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  • File: 1333164932.png-(284 KB, 1559x795, 1333080952794.png)
    284 KB e.v.o.l.u.t.i.o.n Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)23:35 No.18521132  
    Evolve. Grow! because some dumb fuck made it so certain threads auto-sage even if bumped, we are doing this shit again. i think you get the idea from the picture. if this thread is unbumpable i'm going to let someone else continue the legacy.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/12(Fri)23:36 No.18521143
    test bump.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/12(Sat)03:40 No.18524002
         File: 1333179611.png-(5 KB, 170x183, fluz.png)
    5 KB
    The Fluz is frequently chased down by bigger predators, instead of attacking it has evolved to spray a viscous webbing behind it while it retreats, temporarily blinding its attacker.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/12(Sat)03:57 No.18524146
         File: 1333180642.png-(4 KB, 217x198, Bord.png)
    4 KB
    The Bord has evolved to eat the Fluz, and compensated for the web attack by growing a second head. this head also lets the Bord watch its own back, making for well protected family units.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/12(Sat)03:58 No.18524163
         File: 1333180715.jpg-(14 KB, 268x163, Cidex.jpg)
    14 KB
    The cidex has simplified, gaining a massive hump of fat and muscle to last harsh seasons. It traded off its tail and vestigial horns.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/12(Sat)04:00 No.18524179
         File: 1333180810.png-(6 KB, 180x148, Ramel.png)
    6 KB
    The Ramel has become the Screaming Ramel. It startles and disorientates its prey and foes with a horrible high pitch squeal, like someone letting the air out of a pinched balloon.
    >> non gentelman 03/31/12(Sat)04:01 No.18524193
    /tg/ get in here, evolve the tundra beasts. I evolved them once for you just to spice it slightly. now you must escalate the conflict for survival...I've got a soft spot for the bukkake monster. Fwogguy, Indonesian if you want to, take this over. i gotta sleep soon. Events planed for tomorrow. be prepared.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/12(Sat)04:27 No.18524426
         File: 1333182473.png-(33 KB, 268x163, cedix3.png)
    33 KB

    Cediae (plural of Cedix) have evolved a long overcoat to further protect them from the cold.
    >> smokeyprogg 03/31/12(Sat)04:40 No.18524530
         File: 1333183220.png-(113 KB, 1360x566, paracos.png)
    113 KB
    The cidex has a distant relative btw paracos.
    They have bacteria covered teeth which cause mass infection and have white fur they live in burrows and hunt in packs like wolves
    >> evo update, use these non gentelman 03/31/12(Sat)06:39 No.18525234
         File: 1333190369.png-(63 KB, 319x781, current.png)
    63 KB
    The Ramel has evolved to cling to glacier and rock faces, even upside down. its legs are now like cute little icepicks, and if it falls on its prey it can crush them with its back studs.

    the cydex has become stockier, and meaner...and fuzzier.

    the Fluz has evolved its tail to face forward, and can now spray its blinding web in an offensive manner, it can also wave it about in a display of threat. most creatures don't want to get blasted in the eyes.

    The bord has grown markings, and a tail for fat storage...its makes it unfortunately more delicious to the other creatures.

    Evolution guys, lurkers, get in here and update. any creature here is fair game to play with.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/12(Sat)06:42 No.18525253
         File: 1333190521.jpg-(217 KB, 2505x2480, 1320814251248.jpg)
    217 KB

    >Gamera Fag

    Glad to see I'm not the only fan out there.
    >> non gentelman 03/31/12(Sat)07:34 No.18525621
         File: 1333193689.png-(117 KB, 426x656, Lem.png)
    117 KB
    I love them Kaiju...all kinds.
    the Lem have experienced a minor evolution, in order to survive their new predatory lifestyle the Lem's cell membrane has become too thick to absorb material like they used to for consuming. Now they have evolved an opening into their cytoplasm interior, complete with "teeth". They are still only about as smart as a Cidex. Extremely physically capable, mentally retarded.
    have evolution games become old hat and people aren't interested anymore?
    >> from Aether !GuYmUwz4mI 03/31/12(Sat)07:41 No.18525658

    >have evolution games become old hat and people aren't interested anymore?

    I hope not. Maybe there are just too many too frequently and the games can be exhausting to follow. Also, I'm not a fan of jelly creatures who look like people, why does it have abs?
    >> non gentelman 03/31/12(Sat)07:54 No.18525744
    ugh...the jelly thing was not people like at all, but i made a roll that was to develop grotesquely massive musculature in the previous thread before it auto-saged. so i said why not, and went full retard with it, and in honor of that, i figured the poor Lems will never be smart enough to reach tribe state. When i redraw it next time it wont be so stupid, but someone feel free to redraw as well. gonna go for some sort of hunched over gorilla posture next evolution. blargh...time to sleep.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/12(Sat)08:04 No.18525806
         File: 1333195495.png-(5 KB, 314x226, Bord.png)
    5 KB
    The Bord have evolved to better help them find more food and store fat. One head develops a longer, sharper beak for piercing and reaching into small crevices. The other head develops a hooked beak for cutting and cracking things open.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/12(Sat)08:38 No.18525992
         File: 1333197496.png-(49 KB, 424x412, current.png)
    49 KB
    the Cydex become even larger, and harrier, sporting a 3 tone coat to blend in with the snow. The Ramels face blade has grown larger and more knife like, they now are green to blend in with the lichen covered rocks they tend to stalk from.>>18525253 all my kaiju love.
    >> smokeyprogg 03/31/12(Sat)13:12 No.18527958
         File: 1333213946.png-(118 KB, 1360x566, paracos.png)
    118 KB
    The paracos jaw strength improve and they now have markings like badgers
    >> falc 03/31/12(Sat)13:23 No.18528024
    Tundra confirmed for weird country none of the tribes will ever speak of.

    >> Anonymous 03/31/12(Sat)14:41 No.18528524
    Falc, get in here and make this work damn you! the tundra needs you...look at these poor misbegotten wretches, how will they carry on? /tg/! heed the call, evolve any of these sad little fucks.
    >> falc 03/31/12(Sat)15:18 No.18528775
    In a bit.
    >> falc 03/31/12(Sat)16:07 No.18529091
         File: 1333224429.png-(17 KB, 743x441, Fruiting Ragas.png)
    17 KB
    The fruiting Ragas develops it's root system to anchor it fully and avoid being completely ripped out. It also develops it's fruit to include tons of seeds that will come out in the dung of those that eat it.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/12(Sat)16:50 No.18529203
         File: 1333227027.png-(50 KB, 307x542, current.png)
    50 KB
    Cydex loose eyesight and gain a denser skull structure to accomidate their enhanced sense of smell. They Prey on Bords, and Ramel but also eat Ragas fruit

    Ramel can now shoot frozen chunks of their blood from a port on their snout. this can be dangerous if over used. They prey on the Bords and Cydex.

