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  • File: 1334703565.jpg-(186 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page001.jpg)
    186 KB Enter The Shadowside Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)18:59 No.18757653  
    Hey gents. About three months back I posted here a couple character sheets and comics I had for a new game system I was building called "Enter The Shadowside"; most of you seemed to like it. We had a nice chat about endgame ideas and so on, and some of you joined up at the subreddit. Well, I finished the book, finally, it's live at DTRPG. If you run any website or forum and would like a comp copy to review it, let me know! Hell, even if you don't run any website but if you really care to see it, let me know and I'll send you a coupon; I have 10 to give away.

    Meanwhile I'll bump this thread with the first 24 pages of the book (out of 70, including the comic).
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:00 No.18757682
    I'm always looking for new games to read. Hit me up and I'll help pimp it out for you.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:02 No.18757698
         File: 1334703727.jpg-(100 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page003.jpg)
    100 KB
    skipping page 2 (is just the title).
    Page 3 is the usual thank-yous and such.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:05 No.18757740
    pimp it, bro! 9 coupons left.

    wtf, malicious code in page 4? gah, hold on. This calls for minor photoshop.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:07 No.18757771
         File: 1334704055.jpg-(130 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page004.jpg)
    130 KB
    trying page 4 again..
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:09 No.18757801
    Nice cover art. Who did it?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:10 No.18757810
         File: 1334704209.jpg-(286 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page005.jpg)
    286 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:11 No.18757835
         File: 1334704293.jpg-(291 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page006.jpg)
    291 KB
    A crazy serbian named Adam Isailovic. He kicks ass

    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:14 No.18757886
    I saw you in reddit earlier today. I have to say, your stuff looks really good.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:15 No.18757894
         File: 1334704511.jpg-(290 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page007.jpg)
    290 KB
    7 its the second time I post this comic here, although I changed some dialogs to fit the book better.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:16 No.18757908
         File: 1334704574.jpg-(284 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page008.jpg)
    284 KB
    thanks! want a coupon?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:18 No.18757938
         File: 1334704703.jpg-(256 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page009.jpg)
    256 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:20 No.18757971
         File: 1334704824.jpg-(261 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page010.jpg)
    261 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:20 No.18757972
    Yeah, please
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:21 No.18758000
         File: 1334704918.jpg-(235 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page011.jpg)
    235 KB
    you got it. 8 left.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:23 No.18758018
         File: 1334705004.jpg-(215 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page012.jpg)
    215 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:23 No.18758019
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:24 No.18758033
         File: 1334705055.jpg-(272 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page013.jpg)
    272 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:24 No.18758037
    Send one my way? This looks interesting.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:27 No.18758065
    I'll give you this: starting a source book with a comic is kinda unusual. But it works because it hooks you right away.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:27 No.18758069
         File: 1334705244.jpg-(258 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page014.jpg)
    258 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:29 No.18758097
    I don't run a website or anything, but I would be up for showing it around my university games society, it looks intriguing.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:30 No.18758103
         File: 1334705425.jpg-(234 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page015.jpg)
    234 KB
    sent, 7 left.
    Thanks man, that was the idea!
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:30 No.18758104
    I'd love one. Thanks!
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:31 No.18758110
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:33 No.18758137
         File: 1334705607.jpg-(305 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page016.jpg)
    305 KB
    sent and sent. 5 left. I'd really appreciate if you could help me up with the reviews in DTRPG, btw. Don't lie of course, post whatever you think it's honest. I think it will let you do that once you download your copy.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:36 No.18758178
         File: 1334705807.jpg-(229 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page017.jpg)
    229 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:36 No.18758179
    OP, this is fucking awesome. No need to give me a copy, let someone else who can't afford it have one.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:38 No.18758211
         File: 1334705892.jpg-(252 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page018.jpg)
    252 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:39 No.18758231
    Thank man, I'm on a bus right now so I'll give it a read on my trip.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:40 No.18758246
    Thank man, I'm on a bus right now so I'll give it a read on my trip.
    Art is neat.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:40 No.18758248
    Oh shi-
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:40 No.18758249
         File: 1334706034.jpg-(262 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page019.jpg)
    262 KB
    that's a gent, right there.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:42 No.18758270
         File: 1334706126.jpg-(282 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page020.jpg)
    282 KB
    You're very welcome! Do let me know what you think when you're done, good or bad I want to know. Specially if it's bad!
    >> Awake !!5frcmwAIRBT 04/17/12(Tue)19:43 No.18758292
    I really liked the concept when I read it a while back. It has a lot of cool ideas possible, and I'd like to read it if you're willing to toss out a copy. I'm more than willing to review it, if you'd like that.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:44 No.18758298
         File: 1334706247.jpg-(251 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page021.jpg)
    251 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:44 No.18758300
    Art is awesome but I can't wait to see some mechanics.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:46 No.18758324
         File: 1334706386.jpg-(274 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page022.jpg)
    274 KB
    Sent! 4 left. And yes, a review would help me tons. I have zero budget for publicity, so coming here and to reddit is about all I can do. Word of Mouth is going to make or break this.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:48 No.18758350
         File: 1334706484.jpg-(239 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page023.jpg)
    239 KB
    Ah, well, just in time. Comic's over. This page explains a little bit about character creation, and next is the character sheet, which I didn't post to DTRPG, but what the hell, we need some meat in the thread.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:50 No.18758384
    Upvoting. I'm loving everything I've seen so fat, and if you got praise from trollitc, that means something too.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:50 No.18758388
    Man, this seems really cool! could you throw one of those copies my way?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:50 No.18758396
         File: 1334706658.jpg-(169 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page024.jpg)
    169 KB
    aaand 24, at least we got to see the character sheet.
    >> Awake !!5frcmwAIRBT 04/17/12(Tue)19:52 No.18758411
    If it can be used for horror, I'll probably have good things to say about it. I figure a bit of word-of-mouth on /tg/ will also help, so if it's good, I shall mention it whenever appropriate.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:52 No.18758423
    done, hook me up with the review, man. 3 left.

