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  • File: 1333073599.jpg-(223 KB, 604x652, MSQ header H.jpg)
    223 KB MAHOU SHOUNEN QUEST: Average Afternoon Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/29/12(Thu)22:13 No.18506543  
    These are the continuing adventures of the HMS Swagtanic. We will sail on until we can safely drown in a Sea of Bitches.
    This kind of fun is BADONG.

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-LAST TIME=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    You sit on the bleachers watching the remaining fights with the girls until the last match was over.

    "Okay guys." mike says as he stands in the center of the gym.
    "This marks the end of basic training. By Monday you will be undertaking advanced training under a new instructor. Report to the same room then."
    "I must tell you all that I am proud to have been able to teach you these past few weeks. I hope that whatever little knowledge I was able to impart on you help you as you work for the Bureau in the future."
    Everyone's applause reverberates through the Gym.
    "CLASS DISMISSED!" Mike says before he begins to walk off.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:15 No.18506557
    >in at the start

    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:16 No.18506569
    fuck yeah, orgy time.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:16 No.18506570
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:17 No.18506583
    So, what about that training/camping trip?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/29/12(Thu)22:17 No.18506585
         File: 1333073860.jpg-(106 KB, 490x700, cant turn the swag off.jpg)
    106 KB
    You sit around for a few more moments on the bleachers.
    The idols bid you goodbye and head on thier way.
    "Byebye Niichan! See you later!"
    "Bye Honey- I mean Hayate! Miki needs to get lunch now."

    The major continues drinking, and Perinne sits quietly beside her.
    You check the time.

    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:18 No.18506589
    is it too soon to discuss having to train hand to hand combat? save it in another time?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/29/12(Thu)22:18 No.18506592
    Sousuke will have details for you.
    >Starts in the evening.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:19 No.18506602

    another time man, we need to please some girls this time.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:20 No.18506613
    Check in with Perrine, ask if she enjoyed the show we put on and thank her for helping when you fell unconscious.

    If nothing arises from that throw a lunch party to celebrate finals. Then we get to the camping.

    I vote we wear an impeccable white suit that inexplicably remains clean no matter what, even if we do a belly crawl through a swamp or a lake of mud.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:21 No.18506632
    [x] small talk with mio and perrine

    wait erica and hina are there right?
    guess we could chat with them too...

    oh god i hope we don't step a landmine.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:21 No.18506634
    So Wagnaria for lunch?
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:22 No.18506642
    >Miki calling us Honey
    Seems we won't be able to make bros with P
    Oh well... In for a penny, in for a pound.
    Time to steal all his bitches.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:23 No.18506654
    We are gonna need a new picture for that soon.

    See what the girls think and maybe get some lunch, invite Mio and Perrine just to be polite
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:23 No.18506656
    "Miss Perrine, I would like to thank you for looking after me while I was out. I'm sorry if I inconvenienced you."

    "Miss Sakamoto, did you find the drink to your liking?"
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:24 No.18506664
    She already is stolen.
    And I think he only has Iori left of the idols who aren't totally focused on us
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:24 No.18506669
    'Perrine is there anything your not telling me? You seem to be on edge.'
    Time to extract Intel.
    "Major, could you tell me a bit about that eye of yours? You seem quite confident in it's power."
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:25 No.18506676
    Lunch with our girls.
    Invite the Major and Perinne
    Then we head to the library to renew those books.
    Also get some alone time with Erica and or Hina
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:26 No.18506692
    "So Erica, Hina, how were your final fights?"

    Also, we should track down Nahona and ask about the advanced classes. Get some tips and whatnot.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:26 No.18506699
    I reckon find Sakura and as who were her other matches as well
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:26 No.18506702
    Don't talk about that.
    If we do the major will surely say.
    "Haha, you looked so peaceful in her lap!"

    And then we die
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:28 No.18506719
    We don't speak a word of that, "Use Your Mind to Seduce Witches".
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:28 No.18506724
    Not really that bad an idea, we just tell the truth. We knocked ourselves out and when we came to Perrine was making sure we were ok
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:29 No.18506729
    voting for small talk, then arrage a one on one SERIOUS discussion with perrine.

    seriously, my bad feel and confusion about her is TOO DAMN HIGH
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:29 No.18506731
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:31 No.18506741
    IC we have nothing much to be confused about.
    Sure we may be concerned about her health and how she's getting along in the bureau. But other than that our character should have no concerns what so ever.

    REMEMBER we have not interacted with her that much.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:31 No.18506744
    She's not going to tell us shit. She'll claim time hat and clam up like she did every other time, or she'll go tsun and act like nothing ever happened. It's a waste of time.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:32 No.18506749
    Actually we know Hayate knows she saw him time travelling. That's cause enough for concern.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:32 No.18506753
    Yes, but to say she's been acting normal, by any definition, is straight up kidding yourself. Something is clearly up with her.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:33 No.18506767
    >Bad Idea
    I don't follow...

    Also, is Idolmaster any good? Only contact I've had with it is a doujinshi staring Ganaha Hibiki and really liking her char design...
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:34 No.18506778
    Actually we don't have any idea what's normal for her.
    the only time we spent any considerable time with her was when we fought that Gazebo.
    And she was all tsun then. Now, she's dere-ing a bit but we'd not see it much.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:36 No.18506786
    The games are actually pretty fun
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:36 No.18506791
    Yeah but she is also cute and held us when we passed out and junk.

    We are allowed to just be interested in talking to her.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:38 No.18506810

    oh god your right, i guess we just have to wait longer till the doctor comes back and hayate will have access to do some time shenanigans.


    im crossing my fingers we do not get any new girlfriend officially before her, that would be insanely cruel
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:38 No.18506811
    Not only that, we do owe her for making Trude stop unjustly beating us. Hayate has every reason to be pro-Perrine at this point; there's a bit of concern about the reaction of our other girls but experience has taught us that while they can be possessive they're more than willing to see our swag pile grow larger.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:40 No.18506825
         File: 1333075218.jpg-(461 KB, 979x1400, Atsui Hi Daradara.jpg)
    461 KB
    He's my first contact.... must read again....
    pic related, censored of course.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:40 No.18506829
    She also watched us the longest when we passed out in SWD
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/29/12(Thu)22:40 No.18506830
         File: 1333075231.jpg-(25 KB, 320x453, 4c75819a7c53c0_full.jpg)
    25 KB
    You reach out to Nanoha and Ursula.
    'Hi girls. Our matches are over, and we've been dismissed for lunch. Where are you?'
    'We're on the way to the gym. Sad we missed your fights.' Nanoha tells you.
    'Just meet up with us at our usual spot. We're headed there.' You tell her.

    "Girls." You tell Hina and Erica. "HOW about we go for lunch? Nanoha and Ursula are at our spot."
    "Major. Perinne, please do join us." you tell them.
    "Free food? I am always up for that. Hahaha!" The major laughs.
    "Thank you for inviting me." Perinne says.

    The five of you walk out of the Gym and head towards the academic building.
    It's like K-on but with actualy singing.
    >Stories are episodic, but it's pretty good.

    The games are the only reason I want to buy a console.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:41 No.18506839
    Oh hey another capital, we best add it to the list.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:41 No.18506840
    So what are we up to now?
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:42 No.18506842
         File: 1333075331.png-(781 KB, 1280x720, YouAreSoTiny.png)
    781 KB
    It follows ALL of the idols, so it tends to spread itself thin on certain characters, but it was pretty good.

    Also, >imagename
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:42 No.18506845
    >"Thank you for inviting me."

    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:42 No.18506848
    I just wish they we available in Australia.
    Apparently there is no one who wants it or want it translated outside of Japan
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:42 No.18506850
    Fancy french food behind the gym? Unlike England they can cook.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:42 No.18506851
         File: 1333075376.png-(989 KB, 599x798, 1327493405748.png)
    989 KB
    No im@s no life.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:43 No.18506852
    Any of the fights recorded by any chance?

    We could show the girls the end of our fight with Mike and see what we missed of theirs.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/29/12(Thu)22:43 No.18506854
    HNGGG'd my face off when the DS idols cameod
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:44 No.18506859
    In most cases, you'd be right. However, Erica would rather kill us than let Perrine in. I'm for staying the fuck out of the way until France signs a peace treaty with Germany. Otherwise, we're the ones who suffer.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/29/12(Thu)22:44 No.18506864
    >Apparently there is no one who wants it or want it translated outside of Japan.

    Isnt it sad, fellow gaijin?
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:44 No.18506867
    >susan.jpg http://pic.twitter.com/upohCzQk
    I think you mean negafemyate.jpg
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:45 No.18506874
    She's not THAT hostile.
    She just uhh.. dislikes her.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:46 No.18506881
    It's sad sacchin

    Seriously though I knew enough Japanese to understand most of what is said just my comprehension of Japanese as a written language is about good enough to understand signs like toilet, drink and KEEP OUT STUPID FOREIGNER
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:46 No.18506886
         File: 1333075617.jpg-(45 KB, 848x480, [Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_20_(...).jpg)
    45 KB
    And then there was Ep20.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:47 No.18506888

    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:47 No.18506890
    Hey, England has one of the best breakfast spreads around, some damn fine deserts, Yorkshire pudding is amazing, and they took food from all over Asia and brought to Europe, Chicken Tikka Masala is undeniably British.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:47 No.18506892
    Actually it is more a low level dislike than outright hate now.

    We do need to get them together and get them to sort things out to a degree where they can share. Possibly with lesbian hate fucking
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:51 No.18506925
    That's a good point.
    So far Erica's way of sorting things out and welcoming girls has seemed to be lesbiantics so maybe we should use that to our advantage
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:52 No.18506929
    Let's test that theory by letting her find out about how we woke up. What do you think our odds are of escaping a need for medical attention?
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:53 No.18506940
    Pretty high. The bigger threat is Erica throwing Perrine down a flight of stairs with yandere eyes, then blue screening once Perrine miscarries.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:53 No.18506943
    English food is ok if you steer away from more traditional english fare and go for the foods they picked up from their colonies era

    Australia has some of the best food overall though
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:53 No.18506949
    Well... she didn't object when we invited Perrine for lunch.
    So things are looking up
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/29/12(Thu)22:54 No.18506959
         File: 1333076077.jpg-(100 KB, 434x633, Hayate Ayasaki.jpg)
    100 KB
    YOur group walks around the building to find Nanoha and Ursula waiting for you.
    NAnoha runs up for a hug and Ursula asks
    "How did your matches go?"
    "Lost one, Won one, and had a draw with Ichijo" Erica smirks.
    "Hayate and I got lucky and won all three."
    "That fucking Ace, Fucking swappable armor." Erica says as she gives an exaggerated pout.

    You summon a large table for your group under the nearest tree and set out lunch manifested by Kraus.
    You sit at the head of the table, while the girls sit on either side.

    You take this opportunity to engage in some small talk.

    [ ]Ursula Nanoha
    [ ]Erica Hina
    [ ]Mio Perinne
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:55 No.18506965
    What the English do great is breakfasts. Oh god, what I wouldn't do for a full English breakfast right now... Aside from that, meat pies and pasties are decent. There isn't really anything else worth keeping in English cuisine.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:55 No.18506972
    Ursula and Nanoha, we haven't talked to them yet today so we should see how they have been going
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:56 No.18506980
    Ursula and Nanoha, we haven't seen them all day. Ask how work in the lab is and what to expect from Advanced classes.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:56 No.18506982
    Ursula nanoha.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:57 No.18506987
    Don't forget the various jams, jellies, preserves, and so forth. And fish and chips. Honestly, what English cuisine is terrible at is more lunch and dinner entrees. Their sides, snacks, and condiments are pretty good.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:57 No.18506988
    See I am not even as much a fan of their pies.
    They use a far too heavy pastry and it feels like you just ate concrete.

    Breakfasts you are right about though, they know how to do a damn good spread for breakfast, especially after a night out drinking
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)22:57 No.18506990
    I like this way too much, especially in this crowd. I blame Akira for turning me into a yandere lover.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/29/12(Thu)22:58 No.18507001
    >implying Susan isn't femnegHayate's name isn't actually Susan.
    Also: damnitboner.gif
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/29/12(Thu)23:00 No.18507010
    Wow, I really failed to proofread my post there. I blame my phone.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:00 No.18507012
    [x]Ursula and Nanoha

    >moot broke 4chanX
    My F5 key is crying already.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:01 No.18507020
    It's working fine for me and I just loaded a second ago.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:01 No.18507026
    Ursula Nahona
    Erica Hina
    Mio Perrine

    In that order.

    We've been putting Erica and Hina first a bunch, time to swap it up a bit. And we should first pay attention to our girls first

    >capital words and letters

    Are you guy sure it's a secret code? I always thought it was just LG accidentally hitting caps or shift when he was typing.

