >It's cold in these tunnels. I doubt I shall see the light again.
    >There is a sound, like fur rubbing on fur. I must go.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)13:32 No.18453037
    Once we get the ground rules established, we need to make a supplement codex called InfiniCon: Tales from the Undercon.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)13:35 No.18453060
         File: 1332696920.jpg-(77 KB, 610x458, 1318340583817.jpg)
    77 KB
    to keep the thread rolling, copypasting from the wiki

    >Welcome to InfiniCon, the Con that never ends.
    >A Convention so large that it occupies its own city. infinity City, the cleverly named home of InfiniCon is a relatively small, but densely packed urban paradise where fandoms of all kinds coexist in a year-round celebration of anime, video games, sci-fi, fantasy, LARP, and just about any other kind of nerdy subculture you can imagine. With multiple conventions running all the time, each organizing their own large events and gatherings, the city is more or less split into districts.

    >For some, InfiniCon is merely an event to attend once a year, like any other convention. You get some pictures of neat costumes, meet some popular celebrities from the industry, visit some panels, and that's the end of it. For many more, InfiniCon is home. It is a fan's Neverland, where they get to live the dream, fully immersed in a surreal world where fictional characters roam the streets and where you can go to the local café and find a Jedi, a Ninja, a
    Space Marine, and zombie, sharing a table and conversing over coffee.

    >Luckily, for those who wish to stay, there is always work to be done in Infinity City. The large events require organizers, security detail, technicians, craftsmen, janitors, and countless other little jobs to pay the bills and stay just a little longer. Even those who don't want to runt he convention can find a job helping out the various vendors and stores dotting the city. Many talented and entrepreneurially minded citizens have even managed to form personal businesses repairing and sewing costumes, styling wigs, or building the complex and detailed props and armor that the costumed citizens cannot live without.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)13:37 No.18453081
    Tunnels to the Undercon need to exist in Uppercon areas that are kind of shady. That Yaoi vendor in the corner of the Bleach district. Behind the wall-art of that "anthro" artist's booth in the Art Alley.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)13:37 No.18453086
         File: 1332697053.jpg-(109 KB, 700x667, 1318336587161.jpg)
    109 KB

    >Now, you may be thinking that this all sounds too good to be true, and you'd be right. InfiniCon is not without its problems, though the people running the show do everything in their power to make sure that most don't hear about the darker side of the Con, but that doesn't stop it from happening. Like any other city on the planet, darker problems lie just below the surface.

    >The biggest issues in Infinity City are often about property. There's an extensive list of eager fans who want to move in, but there aren't enough apartments to go around. Rumors persist of certain groups muscling people out of their apartments so their property can be sold at a hefty mark-up, while others say that there is a band of unhinged citizens who have been making lesser known attendees disappear to secure some extra property.

    >Vendors and businesses have to worry about getting their shipments on time as competing businesses make take it upon themselves to take them out of commission by sending other attendees to intercept and steal any incoming shipments. Crafters have to worry about being able to get enough materials to finish their next costume or prop, while still being able to make it look flawless.

    >Similarly, nerds are quite territorial to begin with, so amongst those who already own property, certain districts and bordering areas are always in disputes amongst different fandoms and whole factions. Little fights break out often over minor things, like which faction owns the local McDonalds or if people wearing a certain kind of costume can even pass down certain streets. In some cases, the results of these disputes aren't too vicious, but there are always those amongst any group who take things too far.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)13:41 No.18453120
         File: 1332697283.jpg-(370 KB, 533x800, 1318345749403.jpg)
    370 KB

    >The history of Infinity City is something of a mystery. Even long time citizens aren't quite sure when the place first popped up, though most agree that it has been around over a decade and much of the city was already built even when the convention first started functioning year round.

    >The most common theory is that the person who built Infinity City won a major lottery or contest or something that landed him with more money than they could ever spend in 100 lifetimes. Like any of us might do, they poured that money into the things they loved, like anime and comic books and games. When that wasn't enough they began to put all that money into conventions, which proved to be enormous successes. Soon, they were buying out entire city blocks and re-purposing them as property for their convention, which continued to grow faster and faster. Before long, Infinity City was born, owned and supported by it's own, everlasting convention.

    >There are a lot of unanswered questions from that explanation, but seeing as the Chairman of InfiniCon, the person running the whole show, is incredibly reclusive, no one is really quite sure what the truth is. The whole thing has made the Chairman something of an urban legend with some claiming he's just wandering the streets, just another face in the crowd, while others insist that he has to be some sort of investment super genius or maybe even a collective of the most brilliant minds from each faction. Others still will warn you not to go digging into the subject too much, because they knew a guy, who heard from another guy that trying to find the Chairman got some guy killed.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)13:44 No.18453141
    Why would they know the term? You need a pretty strong Internet presence to just know 'furry'.
    why do i even bother
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)13:51 No.18453210
    and why wouldn't be there a strong internet presence? nowdays you can get internat access nearly anyway if you willing to pay for a mobile internet
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)14:02 No.18453298
         File: 1332698537.png-(127 KB, 1254x2173, infinicon1.png)
    127 KB
    meanwhile writefaggotry from a previous thread
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)14:28 No.18453487
    no, you don't, normie young adults have heard the term. hell, there was that CSI episode that featured them.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)15:14 No.18453873
    Bumping for some content, how does this sound?

    >walking through fantasy district
    >some guy peddling red boxes
    >'why not, these are pretty cheap'
    >get to hotel
    >rocks in place of dice, textbooks instead of rulebooks

    Then you go to get your money back and the guy is never seen again?
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)15:27 No.18454000
    and he was a wizard... from the coast maybe
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)15:33 No.18454055
         File: 1332703988.jpg-(44 KB, 233x270, 1322805500219.jpg)
    44 KB
    Well played.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)15:51 No.18454223
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)16:28 No.18454530
    >4000 days BBIC
    >Traveling through the undercon trying to find a car out of this sector
    >hear about a blue girl who knows how to get into the Anime-racers parking garage
    >find her, her freind has been captured by furries, will only help if we save him
    >fight our way through room after room of yiffs in the sewers
    >eventually find him locked in cupboard
    > he tried to eat one of the furries arms to survive
    > appart from that he's unharmed, luckily
    > blue girl helps us get through pull down shutters and into the rear of the garage

    >everything went better than expected

    >no points for guessing referance because you should feel bad if you don't get it
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)16:40 No.18454646
    It was a pretty normal day for the most part, the usual cosplayers and fans parading outside the shop front, the usual giggling little preteen girls and young bashful boys, Harmless tourist for the most part.

    It took awhile to get used to it, the basics of the job, the vastness of the entire city and the sheer amount of weirdness gathered in one place.

    Some people say I’m living the dream, being able to get a somewhat well-paying job in infinity city, home of the endless convention, an endless party. True, for the first few weeks it was like something out of a dream but after awhile even the most amazing sight gets dull after the hundredth time.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)16:41 No.18454656

    I suppose I’ll talk more about my job. I’m a social escort...well officially I’m a ‘butler’... for the establishment called the 4th avenue cafe.

    In the day I work in a cafe which sells overpriced tea and cakes while smiling and making small talk with all the ‘’oujou-samas’’, pretty much harmless work for the most part. I don’t take pride in it but there is something fun about being able to make a girl squeal like a stuffed pig for slaughter with nothing more than a smirk and wink.

    At night we would usually accompany our more...’mature’ clients around the usual sights and other events. We would usually get briefed and prepped by our ‘head butler’, a man in his very early thirties who takes his job VERY very seriously. He once broke another guys arm due to some misunderstanding about teacakes or something., Still a nice guy all in all if you look past that quirk about him.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)16:42 No.18454670

    A usual night would be sights, cheesy innuendos, dinner of their choice with a desert of sappy one liners, followed by more sightseeing and rounded off with more cheesy innuendos.

    In the rare case a client is taken with us, she can request that we accompany her home. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination but a colleague of mine once broke his right arm wrestling with a landwhale.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)16:46 No.18454706
         File: 1332708403.jpg-(38 KB, 343x512, 285361_257361714290226_1000004(...).jpg)
    38 KB
    Back again, and as I see most of the people are interested in the UnderCon, so I think we should focus on it a little more.

    What is obvious it's mostly underground but there should be a few less known above ground part of it as >>18453081 pointed it out.
    There must be the regular tunnel system for the city, like sewers, metro tunnels, maintenance tunnels, and such not all of them is "infested". In fact I think most of these tunnels are not "infested" and the Staff sometimes even defend them against the various things that lurks there. Although travelling underground is never without danger.
    But there should be other places of the underground than the original tunnel system. Like tunnels that were built by the underconners, even mined Dwarf Fortress style, or some natural caves, maybe with cults and stuff.

    now, while furries are indeed a very good and hated enemy for most people we all know that their numbers are not THAT great and they are only a small portion of the danger that could harm you in the UnderCon. There should be "zombies", cultist, murderhobos, maybe criminal organizations and such, various "vampires" (vampire live, hardcore Twilight fans, etc), but what else?

    What lurks in the dark there /tg/?
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)16:54 No.18454773
         File: 1332708865.png-(137 KB, 700x525, indeed.png)
    137 KB

    tell us more dear butler
    >> ChrowX 03/25/12(Sun)16:57 No.18454801
    Oh snap. I never expected you to pick up this project again without me Hungarian.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)16:58 No.18454813
    I never really abandoned it
    >> ChrowX 03/25/12(Sun)17:08 No.18454897
    Well, shit.
    I've got nothing to do today.. I might take a break to mow the lawn, but I could get back to refining this idea.

    I've got a shitty little blog thing where I wanted to post ideas I've been working on and InfiniCon is one of the settings I was interested in finishing.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)17:14 No.18454940

    One of the many benefits of working at the 4th avenue cafe is that we get a roof over our heads and two warm meals a day. Sometimes Lee would pity us and cook dinner but ‘head butler’ would object, claiming it would spoil us.

    Those not out escorting mistresses at night are tasked with cleaning up and making sure the cafe is ready for service the next morning. Those not tasked with clean up are advised to take an early night as they have to get up early to bake pasties and cakes. Part of requirement to work here, other than looking like a ken-doll come alive, is that we possess some other skill that can benefit the cafe is some way.

    Roland can do fortune telling, Jacob can sing, Lee can cook and I can bake.

    Lee never does nights out even though he is quite well sought for by some of our clients. He would blush deeply every time a customer makes a pass at him.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)17:17 No.18454971
    See? This is a sign from above! like from the stratosphere or space or something like that.

    But back to the UnderCon and what lurks there and more importantly, why?
    Because on one hand it's a pretty good hiding place, but on the other hand it's dangerous, and not just because of the inhabitants.
    I'm pretty sure that Inquisitor wannabees from the wh40k part of the City try to purge parts of the UnderCon with more or less success.
    Or ninjas try to hone their skills there.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)17:17 No.18454972
    >> ChrowX 03/25/12(Sun)17:24 No.18455045
    The way I see it, it's like a homeless district in any other city.

    Las Vegas actually has something very similar where hundreds upon hundreds of people have taken to squatting beneath the city in abandoned service flood tunnels and old basements that are all tangled beneath the city.

    Check it out. It's actually rather fascinating. This guy lives a sort of normal (not really) life in an old tunnel.

    Now, take all that, and slap a thick layer of costumes and nerdy shit on top of that. These people are flat broke, maybe even in debt, but they don't want to leave. InfiniCon has everything! They still want stuff. they still want to be a part of it. They still want to go to events and meet other people in costume and read the latest comics and get the newest figurines.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)17:29 No.18455093
         File: 1332710977.jpg-(318 KB, 525x1216, not a clever man.jpg)
    318 KB
    The "Undercon" as it is now called was once just a set of service tunnels that the staff used to travel between different parts of the city without the traffic. But as the furries and other outcasts were driven to the darker corners of the con, they began to claim the tunnels as their own. The only thing capable of guaranteeing a safe passage through the tunnels is a staff shirt, as it is respected by all who call the tunnels home.

    Of course, you don't have that glorious shirt, do you? You'll have to deal with the furries, who just want to yiff with you, or those driven Con-Mad, little more than snarling husks of men, who have gone feral, attacking anything that enters their turf, yet strangely they ignore their own. Then there are the Collectors, who want their waifus and husbandos, if you match what they want, then you will be treated well for as long as you last, if not, well, the less said the better.

    If you are willing to brave those horrors, then you might just find The Market, the ultimate in dealer's rooms. While the Upper Con has a selection to boggle the mind, the Undercon's Market deals in the exotic, and the forbidden. Drugs, real weapons, the Star Wars Christmas Special(banned in 7 countries as a war crime), all can be found if the price is right. Though never tell a soul where you got these goodies, as while the market loves business, it hates attention from the con staff.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)17:29 No.18455097
    When I first moved into Infinity City, I knew things would never be the same. How could it be? In "The Real World", as I call it now, I was a single, barely-employed, overweight, lazy neckbeard who spent too much time on the internet. I had managed to save up enough money to actually go to Infinicon with some friends and, somehow, I landed a job at this toy outlet moving boxes from the trucks to the warehouse. Not an amazing job, mind you, but the crappy jobs got subsidized housing for dirt cheap, because we were so far away from the actual convention. Just another job, in the outskirts of another busy city, right?
    Well, I took up running to try and get in better shape. Something about the energy of the city made me want to move, I guess. Next thing I knew, I was jogging to the Anime district every night after work and jogging back home. Every day I'd get a little faster, so I'd have more time to spend looking at the shops and talking to con-goers.
    That's how I met Jayce.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)17:34 No.18455135
         File: 1332711285.jpg-(137 KB, 1054x655, 1315170389917.jpg)
    137 KB
    I heard abut this once and saw a similar video (but not that one)

    Although a question comes to my mind.
    Does the UnderCon as the above ground factions too additionally to the other stuff?
    Like some homeless narutard that refuse to leave and still consider themselves part of the faction, patching their costumes from scraps.
    Also is the UnderCon more or less "continuous" without segregations or there are there districts similar to above ground? Maybe it's divided by the same districts?
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)17:35 No.18455141
    Well, Jayce called himself a "businessman". t first, he seemed like one of those older Anime fans, with a job and responsibility and all that. I thought he was just a tourist at first, but, night after night, I would meet him at the same corner pub, and we'd talk.
    So, one night, he says to me, "I know you have a job, but would you like a better one? One that's closer to the daily action here?"
    Of course I did. I didn't mind the thirty-minute jog so much anymore, but I'd grown bored of the work I did (I guess the Con had spoiled me: brown boxes every day, boring people, tedious work, I wanted color and excitement!). He asked me to be a "Runner".
    >> ChrowX 03/25/12(Sun)17:36 No.18455153
    I like this take on it. Meshes well with the overall theme.