    That's all I've got, gents.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:54 No.18758443
         File: 1334706853.jpg-(169 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page030.jpg)
    169 KB
    Agreed about /tg/.

    You know what, fuck it, I don't know if this hurt or help my sales, but I want to post the orgs too. Here we go.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:56 No.18758467
    Gentleman and scholar, etc. thank you.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:56 No.18758468
         File: 1334706971.jpg-(280 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page031.jpg)
    280 KB
    first org
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:57 No.18758487
         File: 1334707064.jpg-(248 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page032.jpg)
    248 KB
    art here was not by adam, but a different guy named Jesus Garcia.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)19:59 No.18758509
         File: 1334707166.jpg-(278 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page033.jpg)
    278 KB
    second org
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:00 No.18758523
    This.... this is genius. The way stats combine... wow, OP.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:00 No.18758530
         File: 1334707256.jpg-(232 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page034.jpg)
    232 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:04 No.18758567
         File: 1334707455.jpg-(280 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page035.jpg)
    280 KB
    thanks man! It was a way to have 14 stats with the maintenance overhead of just 7. Also, you see the split between physical and non-physical. Body and Soul are like HP counters that don't really matter much, storywise losing points here is just "fleshwounds" and "bruises", or "headaches" and "flashbacks", if mental. If they run out, then Life is the actual, real HP counter, and losing points there is serious business, grievous damage, long-term recovery, permanent consequences, etc.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:05 No.18758576
         File: 1334707525.jpg-(251 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page036.jpg)
    251 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:06 No.18758586
    These factions are seriously badass.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:07 No.18758593
         File: 1334707623.jpg-(285 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page037.jpg)
    285 KB
    the original faction of the unnaturals (another project I had)
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:10 No.18758633
         File: 1334707817.jpg-(254 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page038.jpg)
    254 KB
    thanks man. trying to have something for everyone. They're all archetypes, really, but I wanted enough wiggle room for every player to make whatever they wanted. I hate the line "but [class] is not supposed to [action/attitude]".
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:10 No.18758634
    So we can have big damn heroes that eventually just run out of luck, eh?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:12 No.18758651
         File: 1334707936.jpg-(285 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page039.jpg)
    285 KB
    this one is based on old school occultism. Golden Dawn, Rosicrucians, etc. Think Eyes Wide Shut with less sex and more actual magic, or Rosemary's Baby in a higher social class. Old rich fucks messing around with powers beyond the mortal plane.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:13 No.18758666
    Am I correct in reading this that the Spirit stat can be used twice for a paranormal skill? Or is the Mind/Spirit selected based on the skill or circumstances surrounding the skill use?