    Between these "codes" and the twitter, there's enough possible-secret shit going on that some of it is probably red herrings and trolls.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/29/12(Thu)23:02 No.18507040
    >moot broke 4chanX
    Fuck, again?
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:03 No.18507041
    Regardless of name the greatest challenge still stands.
    Swag or be swagged
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:04 No.18507051
    Wait. So you're suggesting that Hayate and Susan both have to try to seduce the other? And the loser ends up an opposite-gender doppelganger in the other's harem? I... I'm not sure how I feel about this. But my cock is.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:04 No.18507055
    You need to update the script. There was a quick fix to compensate for the new HTTPS URL's.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:05 No.18507064
    He is pretty particular about how he types his things up.
    And he likes trolling so it could be relevant or it could all be trolling
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:05 No.18507074
    I DID update it. It still isn't working.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:06 No.18507082
    Works for me. Try reinstalling maybe.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:07 No.18507092
    Honestly, unless Susan is FemNegayate, I don't think it would come to that. I think it would be an instant, "Wait, seriously, you guys aren't fucking?" perfect, platonic twin love. The 'sleeping together in the same bed in the nude and not even getting aroused, just feeling complete' kind.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:09 No.18507104
    I've seen some sick shit in this thread, but this is the sickest yet by far. I bet you're into holding hands too.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:10 No.18507108
    Well I can see Erica going ape shit over it.
    Two Hayate's and one is a cute girl? She would think her Christmases have all come at once
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:11 No.18507124
    And you know what? Those two Hayates would PERFECT TWIN TEAMWORK her into a screaming orgasm that she would never quite recover from psychologically. Then, they would spoon her, with Hayate being the little spoon, Erica being the middle spoon, and Femayate being the big spoon.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:14 No.18507153
    Alright guys, let's try to put the fetish talk aside and get back to the quest.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:15 No.18507157
    One of our girls is sad about something. They suddenly get caught in a Hayate hug sandwich from both sides. The Hayates are still not attracted to each other.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/29/12(Thu)23:15 No.18507158
         File: 1333077341.jpg-(25 KB, 315x470, dont cross nanoha.jpg)
    25 KB
    >Nanoha Ursula
    "So girls, how were your mornings?" you ask the two.
    "Oh normal. Max is gearing us up for our last week of training here. He keeps crying whenever he says we're 'going away'. He's funny." Nanoha tells you.
    "Mr. Rood is still looking for his barrels of phosphate. I will have to replace those." Ursula says sheepishly.
    "Hey Nanoha, I was wondering, and I'm sure Hina and Erica are too, How's advanced training like?"
    "Weeell.. they put you through more tests. And they help you develop and improve your abilities more. And sometimes you spend a whole day in the simulator. Some of the missions are boring though." She tells you.
    "You didnt get to blow anything up?" you ask wit ha smirk
    "No..." she pouts.

    WAT NAO?

    >I assure you my Capslock and Shift KEYs are perfectly fine.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:16 No.18507166
    Well we are doing it because we are waiting for LG to post something mainly
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:18 No.18507189
    Rub the top of Nanoha's head/her nose, then chat with Hina and Erica about the super-flattering love announcement in the fight with Tama and a firepower upgrade (with more teasing, fucking type A personality, fuck yeah) respectively.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:18 No.18507190
    Talk to Mio and Perrine
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:19 No.18507208

    Hayate, remember them. That is the key.
    Everything should have prepared you for this.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/29/12(Thu)23:19 No.18507210
    Well it's either that, or murder.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:20 No.18507217
    Now would be a good time to REMEMBER.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:21 No.18507234
    Offer to take her outside and make targets for her to explode. Gingerbread men maybe?

    "So Erica, I noticed during one of your fights you pulled out a panzerfaust. Where do you keep it?" Waggle eyebrows and whisper "cause I know where I keep mine."
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:21 No.18507239
    Hina and Erica
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:22 No.18507242
    Give Nanoha a good hug, and smooch the top of her head, when exactly is she heading out on advanced training?

    After that talk to Hina and Erica about their fights, see if there's any possibilities of getting Erica some bigger guns.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:22 No.18507244
    >talk to Erica Hina
    >congratulate hina on winning her fights.
    >tease erica about her lost
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:22 No.18507248
    >advanced training
    You mean field training.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:27 No.18507299
    Sounds good.

    Remember the girls because they are our anchors that are keeping us from falling into an endless time loop, giving us the chance to correct the original mistake that trapped us in it in the first place.

    That's my idea at what's going on.

    As for why some shadow group wants to stop us, I have no idea.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:31 No.18507336
    We disrupt their plans if we break the cycle, they tried everything in their power to break us and stop us from being able to make it to the bureau and become that threat, Ikusa realized this and went looking for a way to prevent it which leads us to the current scenario
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:34 No.18507355
    I have a feeling I know why, too. We're a wild card. We're competent even without a device. Between the watch, our natural skills, our swag, our alchemy, and our ability to subvert constructs... Well, we're certainly not the most powerful of specimens. But think of what a wildcard we would be in the climactic shadow war brewing across time.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:38 No.18507395
    The card played in the right place at the right time whose presence or absence is enough to nudge fate in one direction or the other... Not the Chosen One, but the one whose actions, possibly even without their knowledge, serve as the pivotal, deciding moment in a much, much larger conflict... Yeah, that sounds like something that Hayate would be clueless enough to be in the middle of.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:42 No.18507423
    I dunno if it's a threat THAT large. If it was, The Doctor would be taking a more proactive role, or the Transpace Guard would roll in and clean house if they became a threat.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/29/12(Thu)23:42 No.18507429
         File: 1333078971.jpg-(374 KB, 1000x862, 55a128dcb80beb2d7928f1e8ed1e0a(...).jpg)
    374 KB
    >Erica Hina
    "Hina, congratulations on your fights. I especially liked that one liner you dropped on the chinese guy."
    'And your confession when you flew in to destroy Tama.' you add mentally
    She blushes a gorgeous shade of red.
    "Thanks, you did great too." she says.

    "Erica. I know you may feel bad about losing that fight against that spaceman, but hey, you blasted your way through the other two matches." you smile.
    "He was just lucky that's all. If i could squeeze out some more altitude out of my strikers I could have gotten him. " she tells you. "Or maybe some better weapons."
    "What about that Panzerfaust?" you ask.
    "Too heavy. hard to maneuver with it, and takes some time to generate another one."
    "Weapons? Tuning?" Ursula's eyes gleam dangerously across the table.

    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:43 No.18507440
    And for all we know, this is the loop where the Doctor works with our brother to make sure we're in the right place at the right time. This time, they get it right.

    This time.

    This time we REMEMBER.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:44 No.18507441
    [x] be nice to Perrine
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:44 No.18507451
    The doctor is spending a lot of time away from the bureau and there is more than one doctor here.

    Anyway the TG could be the cause of the event for all we know or it could be an event which only affects the bureau
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:44 No.18507452
    I was wondering today whether the Bait Genderswap Potion is something that happens to every class, or if it was just ours.

    Because if is every class, it might be amusing to tell Zucchini and Miyafuji that we got penalized for not drinking it. Maybe Perrine as well, if we trust Ryu enough to make the potion Pregnancy-Safe.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:45 No.18507462
    Kindly ask Mio to stop touching our cock with her foot under the table.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:46 No.18507469
    Well talk to your sister and if you get a chance Sousuke, he knows quite a lot about weaponry of all types.

    Be kind to Perrine, thank her for her help after our fight.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:46 No.18507477
    We got penalised for not trying to figure out what it was.
    I remember we figured out that the way to get the best score was to trick someone else into drinking it.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:47 No.18507488
    >"Weapons? Tuning?" Ursula's eyes gleam dangerously across the table.

    Inb4 she turns Erica into a dreadnought.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:47 No.18507489
    Suggest some things for them to play with for weaponry and let them go.
    Talk to Mio and Perrine and see what's up with them
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:50 No.18507529
    Those stockings man.

    Every single time.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:51 No.18507538
    Whatever the result is, it is going to be awesome.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:52 No.18507539
    I know, right? Thigh-high socks/stockings are my weakness. I don't even have a foot fetish. It's all about dem thighs.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:53 No.18507552
    >/tg/, iTunes, IMPORTANT WORDS, Lucky Star, Nestle Quotation
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:54 No.18507555
    "Oh yes. The combat data should be very interesting to go over.
    "And how are you fitting in at the Bureau, Ms. Perrine? Are you feeling any better now?
    "And the same for you, Major."
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:55 No.18507561
    Why is it cute twins are literally the best thing ever?
    You have anything and add cute twins to it and bam hold anyone's attention
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:57 No.18507579
    >Augh, fuck that, fucking Nazi bastards.
    Cute twins in Luftwaffe.
    >Where are they and how hard can I root for them?
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:58 No.18507587
    We just tell everyone else except her to drink it. The results should be amusing enough to be worth it.

    This needs to be used.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/12(Thu)23:59 No.18507594
         File: 1333079955.jpg-(44 KB, 300x300, 1325997865082.jpg)
    44 KB
    rolled 17 = 17


    As hard as you can get.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)00:00 No.18507605
         File: 1333080000.png-(939 KB, 1551x1917, 7dce5b577a2e72603b2a649733c7ee(...).png)
    939 KB
    "Maybe you could add missile racks to Erica's strikers? And tune it to compensate for the weight." you tell Ursula.
    "Give me a big fucking gun if you're gonna give me more oomph." Erica adds.
    "I... I will look into this." She tells the two of you.

    >Be kind to froggy
    >talk to pirate witch
    "Perrine. Thank you for the help earlier."
    "It was nothing." she tells you. "I just happened to be in the right place."
    "Right place, my ass." The major says. "You were running and shouting his na- OW!"
    She gets cut off. Perineum is looking sideways at her, blushing furiously.
    "Anyway. I hope you're feeling better now. We wouldn't want you to still be sick when training starts."
    "I feel much better now. thank you. The mornings are still a bit rough, but it must be the new bed." She tells you.
    "If you ever need my help, just call me."
    "O-okay." she says.

    "So major, Why were you sleeping in Ryuu's bar?"
    "Why do you ask?" you feel a foot snake up your leg. "Are you getting jealo- FUCK!" she gets cut off again.
    The foot on your leg is gone.
    "What is it with all the kicking?!" the major says as she rubs her leg under the table.
    Erica just grins at her.

    WAT NAO?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)00:02 No.18507624
         File: 1333080143.jpg-(257 KB, 467x640, eabf38c6397b571c65d8324bcd8445(...).jpg)
    257 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:02 No.18507629
    Now's a good time to mention that we're working on a gender-bending potion and that it seems to work... for 16 seconds at a time.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:03 No.18507634
    Ask Mio if the drink was to her liking.
    See about taking them all out to a "we passed classes" dinner when we get back from the training trip, tell Nanoha to bring her friends if she wants
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:04 No.18507640
    Huh. Normally thigh-highs are an irresistible HNNNG for me. I guess I really just don't find those Idolmaster girls attractive in any context. Weird.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)00:04 No.18507646
         File: 1333080291.jpg-(225 KB, 900x800, 6af3bb52c8e316486ec4d57fb88b3e(...).jpg)
    225 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:04 No.18507647
    i`m gonna be honest, i laughed.

    also we should get a drawfag with the erica drednaught because it is awesome.

    finally we should just continue our obliviousness and just small chat with folk.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:05 No.18507649
    Head into town.
    Show Perrine and Mio the RCS.
    And, of course, pick up whatever Ash has for us.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:05 No.18507657
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:05 No.18507664
    Ok we need to get them into the family as well.
    I liked them enough already but them + the Germans means we win all swag contests forever
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:05 No.18507665
    IS Hideyoshi here?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:06 No.18507675
    How about we look for gullivers real estate while we are there?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:07 No.18507678
    If we do that, we should get all of the Witches, like we did for Hina when she arrived. Maybe get our team together, see how they did as well.
    We didn't see any of Jun and Shinku's fights, or Amazoness' either.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:07 No.18507679


    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:07 No.18507682
         File: 1333080460.jpg-(58 KB, 182x191, 1326936154676.jpg)
    58 KB
    rolled 8 = 8


    Still P-san's harem.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:07 No.18507687
    Let's take everyone into town for the afternoon.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:08 No.18507691

    (You all read that in Ishida Mitsunari's voice)
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:08 No.18507696
    Well I'm glad you're getting along with Ryuu, he's a good man and has taught me an awful lot. Also look at me, do I seem the jealous type?

    After we eat some lunch, go to town shopping, inviting whoever wants to come with, get camping gear at the RCS along with whatever he thinks we need.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:08 No.18507699
    Remember, the bottom one is a guy.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:09 No.18507706
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:09 No.18507708
    First, the Ridiculously Convenient Store.
    Warn them about Helga's.
    If that cosplay shop is back, we're losing an hour or two in it.
    I wonder if Sousuke has visited Pantasia, considering his like of plain bread.
    Show them other shops and "Change Places".
    Finally, Gulliver's Real Estate for us.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:10 No.18507714
         File: 1333080607.jpg-(15 KB, 400x223, hideyoshibath.jpg)
    15 KB
    rolled 18 = 18


    No hes not.

    Hideyoshi's gender is Hideyoshi
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:10 No.18507718
    >do I seem the jealous type
    In before some guy hits on one of our girls, we have a panic attack about our girls getting taken away from us, and we BREAK HIM.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:10 No.18507722
    Actually not, we already swagged them before when we played for them. They are just on the outskirts now
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:11 No.18507730
    Good man.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:11 No.18507733
    I had a Lesbionics/Harem Dynamics epiphany earlier today.

    The reason Erica is surprisingly okay with the whole harem thing is that it is as much HER harem as it is ours.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:13 No.18507751
    Gender, yes, Hideyoshi is Hideyoshi.
    But sex, as in the actual physical equipment, is male.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:13 No.18507752
    You only just now got that? You need to study up more. She's the First Officer to our Captain.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:13 No.18507758
    you know, if some guy did try jacking one of our women, we would DEFINITELY go full negayate and probably end up thrown and mindwiped for it.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:13 No.18507760
    And here we are, seriously considering stealing girls from another man.

    Considering, hell. We fucking did with that violin piece. We're going to have to deal with that eventually. Just because the Bureau doesn't regulate the relationships of its students doesn't mean those same students are going to take kindly to us stealing their women.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:14 No.18507766

    So its a binary-star system? jesus H christ.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:14 No.18507776
    Seems about right.
    Now we just need to get Ursula, Hina and Nanoha seeing things that way too

    Nanoha shouldn't be hard since she is canonically lesbian
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:16 No.18507793
    Except we weren't planning on it, it happened and we aren't going to stop it
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:16 No.18507796
    That's not going to be hard at all. Ursula has probably been in twincest for years, Hina's getting her daily conversion treatment from Erica, and you already said why for Nanoha.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:17 No.18507810
    The only canon relationship with Nanoha is Nanoha x Training

    Anything else is just fanwork.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:17 No.18507812
         File: 1333081059.jpg-(59 KB, 256x224, 1326922482126.jpg)
    59 KB

    Still possible to reverse the whole thing and keep the volcano from exploding.

