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  • File: 1336013428.jpg-(223 KB, 604x652, MSQ header H.jpg)
    223 KB MAHOU SHOUNEN QUEST: Fighting Windmills Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/02/12(Wed)22:50 No.18955759  
    These are the on-going chronicles of SWAGZILLA, nothing will stop his conquest of all the bitches.

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-LAST TIME=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

    She's flying towards the back of the gym, all of the power she could muster being poured into her strikers.
    The wind blows though her hair as she zooms above the large structure towards the back.

    She sees them talking, her hand around a large piece of metal.
    "..... Before you designate yourself judge jury and executioner, try talking to her, without trying to force her to do what your superiors want." he tells her, his voice full of emotion

    She says something incoherent as she pulls the beam out of the ground and readies herself to bludgeon him.

    She swoops in.

    You spy Perrinne swoop down from above to put herself between you and Trude.
    The red metal beam continues it's unstoppable descent.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/02/12(Wed)22:50 No.18955771
    Fuck yeah
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)22:51 No.18955782

    And LG is sustained for weeks on the butthurt and tears.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)22:52 No.18955802
    Udz to the rescue!
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)22:53 No.18955822
    Remember someone rolled a 100, i dont think it was asked for but still it could be important.
    >> Harem Management 101 Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/02/12(Wed)22:54 No.18955842
         File: 1336013644.jpg-(44 KB, 460x288, 1331546584680.jpg)
    44 KB
    Page 23:
    Dealing with in-laws.


    *also applies to protective siblings/friends not in your Harem.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)22:56 No.18955878

    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)22:57 No.18955890
         File: 1336013825.jpg-(70 KB, 380x235, CAD_Miscarriage.jpg)
    70 KB
    rolled 5 = 5

    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)22:57 No.18955904
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)22:58 No.18955912
         File: 1336013918.jpg-(64 KB, 400x323, thisiswhywecanthavenicethings.jpg)
    64 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)22:58 No.18955913
    rolled 57 = 57

    Fuck that. I don't even like Perrine all that much, but we can stop time and she's pregnant. Stop, collaborate, and make Trude Listen.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)22:59 No.18955920
    well we 100'd earlier for winning so we should be allowed the time stop save to keep the universe from abortion paradox via trude.
    >> Chapter VIII: THE TERRIBLE AND UNDREAMT-OF ADVENTURE OF THE WINDMILLS, Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/02/12(Wed)23:00 No.18955932
         File: 1336014013.jpg-(508 KB, 1137x1421, c08b.jpg)
    508 KB
    "What giants?" said Sancho Panza.
    "Those thou seest there," answered his master, "with the long arms, and some have them nearly two leagues long."

    "Look, your worship," said Sancho; "what we see there are not giants but windmills, and what seem to be their arms are the sails that turned by the wind make the millstone go."

    "It is easy to see," replied Don Quixote, "that thou art not used to this business of adventures; those are giants; and if thou art afraid, away with thee out of this and betake thyself to prayer while I engage them in fierce and unequal combat."
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:00 No.18955941
    Do you really expect us to remember this shit?

    I don't want to have to keep a notepad. You're already having us look at classical literature.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:01 No.18955950
    in b4 the entire night is nothing but sidestories.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:01 No.18955951
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:03 No.18955990
    It's funny, because I'm actually reading Don Quixote right now.

    I'm at the part where he attacks a traveling group of monks thinking they're sorcerers who kidnapped a princess.

    He fights pretty good for a crazy old dude.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/02/12(Wed)23:05 No.18956017
         File: 1336014304.jpg-(139 KB, 436x700, 021c924865ce7d7415c9aa38aafe0a(...).jpg)
    139 KB
    It's coming.
    That large implement of death.
    That massive blunt weapon only Gertrud Barkhorn could wield with such ease.
    "Trude, stop!" Perrinne says with arms spread out wide.

    Trude tries to stop herself when Perrinne flew in between you and her, but the beam's momentum is too much.

    There's no time to reach into your pocket, grab the Casiopea and stop time.
    There's no time to summon a sword or a tray to block it with
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:06 No.18956041
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:06 No.18956042
    in b4 we push perrine out of the way and become road kill for the huehuehue.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:06 No.18956049
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:06 No.18956052
    Teleport and catch it with our fucking face then.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:06 No.18956055
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/02/12(Wed)23:07 No.18956065
         File: 1336014436.jpg-(3 KB, 126x126, 1331621767304.jpg)
    3 KB
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 05/02/12(Wed)23:07 No.18956067
    I'm trying, real damn hard, to not say, "Fuck it, I'm out."
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:08 No.18956076
    Crazy old dudes tend to fikght like wild badgers solely because they have abso-fucking-lutely nothing left to lose by getting hurt or killed, combined whot decades upon decades of expereience.

    They're scary fucks.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:08 No.18956079
    om nom nom the tears are delicious LG.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:08 No.18956085
         File: 1336014514.gif-(38 KB, 200x200, 1272706613118.gif)
    38 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:08 No.18956089
    God I hope not. Getting sick of that.

    >something bad happening

    Wooo...big deal.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/02/12(Wed)23:09 No.18956099
         File: 1336014565.jpg-(30 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    30 KB

    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:10 No.18956109

    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:11 No.18956117
    >in b4 pancaked like a bug on a windshield and in the hospital in constant paranoia for months on end.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:12 No.18956141
    This is going to end horribly for all of us, isn't it?
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:13 No.18956154
    Either teleport, or Hayate learns that special move of his from canon.

    Would load a gif of it, but the file size is too big, and I don't have any plain pics of it.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:14 No.18956155
    We are probably going to have to report Trude to SOMEBODY after this for the sake of the safety of everyone around us.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:14 No.18956160
    wuts dat?
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:15 No.18956169
    Provided we don't die first.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:16 No.18956183
    Maybe we can just blackmail her?

    "Miss Trude, I have an offer. You stop trying to murder me, and I WON'T tell the Bureau that you're trying to murder their members.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:16 No.18956184

    Linky linky clicky clicky
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/02/12(Wed)23:16 No.18956189
         File: 1336015007.jpg-(36 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    36 KB
    You instinctively bring your arms up to protect Perrine.
    Blocking the large beam with your forearms, guts and determination your only weapons.

    Your left Radius and Ulna snap like twigs under the huge weapon, bones piercing flesh like skewers.
    Your right arm holds, but you you feel the shoulder almost pop out of its socket.

    You did it, you protected her.

    Trude pulls the beam up quickly and throws it aside.
    Your left arm hangs at a weird angle below the elbow.
    Weirdly enough, you feel no pain.

    Perrinne turns around and hugs you.
    "Please, stop. Please. I chose this. Please stop already Trude." she says as she sobs into your shirt.

    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:18 No.18956206
    rolled 30 = 30

    >Do we have healing potion on us?
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:18 No.18956207
    >both arms are literally all kinds of fucked.
    welp, actually a hell of alot better then i thought would happen tbh.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:18 No.18956208
    Health potion, angry look at Trude
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 05/02/12(Wed)23:18 No.18956209
    "Perrine, could you help me down to Medical?"
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:18 No.18956213
    Chug all our healing potion. We did make more, didn't we?

    Alternatively, get that "thousand mile stare" people get when they've seen some shit.

    And have Kraus arrange for a doctor's appointment.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/02/12(Wed)23:18 No.18956220
    port back to mansion w/ Perrine.
    mentilate "We can continue this conversation when you're feeling less violent ms. Barkhorn."
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:18 No.18956221
    And now, all the fa/tg/uys in the thread erupt in a collective sigh of relief.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:19 No.18956224
    >literally all kinds of fucked

    Extract Semen, first.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:19 No.18956226
    Tell Perrine to get us some healing potion out of our folio. Then get our soon-to-be armless ass down to medical.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:19 No.18956231
    completely and utterly this.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:19 No.18956234
    Healing potion. Full litre. Now. Then, we stare down Trude with the Gaze of an angered God.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:19 No.18956239
    Drink the healing potion then comfort Perrine, show her that you're ok.

    Glare at Trude if she even tries to get close.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:20 No.18956250
    Both of these.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:21 No.18956266
    Sounds like both arms are out of commission. So we won't be able to chug the health potions.

    "Ms. Barkhorn. We will have to continue this conversation at a later date.
    "Perrine, are you alright?"
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/02/12(Wed)23:22 No.18956276
    Take healing potion
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:22 No.18956284

    This. And ask her to grab our healing potion for us.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:23 No.18956299
    "Madame...did you perchance obtain the license plate of that truck? I may need it to file an appropriate accident report.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:24 No.18956302
    >walk in
    >arms are shattered to the point of uselessness and bones are sticking out
    >this is considered a relief.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:25 No.18956321
    This, plus ask if Perinne could grab our healing potion after she says she is alright.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:26 No.18956327

    She's not. She's just disorderly protective of people she can possibly view as dependents. Basically, anyone who could be considered a younger sibling.

    We really just caught her in the worst of ways.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:26 No.18956329
    >arms are a shattered mess and bones are sticking out

    Wave our arms and scream "TRUDE! LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO MEEEEE!"
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:26 No.18956332
    To be fair, it's only one arm that got wrecked. The other one didn't quite dislocate.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:27 No.18956339
    >implying someone proceeding to murder someone with steel beams is a good person
    no, just no, don't even try.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:27 No.18956344
    This. And besides, this could have easily ended much, MUCH worse than it could have.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:27 No.18956346
    "Could one of you ladies grab me a healing potion? I think my arms is broken."
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:28 No.18956363
    >Being polite to the psychopathic bitch who thought nothing of swinging an I-beam at someone else and who also almost killed our first child and its mother.

    Goddamn sometimes you people are retarded, she has lost the right to expect respect from us.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:28 No.18956364
    Time for a trip to Ryuu's for a better healing potion
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:28 No.18956368
    >one of my arms is broken
    Damn, English. Why can't I use you properly tonight?
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:29 No.18956378
    completely and utterly this.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:30 No.18956384
    Fuck you homie. We are a butler, not some bitch who can't take a hit from an I-beam without holding a grudge.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/02/12(Wed)23:30 No.18956385
    and we just saw that getting mad at her doesn't help.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:30 No.18956388
    Shouldn't we at least get the bone set first? I'm not sure you want to drink a healing potion when broken bones aren't aligned right.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:30 No.18956389
    Shitstorm off the port bow!
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:30 No.18956398

    Hold your insults, we are simply butler. We are unflappable and always courteous. Even to the guests we must, at times, forcible remove from the premises.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:30 No.18956399
    Dammit, Trude.