    I also support the idea of Furries being oblivious to someone's actual desires and instead taking everything as innuendo or 'playing hard to get'. Especially for Undercon furries. They are just so out of their minds from poor respiration inside their suits and the constant stank of eachother that they no longer understand basic human interaction. Everything is a mating dance to them.

    Makes for a very clear cut and obvious antagonist.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)17:37 No.18455168
         File: 1332711467.jpg-(1.06 MB, 1600x1200, 1328164966754.jpg)
    1.06 MB
    don't forget the extreme post apoc LARPers, who'l strip you of anything you happen to be carrying.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)17:40 No.18455195
    See, there were some things that people wanted that weren't exactly legal in Infinity City: Fireworks, some drugs, hard pornography, guns... and some weirder stuff I never asked about. An easy way to get caught with it was to deliver it above ground, walking or driving through a security checkpoint. The easiest way to not get caught was to run it through the Undercon.
    Now, I had heard some rumors about the Undercon being full of Infinity City's rejects, but I hadn't thought it was as bad as it really is, so I accepted. I got set up in my new apartment (overlooking Anime Square, no less!) and got settled in.
    The next night, Jayce shows up at my door with a box. He tells me to head to the alley behind our usual pub and open it.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)17:42 No.18455218
    This is fantastic, Anon, please continue
    >> ChrowX 03/25/12(Sun)17:46 No.18455248
    I'd say yes, more or less. Not because the Undercon has the same sort of division, but say you're living in the RPG-Fantasy district and you go broke, you are sooner going to move straight under where you already were, allowing you to stay close to your favorite shit, than try and squeeze in amongst some other District's cast-offs.

    Plus, that has the additional benefit of allowing you to still be with other people who share your interests. So, most of the people beneath the RPG-Fantasy District are RPG-Fantasy people who may be able to help and support you.

    It wouldn't be flawlessly divided, but you could more or less determine about where you are in the city by what kind of people you are finding.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)17:47 No.18455262
         File: 1332712036.jpg-(147 KB, 1600x1200, Lorin%2520k%25C3%25A9pei-96.jpg)
    147 KB
    although they are still somehow more friendly than the other creatures there. I mean they won't kill you on sight, only fight you if it's really worth it (ammunition is hard to come buy, and stabbing someone to death is not that easy) and all in all they could be still considered as human beings. Well not a good human being but still...
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)17:47 No.18455267
    Behind the pub, I opened the package. Inside was an odd-looking key and a note. The note told me to... well, I won't say where, because that would lose me my job. Let's just say that there are more entrances to the sewers than you'd think.
    The Undercon is a whole different place. Groups of furries (not the benign ones on the surface, either. These are the ones with flaps to stick their junk through and the sort), post-apocalyptic LARPers, crazies, homeless, and those who just... lost track of reality after being absorbed into the world of Infinicon... All these lived here. The Furries are MOSTLY harmless, but if there is a large enough group, they can jump you. The post-apoc guys are dangerous, and they want your stuff. Apparently, they have guns looted off of other, fallen Runners and smuggled in themselves.
    The crazies are all different, but mostly dangerous. You can usually hear them coming.
    The Homeless are probably the most sane. Once, I even ran into a guy who had set up a tiny apartment down there. He let me crash there after a few exhausting trips. Nice person.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)17:50 No.18455298
    That's about all I have to say about the Undercon. I know my story isn't especially interesting or insightful. I just felt I had to say it. I don;t especially LIKE my job, but I couldn't make a living in this city any other way, so I'm stuck with it. Infinity City is a drug, and those who taste it will do ANYTHING to get more.
    Stay out of the sewers, kids.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)18:08 No.18455486
         File: 1332713293.jpg-(124 KB, 1280x720, Sewer-2-mirrors-edge-2064593-1(...).jpg)
    124 KB
    this is all I can think of, especially the underground level

    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)18:13 No.18455541
         File: 1332713583.png-(2 KB, 270x270, sad face.png)
    2 KB
    I'm watching this thread whole time and I even can't find words to express how hard I want a place like IfiniCon. I think we all want. The saddest part of this all is it could really exist. With unimaginable amount of money, of course, and it would be really hard (what makes it almost impossible actually). But where IfiniCon could have a place? USA? Europe? Anyway, really beautiful conception.
    >> ChrowX 03/25/12(Sun)18:24 No.18455667
    I'm not sure how feasible the idea is, but I suppose it would be possible..

    The way I see it, there isn't a single building or business in the ciy belongs to the Con. There's really not a single place that isn't run by attendees because they are the ones whoa re going to take that money and put it right back into the city. For this reason, employing anyone from outside the city would almost be prohibited. Perhaps just an unwritten rule , but still, enforced without question.

    Now, as for location.. That's really hard to say. Someplace with temperate, steady weather would work best, but I see no reason why you couldn't just transplant it anywhere in the world and call it a day. The city itself is more important than what's going on outside of it, after all.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)18:27 No.18455696
    So, I guess I'm not gone yet. I'll detail a few of the more interesting things I've run across/picked up in the sewers.

    An all-Sailor Moon-themed rave/orgy.
    A large pile of melted pocky sticks. No packaging nearby.
    A gold and sapphire ring with the word "Eternity" engraved on the inside.
    A lost partygoer, dressed as a Cylon, holding a mostly empty bottle of Captain Morgan. I helped him get out before he got in trouble.
    A loaded AK-47. Gave it to Jayce, he paid me for it.
    A makeshift cannon, with an empty can of propellant (I think, label was rusted) and several busted-up walls and a large bloodstain on the ground.
    A corridor lined with unopened Pringles cans. I don't even.
    A theater's fly system, set up in a large chamber. Possibly, there used to be a stage here. No idea who built it or for why. Ropes were mostly rotted.
    A room lined with pictures of the same girl, obviously taken without her knowledge. Never found out who she was.
    What looked to be blueprints for a fully-functioning Pokeball. Smelled like vodka.
    A dead Bonsai tree with a tag tied to it that simply had the word "lol" written in pen on it.
    A room with several unfinished costumes, sized for different people. I think one was supposed to be Haruhi from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)18:29 No.18455718
    Well, it's have to have mostly dry weather, to facilitate easy costume care. Wet weather = dead props and soggy hair.
    I live in Phoenix, and the weather, while hot, is dry enough. Perhaps somewhere in northern AZ?
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)18:31 No.18455745
         File: 1332714709.jpg-(666 KB, 1280x1024, Riot.jpg)
    666 KB
    >Someplace with temperate, steady weather

    scotland, always raining, all the time
    >park staff fending off disgruntled post-apoc LARPers (glaswegians)
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)18:34 No.18455783

    IT'S BACK.


    Jarboot here, from the original project, I'll be right in the thread and active soon enough.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)18:35 No.18455797
    I could only imagine the stench of that city. If your average con is anything to go by, one would smell it before they would see it, even if they went by plane.
    >> Jarboot 03/25/12(Sun)18:38 No.18455837
    I love the idea of the LARP forest. There would most positively be the entire "Larpers go in and don't come back out!" thing going on. But what is causing it?
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)18:41 No.18455874
    I think in one of the first threads we talked about being in Illinois. It's in the middle of the USA (which I would say contains most of the RP/anime fans), is near a big city, yet has plenty of open space and normal weather (constant seasons).
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)18:41 No.18455880
         File: 1332715281.jpg-(51 KB, 301x453, 164_product_image1.jpg)
    51 KB
    people with smell detectors and pressure hoses wandering the park

    it's hidden in the really really fine print that the can do this
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)18:41 No.18455889
    Random battles wi' neds.

    "You see a scruffy hooligan of teenage build, wearing a sweater with the hood up and a backwards cap under it. You make eye-contact and he yells "Ae fuck are you lookin' at ya fuckin' wee cunt?"
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)18:41 No.18455893

    A server stack, abandoned. Jayce paid me for the location of it.
    Arrows painted on the ground, leading to a large hole. No obvious way out, so I didn't go down.
    A... very hefty woman, stark naked, masturbating against a wall. She looked me in the eyes as she finished, then got up and walked away. (Like a boss)
    A flower garden, well-tended to, by a woman dressed as Aeris from Final Fantasy 7. Admired her dedication to the role, went to dinner, she never called back. Bad kisser.
    A working HDTV, 56 inches. Kept it.
    Three copies of NFL Blitz for the N64, in a stack. Cleaned them up and sold them to a pawn shop for a buck each.
    A stack of signs that said "Free WiFi". Probably stolen from various cafes.
    An area that looked to be some kind of village or something. Nothing much of value. Bullet holes everywhere.
    A filled body bag. On closer inspection, it was filled with Philadelphia Cream Cheese boxes.
    A trail of some blue fluid that stopped after half a mile. was gone the next day, stain included.
    And old refrigerator with a smaller one inside, and a smaller one inside that, and a note inside that one that read "Fridgeception"
    A human skull, probably from a teenager.
    A stereo that played "The Phantom of the Opera" nonstop at full volume until I found it and smashed the thing.
    A box, wrapped like a gaudy present. Inside was a note with the words "Insert awesome gift here."
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)18:42 No.18455902
    I promise you that if I ever acquire anything bigger than a village then I will make this happen
    >> InfiniCon Chairman (ChrowX) 03/25/12(Sun)18:47 No.18455948
    These are awesome and hilarious.

    Also, good to have you back, Jarboot!
    Now that we have the crew back together, I guess I should take up my tag again...
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)18:47 No.18455952
    and then he throws a pokeball at you
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)18:47 No.18455953
    Man, if you even just get a village, come call us and we'll build the rest somehow.
    Getting the land and zoning is the hardest part, aside from money.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)18:49 No.18455968
    Yeah I know we couldn't even get a proper place for larping here...
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)18:49 No.18455972
    iff bukky comes in pokeballs now they yeah, it'll be an empty pokeball
    >> Jarboot !!j4xjG8Gxyo4 03/25/12(Sun)18:52 No.18455994
    Thanks. I don't remember my tripcode, so just take my word and I'll be changing it.

    By the way, I'm making a page for all the Lore sort of stuff that would help clarify the setting.

    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)18:56 No.18456027
    The stench could be the reason for all the gasmaks which could lead to all the post apoc guys making a emergence.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)18:57 No.18456032
    And some more.
    Front half of a two-man horse costume.
    A man dressed as Gordon Freeman who followed me around for half an hour. Never spoke.
    A piece of paper with a Canadian and American quarter on it. On the paper was written "Interracial Love."
    A pile of Naruto-style headbands. The Leaf symbol was backwards.
    Several hundred mousetraps, all unarmed save one (Guess which I stepped on).
    Four guys on a couch, watching hentai and sipping beer. They muttered a noncommital "Hey man" as I passed.
    A very attractive girl, passed out, with a very unattractive boner poking out of her skirt. I covered her with my jacket. Wasn't that cold anyways.
    A pair of pants. Pockets were filled with spaghetti. Probably a reference, could be an amazing pick-up tactic.
    Four people, dressed in Wizard of Oz garb, skipping, singing "Follow the Yellow Brick Road."
    A swordfight between two armored knights, using pool noodles. Alcohol was probably involved.
    A cave made of cinderblocks. Abandoned sleeping bag inside.