    But with the folks in MSQ, its gonna be a huge mountain to scale.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:18 No.18507814
    So, LG, got enough to work with, or do you need a more clear course of action?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:19 No.18507825
    Bro, he's already typing.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:19 No.18507826
    Nope, we can skip Miki but TWINS FOR THE TWIN THRONE is always gonna Derail us

    And Miki isn't exactly the type of girl to be dissuaded easily anyway
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:19 No.18507833
    We should probably wait for timeskip and Feito showing up. She could be a pretty cool wingman for Erica.
    Also oh god Subaru.
    Hahah. Sure buddy. Tell that to Vivio.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:21 No.18507842
         File: 1333081269.jpg-(27 KB, 270x361, 1325983614584.jpg)
    27 KB
    rolled 25 = 25


    Reversing Miki is actually, very easy to accomplish.

    We just need to have P-san 'Awaken' her.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:21 No.18507851
    No, there's also Hayate Yagami x Boobs.
    From one of the StrikerS Sound Stages, they discuss the fact that she molested every female member of Riot 6.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:22 No.18507856
    so they are in our Kupier belt but establishing stable orbit?
    >I am now picturing our harem as a solar system
    >Erica and Ursula are binary terrestrial planets at ~.7 au.
    >Hina is terrestrial at ~1 au
    >Nanoha is a terrestrial at ~.4 au, quick orbit, volcanically active with violent storms
    >Perrine is a rogue planet with an erratic orbit, has been sighted with a planetoid but it is unclear whether it is a natural satellite or just a coincidence. Slowly stabilizing orbit
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:22 No.18507857
    I think we aren't going for time skip mostly.
    At least everything we have done so far has gone against forcing her to go faster
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:23 No.18507865
    I don't think it's our call.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:24 No.18507873
    Then how will you react to a pissed of P-san having a "chat" with us about us stealing his girls? Picking up the single chicks is one thing, but girls that are already taken? We're crossing the line into NTR-territory here.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:24 No.18507878
    Basically yes.
    Mio is a random comet causing geological disturbances when she passes close enough, the idols are another binary system and a single planet in loose orbit around each other

    I prefer the nautical theme though really
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:25 No.18507879
    No, we're not. This would be dumping. NTR is something similar but much, much worse.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:25 No.18507885
    Actually it is ours through our actions, LG has stated this before
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:26 No.18507890
    Hayate doesn't even know that P-san exists.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:26 No.18507892
    and I think i just had an epiphany about this as well:
    the reason why we are being targeted right away and why we are important is if we are unchecked, we can even outdo tenchi in haremmode and have an entire army of superpowered harem whatnot. this means if say thee bureau goes into a war of some sort, whatever we side with, our swag is so damn rediculous that we alone can sway a war depending on the side we are on because we have so much damn charisma.
    whats extremely dangerous about hayate is not just his own stupidly awesome abilities, its also the fact we have ALOT of allies with stupid amounts of power and intelect.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:27 No.18507895
    >through our actions
    Yeah, as in actions he's noting in-character will affect it. Our out-of-character decisions won't have an impact, and we don't know in advance which in-character decisions will be affecting it. This is another of his mystery flowcharts.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:27 No.18507896
    rolled 71 = 71


    We met him already.

    His words were:
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:27 No.18507897
    No, we ran into him and, I think, the twins, when we were fleeing Mio Rape, to the safety of Ryu's bar.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:27 No.18507901
    By saying we never wanted to stel his girls we simply treated them the same as everyone else and they decided they wanted us.

    He can be unreasonable about it but it won't change that the girls made the decision without any direct attempts at us to do so
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:27 No.18507904
    Which is still pretty bad. If we allow this to continue unchecked, we're going to hit a point when we see every woman as "ours" by divine right, whether they are already in a relationship be damned. That's not a line that would be conductive to our health to cross.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:29 No.18507914
    Yep we ran into him when we went to the elevator.
    He mentilated us that he was watching

    Except our in character actions have all been towards showing we love her regardless of how old she is or how she looks.

    We haven't done or said anything to direct her towards wanting to do the time skip option
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:30 No.18507916
    Which, incidentally, I think we may have to add to our collection of worrisome capitalizations.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)00:31 No.18507924
    >not much concensus.
    >finishing lunch

    You finish lunch with some more mundane conversation.
    Ursula and Nanoha head back for thier duties that afternoon, Erica joins Ursula to look into upgrades to her striker.
    As you sit around with the Major, Perinne and Hina, you hear a window open above you.
    "FOUND HER!" Luchinni screams as she jumps out of a second floor window into the tree.
    "Mio! Mio! Trude is looking for you. She's MAAAAAAAAAD!" the little gelato goblin says
    Miyafuji looks out of the window and down at your group.
    "Sakamoto-san! Trude needs you to meet her right now. Please, she's.. She's almost done destroying her desk." she pleads.
    "Ahahaha. I guess I do have to perform my duties as well."
    "I will see you guys," she says as she gets up and follows Luchinni around the building "Wife. Keep Perinne here company for me will you?"
    "Of course major." you tell her.

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:31 No.18507933
         File: 1333081909.jpg-(39 KB, 300x300, 1325986106065.jpg)
    39 KB
    rolled 73 = 73


    And say that happened to one of our girls?

    Getting MSQ participants to accept it peacefully would be an exercise in futility.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:32 No.18507936
    Town ward ho!
    Take the girls shopping and say goodbye to Ursula and Nanoha, tell them we will get them something while we are down there
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:32 No.18507937
    Go into town with everyone. Hit up the RCS if we see it for camping supplies.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:33 No.18507944
    Provide lunch for Miyafuji and Zucchini.
    Tell them about Basic, mentioning the possibility of the bait potion.
    Proceed to town to show the witches around.
    Acquire stuff from RCS.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:33 No.18507948
    Yeah there is that.
    We have said we aren't holding any of them against their will but we would fight for them.

    Best we can do it handle it when it comes up, because short of us doing a face heel turn I don't think we have much of an option at the current time
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:33 No.18507949
    Just us, Perinne, and Hina then?

    Fuckit let's go shopping.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:33 No.18507950
    We don't own them.
    Would we be sad? Yes
    Would we accept their decision? Yes

    We should really start calling Mio 'Dear' instead of Major.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:34 No.18507955
         File: 1333082065.jpg-(40 KB, 247x244, 1326928166364.jpg)
    40 KB
    rolled 72 = 72


    Go with Perrine to the RCS.

    Get medicine for her sickness. Since it's been awhile and she still seems to be having symptoms.

    (And then we finally find out what shes carrying)
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:34 No.18507958
    If the girl wanted it, we would not interfere.

    If she didn't, we'd beat some asses.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:34 No.18507962
    >gelato goblin
    Why do you make me laugh so hard LG?
    I nearly broke a Toof this time
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:35 No.18507965
    If one of them decided they'd be happier elsewhere I'd accept it though it would be depressing.

    Take Perrine shopping, we've got camping stuff to get, real estate to inquire into and so on. We can say that Mio asked us to keep her company and we worry about everyone.
    >> The Watch Commander !!cqpeZErChSE 03/30/12(Fri)00:35 No.18507969
    This quest blows my mind. Seriously, I don't understand anything.

    Is it because I'm not into anime?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:36 No.18507972
    Ignore the first two lines of this. I didn't notice Yoshika and Zucchini didn't stay.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:36 No.18507976
    Also we have deviated quite vastly from most the source materials
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:36 No.18507977


    We are not encouraging this behavior.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:37 No.18507986
    I'm not either and I've been following it since the first thread.

    I dunno man.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:37 No.18507989

    And if we keep attracting more girls it eventually leads to:

    1) Too many people, immpossible to fully manage
    2) One of the girls feels neglected, not enough time spent with her (LIKE YUKI, RIGHT NOW)
    3) Drifts away, finds someone else.
    4) Finally decides to leave.
    5) ????
    6) Hayate goes into PTSD
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:38 No.18508001
    >Hina and Perrine still here
    "If I may ask, what exactly went on when you were drunk? I left you with tea and biscuits, and the next time I see you you're in my room drunk and passed out."

    Then we can spend a relaxing afternoon drinking tea for once.
    >> The Watch Commander !!cqpeZErChSE 03/30/12(Fri)00:38 No.18508004

    Waaait a second. This sounds like a dating game. Or a harem thing. Is it one of those things?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:39 No.18508009
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:39 No.18508010
    We all know it won't stop, might as well play along at this point...
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:39 No.18508014
    It has become one of those harem things.

    Not the primary focus though.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:40 No.18508027
    We wore Yuki as a breastplate 2 days ago. I wouldn't say we're neglecting her. She required a very very very delicate touch.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:40 No.18508030
    YES! We said we would take her into town, and we shall!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:40 No.18508033
    This. It's sneaky and underhanded on the metagame level, but caring and helpful at the character level.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:41 No.18508034
    Fuck I forgot, hit up the library, take Yuki to town, we said we'd show her the outside and we've got a damn good chance right now. Leave Hina and Perrine with a lunch, say we have some errands to run. We can stop by the library to renew our books and stumble upon her there.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:41 No.18508035
    Well we deal with it as it comes, all this talk about it isn't going to help until we actually have a point where the situation will be brought up and then our decisions help.

    Seriously we haven't had anywhere near the amount of drama as people seem to be expecting and so far we haven't had much of an issue with actually spending time with people, we met Yuki a week back iirc and we decided we would show her around town, she is introverted in the extreme and we have probably still had more to do with her than anyone else
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:41 No.18508038

    We did promise to show Yuki around town.

    With friends might be a good way to ease her into it.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:42 No.18508043
    Take Perrine, Hina, Miyafuji, Zucchini into town. Invite Yuki.
    Let's shopping!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:42 No.18508045
    >people wanna go shop
    perrines gonna go in, get stuff thats obvious she is preggers, hayate will finaly figure it out, everyone will collectively shit their pants, trude will tell our harem, and they will come to collectively castrate us, then the thread ends up cliffhangered and everuones gonna die of the HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE
    thats my bet for the rest of the night.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:42 No.18508048
    It has ended up as one

    BINGO! Give the man a cigar, it won't stop all this talk will just make LG throw more characters and more situations at us where it will happen, notice Mio only started getting more clingy once people said we should slow down?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:43 No.18508051

    Excellent plan.

    Renew books, 'stumble' across Yuki, bring her along, since we did promise to show her around a while ago.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:43 No.18508055
    It's a dating sim-esque game that involves time travel, rampant paranoia, SECRET MASSAGES, alternate timelines, and majaik
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:43 No.18508056
    This. Bring Yuki into town and let her meet the girls, it will do her good
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:43 No.18508058
    Don't abandon Perrine and Hina though, bring them too.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:44 No.18508062
         File: 1333082653.jpg-(49 KB, 322x355, 1326923126212.jpg)
    49 KB
    rolled 65 = 65


    So... after we just promised Mio that we'll look after Perrine, we're going to abandon her in town?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:44 No.18508066
    I think we should bring Hina and Perrine along, since I don't think Perrine has gone into town yet.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:44 No.18508068
    >hayate will finaly figure it out
    ... really?
    also, even if they find out she's preggers, they won't know we are the ones that will have did it.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:45 No.18508072
    Anon is simply confused.

    We are going to town with Hina and Perrine and inviting Yuki to come too.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:45 No.18508076
    No skip that bit but bring them into town as well
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:46 No.18508087

    Or it comes out right after we leave for the mountains, the girls plot terrible things, and then we come back from Sousuke's camp looking like we've gone through far worse than they could imagine.

    After we insist on trying to cook for everyone, while in obvious pain, they'll calm down.

    That's when we'll ask why everyone's so tense.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:48 No.18508104
    >Far worse than they could imagine

    You DO remember that Erica fought on the Eastern Front until the Martians invaded, right? She's been in worse, and us looking like shit after going on a camping trip isn't going to stop her from grilling our ass about knocking a chick outside the family.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:48 No.18508106
    I think tonight we should invite everybody in our class to a impromptu get-together and celebrate getting through basic training together.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:49 No.18508111
    We're out camping tonight, when we get back from our survival camping trip we can do that.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:49 No.18508113

    >Eastern Front.
    >Sousuke's training.

    We have a decent shot.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:50 No.18508115
         File: 1333083000.jpg-(92 KB, 246x343, 1326919355470.jpg)
    92 KB
    rolled 88 = 88

    So at this point...

    >Girl showing obvious concern and feelings for Hayate
    >Runs to catch him before he hits the ground
    >About to have a not-date (maybe)
    >guy goes to invite along another girl shes not seen before

    This is going to end poorly.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:50 No.18508117
    But we have Sagara's boot camp to go to this evening. Maybe Sunday night, after we get back, if there's time.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:51 No.18508126
    She knows Yuki. Perrine and her met during Nanoha's party

    Also one of our current girlfriends is with us as well what did you think would happen?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:51 No.18508127
    My apologies, I assumed that we weren't leaving till the morning

    >woodlands tourala
    Yes captcha, a woodlands tour
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:51 No.18508131
    We are bringing Hina regardless, so why not Yuki?

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:53 No.18508153
    this. also i`m pretty sure the other witches will not give a single flying fuck. anyone else still remember the through asskicking we got from trude for her being told things? also shes pissed to shit and ripping up everything already, i`m honestly suprised she hasn`t killed us yet.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:56 No.18508182
    You guys seem to be forgetting that when we knocked her up we were actually busy with the twins.

    They will figure this out and the issue will be us time traveling which they know we cannot do here and knocking her up so it won't be happening until later on so they won't actually have a solid reason to be pissed
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:57 No.18508197
    >Angry women

    Pick one
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)00:57 No.18508203
         File: 1333083450.jpg-(217 KB, 1487x1020, catgirl twins.jpg)
    217 KB
    "Ladies." you tell the two remaining with you. "I have business to attend to in the library. Would you like to join me? then maybe we could go out to town."
    "Sure. I want to check some books out too." Hina tells you.
    "Okay." Perinne says.
    The three of you walk off to the book-filled structure.

