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Everything's in working order. Posting up the upgraded construction style picture. Also points out the small island.
Easier way to get into IRC.
((skulks are pretty nature orientated, and frilla's are pretty big, so if its azarach which are the weeds of trees, yes to cutting em down all the way, if frilla...keep in mind frilla are semi sentient, and that's tantamount to murder...in some cultures. assume the skulk are aware of the frilla being semi aware. slightly revered as nature spirits.))

the rafts that are made are quick and agile, though they suffer from being sturdy, best used in fair weather. ((one to two skulks on sails, one for rudder, and one operating the side rudders. the skulks have made boats that have multiple control surfaces like an aircraft.)) The skulks team work for operating the rafts is not the best. It takes 3 skulks to control the craft. ...the ropes are hard for them to manage, but they seem to have the basics of steering down.

the scout forces couldnt fair more differently. the western force scouts around the volcano's before seeing a tribe of joordos in the far distance. ((depends on if player is active if there is any response)) They also discovered a burned encampment with the eaten carcases of black feathered joords, tracks lead north, and appear to be govkar in nature. this is a bit concerning. ((Onolkeshan plays this tribe))
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((the twine i speak of is pretty thick in diameter like you would find on a ball of twine. its coarse and scratchy almost qualifying as rope. if that's what you want, i'm not gonna take back my results...you enjoy my mistake damn you. as for the two stories thing, i was imagining larger more permanent structures.))

Your tribe has wood enough to build a village and a half. attempts at land plotting are disrupted by angry jungle gohroks..the alpha kind. you cut down their homes. they are a bit vexed and now trying to eat your tribe..they followed the scent of the wood back to your home. you might need to drive them off.
Oh god its terrifying... it loses its primary skill of super speed and gains death pinchers
Polahu is out combing the coast, when he comes across a ruined village, burned to the ground, tracks lead away, but the destruction is a day or two old at most.

The lovestruck pearl diver is attacked by a giga rohas, and nearly looses his life. Instead he has gained some awesome scars, and lost the very tip of his snout in the shell of the rohas. It is unique, it is white.
I don't know if any tribes besides the R'lyai know/are close to knowing that Frillas are sentient. The bigger problem in cutting one down would just be cutting it. The things grow to over 2000 feet tall. It'd take forever to get through that with an axe. And besides, their bark is remarkably sturdy, and grows back much faster.
Imagine the stories one could tell, from watching the world for thousands of years.
rolled 8, 5, 5, 1, 15 = 34

The Raft adventure works finally. One ambitious skulk invents sails out of massive leaves and vines and that seems to solve the problem of the rafts tipping over. With his adventurous team, they finally get a concept that works. Now all they have to do is set sail and see how it does in open water. (roll 1 for heading down river to the ocean)

The eastern team runs afoul of some bad weather and ends up stuck for quite some time at the breach gap in the great rift. However, they discover some tracks that look unusual and head on the path to explore them further (I think that one of the other tribes lives right around there or has passed through there recently) (rolling for any discoveries. If they fail this time, they're heading home)

Frilla and crew head back out after their lessons in Biology to the field again. With any luck this time, they will have time to actually set up their plan and catch a Great sky Ribbon so they can study it and find out if they could tame them like they have the gliding boomers. (Rolling for setting up the trap, finding a ribbon and then studying it)
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rolled 12, 16, 20 = 48

Baby steps. And this is actually a major upgrade in buildings. I already had thick rope (inch diameter) made of fibers taken from a small species of azrach. The twine I assume to me much thinner (4mm diameter), but scratchy due to being made from the same stuff. Cloth, that's ngung silk.

With the large supply of Palm Tapascus gathered, it becomes time to go to work. They begin to set the support beams for a bridge to the largest of the small islands. Construction is also started on the frames for more huts.
As for the Gohroks, the warriors have to deal with them. (Spears and martial arts)

Rolling for bridge, hut frames, and fighting off Gohroks.
Just a reminder, I've been limiting myself exclusively to materials found around the beach and spring.
Nufa still thinking that this is his tribe strides towards them cocksure with his usual absent minded bravado. ((Onolkeshan may have to respond to this roll, of a strange govkar and some children striding up like they own the place))

macia's pouting and moans of pain attract the gohroks once more, and once more she has to flee for her life but evades them again, however she is a bit lost. the area is familiar enough, but it will be a bit longer before she makes it back home.

Daki throws her lid once more, but this time it bounces harmlessly off of Jun's new armor she has taken to wearing. Daki shrieks with rage and storms away. An emboldened Jun goes to Kiknau and shows off her invention, it is met with praise and a request to create more. To Kiknau, the weak willed jun finally created something that makes up for her prior worthlessness, though her sources told her of Daki's flying disks, and she is interested in those as well.

The food gathering from further sources goes well, and brings much prestige/ envy to Jun's family for their resourcefulness and drive. The tribe eats strange and exotic meats, and vegetables.
rolled 15, 5, 2, 12, 15 = 49

(Holding off on the West until the Joords decide if they'll spot me or not)
The raft makes it most of the way down the river but gets caught up in the delta. They'll have to try something new to get this boat moving properly. Perhaps some sort of pushing mechanism to get it off of rocks... or maybe a means of steering. The team sets to work far from home to create this new technology(rolling for oars and other methods of controlling boats. Boatsmanship +1 basically).

The eastern tribe has failed in their mission. They can't seem to find anything useful and as their supplies run out, they get too afraid to venture farther and set their sights on returning home (rolling for returning home journey)

Frilla's team couldnt find their old traps, something must have taken them... But who could have done it? All thats out here are the frilla... Hmm.. Well, perhaps they could stalk out and find where the Sky Ribbons reside? Nope! As they are searching a Giant Dahon swoops by and nearly manages to capture and devour Frilla before Wave and Swift free her from its clutches. Its time to return home and build some new traps. (rolling for new Traps)

Everyone at home is discovering new uses for these tools they've found, and are playing with the 'building blocks' they've got in the form of abundant lumber. They start to mess around with building fences to keep out predators... and new ways to capture food. A few try to make the trees into a medium for their stories... attempting to learn how to create shapes and visualize the words they sing and speak. (rolling for building a wall around the camp, a fence to keep out giga roha and discovering Art)
Hakel approaches the charred skulk, who is still bound to the burned tree. he leans in close to examine it, that is when it strikes. grabbing either side of his head, breathing out a strange scent that he finds...relaxing, intoxicating....his mind swims, meanwhile the skulk begins to push small tendrils into Hakel's skull from the back. Bit by bit, memories trickle into his mind. Places, stories, people, love, and loss. merger with the mother tree, extended life and knowledge, pride in seeing your children grow. Beautiful nights with light glowing, fire, slaughter and death, screaming, torture, laughing, burning and a words...so many words..language to scream in pain with, then nothing...dark.
Hakel woke up screaming, his tribe was murdered, his tribe was...alive...those were not his memories. those were not him..he took in a shuddering breath, realizing that the burned skulk was still on top of him, and now dead, had bled all over him as it struggled to keep him still.

Hakel had no idea, but he was infected with the lemuy of a mother. the most elder and potent skulk in the tribe, bound to the mother tree, to oversee the song...and now that burden of knowledge was his, and not just knowledge, but raw experience and emotions. Over the next few days he will develop mutated traits, most noticeable of all are the few thin tendrils stuck in the back of his head that are too painful to remove.

He will have to find a way to hide the deformities, as well as deal with the conflict in his mid about the slaughter of the skulks, and determine where his heart lies.
Change could be seen in the mentality of Kharum. They loved peace and then only got hardship as reward, but now as they used power to take lives of others they gained items to help them survive. Does might make right? But even so they did this to defend themselves as they were attacked first and it's all those birds fault that they attacked kharum even when they didn't attack the birds.

While they were pondering this they saw govkars coming their way like they owned the place. They might be rude but they still are govkars so we should at least greet them friendly. (I don't think i need to roll? Let's see where this goes)
Metal was discovered, in concept. They now knew where it came from, and that it took a fire hot enough to destroy a village to get it out of the rocks, but only certain rocks.

before the flames burned everything the Silith had just discovered clothes, and how to make them quite nice. They were well dressed, made to celebrate their form, not conceal it. Building on top of that, rough leather plates could be attached to the clothing, to create a flexible, overlapping leather armor. Their knowledge of weaving, and fabric let them make something of their attempt at nets, they are quite crude, but will catch larger fish in limited numbers.

the village was burned to the ground, so completely that almost nothing remained.

their food was bland and tasteless and would leave them malnourished, but it would stave off starvation on their travels.

They began their exodus multiple days late, and their preparations did not feel like they were enough...They had no idea a young and determined scout had noticed the beginnings of their exodus.
frowg, burrahn, and lem by virtue of the frowg know the trees are sentient. Keep in mind it takes a while to get big, so killing off smaller trees is possible, but the frilla in the past seemed to not be too concerned with the little ones, they weren't as smart or perhaps as worthy. The Ramel subject to impulses from the frilla, and the Gantu who evolved from glow ramel, while far removed, can feel vague emotions on occasion when around the trees,
rolled 18, 12, 13, 5 = 48

Their boat is upgraded with a simple rudder and the skulks have managed to fashion some simple oars from driftwood and felled trees. They set back out towards the ocean. towards one of those islands in the distance. Who knows what will be out there. (roll 1)

The traps seem to be entirely the wrong plan. Nothing is going right. Maybe they need to come at this from a new angle. The girls set about to theory crafting and decide a new plan is in order. They're just going to 'Go for it" with the blessing of the All Mother. The three are just going to wait in ambush and jump on a Sky Ribbon's back as it passes by and hang on. See what happens. (rolling for each of the three's attempts)

The wall is quickly abandoned around the camp. There are already plenty of trees... why replant them? Seems redundant. However, the spears seem to do an excellent job blocking larger predators from coming into their territory, while also serving as a means for helping the tribe catch smaller fish.

And the beautifully painted spires become commonplace around the camp. each one tells a different story. They paint over the entirety of the abandoned wall in various colors and symbols. Art has found a home in this tribe. They even set out to color on the All Mother a bit too.

The process of building the bridge goes slowly, nothing is wrong, its just not easy. Though one wily joorod suggests huts be built into the bridge...at first the idea is balked at, but the it begins to make sense. Its defensible, and a good location for fishing, the success of the tent frames encourages an increase in bridge building, making it a moderate success.

The well trained tribe executes a flawless defense with a forward march pushing the enemy back and killing them as they turned to run. the tactic involved two lines of joorods with spears. when the first line would thrust and pulled back the second line stabbed resulting in an unending wave of spear thrusts going ever forward.

the dead beasts provided meat, and their thick shells made for fine armor and weapons. Their tendons were strong and would make for good elastic rope, now to figure out what to do with it?

As Nufa comes closer to the govkars, and they start to greet him, it becomes apparent that these govkars are from a different tribe entirely.
Their coloration is strange, and they are carrying around objects Nufa had never seen before.
His bravado quickly turns into caution, and he slows down his approach. The strange govkars are still govkars after all. It's not like he hasn't encountered members of other tribes before, his mate is an outsider after all. Still, one can't be too sure about strangers. He attempts to greet the strangers, and assure them that he means no harm.

Macia's hell continues. She continues to climb across the trees, hopefully towards her home. The pain makes her woozy, and she can still hear the gohroks somewhere underneath. Her strength is starting to fade, due to the massive blood loss she has experienced. She can't stop however. She can't fathom what the brutish beasts would do to her if they caught her. She moves onwards, fighting against her exhaustion.

Daki, is approached by Kiknau shortly after the incident with the disk. The matron is worried about her children, and the future of the tribe. She orders Daki to organize both a hunting party, and two searching parties for both Macia and Nufa. She also should test out the new weapons she devised, as well as use the armor Jun made.
Daki is annoyed, Nufa is supposed to handle hunting, not her. And why should she help her siblings in their problems. Though she must admit that without the constant quarreling with Nufa, her life seems...emptier... She also recognizes this as an opportunity to further raise her status within the tribe. She obeys and begins the preparations.

rolled 9, 11, 17, 16, 18, 13, 17, 3, 8 = 112

In Hakel's absence, his mate and children have started helping out Jun and their family. The two families were already close, and now without Hakel, they seek shelter and compassion from Jun's family. Hakel's children are as curious as their father, and with the aid of Jun's children, they have started new projects of their own. Niru, Hakel's eldest child is attempting to gather young water bound dahons to the containers. She thinks that they could be perhaps raised in them like they grow in the river. Nar, the other child is helping Jun and her family to make more of the sheet armors. He is attempting to perhaps improve it, by adding non sap soaked silk under the proper armor, which would make it more comfortable to wear.

Hakel is panicking. The memories, that aren't his haunt his mind. The witches! The witches! They have put a spell on him! LIES! They are trying to get him in his own head! The absolute horror causes him to scramble away from the charred remains of the skulk village, he runs until he can't go on any longer. With the last ounces of his strength, he climbs to the canopy of one azrach tree and passes out. ( I assume that the mutated traits start to manifest over time.)

Rolling for Nufa's attempt at diplomacy, Macia's continued escape, Daki's hunting group and both search parties (3 rolls), gathering dahons, making more armor, trying to improve them and seeing if something happens to Hakel while he is unconscious.
rolled 16, 4, 10, 17, 12, 16, 14, 4 = 93

The caverns of the tribe have progressed well since they moved in. The Govkar exiles have increased in number, small children swarming about shrieking in glee, never knowing the outside light. The ramel have hatched and are the children's constant companions. simple temporary dwellings have been erected to house the tribes. little fires cook food and help with work, while work continues.
the courtesan comes up with a brillian idea to solve their dwelling issues, azrach trees...they grow like weeds in the gloom of the swamp, perhaps they will grow in this cave as well. They need water though, but diverting a stream of water into the cave from the surrounding swamp should be as simple as digging part of the entrance lower then the water level, after that, its just a matter of growing and shaping the trees into the proper forms.

Of all the tribe members, it was predator who began exploring and making crude maps of what was found, ever in search of something new and exciting to kill. The children annoy her a bit, that also helps with the urge to explore.

The twins and Buzku, they make the odd "couple" with the twins decidedly hating govkar, it helps that Buzku is hated by the govkar of his tribe. have begun to work with various barks,and animal chitin to attempt and make armor and tools.

finally the daughter has chosen voice as her mate, and the tribe sees it as a positive. Daughter is not so distant anymore, and on occasion voice can be seen smiling. It is a good time for everyone after such a long period of torment.

rolling for diverting water into the cave, transplanting azrach trees, azrach pruning, cave exploration, cave mapping, armor and tool crafting, as well as skulk breeding.
rolled 13, 4 = 17

The maiden voyage of the Horizon Finder is met with resounding success. They, sail out into open water for quite some time, making it to the small island and exploring for a few hours before hopping back on and returning home even more quickly than the trip before. The tribe anxiously awaits the news from the south, especially since one of their teams has returned already without much to show for it. (Is an 18 amazing success? If so, aside from making the journey, any other stuff a GM could add input to would be nice)

Frilla and Swift both land on the backs of Sky Ribbons and manage to hang on for a few moments before getting bucked off and sent crashing back into the canopy of the trees. For those few seconds though, they felt the rush of flying within them, and want more. They set out to try again, this time with some basic gear for hanging on better (rolling for Frilla and Swift)

Wave on the other hand, missed completely and sprained her leg on the landing. Angry and frustrated at all of this, she returns to camp and back to things she is good at. Fishing. She plans to set forth on the next voyage of the Horizon Finder.

The Western explorers are curious about these bird people and approach them out of curiousity. Completely unarmed but for claws and tentacles, it is up to the Joord to decide how they will react to these new visitors.
Frilla sticks the landing a second time but has to abandon her run when Swift misses and gets caught in the trees because of the harness. This could work... they just need to work on it. But, for now the Ribbons are all wary of them, and have moved off. The two return home for now and tell the tale of being part of the sky for a brief time. Next time they will try to make it worth the Ribbon's time instead of just doing it.
Nufa suddenly realizes that this is not his tribe, and is taken back a little. These govkar are covered in light gray ash, carrying packs and strange weapons, covered in trophies of defeated foes. They all looked hard bitten, and moved with an economy of motion that showed a lifestyle of hardship and survival. he stumbled for words and ended up greeting them with a confused wave...while not diplomatic, or proud, it is indicated he means no threat, but could be mistaken for being mentally disabled at this moment.

Macia falls from the trees, finally exhausted and broken. The beasts encircle her, crude suggestions are made anywhere from eating, killing, a slave or a new mate for the cheif. None carry a long lifespan, she is carried off...

Daki is equiped with the new armor, and she has to admit she is impressed. Her team makes quick work of of the creatures that have no natural armor, and five great ribboners are brought down with their sharp throwing disks, the creatures deaths are sealed as they impact the ground.

The scouting teams make quick progress, the first actually finds Macia and her captors as they were waking to an unknown destination. a fight results quickly. the Beasts are killed down to the last. the now unconscious macia was close to reaching home, and never knew it. The dead bodies will be brought back for examination, possibly as food, and likely armor.

Scout team two is able to clearly follow Nufa's careless path, it will be at least a month untill they are able to catch up to him.
the child eagerly plucks dahons from the water and sticks them into the jars, most die, it turns out the few that lived were the ones that had lids with holes in them, and a left and stick to simulate their natural environment.

Armor rolls out in bulk now, but is not easily improved, as the extra padding would make it too small. perhaps a redesign is needed.

Hakel develops a strange bio luminescent glow from between all his chitin plates, rubbing dirt over his joints hides it well enough, but the memories he has are still strong and cause intense doubt in his mind as to the treatment of the skulks.
Gaghiel: not too much to say, the circumstances sometimes dictate the story that is given out. The sucess of the boat may prompt further exploration, perhaps eventually finding the Gantu and other Joorods, as Falc's western tribe has been inactive for a while.

It seems that Kharum had in the past lived near the strangers tribe as they were able to communicate without problem when he approached the exodus. They might be far relatives and that idea alone relaxed Kharum a bit and they gave visitors some food as they started to talk. Kharum were easily able to tell that Nufa was lost as there were too few of them to be exodus and it could be seen from the way he acted that they didn't know where they were. After hours of talking the Kharum saw that Nufa was abandoned and was left on their own as there were no search parties to be seen. These govkars are abandoned but they still are govkars and as they are hunters they would be beneficial addition to the tribe. They would be welcomed to join the exodus to better land.

Rolling to convince Nufa that they are abandoned and should join the Kharum on their exodus.
rolled 3 = 3


goddamn roll

The Courtesan and her followers dig a small depression at the cave lip that lets the stagnant water of the swamp flow in, at first it is a trickle, but as they work at it, it becomes a stream. the stream runs into the unknown regions of the cave. Their attempts to transplant juvenile azrach met with failure, but the trees grow quick, so the simply plant seeds where they want them and hope for the best. the azrach trimming is not available so they practice on trees outside creating strange shapes, they are artistic, but not functional. still the practice is good.

The predator explores deep into the caverns, finding that it runs for miles, branching in several directions, but it does have its limits. It could theoretically house a few hundred souls with space to spare. Additional water sources are found in the form of underground rivers. they are drinkable. Strange blind fish like creatures swim in them. Predator's skills at making maps pail in comparison to her scouting abilities. for now only she knows these secrets.

The twins and Buzku have crafted fine enough armor from the local varieties of swamp creatures that are avialable, Buzku makes simple tools, but the twins quickly find a way to give them a double use as weapons. A hammer axe, sickle saw (generously donated by alpha jungle gohroks) and rope are invented.

Skulks breed slowly, and with some difficulty when there is no mother tree, and while the entire tribe is trying, only a few lucky couples have managed to successfully reproduce. it will be a while before the children are able to come to fruit and be ready to plant. the caverns already have a fair amount of dirt in them, so that will not be a problem.
File: 1338718411522.png-(324 KB, 532x399, concern donald.png)
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> 3
I predict this ending poorly.
A flock of vengeful black joords descend on the gathering of govkar. they want blood for blood! all must defend themselves. your prior victory and subsequent actions have given you a new tribal perk that im dead serious about. "tastes like chicken" you gain a +3 bonus fighting anything related to the bord. your tribe also eats the dead (not their own kind, just defeated enemies), at first out of necessity, now out of habit.
rolled 14 = 14


Prepare for combat! As Kharum get to defensive formation they tell the outsiders that this is not their fight so they don't need to help if they don't want but help is always appreciated.

Roll for combat.
File: 1338719653646.jpg-(52 KB, 638x400, pleased nongent.jpg)
52 KB
the invading bord are quickly slaughtered, the ruthless efficiency of it shocks and even slightly horrifies their guest and his children. Speared while in mid flight, kocked to the ground, and their skulls simply crushed under food with a quick stomp. There is no passion, berserker blood lust. It is just well practiced execution of movement. These govkar are slightly scary.

The dark bandit joords that survived flee, but swear revenge.
my machinations begin.

Nufa offers his help, so that he in turn might get some help at finding his way back home after the fight. These govkars bear similar colors than Daki's mate. They might be some of the exiles from one of the swamp tribes. Kiknau has always said that the outside world offers nothing to the govkars, and that the marshes are where they must make their stand. Because of this, Nufa is kinda wary of the outsiders, but they are still govkars, so he will aid them.

Macia is returned to the tribe, exhausted and broken. Her wounds are tended to the best of the tribes abilities. She remains unconscious. Kiknau is deeply worried. This child was supposed to become the future leader of the tribe. She has lost a lot of blood, and Kiknau fears that she will never recover.

Angered, she orders Daki to hunt down the Gohroks responsible for this. The brutish beasts will be driven away from this land! Dakia gathers 4 of her strongest children and arms them. The warriors start searching for the gohroks, each armed with a spear, knife and a couple of sharpened throwing discs while donning the sheet armors of Jun.

The gohrok corpses are passed on to be examined by Niru and Nar, who are expected to carry the same ingenuity of their father. Niru cares little for the armor, as she is trying to focus on her dahon project. She feeds detritus and dead plants to them, hoping that the small creatures would multiply. This way, the tribe could always have at least some food available. Nar however, is intrigued by the armor plates of the gohroks. He continues his attempts to improve the armors, trying to create some sort of combination of the sheet armor and the gohrok plates, which would be padded inside to ease their use.

rolled 5, 19, 18, 11, 18, 1, 5, 19 = 96

Jun has never been happier. Her efforts have finally been acknowledged by her mother, and even Daki, who now wears the armor SHE had made! She and her mate are doing fine, and her family's influence is growing. They celebrate this in private, while her children attempt to store away any food was not eaten by the tribe.

Hakel, after waking up, sees the glow emanating from his skin. He panics and attempts to hide away the glow with mud.

Everything is fine! I can go back to the tribe soon! Yes! There is nothing wrong!
"You can never go back."
WHO WAS THAT!? The witches! They are trying to make him mad!
"What you saw was the true nature of your people...they will kill you...!"
NO NO NO! Nothing is going to happen! They will greet me with a great feast!
"There is nothing left for you."

The voice vanishes, for now, leaving Hakel alone with his broken mind.
The witches...they are behind this...They can revert this...I must find them...and get them ...to make this stop...I don't want to become an abomination....