    That's about all I've got for now. If anyone has any questions, either about the City, the Con, the Districts, or the Undercon, I'd be happy to answer them.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)18:58 No.18456045
    Just my two cents, maybe it would be better if the con was a secret. Something normals knew nothing about and something vagrants whispered about. Just a suggestion however. I love how this is coming together,
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)18:58 No.18456047
    Did you have any particularly crazy encounters with furries or any other crazies in the Undercon?
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)19:00 No.18456071
         File: 1332716457.jpg-(182 KB, 1600x1200, Sebi%2520k%25C3%25A9pei-51.jpg)
    182 KB
    well most of the stench at cons come from the fact that there are a metric fuckton of people in one building, wearing cloths that not that great at hot temperatures. So everyone is sweating as hell in a closed space. A city usually somehow bigger with more open space than this so I don't think that gasmask would be a mast have accessory. (although they are cool and good against teargas too)
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)19:04 No.18456109
    nah, the Con heavily depends on tourists so that's not an option, although it could be some kind of an "elite" place so getting a ticket to the City is not that easy (or just plainly expensive) and because of this there are various human trafficking organizations that one way or another get you into or out of the city, mostly through the UnderCon but sometimes other creative and/or ingenious ways
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)19:13 No.18456203
    Well, not as many as you'd think.
    The Furries aren't interested in anything that doesn't sexually excite them and the only things that do that have pointy ears and/or tails.
    I tend to do my business in a large coat and slacks, so I'm not really "their type"
    Now, I have been caught twice anyways. Once because I was careless and thought they'd NEVER be interested, and another time because it was a trap.
    First time: Delivering a small package to the Video Game District, saw a small pack of furries ahead. They shrank away, so I kept advancing. Suddenly, from behind, three pairs of arms snake around me and hold me in place as their "Alpha Female" comes around to look at me.
    Now, don't get me wrong, this girl was probably smoking hot at one point. If she took a shower and maybe brushed her teeth, I'd still consider it. HOWEVER. She was dressed in this greenish wolf getup, with her tits hanging out of holes in the front. She got really close and asked if I'd like to "Mate with her".
    That was the point where I'd had enough and used the only part of me they'd left free, my head. I drove my skull into her face, then struggled to break loose, which worked somehow in the confusion. I grabbed my delivery and ran for it. I was in MUCH better shape than them, so I eventually lost them. Still had to walk above ground for a mile or so before I could risk going under again. I still see that pack occasionally, but they leave me alone now.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)19:13 No.18456211
    The second time... well, some groups have "initiates". People who still operate on the surface, but descend into depravity at night with the UnderFurries. I met one at a club one night on my day off, and, being a little drunk, agreed to go back to her place. She claimed she "Knew a shortcut" through the sewers, This seemed like an okay idea to me at the time, because, hey, shorter distance = sooner I'd be getting laid.
    Anyways, I'm still a little fuzzy on what happened next, but I remember someone taking my shirt off and licking me. It was about then that I realized that I smelled an unwashed man, and, lo and behold, they had stuck a cat-ear headband on me and some neckbeard was undoing my pants with his teeth.
    I got the fuck out of there. They didn't stop me from going, thankfully. Saw the girl again a few nights later. Called in a favor from Jayce to get her deported from the city on false charges (her real crimes were worse, but would call attention to the sewers, and Jayce didn't want that).
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)19:13 No.18456214
    Autist who are too cheap to pay for a room (saving cash for those rare finds), to socially inept to crash in someone else's room, and to lazy to work (either has money wired from parents, receives government checks, or simply steals merchandise from the merchroom). Has a secret alcove where she/he/it stores their loot, and rests.

    Just imagine going through a corridor where the walls are caked in Cheetos dust, floors covered in con guides and various other con related fliers, a con-funk so thick that it makes your eye's hurt, and at the end waits an autistic beast that guards their precious treasure of autographed first edition merchandise.
    >> InfiniCon Chairman 03/25/12(Sun)19:14 No.18456217
    Alright, as promised, I need to scoot for a bit to go tend to the lawn. I'll try and be quick about it.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)19:15 No.18456227
         File: 1332717359.jpg-(42 KB, 537x565, 1313248878713.jpg)
    42 KB
    and maybe the larp forest surrounds the whole city, where some parts you can encounter people like this
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)19:19 No.18456270
         File: 1332717591.jpg-(645 KB, 1417x941, OPHKR2_RAZOR'S_EDGE_032.jpg)
    645 KB
    and on other parts you can find people like this
    >> Jarboot !!j4xjG8Gxyo4 03/25/12(Sun)19:22 No.18456296
    I like the idea of this.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)19:25 No.18456331
    I think in a previous thread we talked about how Infinicon was started by a really rich (won the lottery?) anime/role-playing fan. He really liked secrets and such, so he created a secret tunnel system beneath the city for the sake of *secrets* and *hidden passages*. And from there, it was used as both staff use and a home for crazies and their activities.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)19:27 No.18456341
    >an autistic beast that guards their precious treasure of autographed first edition merchandise.
    This gave me an idea. Or a mental image came to my mind to be accurate.

    at the time when the 5e DnD is released there are riots in the fantasy section, groups of neckbeards try tu burn the 5e books because it's "unpure" while other neckbeard groups try to save the book because it's the "new savior"
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)19:30 No.18456358
         File: 1332718201.jpg-(37 KB, 220x345, 09936641.jpg)
    37 KB
    Yes. And the same would go with anime when Naruto eventually ends.

    Also, a couple missions could be something like a guest speaker coming to the convention and being kidnapped by someone of the opposing fandom (or the same fandom?), and being dragged down the sewers.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)19:33 No.18456382
         File: 1332718381.jpg-(12 KB, 298x359, 1327385663062.jpg)
    12 KB
    and then we are back at the religious groups... or is it political groups?

    nevertheless, editionwars will became a lot more serious and actually wars
    >> Jarboot !!j4xjG8Gxyo4 03/25/12(Sun)19:39 No.18456442
         File: 1332718769.jpg-(66 KB, 550x800, stalin_poster.jpg)
    66 KB
    The way I see it is that there are factions of fandoms, but the occasional civil war, as we see with editionwars.

    As for the religious/political groups, I think it would be more along the lines of religious. They are driven by blind hatred and emotions, not really with much structure besides at the highest rankings.

    Here's how I imagine it: New edition comes out, and the minority splits off into a separate group (D&D purists, for instance) with a new leader. They still have the same IMM, both persionally and faction-wise, but they are pitted against each other.

    Feuds would end one of two ways: one side being utterly destroyed, or people just forgetting or losing interest. Anything in-between is just an endless battle.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)19:40 No.18456455
    Yeah, it's not exactly what I imagined myself doing when I signed up for the State Police. This place started this thing about the same time I entered the force. At first, the Station was just a little security post where a couple of officers would come down when they were holding a convention, but then it just started... growing. People started building houses, then larger buildings and now we've got this place. And of course, once it became a proper community, the state demanded that law enforcement be put into place. Of course, no one really knows HOW city government gets done around here; there's certainly no InfiniCon PD, but the locals kinda police themselves a bit. Still, you've got to have some form of law and order so the state started to build a permanent police station here; apparently it was just going to be some pre-fabs but whoever's running the show around here gave an anonymous donation, so we've got a proper precinct. I like it, kinda mix between some space age nonsense and noir. Certainly looks the part.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)19:41 No.18456461
    Of course, just like any metropolitan centre, Infinicon has its problems, especially when it's populated with people who have a certain kind of brain damage. We get assaults, thefts, murders, prohibited substances, rapes; they may dress up like a bunch of characters, but they're human. At least most are. But there are some unique challenges; replica weapons are everywhere, so you're always looking, checking for detals, a tell-tale flex or seam. Then there are the fights that break out every night or so; over the stupidest things. One night, there was a really bad riot, three dead, forty wounded included one of my officers and that's just what we found. Turns out it was because the ending of some show didn't have the right relatiobships or something. We're a bit better at this stuff now; we got a taskforce set up to look at trends amongst shippers, upcoming releases and season ends and they keep us pretty well informed so we can expect trouble. Most of the time, at least. Also, piracy. RIAA comes here so much, they've set up a permenant office and we've got a room for an FBI taskforce. Problem is, EVERYONE seems to be in on it; we pretty much have to provide protection for anyone serving subpoenas for copyrght infringement and it seems everytime we do, all we find are a room with some scuff marks on the floor and ethernet cables all over the place. Drives the Feds and the Suits crazy.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)19:42 No.18456472
    The officers here are all a bunch of good guys and girls. We've got a hundred and forty police officers, which is a bit small for an urban area this size, but we do what we can. We've got the usual departments; traffic, homicide, narcotics, vice and let me tell you, those guys see some shit, I can tell you, and your usual array of beat officers. We've also got a SWAT team and the officers here are all trained in crowd control. They don't get called out all that often, but there have been times when some kid goes even more crazy then usual, like the one time a bunch of those Emperor worshipping nutters took a cafe hostage, demanding the head of this Brit before they let the hostages go. That incident actually got a lot of attention for a while about how InfiniCon was out of control, but it died away pretty quickly. Too quickly, if you ask me, but that's beside the point.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)19:43 No.18456475
    Most of the staff are here on rotation; two years in. Can't blame, 'em really, not a lot of people volunteer for this district. Of course, you get some guys who go local or want to be here because of the 'Con. Most of the time, they're alright, but some guys around here keep their eyes out on them. Can't blame them, not after that time we got a gunfight in the lobby between one of the detectives and this local in a green jacket. The officer chased the guy right out of there. Still chasing him I hear from reports. There is a danger of going native, though, I suppose. Something about this place can get into your head at times, and people react differently to that. Some start drinking or watching sports really excessively, others pick up little habits; smoking, an odd accessory, but a few do go other the edge. There was this one officer, Brooks. Good man, I knew him from a while back, but he kept on picking up odd traits; started wearing body armor all the time, grew a moustache and wore some 80s looking shades. Started getting cited for excessive force, and was being investigated by Internal Affairs for overzealous use of firearms. Eventually, he quit the Force and now cruises around in a tank of all things; seems he got into one of those Japanese cartoons, Dominion, I think.

    What my beard? I just thought I'd grow one. It's all in regs. Makes me look a bit more like a hardass to the locals. N-no, I've never heard of Cowboy Bebop. It's good? Maybe I'll check it out when I get rotated out. Nah, I've been here for five years. It's the organisation here, see. It's working too well for me to leave right now. Maybe when I've taught some of the new guys how to run things properly...
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)19:46 No.18456495

    The Undercon? Creepy ass place. LA, New York, Vegas all tell stories about how their sewers are the worst; at least theirs aren't packed with gangs psycho dog fuckers who rape anything that's warm or paranoids who think that the bombs dropped a century ago. We don't go down there unless there's a good reason and when we do, we go in force. Seriously, the first time we sent some men to investigate down there, they came back, naked, covered in welts from high-powered paintball guns and tattooed with insults in klingon. Now anytime we step into that hellhole, it's full tactical and we don't mess about. We've actually had people from the military come and ask about experiences that some of the guys have had down there. Rumour has it that they're sending special forces in there to train or something. Just what we need, something to rile up the crazies even more.

    Yeah, it's a pretty odd beat, but someone's got to be here to make sure that there's some sense of law and order around here. Otherwise, God knows what crazy replacement would pop up. Probably trial by trivia or something strange like that.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)19:50 No.18456532
    Here's an idea: a STALKER ammo smuggler who brings in rounds in the hollow tubing/frame of his Exoskeleton.

    Infinicon would benefit beyond words from its own recycling plant and/or plasma incinerator.
    >> Jarboot !!j4xjG8Gxyo4 03/25/12(Sun)19:50 No.18456533
    Just letting you know, I'm adding all these accounts and such to the wiki.

    Remember, you as a writefag are creating the lore, bit by bit. Most likely, not everything will be canon, but you do have a considerable amount of sway in terms of the story and setting.
    >> Jarboot !!j4xjG8Gxyo4 03/25/12(Sun)19:55 No.18456590
    Addressing the second part, the mass amount of energy would require utilities within the convention area or around it. Being in the near-future, why not make the power station be something futuristic, like Thorium? Plus, there could be staff missions where you have to figure out why the water station stopped pumping water and all the workers didn't participate in radio communication (Spoilers: It's probably furries).

    Fiberoptic cables (for the interwebz), power stations, water towers, garbage dumps (underground?), and recycling centers all come to mind.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)19:59 No.18456625
         File: 1332719998.jpg-(729 KB, 1600x1067, fallout3-031.jpg)
    729 KB
    >Plus, there could be staff missions where you have to figure out why the water station stopped pumping water
    I know the right guys for this mission!
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)20:02 No.18456647
    my name is Alexi Valdergof, my and my friends were contracted to go into the undercon by some person who kept calling himself a "John" even though his nametag said "Mark, Seller of Goods" Crazy Americans... but he wanted something he kept referring to as "1st Ed Shadowrun". Who is this Ed Shadowrun and why is he first? he wouldn't answer any of our questions except that he would pay us a ludicrous amount of dosh and gear for it, which to be honest shut us up quite quickly, we've never been offered both Dosh and gear before so this Ed Shadowrun must be very important.

    Now me and my team are experienced in the undercon but this had us worried, we've never been as deep as Water Treatment and Purification Subsector E-5. hell we didnt even know it went that deep but none the less we went in like the fools we were.

    At first it was extremely simple the "furries" you guys call them, never came out only could be heard by distant 'yiff yiff yiff" in the background and an occasional Wolf trying to pull one of us down a tunnel, if we would've stopped there, Nikolai and Marc would still be here.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)20:03 No.18456655
         File: 1332720181.jpg-(54 KB, 640x426, The Entrance.jpg)
    54 KB
    You see they took Nikolai when we first entered the Water Treatment Sector there was at least 20 of them, wolves, cats, and dragons rushing us only sound they made was a constant chorus of
    "yiff, yiff, yiff" we took many of them down but soon our guns ran out of pellets and we made a dash deeper into the Treatment plant,we were almost free until Nikolai tripped and fell...that was the last time i ever saw Nikolai...the look of pure terror as the horde descended upon him...i'll never forget it

    And Marc? well he went insane down there, the deeper you go into the Undercon,the worst it gets...the stuff they post on those walls...thats what drove Marc insane, last i saw of him....he was running down a corridor stripping himself naked demanding to be taken right there by a dragon priestess. He was a good lad, a little young but good.
    I finally reached the room where Ed was, but there was nobody to be seen...just piles of paraphernalia, i started looking around when i first heard it, a bellow from a conjoined room a yowl of pure lust, and the largest Wolf i ever saw barrels into the room, id like i say i slew that foul beast...but no, i panicked i grabbed the nearest stack of paraphernalia and ran out of there hoping "John" would be okay with what i grabbed
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)20:09 No.18456716
         File: 1332720572.jpg-(125 KB, 220x295, FAS7100_ShadowrunFirstEdition.jpg)
    125 KB
    after that all i remember was just running, i just ran i couldnt make it to the surface too many furries in the way so i just ran, i ran for gods know how long, but i finally ran into a group of like minded individuals, they saw the look of terror on my face and hear the howls coming from the way i came, and ran the way they came out, and not knowing any better i followed them.