    At this rate, we aren't going to want to put our penis in her.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:31 No.18956409
    She is even more a mess than we are really

    She is that way because she couldn't handle the things that happened to her
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:31 No.18956410
    Almost killed our first child

    Hayate has enormous abandonment issues.

    this is like hitting the little red button that destroys the world and holding it down.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/02/12(Wed)23:31 No.18956414
         File: 1336015900.png-(159 KB, 800x800, a92c1364e13efbbe1a54855d763da0(...).png)
    159 KB
    "Are you alright?" you ask her.
    "Of course I am you fool. You aren't!" she answers as she continues to sob into your shirt.
    You want to hug her, you want to place your arms around her to reassure her, but both of them are in no condition to do so.

    "I..." Trude tries to say something, but you keep her back with a glare.
    "Perrinne. If you would be so kind as to pull the wineskin out of my folio over there, I'm gonna need some healing potion." you tell the blonde girl.
    "O-okay." she says as she does what is asked of her.
    She easily finds the wineskin and uncorks it, she brings the mouth of it to your lips.
    You chug a good quantity of healing blue, the potion working its magic instantaneously

    Your right shoulder rights itself, the bones in your left arm mend and stitch back together.
    With your right arm now fully mended, and your left serviceable, if still a bit painful, you put an arm around Perrine.
    "Miss Trude. I think we should continue this discussion once you are a little less inclined to murder anyone." you tell the violent one, your voice as cold as ice.
    She is unable to give you any answer.

    "Perrinne, do you have a copy of the portkey?" you ask the french-girl in your arms.
    "Y-yes." she answers as she takes it out.
    "Take us home then, please." you ask her with a smile.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:32 No.18956418
    Depends on the tone we have at the time. Hard to tell in text. But even what seems to be polite can still be most condescending/asshole-ish thing we can say.

    Personally I hope we say it in such a way that just screams 'Fuck you.'
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:32 No.18956426
    Hey cool I broke my arm exactly like that once. Well not the I-beam bit, but same injury. Also didn't feel anything at first.

    Lemme see if I can scrounge up an x-ray
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:34 No.18956446
    >We knocked Perrine up
    >Trude thinks we ruined Perrine's life and destroyed her career
    >Trude is upset and irrational, so us making sense and being rational only makes her angrier
    >Perrine throws herself between us as Trude swings a heavy object at us

    Trude's not just being a psychobitch, and she CERTAINLY didn't attack Perrine.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:34 No.18956455
    Sounds about right.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:35 No.18956464
    Trude is just as badly trying to protect those she cares about, she is like us though she doesn't want tickled anyone and she fights to protect them.

    She just thinks we don't have their best interests at heart
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:35 No.18956475
    Doesn't change the fact that swinging fuckign I-beams at co-workers who've pissd you off is NOT in th eslightest bit appropriate, or a good idea at all.

    Trude is an overprotective, violent nutcase with serious anger managemnt issues.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:36 No.18956483
    Attempting to murder someone is not the action of a balanced individual no matter how upset, and attempting to do it in such a way that an innocent bystander (Perrine) could be killed or injured instead is also completely her fault.

    She's a psychobitch and she almost killed Perrine, and in no way shape or form is any of it anything but her own damn fault.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:37 No.18956500
    Time to whip up some healing potion. We really need to start stashing the stuff in bulk. Also, getting each of our girls a med kit as detailed earlier would be good.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:37 No.18956514
    And Perrine has gone full dere

    Love it.

    LG, you've made me waifu Perrine SO HARD.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:38 No.18956533
    >You fight really well for a guy lying on a table, hopped up on anesthesia and with both kidneys missing.
    o u
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:38 No.18956534

    Agreed. Really has gone past the point where this shit needs to be reported
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:39 No.18956543

    Jesus, kids. Calm down. It's a fictional game based loosely on a CARTOON, adding MAGIC, and you're getting uptight about something that's incredibly common in drama plots? Which this whole baby thing has been, drama? Take a step back and breathe, it's nothing that needs to be debated so heavily.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/02/12(Wed)23:39 No.18956547
    rolled 88 = 88

    one week ago you suspect your 16 year old daughter is pregnant, and you think the kid down the block knocked her up. He says he didn't, and your daughter maintains that she's not pregnant.

    this morning you get a call from the doctor saying that she is in fact pregnant. and the kid down the block is in fact the father. they both confirm this, in your presence.

    There's a 12 gauge in your closet, loaded.

    how do you respond?
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:39 No.18956552
    To be perfectly fair, we just bisected the first beam with a knifeslash. Had Perrine not intervened, we would have been fine.

    I'm not blaming Perrine for trying to save us, just pointing out that murdering us may not have been her angle, so much as inflicting horrible pain.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:39 No.18956553
    It's a result of her usually working out her emotions in unhealthy ways (swinging around I-beams).

    The old advice of punching a pillow when you're angry? That just reinforces violent behavior. You're not dealing with the anger, you're just indulging it. Same situation here.

    I wouldn't say she's a psychopath, she just doesn't know how to handle her emotions in a way that isn't destructive.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:40 No.18956555
    >You fight really well for a guy lying on a table, hopped up on anesthesia and with both kidneys missing.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:40 No.18956565
    But LG feeds off our tears! We have to conjure shitstorms like this!
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:41 No.18956572
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:41 No.18956574
    I do NOT attempt to murder the boy, because then the child won't have a father, my daughter would raise her son alone, and she wouldn't have a father because I'd be in jail for murder.

    You have a brain. USE IT.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:41 No.18956586
    I think you have YET AGAIN missed a rather critical juncture. Perrine wasn't an innocent bystander: she actively placed herself between us and Trude as she was already swinging.

    Yes, she attacked us. But people who are emotionally distraught don't always act in rational ways. Expecting them to is unreasonable.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:41 No.18956587
    Honestly? I wouldn't even entertain the notion of violence.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:42 No.18956593
    >it's all a dream!

    Yeah, uh huh.

    Even if it is, it doesn't matter because we're already dead. Might as well enjoy the dream.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:43 No.18956599
    >Keeping your guns loaded in easily-accessed areas with a minor in the house

    Well OBVIOUSLY I make stupid decisions all the time.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:43 No.18956600

    Going apeshit with an I-beam is not proper conduct for this sort of situation. Although it certainly is more honest than pulling strings to make Hayate's life a living bureaucratic hell.

    It is likely that the Bureau will probably already know about this outburst before we decide to formally step forward and report her conduct.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:43 No.18956601
    Consider buckshot mouthwash for being such a shitty father.

    Then sit down and talk it out.

    Then drink a lot.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:44 No.18956620
    I am not a woman. I shall be calm.
    I shall calmly take the gun out, calmly check the ammunition.
    I shall then calmly walk to the boy's house and calmly knock on the front door.

    If he's the one to answer it, I shall then calmly point the gun at his head while calmly checking that there are no witnesses or any innocent by standers taht might get caught in the blast.

    And finally, I shall calmly and deliberately pull the trigger.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:44 No.18956626
    That first beam that she swung at us with no idea that we'd be able to stop it?

    Like a rational person, A) I do not keep my weapons loaded, and B) talk things out with the people involved.
    It's a shitty drama plotpoint, the only use for violence of that nature is for comedy, and this situation is not a comedic one.

    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:44 No.18956627
    If your 16 year old child cannot be trusted to act responsibly around loaded firearms you have failed as a parent.

    I had that shit on lock by the time I was ten.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:45 No.18956634
    w2g sociopath
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:45 No.18956641
    Forensics has your ass pinned, and you're already a suspect because that's exactly what you're expected to do.

    The ONLY smart thing to do with a shotgun in this situation is use it to force a wedding. Honestly, if the boy was brave enough to admit it to my face, he's probably the type to stick with her and be a good father.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:46 No.18956648
    >kid knocks up your daughter and there's a loaded shotgun, wat do?

    Obviously SOMEONE doesn't realize that /tg/ always wants to be the Big Damn Hero.

    >Protip: Heroes don't shoot kids.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:47 No.18956673
    >That first beam that she swung at us with no idea that we'd be able to stop it?

    We're a Bureau operative. We could take one little I-Beam.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:47 No.18956677
    If you're actually serious, then you are the reason we have gun control laws. You have no business being around either kids or guns.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/02/12(Wed)23:49 No.18956692
    my point is, Trude's been through hell and back emotionally the past week.
    -Mio says perrine is pregnant, perrine says she isn't
    -That whole child-trolling incident
    -Perrine is pregnant! and Hayate Lied! and to cap it all off, perrine is tossing her shining military career out the window.

    calm, reasoned responses really shouldn't be expected from someone in such a position, when you consider how emotionally entangled her relationship is with all the witches.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/02/12(Wed)23:50 No.18956710
         File: 1336017022.jpg-(32 KB, 500x312, hayate-no-gotoku-102-prev.jpg)
    32 KB
    You appear infront of your house as you always do when porting in.
    With an arm around Perrinne, she helps you inside.

    You find the girls sitting around the kitchen table having lunch.
    They look up at you and see instantly that something is wrong.

    "What happened?" Hina asks.
    "You look terrible." Nanoha adds.
    Erica and Ursula just observe.

    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 05/02/12(Wed)23:50 No.18956716
    Normally, if we actually had our armor on, we'd be pretty much fine. As is, we're fuckin' lucky Trude tried to stop it. That's why we only shattered one arm, and mostly dislocated the other.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:50 No.18956719
    The tears! They are so delicious!
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:50 No.18956721
    Attempted murder is never excusable no matter the persons emotional state would be the point that I'm making.

    Her response may have been in character and all, it does not however mean that the injured party should particularly care.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:51 No.18956725
    Calm, reasoned responses aren't expected, but neither is attempted murder.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:51 No.18956727
    Had a talk with Trude

    Went about as well as expected
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:51 No.18956738
    "Apparently, I am allergic to I-beams."
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:51 No.18956742
    A calm reasoned is what expected of one in the military. If she was just a civi sure I would give you what you said. However, shes military and as just is judge the issue in a calm way before taking action.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:52 No.18956746
    "Oh, just a few scratches and bruises. I'll be fine in the morning."
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 05/02/12(Wed)23:52 No.18956747
    "There was a slight disagreement with Major Barkhorn. Nothing to worry about."
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:52 No.18956757
    Actions have consequences. Emotional turmoil, while understandable, is not a sufficient excuse.

    I used to beat up other kids all the time because I was in emotional turmoil. That didn't mean that I was justified in doing so.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/02/12(Wed)23:52 No.18956760
    the bureau kills people when necessary. death is already on the table in everyone's mindsets.
    "Trude isn't taking the news well"
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:53 No.18956769
    >and as such should judge
    >goddamn no sleep
    >> AC-Guy 05/02/12(Wed)23:53 No.18956778
    "Trude and I had a little chat. Hopefully we can finish it later."
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:53 No.18956782
    "I'd say Trude was pissed, but that would be like saying Antarctica is a little chilly. This is me AFTER the healing potion, by the way."
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:54 No.18956802
         File: 1336017290.jpg-(25 KB, 456x330, dean3.jpg)
    25 KB
    >The army kills people, therefore an officer going apeshit and murdering people is totally fine.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:54 No.18956805
    Let's play it down like the man we are.

