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  • File: 1335673816.jpg-(46 KB, 600x450, AC-Q.jpg)
    46 KB AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)00:30 No.18903271  
    >Sorry I'm late guys.
    >Ready to rock it now though.
    >Previous threads here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=AC%20Quest

    YOU ARE ALEX RASTON. Currently you're watching Mooch put the finishing touches on Dave's new legs while the rest of the Cores are being loaded onto your transport rig. Team Mo Betta is also here, helping to coordinate the effort.

    Mostly. Steve's still puking over Ari's.... interesting driving habits.

    You have a minute before it's done, but only just.

    [ ] Pep talk your team.
    [ ] Get a kiss from Elsie for good luck.
    [ ] Ask Dervish for advice on the next round.
    >> Klein 04/29/12(Sun)00:34 No.18903320
         File: 1335674060.jpg-(47 KB, 260x200, Awesome 077.jpg)
    47 KB
    YAY! I was about to make a waiting thread.
    Let's go with Peptalk. We need the Fist of the North Star AKA Dave to get his bonus from our speech.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)00:34 No.18903326
    [ ] Get a kiss from Elsie for good luck.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)00:34 No.18903328
    [ ] Pep talk your team.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)00:35 No.18903329
    Let's ask Dervish for advice, it's all going to come down to us anyways.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)00:35 No.18903331
    Normally a good luck kiss last less than a minute.
    let's go pep
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)00:39 No.18903378
    pep talk
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)00:40 No.18903382
    /tg/ - Decision-making
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)00:41 No.18903392

    >This is about average really. Either /tg/ hits consensus immediately or it gets dragged out for like 20 minutes.
    >> Asukafag 04/29/12(Sun)00:42 No.18903398
         File: 1335674540.png-(826 KB, 731x727, Asuka Gives No Fucks.png)
    826 KB
    So I miss last night, and THAT'S the night somebody else makes an Eva joke?!
    N-not that I care about you, s-stupid neckbeards!
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)00:42 No.18903405
    btw my vote is for Dervish
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)00:43 No.18903406

    >Somebody made an Eva joke last night?
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)00:46 No.18903434
    Kiss Elsie.
    >> Asukafag 04/29/12(Sun)00:47 No.18903442
    Painting our Core purple and green and putting a horn on it.
    At the beginning of the thread, in response to the guy who wanted to make our Core into Megas.
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)00:51 No.18903484
    >Looks like pep-talk wins.

    >Let me go throw my dinner in the microwave and I'll get started on that.
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)01:02 No.18903582
    >Micro-wave instructions: insert on HIGH for 45 second to 5 minutes.

    >Why even bother with a number.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:03 No.18903605
    what the hell are you eating
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:05 No.18903617
    Something you pop into a microwave


    Yes that is very.
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)01:11 No.18903664
    "Alright guys." You turn to Laurie and Dave. "Now we know what we're in for in this Tourney. Most of the people we fight are going to be as good as Mo Betta was, so we're going to need to bring our A-Game." They both give sharp, professional nods. Good, they're really ready for this. That's already a load off your shoulders. "Good news is, I've met our next competitors before. And they're idiots. Seriously, as long as we play this smart, we would almost have to TRY to lose if our previous meeting was any indication."

    "What happened last time?" Dave asks?

    "I broke their leaders nose with my face and Elsie almost neutered another one with her pistol."

    "So.... they might hold a bit of a grudge?"

    "Probably, but fuck 'em. I had the moral high ground, and I'd gladly do what I did twice and pay for the privileged." As you climb onto the transport, You get assurances from Dervish and Elsie that your various friends will b pulling for you. Tony is slightly less nice about it.

    "You beat us, so if you don't go and win this whole thing, we'll look bad. So win, or I kill you for tarnishing our name." And with that you went to the arena.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:12 No.18903672
    >We've met the Tunnel Snakes
    Wait, what? Who were they?
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:13 No.18903679
    rolled 58 = 58

    they were the guys harassing Cass
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:14 No.18903684
    The ones harassing Cass.
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)01:15 No.18903696

    In the hangar you spend a moment looking over the dossier file Dervish sent your way before you get a message on your coms. Looks like the captain of the Tunnel Snakes wants to talk terms.

    [ ] Answer, talk terms.
    [ ] Answer, mock him ruthlessly, random battle.
    [ ] Ignore call.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:17 No.18903707
    [ ] Ignore call.
    >> Snaps 04/29/12(Sun)01:17 No.18903708
    >[X] Answer, talk terms.
    They may be idiots but I don't trust a random battle
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:17 No.18903717
    Agree, talk terms.

    They're close combat right, so push for as wide open an area as possible completely lacking cover.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:17 No.18903718
    Answer and talk terms, I want to hear what he has to say. then choke him with it.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:17 No.18903719
    [ ] Answer, mock him ruthlessly, random battle.
    assuming they really are the same guys.
    If they aren't the same guys then talk terms.
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)01:18 No.18903724

    >But random battles are the BEST battles. Seriously, you should see the chart. It's awesome.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:19 No.18903728
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:20 No.18903733
    Why is a Siberian tiger in the middle of the atlantic?
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:20 No.18903738
    Let's talk.

    Also there definitely needs to be some time where someone says "Let's fight, Raven. We'll settle this in battle."

    That is like one of my favourite quotes from all of video games for no real reason
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:21 No.18903745
    >> Snaps 04/29/12(Sun)01:21 No.18903748
    Not saying it wouldn't be fun, just that I'd rather not have to rely on random chance for victory with so much on the line.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:23 No.18903766
    You realize that combat is decided by dice in this game right?
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)01:24 No.18903776
    >Looks like talking wins.

