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  • File: 1335232766.jpg-(223 KB, 604x652, MSQ header H.jpg)
    223 KB MAHOU SHOUNEN QUEST: Questions Three Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/23/12(Mon)21:59 No.18836056  
    These are the on-going chronicles of SWAGZILLA, nothing will stop his conquest of all the bitches.

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-LAST TIME=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    ou get your bearings and head off towards the smoke.
    After about fifteen minutes of chopping through the bushes, you come upon a small stream crossed by an equally small bridge.

    A knight in black armor stands guard on the bridge.
    On his chest, a red griffin can be seen, and by his side a two handed sword of wood and foil.
    You are unable to see his face though the slits on his helmet, and he stands there unmoving much like a statue.
    "Good Sir Knight," You say as you approach him. "would thou knowesth the location of the black wolves?"
    "NONE SHALL PASS!" he says in a booming voice.

    >goddammit i forgot my notes for this thread.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/23/12(Mon)22:01 No.18836076
    rolled 38 = 38

    Shit yeah!
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:01 No.18836080
    "Good sir knight, I am Hayate - Shogun of the Ramengumi, and I need only know if you have seen this man."
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:01 No.18836087
    Now if we could just get across that bri-

    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/23/12(Mon)22:02 No.18836098
    rolled 55 = 55

    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:03 No.18836101
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/23/12(Mon)22:04 No.18836123
    "Are we going to have to go though the whole cutting off your bits routine?"
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/23/12(Mon)22:05 No.18836131
    im talking about my charts
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:05 No.18836133
    rolled 2 = 2

    Ask if he has a series of useless side-quests we must do before being allowed to pass.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:06 No.18836139
    We're a bard. Cast Suggestion.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:06 No.18836143
    Punch him right in the codpiece.
    >> Lookout 04/23/12(Mon)22:07 No.18836156
    >WAT DO?

    the answer is obvious.
    Crazy Ivan

    seriously though, ask Gai if he wants to handle this one.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/23/12(Mon)22:07 No.18836162
    rolled 34 = 34

    Just like i said yesterday i am quoting the movie.
    >> Lookout 04/23/12(Mon)22:08 No.18836168
    and in after fritz
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:08 No.18836185
    >"He's doing it again huh?" Kyon asks the Director. "To a degree.." She answers. "Should I call him in later?" He asks. "Yes. Do so."
    We should really ask Nagato about our taming ability.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:11 No.18836223
    We are very limited on time now.

    Simply go down further downstream and cross there.

    If no way is possible, have Erica shoot the knight.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:11 No.18836225
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:11 No.18836239
    Subject the Knight to the Might of the +5 GOLDEN MACE OF INSTANT WINNING!
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:13 No.18836260
    We were scheduled to head down to R&D to see about it, I voted that lain was either part of their team or the head of data manipulation

    I am seeking a man who may have passed this way bridge keeper, I would know if you had seen him
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 04/23/12(Mon)22:14 No.18836272
    YES! Monty Python strikes again! Ask him his name.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:15 No.18836285
    Go around, he's guarding a small bridge on a small stream.

    Go about 30 feet down river, walk across, continue on our way. We won't even get our shoes wet.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:16 No.18836315
    We still have about 2/3 of a day to track down the last target
    We can deal with this fool if it is quick and could lead us to our objective
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:20 No.18836375
    Im all for this.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/23/12(Mon)22:21 No.18836380
    Don't be ridiculous, there's a perfectly good bridge right here.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:22 No.18836396
    >We started at 7AM
    >it's been hours since then
    We've got half of a day left. And half of that with sunlight. There's no lights out here in the forest, when night falls we're going to be fucked.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/23/12(Mon)22:24 No.18836409
         File: 1335234246.jpg-(14 KB, 628x345, 123123123.jpg)
    14 KB
    This towering black figure stands stalwartly in your way.
    The small brook bubbling beneath his feet.
    You take a step closer.
    "I have no quarrel with you sir Knight, But we must find the Black Wolves" You say.
    "Then, you shall die." He responds
    "I command you, as Shogun of the Ramen-Gumi to stand aside!" you exclaim
    "I MOVE FOR NO MAN." he replies through his helm.

    [ ]SO BE IT
    [ ]screw this
    [ ]other
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/23/12(Mon)22:25 No.18836424
    [x]Screw this.
    >> Arch-Magos Winter !!GgQN8rJg+y8 04/23/12(Mon)22:25 No.18836429
    SO BE IT!
    >> Lookout 04/23/12(Mon)22:26 No.18836433
         File: 1335234363.jpg-(57 KB, 500x448, 1269762164020.jpg)
    57 KB
    [x]SO BE IT
    run him through with the rapier.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:26 No.18836439
    [x]screw this
    Have Erica shoot him.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/23/12(Mon)22:26 No.18836451
    Also the line about chopping his bits off.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:27 No.18836460
    [x] SO BE IT

    Anyone else find it weird that they are questioning simulated agents?
    As if they had new information?

    Paranoia powers activate!
    >> ! 04/23/12(Mon)22:29 No.18836494
    [x] SO BE IT
    I unzip my pants.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:30 No.18836503
    The couches are actually teleporters?
    But the whole class has the same mission.
    Did they get sent to alternate versions of the reality we are in, once with very minor differences?

    If this is real, can we teleport back in with Naru?
    >> Lookout 04/23/12(Mon)22:30 No.18836513
    it's what would happen if this were a real assignment. the Dude probably just has a script of 'they caught this agent this early, they get this much info from him'
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:31 No.18836528
    Wouldn't surprise me.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:31 No.18836530
    Or, you know, they could be simulating the interrogations since that's what would happen in an actual field op.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:31 No.18836532
    rolled 40 = 40

    [X]screw this
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/23/12(Mon)22:43 No.18836682
         File: 1335235419.jpg-(20 KB, 612x333, 12312312322.jpg)
    20 KB
    "So be it." You say as you draw your sword

    He lunges at you, his movements awkward and stiff.
    You parry his sword and stab at his arm.
    You hear a snap and his left arm comes off at the shoulder.
    There's no blood though, and the limb hits the ground with a hollow thud.
    It was a prosthesis.
    "Now stand aside, worthy adversary." you tell him, offering him a chance to surrender.
    "Tis but a scratch." he answers cockily.
    "A scratch? Your arm's off!"
    "No it isn't."
    "Then what's that then?" you ask as you point to the limb on the forest floor.
    He looks at it and simply says "I've had worse."
    "You liar!"
    "Come on you pansy!" He attacks again

    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:44 No.18836695
    rolled 44 = 44

    Let's just skip straight to hitting him in the head.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:44 No.18836698
    rolled 89 = 89

    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:44 No.18836699
    rolled 13 = 13

    This will be hilarious.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:46 No.18836716
    Nice, the times I've rolled for something in this quest have all been high.
    >> Lookout 04/23/12(Mon)22:46 No.18836717
    rolled 96 = 96

    show him who's the silliest.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/23/12(Mon)22:53 No.18836808
    rolled 44 = 44

    i like it
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:56 No.18836855
    rolled 88 = 88

    Comeon 100, we need you now

    >bwhaha summoning of the nat 1 complete.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/23/12(Mon)22:57 No.18836864
    rolled 57 = 57

    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:57 No.18836866
    rolled 11 = 11

    Pick up his severed limb and beat him with it.

    When his other arm inevitably falls off, dual-wield it.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/23/12(Mon)22:58 No.18836869
    rolled 49 = 49

    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)22:59 No.18836875
    rolled 76 = 76

    'Stop hitting yourself'
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/23/12(Mon)22:59 No.18836882
    rolled 64 = 64

    I remember this one game where you could actually use your severed arm as a weapon, it was pretty metal.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/23/12(Mon)23:05 No.18836946
         File: 1335236726.jpg-(18 KB, 618x336, 123444443.jpg)
    18 KB
    His foam and wood sword flashes in the sunlight as he attacks.
    You side step his clumsy movements easily and jab his right arm with your blade.
    It too falls off. Another prosthesis.
    "Victory is mine!"
    You turn your back to him and start to call out to your team.
    The black knight begins kicking you in the shins.
    "Come on then! Have at you!" he continues to challenge you.
    "What?! You are indeed brave sir knight, but the fight is mine!"
    "Oh had enough then?" he mocks you.
    "Look you stupid bastard, you have no arms left!"
    "Just a flesh wound." he continues to kick you.
    "Look stop that!"
    You are fed up with this lunatic, you stab him in the right thigh, hoping a real wound would bring him back to his senses.
    *POP* his leg comes off, It's another fucking prosthesis.
    "Right... I'LL DO YOU FOR THAT!" He exclaims at the loss of another limb.
    "You'll what?!"
    "C'mere!" he says as he hops around on one remaining leg.
    "What are you gonna do? Spit on me?"
    "IM INVINSIBLE!" he attempts to head butt you.
    "You're a looney."

    You slash at his last remaining leg, guessing correctly that it too was a prosthesis.
    Straps get cut and he ends up on the ground limbless.
    'The guy is a fucking quadruple amputee, and he spends his time trying to fight people in a forest.
    Fucking Cons.' You think to your self.

    "Come on guys." you call to your team.
    Bob and bill have found coconuts shells and are clapping them together as you walk across the bridge and away from the Black Knight.

    "Oh.. Running away eh?"
    "Come back here! I'll bite your legs off!"
    The knight continues to yell threats and challenges until you can hear him no more.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:09 No.18836981
    Heh, now to see if the fire is from the wolves camp.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:11 No.18837009
    LG, i hath been slain by thou humor.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/23/12(Mon)23:12 No.18837018
    rolled 68 = 68

    LG I'm not gonna lie, at the coconut part i came.
    >> Potential Writefag 04/23/12(Mon)23:12 No.18837023
    ..You do have to give him mad points for being able to actually pull off the Black Knight routine. Play to his strengths. I mean, there's not many characters a quad amputee can do.

    Anyone asks what happened to the Black Knight say "Well, I went to challenge him, but he just fell to pieces at the thought. His argument needed a hand or two, since it didn't have a leg to stand on."
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/23/12(Mon)23:13 No.18837027
    I feel we should at least give him one of his arms back. Maybe send Bill back to do it.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/23/12(Mon)23:19 No.18837095
         File: 1335237590.jpg-(92 KB, 450x321, stock-photo-dying-fire-6911024(...).jpg)
    92 KB
    You walk on, the clip-cloping of the coconut shells getting quite annoying.
    "Bob, Bill, I know you like doing that, but could you please stop. It's giving away our location." You tell them.
    "O-ofcourse Boss." Bob says as he and Bill put away the coconuts.

