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  • File: 1333341070.png-(824 KB, 700x1400, GORGONfortress01.png)
    824 KB Ironhearts Vol.2 Ch 9. Raid on Gorgon Fortress DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/02/12(Mon)00:31 No.18544436  
    Speed is key for this operation. However exercise caution and vigilance, if we miss any details Hassan could get the better of us.

    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/02/12(Mon)00:31 No.18544445
    Action phase timer incoming....
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/02/12(Mon)00:33 No.18544468


    [10 MINUTES]
    >> [MZday1]White !!L2zyfu679cs 04/02/12(Mon)00:35 No.18544496
    >Move into Iron Skull

    "Don't blow this thing up. It needs to cool down after firing."
    >Attach MG turret to inside of Iron Skull's mouth
    >Load with Ibonyte rounds
    >Attach ammo supply to MG turret
    >Load that with Ibonyte too
    >> [Btl1mm]Sgt.Alfie !3QUDPTn2Js 04/02/12(Mon)00:35 No.18544506
    >Move 1L N
    >Overwatch N
    >> =IH= [LR1] MSgt. Elfriede !!e9KJRg3dDSf 04/02/12(Mon)00:35 No.18544510
    >move three lengths northeast and board the Iron Skull
    >order Norse Friend to move two lengths northeast
    >> [Btl1mm]Sgt.Alfie !3QUDPTn2Js 04/02/12(Mon)00:36 No.18544517
    Axe-Tipped Mineflail
    >> =GUN=[HIs1]Sgt Tao !0YaIB40KUM 04/02/12(Mon)00:37 No.18544529
    >Await Doctor White and Elfriede entering IronSkull
    >Advance full movement N going around obstacles as needed.
    >If Hostiles in range soulrend
    >> =GUN=[HIs1]Sgt Tao !0YaIB40KUM 04/02/12(Mon)00:38 No.18544545

    >Shadow Rounds: All attacks are now Dark Damage

    Souls: 6
    >> [J1] Cori !!cPqKAvHANHT 04/02/12(Mon)00:38 No.18544553
    >Move 4N
    >Launch pumpkin 5N
    >Auto gro hed
    >Launch pumpkin 5NW
    >Auto gro hed
    >> =Bb=[FO3-vv-+hp] SSgt. Cotton !!9Fl1g8eDF/c 04/02/12(Mon)00:38 No.18544555
    Keep it tight, people; no clue what could be hiding out in the sands.

    >move 3N
    >dig foxholes
    >order +1 hit
    >overwatch N and NE, each Vulcan squad taking a direction
    >> =ap=[FM1] The Vengeful, Sgt. !!TwNoeZiFT8s 04/02/12(Mon)00:39 No.18544561
    >waits patiently
    >> =GC=[FO2-aga+hit] 2ndLt. Blitz !Kdt2kegU6U 04/02/12(Mon)00:39 No.18544572
    rolled 2, 3, 8, 9, 3, 2, 6, 3, 1, 4, 9 = 50

    >Granediers fire over the banister to hit assassin W
    >2west and one Asquad fire on the assassin.
    >Other A overwatches N. We all try to sidly up that rock for cover best we can.

    9 roll is for A
    2 last is for G squad.
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/02/12(Mon)00:40 No.18544576
    rolled 7, 6 = 13

    (Dice is my two tank shots)
    >Spot those enemy infantry to the northwest.
    >Two tanks fire on those infantry.

    "Commence Operation!"

    My upgrades:
    >+1 DR, +1 Range, Extra Crew Slot, +1 Blast Radius

    Botting [x1]
    >Move 3 nnw and attack that hidden guy if it's an enemy.
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !R8iE2D4vxw 04/02/12(Mon)00:40 No.18544577
    >Vanguard shields to N
    >2 Vanguard dig a trench for the unit
    >Unit goes prone in trench
    >All units (except 2 vanguards) overwatch sidearms to N
    >> [J1] Cori !!cPqKAvHANHT 04/02/12(Mon)00:40 No.18544586
    rolled 9, 5 = 14


    (if needed)
    >> =IH=[Ke2] Sdt. Eisenhardt !!dbkhNT6LvKP 04/02/12(Mon)00:41 No.18544594
    Double checking one last time that the elephant guns were clear of sand and ready to fire, Soldat Eisenhardt turns to his comrades and gives a nod to them both in turn, before starting the advance.

    >Move 3 Northwest
    >Overwatch North
    >> =IH= [K1] Korber !iaGTzjaelU 04/02/12(Mon)00:44 No.18544641

    >move 2 north
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/02/12(Mon)00:44 No.18544655
    Phase End.
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/02/12(Mon)01:49 No.18545384
         File: 1333345788.png-(961 KB, 700x1400, GORGONfortress02.png)
    961 KB
    Enemy Phase.
    > duIS1 Destroyed. Passengers have escaped the craft with an escape roll.
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/02/12(Mon)02:35 No.18545823
         File: 1333348543.png-(1012 KB, 700x1400, GORGONfortress03.png)
    1012 KB

    that Crackle...


    [6 minutes]
    >> [MZday1]White !!L2zyfu679cs 04/02/12(Mon)02:37 No.18545836
    >Bite 3 or 4 guys nearby, depending on whether wall phase is an action. Prioritize mortar crew.
    >Wall phase inside a bit of wall that ISN'T A LASER EYE
    >> =GUN=[HIs1]Sgt Tao !0YaIB40KUM 04/02/12(Mon)02:38 No.18545840
    >Deathstare Birdhead
    >> =IH= [LR1] MSgt. Elfriede !!e9KJRg3dDSf 04/02/12(Mon)02:38 No.18545842
    >retrieve Sergeant Tao's head
    >move four lengths south
    >> [H]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/02/12(Mon)02:38 No.18545847
    >move 1NW 3NE
    >overwatch melee W
    >> =Bb=[FO3-vv-+hp] SSgt. Cotton !!9Fl1g8eDF/c 04/02/12(Mon)02:40 No.18545875
    rolled 7, 8, 10, 8, 7, 6, 9, 10, 9, 7, 7, 10, 2, 1, 9, 2, 3, 8, 1, 3 = 127


    They're targeting us! Move!

    >Move 3E
    >Order +2 hit
    >Vulcans fire 5N at the bird-headed man thing
    >> =IH=[Ke2] Sdt. Eisenhardt !!dbkhNT6LvKP 04/02/12(Mon)02:40 No.18545876
    rolled 8, 1, 10 = 19

    >Move 3 North
    >Shoot at the eagle-headed guy with the hammer
    >Overwatch Northwest
    >> [J1] Cori !!cPqKAvHANHT 04/02/12(Mon)02:41 No.18545880
         File: 1333348886.jpg-(57 KB, 640x465, mookseverywhere.jpg)
    57 KB
    rolled 1 = 1

    >Move 1W, 1NW
    >Launch hed at MG nest to NW
    >Auto gro hed
    >3 Pooks rush and detonate at hammer enemy within movement range
    >4 Pooks move and launch heds at enemies to N.
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/02/12(Mon)02:41 No.18545881
    rolled 6, 7, 6 = 19

    >-$- Call in an [i], 3 of them join my crew, 1 join [Btl1mm]Sgt.Alfie
    s crew.
    >One tank spot that MG nest to the NE
    >Two tanks reload, then fire at MG nest to the NE

    My upgrades:
    >+1 DR, +1 Range, Extra Crew Slot, +1 Blast Radius

    Botting [x1]:
    >Double move max north, hide by door.

    Botting [Btl1mm]
    >Pickup last [i]
    >Fire main gun on cannon to N
    >move 1 L vv
    >> =IH= [K1] Korber !iaGTzjaelU 04/02/12(Mon)02:41 No.18545882
    rolled 9, 3, 4, 2, 7, 5, 10, 8, 5 = 53


    >Move 3Nw
    >Fire at the Birdhead with the hammer (taking the extended range penalty)
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/02/12(Mon)02:43 No.18545898
    (Crap, meant move 1 Lenght north)
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !R8iE2D4vxw 04/02/12(Mon)02:43 No.18545899
    rolled 4, 7, 3, 4, 6, 6, 7, 9 = 46

    >Stand from prone
    >Move 2 NW
    >-$- Corpsier raises ghouls from all corpses nearby and commands them to attack nearest enemy units
    >Vanguards shield to N
    >-!- Order own unit to open fire on enemy to N
    >-$- Call in a unit of [e] mooks from SE corner, have them move 3 N to join [LR1] and heal her
    >-$- Call in a [dc-mg] from the S edge, have it move 4L N and fire all guns at mg nest on the wall N of [FO2]
    >Vanguards and Corpsier fire sidearm double-fire N
    >> =gc= [FM1ap] The Vengeful, Sgt. !!TwNoeZiFT8s 04/02/12(Mon)02:43 No.18545905
    rolled 9, 3, 4, 3, 9, 1, 7, 7 = 43

    >move 1L north
    >open fire on the (fleshy??) bird-guardian, top turret.
    >rinse and repeat

    +2 vs. air
    High chance ignite! (fleshies)
    >> =GC=[FO2-aga+hit] 2ndLt. Blitz !Kdt2kegU6U 04/02/12(Mon)02:44 No.18545909
    rolled 2, 1 = 3

    > Grenadiers Fire 2 hex north onto stealth asshole
    > Everyone bunches up behind that rock.
    > Assaultees go prone, shift 1 Hex west and Overwatch north
    > Ordering +1 Hit on both of these soldiers.