    >You boring, boring people.


    >But you see, you know they'd be as unprepared for you as you are for them.


    >Like I'd do something like that when I could make you fight in a volcano or something.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:25 No.18903781
    Yes, that is one source of randomness, which we can mitigate to a degree through preparation and planning.

    If it goes random it could end in our favor and give us an easy win or it could end with them having a serious advantage. It's about shifting the odds.
    >> Snaps 04/29/12(Sun)01:27 No.18903798
    You just explained my point for me, thank you
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:29 No.18903809
    On the subject of random shit:

    For the most part I've been digging how combat in this quest isn't long, drawn-out cataclysmic epic showdowns that take fifty hours long to resolve. They're quick and decisive fights that are usually about setting up for that one perfect shot that's gonna cripple your opponent.

    Randomizing takes away basically all our ability to pre-plan as much as possible for that style of play.

    Just my view on it.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:33 No.18903830
    On that note, what type of terrain do we want? Volcano does sound nice... But I personally have a love for volatile nuclear power-plants or fallout zones.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:35 No.18903844
    We're up against a team of melee specialists. We want lots of open space so they have to cross a large distance of us blowing them to bits before they get to us.

    Then we laugh at them.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:35 No.18903851

    >> Tanzen Nacht !!3nqQd1oD0ih 04/29/12(Sun)01:36 No.18903862
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:37 No.18903866
    We should fight in tunnels, they'll never see it coming!
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)01:39 No.18903889
    You answer the call. "Zin."

    "Yo. You're the leader of these snaps guys?"


    "Right, I'm Butch. I'm Captain for the Tunnel Snakes. Tunnel Snakes Rule!" You can hear his two friends cheer in the background.

    "Right, I'm guessing you want to talk terms?"

    "That, or get terms for your surrender. So then you don't have to fight the Tunnel Snakes. Thought you might like the chance to avoid it, since the Tunnel Snakes RULE!" Another cheer. These fucking people.

    "Alright, what do you guys want, battlefield? Match type?"

    "Heh. We'll let you pick the game type, but we want to fight you in the tunnels. Because we're the tunnel snakes, an-"

    "And Tunnel Snakes rule?"

    "You mocking us?"

    "Perish the thought."

    "Good, because it'd be a bad idea to mock us. Because we're the Tunnel Snakes. AND TUNNEL SNAKES RULE!"

    [ ] Accept their conditions.
    [ ] Fuck these guys.
    [ ] Fuck with these guys.
    >> Tanzen Nacht !!3nqQd1oD0ih 04/29/12(Sun)01:40 No.18903893
    Fuck with them
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:40 No.18903895
    Fuck these guys.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:41 No.18903900
    [x] Accept their conditions.
    The faster we get to the fight, the faster we can utterly thrash these idiots.
    >> Klein 04/29/12(Sun)01:41 No.18903902
         File: 1335678116.jpg-(53 KB, 469x428, Awesome 161.jpg)
    53 KB

    Troll Ruthlessly, I'm feeling lucky
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:42 No.18903905
    No that is a terrible idea
    >> Snaps 04/29/12(Sun)01:43 No.18903908
    >[X] Fuck with these guys.
    We have no advantage in the tunnels and they are built for it.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:44 No.18903915
    ...Tunnels? For melee specialists?

    What's their game?

    We should make it CTF or something retarded.

    (No vote here)
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)01:44 No.18903920

    >They're also idiots. You could, theoretically make them play and extreme pacifist version of CTF.
    >> Klein 04/29/12(Sun)01:45 No.18903927
         File: 1335678337.png-(119 KB, 417x401, 1290991538863.png)
    119 KB
    rolled 88 = 88

    Roll to troll
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:45 No.18903930
    [x] Fuck WITH them

    Alright, we'll fight in the tunnels. Game rule is that it is forbidden to touch the opponent AC, ranged weapons only.
    >> Tanzen Nacht !!3nqQd1oD0ih 04/29/12(Sun)01:46 No.18903933
    God damn man.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:47 No.18903941
    Gotta keep it exciting for the crowd and the purse.

    I say random is probably best because they won't agree to anything but fucking tunnels.

    Alternately rally race
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)01:47 No.18903943

    >Technically, that would be accepting terms.

    >Fucking with them is the troll all the way to random-ville option.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:47 No.18903947
    wait what the fuck when did they become melee specialists how do we know this anyway
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:47 No.18903949
    I have a question, is a "dance off" a legitimate of AC combat and are we any good at it?

    How restrictive are we allowed to make the rules, can we completely ban all non-ranged weaponry?
    >> Snaps 04/29/12(Sun)01:48 No.18903953
    Switching to acepting with these terms
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)01:49 No.18903964

    >Technically, the Dossier said 'close range'.


    >Nope, gotta pick from the lists. And the lists for variable rules can be pretty fucked up. Like 'not allowed to touch the ground'.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:50 No.18903974
    I say just fuck 'em. Hang up and go randumb.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:51 No.18903978
    Well, what are the rules?
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:52 No.18903987
    What combat types can we pick? Could we for instance say that only mid-range beam rifles are allowed?
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)01:53 No.18903991

    >If you pick that option, I'll give you a list.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:53 No.18903993
    Wait, that would fuck Dave over if we did that... Need to think of something else.
    >> Snaps 04/29/12(Sun)01:56 No.18904009
    Screw it, lets just ask our own team what they think and go with that
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:58 No.18904027
    accept. troll them that way
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)01:58 No.18904028

    >Can't know if something's a good idea until you choose it
    >You're giving the enemy team an advantage for certain if you choose this
    >What possible reason would we have to choose this?