    Fluz become slender and gain simple wings, giving them the ability to make long "hops" away from predators. They are highly attracted to the Ragas nectar.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/12(Sat)16:56 No.18529232
         File: 1333227362.png-(20 KB, 743x441, Fruiting Ragas.png)
    20 KB
    The root system develops more to anchor and allow the Ragas to regrow quickly after being eaten. Also the seeds are packed with more energy to give the Ragas seedlings an early boost in life because damn so many things eating it.
    >> Event: Cold Snap Anonymous 03/31/12(Sat)16:59 No.18529250
    /TG/ get in here and pick any of the life forms to bend in new and exciting ways.
    Its been getting colder, its time to compensate or die. roll a 1d6
    1-gain a layer of blubber (plants can get fat too)
    2-gain thick fur (or a mossy exterior)
    3-Develop a digging method (or more complex roots)
    4-Get a faster metabolism. (or more seeds)
    5-use ice as insulation
    6- grow bigger

    without the numbers this one isint as fun, but hopefully we can get at least one new tribe out of this for when Indonesian Gentleman comes back and we reach for civilization.
    >> falc 03/31/12(Sat)17:03 No.18529276
    rolled 5 = 5

    ok then
    hopefully this rolls on something I can comprehend.
    >> falc 03/31/12(Sat)17:05 No.18529284
    that was for fruiting ragas
    >use Ice as insulation

    ok I have no idea how this works. I leave it to /tg/
    >> Anonymous 03/31/12(Sat)17:17 No.18529365
         File: 1333228627.png-(23 KB, 267x441, 1333227362846.png)
    23 KB
    excreting dew during the morning thaw the Ragas is quickly encased in a protective sheet of ice during the afternoon chill wind. This affords it protection against the elements as they drop below zero, and against herbivores trying to eat its nutrient dense body.
    >> falc 03/31/12(Sat)18:43 No.18530028
         File: 1333233790.png-(14 KB, 239x436, Fruiting RagasA.png)
    14 KB
    The Fruiting Ragas grow broad leaves to guard the fruit from the extra cold and it's own ice defenses.

    They fold out in the morning hours to collect sunlight and dew to use later in the day when it becomes colder. The leaves also fold in with pressure to protect during high winds and when pesky herbivores poke around before the ice armour has formed
    >> falc 03/31/12(Sat)18:44 No.18530039
    (redrew for easier editing)
    >> Deus vs Machina 03/31/12(Sat)18:47 No.18530077
    Hello, good sirs.

    I am the DM of the "Convergence" Evolution Quest that I started yesterday. I promised a continuation today but the thread I just posted seems to have encountered the autosage glitch.

    I see that this thread is already going on. I think I might put mine off until a later point. Assuming the same people are frequenting some of these threads I suppose they'll see this post and understand. Or should I go ahead and run my own in parallel with this one?
    >> falc 03/31/12(Sat)18:51 No.18530123
    well if it is as you say that we likely share posters then it might be to your benefit to postpone since some of the people who normally post here seem to be missing to show up later in the day.

    If you were already getting good responses though then it makes sense to just try again.
    >> Deus vs Machina 03/31/12(Sat)18:53 No.18530142
    Well, it actually wasn't getting any responses at all. It was on autosage and I don't think a lot of people check past the first page.

    I'll just contribute a bit to this one I guess. I'll start mine some other time, maybe around Wednesday or Friday.
    >> falc 03/31/12(Sat)18:54 No.18530160
         File: 1333234485.png-(14 KB, 239x436, Fruiting RagasA.png)
    14 KB
    The fruiting Ragas begins to concentrate it's inner fluids with any extra energy it has to spare so it can quickly bounce back from hard times.
    >> falc 03/31/12(Sat)18:55 No.18530170
    cool. Welcome to the thread.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/12(Sat)18:57 No.18530180
         File: 1333234634.png-(5 KB, 281x233, Bords.png)
    5 KB

    The bords have develloped glands that let their skin secrete a thick oil that prevent them from suffering frost damage form the ramel snout launch
    >> Anonymous 03/31/12(Sat)19:02 No.18530222
         File: 1333234932.png-(6 KB, 281x233, Bords update.png)
    6 KB

    Forgot to add this guy beak idea
    >> Anonymous 03/31/12(Sat)19:10 No.18530287
         File: 1333235449.png-(6 KB, 281x233, bord.png)
    6 KB

    Their tail can stock that oil, this lead to predators being trapped in oil when they try to attack the delicious looking bord tail
    >> falc 03/31/12(Sat)19:16 No.18530331
    welp, ill be back later, hope the thread stays alive
    >> Deus vs Machina 03/31/12(Sat)19:24 No.18530399
    The oil becomes noxious in nature, irritating the skin of any predator that touches it.

    The Ramels' blood port move to the top of the blade snout, to keep it out of the way.

    The Cydex gain a nose horn which they use to fight competitors during mating displays.

    The Fluz change color to camouflage themselves among the Ragas on which they sometimes feed.
    >> Deus vs Machina 03/31/12(Sat)19:25 No.18530403
         File: 1333236311.png-(50 KB, 307x542, RamelCydexFluz2.png)
    50 KB
    Derp, forgot my picture
    >> Anonymous 03/31/12(Sat)19:28 No.18530431

    Why does the fluz look like a dick?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/12(Sat)19:28 No.18530434
         File: 1333236485.png-(45 KB, 464x597, current.png)
    45 KB
    To cope with the harsh winters the Ramel gains a tale to store fat in.

    The Cydex is now more massive, with larger jaws to crush the protective ice of the Ragas. It has also gained fat stores and a denser layer of fur.

    A new species of The Fluz has emerged! It has lost its ability to spew blinding web in a trade off for true flight, it is now able to annoy all the creatures of the tundra with its incessant buzzing.
    any /tg/ goer feel free to evolve and modify these creatures to your hearts content.
    >> Return of the Lem Anonymous 03/31/12(Sat)19:31 No.18530461
         File: 1333236718.png-(71 KB, 537x656, Lem.png)
    71 KB
    The Lem has not been sighted in years, but it now stalks the icy tundra...leaner and smarter then before, great clasping hands crush the life out of lesser creatures. Its is now fully opaque and much less jelly like then its ancestors, though it still reproduces by division like a giant cell.

    >>18530403 Yay! divergent evolution, more species variety. feel free to give the Lem some love too if they interest you.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/12(Sat)19:34 No.18530478
    Ive gotta go for a while, good luck evolving, feel free to merge/ breed out or kill off my variants of the creatures. be back in 8 hours /tg/
    >> Anonymous 03/31/12(Sat)20:54 No.18531035
    >> Anonymous 03/31/12(Sat)21:14 No.18531197
         File: 1333242845.png-(20 KB, 363x189, cedixaphant.png)
    20 KB

    The Cydex have grown stockier legs to help them stand still against the harsh winds.

    In addition, their lower jaw has extended to help them crush predators.
    >> falc 04/01/12(Sun)00:00 No.18532425
         File: 1333252828.png-(14 KB, 239x436, Fruiting RagasA.png)
    14 KB
    The Fruiting Ragas improves it's fruit, the seeds becoming more fibrous to hold to the meat of the fruit better. It also creates a hard core seed filled to the brim with nutrients. This core seed can bring about a new plant faster than the others.
    >> Event: The thaw Non Gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)02:27 No.18533635
    It has been an unforgiving winter, the wind of change so fierce as to create such utilitarian creatures. Now, with a subtle tilt to the axis of the planet, temperatures rise again, liquid water can exist during the day, dirt can be seen again in patches. It is still the tundra, but the long winter is over.

    Roll a 1d6: Animal life
    1-the sudden change is too much for your species, in order to survive youve become smaller and more diminutive.
    2-food is in abundance and so you grow in strength and size, but the lack of competition diminishes your intellect. retard strength.
    3-The tundra is green again, and you can see far. Develop legs to stride fast and far.
    4-It is mating season, evolve a way to combat your rivals, and display yourself proudly.
    5- The change in environment has stimulated the development of a new form of sensory input in your creature (up down orientation, electrical sense, hyper-spectral vision, smell pheromones, etc.)
    6. This more prosperous time has brought your creatures together into a tighter nit community, one step closer to a higher stage of sentience. (think the jump from squirrel to lemur or monkey, not lizard to man)

    plantslife-nothing but good here.
    1- the abundance of water causes your flesh to grow spongy as well as stimulating vine growth
    2- grow a defense mechanism against the voracious herbivores.
    3-evolve a root network to sprout new growths
    4- Grow in size, become giant. lets see them eat all of you.
    5- become carnivorous- whos eating who?
    6- Develop limited mobility, your choice on how (gas sacks, crawling tendrils, burrowing...whatever)

    /tg/ this is open to anyone, for any creature. go and have fun.
    >> Non Gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)02:36 No.18533723
    FWOG GUY! DEAR LORD YOUR BACK. hey the feral part was my fault. grasp on language is not super great. saw naked fwogmen, and inuit=tribal=feral, is not correct. Fwogmen have established a tribe in the north? Also, you do good evolutions any hope you will play here? and i wonder what happened to the hoppa guys?
    >> Frowg Guy 04/01/12(Sun)02:36 No.18533725
    >frowgs went feral


    I was told the tribals aren't susceptible to evolutionary change until Indo gets back in 4 days or so to continue the game especially or them.