    " Requesting support on this wall , they got me pinned ! "
    >> =GUN=[HIs1]Sgt Tao !0YaIB40KUM 04/02/12(Mon)02:45 No.18545918
    "You, with the birdhead, that was your last mistake."
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/02/12(Mon)02:45 No.18545929
    Phase End....
    >> =ap= [FM1] The Vengeful, Sgt. !!TwNoeZiFT8s 04/02/12(Mon)02:53 No.18546040
    He is Jack, King of the Pumpkin Patch.
    >> [J1] Cori !!cPqKAvHANHT 04/02/12(Mon)02:55 No.18546069
         File: 1333349750.jpg-(39 KB, 600x457, wheresichabod.jpg)
    39 KB
    rolled 6 = 6

    "Se... ven. L-l-lucky..."
    >> =Bb=[FO3-vv-+hp] SSgt. Cotton !!9Fl1g8eDF/c 04/02/12(Mon)03:07 No.18546186

    Dammit, I meant West! 3 West!
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/02/12(Mon)04:11 No.18546832
         File: 1333354308.png-(1.09 MB, 700x1400, GORGONfortress04.png)
    1.09 MB
    Enemy Phase.
    > 4th hour of Day.
    > Night Begins after this phase !
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/02/12(Mon)05:02 No.18547235
         File: 1333357364.png-(1.16 MB, 700x1400, GORGONfortress05.png)
    1.16 MB
    Chaos Reigns from the pumpkin king, but as the day bows out, as does his power.

    The enemy utilizes the active defenses in this area. Destroy them with extreme prejudice ! Everything about this fort is against us !

    I pray that you all should be able to fight much better now that the moon has turned up.

    Crap is this watch broken ??


    >> That's it for tonight.
    > We'll pick up Monday Night. [8pm Est]

    Dismissed !
    >> Anonymous 04/02/12(Mon)06:58 No.18547801
    >> Anonymous 04/02/12(Mon)08:32 No.18548192
    Could potential recruits deploy on the next turn?
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/02/12(Mon)09:05 No.18548395
    Of course, new players are welcome to join in at anytime. Just be here when we resume some time shortly after 8pm EST, and request deployment. If you need help getting started you can check out http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Iron_Hearts
    >> Anonymous 04/02/12(Mon)15:10 No.18550568
    >> Anonymous 04/02/12(Mon)17:31 No.18551898
    >> =BB=[x1]Sol."Axe" Beil !HbL/CrWg.E 04/02/12(Mon)17:58 No.18552179
    "Hey Boss?"
    "Axe is busy! What do you want?"
    "We are a pair right?"
    "Does Axe need to tell you this? Axe would have thought you already know this!"
    "Yeah I know but, something is bothering me"
    "There are three of us here"
    Axe took a few moments to realize, but then, he realized that in the midst of all this chaos and warfare a 3rd Axeman had joined their ranks. Axe was slightly suspicious, but in the spirit of not giving a fuck, and not caring that he had another Axe wielder on his side, he decided to let it pass. For now,
    "Perhaps commander sent extra reinforcements for Axe. Hmpth, as if Axe NEEDED reinforcing. Continue with the mission as planned""
    >> Anonymous 04/02/12(Mon)20:23 No.18553749
    pre mission bump
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/02/12(Mon)21:32 No.18554546
    We will begin on the Hour.

    Those who wish to participate report in !
    Double-Unresponsive units will be erased from the board*

    *exists on the board with no known player.
    >> =BB=[x1]Sol."Axe" Beil !HbL/CrWg.E 04/02/12(Mon)21:32 No.18554554

    I will try to get some commands down this time.

    Reporting in
    >> =IH=[Ke2] Sdt. Eisenhardt !!dbkhNT6LvKP 04/02/12(Mon)21:33 No.18554561
    Soldat Eisenhardt of the 67th Musketeers, reporting in!
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !R8iE2D4vxw 04/02/12(Mon)21:33 No.18554565
    Reporting in. Get ready to breach those ruins, men!
    >> =GC=[FO2-aga] 2ndLt. Blitz !Kdt2kegU6U 04/02/12(Mon)21:33 No.18554566
    I'm here.
    >> =IH= [K1] Korber !iaGTzjaelU 04/02/12(Mon)21:34 No.18554570

    >> [Btl1mm]SFC.Alfie !3QUDPTn2Js 04/02/12(Mon)21:38 No.18554601
    >> =IH= [LR1] MSgt. Elfriede !!e9KJRg3dDSf 04/02/12(Mon)21:42 No.18554650
    "Awaiting further instructions."
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/02/12(Mon)21:44 No.18554668
    Reporting in.
    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/02/12(Mon)21:44 No.18554673
    >still here
    >> [MZday1]White !!L2zyfu679cs 04/02/12(Mon)21:48 No.18554724
    >> =GUN=[HIs1]Sgt Tao !0YaIB40KUM 04/02/12(Mon)21:49 No.18554735
    Reporting in
    >> =Bb=[FO3-vv-+hp] SSgt. Cotton !!9Fl1g8eDF/c 04/02/12(Mon)21:52 No.18554778
    Ready and willing!
    >> [J1] Cori !!cPqKAvHANHT 04/02/12(Mon)21:58 No.18554840
         File: 1333418292.jpg-(31 KB, 486x648, fuego.jpg)
    31 KB
    "In the dead of night
    A flickering light..."
    >> =ap= [FM1] The Vengeful (Sgt.) !!TwNoeZiFT8s 04/02/12(Mon)21:58 No.18554841
    uhhh... yea.
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/02/12(Mon)21:59 No.18554864
    "All units present and accounted for, it's showtime!"
    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/02/12(Mon)22:01 No.18554874
    >Anyone aware of where that extra [x] came from? Otherwise I'll just kill it.
    >> =BB=[x1]Sol."Axe" Beil !HbL/CrWg.E 04/02/12(Mon)22:04 No.18554919

    Not 100% sure. It just appeared unless Monday made a mistake in processing
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/02/12(Mon)22:42 No.18555251
         File: 1333420943.png-(1.14 MB, 700x1400, GORGONfortress05a.png)
    1.14 MB
    We will now begin.
    Action Phase

    >Request to deploy HD1 has been cancelled by the CO due to the necessity to have terror this round. Advising that you deploy next turn if things turn up.



    >> =IH= [LR1] MSgt. Elfriede !!e9KJRg3dDSf 04/02/12(Mon)22:43 No.18555256
    rolled 9, 7 = 16

    >instruct surviving medic to attempt resuscitation on the downed medic (first die)
    >if resuscitation is successful, then instruct revived medic to heal my squad and I (second die)
    >move two lengths west and two lengths northwest
    >gently set down Sgt. Tao's head
    >> =IH= [K1] Korber !KU.cFnq5ZE 04/02/12(Mon)22:43 No.18555261
    >run 2 W, 1 NW, 3W
    >> =GC=[FO2-aga+hit] 2ndLt. Blitz !Kdt2kegU6U 04/02/12(Mon)22:43 No.18555268
    > Advance 3 NE into door
    > Cover Vonclaude
    >> =IH=[Ke2] Sdt. Eisenhardt !!dbkhNT6LvKP 04/02/12(Mon)22:44 No.18555273
    rolled 9, 1, 10 = 20

    Soldat Eisenhardt gazed over the massive ruins, and then looks back at the sand cloud and the odd structure they'd advanced past. After a moment's thought, he calls for his comrades to turn their attention to the south. As the kriegers swing their elephant guns about and move to temporarily dig in, Eisenhardt looks over the structure, wondering if it's an entrance.

    >Move 2 West
    >Go Prone
    >Examine Structure (Rolls)
    >Overwatch South
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/02/12(Mon)22:44 No.18555275
    rolled 3, 4 = 7

    >One tank reload
    >One tank spot that laser statue face to the NE
    >Both tanks barrage fire on that laser statue face.