    In a few minutes time you reach a small clearing about 5 meters in diameter.
    In the middle is a dying fire from which you say the smoke earlier.
    There's noone there though.
    No shelters, no tents, no signs of people.
    Just a dying fire in the middle of the forest.

    As you try and think of what to do next with this unexpected dead-end, you hear movement in the trees around you.

    You have walked into a bandit ambush.

    WAT DO?
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:20 No.18837099
    >didn't do the "Alright, we'll call it a draw"
    but that's the best part
    >> Lookout 04/23/12(Mon)23:21 No.18837120
    rolled 97 = 97

    throw a pizza and a scooter at them.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:22 No.18837125
    /perform check.

    We are a bard, we could diplomacy a Terrasque to our side.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:22 No.18837129
    rolled 5 = 5

    Welp, time to have guy Rider Kick the leading one into the rest, then have Erica spray them with bullets laughing the whole time.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:23 No.18837137
    For fucks sake, how many neckbeards are we gonna have to put unconscious before we find someone who's willing to talk.

    Have at them, but leave one awake to interrogate.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:23 No.18837141
    rolled 73 = 73

    Beat them up, take them prisoner, have Erica torture them for information.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/23/12(Mon)23:23 No.18837148
    rolled 81 = 81

    Play them the song of our Hayate. You know the one.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/23/12(Mon)23:24 No.18837153
    rolled 36 = 36

    Wow what is up with your dice?
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:24 No.18837154
    "This is my one warning. Stop now of I will beat you all mercilessly. I've been having a bad few days and your all providing me with the perfect opportunity to work my aggression out."
    Then draw the mace.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:24 No.18837159
    >> Lookout 04/23/12(Mon)23:26 No.18837182
    not gonna speak my secret out loud.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:28 No.18837196
    rolled 5 = 5

    For the music and diplomacy check
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:28 No.18837201
    Play them the song of our people, while our people beat the shit out of them.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:30 No.18837229
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:32 No.18837238
    rolled 100 = 100

    Alright, changing over to this since my little plan isn't getting support.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:33 No.18837247
    And it seems the dice gods are pleased by my choice.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:33 No.18837254
         File: 1335238432.png-(115 KB, 259x299, 1308874452322.png)
    115 KB
    LG for the love of god just accept this roll.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/23/12(Mon)23:34 No.18837258
    rolled 34 = 34

    Someone give this man a cookie.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:34 No.18837264
    Did you just hat us a tarrasque?
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:35 No.18837276
    At the very least if the role is used we just got ourself a band of bandits to follow our commands.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:37 No.18837294
    >play song of people
    >crit wins
    >these people join us and follow us into the real world
    and we have proven to be king of kings.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:39 No.18837311
    You know the music may not work, right?
    Or worse, it does, but it violates the NO MAJAIK restriction, because Hayate's weaponized music is majaik based.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:39 No.18837313
    God no, we don't need any damn neckbeards following us about. Unless we use them as Sino treats for Ted
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:40 No.18837318
    not just any terrasque, the emperasque.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:41 No.18837332
    We never did find out how much of it is mansion and it isn't failure since we have our majaik blocked for this exercise
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:42 No.18837341
    the problem is right now we can`t use magic to begin with, our abilities got turned off, remember?
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:42 No.18837342
    Luckly we have PTSD on our side.

    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:42 No.18837346
    Fucking autocorrect majaik not mansion
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/23/12(Mon)23:43 No.18837354
    rolled 73 = 73

    We can't get blamed for a thing we didn't do. It's pure skill, not majaik.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:43 No.18837357
    Well, we don't know for sure if it's actual unconscious MAJAIK use or just being THAT good, and Hayate has absolutely no clue that it could be so he could get away with it being ignorance.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:44 No.18837360
    >majaik turned off
    Really? Because I interpreted it as we're still able to use them but they're an auto-fail if we do.
    Wouldn't be much good of an auto-fail measure if we can't ever trigger it.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:44 No.18837364
    No it's not, it's pure emotion and pure memory.
    The music we play is from our heart, naturally.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:47 No.18837380
         File: 1335239220.jpg-(90 KB, 510x441, If that's what you think.jpg)
    90 KB
    You saying it's so, doesn't make it so, unless LG confirms it.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:47 No.18837386
    Besides, if it was Majaik we would probably have had Mike call us out on it after we put Sakura into a depression and cause more than half the students to be late from crying.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:48 No.18837390
    He said clearly it is no majaik and we only had devices as a communications and passive scanning tool for here

    It is meant to simulate what could happen if we were deployed where the bureau will have to cut off our powers

    There never was an instant fail mentioned
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/23/12(Mon)23:49 No.18837402
         File: 1335239369.jpg-(134 KB, 725x741, lute1.jpg)
    134 KB
    "Wait, I'm sure we can all discuss this in a civil manner..." you say as you duck under a truncheon being swung around by a very greasy teenager.
    "Let... Me... Play..." you continue ducking
    "You... The.. Song... Of.. My... People!"

    Around you, absolute mayhem has erupted.
    A bout a dozen bandits have attacked your group, and they don't seem like the talkative type.

    As you duck and trip your adversary, sending him sprawling on the ground, you whip out your lute and strike a few chords.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:49 No.18837406
    Not really interpretation, nowhere in our character sheet does it say battle music.

    And seeing as it said nowhere that we expend our magic while playing I'm basing my assumptions off that.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:50 No.18837412
    so just a random thought: how strong would hayate be at full power anyways? because he does still have the black hole eating his magicks....

    kind of a scary thought to be honest.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:52 No.18837431
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:52 No.18837433
    No clue, probably about a quarter or less stronger, though it has been a good thing for him, his MAJAIK regen has been increasing, it's already quite a bit above the norm.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:52 No.18837438
    LG did you say A-tan is taking a large amount of our power?
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:52 No.18837443
    Not necessarily, there is lots of majaik going on in the bureau daily he probably didn't even notice it

    On that note I wonder where the tutors live? In their offices or if they have proper houses or rooms on campus
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:53 No.18837454
    it's the girls. the more there are that give us love, the less the drain is.

    And we have like uhhh 8 that want us now.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:54 No.18837461
    Mike lives on his farm.
    No idea about the others
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:54 No.18837468
    No, each time there was a spike of majaik drain, it was related to A-tan and the Canon version of Hayate.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:54 No.18837469
    >the song of our people

    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:54 No.18837473
    Well there are residences inside the admin building, im guessing there, but im betting most of them have houses like Mike.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:55 No.18837485
    Women are like Voltron: the more you can hook up, the better it gets.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:55 No.18837488
    >Song of our people
    >not Queen
    etestru the
    Question is, which song?
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:57 No.18837518
    yes, and it's gotten less frequent when we had more girls with us.

    remember our very low majaik reserves in the very first thread? we used 1 tealaser and a few minutes of flying, then we conked out for 2 days.
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:58 No.18837526
    Are we gonna up[grade to Dairuger15 soon
    [vehicle voltron]
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/23/12(Mon)23:58 No.18837531
    >> Anonymous 04/23/12(Mon)23:59 No.18837538
    rolled 14 = 14

    The song of our life before we got recruited by the Bureau: You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive.


    It's a song of hopelessness and being dragged back into Hell no matter how hard you try to get out.

    If these bandits don't fall down from sudden onset depression, we can safely know they have no souls.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:00 No.18837541
    I would like to hear a lute cover of this... does that exist?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:04 No.18837577
    I thought it was we have the same amount of suck, but the reserve has evolved to the point it's so outrageously huge that it doesn't matter.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:04 No.18837578
    How about we play a more area appropriate song that'll recruit them and any who listen to our cause?

    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/24/12(Tue)00:06 No.18837590
         File: 1335240363.jpg-(140 KB, 1024x576, left4dead2-2009-10-28-22-42-33(...).jpg)
    140 KB
    Everyone stops at this weird spectacle of a man playing in the \middle of battle.
    "LISTEN TO MY SONG!" you say as you strum the intro to a random tune.

    "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" the guy you tripped decides to try and bite your leg.
    Mayhem breaks out again.

    Failing musical diplomacy, you switch to musical combat.

    The lute made am effective club, the heft of the body and the solid neck proving to be quite the weapon.

    *KABONG!* You take out the guy by your feet.
    Erica takes out her gun and begins to shoot wildly into the crowd, hitting friend and foe alike.
    Hina Naru gai and the Ninjas duck for cover as Erica's barrage fills the air with pain.

    "Retreat!" One of the bandits call out.
    They quickly run into the woods, leaving the guy you lute'd behind.

    I like vehicle Voltron. :<

    you could have the girls in 3 groups of 5.
    Tsundere team
    Quiet team
    Team Erica
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:06 No.18837596
    It's not that the suck has lessened. It's that Hayate's majaik regeneration has gotten so much faster in response to his now-constant usage.
    Also, the Doctor said that the rate of suck had increased to compensate for the increased majaik regeneration.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:07 No.18837612
    Either the song didn't work because these are constructs and not real, or because the majaik portion of the music was turned off along with Kraus' other majaikal abilities.
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)00:08 No.18837616
    head back for the tower.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:08 No.18837620
    Welp, time for an interrogation.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:08 No.18837621
    So our music is magic then.

    Good to know.

    Ask the guy where the Black Wolves at
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:08 No.18837622
    If you can find someone playing it on a tenor mandola or irish bouzouki, it should be pretty close. A regular mandolin mightn't be too far off base, just higher pitched (and of course the 2 string courses, but that just results in a more full sound).
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:09 No.18837634

    >Tsundere team

    >Quiet team

    >Team Erica
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:09 No.18837636
    Or it could be that we suck on the Lute and aren't able to get the feelings out properly?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:09 No.18837637
    Step on his chest and hold the lute to his temple.
    "I'm looking for someone. Your going to tell me where he is. Otherwise I'll demonstrate my golf abilities to you and my friends here."
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/24/12(Tue)00:10 No.18837644
    Slap him to wake him up, interrogation time.