    Unless only the arctic variant did? Which kinda borks up the idea for ethnic variety.
    >> Frowg Guy 04/01/12(Sun)02:38 No.18533752
    I have no clue. I didn't dress up the north frowgs because I just wanted to show how they looked anatomically. I was told multiple times by Indonesian Gent to not progress the tribals anymore until he could take the helm.
    >> Non Gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)02:41 No.18533774
    Sounds good, i will adhere to that rule. we have one creature on the cusp of tribal status, and a bunch of little guys that need some love... feel free to make your own creation if they all suck.
    Im sort of a fan of them all, underdogs. as soon as im back on my own PC ill try to play too.
    >> Frowg Guy 04/01/12(Sun)02:43 No.18533793
    Right then. Rolling for axe faces.
    >> Frowg Guy 04/01/12(Sun)02:44 No.18533798
    rolled 2 = 2

    >type roll instead of dice

    >great success
    >> Fate of the Lem Non Gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)02:48 No.18533828
    rolled 2 = 2

    well, the lems track record has been 1 or high rolls, lets see whats up.
    >> Non Gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)02:52 No.18533859

    its fucking retard strength saturday. The Lem already developed enhanced musculature once...i dont even know where to go with that one. If someone else wants to take a crack at drawing the Lem, go for it. If its not done in about 2 hours ill do it when im back.
    >> Frowg Guy 04/01/12(Sun)02:58 No.18533904
         File: 1333263481.png-(11 KB, 419x360, Ramel Magnificus.png)
    11 KB
    The Ramel produces an offshoot, the Ramel Magnificus. Gigantic, armor plated, tough -and- smart as a rock. They smash through most defenses of anyone aggravating them. Normally passive by easily set off and cautious.

    They regularly shed their armor plating as it gets worn by battle damage. Their blood shooting pore now draws blood from a separate circulatory system that actually fires boiling hot blood plasma generated by an overactive adrenal gland in the frontal lobe.
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)03:05 No.18533950
    Monitoring this thread....

    So whats been happening in the previous ones? Haven't caught up to em because of autosage...
    >> Non Gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)03:13 No.18533989
    FUCK YES. YES. that is fucking awesome. Take these axe faced bastards to the next level. ive been tending to the cidex as well, care to distribute your talent, or do you get burned out on this?
    Dude, you missed nothing. this thread is pretty much it. The lems evolved a bit, the Cidex evolved a bit. Get in here and grab a few species and run with em. You are a key player in this madness. There is a plant begging for evolution, or if your sick of plants, we have a bukkake fly.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)03:14 No.18533996
         File: 1333264465.png-(52 KB, 537x656, 1333236718558.png)
    52 KB
    I did my best. Don't take this as official or anything because it's the first thing I've ever actually done, and I did it in MSPaint.
    >> Frowg Guy 04/01/12(Sun)03:16 No.18534007
         File: 1333264568.png-(8 KB, 258x399, Lemthresher.png)
    8 KB
    (hope noone minds)
    The lem have reached the hypothetical evolutionary ceiling here of ultimate killing machine. Their humanoid anatomy makes them a mockery of what they could have been. Their vestigial neural systems devoured.

    The creature genuinely has no brain.

    The Lemthresher is but a massive bipedal single celled predator driven by chemical impulses of its many organelle. The bogeyman of the tundra. Its biological structure at this point cannot survive outside of a cold environment and would likely die of heat exhaustion and biological failure due to the ludicrous biological checks and balances that keep this oversized amoeba functioning.
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)03:16 No.18534011
    I think you flipflopped that.....

    Rolling for ragas
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)03:17 No.18534016
    rolled 5 = 5

    Failed to roll.

    >> Frowg Guy 04/01/12(Sun)03:18 No.18534024
    I used the word biological too many times goddamn.

    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)03:18 No.18534026
         File: 1333264714.jpg-(25 KB, 389x419, okay.jpg)
    25 KB


    >pic related
    >> Frowg Guy 04/01/12(Sun)03:20 No.18534040
    rolled 2 = 2

    Rolling for dongpoop fly.
    >> indonesian gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)03:22 No.18534047
    hoho, i like these kaiju-ish new creatures. I might have to tie some of them to the original 3 (fus sluck worem), so there's continuity. As for the pre-tribal creatures, you could evolve them a lil bit more before i return.
    >> falc 04/01/12(Sun)03:24 No.18534055
    rolled 6 = 6

    fruiting ragas
    >> falc 04/01/12(Sun)03:27 No.18534074
         File: 1333265220.gif-(2 KB, 50x50, VIVA.gif)
    2 KB
    >> falc 04/01/12(Sun)03:28 No.18534090
    ...I hope that was for normal ragas.
    >> Non Gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)03:29 No.18534100
    this is your baby, and that you would even incorporate any of my ideas now matter how far mutated they are is actually a bit on an honor.
    Exquisit! Magnifique! Tragedy, Humor, and Murder machine! Plus the drawing is ace.
    dear god i hope it gets veiny.
    ...i know your agendas with plants...that roll does not bode well for anyone.
    >> Frowg Guy 04/01/12(Sun)03:30 No.18534106
         File: 1333265400.png-(7 KB, 212x254, what the christ.png)
    7 KB
    It's big, it's fat, it's stupid.

    Stay hello to the Fluzpuff. The mass of fur aound its round body contains a painful toxin that irritates the flesh and causes rashes. They're also quite hardy making them the most fucking annoying thing to be spawned forth from the frozen wastes to date.
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)03:32 No.18534124
         File: 1333265560.png-(16 KB, 239x437, Omnom.png)
    16 KB
    Seperate Chain.

    So go ahead and do your drawing.

    The FruitingRaga evolve and split off into the CarnivourousRaga. With root systems that pop out of the ground, they only interact with their prey when attacked. In reaction, the roots become active, strangling their prey and injecting them with a toxin that liquifies them into a nutrient solution, where it then devours the slush.

    A deadly plant to be sure.
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)03:35 No.18534143
    it bodes well for nobody.....

    Because I like deadly plants.
    >> Frowg Guy 04/01/12(Sun)03:38 No.18534153
         File: 1333265899.jpg-(64 KB, 680x680, 1330310051372.jpg)
    64 KB
    I gave birth to 3 effectively braindead monsters into the world of varying degrees of terrible.

    I hope people make the best of them.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)03:40 No.18534165
         File: 1333266008.png-(111 KB, 931x1308, chaos0.png)
    111 KB
    I just realized something.
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)03:41 No.18534179
    Is that its shape now?
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)03:42 No.18534188

    Frowg Guy!
    Tis good to see your postings!

    I still am not sure what path the frilla and frowgs should take in tribal....
    >> Frowg Guy 04/01/12(Sun)03:42 No.18534191
    As if the original creator wasn't going that way already.

    I think they just look better without "muscles" is all.

    And there's the main difference that the lem have no brain whatsoever. It's like a jellyfish.
    >> Frowg Guy 04/01/12(Sun)03:44 No.18534209
    Frowgs start wearing and using living frilla selectively cultivated? We become bipedal bulbasaur?

    I have no clue.
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)03:46 No.18534223
    ...Basically become Orcs?

    And There has been something ive considered, a way to basically spawn frowgs and frilla off a single frilla spore.... Not sure yet though....