    Yeah, I'm voting for just troll the enemy team.
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)02:00 No.18904042

    >You can easily fuck with their advantage, I just don't want to type up a giant list of possible alternative rules for everyone to say 'nah, fuck that'.
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)02:01 No.18904054
    >So, I'm pretty sure trying to tally votes from before is now pointless. So let's do a quick re-vote to clear the system.
    >> Tanzen Nacht !!3nqQd1oD0ih 04/29/12(Sun)02:01 No.18904057
    Fuck with them
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:03 No.18904064

    Fuck with them, they deserve it.

    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:03 No.18904067
    Troll 'em.

    With as many snake puns thrown in as you can to boot.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:03 No.18904068

    Fair enough.

    Troll 'em anyway.
    >> Klein 04/29/12(Sun)02:05 No.18904079

    General assumption is you had list pre-made I believe.
    Trolling them and letting the dice decide the match seems like the best option. By being so specialized they've effectively limited to close quarters encounters as far as we know. Whereas they would have the edge in that situation there are many others where it would be in our favor. The random odds favor our chances, there is likely no way they'll accept an open map by choice so we have to play the odds to improve our chances.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:11 No.18904119
    Troll. Make it Tag. Open plain.
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)02:14 No.18904143
    "You keep saying that. Are you aware of exactly WHAT a 'tunnel snake' is?"

    "Yeah! They're us! And we rule! TUNNEL SNAKES RULE!"

    "Yeah, except the name for the plumbing tool happened first. You named your gang after a thing designed to clear shit out of a sewage line."

    ".... what."

    "Just saying."

    "You know, you sound familiar somehow. Did I kick your ass or fuck your woman or something?"

    "No, but you did try to stab me, right before I broke your face."




    "Sorry, this is a bad time. Your mother just walked in naked with a tray of cookies, so I really need to get on that, and her, in the little time remaining before our match starts." You hang up the phone before he can get anything better than a indignant sputtering protest in response. "Hey guys," you call to your team "Next battle's going to be totally random."
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:14 No.18904144
    Yeah, fuck it.

    Let's take them out of their precious tunnels. Fuck 'em/Fuck with 'em
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)02:15 No.18904154
    rolled 94, 3, 36 = 133


    >I kinda do. But they're situation to both game type and terrain.
    >> Asukafag 04/29/12(Sun)02:17 No.18904166
    >ayedue Mari.
    Oh yeah captcha, thanks for reminding me, where has Tarot been, does anyone know?
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)02:19 No.18904179

    You get a call-back from the judge.

    Your Arena will be an abandoned food processing facility under Vegas.

    Your game-type will be VIP.

    Special rule: Blind Man's Bluff.

    >Any questions?
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:20 No.18904187
    What do those things mean
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:20 No.18904188
    What exactly does VIP mean, who is the VIP and what in hell is Blind Man's Bluff?
    >> Tanzen Nacht !!3nqQd1oD0ih 04/29/12(Sun)02:20 No.18904195
    Sounds like fun
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:21 No.18904200
    Yeah. What.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:22 No.18904211
    Was the judge rolling naughty dice or some shit?

    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)02:23 No.18904218

    VIP: One team member (your choice) will be made the VIP. Taking out the enemy VIP is how you win. Everyone else is an obstacle.

    Blind Man's Bluff: No radar, no deployed cameras, no special vision modes (thermals, night, etc), no spotters, radio contact with the tram only.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:25 No.18904231
    Who on our team is the most survivable?

    Laurie and Dave are pretty light, but we have a deathwish of some sort.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:25 No.18904234
    Okay, subterranean, probably close quarters. So much for negating their field advantage.

    VIP I'm guessing is one guy on each team plays "Oh God Don't Kill Me" while the others run interference/attack the enemy VIP. Sounds pretty standard, though it does make me REALLY wish we had Ari along; big tough motherfucker of a core like hers would be a hilarious VIP target. Only real question I see is whether or not the VIP gets to fight back.

    And Blind-Man's Bluff...I got nothing. Gonna need some info on that.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:25 No.18904239
    Wait, so we can't actually talk to each other? Just whoever is on overwatch, who can't see anything anyway?

    Or am I confused?
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:26 No.18904246
    I think if we play it really smart and keep our distance there's nothing they can do to touch us while Dave toe-to-toes it and Laurie harasses them alongside us.

    Being Blind is gonna make it difficult but it's not hard to spot when there's three guys closing in on you unless visibility is awful.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:27 No.18904258
    Hmm, I dislike this Blind Man's Bluff, it means we're more likely to walk into an ambush.

    We should probably be the VIP ourself, though Laurie is also a good choice. We're mobile, hard to hit and hopefully will stay at mid range.

    We're going to want to find a nice open, large base of operations where we can cover the entrances first thing, then we can start hunting.
    >> Tanzen Nacht !!3nqQd1oD0ih 04/29/12(Sun)02:28 No.18904269
    How would they set n ambush?
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:30 No.18904285
    They find some shadowy corner near or above a path they thing we'll take and shoot us with a shotgun. They're close ranged focused so they try to hide around corners and the like to force us into situations where they're advantageous.
    >> Tanzen Nacht !!3nqQd1oD0ih 04/29/12(Sun)02:31 No.18904295
    That wpuld require communication to be properly effective
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:31 No.18904299
    They are also stupid so maybe we should just set up a line of fire and yell disparaging things about their mothers.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:33 No.18904313
    AC-Guy said radio contact with the tram only, I'm thinking he misspelled team but we could only be allowed to talk to trolley cars. Also if they've worked together they probably have hand signals and the like.