    Blame my nostalgia boner for the Lions, though you do make an excellent argument.

    I blame the fact that it's a lute, not our stanard violin.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:10 No.18837645
    Tie up the guy, and set up camp to rest for a bit.
    We'll question him here; the bandits are unlikely to strike again so soon.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:10 No.18837650
    Needs another on Quiet team.

    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:11 No.18837659
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:14 No.18837692
    Then there's also the Little Sister auxiliary; Sakura, Zucchini, and Illya
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)00:15 No.18837700
    rolled 40 = 40

    Have erica interrogate with her bat.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:18 No.18837740
    Most people seem to be in the "waiting for it to ripen" camp since the older version of her is instant boner tier
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:19 No.18837754
    Doesn't mean she can't graduate from the Auxillary...
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:21 No.18837770
    Trude is more team 'you gonna get raped' once we do the randosel + oneesan bit
    Same for sakabroto except there is no real trigger just we are ducked when she decides she has had enough playing around
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:23 No.18837790
         File: 1335241401.png-(245 KB, 222x505, adultSakura.png)
    245 KB
    Adult Sakura isn't too bad either.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/24/12(Tue)00:24 No.18837797
    And yet... it just seems wrong.

    What's that from, any way?
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)00:24 No.18837801
         File: 1335241466.png-(30 KB, 236x219, PantslessForScience.png)
    30 KB
    rolled 82 = 82

    goddammit 100 degrees during the day, 85 at night, humid as fuck because of storms, ac is out and my place has no insulation.
    At least i can get naked! (for science of course)
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:25 No.18837808
    I can't wait for the oneesan bit.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:27 No.18837831
    Of course Fritz! For science.
    Also we should see if we can hat real creatures the same way. For science.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:27 No.18837833
    We're going to have to work hard for that.
    Seems that not even the Bureau has snowberry bushes in their greenhouses and gardens, so that means that it's going to be hard as hell to cultivate.
    Then we have to come up with the right distillation and mixing process, and the right memories.
    It's going to take a lot of effort and actually working for it.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:28 No.18837846
    Or just like, get some of the candies from Melmo
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:29 No.18837857
    Apparently, the last page of a doujin, the rest of which is horrifying and loli.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:29 No.18837859
    See we need to organize into teams, especially when the rest of the Harem - err family - offically joins.

    Oh hey look it's past midnight. Im 20 now, and I feel so damn old.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:30 No.18837866
    I still say we can get some to grow well with appropriate music.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/24/12(Tue)00:30 No.18837874
         File: 1335241851.jpg-(16 KB, 364x231, banditmask.jpg)
    16 KB

    Using some water from the canteens you brought with you, you awaken the unconcious bandit at your feet.

    He tries to get up and flee but you have already bound his arms and legs with ducttape.

    "Hey man. Not cool! Let me go!" he tells you.
    "You know what's also not cool? Attacking us." you say coldly.
    "Now I'm gonna ask you a couple of questions. I want decent answers or my girlfriend there," you point at Erica, now holding her purple pain pike. "will make life very very unpleasant for you."

    He swallows nervously, "W-what do you need man?"
    You take out K's picture, "Do you know this man? Where is he?"
    He looks at it, "I don't know that fag man."
    Erica takes a step towards him.
    "I-I swear I d-don't know him." he says as he shakes like leaf.
    "Very well, how about the Black Wolves?" Do you know where they are now?" You ask him, Erica waves her Penile Punisher around.

    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:31 No.18837884
    Okay, how?
    She's not exactly happy with us right now, what with seeing as how we've permanently inflicted status anomalies on a fellow trainee.
    Also she's had to start drawing from her personal reserves of snowberries, so she's going to be very careful with them now.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:31 No.18837892
    rolled 47 = 47

    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:32 No.18837893
    rolled 88 = 88

    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:32 No.18837895
    rolled 44 = 44

    I fucking love these dildo bat nicknames, LG.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:32 No.18837896
    rolled 74 = 74

    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:32 No.18837899
    rolled 57 = 57

    rollin for infodump
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:32 No.18837900
    rolled 71 = 71

    Let's see if he's worth keeping alive.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:32 No.18837903
    rolled 92 = 92

    Talk, or your orifices get it.

    Erica's going to want a dildo bat when we get home, isn't she?
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/24/12(Tue)00:33 No.18837908
    rolled 71 = 71


    We only did the one, and it's not OUR fault Shirou's too dumb to restrain himself from eating all the berries.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)00:33 No.18837910
    rolled 64 = 64

    Thats right we get all the info
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)00:34 No.18837921
    rolled 30 = 30

    We get all the info
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:34 No.18837924
    rolled 90 = 90

    He's lying. Start to pull down his pants to show we mean business.
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)00:35 No.18837931
         File: 1335242108.gif-(1.62 MB, 393x221, 1308325518288.gif)
    1.62 MB
    rolled 71 = 71

    slap some shit for extra effectiveness
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)00:35 No.18837941
    rolled 6 = 6


    Fucking captcha said it didn't go through.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/24/12(Tue)00:36 No.18837942
    Yeah, she probably will. If nothing else, I imagine we should be able to get one from Slaanesh's.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:38 No.18837969
    Eh, I doubt it. As kinky as it is, there are more effective weapons.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:40 No.18837985
    We didn't cause her to run out of berries Shirou did, she doesn't mind what happened too much becase she and Ryuu did stupid things as trainees and Ryuu reminded her of the fact, she also has some on hand it is just she will run out sooner with a lesser supply and she has to be more soaring with them

    We know no one has bothered not they can't, it may just be they are slow to grow and only melmo bothers with them because she is the only one who uses aging potions
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:42 No.18838013
    Or possibly, it's a rather rare plant and nobody else knows they grow out there.
    She has no reason to grow them, when she can pick from the branches. Nobody else knows they're out here.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:43 No.18838028
    Ryuu specifically said that they rarely survive in the wild, and even less so in cultivation.
    So it IS going to be difficult.

    >From what I know those things rarely survive in the wild, let alone under cultivation.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:43 No.18838036
    She will want one as a gag weapon
    The idol twins pull out their hammers she pulls out her dildo bat
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:45 No.18838051
    Oh fuck I lost it
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:45 No.18838058
    rolled 66 = 66

    Might at least be worth some shock value against more squeemish targets.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:46 No.18838065
    Yeah it will be difficult but there are probably a dozen people in the bureau who could do it just they have no need.

    We won't get I easily short of getting a 100 but it will be possible
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/24/12(Tue)00:46 No.18838077
         File: 1335242810.png-(166 KB, 636x470, grope and death.png)
    166 KB
    "T-they're by the lake! Just a few klicks to the northwest from here." He tells you.
    "Are you telling the truth or are you setting us up for another trap?" You ask as you tug at his pants.
    "I'ts the truth man! I SWEAR!" he says frantically.

    "Okay, I'll believe you. But as insurance, I'm leaving you here tied up as you are. If the Wolves aren't there, We'll come back and you will see that Violet Violator fill your vacancies."
    "I swear man, It's the truth." he says as he curls up into a fetal position.

    You leave him behind in the clearing and march on in the direction he indicated.

    **Give me a roll**
    taking first one
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)00:47 No.18838083
    rolled 5 = 5

    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:47 No.18838094
         File: 1335242875.jpg-(97 KB, 1072x821, 1317446663674.jpg)
    97 KB
    rolled 48 = 48

    Nah. She'd want a "Penetrator"
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:47 No.18838095
    rolled 70 = 70

    Someone's gonna roll low, aren't they.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:48 No.18838110
    rolled 39 = 39

    Goddammit Lookout you sonofabitch!
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:48 No.18838111
         File: 1335242924.png-(396 KB, 853x480, 1335152218802.png)
    396 KB

    Lookout, plz stop rolling.

    In other news: it looks like we're going to let Erica sodomize that bandit. Hope that doesn't factor in badly in our eval.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:48 No.18838113
    Lookout carrying the team as always.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:49 No.18838124
    rolled 2 = 2

    Aww goddamit
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)00:53 No.18838168
         File: 1335243217.gif-(2.87 MB, 320x240, 1334668769658.gif)
    2.87 MB
    rolled 77 = 77

    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:54 No.18838173
    welp, time for cake and sodomy.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:54 No.18838185
         File: 1335243292.jpg-(149 KB, 1024x735, 1334598995101.jpg)
    149 KB
    Oh, NOW you roll the damn 77.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:54 No.18838187
    Really didn't think I could do worse than your roll...
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)00:56 No.18838196
    rolled 29 = 29

    you can try again if you like. there's still one number lower than 2...
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:57 No.18838204
    We don't really want to see that number, though.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:57 No.18838208
    rolled 21 = 21

    Welp, here's trying for that nat 1
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)00:58 No.18838219
    Why have the dice abandoned us?

    They used to be so kind.

    We must have burned out our karma.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:00 No.18838246
    Is it wrong my first thought is "Get R&D on this for orgy-Thursdays."
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:01 No.18838263
    Depends, do you feel disturbed that your mindset could be considered slaaneshi?
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)01:01 No.18838265
         File: 1335243695.jpg-(79 KB, 300x442, Archer_Krieger_300x442.jpg)
    79 KB
    not if you are this man.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:02 No.18838272
    Yes. Yes it is.
    Because they're still working on Amazoness' translation software and they don't need distractions.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/24/12(Tue)01:02 No.18838277
         File: 1335243754.jpg-(84 KB, 550x368, flat,550x550,075,f.jpg)
    84 KB

    You walk through the deep woods, constantly checking a compass to make sure that you were going on the right heading.

    after about an hour of walking, you find the trees beginning to thin out into plains.
    Grass reaching your chest surrounds you, random trees dotting the sea of green.

    In the distane to your right, you spot what might be water, but the hot sun burning overhead could also mean that it is nothing more than a mirage.

    Somewhere to your left a lone kid is walking back and forth in the grass.

    Right in front of you, almost hidden by the tall grass, you see the roof of a hut, smoke is coming out of it's chimney.