    When i exited the undercon i was in the middle of the Anime section, not too far from where i met "John" so despite all my being screaming for food and rest i hobbled over to his shop, our meeting place.

    When i entered the store his face paled considerably his upper lip quivered and he said "did you get it?" as i poured out the contents of my rucksack, he dived into it like a pseudodog on a carcass, and with a squeal of joy he grabs this book hugs it tightly to his body and starts blubbering and thanking me...thats when i realized it...i lost two good friends for a god damn book, this wasnt a retrieval mission for a friend like we thought it was, no, it was just for a goddamn book...that was the worst moment of my life, when i traded the life of my two closest friends for a god damn book.

    After receiving my pay i went and found my dealer...after that...i don't remember much,just a alcoholic haze
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)20:10 No.18456722
    Yeah, I like it here in InfiniCon. My friend and I run a model booth at some of the cons; we sell the usual historical stuff, sci-fi, plamo, Gunpla, some wargame minis here and there. It's actually a bit of a blessing, not having to rent a shop; we just drive into a dealer plaza, set up the van and the booth and we're good to go. Of course, you've got to be careful when things get busy otherwise some of the crustier patrons will try and rob you blind. Once had to run down a guy who was trying to leg it with a large Perfect Grade Wing Zero. He didn't get far and the packaging wasn't even damaged, which is a plus. Lucky for him, the State Police got him before the Imperial Legion could get wind of him. That's one of the downsides, I suppose. You get a few gangs of vigilantes but hey, keeps the shoplifters down!

    We share a flat with some other modellers and mecha fans on the hubward edge. It's pretty cramped, but we make enough. We also all pitch in for a kick ass workshop for modelling in one of the rooms. I also run some showings on a projector against this large blank wall near the flat; I tend to show older shows and most people don't pay any attention, but every now and again, we get some kid who's only seen Seed or Eva and he sits down and watches and asks if we can get him some more of the series. And it feels good, to be honest, although once we were almost lynched by a group of the Cape Crusaders for showing 'Japanese filth'. Good thing I had Megas XLR on my drive, or I'd probably be handing from my neck with a Naruto headband stuffed in my mouth.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)20:11 No.18456732
    >>4th avenue cafe

    Kenshin reference.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)20:16 No.18456763
    Plasma incinerators are EXTREMELY efficient, and usable on quite a few things. They provide power along with a disposal means for trash.

    Also, there's gonna be a cutoff point where they decide the furries simply aren't worth the business-or did this happen already, providing a reason they're all underground?
    >> Jarboot !!j4xjG8Gxyo4 03/25/12(Sun)20:18 No.18456776
    Everyone hates furries, so they would be constantly abused. Also, they don't really buy any sort of merchandise besides animal parts, and they tend to make a ruckus.

    Because of this, they are pretty much naturally driven to the underground.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)20:21 No.18456788
    A large group of scientists from $LARGE_CORPORATION have come in search of volunteers for genetic experimentation. Either bring the furries to their attention, the scientists to the furries' attention, or try and keep the scientists from being overrun.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)20:23 No.18456807
    Just a small suggestion.
    LordLysander should some sort of a Gollum. An outcast from the outcast. Living in the darkest place of the Undercon, he could lead the players or give information in exchange for models to paint or Sonic's drawing.
    John Cloud Raven should be the head of a religious group in the Neckbeard Alley. His main mission would be to purify the district with his army of sorcerer.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)20:25 No.18456820


    Street gangs dressed like Japanese delinquents fighting over shipping and the purity of characters.These guys have actually become real threats; heavily muscled, scarred and if not for the dakimuras or banners they carry showing their waifus, would actually put the fear of God into you.

    Different Shinto temples and Buddhist shrines, all staffed by hordes of 'Mikos' all cosplaying different kinds. Not entirely theologically accurate, but interesting. Some are regularly attacked, some in a fake manner either doing something vaguely historical or dressed like Sentai/Magical Girl villains or actually by gangs of rival cosplayers. Some of these incidents are rumoured to actually involve real magical girls and monsters.

    As forementioned, Japanese bathhouses, but be forewarned, some are pretty normal, others are specifically set up for harem hijinks with a team of on-staff actors/cosplayers/'girls' looking for their Onii-chan.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)20:26 No.18456832
    Streets full of ramen stalls; all kinda meh, except for one amazing one down a back alleyway that actually is staffed by an elderly Japanese man who lives in the back of his stall. Doesn't seem to realise that he isn't in Kansai. Only people who know about it are from outside the district.

    A grumpy old middle eastern man who smokes hash openly and complains wildly that none of these infidels no anything about the glory of Yokoyama. Seems to know about anime which no one has ever heard about and sends people to find him evidence that it existed.

    An actual, real working mech. No one knows where it is and what it looks like, but it's there. The rumour goes that the Chairman had it built by a mad scientist, a specially hired group from DARPA, summoned by a mad priest or made contact with aliens who gave it to him. Apparently, it's designed to choose a pilot and defend InfiniCon if it's ever threatened. Cults have arisen about who is most worthy to pilot it and clashes between followers of the Real and Super traditions crop up on a weekly basis.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)20:30 No.18456884
         File: 1332721801.png-(439 KB, 924x434, scisland.png)
    439 KB
    >Now, as for location.. That's really hard to say. Someplace with temperate, steady weather would work best, but I see no reason why you couldn't just transplant it anywhere in the world and call it a day. The city itself is more important than what's going on outside of it, after all.

    California Channel Islands, especially Santa Cruz

    >temperate weather, should be similar to Santa Barbara which is awesome.
    >isolated from normal society, but close enough to get a boat from civilization/Long Beach. Character creation could be getting on/realizing you're on the boat.
    >was once entirely owned by one man
    >good size [almost 100 square miles]
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)20:31 No.18456900
         File: 1332721881.jpg-(100 KB, 744x690, 1330567679972.jpg)
    100 KB
    Street gangs dressed like Japanese delinquents fighting over ... the purity of characters.
    something like this?
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)20:32 No.18456915
    Post-apoc LARPers recruiting STALKER and Fallout players as meat shields, buying modded airsoft guns from shady Asian shopkeeps, and striking fear into the hearts of the average congoers

    They fight on the front lines of the Suppression of the Undesirables, living off of cheap vodka and stale crackers

    Any who dare risk venturing into the Undercon will find many a cross with a gas mask resting upon the top
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)20:46 No.18457072
    Pretty much yeah.


    An impossibly old shop full of dusty merchandise, laserdisks and vhs tapes, many of which are dubbed. The newest thing in the shop seems to be some early DVDs from the late 90s. The man at the desk is in his 40s and looks like your typically bearded elder nerd. But if you ask the guy in the right manner, it's said that he can get you anything you need, both anime wise and in other things.

    Entire plazas just full of Naruto/Bleach fans; a sea of orange jumpsuits the likes of which have never been seen outside of a US prison. Never get between them unless you've got someway to avoid being crushed.

    A shady guy who doesn't look like he's a fan of anykind hawking unlicensed metal props. Some are sharp, some are wallhangers and some are proper swords/pole arms that will mess anyone up.

    Small, often vandalised, buildings housing missions from the Western Comics sector, who preach of the unholy nature of the Eastern Devils and espouse true faith in their pantheon of the DC/Marvel capes and their prophets; Kirby, Lee, Moore and others.

    Gangs of criminals who abduct female or female-looking men and force them to become maids in a cafe or for special domestic servant centers (both of which operate legally, but one or two aren't). Also rumored are that certain international organizations that specialize in domestic servants keep an eye on the Maid and Butler cafes and kidnap the best for proper training in domestic servitude for wealthy European aristocrats.
    >> InfiniCon Chairman 03/25/12(Sun)20:47 No.18457079
    I'm back. Took longer than expected because all the gras was slightly damp. Fucking spring...

    Give me a moment to read up on everything I missed before I start talking about other ideas I've had. (some of which you can already see in the 1d4 article.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)20:49 No.18457101
         File: 1332722961.jpg-(1.92 MB, 1704x2272, IMG_4169.jpg)
    1.92 MB
    I feel that I should do some kind of larper related writefaggotry too but I'm too tired for it and even when I'm not tired my english is not up to the task...
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)20:51 No.18457126
    >the weapons salesman
    Do him up as a ghetto version of the dude from RE4. Hoody, mask, giant coat that looks like it was stolen from an Alucard, Vash, or Neo, lined with weapons.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)20:53 No.18457136
    There was once a man that caught a furry, put it on a leash and the man paraded it around like somekind of trophy to. One of those anime "everyone likes Liru/Felica/Renamon" guys. No one really batted an eyelash at it. Figured it was the creatures fetish or something. The thing didn't like it though.

    Next thing I hear about the guy he was found dead not 2 days later after going a bit to close to the Undercon entryway the furry gone and a path of claw marks and destruction leading from his door to his room. I guess they considered it kidnapping.

    Reason I bring this up? To give you a lesson. Don't mess with the Undercon. It ain't like vegas. It follows you to your grave and makes sure it gets it's revenge.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)20:54 No.18457159
    I was actually thinking of some guy in a tracksuit hawking wallhangers from the back of a white van, but that works too.

    Basically, InfiniCon is too huge to NOT attract people from the outside who don't have any interest in anything aside from normal stuff but recognise a market when they see one.

    That's actually something to add and could be done everywhere; essentially a character Del Boy Trotter selling quite obviously low quality bootleg, so poor that no one even buys it, merchandise out of the back of a Reliant Robin van; however, he travels a lot in between the various sectors of the con and sees things, know what I mean?
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)20:57 No.18457191
    Throw in the occasional rare thing he has no idea of the value of. Some Chinese knockoffs are worth mad bank.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)20:59 No.18457212
         File: 1332723560.jpg-(79 KB, 720x480, 1303432532630.jpg)
    79 KB
    Meanwhile an idea:
    we already talked about that there must be various events all year around in the City, bigger and smaller ones too.
    Some are regular ones, some are one-shots.

    Like there is a new Star Wars film premier, and because of this SW fans everywhere in the city.
    Or a famous mangaka who lived in the city dies and now fans all over the world come to the funeral
    Maybe there is a bigger LARP even outside in the forest hence the sudden influx of Landsknechts on the streets

    These kind of things can disturb the balance between the faction temporary
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)21:01 No.18457238
    Would also bring in more new, permanent blood for the faction, as those few with the inclination and the means move there permanently.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)21:01 No.18457241
    "What are these things, Saders? I didn't even think they made these anymore. You got a vendor's license on you, Barry?"

    "Er, must have left it back home, sorry. Listen, how's about I give you a box of these AND the new Judge Dredd film, and I go back and get it?"

    "Barry, that's a blank CD. An actual blank CD which I suspect has the old Judge Dredd film in a file size under 500mb. I guess, I'm just going to have to call the Norms on yo-

    "Naw, naw, don't do that. Listen, I got some good info on these geezer, right, who's been shifting some video nasties about; proper horrorshow nonsense. Featuring some of those costumed girls or something. Now, I don't touch that nonsense with a ten foot pole, but this guy seems too into it, from what I've heard. Maybe he's the guy you're looking for in regards to that disappearence?"

    "Alright Barry. But when I get back here, you better be gone!"

    "Word of honour, guv. By the way, how d'you think those twits over in the wargame sector would go for some Black Library novels? I got a ton of them from this guy who works in GW shipping. By some bloke called CS Goto."
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)21:03 No.18457253
         File: 1332723794.gif-(47 KB, 320x240, 1286399462160.gif)
    47 KB
    >it gets it is revenge
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)21:11 No.18457327
    An animation studio moves into the city, soon followed by others as it turns out that a lot of the congoers don't actually mind being paid poor wages to actually work on anime and cartoons. Of course, staff turnover is high due to it actually being tough work, but the quality doesn't noticeably suffer due to it.


    There could also be influxes from overseas and the establishment of ethnic areas; Little Akiba for instance in the anime section inhabited by otaku who have seen anime about InfiniCon, Midgard, a semi-autonomous kingdom of Eastern European and Scandinavian larpers.
    >> InfiniCon Chairman 03/25/12(Sun)21:11 No.18457332
    Right, so.. Recycling.
    Yes. Not sure about the whole fusion reactor thing, but I'm all for recycling.

    As a propmaker myself, I can tell you, garbage picking materials is absolutely invaluable. In previous threads I've alluded to the idea of lesser citizens scrounging together cash by selling random odds and ends to propmakers and craftsmen for small change, but every bit counts.

    Or consider just the average citizen, collecting sheets of cardboard and saving the packaging from the latest figure or model they bought, stockpiling it to the side and selling them off once a week to a local material recyclery to get weekly grocery money. Then craftsment can visit them to pick up sheets of cardboard and PVC pipe and scraps of old costumes and shit for a small mark up.

    Likewise, the city would pay out some small change for people who turn in toxic and substances and dangerous items, like petroleum products and old batteries, just to keep the city safe and clean... And also so that shit doesn't get into the hands of anyone who wants to make some sort of anarchist cookbook explosive.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)21:16 No.18457373
    So...is anyone actually interested in running a game of this? Perhaps freeform with a couple of dice rolls? I'm personally not a big fan of the homebrew system so far.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)21:16 No.18457380
    "I'd take those to the recyclers if I were you, Barry. The 40kers don't like C.S. Multilaser at all. Might 'ave a bit more luck if you stash 'em somewhere and sell the location to some Chaos folk as 'eretical texts.