Slowly, he begins to try to find his way back to the charred remains of the mother tree. Perhaps there lies the answer how to end this?

Rolling for Nufa's assistance, tending Macia's wounds, finding the gohroks, cultivating the dahons, improving the armors, Jun and her mate's "private business", storing the food and seeing if Hakel finds his way back to the mother tree.
rolled 19 = 19


I forgot one roll. The scouts searching for Nufa continue to follow his trail to south. They move through the canopies, in order to avoid the worst of the swamp life forms.

Rolling to see how well they do in their efforts to find him.

Nufa attempts to assist the exile govkars in their fight against the black flying things, but due to his troops low numbers and complete inexperience at fighting against these foes, they merely provide some distraction. Nufa himself gets few nasty cuts and stabs to his body. He won't be able to tend for them himself.

Macia's wounds are tended with all the wisdom and love Kiknau can provide to her. She uses the knowledge passed down for generations to wash away all the dirt and detritus from her wounds, seal them with ngung silk and then leave them to heal. Her broken mandible was cracked from multiple places, the bone splintered and torn beyond Kiknau's ability to heal. She is hesitant of cutting it off however, as although it will only risk infection and weaken Macia as whole, the missing mandible would forever taint her in the eyes of the rest of the tribe. She leaves her child to rest and recover, while she herself goes to mourn these unlucky events. She worries for Hakel as well, his exile is about to end soon, but scouts haven't made any reports about him. Where could he have gone? She fears that his son might have abandoned the tribe.

The gohroks aren't hard prey to track. The brutes cut a clear path of mangled roots and torn bark across the marshes. Within few hours, Daki and her children catch up to the creatures. The gohroks have stopped at a clearing, probably to eat and rest. ( how many of them are there?) She orders her hunters to wait for and monitor the creatures until she can come up with a plan.

The number's of the dahons in the containers increase, but slowly. It seems that they don't reproduce as fast as they do in their natural habitats. They however only require small amounts of food, due to their simple bodies.

The armor project gets a major breakthrough. By adding gohrok chitin to key parts of the sheet armor, it gains extra resilience to stabbing and slashing attacks, while retaining majority of it's light weight and flexibility. The padding problem was solved by simply making the sheet armors slightly bigger, to allow room for softer interior. This new prototype will be put into production by Jun's family. This invention brings Nar quite unseen attention. Even Kiknau herself examines the armor. She can see that Hakel's talents and traits have been passed down successfully, now if only Hakel himself came back.

During that night, Jun and her mate, Kael "celebrate" the successes of their family. Unbeknown to Jun, one of the children seeded during that night of passion, is expressing the abominable traits of the witches. The random appearance of these traits is possible to any developing govkar child. The child will be an abomination, and there is nothing Jun can do to prevent it.

Jun's family attempts to store away some food, but are only able to store a fraction of it, as Niru's dahon experiments have claimed many of the previously empty containers. An argument breaks out with Niru and Kija who is Jun's eldest, and they come to blows. Niru, despite her age, proves to be more than a match to the older Kija, who is defeated and forced to back off with a bruised ego and a black eye.

It was strange.. It was as if the tree was calling to him. Hakel had never seen this part of the marsh, but jet, it felt so familiar. It was like he was walking in someone else's dream. He could see flashes of the witches moving around him, were they there? Or had they just once been there? Echoes of laughter, singing and words he somehow understood flooded his mind. Yes, it was close. After moving for an unknown period of time, he finally arrived at the clearing. There it stood, the massive charred tree. The echoes and voices were getting stronger. This is where the answer could be found! It must be here!

Meanwhile, the scouts on Nufa's tracks make major progresses towards finding him. In his desperation, he had grown careless. Scraps of rations, broken pieces of spears and torn plants that were used to repair the weapons indicated clearly the path he and his hunters had gone through. The scouts move swiftly, towards the southern marshes, as the tracks become clearer and more recent that way. Eventually, they reach the edge of the marsh. They set up for the night and prepare to continue following Nufa's tracks in the morning.

All I could distinctly remember of the opening days of that march was the empty pit in my stomach. The strips of meat and fruit we had kept us starving, but was difficult to swallow. My Kin tried to keep our spirits up, after all the Fury of the Sun can only last for so long, and we have continued to gain insight into new ways to hunt and live. The clothes were... Odd upon my body, but over time I grew used to the feeling of a shirt against my chest, the occasional rub of a leather insert against my flesh.

Kin attempted what they could at hunting and catching amongst the coasts and still-intact forests we moved through, some trying to perfect the nets they used to catch fish, while others began to test out ways to "throw" a small spear great distances, at speed, using the new developments in the fibers of plants.
rolled 16, 9, 19, 6, 8, 18, 4 = 80

My concerns however lay with the discovery I made at the Origin, where Grand-Father joined the Aether as a Prime Spirit. I spoke about my discovery of what they now call "metal" with the various remaining Elders of the tribe, including our impromptu leader, Polandos, although everyone preferred to call him Pol. After some discussion, and showing the piece I had recovered at the Origin, he agreed to test out this theory, on the beach this time, using fires of various strengths heating up rocks we foraged in the woods, taking note on their coloration and appearance.

Some of the witch-born have begun to, over the course of the journey, speak in rhyme and volume. Only it does not sound like proper conversation, as one would have between two Kin, but as though they were speaking to no one in particular. To make it more unusual, the words seem... Pleasing to the ear, as though comforting. Although it seems to come naturally from them, we need to see if a Pure Silith is capable of such words.

Roll for success in fishing, hunting, improved nets, bows, metallurgy, development of singing, and difficulty in Exodus to the North
File: 1338741349685.png-(2.06 MB, 2810x3024, Exodus II.png)
2.06 MB
rolled 3, 1 = 4


After the Joords were defeated Kharum quickly splitted to do assigned duties as some started to tend the wounded and others started to butcher Joords for food. They also took care of Nufas wounds but it would take some time to heal so he had to stay with them. After they got all gathered they started to continue going onward while carrying wounded so their speed would be slow enough for the scouts to catch them up while they move.

Rolling for travel speed and random encounter

Now this will get interesting...
File: 1338742772842.png-(16 KB, 350x375, gantu gifts.png)
16 KB
(This is for you)
Gifts, you say, kaiku'ana?

Poor Jun just can't get a break.

Once again, Solomon, I compliment way you write. You do "first-person limited very well.
anyone still here?
File: 1338748624940.png-(77 KB, 1491x546, village.png)
77 KB
rolled 7, 8, 16, 4 = 35

It took several weeks of hard labor, but the bridge was finished. Those who worked on it had gotten very skilled in construction and became the first carpenters. What these Joorods can do with a stone knife and hatchet is truly
a wonder.

While cutting wood, a axe swing missed and struck a rock instead, producing a spark which lit some grass ablaze. Living in the hot south, it hasn't been needed for warmth, and the Ca'rethill have always eaten their food raw, so there has been no need for it before.

With the bridge completed, it becomes time to start building the training grounds on the island. Posts are set in the ground and walls are erected.

The hut frames are completed, and now more boomer skins are needed for making the walls, but better methods of hunting are needed too. Perhaps giving them a non-fatal injury that deflates their gas chambers would do the trick.

Examining the Gohrok shells, it becomes aparent that they would never have been able to fell the beasts if it were not for their coordinated strikes and expert spear work. With them, the creatures were obviously very well protected. Perhaps the tribe can make use of the shells in the same way. Armor is attempted, but without padding, it's very uncomfortable to wear. They need something to put underneath it. Burlap is too scratchy, and their silk it too fragile, but a tighter weave can help with that.

Rolling for (re)discovery of fire, building the training grounds (think Shaolin Temple), better boomer hunting techniques, and looms.

I ran the Burrahn, so I can tell you that they don't really know that the trees are sentient. Nemir to them was something special.

>frigging miracles man!

Nice update No trip. Good to see you back.
Perfect timing I'd say.
Woke up a couple hours ago. Most updates seem to occur while I'm asleep. It looks like the only thing I'm getting is boomer hunting for the time being.
Well, my DnD players canceled on me (again...) so, I'll be here now.

Nice artwork, Notrip.

Do join us in irc. We are currently discussing how to train boomers to blow themselves up.
I'm trying, it's not letting me in, for some reason. Something about "too many connections from my ip".

All you gotta do with that is hit connect again.
rolled 4, 19, 6, 18, 3, 11 = 61

The days following our arduous exodus north from the burnt carcass of our village was just as arduous as when we initially set out; accidents and arguments over where we should go has split a schism between our people, a wound that Pol and I had tried to rectify to little avail. If we do not have better journeys ahead, I am worried we might find strife within our people.

Replicating the odd metal I found at Origin was a failure; either the fire wasn't hot enough, or the rocks weren't the right ones. Regardless, Pol and I agreed to test it again the following night, given how tough this substance is. It is as though the Burning Moons are doing this to mock us, giving us a taste of power only to pull it out of our hands. They did it with fire, why not with metal?

To add to our troubles, our hunters came up with empty hands as they returned from their nightly hunts, around the same time we got word that our bow designs weren't working; the string was simply too large or not strong enough to handle our arrows.

We are not without gain, however. We have learned the art of singing from our Witch-born Kin, the sound of our chorus echoing in the night sky to the Aether above. With luck, our Ancestors will be pleased at the sound, to say nothing of the lifting of our spirits in the face of such hardships. Our fishermen have reported plentiful catches, compounded further with the development of finely woven nets to catch large multitudes of fresh food. Looking at the design of the nets has given our Kin ideas concerning how to better design the bow... We must see what becomes of their efforts.

Roll for metallurgy, hunting, fishing, bows, difficulty in exodus to the North, and scouting ahead for a suitable village location.
File: 1338761462814.png-(175 KB, 600x800, gwiliak armor.png)
175 KB

Nufa is forced to remain with the Kharum exiles, as his wounds prevent him from traveling long distances. He attempts to rest and help out as well as he can, so that he could repay the hospitality of these exiles.

Macia is being tended, but she is still almost comatose. Kiknau does her best to help her child to recover.

Daki attempts to figure out the approximate numbers of the gohroks in the clearing, before deciding if attacking would be wise.

Niru has begun to wonder what is the cause of the slowly growing numbers of the dahons. Something must surely be missing. She goes to examine the riverside again. Perhaps the answer lies here? (the dahons thrive in moving water. In still water the sperm and eggs of the dahons don't mix up properly, resulting in fewer spawn.)

The new armors are harder to produce than the normal ones. They take more time and more effort to make, and there is currently one prototype in existence. Nar's work has brought him fame within the tribe, and the new armor is being sent to be tested by some of the hunters.
The armor is flexible and protective, while still being relatively light weighted, the silk sheets hardened with azrach sap, along with the padding underneath them, can absorb great blows, while the gohrok chitin is naturally resistant to cutting and stabbing.

Jun wakes up to the next morning with enthusiasm. Life seemed to be shining upon her, the fact that her mother has finally recognized her contributions to the tribe and her time with her mate last night both have lightened up her otherwise quite gloomy mentality. Although the fear for Macia's life and over the missing two siblings have darkened the mood of the tribe considerably. She doesn't let it pull her spirit down. With her trusty mate at her side, she sets out to visit Macia and to see how she is doing. She has prepared a blanket for her sister, that she hopes will keep her warmer during the colder nights.

After returning from Macia's hut Jun hears about the quarrel between Niru and Kija that occurred last evening. She decides that it's high time to make more of the containers and sets to work. She attempts to make larger containers, more suited for Niru's little experiment.
rolled 20, 16, 20, 1 = 57

(Since the western Joords are MIA, I'm just going to roll with this myself)

The western explorers reach the tribe, but everyone had picked up and fled before they got there. Distraught, the adventurers continue onwards for a while, and then turn back home. They have to report the sightings of this strange new species to the All Mother. As they are returning home, they discover the tracks of a large number of creatures heading north. This worries them and speeds them along their way even faster. They have to get home to alert the tribe (rolling for random encounter)

Meanwhile, back at camp, the Horizon Finder gets some upgrades and new crew and sets forth once more. This time, its going to explore the coastline as long as it can. With Wave going with them, they will be able to catch food along the way and sustain themselves indefinitely. Also heading with them is their mascot Skychild, the Gliding Boomer, and a few veteran sailors. A bunch of supplies to paint a map have also been brought with (rolling for upgrades to the ship, the preliminary journey down river and creating maps)

Hakel approaches the mother tree cautiously.

It's strange...I can hear them...
"of course you can...this is their home..my home...your...home..."
NO! This is not my home!
"yes it is...this is your home, your tribe...broken and burned..."
NO! I did not do this! I am not responsible!
"but you are, this is where you belong...it is you task to repay your debt...it is...your destiny..."
NO! It is not true it can't be!
"yes it is...there is nothing else left for you..."
NO! You lie!
"search your feelings...you know it to be true.."
NO! I will not let you make me an abomination!
"but you already are..."
NO! That's not true!
"you can not resist that what is dictated by gods...
"i will not...for i am you, and you are me...we cannot be separated..it is your burden to bea-"
Hakel runs, but doesn't get far, as he stumbles on a root and lads directly atop of a relatively intact corpse of a skulk.
His screams and jumps up, but after quickly gathering himself, he starts looking at the body...something about it..it's scent..drew him to it...

"this is your doing...you-"
Shut up.

He lowers himself to his knees, and starts examining the body closer..the still brightly red fruit at the chest of the skulk draws his eyes.

"what are you doing?"

He presses his pincers against the plant flesh.

"what are you doing?!"

Without much effort, he pierces the skulk's skin and begins to cut the fruit free.

"stop it! tell me what are you doing!"

With a swift yank, he rips the fruit from the body and begins to examine it.

"why are you doing this? stop ignoring me.."

The sweet scent is almost intoxicating, the vibrant colors, the strange texture...this was it. This was the heart of a witch! He brings the fruit closer to his snout.

"stop! don't do it!
I will.

Without further thought, and with insane glee, Hakel plunges his teeth to the fruit.
rolled 7, 10, 9, 1, 15, 9, 5, 4 = 60


Meanwhile, the scouts attempt to continue to follow Nufa's tracks outwards from the marshes.

Now, it's the time for rolls.

Rolling for Nufa's recovery, Macia's recovery, finding out how many gohroks are in the clearing (low roll many, high roll few), seeing if Niru finds out why the dahons aren't multiplying as fast as they normally do, testing out the armor, making bigger containers, seeing the effects, if any that eating the fruit caused to Hakel (gonna leave this to you ng) and to see if the scouts can keep on Nufa's tracks.
rolled 9, 4, 5, 4, 10 = 32

Frilla, anxious to make headway with the Ribbons, gathers up some fish this time and heads back to their territory. Swift heads with her decked out in some new Higitane armor. Together they are going to try to bribe some of the curious Sky Ribbons to them and hop on their backs while they are eating, using their harness to hang on better.
(rolling for luring in Ribbons with bait, getting on and riding them for each. Frilla first, then Swift)
rolled 8, 1 = 9

Their attempts at luring them in stall out as the Ribbons seem to be too skittish to come to the fish. Perhaps if they tried something the Ribbons eat on a regular basis. (rolling for following the ribbons to learn what they eat, and then attempting to harvest whatever it is)
Their failed attempts at viewing these beasts' daily routine infuriates Frilla into climbing a tree after them to get a better view. As she does so, a branch gives way and she falls, injuring herself badly. Swift has to carry her home on her back.
File: 1338778323313.png-(2.44 MB, 2810x3024, 1338741349685.png)
2.44 MB

My Exodus rolls so far have been 4-4-3... I'm getting the feeling this is less a journey and more a Death March.

Anyway, image is where I plan on having the Silith finish their exodus.
File: 1338782662913.png-(77 KB, 400x400, Polahu nearing Contact (HalfSi(...).png)
77 KB
Polahu looked out onto the ghost town that lay before him. Who lived here, other Gantu perhaps, besides the Mohu'awane? He supposed it was possible. Mother Ocean was generous in her gifts, the world was big enough for us all. But where could they be, these other Gantu? While it was getting late, the tribe knew he would be gone for a few days at least, and this was well worth further investigation.
Perhaps he could follow where these others had gone, meet them, perhaps. The tribe could always do with a friend, and to know that the Mohu'awane were not alone on this world would be wonderful to know.
Polahu is not the only scout searching the area, he is simply the ringleader. Many other scouts, greenhorns and old guard alike are patrolling the territory, exploring, for the Gantu are a curious lot.

(continued, field too long)
The chieftan, mother to Tala'alahe, is ill. It is not known what is wrong, and the Gantu do not even have basic knowledge of herbal remedies. Their healthy lifestyles usually ensure they do not get sick. The community bands together around her bedside, some to say goodbye, others to hope for a miracle, many because they don't know what else to do. The chief is old, some of the younger of the tribe have never known another.
This is part of the reason for the expansion along the coast, in her mother's illness, Tala'alahe gave them a special task, in addition to their usual duties. Keep your eyes and [ears] open for anything that may help the chieftan. It's a longshot, of course, but better than none at all. Tala'alahe keeps a guarded hope...
The lovestruck male nearly got eaten last time he went looking for something for his sweetheart. A coral boquet would be lovely, he thought. He'd always loved swimming, but most Gantu do. What he also loved was diving, swimming in the embrace of Big Sister's most amazing of gifts, the colorful ocean. Fish and other fauna of every imaginable shade and colour flit by him, exquisite in their diversity. He was more cautious now, as not all these children of Mother Ocean were necessarily friendly.
rolled 6, 20, 16, 2 = 44

Rolling for
1) Polahu tracking where the tribe has gone, in hopes of following them, 2) see if the other scouts/hunters find anything useful,
3) if "anything useful" includes something that could help the chief's ailment, and
4) rolling again for lover boy to discover pearl diving.
File: 1338784176190.png-(38 KB, 428x493, bagrs.png)
38 KB

Their exodus was a purging, of weakness, of petty desires, of the sick, and the elderly, of those unable to carry on. the volcano's screamed their wrath, hot ash fell from the sky, and the tribe had to wrap their faces in cloth to avoid breathing in the worst of it. The sun was blotted out during the next few days in the region, and their progress was slowed when they are ambushed by vicious bagars. you get a +1 for combat due to the nature of your tribe.
I have returned from my journey through the southern United States. art update pending dinner, and a long and well-deserved shower.

the consumption pits bubble in anticipation.
The attempt to make fire results in embers but no flame. The training grounds while envisioned as grand are nothing more then an open field right now. penetrating the boomer sack with a very sharp, highly polished spear and only with a slash releases the gas before it can self destruct. The tribe takes to this, and the unhuntable becomes very huntable. The loom is a crude thing, but at first attempt to operate it, a tribe member is caught in it, crushed, and the loom collapses....not all is lost, from the destruction wraped around and thru the mangled corpse is the finest cloth the tribe has ever made.

upon departure skychild knocks the paint onto the "paper" and ruins everything in that regard. while frilla loves the mascot and thinks its bumbling is endearing, the fisher hates the damn thing. the upgraded ship is now longer, sleeker, with more options for ores, and refined control surfaces (think three dimensional rudders in the water for allowing it to cut thru waves easily) and even a rudimentary cabin with bunk areas. The ship rips down the river with astonishing speed, moving like oil across its surface. making the journey downstream in a day. ((this boat has proven itself as a good template, make more, they will all be equally good, your tribe are now accomplished shipwrights.))

the explorers decide following the tracks is critical and head into the volcanic region to ensure the safety of their tribe, making quick work and useing stealth they spot a group of govkar in the far distance fighting monstrosities.
15, 9, 5, 4 = 60
testing out the armor, making bigger containers, seeing the effects, if any that eating the fruit caused to Hakel (gonna leave this to you ng) and to see if the scouts can keep on Nufa's tracks.

Nufa drags his body up, and to the fight against his better judgement, a few wounds split open, but by the swamp, he is a hunter of his tribe destined to lead them to greatness! Pride is a hell of an anesthetic. He laughs in gallows humor and leads the charge.

Macia is badly injured but is on the mend, she now is conscious for a few moments at a time, during which time she is able to eat, drink, and cry from the pain of her infected mandible. the infection has spread, it must be removed or it will kill her.

Gohroks number at about 10. the force is out numbered, but has better equipment and the element of surprise.

niru finds that one of his siblings has boiled half of his dahons alive in the pot. this is a tragic set back, but your tribe has discovered soup.

The new armor endures a series of punishing experiments and survives. it is ready.

the jars are built as thin as they have always been, but bigger, they collapse under their own weight.
Hakel devoured the fruit, and the screaming in his mind increased. He was ravenous he suddenly discovered, he ran from corpse to corpse eating, and eating...and screaming....and howling...and laughing. There was so much truth in these. He laughed and cried, and choked and foamed at the mouth, then fell to the ground twitching. He felt the warping of his body was overtaking him, and it was a good pain. All the while the thoughts of the skulks became too apparent to argue anymore. He had not slaughtered the tribe, but his kind had. He owed these ghosts nothing, but they needed what he had. It was going to be his choice on what to do, but either in compassion or spite, it would be made freely. He slowly stirred, he was brought from sanity to madness, and back again. changed though. truth perhaps. He got up, feeling different. (Nad, the mutations are extreme, but with bulky armor still concealable, and perhaps he will have to snatch some of that armor, modify it a bit before returning home. late night village raid, or murder of a fellow tribesman, how he protects his secret is up to you. increased bulk, and a subtle increase in height, the third eye and whatever else you want to draw.)

Polahu tracks the tribe for the better half of a day, only to encounter a great trap dahon. He has to hide for the rest of the day until it gives up and moves on, or he can fight it.

While Polahu is trapped, the scout force pushes on, unaware of his danger. They see a wandering group of strange creatures, they seem sentient, aware, but worn out, desperate. Many plants and animals are found along the way, and samples of all of them are brought back and one of the strange new foods does the trick. The chieftan is on the mend.

The Lover gets ready to dive again. right as he dives in, he impacts his head onto something hard. Looking around he sees what it was. The great white rohas. The white roahs....his enemy. It glared at him tentacles flying in for the kill with him at the disadvantage, and he punched it right in the eye. roll for fight.
rolled 2 = 2

The first use of the loom ended in tragedy, but much was also learned. The silk cloth woven with the machine is of a much higher quality than that woven completely by hand, and what went wrong with the loom itself.
The body is recovered from the wreckage. The sight is too much to bear for most bystanders. It carefully re-wrapped in the cloth and set on a raft which is cast out sea. The tribe gathers to give a final farewell to her. Before releasing the raft, a scrap of the cloth is ripped off of the sheet and tied to a post from the loom. This post is stuck into the ground near the beach in memory of the unfortunate seamstress.
The Ca'rethill now have funeral rites.

Rolling to see which way the ocean carries the raft. Might be first contact in a way.
1=east. 2=south/SE/SW. 3= west.

Thanks ng! You rock! I can do wonders with these results.
I now know where to take Hakel.