    Gotta figure out the pathing for that.
    >> falc 04/01/12(Sun)03:47 No.18534231
         File: 1333266456.png-(15 KB, 236x496, mobile Ragas.png)
    15 KB

    The fruiting Ragas split off and one chain becomes the Walking Ragas.

    With the great thaw the Ragas has given up it's makeshift Ice armour as it is no longer cold enough to be useful to it and instead puts it's moisture elsewhere.

    It uses it's fluids to manipulate strong leaf/rootlets to allow it to move small distances in search of water and sunlight. It severs itself from the roots, leaving the roots to grow another ragas plant and plants itself elsewhere using the beginning of it's root system as an anchor.

    With the advent of this motion system the Ragas have become slightly more aware of their surroundings and it is not uncommon for a group of ragas bushes to move away during the night after being discovered by a predator, making life much harder for herbivores to be sure as they can no longer count on a food source being where they left it.

    The ragas cannot to this in rapid succession however unless they built up the necessary energy stores or they risk dying before finding new mineral sources.
    >> falc 04/01/12(Sun)03:52 No.18534271
    rolled 3 = 3

    and because why not, rolling for fruiting ragas again.
    >> Event: Evolution Frenzy Non Gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)03:56 No.18534310
    Go for it.
    It is an energetic time in the Genetic Matrixes, nature is experimenting, trying out new things at a rapid pace. Everyone can roll 3 times total for an individual sub species. (count on the lem to get all 2's.)
    >> falc 04/01/12(Sun)03:59 No.18534326
         File: 1333267146.png-(20 KB, 743x441, ragasfamily.png)
    20 KB
    >mfw I basically had this drawn already

    Some Ragas took advantage of the thaw by spreading out and supporting new growths.

    They send out root tendrils and shoot up new growths, aiming to aggressively take over an area.
    (one can only imagine what would happen if these crossed with carnivorous Ragas)
    >> dice+1d6 Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)04:00 No.18534342
    It's been a long time since I used dice on this board.

    Did I get it right...?
    Rollan for Lem
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)04:01 No.18534349
    rolled 1 = 1

    Let's try another time.

    Rollan for Lem.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)04:02 No.18534355
    It's about fucking time.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)04:14 No.18534446
    No, it's an appearance comparison to a boss character in a videogame.
    >> falc 04/01/12(Sun)04:19 No.18534488
         File: 1333268361.png-(15 KB, 236x496, mobile Ragas.png)
    15 KB
    The mobile ragas develop their root system to hold extra energy for rapid regrowth.
    They also strengthen their leaf/rootlets to be stronger enabling faster movement for longer periods.
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)04:25 No.18534539
    The stupid big fat bug dies so much due to low-light settings, that many of the ones with massive eyes survive. Granted, these buggers breed like its nobody's business, so both strands are present, just these things have way larger eyes and operate more often at night.
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)04:26 No.18534544
         File: 1333268761.png-(7 KB, 229x281, reaky.png)
    7 KB
    Pic related. Freaky eyes.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)04:27 No.18534573
         File: 1333268879.png-(8 KB, 258x399, 1333236718558.png)
    8 KB
    Immune to the cold, they said...
    Pinnacle of evolution, they said....

    Apparently some cold is too cold, even for something designed to live IN the cold. Not because they GOT too cold, but because the cold meant that animals not developed for the cold couldn't survive in the extreme cold and so the Lem couldn't eat them. The traditional "huge, powerful" Lem mostly died out, leaving, ironically, what would have once been the runts of the species as their legacy. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

    These new Lem have lost much of the musculature of the original Lem, as well as one sub-psuedopod per "arm", but they are slowly becoming more intelligent to deal with these unfamiliar limitations.

    It's just a shame they largely lost their ability to manipulate the world around them in the process.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)04:34 No.18534636
    rolled 4, 4, 5 = 13

    dooin all 3 cidex rolls at once, lets see if this shit works.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)04:51 No.18534767
         File: 1333270282.png-(23 KB, 324x260, 1333242845877.png)
    23 KB
    rolled 6, 6, 2 = 14

    The Cidex have become singular in their reason for existence. To attract a mate and pass on the most dominant traits. This has turned into massive tusks and mouth to fight other bulls, and massive fat humps to show off how successful one is to a potential mate. Their mating songs have become so complex that they now have a primitive form of echolocation.
    >> Non gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)04:53 No.18534788
    rolled 2, 4 = 6

    gonna give two more rolls on top of the base one to finish out this event, if this works out it will be a subspecies of lem based off of the horrible horrible lemthresher
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)04:54 No.18534793
    rolled 5 = 5

    Rolling for another off the Ramel
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)04:56 No.18534801
         File: 1333270583.jpg-(36 KB, 500x427, 6a00d8341cbb0453ef0120a66cbf63(...).jpg)
    36 KB
    Welp. I think you all know where this is going.

    Let me get a smile on my face first....

    There we go... Doom....
    >> falc 04/01/12(Sun)05:01 No.18534833
         File: 1333270894.gif-(2 KB, 50x50, nope.gif)
    2 KB
    Oh crap, We all dead now.
    >mfw I am focusing on plants this time.
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)05:02 No.18534839
         File: 1333270920.png-(11 KB, 419x360, Nodal.png)
    11 KB
    With the thaw, the dumb as rock Ramel begin to see things in a new light. Specifically, they no longer need light to see.

    This could be caused by a new purple growth that appears to line the top of their skull, each tendril connecting in some way to their brain, or the new brainpower they now exhibit, something which has only been seen in the Frowgs and Frilla tree's to date. It could just be that they are now able to.... Sense things. Things beyond normal perception.

    But they are still dumb as rocks. Psionically capable, but about as intelligent as an Ogre with a stat of 2 in intelligence and wisdom, wearing the one ring of power.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)05:13 No.18534907
         File: 1333271620.jpg-(202 KB, 1016x786, Spore Spawn.jpg)
    202 KB
    >Ragas in a few thousand years...
    Actually a lot of the creatures could be from metroid...
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)05:15 No.18534927
         File: 1333271750.png-(46 KB, 537x656, 1333236718558.png)
    46 KB
    >felt bad for anon so i'm gonna keep his idea alive

    the winter was unforgiving, and a few Lem managed to scrape together enough brain cells to leave. being the apex predator they encountered little resistance fleeing the tundra - indeed, the only thing previously stopping them was that it never occurred for them to do so

    it was a brave new world out there, full of things to do and undiscovered animals to eat. the rich plains were abundant in prey animals, but to the shock of the Lem they were abundant in predators also! the hapless Lem almost extincted themselves but, fortunately, they discovered a happy balance of being close enough to the tundra to keep the plains predators away due to the cold, but close enough to the plains to be able to snatch up food with regularity.
    the abundance of food and the pressure from predators forced the lem to specialize even further into their role as big, dumb and deadly. with so many animals that could be food or could be hostile, only the most aggressive lem survived. and although they haven't come anywhere close to the size of the monsters in the plains, the lem have grown bigger.
    now, with the long winter over, some lem are drifting back home. but without the plentiful food of the plains, this new subspieces might have to evolve some innovate ways to not starve (or they could just shrink, but that's the boring way).