    Also by these rules we might not be allowed to insult them mid battle which is sad.
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)02:35 No.18904328

    >TEAM. It should say TEAM.

    >Though now I have an awesome mental image of Mooch trying to run over-watch from an armored rail circling above and around a battlefield.
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)02:36 No.18904340
    >Alright, let's make the choice: Who's the VIP?
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:37 No.18904343
    That needs to be a thing. A track around the arena, with both teams' overwatch going around on opposite sides. Each core can only talk to their overwatch.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:37 No.18904348
    Alex Raston
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)02:38 No.18904356

    >I might have to set something like that up.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/29/12(Sun)02:40 No.18904364

    Also, I suppose I'll back up the "Us" vote.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:41 No.18904370
    Trying to coordinate all three team members, telling each persons plans to the others, and keep up on the new information. That would be incredibly difficult, battle of the Overwatchers.
    >> Klein 04/29/12(Sun)02:42 No.18904378
         File: 1335681737.jpg-(26 KB, 241x230, Awesome 006.jpg)
    26 KB

    His name was Alex Raston
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:43 No.18904386
    Game type: Chesswatch

    Or Chessmasterwatch

    Or Watchmaster

    or something stupid
    >> Asukafag 04/29/12(Sun)02:43 No.18904391
    His name was Alex
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:49 No.18904412
    Choose laurie, hes fast so dodging shouldn't be a problem so have him run around like a dick while we take them out.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:49 No.18904415
         File: 1335682194.png-(17 KB, 200x200, 1331677219180.png)
    17 KB
    His name was Alex

    Also, fuck you dice. Close quarter underground no radar fight. Dammit. I already know this is going to set the tone for the rest of the battle, just watch.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)02:54 No.18904443
    is there some joke im not getting?
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/29/12(Sun)02:56 No.18904459
    You wouldn't be the only one.
    >> Klein 04/29/12(Sun)02:56 No.18904460
         File: 1335682588.jpg-(155 KB, 800x800, dudes.jpg)
    155 KB
    Ah caffeine, thank you for the boost, let's get this rolling. Unless a landslide comes in for someone else it's looking pretty good for PC Murderhobo #1
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)02:57 No.18904468
    "Any objections to me painting a target on my ass for them to aim at?"

    Dave shakes his head. Laurie looks thoughtful for a moment and says "Nah, too easy."

    With that settled the three of you launch down a ramp which seals behind you. At least you don't have to worry about a ring-out. Mr Smooth's voice comes over the coms. "Hey, Imma give you the lowdown on the match while that little clock tics down. Can you dig?"

    "Sure, why not."

    "Alright, he's the score: The facility you're in is almost a mile across, and about 6 layers deep. Currently you're on the second highest layer on the East side. Your opponents came in one level down on the other side. Enemy VIP is Butch, the captain." A set of cores flash across your screen. They all look exactly the same: Middleweight cores with mine dispensers and double shotguns. The only difference is they each have a colored band painted on their left arm of varying colors. Butch's is red, the other two are blue and gold. "Any questions?"

    "Other team is getting the same heads up?"

    "Indeedie do, my little friend. and now...." as the clock hits zero "We begin. No more contact with the outside until you or Butch are down."

    [ ] Stick together, stay here.
    [ ] Stick together, move to their last known location.
    [ ] Stick together, move around randomly.
    [ ] Stick together, move to a specific location (insert one).
    [ ] Divide and Conquer (Pick one of the above, but flying solo).
    >> Klein 04/29/12(Sun)02:59 No.18904492
         File: 1335682782.jpg-(61 KB, 360x358, 1297648475712.jpg)
    61 KB

    His name was Robert Paulson
    Now you can google
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:00 No.18904495
    They've got mines and shotguns, this makes advancing on a position a risky proposition. They could be hiding with shotguns or have mined it.

    We need to find a large room with as few entrances as possible and hole up. Us and Laurie will cover the doors and Dave could maybe hide and jam a heat road through someones head as they walk in and focus on us.

    Stick together.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:00 No.18904496

    > ^This guy

    No idea, just playing along since I thought it would be humorous. Anyway, I say that we would be the best VIP simply for a few facts. One, we're built for mid-range, while facing close ranged specialist. Dave is built for close range, so making him the VIP is out of the question. While Laurie is fast, his weapons make him useful at a closer range than us, so we, if I got this right, have the longest optimal range of everyone in the group. We won't need to be close to be effective, and we shouldn't get close if we can help it. Check corners, avoid blind spots, and be careful. Also, remember that we can clear room with our dumb missiles if we have to.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:02 No.18904510
    Is there a time limit to these battles?
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)03:04 No.18904523

    >There can be. There isn't one in this case though.
    >> Klein 04/29/12(Sun)03:04 No.18904526
         File: 1335683085.jpg-(23 KB, 375x500, wat2.jpg)
    23 KB
    My vote is for stick together and moving up a level if possible. We'll have a head start and may be able to lay an ambush there. Also is there any additional information on the levels besides there are 6 of them? Layout? Function in the facility? etc.
    >> Asukafag 04/29/12(Sun)03:05 No.18904535
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)03:07 No.18904548

    >The facility itself is abandoned. Ignoring the holes where machines used to be bolted and the occasional damage, it basically looks like an AC scale empty parking garage.
    >> Snaps 04/29/12(Sun)03:07 No.18904550
    I like this suggestion so
    >[X] Stick together, move to a specific location
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:08 No.18904557
    In that case i think we should stay together and hold up somewhere.
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)03:10 No.18904576
    Your team Opts to play it defensively. You find a ramp going up, and begin to look for a nice place to set up shop.