    My upgrades:
    >+1 DR, +1 Range, Extra Crew Slot, +1 Blast Radius
    >> =GUN=[HIs1]Sgt Tao !0YaIB40KUM 04/02/12(Mon)22:44 No.18555281
    >Wait for Elfriede to place me on the ground
    >Expend all souls (12) to reform steed as Iron Skull
    >Move N full movement avoiding allies
    >Soul rend all nearby hostiles
    >Expend ½ of all souls gained for damage reduction.
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !R8iE2D4vxw 04/02/12(Mon)22:44 No.18555283
    rolled 9, 4, 9, 3, 3, 7, 2, 4, 1, 6, 6, 4, 2, 2, 7, 7, 6, 1, 3, 8, 1, 5, 4, 3, 8 = 115

    >-!- Corpsier sends nearby ghouls 2 E and 3NE as far into the wall archway passage as possible, attacking any enemies they find on the way (first 4 dice)
    >-$- Call in an [aaa] platoon from SW corner and have them run 6 N to attach to [FO2]
    >-!- Order own squad to move NE into wall passage and clear out any enemies inside with range-appropriate weapons
    >-!- Order [dc-mg] to move 1L W, shoot all guns at cannon team and infantry 4 hexes to NW, then move 1L S (next 12 dice)
    >Wait until after ghouls and x1 move, then Move 3NE into passage, with Vanguards leading the way
    >Vanguards spread out, shield to cover length of passage
    +If enemies within sidearm range
    >Vanguards double-fire sidearm into visible enemies, priority weakest, then nearest, in attempt to create corpses in as many different groups of enemies as possible (next 6 dice)
    >-$- Corpsier ghoul-bombs any corpses near enemies (and not near living allies)
    +If enemies within melee range
    >Vanguards attack nearby enemies with swords in attempt to kill as many as possible (last 3 dice)
    >-$- Corpsier raises haunts from all nearby corpses, has them sightstep to and possess the most powerful enemies they can see, then attack enemies with possessed body
    +If no enemies within sight
    >Vanguards and corpsier overwatch sidearm double-fire along length of passage
    >> [MZday1]White !!L2zyfu679cs 04/02/12(Mon)22:45 No.18555286
    >Bite 4 of the mg nest guys to my east, unless wall phase is an action then bite 3.
    >Wall phase out of the pyramid to the SE again.
    >> =BB=[x1]Sol."Axe" Beil !HbL/CrWg.E 04/02/12(Mon)22:45 No.18555293
    >Wait until the Ghouls have moved in first
    >Move 4N
    >Overwatch: Chop any enemy units that come into or are in range
    >> =Bb=[FO3-vv-+hp] SSgt. Cotton !!9Fl1g8eDF/c 04/02/12(Mon)22:46 No.18555302
    Sand cloud coming from the south; keep your guards up!

    >move 1S, 2E
    >dig in
    >order +1 hit
    >Overwatch S and SW
    >> [Btl1mm]SFC.Alfie !3QUDPTn2Js 04/02/12(Mon)22:46 No.18555306
    rolled 4, 4, 9, 5 = 22

    >Fire MMs at the Cannon and MG teams to the N
    >Move 3L S
    >> [Z-day] Zel !BbMxagFnx. 04/02/12(Mon)22:47 No.18555307
    >Deploy on Iceheart
    >deploy pad, attach turret
    >Load with ghoul round
    >> [Btl1mm]SFC.Alfie !3QUDPTn2Js 04/02/12(Mon)22:48 No.18555320
    Axe-tipped mineflail
    >> [J1] Cori !!cPqKAvHANHT 04/02/12(Mon)22:48 No.18555321
         File: 1333421312.jpg-(65 KB, 640x559, oneofus.jpg)
    65 KB
    rolled 3 = 3

    >Order all pooks to move into the nearest window or doorway, and if enemies are nearby, launch on them. Else, overwatch
    >Move 4N, taking cover behind [Btl1]
    >Launch at enemy infantry mob + muscleman to NW

    "Nnnnight falls... and m-my... power..."
    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/02/12(Mon)22:50 No.18555351
    rolled 4, 6, 2, 8 = 20

    >move SE E
    >4 melee attack on the extra [x] (previous rolls where 1,4,9,10 just in case it matters)
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/02/12(Mon)22:51 No.18555356
    Turn End.
    >> =ap= [FM1] The Vengeful, Sgt. !!TwNoeZiFT8s 04/02/12(Mon)22:52 No.18555368
    >advance on walls lazers
    >Double action lockdown on the wall lazers
    >> [J1] Cori !!cPqKAvHANHT 04/02/12(Mon)22:53 No.18555377
         File: 1333421608.jpg-(124 KB, 700x670, leftside.jpg)
    124 KB
    rolled 2 = 2

    If possible, please have left side pooks move as black indicates, launch as red indicates.
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/02/12(Mon)23:34 No.18555773
         File: 1333424084.png-(890 KB, 800x918, GORGONfortressBOOM.png)
    890 KB
    ! ! ! An eaglehead is destroyed What was that noise ??
    >> VVV !9phgYvH10U 04/02/12(Mon)23:37 No.18555806
         File: 1333424273.png-(74 KB, 505x519, VilkasSIX05.png)
    74 KB

    " That blast ! Was that caused by the Ibonyte ?? Alfie, Cori, are you alright !? "
    >> Oderkonn !9phgYvH10U 04/02/12(Mon)23:40 No.18555843

    Radiographs out of control !

    THeres a lot of ibonyte based weaponry and all of them are bonded into an energy state. That means theres a powergrid somewhere.... If we disarm this fortress wrong we could easily detonate half of this region.... be careful.

    SciFaxes I want you all to be careful in discerning the nature of this fort.
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/02/12(Mon)23:42 No.18555864
         File: 1333424532.png-(88 KB, 505x519, BEATRIXMEME01.png)
    88 KB
    Radio links with the two units are still live, they are unhurt thankfully. The force of that explosion could have killed anyone else....
    >> [Btl1mm]SFC.Alfie !3QUDPTn2Js 04/02/12(Mon)23:45 No.18555900

    G-good thing Axel is DR4...
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/02/12(Mon)23:48 No.18555943
         File: 1333424921.png-(11 KB, 158x159, WARFACE.png)
    11 KB
    "You're fucking joking me! You think the enemy is gonna let up on those energy blasts while we pussyfoot around trying to disarm them?"

    "White, it's up to you now, this is your job. I don't care what Anne says."
    >> [Spy]Cecilia !!J1VY4eixwBr 04/02/12(Mon)23:54 No.18556012
    >>Observe the battle.

    The voss will win. Again. You're sure of it. You've even got money on it this time.
    >> =IH=[Ke2] Sdt. Eisenhardt !!dbkhNT6LvKP 04/03/12(Tue)00:00 No.18556071
    "...What in the world...?!" Soldat Eisenhardt mutters under his breath. Even the massive explosion's shockwave buffeting him only gives a few moments' distraction before he goes back to staring, disbelieving of what his mind is telling him. A... Ship? How could that be...?!
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/03/12(Tue)01:07 No.18556733
         File: 1333429654.png-(1.23 MB, 700x1400, GORGONfortress06.png)
    1.23 MB
    P- Pumpkin....

    I mean,

    Enemy Phase.
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/03/12(Tue)01:09 No.18556741
         File: 1333429746.png-(1.2 MB, 700x1400, GORGONfortressclean.png)
    1.2 MB
    Clean Version....
    >> [Z-day2] Zel !BbMxagFnx. 04/03/12(Tue)01:23 No.18556858
    "Hey White, check the owls to see if there is some sort of lines or cables directing power to them, or if they are powered by a battery of some type. I'd check myself, but you're closer and can fly."
    >> Oderkonn !9phgYvH10U 04/03/12(Tue)01:26 No.18556906
         File: 1333430813.jpg-(282 KB, 700x612, GORGONfortressDEFENSES.jpg)
    282 KB
    The output on this fortress is hot !
    They can literally ionize the air if they need to !
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/03/12(Tue)02:11 No.18557227
         File: 1333433513.png-(1.17 MB, 700x1400, GORGONfortress07.png)
    1.17 MB


    Action Phase ! Move ! DEUS HAS SHOWN HERSELF !
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/03/12(Tue)02:13 No.18557242
         File: 1333433630.jpg-(476 KB, 700x1400, GORGONfortressasdkfjakjdfs.jpg)
    476 KB
    correct version !