    You go inside and renew the books that you've borrowed the week before.
    Hina wanders off to the history section, Perrine stays close to you.

    You walk around aimlessly with her, checking out the various books.

    WAT DO?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:58 No.18508209
    If it comes out right after we leave for the trip I doubt they will be angry that long or wait that long to find us and castrate us should that happen,
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:58 No.18508213
    Mentilate Yuki

    Invite her to head into town with Hina and Perrine.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:59 No.18508220
         File: 1333083567.jpg-(99 KB, 756x772, 1331001803257.jpg)
    99 KB


    Hitting on another girl infront of Perrine's face.

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)00:59 No.18508223
    Renew our books and mentilate Yuki to see if she wants to come to town with us and the girls
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:00 No.18508229
    Ask Perrine what kind of books she likes. Message Yuki, see if she's around.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:00 No.18508232
    Renew the books we borrowed last time! We're not going to get hit with another set of late fees this time.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:00 No.18508235
         File: 1333083647.jpg-(34 KB, 330x270, OOOOH.jpg)
    34 KB

    "Would you like to join me? then maybe we could go out to town."

    Best, least-stilted pickup line in history.

    Oh, wait...
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:01 No.18508244
    For christs sake it is not hitting on her.
    She knows Yuki we are taking her along with us to go shopping. If she had an issue then it can come up and we can deal with it until then quit this fucking bitching
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:01 No.18508247
    Renew the books we currently have, get some classic literature, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Dumas, Richard F. Burton, Chaucer, Hemingway, that sort of thing. Try to fine some books that interest Perinne, run into Yuki and ask if she would like to join us on our adventure.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:04 No.18508285
    mah nigga
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:06 No.18508297
    it occurs to me we have not yet swagged two women at once [two girls asking to be official GF at same time]

    shall we kick it up a notch?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:06 No.18508303
    No. You're trying too hard.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:06 No.18508304
         File: 1333084012.jpg-(26 KB, 300x300, whattoexpect.jpg)
    26 KB
    >Try to fine some books that interest Perinne
    Pic Related?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:06 No.18508306
    Oh stuff it already
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:07 No.18508310
    I forget nothing.

    I am merely saying that an Eastern Front veteran won't be very moved by us acting all wounded after just a camping trip, Souske-run or not.

    And I mean, shit. She knows for a fact we can make powerful healing potions. That would make the display even less moving.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:07 No.18508311
    once again read my post, i`m pretty convinced trude doesn`t care either way, so we may just die from her being pissed off. also don`t they KNOW that its hayates kid anyways from when they were chatting at nanoha`s party and perrine sort of made an inclintion to them it was? maybe i read it wrong and i need to back and look over the archives and stuff though. anyways even stiill it would be really easy to infer since its kind of obvious to everyone but hayate that perrine really cares for him.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:07 No.18508312
    Didn't Ami and Mami ask at pretty much the same time?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:09 No.18508335
    Technically the twins did after we brought it up
    Ami and Mami have mentioned wanting to be our girlfriends and they pretty much say the same thing at the same time or finish each others sentences
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)01:12 No.18508366
    YOu have
    the collected works of shakespeare
    Cyrano de bergerac
    and DOn Quixote.

    YUKI recommended those last week
    would you like to get something from dumas?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:12 No.18508373
    hey guys i have been wondering, we cannot really have a new girl on our harem when nanoha will be deployed on her training right?

    or did she mention that it will be upto the other girls?

    "I'm back"
    "Welcome back nanoha"
    "wow a whole class welcoming me, i do not see any boys around"
    "they are not my classmates...."
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:13 No.18508383
    She'll probably mention when she actually leaves.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:14 No.18508386

    Now you're just fucking with us.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:15 No.18508394
    I've always like the Count of Monte Cristo though the Three Musketeers seems more appropriate for Hayate so I'll go with that.

    We need to work reading time into our schedule, perhaps a half hour to an hour a day before we go to bed we can get some in. It would hardly do for a Butler to be uncultured.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:15 No.18508397
         File: 1333084523.jpg-(89 KB, 750x600, 1329353204363.jpg)
    89 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:16 No.18508402
    Have we even finished those?
    What about Eldritch Potionmaking for the Mortal Soul?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:17 No.18508415
    Easier to have half an hour in the morning to read while the girls aren't all over us. That is if we can drag ourselves away from whatever lesbionics Erica is performing in the morning
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:17 No.18508424
    I think the question is "Have we even STARTED those?"
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:18 No.18508430
    That does make more sense, set stuff up in the morning and sit on the balcony in a comfy chair, perhaps with a pipe if we want to seem classier.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:19 No.18508446

    We need to read them, as well as the books we saw her reading before.

    Then speak to Mike about all dem red flags they raise.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:23 No.18508479
         File: 1333084998.jpg-(261 KB, 800x800, HURRRRR.jpg)
    261 KB
    >Would you like to join me? then maybe we could go out to town.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)01:23 No.18508482
         File: 1333085012.jpg-(112 KB, 600x800, de21891bade2148e1fe84ef1f53169(...).jpg)
    112 KB
    YOu walk around, pointing out the different sections of the library to perrine.
    You also point out the glaring lack of ladders.
    "But then again, almost everyone here could fly, so I guess ladders are a moot point." you tell her with a laugh
    "Was that octopus really the librarian?" she asks
    "Yep. He can guess whatever books you need too."
    You take her out to the patio.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:24 No.18508489
    rolled 66 = 66

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:24 No.18508495
    Squeal like a guinea pig boy!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:24 No.18508496
    rolled 86 = 86

    rollinggu rollinggu
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:25 No.18508499
    rolled 72 = 72

    A wild yukineko appears!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:25 No.18508500
    Swag powers activate!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:25 No.18508505
    rolled 15 = 15

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:25 No.18508509
    rolled 33 = 33

    >> The Watch Commander !!cqpeZErChSE 03/30/12(Fri)01:26 No.18508518
    Man, I feel for ya' Landing Gear. I mean, I wish my Quest had more people, but not like the ones bitching about the writing here. Do they have any idea how difficult it is to come up with an ever-changing narrative under pressure, I wonder?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:26 No.18508520
    rolled 45 = 45

    Don't even know what I am rolling for!

    Dice are fun!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:27 No.18508529
    rolled 46 = 46

    i personally love landing gears writing.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:27 No.18508531
    rolled 53 = 53

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:27 No.18508534
    rolled 61 = 61

    Yay, Dice!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:28 No.18508540
    rolled 11 = 11

    I don't see anyone complaining about the writing.

    Story paths and whatnot maybe but dude's prose and pacing is pretty much excellent.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:29 No.18508553

    I do.

    And I appreciate all that goes into this shit.

    But when you do shit solely to fuck with people, as he has admitted to doing here and there, you're going to get negative feedback.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:29 No.18508554
    rolled 5 = 5

    I love LG just for that ability.
    He rolls with almost anything we can come up with, the only problem is he gets you so interested and then takes forever for the next post because he is making it awesome
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:30 No.18508571
    rolled 45 = 45

    man dont be like that
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:30 No.18508577
    rolled 48 = 48


    Alright....challenge accepted.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:31 No.18508583

    I would consider paying money to play a game with someone like him running at an actual table.

    You could probably bash something like this together in mutants and masterminds pretty easy.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:31 No.18508587
    Thats what makes LG Fun.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:32 No.18508594
    Dude what are you even talking about. What quest do you run?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:33 No.18508616
    I think he may just be trying to stir up sympathy/ interest in his quest.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:33 No.18508617
    He is running deathwatch quest iirc
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)01:34 No.18508619
         File: 1333085652.jpg-(322 KB, 800x750, 7978002a07727745a5a9aeb623e0fd(...).jpg)
    322 KB
    Yuo spot Yuki sitting at her table again surrounded by books.
    Sitting across her is a man you've not seen before.
    He looks up and spots you, Yuki does the same.
    "Hello," You greet them as Perrine does the same.
    "Hayate, good afternoon." Yuki tells you.
    "Hey there." The man says.

    WAT DO?
    [ ]introduce yourself
    [ ]leave them to thier own devices.
    [ ]other?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:34 No.18508621
    A Deathwatch based quest of some sort. He came by a few threads ago, asking what kind of schedule MSQ was on, so he didn't conflict.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:35 No.18508627
    [x] Introductions all around! Be sociable!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:35 No.18508630
    Introduce self.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:35 No.18508631
    Introduce yourself. Kyon is a pretty cool guy after all.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:35 No.18508632

    Man I love this quest.

    I just get pissed at the trolling. I mean, I understand the need to be goofy now and then, and it's great stress relief to write a HUE ending every once in a while.

    But some stuff.... like teasing Perrine's possible pregnancy over Twitter? He knew going into it it would cause a thread derailing shit-storm. He knew when he continued to do it it would be a thread derailing shit-storm.

    I can understand being vague for narrative purposes, but that was a bit much.

    Don't get me wrong, I love like 99% of the quest and everything attached to it. But that one fucking percent is all the more grating BECAUSE everything else is so awesome.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:36 No.18508640
    [x]introduce yourself
    It's nice that Yuki knows other people.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:36 No.18508646


    Then mention that after renewing books, we were going to go into town. Ask if they want to come.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:37 No.18508648
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:37 No.18508649
    [x] Introduce.
    Haha I remember that. Funny joke.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:38 No.18508660
    This, be polite see if they want to come along and if not leave them some refreshments
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:39 No.18508663
    [x]leave them to thier own devices.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:39 No.18508672

    Seems like the best way to go about it.


    Know what you mean. It's like eating a sammitch and biting down onto a piece of bone that somehow slipped the carving process.

    It's jarring and the rest of the sammitch isn't as magical after that.

    I'm just glad it dosen't happen much.
    >> The Watch Commander !!cqpeZErChSE 03/30/12(Fri)01:42 No.18508688

    It's a 40K Quest. I won't say anymore because I don't want to steal players from LG. Not that I think I could. But, y'know. Appearances.

    And yes, I did try to schedule mine so that it didn't conflict with MSQ. A fool's errand, as it turns out.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:43 No.18508706
    >steal players
    That's what tabbed browsing is for.

    Hell, LG reads SWQ when it' running alongside MSQ.
    >> The Watch Commander !!cqpeZErChSE 03/30/12(Fri)01:49 No.18508761

    >Reading someone else's quest whilst running your own

    Yes, that is exactly what I'm doing right now. I still don't want to steal anyone, though.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)01:49 No.18508762
         File: 1333086544.jpg-(294 KB, 900x602, DSC_2450.jpg)
    294 KB
    >introduce yourself.
    "Hello sir, I am Ayasaki Hayate, and this is miss Perinne Clostermann. We're acquaintances with Yuki here."
    "Ayasaki, Advanced class." he nods. "Clostermann, Basics class."
    "How did you know that?" you ask
    "I'm the Director's assistant. I know almost EVERYTHING. You can call me Jo- meh. Just call me Kyon." He tells you.
    "Why don't you join us?" he gestures to the empty chairs.
    "Sure." you say as you seat Perrine down, and get seated yourself.

    "So. You're the one that hacked Nagato's T-Rex construct huh?"

    <guess what I'm snacking on.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:50 No.18508775
    rolled 37 = 37


    Tarrasque Piss and Cigarettes.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:50 No.18508779
    "And a panda."
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:51 No.18508785
    Yes, I guess I'm just good at making friends, was Lo one of her constructs or did he originate from a different source?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:52 No.18508800
    "As well as Mike's Panda. I've never thought of it as hacking, though. All bestial creatures wish to be gentlemen, I merely bring it forth with the power of refinement and friendship. Still, instead lieu of a better explanation, Mike believes that I have latent hacking capabilities, yes."
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:52 No.18508804
    rolled 24 = 24


    "You mean Ted?"

    Materialise the little T-rex.

    "Ted, this here is Kyon."
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:53 No.18508809
    >I know almost EVERYTHING
    I am more worried about that than I probably should be...

    "Ted? I didn't really hack it, per se... Though I suppose the effect was the same"

    Are you a god, LGD?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:53 No.18508814
    I just had a thought.

    We keep shifting back to our home dimension, right?

    Maybe THEY'RE the ones we need to remember, the shadowy people are trying to help us, and all these people really ARE a hallucination.

    God I hope I'm wrong.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:54 No.18508825
    Who's keeping the Caps List?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:54 No.18508827
    "Yep. Would you like to meet him?"
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:54 No.18508829
    "Ahahah...yes, though I'm still not sure how I did it.
    "I ended up doing the same with Lo, another construct. Mike said that I should be tested for latent data manipulation.
    "All I attempted to do was to bring out their inner gentleman, so that we could be friends and share a spot of tea."
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:55 No.18508835
    We got pulled back by A-tan. 3 times total. Probably not going to happen again, since she delivered her message.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)01:56 No.18508842
    No A-tan jumped to us. And only once.
    The other two times we don't know what happened
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)02:01 No.18508898
         File: 1333087313.jpg-(444 KB, 1812x2560, 3524ffd8074a0feae06bbf3e9be039(...).jpg)
    444 KB
    "You mean Ted?" you say as you bring out your familiars. "I yeah I guess I did."
    "Guys say hello to Kyon." you tell them and they introduce themselves.
    "So, you did it thrice?" He asks.
    "No, just twice. Jakob was given to me by Kris."
    "Ted I befriended during the match against the advanced classes. And Lo during one of our simulations under Mike."
    "And how do you do it?" he asks
    "I don't know. I guess I'm just really good at making friends." you laugh. "But Mike said he was scheduling me in for tests regarding latent Data Manipulation abilities."
    "That would be wise." he tells you.
    "So how long have you known Yuki here?"
    Yuki looks up from her book when she heard her name. Perrine also listening in on the conversation.
    >> Lookout 03/30/12(Fri)02:02 No.18508900
    tell yuki we're about to go out shopping, ask if she'd like to come with us.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:04 No.18508918
         File: 1333087450.jpg-(38 KB, 500x583, Kyonko.jpg)
    38 KB
    May as well invite Kyon too.