    [ ]water
    [ ]hut
    [ ]kid
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:03 No.18838287
    >Erica running rampant with dildo-gun
    >Gai is covering his ass
    >Kenji screaming about how we wouldn't listen
    >Hina is all "W-well, if it's Erica I g-guess it's okay..."
    >Perrine just closes her eyes and pretends its Hayate
    >Ursual is enjoying it
    >Ridiculously Convenient Store is making a killing on butt protectors
    >The Doctor locked himself inside his tardis
    >Mike is banging on the door to be let in
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:04 No.18838293
    rolled 97 = 97

    Haha let's go talk to the Pokemon LARPer.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:04 No.18838302
    Hut. The kid must be insane, or LARP-ing as some kind of desert monster. The water is likely a trap.
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)01:05 No.18838306
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/24/12(Tue)01:05 No.18838319
    Let's go for the hut. Hope we don't look too threatening.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:06 No.18838320
    It wouldn't be so hard to make a virtual waifu. Copy some of cleverbot's routines, maybe have an internet crawler to learn conversation topics... hmm...
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)01:06 No.18838322
    rolled 94 = 94

    [ ]hut
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:07 No.18838332
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:09 No.18838349
    >Usula rigged an infinite ammo clip for it.
    You mean.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:09 No.18838353
    rolled 4 = 4


    That kid is a fucking Pokemon trainer, don't lock eyes with him.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:10 No.18838359
    >hayate goes into the fetal position having ptsd flashbacks.
    i could see it.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:11 No.18838363
    [x] hut
    I want to avoid another pokebattle.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)01:12 No.18838369
    rolled 19 = 19

    You know i have a feeling she would aim for testicles too.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:12 No.18838372
    rolled 9 = 9

    But the last one was so much fun!
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:14 No.18838396
    Well we dont have Jackob.
    We have Naru. In bunny ears no doubt.
    Oh that maid outfit...
    And that blush...
    FUCK! She's coming with us now, it will be my new mission in life.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:20 No.18838452
    >falling in love with a simulation character

    ...this is going to create some problems for us.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:21 No.18838462
    >maid with bunny ears
    >we have bunnymode

    It's like we were made for each other.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:21 No.18838469
    >and hayate got the damn thing for her in the first place to appease the potato empress so he can keep naru.
    i can see it.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:22 No.18838481
    We hatted her. The process puts her under our control and fills out their personality, making them a fully-fledged AI cohort.

    She is, by the condition of most settings, a person.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:31 No.18838575
    That's the problem I mean, though.

    She was just a character in artificial program before. One that theoretically exists concurrently in every Infinicon simulation currently running for the class. What happens when one breaks her programming? Do the rest? Is it just "our" iteration? Is there a base character who is still just a hollow artificial character with no sentience?

    And more importantly: How do we get her out? And if we can't before the simulation ends, does she revert back to her original state before we can go back in and get her?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:34 No.18838587
    Probably the same way we were able to keep Lo...
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:35 No.18838600
    Just "our" iteration.

    She'll come out with us, just like Ted and Lo did. Once we hat an AI, they default to our control and the program can't terminate them anymore.

    The Director doesn't like this very much. She's going to have a talk with us about it.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:36 No.18838619
    Less that she doesn't like it and more that she's slightly confused and interested in how we're doing it.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:36 No.18838622
    >What happens when one breaks her programming? Do the rest? Is it just "our" iteration?
    Assuming basic Database useage, it would be only our iteration. If all simulations directly influnced eachother there would be chaos.
    >Is there a base character who is still just a hollow artificial character with no sentience?
    There is in the original copy, which is still in the system. However ours would have gained sentience.
    >How do we get her out?
    She could always piggyback on Kraus, and she's crafty enough to do it without him noticing no doubt.

    Then once she has a chance she can freely possess anything - say a robot maid - she found suitable as a host via wifi/whatever the devices connect to.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/24/12(Tue)01:37 No.18838623
         File: 1335245822.jpg-(15 KB, 276x183, images (62).jpg)
    15 KB

    You ignore the distant glimmer of water and the kid walking back and forth through the tall grass and head straight towards the hut.

    It's a small wood and leaf structure, built in a dirt clearing in the middle of the grassy sea.
    In a few cages around it, you see some hens and a rooster, tied up near the door was a small dog.

    It barked as you approached, alerting the inhabitant.
    "Who goes there? I must warn you, I am armed!" you hear a voice call out from inside the hut.

    WAT SAY?
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/24/12(Tue)01:37 No.18838630
    >puts her under our control and fills out their personality, making them a fully-fledged AI cohort.
    We don't know that's the case if they were already intelligent. With Ted and Lo, they were baseline combat constructs, so there was nowhere to go but "up." Naru is already sentient, or a simulation there of, and we don't have an actual object to "bind" her to. We may be (Okay, probably are) unconsciously manipulating her code, instilling further loyalty, etc., but without a real focus object, I doubt we could actually "hat" something.

    Currently, at least, with only unconscious application of our datawrangling.

    >And more importantly: How do we get her out? And if we can't before the simulation ends, does she revert back to her original state before we can go back in and get her?
    We don't need to worry about that, even if we can make an actual effort to pull her out with us. I figure she'll either catch a ride "in" Kraus, or The Dude will pull out her modified code package, which we'll then have to find a body for, as people aren't the same as animal familiars.

    That doesn't sound quite right at the end, but I'm not sure how else to put it right now.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)01:38 No.18838639
    rolled 62 = 62

    Wasn't it the director who took them out of the programs after we hacked them?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:38 No.18838651
    Also: What if she's an agent who was sent in to observe us in a more advanced simulation, using a chair in another room? >Creepy music here
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/24/12(Tue)01:40 No.18838671
    Director Nagato did Ted, Mike did Lo. Because, I believe, Ted's base was the Director's construct, and Lo's was Mike's.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:40 No.18838679
    "I am Hayate, current Shogun to the Ramengumi, and these are my honorable companions, we seek assistance in finding a lost friend of ours. He was last seen around these parts and is presumably afraid."
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:40 No.18838680
    rolled 46 = 46

    "And if you wanted to attack you'd have done that first instead of warning us. So why don't we talk?"
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)01:41 No.18838685
    rolled 25 = 25

    That's what i mean though, she took the code and made physical manifestations after we hacked them.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:41 No.18838687
    Good for you, we're here to ask some questions, if we wanted to attack you your hut would be on fire. Have you seen this man?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:42 No.18838697
    "Just some travelers, wanting to talk. We mean you no harm. We're simply in search of a lost compatriot of ours."
    Spread our hands wide to show that we aren't going for our weapons.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/24/12(Tue)01:44 No.18838721
    This is fine, if we leave out the "shogun" bit. It's just not necessary.

    Though, I prefer >>18838697's words.

    Anyway, I'm off, gotta get up early.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:48 No.18838747
    this. Go for the nice approach.
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)01:52 No.18838786
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)01:57 No.18838819
    Putting my vote behind this as well.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/24/12(Tue)02:09 No.18838909
         File: 1335247749.jpg-(27 KB, 348x438, WizardBum.jpg)
    27 KB
    "Just some travelers, wanting to talk. We mean you no harm. We're simply in search of a lost compatriot of ours."
    A man comes out of the hut, hes dressed in old patched up robes.
    A fake beard and mustache adorn his face, a pointy hat on his head.
    "I am Hayate, my good sir, and these be my companions 6." you say as you introduce yourself,
    "I am William the Wizard. For thirty years I have toiled till I unlocked the secrets of wizardry!"
    "ASK ME WHAT YOU WILL. But again I must warn you, I am armed." He raises his arms to show you, the right one considerably larger than the left..

    "Do you know of this man?" you ask as you show him the picture of K.

    taking first one
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:10 No.18838926
    rolled 34 = 34

    Come on, let's get this simulation over with!
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:11 No.18838939
         File: 1335247873.jpg-(374 KB, 1052x700, 04fc426fc6c5cbc22b83fa226a02d5(...).jpg)
    374 KB
    I'm putting my behind to that thread.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:11 No.18838942
    rolled 15 = 15

    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:11 No.18838945
    >For thirty years I have toiled till I unlocked the secrets of wizardry!"
    >He raises his arms to show you, the right one considerably larger than the left..
    haha virgin jokes...
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:11 No.18838946
    >thirty years

    Be careful. This man has powers beyond our wildest imagination. The Bureau probably has extensive files on him stating that they need more extensive files.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)02:15 No.18838966
    rolled 87 = 87

    Does that mean he is still a virgin? Because everyone knows that If you are a virgin until 41 years of age you get magic powers.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:15 No.18838973
    rolled 49 = 49

    Holy shit, we need to pay this guy the proper respect, achieving the rank of wizardry. Are there archmages here too?

    Too bad Hayate already lost his chance at wizardry due to that fat Greek.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:15 No.18838974
    This mages power is immense, we must be truly cautious around him
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)02:16 No.18838984
    rolled 19 = 19

    Never mind didn't read part of it.
    Insinuating insinuations
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:18 No.18838999
         File: 1335248299.gif-(288 KB, 292x256, 1310106420343.gif)
    288 KB
    Okay I just spilled my beer. You suck.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:19 No.18839016
         File: 1335248382.gif-(30 KB, 600x512, 1318839423366.gif)
    30 KB
    rolled 79 = 79

    Congrats on the new powers.
    Now, could you help me find this guy?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/24/12(Tue)02:21 No.18839031
         File: 1335248484.jpg-(30 KB, 348x480, good_mage.jpg)
    30 KB
    "I may have seen him, or I may have not." he answers cryptically.
    "These eyes have seen it all, these hands have moved mountains. I have done more than you will ever do in a lifetime. Why should I concern myself with foolish mortal problems such as yours?"
    "Perhaps you could tell us about the Black Wolves then, oh wise one?" you ask him.

    "Wolves? They are nothing but pups! A band of nomads with nothing to give and no desire to take.
    They are no interest of mine." He answers you
    "But do you know of their location? A source has told us they are at the lake, but we know not where that is."

    "The Lake of Bitter Tears is what you speak of, If you had followed the River of Roneryness, you would have found it in no time. But since you are now here in the sea of grass, I assume you went through the forest. Am I correct?"
    "Indeed oh observant one." you tell him.
    "Then the lake you seek is just there," he points with his enlarged right arm towards the distant glimmer of water. "If the Wolves are indeed there as you were told, then you shall find them there."

    "NOW BEGONE! I have much to watch and study!"
    He goes back inside his hut without another word.