    Also, gotta agree with >>18758523, this is a beautiful combination of stats. Do they decrease proportionately with damage to body/mind/life? Like if I have a Charisma of 4 and Life of 6 (So Beauty of 5), and I take 2 Life damage, does that drop my Beauty to 4?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:15 No.18758702
         File: 1334708108.jpg-(241 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page040.jpg)
    241 KB
    you have no idea how right on the money you are.

    One core mechanic here is "Belief Points", which work like Mana for casting spells, and like Bennies for fixing failed rolls. They represent your conviction, which is the source of your power in the Shadowside (a realm made up of thoughts and feelings, after all). So yes, literally, Soul and Body are HP counters to mechanically represent heroes who have firefights and face oncoming buses and do all sorts of crazy stunts, until yes, they run out of luck and a single bullet cripples their third vertebrae. The goal is to have players start to seriously worry once Body and Soul go low.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:15 No.18758705
    If you've any copies left I'll gladly take one to look through
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:18 No.18758735
         File: 1334708295.jpg-(209 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page029.jpg)
    209 KB
    >Am I correct in reading this that the Spirit stat can be used twice for a paranormal skill?

    close! What happens is that a big part of the game is something called "Hierogamy", where the PC willingly hosts a spirit with him. The spirit has stats of his own. So what >>18758396 is saying is that the final Might for that skill, is the sum of the skill points of the PC, plus the skill points of the spirit the PC is in Hierogamy with.

    Pic related, a sample filled out sheet:
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:18 No.18758741
    Ditto. I'd love to peruse this as well.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:18 No.18758745
    Oh hey, I was wondering when you'd come back. Did you do anything with the opposed check scale?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:22 No.18758788
         File: 1334708528.jpg-(278 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page041.jpg)
    278 KB
    sent, 1 left!

    >Also, gotta agree with >>18758523, this is a beautiful combination of stats. Do they decrease proportionately with damage to body/mind/life? Like if I have a Charisma of 4 and Life of 6 (So Beauty of 5), and I take 2 Life damage, does that drop my Beauty to 4?

    That is correct! If a character reached the point of actually having life damage, then all his stats are penalized accordingly. This is something that should not, by all means, happen frequently. This is a big deal for the PC, something that will leave scars even after it heals. Usually Body and Soul will soak up all damage first, and are easy to restore with things such as first aid kits, or even rest. Life damage on the other hand requires calling 911 (an example, I'm just saying it's a big deal). And yeah, Life damage does penalize all rolls.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:22 No.18758792
    Bumping for more info.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:24 No.18758815
    thank you! dling and reading.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:24 No.18758817
    Holy shit, now I'm really psyched. I didn't realize you'd be hosting a spirit, and that this would affect your stats. (Btw, Mind and Dexterity are missing a stat. It look like it transposed them a bit off).

    Does the spirit you're hosting have their own world-turtle that you combine with yours, or just a set value or range of values for all stats? Can your spirit be something like a demon or angel, or does it have to be a spirit of an actual person?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:24 No.18758819
    Totally up for a copy of this if there's one left, looks very interesting and I can pump it with my irl people for ya
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:25 No.18758841
         File: 1334708753.jpg-(254 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page042.jpg)
    254 KB
    Sent! aaaand I ran out of coupons! Enjoy!

    Hey! I had a guy who is a mathematical genius named goatsgomoo take a really hard look at Jacob's Ladder. It took a lot of back and forth, but finally he gave it his blessing. It is Very Fucking Accurate now, from what I'm told. I'm looking for the thread now.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:30 No.18758899
         File: 1334709005.jpg-(312 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page028.jpg)
    312 KB
    That's a cool part for me too! The Spirit is roleplayed by the StoryHost. The StoryHost is supposed to be agreeable to what the PC wants, but yes, it's a different person that goes with you, and has mental conversations with you.