    New Subspecies

    Giant Lem
    >> falc 04/01/12(Sun)05:17 No.18534935
    >implying Samus doesn't discover this planet in a few million years
    >> Non gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)05:18 No.18534937
         File: 1333271885.png-(11 KB, 280x429, 1333264568564.png)
    11 KB
    The few remaining lemthreshers took killing to a whole new level, an art. A mind is a tool for creation, and they were engines of destruction...that was an unnecessary component. The Lem have claimed what is the most significant evolutionary leap forward they have ever made. They can now share genetic information between each other, and possibly other species of Lem that are closely related to them. In this way its possibly for them to actually grow as a species. They still divide by cellular division...and its horrible to watch.
    >> dice 3d6 Non gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)05:20 No.18534952
    The bords have been neglected..lets see what horrors we can visit on them, also...Where are you guys from? USA, military here.
    >> Non gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)05:21 No.18534956
    rolled 5, 6, 2 = 13

    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)05:22 No.18534962
    Poole in USMC.
    Mission V.
    >> falc 04/01/12(Sun)05:25 No.18534975
    The caribbean
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)05:27 No.18534989
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)05:28 No.18534995
    rolled 5 = 5

    >> Non gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)05:41 No.18535057
         File: 1333273270.png-(9 KB, 323x241, 1333235449775.png)
    9 KB
    rolled 5, 5, 4 = 14

    The Bords experienced a Renaissance followed by a genetic dark age. Growing a third head they not only gained a Panoramic view of the world in telescopic vision, but extra brain power. The Bords communicated amongst each other and all was well. But then the Lemthreshers came...Only the strongest most aggressive bords able to withstand loosing a little thing like a head or two survived. they were sadly not the smartest ones. Now the Bord flocks are called Gangs, because the flightless thugs roam the tundra picking fights with anything, and when there isint anything to fight, they fight each other, and when there are no other bords, the heads will squawk and peck at one another. sad.
    >> falc 04/01/12(Sun)05:50 No.18535099
    >> Event: Fire and Ice Non gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)05:54 No.18535112
    way i see it lord highlander, you got two more rolls on that there Ramel before its complete for this even, once its done we can start the serious evolution phase.
    ((this next event will get you to "monkey" stage at the very least, at the very best you will be damn near ready for Indonesian Gentleman's next quest,Dice chart is forthcoming.)) The long summer began to taper off, and with it winters chill rushed back. The creatures were ready for it, they were the pinnacles of evolution for their region. What was not expected was the ground ripping apart, and the blood of the world pouring out. ((no ash, no explosions, just earthquakes and lava flow)) be prepared.
    >> falc 04/01/12(Sun)06:02 No.18535162
    >> Event: Fire and Ice (chart) Non gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)06:08 No.18535199
    >>18535099 hope its not too horrible, feel free to redraw it. (-_- )
    It is a time to adapt, to change.

    1-prehensile appendage-pretty good for grabbing if ya dont have one already.
    2-pack communication- simple vocal, body language, its advanced and thats whats important.
    3-Cunning-ability to plan out events. (hey crows can chase squirrels into the street to get killed by cars. that level of smarts)
    4- teaching/Learned behaviors- monkey see, monkey do. evolved to reflect things they do frequently now.
    5- Pack dynamics- individuals will preform a certain role in order to better the entire pack (look at wolves, lions, ants, or apes.)
    6. Tool use (simple)- Pick up a rock, or a stick and beat something with it. throwing? that's an idea for later.
    Plants 2d6
    1. enhanced mobility- you move as well as any other life form
    2. rapid nutrient extraction/ storage- you can strip the life from the ground, a carcass, drain a puddle in moments, then store it for the long haul.
    3. Spring loaded-via compression you can launch your leaves/thorns/seeds/ something like a ballistic weapon
    4. Parasitic- your young can infest low level prey animals, devouring them from the point of germination. horrific.
    5. Giant growth- Get big enough to be a threat in combat.
    6. Awareness- You get the vital spark that there is a world around you, which is a lot better then your average Lem.

    >> falc 04/01/12(Sun)06:12 No.18535211
    rolled 2 = 2

    Mobile Ragas are my new babies.
    Lets roll for this thang

    >hope its not too horrible,
    that's not what I meant by that post at all. It's an excellent evolution, just a sad story.
    >> falc 04/01/12(Sun)06:13 No.18535217
    rolled 4 = 4

    >mfw it's 2d6
    well here's the other one I guess
    >> falc 04/01/12(Sun)06:18 No.18535234
         File: 1333275535.jpg-(78 KB, 400x300, Ragas.jpg)
    78 KB
    >rapid nutrient extraction
    >plant is mobile

    Welp, time to fire up MS paint
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)06:20 No.18535239
    rolled 5 = 5

    rollan for giant lems

    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)06:21 No.18535240
    rolled 1 = 1

    and the other one
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)06:22 No.18535248
    rolled 5 = 5


    packs and improved hands....
    mite b cool, though packs would rapidly deplete a food source....
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)06:31 No.18535281
    rolled 2, 1 = 3

    Rolling for the Lemthreshers, GIVE ME A MIND TO THIS SOULESS BODY!!!!
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)06:44 No.18535341
    ((that one was a bitch to figure out how to represent.))
    The LemThreshers now have pigmented lines to identify which pack they are from, in addition they have gained a degree of precision control over their head tail.
    >> Non gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)06:47 No.18535353
         File: 1333277276.png-(15 KB, 280x429, 1333264568564.png)
    15 KB
    forgot image. derp.
    hey, if you are reading this now and just catching up, roll all the dice at once by seeing what events you missed(example( Dice5d6)) and figure out what happened to your organism by sequentially following the numbers. that will be your evolutionary path.
    >> You are either a carnivore or about to become one falc 04/01/12(Sun)06:57 No.18535392
         File: 1333277871.png-(19 KB, 236x496, mobile Ragasa.png)
    19 KB

    Heat. Shaking.
    The world turned around from its original, a mocking satire of the still cold tundra that once was.
    And so have the ragas strain, the mobile ragas changed as well.

    Every advancement, everything they dedicated their energy to, was for defense, but no longer. Now these plants have decided upon another tactic.

    The Ragas has taken it's advancements in moving itself and applied it to it's roots. They have grown even more, hungrily searching the area for any minerals and quickly devouring them. They stick out at the surface by the barest fraction ready to shoot out and grab small prey or those simply not strong enough to pull away from it, and hold them fast to the ground, breaking bones and even pulling it under in the case of a smaller foe.

    It's fruit, so staunchly defended and hidden before, is now usually found open to prying eyes, inviting them closer to partake. The seeds of the fruit find the stomachs and intestines of these foes a perfect place to germinate, sucking up any energy the beasts would try to claim for itself, quickly starving it and using it's carcass as a starting point for growth.

    The upper half of the plant no longer only goes in search of water, sun and safe areas, but in search of prey stalking them in the night so they may eat of it's forbidden fruit, guaranteeing the expansion of the strain.

    tl,dr; Grows in your stomach and eats you from the inside, roots imprison things that get too close. A field of these is something you want to stay away from, even a field where they used to be, you never know if they left roots behind.
    >> falc 04/01/12(Sun)07:27 No.18535522
    one bump as I pass out
    can't wait to see what /tg/ makes of all these things
    >> Deus vs Machina 04/01/12(Sun)07:42 No.18535616
    rolled 6, 2 = 8

    Rollin for Bords
    >> Deus vs Machina 04/01/12(Sun)07:52 No.18535658
         File: 1333281120.png-(10 KB, 323x241, AngryHydraBord.png)
    10 KB
    rolled 5, 6 = 11

    Pack Communication and Tool Use, hmmm.

    The Bords no longer use their wings, having become large and ungainly land dwellers. Their vestigial wings develop manipulator digits with which to grasp tools to augment their abilities.