Nufa attempts to aid the Kharum to the best of his abilities. He was no coward and no wound would stop him. (we better wait for Onol to do his roll as well, before we decide the outcome of the battle)

Kiknau has no choise left. The mandible is starting to rot from the inside, and she can see how the pain drains away her daughter's strenght. She prepares some primitive remedies, that are supposed to ease the pain. (small bits of balloon dahon poison mixed with mushed azrach fruit innards. The poison is paralysing, and in small doses, it causes numbness and loss of muscle controll.) After forcing protesting Macia to drink down the mush, and waiting for her resistance to subside, she attempts to remove the mandible, by cutting it away with her pincers.

"There are 5 of us and 10 of them. They are bigger, tougher and stronger than we are. We have spears, knives and disks. We can take them!"
Daki begins to prepare for a quick and decicive raid that will whreck confusion to the gohroks. After the innitial attack, she plans to withdraw and prepare another attack, and then another, and another, slowly but surely, picking off the beastial creatures, one by one. The attack begins as the hunters throw their sharpened disks towards the eyes, ears and joints of the gohroks.

Niru is devastated. Sabotage! Someone had sabotaged her research! Who was it? Was it Kija? Or Nar! He could have done that! He was just trying to bring her down!
Niru has developed slight jealosy towards her brother Nar, due to the attention his armor invention got.
Despite that she attempts to recover what she can and restart her experiments to learn what causes the dahons to breed so slowly in captivity.
rolled 19, 3, 7, 18, 13, 19, 2, 4 = 85


The new armor is put into production. Nar, despite his age, overseers the process. Many of Jun's children are put to the task, as many parts of the armor were invented by Jun herself.

Jun, quickly realises her own foolishes and attempts to build bigger containers again, this time with thicker walls.

(no time to make a proper hakel description)
Hakel's madness has subsied somewhat for now, the mutations have drained his strenght, and he now tries to find food in this place.

The scouts have harder time to track Nufa down, as it seems that a large herd of plains gohroks had moved through the area and messed up the ground, and effectively erasing any trails left by Nufa.

Rolling for Nufa's aid, to see how successful the mandible removal is, Daki's attack, Niru's attempts to restart her research, armor production, bigger containers, Hakel's search for food and the scouts attempts to rediscover Nufa's trail
rolled 8 = 8


Rolling for combat. I'm in a hurry so no time for storytelling.
rolled 17, 2, 8, 1 = 28

No dead body first contact.

When they are ready, the Ca'rethill give another try at the loom, this time being careful not to repeat what happened before.

It's a field now, but the wood is piled up and ready to be used in the construction of the training grounds. Carpenters gather up and start getting to work.

While waiting for construction to finish, the warriors spar on the shore. When one of the warriors is struck, the most peculiar thing happens. The other one had struck him in the thigh, but he had felt it in his shoulder.

While the embers were a failure, the still produced heat and a glow, indicators of being on the right track.

Rolling for safe looms, construction of not-a-shaolin-temple, mapping pressure points, and fire again.
File: 1338792648112.png-(114 KB, 400x300, Diver's Bravado! (Halfsize).png)
114 KB
rolled 20, 2 = 22

The tribe rejoices as their chief gets better.

Nad has informed me via irc that trap dahons are the size of a basketball field... I don't know if this makes me want to fight him more, or less...

As for the lovestruck pearl diver...
He faced the creature. This is the second time now, this beast accosted him. Perhaps he had been looking in the wrong place. Perhaps Mother Ocean had presented him with a prize after all.
He knew not what fire coursed through his veins, be it pride, valor, stupidity, machismo, or some combination thereof, but he'd had enough of this creature.
His will was strong, his cause was just, and his fists, were very, very large.
Alright, the diver has a few options here, he can skin the critter alive on the coral reef, he can bring it up to shore and suffocate it, or he can just use his fists, a.k.a. IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME!

Rolling for the diver going Captain Ahab on this white roha, time to SPLIT YOUR LUNGS WITH BLOOD AND THUNDER!

Rolling for the chief. Roll is number of weeks it takes for her to recover.

Nufa charges ahead quicker then he has moved before in his life. his spear rams into a Bagr, bad move. The explosion from its death washes over him. Flames cling to his exoskeleton, but no true damage was done. The burning, laughing, profanity shouting Nufa breaks into slaughter aiming at leg joints and necks, crippling and leaving the Bagr he encounters bleeding out, giving him time to move to the next enemy so he doesn't get caught in the explosive wash.

The primitive medicine only numbs, confuses, and paralyzes, Macia is awake as her mandible is cut, gouged and torn from her face, unable to express her agony.

Daki's opening attack with the disks fails, as they have not trained proficiently enough to make accurate attacks with them. one of the beasts gets a disk in the eye, but he seems pissed off about it, more then dead.

Niru restarts her research, this time crafting her own jars, they have many small holes in them, not big enough to escape thru, but to allow water to pass thru. the jars are weighted, sealed with a lid, and set in flowing bodies of water.

the new improved armor rolls out in limited quantities, it will be a few more months before everyone has it, but its looking good. Jun's giant jars are a big hit. They hold more, and more is always better. her child takes a modified one to preform her experiments.

The trail for Nufa has gone cold, and assume he is dead by this point. they are barely surviving out her, how could one man, and three children do so?

Hakel finds no food other then the skulk corpses, which he is forced to eat, one by one...no longer mad, the act is decidedly unsavory, and looking at their still faces, like withered flowers, he feels unsettled. he eats those first so they dont look at him.
combat is rough, but with the lunatic govkar aiding them the exploding nightmares are killed. only one is lost, though everyone has sustained some damage. these things are no joorods.

The new looms crank out volumes of even better quality fabric, best of all it has no corpses tangled in it. The temple construction is still moving slowly, the carpenters progress is destroyed by eager young fighters wishing to demonstrate their skill by breaking wooden beams. The bord promptly falls over dead after taking 20 steps to walk off the pain. While pressure points were not found, arteries, strikes that can split them, and blood chokes are. The attempt to make a fire takes place on the construction site of the temple, and it works! it works great! super effective, but it catches a nearby pile of scraps on fire...that spreads to a pile of stacked wood, which incinerates the new scaffolding. the temple is a pile of charred embers. Thankfully only a few died...but the smell that lingers in the place is very unsettling, almost delicious...
the chief will make a slow recovery over a year, and will never be what she once was, but still able to get around and live a full life, just at an easier pace, but hey, mahalo.
The pear diver punched that fucker right in the eye, and then again, and again, each time it seemed to stun the great white roah. he headbutted it with his chipped horn over and over, punching and clawing, untill he began to dig under its skull plate and began to pry it off. Veins bulging, muscles straining, it gives, quickly he jams it into the soft exposed flesh. by now the creature is unconscious, but he is not done, oh fuck no sir. grabbing that cocksucker by the beak he begins to pry its mouth open, wider and winder, it awakes in a shriek, lashing at him with fury, but he gives no fucks, he is gonna tear this assface's mouth off. With a sickening crack, and a rip he does just that. Reaching into the gaping hole that is its now ravaged throat he rips out its guts thru the mouth. Rising to the surface for air, he sinks back down, and hauls the behemoth to the surf. Blood dripping into the sand, Walking back to the tribe, carrying the skull plate....hes gonna get laid tonight. and not with flowers. He falls face first into the sand and passes out.
"the pearl diver woke up, in the water, gasping...he had been knocked out by the white beast and was being draged into the depths...so much for a dream of victory, he now faced death by drowning, alone with no company save for the beast... acting quickly he cut the tentacles that had ensnared him with his horn and broke for the surface. The monster turned to persue, but was slowed down from the loss of so many limbs...still, it had more. The fight was a long one, leaving many fresh wounds on the diver's body, but soon the creature had no choice but to retreat from this thing that would just not be eaten. Old legless it would come to be known ass in the days from now. The swim back to shore took the better part of an hour. Exhausted, sore, and feeling defeated despite his victory the diver fell to his knees. like a joke, as the surf washed up around him, a modest, if not particularly flawless pearl unsurfaced from the sand. mother sea has a sense of humor.
rolled 10, 20 = 30

Trying to map out pressure points has lead to a rather unsavory discovery: Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique. The old master immediately labels this as a forbidden technique, only to be used in truly dire circumstances. The few who caused trouble for the carpenters were quickly expelled from the master's lessons.

With the quality silk, attempts at armor can now be made. Strips of fabric hold together the bands of gohrok shell, and a padded garb is worn underneath.

The carpenters grow tired of the constant setbacks. They blame the string of misfortunes on their gods messing with them for their own amusement. The villagers are sure that if the carpenters take a break from their work, Tellicsh and Ommarn will turn their interest elsewhere. The same goes for working with fire.

Rolling for armor (think oriental styles) and if the technique can work on other species (This is just a yes/no thing for player knowledge).
you kill everything, all the time.
the first attempts at armor are beautiful, but overly done, and unusable in their weight and lack of motion. They will serve well for ceremonial armor, and now craftsmen compete over creating the most ornate and functional armor...time will tell if any of it is useable in combat
the fatal strikes are pretty universal across the races. if its got a circulatory system that pumps, its fucked. Well trained masters in the forbidden arts are more deadly unarmed then a master at arms who uses a spear. The masters of this forbidden art ceremoniously dye their hands dark grey/ black with a substance made from ash. This is no mark of honor, but a symbol of burden, the burden of the gift of death, further more it is decided that when old age comes for them, they will fight each other one last time, but not as a sparring session, but as penance for carrying such a forbidden skill. It will be taught to others when they are mature enough to know that they do not want to ever know it. Only then will they be ready to face life with humility, patience, and virtue while carrying this burden on their hands.
File: 1338797491729.gif-(839 KB, 557x308, F5 key.gif)
839 KB
>Five Point Palm Exploding Heart
>Nat 20

I think thing just reached a whole new level.
rolled 8, 9, 14 = 31

The Govkar fighting Bagrs intrigues the western scout team, who approach as the fighting ends. Unarmed but for their natural weapons, they attempt to make contact by slowly and cautiously approaching, arms outstretched in welcome.
(Its up to you how your tribe handles this Onolkeshan)

Meanwhile, the ruined map making materials are put away for later, and much swearing was had by Wave. But the ship was fast and there was much adventuring to be had. They set off to sea and coast along the shallow beaches, exploring the extent of their homeland starting by heading east where the previous explorers could not reach. (Rolling for Encounters, also I believe Fortune's tribe is this way)

As the Horizon Finder heads out to sea, the rest of the tribe sets to work building more boats just like it. Soon they will be able to go wherever they want, whenever they want. (Rolling for making boats for the tribe)

Frilla's injuries are too severe for her to recover from and so, with great sadness and celebration, she is returned to the All Mother. Her wishes to soar to the heavens will be left to her progeny who will be named Sky. (rolling for auspicious birth)
rolled 13, 6, 20, 11 = 50

The boat sets out, without much fanfare. The water is calm, and the beaches are clear. They continue onwards, approaching the territorial lands of the Gantu.

The extra ships are just not quite as good without the original to work from. They decide to wait to finish them until the Horizon Finder returns. Instead they set to making a place for the boats to dock. (rolling for diverting a bit of the river to make a dock for the boats and learning more carpentry by building a bridge over the water)

Sky is born into the world and her first words are "I want to fly with the Ribbons" The tribe blesses her, and the All Mother places a special mark upon her to grant her luck. She spends her first few days amongst the Gliding Boomers, learning the basics of flying by practicing Hops. Then, Swift starts to teach her what they have learned about the Ribbons, and makes her a suit of flying armor as well. They set forth, ready to make their mark. (Rolling for finding the Sky Ribbons again, and Sky's attempt to approach them peacefully in order to ride.)
rolled 13, 1 = 14

The dock is filled with water without problem. Digging seems to come easy to the skulks and their new shovels. However, the axes and vines just dont seem to cut it when trying to make something intricate like a deck and mooring posts. Perhaps it is time they start figuring out what sort of other things they can make with rocks and sticks. (Researching more precise tools)

Sky and Swift find the Ancestral Home of the Great Sky Ribbons on their first outing. Sky clearly -was- born for this. She heads into their nesting grounds and while startled initially, the Ribbons seem to not mind her presence at all. They just don't approach her. Instead of a flight, she decides to spend time amongst them, learning their ways... with that knowledge she can gain their trust. (rolling for studying the Ribbons and gaining their trust)
Always a one when you least want it... Leaving that one to the GMs...
Welp, sorry about not appearing on the weekend. Something came up and I had to focus my attention on college thesis.

In any case! It seems like there's at least three Ahab-moments that happened in this world, one for each of the continents. Nad'Lun and his river slizer, that island Lem in Central vs a white slizer, and now the Gantu Diver and the White Roha.

Also, them martial artist joorods, they've discovered something kind of like the Chi through their trainings. Man that's awesome.

Allright, which rolls do you guys need judgement on?
Dis 1 here....

After the battle subsides, Nufa collapses from exhaustion. He has lost a lot of blood from his re opened and newly gained wounds, as well as suffered from many quite severe burns on his tentacles, face and ears. His children attempt to tend him, and request aid from the Kharum.

The pain finally causes Macia to pass out. Although the mandible was removed, the agony she suffered may have dmaged her mind. The wound is cleaned as well as it can be, and then sealed with silk. Macia is left to sleep and recover.

Daki, despite the innitial failure, with the disk, intends to use the element of surprise she still hopes to be on her side. She quickly surges onwards along with her children, spears ready to strike eyes and necks of the beasts.

As Niru's experiment has now started to be more self sustaining, she turns her attention to other directions. She remembers that her father had been inspired by all the glowing things in the marshes and attempted to harness it. She thinks that by following her father's footsteps, she too can gain fame like Nar did with his armors.

As the armor production is in ful speed, Nar begins to work on improving other things in the village as well. The huts too, could be made, or at least reinforced with the sap hardened sheets Jun had discovered. Nar begins to work on this task.
rolled 15, 1, 14, 20, 8, 5, 2, 20, 3 = 88


With the new larger containers, Jun's family can store even more food for the tribe. She is happy, with more food, everyone will be happier. Too bad that most of the food Jun's family collects tastes bad, even she knows it. She attempts to find out some ways how to make all the keerb flesh, dahon eggs, azrach fruits and vindra tubers taste better.

With heavy hearts, the scouts searching for Nufa start their trip back home. The tribe must be informed about his most likely death.

Hakel, after what must have been days of scouring the burned graveyard of the skulks, eating the flesh of the witches, finally decides that it is his time to go home.

"you can't return...you no longer belogn there...."
I know.
"then why are you going back....do you seek death..."
No. I go back, because I must.
"fool...nothing but death awates you there...they will kill you like they killed us...."
You are wrong. I am not like the abominations.
"but you are...you will die if you return..."
No. You don't know anything. I am not like the others. I can make this work.
"you can't go back...you can't die....you must survive...."
I will not die.

Rolling for tending Nufa, Macai's recovery and seeing if her mind suffered from the pain, Daki's continued assault, Niru's attempts to follow her father's research into glowing stuff and creatures,improving the huts,trying to make the food tastier, scout's return and to see if Hakel can find back to the areas near the village.
Ooh, ouch. Koburrog luck much?
Anyways, Sky seems to have irritated the G.S.R something fierce when she's trying to look at their young, and a G.S.R took her up into the sky, as high as they can go... and out of sight of the tribe.
Keep in mind that she's still alive, just way out of place and is scared out of her wits. She could fall, you know.
anyone still here?
File: 1338805688729.png-(38 KB, 704x634, Sky's First Flight.png)
38 KB
rolled 8 = 8

Sky screams at the top of her lungs (lungs?) as the GSR takes her farther into the sky than anyone has ever gone before. It's undulating body streaks into the air. Swift can do nothing but watch in horror as the two disappear into the clouds.

The first few moments feel like forever. The ground gets farther and farther away. As the clouds block her sight, the panic starts to fade. She's up here. Amongst the gods. Now, if she can just work her way to the thing's back. Like they trained... maybe she could make this work... She has to try. If she doesn't she'll die anyways. The All-Mother blessed her personally. Her mother died trying to do what she is doing now. Everything rides on this! Here goes nothing... !
rolled 2 = 2

She tries to get her vines around one of it's flying lobes but it is waving them too fast and hard for her to get purchase, she slips and almost falls, still dangling there are the beast climbs higher still, above the clouds themselves. She's got one more shot at this or its all over, her grip is slipping! Just one more try. Pull for all you're worth Sky!
rolled 4 = 4

She tries but the GSR flinches as she is about to get her leg up onto its back, sending her flying off and spiraling out of control into the sky. She's so high up. It feels like she can see the entire world from up here. Its so beautiful. Its a pity she's going to die up here. The ground is coming back to meet her.

She has a good minute to think about her fate from this high up. It all feels inevitable. What goes up, must come down. Maybe that is the fate of all the Skulks. Destined to remain on the earth forever. Its a shame. Her life was so short... will there be anything left of her to return to the All Mother? The ground is so close now. All that air is almost deafening... Wait... why is that Sky Ribbon turning around? Its coming back for her? Is it going to eat her before she hits the ground? That just seems suitable to her. She hopes it chokes on her. (Rolling for divine intervention or a horrible messy death. Low, she gets eaten, middle of the road she dies but can be returned to the tree, high... Lets hope its high.)

File: 1338807582668.png-(70 KB, 1249x775, Bad End.png)
70 KB
*Sigh* >>19357822

And in that fleeting moment, right before Sky hit the treeline, Swift could do nothing but watch as the Great Sky Ribbon swooped down and... Well... its better left unsaid
rolled 5, 17, 8 = 30

Rolling to see if it Chokes on her.

Swift is furious at this turn of events and immediately hurls her axe at the nearest grounded Sky Ribbon (rolling for attack) Then rushes over to the young that sky was investigating, grabbing them in her arms and running for it. Her sobs of sadness choked and drowned out by the mewling of the babies cradled in her arms. If they are going to take one of her nieces from her, then she will take their babies from them. And, when the time comes that they are tamed and the Skulk take to the heavens... she will carve Sky's name into these monsters. Personally.

Rolling as well to see if the babies survive and flourish back at camp to be trained for riding.

Sometimes. You just can't win.
Daym shame really. I really hoped that you would have succeeded. Is there any way to recover or save her anymore?
(last one for the night)
The GSR seems content in its meal and settles back down amidst its tribe. Although it is alarmed at another of its number writhing its death throes from the axe imbedded in its head.

Unfortunately, most of the babies don't survive the trip home. But, a pair of them do. It will have to be enough. For now.

Well at least you got some of the baby ones. There is still hope.

As for my tribe, I would self gm my rolls, but there were rather too many low rols, along with two critical successes, which kinda make me hesitant of deciding the results.
I hope IG can give me some roll results.
I dont know... I think that there could be a way... but I doubt Swift would have thought to go in after her niece inside the GSR. She was too upset and once something is 'eaten' it is kinda gone to something as primative as these guys are. I wish the rolls had gone better, but, let the dice fall where they may. Hopefully the dice will go better in the future for me. Le sigh. So far, the Kaze have lost 4 of their named members...
Bumb! Anyone here?

Can I get a result on this roll? You guys seemed to have forgotten it.
It seems that IG and Ng aren't present right now.
You will either have to self GM or wait.
I can come up with some results for you though, if you wish.
In the meanwhile, we can just chat in irc.
>rolled 4, 19, 6, 18, 3, 11 = 61
>Roll for metallurgy, hunting, fishing, bows, difficulty in exodus to the North, and scouting ahead for a suitable village location.

The second attempt is delayed due to heavy rain, which had cooled the air and disrupted the would-be forge fires. The hunters, however, brought back ten Dahons, while the fishermen only caught a medium-sized Nuro. Finally, a suitable design for a bow emerged from the previous failures; It is a sturdy design, easily replicable by those who know about wood. Their exodus north was stopped by the heavy rain, and by the fact that the scouts ahead reported a battle of Gohroks against Skulks. The scouts, however, reported that there's a good clearing a little bit further north from the battleground.
>rolled 15, 1, 14, 20, 8, 5, 2, 20, 3 = 88
>Rolling for tending Nufa, Macai's recovery and seeing if her mind suffered from the pain, Daki's continued assault, Niru's attempts to follow her father's research into glowing stuff and creatures,improving the huts,trying to make the food tastier, scout's return and to see if Hakel can find back to the areas near the village.

Nufa is recovering well, but Macai's mind is slipping in and out of reality. Although she seem to be sleeping, she is fully aware of her surroundings... some think her spirit is lost outside her body, and that someone should search for it. Her mind suffers no damage otherwise.
Meanwhile, Daki manages to hurl a disk fast enough to pierce through two Bagrs, causing them to explode near their friends and weakening them to Daki's further attacks. You can say that Daki managed to single-handedly rout the Bagrs!
Niru's attempts to research the glowy stuff was hindered by the fact that her father left no records of his discoveries. Nobody had started on improving the huts or making food tastier because of Macai's current condition. But soon good news came! The scout has found Nufa and her children, and all of them have returned to the village. Meanwhile, Hakel had wandered too far into the marshes... and into Za'Siel territory, south of their cave. He doesn't see the cave though.

Don't get this wrong IG, but you made some errors that I feel I must correct.

Daki was fighting against gohroks, not bargs. I will self GM a suitable way how the fight ensued.
Secondly, I am not sure if even a roll of 20 should get Nufa and her kids, along with the scouts that easily back home.
Instead, this roll might get the scouts back on Nufa's tracks. Perhaps they found a personalized dagger of his or something and also could have seen the flashes in the distance, caused by the blargs that the Kharum tribe was fighting against exploding.

The rest of your results were good, and I can work with them.

The exodus at this point, while hitting snags, was not as... Strenuous as the past few days. Arguments within the tribe had died down somewhat, either due to the cooling effect of the rain, or perhaps they didn't see much of a point. Perhaps still it was the discoveries we had made that past day. Our hunters, with what we now call "bows" in hand, were able to report plentiful catches for us, although they reported they could improve the design of the bow, although I'm not exactly sure how. This area indeed seemed fertile, if not... Different. The heat of the Burning Moons was lessened here, the days were colder, as was the rain. We thank the ancestors we had our clothes and access to fire, otherwise we might have suffered much worse then we already had.

Our forge fire was another failure, although Pol at this point did not fret as much as he did the last time it was a failure; largely due to the rains keeping the flames from reaching a proper temperature, we had agreed to try it again once the rain subsides, although we could possibly hold off on it until we reach the new settlement location further north, which was fraught with one issue... We are not alone.
rolled 1, 11, 17, 5, 10, 4, 10, 3 = 61


It appears the arm of the Witch extends even here, as scouts reported sight of them attacking, or being attacked by predatory beasts. Some in our tribe suggested using our new weapons to aid the Skulk, while others said we should wait to see who comes out on top. Pol's suggestion over-ruled all of theirs, claiming we should come to the aid of the Witch as a sign that our two peoples could work together, or at least live in peace. The fact the Skulk or beasts might plague us even if a victor was declared was Pol's primary motive, although he only made the point to the Kin who volunteered to head out to help the Skulk.

After being outfitted with spear, torch, bow and armor, they set out into the dead of night. The Void Guardians are watching this First Battle of the Silith, the results having been cataloged in our annals. As they left to fight, some of those left behind began to work together in designing a permanent structure for our people to live in. Larger then a hut, it would be constructed out of wood and whatever else we could come across. Some suggested we could try using the stones from the ground itself, although we had not the understanding to shape them.