    >Give me a d20.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:11 No.18904583
    rolled 10 = 10

    dice dont fail me now
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:12 No.18904590
    that's not "luck be a lady tonight"
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:12 No.18904591
    Not bad, but not good. Average.
    >> Klein 04/29/12(Sun)03:13 No.18904595
         File: 1335683600.jpg-(31 KB, 329x350, clover.jpg)
    31 KB
    rolled 2 = 2


    Hmmm, I was the only one to specify direction so we went with my choice. Rollin'
    Let's hope Jameson and flogging molly are enough to bring out my irish luck
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:13 No.18904597
    rolled 12 = 12

    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:15 No.18904604
    the dice hates the Irish apparently.
    >> Klein 04/29/12(Sun)03:16 No.18904609
         File: 1335683779.png-(58 KB, 696x552, ragedsohard.png)
    58 KB
    >> Tanzen Nacht !!3nqQd1oD0ih 04/29/12(Sun)03:16 No.18904611
    The luck, you don't have it.
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)03:17 No.18904617
    rolled 7 = 7


    You find a decent place to hold up, only one real entrance to the area, and a relatively thin wall towards the back that you can blow right the hell away if you need to beat a hasty retreat.

    You sit in a mostly visible place towards the back, but not right against the hidden exit/entrance. Dave and Laurie set up on either side of the door.

    Then.... you wait.
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)03:19 No.18904630

    After a good 20 minutes, Laurie requests permission to go try and run shadow-games against the enemy, since they apparently had the same idea you did.

    [ ] Let him.
    [ ] Send Dave instead.
    [ ] Abandon the hidey hole.
    [ ] Stick to the plan.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:23 No.18904666
    [ ] Abandon the hidey hole.
    >> Snaps 04/29/12(Sun)03:23 No.18904667
    >[X] Stick to the plan.
    I don't get the feeling the tunnel snakes are very patient
    >> Klein 04/29/12(Sun)03:23 No.18904669
    Paralyzed by indecision, honestly though we're not well hidden hear, should we find a different hidey hole?
    >> Asukafag 04/29/12(Sun)03:24 No.18904672
    Stick to the plan.
    These punks can't outwait us.
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)03:26 No.18904688

    >The plan wasn't 'be hidden' it was 'create deadly choke-point with bait'.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/29/12(Sun)03:26 No.18904689
    [x]Let him.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:27 No.18904695
    Do we have access to loud speakers? If so, taunt them instead of everything else. If not, tell Laurie to taunt and try to lure them towards an ambush.
    >> Klein 04/29/12(Sun)03:28 No.18904699
         File: 1335684481.png-(55 KB, 450x642, 1319955068724.png)
    55 KB

    Wish we could broadcast on an open channel.
    I agree, they'll get impatient sooner or later.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:28 No.18904703
    [x] Stick to the plan.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:28 No.18904707
    Stick to the plan, the tunnel snakes will break first.
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)03:31 No.18904724
    rolled 15 = 15

    >Consensus says 'stick to the plan'.

    You tell him to be patient. Those idiots are probably scrambling trying to find you now.


    >You can. Nothing stopping you.

    >You're just not supposed to use things like radar and remote cameras.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:33 No.18904741
    Oh, I thought my Radio contact with team only you meant we couldn't taunt the other team like that.

    Yeah, open a channel to them, insult their heritage, comment on their name showing their deeply Freudian repression of homosexual urges, anything else we can think of.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:34 No.18904749
    In that case, a little taunt might be in order; these guys rival neutron stars in density terms, we can get under their skin easy.

    Perhaps something along the lines of, "Hey Butch, you done with that sewer main yet? I was hoping to get some fighting done today."
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:35 No.18904762
         File: 1335684952.jpg-(23 KB, 350x232, 1319062046090.jpg)
    23 KB
    If so, taunt them. Taunt the fuck out of them. Give them a verbal smack down about their mother's promiscuity!
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)03:37 No.18904774
    rolled 45, 89, 84 = 218


    You see one of the Snakes boost by the door. Judging by his arm-band, it looks like it was Wally.

    After a tense 30 seconds, he come back to the entrance, visibly hesitates, and then boosts through to get at you.

    He didn't think to see if i were a trap.
    >> Asukafag 04/29/12(Sun)03:38 No.18904780
    "Hey Butch, you and your boys done playing with each others <pauseforeffect> </pauseforeffect><sleazyinnuendovoice>tunnel snakes?</sleazyinnuendovoice>
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)03:38 No.18904787
    rolled 4, 3, 4, 11, 4, 4 = 30


    >Dave gets four degrees of success.
    >> Klein 04/29/12(Sun)03:39 No.18904791
         File: 1335685141.jpg-(18 KB, 360x359, dealwithitshepard.jpg)
    18 KB

    "Hey just got back from the bathroom, we could really use some Tunnel Snakes in there, that toilet was filthier than your mother, Butch."
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)03:39 No.18904794
    rolled 68 = 68


    >Annnd hit location.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:40 No.18904805
    I like how that phrase just doesn't need any further explanation. You could see that without even knowing we're in combat and know that someone is about to die in a truly catastrophic fashion.
    >> Klein 04/29/12(Sun)03:40 No.18904809
         File: 1335685252.png-(25 KB, 253x320, Awesome 093.png)
    25 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:42 No.18904823
    That's like 12d12 damage isn't it?
    >> Klein 04/29/12(Sun)03:44 No.18904841
    Holding for awesome...
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)03:45 No.18904849
    Dave crouches, and launches a Heat Rod at point blank range. It manages to go through both knees and secondary explosions completely obliterate the legs.