    Now g'wan."
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)21:18 No.18457398
         File: 1332724729.jpg-(163 KB, 640x480, filename.jpg)
    163 KB
    A plasma arc gasifier isn't a fusion reactor. Look it up on Wikipedia.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)21:20 No.18457411
         File: 1332724826.png-(556 KB, 466x700, 1332188465225.png)
    556 KB
    The setting isn't fully developed yet, but I suppose it is playable. I might see if I can get a one-shot where the players are volunteers for security going. If there's still interest by then of course.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)21:21 No.18457420
    or they could make chainmails. It's not rocket science, you just need two pliers, something to cut the wires and to coil them up. After that it's just long and boring monkey work.

    >a semi-autonomous kingdom of Eastern European and Scandinavian larpers
    That would be... dangerously awesome. Bot the fantasy and airsoft section
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)21:21 No.18457425
         File: 1332724897.jpg-(108 KB, 640x480, Yomiko_the_Paper_Master_by_Pla(...).jpg)
    108 KB
    There is a woman who wanders around the con, one who has been adopted by every fandom of the city. She seems to originate from the Otaku, but she has through her interest in reading carefully interweaves herself among the different cultures of the city and it's districts. She is quite capable of defending herself throwing index cards to disarm her attackers, followed by a expeditious retreat with her prized possessions, the books she recently purchased.

    Some say she is security, some believe she is the illegitimate daughter of a native of the western comics and anime districts.

    They say she has a secret warehouse somewhere in the undercon, and no furry or crazy dares set foot in her domain for they gamble with their lives.

    All they know is when she is among any nerd, she is revered as a sage. And all furries fear her visage.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)21:23 No.18457443
    Midgard itself probably gets visited by misled or snipe-hunted Final Fantasy fans all the time.

    How would the LARPers react, I wonder?
    >> InfiniCon Chairman 03/25/12(Sun)21:25 No.18457463
    I can't say I hate the idea of a homebrew, but I'm honestly not eager to start on ANOTHER homebrew project. I've got 3 I'm not even close to playtesting as it is. (I think I have a problem...)

    If you haven't read the previous threads, my intention was maybe to run this as a Noir sort of World of Darkness game.

    At one point I was geared up to run a Quest Thread, but then the post filter cracked down on me and then I got banned because the filter thought I was posting spam links or something..

    I'm all for people taking the idea and running with it, but my final intention, once I have the proper groundwork laid out, is nWoD with some supplemental rules for stuff like costumes as armor, replica props as weapons, and social rolls that account for the quality of your costume and that sort of shit.

    Will do.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)21:26 No.18457472
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)21:28 No.18457500
    What about the immersion mentioned in earlier threads?
    From what I understand that was half the reason
    for making a homebrew in the first place.
    I'm not very familiar with nWoD by the way.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)21:33 No.18457565
         File: 1332725630.jpg-(107 KB, 400x300, 1313248660295.jpg)
    107 KB
    as long as they can behave there is no problem.

    And if they cannot... well the padding on the weapons are removable and raiding parties sometimes take the wrong turn...
    >> InfiniCon Chairman 03/25/12(Sun)21:34 No.18457580
    It's a rather simple system with enough books with enough rules to answer most questions that might ever arise.

    Personally, I think it would be easier to implement a custom Immersion mechanic than build a whole new system just for that one idea. It's certainly ambitious, but I don't think it's what I'd want to work on.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)21:36 No.18457607
         File: 1332725803.jpg-(88 KB, 565x737, Vash_Trigun_Cosplay_by_BrokenM(...).jpg)
    88 KB
    campaign !

    ... I should finish my Rogue Trader one fast. Maybe by throwing some tyranid splinter-fleet at my players. I know, it's not really nice. But... well. Infinicon just seem too awesome not to homebrew !
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)21:37 No.18457617
    Just thinking about television (or at least somekind of streaming media) in InfiniCon.

    There would probably be at least one official broadcaster who would announce things like conschedules, public announcements, maybe interviews with universially respected names, etc.

    Then each big fandom would have their own broadcaster; so there would be a sci-fi station broadcasting endless Star Trek, Babylon 5, etc, etc while Western Comics would get something like old Cartoon Network.

    Then there would be smaller, more specialised stations; you could have ones that just play Horror films, or certain genres of anime.

    And then you have pirate streams or stations; unlicensed anime, really obscure or cult shows or films.

    And then the more seedier stuff; sci-fi/parody pornos, hentai, and so on.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)21:39 No.18457640
         File: 1332725944.jpg-(788 KB, 1600x1067, fallout3-105.jpg)
    788 KB
    don't forget the radios
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)21:42 No.18457684
    Don't forget about the internet. There would probably be some sort of high-speed local wi-fi, meaning that anyone at the con could access the internet.

    I do like the idea of radio stations, though. There would be the staff radio, the con news radio, and various pirate radios on the AM, and music and such on the FM.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)21:44 No.18457711
    rumor has it that there is a man from the Video game sector. He was born there, raised in the fighting game district like a few others. unlike them though he didn't exactly have much a feel for fighting. He just did it so he wouldn't be bored. Whether it was in game or not...he was good at it. Funny. My mom always told me video games were pointless.

    As time went on, he realized that those people he was fighting didn't much match up to him, so he left to fight others. More and more would get defeated by his fists. Almost as though he could punch with the explosive force of a tornado.

    They say he became some sort of hero like one of the characters from the game he liked going from the Anime's to the LARP'rs fighting those who do wrong. But he disappeared not to long ago it would seem.

    he had blond hair, bit of stuble on his face. Green eyes, strong chin. Pretty muscular to. Dressed up like that criminal guy from 'Street fighter' or whatever it's called. If you see him, tell him I said thanks. He saved me from 5 furries when I went to far into where I shouldn't have.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)21:44 No.18457716
    Adventure seed idea : there's a "ghost channel" apparing sometimes around midnight on TV, at a random day each week.
    What's unsettling is that each time, it's showing a diferent cosplayer being gruesomely executed. Is this just some kind of staged bad pranks, or real snuff movies ?
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)21:51 No.18457789
         File: 1332726685.jpg-(101 KB, 399x600, 1332726091736.jpg)
    101 KB
    "The worst thing about InfiniCon? That these nerdy freaks are actually breeding. They're setting up actual SCHOOLS in that God-foresaken pit.

    Can you imagine growing up in a place like that? What are they going to have on the curriculum? Klingon? How to draw comics? Star Wars physics?

    You think that those people are bad enough today, just wait 30 years down the line, listeners!"

    Matty Maloney, Talk-Radio Show Host
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)21:54 No.18457814

    Looks like >>18457711 and >>18457425 are going to have to team up to stop this.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)21:55 No.18457831
    It's the only place where Toonami never ended.
    The Philosophy of Evangelion.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)21:58 No.18457889
         File: 1332727135.jpg-(1.3 MB, 1522x2821, 2012-02-23.jpg)
    1.3 MB
    Someone inspired enough to writefag about this cosplayer, in Infinicon ? I feel that my english is too bad to make him honor.

    >titezo sequo
    No captcha, I'm not doing this.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)22:01 No.18457921
         File: 1332727275.jpg-(65 KB, 480x720, 1303434759526.jpg)
    65 KB
    by mandate of Lord Jeff hereby the witch named xXShadowsparkleXx is burned on a stake.
    Among here crimes are such things as bewitching knights loyal to the lord, destroying the crops, flying on a broom and the quoting from the heretical text known as "Twilight"
    >> InfiniCon Chairman 03/25/12(Sun)22:03 No.18457951
         File: 1332727395.jpg-(177 KB, 643x610, 1302913764819.jpg)
    177 KB
    And now.. a new idea!

    Every convention usually requires badges, but with the scale and endless nature of InfiniCon, such a thing wouldn't do. They are easy to steal, lose, and forge.

    >The InfiniCon Registration Network
    With as many people as there are in Infinity City all clamoring the attend the various events and panels, one of the first things the city was required to do was establish a more stream-lined and efficient registration system. Rather than rely on badges and registration lines, they built the InfiniCon Registration Network, which catalogs and stores basic info on all registered attendees and gives them an ID card which keeps track of various bits of information stored on a RFID chip inside the card.

    Through the use of the ICRN, Attendees and citizens can pre-register for popular events, concerts, book-signings, photoshoot, and other organized gatherings for a small fee at local kiosks around the city. A quick scan of an attendee's ICRN card allows the Staffers to efficiently determine who gets into an event.

    The ICRN is also used by the Enforcers and ConSec to keep track of repeat offenders. Certain key locations throughout the city have scanners built in that keep track of who has been where. It's a little Big Brother-y, but it is absolutely necessary at times to keep tabs on an offender who might be trying to disguise themselves by switching costumes. Additionally, anyone not carrying a card or refusing to show one only gives them more reason to detain and bring in a suspicious person for identification.

    Despite the somewhat questionable nature of the ICRN cards, it is a necessary evil to most and a vital source of income for the city. Registration and renewal fees bring in a constant source of revenue.
    >> Jarboot !!j4xjG8Gxyo4 03/25/12(Sun)22:05 No.18457989
    Ooh, I like the idea of this. It would be a bit hard to spoof, but someone could make a living off making fake chips and such.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)22:09 No.18458039
         File: 1332727768.jpg-(224 KB, 1600x1067, Kobzos%2520k%25C3%25A9pei-30.jpg)
    224 KB
    >your ID please citizen
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)22:10 No.18458052
    Dear god... I'm now envisioning Infinicon as being an Island with it's own rules and governement, built somewhere in the middle of Atlantic ocean. Like, a Rapture for nerds of some sorts. And there could be some people trying to sneak in via some smugler boats...
    I like this.
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 03/25/12(Sun)22:12 No.18458078
         File: 1332727968.jpg-(15 KB, 300x200, 11425346673rastafarian.jpg)
    15 KB
    There was a LARPer a while back, went by the name Oscar. Said to be the one to go to if you ever needed to relax. Well, I met the man once, in the Undercon. I was there trying to find a friend who disappeared, and was beset by Furries. Their Beady eyes, Flaps showing off their bits, and the thrum of constant "yifyifyif".

    I did what any sane man would do, I ran. Leaping over pipes, sprinting through the water, dodging their clawed hands.... I turned corners and didn't look back, because they hadn't quieted. I found an entranceway, a grate of somekind, and slipped through the bars. I realised I had steped in deep shit when the furries stood outside the gateway, and stared at me. With no choice I ventured through the tunnels, and found the electric overhead lights began stuttering before going out.

    It was the complete darkness, the pitch black that frightened me the most. Yet slowly, I saw a flickering light ahead. A Jamaican man appeared out of the shadow, with what looked like a severed hand cradled in his left hand, a machete in his right. He beckoned me to come, and so I followed.

    Through the tunnels we walked, for how long? I will never know. Eventually we came upon a door, and so the man blew out his candle, set something down, and set a rope in my hand, leading me through what seemed to be an underground forest. With no light, I could only pray it wasn't something more.

    We reached his small home, built into the wall, and he sat me down, gave me a class of something green, and began smoking. The last thing I remembered before waking up back in my home district? Accepting a toke from him.

    I never even got to say thank you.
    >> InfiniCon Chairman 03/25/12(Sun)22:13 No.18458089
    It's definitely got some spooky undertones, huh? I imagine, with that RFID chip and all, they could just sweep a wand over the offender and catch the signal. Not even a matter of "License and ID, sir.", just a quick, non-invasive scan and, bam, they've got your info.

    This could also mean that some folks could hack their card to include additional information, such as registering someone for an expensive event they couldn't afford otherwise, or making their card display false info.

    Sort of like shoplifters do with the security scanners at stores, people might also take to wrapping their ICRN cards in tinfoil and duct tape and shit to keep them from triggering location sensors. Sort of low-tech cyber stealth.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)22:13 No.18458090
    "Wiggity's playful adevnture?"

    Haven't heard of that in a long time. You have a copy of it?! Jesus christ man, burn it. Do you know what people will do to you if they find out you have that book?

    That is a known indoctrination book man, anyone who reads it ends up like one of them damn furries in the underdark! Some change slower then others, sure. But one day they'll see some 'cute' neko ears for sale...That's where it starts.

    Get rid of that book man. J-just trust me.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)22:16 No.18458136
    One of the iffiy-er ideas I read once was that it's in Antartica. Probably under some sort of dome.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)22:17 No.18458145
    Reading this has made me want to run this as a game.

    This would be bloody hilarious.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)22:19 No.18458161
    I feel like the reason I like the undercon more than the surface is that it is a lot more grimdark.

    I'd like the setting a lot more if in the Edition Wars, you have groups of people fashioning swords and axes, but sharpening them to kill. Fans of different editions act just like gangs in every way. You get caught walking in the wrong neighborhood with the number '4' on your hat, and you're going to get a molotov cocktail 'fireball' thrown at you from uncompromising 3.5 fans.
    >> Jarboot !!j4xjG8Gxyo4 03/25/12(Sun)22:19 No.18458165
    It could be hilarious, or it could be really serious.