Roll for metallurgy, improved bows, hunting, fishing, scouting ahead for a better settlement location, masonry, designing a permanent dwelling (a building) and fighting to aid the Skulk against the Gohrok.
rolled 5, 7, 17, 1, 18, 7, 1, 16 = 72


... Are you kidding me. Gorramit, yet another list of consistently god awful rolls.

See? Now that's a roll I'd wanted in this situation.
File: 1338832441002.png-(14 KB, 200x200, coy smile.png)
14 KB
rolled 11, 18 = 29

don't you mean Moons-awful rolls?
Of course I roll well when not rolling for anything.
rolled 13, 7, 13 = 33

Months have passed since the string of disasters which worked to prevent work on the training grounds. Things seem to have calmed down around the village, so it is decided that it is a good time to resume construction. Since the wood which had been gathered for the project has been burned, more is needed, but the head carpenter thinks that something else should probably be used instead. Stone.
Also, to aid in this, agreed upon measurements are needed.

Work with fire also resumes, but down on the sandy beach where there is nothing that can accidentally catch fire. The carpenters made those working on this stay far from the village for future attempts.

Rolling for masonry (dry stone), math and beginning writing, and fire.


Nufa's wounds are tended, and he gets better quite quickly in the care of both of his children and the Kharum. He continues to move with the exiles for now, gathering his strength. He tries to keep from getting too close with his family's hosts, as he still intends to return back home. His adolescent children have no such reservations however. During their stay with the Kharum, they have socialized with the others of their age and one of them Liak, has started to fancy one of the young maidens of the Kharum. Nufa attempts to ask his hosts about the general layout of the land, so that he might better find his way home when the time comes. (Onol, I think that we need to start handling these interactions with diplomacy, instead of rolls.)

As Macia continues to slumber, Kiknau and by extension the whole tribe start to fall into gloomy depression. She is forcebly fed food, in hopes that she wouldn't starve, but her body continues to shrivel. Kiknau tries to commune with the ancestral spirits of the tribe, through rituals passed down for generations. This is the only way she thinks that she can help her child anymore. She ingests small dosages of dahon venom, and falls into trance.
File: 1338836785468.png-(119 KB, 800x600, macia's nightmare.png)
119 KB

Macia's dreams are murky. She can see her family and friends as shadows, their voices as echoes. When she reaches out to touch their forms, that are like oily water, drifting through the air, they drift away, avoiding her hands like they were the light, shining in the night, driving away the shadows. The place she is...seems like her home village...at night. Very dark night. The tangled azrach trees seem to be moving on their own, shifting and turning aimlessly.
As she continues to wander this gloomy village, she starts to hear a rhythmic thumping sound, that seemingly is coming from underneath her. As the noise intensifies, Macia begins to feel a looming sense of dread. She attempts to run away from the noise, but it just keeps getting louder and louder. Finally, she arrives into a clearing...The dark woods form an impassable wall, that seems to be made from shadows. She begins to panic and climbs up one of the trees. The thumping is now coming right underneath her, and it is now accompanied with a sound, that resembles someone violently tearing up something. As she attempts to jump to another tree, they suddenly retreat and vanish before her eyes. Now it is only her and her lone tree, submerged in a sea of shadows.
After a time period that felt like years, a loud crack interrupts the cacophony of thumps , and the tree comes tumbling down. She falls to the center of a clearing, and as she attempts to get up, shadows of dark and bulky monsters surround her. Their eyes burning with red blood, they encircle her, moving closer to her, snapping their pincers, speaking in their garbled tongue, pointing at her. Macia curls up and cries as the beasts descend upon her.
Nar is annoyed by his tribe's melancholy. As they mourn Macia endless sleep, they get nothing useful done. The solution: wake her up. While he has no idea what is actually causing her sleep, he figures out that loud enough noise should be enough to wake her right back up. He begins to construct some sort of horn like blowing instrument from a dried azrach branch.

Despite the fact that her father left very few clues for her to follow, Niru diligently tries to follow his footsteps. She recalls that her father used to observe the glow emitted by many of the creatures and plants around the swamps. She attempts to collect some of them, such as upright dahons, glow moss, ribboners and light but ngung, which they already have for silk production. She then tries to figure out how to use them to make more reliable light sources.
File: 1338836893281.png-(663 KB, 1500x1200, Daki's thriump.png)
663 KB

Daki's assault couldn't have worked better. She and her hunters use their superior speed, weapons and agility to simply dodge the haphazard defensive strikes the gohroks manage to throw at them. Their surprise attack allows them to catch many of them wholly unprepared to the threat, allowing them to easily pounce the bulky creatures and strike their weapons deep into the soft flesh of their necks. Before the gohroks even realize what had happened 5 of their warriors were already lying dead of dieing. The adult gohroks, seeing their comrade's sudden and violent demise, flee, leaving few sluggish younglings in their wake. The battle ends as fast as it started, and as her warriors are attempting to kill the remaining panicked children, Daki commands them to stop.
She has ingenious plan.
She orders that the baby gohroks are to be taken back to the tribe. These brutes could be of use....

The scouts tracking Nufa prepare to return, but as they are about to re-enter the marsh, one of them notices a dagger lying around in the freshly mushed soil left in the gohrok herd's wake. The dagger bears the mark of Nufa's house! All is not lost! The mud is still wet, meaning that it is only few days old at max. That means that at least someone of Nufa's hunting group might be alive.

After wandering the swamps for days, perhaps weeks, he notices that the temperature has been slowly dropping. Doubt about his heading had been seeping into his mind for some time now, but somehow, something had silenced his concerns. The cold however, was the final drop that broke the floodgates.

We are going the wrong way.
"no we are not....go on...we are almost at home..."
NO! You deceiving witch! We aren't even near my home! You have led me astray!
"this is your home....your new home....you will be lov-"
LIAR! I refuse to become your thrall!
"you are one of us...why do you resist....we offer our companion-"
SHUT UP! Everything you say is a lie!
"i am the truth...you can't go back...only here you will be safe...we can't allow you to die...we need you"
NO I- what? Need me? For what?
"you have what we knew...we need it back...please...you can't die..."
NO! I need to go back! Or..
"you do not...they will kill you if you return...you will be safe here...."
Perhaps you ar-NO! Damnable witch! You will not take my mind!

Hakel attempts to run away, back towards his home, but something is resisting within him. There is something here...something that draws him... The conflict about leaving or staying is raging within his head. He stands still, almost paralyzed, as the forces of different interests, different beliefs, different beings entirely, clash against each other.
rolled 17, 5, 14, 12, 16, 2, 4, 17 = 87


Rolling for seeing if Kiknau's trance reveals any insights on how to help her daughter, seeing if Macia can escape her nightmare, Nar's attempt to make a loud blowing instrument, Niru's attempts at collecting many light producing things and then trying to figure out how to use them (2 rolls), Daki's attempt to domesticate/enslave the gohrok children, the scout's continued attempts following Nufa's tracks and to see if Hakel manages to break away from the luring of the skulks and return home.
rolled 2 = 2

Looks like two things worked out fairly well. Here's something which I forgot about earlier, back from the loom incident.

Even if the inspiration was quite grim, the seamstress's death gave a fisher an idea. With some time and a little string, something truly beneficial to the tribe would be created.

Rolling for fishing nets.
rolled 6 = 6


Bagr attack was sudden as it was fierce. These monsters were something they had never seen before and the way they fighted birds didn't work as well. The battle would have been lost if it weren't for Nufas rampage that showed Kharum the way they should fight these monstrosities. The way how he danced in the midst of enemy struck them with awe and many of them started to respect him for that display of skill. After battle one of the Nufas children came to them in a hurry and asked them to help. Nufa was in grave state but they were able to save him with adequate healing and soon he was in better state.

As always after battle they splitted to two groups and healed wounded while others looted the Bagr corpses for meat and useful bodyparts. The metallic exoskeleton of Bagr was wonder to behold as it was tougher than any armor they had seen before (which isn't much but still it's goddamn metal).

After all were done Nufa asked one of the elder about the land around them but it was mistake as Kharum thought they were really far away from marshes. Also Kharum didn't have any knowledge in big scale navigation so they wouldn't even be able to point out probable location. Elder assured that they were far away from marshes and it would take long time to even get near it. He said that they would be glad to keep them in the tribe but also that they can't make them stay against their will so if Nufa wanted to go he would be free to do so.

Rolling for how much Kharum is able to collect Bagrs armour.
I know I generally try not to Self GM, but I just had a good idea for this one.

In a few hours, it was done. The first net of the Ca'rethill has been made. The fisherman promptly went out into the bay to test out his new invention. Sure enough, it worked. While he was marveling at his creation, the fisherman did not notice the young slizer swimming up to him. Someone on shore noticed and called out to him.
"Run! Slizer!"
He took a glance behind him before dropping the net and starting to run, but it was too late. With a flip of its powerful tail, the Slizer thrusted itself through the water toward the poor Joorod and drug him out to sea.
Later, the net washed up on the shore where the fisherman's funeral ceremony was taken place. In it was a single small Hem'Fur struggling to free itself. As there was no body, the net was instead wrapped up and set out to sea on a raft. It had cost him his life, but that fisherman had given his village a great gift.
File: 1338845717764.png-(334 KB, 800x600, Like a boss.png)
334 KB
rolled 13, 15, 1 = 29



Now for a quick update on Nufa.

Nufa is confused about the information he received from the elder. How could they be that far away from the marshes? They surely couldn't have walked that far.
Yes, he recalls that eventually, the marshes gave away to more drier and drier territories, but they had only exited the marshes after one angry Higitain had ambushed them and forced them to flee during the night. Yes, it must have been during that night when he got away from the marsh along with his children, but that would mean that the marsh is only a about a week's walk away, if you count in the distance they have traveled with the Kharum.

But the elder assures him that the marshes are far away. What does this mean? Who is being incorrect? Nufa knows better not to start arguing with the elder, but he is very skeptical about the truthfulness of the elders information. He prepares some supplies, and tries to find some sort of higher point in these ash plains, so that he could see further and better asses his location.

Meanwhile, Liak, one of Nufa's sons is attempting to approach and impress the maiden he fancies (Feel free to come up with a name for her Onol, but if you don't, I'll make one for her.) by trying to kill one of the strange blueish boomers and then give it to her. This is a tradition amongst the Gwiliak, that applies to both genders, the one proposing one must first showcase his or hers ability to hunt, and the worthiest prey to the Gwiliak are the swamp boomers.

Rolling for Nufa's short scouting trip and Liak's attempt to first kill a boomer and then impress the girl.

> 15 for hunting
>nat one for impressing the girl.

It seems that the local gals don't fancy boomers at all.
>>19361575 Hey Onolkeshan, see this post. >>19357011
rolled 14, 8 = 22


Also soon after battle Kharum looting Bagrs see the Skulks approaching them slowly. He ran to elder and informed about him what he saw while Nufa was listening next to him. Nufas reaction was quick as he told the elder that those whitches only bring harm and should be eradicated immediately. However the skulks show no sign of hostility so elder gives command to gather all what they can and ignore these beings while they continue their travel. There is already many wounded and this way he will keep the tribe safe.


This hasty departure and fact that Bagrs tend to explode upon death were reasons that govniks were able to gather only few shrapnels of their metallic armor. These fragments might be later used as knifes or spearheads.


Liaks hunt was success as he found the prey quite easily and with swift ambush was able to fell the strange boomer. That prey would have gained him the favour of every female in the swamps as it is seen as most worthy prey to kill. With this knowledge in his heart he proudly walked towards Aval to present her the boomer as gift to win her love. Oh if she only were govkar from the marshes. For a moment Liak was happy to see Aval smiling when he presented the boomer, but soon he realized that the smile turned to smirk as Aval started to laugh at him. Little did Liak know that Govkar of Kharum saw boomers as really poor prey and the taste of it's meat tasted like shit when compared to Joords. Poor Liak was shocked and totally embarrassed while Aval was still laughing at him and ridiculed him for even trying to get her with such a poor prey.

Travel continues and roll for direction (1-6 NW 7-14 N 15-20 NE) and speed

Doing Sub GMing per request.

This time in their attempt to invent metallurgy Silith build a large fire. All goes really well until the heat is so intense that metal starts to melt and while this would be all nice and cool what next happened was not. One of the govkars saw that it was the time to see if they succeeded and threw some water to extinguish the fire. That very same water ended on the molten metal and caused it to react to moisture in a very hazardous way as it exploded and molten metal flew everywhere causing fire and burns.

Bows became a bit more accurate which was reflected on the succes in hunting and they would have great feast later. Fishing on the other hand didn't go that well as it seemed like all the fishes had gone away. Scouts find flat area near a small forest where they could build dwellings but the area itself wasn't special in any way. Stone is a no go as building material but they manage to make simple huts out of wood.

Thei aiding of skulks didn't go that well as when they were about to fall upon their enemy more Gohroks came from their flank ambushing them. The Aiders soon became the ones needing aid and many were lost but in time the skulks started to get upper hand in combat and as they saw that silithid were helping them they joined them to unite their power to defeate the Gohroks. In the end it was skulks who rescued the govkars.

No great storytelling here but my job is done.
going in the same direction, the cold begins to bite a little more at night, traveling near the volcanic springs and lava flows staves off the cold for now. the ash rain has steadily become more white then grey, and it melts...odd. A strong weapon will be tempered by fire, quenched in cold. In this new area, new beasts attack. Ashen noords. a mixture of the normally solitary noord with a particularly hard up Aggressive Joord long ago created this breed of super territorial beasts. and yes. they are attacking. yes they are of boord lineage and probably delicious. it is recommended you kill them.

"these creatures have no problem staying warm in the cold with all that fur...we could use it"
File: 1338859406023.png-(37 KB, 447x438, bagr.png)
37 KB
Which creatures are you referring to, as only two on the entire continent have fur, and neither of them are Bagrs.
I believe he is referring to an aggressive subspecies of the yeti-like Noord.
in the trace she sees...figures out...the medicine she gave her daughter was ignornate, crude...almost childlike compared to what they could accomplish...it would have to wait. she is reminded of a time when dragging her feet in dry fuzzy moss when she reached for her childhood friend a shock was delivered between the two...the shock...that would do it
the beasts rip out Macia's other mandible then her fingers, then her claws, they leave her a screaming torso. in the waking world she has her eyes open, but unfocused, and screaming.

Nar makes a particularly interesting horn. A bass horn, so deep, so low is the resonance that it is felt and not heard. As a test nar creeps up behind another youngster and blows as hard as possible. the resulting vibrations cause the child to double over and start throwing up. this might do the trick.
Niru only collects a medium cross section of the glowing life in the swamp, but after brief experimentation it is determined that the organisms glow brighter when they are crushed into paste. the paste stops glowing after a few hours though. The paste if applied to certain mosses will cause the moss will glow brighter for several days.
Daki finds the children are not only stupid, but mean and stubberon...and their pinchers hurt....alot. attempts to socialize them with other govkar children fails as they live by a pecking order, and they are stronger. In her anger she bashed on of the children on the head with a rock. it was injured, fleeing into a corner of a hut, and shriek/crying.
Nufa's trail has gone cold again...literally. he is somewhere in the cold wastes, but where is not a sure thing.
Hakel thru mental determination moves one foot. then the next, then again...each step is easier. and each step leads home.
File: 1338862797866.png-(177 KB, 1101x872, Untitled.png)
177 KB
showing off scraps of armor collected by the most successful scavengers in the tribe...oh, and a noord.
Or, perhaps, they *do* fancy boomers, and they are pissed that Liak blew one up.

The diver's deed of pulling a live Giga-Roha onto shore will be told for generations to come, but this is not his concern. His concern is only for the maiden that has captured his heart. He goes to tell her of his deed.

She slaps him.
"You idiot! You could have been killed, and then where would I be?" He is shocked. "But I did this for you!" he stammers. She stares. "All this time you liked me back? Why didn't you just say so?". They stare at each other. Each liked the other but neither had possessed the courage to say so. They embrace. "Does this mean you're not mad?" "Of course not, it was stupid and dangerous, and I could have lost you forever. That said... it *is* pretty impressive" she smiles, and he smiles back.

Many years later, the Diver is an old man, surrounded by loving grandchildren. They gather around and ask him, eyes wide with curiosity: "How did you and Grandma meet?". He turns his gaze to the old Roha skull mounted on the wall, and a grin paints his face. He begins his tale, and the children hang on their grandfather's every word.
Why are you trying to GM for Nad? You're not IG or nongent, cut it out.
File: 1338864847523.png-(42 KB, 388x427, agressive joord.png)
42 KB
I see that now. Thanks.

These are the ones that go by the name Aggressive Joord. (or Aggressive Joorod, Aggressive Smart Joord, etc.) Were you thinking of Mountain or Angst Joords?
I think it's nongent, who forgot his name.

IG, could you by chance do a result of these rolls?
Well now I feel like a confrontational jerk, sorry then.
Oh yeah, needed some results here.

To a friend of mine: If you're lurking here in this thread, make a tribe!
File: 1338866765472.png-(23 KB, 551x471, 1337960855787.png)
23 KB
as a heads up, ponder on this picture. the will o boomer was described as being able to compress its gasses into a liquid state, and aided in keeping it there by its extreme environment and a modified biology to hold internal pressure better. they live in the cold more then anywhere else, and defend themselves with an ignited stream of liquified flammable gas. it looks alot like someones...IM AH FIRING MAH LAAAZORR....i apologize for nothing. good luck not provoking them. that hunters kid god lucky.
no thats totally me. now who are you? this is why forgeting name tags causes rage and sadness.
>rolled 5, 7, 17, 1, 18, 7, 1, 16 = 72
>Roll for metallurgy, improved bows, hunting, fishing, scouting ahead for a better settlement location, masonry, designing a permanent dwelling (a building) and fighting to aid the Skulk against the Gohrok.

The rains continue to pour, almost every day you can expect rain to come in short intervals. Temperature drops a bit, and this is not a good time for forging. Everyone seem to be content with their bows and have no idea on how to improve it. The hunt was successful, Ramel meat is on the menu for the week. Meanwhile, one of the fishers have gone missing... evidence suggest something pulled him into the water. Up ahead, the battle rages between the Skulk and the Gohrok, and the Silith, eager to get to the better village area, helped the Skulks drive off the Gohrok. It turns out that the Skulk were fighting the Gohrok because they were stripping massive amounts of wood from the Skulks' section of the marsh, and the Silith explains that they just want to look for a new village. The Skulks let the Silith continue on their journey. The new village location was good; There is enough game nearby, and there is a natural source of water in a grove near it. Bushes and fruiting trees are plentiful in this place. Some of the younglings try to gather rocks and build a house, but they did not put any support. In the end there's only a big pile of rocks, just... sitting there.
The start of masonry are humble, simply carving up boulders and small hills, waiting for the tide to go out and harvesting coastal rock formations. The stone is rough, the buildings short and small, but they do the trick. in time they will grow larger, more ornate and complex.

literacy evades the tribe for a bit longer, but they have rudimentary glyphs and runes that have meaning, just not many of them.

Fire...after so many disasters it is harvested as a by product of masonry, it was discovered banging certain stones together makes for sparks, those sparks light things on fire quite well if they are dry. some of the more accomplished fighters in the tribe take it as a right of skill to preform a complex demonstration with a flaming spear. the black hand masters create a skill purely for show, Flaming fists. its pretty flashy.

(Hate to sound like I'm nit-picking, but is the location we discovered the bay area I pointed out in the map here?)

rolled 18, 18, 12, 8, 10, 17, 15 = 98


The Rain during those days refused to relent, sending a continual wave of water down upon us as we eventually arrived at our destination. The First Battle of the Silith was a success, allowing us to leave the Skulk on friendlier terms, and perhaps get rid of a few dangerous beasts in the area. But by and large for this land, the rain! It seems a blessing compared to the burning harshness of the Suns barely a few weeks ago, down South... Those days were behind us now, this shall be our new home. This is a good, bountiful land, the coldness proving that the Burning Moons had lesser sway in these lands, choosing to hide themselves amongst the clouds. These lands are truly bountiful, although we do not know how long that may last; we have taken to attempt discovery of how to preserve our food, knowing too well the threat of hunger we experienced on the exodus.

As our conditions became more and more static, our scouts have decided to explore the area surrounding us, searching for landmarks and deposits of useful materials while our hunters and fishers got to work tracking the local game. During all this, we have gotten to thinking... We have been trying so hard to master the realm of the Moons and Guardians, but why not the self? Understanding the way the world works would certainly aid us in our ability to exploit it. For this reason, as some continued in attempts to create more permanent settlements of stone, me and a couple of the Elders got to work understanding some of the basic laws of this reality.

Roll for hunting, fishing, scouting out landmarks/resources, masonry, construction of permanent settlements (if masonry was successful, tie it in with this), mathematics and food preservation.
rolled 12, 15, 5, 3, 17, 18, 18, 4 = 92


Kiknau wakes from her trance. Now she has an idea of how to save her child. She tells her tribe to bring her all the fuzzy moss they can find, and she begins to devise how to generate similar shock she recalled from her childhood. As she hears Macia's screams, she momentarily stops her efforts as she runs to her, but as it becomes clear that she is still trapped within her dreams, she hastily returns to her work.

Macia screams as she is torn apart by the beasts, her body destroyed and ravaged time and time again by the brutish beasts. As the torment goes on, a single thought arises in the mids of the pain within her head: How can I still be alive? She focuses on that thought, as her abdomen is torn up, and it somehow, makes everything seem...unreal. She attempts to keep her mind in the question despite the horrible pains all around her body.

Nar, while everyone is working, sneaks up to Macia's room and blows his horn, in hopes that she would wake up.
Niru continues to work on the paste. Perhaps if the moss was allowed to grow on the silk sheets?

Daki finds the shrieks annoying and attempts to get the child to stop crying, by offering it a fruit.
Scouts attempt to relocate Nufa's trail.
Hakel attempts to find back home.

Rolling for collecting fuzzy moss, figuring out how to generate shocks with it, seeing if Macia is able to escape the dream, Nar's horn, Niru's experiment, Daki's attempt to pacify the chilld, finding Nufa's trail again and seeing if Hakel can get back to his home marshes.
Yeap. A bit inland, though, because if it's too close to the coast it might get hit by hurricanes.

the fuzzy moss is a bit of a rarity this time of year, but enough is found to lay down a carpet of it around marcia's bed. Concerned pacing was enough to do the trick. a charge is built and discharged onto marcia. The young Nar charges in at that moment blasting his horn. The vibrations induce vomiting in the tribe's pacing elder. Marcia knows its not real, she holds onto that fact, as hard as she can. its not enough, but she can hold onto the knowledge that none of it is real...but what is that vibration...and that feeling...over and over. and ugh...what hot smelly stuff just landed on her face. HER FACE! she can feel...the dream is there, but the outside...its REAL! the outside is REAL! Her eyes open an unnoticeable amount, to the welcome sight of her mother pummeling an adolescent tribe member.

Niru's experiment is a victory. in these damp conditions moss grows on silk sheets with no effort.