    As you walk away, you only jsut then notice the large satellite dish and the generator tucked away to one side of the wooden hut.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:24 No.18839051
    Such a wise fellow, we'll have to thank him later.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:25 No.18839057
    The Wolves are hostiles, we should be ready for a fight.
    How is Naru's arm holding up?
    Is Erica alright in that Sororitas armor?
    And what's the current time?

    Dammit, we could have traded the photo of Naru for better information.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:26 No.18839061
    Yeah, thank him with the Purple Pulverizer.

    That counts as sex, wizard! Enjoy losing your powers, you unhelpful dick!
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/24/12(Tue)02:27 No.18839069
         File: 1335248837.jpg-(36 KB, 550x366, mirror-lake.jpg)
    36 KB
    You trudge through the grass towards the direction of water.
    After about an hour of more marching you arrive at the banks of a large lake.

    To one side, a large structure built out of logs, not unlike a fortress.
    Yellow flags fly at its heights, orange clad guards patrol the parapets.

    To the other, a collection of campfires and tents.
    Men carrying long sticks and foam swords walk the bank near the fires.

    [ ]go to log fort
    [ ]go to tents
    >add a roll to your choice
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:29 No.18839083
    Doesnt say hostile, I read thier description as more of neutral.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:29 No.18839084
    rolled 46 = 46

    Tents, the nomads would if bothered building a log fort so that is obviously a trading post
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:30 No.18839091
    rolled 30 = 30

    [x]go to tents
    The Wolves are nomads, so they wouldn't be in the fort.
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)02:30 No.18839094
    rolled 72 = 72

    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:30 No.18839096
    rolled 42 = 42

    [x] log fort
    Go juggernaut of swagstruction!
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:31 No.18839105
    rolled 18 = 18

    Going for the Tents
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:31 No.18839107
    rolled 76 = 76

    Going for the tents.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:33 No.18839121
    rolled 60 = 60

    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:33 No.18839124
    rolled 76 = 76

    I'd suggest the fort. They could turn out to be friendlies.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:35 No.18839140
    rolled 92 = 92

    Im with this guy.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:36 No.18839152
    So once we get this guy the missions over right? We can use magic? Can we burn the wizards house down?
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)02:36 No.18839155
    rolled 37 = 37

    [ ]go to tents
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:37 No.18839161
    Once we apprehend K, the simulation is over and we get to go to town and secure that portkey.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:37 No.18839163
    Comeon fort.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)02:38 No.18839172
    rolled 30 = 30

    Well probably but they would most likely want us for a Psyche evaluation after.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:40 No.18839197
    We are already in therapy, so they'd just assume were crazy already.

    Comeon K on the crapper so we can get this over with
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:41 No.18839204
    We could if we really wanted, but there'd be no point.

    Simulation will most likely end. And then everyone will be shocked to see Naru there.

    She's holding a note from her father, she reads it seconds before it vanishes: "I knew you could do it. I love you, find a good life outside the 'con."
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:42 No.18839209
    >implying that raping him so he loses his powers isn't a better way to deal with him

    I mean, if we're going to psych anyways, might as well earn it.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:43 No.18839217
    rolled 62 = 62

    >psyche evaluation
    We're already in therapy with Dr. Ikari.
    Any results they get would be tainted.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:44 No.18839232
    Im assuming Gendo is negayate's psychiatrist.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:46 No.18839253
    Negayate doesn't have a therapist.

    He LISTENS to the voices in his head.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:47 No.18839267
    Therapist no. Telling even crazier shit to do? Yes.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:48 No.18839291
    He ended up with palpatine
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/24/12(Tue)02:49 No.18839294
         File: 1335250148.jpg-(182 KB, 800x475, medieval_tents_by_two_ladies_s(...).jpg)
    182 KB
    You approach the tents, your group walking around the edge of the lake unimpeded.

    As you come closer to the collection of canvas structures, some of the men see you and gather to meet you.

    "What ho gentlefolk! What brings you to the camp of Black Wolves?" The one that you assume is the leader asks you from afar.

    "We are searching for a friend, We have information that he was last seen in your territory." you tell him as you walk towards him with your hand out.

    He takes it in his own and gives it a hearty shake.
    "Who is this friend you speak of? Mayhaps we have seen him."
    You take out K's photo and show it to him.
    "This is who we search for. He had last been seen a month or so ago."

    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:49 No.18839299
    rolled 17 = 17

    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:49 No.18839300
    rolled 99 = 99

    here's nothing
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:51 No.18839317
    rolled 41 = 41

    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)02:51 No.18839322
         File: 1335250296.jpg-(48 KB, 224x257, 1309932553132.jpg)
    48 KB
    rolled 72 = 72

    that's not nothing. that is in fact something.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:51 No.18839325
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:51 No.18839326
         File: 1335250310.jpg-(26 KB, 500x375, madao1.jpg)
    26 KB
    "You know doc i've had a hard life, and I feel like I should get back at my parents for all the shit they put me through."

    "No Hayate, revenge is for the weak. You want to pilot the 01 and fight angels. Get in the tube."
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:52 No.18839329
    rolled 53 = 53

    Bit more than nothing there.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:53 No.18839341
    Holy crap. I expect a 5 or 9 like we've been getting all night.

    Nope. near crit.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:53 No.18839342
    rolled 37 = 37

    Rollan for he is in the privy my lord, just over there
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:53 No.18839343
    I hope so, how badass would it be for him to shoot lightning out of his fingertips at us during the fight?
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)02:54 No.18839358
    will probably look really cool while we stop time to ZA WARUDO him.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:56 No.18839361
    rolled 76 = 76

    He is the wizard who lives not far from here
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:57 No.18839373
         File: 1335250645.jpg-(60 KB, 512x384, 1301792119002.jpg)
    60 KB
    >mfw LG takes the first roll only
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)02:59 No.18839397
    rolled 72 = 72

    Hope not, and this roll better not be a nat 1
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/24/12(Tue)03:02 No.18839426
         File: 1335250946.jpg-(24 KB, 300x317, Hukkah.jpg)
    24 KB
    "Ah! Tis the fabulous one!" he exclaims. "He has been travelling with us for quite some time now. let me show you to his tent."

    He leads you and your group though the settlement and leads you to purple and black tent near the edge of the cluster.
    "He is inside." the leader tells you "Feel free to go right in."

    You have Naru, the Ninjas, Gai and Erica stay outside in case K decides to bolt.
    Hina and you proceed inside the small canvas and cloth enclosure.

    You find the interior filled with sweet smelling smoke coming from a hookah in the corner.
    On a pile of cushions sat K.
    He has the tube of the hookah to his lips as he watches you walk in.
    His curly hair seemingly alive in the dim light of the tent.

    "I have been waiting for you," he says after a puff of smoke.
    "I'm sure you have many questions you want answered, but I shall only answer three."
    He straightens up in his nest of cushions.
    "And I shall only do so if you answer my three questions."

    [ ]SURE (what is your first question)
    [ ]NOPE
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:04 No.18839440
    [x]SURE (what is your first question)
    Have you gone native, betrayed the Bureau, and become a rogue like M and R?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:04 No.18839441
    Sure, what is your question
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)03:05 No.18839443
    rolled 92 = 92

    [ ]SURE (what is your first question)
    Ready brick for surprise attack.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:05 No.18839444
    He'd have specified.

    Also, we rolled a 99. Stop rolling. You're far more likely to roll in the single digits than to beat that.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:06 No.18839445
    rolled 8 = 8

    Well why the fuck not?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:06 No.18839448
    [x] sure
    Whats with this haruhi? >or< May I shake your hand?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:07 No.18839453

    As this is a simulation, there's really no harm to come to us. The questions will be existential and probably designed to make us sympathetic to him.

    I'm tempted to just KO him now and complete the mission, but that's like playing the game without doing the side quests. SO: ask me your questions!
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:07 No.18839454

    [X] Nope

    Bag and tag and hoof it out of there.
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)03:07 No.18839457
    "If we play along, will you submit without fighting?"
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:08 No.18839469
    Derp forgot my question.

    Will you come back to the Bureau quietly?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:08 No.18839471
    This so hard. Take him down. Then question him.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:09 No.18839475
    rolled 34 = 34

    Why did you and the other two go rogue?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:09 No.18839480
    Sure. You wanna ask first?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:10 No.18839494
    Rephrase to "You go first."

    my question: "Will you come willingly or did you go rogue?"
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:11 No.18839505
    But he can say yes, and it could be an answer to either one of those. That's a stupid question.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:12 No.18839512

    I want to just knock him out but now that I think about it, isn't the Bureau suppose to be training us to be able to think for ourselves and make decisions on the fly? It is advanced field training, after all, so blindly following orders may or may not be the best thing.

    I've already voted for Nope but it's just some food for thought.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:14 No.18839529
    The Dude was specifically asking us for what we had learned about the reasons for the agents going rogue.
    Not questioning K when he's in a talkative mood strikes me as the kind of reckless and impatient action that will count against us in our final evaluation for this simulation.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:16 No.18839548
    [x] SURE
    "Why have you broken contact with the Bereau?"
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:17 No.18839556
    This. Ask him why.
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)03:18 No.18839566
    well if you wanted the best question for the info we're looking for it would probably be:
    "What compelled you and your fellow agents to abandon your duties as IDKB agents?"
    but i just want to know if we're going to have to fight him, so we can warn the others to get ready to swarm him or hold off the black wolves.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/24/12(Tue)03:20 No.18839584
         File: 1335252020.jpg-(51 KB, 386x476, 12312343434343434.jpg)
    51 KB
    "Sure," you tell him as you and Hina settle yourselves into some cushions he has offered.
    "Here's our first question, Have you gone native, betrayed the Bureau, and become a rogue like M and R?"

    "No. I'm sure you have read some of our files. We three are deep cover agents, the other two unfortunately got in so deep they were unable to get back out. Fearing for myself and for the mission, I hid myself with these people once I 'betrayed' my companions. The cult we were investigating proved to be one too convincing and those two got absorbed by them. if you we're wondering why I have not contacted the Bureau nor used my device, I will tell you that there's something about this place, something about the delusions and broken dreams that inhibits majaik. I managed to harness it further to hide my device effectively cloaking my movements from the other two. If you must know, It's a curious mix of neckbeard tears and furry butter."
    He again takes a puff from the hookah.
    "Now here's my question to you, What do you plan on doing to me now that you have found me?"