    Remember: Kyonko's a fucking babe, and can be added to the harem.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:06 No.18508931
    Well, the more the merrier, and it will help to tone down implications of us hitting on Yuki.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:07 No.18508937
    That too.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:07 No.18508940
    No. Stop that. We have more than enough current girlfriends and in-waiting.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:07 No.18508941
    Let's get Keima comfortable with the idea of gender bending to join the harem before we work on someone we just met, okay?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:08 No.18508946
    >genderswapped SOSdan
    Oh boy here we go.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:08 No.18508948
    I support this action.
    Even if we just bang him once as kyonko and keep him in that way
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:09 No.18508953
         File: 1333087777.jpg-(30 KB, 365x400, kyonko_moe.jpg)
    30 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:10 No.18508963
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:11 No.18508966
         File: 1333087862.jpg-(138 KB, 800x900, 1326022849480.jpg)
    138 KB
    rolled 1 = 1


    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:12 No.18508977

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:12 No.18508978
    I would prefer to NOT go after a new character.

    We've already got Mio after us, and we're trying to get Perrine to open up.

    Let's keep it to chasing two at a time, ok?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:12 No.18508981
    Even the dice don't want it.
    >> Lookout 03/30/12(Fri)02:12 No.18508983
         File: 1333087956.gif-(2.04 MB, 160x130, 1329776781870.gif)
    2.04 MB
    have been, still am, and always will be, against genderswapped sex
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:12 No.18508984
         File: 1333087960.jpg-(58 KB, 640x360, auunp3.jpg)
    58 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:12 No.18508985
    Welp. Guess we're NEVER getting Kyonko.

    Or Kyon spontaneously changes now just to spite your "NO". I'm not sure.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:12 No.18508986
    Yuki and Perrine then.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:13 No.18508990
    We are chasing about 6 at a time.

    I would rather kyonko be a different character rather than actually Kyon anyway, he would be a good bro
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:13 No.18508991
         File: 1333088017.jpg-(160 KB, 799x600, haruhi07.jpg)
    160 KB
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)02:13 No.18508995
         File: 1333088038.png-(650 KB, 989x1400, 74610512f49c235dd08adf8dc84b28(...).png)
    650 KB
    >no responce to question
    >okay.. Ill do it.
    "About a week or so. We met here in the library." You answer him.
    "Ah, It's great that she's making some friends here." he tells you, "Miss Perinne. Yuki here will be IN the Basics class like you. I hope you take care of her."
    "O-okay." She answers.
    "Hey Hayate." Hina says as she walks out to the patio. "I'm done here. You okay to head out to town now?"
    "oops. I didnt mean to disturb you. I apologize." she hastily ads as she notices you having a conversation with Kyon.
    "Town?" Yuki says softly from behind her book.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:14 No.18508997
    i want the big breasted one, we don't have above average breasts in our harem....mostly average.

    not like there is anything wrong with it, you got to admit though you want one that has it.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:14 No.18509002
    Oh Christ a nat 1 on a no? Batten the fucking hatches down he will turn into her and he will chase us for that
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:15 No.18509012
    LG, opinions on Kyonko?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:15 No.18509014
    rolled 3 = 3


    "Yup. We're heading into down to do some shopping.

    Would you two care to join us?"
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:15 No.18509015
    "Would you like to come?"
    Where's that fucking list.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:15 No.18509018
    "No, no, Hina, it's quite alright.
    "Yes, we were about to go out to town. Would you like to join us?"

    Invitation is for both Yuki and Kyon.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:15 No.18509019
    Oh you.

    "yes we were going to go into town and were wondering if you would like to join us, Kyon is welcome as well of course"
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:16 No.18509024


    Invite Yuki and Kyon into town with us.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:17 No.18509028
    Kyon could also be Ikusa's friend who was watching out for us if you wanna play that one LG
    >> Lookout 03/30/12(Fri)02:18 No.18509037
    guess we all missed a "wat say"
    I guess it's just implied from now on.

    "Yes, we're heading to town to do some shopping. Would you and Kyon wish to join us?"
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:18 No.18509039



    Didn't really feel like it was waiting for our input, sorry. For this one...

    "Yes, Miss Yuki, we are about to go into town and do some shopping. Would you like to join us? Your friend Mister Kyon is, of course, invited as well."
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:18 No.18509040
    i never really did understand but: why the shit do we keep trying to add him? i`m just confused...
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:18 No.18509045

    you both want to come with us?
    if its ok with the director that is.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)02:18 No.18509048
         File: 1333088327.jpg-(146 KB, 766x1000, 58ae13fa4caaeaab0059fb53305e90(...).jpg)
    146 KB
    I like her. I like her a lot.
    I especially like her TEA OF SAGITARIUS characterization.
    That work can be used for a scenario i have boiling

    >cant stay away from modest breasted tsundere types
    >> Lookout 03/30/12(Fri)02:19 No.18509051
    I've been suggesting we get a milf for ages and ages (like two weeks) but it never seems to garner any support.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:19 No.18509055
    Maybe if you picked someone specific?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:20 No.18509058
    Well, who would you suggest?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:20 No.18509060
    Well we are gonna run into her at some point then I think
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:20 No.18509063
    He got genderswapped on the first day of class and was the first girl we tried to hit on.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:22 No.18509082
    I have been with you on that Lookout but we get people going "too many girls" constantly, miki isn't bad in the breast area. Well better than our current line up anyway
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:23 No.18509090
    Aki Hinata from Keroro Gunsou? Tsunade from Naruto?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:23 No.18509091
         File: 1333088603.jpg-(108 KB, 600x849, Signum and Shamal.jpg)
    108 KB
    If Nanoha brings more of her friends back, we can merge the harem with her native Hayate, and get Signum and Shamal.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:25 No.18509112
    Only if we gender swap her hayate, only one hayate with a penis in our harem at one time
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:26 No.18509121

    Nanoha's going to be insanely MILF once she grows up a bit. You've seen how she looks in Vivid/Force, Right?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:27 No.18509126
    Washu from Tenchi, Izumi from FMA?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:27 No.18509127
    Genderswap her Hayate

    You're an idiot, her Hayate is already female, at least find out basic information on the character before you advise changing them
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:28 No.18509135
    I'm sorry I don't know every anime character in existence. I actually have things to do other than watch anime endlessly
    >> Lookout 03/30/12(Fri)02:29 No.18509141
    I have no clue! I feel like i haven't watched enough anime to make interesting non-generic character suggestions. the only one who comes to mind at the moment is pic related, but I'd bet cash money most people here haven't seen Supernatural. The only thing i meant to point out was that, like LG said >>18509048
    this quest tends to run to a certain girl-type. Not that's a bad thing!
    no i have not
    don't know them
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:29 No.18509142

    Not an excuse.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:29 No.18509145
    Hell, why don't we just toss everyone in the swag pile?

    It's not like we're a limited resource or anything. Or having a harem hundreds strong will attract the attention of the Guard or anything. Nope, no consequences at all.
    >> Lookout 03/30/12(Fri)02:30 No.18509155
         File: 1333089023.jpg-(10 KB, 240x285, 240px-Ellen_Harvelle.jpg)
    10 KB
    derp forgot picture.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:30 No.18509157
    Yoko from TTGL
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:31 No.18509162
    More like Yomako-sensei.
    >> Lookout 03/30/12(Fri)02:32 No.18509169
    yeah I'd be down with that.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:32 No.18509171
    Sounds good, let's go for it
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)02:32 No.18509177
         File: 1333089175.jpg-(326 KB, 566x800, f6fcafce2b7a39b6a23ed24d37153a(...).jpg)
    326 KB
    "Yes, Miss Yuki, we are about to go into town and do some shopping. Would you like to join us? Your friend Mister Kyon is, of course, invited as well." You tell them.
    "Yuki, why don't you go?" he tells her. "I have to get back to the Director unfortunately."
    "Well Miss Yuki?" you ask her.
    "Yeah, come with us. We'll give you the grand tour." Hina adds.
    Perinne gives her a nod.
    "O-okay." she says as she closes her book.

    Kyon gets up off his seat, "You guys have fun. Don't spend too much. haha." and walks away.
    'Take care of her, will you kid?' Kyon mentillates.
    'Of course.' you answer him.

    WAT DO?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:33 No.18509184
         File: 1333089216.jpg-(46 KB, 720x380, 309137-aki_hinata_2.jpg)
    46 KB
    She works in manga as I recall. Biggest MILF in anime IMO.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:34 No.18509190
    Townward Ho!
    >> Lookout 03/30/12(Fri)02:34 No.18509191
    Perrine, Hina and Yuki.
    3 ladies, 3 familiars.
    It's cuddling time.
    bust out the familiars on our way to town.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:34 No.18509192
    Well, let's go towards town. Show Yuki and Perrine the stores and the sights. Keep them away from Helga's.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:35 No.18509195
    Damn right it is
    First order of business:
    Hats for all
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:35 No.18509200
    rolled 5 = 5


    Town, then.

    Show her around the place, especially the changing of the shops.

    Implement plan: Get medicine for Perrine from RCS.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:35 No.18509203

    Actually walk down to town after we renew our books and show Yuki and Perrine around.

    Show them the RCS, Intergalactic fashions and a couple of the better places to eat and tell them to avoid helga's.

    Also keep an eye or for gullivers
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:36 No.18509212

    To town! I cannot brain currently and forget what, if anything, we and the others were after, but we must get there to get anything at all.

    Small talk on the way, perhaps. Ask Yuki how she's been.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:36 No.18509220
    >we need a MILF
    >Shinji Ikari is around
    Uh. Misato Katsuragi?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:37 No.18509224

    /for most people in this thread
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:37 No.18509227
    YUKI IS (technically) A CONSTRUCT!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:37 No.18509229
    Technically not a mom.
    >> Lookout 03/30/12(Fri)02:37 No.18509234
         File: 1333089471.png-(258 KB, 421x500, 1330408910035.png)
    258 KB
    >After some tests with the Doctor you head up to your room. You find your girls sitting at the table with your former male self. "Wha-?" #msq
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:37 No.18509236
    >After some tests with the Doctor you head up to your room. You find your girls sitting at the table with your former male self. "Wha-?" #msq
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)02:38 No.18509242
    rolled 33 = 33

    I'd keroro her gunsou if you know what i mean.

    >frank has been semi-fired
    >mc ninja needs a new nurse
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:39 No.18509246
    She's old enough, pretty sure that's what counts. Besides, she was Shinji and Asuka's legal guardian.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:39 No.18509248
         File: 1333089551.png-(122 KB, 640x480, 74517205d7c56eae6c7247c2bfc7fb(...).png)
    122 KB
    rolled 50 = 50


    >no mention of Akiko-san
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:39 No.18509251
    >hitting on one of tenchi`s haremfolk
    do you know what in the fuck you just suggested?

    there would be a swag war to end all swag wars. its like you want reality to break in half and paradox us out of existance.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:40 No.18509256

    No medicine. We have no reason in-character to believe that Perrine is anything but recovering and doing better, and she would probably decline anyway. Let that subject be and stop trying to find ways to bring it out of metagame and into the game.

    Besides, she'll be seeing the doctor soon before training starts. We have no reason to think about pressuring her or interfering.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:40 No.18509258

    I was wondering what would happen if we tried to make a love potion based on Brotherly Love instead of Romantic Love.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:40 No.18509267
    She is to constructs what a ICBM is to a spear.
    Vastly more complex and harder to change with a simple hatting
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:41 No.18509280

    ask yuki if she has someplace she wants to go
    if not ask hina and/or perrine

    if nothing go window shopping then bakery for snacks

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:42 No.18509283
    Yeah. Besides, we're not actively trying to dapperfy her. Ted and Lo both required some effort.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:42 No.18509286
    Here's the difference:
    Tenchi isn't committed to any of his girls, and has never had sex with any of them. This is to keep things relatable to the Japanese audience (SOMEONE ALERT THE BURN WARD, THE ENTIRE NATION OF JAPAN IS EN ROUTE)
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:43 No.18509300
    I know this is a little off-target, but I wanna put it down before I forget.

    I thought of a new combat potion. It'll be made with water, corn starch and a few sprinkles of sand. Memories of being held back by whatever misfortune happened that day.

    The effect is that it turns the ground where it lands to mud, then quickly solidifies again, trapping whoever was in it. We'll call it Mud Prison.

    Would've worked wonders against Mike. And it would even work against Touma because canceling the effect would just turn the ground back into ground.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:44 No.18509309
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:44 No.18509314
    Perrine would have an aneurysm. Possibly an Orgasm.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:45 No.18509323
    >The door opens. You look up from the table to see a familiar looking blue haired girl walk in. "Wha-?" she says. The girls just stare. #msq

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:46 No.18509327
    Hey, have you forgotten what happened last time we were at Pantasia and the innuendo got out of hand?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:47 No.18509338

    we already have cup prison, so we don't really need that.
    can just improve the strength of our tea set which im sure we will get a power up on advance class
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:48 No.18509354
    Yeah, we need a disabler potion, and that's better than my idea of something based on craft glue.
    >"Kyaaaaa~ You got it in my hair!"

    >LandingGearDown ‏ @HappyBrownGuy
    >Apparently I downloaded lucky star half a year ago. I don't remember that. http://pic.twitter.com/TWGOZHGm
    >Hampton ‏ @NekoDaimyo
    >@HappyBrownGuy Why would you do that?
    >LandingGearDown ‏ @HappyBrownGuy
    >@NekoDaimyo i don't know. I DONT REMEMBER. I NEED to REMEMBER.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:49 No.18509356
    From thread #1
    >Your elf eyes stumble upon a fine sight of completely magnificent beauty, as you walked forward to introduce yourself to such a fine prospect bitch your harem You incidentally Discover that you were glancing into a reflective Surface
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)02:49 No.18509361
         File: 1333090169.jpg-(264 KB, 1600x890, 3.jpg)
    264 KB
    You walk off to town.
    After some pleasant conversation on the road, you arrive at the shop fronts.
    "Do you have anything you want to check out?" you ask them
    "No." they say.