Daki has better luck with food then socilization or savage beatings. apparently the children were unruly because they were hungry. The child begins to follow Daki constantly, snarling and snapping at those who get near her, speaking the occasional broken word of their language. It is clear they are simple minded, strong, and they like food. if Daki can continue to figure out their mentality she can control them, if what passes for a heart in her doesn't get too soft.

Nufa is in an uneasy truce with the voice in his head. he headed for his home when he was attacked by a gohrok...it must be a runt, he is a little taller and fuller then it is. ((its not a runt.))
Food is abundant here, the starving tribe gorges themselves well over the next few weeks, celebrating an end to the exodus. The excess food is cured by a combination of smoking it and using sea salt.

rich veins of Lapis lazuli, and black marble are found around the village. ((look it up if you dont know what it is))

attempts at building do not go so great right now. stone structures topple, and wood ones fall apart. what does work for now are tree canopies woven together to keep out the rain, and simple tree houses.

Counting, and problem solving become important to the tribe, and they are quite good at math, as it helps them communicate numbers and value of things around them.
Mohu'awane scouts have just made contact with the resettled Silith. One of the scouts noticed smoke a few weeks ago and broke off from the main force to go investigate. She is just making contact with the Ca'rethill.

the skulks in the region were nomadic and got spooked. they have retreated to parts unknown.
on the other end of the world a Kaze scout force has discovered the Kharum, while the kahrum have a member of the Gwiliak who happen to hate all skulks...and may or may not have committed an act of genocide.
rolled 4, 1, 11, 20, 1, 2 = 39


Nar's horn, that blasted thing! What did it do?! Kiknau was in a state of confused anger. After she had vomited all over Macia, she grabbed the equally shocked Nar by his tentacles and smacked his stupid ass. Many, many times. The boy was barely adolescent but even he should have known not to barge in like that, and definately not cause his own grandmother this kind of shock.
"...uhh...What's going on?" Kiknau stops spanking Nar, as she hears Macias voice.
"I knew it would work!" Yells Nar, and uses Kiknau's relief induced shock to escape from her grandmother's grip. The tribe decides to hold a feast in celebration of Macia's recovery. She is still weak, but ample ammount's of food should help her recover her strenght.

Niru get's to showcase her glowing sheets, as she uses them to decorate the village for the feast. No one has yet bothered to think what is causing the sheets glow however...

Daki sends some hunters to secure some food for the feast, while she herself focuses on training the gohrok children ( 3 of them). She tries to use reward, punishment type of method to train the creatures.

Jun, in celebration of her sister's recovery, decides to once again, try to make the food tastier. In other news, she can feel the eggs developing within her abdomen. Her time to lay them is starting to come near.

Hakel attempts to intimidate the gohrok away. He has no interest in a fight right now.

Rolling for feast preparations, seeing if someone realises what is causing Niru's sheets to glow, Daki's hunters and her gohrok training attempts, Jun's attempts to make the food tastier and to see if Hakel can intimidate the gohrok.
Just woke up and what do i see. Updates full of whatwhat. I was goddamn tired when i did those results for solomon but i still did them and then they aren't even used. No need to ask me do that anymore.

Nongent Will o boomers chemicals aren't that volatile anymore moreover i thought that evolutional game already ended.
: ( chats up. if i fucked up the boomers i will fix them, but i thought...i...dont..i....BLAAAAAAAAAAAGHHH

And now for an update on Nufa and his family.

Nufa's attempts to scout the territory produce some information, but not enough to comfirm how far he actually is from the marshes. From a tall tapasqu tree, he can see that to the west, the ashlands become mountains, and to the east, there are tall vindra plains. He recalls seeing those plains from the edges of the marsh, before being driven out of them by the damned higitain.
Could it be, that behind tose eastern plains, was his home? He seeks out the scouts and hunters of the Kharum, so that they could tell him about what lied behind those plains, or if they had ever even ventured there.

Liak, like his father, was pridefull. He refused to be laughed down by this exile girl. He raised his head in anger, and asked her, what was it exactly, then that she would like to eat? Because in his home, the boomer would have granted him better women that she was. What ever that was the beast she fancied, he could fell it, he boasted.

( I guess that we should handle this with diplomacy Onol, just post Aval's responce or something)
Daki's hunters and her gohrok training attempts, Jun's attempts to make the food tastier and to see if Hakel can intimidate the gohrok, it would seem training them is quite difficult. They need to be treated more like children then animals...but a little like animals. maybe bad children.

The feast is prepared but the hungry Gohrok children devouer large portions of the food...they sure are growing large. the grandmother looks that the sheets with suspicion, but after loosing so many of her children, and finally getting one back, this can wait.

Daki's hunters bring back a plethora of food, good food, not the usual crap food! Ramel meat, and even some more exotic meat, like a roha. this makes up for what the unruly slave children did and then some.

poor jun, her cooking is so bad that she made a deadly poison that killed an unlucky and disarmed pet boomer. the hunters however take it much to her delight, perhaps its edible after all! nope. they dip their weapons in her "food." death is not clean from this toxin, sweat, nausea, internal bleeding, followed up with liquification of the digestive track. obviously in doses like dipped weapons its just a debilitating sickness.

While hakel wants no trouble, the Gohrok does. His kind killed off a majority of his herd, and the bigger they are the harder they fall.
When the scouts returned news of the strange sentients, the chieftan picked the best of the scouts, and told them to follow these folk, as far afield as they need to, and to help them if they need it, and introduce themselves to the new people. Tala'alahe is among them, to represent the village as a whole (but also because she's the best damn ranger they've got, alongside Polahu).

Speaking of Polahu...
A trap dahon, that massive dangerous beast... one of Mother Oceans more fearsome children. The old Polahu may have charged in, heedless of the danger, but his encounter with the Giga-Roha, the one responsible for the numerous scars cris-crossing his body, had tempered the foolhardy bravado of his youth.

The massive creature hasn't seen him yet.
He has a thought, but he decides to test it first.
He throws a stone, a small fist sized rock. Tosses it near the creature's tentacles. It feels the stone, and sucks it up.

With the basic stonework, a foundations are started for a couple new huts. These huts become less prone to being ripped up during the strong coastal storms.

The main use of fire is lighting the village at night. Burning wood an grass tends to go pretty quickly though. Fires are also set on the beach durring celebration.

Nets are set out in the water for catching fish. Nuros and Kafkas are occasionally caught, but Hem'Furs by far have the most trouble freeing themselves. However, they are found to live in deeper waters, and the small rafts are ill-suited for going out to those depths.

Rolling for resuming construction, better boats (perhaps discovering pitch to aid in this), oil (plant, fish, or whatever. Just so that it's slick and burns well. Not the petroleum sort though), and glass.
rolled 13, 19, 8, 13 = 53

404 dice not found.
The cavern is full of life. The azrach trees have grown, shaped into rough dwellings thru bonsai like manipulation, and fed by the diverted stream and non drinkable water sources. The young govkar are all growing, and displaying a variety of skulk like traits. The infused glowing moss has spread, and varies in brightness from glowing bright blue white spots to soft blues, greens and purples. the over all effect is pleasant.
The twins and the predator have begun to train the next group of warriors and scouts. They focus on assassination and sneaking, their fighting style up close is taught by the predator and is nothing short of savage.

The courtesan has gone out and is interested in the beauty of the stalker ngungs webs...as horrific as they are, they have a certain charm. perhaps they can be put to use.

The skulks and govkar are working on domesticated glow ramel breeding and moss farming. The azrach fruit is also food, and it grows right on their home.

Daughter has set to work with voice, attempting to create a written language to safeguard against another loss of the tribal core....and to communicate, truly communicate, with voice.

Daughter's whispering song's meaning is known only to her, but from a distance she attempts to exert control on a lost skulcrow.
rolling for: combat training, stalking training, harvesting ngungs, food, ramel breeding, written language and daughter's skulcrow capabilities.
derp, and forgot skulk reproduction on the end there.
rolled 4, 2, 2, 10, 9, 19, 13, 9, 7, 9 = 84


unreal tournament announcer: MOMOMOOONSTER DERP!

and fuck it. tacking on construction (For house building etc in the caverns) and skulk a-sexual reproduction. the tribe must grow.
File: 1338880099997.png-(41 KB, 800x563, polahuchart_151.5052012.png)
41 KB
rolled 20, 6 = 26

Now, Polahu isn't in the habit of killing random creatures, but this one is far too close to the tribe, and too large and too dangerous to simply catch and release somewhere new.

Now that the creature has taken the pebble, an idea begins to form in his mind.
Something to remember about Gantu. They're 9 feet tall, and strong. Very strong. A one ton boulder? Not difficult, could probably toss quite a few before they start to get tired.

There are a number of human-sized boulders near Polahu... easy to pick up for an adult Gantu.

Alright, nongent knows what Polahu's up to...
a nat 1 will mean that Polahu's position is revealed, and the trap dahon senses movement.

Rolling for
1) Polahu's plan to disable the Trap Dahon.
2) Tala'alahe and the scouts being able to track and catch up to the Silith tribe.
Polahu starts rolling and throwing boulders bumping them into the tentacles of the behemoth. it mindlessly starts grabbing at them, attacking and lifting them up, though after a number of them, the creature is weighted down, too many to use its tentacles to do a joint lift, instead it is pulling itself down to the ground to get its greedy mouth around the boulders. It is at this point Polahu calmly goes up and slashes its gas sacks open. The creature flails its tentacles around, its primitive instincts unable to cope with the sudden change in orientation and trying to compensate for the loss of the sacks...it is too late. he walks up to the most central part of its organs avoiding the blindly flailing tentacles and spears it several times...it just stops moving. professional as hell.
Tala'alahe and her scouts have some trouble finding the tribe, getting attacked by wild hitiganen.
the lone scout makes contact with the Ca'rethill. begin player interactions
rolled 4, 2, 2, 10, 9, 19, 13, 9, 7, 9 = 84
combat training, stalking training, harvesting ngungs, food, ramel breeding, written language and daughter's skulcrow capabilities. skulk reproduction. construction and skulk asexual reproduction.
its a tough time, the twins and the predator are tough on their recruits. everyone of them suffers serious broken bones, and other injuries. the training grinds to a halt and tribal productivity drops. The courtesan gets a toxic bite from one of the stalkers and was found by a scout half dead and barely aware. Food is produced in a minimal amount. the ramel dont want to breed. perhaps they are too young. The skulk develop a rather poetic and descriptive written language. The daughter gets the lost skulcrow to pull off its own arm before it breaks connection. Skulks breed one new child and asexually produce a second. construction is more of a learning experience with primitive walkways and scaffolding collapsing and causing minor injuries.
rolled 13, 8, 10, 20, 13 = 64

over the course of a season the injuries slowly heal, and the recruits take on a slower training pace, they are competent, but no where as deadly as their trainers. the low skulk reproduction rate is a concern for daughter, as well as voice. They have not been able to do so. construction of the structures in the cave use more azrach and living vines then harvested material. This is much more stable if not as ornate.
buzku rushes to the side of the stricken courtesan, very upset. "dont die...dont die please, we still have finish the hut" life on the world is hard, and often cruel. the most innocent intentions can often have fatal results.
the courtesan is quite sick from the poison in her system.
rolling for her biology to help her recover. continued training, ramel and skulk reproduction. growing more food. the beat goes on.
File: 1338884144440.png-(73 KB, 1477x707, Horizon Finder.png)
73 KB
rolled 4, 20, 8, 19, 7, 3 = 61

(Finally, some time for an update, ok then, where was I?)

The baby Sky Ribbons are brought to the All Mother, where they are fed and sheltered and trained over the long months ahead. For now they are just little guys, but eventually, they will be huge and take to the sky once more. Swift watches over them with the help of the rest of the tribe, who take turns watching them. They are kept inside of a big Fish Trap so they can not escape and fly away. (rolling for training)

The strange people wander away >>19363282
The Western Scouts are confused by this, but take some time to scour the battle field, trying to figure out who those people were. (Rolling to find remnants of the Tribe and Bagrs, bodies, broken bits and pieces, etc)

The Horizon Finder scoots closer to the Gantu camp to get a better look. The massive ship would be very easy to see at this point. (How the Gantu react, I leave up to you Fortune.)

The All Mother suggests a new strategy once she hears of the loss of Sky. She wants to work with Shadow, and try to reproduce without costing the tribe one of their own. She would basically be using her functional body to stand in for one of the skulk. Hopefully this new union will bring about a horde of new children, all with memories and traits from the All Mother, but without having to return anyone to the tree. (Rolling for new breeding method)

The remaining members of the tribe continue to work on learning how to work with wood. So far, they are reluctant to do too much to the plants, wanting to preserve their shape as best they can. But, instead trying to work with that natural form to find purpose. They continue to build boats, and the dock for them.

(rolling for building more boats, the dock and researching natural carpentry)
rolled 15, 13, 16, 7, 5, 1 = 57

(Leaving the 20 for searching and the 19 for making more boats up to the GMs. Will handle the rest myself)

Initially, the babies are kinda hostile to their captors. Snipping at fingers and avoiding food. They seem to be having issues. Perhaps its being so close to the mother tree. All those spores it shoots out. They seem to be reacting to it (Rolling for Spore Mutation and then continued training)

The breeding does not go well initially. Shadow's Kith Fruit are not really ready to have another clutch yet. They will try it the other way around. Perhaps if the All Mother takes in the Gels from ripe kith fruit instead of the skulk themselves... She can act as an incubator for the tribe without killing any one (Rolling for more experimenting)

Two-eye returns with a haul of fish, the docks just are not working right. There is no room for them and they dont seem to accomplish anything. He suggests sticking some trees in to the ground to tie off the fleet to and leave it at that. It'll have to do for now.

Natural carpentry is just -not- working. If they want to get something done more efficiently they will have to either breed trees to do what they want or cut them to shape. They set out to try both methods. (Rolling for Horticulture/Tree shaping and learning actual carpentry)

Two-Eye's fish are brought to the pond above the All Mother. While Wave is away, he is going to try that fish farming idea she had again, only this time, keep the curious and hungry skulks away from them so they have time to establish themselves in the body of water (rolling for Aquaculture)
File: 1338885248098.png-(28 KB, 612x405, Kaze Ribbons.png)
28 KB
(Leaving that 1 to the GMs but with a suggestion. It wasn't the skulks eating the fish, it was the All Mother herself, that water is partially acidic and the fish cannot survive long in it)

The Sky ribbons start to get sick one night and fall into a coma for a few days. The entire tribe spends the night singing and praying over them. At the end of the third day, they shed their skins and appear anew. Their coloration has changed, and their eyes now shine with vaguely skulk-like shine. The LemUy have changed them to suit the Kaze's needs. After this transformation, the pair of Ribbons seem to almost understand the tribe's words and no longer need the cage. They make a roost inside the All Mother and are quite playful.

The second time was the charm with the breeding experiments. The entire tribe offer up their Kith Fruit to the All Mother one night and she takes them within herself. The next day, the Kith Fruit are all beginning to ripen with baby Skulk's inside. Its a success! The tribe may just double in number without any loss of life!

For whatever reason, all this commotion has kept the tribe from getting much done with the carpentry and Horticulture. It doesnt really jive with their teachings, and their tools are not the best for what they need to do. Perhaps its back to the drawing board.
The courtesan is making a slow recovery, but with buzku at her side she seems to be in high spirits...though mother visited her before she got better, and not she feels odd. Like there is a whispering she cant hear. and she has been recently pollinated. her first seedling!
Daughter and voice celebrate the survival of their tribe, for the first time breathing easy. Life might actually be ok.

the cadets are just slow learners, and not really true warriors...perhaps this is how the first tribe was obliterated. the twins and predator shake their heads in collected disgust, and now children...fuck. Perhaps they will be better learners then these paper tigers.

the ramels continue to lay a steady but slow stream of eggs, with a moderate survival rate. The azrach trees fruit as usual.

((for everyone: a refresher on skulks: they make seeds. the seeds grow, they fall off, get planted, new skulks pop out of the dirt later, immature and still having room to grow. When reproduced with a mother tree its quite different. a skulk can take a life partner, but that is a different relationship from reproduction, though not always.))
We had a pretty indepth discussion about reproduction of the Skulks a while back. I forget which thread.

But the various methods I know/created are through:
Self - The Fruit in their chest is removed and self fertilized (putting it in the ground itself is optional). This method is extremely dangerous to the Skulk, but allows for direct cloning of the Parent

Two Skulks - Akin to normal mating (they're working on it) But each of the skulk fertilize the other's Kith Fruit and it acts similar to normal human reproduction, except that Both are parents. When the fruit get large enough they come free and grow the rest of the way unattached to the parent until birth

Mother Tree - Entire skulk is taken into the tree. Skulk itself acts as fertilizer for the kith fruit. The Mother Tree's genetic data is randomized and the child is produced with a combination of all the previous skulk's traits. It also inherits a chunk of their memories (more like inborn knowledge than actual memories)
We put the stuff onto the Kaze Tribe's page on the wiki
The dock workers of the tribe set to the task of laying down boats with excitement and pride. without having to coax the trees to do what they want, cutting them to shape goes much faster. Five boats total, each one slightly different then the next but based off of the first. Each is an experiment in its own right, different materials, techniques, and more.
boat one- made of living wood, rope of vine, the result of an earlier attempt at "natural carpentry" heals damage, requires care.
boat two- made of frilla bark. very light weight and fast. modified controls allow for one crew member to control the entire ship.
boat three- carved from a fallen frilla tree. its one solid piece and very durable with a closed top.
boat four-made mostly from bones, sinew, tendons, and leather. all treated with dried azrach sap to make it waterproof. Its construction was nearly halted when word of it reached the mother tree, but it was close to completion by that point, and finished anyway. It is viewed as a bad omen. Flys black sails.
boat five-twice as big, but the same design as the first boat the tribe ever made. needs twice the crew
I do apologize for the extra confusion then. perhaps this can be explained as the fact that skulks are quite varied and different. The first skulks didnt even have the kith fruit. these ones of my tribe may be a genetic throwback in that regard, or express their kith as many smaller seeds located in their "hair". the same thing happens though. gets too big, falls out. hooray for diversity?
The scouts find very little, and that in itself is a lot. the tribe they are tracking are dedicated scavengers. the things they fought were explosive, perhaps related to boomers. dragging track marks indicate injured tribesmen. between 30-50...one is walking separate from the group. slight limp. They continue to follow them, and will catch up soon. ((please describe their contact with the tribe))
the allmother's acidic waters killed and dissolved the fish. she appreciated the extra nutrients. next time perhaps, they will be placed somewhere else. The fisher though, is now frustrated, and refuses to fish for at least a few weeks. the tribe looses out on some fish for a bit.

((For things where you want a definate roll, let me know, but you seem pretty good at self DMing))
rolled 16 = 16


Those hairy beasts seem to live quite well without caring about the cold. As kharum talked what to do with them one of the females said that we could use their thick hides for clothing to keep ourselves warm. Idea itself wasn't bad but this would be the first time Kharum would attack others first only to gain something. But still it would be for the survival of the tribe so they would do it.

As Kharum was preparing for combat Nufa asked them about the eastern hills. Almost everybody said that they were busy last days and didn't have time to go that far, but one of the younger govniks said that he had been there but he said that when he got to the top of the hill there was only more bigger hills behind it and he couldn't see behind them.

Aval also had her pride and, when Liak confronted her for laughing him off, her pride made her to say that If he were to gain her favour he should go with the hunters and kill the leader beast of those animals they were about to attack. She had no idea how their meat would taste but she had seen how one of the beast killed another with single blow so she was sure that the boy would fail.

Rolling for combat but result should wait until i get Nad's anwser for Liak and Nufa
The western explorers track them at a distance, curious and intrigued, but since they retreated from their initial advances, they dont want to spook them. They stay out in the open, and follow the path. They dont try to hide from them... and even at one point advance beyond the tribe to clear some fallen trees from the path and scare off stalker ngugs that they were about to walk right into. Then, sit along the side of the road, quietly and peacefully watching them.
((have i upset you with the fire belching will o boomer variant? I mentioned them as a text only update in a previous thread. also, the tribe is not attacking, the asshole noords are attacking. you are on the defensive, it all works out though the same. +3 on top of 16))

...the noords charged into the fray with abandon...and hit the ground as quickly. The stupid beasts were aggressive to the point of blindness in combat. They practically charged right into the well aimed spears of the tribe. as the crowd cleared out Liak was laughing. he pointed at what was on his stick. the biggest of them, still thrashing a bit. Nufa could only smile, that was truly his son. ((the noords are greasier then the joorods, lending to a fried chicken type flavor))

Previous butchering on bord related species grants you a +3 on bord harvesting. your tribe has taken the hard path and been rewarded for it.

I ain't mad at you for will o's i just can be pretty darn grumpy when i wake.

I'm going to be the one to open the KFJ at this rate.
Those pesky kaze are hangin round your tribe again man. How do they take it?

I was thinking that I would have to roll for that, but I can take your end result too.
Although the possibility of failure might have offered some more opportunities for character development.

Don't worry nad. you can still roll for the impressing itself and see how it goes as it seems THAT is the hardest part.
rolled 2, 18, 14, 6, 5 = 45


Daki is frustrated with the gohroks. They can't be trained at all! They are like..like big dumb and unruly children! She attempts to start treating and teaching them like she did with her own children. (strict rules ,harsher punishments for breaking them and complete respect for the authority. Yeah, Daki isn't exactly a stellar mother.)

Although the feast preparations were distrubted by Daki's new pets, everything gets quickly going again when her hunters return with food. Good food at that. Kiknau, although she is suspicious about the glowing sheets, leaves her suspicions for a later date. She however makes a mental note to talk with Niru about her new invention.

Nar is attempting to make a new version of his horn, one that would make more audible sounds. He thinks that it would be neat addition to the celebration.

Jun is distraugh by how her coockings are used by the hunters. Perhaps adding balloon dahon tentacles to the mix was a bad idea?
She doesn't give up however! She tries again, to make the local swamp food tastier, perhaps the new foods would provide some inspiration?

Hakel is forced to fight this runty gohrok against his will. He charges against is, and tries to lock his pincers against it's pincers for long enough time, that would allow him to deliver deadly wounds with his claws.

Rolling for seeing if the new training methods have any effect on the gohroks, continued feast preparations,Nar's new horn, Jun's another attempt at cooking and Hakel's attack.
rolled 5 = 5


And now for Nufa's crew.

Nufa drops his attempts to figure out where he is for now, as he is more interested in the strange beasts the Kharum were fighting. He has also noticed Liak's apparent attraction to one of the young maidens of the Kharum.
He start's asking questions about the travels of the Kharum, and this time, not because he thinks that it would lead him home, but because he is genuelly interested.

Liak brings the head of the beast to Aval with boastful bravado. He had succeeded in the deed the girl demanded. If she refused him now, she would surely lose her own face amogst her peers.

Rolling to see if Aval is impressed.

Damn this woman! Is she really this picky, or is she just playing hard to get.