    WAT SAY?
    [also add your second question]
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:22 No.18839594
    rolled 48 = 48

    This sounds like a good question.
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)03:23 No.18839608
    "Our instructions are to bring you in for questioning, and with what you've just told me, that's what i intend to do. It sounds like it certainly isn't safe for you here anymore to complete your missions. Come in, and the bureau can send a new team in to finish it with the info you can provide.
    Second question: R and M referred to a 'her' when we were subduing them; I'm assuming that 'she' is whoever is in charge of this cult. What can you tell me about her?"
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:24 No.18839617
    "We have caught the other two, and they are now in Bureau custody. We shall send you back to the Bureau for debriefing as well."

    "Why didnt you just ask the Bureau to pull you out when the other two went rogue?"
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)03:25 No.18839619
    rolled 39 = 39

    I plan to take you in, if you explain the situation i'm sure the bureau will be able to work something out if not let you off completely.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:25 No.18839620
    "I will contact the Bureau and say that you appear to be still loyal, and request a link-up between your Device and mine to verify your story.
    "What are the aims of this cult you were investigating?"
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:25 No.18839621
    Her being Haruhi you nutjob.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:25 No.18839623
    "Ideally I'd like to escort you back to the bureau, with the up most respect seeing as you are a fellow agent. Thank you for being so civil about this. Are you willing to return peacefully with us?"
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:25 No.18839628
    rolled 75 = 75

    I plan to bring you back to the bureau.
    What did you discover about the cult you were investigating?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:26 No.18839636
    We wish to bring you back home. We have already sent home your two "partners," and I'm sure the bureau would like your report.

    Would you explain to me the mission you were on before your allies went native?
    If that isn't an option due to being classified, will you return with us peacefully?
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)03:27 No.18839642
    couldn't remember if they'd dropped her name or not, couldn't be assed to double-check the archive.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:27 No.18839646
    I get the feeling that she and that gay esper guy could be running the nega-bureau.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:31 No.18839668
    rolled 3 = 3

    They did say her name but on Haruhi, not her surname.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:33 No.18839688
    Depends. You're coming in with us, and I'd prefer for it to be peaceful.

    This cult you were investigating left your fellow agents as nutjobs, but you escaped. What exactly did you see?
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)03:35 No.18839701
    consensus seems to be explain orders, express desire for this to go peacefully, ask about the cult
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/24/12(Tue)03:40 No.18839747
         File: 1335253241.jpg-(11 KB, 400x225, 12312323423234234.jpg)
    11 KB
    "We wish to bring you back home. We have already sent home your two "partners," and I'm sure the bureau would like your report." you answer him, and you see a look of relief on his face after you mentioned the apprehension of the other two.
    "Would you explain to me the mission you were on before your allies went native?"

    "We were sent to investigate this cult growing here. We believed that it was linked to the suppression of majaik and other abnormal stuff that was happening. It was linked to a character called Haruhi."
    He gabs a date out of a jar he kept nearby, and popped it into his mouth. "
    We are still unsure if she's a real person or just another one of the fictional delusions these poor fools have latched onto. Either way, the cult and it's following proved to be quite the intrusive presence, allowing them to take over the other two. I have never before seen any other agents go rouge as easy as those two have, and you must believe me when I say that they were the last persons in the bureau that I would have thought to do so."
    "Now here's my second question, Would you ever consider going against the Bureau if you had the the choice and the reason to do so?"

    also what would be your third question?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:44 No.18839780
    It'd depend on the reason. I can't currently think of anything that would convince me to fight against the Bureau, but considering all the different things in the universe, there might be something.
    Not very likely though.

    Are you ready to leave?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:44 No.18839781
    Why is he naked all of a sudden?
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)03:45 No.18839785
    this is the one that the Dude and other instructors will be looking at the hardest afterward.

    "It would depend on the circumstances. I might consider it if my Family we're threatened, but since all the people I care about already work for the bureau, I doubt that would happen. Otherwise, no, I would never consider turning against the Bureau."

    (dunno about the third question. ask why he fell in with the black wolves?)
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:46 No.18839800
    "I...don't know if I could. The Bureau is the first place that ever felt like home, and it's where I met all of my friends and family.
    "Are you ready to go home, K?"
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:48 No.18839809
    "The bureau has given me everything. It took me from the streets and because of it I know love and happiness for the first time in my life. Without them I would likely be a slave to some rich child, or dead in a gutter. I could never begin to imagine betraying them. "

    "Are you ready to get the hell out of this place?"
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:48 No.18839818
    "If it came down to the Bureau, or the family I've found there, yes."
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:51 No.18839834
    "I don't know. It would take something apocalyptically bad on the Bureau's part for me to consider it, but such a thing is not particularly likely. Certainly, not some silly cult, mind-bending or not."
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:51 No.18839836
    rolled 92 = 92


    I agree with this completely
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:52 No.18839845

    "Nothing is ever certain. People change, the Bureau may change, circumstances may change. There may be a scenario in the future which would force me to act against the Bureau. But until then, the Bureau has done the right thing by me and so I'll do the right thing for them."

    3rd Question
    "Is there any information about the cult that we need to be aware of before we return?"
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:55 No.18839856
    rolled 50 = 50

    Alright, this one seems the best.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:56 No.18839867
    I suddenly get the feeling we're going to have to bust the cult before we're allowed to return.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:56 No.18839871
    This. 100%.

    Because when it comes right down to it, our work with the bureau is just a job. The people we've found THROUGH that job are far more important.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:57 No.18839877
    Dude'll need to give us more days to work with if he wants an entire cult fucked up.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:58 No.18839880
    rolled 3 = 3

    Might want to be careful with that.
    That's like saying that working for the NSA is "just a job".
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)03:58 No.18839882
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)04:00 No.18839897
    rolled 15 = 15

    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/24/12(Tue)04:04 No.18839920
         File: 1335254669.jpg-(58 KB, 543x923, 715511.jpg)
    58 KB
    "Nothing is ever certain. People change, the Bureau may change, circumstances may change. There may be a scenario in the future which would force me to act against the Bureau. But until then, the Bureau has done the right thing by me and so I'll do the right thing for them." You tell him, your eyes meeting his in the dim light.

    Naru walks in at that moment, bowing in through the tent-flap.
    "My Lord, is everything alright? You have been in here for an awful long time." she inquires.
    "We're fine Naru. Please do not mind us and continue what you were doing outside." you tell her.
    K looks at her and observes her actions.
    "Of course My Lord, If you need me I shall jsut be outside." She says as she ducks back out of the tent.
    You turn back to K and ask him "Are you ready to go home?"

    He smiles and tells you, "Yes. I suppose I am. With my partners now back in Bureau custody, and them needing my report, I guess I should head back. There's nothing more left for me here."
    He asks you his final question.
    "From what I've seen, you have made friends and connections during your stay here. That one in particular seems to be close to you. Your mission ends after I go back, will you abandon them? Will you leave her in this hellish dream of a world?"

    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)04:07 No.18839936
    "Life is a dream; all dreams must end."
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:07 No.18839938

    We're forced to anyway because of your brilliantly evil hatting.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:08 No.18839941
    If a lady wishes to stay by my side, there's not a chance in hell I'll abandon her.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:09 No.18839951
    "Bob and his men wish to be here, as to Raymond. Naru...wanted to know what it was like outside. I'll help her see what it's like outside the con.
    "But otherwise, I'll abide by what the Bureau decides."
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:10 No.18839957
    If a lady needs me, I shall always be at her side. If a ninja needs a shogun to follow, they will find me. I'll never betray my friends.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:10 No.18839959
    "I'll let her make that choice herself. If she truly wishes to leave, then I will appeal to the Bureau."
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:11 No.18839961
    "I am in no position to decide that.
    I cannot simply bring non-bureau personnel into our organization, and this i'm sure you know."
    "We shall say our goodbyes and keep the memories, for that is all I can ever take back."
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:12 No.18839969
    Will you leave her in this hellish dream of a world?


    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)04:13 No.18839975
    rolled 77 = 77

    This, they are looking for how well we deal with this kind of thing.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:15 No.18839986
         File: 1335255324.jpg-(5 KB, 204x204, images.jpg)
    5 KB
    . . . Gotta seduce em' all.
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)04:18 No.18840007
    hatters gonna hat.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:21 No.18840023
         File: 1335255699.png-(169 KB, 640x576, Hatters Gonna Hat.png)
    169 KB
    Here, you forgot this.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:25 No.18840053
    I will never abandon anyone, no matter what. I will take her with me if I have to tear this simulation apart with my bare hands, I will take her with me if it means severely pissing off the director, should she wish to be by my side she will be there come hell or high water.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:27 No.18840063
    You're really striving for getting kicked out of the Bureau and mind-wiped, aren't you?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:27 No.18840064
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/24/12(Tue)04:28 No.18840067
         File: 1335256112.jpg-(20 KB, 326x261, K&R.jpg)
    20 KB
    Hina looks at you, obviously also wanting to hear your answer.
    ""I am in no position to decide that." you tell him.
    "I cannot simply bring non-bureau personnel into our organization, and this i'm sure you know."
    "We shall say our goodbyes and keep the memories, for that is all I can ever take back."

    "I see, may your memories remain true then." he tells you as he stands up.
    "Please, send me back now. I am sure there is much I need to explain to our superiors."
    He holds his hands out towards you.

    You and Hina also stand up. You grip his wrists and contact the Dude.
    'We have him, you can take him home.'
    'Roger that kid. Good work.' he answers.
    K vanishes slowly before you, and as he does he gives you a smile and a nod.

    You and Hina are left alone in the tent, Erica and Gai walk in.
    'I will extract you now, prepare to jump back to the Bureau.' The dude tells the four of you.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:29 No.18840076
    >Will you leave her in this hellish dream of a world?
    No. And she's already asked to come with us, unlike anyone else in this hellhole.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:29 No.18840077
    I think you underestimate the kind of person Nagato is.

    If she sees a subordinate is fiercely loyal to those he cares about, then she'll simply make sure that he cares about herself or someone she can control.