    Don't want to get the ladies worried, after all.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:55 No.18956807
    "I think I need to work on my catching skills."
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:55 No.18956808
    "Trude didn't take the news too well.
    "I hope that she will be calmer when we continue our discussion."
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:56 No.18956821
    "Just a little discussion between the Major and I. It got a little...heated."
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:56 No.18956825
    Fun fact, this was Trude at moderately killy. Had we rolled worse...
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/02/12(Wed)23:56 No.18956827
    rolled 92 = 92

    I'm not talking about justification or why it's wrong for her to do so, I'm talking about why she would consider it in the first place, and why you might consider taking mitigating circumstances into account before condemning her.

    fair enough, but that doesn't seem to be the case at all with SWQ witches.
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:56 No.18956831
    Seems like Erica and Ursula already suspect Trude's involvement.

    "A bit of drama involving witches and i-beams. No permanent harm done."
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:56 No.18956833
    trude's not a major, IIRC
    >> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)23:58 No.18956861
    Ms. Barkhorn, then.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/02/12(Wed)23:59 No.18956865
    again, not saying what she tried to do was ok.
    just trying to illustrate why she would think it was ok.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:00 No.18956884
    remind me not to meet Trude alone without at least some sort of body armor.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:00 No.18956896
    Well, we should make some more healing potion so we can get rid of more of the hurt. We seem to still be pretty fucked up from our arms being broken.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 05/03/12(Thu)00:01 No.18956906
    Promotions, bro, they happen. The witches are at post-war status.

    And I'm pretty sure she was referred to as a major in her introduction, but I can't be arsed to look it up.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:02 No.18956926
    See you're arguing about a completely different subject.

    You're arguing about why trude would do that as a character.

    With the arguement at hand, which is about how Hayate should feel about it, her justification is rather irrelevant.

    There are only two important facts, 1) she tried to kill him, 2) she almost killed Perrine and Hayates first child.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:02 No.18956927
    And you're speculating without any information, aka making shit up.

    We don't know Trude's thought process, only that she asked us why she shouldn't kill us right now, and then tried to crush us with an I-beam.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:03 No.18956931
    We need to teach her q better way to work out aggression
    Like Fucking it out if something
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:05 No.18956966
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:06 No.18956980
    Yeah he's mad. But he isn't a violent psychotic and had nothing to gain from losing his composure.

    We will do something about it. Maybe just get Erica to talk to her again and file a report up the chain of command.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:06 No.18956986
    Only if she can find someone who can survive having their spine snapped every night.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:06 No.18956992

    But it would be more fun
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/03/12(Thu)00:08 No.18957020
         File: 1336018092.jpg-(93 KB, 650x807, 3d252c7032fc674663528a0e931620(...).jpg)
    93 KB
    "Just a little discussion between Miss Trude and I. It got a little...heated." you tell them with an awkward smile.
    "Are you okay?" Nanoha asks you.
    "Yeah, nothing a little healing potion won't fix." you answer her as you and Perrinne sit at the table.
    At that very moment, the three witches were discussing something among themselves.
    'How did it go?' Ursula asks the French one.
    'Not very good.' she answers mentally.
    'How bad?' Erica asks her.
    'Broke both his arms, could have been much much worse.' she tells them.
    'I think we will need to have a talk with Trude later, sister.' Ursula informs her twin.
    'Yes. Yes we do.'
    'I'm coming too, I.. I caused this.' Perrinne tells them.
    'Do as you wish.' Erica says as she goes back to eating.


    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)00:08 No.18957030
    fair enough

    >without any information
    not really.
    there's what's happened previously, everything she said last thread about how she thinks we fucked up perrine's life, (attempting) to make an educated guess about how her various roles affect her decision making, y'know,
    trying to understand her with what I know.

    do you not know how to into people?
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 05/03/12(Thu)00:09 No.18957033
    Let's ask Hina about her morning fight.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:09 No.18957039
    One thing we should remember is that Trude is also a war vet, and as such, possibly crazy and used to dealing with problems with brutal force.

    It isn't a justification, but her head could be all kinds of fucked up.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:09 No.18957045
    Talk with Nanoha.
    Ask if she's been told where she's being sent for field training.

    That way, we can look up the place in the Archives and make sure that she's given clothes appropriate to the Dimension.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:09 No.18957046
    Talk to Nanoha, give her hugs, ruffle her hair, spend as much time with her before she has to go into the field. Ask about where she's being assigned.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)00:10 No.18957054
    talk to Nanoha
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:10 No.18957058
    Eeny meeny miney you.

    [X] Nanoha
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:11 No.18957069
    [x] Nanoha.
    Ask her out for the Saturday Date
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:12 No.18957080
    in b4 trude is promptly told off by erica and this shit gets even worse.
    we have planning stuff to do for the whole nanoha`s going away party.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:16 No.18957146

    >the bureau kills people when necessary. death is already on the table in everyone's mindsets.

    >Trude uses killing as a way to solve her problems

    >Because that's totally canon, not you making shit up, and also not sociopathy.

    Fuck, even if you're right, Trude is a horrible person.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:17 No.18957158
    I'd like to know how their fights went.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:17 No.18957170
    Talk to the Destroyer of Worlds.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:17 No.18957172
    The Sunday party was originally a housewarming/going-away party all rolled into one.
    Perhaps invite both Nanoha's class and our class, as a sort of congratulatory party for everyone in Nanoha's class as well?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:17 No.18957174
    Lookit this guy judgin people all the time

    What's your deal, guy?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:19 No.18957203
    Get kraus to make reservations for dende's tonight and end if the universe tomorrow while we talk to nanoha
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 05/03/12(Thu)00:20 No.18957210
    Shit, that's right, we lost our morning opportunity for it.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:20 No.18957214
    Oh, shit, good catch!
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 05/03/12(Thu)00:22 No.18957224
    Though, I think we should do dinner somewhere other than Dende's, and go there after.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:23 No.18957230
    I'm not entirely sure if she was going for a kill - she did come from a world where anyone with magical abilities would have been able to deflect or outright ward her blow with a shield. I'm thinking this is something more like a case of "violent tsundere reaction towards protagonist" cliche cranked up to eleven.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:24 No.18957253
    You guys seem to really be getting into this when Erica has been just as violent as Trude. Like Lookout said the witches come from a wartime place. You know the tragic comedy version of PTSD we have? They have the full real version of that shit.

    But like I was saying earlier, where were all these people when Erica was being just as violent with in not more so than Trude?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:26 No.18957280
    >tragic comedy PTSD

    Dude, we were raped by a Grecian man in a back alley. Shit is traumatizing.

    We have so much trauma that it warped our perception of the world so that we can function.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:27 No.18957283
    Whether or not she thought she was going for a kill, she gave every indication that she was, complete with death threats.

    >Tell me, why I shouldn't kill you right here and now?

    Erica has never broken our arms. When, exactly, did she nearly kill us?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:28 No.18957297
    Dick-smashing sex.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:28 No.18957305
    She and Ursula have both ACTUALLY KILLED us a few times so far.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:29 No.18957321
    1-induced HUE ends don't count.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:30 No.18957324
    Well we could do wagnaria dinner then dende's but i prefer the idea of just dende's
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:30 No.18957327
    Oh yeah, I forgot about those.

    Sure, they were just HUEHUEHUE, but still!

    >captcha: captain izmoble
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/03/12(Thu)00:30 No.18957332
         File: 1336019439.jpg-(74 KB, 600x584, nanoha_takamachi_by_sakuyaso.jpg)
    74 KB
    "So Nano, let me guess how your morning went... Max crying again?" you ask her.
    "YEP." she says with a chuckle. "he was sobbing so much, Empy had to step in and take care of the class. We had a cool simulation where we defended a palace from waves and waves of those large screaming guys. It was fun."
    "Do you know where they're assigning you for field?"
    "Me, Vita and Madoka are being sent to the ZnT Dimension. They say it's a Majaikally open place, we're being assigned to an academy there."
    "Sounds great. I hope you like it there." you tell her.
    "We've talked with the headmaster, mr.Osmond. He seems fun." she smiles.
    "Awesome. Hey Nanoha, want to go out on a date this Saturday?" you ask her.
    "Sure! I'd love to!" she answers.
    "Awesome. I'll go ahead and make the reservations then."

    [ ]ask them out for a group date this evening
    [ ]talk to ______________
    [ ]other
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:30 No.18957337
    Those were either accidents, or nat-1/humor induced HUE.

    That's the problem with making a story more serious halfway through. All the comedic violence in the first half is suddenly treated as srsmode violence with actual consequences.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:31 No.18957341
    So has, Hina, Nanoha, Yuki, Perrine, Frank, Billy, Hard-Gay, ourselves during training with Mike, Ken the afro-guy from Pantasia, and maybe one or two I'm forgetting.

    What's your point?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:31 No.18957345
    Bear sex
    Training exercise with sasha
    First time she got sasha
    When she saw us with Mio and perrine in the beach house
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 05/03/12(Thu)00:31 No.18957347
    Group date.

    Also: ZnT?
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)00:31 No.18957350
    [x]Group date.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:32 No.18957354
    My point is the clown saying that Trude is evil is not looking at in context of the other shit that has happened in this quest.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:32 No.18957359
    Group daet
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:32 No.18957360
    [X] Other (reservations)
    Also, I imagine Kraus sounding like Gilbert Gottfried. Am I a terrible person?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:33 No.18957367
    Zero no Tsukaima
    or Familiar of Zero
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:33 No.18957369
    [X]ask them out for a group date this evening

    Then frantically get reservations going.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:33 No.18957375
    [x]ask them out for a group date this evening
    This first. Then we can ask Erica and Hina about their simulations.

    Also, Zero no Tsukaima Dimension? Temperate climate, medieval technology, though.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:33 No.18957377
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:34 No.18957384
    [x] GROOP DAYT
    Trude's not evil, she's just stupid and naturally aggressive.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:34 No.18957386
    Ah, okay. Your point was a little unclear, so I was a bit confused.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 05/03/12(Thu)00:34 No.18957387
    Reservations come after we ask them out. We can be sure they'll say yes, but we can't be too presumptive.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)00:36 No.18957410
    only a little bit. to me he sounds like an ANGRY MARINE. but I don't have any comparison for what an ANGRY MARINE sounds like.

    gilbert gottfried is just so fucking annoying sounding.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:36 No.18957416
    Yeah, good point. Changing mine to Group Date.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:37 No.18957426
    [x]ask them out for a group date this evening
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:38 No.18957447
    Bear sex: Seriously? I don't remember any injuries, and she thought she was a bear. Mind-altering drugs do that.
    Sasha stuff is in training simulations, no actual harm.
    Beach house stuff, still no actual injuries. I'm fairly sure Erica has never purposefully injured us above the level of a paper cut.