    Either "the only sane person in a group of crazies" or "Weeeee I'm shooting lasers from my toy guns!"
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)22:20 No.18458178
    Sorry to seem like a pest, but I'm also unfamiliar with nWOD. What all books would I need to run a game like this. Alternatively, would something like FATE work? It seems malleable enough. I'm with the other Anons in this thread, I'd love to run this as a game.
    >> InfiniCon Chairman 03/25/12(Sun)22:21 No.18458204
         File: 1332728519.jpg-(26 KB, 400x239, floating-city.jpg)
    26 KB
    Depending on how crazy we feel like getting.. It could be an artificial island that just moves through the ocean to control the climate and avoid problematic weather.. But that opens up a whole new layer of ridiculous fuckery.

    The Antarctica idea was pretty silly, but it was slightly more feasible than a floating island.. I just figure having it on one of the main continents makes it more accessible as a vacation spot or tourist area. People are somewhat less likely to visit if they have to take a 10 hour plane ride to get there.

    Although, this sort of works with the 'secret city' angle where only a few certain folks know that the place even exists and you have to know a guy who knows a guy just to tell you which ship captain to bribe to hitch a ride to the place.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)22:24 No.18458227
    actually nothing says that they couldn't do that, but then the ConSec will answer in a similar fashion and chances are that the faction can't allow themselves something like that moreso if the staff will limit the faction somehow because of this.
    One of the original ideas was that faction continuously fight in various way to get better places for themselves
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)22:29 No.18458304
         File: 1332728968.jpg-(345 KB, 900x600, img_6247_std.jpg)
    345 KB
    also if it's in an island then there are no larper border patrols. What would all those airsoft snipers do without a proper inland border?

    Although we do need a river or a bigger lake for the pirates
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)22:36 No.18458404
         File: 1332729417.jpg-(11 KB, 210x240, 1331858776837.jpg)
    11 KB
    "Tim...I've always wondered..."
    "Do you think there is anything beneath the undercon?"
    >"Come on man you been playin' to much call of cthullu."
    "I'm serious."
    >"John, trust me. There is nothing beneath the undercon. I assure you. The lowest most terrible things are the furries and that's it."
    "I'm just saying...what if something was..."
    >"Come on John, would Timmy Ondore steer your wrong?"
    >> InfiniCon Chairman 03/25/12(Sun)22:42 No.18458489
    First and foremost, InfiniCon is a setting. Don't ever feel like it is married to one system.

    If you are most comfortable using GURPS or FATE or Risus or even Mutants and Masterminds. Go for it.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/25/12(Sun)22:59 No.18458669
         File: 1332730789.jpg-(315 KB, 1024x768, DSC01290_resize.jpg)
    315 KB
    now I really have to sleep a few hours, I leave this image here for "inspiration" for what kind of persons lurk in the larper district of the UnderCon
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)23:02 No.18458705
    One of those is you, isn't it.
    >> Sciencezam Von Sciencestein !!eh0Fgi0FQSV 03/25/12(Sun)23:04 No.18458726
    Oh! I remember this webcomic.

    It's called Convicts, if anyone else has ran across it before. Of course there are some pretty major differences (City sized instead of infinitely large) but the idea seems similar.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)23:06 No.18458748
    The city isn;t infinite, the convention is.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)23:15 No.18458839
    Quick question - What currency is used in InfiniCon? Do the ICRN cards have some sort of credit system built in (i.e. you change your currency for IC dollars, stored on your card), or is all money accepted?
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)23:30 No.18458999
    I would imagine they'd use the currency of the country they belong to.
    Debit cards would be the preferred payment option though. In a place where it's possible to drop so much money so quickly, most tourists would use debit.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)23:34 No.18459043
    that's why i thought the card, its like a debit, usable only there. That way tourists can just put whatever amount on it and leave, but permanent residents can be paid without having thirty types of currency
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 03/25/12(Sun)23:36 No.18459075
    Duuude. ICRN = SIN. Johnsons would hire Runners to do things, from salvaging something from the Undercon to protecting an incognito idol through the streets.
    Gentlemen, we can has Shadowrun in this place.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)23:40 No.18459105
    That's the connection I made earlier when I did the writefagging about being a Runner, though instead of Ghouls, thugs, and Lone Star you have Furries, fan-crazed, and Infinity City Police Department.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/12(Sun)23:53 No.18459226

    and the ICPD was founded by an old school fan of Dominion Tank police that now serves as the chief
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)00:00 No.18459318
         File: 1332734428.jpg-(65 KB, 480x227, nineball_seraph_acer1.jpg)
    65 KB

    They say that somewhere deep down on the island, the Otaku and the Video Gamers got together to build something... something they keep secret. They locked it in the deepest level of the undercon. They put it there for one purpose. To purge the furries if they become too much a problem.

    Why you think the main corridors are as tall as a 4 story building?
    >> InfiniCon Chairman 03/26/12(Mon)00:07 No.18459415
    The way I see it, and I haven't fully fleshed out this idea yet, is you have Con security (ConSec / C-Sec) and then you have the Enforcers.

    C-Sec is made up of volunteers. They are a organizational staffers, mostly overseeing that people aren't doing dumb things or harming each other. Their authority is limited and most of their responsibilities are to observe and report so the Enforcers can dole out the actual justice. If they can get pictures or ICRN card scans of any suspects, all the better, but they are discouraged from using force unless absolutely necessary.

    The Enforcers, however, are pretty much police officers. Fully trained and authorized to uphold the law. Where C-Sec only gets some brief training and some volunteer pay on the side, Enforcers are required to pass various testing and qualifications before they are put to work.

    The leaders of the Enforcers are actual law enforcement and security experts who are hired by the city to oversee the operation. Each one acts as a police chief or captain for the different branches.

    Also, the acronym for the Infinity City Enforcers is ICE and that's just awesome.
    >Cheese it! The ICE is here!
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)00:13 No.18459503
    Hi again, hungarian. Did we ever settle on the "magic" to "mundane" feel of the setting? It seems to have drifted more to the former, which is a good thing.

    ...I just want Don't Rest Your Head: the Con, don't I?

    Also, what happened to Con security?
    >> InfiniCon Chairman 03/26/12(Mon)00:21 No.18459603
    Hi. Original Creator here. Hungarian needed some sleep.

    I'm partial to the more mundane take on this whole thing, but the high-fantasy, immersion, reality warping version is pretty interesting in its own way.

    What concerns me most is the basic groundwork, more than anything else. If we can set up the basic groups and organizations, what an average day in the city feels like, and the way all the integral pieces move together, then we can worry about how Immersion works or what level of grimdarkness you can find in the undercon.

    As I said earlier, it's a setting more than anything else, so if you want to run it with powers and cannibalistic furries roaming the undercon, go for it.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)00:21 No.18459606
    Say it with me: Roaming randy Rorschach raiders.

    In other words, gangs of vigilantes and nerdoowell "capes", which depending on the specific feel could be cosplayers trying to be do-gooders while dressed in ill-fitting spandex and make the Con safer to gangs of Jokers spouting Heath Ledger and wielding actual acid pistols.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)00:33 No.18459758
    Aaaaand THAT just opens up the door to a million temperature puns.
    "Everyone, FREEZE!"
    "Chill out!"
    "Stopped them COLD!"
    "I'm packing some heat to thaw out those ICEicles."
    And so on.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)00:50 No.18459938
    rolled 84 = 84

    So the Mr Freeze cosplayers chilled out and found new work as Con Sec? Must have gotten a chilly reception from the others at first, but they warmed up to them in the end.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)00:56 No.18460019
         File: 1332737764.jpg-(1.35 MB, 2000x1419, Ace_Combat_Assault_Horizon_003.jpg)
    1.35 MB
    Just realized the videogame/gaming crowd and anime crowd would have another thing in common... the Ace Combat freaks. I can imagine the airport to the island would be well guarded by would-be Mobius 1's flying about. That and the plane musume girls would be pretty much strike witching it up.
    >> Hiring Shadowrunners Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)01:00 No.18460067
    Evening Mr. Johnson. No, I know that's not your real name, but it's what I...oh fine, Mr. Woodworth then. I understand you and your friends have something of a travel issue. Now, my associate told me you want to eat at the Hook and Hawser tavern, correct? I'm guessing you read about the, ah, quality of their turkey legs, as it were, on a travel site? Thought so.

    Mr. Woodworth, if you'll permit me, I'm going to make a few observations, and from them take a few wild guesses as to who and what you are. Don't worry, this won't take long; you're staying at the Radisson here in the Vid/Tech district rather than at one of the more...specialized hotels in the city. Don't ask how I know. You're only wearing one con badge, and that's for PAX Inf. You're dressed in clothing which is entirely normal and socially acceptable for a middle-class twenty-first century male in his late teens to mid twenties. From this I can infer that you are, in fact, a relatively average chummer who's here not for the atmosphere or the escapism; but to do fairly normal, average things like drink some brews and screw some joygirls and scan the new Call of Duty trailer.

    Now, at the risk of sounding confrontational, you are in the one district in the whole city that will tolerate that. The other districts of Infinity City are, to put it lightly, off their slotting rockers. Stepping outside the Vid/Tech cordon without sporting some kind of garb is tantamount to suicide. The Fantasy district is especially hazardous; they're the kookiest of the kooks. And I'll give you three guesses what district the Hook and Hawser is located right smack dab in the center of.

    But I know you're already set on going; so here's the deal. My team and I can ensure that you get there and back safely. We specialize in this kind of work; no client left behind yet. All for the low low price of fifty bucks a head.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)01:01 No.18460077
    So, I was thinking...
    The city couldn't function correctly without a non-con area. Think of the hotel rooms at a con: You can go there and it's just a regular hotel, regardless of the extreme chaos happening just a few floors below.
    There should be a ring around the city composed of a "normal" area. An industrial sector, schools, maybe a University, warehouses, certain utility buildings, suburbs, and the like, all would work better seperated from the ordered chaos of Infinity City proper.
    The actual Infinity City could even be semi-walled off, to differentiate it from the normal city.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)01:24 No.18460289
    As an example of what I mean, I live in Phoenix. It's a large city, but outsiders rarely know that it's composed of smaller cities. We have Phoenix, Glendale, Avondale, Peoria, Scottsdale, Sun City... A lot of sub-cities that all kind of run together, each with their own ordinances and police department.
    The example I'm referring to is the least inclusive and most rules-heavy, Sun City. You must be over a certain age to even live there (I think it's 50), you cannot own certain types of vehicles there, all speed limits are lower than normal, and there are almost no schools in the whole area. Businesses open earlier and close earlier, food is by default less salty and less spicy, and the roads are always straight and well-marked, due to the failing eyesight of some of its residents. Now, this is a place where there are rules, but you wouldn't really realize you've driven into it until you start seeing old people in golf carts everywhere and Denny's with large banners proclaiming early bird specials.
    I'm thinking that the Rim, minus the LARP forests, would be that zone of sanity and interface with the rest of the world.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)01:25 No.18460296
    I want to play in this setting so bad I can taste it.
    >> InfiniCon Chairman 03/26/12(Mon)01:28 No.18460349
    I need to get some sleep, but come tomorrow, I'll draw up another rough map. Maybe combine the Sci-Fi and Gaming/Tech district..

    The city does need some suburbs.. Perhaps an industrial district where the recycling plant, powerplant, and other major utilities are located? And in between those, big open fields where roaming LARP bandits run free.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)01:29 No.18460359
    >by day, serving the emprah
    >by night, hanging with bros, drinking vodka and shooting bloodsuckers

    Why can't this be real.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)01:33 No.18460394

    Really if you think about it, when building up InfiniCon, there would be absolutely no reason that The Benefactor would build anything aside from Hotels and Apartment Complexes. Eventually people might buy their OWN land outside of the city to expand and build houses, but they would do so in the style of their own faction, and outside of their factions borders. There would be the Japanese/Ninja Suburbs, the Floating City next to the Video Game / Tech station, the Filthy Plague Ridden Hovels outside of the Fantasy section (have you ever tried to keep a cardboard castle from rotting? Yeah I thought not.)

    The Sci-Fi section should stay separate from the Vidya/Tech section though. The V/T section would be the most 'normal' for new tourists, and of course would house the travel accommodations (airport/railway). When you talk about Sci-fi you're talking about Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Farscape, so on and so forth. It could be CLOSE to the V/T section, but never merged.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)02:00 No.18460680
    Totally running this as an Unknown Armies game, only with a few tweaks:
    - Certain people are simply prohibited from leaving by the city itself. This explains why parts of the city have decended into tribalism. Regular congoers are somehow immune to the worst of the violence (but not all of it)
    - All cons in the world ever are projections of this one; take a wrong turn in a dealer room and you could end up on a different continent
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/26/12(Mon)07:23 No.18462547
    bump, although shortly we will need a new thread
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/26/12(Mon)07:43 No.18462658
    no but I met them at one point.

    And I always liked the idea that a lot of Conners are in the Security one way or another, like knights in full armor help when there are riots and such.
    Or that the Security personals slowly became Conners

    as the chairman said it's up to the inviduals how they want to play it, although I'm more in favor to a mundane or a "low-magic" approach. If there is too much supernatural thing in it the whole will fall apart
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)07:52 No.18462707
         File: 1332762740.png-(136 KB, 266x399, Hero that co deserves.png)
    136 KB
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/26/12(Mon)08:07 No.18462797
         File: 1332763665.jpg-(161 KB, 600x900, 1320452597570.jpg)
    161 KB
    well, if the "normal" area is too big then the city will be somehow less interesting. Not that there are no no normal areas but most of them would be staff-only. And maybe some of the more normal areas will have costumes as well, like the doctor in the hospital is really into anime or Babylon 5.