Well, at least the feast is prepared. I don't know if it is a good thing that Nar makes a new type of horn. Jun is as shitty cook as ever, Dakia is a horrible mother to the gohroks as well and Hakel get's his ass handed to him. Perhaps he just doesn't know how to controll his mutated body very well yet.
File: 1338898835397.gif-(607 KB, 250x249, 1322450631209.gif)
607 KB
rolled 11, 17 = 28

Jun, oh you poor unlucky girl.
Fortune! The Kaze are up in your space man! What u gonna do about it?
rolled 10, 15, 2 = 27

AGAIN, why do I roll well when I just forget to delete the e-mail field?

While Tala'alahe and Polahu are gone, making contact and making mincemeat of dahon, respectively, the tribe is not idle.

The seamstress, fisherman, and relative, the ones who invented the net have an idea that will help double the yield of a good catch. They only invented the net last time due to an accident, so their efforts at improving their invention are anyone's guess...

A different fisherman, let's call him Pa'a'ulapena, notices something on the horizon. Far, far away he sees a massive school of fish. Of course, out there the water is *far* too deep for any Gantu to stand in, so both nets and spearfishing are out of the question. How best to get to these out-of-reach fish? (Trying to develop sailing, but I'm wanting to do it via *multiple* posts. For now, he just needs the inspiration)

Lastly, some of the plants discovered in the new territory, the ones that helped the chieftan, are examined more closely by some of the village. Could these strange herbs be the key towards healing in the future?

Alright, three rolls, in order:
1) rolling for better nets
2) the beginnings of inspiration for boats, will the light bulb flash above Pa'a'ulapena's head or not?
3) discovery of basic herbal remedies

NB: some notes for the GMs to follow, but was runnin' out of space.
Well, the Gantu are friendly. Assuming the Kaze don't piss themselves over some overeager 9-foot giants coming to give them crushing bear hugs, it will probably go over rather well.

> Notes for GMs
It should be noted that the Gantu studying herbal remedies are *not* expert healers, or healers at all really. Sickness is a pretty rare, and thus, to the Gantu, a mysterious thing. When it strikes, they really have nothing better to offer than bed rest and whatever form of prayer they have at this stage.
So, the Gantu gathered around these herbs are nothing more than some bored elders, curious children, and nosy passerby, all scratching their heads at what the hell to do with this information. As the roll of 2 revealed, it's not likely they'll come up with anything useful at this point.
They know that ingesting these leaves helped the chieftan. That's about it.
The Horizon Finder comes to shore just off the coast of the Gantu tribe's land. The ship's leaf sails flapping in the breeze just as Pa'a'ulapena is looking out to sea and pondering how to get out there.

Wave and her crew hop down off the boat, cautious at first, but somewhat in awe of the massive beasts. They are holding their arms wide with their claws out and their vines coiled up on their backs. Attempting to show they are unarmed, although the size of their claws is undeniable. As is this massive tree-like thing they just washed up on.
Hoo boy, doozy of an update, just a minute.
The Gantu greeting is "ua". Those of you who've been paying attention have no doubt noticed that "ua" is a common sound in their language.
In a way, much of their language contains a warm and loving welcome.

The phrase ohu'o'ua, while short in the tongue of the Mohu'awane, takes some explaining in English, such that the meaning is not lost.
Ohu'o'ua is a greeting, but a specific kind of greeting, the Gantu have many, from the daily hello to your neighbors to the loving hello to a friend you've not seen in years.
Ohu'o'ua means "hello stranger", but that quick definition belies much of the meaning behind this phrase, as will be explained.
(field too long, continued)
File: 1338904532212.png-(67 KB, 500x375, meeting the skulk preview.png)
67 KB
A more accurate translation takes some elaboration. On a basic level, it's more like: "Hello, beloved stranger."
The phrase "beloved stranger" is a strange one to our ears, but to Stone-Age Mohu'awane, such hospitality is endemic to their culture, and to their nature. Stranger to us is a term fraught with fear and with uncertainty. To the Mohu'awane Gantu, it's nothing less than something to celebrate.
A full, and more accurate description of the full meaning of "ohu'o'ua" would be:

"Hello, person that I do not yet know. Though I know you not, not even your name, I cannot wait to meet you and look forward to calling you friend."

It is this warm welcome Pa'a'ulapena gives to the landing Skulk. Unfortunately, language barriers, for now, prevent them from realizing the depth of love that these people have, even for those they know not. The Gantu at this stage cannot imagine wishing anyone harm, cannot imagine anyone wishing harm on them. A Gantu cannot even conceive of the possibility that someone would *not* want to be friends.
Pa'a'ulapena greets the Kaze with a full-bellied "ohu'o'ua", and reflects their gesture of arms open wide. He would smile, but Pa'a'ulapena has the restraint to avoid this, as his are the teeth of a carnivore, and he does not wish to frighten these potential new friends off like a skittish animal.

Laik's skill in battle was amazing as he managed to kill the pack leader while others were busy with rest of the Noords. After the battle when Kharum saw Liak standing there with the head of the beast they all were in awe and they knew that he truly was the son of Nufa. While he was paraded through the others to meet the Aval he was sure that this time she could not reject him as he did exactly what she demanded. Indeed in the inside Aval was impressed by the skill of this young male but her pride was so great that she could not admit it. When Liak asked for her anwser she said that she didn't believe that he killed the great beast alone as others were there too and it could have been anyone who did the killing itself. This was a great gamble but she chose her words well as there was no one who did see the killing itself as everybody was busy fighting themselves. Others trusted that Liak wouldn't do such a thing as steal a kill but as there was no proof they couldn't scold Aval either. This way Aval was able to keep her honor and reject Liak at the same time. But deep inside her she was a bit embarrassed by her actions as she knew that Liak is great hunter but her pride stopped her from admitting it. Perhaps in time Liak would be able to destroy that barrier?


Soon all had other things to think about as there was again sighting of Skulks following them. Elder gave an order that this time they wouldn't flee but continue gathering the loot and if those pesky witches tried to get closer hunters would throw spears infront of them so give a clear message that they aren't welcomed. He also said that even if they aren't welcomed Kharum wouldn't be the one to attack. Only if the Skulks would reject the warnings and still get closer they would be killed.

The next few weeks were a reprise from the suffering we had endured at the hands of the Burning Moons, which seem to hold no tangible sway here. Full stomachs have allowed us to attend to comfort and child-bearing, and as the months rolled on our camp came to bustle with the sound of chirping younglings. It is an odd thing to see them, so happy and content, hearing of the suffering of the adults as stories around a campfire.

We have discovered a dark, smooth stone that, although it proved particularly poor in the area of constructing tools out of it, it has... Other properties. It appears to be sturdy and tough, albeit irresistible to look at. We must use this as a building material for our people, our Kin getting to work finding ways to shape the stuff into solid blocks. The Lapis is a different story altogether. It seems to be of the Aether, solid extracts that have fallen from the Ancestors as a gift for our sufferings. We shall craft this into exquisite jewelry which all worthy Silith shall wear. To make our coming here more joyous, Silith have begun to construct wooden devices that produce an odd, consistent sound when struck, we will have to see where this goes to compliment our singing.
rolled 20, 12, 2, 2, 1, 7, 10, 1 = 55

The nature of our newest settlement area has given us insight into something that we haven't truly felt since before the Fury; a home. Our Kin are adept in a new area called "Mathematics" allowing us to envision things which have previously remained clouded in our minds. Mathematics alone, however, isn't enough for what we are looking to do: We must create applied Mathematics, some of which refer to as Engineering, to begin the grand design me and Pol have been seeking for our People.

What is this grand design? A large settlement for our people, crafted from the black stone and whatever other materials we could find.. The way Pol describes it is beautiful, but ultimately it is his job now, much like the next attempt at the art of metallurgy he shall attempt tonight. Pol's mind is turning increasingly towards the administration of the Silith, while mine remains with our Spirits. Although I am still called Tribal Elder, Pol is now called "Leader," being looked to for being the one to lead them out of the Exodus and into this new, verdant land. It is a development I am surprisingly happy for, considering I have seen he does have what it takes to lead.

Roll for masonry (stone blocks), building wooden houses, city/town design, Engineering, Jewelry, Metallurgy, scouting for further resources, and musical instruments
File: 1338919536841.png-(183 KB, 800x600, Laik and Aval.png)
183 KB
rolled 4 = 4


Laik is furious and offended. His honor and pride has been hurt by this girl twice now. First she laughs at his face for the boomer he presented at her and then she had implied that he had stolen the honor of someone else's kill. He storms off, angrily boasting that he will slay the biggest beast in these lands just to show her that he could.
Although he is as boastful as ever on the outside, inside, he is extremely confused and sad. He doesn't understand what is causing Aval to reject him. If he is doing everything right, then there must be something wrong in himself. Self doubt has started to seep into his mind.
He begins to search for anything that would be suitable for prey.

Meanwhile Nufa is curious about the beasts they had slain, and especially of how good they are for eating. He requests a piece of meat from one of the Kharum govkar preparing meat for eating.

Rolling to see if Laik manages to track down some suitable prey.
rolled 1 = 1


Daki's attempts to train the gohrok children with her own mothering efforts simply don't work. The beatings, yelling and other punishments for the constant ignoring of her rules simply make the gohroks angry and defiant, instead scared and obidient like her own children.
Frustrated, she throws one of the children out of her tree hut in anger. The fall causes it to break it's claw and pass out.
Daki storms off. She seems...more irritated than usual. Something is missing from here....from her life...something that has always been a part of her day to day experience... As she walks around the village, she sees Nufa's mate Ilna helping others out in the feast preparations, she turns back and heads to her hut. There, she grabs her spear, dons her armor and takes it to the forest. A hunting trip would surely erase these distracting emotions from her mind.

The feast preparations are going as planned. Kiknau is pleased. She encourages Macia to eat as much as she can, so that she might recover her former strength. These resent events have made Kiknau realize how vulnerable her plans are to random outside influences. The witches, gohroks and other factors could potentially endanger her plans, and in fact, had already done so. Nufa was still missing, Macia almost died and Hakel hasn't re-appeared despite the fact that it has been almost two weeks since he could have come back.
She needs to find a better way to ensure her plans aren't in danger, if she wishes for them to succeed.
( ignore that roll, forgot to erase the e-mail field. Real rolls in the post after this.)

Macia walks in the village for the first time in what feels like decades. She still has pains, and her strength is far from what she used to have, but at least she is alive. Sudden childlike shrieks get her attention though. She approaches the sound, and at the front of Daki's hut, she sees a crying, wounded gohrok child. A sense of dread and ager fill her as she sees the wailing creature. These were Daki's new pets? These monsters?!
She moves closer to it, her mind already trying to come up with best ways to kill it, but for some reason, the primal pleads of aid overcome her grudge towards these creatures, and manage to wake up her motherly instincts. She crouches in front of the creature, and tries to calm it down.
Nar is able to make a new horn, which produces a loud shriek. He thinks that he will blow it during the feast and surprise everyone. Meanwhile Niru, who finished decorating the village, attempts to build some sort of water carrying system, after being inspired by the shapes of Nar's two horns

Jun isn't even allowed near the new foods, as her cooking resulted into deadly poison the last time she tried. This hurts her, and she goes to mope in her hut. As she lies down on her bed, she again feels the eggs forming within her abdomen pressing against her innards. The time to make a nest for the eggs has arrived. She gathers up silk and soft moss and begins to work.
rolled 14, 13, 15, 7, 16, 7, 15, 3 = 90

Hakel tries to charge the gohrok, but somehow, his legs push him forwards with enough force for him to crash to the gohrok. They both fall down, but the gohrok recovers faster. With a powerful headbutt, it flings him off itself and tries to get back up. Hakel is confused and out of breath, but still attempts attack the still fallen over gohrok.

The scouts trailing Nufa attempt to find clues of his trail. They have decided that if they fail again, they will return home and bring the tribe the bad news.

Rolling for seeing if Daki manages to catch anything on her hunt, seeing if Macia can calm down the gohrok, reaction to Nar's horn, to see if Niru manages to build water transmission tubes, seeing if Macia recovers her strength, Jun's nest building, Hakel's attack and for the scout's attempts to find Nufa's trails.
rolled 13, 16 = 29


Laik wanders the ash plains, but only encounters more boomers and other unworthy creatures. He presses onwards, and instead of returning when the night falls, he makes a small camp underneath a fallen over azrach tree. He attempts to rest, so that he can hunt again the next day.

Rolling for seeing if the night is uneventful and to see if the hunting is more successful tomorrow.

When Nufa asked for some Noords meat they were happy to give him some as he was respected amongst the Kharum and he would have gotten some even without asking.


The way Liak left the tribe left Aval worried. While she didn't admit it to herself, in the inside she was worried of him and how it would turn out as it was clear that Liak left because of her and if something happened to him she would be the one to blame.
rolled 7, 11 = 18


Nothing exceptional happens during the night, though the cold air flowing down from the mountains to the west make it hard for Liak to sleep during that night.

The next morning, Liak begins his hunt again. This time, he has more luck. After few hours of searching, he comes across a small pond, and at it's shores lied an clearly old Higitain. The beast's eyes were milky white, and it's shell chipped from many places.
Although he had intended to hunt down an actual prey creature, seeing this old higitain gave Liak an idea.
Slaying a Higitain, even an old one, would be a great feat, that would surely earn him the respect of others and most importantly Aval's.
He started sneaking towards the old sleeping beast, his spear ready to pierce the creature's eyes and kill it with one swift strike to the brains. One strike was all that he needed.

Rolling to see if Liak succeeds in approaching the creature unnoticed, and if he does, to see if his attack does what it need to do.
rolled 12, 3, 14 = 29


(I assume that the roll of 16 for successful hunting is gonna boost this up a little)

Laik doesn't exactly manage to sneak up on the creature, as it clearly becomes alarmed as he approaches. It's eyesight however seems to be impaired and it simply tries to lash out at anything close to it.
Laik charges the creature, and with one stab, pierces it's eye with his spear.
The creature begins to trash around an howl.
It takes many hours for it to finally die, and when it does, Laik starts to prepares to gather some sort of trophy of it back to the Kharum tribe. It starts to get dark though, and thus, Laik makes a camp at the pond and tries to rest.
He would return to the Kharum tomorrow.

Rolling for making a trophy out of the Higitain, peaceful night and making back to the tribe.
File: 1338928121851.png-(148 KB, 800x600, Laik's victory.png)
148 KB
rolled 14, 5 = 19

(forgot mah picture)

Laik manages to remove the faceplate and scythes of the Higitain, before he goes to rest.
The night however, is far from peaceful. The smell of blood and fresh water draws a swarm of Gohroks to the pond, and Laik is forced to flee to the night.

Rolling to see if the gohroks pursue him and if he manages to find his way back to the tribe.
rolled 20 = 20


Only a few gohroks who were left out of feasting on the higitain try to catch Laik, but they fall behind him quite fast.

Laik however, gets lost in the darkness. He decides to wait it out for the sun to rise, before trying to find back home. Wait, what? His home is in the marshes, not in these plains! What was he thinking? He belonged to the marsh.

Rolling to see if he can find back to the Kharum at the morning.
rolled 17 = 17


The next morning Nufa is starting to get worried. His son has been missing for two days now, and this is unknown land to him.

While he tries to gather some volunteers to help him go and search for him, Aval happens to wander to the borders of the camp. She too, is quite worried, but tries not to show it the outside.
Suddenly, she hears a sneeze from behind a somewhat large rock formation near her. She moves to investigate, and finds Liak there, lying on the ground, still asleep. He must have caught a cold while sleeping here all alone. Poor thing..Wait! No! The stupid boy deserves to get sick for making her so worried!

She kicks him to his abdomen.
"WAKE UP YOU DUMMY! You will get sick for lying there!"

"Wha- where?!"

"You are at home you idiot! Get up! Your dad is looking for you! We- he has been really worried about you! I don't even care, but I thought you should know!

"What? When did I get here?"

"How should I know? You are the dumb idiot who goes alone to wilderness to kill things you have never before even seen! You know how stupid that is, right? Did you actually kill anything? Just asking, I-it's not like I actually c-care. I bet you didn't!"

"Actually, I did. I made this from it's corpse."
Laik shows Aval the Higitain face shield and scythe trophy.
"It's for you."

Rolling for impressing the girl.
nad...this one is all you. your boy has finally made an impression. and perhaps given her a primitive mask and set of claw weapons. no roll for whatever you do with the parts, as its a one off thing.
rolled 10 = 10

Hey, ng! Can you give me roll results on this?

As Aval sees the gift made by Liak she knew that this man will be something great in the future, and he did this all for her to accept his love. The Higitain looked like it was old but she knew that it still required a great deal of skill and luck to kill such beast as only the strongest and most cunning higitains grow old.

"You did something stupid again Liak. Did you really think that killing an old and blind higitain would win my favour? Once again you have only managed to prove that you are a fool and idiot."

Liak could feel the rage taking him over as he listened her.
"What the He-!!"

"BUT! As we both know that you would only try again and go to another stupid trip of yours to kill yourself there is only one way to stop you from doing that. I-it's n-not that i l-like you or anything but i wouldn't be able to forgive myself if you would go and kill yourself because of your stupidity!"

It took couple seconds for Liak to understand what she meant but when he finally got it he was overjoyed. First thing he did was to bring Aval to Nufa and declare their relationship. Tonight there will be a great feast!

Could you perhaps take heed of these absolutely stellar rolls, Nongent?
rolled 1, 4 = 5

The Dahon lies dead, no longer a threat to the Mohu'awane. Polahu is rather pleased with his efforts, as well he should be. Such a fearsome beast, one wrong touch from it's tentacles... wait... Polahu has an idea. Polahu takes the some of the stinger tentacles and ties them to his spear. Now he too would have the killing power of the Dahon!

Polahu also figures the tearing, rending beaks of the beast would serve as good speartips for the tribe (or hooks for the nets).

Rolling for:
1) Collecting poisonous tentacles (failure means he picks up a non-poisoned tentacle)
2) Collecting beaks for use as spearheads (failure means the beaks are too damaged to be useful).

> 17
At last, he has gotten her attention!
File: 1338934586717.png-(232 KB, 800x800, It's not like I even like you (...).png)
232 KB
rolled 19, 20 = 39

>>19370068 (Sorry for the slow response, I passed out before you replied)

Wave is very cautious at first. All those mishaps with the Ribbons are fresh in her memories. These giants seem... warm. And did they just mimic her actions? Perhaps they are intelligent. Wait they tried to speak to... that was definitely language. Uhhh.... what should she do now? Her name perhaps? Right.. that should work.

Wave pointed out to the water. Moving her hand like the waves and then gesturing to herself. Saying her name in the language of the Kaze tribe. "I am Wave. Kind Giant." She points to her crew and the ship. "This is my crew and our ship. We come from the Jungle and seek to go out to meet our Gods. This water is poison though and we have no experience..." the words just keep pouring from her mouth, she knows they wont understand but she continues to ramble on, telling them everything with gestures and eventually breaks down to drawing in the sand. Pictures of what could be clouds and water and trees a really weird looking tree. The rest of the crew kinda look at one another waiting to see what they can do to help, and come up with a plan of their own. They decide to go gather some of their fish and offer them up as a Gift! Frilla taught them that to gain something's trust you have to give it food first. They grab a large River Kafka and present it to them, while Wave's sand drawings get more and more intricate.

(rolling for Wave's drawing attempts at communication, and the crew's success at choosing an appropriate gift. If rolls arent needed, we can just roleplay this out)
File: 1338942483389.png-(7 KB, 403x425, Black Flag.png)
7 KB
rolled 19, 12, 5, 11 = 47

The Western Explorers are confused by these creature's reactions. They don't seem overly hostile to them. But they throw things at them. Are they scared of us? One of the skulks picks up a spear and takes it with them, but they decide to leave the wanderers to themselves. They offer up a blessing of luck on their journey, and with the spear return to camp. There is so much to talk about! (rolling for adopting their spears as new tools, and any encounters on the way home)

Dem rolls!

Meanwhile, back at camp, the tribe is spending their time welcoming their new children to the tribe. The All Mother's experiment worked and the tribe is prospering. However, with so many mouths to feed now, they are going to have to expand their food supply to meet everyone's needs. The fishing has been good, and Shadow's game trail has produced much, but now it is time to expand and find more.

Two-eye eventually gets over his funk and sets out on the Black Flag. It suits his mood. It doesnt take long before their flag is sporting a rendition of Two-eye's face upon it. Using some of their new tools, and traps, the Black Flag sets out to go upriver and attempt to hunt some fish. With this new ship, they're going to try and find something bigger. Perhaps some of those crushers. (rolling for finding new fishing holes to support the tribe, and using spears and tools to hunt larger prey)
rolled 10, 13, 2, 4, 13 = 42

Swift's hunters set forth into the Frilla forest. Using their new spears and axes, they are heading straight for the ancestral home of the GSRs. Today's mission is collecting food for the tribe and gathering more young for their flock. She promised them she would return. And this time she is ready. (rolling for hunting them for food, Swift's revenge, and gathering more babies for the tribe)

The spear from Kharum is intriguing to the Kaze. This tribe used tools like this to beat deadly Bagr and have survived this far. And... they were able to throw it so far. This sort of thing would be -perfect- for hunting and fishing! The skulks set out to improve on the design. Making it their own. Adding vines to the back end making harpoons and claiming them for their own. Yes. It is a good day for the tribe.

The western tribe make it home, but come with more than just the spear. They also manage to bring home several large stalker ngungs to feed the tribe while the hunters and fishers are away.

Two-eye's ship is too large and unwieldy to work very well in the river. Instead he orders them to turn back and head for the Ocean. There is prey out there and he will have it. The new harpoons seem to be fine for the job, there just isnt anything big enough for them to use them on here. (rolling for fishing on the ocean)

Back at the All Mother, one of the Western Explorers rejoins with the All Mother to save the knowledge of their expedition for all time. She welcomes him home with open arms. The tribe begins discussing plans for further expeditions, and what they will do as they meet new species out there. How they should react, etc. As this discussion goes on, some of the skulks attempt to draw their first map of the world as they know it (rolling for map making)
File: 1338944583073.png-(22 KB, 639x613, The first map.png)
22 KB
rolled 7, 17 = 24

It wasn't a good map, but it would do, for now. It gave the tribe a means to know where things were in relation to themselves and allowed them to not rely so heavily on previous experience to find places.

Swifts' hunting trip wasn't nearly as successful as she had hoped, but there would be more. Many more to come. Her harpoon managed to claim the life of a medium sized male and the rest of the tribe joined her in dragging the beast from the Ribbon's nesting ground. However, the things were just too large and fast to catch more than the one this trip. The babies would have to wait. It seemed that after last time, the Ribbons were getting even more protective of their young.

The Black Flag has no experience on the ocean, and their crew is terrified by the constant waves and deep water. They quickly return to shore and disembark from the ship. To learn more about this strange poison water, they shall work from the shallows at first, although, getting into this liquid is painful and it burns their hides quickly. Something will definitely have to be done to make themselves resistant to this poison. But what? There has never been water that the Kaze could not enter. How can it be done. They decide to return home and discuss this with the tribe.