    I wasn't arguing that Trude is evil, I was arguing that if Lookout's speculation is correct, then Trude is a horrible person. Horrible person != evil.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:39 No.18957452
    different guy but to me:
    every angry marine sounds like leonidas from 300
    so think of kraus like that.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:40 No.18957468
    But shouldn't he also have a slight German accent, being a German tea set?
    Not overbearing or anything, but a slight one, just enough to indicate nationality.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:40 No.18957471
    Angry Marines sounding like Leonidas? I can go with that.
    Kraus sounding like Leonidas? Not so much.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:41 No.18957487
    I've always imagined him as a loud german man who despite the endless swearing sounds incredibly refined and cultured.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:42 No.18957498
    Yeah that sure is an objective conclusion you reached from your high and mighty throne of deciding who and what is horrible.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:43 No.18957501
    Punched us in the face when we groped her sister, but we were asking for that one.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:44 No.18957514
    >little girl capable of smashing planets being sent to a world where the most impressive magic is conjuring a thunderstorm

    This'll be a hoot.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:46 No.18957533
    Well, she's going to have fun with blowing up the giant golem and the war that'll be coming.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:46 No.18957540
    You know, this voice discussion reminds me of the time some heretic thought Jurgen sounded like that loser teenager from the Simpsons.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:47 No.18957546
    The two real world times wish sasha would of killed us and the carelessness in the sim means she could of easily splattered us

    On the other hand we wouldn't be able to hurt any of them even in a sim

    All the girls could and would kill us if they felt it was justified, remember nanoha during the tournament? Shrle would of killed us in real combat then, hina would if she thought we deserved it

    Trude is no different she is just not a part of the family (yet?)
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:47 No.18957553
    The guy behind their religion had a genocide spell, and set up magic to steal weapons from our world, and a portal that always points to modern Earth.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:48 No.18957558
    And I'm sure you form no opinions about people's personalities at all, right? You just walk through life believing everyone to be the best, nicest people ever.

    Stop being butthurt about someone else's opinion.

    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:53 No.18957613
    Some of us understand that other people have their own motivations and shortcomings, and therefore tend to take much more nuanced views of others even if their actions are overtly hostile or violent.

    It's far too easy to blame a situation on someone simply being a "terrible person". It also doesn't get you anything. Understanding why something happened allows you to prevent it from happening again.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:53 No.18957614
    Actually, that reminds me of something from that series that we should look into.

    We've more or less been told that anti-magic fields are things we might have to face. Meta-wise, we KNOW anti-magic fields exist. It's why we got the guns, after all.

    What if we order a special case of magic shield breacher rounds? Bullets with anti-magic runes engraved on them? It would play hell with accuracy, but it would let the bullets punch through any magical barriers.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:53 No.18957617
    i think the idea is not so much at this point just the fact trude is being overly violent, its the fact she is doing it in a way that injures people who are not hayate, and isn`t bothering to restrain.

    also real life in the quest is different from training sims.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:55 No.18957627
    >ZnT Dimension
    Is someone going to get bound as Louise's familiar?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:56 No.18957638
    First, learn to syntax.

    Second, you vastly underestimate our combat capabilities.

    Third, all the girls are in love with us. They're not going to kill us on a whim.

    Fourth, actions inside a simulation are not actions in the real world.

    What, you want specifics? The reason this happened is because Trude is far too quick to use violence, far too quick to anger where we are concerned, and far too stubborn to back down even if people could be killed by her actions. She's a loose cannon, and that's terrible.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:57 No.18957648
    Maybe they're being popped in after Saito arrives?

    Also, we should ask Mike if we're allowed to send letters and care packages to trainees away on field training.
    I'd like to know if we can send Nanoha care packages and such, and I'm sure Gai would want to know the same concerning Maggie.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:57 No.18957651
    Oh god, would that mean she gets into the harem?

    I'd hate for that to happen. I've never bothered watching her series because the abuse I've seen her put the male lead through is too brutal for me to be able to enjoy.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:58 No.18957658
    She also took 40 cakes when nobody was looking. Forty cakes. That's as many as four tens.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 05/03/12(Thu)00:59 No.18957671
    And that's horrible. Terrible? I forget.

    >letters & care packages
    An excellent question.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:59 No.18957672
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)00:59 No.18957674
    It doesn't help that he's stupider than the usual male lead, either.

    The start of the second light novel, his actions could very easily be construed as attempted rape.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:01 No.18957688
    I never understood why she didn't just BUY the cakes. I mean, she's the richest man in metropolis!

    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:02 No.18957701
    LG must be happy, he gets ALL THIS BUTTHURT over his portrayal of the characters.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/03/12(Thu)01:02 No.18957703
         File: 1336021325.jpg-(386 KB, 943x1400, b772d51d3b9529a28e67aedde87e49(...).jpg)
    386 KB
    You now turn your attention to the whole family.
    "Girls. I was wondering, maybe all of us could go out for dinner tonight. Kraus found this place i want to try, and tonight's as good a time as any."
    "What place?" Erica asks you.
    "Dende's Cosplay Emporium and Restaurant." you tell her. "I want us to go out as a famly."
    "What's cosplay?" Perrinne asks you.
    Hina answers her, "It's where you dress-up as characters and stuff. It's fun."
    Ursula, Erica and Nanoha lit up at the mention of dressing-up, all eyes turn to you.
    "Err... yeah, just as Hina said. So you girls free?" you ask them.
    "YES!" came the unanimous answer.
    Lunch ended without further incident.
    Ursula informing you that she's getting someone to look into tuning the engines on the strikers before the end of the week.
    Erica tells you about her fight, and how she used Sasha as a club to strike down her opponent after it jammed.
    Hina tells you that her fight was a very close draw.

    After eating, you and the girls head back to classes.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:02 No.18957711
    oh god its the fa/tg/uy /co/mrade from soviet russia...
    >in after lex luthor reference.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:02 No.18957715

    Agents are inserted through Stargate, not summonings.

    And I do NOT want Louise in our family.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:03 No.18957721
    Wait, wait, we need to have Kraus making those reservations for us RIGHT NOW.

    We can ask Mike the questions later, but the reservations need to be done now.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)01:03 No.18957728
    Speaking of which where did lg go? Did he don a mask and go off to fight crime?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:04 No.18957733
    Yes there is a differences between in and out of sims but each of the girls have shown the ability to go nuts on us and turn us into mince if we put a foot wrong

    The only differences between trude and the girls is firstly we haven't done swim with her, she is outside the usual day to day proceedings and not considered a swag target by some so she doesn't get the double standards everyone else seems to get

    Mio could have cut us to pieces when we told her about the prank and there was no big discussion about how she was a terrible person

    Trude is basically getting hated because people arebeing short sighted
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:04 No.18957737
    not to be nitpicky, but for future reference miniguns can't jam. if a round fails to fire then its just ejected as the barrel rotates as though it fired.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:04 No.18957743
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:05 No.18957747
    Eh, Louise improved as a human being along the course of the series.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)01:05 No.18957753
    but the machinery rotating the barrel could still fuck up, right?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:06 No.18957767
    All kinds of hilarious mechanical things can still happen with the gearing, ruptured cases, hangfires, and so on.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:06 No.18957768
    Maybe it's a problem with the interface between the majaik magazine and the rail feed mechanism?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:06 No.18957774
    i dunno, miniguns are pretty simple. i'd imagine the only way it could 'jam' would be if the battery powering it ran out, but i'm not certain.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:07 No.18957782
    Unless you mean a willingness to kick our ass, huehuehue doesn't really count.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:07 No.18957784
    Minor nitpick - Renaissance technology, not medieval. A tiny splash of modern stuff too (more modern weaponry occasionally gets summoned over due to spell shenanigans).

    Hopefully it's just Saito getting marked as usual.

    Most impressive magic I can think of in ZnT setting is a genocide ritual. Though that's really difficult to set up, and by no means common knowledge.

    One of the forums I'm on goes into detail about the ZnT Light Novels - the anime butchers a lot of the series.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 05/03/12(Thu)01:07 No.18957785
    It's majaik, shit happens.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:07 No.18957788
    ITT /k/ommandos
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)01:08 No.18957801
    a minigun is basically a electric gattling gun, unless the motor itself gets fried, or the barrels warp from heat (not very likely) it wont stop firing.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)01:09 No.18957809
    and people who have Delta Green GMs who take things very very seriously.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:09 No.18957811
    >Minor nitpick - Renaissance technology, not medieval
    Ah, yes, you're right.
    Thanks for the correction.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:10 No.18957818

    It wasn't the fact that it was us. She didn't hate Hayate, she hated that Hayate got Perrine pregnant. From her perspective not only did we lie to her, we lied to her about something quite critical.

    Plus remember Sakomoto? When we sparred her we thought we were doing pretty good. Turns out she was holding back. Trude could have probably pasted us if she put her mind to it.

    Also just because actions were inside of a simulator it doesn't make them any less damning. So it didn't take place in the real world. Erica was still reckless with her fire and that is dangerous. If she did that in an actual combat situation we would be dead. It showed that yes Erica is trigger happy.

    Plus your agrument about simulation doesn't make sense. That would be like saying, 'Oh because I said something hurtful or extremely rude on Facebook it shouldn't matter because that's the internet not the real world.' If we said something stupid in the simulation to Erica you would be damn right it it would still count as the fact we said it back in the real world.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 05/03/12(Thu)01:10 No.18957819
    This is /tg/, what did you expect?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:10 No.18957820
    Gears bend and snap, and the barrel assembly rotates on some precision bearings. If one gets dropped from a height of two feet it has to be returned to the manufacturer and fully inspected before it can be safely fired.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:11 No.18957829
    There is a massive difference between "could have" and "did". Thoughts are not actions, potential actions are not actions, and "could have"s don't break arms.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:12 No.18957848
    I mean they have shown gleefull willingness to kick our ass and a very real capacity to kill us should they think we deserve it, no explaining things no seeing the situation from any other angle

    Just like trude
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)01:12 No.18957849
    Indeed, the main answers i hear from /tg/ goers to what forums they visit are some combination of /tg/,/d/, /a/, and /k/.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:12 No.18957854
    To be honest, while Louise does get better over time (more clearly in the LNs), I'd still rather not get her involved in the family.

    Of course. Involve cosplay and the girls are all on it.