    Also, they gain unibrows to indicate their newly thuggish nature.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)07:54 No.18535662
         File: 1333281269.jpg-(506 KB, 1136x1578, bu_DenSaga_1_26.jpg)
    506 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)08:08 No.18535706
    rolled 3, 4 = 7

    rollin' for the cidex!
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)08:15 No.18535732
    rolled 6 = 6

    Wow, they're turning into full-blown niggers.
    >> Non gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)08:23 No.18535764
         File: 1333283009.png-(17 KB, 325x260, 1333242845877.png)
    17 KB
    the cidex, simple herbivore has proven to be a patient and master strategist. by herding other creatures into Ragas patches while the plants are consuming their prey the Cidex wait, once stuffed with the nutrients of the fallen the Cidex make their move storming in, stomping and eating, digging up root systems with their tusks. The tactic only works due to generations of practice, loss, and skill taught from one herd to the next.

    the poor fucking Ramel needs love, its missed two cycles of evolution. someone give it the 5 rolls it needs. wont someone care? ima passin out and chargin my lasers. night all'. Feel free to do moderate free form evolution while im gone.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)09:59 No.18536139
    Hoppa dude here.
    Tundra keeps looking weirder and weirder.
    I think I'll keep Hoppas off that continent for now. Their air bound larvae could certainly drift there, but the cold air would probably kill them off.

    Hoppas are for warm environments, fuck snow and ice! I'll just wait for the arid biomes to come up.
    Keep on rocking though, this place is starting to shape up nicely.
    >> falc 04/01/12(Sun)11:03 No.18536540
    rolled 4, 6 = 10

    Rollan for Family Ragas
    I'll do the evolution for it later, unless someone else want's to take a try at it
    >> falc 04/01/12(Sun)11:05 No.18536552
    >A networked plant

    Damn Ragas you scary. I can't wait to see what gets done with carnivorous ragas.

    Any cross breeding between these strains spells doom for the herbivorous population.
    >> indonesian gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)11:38 No.18536780
    ah yes, don't forget to archive this.
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)13:02 No.18537455
    rolled 4, 5, 3, 1 = 13

    Rolling for Carnivourous Raga's
    And the Ramel.

    To the flavor of whatever seems to work best.
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)13:14 No.18537550
         File: 1333300486.png-(67 KB, 2106x567, Fruiting Ragas.png)
    67 KB
    The ramel begin to learn, their brains growing and their eyes changing to better allow them to see and emulate behavior. This has led to packs of Ragas forming, where they are able to take down predators and prey, with surprising ease. They are beginning to grow as a species, no longer dumb as rocks, they are significantly more intelligent now,

    The Raga develops the ability to move itself away from its spots, though this is not common behavior for it. The only reason it does this is so that it can get closer to prey items, and strike out with its new neuro-toxin coated seeds, which it spits out fast enough to penetrate flesh. This has allowed it to devour more beings while still a seemingly harmless plant. This is not all bad, as if a species can develop a counter, or survive and kill the Raga, its fleshy nutrient dense core will feed many a herbivores for quite some time. Like Lembas bread.
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)14:25 No.18538095
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)16:07 No.18539012
    >> Non gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)17:31 No.18539925
    rolled 4, 5 = 9

    roll for fluz
    >> Deus vs Machina 04/01/12(Sun)17:52 No.18540128
         File: 1333317137.png-(23 KB, 717x541, AlphaRamel.png)
    23 KB
    One of the Ramel in each group eventually asserts dominace over the others and becomes leader of the pack. These Alpha Ramels tend to be the largest in their group, and grow a differently shaped blade to indicate status.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)17:55 No.18540159
         File: 1333317322.jpg-(20 KB, 213x211, The big nosed man talking..jpg)
    20 KB
    >> falc 04/01/12(Sun)18:19 No.18540404
         File: 1333318778.png-(9 KB, 141x144, shogunglund.png)
    9 KB
    Down in the humid south, a Shield glund sweats for some unknown reason.
    >> falc 04/01/12(Sun)18:49 No.18540665
         File: 1333320544.png-(23 KB, 743x441, IntelligentRagas.png)
    23 KB
    The Familial Ragas grow...aware.
    They see things in a way they did not before and they like it.

    They grow a simple core deep down in their rooting system to take advantage of all this sensory data they are more equipped to decipher and store it using a combination of chemical compounds and controlled growth, effectively keeping a track of what goes on around them.

    They develop a new way to spread, luring would be predators in like donkeys with a carrot by opening fruits just out of reach and closing them while opening another a bit farther away. As they pass the secondary ragas plants shoot out tiny seedlings on shaped leaves that spin on the wind and lightly land on the passing beast, where they take root or fall off some distance later.

    Intelligent Ragas that meet each other can read their chemical nucleus' to gain info about the surroundings.
    While the plants don't survive much longer than before, they are slowly yet surely spreading across the tundra in a constant turf war with the other Ragas strains

    (tell me if im advancing too fast)
    >> Frowg Guy 04/01/12(Sun)19:24 No.18540983
         File: 1333322659.png-(18 KB, 506x428, macrovyris.png)
    18 KB
    No bigger than a kidney bean, a strange chemical birth occurs in the microcosms of the Lemthresher's anatomy. A composite of primordial genetic material and mineral deposits wriggles into animation. Neither living and neither dead. A hypermutation from various microbes that regularly osmosis their way in and out of the lem's protoplasmic form. The Macrovyris reproduces by injecting its genetic code into the organelle and microbe strucutres and devouring them from the inside out.
    >> Non gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)19:43 No.18541147
         File: 1333323787.png-(9 KB, 206x327, 1333268761485.png)
    9 KB
    rolled 2, 5 = 7

    fuckin fluz...
    The fluz have become the most successful pests on the tundra. Traveling in highly organized harassment swarms they bombard their enemies with rocks and balls of fluz dung.
    >> Non gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)19:53 No.18541215
    nope. just fine. its when they develop a clear advantage over the other species that is immediate and unfair.
    that is awesome. you. keep that up.
    is this an evolution, a way to kill off the lemthreshers, or a new creature?
    >> Frowg Guy 04/01/12(Sun)20:01 No.18541276
         File: 1333324907.jpg-(37 KB, 364x440, 1325039706043.jpg)
    37 KB
    The latter two. It's a giant virus form that exists thanks to the fact the lem is a giant bacterium with legs and claws.

    So now we have a giant virus!
    >> falc 04/01/12(Sun)20:08 No.18541336
         File: 1333325290.gif-(2 KB, 50x50, horror.gif)
    2 KB
    pic related
    >then I remember I run plants
    >> Frowg Guy 04/01/12(Sun)20:12 No.18541372
         File: 1333325557.png-(4 KB, 222x211, 1279202373935.png)
    4 KB


    I'll be seeing you in a few generations time.
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)20:13 No.18541380
    >Cackling madly because acid.
    >Cackling madly because more acid.
    I run plants.
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)20:15 No.18541399
    Remember frowg guy, that that thing shares absolutly no genetic similarity to the rest of us, save for being able to eat some of the things...

    A frilla aint one.
    >> Frowg Guy 04/01/12(Sun)20:27 No.18541535
         File: 1333326447.png-(3 KB, 171x140, frowgpondering.png)
    3 KB
    I see. Touche. I am but a macrovirii, not a megavirii.
    >> Deus vs Machina 04/01/12(Sun)20:39 No.18541635
         File: 1333327172.png-(16 KB, 546x360, JawRamel.png)
    16 KB
    The Alpha Ramel have bred with far more female Ramel than their followers. Their differently shaped blades begin to become more dominant. The new generation of Ramel have two-pronged, jagged edged blades, shaped like a jaw in other creatures, except it's not a jaw. It's a blade.
    >> Non gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)20:42 No.18541662
         File: 1333327352.png-(17 KB, 291x482, 1333264568564.png)
    17 KB
    you realize that we must go to war! Also, if you want to prey on other creatures it would be interesting it became truly macro sized, evolving a need to exist outside the host organism to prey on everything...with that being said.
    The LemThreshers experienced something new, illness...it ravaged them, made them slow and weak. In time a select few lemthreshers evolved a very potent cellular diffusion system. (read it up) By expelling a significant amount of its cytoplasm it can flush out foreign matter.
    >> Deus vs Machina 04/01/12(Sun)20:50 No.18541743
    The few Ramel by this point that do not have the jaw-blade have adapted their own blades in a different direction. They have developed feeding grooves on their blade that suck in blood when the blade punctures a foe's flesh. This blood is used for sustenance and for replenishing their reserves for using the blood cannon if necessary.
    >> Deus vs Machina 04/01/12(Sun)20:52 No.18541761
         File: 1333327958.png-(16 KB, 635x360, BloodeaterRamel.png)
    16 KB
    Whoops, here's the picture.
    >> Frowg Guy 04/01/12(Sun)21:25 No.18542117
    Look at all of these naturally occurring sword and axe blades.