    Here's the page on Hierogamy :)

    >Does the spirit you're hosting have their own world-turtle that you combine with yours, or just a set value or range of values for all stats?

    You combine the two world turtles, as in >>18758735 see how each trait has three numbers, left is spirit, right is PC, center is the sum.

    >Can your spirit be something like a demon or angel, or does it have to be a spirit of an actual person?

    Angels and Demons, and ghosts, and all kinds of entities. Malleos is more likely to use judeochristian terminology, but Somosa, for instance, refer to their spirits as "Abuelos" (grandfathers), as they are their actual ancestors, who usually died as slaves...
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:31 No.18758920
         File: 1334709100.jpg-(281 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page043.jpg)
    281 KB
    sorry bro, I just ran out! It's just five bucks though. If you really can't afford it, email me at blacksmith@fableforge.org and I'll send you a fresh coupon tomorrow.
    >> Bus Guy 04/17/12(Tue)20:32 No.18758937
    Ahahah I love the /x/ faction. I have friends who would love this.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:33 No.18758941
    Not kidding, the more I read the more I'm falling in love with this shit.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:33 No.18758951
         File: 1334709238.jpg-(277 KB, 992x1403, EnterTheShadowside1.01-page044.jpg)
    277 KB
    and that's it. There are two more organizations.... but they are supersekrit...
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:35 No.18758970
    some say that is the *least* realistic part of the whole book.....! but what can I say, they're fun to write.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:36 No.18758984
    thanks man!! pass the word, seriously!
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:36 No.18758996
         File: 1334709417.png-(127 KB, 599x533, GhostTrickMissile.png)
    127 KB
    Seem fun to play. The powers remind me of pic related.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:38 No.18759012
    Weren't you looking for writers last time you were here? I was going to join up but then school started and sucked up my life.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:39 No.18759024
    It's all open canon!
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:40 No.18759039
    It's the second time I hear about that game, apparently it's really good! I'll try to get it.

    That's right! I'm going with something called "Open Canon", basically, anyone who feels inspired to write anything Shadowside (or draw, or sculpt, or whatever), is allowed to sell it and profit from it without owing me a dime. So very soon, I hope, we should see some more Shadowside related stuff by other authors.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:42 No.18759061
    But isn't that a little dangerous? What if someone writes shit, won't that dilute your brand?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:43 No.18759073
    OP, post the URL of your store page already. You've earned my monies.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:46 No.18759110
    Well, even though I want zero royalties, I did reserve the right of choosing what is canon and what isn't. But that's what the subreddit is for. There are official writers there, one of each organization, and the idea is to work with everyone who wants to write, as long as they're willing to play ball. In the end, we'll only give the "canon seal", so to speak, to the quality works. Then they can sell them and keep all their money; it's theirs.

    lol, http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/101372/Enter-The-Shadowside---Core-Book
    buy buy buy
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:49 No.18759156
    Please don't do like owod and document fucking everything. I hated when my players arrived at the table knowing more than me because they googled it. I hated even more when I tried to surprise them and they said it wasn't canon.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:51 No.18759185
    I'm sure that isn't the intent.
    The vibe I got from the project was that you can write/do whatever you want, but the author gets the write to say what hits the actual canon.
    As in, you can have as much fun as you want but he gets to choose what is a part of the universe.

    I've been saying this forever.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:51 No.18759187
    We are of the same mind. No, the corebook leaves a lot of things vague on purpose. We'll never have authoritative Bibles, only ... general directions.

    In fact, I'll give you a spoiler: the endgame has the seven organizations taking opposite sides on a sort of spiritual war. Which organizations take which sides... will always be different from one campaign to another. Everything is designed so that whichever side each organization takes, there are good fucking reasons to support their decision. So yeah, everything is open to the StoryHost and the players. Nothing is in stone.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:54 No.18759221
    Yup, that is correct.
    Basically, we will protect canon at a spirit level: Scavenger will always be about anarchs and geeks, for instance. But different authors may use different specifics and it will be cool as long as they remain true to the spirit.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)20:58 No.18759285
    > the endgame has the seven organizations taking opposite sides on a sort of spiritual war. Which organizations take which sides... will always be different from one campaign to another.