    >> =IH= [LR1] MSgt. Elfriede !!e9KJRg3dDSf 04/03/12(Tue)02:14 No.18557251
    rolled 1 = 1

    >retrieve pumpkin lying on the ground one hex north
    >move three lengths north and hug the wall
    >lob pumpkin northeast through lower window
    >> [MZday1]White !!L2zyfu679cs 04/03/12(Tue)02:15 No.18557252
    >Wall phase inside pyramid
    >Analyze book sigil thing-is it linked to the laser eye defense systems?
    >Analyze eye thing to its right-is THAT linked to the defense systems?
    >Analyze thing that looks like the number six-is this stupid thing linked to the defense systems?
    >> 2ndLT. Blitz !Kdt2kegU6U 04/03/12(Tue)02:15 No.18557258

    Go N
    > Capture the 20 Building.
    > If there is no cooperation detonate everyone within.
    >> =GUN=[HIs1]Sgt Tao !0YaIB40KUM 04/03/12(Tue)02:16 No.18557267
    rolled 2, 10, 8, 5, 4, 1, 6, 7, 10, 3, 8, 5 = 69

    >Convert to Vengeful's Firestorm Tank
    >Deathstare Deus Ex
    >Fire all guns on Deus Ex
    >> =IH= [K1] Korber !KU.cFnq5ZE 04/03/12(Tue)02:16 No.18557270

    >Run 3NW, 3NE
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !R8iE2D4vxw 04/03/12(Tue)02:16 No.18557273
    rolled 5 = 5

    >Move 3 NW
    >-$- Corpsier summons 2 haunts, has them sightstep to the eagle head at top of temple and possess them to keep them from firing
    >-!- Corpsier orders ghouls to attack the stealthed ninja on the roof to NE
    >Vanguards shield & overwatch melee N and NW
    >-!- Order [e] mook in SE to attach to [Z2] and assist him
    >-!- Order [x1] to investigate that third axeman
    >Overwatch sidearm double-fire S

    Botting [x1]
    >Move 3NW, join to my squad
    >One mook Investigate extra axeman (1 die)
    >Other mook overwatch towards that extra
    >> [J1] Cori !!cPqKAvHANHT 04/03/12(Tue)02:16 No.18557274
    >if enemies are nearby/discovered, pooks launch on them. Else pooks explore buildings and overwatch
    >detonate Elfriede-thrown pumpkin if Elfriede clear
    >move 3 NW
    >Examine room if Elfriede-thrown pumpkin doesn't need action to detonate
    >> =Bb=[FO3-vv-+hp] SSgt. Cotton !!9Fl1g8eDF/c 04/03/12(Tue)02:16 No.18557277
    rolled 1 = 1

    Move it! I want to check out this...whatever it is I found!

    >move 3SW
    >Examine blue eye...thing I found in the sand
    >Order +1 hit
    >overwatch with vulcans west, toward the stairwell entrance

    Dice is for Examine action
    >> [Z-day2] Zel !BbMxagFnx. 04/03/12(Tue)02:16 No.18557280
    >Fire ghoul missile at closest visible eenmy
    > move 1 SE, 2 (3 if command move buff) East
    >dig a trench and take cover
    >> =ap= [FM1] The Vengeful (Sgt.) !!TwNoeZiFT8s 04/03/12(Tue)02:17 No.18557289
    rolled 7, 8, 5, 5, 4, 3, 1, 6 = 39

    >move as close to Deus as I can.
    >Double fire top turret

    >+2 vs air.
    >High Chance Ignite!
    >> [Z-day2] Zel !BbMxagFnx. 04/03/12(Tue)02:18 No.18557291
    "Who is that tied up on the statue up there?"
    >> [J1] Cori !!cPqKAvHANHT 04/03/12(Tue)02:18 No.18557293
         File: 1333433896.jpg-(25 KB, 565x452, grinnin.jpg)
    25 KB
    rolled 7 = 7

    >rolling for examine?

    "G-good... throw..."
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/03/12(Tue)02:18 No.18557295
    >-$-Call in an [i], have them repair [Btl1] then 1 join his crew. 3 remaining move north and check out that laser turret ruins.
    >Both tanks reload
    >Move 2L NE, 1L N out of those laser targets
    >1 Tank fire on Deus Ex

    My upgrades:
    >+1 DR, +1 Range, Extra Crew Slot, +1 Blast Radius
    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/03/12(Tue)02:18 No.18557300
    rolled 3 = 3

    >fire 1 bolt with doom trap (explosive ibonyte tip-head)
    >move SE E 2NE
    >Take cover in the crater
    >> [Btl1mm]SFC.Alfie !3QUDPTn2Js 04/03/12(Tue)02:19 No.18557307
    >Move 3L N
    >Reload any spent weapons.
    >Overwatch N with minicannons.

    Axe tipped mineflail
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/03/12(Tue)02:20 No.18557309
    End Turn
    >> [J1] Cori !!cPqKAvHANHT 04/03/12(Tue)02:20 No.18557311
         File: 1333434034.jpg-(412 KB, 700x1400, justincase.jpg)
    412 KB
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/03/12(Tue)02:25 No.18557350

    > Will just be default processed as a Jury Rigged explosive arrow. But Doom traps are Expressedly a Trap Tile only implement and can't be jury rigged into a projectile weapon.
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !R8iE2D4vxw 04/03/12(Tue)02:45 No.18557480

    Damn it, she's too high up, and we can't get the duocopters close while those defenses are up. White, shut down those eyes! The rest of you, get up here ASAP and engage Deus Ex at any opportunity!

    Oh and Elfriede, get ready, we got a crazy plan in store~
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/03/12(Tue)03:38 No.18557827
         File: 1333438726.png-(231 KB, 600x344, ASSASSINFIGHT.png)
    231 KB
    Elizabet's arrow fires on the Assassin.... but..
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/03/12(Tue)03:55 No.18557920
         File: 1333439723.png-(1.23 MB, 700x1400, GORGONfortress08.png)
    1.23 MB
    > ANalogue Phase

    Eisenhardt killed.
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/03/12(Tue)04:03 No.18557977
    "Starstress, Oderkonn, anyone, hell, even Jack! Someone tell me just what the hell we are looking at in here! And what is this 'Eye of Shiva'?"
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !R8iE2D4vxw 04/03/12(Tue)04:06 No.18557997
    "And Oderkonn, inform me what would be necessary to field-retrofit a coffin to contain Deus Ex."
    >> DeusEx !9phgYvH10U 04/03/12(Tue)04:11 No.18558020
         File: 1333440691.png-(586 KB, 1043x683, GORGONfortressDOOM.png)
    586 KB


    Now you've done it...

    triggered the mechanism..

    gonna see you all

    >> =ap= [FM1] The Vengeful (Sgt.) !!TwNoeZiFT8s 04/03/12(Tue)04:14 No.18558035
    The deafening rumble of the firestorm's guns finally subsides, barrels hissing steam in the cold night air.
    "Hey Tao," the Pilot said over the comm, "Nice ride."
    >> Oderkonn !9phgYvH10U 04/03/12(Tue)04:16 No.18558045

    Gonna need some kind of field reactive metals that outputs frequencies that can adjust to well... spirits ...

    But wait a second.. I'm getting another reaction,
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !R8iE2D4vxw 04/03/12(Tue)04:17 No.18558052

    Bloody hell, she was baiting us with a suicide gambit.
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/03/12(Tue)04:18 No.18558059
    "Our job, killing Deus Ex. Now calm down and assist us in fixing this."
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/03/12(Tue)04:21 No.18558075
         File: 1333441296.png-(112 KB, 380x580, BeatrixMeme.png)
    112 KB
    " We just recieved reports from the North, THE NORTH BLOCKADE HAS BEEN VAPORIZED ! "

    " IceHeart, that island will slowly but surely collapse and create the biggest energy detonation in history, Hassan seems to have made his escape, and if what Oderkonn says is, true, that Island will detonate the region skyhigh ! What's the situation down there ? Do you need a Halberd Evac ?? "
    >> VVV !9phgYvH10U 04/03/12(Tue)04:25 No.18558097
         File: 1333441508.png-(68 KB, 505x519, VilkasSIX09.png)
    68 KB

    Wait But what about the people here ! What about Sylvia !??!

    We can't just leave them here ! They're innocent ! They don't want anything to do with this war !
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/03/12(Tue)04:25 No.18558103

    "Will we even be able to get out of range in time?"
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/03/12(Tue)04:32 No.18558139
    Don't panic... we can still fix this problem, and our Halberds are fast enough to get out of the blast range. Iceheart, I will have a Halberd at the southern point to pick you up, but no closer. Those who will stay, can. Those who wish to evacuate, may.

    Our duty as the Royal Guard is to ensure that we live the next day to preserve Vilkas and Voss itself.
    >> Fran !9phgYvH10U 04/03/12(Tue)04:40 No.18558176
         File: 1333442412.png-(129 KB, 505x519, FRANWOW.png)
    129 KB
    The Eye of Shiva ?