    "Watch that last step doc. It's a doozy." He comments over an open line.

    "AH FUCK! MY FUCKING LEGS!" Wally returns, razor sharp wit in action.

    "Nicely done Dave. Now let's blow this Popsicle stand." You and your companions bust out the back wall, and leave Wally cursing on the ground, core slowly shutting off.

    >What do?

    [ ] Repeat plan somewhere else.
    [ ] Hide nearby, see if one of the others come to try and help him.
    [ ] Other (insert plan of action).
    >> Zoid Mother !4R91sg9LEA 04/29/12(Sun)03:46 No.18904860
    sup Guy. to answer your question from earlier, I am enjoying the archives, of what I've read. wanting to catch up before participating. but shit, son, you got like 30 threads. why you do me like that?
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/29/12(Sun)03:46 No.18904863

    And, I'm out, can't keep my damn eyes open.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:47 No.18904866
    Mind games.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:47 No.18904867

    However we should assume he's told us we were lying in wait to ambush him and that his other squaddies shouldn't repeat the mistake

    Or that they're close actually

    Stick close together but bail out of this area, keep our eyes peeled
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:47 No.18904868
    [x] MIND GAEMS

    "Say Butch, your buddy Wally isn't looking too good. You might wanna come check on him. Oh, and bring a surgeon."
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:47 No.18904873
         File: 1335685660.jpg-(28 KB, 413x395, 1326707617673.jpg)
    28 KB

    We have to put on a show, after all. Let's give the audience the greatest verbal homicide ever witnessed.
    >> Snaps 04/29/12(Sun)03:47 No.18904874
    >[X] Hide nearby, see if one of the others comes to try and help him.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:48 No.18904878
    [x] Mind games over the coms

    I'm not even voting for it because it's practical. I'm voting for it because it's likely to piss them off to the point that they decide they want to Fuck With Us, and having the people that want to Fuck With You being utterly fucking incompetent is always a plus.
    >> Klein 04/29/12(Sun)03:48 No.18904881
         File: 1335685727.jpg-(71 KB, 595x483, Awesome 075.jpg)
    71 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:49 No.18904886
    [X] Hide nearby, see if one of the others come to try and help him.

    They might come to see him and we can taunt them a bit over the coms.

    Make bad leg puns, we have a leg up on the competition, the game is afoot, we didn't kneed them to give us a present but it is solely appreciated. He'll kneed some serious medical attention, even though we thighed our best to be gentle.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:51 No.18904905
    Before we get too busy with mind-fuckery, it IS against the rules, how bad is the penalty for breaking them? It's not gonna disqualify us entirely, I hope?
    >> Klein 04/29/12(Sun)03:53 No.18904920
         File: 1335686011.jpg-(36 KB, 440x339, badum-tish.jpg)
    36 KB

    "Man when it comes to fighting Wally doesn't have a leg to stand on..."
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)03:53 No.18904921

    >It is not against the rules. That was a mistake in my phrasing/your interpretation.

    >What I MEANT was that you couldn't call outside the Arena.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:53 No.18904923
    Mind games sounds good to me.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:54 No.18904925
    [ ] Hide nearby, see if one of the others come to try and help him.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)03:57 No.18904950
    Do you have any kids, I sure hope they aren't little anklebiters.

    It looks like your team has a serious achilles heel.

    Nice core, must have cost you an arm and a leg.

    Willy should probably change his name to Neil, given that he can't stand anymore.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:00 No.18904982

    Hey, Butch! Ever seen a naked picture of your mother?


    Want to?
    >> Klein 04/29/12(Sun)04:05 No.18905006
    Ok, he good and angry blasting through walls yet or...
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)04:05 No.18905009

    >Because I want to beat LG's streak, for some insane reason. Things will probably calm down a lot once I hit thread 33.

    >Also, can't believe I overlooked your post, and glad you're enjoying it so far.
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)04:06 No.18905012

    >Had to put dogs outside, am now typing up a post.
    >> Asukafag 04/29/12(Sun)04:10 No.18905049
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)04:13 No.18905063
    rolled 22 = 22

    You open up a coms channel while slowly moving away from where you got Wally down.

    "So, one down two to go? Getting nervous Butch?" Silence. "Oh come on, don't be like that. I know our relationship got off to a rough start, what with me beating you and you hating me. Then there's your horrible sense of fashion and the fact that you're apparently a pedophile going for you." Silence over the general, but Laurie gives you a questioning noise like 'what the shit are you doing' and Dave's trying not to laugh his ass off. "You know, I can't help but wonder who was responsible for the name 'tunnel snakes'. Were you GOING for the wort name possible? Or was it like mad-libs and you were asked for a location and an animal? Though if that's the case, Freud would have interesting things to say about your obsession with 'snakes' and dark musty holes in the ground....

    >Beat my roll.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:14 No.18905068
    rolled 58 = 58

    AC-Guy, I hate your dice luck, so much.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:14 No.18905074
    rolled 6 = 6

    Dice gawds, hear mah purayer!
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:14 No.18905075
    rolled 17 = 17

    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)04:15 No.18905083

    >You have four fate points. Want to lock that?
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:15 No.18905084
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:15 No.18905086
    rolled 33 = 33

    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:16 No.18905089
    Lock this in if you would.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:16 No.18905090
    Yes, assuming that the next arena fight is going to probably be after a refresh.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:16 No.18905094
    I'm in favor of doing so. Anybody else have input?
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:16 No.18905095
    LOCK IT please.
    >> Snaps 04/29/12(Sun)04:17 No.18905100
    we got a fate point back? then yeah lock the 6
    >> Asukafag 04/29/12(Sun)04:19 No.18905119
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:21 No.18905145
    ye son
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)04:22 No.18905155
    rolled 13 = 13

    Butch is RIP ROARING pissed.