    It could happen, in an earlier thread it was pointed out that there will be more then a few overlapping and crossover, people will even change factions, like you start at the Vid/Tech district then move to the fantasy district because of the cool tabletops game or something and then you slowly became a larper.
    And there are possibilities that maybe a hardcore otaku lives in the Sci-Fi district because he shares a room there with his friend and can't afford to move out. Or we have the different kind of romantic relations too that may or may not turn into a Romae and Juliet campaign
    So the district are not "These guys ONLY" but "mostly these guys"

    Also one of my worries was that from one point of view larping is not really a different thing in a city where everyone puts on costumes and act like their character to some extent...
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)11:04 No.18463721
    Just wanna toss in my two cents. Please bear in kind I'm kinda late and haven't read the entire thread. Perhaps there could be apprenticeships ranging from business to drawing anime and manga.

    Also maybe some hard core fans could encounter scientists in the city and force them to make something like a lasgun. So maybe there could be extremely rare high tech artefacts that cause government incursions in the con.
    >> /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ 03/26/12(Mon)12:04 No.18463974
    I'm planning to run a segment of TG Meta Quest that takes place in Infinicon. I'll come up with something but I'll have to email it to the main makers of Infinicon here.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)12:09 No.18463999
         File: 1332778152.jpg-(261 KB, 601x534, 1319161075211.jpg)
    261 KB



    >> Potential Writefag 03/26/12(Mon)12:12 No.18464019
         File: 1332778330.png-(30 KB, 176x137, CirnoJesusHowHorrifying.png)
    30 KB
    ..Dear lord.

    Also, you and that Kyubei face. You worry me, bro.

    But in other news, I support this whole idea. It looks and sounds awesome. You are good people, and are doing good things. Also..

    Dat Griffith.

    ..Oh, shit son. Do you realize how fucked this world would be if someone got their hands on a functional Behelit in this setting?

    Jesus. I think I just scared myself.
    >> /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ 03/26/12(Mon)12:18 No.18464063
         File: 1332778731.jpg-(65 KB, 1280x720, qb.jpg)
    65 KB
    Many roads in the Meta would lead to Infinicon somehow.It'd make the meta a more interesting place. At any rate, many interesting canon contaminants would spice up the situation there.

    Now, who do I email to run by my campaign idea?
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)12:23 No.18464088

    Cannot unsee male chest!
    >> InfiniCon Chairman 03/26/12(Mon)12:27 No.18464110
         File: 1332779265.png-(600 KB, 1024x576, Hikarizaka_High_School.png)
    600 KB
    Alright, where did we leave off?

    You can't have a city with just hotels and apartments. Whether Infinity City was built strictly for InfiniCon or if the Con took over a city and converted it, there are certain things that it would need to have, one way or another.

    I'm not sure about having factional suburbs, but that would add an interesting angle if you have less densely packed areas that still stuck to certain themes. The anime district could have suburbs modeled after that typical anime look, complete with a cliche looking highschool and such.

    I don't think there should really be a 'normal' section of the city. Some areas would be less alienating, but there isn't an area of the city that isn't a little weird or strange.

    I was considering combining certain districts mostly because a tech district doesn't have much to offer, storywise. That, and vidya is kind of common amongst all factions. Perhaps the Sci-Fi district might have the best place to go for computer components and the latest releases, but each area might have their own sort of arcades and game stores.

    Something to ponder further, I suppose..

    I'm flattered. If you want to shoot me an e-mail mine is ChrowX (at) gmail
    I'm also free to talk here, but I understand if you were looking to keep things secret until then.
    >> Potential Writefag 03/26/12(Mon)12:42 No.18464212
    Personally, I think this is the kind of thing that would have to be designed from the ground up for this very purpose.

    After all, you aren't going to have hordes of cosplayers dressed as construction workers or plumbers (not counting Mario and Luigi!) or maintenance people of various calibers. So you would have those high schools and neighborhoods and tunnels and stuff built beforehand, with some areas corrupted from their original purpose (looking at you, UnderCon!).

    Perhaps back in the 'distant past' of this setting a big con somewhere caused a massive riot or something and Infinity City was built to keep it all in one place to prevent it from breaking cities in the 'outside world'? If this hasn't been decided already. If the reason for the existence has been truly mapped out, disregard me on this part...

    As to the smell issue, I'd have to agree with the one person who said one of the main reasons a con gets that funk in the air is a lot of people crammed into one building in impractically-hot costumes. Just ask dudes in a submarine about lots of people in enclosed spaces for long periods of time. Spreading it out all over a city and having people actually get out of the costumes at times would go a long way to warding this off.

    I also approve of the idea of con staff going around with portable washer stations and forcibly washing people who trip "funk-o-meters" or something. It'd actually be a public service to help prevent the spread of disease, as well as improve personal hygiene.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/26/12(Mon)13:30 No.18464585
         File: 1332783034.jpg-(48 KB, 552x552, 1327114877013.jpg)
    48 KB
    If you do this somehow inform me beforehand.

    Also another issue about InfiniCon.
    I find it hard to make a calculation about the size of the different factions and the population of the city, so we can somehow make a guess about the power balance
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/26/12(Mon)13:37 No.18464659
         File: 1332783475.jpg-(71 KB, 500x501, 1327176426116 (1).jpg)
    71 KB
    >I was considering combining certain districts mostly because a tech district doesn't have much to offer, storywise.
    Maybe it has most of the technological stuff that the city needs to work properly. Some kind of power-source, factories, recycling centers, etc.
    >> /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ 03/26/12(Mon)13:43 No.18464702
    How do I contact you? I have a couple missions written up already.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/26/12(Mon)13:50 No.18464758
    you can contact me at this email:
    hunlarpfag (at) postafiok.hu
    >> InfiniCon Chairman 03/26/12(Mon)13:52 No.18464780
         File: 1332784365.jpg-(623 KB, 930x798, InfiniCon_Map_2.jpg)
    623 KB
    Slightly more detailed, but still scribbly map of Infinity City. Keep in mind, the proportions, arrangement, and size of this whole thing is not meant to represent the actual size or anything. I am not a city planner, I am not an architect.

    You still have the large districts that are governed by an over-arching theme or genre. I cut out the gaming and tech district from the earlier version because I felt it was lacking in substance. Additionally, Vidya is common to just about every district anyways.

    This time, the Grimdark Forest (LARP area) extends further into the city, with the nearest stretches acting sort of like a neutral territory and a public park. If you travel too far into the forest, though, you are fair game for any roaming LARP groups.

    The heart of the city remains the giant Convention Center, which is used to hold the largest and most important event. In any direction from the Con Center are small convention halls for hosting the smaller, regular events that each district runs on their own.

    In addition, I've scribbled in some smaller areas surrounding the city. Suburbs to offer a cheaper alternative for living in the city, at the cost of having to commute to get to the city. By comparison, the Suburbs are drastically more normal, but don't benefit much from tourism and visitors. However, the suburbs do have the benefit of having schools and more typical businesses and such. Though, the schools do teach things like Japanese language, traditional stage combat, math for RPGs, and film appreciation for the animate classics.
    >> InfiniCon Chairman 03/26/12(Mon)13:53 No.18464783
    (field too long. Bah.)

    for the LARP area, not that it makes a huge difference, but the fields surrounding the forest are also LARPer territory for those larger scuffles and these extend to the industrial district, where numerous pre-abandoned and faux-dilapidated buildings on the outskirts have been erected for the post-apoc LARPers.

    The industrial district itself handles the water treatment, power grid, internet services, and major shipping and post services for the city. Being distant from the City's epicenter means that the workers there are more mundane and less concerned with costumes, though they may still be fans, all the same. Mostly, it's a safety thing, since you can't have workers wearing frilly dresses and bulky armor while on the job.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)14:07 No.18464924
    There's actual authors, mangakas, comic artists etc. going round as special guests. What special powers do they get?
    >> /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ 03/26/12(Mon)14:07 No.18464925
    Yo, I sent an email to both of you guys.
    >> InfiniCon Chairman 03/26/12(Mon)14:12 No.18464972
         File: 1332785533.png-(53 KB, 300x314, 300px-Pyro.png)
    53 KB
    Either way, it's going to require power and water and such, so these things would need to be somewhere, even if they are just hidden in plain sight or in the outskirts of the city.

    As for stank, depends on the costume, really. Big, elaborate armors can certain get sweaty, but others aren't any worse than normal clothes.

    However, it would be funny to have stink police walking around (pic related) scanning people with their Funkometers and then spraying them down with bodyspray and febreeze rigged to flame-thrower looking contraptions.

    I'm eager to see what you have in mind.

    Hence the whole industrial district idea, I guess. I mean, with a city that's meant to be owned and run by geeks and nerds, there are going to be more than enough technicians, engineers, and CompSci type guys to run the powergrid.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/26/12(Mon)14:15 No.18465004
         File: 1332785720.jpg-(148 KB, 1024x768, 1252314797.jpg)
    148 KB
    to add something to the city plans, I think the larp district will be the biggest because of the large fields, forest and other stuff, however chances are that the larpers are the smallest in numbers. (and my bet is that the anime district has the most people)

    and the larp convention hall/city park has a lot of larp related shops, like weapons and armors (real and props) accesories, authentic cloths, etc and count as a neutral ground even among the various larper kingdoms and camps.

    The population denistiy in the field and the forest are low, people live in bigger and smaller camps which are in various state of civilization and fortification.
    There are nomadic groups whit barely more than a tent and some food, while there are smaller camps with wooden walls or there are even a few but small stone castles/castle ruins.

    So if you are lucky you could walk through the whole area without seeing anyone, although that does not grant you to be unseen because there are always a few nutjobs and bandits who are waiting hours so someone will come close enough to their ambush site. And there are the patrols, fights and wars of course...
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)14:17 No.18465016
    I'm just gonna tentatively ask before I start. Can I contribute to the lore?
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)14:18 No.18465034
    Ohgod, that pic!

    Morgens, halb zehn in Deutschland...
    >> InfiniCon Chairman 03/26/12(Mon)14:20 No.18465055
    If you've got ideas or suggestions or stories, go for it.

    Not everything will be a part of the continuity of whatever we end up with, but that's because there's no way to reconcile that many different takes on this one idea. However, InfiniCon is mostly an idea, so any interpretation or take on it is more or less valid.
    >> InfiniCon Chairman 03/26/12(Mon)14:24 No.18465092
    Excuse me for a moment while I familiarize myself with the working of the Transpace Guard then...
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)14:31 No.18465163
    Excellent. I'll start then.

    My name is Michael Rodgers and I'm recording this message because I fear I shall not return from the underbelly of this never ending con. I'll start from the beginning.

    I came to Infinicon looking for my big break. I've been told that many riches and spoils lurk for those with enough brawn and brains. Heh, I wont be seeing any of that where I'm going. Anyway.

    When I first arrived I spent some sleepless nights prowling for any lucrative job opportunities. I'd do anything providing the pay was good. Heh, I guess that was the folly of my downfall. I wasn't very lucky at first and I resorted to working dead end jobs so I could pay rent and keep my belly full. Though I guess word of my desire for a quick big bug spread around and when I was washing dishes in some noodle bar in anime market, when a hooded figure tapped me on the shoulder.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)14:36 No.18465198
    >returning home after getting some spare dice
    >got lost
    >ended up in Little Gotham
    >get mugged
    >black eye and a cut eyebrow, but I didn't lose too much
    >drop by a clinic to get it fixed
    >"The doctor will see you now."
    >shes turned around, can't see anything but her long blond hair
    >she's going to be gorgeous, I can tell
    >she turns around

    I know Franken Fran is a pretty common thing around here, but SHE ACTUALLY PUT SCARS AND STITCHES ON HER FACE. I NOPE'D out of there pretty fast.
    >> /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ 03/26/12(Mon)14:38 No.18465225
    >>Franken Fran

    Sometimes I think that it's really difficult to tell apart the actual canon characters blending into the con, with people dressed up as a character.

    For all you know, that might really be THE Fraken Fran.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)14:44 No.18465279
         File: 1332787494.jpg-(30 KB, 220x300, gundam_fix_platinum.jpg)
    30 KB
    He handed me a package and just then sped out of the kitchen. Didn't say a word. Not one. But his package was clearly meant for me. Had my name on it and everything. On a 5 minute break I opened it up. There was a note,a map of and a freakin' glock with a small box of ammo. The note said... hang on lemme find it. Ah here it is

    "Greetings opportunist. I come to you with a very attractive offer for you. But ye best be warned. Its a dangerous and no easy one. What I require of you involves going though the Undercon and obtaining a item that was stolen from me. The Platinum Gundam ( see the enclosed picture). If you accept and succeed,a most generous pay awaits. I won't blame you for rejecting this offer and trust me I'll know if you don't want this job. But I'll also know if you accept. Follow the directions on the map and make careful use of the weapon. Seek me out near the Gundam statue if you succeed.( you know where that is, everyone does) I'll be wearing what I was tonight.

    Good luck, Opportunist!

    After reading his note, I put both everything in the package on a bag I had on me and seeked out the nearest manhole cover.
    >> /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ 03/26/12(Mon)14:50 No.18465320
    Right, there's your summary.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)14:56 No.18465381
    I descended into the Undercon and by GOD was the stench bad. It stung the nostrils. I see why the hard core post apoc LARPERS wear their gas masks.