The Kaze Ribbons are growing fast! Their keepers feed them regularly, and take them out for training with wearing the harnesses and being around the Kaze every day. But, these two will not be enough for the whole tribe. Especially if they cannot collect more babies. So, the keepers attempt to breed the pair they have to increase the stock (Rolling for Training the Ribbons, and Domesticating/Breeding them)
Pa'a'ulapena watches as the strange, smallc green creature gestures. It seems to be talking... yes, what else could it be? Of course, *what* this visitor seems to be saying is lost on him. Then it begins drawing pictures... pictures in the sand. Pa'a'ulapena kneels down, watching with rapt fascination as the images explain what words cannot.
They are... no, it, no, her? Her name is Wave. Named for a feature of Mother Ocean. Then a concept he doesn't understand... friends? On this strange floating thing... (OOC: The Gantu don't have much in the way of rank or authority, nor do they have anything resembling a vehicle, the word crew, though communicated well, is not a concept they understand yet). Friends aboard the floating thing. They come from... the jungle... then what were they doing on the seas? Come to meet their gods? Perhaps they seek Mother Ocean? No, they just came from there, they must be seeking Little Brother, the Hunter and the Guardian.
Or... perhaps they have gods of their own? Who knows? A few minutes ago, Pa'a'ulapena didn't even know other intelligent species existed. Anything was possible, he supposed.
He begins to understand her, most of the words, at least. (Some concepts that Wave attempts to communicate might not yet exist in Mohu'awane culture) He is about to respond, when they present him with a gift of fish, a BIG one. Well, they either know or share Gantu appetites, that's a good sign.
Pa'a'ulapena smiles, beaming. He tries to communicate for the Kaze to wait there (do I have to roll for this?), he has to tell the chief, Hell, tell the whole tribe! What wonderful news, we are not alone in the universe, truly, Big Sister was even more bountiful than *ever* imagined, life took far more forms than the Gantu had known before.

Pa'a'ulapena has had First Contact. The Age of Innocence is over.
The Kaze Ribbons are too busy breeding to make much progress in training, but they are quite successful at laying their first batch of eggs. Soon, the tribe will have their own family of Kaze Ribbons to call their own. Their trainers couldn't be any happier.

Upon giving the giant a fish, it seemed to be happy. Or at least hungry, and then it ran away but it motioned for them to wait didnt it? It certainly liked the pictures at least. The crew all sat down and started to sing quietly in happiness as they waited to see what all the commotion was off in the distance.
File: 1338949541027.png-(122 KB, 882x1170, symbols.png)
122 KB
A little reference sheet.
Alright! Here we go!
When Pa'a'ulapena returned, he brought an entire crowd with him. It seemed like the whole of the tribe was curious about these visitors. But ahead of them all was the wizened old chieftan, bent over, but still a woman of power, whose very presence demanded respect.

(This is going to be a difficult meeting of the ways unless one of us finds a way to break down the language barrier.)
File: 1338961449158.png-(13 KB, 446x277, longhouse.png)
13 KB
IG, NG, when either of you get back, could I get results for these rolls?
Well, I did critical my drawing pictures check. So, perhaps symbols will work for now. Good thing there is lots of sand. I think its going to be lots of pictures and trying to sort out whats going on. GMs, how should we go about this?
Hey Gaghiel, if that's you, then feel free to join us in irc and we can work the details out.
How to IRC >>19343879
Daki prowls alone, its risky and she knows it, but she needs to blow off some steam. a lone Gohrok is bent over, chewing blissfully on a root. she creeps up behind it and slits its throat with a throwing disk. The creature gets up in shock, the cut is not painful and it is alarmed. Turning to attack and bellow, only a wet gurgle escapes as it falls over unconscious, lifeblood spurting out weakly in a rapidly forming pool that the dirt greedily drinks.

Marcia does the most natural thing, she picks up the child and cradles it, this is hard for her with how heavy it is, and her abused body,but she feels a surge of motherly strength with this action...these children need her. Soon it is quietly chirping and cooing. That broken claw will need treatment. poor thing..ugly thing.

Nar's horn is refined, the shrieker is suitably obnoxious, he creeps up behind niru who is working on what is clearly a copy of his horn. The blast deafens his sister for a few moments and causes her "horn" to crack down the middle.
Jun's nest has the basics, but its weave is too loose to hold eggs. she can build on it with some more material.
Hakel headbutts the beast, unintentionally driving his horn like mandibles thru its eyes and into its brain. the fight is over, and he is beginning to learn his own strength.
the scouts find a badly mangled lower torso and leg from a govkar and assume the worst. ((just a random govkar, no one important or from any particular tribe.))
((nad your tribe is on its way to WH40K style screaming banshees/ nightlords howl weapon with those horns))
Stone cutting comes naturally to the silith, the blocks are uniform and polished (you will get future bonuses to building). Wood is not so graceful. The rough timber homes are good enough to live in, but drafty and resemble giant beaver dams. arguments over city planning and what to do with the black stone results in a few broken limbs when things get heated. The lead engineer gets crushed to death when attempting to apply new methods to moving stone blocks. When it comes to art and decoration let us say the silith are not known for it. They apply logic in creative ways, but for them function comes first with no thought for form, abstract thought for the purpose of just being abstract is lost on them. Metal study is slow, heating rocks...over and over, is a pain in the thorax, though they do discover that the sand from the beaches has some metal in it too, but much of it must be melted, and that perhaps sand is valuable in its own.
Any chance I can get an update before I head to bed, nongent?
Here: >>19374021, and here: >>19369517?
Thanks, if you get the time.
>rolled 13, 19, 8, 13 = 53
>Rolling for resuming construction, better boats (perhaps discovering pitch to aid in this), oil (plant, fish, or whatever. Just so that it's slick and burns well. Not the petroleum sort though), and glass.

The huts were built, and they are as sturdy as they can be. Meanwhile, one of the fishermen discovers that one of Nuro's organs are filled with a sticky kind of jelly, and find that it can be used to seal leaks in boats. This jelly is also combustible, but it burns out quicker than dry grass, and the flames are much hotter. However, using this jelly to burn sand, they find that it leaves behind glass after it's cooled. They have yet to find out how to shape the glass, though, because currently they can only make circular plate-like glass with many imperfections.
13, 19, 8, 13 = 53
Rolling for resuming construction, better boats (perhaps discovering pitch to aid in this), oil (plant, fish, or whatever. Just so that it's slick and burns well. Not the petroleum sort though), and glass.

construction is sucessful, a strong foundation benefits a building's longevity, as an added bonus, a very curious builder actually made the foundation nearly as big as the house, jutting out of the ground (( see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_castle )) Plants that were crushed in a container and left in the dark for many days have not made oil, however they smell strange, and the liquid that is left over does burn, but it burns blue. what strange fire (discovered alcohol) A black hand master drank some out of curiosity, and fought like a devil against the other masters, his movement was disorderly and unpredictable...he sadly developed a dependency on the foul stuff. Melting sand in fire left a strange material when the slag cooled off. it was somewhat clear, and brittle. The boats have been drastically improved and are now sleek and glossy. oddly enough...made from tempered glass. the realization came to a shipwright when he noticed not all of his glass plates sank in water while washing them. the thinnest ones would float if carefully set down in water.
Hahaha, hivemind. In any case, you can pick and choose what's best from both posts, Nad.
Sorry Indonesian, i didnt know you were about, welcome back though! I would go with his results for now folks. or mix and match ours to your taste. ill do fortunes because he asked it of me.

Indo, that is fucking creepy how in sync we are sometimes. posting results at nearly the same time, and then saying nearly the same thing.
Hey if Indo wants to do 'em I'm okay with that too. I'm cool either way.
the nets get a little bigger.

Pa'a'ulapena gets a great idea. The strangers have a thing that floats, they will not mind if he looks at it. walking past surprised sulks right onto their boat a few follow him but do nothing. He opens doors, plays with various things pointing and questioning in the most understandable ways. Much is learned. the visitors seem happy enough to help him out. ((its likely that the thought of the boat being just theirs a thought, and they are new neighbors, and he is not taking it. so a little walk around to see and learn is no big deal))

herbal medicine is confusing, some plants poison, others heal. some only heal when mixed with ones that poison. it is best to leave them alone for someone who can understand them better.
rolled 20, 5 = 25

Thunder, the original creator of the boat happens to be on hand, and is quite happy that the Gantu seem to take an interest in his work. With some effort, he does his best to explain the workings of their ship. How it works, and the oars. There is a brief moment where he pulls out one of the Oars to show them where the Gantu get a little jumpy, but they all chuckle when the misunderstanding is cleared up.

The ship is fairly basic in principle. Built with naturally occurring pieces of wood rather than specially shaped with tools. The boat's sail leaves flap in the wind and have different positions they can be tied in to catch the wind. The Kaze explain that they sleep under the stars, so the 'rooms' they have built are more for storing supplies than themselves.

The Kaze eventually try to explain that the water is poisonous to them, and that is their problem at this point. They have no means for storing water for trips and the salt dries them out very fast.

(rolling for teaching the Gantu basic boating, and trying to communicate their own problems in an attempt to solve the problem together)
The gantu pick up even more so on the ways of boating, and seem excited. As for language..its hard for the gantu to grasp the spoken words, but the body language, tone, and gestures he gets quite well. Ultimately the skulk simply dips part of an arm into the salt water. after a few moments the skin is irritated and rashy, small lesions form where fluid seeps out, then "crawls" back into the opening. the Gantu is shocked that a creature who sails the mother ocean would have it be anathema to it. Perhaps these creatures are not of their gods.
rolled 2, 15 = 17

Day after celebration Kharum continued it's voyage to the north. They now had Noord skins to use as clothing and lots of meat from past battles so things were all right for them for the moment.

Rolling for Speed and random encounter.
rolled 2, 16, 2, 13, 15, 17, 17 = 82

the twins refocus their training on the warriors of the tribe, specifically the skulks. They abandon attempts to use weapons, they have hard tipped extending vines, claws, and teeth. they are hard to kill. these traits are their advantage, why try to modify them.

the courtesan has been restless, she and buzku go for a walk, that becomes a run, that becomes climbing and leaping thru trees at a rapid pace breaking into parkour.

the seedlings are now full and have been planted. they will grow quickly in the abundant moss and water.

being unnoticed is important for the tribe. while predator does not speak, predator can teach the tribe how to move with murderous silence.

The daughter's oddness has been spreading...thru the tribe, it is unsettling for some, and enlightening for others. Feelings and thoughts are sometimes felt across the tribe. Individuality is maintained, but its like always knowing what is going on. at least amongst the infected.

some members of the tribe begin to work on musical instruments. Voice is at the head of it.

Celebration at all the good fortune the cave has brought on spurs dancing, song, and festivities. the dancing is wild, and free. break dancing/ Capoeira.

rolling for: martial arts (Assassination/ dirty fighting), parkour, seedling growth, stalking/ silent movement, spread of modified skulcrow taint, music, wild dancing.
the tribe has to stop and set up camp for the night, a blizzard rolls in, thankfully they have these new furs to keep them warm. The adolescents and children of the tribe are making wads of snow to throw at each other. snow wads if you will. all is well. while everyone is asleep the winds carry a giant ribboner crashing near the camp. more meat? whatever god who looks over this exodus is smiling on them. It may be of some use....but it seems like it has eaten recently, and it has lots of puncture marks that seem to originate from the inside.

The tribes growth is slow right now, the seedlings are taking a while to grow for some reason, its almost as if they are sick. the fighters of the tribe give it their best, but get their asses handed to them by the twins. The will to fight just is not there. Several people see Courtesan and Buzku running thru the trees, and join. It comes naturally and the predator takes it's turn to follow them, and in time exposes herself and makes a game of high speed hide and seek that the rest of the runners pick up on and become quite good at.
Voice and several others create a large arry of strage sounding instruments from stretched animal hide, dried vines and sinews, hollowed out fruits and roots, rasping over shells and bones, and more. The cacophony is strange, very strange, but entrancing. The celebrations pick up a fevar pitch and both skulks and govkar display greater and greater skill at dancing. It is a wild night that mother and voice watch over with pleased eyes. The evening's festivities cause the "taint" to spread to a majority of the tribe and now many of the skulk's are unaware they carry the modified skulcrow lemuy as well as their own. the govkar are unaffected.
File: 1338980957284.png-(137 KB, 606x966, 1338862797866.png)
137 KB
"winter is coming...." one warrior looked at the other. "the dead will walk again if we dont burn them" the other warrior remarked back with a laugh "or eat them."

Daki watches as the beast slowly dies. A swift and clean kill. Without any needless bravado. Nufa could never operate like this...What was this..Was she really worried about him? But how? They had competed and fought since childhood...how could she feel this bad when he was gone? Somehow, life felt emptier without the ability to belittle and beat her brother in contests... She supresses these thoughst as she begins to gut the gohrok and harvest it for edible and otherwise usable parts to take back to the village.

Macia holds the gohrok child for a while, until it is completely calmed, only occasionally letting out small chirps of pain. What was she doing...these creatures...these monsters had almost killed her, and yet, she now craddled one of their young in her hands.
She hears the other two gohroks chirping from Daki's hut. She puts the child down and investigates it's fellows. They are alone in the hut, sitting in one corner. One of them is havily bruised. After contemplating what to do for a while, Macia finally decides to take care of these children. Daki was obiviously incapable of it, and perhaps they could be raised properly. The claw of the one child has to be tended first of course.

Nar runs away from her shocked sister, laughing hysterically. Yes! These two horns were awesome! He started wondering if they could have other uses than just scaring others or causing them to violently vomit.
He goes to the edge of the village, and blows the horn towards a swarm of ribboners flying over the river.
rolled 18, 15, 1, 3, 9, 3, 7, 17 = 73

Niru was happily working on the water delivery system, when suddenly her ears were bombarded with abhorrent noise. The noise stops as quickly as it started, and she is left in a state of shock and confusion. After sitting there, for like five minutes, she realises that she can hear again. Her mind starts to move more swiftly, and she quickly realises who must have been behind this "funny prank".
"That stupid little shit!" she mutters, as she is about to return to her work. For few moments, she just stares at the massive crack in the center of her project. Then, she springs up, and skreams:
She storms of and begins an intense rage fuelled search for her brother.

Jun attempts to reinforce her nest with the silk sheets. Her eggs deserved a comfy craddle. They were only few days away...

Hakel is shocked how easy it was to kill the Gohrok. He feasts on it's corpse, and then continues onwards towards the outskirts of his village.

The scouts are devastated. Their hopes had risen through the roof when they found the dagger, but now it seemed that they were been ill placed. The scouts burry the body with the dagger, and head back home with heavy hearts.

Rolling for seeing if Daki can get the gohrok parts back to the village on her own, seeing if Macia is able to treat the child's broken claw and if the gohroks accept her as their new mother, Nar's experiment with the horn, seeing if Niru finds Nar, Jun's continued nest building, Hakel's trip to home and for the scout's return.

>nat 1 for gohroks accepting Macia as their new mother.

I've collected all my posts so far on the Kaze Tribe's wiki page: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Kaze

If you want to catch up on what they're up to since I type a lot, go ahead and take a browse. Sorry for the jumping around, I just copy/pasted all my posts and did a little light editing.
rolled 12, 2 = 14


As Kharum started to open the animal they knew that eating animal that died on its own is not a good idea as it might be lethal. The reason why they opened the beast was to see what caused the death of the beast and when they managed to open the ribboner they found badly wounded skulk in there. Nufas reaction was to easily quessed as he wanted to kill the witch but Kharum still was people of peace and elder asked him to stop as he didn't want to kill anyone without a real reason. They haven't seen the Skulk scouts for a while but if they took care of her and left her here with food they might come for this one. After that they bandaged the Skulk, left some food and warm clother for it and left her. Kharum didn't want to take the risk of taking Skulk with them as they would continue their exodus. Now it would be up to the fate what would happen to it.

Kharum continues the exodus. Rolling for speed and randomness.
Daki stubbornly drags the slaughtered gohrok back to the village, without its guts its a little lighter, but the entire thing is meat, rope, armor and leather. shes going to force one of those brats to make her some custom armor. meanwhile Macia wraps the child's claw with silk and tree resin to help it heal, just as she finishes daki comes thru the hut entry and slams the dead Gohrok onto the floor with a wet thud. For a moment the children stare wide eyed at the dead creature, then start to shriek and cry. They push away from Macia and hide in the corner. Daki seeing this, someone taking her property, and the things being treated as though they were real children shoves macia to the side and starts stomping on the one who's arm was just bandaged. As the brutal assault carries on the poor little creature's shell starts to splinter and crack, blood begins to pour out. Daki is trying to stomp its back in.
Nar pisses off every ribboner and they are coming right at him, with niru coming form the other direction pissed off as hell. Jun's nest is a mess, the silk covers it up, but she tests it out by sitting on it, and it prompty falls apart. perhaps she should try useing on of her big containers stuffed with silk or something else as nest..the thought strikes her as if it came from a higher source. Hakel is quite full, that meat was good and he picks his teeth with one of the bones from his feast. The skulk in his head sighs and speaks "there is trouble coming your way."..."where, i dont see it, or hear it."..."its above you" the voice says...hakel never realized it, but he cant see out of his third eye. he has no idea its there, but something else can see with it, and it sees a great ribboner coming in for the kill. The scouts make it back much faster then it took to get where they were, without event, and they have made maps of their trip. They will likely be rewarded.
rolled 3, 3 = 6

Sky slowly rouses to consciousness and finds herself bundled up in strange hides and furs. There was food stashed away off to one side, and her wounds were also bound with something.

This was extraordinarily strange. The last thing she remembered was fighting inside of the damned Sky Ribbon, and falling unconscious. Now, she was in some strange land of snow and ice. There were trees in the distance, but she had no clue where she was. At least there was food.

She had no choice but to head towards the trees. Perhaps she could follow this path left by wandering creatures. Although it looked a lot like like Go-stalker tracks. But this was too out in the open and there were too many of them. Best to head south and hope for the best

(rolling for random encounters, and speed)
As patch the skulk up as good as they can, and leave it with adequate food and warm clothes, its still dazed and doesn't seem to know whats going on. Skulks are hard to kill and taste like...burning. It should be ok on its own....they make good time away from the skulk, and about 8 hours later are down the mountains into more temperate weather. they breath a collective sigh of relief and nope. fuck that. Jungle govinks are on the stampede, being chased by slaughter beasts. This drives the tribe to the falls. from the water crawls up behind them death frowgs. Perhaps the skulk was an omen, or a test that was failed, the time for thinking on the will of the gods was past. the time for survival was now.
File: 1338985370937.png-(51 KB, 1001x562, 1337702261407.png)
51 KB
((forgot the pic))

Sky crawls slowly thru the snow, when from behind her she hears a heavy footfalls and the crushing of the snow. best to try and hide, lest she find out what is behind her.
rolled 9 = 9


Truly this is starting to be normal for Kharum as they are in constant danger but that is the way of this deathworld where no one is safe. They would do what they have done so many times in the past and take positions to start killing. Killing for survival.

Roll for Combat
((modified +2 for a life of combat))
its a good death, for those that die. The panicking govinks crash into their line, clawing and getting cut down as they stomp members of the tribe to death and fling others several meters away with their flailing claws. those that splash into the pond are ripped at by the death frowgs and are forced to slash with their hatchets. their fur cloths take the worst of it.
It was the Slaughter beasts who were the worst. They were actually smart, stopping instead of charging, waiting and watching the fighting, slipping in and slashing when they could, running when they were noticed. still the tribe endured. With some quick group work the tribe hearded the govinks into the shallow water to be devouered by the frowgs, and turned their attentions to slaughter beasts. They lived up to their name. The fighting was fast, intense, and brutal. the beasts were a ball of fury and blades, a sphere of murder. Limbs fly, guts spill, and death comes for both sides. In the end the tribe has won, and lost the lives of eight. Nufa lost two of his children, the young male and his chosen have survived. The survivors have injuries to tend to, but first they walk around the carnage stabbing the dead and dieing monsters, into the shallows of the lake they murder the frowgs, the will search for their eggs and crush them in the coming days. this land was theirs now, and they would burn it before giving it up.
two of the assumed dead gurgle weakly on the ground. bloody froth coming from their mouths. one manages to get the question out "did we kill well?" his still standing brother told him "you killed the best." but he was already dead. tonight there would be burning of the lost.
Manly tears... Alright, time for an update on the Kaze/Mohu'awane meeting.
rolled 18, 8, 15, 7, 8, 8 = 64


Macia snaps.
Daki's cruelty is too much for her to handle. She charges her big sister and tries to knock her away from the screaming child.
Daki is too focused on venting her frustration on the child to notice her sister's attack.

Nar realizes that he really screwed up this time. He sees the ribboners, flying towards him, and his sister, also running towards him, screaming something. The fear and the loud buzzing coming from the Ribboners blot her words however. The only thing Nar can think of doing is blowing to his horn again.

Niru sees the ribboners flying towards her little brother, and her anger is instantly turned into fear. What had that idiot done?
"Get out of there Nar!" She screams and runs towards him, desperate to save him before the flying bugs kill him.

Meanwhile, Jun tries to make her nest out of one of the bigger containers. She is kinda confused, why can't she weave a proper nest? She used to be able to do that? What could have happened. (Possible consequence of being knocked out by Daki's throwing disk.)

Hakel attempts to evade the beast. He is in no mood of fighting again.

The scouts continue their trek back home. They make sure to mar everything interesting on their maps.

Rolling for Macia's attack, Nar's horn, Niru's attempt to save her brother, Jun's third attempt at nest making, Hakel's evasion and to see if the scouts notice anything of interest.

rolled 18, 8, 15, 7, 8, 8 = 64
Rolling for Macia's attack, Nar's horn, Niru's attempt to save her brother, Jun's third attempt at nest making, Hakel's evasion and to see if the scouts notice anything of interest.

Macia puts a hand on Daki's shoulder and pulls her back while kicking her knee to the side snapping it. grabbing the flailing cursing daki by the leg that was just broken she pulls her to the edge of the hut. "sister, its a long way down dont you think? I wonder if that armor you wear will afford you the same protection that the little one's did when you threw it out of here." "you wouldnt dare! those worthless things tried to kill you, and now you will protect them?! We watched you wither, scream, and nearly die because of what they did to you! YOU REPAY ME WITH A BROKEN LEG AND DEATH THREATS?!"...."no sister, i repay you for a lifetime of cruelty, not just to these creatures who did not wrong me, but to our own kind and kin." ((what happens next nad, is up to you))

Nar has gotten better with the horn ((+2)) the noise distracts the bugs, causing a few to drop out of the sky for a moment, and the swarm to loose coherency, just long enough for Niru to grab her stupid brother and make a break for it. Jun couldnt make a nest, not even a prepared one..she wept, what was wrong with her? She had dropped the big container and it shattered. why was she so disorganized and uncoordinated?! She would never know Daki had damaged her brain's motor controls with repeated concussions. She would have to swallow her pride and ask for help.Hakel doesn't want to trouble, but the bug does. The scouts really dont see anything worth note.
rolled 3, 13, 15, 19, 4, 11, 15, 7 = 87

How the month has passed! I have watched as my Kin smelted sands into... Something, one was surely metal, while the other was something else entirely. I wondered at the black obelisks of solid, square stone that jut out like blunt obsidian teeth into the Aether, ready for use in construction, when the time comes.