    "You know what? FUCK YOU GUY. I'm reporting you for a rules violation."

    After a moment, Mr. Smooth's voice comes over the coms "Technically, what Alex was doing wasn't against the rules. It was dickish and makes him something of a bastard, but it was perfectly acceptable. What YOU did on the other hand...."

    "WHAT?!?" Butch yells into the open line.

    "You weren't allowed to call out of the Arena. TECHNICALLY, you just broke the rules. Now, I can see why you would think it was necessary, but rest assured: We're watching everything. If someone was breaking the rules, we would know before they did. Now I need everybody to freeze while I wait for the committee to weigh in on whether or not we punish you for this, and by how much."
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:23 No.18905162
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:23 No.18905168
         File: 1335687835.jpg-(46 KB, 468x484, cigar.jpg)
    46 KB
    Alex Raston
    Ace Pilot
    Loving son
    Master troll
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:25 No.18905181
    Dohoho. Poor tunnel snakes, they can't keep their temper, dignity or even their mothers from sleeping with us.
    >> Tanzen Nacht !!3nqQd1oD0ih 04/29/12(Sun)04:25 No.18905185
         File: 1335687958.png-(203 KB, 691x506, That Face..png)
    203 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:29 No.18905204
    Fucking glorious
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:29 No.18905207
         File: 1335688194.png-(1.49 MB, 842x981, Asuka Thinks You're Pathetic.png)
    1.49 MB
    Oh isn't that cute? Little Ol' Bitch thinks he's real people!
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)04:31 No.18905220

    After a moment the judgement comes back.

    "Due to the relative minority of the case, we're going to let it slide for now. We COULD kick you out, but that wouldn't make for a good show. Since you DID break the rules however, we're going to give Alex a slight boon." He then continues over the private coms to your team "This-" A 3D map of the arena is shown, and three little blue pulsing lights appear on the uppermost level "-is the current position of your team. THIS-" A pair of red dots pop up, working their way up a ramp two floors down "Is the current location of the Tunnel Snakes surviving members. if you move fast, you could have one of your friends distract them while the other two take them from behind."


    [ ] Take his advice, send Dave to distract them.
    [ ] Take his advice, send Laurie to distract them.
    [ ] Take his advice, use yourself as bait. YOU ARE, after all, their designated target.
    [ ] Ignore his advice, do _____ instead.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:31 No.18905225
    My sides!
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)04:32 No.18905227

    >She better be careful with that elbow. She could gut a man with that sharp an edge.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:32 No.18905233
    [x] Take his advice, use yourself as bait. YOU ARE, after all, their designated target.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:33 No.18905235
    Go distract them ourselves, I somehow doubt they'd be paying attention to anything other then us. Then Laurie and Dave can take them from behind most roughly.
    >> Throne 04/29/12(Sun)04:33 No.18905244
    >[ X ] Take his advice, send Laurie to distract them

    Shadow games. Also he has that wicked mad flail.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:34 No.18905248
    [X] Take his advice, use yourself as bait. YOU ARE, after all, their designated target.

    Play it very cautious, don't give them a clear shot at us, given that they're down a member they'll be pretty desperate for a win, which means Dave can heat rod them from above, and Laurie can shoot them up or Flail them.
    >> Snaps 04/29/12(Sun)04:34 No.18905253
    >[X] Take his advice, use yourself as bait. YOU ARE, after all, their designated target.
    I hate being reckless, but this is the best choice right now.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:35 No.18905258

    [X] Take his advice, send Laurie to distract them.

    Laurie has a fast mech and we don't want to put our VIP in needless danger
    >> Asukafag 04/29/12(Sun)04:35 No.18905260
    It was the 90's, EVERYTHING was pointy. Just look at the fuckin' noses in Vision of Escaflowne. Seriously, it's like Pinocchio was the Genghis Khan of Gaia!
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:36 No.18905272
    >Taking the Tunnel Snakes from behind

    and after all the shit talking we did

    This is interesting though. Part of me wants to play stupid-conservative and throw Dave at them instead of us because he's got the heat rod so if he gets charged he can fight back

    The other part of me thinks it's a better idea for us to go because we can just kite them while peppering them, and they'll take the bait cause it's us, meanwhile Dave can plunge his throbbing Heat Rod into Butch's tender butto- mechanical poophole

    [X] Use Alex
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:39 No.18905287
    My vote is to be the bait ourselves, engage mid-long range, break off and lead them straight into an ambush; turn around then and blast them to bits if they so much as twitch after Dave and Laurie get 'em. I envision a giant doorway with those two on eiher side, but I dunno if that's feasible with our terrain.
    >> Asukafag 04/29/12(Sun)04:40 No.18905293
    Take the advice, we's the bait.
    We kite now.
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)04:41 No.18905303
    rolled 68, 85, 18, 36 = 207

    "Well then." You tell your team-mates. "Now that I've got them properly pissed, I'm gonna go get them to shoot at me."

    "You always have the BEST plans Alex."

    "Indeed I do. You two take the from behind while I do that, hopefully we can tag Butch and end this fast."