    " That's an ancient weapon said to freeze enemies with a stare. But I don't know how literal the Kashir meant it, you know ? "
    >> [Z-day2] Zel !BbMxagFnx. 04/03/12(Tue)04:42 No.18558194
    "Any chance you know how far away it can be used from?"
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/03/12(Tue)04:44 No.18558207
    "Alright, here's the plan, White, Jori, Blitz, and vonClaude, do what you can to defuse this thing. Everyone who can needs to get to the evac Halberd, that means you too Alfie. Cotton, start bringing that artifact up the temple, I want us to try freezing that hearth."
    >> VVV !9phgYvH10U 04/03/12(Tue)05:17 No.18558378
         File: 1333444674.png-(79 KB, 505x519, VilkasSIXboysdont.png)
    79 KB
    I'm sorry everyone, But Beatrix won't tolerate me staying no matter how hard I try





    > To be Continued
    >> =Bb=[FO3-vv-+hp] SSgt. Cotton !!9Fl1g8eDF/c 04/03/12(Tue)05:43 No.18558471

    Could the Eye freeze vehicles, machinery?
    >> Anonymous 04/03/12(Tue)07:32 No.18558948
    I really hope it can.
    >> Anonymous 04/03/12(Tue)08:19 No.18559138

    And if it can't?
    >> [Z-day2] Zel !BbMxagFnx. 04/03/12(Tue)11:15 No.18559985
    There's a reason those of us too far away to help are being ordered to evac.
    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/03/12(Tue)11:20 No.18560009
    rolled 7 = 7

    Or are given unreasonable orders... That guy would probably give Elfriede a run for her money in the toughness department. I just hope he doesn't regenerate on top of that.
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/03/12(Tue)11:32 No.18560079
    Hmm? Who exactly has been given unreasonable orders? We need those who can to try and defuse this situation, whether that be bringing up that artifact, or working to decipher the machinery inside. Anyone who wishes to is free to try and evac, I know I might.
    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/03/12(Tue)11:39 No.18560105
    I meant the not getting hurt by the assassin part that was obviously directed at me I doubt he'll attack anyone else. I'll get out of here as soon as I deal with him. But not knowing how though he is I'll probably take a bullet (or two).
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/03/12(Tue)13:55 No.18560946
    Well then best of luck to you then, we could use an assassin of our own to go after Hassan.
    >> Anonymous 04/03/12(Tue)16:07 No.18562255
    Does anyone know when we'll be going again?
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/03/12(Tue)16:09 No.18562277
    Unknown at these time, due to Monday's work schedule, possibly tonight or Thursday night, as Wednesday's are usually no good.
    >> [Btl1mm]SFC.Alfie !3QUDPTn2Js 04/03/12(Tue)17:13 No.18563010
    Hopefully tonight. I really hate cliffhangers.
    >> =Bb=[FO3-vv-+hp] SSgt. Cotton !!9Fl1g8eDF/c 04/03/12(Tue)19:06 No.18564340

    Likewise. I just hope our gambit pays off.
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/03/12(Tue)21:08 No.18565762
    It better.
    >> Anonymous 04/03/12(Tue)22:07 No.18566455
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/03/12(Tue)23:15 No.18567414
    The Game will resume tomorrow post 3PM est, In the afternoon.

    I have a shift in the morning so I have to laydown for tonight
    >> Anonymous 04/04/12(Wed)01:24 No.18569007
    >> =Bb=[FO3-vv-+hp] SSgt. Cotton !!9Fl1g8eDF/c 04/04/12(Wed)03:55 No.18570361

    Also, does the Eye require a special sort of incantation or word in order to invoke its power?
    >> [Btl1mm]SFC.Alfie !3QUDPTn2Js 04/04/12(Wed)05:39 No.18570995
    Or maybe we just throw it...

    Throwing things always works, right...?
    >> =Bb=[FO3-vv-+hp] SSgt. Cotton !!9Fl1g8eDF/c 04/04/12(Wed)07:40 No.18571630
    I wouldn't think that this thing we've got works like a grenade.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/12(Wed)08:12 No.18571787
    >> Anonymous 04/04/12(Wed)09:11 No.18572111
    Are we archived?
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/04/12(Wed)13:17 No.18573842
    Just say you 'activate' it.
    >> =Bb=[FO3-vv-+hp] SSgt. Cotton !!9Fl1g8eDF/c 04/04/12(Wed)15:00 No.18574721

    Really? Huh, didn't think it would be that easy.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/12(Wed)17:37 No.18576308
    anticipatory bump
    >> Toast 04/04/12(Wed)18:10 No.18576643
    Cheerleader bump.
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/04/12(Wed)18:14 No.18576680
    THe Mission may begin. Report in.
    Command will now begin processing Enemy phase.
    >> =GC=[FO2-aga] 2ndLt. Blitz !Kdt2kegU6U 04/04/12(Wed)18:15 No.18576689
    IIIINNNNN as fuck
    >> [Btl1mm]SFC.Alfie !3QUDPTn2Js 04/04/12(Wed)18:15 No.18576701
    S-still here...
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/04/12(Wed)18:18 No.18576735
    Ready for action.
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !!Q8arC9Fqv2r 04/04/12(Wed)18:19 No.18576745
    >Reporting in

    Aw hell, here we go.
    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/04/12(Wed)18:24 No.18576797
    Well still here
    >> =GUN=[HIs1]Sgt Tao !0YaIB40KUM 04/04/12(Wed)18:28 No.18576866
    I LIVE
    >> [Z-day2] Zel !BbMxagFnx. 04/04/12(Wed)18:32 No.18576905
    I'm here.
    >> =IH= [K1] Korber !iaGTzjaelU 04/04/12(Wed)18:37 No.18576947

    I am here.
    >> [MZday1]White !!L2zyfu679cs 04/04/12(Wed)18:43 No.18577009
    OH. I'm here.
    >> =IH= [LR1] MSgt. Elfriede !!e9KJRg3dDSf 04/04/12(Wed)18:45 No.18577035
    "Here I am."
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/04/12(Wed)18:58 No.18577167
    Current Roster:

    =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart

    =IH= [CO1coV-aelt+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude
    =GC=[FO2-aga] 2ndLt. Blitz

    =IH= [K1] Korber


    =IH= [LR1] MSgt. Elfriede

    [Z-day2] Zel


    =GUN=[HIs1]Sgt Tao

    Quite a few people are still missing, two of them important to defusing this thing, Jori and Cotton. They /can/ be botted if needed, and everyone else will just be botted into evacing.
    >> =BB=[x1]Sol."Axe" Beil !HbL/CrWg.E 04/04/12(Wed)19:37 No.18577544

    Axe does not run from battle!

    Axe is here!
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/04/12(Wed)19:38 No.18577548
         File: 1333582682.png-(1.18 MB, 700x1400, GORGONfortress09.png)
    1.18 MB
    Action Phase.

    The Evac halberd has arrived on the southern approach.

    Oderkonn says that the fortress will start to overheat in the morning.

    Prove him wrong.


    10 Minutes.
    >> [MZday1]White !!L2zyfu679cs 04/04/12(Wed)19:39 No.18577561
    >Analyze hearth-will this thing affect the process that is going to destroy the fortress and this region?
    >Analyze hearth-will destroying the hearth impact the process and stop it?
    >Analyze hearth-will freezing the hearth with the Eye of Shiva stop the process?
    >Wall phase into the room past the gate
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/04/12(Wed)19:41 No.18577585
    rolled 1 = 1

    >-$-Spend 10 terror to Skeleton [Ke2]
    >One tank reload
    >One tank spot the Assassin
    >Fire a flare shell into the Assassin's legs.