    Stop thinking like a petty human and start thinking like the Skynet master race.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:31 No.18840087
         File: 1335256319.jpg-(38 KB, 255x351, 4564679076.jpg)
    38 KB
    >picked THAT answer

    Ha ha, you funny LG.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:32 No.18840088
    >lol wat do gais?
    >"I cannot keep her."
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:33 No.18840091
    >'I will extract you now, prepare to jump back to the Bureau.' The dude tells the four of you.

    We're just gonna majaikally disappear from inside a tent?
    Without getting to say goodbye to Naru?
    Fuck that.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)04:33 No.18840096
         File: 1335256415.jpg-(83 KB, 636x416, 1331442306501.jpg)
    83 KB
    rolled 65 = 65


    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:34 No.18840099
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:34 No.18840103
    It's a logical, situation appropriate answer.
    I think it's fine
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/24/12(Tue)04:35 No.18840106
         File: 1335256518.jpg-(6 KB, 194x221, loading.jpg)
    6 KB
    rolled 45 = 45

    Rollinggu rollinggu
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:35 No.18840108
    You're picking that choice deliberately to mess with the majority of the "find a way to take her with us" crowd, then you're going to make her follow us anyway to mess with the "no, leave her" crowd. Or at least that's what I'D be doing.

    Don't be a dick. A good troll is more than that.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:36 No.18840111
    Oh, wait.
    Agents CAN field recruit operatives, and then bring them back to the Bureau for training.
    I forgot about this, but that's what happened with Nanoha, Sakura, and Hina.
    We could invoke that right, and grab Naru. She's proven to be a useful operative for this setting, and the Bureau should recruit her.

    Go back out now and grab her.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:36 No.18840115

    >>18840087 here, why would you make me read that when I'm eating a hot pocket, I'm covered in burning cheese and ham now.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:36 No.18840116
    rolled 85 = 85

    Oh yeah?

    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:37 No.18840118
    Dammit, talk to Naru first. We can't bring her with us... but we can at least tell her that if she can somehow manage to follow, we'll be happy to see her again.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:37 No.18840119
    rolled 66 = 66

    >under 50
    So she isn't going to randomly show up with us then?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:37 No.18840121
    I don't think LG ever claimed to be a good troll.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:37 No.18840122
    rolled 17 = 17

    It appears that your swag is...insufficient.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)04:37 No.18840123
    rolled 74 = 74

    You know i would be fine with that. my main point in no hatting was it is against regulations to take people back with you, but if they give her to us...
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:38 No.18840126
    >she won't randomly pop out with us because she took off the bunny ears
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)04:39 No.18840131
    >implying that roll was for anything other than adding another layer of speculation and buttmad
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)04:41 No.18840137
    rolled 5 = 5

    You are welcome.
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)04:41 No.18840141
         File: 1335256900.jpg-(31 KB, 400x321, 1271490243165.jpg)
    31 KB
    we're wiley, strapped on that rocket(the hat) to rescure Naru.

    LG is roadrunner.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:42 No.18840146
    rolled 58 = 58

    nat 100
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)04:43 No.18840150
         File: 1335256992.jpg-(10 KB, 299x156, 1329697557332.jpg)
    10 KB
    >our last words to Naru
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)04:43 No.18840151
    rolled 50 = 50

    be thankful it wasn't a 1
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/24/12(Tue)04:43 No.18840153
    rolled 91 = 91

    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:44 No.18840158

    its better if we speak in binary
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:44 No.18840161
    Gah! You guys are forgetting that this is MAHOU SHOUNEN quest!

    The very basis of the Mahou and Shounen parts is that the characters always stick by their friends. You know power of friendship and all that.

    Plus The Bureau is actually not that strict guys. So long as you don't break any explicit rules your good. I mean some worse stuff has happen than 'Oh I totally want to take this person back home and wish to stand by her.'
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:44 No.18840163
    rolled 2 = 2

    oh okay
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:44 No.18840164
    rolled 28 = 28

    STEP UP!
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:44 No.18840165
    rolled 56 = 56

    Yes, yes I do dare.
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)04:45 No.18840167
         File: 1335257132.gif-(908 KB, 320x176, 1280555720476.gif)
    908 KB
    rolled 1 = 1


    you pissed him off now. best get your lifeboat ready.

    >the wrestler is LG
    >the elephant is our hope for Naru
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)04:46 No.18840172
    rolled 77 = 77

    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:46 No.18840173

    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:46 No.18840178
         File: 1335257209.jpg-(5 KB, 126x119, frostedbutts.jpg)
    5 KB
    Good job fagget.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)04:48 No.18840186
         File: 1335257302.gif-(1.14 MB, 321x213, 1331088160505.gif)
    1.14 MB
    rolled 20 = 20

    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)04:49 No.18840193
    rolled 92 = 92

    Goddammit should have used this when we were questioning the usefulness of bricks.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:49 No.18840195

    When did it says that bringing anything back from a simulation was against the rules? Hayate's has done it plenty of times, only this time the simulation has hypothetical sentience.

    Since the simulation is Bureau property Naru technically is already part of the Bureau
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)04:51 No.18840204
    rolled 57 = 57

    Im not talking about the simulation in that sense, im saying it is against sop and you do not go against sop.
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)04:52 No.18840210
         File: 1335257566.png-(190 KB, 500x385, 1326948604882.png)
    190 KB
    I'm just glad to finally be making use of the reaction/random crap folder i've been cultivating since i first met 4chan.

    >cosby is LG
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)04:54 No.18840224
    we could not have explained that to K in a way that would not sound utterly retarded.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/24/12(Tue)04:55 No.18840227
         File: 1335257716.jpg-(744 KB, 1060x1500, Never leave her behind.jpg)
    744 KB
    'WAIT!' you say before the dude could pull you out of the simulation.
    'What is it?' he asks
    'I have things I need to finalize here.' You tell him.
    'Yeah. We want to say goodbye to the people here.' Erica adds.
    Gai and Hina nod.

    'Alrighty then. I'll pull you out at midnight. make sure to do the stuff you need to do by then.' he tells you before the connection is cut.
    The four of you head out of the tent back to Naru and the two ninjas.
    "How did it go My Lord?" She asks you.
    "It went well, he has told us what we needed to know, and now my mission here is done." you answer.
    "I see..." She says without saying another word further.

    The Black Wolves helped you get back to the edge of the LARP area by sailing you down the river in a pair of boats.
    After a boatride of about an hour, you once again reach the site where you first entered the forest.

    You and your team head back to the Ramen-Gumi's hideout.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)04:56 No.18840235
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 04/24/12(Tue)04:57 No.18840239
    rolled 20 = 20

    Can we wrap this up and rtb, as good as some parts were this infinicon thing seems to have been dragged out a bit.
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)04:58 No.18840243
         File: 1335257905.gif-(1.71 MB, 290x150, 1328325625666.gif)
    1.71 MB
    party time at the Ramen-gumi.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:02 No.18840271
    Properly say goodbye to Bob and Raymond.
    And ask what Naru will do, if she wants to leave.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:03 No.18840276
    We can't forget the Shirt Ninjas! After all, we promised we'd make the Shirt Ninjas into real Ninja.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:04 No.18840280
    So, LG I've got a question. Are there ANY areas in the con that can't be monitored by the Bureau?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:07 No.18840296
    Already did.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:08 No.18840301
    We gave them costumes, but real ninja they are not. Not yet.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/24/12(Tue)05:12 No.18840339
         File: 1335258754.jpg-(13 KB, 348x232, backpain.jpg)
    13 KB
    You arrive at the HQ with everything as you have left it in the morning.
    You head up to the Throne room and call for Raymond-san.

    "Raymond-san," you tell him as he enters, Bob, Naru and the others already seated around you, "Our objective of coming here to the Con have now been completed. It is time for us to say goodbye."

    Bob's surprise can easily be seen through his mask. Naru sits there unmoving.
    "I see.. I knew this would happen, I guess the troops should not be told huh?" he says
    "Indeed. Just tell them I am away on a mission and that i shall be back soon. I want you to lead them as you have, guide them as you have. You are a good leader for these people. Please continue to do so."

    "Of course. We shall always be here to serve you Shogun-sama." he says with a formal bow.
    Bob and Naru follow suite.

    "Bob. I want you and your ninjas to continue to work with Raymond-san. This is your chance to shine on the surface. Show them all how great ninjas you could be." you turn to your black clad minion.
    "Y-yes boss! Leave it to us!" he again bows.

    You then turn to Naru. The one that had been guiding you through the dangers of this weird city.
    The one that you really wanted to talk to.
    "And Naru..."

    *you may add a roll if you wish*
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:15 No.18840354
    It's a simulation.
    They see everything
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)05:16 No.18840358
    rolled 67 = 67

    "if you truly wish the leave here, I will do whatever I can to help you create a new life"

    >good thing i already rolled that 1.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:17 No.18840372
    rolled 99 = 99


    one night stand?
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)05:18 No.18840377
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:18 No.18840380
    rolled 84 = 84

    Would you like to come with me, and see just how far the rabbit hole goes?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:18 No.18840382
    ... what would the roll be for?

    Honestly, I think we should tell her that if she wants to see the world outside the con, all she needs to do is ask. She'd clearly like to, and she's clearly attached to us, so the words are the only thing missing. I really think we should bring her with us.