    The tribals will have a field day.
    >> falc 04/01/12(Sun)22:19 No.18542670
    >> Event: Predation Non gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)22:26 No.18542761
    ((dear god i love these things. This frozen tundra is the right way for things to get screwed up.))
    Things on the tundra are coming to a boiling point despite the freezing cold! A giant virus preys on a giant Cell, which preys on the locals. The Frowgmen have stayed hidden, and the plants are on the warpath! WHAT...WILL...HAPPEN...NEXT?
    roll a 2d20-the first one is your primary food source, the second is your alternate (less specialized in killing). evolve accordingly. Keep in mind, your species may not even need to eat them, just kill them out of genocidal competition for survival. Alternatively, you may Claim a preferred foe inside of your tier or one tier up, but you loose the subchoice of foe/prey. Finally, optionally, Pick one of the past events, any of them, name which one you are picking, and roll a 1d6 for that event and take that trait. Enjoy.

    Cidex 1-5, tier 1
    Fluz 5-9, tier 1
    bords 10-14, tier 1
    Ragas 15-16, tier 2
    Ramel17-18, tier 2
    19-Lem, tier 3
    20- Frowgmen, tier 3
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)22:29 No.18542818
    rolled 3, 9 = 12

    Rolling for Carnivourous Ragas
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)22:34 No.18542873
    rolled 6 = 6

    Trait rolling for black Dawn.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)22:35 No.18542881
    rolled 8, 8 = 16

    rolling for giant lem
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)22:35 No.18542887

    Welp. I guess my plants like getting huge.

    It will be a bit of time before I post the evolution...
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)22:37 No.18542900
    rolled 4 = 4

    rolling for event the thaw giant lem
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)22:38 No.18542916
    rolled 2 = 2


    so the giant lem now prey on fluz, have mating displays, live in packs and have manipulators

    a lot to draw...
    >> Lemthresher Non gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)22:51 No.18543043
    Time to consume...provided the fucking Phage/ Virus doesn't eat them.
    >> Non gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)22:52 No.18543056
    rolled 4, 17 = 21

    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)23:03 No.18543261
    The carnivourous Ragas develop massivly, though few are apt to take note. The reason is that while the Ragas have developed into skyscraper sized plants, nearly the entirety of that is underground, with sprawling root systems that delve up to a mile deep, and equally wide. With this new system of doom and destruction beneath it, the Ragas are able to take action against a foe that has long since annoyed it. The Fluz with their streams of sticky fluid and their constant buzzing are all but destroyed in a a monumental attack that feeds the Ragas massive growth.

    Death, doom, destruction. Few surivuve, and only the ones that stay far, far away from the Ragas.
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/01/12(Sun)23:05 No.18543296
         File: 1333335942.png-(47 KB, 1264x437, Omnom.png)
    47 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/01/12(Sun)23:14 No.18543459
         File: 1333336440.png-(51 KB, 816x656, 1333236718558.png)
    51 KB
    The Giant Lem, after a long time as an apex predator, finally develop into a specific niche - Fluzpuff population control. By evolving a thick webbing on its right hand that it then smears with its own sticky saliva, the Giant Lem developed a rudimentary Fluzpuff-catcher. The Fluzpuff, which breed at ridiculous rates and are woefully stupid, like the Lem themselves, will often follow the same route every day in great swarms allowing the Giant Lem merely to live in the path of the Fluzpuff and gulp them down at leisure.
    This behavior often led to the Lem living in close proximity, and rudimentary pack behaviors began to develop - moreover they developed "horns" of hard membrane as both an indicator of how much excess food/energy they have - a way of showing how close they are to division. Bigger horns = closer to the split. The energy stored in the horn membrane is consumed to help the Giant Lem recover from the massive energy requirements during the split.
    On the left hand the "claws" of the Giant Lem have split into several smaller digits more suitable for manipulation of tools and such.
    >> Non gentleman 04/01/12(Sun)23:33 No.18543767
    rolled 5 = 5

    Rolling for fire and ice
    >> falc 04/02/12(Mon)00:07 No.18544173
    rolled 19, 16 = 35

    rollin for mobile Ragas
    update it later or tomorrow
    >> falc 04/02/12(Mon)00:09 No.18544189

    To a lesser extent they seek out other ragas strains to strangle them with roots.
    >> Deus vs Machina 04/02/12(Mon)00:10 No.18544192
         File: 1333339808.png-(17 KB, 546x360, JawRamel2.png)
    17 KB
    The Jaw Ramels' blades are now hinged near the base. The lower prong is capable of moving, aiding in slicing and gripping flesh.
    >> falc 04/02/12(Mon)00:11 No.18544206
    who would have thought that the scariest thing in the tundra is the flora
    >> Anonymous 04/02/12(Mon)00:44 No.18544651
    Hm. Shear Ramel. Nice.

    Hey, are you planning another Convergence thread at all for in the next few weeks? That game was getting interesting.
    >> Deus vs Machina 04/02/12(Mon)00:47 No.18544681
    Indeed I am. And if you thought the first thread was getting interesting the second one will blow your mind. Hopefully.

    I originally was going to start one Saturday but it got hit by the autosage bug, then since this quest was running already I decided to save it for a later time. Wednesday, maybe Tuesday night at the earliest is when I've got the next one planned. If I miss that, Friday.

    Glad to see my quest has gotten some interest.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/12(Mon)01:33 No.18545225
    >> Frowg Guy 04/02/12(Mon)01:45 No.18545354
         File: 1333345535.png-(2 KB, 142x107, vyriped.png)
    2 KB
    Millions of macrovirii died from exposure to an unaccustomed environment. A small number survived, having ingested enough genetic material that they began to steal traits from their hosts, giving birth to the vyriped. This lowly silicon-based lifeform feeds by latching onto unaware larger creatures and feeding on blood through their pourous crystalline forms, absorbing trace amounts of genetic code and eventually budding a smaller version of itself with widely erratic results to. The creature's lack of its own replicable dna makes it a complete anomaly. It may be due to the lems cosmic nature that gave the vyriped such form.
    >> Frowg Guy 04/02/12(Mon)01:47 No.18545371
    And yes I did just make organic genestealer nanbots. We might as well start entering hypothetical lifeform territory.
    >> Deus vs Machina 04/02/12(Mon)01:55 No.18545429
    The Evolution Moon thread had flying organic light-based computers. Those are going to be pretty hard to beat.
    >> post limit, then autosage soon. Non gentleman 04/02/12(Mon)03:34 No.18546481
         File: 1333352047.png-(32 KB, 393x469, 1333264568564.png)
    32 KB
    Good to know, ill do an extension of the Tundra thread running monday-tuesday, terminating by the time yours starts. You have made the Ramel Beautiful.
    I like it a lot, as long as its just a genetic thief that eventually matures into its own, i'm completely down for it. Also, your Frowgmen have room for some evolution according to Indonesian man. im suspecting when we get to tribe phase that room will be gone, or near gone. So feel free to cash in on the events that happened for your TundraFrowgs.
    As for the LemThreshers, they have learned enough. They will change physically no more unless there are some really extreme circumstances. They are now, the Lem'uy once more, taking back their proud heritage. the dress in the shredded hides of the cidex, and use their tusks to attach Ramel horns/ jaws/ spikes to. They are still...not very smart, but then to survive the tundra, that's not too important.
    >> State of the Tundra Non gentleman 04/02/12(Mon)03:50 No.18546629
    FrowgGuy- vyriped, horrible little genetic theifs, barely noticeale to most creatures, I fully authorize them to make all the rolls that every other creature got to represent their wild genetic mutability.
    Frowgmen (Tundra flavor)-been keeping to themselves.
    Deus vs Machina - Took the Ramel and ran with it, im curious if there are many breeds out there right now, or if the current version represents the current standard, or are they specialized in the herd..pack? Still going strong.
    Falc- Ragas-mobile- Aware, mobile, parasitic, horrific.
    LordHighlander -Ragas-fucking nightmare- has taken over huge swaths of the tundra and penetrated deep into the ground, creatures consume it still, but all they get are but the fringes of a much larger organism.
    Anonymous- Giant Lem- Its big, its pack based, it has hands, and its literally has no brain. It recently took a blow to its food supply when the Fluz nearly went extinct.
    Gonna drag the Bords, Fluz, and Cidex thru the Predation event. should get us ready for the eventual continuation/ closer thread so DeusExMachina can have his evo game uninterrupted. rolling 6d20, for those 3.
    >> Non gentleman 04/02/12(Mon)03:51 No.18546650
    rolled 2, 15, 13, 18, 1, 4 = 53