    My upgrades:
    >+1 DR, +1 Range, Extra Crew Slot, +1 Blast Radius

    Botting =IH=[Ke2], =ap=[FM1], and [SKe2]
    >Retreat to evac at full speed.
    >> [Z-day2] Zel !BbMxagFnx. 04/04/12(Wed)19:41 No.18577586
    >move west and board the halberd
    >place build pad on the halberd
    >construct a missile turret
    >> =IH= [K1] Korber !iaGTzjaelU 04/04/12(Wed)19:41 No.18577588

    >run 6 South to the halberd
    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/04/12(Wed)19:42 No.18577605
    rolled 5 = 5

    >fire bolt with explosive trap at assassin
    >move 3SE and take cover behind pad
    >> =GUN=[HIs1]Sgt Tao !0YaIB40KUM 04/04/12(Wed)19:42 No.18577607
    >Convert to Halberd
    >Move 2 Hexes NW
    >Await Elfriede's arrival with Deus Ex
    >Exit Map to the South
    >> =BB=[x1]Sol."Axe" Beil !HbL/CrWg.E 04/04/12(Wed)19:43 No.18577610
    "Gaaah! There is no fight here! The enemy died before Axe could reach them." He hefted his axe and notioned to his partner

    "Fall back to the evac. Axe cannot do much good here"

    >Run S8 to the Halbard
    >> =IH= [LR1] MSgt. Elfriede !!e9KJRg3dDSf 04/04/12(Wed)19:43 No.18577615
    >convert to lycanthropy form
    >regenerate two health points, total health pool is sixteen
    >move two lengths north
    >retrieve Deus Ex
    >move two lengths southeast and board Sgt. Tao's Halberd
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !!Q8arC9Fqv2r 04/04/12(Wed)19:44 No.18577628
    rolled 4, 10, 1 = 15

    >Move 3 NE
    >-!- Corpsier orders haunts to sightstep to the nearest entryway to the ruins, then use action to sightstep inside to scope out as much of the room as possible
    >Corpsier overwatches sidearm double-fire to NE
    >Vanguard shield & overwatch melee to NE and E
    >-!- Order [J1] to continue investigating the inside of the ruins
    >Officer spends 2 actions attempting to find a passage to the top of the ruins

    Botting [J1]
    >Move 1 NW, call pumpkin mooks to join squad
    >Have pumpkins pull the switch on the wall
    >-!- Order pumpkins outside to find the nearest enemy and detonate on them
    +If gate opens
    >Move 2W, 1NW through gate
    >Jack uses 1 action to investigate room beyond gate
    +If gate does not open
    >Jack spends 1 action to investigate effects of using the switch
    >> =Bb=[FO3-vv-+hp] SSgt. Cotton !!9Fl1g8eDF/c 04/04/12(Wed)19:45 No.18577638
    I'm here!

    >move 6NE
    >Hand off Eye of Isha to [Btl1] when in range
    >> =Bb=[FO3-vv-+hp] SSgt. Cotton !!9Fl1g8eDF/c 04/04/12(Wed)19:47 No.18577650

    That "move" should be read as a sprint order--!
    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/04/12(Wed)19:49 No.18577670
    >move 3SW and take cover behind pad
    >> [Btl1mm]SFC.Alfie !3QUDPTn2Js 04/04/12(Wed)19:49 No.18577676
    >Move 2L S to get into range of Cotton to take amulet
    >Move 7L N into the temple next to the hearth.

    Axe tipped mineflail
    >> =GC=[FO2-aga] 2ndLt. Blitz !Kdt2kegU6U 04/04/12(Wed)19:49 No.18577679
    My team hops on the Dulahan
    > await profit
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/04/12(Wed)19:51 No.18577687
    Phase End.
    >> [Z-day2] Zel !BbMxagFnx. 04/04/12(Wed)19:53 No.18577715
    "In case you're planning to use that turret, I must warn you that I didn't get a chance to reload it."
    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/04/12(Wed)19:58 No.18577763
    "Just using it for cover, otherwise I'll just reload it next turn if I need it."
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/04/12(Wed)22:20 No.18578975
         File: 1333592442.png-(1.26 MB, 700x1400, GORGONfortress10.png)
    1.26 MB
    Analogue Phase.

    There is no Enemy Phase.

    Action Phase will arrive shortly.

    VC. Your Haunts report a change in the scenery. A door with a circular rune opens, letting out a distinctly familiar gas.
    >> [Z-day2] Zel !BbMxagFnx. 04/04/12(Wed)22:28 No.18579040
    When is the earliest evac must leave to clear the blast zone?
    >> =BB=[x1]Sol."Axe" Beil !HbL/CrWg.E 04/04/12(Wed)22:32 No.18579086

    I can't tell what is going on near the evac halbard. Explainations someone?
    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/04/12(Wed)22:34 No.18579115
    Assassin took the form of a x and received a bunch of explosive. You should be fine.
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/04/12(Wed)22:36 No.18579141
         File: 1333593403.png-(566 KB, 774x924, GORGONfortressassassin01.png)
    566 KB
    " I didn't think you were able to pull it off Elizabet but I'm glad Vilkas can see your face aga- "


    . . . . .
    >> Rufus !9phgYvH10U 04/04/12(Wed)22:38 No.18579165
         File: 1333593529.png-(240 KB, 498x536, GORGONfortressAssassin02.png)
    240 KB
    rolled 9, 5 = 14

    " Elizabet ....."
    >> Rufus !9phgYvH10U 04/04/12(Wed)22:39 No.18579178
    > rolled 9, 5

    > 5

    > 5 !!!!!!
    >> Oderkonn !9phgYvH10U 04/04/12(Wed)23:07 No.18579520
         File: 1333595276.png-(1.24 MB, 700x1400, GORGONfortress11.png)
    1.24 MB
    " White, Judging by your readings, the room you are in is filled with Zeon Gas. The Active compound in Ghoul Dust. I have no idea how the Kashir got their hands on such a thing... but I suspect they use it for their mummifications.

    Listen, calm down when I say this but the problem is a bit worse. If the ibonyte goes into a bonding detonation with a high concentration of ionized Zeon Gas it's gonna create a brief but widespread epidemic of Ghoulifications.

    But for now you're safe, the Zeon gas is only slowly growing in density by being so close to Ibonyte. To get rid of the gas you only need to expose it to open flame. But watch out, it's gonna create a slight static charge which could be enough to set off the Ibonyte...

    For now, forget doing anything with the Ibonyte ! You have to vent the Zeon gas somehow without also igniting it while it's in contact with the Ibonyte !


    > TIme Limit: 10 Minutes ! !

    >> =IH= [K1] Korber !iaGTzjaelU 04/04/12(Wed)23:10 No.18579544
    >Move 1 SE 2 E
    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/04/12(Wed)23:10 No.18579545
    rolled 8, 10 = 18

    >Cut ex-squadmate head highlander style
    >move on the halberd
    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/04/12(Wed)23:11 No.18579560
    >you have failed me dice god
    >> =BB=[x1]Sol."Axe" Beil !HbL/CrWg.E 04/04/12(Wed)23:12 No.18579572

    I thought my last move would be enough to get me closer to the Halbard then that. Oh well

    >Run S...6? Yes 6 looks like it will get me into/onto it
    >Do that.
    >> [Z-day2] Zel !BbMxagFnx. 04/04/12(Wed)23:12 No.18579580
    >Sit on the evac halberd
    >be ready to shoot down any missile or enemies that come after at while evac'ing

    Zel waves to the pilot, "Look like it's time to withdraw, get all we can on board and let's get out of here."
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !!Q8arC9Fqv2r 04/04/12(Wed)23:12 No.18579582
    >-!- Corpsier orders haunt to possess/open the exterior gate that just closed behind it
    >Move 2E 1SE down to the lower elevation
    >> [MZday1]White !!L2zyfu679cs 04/04/12(Wed)23:14 No.18579596
    >Hit square button next to me to open square gate
    >Move NE through circle gate to that other button AND HIT IT TOO
    >> [Btl1mm]SFC.Alfie !3QUDPTn2Js 04/04/12(Wed)23:14 No.18579604
    I h-hope this w-works...!

    >Move 6L NW then N, ramming through the interior gate to pull up right next to the core.
    >Hold breath and use the amulet to freeze the core.

    Axe tipped mineflail
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/04/12(Wed)23:15 No.18579612
    >Max move onto evac halberd

    My upgrades:
    >+1 DR, +1 Range, Extra Crew Slot, +1 Blast Radius

    Botting =ap=[FM1]
    >Retreat to evac at full speed.
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !!Q8arC9Fqv2r 04/04/12(Wed)23:16 No.18579621
    Botting [J1]

    >Order all outside pumpkin mooks to congregate outside the upper gate into the ruins
    >Self and all mooks attached move into the inner part of the ruins behind Btl1
    >Self and all mooks detonate as soon as the core is frozen
    >> =Bb=[FO3-vv-+hp] SSgt. Cotton !!9Fl1g8eDF/c 04/04/12(Wed)23:16 No.18579624

    Good luck you guys! You better make it back!

    >sprint full distance S, onto the Evac Halberd
    >> =GC=[FO2-aga+hit] 2ndLt. Blitz !Kdt2kegU6U 04/04/12(Wed)23:17 No.18579631
    rolled 5, 8 = 13

    >Run up that walkway.
    > Wait just a hex outside that door.
    > Grenadiers prepare an explosive charge using Mines.
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/04/12(Wed)23:18 No.18579642
    Phase End.
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/04/12(Wed)23:24 No.18579691
    rolled 7, 5 = 12

    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/04/12(Wed)23:43 No.18579874
         File: 1333597422.png-(849 KB, 1260x876, GORGONfortressyup.png)
    849 KB
    The Duel has concluded...

    a Mortal life taken.
    >> =BB=[x1]Sol."Axe" Beil !HbL/CrWg.E 04/04/12(Wed)23:49 No.18579918

    Axe finds this suituation awkward
    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/04/12(Wed)23:50 No.18579938
    "Eh, so this is how it ends saves me the trouble of growing old..."
    >> [Z-day2] Zel !BbMxagFnx. 04/04/12(Wed)23:51 No.18579952
    Zel wordlessly lights another cigarette and does some calibrations on the turret.
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/05/12(Thu)00:19 No.18580222
         File: 1333599575.png-(1.26 MB, 700x1400, GORGONfortress13.png)
    1.26 MB
    > The Core is cooled but not frozen. The time has been increased by two phases. Day will surely come after those two phases.