    You think of where to go.
    the five shops currently occupying the front are

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:49 No.18509365
    Well the cup prison is totally magic, so dispelling or nullifying would ruin it, and they can be destroyed like Hina did.

    Being trapped in a good foot of non-magic dirt means you can't dispel it, and you'd have a hard time getting the leverage to break out, especially if you fell forward in the mud pit first.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:50 No.18509370
    Go there first.
    >> Lookout 03/30/12(Fri)02:50 No.18509371
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:51 No.18509380
    [x] Fashions
    Swag for the swag god
    Hats for the throne of hats
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:51 No.18509382
         File: 1333090297.jpg-(13 KB, 230x346, Cosplay_YukiNagatoWitch.jpg)
    13 KB
    rolled 58 = 58


    Interdimensional Fashions

    Just for this.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:51 No.18509388
    >Im loving how my mahou shounen quest turned into THE ADVENTURES OF THE DAPPER BUTLER OFF TO SERVE TEA AND GET THE BITCHES

    >or maybe it's just the lack of sleep. idk

    How little he knew.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:52 No.18509391
    Everybody needs to know about the RCS, and how ridiculously convenient it is.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:52 No.18509392

    RCS for the weekend supplies we'll need.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:52 No.18509394
    Can't argue with that.
    >> The Watch Commander !!cqpeZErChSE 03/30/12(Fri)02:53 No.18509399
         File: 1333090383.png-(97 KB, 360x335, CreedvTzeentch.png)
    97 KB

    >Creeds Cigars

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:54 No.18509406

    new store?

    curiosity got the best of me
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:54 No.18509409
    Next time we take Perrine with us, we need to go to Pantasia. The flirting will drive her mad. She might even get possessive which means LOVE ADVANCEMENT.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:55 No.18509424
    Creeds Cigars is old, man. Like, within the first 20 threads old.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:55 No.18509425
         File: 1333090539.jpg-(124 KB, 450x600, 1331736573453.jpg)
    124 KB
    rolled 30 = 30


    Then do this.

    For fun.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:58 No.18509451
    Ok how about RCS first then IDF?
    We can play around and get Yuki the witch outfit once we get our ridiculously convenient needs catered for
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:58 No.18509455
    We got cigars for Mike there before we got our first down time.

    Or more accurately, Erica did, because we didn't want to go in wearing a skirt and a cat ear hoodie.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)02:59 No.18509461
    Sounds like a plan.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:00 No.18509468

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:02 No.18509480
    Let's go with this.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)03:04 No.18509498
         File: 1333091084.jpg-(186 KB, 640x480, diculous.jpg)
    186 KB
    You take the girls to the RIDICULOUSLY CONVENIENT STORE
    "Yuki, Perrine, If there's anything you want or need. You can check this place out. They almost always have everything." You explain as you step through the door.
    "Welcome to the yadayadaddyada, Give me your money." Ash greets you group.
    "What can I get you?" he asks

    >ntusses antiquities
    Why yes, captcha. I agree. we must put in an antique shop
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:05 No.18509504
         File: 1333091159.jpg-(11 KB, 300x266, poker.jpg)
    11 KB
    >living with women
    >no sign of hormonal imbalance issues
    >was in impression they cannot get pregnant

    >> Amateur Drawfag 03/30/12(Fri)03:07 No.18509511
    >After some tests with the Doctor you head up to your room. You find your girls sitting at the table with your former male self. "Wha-?" #msq

    >The door opens. You look up from the table to see a familiar looking blue haired girl walk in. "Wha-?" she says. The girls just stare. #msq

    Huh, reference from the Tea of Sagittarius.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:07 No.18509513
    Military combat boots and recruit uniform, a mundane military backpack, and a length of nylon rope.
    Also, if they've got them, a titanium collapsible ladder, and a gourd full of plum wine for Lo.
    We'll have to think about what weapons to get J and Ted for their combat forms.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:08 No.18509516
    Camping supplies and whatever the random "You Will Need This" of the day for today.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:08 No.18509518
    rolled 16 = 16


    Fresh groceries. Been awhile since we bought some and we need to restock the lather.

    Meat for Ted
    Bamboo shoots for lo
    Carrots for Jacob

    Also a cleaning kit for guns. We'll need to maintain our equipment. And spools of orchilum wire. Lots of it.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:08 No.18509520
    Camping supplies for an overnight trip. And do you know if gullivers real estate is due around soon?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:10 No.18509530

    "Do I even need to tell you?"

    Miscellaneous camping supplies, some rations (I know we have Kraus, but camping rations are part of the experience), rope, flint & steel, hatchet off the top of my head.

    Any antique shop must be run by Indiana Jones Sr. You know this to be true,
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:10 No.18509534
    Actually, rather than carrots, some greens would be better for Jakob. And a treat of cranberries, though only sparingly.

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:11 No.18509540

    "i thought you already know?"

    >hands over baby products
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:11 No.18509542
    >Any antique shop must be run by Indiana Jones Sr.
    And Marcus Brody getting lost inside it, of course.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:12 No.18509547
    >FemHayate and Hayate meet
    >suddenly, drawn forcefully to each other
    >they merge into one being
    >explode into cloud of dust
    >Doctor: "And this is why you NEVER, EVER meet your time-traveled doppleganger."
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:12 No.18509548
    We can generate ladders and anything else Lo would use at will with Kraus, giving him a wine flask might be a nice gift though
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:12 No.18509551
    rolled 82 = 82


    I'll defer to your expertise, good sir. I only know not to feed them chocolate.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:12 No.18509556

    imagine perrine's face when
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:12 No.18509558
         File: 1333091571.gif-(16 KB, 320x320, metalgreymon.gif)
    16 KB
    >Combat Form

    Well, since his small form is Agumon, maybe we can see about getting him equipped something like pic related?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:15 No.18509573
    >We can generate ladders and anything else Lo would use at will with Kraus
    We don't know that. We didn't make a ladder when we were fighting Jared, and the rope had to be made of licorice.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:16 No.18509576

    >get discrete brown bag.
    >copy of 'what to expect when you're expecting.
    >whip it out thinking it's condoms.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:16 No.18509578
         File: 1333091794.jpg-(125 KB, 766x956, Cyber T-Rex.jpg)
    125 KB
    I prefer this for Ted.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:17 No.18509588

    Yes. Buy a ladder.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:17 No.18509591
    +1 for this setup. If we can afford it.

    If not, get it financed.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:17 No.18509593
    That one DOES keep the monocle...
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:19 No.18509600
    Actually we had planned more to Dakka him up and not try to give him melee weapons since we already have those

    Except given we can generate licorice ropes that are probably as strong as really ones, rock candy or fudge ladders as hard as an aluminium ladder would be and we have our bike in the folio we don't need specific items for him.

    It's just more crap we won't actually ever use

    Now if it was an unbreakable rope or an adamantite ladder then it would be understandable
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:20 No.18509603
    It's entirely possible to get that here.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:20 No.18509605
    Real not really
    Fucking autocorrect
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:21 No.18509606

    "Uuuh, Hayate? Is there something you need to tell us?"
    "I honestly have no idea. But now I'm concerned."
    "So why do you have that?"
    "Ash gave it to me! I was expecting something completely different! Something that SHOULD have prevented the need for this!"
    "So why would he give you that?"
    "Clearly, somebody's expecting, and I had something to do with it."

    And that when Perrine walks in, sees the book, and thinks they've figured it out.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)03:22 No.18509619
         File: 1333092129.jpg-(78 KB, 230x259, ash.jpg)
    78 KB
    "I need some-" you begin to say fully expecting to be cut off much like you always are.
    "2 sets of military fatigues. A pair of combat boots. A kevlar helmet. A rucksack, canteen, tent rope. Survival pack. A 'recreational' swing and fittings to install it with. Gun cleaning kit. Titanium folding ladder. Six roadflares. Your usual groceries. " Ash says as he points to a large bag by your feet. "2guptas, 12yonks."

    He then turns to Yuki.
    "An original copy of Huckleberry Finn. A pack of instant curry and a bag of catnip."

    For Hina he had:
    "Lipgloss, peach. A back massager. And a pair of goggles."

    He looked over to Perinne.
    "Oh I know what YOU need." he says.

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:22 No.18509622
    >Now if it was an unbreakable rope or an adamantite ladder then it would be understandable
    We're in the RCS.
    We can ask if they have Orihalcum or Adamantium Ladders, and Carbon Nanotube Rope strong enough to make an orbital elevator from.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:23 No.18509628
    rolled 58 = 58

    >recreational swing
    >> dice+1d100 Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:23 No.18509630
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:23 No.18509634
    rolled 5 = 5

    Pregnancy vitamins and other such items.

    If nat. 1, abortion pills.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:24 No.18509636
    rolled 6 = 6

    I got everything except the swing set.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:24 No.18509638
    rolled 13 = 13

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:24 No.18509641
    rolled 44 = 44

    Rolling Em.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:24 No.18509643
         File: 1333092271.jpg-(25 KB, 218x259, 1326908345121.jpg)
    25 KB
    rolled 69 = 69

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:24 No.18509645
    rolled 99 = 99

    A swing for fucking in.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:24 No.18509649
    rolled 10 = 10

    How many Lore(Perrine) checks have we failed so far?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:24 No.18509650
    rolled 56 = 56

    rollinggu rollinggu
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:24 No.18509651
    rolled 85 = 85

    What's with the catnip for Yuki?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:25 No.18509654
    rolled 19 = 19

    Let's see this.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:25 No.18509655
    rolled 30 = 30



    why catnip?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:25 No.18509659
    rolled 24 = 24

    With Sagara?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:25 No.18509661
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:25 No.18509665

    "You.... you know?"
    "Know wha- Oh. OH. OH!"
    "Is that what you... with the hat?"
    "I hate it when he does this..."
    "Ummm.... yeah. You said you would know when i should tell you...."
    "The proper time was immediately."
    "Hayate? Is she saying what I THINK she's saying?"
    "I think she is. And I'm VERY concerned about the implications."
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:26 No.18509666
    rolled 85 = 85


    Why do we still have a saddle?
    >> Sanguinius !oDZ3/a4B/. 03/30/12(Fri)03:26 No.18509672
    rolled 93 = 93


    Coming out of ninja mode to ROLL EM
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:26 No.18509676
    rolled 8 = 8

    >'recreational' swing

    Much fun will be had with it once we finish our trip

    He is probably referencing >>18508499
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:26 No.18509678
    >pair of goggles

    What? She's going tanning or swimming? Or maybe flying at high speeds?
    >> Sanguinius !oDZ3/a4B/. 03/30/12(Fri)03:27 No.18509688

    Wow I can't believe that worked. For the Emperor and the Swag!
    >> Amateur Drawfag 03/30/12(Fri)03:27 No.18509690
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:28 No.18509692
    >back massager
    Someone's a squirter
    >> Amateur Drawfag 03/30/12(Fri)03:28 No.18509693
    rolled 56 = 56

    fuck forgot dice again
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:28 No.18509696
    No. Do note the collection of 'toys' we have been accumulating.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:28 No.18509702
    Where do all those pictures come from? I see them posted in here and SWQ but can never find any
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:29 No.18509703

    Satanic 85 confirmed.

    Maybe enough to learn something.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:30 No.18509712
         File: 1333092600.jpg-(10 KB, 300x168, shockconfusionembarassment..jpg)
    10 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:30 No.18509720
         File: 1333092638.jpg-(29 KB, 540x303, haruhi-24-01-540x303.jpg)
    29 KB
    Shamisen [the talking cat]
    it seems she's getting assigned as a student.
    Maybe he'll be her device?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:32 No.18509739

    >that face

    what anime is that?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:33 No.18509754
    google image search says Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:34 No.18509759
    Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu.
    Popular girl (the pic) is a closet otaku, I believe.
    >> Amateur Drawfag 03/30/12(Fri)03:37 No.18509785
         File: 1333093057.jpg-(95 KB, 244x354, Perrinesfacewhen.jpg)
    95 KB
    Probably this
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:37 No.18509787

    thanks, it looks like another generic harem anime....

    what the hell i'll watch it.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)03:39 No.18509813
         File: 1333093198.png-(499 KB, 1347x1169, 09d393b9f80ec4a30466650360c31f(...).png)
    499 KB
    He puts a paper bag on the counter.
    "Six months worth of goatcheese-caviar-curry Ramen. some meds. And that assembly-kit you want." He says.
    "Wha-?" she asks.
    "Trust me, you will need this." ash says.
    You pay for your purchases and head out.

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:40 No.18509822

    i do not know why but i cannot stop chuckling to that pic.

    no offense, i like it but i just can't stop.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:40 No.18509824

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:41 No.18509826
    Interdimensional Fashions, or that Costume Shop that the Twins had dragged us into before the first break.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:41 No.18509834
    Interdimensional Fashions, get Yuki a witch outfit, and a bass guitar.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:42 No.18509840
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:42 No.18509845

    [x] flirting bakery


    pffffttt hahahaha
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:43 No.18509851
         File: 1333093398.jpg-(39 KB, 450x268, 1148_1253230725640.jpg)
    39 KB
    rolled 66 = 66


    > goatcheese-caviar-curry Ramen
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:44 No.18509863
    Pregnant food cravings.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:45 No.18509873
    rolled 38 = 38

    See, the problem with Interdimensional Fashions is that it's a great store if you know what you want, but not so great if you just want to browse.

    What we need is that costume shop that Erica and Ursula got that maid outfit from.
    >> Amateur Drawfag 03/30/12(Fri)03:45 No.18509877
    >"Are you really sure about this?" Kyon asks Nagato in her office. "Experience necessary for growth." "Yeah, you're right."he hugs her #msq

    >he hugs her

    So, the Director is post-DoHS Nagato?
    That is some bizarre cravings
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:45 No.18509878
    >assembly kit

    5-step cradle.