    Kinda makes me want Other Side Hayate here, just for the novelty of being the aggressor in cosplay shenanigans directed at ourselves.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:13 No.18957867
    those are...exactly the threads i visit...whoever told you that is i wizard
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:13 No.18957868
         File: 1336022026.jpg-(85 KB, 640x326, trudecakes.jpg)
    85 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:13 No.18957869
    I'd like to play Other Side Hayate during the Mirror Match we had this morning.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:14 No.18957874
    >Erica is trigger happy
    This isn't actually her fault, though. She's German.

    They're like, half Grim-reaper or something.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:14 No.18957878
    That's mainly because we don't sit there letting the girls do it, we do it with trude because we are trying to sort things out

    The intent is still there like it or not
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:14 No.18957893
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)01:14 No.18957894
    Yeah you're right, i was talking about basic things, to tell you the truth i don't know much about miniguns. The fact that it is also a railgun can complicate things too.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:15 No.18957909

    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:16 No.18957910
    >Ursula, Erica and Nanoha lit up at the mention of dressing-up, all eyes turn to you.
    Fun as that is, they do that all the time. We should all randomly draw names for who gets to dress who up as whatever they please.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 05/03/12(Thu)01:16 No.18957913
         File: 1336022169.jpg-(88 KB, 641x534, bueno.jpg)
    88 KB

    And on that note, I'm out for the evening. Good luck, gents.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:16 No.18957914
    r u srs
    We let Sakamoto swing an absurdly sharp sword near our dick like two threads ago. Pay attention.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)01:16 No.18957924
    It's just the fact that i'm a mahou shoujo.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/03/12(Thu)01:17 No.18957929
         File: 1336022226.jpg-(126 KB, 310x319, dude.jpg)
    126 KB
    As you settle into your seat, with a few minutes remaining until the afternoon classes start, you ask Kraus if he can make reservations for the Dende's and the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.
    "SURE THING JIM COCKWORTHY, GIVE ME A FEW MINUTES." he answers in his usual tone.
    "Get reservations for 6 for Dende's tonight. And get reservations for two for Saturday evening at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, arrange for transportation as well, please."
    Classes start.
    The Dude walks into the room with his usual swagger.
    "Okay kiddies. This after noon we're running another simulation. Why, you ask? Because I can."
    He grins.
    "This is the situation. You will be assigned in random groups of four. Majaik will be surpressed, even your Device's most basic functions.
    Hostiles everywhere, taking them out is allowed.
    Weapons will be provided for you on site.
    It's a straight forwards mission to get from point A to point B."
    You settle deeper into your chair as you listen to him.
    "First team to complete the mission gets Monday off."
    he adds as he taps his sunglasses.

    The room again fades around you.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 05/03/12(Thu)01:17 No.18957930
    Even better.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)01:17 No.18957933
    >not /h/, /u/, /e/, /y/, /t/, /gif/, /s/, /hc/ or even /hm/

    i am surprised and not surprised.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)01:17 No.18957938
    I'm not sure if i should be insulted or flattered.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:18 No.18957955
    >Monday off
    Well, time to put on our A game.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:19 No.18957962
         File: 1336022364.jpg-(86 KB, 640x326, trudecakes.jpg)
    86 KB
    There we go, all better now.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:19 No.18957963
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:20 No.18957969
    Please let us get Souske in our team. He's going to rape face in this scenario.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:20 No.18957974
    Too late, she's officially a trap.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:20 No.18957978
    I hope we get Sousuke, that'll make this so much easier. Gai might also be helpful.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:21 No.18957993
    We couldn't actually do shit if we wanted to against her and we were trying to avoid death and rape
    I had mentioned her earlier as well
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:22 No.18958008
    what about /m/, /co/, and /toy/?

    We even have some fa/tg/uys who enjoy /mlp/.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:22 No.18958009
    Hell, SHIROU would be great for this. He wouldn't have UBW, but give him a sword, point him towards where we're going, and we'd be golden.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:23 No.18958010
    Flattered. Germans may be utterly terrifying, and all who have sense fear the very footsteps they take upon the earth, but that same danger in being within proximity to one makes them all the more alluring.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:23 No.18958012
    Knowing our luck we'll get Shirou and Touma.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:24 No.18958028

    Posting some tweets from last night.
    >"I'm tired of being my own rival. " #msq
    >"You're not totally immune to me, are you? Why else would you concoct such a delicious revenge? It must be a gesture of love." #msq
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:25 No.18958038
    They would be pretty good, actually. Keima, Negi, or Lilly are the ones that pop to mind as being an extreme disadvantage.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:27 No.18958062
    Again, you underestimate our combat abilities. Don't you remember our Urumi sparring match with Sakamoto? We held our own without using any of our special tricks. We're not some sort of helpless baby being pushed around by superpowerful magickal girls, we are just as strong as they are in our own right.

    You also continually overestimate our girl's willingness to murder us. Trude is the only person we know of in the Bureau that has ever actually tried to cause us severe harm. Simulations don't count, because dying in the matrix does not actually mean you die in the real. They're more like full-contact sparring matches if anything.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:27 No.18958068
    Touma would be godly in a no-magic situation. He's a Null anyways, so he'll just do normal stuff like punch the fuck out of stuff.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:29 No.18958089
    Kinda, his main advantage is to drag people down to his level. He's best against people with piles of magic and jack shit in ways of physical abilities.

    There's no one to drag down here so he currently is just a brawler with minimal experience with small arm and other weaponry.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)01:30 No.18958092
    okay then.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:35 No.18958131
    Wait, that's not fai...
    >thinks of all the sexy German women in all media they know
    >they're all the combo of sexy and willing to murder anyone who gets in their way

    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)01:37 No.18958152
    So if he's a null does that mean after advanced classes he goes on to a special unit or is he just an agent with special magic?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:38 No.18958178

    Going by what we've seen, he cna't nullify every type of Majaik, so he's not quite on the level of "Immune to everything ever".
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:41 No.18958217
    A null means that he's basically the opposite of Magic. With Majaik, he's not a walking anti-majaik zone, but he can still cancel out what he can touch. It just doesn't work as well.

    For in game purposes? He disabled our Belt till it could recharge. He turned a bunch of potion back to alcohol. He can't use a device because he'd kill it.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)01:42 No.18958233
    Hmm, ok then, i was just thinking that if so there should be a unit made up of nulls distributed throughout bureau bases.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/03/12(Thu)01:42 No.18958237
         File: 1336023775.jpg-(189 KB, 1600x900, left-4-dead.jpg)
    189 KB
    You find yourself in a windowless room with Shirou, Lime, and Ichika.
    On the walls, numerous messages are written and scribbled, the largest of which was

    On a table are an assortment of weapons and supplies.
    Guns, a couple of katanas, first aid kits, a couple of molotov cocktails, and what appears to be a pipebomb.

    There's a radio in one corner, and from it you hear the Dude's voice say,
    "Okay kids. Get equipped and head to the docks, they're just a couple of miles away. Find the other safe room there."

    A single metal door leads of the room into the bright afternoon sun.
    And through the heavily grated window in it, you hear moans and screams float in from the outside.

    You and your team begin to pick out weapons.
    Shirou goes for a katana, as does Ichika.
    You advice them to also carry a first aid kit.
    Lime grabs a couple of molotov cocktails and a frying pan.

    Pick one of each section
    [ ]submachine gun
    [ ]sniper rifle
    [ ]shotgun
    [ ]assault rifle
    [ ]Katana
    [ ]dual pistols
    [ ]cricket bat
    [ ]molotov
    [ ]pipebomb
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:42 No.18958238

    Like I said before. A later post by LG showed us that Mio was holding back. Her match with Saber was over in one move. Had she been serious against us we wouldn't have been able to pull off any of our tricks cause she is that much faster than us.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:43 No.18958246
    That's the media's bullshit.

    I know intellectually that Germans are not "Usually Neutral Evil", but it's pretty rare to see them in non villain roles or non anti-hero roles, so the psychological association between them and death is pretty hard to dislodge.

    Blame the market saturation of WWII films.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:44 No.18958255
    Grabbin' peelz!
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)01:44 No.18958261
    addendum: for stuff like if you are capturing a rogue agent or something.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:45 No.18958267
    Assault Rifle

    Dual Pistols

    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)01:45 No.18958268
    do the pistols have infinite ammo like in L4D?
    if so

    [x]Dual pistols

    if not, take the katana instead of the pistols.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:45 No.18958272
    Shotgun (which we've trained with)
    Dual pistols (which we will fire one at a time as is proper)
    Pipe bombs (less risk of being hit by burning stuff)
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:46 No.18958276
    Link to post? I can't seem to find it.

    We can stop time. Not much she can do against that.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:46 No.18958281
    Shotgun, Cricket bat, pipebomb.
    Shotguns have quite a bit of stopping power.
    Cricket bat because we'd be fucked without a melee weapon. We could grab the pistols and hope for a pipe or something else, though. if infinite ammo like L4D, definatly pistols
    Pipebomb can be used for minor demolitions if needed.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)01:47 No.18958285
    [ ]shotgun
    [ ]dual pistols
    [ ]molotov
    Stick with stuff we know the basics of.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:47 No.18958294
    Dual pistols

    This is the stuff we're best at using.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:49 No.18958312
    >We can stop time.
    Only if we have the time to put our hand in our pocket, pull out the watch, and activate the timestop function.
    We didn't have the time when saving Perrine, and we may not always have the time in the future.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:50 No.18958322
    >We Left 4 Dead now

    Oh LAWD
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:52 No.18958358
    My point is we weren't exactly fighting serious either. And again, she's not exactly going to try to murder us, because she's trying to get in our pants. Mio is not a threat to anything but our erection.

    I still can't find that post.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)01:53 No.18958373
    Define threat...
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:54 No.18958392
    She wants to murder our boner with her hoo-hah. That's a pretty serious threat.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:54 No.18958396
    Who exactly is Lime?

    I can only think of one character named Lime, and I doubt it's the one we're working with.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:55 No.18958418
    But this isnt the same majaik molotov we have. It's a bopttle of gas that spreads fire.
    Not the accurate C4-like stuff we use.

    I say go
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:56 No.18958425
    Saber Marionette.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:56 No.18958429
    Robot girl.
    Super strength.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)01:57 No.18958450
    I know, but we still have more experience with fire then explosives.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)01:58 No.18958458
    That was sparring Mio has years over us with the sword

    We don't hit the girls and we do let them walk all over us

    The girls have all shown willingness to hurt or kill us outside of the sims and HUE excluding ursula who only did on a 1

    Get your shit straight
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)01:58 No.18958465
    My mind is so full of fuck today.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:00 No.18958485
    >we're in a relationship with 5 yanderes at once
    >worst harem ever
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:01 No.18958500
    More like best.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:06 No.18958551
    We let them "walk over us" because we love them and we don't need to exert our power to feel secure in it.