    After stumbling about in the tunnels for about 30 minutes, I bumped into someone calling himself a "Prospector", A cowboy like fella with a gas mask. He was mighty kind and asked me what I was doing down here. I explained that I was seeking "The Platinum Gundam" and asked if he could point me in the right direction ( the map didn't do shit)

    He squinted at my map for a bit before saying "Shucks son, I'm going in that direction too! Tell ya what, we stick together and once we're in the general area of whatever this thing your looking for is at, we'll split, deal"

    I sealed my fate when I agreed.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)14:58 No.18465406

    "The wars? Nae doubt y'er are thinking of the Great Elven War, where the two main Elven Kingdoms fell into conflict over the main trade route through districts? Or the Reaving of the Midwoods, when the Orcish bands united to fight against the expanding Scandinavian powerbloc? These are the fights you will hear discussed by the fire, celebrated in song and immortalised in carvings, but they were mere distractions."

    "Aye, ye heard me right. Distractions. You'll only occasionally hear of the real war. A war much greater than those spoken openly of, when the mead and ale flows. A war against an enemy who never backs down, an enemy who is always watching, and waiting....."

    ".....who? Tell me, do ye ken why we have the watch? Or the wall around our settlement, lad? It's nae because of the Orcs, the score between us was settled years ago. It's nae because of the bandits, they nae have the strength tae threaten us, nae since the Imperials drove them from their main camp in the Deepwood."

    "Nae, the real enemy is beneath our feet, lad. Do ye ken why there's nae any hotels, or apartment blocks, or vast market buildings here? It's the ground. While it may look normal to ye, we're sat on top of a network of tunnels and caves, older than the 'UnderCon' that runs beneath the rest of this place. I've heard talk that it's an abandoned mine of sorts, but I nae ken the truth, lad. The truth I do ken, lad, is that the very worse of the UnderCon move beneath our feet, and we must always be on our watch. We've fought them before, and it was glorious! We've fought them before, and it was horrible."

    "We've fought them before, and have nae doubt, we'll have tae fight them again."
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)15:03 No.18465440
    This cowboy knew the tunnels of the Undercon like the back of his hand. We bantered along with way about the crazy people you meet on the surface and down here. Just as he started making a joke about the bat shit insane furries down here, some guy in a wolf suit jumped appeared before us towards the end of a the tunnel we were in.

    With that he just scuttled off into the darkness, leaving me and the cowboy in hysterics.

    Shortly after this we heard the sound of hustling and bustling. A small shanty town.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)15:13 No.18465538
    When we entered this shanty town, the cowboy started to get nervous. He wanted to get out here quick and fast he said. We just had to follow a straight line and we'd be in the next tunnel. But before we got half way, we were stopped by "security" ( two people cosplaying as tachikoma's, their costumes were hilariously fake but their guns weren't). Apparently the cowboy owed the town some money. Not one guy, not a group of guys, the whole fucking town.

    "Hey, Tachikoma Dave, I was just looking for you"

    "Spare me your excuses or we take you and you're friend as payment"

    I started to get worried. Was this how fucked up the undercon was? A place where people were sold to pay debts?

    The cowboy was having none of it. Just as he looked like he was going to surrender, he whamed one of them in the face and kicked down the other one. While both where clamouring on the floor repeating" Major, Major" over and over again, the cowboy grabbed me by the collar and bolted out of the shanty town.

    "C'mon" he said. "We just kicked the hornets nest"
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)15:22 No.18465594
    We slowed our pace but we kept moving quickly. He said that they'd be mobilising in the town and ride out soon. And if that Furry kept his word, we'd both have our hands full.

    It was at this moment I stopped and started laughing. I told him " Dude, this whole thing, this whole shindig. Its all a joke isn't it. No one actually takes this con seriously now do they?"

    The cowboys eyes narrowed and said in a very grave voice " Good sir, I've seen people get stabbed in the street for 1st edition of shit like Rogue Trader and Shadowrun. I've seen the furries down here swamp and rape a poor guy to death. THIS CON IS SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS. Oh and this reminds, load your pistol I have a feeling your going to need it.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)15:30 No.18465655
    Why didn't you take their guns? Assuming they're 9mm-as is the most common model of Glock-you could have had more ammo and/or better arms.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)15:37 No.18465728
    There's not much to report after that little outburst. We just kept on walking, occasionally asking for the map. We navigated the twisted tunnels with ease, thanks to his experience. Eventually we came across some sort of junk yard.

    "It'll be here" I said. "Positive?" inquired the cowboy. "Yup, look at the map, has a bunch of scribblings of what I think is meant to represent a junk yard with a big red X. Probably the place".

    We searched and searched, until we came across of half buried safe. After pulling it up the cowboy busted it open with a makeshift bludgeon. The Platinum Gundam glinted in all its glory. We didn't have time to admire it however, we heard the sounds of marching in one direction and a undisciplined stomping in the other crying "YIFFF YIFFF YIFFF"

    At this moment the cowboy whammed me at the back of my head, grabbed the Gundam and fired two shots into the air with my glock. He the gun the my face.

    "Good luck you fucking idiot. Your gonna need it.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/26/12(Mon)15:43 No.18465795
         File: 1332791010.jpg-(219 KB, 728x393, all-11-doc-s-doctor-who-383233(...).jpg)
    219 KB
    >>"The doctor will see you now."
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)15:50 No.18465858
         File: 1332791400.png-(636 KB, 1500x1500, Infinicon.png)
    636 KB
    I made this "lay-out" for my vision of InfiniCon which I'm probably gonna use for a story or so.

    As you can see
    Is very different.

    I visioned Infini con as some sort of year-round all-round con taking place inside an enormous convention centre.

    I was considering adding "litterature" and "airsoft", divide "Western media" up so it is not all encompassing (Like: Comic Genre has its own district) and likewise divide "Eastern Media" so that it isn't shoe horned into being about Anime.

    But I'm sure some would disagree.

    Any suggestions for what to fill it out with?
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)15:50 No.18465865
    Once I regained my composure, the cowboy had fled. I looked to my left and saw the never ending hoard furries descend down from the junk and to the right the outnumbered but well aimed shanty town militia. The leader of the militia saw me ( I could tell, no one has that much of a epic moustache without having any leadership qualities) before then the hoard the fursuiters before deciding that the furries posed more of a danger than me.

    He barked orders to his men to fall back onto higher ground but the furries were already upon them. I myself hid under a pile of debris and rubbish.

    The battle was brutal as fuck. This wasn't the con I signed up for man!. The militia put up a valiant fight using their rifles and pistols as clubs and bludgeoning tools when their ammo ran out but the furries were endless. One fell and 30 more took his place.

    I think the Moustached leader pulled a pin of a grenade and yelled out "You'll never soil me arsehole you fucks". Then an explosion echoed throughout the junk yard.

    They have now descended onto my hiding place and are rapidly digging their way though the rubbish. I shall save one bullet for myself. Hopefully these guys dont fuck corpses. If anyone finds this tape, bring it to the surface and make a movie/anime about me.

    Thank you. This is Michael Rodgers saying goodbye.

    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)15:51 No.18465871
    So what do you all think of this lil foray into write fagging?
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/26/12(Mon)15:53 No.18465888
         File: 1332791600.jpg-(31 KB, 255x345, 1325301561557.jpg)
    31 KB
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/26/12(Mon)16:06 No.18465993
    >. If anyone finds this tape, bring it to the surface and make a movie/anime about me.

    And this is how InfiniCon will produce it's own legends and heroes. So after a a few years there will be people who will cosplay other, famous cosplayers
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)16:06 No.18465994
    I'd put the suburbs on the opposing river banks.
    The further you go from the main convention center, the crazier it gets. Because the biggest source of income would be outsiders visiting the Main Convention Center, there would have to be at least some sort of security force there.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)16:07 No.18466003
    I can't find the meme generator for that particular meme.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/26/12(Mon)16:11 No.18466032
         File: 1332792691.jpg-(122 KB, 600x600, 1326986173047.jpg)
    122 KB
    there are suburbs on the other side too, but I think you have to imagine it as a subtle transition between Con district and suburbs not a clear line.

    Also, probably this is how the 40k suburbs look like
    >> Michael Rodgers 03/26/12(Mon)16:17 No.18466087
    This thread's gonna be archived right? In memory of me right?
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/26/12(Mon)16:20 No.18466130
    every thread is archived on http://archive.foolz.us/tg
    >> Michael Rodgers 03/26/12(Mon)16:21 No.18466138
    So my death and possibly molested body is not in vain then?!
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/26/12(Mon)16:25 No.18466181
         File: 1332793513.jpg-(76 KB, 700x529, 1318340727906.jpg)
    76 KB
    not at all, you will be on the lore page too sooner or later
    >> Michael Rodgers 03/26/12(Mon)16:34 No.18466275
    Excellent I shall now disappear into the realm of myth and legend.

    Good bye everyone. Goooooood byyyyyeeeee...
    >> Potential Writefag 03/26/12(Mon)16:35 No.18466286
         File: 1332794119.jpg-(14 KB, 448x230, RibbonsOhShit.jpg)
    14 KB
    Not to the furries, anyway. Also..

    >possibly molested body
    >angry and horny furries looking to celebrate their victory
    > Thinking about using the last bullet instead of immediately popping yourself as they started to dig
    >the recording is found clutched in your body's hand, and all there is at the end is the sounds of yiffing and your dying screams as you get furry snoo-snoo'd to death

    You dun goofed, son. Such is life in the UnderCon, I suppose. At least Drow would have given you a chance to not die like a bitch.

    Maybe that Platinum Gundam is cursed..
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)16:40 No.18466336
    Or it was a trap by the furries all along to lure someone down to them...
    >> I RETURN FROM THE SPIRIT WORLD Michael Rodgers 03/26/12(Mon)16:40 No.18466340
    I took a few with me, before doing myself in.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/26/12(Mon)16:42 No.18466351
         File: 1332794528.jpg-(38 KB, 453x604, 1329520130711.jpg)
    38 KB
    >At least Drow would have given you a chance to not die like a bitch.

    I'm... not entirely sure about that
    >> InfiniCon Chairman 03/26/12(Mon)16:45 No.18466389

    I had left certain things out partly because I just figured they weren't big enough to warrant their own district. This is not to say that they wouldn't have a presence in the city, but they don't have the kind of population and sway in the city to really be considered their own organization. Sort of like the video games thing. Every possible district has their own literature also, so rather than make a literature district, each individual district would have their own bookstores and such.

    There's a certain level of granularity we can achieve with this, but there is a point where it goes too far and we are dividing subdivisions into smaller subsubdivisions..

    Perhaps we could compromise and add notes in there about specific neighborhoods within each district. There would need to be airsoft stores and shooting ranges near the boundaries of the LARP forest, for instance.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)16:47 No.18466418
         File: 1332794851.jpg-(1.25 MB, 5000x978, tgpanorama.jpg)
    1.25 MB
    This is probably the closest my country has to a Con.
    I guess this would in the scifi/tech district.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)16:51 No.18466466
         File: 1332795100.png-(3 KB, 184x172, 1303002219775.png)
    3 KB
    Oh my god I was one of the people who was in the original threads. I'm excited to see this getting more interest again.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/26/12(Mon)16:56 No.18466509
         File: 1332795394.jpg-(536 KB, 1600x1067, Razors_Edge_Pe_001.jpg)
    536 KB
    those shops will be probably near to the industrial district. And maybe one of the shopkeepers has an APC and he is roaming the "wastelands" as a mobile shop
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)17:07 No.18466604
         File: 1332796038.jpg-(15 KB, 495x299, Drebin.jpg)
    15 KB
    So, Drebin 893 wonders around selling gear to would-be Snake Cosplayers or other LARPers?

    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/26/12(Mon)17:11 No.18466634
         File: 1332796282.jpg-(47 KB, 525x333, BabylonAD_2.jpg)
    47 KB
    that or Gorsky from Babylon AD
    >> Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)17:19 No.18466704

    Yeah, my design (the one you quoted) probably isn't that realistic, but I think when making a map some sort of individual districts have to be made.

    Most things can be shoe-horned into each other, but they still have to maintain some sort of uniqueness.

    So instead of having - just an example - only one LARP area, divide said areas into different types of LARPS, such as "Vampire" LARPS, "Fantasy" LARP and "Post-Apocalyptic/STALKER" LARP.

    If you want if someone makes a sketch of the map of Infinicon I can make a more vectored version.
    >> InfiniCon Chairman 03/26/12(Mon)17:28 No.18466795
    I'm going to have to leave you guys to discuss this on your own for a few hours. I've got to run to work for a bit.
    >> !vDcyU1BJg2 03/26/12(Mon)17:43 No.18466943
         File: 1332798233.png-(717 KB, 1860x798, Teaser.png)
    717 KB

    Here is a quick mock-up (omitting the LARP and industrial area until that is more planned out), if you would like me to make a more "clean" version of your final map, just send me an email, though if you are looking for someone to make landscape maps, I'm not your guy.

    Email in email field.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/26/12(Mon)18:02 No.18467110
    >such as "Vampire" LARPS
    such things go into the larp part of the UnderCon. Mentioning vampire larps in the larp district is like mentioning furries.
    Also owning a dicksword is a sure way to people point at you and laugh
    >> Jarboot !!j4xjG8Gxyo4 03/26/12(Mon)19:27 No.18467981
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/26/12(Mon)19:34 No.18468079
    we are 8 posts left till the autosage if I'm not mistaken. Should I make a new thread now? I think I even have a guaranteedreplies.jpg for it, although I will have to leave for 40-50 minutes shortly
    >> Jarboot !!j4xjG8Gxyo4 03/26/12(Mon)19:37 No.18468130
         File: 1332805050.jpg-(28 KB, 276x400, stalin (1).jpg)
    28 KB
    If you have something good, go ahead. Just link to it in here.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 03/26/12(Mon)19:52 No.18468356
    okay I made the thread, here it is:

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