    And now we know Perrine's favorite flavors.

    We should cook her up a snack basket or something. "Miss Perrine, I've noticed each time I see you that you seem to be suffering some sort of illness. I've put together this care package to help you out as best I can."

    And it's filled with all sorts of stuff that she'd usually have back home. We could toss in a baguette as well, just make an extra one in the morning when we're doing Sagara's batch.

    Allows us to be nice to Perrine without metagaming!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:47 No.18509896
    >Perinne opens the bag. On the huge box of ramen are a couple of bottle of pills and a kit to assemble a custom mobile that uses photos. #msq
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:48 No.18509900
    >Perinne opens the bag. On the huge box of ramen are a couple of bottle of pills and a kit to assemble a custom mobile that uses photos. #msq

    >a kit to assemble a custom mobile that uses photos.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:48 No.18509905
    I'm headed to bed guys.

    Keep going after Perrine!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:50 No.18509922
    Well I wanted to go back there with our girls a few times but we never did.
    Wanted Erica and Ursula to get the succubus outfits and maybe a few others one a they get one we like we get one they like basis
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:52 No.18509943
    We already did!

    Ain't predestination grand?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:53 No.18509947
    rolled 71 = 71

    We never named it either. Maybe if we name it, it'll become available as an option?

    Another You - Costumes and Cosplay Accessories
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)03:53 No.18509955
         File: 1333094035.jpg-(42 KB, 489x301, Piccolo_Eye_Beam.jpg)
    42 KB
    >interdimensional fashions
    You take the girls inside Picollo's store.
    "If you need anything to wear, this store will have you covered." you realize your pun later.
    "Hello," the green man puts his paper down. "What can I do for you today?"
    "Well I was wondering If you'd show the girls a sample of your work."
    "Sure. He says. as his eyes begin to glow."
    He fires rapidly four times.

    thats not weird.
    A cousin demanded her husband find a freshly killed chiken at 3 am. She wanted the giblets fried.
    We drove to the market and back half asleep.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:54 No.18509965
    >we already will have
    FTFY. Time travelling grammar is a nightmare, though, so I don't blame you
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)03:56 No.18509984
    Future pluperfect kills kittens.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:02 No.18510029
    We have killed lots of little kittens
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:06 No.18510057
    >We will have killed lots of kittens.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:11 No.18510088
    We are killing lots of kittens by doing these things that make us do these things.

    Each time we do them we kill kittens and set more up to die by our actions which leads to it happening again
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:15 No.18510113
    So Yuki gets the Witch Hat and Guitar, but I'm not sure what Perrine and Hina would get.
    Also, Hayate's going to be in a skirt again.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)04:16 No.18510118
         File: 1333095368.jpg-(130 KB, 1701x536, 132123.jpg)
    130 KB
    >fucking computer crashed.

    as the light fades you quickly lookd down on yourself
    'pleasedontbeaskirtpleasedontbeaskirtpleasedontbeaskirt' you chant.
    You see that you are wearing an old style japanese uniform.
    "Oh thank gob." you say.

    Hina ended up in a red shirt and black pants. a bag is slung across her back and a black cap is on her head.

    Yuki is wearing a blue and white uniform under a large black mantle, topped off with a witche's hat and a small wand with a star on it in her hand.

    And beside her was Kei- oh wait. It's perrine.
    She's wearing the outfit you saw her wearing in the witches dimension. But this time it's in red, much like Keima's armor, and her hair is a nice shade of brown.

    "THat's amazing." Hina says as she examines herself.
    "..." Yuki blushes under your gaze.
    "Wh-what happened to my hair?!" Perrine shouts.
    >> Amateur Drawfag 03/30/12(Fri)04:16 No.18510121
    >A cousin demanded her husband find a freshly killed chiken at 3 am. She wanted the giblets fried.
    >We drove to the market and back half asleep.

    Damn. All my cousin wanted were those green half-ripe mangoes. Thank god she only wanted em on afternoons
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:20 No.18510150
    >And beside her was Kei- oh wait. It's perrine.
    Oh lawdy. We gotta get a photo of them together.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)04:24 No.18510167
    "My perfectly cute blonde hair!"
    "Relax. It will wash out in hot water." The green man says.
    "Do you want to wear those out or should I pack them?"

    [ ]wear
    [ ]pack
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:25 No.18510172
    >"Wh-what happened to my hair?!"
    "I think it complements the color of the suit very well, Miss Perrine."
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:25 No.18510175
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:26 No.18510176
    >Hina scout
    Does that make Ursula an engineer, Erica a heavy, Nanoha a soldier and Hayate a spy?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:27 No.18510182

    I think that hair colour goes nicely with those clothes miss Perrine
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:27 No.18510187
    [x] Wear.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:28 No.18510189
    So since we ran out of harem members. Miyafuji as a medic and Sakabroto as demo man?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:28 No.18510191
    Yeah, but something that triggers a PTSD, we haven't had those in a while.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:29 No.18510198
    Just need Pyro and Sniper then.

    PTSD would be amusing.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/30/12(Fri)04:30 No.18510202
    >we haven't had those in a while
    And that's fine.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)04:30 No.18510205
    who would be your sniper?

    >erica as heavy
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/30/12(Fri)04:31 No.18510207
    Well, Sakura does like that Firey.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:32 No.18510219
    Sousuke would be the SMART choice, but that's no fun.


    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:34 No.18510233
    Sniper? Keima of course.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:34 No.18510236
    So Sakura as pyro.
    Softness 2 is all I can think of for sniper.
    Unless we got Luchinni the gelato goblin for something
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:35 No.18510240
    And we shall call it SWAG FORTRESS!
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)04:36 No.18510248
         File: 1333096606.jpg-(6 KB, 259x194, images (48).jpg)
    6 KB
    "I think that color compliments the clothes very well, Perrine." you tell her with a smile.
    "I think we'll wear them out." you tell him as you pay.
    "I hope no one objects." you ask the ladies.
    "I'm okay." Hina tells you
    "..." both Yuki and Perinne just blush and nod.

    The four of you step outside of inter-dimensional fashions.
    [ ]wait for shop change
    [ ]go home
    [ ]other?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:37 No.18510251
    >[X]wait for shop change
    It's always fun for first timers to see.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:37 No.18510253
    Wait for a change and tell the girls about the good places to eat around here
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:37 No.18510254
    "Would you like to go to another shop, or should we wait for them to change?" ask the ladies.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:37 No.18510255
    [x] shop change
    Have either Perrine or Yuki seen it?
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/30/12(Fri)04:38 No.18510261
    Let's see what else comes up.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:38 No.18510264
    rolled 61 = 61


    [x] Shop change

    It's ALWAYS amazing, the first time.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:41 No.18510274
    [X]wait for shop change
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:44 No.18510292
    This, it's rude to change shops without asking
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:46 No.18510302
    We could check out mislabeled potions.
    We might be able to work out what they do and see about learning some of them
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:47 No.18510309
    I was just about to suggest that.
    Could be fun.

    Also, we have panacea available. Assuming no Instant Death potions, I see a good time there.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)04:50 No.18510325
         File: 1333097442.jpg-(80 KB, 550x467, canada_2007.1190150160.row-of-(...).jpg)
    80 KB
    "Would you like to go to another shop, or should we wait for them to change?" you ask Perrine and Yuki.
    "Change? What do you mean?" Froggy asks.
    "Oh. You are in for a treat." you say as you guide them to a bench across the street directly facing the shops.

    "every once in a while, i think it's every hour or so, the shops move around and new shops take the place of the 5 in front. It's like a game of musical chairs, but with whole buildings." you explain to them.
    "I, Would say you're crazy but judging from everything I've seen here, I believe you."
    "Baba Yaga system?" Yuki mutters.

    A few minutes of conversation later and the little man with the bell runs out of the municipal building down the road.
    The stores get up on thier chicken feet and begin moving around. New shops taking the place of the ones that were in front a few moments ago.

    You see:
    The gubbinz shop, where they pay for odds and ends with teef
    The bakery Pantasia.
    The crossdressers castle
    Slanesh' Secret
    And a new store.

    ROLL 1d100.
    First roll over 50 will be this new store
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:52 No.18510329
    rolled 67 = 67


    Dr. Jones' Archeological Antiques
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:52 No.18510331
    rolled 76 = 76

    Some tyep of arcade is my vote.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/30/12(Fri)04:52 No.18510335
    rolled 8 = 8

    Gimlet's Hole F-

    Welp, never mind.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:52 No.18510336
    rolled 68 = 68

    The Cromartie Store for Bad Asses.

    For everything you need to be a Bad Ass.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:53 No.18510338
    rolled 59 = 59

    Gullivers unreal estate brokers
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:54 No.18510345
    rolled 49 = 49

    Le Chat avec Le Chapeau
    A hat emporium manned by a talking cat.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)04:56 No.18510358
    rolled 77 = 77


    Damn it, both of these seem good.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)05:01 No.18510382
    the old wooden signs above the door reads: [
    Dr. Jones' Archeological Antiques]
    through the large window you see hinds of wood, brass and stone.

    The gubbinz shop, where they pay for odds and ends with teef
    The bakery Pantasia.
    The crossdressers castle
    Slanesh' Secret
    Dr. Jones'
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:02 No.18510387
    Dr. Jones!
    And we'll stop by Pantasia on the way back to get some snacks.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:03 No.18510393
    rolled 60 = 60

    Well I don't really trust going in any of the regular shops with our current entourage so antiques
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:04 No.18510396
    Dr. Jones in addition to shopping we can see what he knows about the dagger and where we can get time sand to fuel it.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:04 No.18510397
    Dr. Jones' seems to be the only safe one, and it's new so Onward to Indiana.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/30/12(Fri)05:04 No.18510399
    rolled 40 = 40

    Antiques, maybe gubbinz. Bakery only if the girls want to. It's too dangerous.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:08 No.18510420
    rolled 2 = 2

    > Perrine, Hina and Yuki in gubbinz shop
    That's like a reverse bull in a china shop
    China in a bull shop if you will
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:10 No.18510429
    Ask, if they don't answer, Slaanesh' Secret, then Jones', then Crossdressers
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/30/12(Fri)05:10 No.18510431
    I said maybe. Not that it was a good idea. It's better than the other three.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:10 No.18510433
    Just No
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:14 No.18510446
    Dr. Jones, just so we can find out how much our old dagger is worth. Totally not so we can find out how freaking awesome it is.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:16 No.18510464
    Next time of MSQ.jpg

    Play with our dagger and go camping.

    It is getting about that time anyway
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)05:17 No.18510470
         File: 1333099075.gif-(59 KB, 320x240, pIekbTDCVpf52cxjwqULvaUko1_400.gif)
    59 KB
    "Oh that's a new one." you say as you steer the girls towards the antiques shop.

    Inside you find an assortment of antiques ranging form furniture to small knick-knacks.
    "Shooo. How can I help you?" the regal shopkeeper asks you.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/30/12(Fri)05:19 No.18510485
    I was thinking the same thing. Unless he happens to be working late this friday.

    Jones, Sr.? Oh fuck yes.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:20 No.18510489
    Let the girls browse a bit while we get the dagger appraised.
    "Hello sir. I recently came into ownership of this dagger. The previous owner said that it had properties but could never get it to work. I'm wondering if you could shed some more light on it."
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:20 No.18510491

    "Well, I was just here to browse, but now that I think about it, I have this rather old dagger. Is it worth anything, good sir?"
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)05:20 No.18510493
    >im staying until six.
    wrapping up in half an hour
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:20 No.18510496
    Ask about the dagger, if we have it.

    Otherwise, just browse.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:29 No.18510540
         File: 1333099795.jpg-(53 KB, 460x288, 1318032776078.jpg)
    53 KB
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/30/12(Fri)05:30 No.18510550
    These are good words.

    No need to be so dramatic
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)05:31 No.18510554
         File: 1333099891.jpg-(21 KB, 350x466, sean_connery_older1226353743.jpg)
    21 KB
    You let the girls wander around on their own and take out your dagger.

    "Hello sir. I recently came into ownership of this dagger. The previous owner said that it had properties but could never get it to work. I'm wondering if you could shed some more light on it." you say as you show it to him.
    Ye takes out a rather large magnifying glass and looks at it closely.
    "hmmmn Looksh Shyrian. No, wait. Pershian."
    He turns it over in his hands.
    "Old. Very old. around 5000, no 7000 yearsh old.."
    "The inscripshuns on the blade are some dialect i've not encountered before. The glash handle is very peculiar. ash if sshomething was shtored in it."
    He peers closer at the handle.
    "I see specks of shand in there. Maybe it store shand as some form of talishman?"

    He turns to you.
    "If you don't mind I can take picturesh and shcans of it for shtudy later if you would allow me. Ash of right now, I cannot place a price on shomething we know very little about."

    [ ]allow him to scan/photograph it
    [ ]nope
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:32 No.18510559
    We can't refuse Sean Connery. Let him scan, ask if he knows anything about time sand.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:33 No.18510569
    [x]allow him to scan/photograph it
    "Of course, sir. Please, take your time."
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:34 No.18510574

    "I see no reason why not to. Go on ahead."
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:34 No.18510577
    We don't know anything about that so we can't ask that.
    "Yes, of course sir, anything for you."
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/30/12(Fri)05:36 No.18510590
    "Certainly, of course."
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)05:41 No.18510626
         File: 1333100477.jpg-(20 KB, 340x320, sean-connery_0.jpg)
    20 KB
    "Of course sir. Please, take your time." you go off to wander the shop much like the girls were doing.

    You see old suits of armor, antique cars, even a whole mummy and its sarcophagus.
    Weapons of all sorts and sizes are hung from the wall.
    Suspended by chains from the ceiling is what appears to be a mummified Chinese dragon.