    We put the entire dormitory into a depression. We broke free of the idol's body control through will alone. We stopped a rampaging Nahona. We fucked up a significant portion of a martian invasion fleet. We fought an experienced gorilla to a standstill and matched his muscular strength. We performed a bombing run most nations would be proud to pull off.

    We're nothing to sneeze at.

    The girls act that way because they're girls. Hormonal and emotional. It's the man's job to be the pillar of stability that holds this whole thing together.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:06 No.18958553
         File: 1336025174.png-(145 KB, 300x239, 300px-Yuno-Portrait.png)
    145 KB

    Don't say things like that or the bureau might get paid a visit from a certain...
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/03/12(Thu)02:07 No.18958567
         File: 1336025231.jpg-(137 KB, 634x925, Saferoom_door.jpg)
    137 KB
    You grab a shotgun a pair of pistols and ammo for them.
    You also grab a first aid kit and a couple of molotov cocktails.
    The group looks to you for command, making you the impromptu leader.
    "Okay guys, you ready?" you ask them.
    "Then, let's go." you say as you have lime open the door.

    You step outside cautiously, you are at an alley connected to a wide avenue filled with abandoned cars and corpses.
    There are also bloodied people lurching around.

    One of them spots you, a wound covered face and cloudy eyes looks in your direction.
    He lets out a low long growl.
    "OOOH. ZOMBIES!" Shirou says as he readies his sword.
    You cock your gun, the attack begins.

    30 or so zombies rush towards the narrow alley you are still in. blocking your path outside, but at the same time hemming each other in.

    WAT DO?
    [ ]blast them
    [ ]have melee users take em.
    [ ]other
    **ADD A ROLL**
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:07 No.18958573
    I'm not liking how we're the only ones to have picked up guns here.
    I expected it of Shirou, but I hoped that Ichika and Lime would have gotten SOME gun training.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)02:08 No.18958581
    You are correct sir, hayate seems to be enjoying it so why change the dynamic.
    Hehe pillar.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:09 No.18958587
    Every day we get back from class to the smells of rubbing alcohol and blood.

    Every night before we go to sleep there's a barely-hidden war as to who gets to sleep in the bed.

    Every morning we wake up at six AM to the sounds of muffled screams and the smell of pancakes, as the Battle of Breakfast has begun anew while we slept.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:09 No.18958589
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)02:09 No.18958597
    rolled 68 = 68

    [x]have the melee users take em
    narrow confines work in their favor.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:09 No.18958599
    rolled 3 = 3

    [ ]have melee users take em.
    Shirou + Sword + Zombies = No more Zombies.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:10 No.18958607
    rolled 52 = 52

    Put up a hail of buckshot and have Lime throw molotovs at the mouth of the alleyway, while the melee guys hang back; they'll take out any zombies that get past our shotgun and Lime's molotovs.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)02:10 No.18958614
    rolled 97 = 97

    [ ]blast them

    Goddammit i hat fast zombies, the h.o.t.d. zombies are best zombies.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:11 No.18958619
    This one.

    Gotta conserve ammo.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:11 No.18958623

    And the scary part is with her talent at close quarters combat she'd fit right in as a shock trooper...
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:11 No.18958628
    rolled 86 = 86

    [x] Melee users
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:11 No.18958629
    rolled 56 = 56

    You always melee the common infected. Saves ammo.

    Especially in narrow confines, you can get like 10 of them in each hit.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)02:11 No.18958634
    hate not hat, don't get any funny ideas
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:14 No.18958681
    And all the girls can still reduce us to a fine paste if they want to

    This is nothing about our power but theirs and their handling of their emotional responses which is exactly what people were condemning trude for
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:16 No.18958707
    And if we tried, we could do the same to them.

    We're all a bunch of glass cannons, really.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:16 No.18958710
    And the girls, even though they're hormone-ravaged teenaged emotion-bombs, still haven't managed to break our arms. They haven't even tried. Trude, an adult who should know better by now, has.

    How are you not getting this?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:18 No.18958725
    For flexible definitions of the word 'adult' anyway.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)02:18 No.18958733
    h.o.t.d. survivors are the best survivors.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:18 No.18958737
    It depends what you mean by "could". We'd be Erica in a one on one without too many issues, we're stronger than Hina, at least for now, Nanoha would utterly destroy us, Ursula isn't even a combat person (she has access to good tech, but yeah) and we already know we'd hand Perrine's ass to her on a plate if we used time shenanigans.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:21 No.18958762
    >we already know we'd hand Perrine's ass to her on a plate if we used time shenanigans.

    Don't you mean she'd hand her ass to us?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:21 No.18958763
    Whole thing is too situational. We've lost a fight with Hina already, and if Erica has distance we'd be ventilated before we could do anything about it.

    Doesn't matter either way and arguing powerlevels is dumb.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)02:22 No.18958776
    Indeed, it doesn't hurt that zombies can only find you by sound though too.
    >> !H9t0.FLonc 05/03/12(Thu)02:22 No.18958784
    rolled 41 = 41

    this should work fine.
    1)Tell him he'll get a lot of fudge/candy/sugary things if we get out first.
    2) watch him murder zombies.
    3) get out first.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)02:23 No.18958789
    rolled 47 = 47

    it does hurt when Shirou's on the team.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:24 No.18958798
    Yes, typo.

    Yes, powerlevels are dumb. All the girls are strong, but I suppose my point is that we're strong as well, at least the equal of anyone who isn't Nanoha. At least in our family.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)02:24 No.18958805
    is there anyone here who hasn't played left 4 dead?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:25 No.18958811
    I actually haven't. Too many other games on my plate, and it's just been gathering dust.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)02:26 No.18958817
    Ayup, but i guess it's arbitrary since these are decidedly not h.o.t.d. zombies.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)02:27 No.18958825
    Ooh ooh pick me!
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)02:32 No.18958882
    a couple points then.
    pipebomb should be saved for when we get swarmed and need breathing room, because it draws the zombies to it, makes a bunch of noise.
    If we're the only one with guns, then we need to be watching for lickers, boomers, and poison-goo spitters. other kinds of special infected can be killed by melee easy enough.
    keep the shotgun fully loaded for when the tank eventually shows up.
    And for fucks sake, if you hear a woman crying, DON'T INVESTIGATE. GO AROUND until you can't hear it anymore.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/03/12(Thu)02:33 No.18958896
         File: 1336026802.jpg-(41 KB, 550x340, left4dead2-gameplay.jpg)
    41 KB
    "Shirou, take point. Ichika, Lime. Support him. I'll cover anyone's that get past you." You say as you send a single blast to keep the front of the wave suppressed.
    "Okay!" they all respond.

    A pair of Katanas and a frying pan weilded by a super-strong robot girl makes short work of the hoard, and soon enough you are stepping over their bodies out into the main avenue.

    You walk carefully now, trying to avoid calling any more zombies to your location.
    As you quietly walk down the sidewalk in the general direction of the ocean, you spot a damaged sign saying
    [R____C__ C__y Port: 12 M_es]

    The distance inst that far, but covering infested ground would be risky if you weren't stealthy enough.
    You could try and use a car, but you are unsure of the road conditions along the way, it would also be louder than needed.

    [ ]hotwire a car. ZOMBIE ROADTRIP
    [ ]walk. STEALTHY AS FUCK
    >> AC-Guy 05/03/12(Thu)02:35 No.18958914

    Steal a car.

    This a race remember?

    Get a big sturdy truck. Like a firetruck.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)02:35 No.18958916
    [x]Hotwire a car.

    We have Shirou. any illusions of doing this stealthily should be abandoned now.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:36 No.18958925
    [X]hotwire a car. ZOMBIE ROADTRIP

    Make sure to get a very sturdy, 4 wheel drive one. Perhaps a good truck, armored van or something like that.

    We aren't going subtle with Shirou running around.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:36 No.18958929
    [R____C__ C__y Port: 12 M_es]
    Raccoon City Port: 12 Miles?

    [x]hotwire a car. ZOMBIE ROADTRIP
    A big American truck that can go off-road. We're Japanese, this is America. We EXPECT the cars to be huge tank-like off-roaders.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:36 No.18958931
    >[ ] Stealthy


    [x] Car

    >And for fucks sake, if you hear a woman crying
    You do realize this is Hayatte we're talking about? He'd probably...

    Oh dear god... hatting a Witch...
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:37 No.18958933
    There are no cars in L4D!

    [x]walk. STEALTHY AS FUCK
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)02:37 No.18958943
    no access to the gaben with which to hat the witch.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)02:37 No.18958946
    [ ]hotwire a car. ZOMBIE ROADTRIP
    After this point we shall give no fucks and just drive straight to the goal.
    >> AC-Guy 05/03/12(Thu)02:38 No.18958948

    >A good truck.

    Like a Firetruck.

    Note to self, hat the Firetruck. See if we can make Optimus Prime our main ride.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:41 No.18958982
    Yes, but there hats can be found...

    No, even suggesting it is utter madness.

    Of course, Hayatte would never leave a woman crying in the dirt...
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:42 No.18958992
    >Note to self, hat the Firetruck. See if we can make Optimus Prime our main ride.

    Before ANYONE says ANYTHING.
    I don't give a fuck.

    We can alter simple thought processes into a sentient consciousness, why the fuck couldn't we just make our own?

    We are trying this.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)02:43 No.18958999
    Not going into how we lit the zombies up after i rolled a 97.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:43 No.18959011
    >Of course, Hayatte would never leave a woman crying in the dirt...
    You know, this is the Advanced Class. I wonder if we've been briefed on the various dangers of different Dimensions by now.
    Because this is going to go poorly if we try to comfort a witch.

    Or maybe hilarious if we try to hat one and fuck with the Dude's simulations again.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:44 No.18959016
    >hatting the firetruck and not the Witch

    What are you, mentally stable?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:44 No.18959019
    [x] car
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:44 No.18959024
    What if....what if we hat BOTH of them?
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)02:44 No.18959025
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:45 No.18959033
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:45 No.18959034
    Killed instantly because no magic armor and witchclaws are serious business.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:47 No.18959054
    Honestly, if we had to choose, I'd say go for the witch because we can find a firetruck anywhere.

    But then again, trying to hat the Witch would be suicide, however within Hayatte's tendencies it would be.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:48 No.18959074
         File: 1336027735.jpg-(114 KB, 300x375, Zoey_Has_Startled_The_Witch_by(...).jpg)
    114 KB
    Pic Related?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:50 No.18959092
    At some point, the instructors are going to tire of Hayate hacking all of their training constructs and just train us themselves.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/03/12(Thu)02:52 No.18959115
         File: 1336027962.jpg-(60 KB, 481x192, best-zombie-movies-28-days-lat(...).jpg)
    60 KB

    You look around the street and find an abandoned pick-up truck.
    It's a huge four wheel drive vehicle, something almost unheard of in cramped Japanese roads.
    Asking the team to cover you, you try the doors. Theyre locked.