    And to everyone that keeps saying we can't, for whatever reason, I'd like to remind you that we haven't tried yet.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:19 No.18840385
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:19 No.18840386
    rolled 19 = 19

    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:20 No.18840391
         File: 1335259219.jpg-(32 KB, 600x480, WHY..jpg)
    32 KB

    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)05:21 No.18840401
    rolled 7 = 7

    rollan for this again
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:21 No.18840402
    Completely out of character, but let's take that roll and say it's for bringing her with us, shall we?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:21 No.18840404
    rolled 84 = 84


    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:22 No.18840411
    "Do you truly want to be here? Have you ever thought about what could be outside this place?" Take her hand. "If you choose to, I can take you with me."
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:24 No.18840418
    rolled 20 = 20

    You all now realize LG will make her say that she wants to stay because her dad has cancer or some shit keeping him for living without her support.
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)05:24 No.18840422
         File: 1335259466.jpg-(57 KB, 640x480, 1318053974038.jpg)
    57 KB
    rolled 23 = 23

    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:24 No.18840426



    it is my roll, my answer.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:26 No.18840436
    No it's fucking not.
    You forgot that Hayate is not like that.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:26 No.18840438

    once you ported outside she became a USB
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:28 No.18840451
    rolled 51 = 51

    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:28 No.18840452
    "You asked me of the outside world. Would you wish to see it?"
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:30 No.18840463
    Have you even been paying attention for the last howevermany threads? The very CONCEPT of sleeping with a girl then running out on her wouldn't even fucking compute for Hayate. It'd be like trying to explain what's on television to man who's never seen.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:31 No.18840464
    rolled 25 = 25

    Cuuuuurse yooooouuu dice gods! Why do you cause such hardships!?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:32 No.18840473
    >Implying the dice roll even has an effect on the choice
    >*you may add a roll if you wish*
    >if you wish
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:33 No.18840478


    >perrine's pregnancy

    think about it, naru is another perrine when we do this
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)05:33 No.18840480
    rolled 81 = 81

    good point.
    but how else are we supposed to harness spiral power and get what we want?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:33 No.18840482
         File: 1335260032.jpg-(15 KB, 278x278, 2456425742.jpg)
    15 KB

    And then we all looked like retards.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/24/12(Tue)05:39 No.18840505
         File: 1335260357.jpg-(41 KB, 436x501, take her hand and never let go.jpg)
    41 KB
    "Would you like to come with us?" you ask her.
    Hina and Naru look at you as you ask this, thier faces unreadable.
    "Would you like to see how deep the rabbit hole goes?"

    She looks at you, then she looks at her father.
    "I..." she begins to say.
    "Go on." Raymond-san encourages her.
    "I would like to. But I.. I'm not sure." she says.
    "Naru, You know that it has long been my wish for you to be able to get out of this place." her father tells her.
    "If you are worried about me, then don't be. I have lived most of my life here. I will be able to spend the rest of it here as well. Go and spread your wings my child." he tells her.
    "Thank you father." she answers him with a very deep bow then turns to you.
    "My Lord. I leave myself in your care."
    "I will do my best to get you out of here." You tell her.
    Erica mentillates you.
    'You do realize that this is a simulation right?'
    'I do.' You tell her firmly.

    You spent the rest of the evening at dinner with the whole Ramen-Gumi. Telling the troops that you will be going away for an extended quest in other parts of the Con.
    You assure them that you will be back and that you will be in contact with them through Raymond-san.

    Midnight rolls around, You, Naru, Erica, Hina and Gai are in your safehouse in the LoveHotel.
    The Dude contacts you.
    'Ready to go guys?'
    'Sir. I would like to take back a local with me.' you tell him as you hold Naru's hand.
    'She has shown great aptitude and would do well to be trained as an agent.'
    'Kid, if only it weren't a simulation.' he tells you.
    'She would indeed have made a great agent.'
    He says nothing more and pulls you out.

    The last thing you felt was the warmth of her hand in yours.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:41 No.18840513
         File: 1335260461.png-(390 KB, 639x439, 23462.png)
    390 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:41 No.18840514
    rolled 84 = 84

    She takes it as one night in the con and forever in the outside world
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:42 No.18840523

    strangely i feel indifferent about leaving the simulator.

    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:43 No.18840524
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)05:43 No.18840525
         File: 1335260608.png-(122 KB, 272x271, 1331482250021.png)
    122 KB
    >that filename
    oh hello there sad emotions.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:44 No.18840531
    rolled 36 = 36

    Nothing is set in stone yet. It wouldn't be the first time we pulled someone elses construct out of a simulation
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:45 No.18840533
    Calling it now. We will find bunny ears on our lap when we come out.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:47 No.18840539

    "Naru!!! Kraus, direct all majaik resources to me! I'm going to pull her through!"


    "Then I'm insane! I am NOT breaking my word!"

    Pour all our majaikal force through our hand, thinking of nothing but bringing her with us.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:48 No.18840541
    No. Don't. I cant hold all these tears if we fail.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/24/12(Tue)05:49 No.18840542
         File: 1335260945.jpg-(62 KB, 617x631, she has not the words to say w(...).jpg)
    62 KB
    You find yourselves back in your seat in the classroom.
    It's the same room with the same podium up front, with the same instructor behind it, and the same blue seats all around you.

    To your right is Keima, still as stoic as ever.
    To your front is Sakura, she seem's to be talking to someone mentally.
    Behind you is your girlfriend Hina, where she should be.

    You turn to your left and see...
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:50 No.18840546
    rolled 4 = 4

    We come back and the bunny ears are there, we put them away and then we wake up during the night with hina sleeping on too of us
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:50 No.18840547
    >Next time on MAHOU SHOUNEN QUEST
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:50 No.18840549
    rolled 37 = 37

    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:50 No.18840551

    LG Trollfacing.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:50 No.18840553
    rolled 15 = 15

    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:50 No.18840555
    inb4 next time on MSQ:
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:51 No.18840556
         File: 1335261073.jpg-(81 KB, 1280x720, 1276519.jpg)
    81 KB
    This tiny Ika will hold her breath until she sees Naru. If she isn't next to us, she'll suffocate and die, you wouldn't want that on your conscience, would you LG?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:51 No.18840557
    rolled 84 = 84


    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:52 No.18840563
    Ours is the swag that will pierce the heavens. This swag will open a hole in the universe!
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:52 No.18840565
    rolled 80 = 80

    Oh fuck no! I am Hayate! I am the Shogun! I am the one who lifted the Shirt Ninja from the sewers and gave them a place at my side.

    I will take her hand, I will grip it, and I will make it real! I will drag her though the rabbithole!

    I am a butler, and I never, EVER break a promise!
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:52 No.18840567
    you guys are just making the most delicious tears for LG

    stop it.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:52 No.18840569
    rolled 63 = 63


    Fuck you for probably being right
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)05:53 No.18840574
    inb4 no thread tonight.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:54 No.18840578
    Please tell me that it will be bunny ears.
    Its not going to be bunny ears will it?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/24/12(Tue)05:54 No.18840582
         File: 1335261264.jpg-(3 KB, 124x126, 1333163185100s.jpg)
    3 KB
    rolled 97 = 97

    Rollingu rollingu~
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:54 No.18840584

    we can petition for LG bringing back 7:00 threads....
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:55 No.18840585
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:55 No.18840588
    >implying the roll means anything
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:56 No.18840590
    Mother of god.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:56 No.18840591
         File: 1335261376.jpg-(16 KB, 320x240, 124153161.jpg)
    16 KB
    Oh god please be what I think it will be...
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:56 No.18840592
    Duede, thats in like. an hour. LG cannot handle two threads back to back like that. ITS JUST NOT POSSIBLE MAN.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:56 No.18840593
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:56 No.18840594
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:57 No.18840596

    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)05:57 No.18840598
         File: 1335261447.gif-(1.43 MB, 478x218, 1331427935476.gif)
    1.43 MB
    everything's gonna be a-ok
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/24/12(Tue)05:57 No.18840599
         File: 1335261450.jpg-(22 KB, 432x317, zzzz to be coninued.jpg)
    22 KB

    New thread at __________________ 4chan time.

    >want a thread tonight?
    >it will be late though since im still at work
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:57 No.18840601

    Except all the other times he did that.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:58 No.18840604
    >Instead of naru we get the dildo bat instead
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:58 No.18840605
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:58 No.18840606
         File: 1335261503.png-(296 KB, 493x524, wtfits.png)
    296 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:58 No.18840608
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)05:58 No.18840610
         File: 1335261529.gif-(604 KB, 420x350, 1330448480400.gif)
    604 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)05:58 No.18840611

    >want a thread tonight?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:00 No.18840615

    We have a fever. So we went down to go get it checked out by the doc. All that he told me for it was, "MORE NARU."
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:00 No.18840617
         File: 1335261632.png-(129 KB, 500x500, 1330024535010.png)
    129 KB
    You son of a thingthatitwouldnotbegoodtobeasonof.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/24/12(Tue)06:00 No.18840618
         File: 1335261636.jpg-(26 KB, 294x285, 12354345345ds2.jpg)
    26 KB
    NEW THREAD AT 8:00-ish 4chan time.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:00 No.18840620


    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:01 No.18840622
    ... please?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:01 No.18840623
    LG, you can consider yourself one of the greater quest writers in /tg/.

    You have us on tenterhooks, our emotions and imagination focused solely on what you are writing.

    Good show. I would love another thread.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:03 No.18840637


    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:03 No.18840638
    Yesssssss! Thank you!
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:03 No.18840643


    ALSO, i wonder how Erica will treat "Gai" from now on. should be interesting.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:04 No.18840649
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)06:05 No.18840657
         File: 1335261933.jpg-(73 KB, 549x600, 1330056568738.jpg)
    73 KB
    gonna try to nap. see you guys in 2 hours.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:05 No.18840660

    probably go on a private investigation on her on, leading rumors about them.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:07 No.18840670
    I have no reaction image to say how to express my feelings adequately about this. And I have a sizable reaction folder.

    I wonder if we can get info about it like the small sidestories that we used to get.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:09 No.18840684

    thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:11 No.18840693
    Like that one?
    >> Lookout 04/24/12(Tue)06:11 No.18840694
    some parting music

    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:11 No.18840695
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:13 No.18840709
    Not even a jpg could fathom the ohgodwhatthefuckiamturninghipsterwarbblegarrble
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:14 No.18840712

    "Hayate, we have to talk."
    You are surprised, this is the first time on a long time she called you by your name

    "i think...that....no...."she murmurs and then take a deep breath
    "i don't think i can be with you anymore."
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:15 No.18840718
    I wonder, how will the director take to us stealing another one of the constructs? I think...Our ass is gonna be handed to us when we get called in to her office.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:17 No.18840732

    or, more likely, become another candidate for our family
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:17 No.18840733
    Much like our swag, we can't turn it off.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:19 No.18840745
    Nah The Director is Kyon's
    We don't steal girls from a Bro.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:19 No.18840746

    curiosity can lead to love.... so it is plausible
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:25 No.18840774
    No there's the Director and there's Kyon. They're not the same.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:28 No.18840786
    Reading. lrn2it
    I said that the Director is KYON's girl.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/12(Tue)06:29 No.18840794
    A girl was curious about me once.
    She called the cops after she found out some stuff

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