    I.. don't think I've seen that done before.

    I like it.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:01 No.18759318
    Archiving thread 18757653
    Thread found.
    Thread is not currently archived; creating entry.
    Sanity checking passed. Continuing with archival.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:03 No.18759343
    I hope you guys enjoyed this stuff, and if you want to help out, find me in /r/shadowside.

    It's been real, gents.
    >> WanderingAusfag 04/17/12(Tue)21:05 No.18759376
         File: 1334711143.png-(10 KB, 195x209, 1300464696646.png)
    10 KB
    >See this
    >Remember it from a while back
    >What? Released?
    I'll have to send this on to my DM. And grab a copy myself.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:06 No.18759386
    Thanks OP. Looking really good.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:08 No.18759408
    Wow, this looks fantastic. Can you put this on Megaup-

    on an FTP for us fa/tg/uys that weren't here for the invites?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:09 No.18759416

    this finally came out?

    A-are there any coupons left? There's a few irc rooms I'm in that were interested in this when it first came out.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:14 No.18759494
         File: 1334711687.jpg-(261 KB, 503x700, Clipboard02.jpg)
    261 KB
    I got one of the PDFs. Here's a screenshot of what OP has to say about your idea.
    Don't be a dick.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:15 No.18759511
    > look at DTRPG page

    > the squareness of this world has made your mind wander, and in dreams you've been given glimpses of elsewhere
    > squareness of this world

    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:18 No.18759559
    Wow. This will be the first time I'm convinced not to pirate something.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:20 No.18759575
    I've told everyone who ever mentioned interest even in passing about this (and then some).

    May you be showered in nerd gold, OP.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:21 No.18759593
    What are you, his butler?

    I just wanted to peruse a book that I would likely never play and surely never pay for. But OP is entitled to my money. I suppose if he ran a book store, people would not be allowed to touch the books before paying for them?

    That's a ridiculous practice.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:22 No.18759621
    So having 40 pages of a 70 page book up in this thread, right here, right now, isn't good enough for you to make up your mind? I think you may be the type of person responsible for the death of shareware.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:24 No.18759649
    Shareware's still about. Preordering is what killed most of it off.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:24 No.18759653
    Did you read the screenshot I posted? Just email OP, tell him you can't afford five bucks and he'll give you a copy. Jesus, dude.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:25 No.18759667
    For the record OP, your PDF will be wrong when transferred to book format. Odd numbered pages are always on the right, with evens on the left. So either your numbering is off or your Organizations and corresponding pictures are on the front and back of the same page and not side-by-side.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:29 No.18759723
    Let us review, shall we?

    >70 page sourcebook
    >5 bucks
    > Indie game, one man production
    > open canon so other writers can profit
    > gives away ten copies
    > will email copies to poorfags

    And you say

    > lets put this on mega up!

    Mfw I have no face.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:30 No.18759751
    40 pages and exactly 19 of them are garbage. If I go buy the latest DnD you can bet your ass half the rulebook isn't a comic.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:32 No.18759778
    ditto. If only more artists operated this way.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:32 No.18759785
    OP, did you illustrate all that yourself or have it commissioned? It is very good for an indie game
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:33 No.18759797
    wow. 9/10. came this close to a good rage, there.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:33 No.18759801