    You find Perrine looking through a shelf of assorted small objects.
    She picks up an ornate wooden box, geometrical patterns adorn it.
    YOu have no idea why, but you know you have to get the box away from her.

    wat do?
    [ ]pull her away
    [ ]take the box from her
    [ ]crazy ivan
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:43 No.18510639
    Distract her from the box and pull her away.
    NOT opening pandoras fucking box
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/30/12(Fri)05:43 No.18510640
    Reach out for it, and say, "What have you found, Miss Perrine?"
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:43 No.18510643

    [X] Pull her away. Point out something a Frenchie would be interested in historically instead.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:44 No.18510646
         File: 1333100669.jpg-(63 KB, 237x315, 1326010135034.jpg)
    63 KB
    rolled 22 = 22


    [x] Pull her away, 'accidentally' into our arms.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:44 No.18510647
    [x]pull her away
    Taking it would only result in us opening it.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:45 No.18510657

    Yeah, I also second trying to distract her with something French. Hopefully, we picked up enough lore at some museums we were guarding or something like that to know what stuff is French.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:46 No.18510660
    Point out one of the suits of armour if it looks French.
    Quietly reach past her and hide the box
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:46 No.18510663
    Crazy Ivan
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)05:47 No.18510667
         File: 1333100836.jpg-(160 KB, 579x588, general update october 2011 pu(...).jpg)
    160 KB
    You pull her away from the small box and it falls back onto the shelf.
    She loses balance and falls straight into your arms.
    "..." she says nothing, but you feel her arms wrap around you cautiously. Her face covered by a glorious blush.
    She looks up at you and closes her eyes.
    Her lips look so soft. So tempting.

    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/30/12(Fri)05:48 No.18510675
    rolled 33 = 33

    Oh god. Oh god. Don't fail us now.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:48 No.18510676
    rolled 71 = 71


    Storms a brewin cap'n!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:48 No.18510677
    rolled 85 = 85

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:48 No.18510678
         File: 1333100937.jpg-(49 KB, 300x283, 1326926135440.jpg)
    49 KB
    rolled 30 = 30

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:49 No.18510680
    rolled 13 = 13

    This...was the wrong choice, wasn't it?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:49 No.18510681

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:49 No.18510683
    rolled 55 = 55

    Yeah we fall, hit the shelf, box falls on us and opens.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:50 No.18510688
    Yes it was now Yuki'll be unavailable.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:50 No.18510694
    rolled 54 = 54


    It occurs to me it would actually help if I bothered to roll the dice. GO GO etc. etc.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/30/12(Fri)05:51 No.18510698
    rolled 57 = 57

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:51 No.18510702
         File: 1333101085.jpg-(63 KB, 500x393, The Idolm@ster Break! 3 [Limit(...).jpg)
    63 KB


    Some Hnnnngh mood music
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:51 No.18510703
    rolled 9 = 9

    But what were we to do? Take the box, and risk opening it by accident?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:52 No.18510712
    Better than accidentally losing Yuki
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/30/12(Fri)05:53 No.18510713
    rolled 29 = 29

    Yes. He just said we had to get it away from her.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:53 No.18510714
    rolled 84 = 84

    Resist, damn you!
    Hina's here, and she'll be watching!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:53 No.18510720
    Not necessarily.
    It will throw a spanner in the works most likely though.

    It was going to be hard to convince her to join in anyway

    The roll may well be to not kiss her though
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:54 No.18510722
         File: 1333101245.gif-(7 KB, 134x128, 1325967554148.gif)
    7 KB
    >"Yeah, you're right.Youre always right." Kyon says with his arms around her. "And I know he'll be great for her like hes been before" #msq

    FUUUUUU-----Why am I even paying attention to this?!
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/30/12(Fri)05:54 No.18510725
    rolled 77 = 77

    Fukken time loops.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)05:56 No.18510739
    Ah LG you so trolly
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)06:00 No.18510778
         File: 1333101622.jpg-(20 KB, 300x300, PerrineResized_5435.jpg)
    20 KB
    *AHEM* Hina says as she comes out from behind the shelf.
    "Hi. What's going on here?" She asks you.
    Perrine abruptly opens her eyes and pushes you away.
    "N-nothing! I just t-tripped." She tells Hina.
    "I see. And you were hugging him because...?"
    "I-I.. I needed something to grab o-onto!"
    Perrine turns around and diseappears into the shop.
    "Yep. Deffinitely showing." Hina mutters.
    "What?" you ask.
    "Nothing." she says exasperated.

    A few moments later and you are ready to leave.
    The shopkeep hands you back the dagger and says.
    "I will get in contact with you ash shoon as my shon uncovers any information on it. It ish unushual for me to find shomething i know sho little about. Thish will give me shomething to work on at night."

    You leave the shop after thanking the man.
    The three girls accompanying you once more.
    Crazy Ivan was the only 'correct' choice

    grabbing the box gave you sanloss and weird piercings [lol hellraiser]
    pulling her was hugz time + roll
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:00 No.18510780
    This implies very heavily that they know Hayate.
    And maybe even knew him from before he turned up at the bureau
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:00 No.18510781
    >he'll be great for her like hes been before
    >Yuki progress: -50
    >Yuki runs crying to Ted/Director
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/30/12(Fri)06:01 No.18510787
    No, man, it's repeated time loops. This has all been done before.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:02 No.18510792
    And what exactly would we of done in a crazy Ivan this time? I figured it was grab her and epic make out session t distract from the box
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:02 No.18510796
         File: 1333101772.jpg-(95 KB, 260x347, 1326924116136.jpg)
    95 KB
    rolled 5 = 5


    'Correct' only from a certain point of view.

    That was perfectly fine as well.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:03 No.18510801
    >Crazy Ivan was the only 'correct' choice
    And leave Perrine to face the horrors of the box?
    I think I'd rather take the hug and a roll.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/30/12(Fri)06:04 No.18510807
    I think in this case it would have been something along the lines of giving the box a good swift punt.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:04 No.18510808
    Or she was absorbed in some old book she found and missed it entirely

    And they are talking about knowing what happened before so they would know us and how we act
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:05 No.18510819
    Yuki's so going to run and cry.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:05 No.18510821
    Next stop: Ask the girls if there's any place they want to check out.
    If not, check out the Park, then walk home.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/30/12(Fri)06:06 No.18510825
    Yes. They know Hayate from the previous loops.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)06:07 No.18510835
         File: 1333102035.jpg-(24 KB, 438x286, zzzzz to be continued.jpg)
    24 KB

    New thread in about 1 and a half hours.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:07 No.18510836
         File: 1333102038.jpg-(49 KB, 500x300, 1307482914909.jpg)
    49 KB
    >"He will, he is." she says "Of course.Now if you'll excuse me, I have appearances to keep up." He lets go of her and picks up a helmet. #msq

    ...God damn it, LG.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:07 No.18510843
    Question: What the fuck went through your minds? There was Crazy Ivan choice, and only one suggested it.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:08 No.18510846
    Except she has no reason to, we have done very little with her and I don't think she even if past the point of thinking we are nice
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:09 No.18510850
    rolled 43 = 43


    I don't actually get this.

    Care to expound further?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:09 No.18510851
    >"He will, he is." she says "Of course.Now if you'll excuse me, I have appearances to keep up." He lets go of her and picks up a helmet. #msq

    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:09 No.18510859
    So another one who could be Ikusa
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:10 No.18510863
         File: 1333102219.jpg-(50 KB, 476x345, 1330184178364.jpg)
    50 KB
    rolled 71 = 71



    >Frog Prince
    >Prince, not Princess

    This... this gonna be interesting...
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:11 No.18510874
    He's implying that Gai/kamenrider is ikusa Hayate's brother.
    Hayate's jacket [the one he found in a park]
    Is the same one Kyon wore in his series.
    And now, Kyon is putting on a helmet.
    Kyon is Ikusa/Gai

    [we have no idea what our brother looks like now. and what kyon's real name is]
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:12 No.18510878
    rolled 11 = 11


    ...Goddammit LG.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:15 No.18510893
    Don't worry, he said it wasn't "cannon" until it was "loaded and fired".
    Or as we would put it, until it appeared in the thread.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:15 No.18510898
    Except we saw Gai without his helmet and would recognize if Kyon was Gai.

    Quite possibly Ikusa is one or the other

    That crazy ivan is spaz out and do something stupid therefore pulling her away from the box was a better option.

    It might be funny but it is generally a bad thing to g crazy Ivan
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:16 No.18510908
    >It might be funny but it is generally a bad thing to g crazy Ivan
    But it's never a bad idea to Crazy Ivan!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:17 No.18510918
    Or in fact neither but using a disguise so he can be totally inconspicuous while we suspect everyone else is him.

    Like I said before, he will probably end up being the janitor we never notice
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:18 No.18510927
    It is if you want to avoid causing havoc everywhere you go

    Anyway going for crazy Ivan at every turn is NGAF's style not ours
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:21 No.18510939
    but what if that face was a disguise? and his real face was kyon's?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:21 No.18510946
         File: 1333102892.jpg-(84 KB, 420x209, 1326908231378.jpg)
    84 KB
    rolled 74 = 74


    What he said.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/30/12(Fri)06:23 No.18510958
    IIRC, everytime we've Crazy Ivan'd, it's basically amounted to yelling "NOPE!" and hauling ass. It's a panic measure, and not at all classy in the execution.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:27 No.18510989
    Maybe if you want to look like a fool. I mean, do you even know what a Crazy Ivan is, both the Navy definition and the common usage one?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:35 No.18511040
    New capitalized list:


    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:36 No.18511048
         File: 1333103789.jpg-(81 KB, 1280x724, 1331685042558.jpg)
    81 KB
    rolled 15 = 15


    By the Emperor, when did this recording of caps start?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:38 No.18511064
    Last thread.
    I still need to scour the earlier ones, maybe the ones after our first 'dream' of canon.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:41 No.18511082
    So, uh, what should I put in for the description of this one for the archives?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:42 No.18511091
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:42 No.18511095

    Never mind, just spotted it. Disregard, I'm a faggot.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:46 No.18511115
    And is it just me, or is the archive having a little difficulty uploading the images?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:48 No.18511137

    Mootykins' new "Upgrades" will have most 4-chan related utilities broken for the next couple days at least. Some already have hotfixes, others not so much.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:50 No.18511150
    4chan X break affecting it?
    Other threads have it too.

    But three of the last MSQ threads got it badly
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:55 No.18511183

    And suddenly, it becomes clear to me as to why DownThemAll won't quite work for downloading all the pics at once on this site for when I'm feeling lazy. Eh, could be worse. At least we can see some of the pictures on this one. Oh well.

    And now, to somewhat regrettably head to bed, because god damn it, I need some freaking sleep.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:57 No.18511196
    I'm lovin' dat new https though
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)06:59 No.18511205
    Guy complaining about 4chanX here. Turns out my Firefox was like 6 versions behind or something. All fixed now.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)07:08 No.18511251
    So where are all these images
    I know a couple are puchimasu but I can never find them
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)07:16 No.18511298
         File: 1333106200.jpg-(59 KB, 392x299, 1326909401457.jpg)
    59 KB
    rolled 39 = 39


    >Anon in question

    All puchimasu, actually.

    Most culled from the puchimasu threads on /a/ awhile back.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)07:17 No.18511302
    We need a random occurrence of neon belt samurai.
    Whether we head back to SWD or they get drunk enough to crash a widow through dimensions
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)07:18 No.18511312
    Ah ok. Tried gelbooru but it has all of a dozen images total
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)07:21 No.18511326
    holy shit. They'd win the prankwar forever.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)07:22 No.18511333
         File: 1333106557.jpg-(52 KB, 196x270, 1326914740153.jpg)
    52 KB
    rolled 16 = 16


    I'd rather not return. The last time we did, it took forever to shake off the NGAF bug from SWQ. Leave SWQ antics to SWQ. This be MSQ.


    /a/ doesn't have puchimasu threads so often these days. Lurk the im@s threads. The images tend to pop up there.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)07:26 No.18511364
    Actually we were there for about three threads and pretty much dropped everything except the new witches immediately as I remember it.

    It was also much earlier in the game so a lot of what we were doing was influenced by where we went
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)07:27 No.18511368
    We do have to jump back there anyway. We need to go back and make Perrine pregnant and dere
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)07:28 No.18511377
    I think I found our downvote spammer
    >The Watch Commander !!cqpeZErChSE
    Quests get repeatedly downvoted when he's online.
    And it began when he tried asking LG when MSQ off-days were
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)07:33 No.18511407
    Don't forget we also have to go genderswap and BEAR the gnomes.

    I wouldn't be surprised. The motive is there.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)07:35 No.18511421
         File: 1333107316.jpg-(30 KB, 300x300, 1326923946358.jpg)
    30 KB
    rolled 18 = 18


    I know we have to go back thanks to bloody pre-destination. (OR DO WE? Bloody Negayate...) Doesn't mean I'm looking forward to it. It'll be like our earlier trip there all over again.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)07:37 No.18511443
    Yep I have been planning that
    Just waiting until we can make BEAR whiskey
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)07:38 No.18511446
    Im betting we're taking a trip to ACADEMY CITY soon.
    Crowley and it's elements have been popping up lately.

    And LG has been posting in the infinicon setting.
    Maybe a mission simulation there?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)07:54 No.18511543
    rolled 93 = 93


    Then run into Luka.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)08:01 No.18511582
    And then we put our tongue in her butt
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)08:04 No.18511597
    If we get a roll like than the quite possibly
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)08:06 No.18511605
    Speaking of butts that demand tongues, Pantasia is up right now. I think we need to go acquire some of that god tier pie. Some food would be good too.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)08:08 No.18511616
    Well some heavenly pie sounds good but not today with Hina, Yuki and Perrine with us.

    We do need to get back on that path though
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/30/12(Fri)08:08 No.18511617
    oh hey.
    New thread:

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