    Using the but of your shotgun, you smash in one of the windows to get inside.
    Using your experience of working on cars in that racing garage, you hotwire the truck easily and it roars to life.

    Lime and Shirou hop in in the back, you take the wheel and Ichika rides shotgun... with your shotgun.

    Road trip time.
    You rev the engine and crank the radio to 11.
    "IM ON A HIGHWAY TO HELL.." The music blares from the powerful sound system.

    The truck handles magnificently and was powerful enough to push other cars out of the way when needed..

    *roll for random encounter*
    taking first one.
    >high =safe
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)02:53 No.18959119
    rolled 13 = 13

    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:53 No.18959123
    Depends, are we Zoey?

    >captcha iersogy mutatas
    We wouldn't abandon a girl just because she had iersogy mutatas would we?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:53 No.18959124
    rolled 47 = 47

    Let's go uneventful for once.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:53 No.18959127
         File: 1336028037.jpg-(218 KB, 1024x768, Left_4_Dead___Witch___Zoey_by_(...).jpg)
    218 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:54 No.18959130
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:55 No.18959142
         File: 1336028108.jpg-(50 KB, 234x234, 1295553906610.jpg)
    50 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:55 No.18959144
    A Tank or a Witch.

    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)02:55 No.18959151
    Goddammit lookout.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)02:56 No.18959157
         File: 1336028170.jpg-(155 KB, 1920x1080, 2011-10-06_00009.jpg)
    155 KB
    Damn it Lookout!
    >> !H9t0.FLonc 05/03/12(Thu)02:59 No.18959187
    rolled 86 = 86

    Lookout, winning at rolls. epicly.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)02:59 No.18959195
    rolled 79 = 79

    I'm just getting warmed up.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/03/12(Thu)03:02 No.18959216
         File: 1336028531.jpg-(216 KB, 799x1122, tank.jpg)
    216 KB
    You barrel down the road, avoiding the stopped cars by swerving around them.
    By your judgement, you are now about 5 miles away.

    Suddenly a roar, cars overturn a block down the road, and a huge rock is flung your way.
    Quickly you turn the wheel to the left to avoid it, causing you to crash the truck into a pole.

    The roars grow louder and closer.
    "EVERYONE OUT!" you scream as Ichika throws you your gun and you jump out of the truck.

    That's when you see it.
    A mountain of rotting flesh and muscle, huge arms like a gorilla, tiny disproportionate legs.
    It's an undead tank, that's what it is.

    WAT DO?
    Also waht orders to give the other three?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)03:03 No.18959236
    rolled 74 = 74

    Tea Party.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)03:04 No.18959247
    rolled 4 = 4

    Run away from it while firing our shotgun at it and Lime throws molotovs.
    Ichika and Shirou try to sneak around behind it and cut it down from behind.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)03:04 No.18959249
    rolled 38 = 38

    Open up with the shotgun
    Lime: hit him with molotovs
    Ichika and Shirou, hit and run tactics, keep him running in circles. Once one has his attention, the other comes at the back, then switch.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)03:04 No.18959254
    rolled 39 = 39

    Ok people I'll distract it at a distance with my shotgun and pistols, the rest of you sneak around behind it while it's focused on me and cripple it's legs. Once its mobility is shot I'll toss the Molotov on it and let it burn.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)03:05 No.18959256
    rolled 23 = 23

    Provide suppressing fire, once it's destracted have our melee people attack it.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)03:05 No.18959260
    We don't have our teaset with the device suppressed.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)03:05 No.18959261
    rolled 5 = 5

    Shoot the legs out then cover it in fire.
    >> AC-Guy 05/03/12(Thu)03:06 No.18959266

    First, everyone runs in a different direction, so he can't get all of us.

    Then, set him on fire. Then tell Shirou that if he stabs it dead we'll give him CANDY.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)03:06 No.18959267
    rolled 41 = 41

    I like this better
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)03:06 No.18959269
    rolled 2 = 2

    Rolling for this.
    >> AC-Guy 05/03/12(Thu)03:06 No.18959271
    rolled 83 = 83


    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)03:07 No.18959282
    rolled 22 = 22

    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)03:08 No.18959285
    rolled 55 = 55

    I like this plan. Shirou must be utilized to defeat somethign this stupidly powerful.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)03:11 No.18959304
    rolled 75 = 75

    once more for shittastic luck.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)03:11 No.18959306
    rolled 64 = 64

    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)03:18 No.18959367
    So since we've got a solid course of action and all, what do you think the worst thing we could find here would be?

    If we go with Canon L4D then the witch is almost guaranteed to screw us.

    If we play with other things? Nucklavee. That's 'save one bullet' territory.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)03:20 No.18959380
    rolled 20 = 20

    if we're headed for Raccoon City we might have a Nemesis encounter before we get to the safe house.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/03/12(Thu)03:20 No.18959382
         File: 1336029623.jpg-(12 KB, 343x392, 123444311.jpg)
    12 KB
    You shoot at the beast to get it's attention, the shotgun blasts doing very little against the huge mass.

    "Guys, you circle around and try to take out the legs!" you tell them as you keep firing and drawing the thing away form the group.
    "Shirou. If you kill it, I'll give you a cake as tall as you are!" you add.
    "What kind of cake?" he asks as he runs the opposite direction
    "CHOCOLATE!" you scream as you unload the shotgun and pull out a pistol.

    Ichika and Shirou circle the beast, Lime hanging back with her frying pan.
    When they see an opening, the two of them rush in with swords flashing.

    Both of the creature's tiny legs are chopped off.
    It falls to the ground roaring.
    It's noticed your team now, and is trying to reach for them using its long arms.

    Run run back up to the creature and light one of your molotov cocktails.
    Lime does the same.

    The two of you throw the bottles at it and it's engulfed in flame.

    It writhes in the fire, roaring like a rhino with a jet engine in it's mouth.
    Unbelievably, it still refuses to die.
    And even worse, the noise it's making is attracting mobs of lesser zombies out of the buildings.

    You must end this, and you must do it now.

    WAT DO?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)03:22 No.18959409
    Shirou, Ichika, and Lime keep the lesser zombies at bay.
    We use our shotgun and apply buckshot to the tank's head.
    >> AC-Guy 05/03/12(Thu)03:23 No.18959414


    Fuck you man. i just googled that.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)03:23 No.18959415
    lure it to the truck and try to blow it up.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)03:23 No.18959416
    >wasting two molotovs on a single tank

    Fucking noobs, goddamn.

    Any propane tanks about? Setting those off should knock the tank over, buying us time to skedaddle while he's stuck on his back like a turtle.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)03:23 No.18959419
    Get in the Truck, leave. Shotguns firing in front of us to give us a hole to escape through.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)03:27 No.18959448
    Unless it is still directly in our way, fuck this thing and get back to driving. We have places to be and putzing around here with zombies isn't any of them.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)03:28 No.18959455
    Truck hit a pole head-on, the engine is likely busted. At minimum, the radiator is.
    >> AC-Guy 05/03/12(Thu)03:32 No.18959483

    Then we shall steal and hat a firetruck. Maybe one of those little Hula-girl bobbles?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)03:38 No.18959526
    Okay, so, what are we doing? Suggestions seem to be all over the place.

    We can't get the Tank to go anywhere, because we cut its legs off.
    Our only form of transportation isn't going anywhere, and there doesn't appear to be any usable vehicles nearby.

    We need to kill the tank quickly, before it attracts more zombies.
    How do we do that with the weapons at our disposal?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/03/12(Thu)03:39 No.18959532
         File: 1336030772.jpg-(728 KB, 1024x768, left4dead2 2010-08-05 19-08-36(...).jpg)
    728 KB
    rolled 67 = 67

    You quickly reload your shotgun, while stepping around toward's the creatures head.
    "Guys, keep those smaller things at bay, I'll take care of this." you tell the group.

    You point the barrel of your weapon at the flailing creature's head, and unload 5 shots in succession.
    It goes silent and stops moving.
    Lesser zombies continue to pour out into the street.

    You run to the truck and see if it's still serviceable.

    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)03:44 No.18959565
    That's not TOO bad.
    Maybe the truck will have a few more miles left in it.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/03/12(Thu)03:46 No.18959580
         File: 1336031165.jpg-(163 KB, 1024x665, zombies-5.jpg)
    163 KB
    The truck roars back to life, but a small trickle of steam escapes from under the hood,.
    The radiator is cracked, but it should make it the last few miles if you're lucky enough.

    "Guys! JUMP IN!" you call out as you back the truck off the pole.
    The three others jump into the bed and you gun it.

    The huge v8 powering the truck allows you to outpace the chasing horde quickly.
    And in a short while, you are in the clear again.

    The truck sputters and dies just a block away from the entrance to the port.
    You and your team get out of the busted vehicle and quickly hoof it to the gates.

    **ROLL 2d100**
    *random loots
    *random encounter
    taking first one
    >> AC-Guy 05/03/12(Thu)03:46 No.18959588
    rolled 10, 15 = 25

    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)03:47 No.18959589
    rolled 18, 37 = 55

    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)03:47 No.18959591
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)03:47 No.18959595
    rolled 39 = 39

    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)03:48 No.18959601
    This fucking seed man, it's like Meta Quest all over again.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)03:49 No.18959614
    we're fucked.
    >> AC-Guy 05/03/12(Thu)03:50 No.18959625
         File: 1336031439.jpg-(181 KB, 592x591, 1324708321057.jpg)
    181 KB

    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)03:52 No.18959637
    I guess the dice thought you were in your own thread, trying to beat on us.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)03:55 No.18959661

    you disappoint us greatly


    not only did you roll low, you rolled wrong but i respect you for higher numbers than the first roll.

    >AC-Guy is excused because thats 2 dice rolls he wont have on ACQ.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)03:56 No.18959669
    rolled 7, 55 = 62

    there, better?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/03/12(Thu)03:59 No.18959684
         File: 1336031947.png-(15 KB, 256x256, safehouse.png)
    15 KB
    You find nothing of value as you approach gates, the guard's shack empty and painted in blood.

    You duck under the security bar and walk cautiously inside.
    You have no idea where that safe house is, all you know is that it should be marked by a simple drawing of a house with a cross in it.

    You first check any of the buildings, thinking that they would be a logical place for a saferoom.
    But all of them are either burnt out, or far too unsecured.