    > ALfie is smartprocessed to maneuver to the nearest open door, recently opened by White when the Square button was pressed.

    > The Zeon gas densities as low enough to not immediately kill Alfie, however she has 1 phase left before turning.

    > Elizabet is visited by the sleepless hunter. You know exactly what she will ask.
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/05/12(Thu)00:21 No.18580231

    Action Phase. No time limit.

    End the turn at a reasonable time.
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/05/12(Thu)00:24 No.18580274
    rolled 1, 2, 7, 2, 8, 3, 9, 2 = 34

    >Have evac halberd leave after [Fm1] gets on.
    "Best of luck to you all."
    >Draw pistol, all actions into shooting the assassin.

    Botting [Fm1]
    >Get onto Halberd
    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/05/12(Thu)00:27 No.18580302
    "So it's that time, sure why not it beats seeing the kid cry."

    >accept the offer
    >> [Z-day2] Zel !BbMxagFnx. 04/05/12(Thu)00:30 No.18580336
    Zel looks at his watch. "Nothing else for me to do here."
    >> [Btl1mm]SFC.Alfie !3QUDPTn2Js 04/05/12(Thu)00:32 No.18580353
    >Hand off amulet to Z1 to continue cooling the core.
    >Move 6L S to the part of the chamber the gas has not reached yet and ram the triangle gate.

    Axe tipped mineflail
    >> [MZday1]White !!L2zyfu679cs 04/05/12(Thu)00:37 No.18580397
    >Analyze core-can it be frozen completely?
    >Continue freezing core with amulet
    >Analyze core-is there a method to halt the reaction?
    >Analyze nearby switch-would this switch help?
    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/05/12(Thu)00:40 No.18580428
    >if it wasn't obvious get IN the halberd
    >> [Z-day2] Zel !BbMxagFnx. 04/05/12(Thu)00:43 No.18580467
    >Fire missile turret at the triangle door
    >> 2ndLT. BLitz !Kdt2kegU6U 04/05/12(Thu)01:01 No.18580616
    Nice reds, Elizabet. Seems your ride left without you too, huh.
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !!Q8arC9Fqv2r 04/05/12(Thu)01:02 No.18580634
    >-!- Corpsier orders haunt to move to and activate via possession the square switch in this room
    >Go prone and take cover in this cubbyhole

    Botting [J1]
    >Self and majority of pumpkins inside ruins move 1W 4NW into the other room, with one pumpkin remaining behind
    >Once the square switch is hit, order that single pumpkin to hit the switch on the hearth
    >Order remainder of pumpkins outside to head for the upper ruin door

    And with that...

    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/05/12(Thu)01:32 No.18580863
         File: 1333603931.png-(1.22 MB, 700x1400, GORGONfortress14.png)
    1.22 MB
    Action Phase Once Again....

    >Alfie is spared from the Zeon gas.
    > It seems the hearth safely defuses gas at low concentrations.
    > It would also seem that the doors are activated by gas presence...

    > Action Phase Once again.
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/05/12(Thu)01:35 No.18580895
    "No one kills the troops under my command and lives. Have fun Elizabet."
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/05/12(Thu)01:36 No.18580907

    Everyone , the sun will rise soon. if what hassan says is true, finding an umbrella will be the least of your worries.
    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/05/12(Thu)01:38 No.18580920
    >drain the guy just in case he has any special power
    >move 6N phase into the temple
    >> [Btl1mm]SFC.Alfie !3QUDPTn2Js 04/05/12(Thu)01:41 No.18580948
    >Move 9L S out of the temple.
    >Consult the [e] about the nasty cough.
    >> Oderkonn !9phgYvH10U 04/05/12(Thu)01:42 No.18580972
    If you want me to come up with anything to help you, I'll have my team look it up.

    But be careful, looking it up would take us a better part of this night..
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !!Q8arC9Fqv2r 04/05/12(Thu)01:49 No.18581031
    >-!- Corpsier orders haunt to activate the square switch again

    Botting [J1]
    >If the door to the outside of the ruin opens, go outside and ride the mob of pumpkins down to a lower level of the wall
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/05/12(Thu)01:51 No.18581052
    "Anything you could tell them would be helpful."
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !!Q8arC9Fqv2r 04/05/12(Thu)01:54 No.18581072

    Oderkonn, can you get a good read on the structure of the core with White's help? See if you can help him divine a plan of attack to deal with it before this all ends badly! What's that in the center, a coffin, a block of ibonyte? Can we break the connections to it to weaken the process? Can we just bond the ibonyte to water and end this? Or can we just vent this ghoul dust and be done with it?
    >> [MZday1]White !!L2zyfu679cs 04/05/12(Thu)02:02 No.18581145
    >If the center bit of the core is a coffin open it and drink the contents.
    >Transmit data on structure to Oderkonn, hold actions for his advice?
    >> Oderkonn !9phgYvH10U 04/05/12(Thu)02:07 No.18581191

    Ah that's quite a mouthful but off the top of my head,

    From the looks of it, the "coffin" on the Ibonyte isn't a coffin at all but a cypher of sorts with an encoded trigger. Are there connections around there ? That must mean that this block of Ibonyte is hardwired to all the others in the Island. In this case Isolating it from them would be enough but... we don't know the parameters of that cypher block. For all we know, moving it would set it off. Do a close up analysis to determine what conditions set it off.

    As for the bonding. It could work but you're dealing with the biggest block of ibonyte I've seen yet. Even if you introduce it to something like water, the effect would be a hydrobaric explosion that could instantly kill everyone in the immediate area. But it would be contained...

    The Zeon Gas is a another problem entirely. It's acting as a conductor , a defense mechanism and a catalyst for the Ibonyte bomb. If you can get it from reaching 100 percent , we could cheat time a bit now that the Eye is keeping it at bay.
    >> [MZday1]White !!L2zyfu679cs 04/05/12(Thu)02:16 No.18581245
    >Analyze cypher-would moving it set it off?
    >Analyze cypher-can the outer linkages to the northwest of it be safely isolated next?
    >Analyze cypher-can the outer linkages to the southwest of it be safely isolated next?
    >Analyze cypher-can the outer linkages to the southeast of it be safely isolated next?
    >> Oderkonn !9phgYvH10U 04/05/12(Thu)02:16 No.18581247

    This structure is interesting... with the Eagle heads outside it's acting as a control hub for the output. The switches to the door seem to be arbitrarily set to keep you all entrapped in a time consuming scenario. Meanwhile this all seems to be sensitive to the position of the sun.
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !!Q8arC9Fqv2r 04/05/12(Thu)02:20 No.18581269
    >Phase End
    >> Oderkonn !9phgYvH10U 04/05/12(Thu)02:38 No.18581415
    rolled 32 = 32

    The door is opened

    The Zeon gas is ignited !!!

    The Chances of it detonating is-
    >> Oderkonn !9phgYvH10U 04/05/12(Thu)02:40 No.18581437
         File: 1333608037.png-(769 KB, 1000x707, GORGONfortressgasss.png)
    769 KB
    >> [MZday1]White !!L2zyfu679cs 04/05/12(Thu)02:51 No.18581521
    >> Oderkonn !9phgYvH10U 04/05/12(Thu)02:57 No.18581564
         File: 1333609065.png-(1.21 MB, 700x1400, GORGONfortress15.png)
    1.21 MB
    >> Oderkonn !9phgYvH10U 04/05/12(Thu)02:58 No.18581567
    3 Minutes
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !!Q8arC9Fqv2r 04/05/12(Thu)02:58 No.18581568
    >-!- Corpsier orders haunt to shut the square gates via the switch
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !!Q8arC9Fqv2r 04/05/12(Thu)03:00 No.18581581

    Botting [J1]

    >Order the inside pumpkins to shut off the hearth
    >Move outside the ruins, ride the wave of pumpkin mooks down
    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/05/12(Thu)03:00 No.18581587
    >Phase into the fucking wall

    "I hate the sun"
    >> [lt1] PFC. Blitz !Kdt2kegU6U 04/05/12(Thu)03:01 No.18581590
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/05/12(Thu)03:02 No.18581601
    Phase End.
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !!Q8arC9Fqv2r 04/05/12(Thu)03:02 No.18581603

    Botting [Btl1] + e1 + ironkits

    >Drink all the water
    >Hand Alfie all the water and drink it!
    >> [MZday1]White !!L2zyfu679cs 04/05/12(Thu)03:02 No.18581605
    >> DeathMarshal !9phgYvH10U 04/05/12(Thu)03:15 No.18581680
         File: 1333610107.png-(1.2 MB, 700x1400, GORGONfortress16.png)
    1.2 MB
    > Action Phase...