    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:35 No.18759822
    not OP, but see this >>18759785
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:36 No.18759844
    Your numbers are flipped in your post, but thank you! I did not have a chance to read through the book yet.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:37 No.18759866
    Damn. OP you have earned my moneys. Buying a copy of this on payday.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:44 No.18759969
    It would be awesome if more sourcebooks started with comics.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 04/17/12(Tue)21:45 No.18759988
    Whoah, I remember this! That was awesome. Anyways, congrats, OP! I'd buy this in a heartbeat.
    As soon as I can figure out how to get my debit card.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:50 No.18760043
    Shit, man, I remember you asking /tg/ how they were feeling about these a long while ago. I assumed it was just another "lolguise look what I thought up in class today" that was going to go nowhere. Way to prove me wrong. If I ever stop being a huge poorfag, you will receive $5, or whatever DRPG gives you in sales.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:54 No.18760100
    This thread makes me feel I should get off my ass, put Skyrim down for a moment and just write the story I've had in my head all winter.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)21:58 No.18760150
    I remember that too, and I thought the same thing. This is one of the rare cases when people actually end up doing what they promised they would do.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)22:08 No.18760279
    Email OP, he said he'll send free books to anyone who can't afford the price.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)22:24 No.18760525
    I hate reddit, but I'm making an account for this.
    >> Bus Guy 04/17/12(Tue)22:31 No.18760623
    Made it home finally. Read the entire thing on the bus, aside from the DO NOT READ THIS at the back. I am for sure going to run this. For some reason it's reminding me of Nobilis, but without being shit.

    In terms of layout, I was a little confused when I saw items with modifiers on them at the start of the book and no mention of them until near the end. That could be easily fixed however.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)22:37 No.18760711
    > aside from the DO NOT READ THIS at the back
    oh fuck, I don't think I could resist something like that....
    >> Bus Guy 04/17/12(Tue)22:40 No.18760749
    It was tempting, I started to skim but then was like NO. I WILL RESIST.

    Storyteller's aren't supposed to read until they've run about 6 sessions or so. Not saying any more than that.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)22:43 No.18760778
    must be related to the endgame thing.
    Shit, now I MUST know...... gaahh.. I need a DM!
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)22:49 No.18760862
    Sounds like it's well worth the five bucks. Welp, that does it for me, OP got another sale.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)06:58 No.18765325
    No, thread. It is not yet your time to die.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)07:57 No.18765610
    Whoever of you is Dustin R: your review is poetic but you didn't actually talk about game.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)07:59 No.18765630
    If you run it online, I'd sure as hell like to participate.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)08:48 No.18766001
    Keeping this alive for American /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)08:56 No.18766066
    >40 pages and exactly 19 of them are garbage. If I go buy the latest DnD you can bet your ass half the rulebook isn't a comic.
    If you buy DnD right now all of it would be garbage, comic or not.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)09:36 No.18766369
    I agree there. Others disagree, but regardless of how we feel about DnD, saying that the comic was garbage is just trollish. The art is awesome, and the story is a good example of how Hierogamy could go.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)11:14 No.18767170
    I'm got a coupon yesterday. I just finished reading it.

    Came back to say the book is actually pretty good. The fluff mixes with the rules, specially with Belief Points, which you can use like MP but also to mess with your dice rolls. Belief Points are awarded when you win hard rolls, but you can also lose them when you fail easy rolls, so that represents conviction pretty well. PvPs with Belief Points are going to be fucking brutal, I bet.

    All in all, it's great. I'm gonna pester my group to get this.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)11:44 No.18767387
         File: 1334763879.jpg-(163 KB, 1024x683, qI2nV.jpg)
    163 KB
    I like mage.
    I like unknown armies.

    They both have a couple issues for my players, such as being convoluted, needlessly complicated, etc.

    This is the modern magic setting I've always wanted that I never knew I wanted. Thanks OP.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)11:54 No.18767465
    This, very much.

    It reminds me of Unknown Armies, but on way less LSD, if you know what I mean. This is not a knock on Unknown Armies cuz I'm sure that game is exactly what it wants to be, but Shadowside's universe that just makes more sense and has more internal coherence. Also, I read the Endgame part I wasn't supposed to read, and I sort of regret it, but it's what made me see how the whole thing wraps together.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)13:15 No.18768101
    does /x/ know about this game? I think they should be thrilled to know one org is linked to them, but knowing them they'll probably find something to bitch about.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)14:12 No.18768593
    I just told them, lets see if they have anything to say.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)16:35 No.18769925
    if you come back to this thread: is there more information about the organizations elsewhere in the rulebook? Other than what was posted here?
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)16:39 No.18769967
    Feel free to write some.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)16:43 No.18770003
    if you dig deep enough in the subreddit, you find stuff like this: http://www.reddit.com/r/shadowside/comments/p5xvf/storymalleus_thy_will_be_done/

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