    The three of you part ways. You stand at the top of a ramp, one floor down from the top. They spot you and charge, Butch SCREAMING profanity as he comes up the ramp. Meanwhile Laurie and Dave move to hit him from behind.

    >Give me a d100 for initiative.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:42 No.18905310
    rolled 71 = 71

    I wonder if ginger is toxic to tunnel snakes...
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:43 No.18905319
    rolled 49 = 49

    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:44 No.18905325
    rolled 18 = 18

    rollan for awesome
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)04:45 No.18905331
    rolled 49, 91, 100, 64 = 304


    >Damned Decent of you.

    >Looks like Laurie goes first...
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)04:46 No.18905340
    rolled 3, 1, 11 = 15


    >No fucking way....
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)04:46 No.18905343
    rolled 38 = 38


    >Well then. That just happened.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:47 No.18905344
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:47 No.18905350
    No, no no he just took off butches head. Right? right?!
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:50 No.18905369
    Either that or ours.

    And really, after we had that little GREAT SUCCESS moment getting Butch punished for our dickishness, I wouldn't be at all surprised if karma robbed us of the win.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:50 No.18905376
    rolled 66 = 66

    He hit us with his flail, didn't he? Goddammit Laurie.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:51 No.18905386
    Well one of us will be screaming "GIVE ME YOUR FACE" fairly soon.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:52 No.18905391
    Spend ALL the fate points to not die via friendly-fire in AC tournament?
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:52 No.18905396
    Catching up a little later, but I see what you did there, AC-Guy.
    >Me beating you and you hating me
    Thanks, man. I appreciated that.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:53 No.18905405
    oh god how did I miss that
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)04:53 No.18905406
    rolled 83 = 83

    Next tourny we're called the Stepdads.
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)04:58 No.18905454

    >Oh god, that hit location...

    Laurie launches his flail directly between the two of them, and then actives the boosters on the side. It wraps solidly around Butch's core, and he boosts back, to give him a yank back into Dave's waiting arms.

    Then Paul, the thus far silent third team-mate, whips around to shoot Laurie and save his team-mate. To say he failed spectacularly would be a fantastical understatement. He actually put three rounds rapid-fire from his shot gun, point blank, into Butch's chest. Then, Mr Smooth's voice comes over the coms "Minor cockpit break detected on Butch's Core, King Cobra. Calling the match in the Snaps favor for reasons of pilot safety."

    Everyone freezes. Butch is no longer making coherent words, and his team is helped out of the Arena by support teams. With the match over Dervish calls you to say that it was almost as good as the shit he does to fuck with people. To which Dave responds with "Not done yet."

    He opened a open line to The other team. "Hey Butch?"

    "Yeah?" Said the enemy captain, clearly having just finished calming himself down.

    "Tunnel Snakes SCHOOLED."

    "OH YOU COCK-MONGL-" And then Dave cut the connection. Dervish is now laughing hysterically, and saying that alone was worth losing the last round.

    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)05:00 No.18905473
    That was a sick burn.
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)05:00 No.18905474
    >So thread over. I'm gonna put up a dedicated crunch/general thread tomorrow more than likely, early as usual if I get the chance.

    >But for now... You guys got any questions or comments to throw my way?
    >> Snaps 04/29/12(Sun)05:01 No.18905478
    That...that was beautiful
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)05:01 No.18905480
    Oh god my sides!
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)05:02 No.18905493
    Just finished reading the archives.

    I fucking love this quest. And I've never even played AC.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)05:03 No.18905495
    That was perfect. Oh man the crowd must be loving us.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)05:04 No.18905507
    DAT LUCK. Now I must go sacrifice a pound-o-dice to the dice gods to properly thank them for their benevolence.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)05:04 No.18905509
    Poor Tunnel Snakes, they kinda deserved this but you still have to feel a bit of pity for them. We won, without a single injury on our side, some fantastic insults and with them shooting each other.

    The sponsors must love us.
    >> srwaddict 04/29/12(Sun)05:04 No.18905514
    The only possible thing I've got it that it seems like it takes awhile to get replies / playing a game or reading a book for 20 minutes breaks my flow of the story :c

    also a little transparency can be nifty. in your next crunch thread, or at the start of the next thread, could you copy+paste the list/table of arena fight options? that way we have a clue what possibilities there are? it'd be cool to see some of those hidden "random oh god why" options you keep chuckling about. that and maybe we could then actually plan out anything we wanted to do as far as negotiating terms for our next fight instead of dumping it all mid quest. and then everyone argues for an hour.

    keep up the awesomeness!
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)05:05 No.18905520

    >Yeah, the people watching think you're kinda cool. Interesting things will come of this.

    >Next thread, you're going to get a peek at the Solo division though.

    >It's going to be crazy.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)05:05 No.18905525
    Here's a comment: You rock, AC-Guy. I was very surprised to see the Stepdad tagline incorporated, and it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

    What's the situation on your prospective company? Or did it fall through due to your problem finding housing ?
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)05:09 No.18905550

    >Temporarily on hold. Technically the company is formed, but.... Don't expect much from me on that front this summer.

    >I'll try to be here as much as possible, and still run the quest, but after next week or so, expect it to move to a weekly thing instead of a thread every single day forever.

    >That said, next fall I intend to kick that shit into overdrive so hard that every other running project on /tg/ is going to feel the gear shift.
    >> AC-Guy 04/29/12(Sun)05:10 No.18905557

    >I could do some. Some of them vary by Arena and game type, and I think I'm going to narrow down the list quite a bit.

    >But yeah, I can do some limited charts.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/12(Sun)05:15 No.18905596
    rollz - mebbe i'm doin it?

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