    The Core's calmed down a bit.... but the gas is slowly but surely regaining its numbers...
    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/05/12(Thu)03:16 No.18581686
    >Run 12N
    >> [MZday1]White !!L2zyfu679cs 04/05/12(Thu)03:19 No.18581711
    >Analyze cypher-can a haunt safely possess it?
    >Analyze cypher-is there a hint to solve it somewhere nearby?
    >Analyze cypher-CAN ODERKONN FIX THIS?!!??!
    >Hit nearby circle button.
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !!Q8arC9Fqv2r 04/05/12(Thu)03:20 No.18581723
    >-!- Corpsier orders haunt to open square gates, then to wait for the circle gate to open and step through it

    Botting [J1]
    >Order the muscleman pumpkin inside the ruins to man the square-gate switch
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !!Q8arC9Fqv2r 04/05/12(Thu)03:21 No.18581726

    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !!Q8arC9Fqv2r 04/05/12(Thu)03:24 No.18581754
    Bot [Btl1] and e1

    >Water, first aid, lots of it and fast


    >Phase END
    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/05/12(Thu)03:24 No.18581755
    "Oderkonn what would happen if I was to have it bond with rock instead of water?"
    >> Oderkonn !9phgYvH10U 04/05/12(Thu)03:29 No.18581791


    Rocks don't have a charge... but perhaps other metals might.

    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/05/12(Thu)03:30 No.18581801
    "Okay White get ready to phase out of here and maybe into the metal block this will become."
    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/05/12(Thu)03:45 No.18581894
    "I'm sorry I mean, everyone get out of here as soon as possible unless you want to run the risk of being crushed."
    >> VVV !9phgYvH10U 04/05/12(Thu)03:48 No.18581911
         File: 1333612096.png-(1.21 MB, 700x1400, GORGONfortress17.png)
    1.21 MB



    The sun is about to come up.

    Please make it !
    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/05/12(Thu)03:51 No.18581930
    >move NW
    >shoot 2 bolt into the cipher
    >Move 4S
    >Get ready to phase into the metal block should it expand this much
    >> [MZday1]White !!L2zyfu679cs 04/05/12(Thu)03:59 No.18581984
    >use wall phasing to not die after Elizabet shoots the thing
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !!Q8arC9Fqv2r 04/05/12(Thu)04:07 No.18582024
    >Move 3S away from ruin
    >-!- Corpsier orders haunt to possess the cypher and attempt to vent energy as safely and quickly as possible in order to prevent an explosion (fire the defenses outside?)
    >Wait until all pumpkins and Blitz are in position, then give the order to hit all switches at once

    Botting [J1]
    >Order all pumpkins inside the ruins to ready to hit any switches they are near at the exact time the command is given (simultaneous button presses with Ender)
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !!Q8arC9Fqv2r 04/05/12(Thu)04:10 No.18582030
    Assuming Blitz is in...

    >(Final?) Phase End
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !!Q8arC9Fqv2r 04/05/12(Thu)04:13 No.18582048

    Brothers, I may be getting to see you sooner than I planned...
    >> Historian_YangWenli !9phgYvH10U 04/05/12(Thu)04:31 No.18582148
         File: 1333614697.png-(736 KB, 1000x729, GORGONfortress19.png)
    736 KB
    In the strangest turn of events,

    Elizabet destroys the cypher, on a whim,

    all at the same time, Blitz rushes in to activate all three switches on a wild guess...

    The Ibonyte payload was all but ready to detonate to the morning sun, here.
    >> Historian_YangWenli !9phgYvH10U 04/05/12(Thu)04:33 No.18582158
         File: 1333614821.png-(1.19 MB, 2096x1528, GORGONfortress20.png)
    1.19 MB
    The external defenses give one last wink at the twilight of its existence...
    >> Historian_YangWenli !9phgYvH10U 04/05/12(Thu)04:43 No.18582197
         File: 1333615405.png-(369 KB, 700x440, GORGONfortress21.png)
    369 KB

    And the Gorgon fortress , is truly disabled at last.

    To this day, proper science could not specify what lead to the deactivation of this potentially catastrophic event.

    Nor were those involved really able to fully comprehend the breadth of their acts.

    Before them however, was the pinnacle of Ibonyte reserves, delivered in insurmountable tons by a flying island that would soon paint this region into what it is today.....
    >> =AP=[Hy1]Cpt. Iceheart !!VMJuvVuY6J8 04/05/12(Thu)04:48 No.18582218
    "Excellent work, everyone. Marshal, I want us to begin acquiring all the remaining ibonyte here. Oderkonn, begin preparations for the arrival of a certain 'package', you might want to start working on that Death God proof coffin. Once Deus Ex is secure no one is to even so much as glance at her body without my approval, I shall be there at all times."

    Iceheart leans over the Halberd railing, pistol still in hand, and watches the rising sun.
    >> VVV !9phgYvH10U 04/05/12(Thu)04:49 No.18582222
         File: 1333615749.png-(72 KB, 505x519, VilkasSIX07.png)
    72 KB
    It's morning !

    Does that mean ...


    > Mission End
    > 2exp per phase
    > Captured Deus: +10
    > Disarmed Ibon Bomb +10: those who stayed
    >> [H1]Elizabet !!aiHSC8PSVO3 04/05/12(Thu)04:52 No.18582232
    "You wound me... sir..."
    >> [Btl1mm]SFC.Alfie !3QUDPTn2Js 04/05/12(Thu)05:02 No.18582279
    Alfie coughs uncontrollably for a few seconds, still not fully recovered from breathing a lungful of zeon gas. Even if it was diluted to nonlethal levels, it still took a rather adverse toll on her health. She finally manages to stop, wiping a bit of blood off her lips.

    "T-there no w-way we *cough cough* would h-have l-l-let you d-down..."
    >> =IH= [CO1coV-adce+dmg] 2nd Lt. Otso von Claude !!Q8arC9Fqv2r 04/05/12(Thu)05:03 No.18582280
    As the sun rises, the commander uncovers his head when the expected explosion does not come. With baited breath, he checks in on the others, and when the all clear comes over the radio he simply slumps against a wall, relieved beyond all compare. His moment of composure is interrupted when he is nudged in the shoulder by a shovel. He looks up at the slient girl, the corpsier who purported to tell him that a ghost from beyond had penetrated the ruins to help his men disarm the bomb. She only said one thing before going silent again:

    "Your brother says it's not yet your time - but they're all waiting for you to make your way home soon."

    At the top of the ruins, a single shadow began to ascend into the morning sun, shrinking until it vanished into the heavens.
    >> =IH= [LR1] MSgt. Elfriede !!e9KJRg3dDSf 04/05/12(Thu)06:14 No.18582610
    Although she is wracked by the flesh-warping effects of conversion brought by the rays of the rising sun, Elfriede's gaze does not deviate from her unconscious charge, the death goddess, Deus Ex. Her white wolves eye death unblinkingly, awaiting her command. The sight of her proud adversary, fallen so low, evokes strange words from the Ritter.

    "Hassan. Executor. Madman of the Kashirn. Your benefactor has abandoned you, Deus Ex. Orphan goddess, made by death, bound in death, and sacrificed for death; your master gambled your existence in exchange for ours and failed. He has fled and you, terrible child, have fought to the ignoble end where even oblivion was denied. What a shame."

    She lapses into silence.
    >> =BB=[x1]Sol."Axe" Beil !HbL/CrWg.E 04/05/12(Thu)11:19 No.18584240
    "We made it Sir! I would say the mission was a success"
    "Axe would have prefered to chop. Axe supposes this outcome is an acceptable substitute."
    "There is always the next conflict. And maybe this time we will be able to fight for Voss."
    "Axe will wait for that time"
    >> =GUN=[HIs1]Sgt Tao !0YaIB40KUM 04/05/12(Thu)11:53 No.18584558
    Tao flys deliberately in the shadows, holding onto what time he has remaining in his Halberd form long enough to reach base.
    "An interesting choice of words friend, a Terrible Child, and orphan left for dead. Fighting a battle for another with unquestionable and honorable loyalty even beyond death... perhaps she will wake more agreeable, either way it would be a shame to see a soul so similar to our own snuffed out."
    He chuckles a little at his own pun watching the sunrise wondering what form of containment Oderkon has devised to hold a Deathgod made of flames.

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