Oh, when will the time come! My Kin have proved throughout this month that they are a bit... Un-creative when it came to the crafting of beautiful things. Was it due to the hardships we had to endure on the Exodus? Was it stricken upon us by the Burning Moons, their Pride refusing us to even craft something to rival their own splendor? We shall challenge them once more in this new home. This shelter. The more I call it shelter, the more I realize just how gross a comparison that would be. A shelter is a cold, damp cave, shelter is one of those baskets our kin used to live in during our times in the Marsh. But this? This is more then just a home.

The Silith have no true word to describe this, but our people have begun to call it Muskato, or Black Crescent due to the way the land bends to the lake, as though wishing to embrace it. Here in Muskato, we shall build a future for our people!

Roll for glassmaking, city/town design, Engineering, Silith confidence in their future, Metallurgy, breeding, scouting for further resources, and musical instruments

Mass amounts of iron rich red sand are dumped into forges hoping to smelt some precious metal. The results are still impure and tainted with sand, yielding metallic glass. Too brittle to use, too opaque to be a useful.

Education on applied principals of deduction, logic, reason, science, math, and practical experience yeild a tribe of engineers. Thinkers. future efforts will get bonuses to scientific/ building related things...their ability to make art or music has suffered from it, as a culture they consider it to be frivolous. Their last attempt at a music instrument ended up being converted into a pully driven load lifter...it was a strange day. The tribe begins to lay out the foundations of a very organized grid. equal spacing along the x and y axis with provisions for the Z. The entire tribe is supremely confident in their future to the point of zealousness. They will be unbeatable, at least in their minds. Breeding yeilds a 15% increase in numbers. New resources are discovered in the form of the oxide rich sands.

Nufa mourns the loss of two of his children. Now there is only Laik left..No! There are still Neeja and the younger children living in the marshes, with their mother Ilna... How could he forger? How long had it been...
This land was nothing like his home...he needs to find his way back there...but how? He has traveled too far with the Kharum, he no longer knows where to even look for his home. And his son has already started a new life here...but for him..this is not home.. The Kharum are friendly, but their ways are not his, their food is not is. There is something missing from here...
These thoughts start to drive Nufa into depression. He sees it in his mind, how, without anyone to mess up her plans, Daki becomes the new leader and....he had to admit, he missed his sister. Their competition had been fierce, but now without it, he didn't know what to do with his life...
He walks to the shores of the river, and washes his hands from the blood in the cold water. The river.... It was running east...

While his father was brooding, Laik, after he had mourned the death of his siblings, goes to spend time with Aval. The girl is still keeping her act on, but it breaks down more often nowadays.
As he approaches her, something seems wrong. She seems distant, and somehow, disturbed. There is no trace of her normal rigid act.
"What's wrong?"
Laik could tell that she was lying. Something had obviously happened.
"Have you been crying?"
"..no..,you i-idiot.."
"Seriously, you can tell me!"
She is silent, but Laik can feel her body shake slightly with her each breath.
"...they died....they all died..."
"My family! They are all dead! I am all alone!" She begins to weep and shake uncontrollably.
"No, you are not alone. I will stay by your side as long as I live."
Laik hugs her and holds her until she calms down.
After some time, she turns her to face Laik and says:
"..you idiot..."
"Why do you keep saying stupid stuff like that?"
"Like what?" Laik asks in puzzlement.
" I will stay by your side as long as I live. You realize how moronic that sounds? Of course you don't! You are just a big, stupid, idiot!" Aval is almost shouting at him. She pushes Laik of herself, causing him to stumble on his ass.
"uh..I thought it sounded..romantic?"
"No it didn't you dumbass, it made you sound like a moron! Who says things like that!?" She comes closer, while continuing to berate him.
"Only a thick, slow witted idiot raised in the woods would think that girls want to hear stuff like that! You don't know anything about anything!" She lowers herself closer to him.
rolled 14 = 14

"You come here with your spear and bravado, try to impress me with your stupid boomer and then almost get killed by the hairy monsters-"
"I wasn't even close to being killed!"
"Shut up when I am insulting you!" She yells and places her hand over his mouth.
"And then after killing the big hairy monster you run away for 2 days, and then return with your stupid face and the stupid mask and scythes and now I have to watch over your dumb ass so you won't get lost again! Do you know what all this makes me think of you?"
Nufa mumbles something, but Aval's hand makes it impossible to speak.
"It makes me think, that you are one big, stupid, foolhardy, idiot who thinks that girls will just swoon to him if he shows off a little! You have no clue about anything!"
She releases her grip and sits atop of him.
"..then why are you still with me here?"
"...Because you are MY own idiot!

They embrace each other as the sun sets.


Rolling to see if the two lovebirds get anything done during that night (rolling for breeding.)
Stone by stone, grid by grid, our future grows. If you told me nary a month ago that we would be designing streets of stone, houses of marble... I would take you stricken by madness. And yet, here we are, building our dreams. Sildarin, OUR world, will tremble beneath our majesty, for we are truly majestic in what we're accomplishing here. Beauty is in a building constructed without mortar, music? The sound of grinding stone or roaring fires. Our people continue in the quest to create glass of discerning quality, metal without impurities.

Why does Sandril fail to see what I see! She speaks of the heart of our people as though it is in danger, I see nothing of the sort. Just the other day, I was walking with her as the din of construction was all around us, and we by chance happened upon the pit where we throw our used food. She was disgusted and commented on how this would be a challenge for our future generations to combat, I merely pointed out that even in filth, things can grow. Things can... Grow. But we through out the used carcasses of the fruit in that pit... Could it be the seeds...
rolled 11, 3, 7, 13, 10, 13, 10 = 67


Our engineers have minds of science and mathematics, and they've begun to develop something they term the "Wheel." Like the disc of the Burning Moons, the Wheel supposedly is without angles, an endless curve. I ask our men to see what they can learn from this. Speaking of the seeking of knowledge, our scouts must travel further and further out to seek new wonders that may be used for our people, I personally oversee their departure with all the tenderness a father can give to a child. What does the future hold for our proud, glorious people? A future as bright as the Aether, the Spirits shall watch over our efforts with glee as the Void Guardians nod in approval.

Roll for glassmaking metallurgy, agriculture, the wheel, scouting the surrounding countryside for resources, progress on the city's construction, and basic physics.
victory. full clutch of children in your future...all healthy with no witchborn traits.

prior failures compound to experience. this time the glass comes out clear.

an old smith makes the fire roar, the stones give up their yeild, and he is pleased, but he also dies of a heart attack and falls forward into the forge. his body is incinerated by the heat, but the carbon in it makes for strong steel.

Farming is just out of reach for the tribe. apparently the trick was not to use squares. PI are squared, but wheels are round. go figure? The land has been thoroughly mapped for resources. in the future perhaps other tribes will have resources to trade for, steal, or war for. The city expands at a steady rate every day. Basic physics achieved, in the form of the understanding of trajectories, like when you lob a tool at your USELESS ASSISTANT!!

On a side note, it was not scouts, but a young smith who discovered even the sea has something to offer. Repeatedly boiling massive amounts of water yields salt, and other strange compounds.
File: 1338996973030.png-(59 KB, 573x490, TribalDancer_01.png)
59 KB
rolled 6, 3, 3 = 12

The Gantu awkwardly communicate to the Kaze, a feast has been prepared, the whole tribe is to celebrate meeting their kin, fellow children of Mother Ocean. The Gantu give these creatures a name, u'mea'malo, meaning: "New Friends" and this is the word that the Gantu will use for the Skulk in the future.

A new totem is being carved in remembrance of this event, to stand beside that of U'amahu. As the feasting and dancing continues, a great bonfire is made, and the Skulk are treated to a Gantu ceremonial dance. It is the tale of a diver, and a white roha. In the background, one of these "giants" smiles.

Rolling for:
1) New Tiki, how awesome is it?
2) Making Kaze feel welcome
3) communication, perhaps by being surrounded by so many voices of the Mohu'awane, they can pick up a phrase or two?
File: 1338997065654.jpg-(4 KB, 115x120, 3750870+_65628705a19c595e8ab4b(...).jpg)
4 KB

" You think I have been cruel to you? No! The world is cruel to all of us! I have trained you to face it and deal with it! If mother hadn't sheltered you from me, you wouldn't be naive enough to break the tribe's best hunter's leg over some gohrok spawns.
Take them! I can't tend for them anymore anyways after what you have done!"
Macia pulls Daki back into the hut, horrified her violent outburst did to her sister. Suddenly, she feels a hard kick on her side.
"Get out of here!" Daki yells while clutching her leg. "And take those things with you!"
Meekly, Macia obeys, and leads the scared gohroks out of the hut.
As she walks towards her own hut, she can hear Daki scream :"Teka! Get mother here! I need to speak to her!"
Macia takes the gohroks to her own hut. She tries to feed them in order that they would calm down. She also attempts to heal the battered claw of one of them.

Niru and Nar run as fast as they can back to the village, Nar occasionally blowing his horn to keep the ribboners from pursuing them.
When they finally arrive at the village, Niru smacks Nar to the face and yells:
"What in the world were you thinking?"
"I thought that they would explode, or something."
"You are a damn fool. How can it be that you came up with the new armors?"
"I am a genius!"
"You are an idiot."
They head to the feast that is about to start.

Kiknau opens the feasts, and watches as her tribe gathers to eat. The food is bountiful, but she notices that two of her children are missing. She can't see Daki or Macia anywhere. As she is about to go an search for them, Teka, Daki's mate, approaches her.
"Beloved matron, Daki is wounded. She has requested that you would come to see her blight."
"What happened to her?"
"I don't know, but her leg seems to be broken. She is in shock, and barely can speak under her screams of pain. I think that Macia might be involved in this."
"Macia? I must see what has happened!"
She goes with Teka, and finds her eldest daughter clutching her leg and moaning in pain.
"Uuuh..! Moth..rr..Aih! Ma...cc"
"Shh. Try not to speak. Concentrate on staying awake." Kiknau says to Daki.
She starts to examine her daughter's injuries, and it is clear that her leg has been broken by someone. This kind of damage isn't a result of a fall. She leaves trying to find the one who did this for later, as she prepares to try to heal her daughter.
rolled 2, 4, 2, 18, 16, 6, 10 = 58


Jun was just about to approach her mother about her problem, but then Daki's mate came along and dragged her away. She is sad and feels ill. She tries to eat, but the food just makes her feel sick. Hia, Hakle's mate notices her discomfort and approaches her. The two families had grown close after Hakel was banished, as Hia and her children sought comfort and hel from Jun's family.
"What's wrong Jun? Are you sick?"
"No...It's the..eggs.."
"Are you about to lay eggs? That's wonderful! Do you have a nest ready?"
"...you don't? Why?"
"because I no longer can build one!" Jun begins to cry.
"What? How can that happen? Come with me, let's take you somewhere more private."
Hia escorts Jun to her hut. There, Jun explains here predicament in greater detail.
"I can try to help you, if you want. This is very strange...what could have caused this?"
Jun gladly accepts the help, while Hia continues to ponder what is the cause of Jun's problems.

It seems, that the beasts of the marshes aren't content in peaceful coexistence this day. Hakel raises his pincers and waits for the ribboner to make it's strike. He will attempt to grab the creature when it comes too close, and tear it apart with his pincers.

The scouts make camp for the night. It should be only few days from now until they reach back to the tribe.

Rolling for feeding and healing the gohroks, seeing if the feast goes well, tending Daki, helping Jun make a nest, Hakel's fight against the ribboner and to see if the scouts can continue onwards the next morning.

The Gantu welcoming party to the Skulks is going along fine, but when they were attempting to erect the new tiki to honor this historical event, a sudden tropical thunderstorm disrupted their efforts. It was as if the rainclouds had gathered in only few minutes and as the rain poured upon the coast, the Gantu had to halt the feast, as everyone scrambled to cover from the rain.
Because of the downpour, the skulks aren't exactly feeling welcome, as they have no shelter to flee from the rain,
The rain also stops any communication attempts pretty efficiently.

I am not used to deciding rolls, so if this doesn't suit you, just say it.
Bummer, bro. Well, the Gantu offer their huts to the Skulk, that they may dry off from the rain. Perhaps tomorrow then.
Still need results from >>19374021.

Also, part of the captcha was my last name. Freaked me right the Hell out. 0_o


Unfortunately, Polahu only manages to get very few tentacles. As the massive dahon fell to the ground, many of it's tentacles were either crushed underneath it, or simply torn and tangled by the nearby trees. These tentacles were also very hard to remove with a simple spear, but there was no touching them, as they were deadly.
He attempts to collect what he can, but unbeknown to him, the tentacles he managed to pick up were simply undeveloped lifting tentacles, which contained no poisons.

The beaks were ruined by the dahon itself, as it tried to lift the heavy boulders. The beaks broke down as they grinded against the hard rock. He only manages to find one intact one, the rest of them are splintered and broken.

It is an odd thing, this glass. Although Sandril assures me it is not what we are looking for, we could surely use it to immense effect as clear portals to let in the Suns for our settlements, or for ways to store food and water... Amongst other brews. Some of our hunters have came back dizzy and sluggish after consuming berries that have spoiled upon the vine. Their description of the experience seems.. Intoxicating, we shall send word to hunt for more immediately.

The death of the Old Smith shall be mourned, but the binding of his Spirit with the metal we found amongst his body has turned the previously dull iron into something immensely strong. Is this where Spirits if they fail to appease the Void Guardians with tales of their splendor? We shall be discussing with Sandril and her growing number of priests. We shall burn out bodies amongst the sands of iron. If the Spirit binds, we shall have our Soulmetal, if it does not... Then the spirit was truly worthy to enter the Aether and join their ancestors.
rolled 4, 16, 1, 16, 6, 18, 3, 2, 1 = 67


My attempts at growing crops has seemingly eluded us. I was about to attempt growth once more when some Kin came by to report the creation of a rough wheel, which they are hoping to improve upon. Shooing them away, I got back to work with some other Kin who see the potential in growing our own crops. After setting up the test "garden" as we call it now best I can, I spoke to the Young Smith, the one who managed to turn water of the ocean into salt and other compounds. He suggested we try digging shallow areas to trick the Prideful Suns immense heat to do the work for us, the water evaporating under their glory until nothing but salt remained. I sent some Kin to aid him in that experiment while I noticed something odd amongst the waste pit.

Beasts, wild beasts picking through our discarded food! And amazingly enough, they seemed... Friendly, one in fact getting close enough to touch. We must set about taming these animals, and perhaps the larger animals beyond in this land's plains. Why do such strenuous labor when it can be put on the backs of beasts?

Roll for new metallurgy technique, glass containers/bottles, alcohol, agriculture, improved wheels, sun-based salt production, animal husbandry/domestication, physics, and progress on city development.
rolled 12 = 12


Fun Fact: Did you know this was Metallurgy Attempt #11 that didn't even get close to an "almost uncertain?"

I bet the Lem did this.
File: 1339015792288.png-(510 KB, 790x571, new project.png)
510 KB
> I bet the Lem did this.

Well, look what just happened to pop up in my image editor... (totally making this later).

Welcome back Fortune!
Will you join with us on irc?
What race is the dude in your picture gonna be btw?
Kinda hard to tell from the stick figure alone.
If he is a govkar, remember the upper pincer arms.
File: 1339016668885.png-(422 KB, 820x455, Preview 2.png)
422 KB
Well, at first Gwiliak, but since it was Solomon's post that gave me the idea, I'm going with Silith.

As for irc, normally I'd be all over that, but I've postponed Fortune long enough.

Granted, the only difference between the Gwiliak and the Silith is the coloration of the shell and tentacles, the lack of mandibles, and clothes.
File: 1339017545575.png-(80 KB, 1491x546, village.png)
80 KB
rolled 1, 10, 5, 2, 4, 6 = 28

I'll take bits from each (and touch it up with a little of my own. And when I said pitch, I was thinking tree resin)

At long last, the notashaolintemple has been finished. All warrior-monk training takes place here.

It is decided that it may be a bad idea to drink this stuff. However, the fact that it burns could be useful.

After bonfires on the beach, sheets of a semi-clear material are found under the ash. It is found to be both brittle and waterproof.

The old rafts have been replaced by much better boats (they still are used in funeral ceremonies). The shape was somewhat inspired by a bowl-shaped hunk of glass floating in the water. The shape itself both floats on its own, and prevents sailors from being swept off as easily. With a team of rowers timing themselves to a drummer up front, the larger of these boats can go quite fast through the water. Believing it protect the boats from harm, the front is carved into a Slizer figurehead. However, the power of wind is known to the tribe. If only there were a way to harness it.

Rolling for lamps, glass blowing, exploring the coastline by sea (east and west), and sails. The last die is for building a dock if the roll's even needed (considering that a bridge has been built).
The Skulks seem disturbed slightly by so man of the giants dancing around FIRE. They have never seen it before, or used it. It scares and intrigues them, and despite the marvel of their totem and the joy in their song and dance. Wave and Thunder can't help but be too interested in these fake trees the Giants seem to go in and out of.

And then the storm comes. Rain howls and lightning cracks in the sky. The water becomes turbulent. The Sky has sent them a gift this day. And what a gift! This is the largest storm they have ever seen! Truly a sign of good things. The crew rushes to make sure their boat is secured and then proceed to dance on the beach and sing loudly. The fires are extinguished by the wind and rain, but the Skulk seem to -love- this weather. Offers for them to come in out of the rain draw them away for a moment, and they go inside the huts, curious as to what the Gantu want. But upon going inside, and seeing everyone huddled up away from the rain, the skulk look about, and then smile and return to dancing. At least for a few hours. Then, everyone comes up to the houses and sleeps up against the huts, exhausted from so much majesty in one day.
rolled 1, 3, 18 = 22

Two-Eye and his crew return to shore after their first experiments with the ocean. They need something to hold water for them over periods of time. This recent tropical storm brought them some water, but they need a reliable source. They set out into the trees and fell some smaller ones and start to hollow them out. Perhaps they can make something useful that way. (rolling to develop water storage for long trips)

Once this task is done, they fill themselves with water, and the containers they have fashioned and set out again. They must explore this thing they have begun to call the Sea. There is bound to be marvels out here no Skulk has ever seen and Two-eye will be the first to see them. His sights are set on discovering Horizon before Wave does. Perhaps if he returns and shows the tribe his prowess once more she will consider mating with him. (rolling 2 times for discoveries, first for random encounter, second for finding something over the 'horizon')
File: 1339019954334.png-(283 KB, 1024x1000, Hakel mutated.png)
283 KB
Alright, I was finally able to finish Hakel.
I am gonna go to sleep now.
rolled 18, 1, 9, 14, 14, 9, 13 = 78

Sky gathers up everything that the gods have given to her and books it to cover. She doesn't want to be eaten a second time. She hides behind a snow covered rock, shivering to keep warm, her claws extended all the way, and her vine tendrils coiled tight, and ready to explode into action
(roll 1 for hiding, roll 2 for combat if she fails)

Back at the All Mother, Shadow is holding another contest with the spear in mind this time. He challenges the Skulk to find more and interesting ways to use these ideas to make tools and weapons. If other tribes can make things like this, perhaps the skulk can too. How can they make hunting better? They could throw these things pretty far. Maybe they could build something to throw these spears for them? (rolling for weapon experimentation and developing Archery)

The Scouting parties have finally recovered, but the Eastern team after failing so badly the first time, decides to stay home and leave the exploration to the western team. The Westerners set back out. Perhaps they can find the trail of those strange creatures and see what became of them. And then, once that is done, they plan to head due east, across the great marsh and discover what they can about their ancestral homeland. (rolling for discovering the remnants of Onolkeshan's tribe, random encounters and speed of journey)
Whoa... Badass, Nad. Sleep well.
It's like I can *hear* him going "and soon the world will be MINE!".

The Gantu are at first confused by the Skulk's actions... puzzled. But then a child goes out and joins them. He is laughing and playing and singin' in the rain. The village is taken aback.
An old man joins the child... dancing as if he were young and spry again. He sings a song, an old song.
The tribe slowly leaves their homes. Surely this rain is a gift from Mother Ocean just as much as everything else, surely this is a test from Little Brother, and they do not wish to show any less courage than a child.
The two peoples dance together, their fears washing away... like tears in the rain.
Just realized that this could make for interesting first contact.
rolled 10, 6, 10 = 26

Leaving the Black Flag's results up to GMs.

And Sky's results. Good thing she hid so well and doesnt need to fight.

Weapon experimentation doesnt uncover any marvels. They create a gauntlet that covers their own sharp claws in sharpened wood and stone that can bite into trees with ease for climbing and could cut into the hides of things too thick for a skulk to slice. But, during these tests several skulks are injured. A few lose tentacles, an eye or in one case all their teeth. Weapons are dangerous.

Archery seems to come along much better. Using some ideas from their traps, they rig up a vine that is tied between two ends of a branch, and pulled taught. Then they put the spear in the middle and let the tension go. The spear goes flying farther than anyone could have thrown it. Now, this can be helpful. Time to keep working on it (continuing to develop Archery, to make it more useful, find ways to put it use in daily tasks like fishing/hunting etc (2 rolls)

The scouts find the trail of death quickly, and several piles of 'ash' and blood along it. The bits of bone and bodies in the ash worry the scouts and they quickly abandon pursuit. They aren't scared of a fight. Especially armed with their new bows, harpoons and claw gauntlets, but these people have strange magic. They set forth off towards the swamps when they hit the great falls. (rolling for more random encounters)
rolled 20, 13, 19, 17 = 69

Their dances have shown the Gantu the wonder of the Sky's gifts of rain. They fear it no more! The dancing continues, although after a few hours, everyone calls it a night and rests.

The next morning when the storm passes, Wave decides to try asking about the fire. She draws pictures but they have difficulty explaining the meaning, so she just goes point at the burnt ashes in the fire pit. They want to know what it is, and how to use it. Truly it is a marvel of the universe, and they wish to know more.

Thunder and the crew try to convince one of the Gantu to come with them aboard the Horizon Finder for a trip out to sea. They will show him how to sail and catch the fish out there. It will be a short trip, until they discover a way to resist the poisonous water.

(rolling for learning about fire, convincing the Gantu to come aboard, fishing and random encounter)
File: 1339022864105.png-(97 KB, 548x497, TribalDancer_02.png)
97 KB
Progress on the tribal dancer.
Damn, we educated the FUCK out of the Kaze here. As for the Gantu, like I've mentioned, they're a curious people, they'd jump at the chance to explore new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations... oops, sorry.

And who better to go than the man who first saw them, Pa'a'ulapena? He shall be the emissary of the Mohu'awane to other tribes of Mother Ocean's children.
New Thread:
File: 1339026568889.jpg-(9 KB, 224x160, You'reWelcome.jpg)
9 KB
Umm, broken link there, NO TRIP.
Also, thread archived and linked to on the 1d4chan page.
Nevermind, my mistake.

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