    Your eyes survey the area.
    A couple of large container ships are docked at the port, one of them is listing to the side, as if on the verge of sinking.
    A container is still suspended by one of the large cranes used to unload the ships, it hung there, swaying in the wind treacherously.

    Ichika luckily spots the symbol, its painted on the tarmac with an arrow pointed to one of the ships.
    As her tells you about this, you hear another roar come from the burnt out building behind you.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:00 No.18959691

    better but i'm still keeping my eye on you.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:00 No.18959698
    >you hear another roar come from the burnt out building behind you.
    Run. Run now. Get to the ship!
    >> AC-Guy 05/03/12(Thu)04:03 No.18959720

    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:04 No.18959728
    Fighting retreat to the ship, delaying tactics until we can get to a proper defensible position.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/03/12(Thu)04:06 No.18959746
         File: 1336032383.jpg-(28 KB, 280x400, nemesis1.jpg)
    28 KB
    Out of the building walks out a towering creature dressed in black.
    It's skin is a sickly yellowish brown, the lips pulled tightly back revealing a rows of teeth.
    Staples and suture's riddled all the exposed areas of it's skin, the right shoulder showing a huge open wound that seemed to pulsate and throb.
    In it's left hand it carried an RPG.

    You don't like this shit.
    You don't like how it's confidently and methodically walking towards you.
    You don't like that it's slowly raising the RPG and pointing it at you.

    "RUN! FUCKING RUN UP TO THAT SHIP!" you give the order and bolt.
    A rocket propelled grenade barrels out of the thing's weapon and flies towards you.

    considering first 5 rolls
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:07 No.18959752
    rolled 22 = 22

    Run, run as if Frank and Billy were both after us. RUN!
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:07 No.18959754
    rolled 2 = 2

    >> AC-Guy 05/03/12(Thu)04:07 No.18959755
    rolled 38 = 38


    Hopefully this won't suck.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:07 No.18959756
    rolled 62 = 62


    what the shit!?
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)04:07 No.18959757
    rolled 45 = 45

    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:08 No.18959758
    rolled 39 = 39

    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:08 No.18959761
    rolled 83 = 83

    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:08 No.18959765
    Oh boy here we go.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:09 No.18959771
    The dice gods don't like us anymore.
    Maybe something to do with the other MSQ. . . .
    >> AC-Guy 05/03/12(Thu)04:11 No.18959780

    Eh, we've been doing well when it matters.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:12 No.18959789
    Like running away from Nemesis?
    Not really.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:13 No.18959791
    rolled 40 = 40


    shits just starting, nemesis is a rape train with no brakes, get the fuck out of there
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/03/12(Thu)04:14 No.18959799
         File: 1336032865.jpg-(35 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    35 KB
    >jesus the dice pool sucks right now

    You scatter as the explosive hits the ground and blows up.
    Shirou and Lime are quickly making headway to the ship, Ichika is on the ground, injured.

    You head on over to Ichika and support him, keeping one hand free on your shotgun.

    The creature runs towards you two, the RPG raised like a club.
    It swings the tube and smashes it into the ground inches from where you were as you roll away.
    The creature's fist lashes out and catches you in the side as you try and get back up, flinging you a couple of meters towards the ship's gangplank.
    Both you and ichika are sent sprawling, you lose your weapon as well.
    By the pain in your side, and the blood coming out of Ichika's leg, you are sure both of you aren't going to get away without any help.

    **ROLL AGAIN**
    Again considering first 5 rolls
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:15 No.18959803
    I said...

    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:15 No.18959805
    rolled 65 = 65


    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:15 No.18959813
    rolled 57 = 57

    Fire at it's RPG, try to aim down the hole. Run like a motherfucker.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:15 No.18959815
    No roll for you. You got close to 1 before.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:16 No.18959818
    rolled 26 = 26

    This is why you take guns to a bazooka fight!
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:16 No.18959819
    rolled 5 = 5


    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)04:16 No.18959820
         File: 1336032972.gif-(667 KB, 270x194, Howthisends.gif)
    667 KB
    rolled 65 = 65

    More like a rape train filled with nitroglycerin and retarded puppies and kitten that has no brakes.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)04:16 No.18959821
    rolled 98 = 98

    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:16 No.18959822
    rolled 89 = 89

    Run like the wind Bullsey... Hayate.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:16 No.18959823
    rolled 69 = 69

    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:17 No.18959825
    God damn it Lookout, be a little faster on the draw with rolls like those.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:17 No.18959828
    rolled 35 = 35

    Hello Nicholai.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:17 No.18959829
    >65, 57, 26, 5, 65
    >Next two rolls are 98 and 89

    goddammit all of you.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)04:18 No.18959831
    rolled 12 = 12

    it helps to keep the tears flowing.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:18 No.18959832
    You roll well, but you missed the cut off.
    So your luck remains typical.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:18 No.18959836
    Maybe the pair of 65's will count for something.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:19 No.18959837
         File: 1336033147.gif-(448 KB, 160x120, nothanks.gif)
    448 KB
    Aww hell naw
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:20 No.18959846
    I'd rather meet Carlos or Zoey or Bill or whatsthename, Michail.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:21 No.18959853
    rolled 70 = 70

    Rolling for one of these because hell no Nicholai.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:24 No.18959870
    But nobody' said anything about them at all
    Why the hell would they appear
    It's a simulation
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/03/12(Thu)04:31 No.18959899
         File: 1336033884.jpg-(48 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    48 KB
    You are fucked. You are so fucked, it's not even funny.
    The creature takes slow agonizing steps towards your prone form.
    Ichika tries to draw his sword but you know he won't be able to help much in the state that he's in.
    A huge fist is raised and is brought down like a piledriver aimed right at your chest.

    You roll to the side, and it only manages to clip your left arm, breaking it the second time today.
    A huge boot slams into your torso as you consider how humerous this situation would have been if the break was above your elbow.

    You are sent rolling like a ragdoll hit by freight train.
    It comes after you again
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:33 No.18959911
    Fuck it.
    Throw molotov at it, if they haven't been broken by us being punted around like a football.
    And if we're out of molotov, draw our pistol with our good arm and take shots at it's exposed right shoulder and hope it's a weak point.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:33 No.18959912
    Ugh, I had enough humorous/Humerus jokes for a lifetime back when I broke mine.

    That was way back in first grade. I'm in college now.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:39 No.18959942
    rolled 70 = 70

    Use the force of the kick to get further away and get up, use anything we still have to slow down or if we can trip it up, making sure to keep it's attention on us instead of Ichika so he and the others can get it from behind.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)04:40 No.18959949
    "Shirou! If you don't save me, you don't get any CAAAAKE!"
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)04:42 No.18959962
    rolled 23 = 23

    the body demands rest. see you gents tomorrow.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/03/12(Thu)04:43 No.18959967
         File: 1336034605.jpg-(100 KB, 603x640, lime2135444.jpg)
    100 KB
    Dazed, you look up above you and see the suspended container still swinging in the wind.
    'Fuck me' you think to yourself as you try and dray one of the pistols.
    "ROAAAAAAAAAR!" the thing yells as it takes slow intimidating steps towards you.

    "Shirou, NOW!" you hear Lime yell from above.
    She has a katana and is ready to cut the cable holding the container up.
    Shirou runs around the thing and grabs you, the energetic lad quickly getting you out from under the steel box.

    Lime uses her robotic strength and cuts the cable, ruining the katana in the process.
    The beast looks up at the weight about to fall on it before being crushed under tonnes of steel and whatever cargo it held.

    Lime jumps off the crane and heads towards Ichika.
    She carries him on her back as Shirou leads you up the gangplank and up onto the ship.

    Behind you, you hear banging coming from inside the container.

    *give me a roll*
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:44 No.18959969
    rolled 75 = 75

    It's going to start crying isn't it? And we don't have our magic bag of hats, fuck.
    >> Lookout !o.leKPG3k. 05/03/12(Thu)04:44 No.18959973
    rolled 26 = 26

    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:46 No.18959981
    rolled 58 = 58

    Ret us rorr honorabrry.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:46 No.18959983
    rolled 86 = 86

    Rolling for it's rocket launcher exploding.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:48 No.18959995
    rolled 94 = 94


    Nemesis is the last thing we want as a buddy, habeeb it.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:48 No.18959999
    rolled 2 = 2

    Solid rolls? Not on my watch.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:49 No.18960004
    rolled 81 = 81

    Come on, it's just a little bit more to the safe house and the weapons we need to kill this thing.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:50 No.18960008
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:50 No.18960011
    Oh hey, I got quads.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)04:50 No.18960014
    watching clannad, just finished the wedding episode, the part where fuko dissapears... right in the feels.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:51 No.18960022
    Don't worry. His post number was double 99's.

    I say LG should use that rather than his actual roll just to spite the fuck out of him.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/03/12(Thu)04:53 No.18960035
         File: 1336035220.jpg-(22 KB, 475x339, the-big-lebowski-11.jpg)
    22 KB
    You reappeared in your seat after you closed the door of the saferoom you found deep in the ship.
    You spent a couple of minutes frantically searching for it as the creature banged it's mighty fists on the hull.

    The Dude stands there at his podium, an appreciative smile on his face.
    "Grats kids. Monday off. You're the only group that used a vehicle, giving you the fastest time. Everyone else is still slogging through the hordes."
    Ichika turns around from his seat on the first row and gives you a thumbs up.
    Lime gives you a wave.
    Shirou calls you and asks, "Can I have my cake now?"
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:55 No.18960045
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:55 No.18960047
    rolled 4 = 4

    MANLY PICNIC time?

    MANLY PICNIC time.
    >> Fritz the somali pirate 05/03/12(Thu)04:55 No.18960051
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 05/03/12(Thu)04:56 No.18960055
         File: 1336035364.jpg-(24 KB, 438x286, zzzzz to be continued.jpg)
    24 KB
    Family Night

    New thread at 2200 4chan time
    >have some stuff on the plate for the evening.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)04:58 No.18960071
    Shirou did good today. Real good.
    I say we give him a small cake now, and give him the full-size one back in his dorm room.

    And we should congratulate and thank Lime on her quick thinking of using that container to slow down Nemesis.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)06:39 No.18960653
    No 0700 again?

    Please LG, I need my fix
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)07:12 No.18960815
    You know, I would have expected Sousuke of all people to have thought of hot wiring a car to help them get to the destination.
    Maybe they didn't weren't able to find one intact? Or did he choose to look at it less as a race and wanted to maximize stealth to avoid fights.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)08:54 No.18961279
    I guess he chose stealth, or maybe they had a different zombie map.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/12(Thu)12:53 No.18962876
    Souske would be too busy yelling at everyone for holding their guns the wrong way. Firing from the hip? You fucking noobs.

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