    >> the unloved Non gentleman 04/02/12(Mon)04:36 No.18547044
    making up the bottom of the food chain we have our latest evolutions.
    The Cydex- Its primary food source now eats the cydex, it has evolved to eat other creatures. Heavily armed and armored it goes head to head with the vicious Ramel and giant Lem. this is a sink or swim moment in this species history.

    The Fluz- Practically annihilated by the Ragas and Giant Lem the surviving fluz bred amongst themselves. All fluz can now spew sticky web glue and have the innate instinct to roll and drop dung bombs...and fly around creatures heads. Still there are few, but they harass the Cidex and Ramel exclusively. They attempt to lay their eggs in the armor plates of the creatures then seal it with dung and web glue.

    The Bords- The bords have their backs to the wall, they are not the fastest, or the strongest, they have no natural weapons. But its quite possibly they are the angriest, if their mustaches and eyebrows have any indication. They fight and murder amongst the Bord Clans for dominance with their primitive weapons.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/12(Mon)04:37 No.18547055
         File: 1333355876.png-(42 KB, 698x520, 1333283009072.png)
    42 KB
    and i'm out for the night. When this thread starts to die i hope someone archives it for us. I dont know how to.
    >> Frowg Guy 04/02/12(Mon)04:46 No.18547118
    >so many rolls
    >3:46 AM
    not cognitively capable
    >> noko+dice+7d6 Frowg Guy 04/02/12(Mon)04:50 No.18547145

    >> Frowg Guy 04/02/12(Mon)04:50 No.18547149
    rolled 6, 5, 2, 5, 1, 2, 6 = 27

    >> Frowg Guy 04/02/12(Mon)04:55 No.18547182
    6- Grow bigger
    5- new sense
    2,5,1 -I HAVE NO IDEA
    6- I DONT KNOW
    >> Frowg Guy 04/02/12(Mon)04:55 No.18547185
         File: 1333356939.png-(6 KB, 194x160, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK.png)
    6 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/02/12(Mon)04:57 No.18547197
    As the guy who did the original fruiting Ragas as a food source. I laugh at the monstrosities they have evolved into xD
    >> Frowg Guy 04/02/12(Mon)05:07 No.18547265
         File: 1333357670.png-(14 KB, 286x359, THEY CALL HIM CROGAKIN RAMELBO(...).png)
    14 KB


    >> non gentelman 04/02/12(Mon)05:20 No.18547334
    COME AT ME BRO!!!! Will the Lems and frogs coexist, for a better tomorrow or will there be red ice?!!! FIND OUT NEXT TIME. WHEN I'M FUCKING AWAKE!!!!
    /tg/ there are a few species left. evolve. grow. consume.
    >> sage 04/02/12(Mon)06:21 No.18547632
         File: 1333362069.png-(47 KB, 584x538, 1333236718558.png)
    47 KB
    The Giant Lem develop into the tribal stage - a natural step up from their pack system. They pick up sharp rocks and use them to smash things with (hey, they're retards, what did you expect?) and that's the extent of their weaponry arsenal. On the other hand, they do get fashionable straps of fur and skin, but they didn't make these - they're trophies from Fwogmen and Lem variants.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/12(Mon)07:05 No.18547833
    >> Deus vs Machina 04/02/12(Mon)07:24 No.18547903
    I imagined the two Ramel variants as still being part of the same pack, with the Shear Ramel having higher "social status" and the Bloodeaters as the fringe minority.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/12(Mon)09:14 No.18548458
    Do the arctic frogmen cultivate the frillas, or are they deprived of their ancestral plant companions?
    >> Anonymous 04/02/12(Mon)13:09 No.18549884
    >> falc 04/02/12(Mon)13:27 No.18550002
    Fucking Comedy gold man

    Ok back to the ragas
    >> falc 04/02/12(Mon)13:38 No.18550080
    Thanks for the glorious contribution
    they would never have been the horrorterror they are today without you my friend

    Feel free to jump back in
    >> falc 04/02/12(Mon)13:52 No.18550153
         File: 1333389121.png-(19 KB, 236x496, mobile Ragasa.png)
    19 KB
    Ok so yea. The mobile ragas have developed little seed Injectors on the end of some vines. They sneak up to Lem in the night(and some other creatures, Lem preferred for it's body type) and inject them with seedlings that instantly begin growing and suck energy from the Lem's cell body.
    This is potent enough to kill most lemvariant in a matter of hours depending on how many seeds they get injected with,

    The Mobile Ragas continue to make war with the other strains, using their mobility to move into 'enemy' territory and uproot/dangerously prune intelligent ragas strains. They usually just stay the fuck away from the Giant, flesh eating ragas, but sometimes will break off little pieces of root sticking out.
    >> falc 04/02/12(Mon)13:57 No.18550174
    rollin for intelligent Ragas
    also 1d6 for fire and ice event
    >> falc 04/02/12(Mon)14:18 No.18550258
    rolled 18, 8 + 1 = 27

    >> falc 04/02/12(Mon)14:21 No.18550268
    Primary Ramel Secondary Fluz?
    and more mobile?

    lets see what I can do here
    >> Anonymous 04/02/12(Mon)16:56 No.18551516
    >> Anonymous 04/02/12(Mon)17:33 No.18551918
    >> falc 04/02/12(Mon)19:26 No.18553141
    >> Anonymous 04/03/12(Tue)00:40 No.18556496
    >> LordHighlander !tHPBvczhcc 04/03/12(Tue)01:24 No.18556868
         File: 1333430651.png-(43 KB, 918x542, Dinosaur.png)
    43 KB
    The humble beginnings of the Frilla....

    Lets get an underwater thread going, so that we can do a bit of evolution there.
    >> falc 04/03/12(Tue)02:06 No.18557202
    another underwater?
    one that stays there I presume?
    Hell I'm all for it.
    Link if it's made por favor
    >> thread termination non gentelman 04/03/12(Tue)03:16 No.18557705
    >>18557635 enjoy. go into the water, live there, die there.

    my final words are: the Fluz and Bord are evolutionary dead ends, destined to be food. The Cidex and Ramel will become Beasts for the Lem and Frowgmen to hunt and domesticate, The Giant Lem are still Stupid, big, and to be stayed the fuck away from, thankfully they are slow to reproduce and slower to react. The Ragas species grew and became overwhelming, and because of that it drove the Fleshy species ever southward towards the mainland. In time the Ragas will be forced to evolve again due to lack of fleshy food...but that time is later. for now, it is a time of unforgiving savagery on the bloody tundra.

    ---end thread---

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