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Continuing from >>19343530

New players welcome. Info for taking part in this can be found in the first few posts here:

1d4chan article and archive links:

Rolls needing results:
File: 1339026024532.png-(154 KB, 2236x1682, Shadow's Son.png)
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Want to post the results of the Gantu/Kaze fishing expedition when you get time Fortune? I've got gaming tonight so I wont be able to. (Some of those awesome rolls might be better for a GM to answer instead)

Also, if GM's could take care of this post's links too, that'd be great >>19387326
Sure thing, Gaghiel. Also, don't forget, in the future we could talk over this kind of stuff a lot better in irc, coordinate our efforts.

What do I need to post, I thought that was the purview of the GMs. (?)
>rolled 4, 16, 1, 16, 6, 18, 3, 2, 1 = 67
>Roll for new metallurgy technique, glass containers/bottles, alcohol, agriculture, improved wheels, sun-based salt production, animal husbandry/domestication, physics, and progress on city development.

Trying out new techniques didn't work well for them, because they didn't think of throwing other sources of carbon into the forge. They found out that glass could be added onto each other by melting a new glass piece on the old glass, but this only work on the metallic glass/opaque ones. One of the drunkards tried eating more of the spoiled berries, but he fell down, heavily poisoned. The gardens are flourishing! The boys have cut the corners on the squarish wheel, and made an octagon-shaped one... still clunky, though. The salt farms are a great idea, and in a short time, many sea salts are produced by this new technique. Unfortunately, the small animals in the dump turned out to be deathfrowgs, and the tribe suffers a few bite marks before eradicating them. Physics is still kinda out of the tribe's grasp, while the city development was halted due to everyone getting ready for the salt and garden harvests, in addition to hunting the deathfrowgs.
rolled 11, 14, 4, 1, 5, 9 = 44

I talked with Sandril about our metal problem today. Another failure, as expected. At this point, me, her, and everyone else in this damned village knows our curse, we simply cannot produce metal. It would not be an issue if it wasn't for the enormous cost of such a drive. Our hunt for "metal" cost us our Tribal Elder, our home, and has resulted in disappointment after disappointment. We have mastered fire, why can't we master metal? WHY CAN'T W- [the following text was improper and deemed unfit for publication]

We have decided to once again try metallurgy, this time using various accessible stones to see if it produces the same desired effect as the Old Smith's corpse. Perhaps the presence of a particular stone will serve as a beacon to a soul to inhabit the metal, I don't know, I'm not really up to think of the Spirits right now.

Moving onto more pleasant topics, our gardens were a success, however we're thinking too small time with them, imagine a garden only 10x it's size! Fields of grown crops... It makes the future seem brighter. The wheel is beginning to take shape, from a square to an octagon, we'll continue to work on that. Speaking of work... We need to continue on domestication. A Govkar can only do so much until they're exhausted.

Roll for metallurgy, the wheel, farming, the wheel, domestication and progress on the city.

(Oh wow, I'm really, REALLY out of it right now.)
Does anyone know what he's talking about when he asks me to: "post the results of the fishing trip"?
The voyage of the Kaze boat, with your Gantu diplomat.

Anyways, continuing with the roll results:
>rolled 2, 4, 2, 18, 16, 6, 10 = 58
>Rolling for feeding and healing the gohroks, seeing if the feast goes well, tending Daki, helping Jun make a nest, Hakel's fight against the ribboner and to see if the scouts can continue onwards the next morning.

It seems the Gohrok children were traumatized and refused food and help. The sour mood caused by the ordeal has permeated the feast, and it wasn't as festive as it should have been. Daki is tended well, while Jun got her nest made by Hia. It is a sturdy nest, sturdier than the others, even. Meanwhile, Hakel is struck by the ribboner and gets caught aloft. He isn't injured, but shaken by the ferocity of the ribboner. The scouts continue onwards in the morning.
He's the captain of that boat, I have no idea where he's going, Pa'a'ulapena is just along for the ride!
Ill get to the boat ride later, I figured you could just describe what happened. Its cool. I can work on it.

Sorry its gaming night, so Im kinda preoccupied
>rolled 1, 10, 5, 2, 4, 6 = 28
>Rolling for lamps, glass blowing, exploring the coastline by sea (east and west), and sails. The last die is for building a dock if the roll's even needed (considering that a bridge has been built).

Lamps were almost created, but they made it from dry Azrach wood... suffice to say a fire almost broke out. Using hollow reeds constantly drenched in water, they manage to stick a piece of glass on one end and heat it enough for it to be malleable. Then the smith sneezed on one end, causing a cup-sized half-bubble to form from the glass. The weather is currently stormy, so no more ships can be launched, no construction projects done.
The time with the large horned creatures is proving to be very enlightening for both sides, a burst of education happens. the gantu are more then willing to teach about fire, how to make it, and what burns best. In reciprocation the skulks get the gantu aboard their ship and out for sailing and fishing. A good time is had by all and many fish are caught. By the time it is over they are all laughing and eating their catch...cooked...on fire. While steering a gantu accidentally rams into a whale hoppa, fatally injuring it. With their harpoons the skulks drag it behind the ship, beaching it on the shore. This is a good time, with good friends, and good feasting. The creature is full of oil, and grease. When a gantu tries to cook a fattier part of the creature it bursts into crackling flames. You have discovered whale oil. both tribes. It makes them wonder what else has oil in it.
Indonesian Gentleman , you should stop by IRC. if the link doesnt work, mbbit click server, add irc.thisisnotatrueending.com channel is #EVO, pick a nickname and hop in. Im glad to see you are back and making roll results....i was getting a little stressed. I did the one for fortune's but please feel free to redo if you want.
>rolled 20, 13, 19, 17 = 69
>(rolling for learning about fire, convincing the Gantu to come aboard, fishing and random encounter)

Seeing Wave point to the ashes, the Gantu think that she is amazed by fire. they start gathering wood and taught Wave how to light fire using flints and dry plants. They also show that green plants take longer to burn. Wave is intrigued by this... dry plants? Her thoughts wander to the Skulcrows... could they, too, be burned by fire?
Pa'a'ulapena eagerly climb their boat, and while it is sturdy, some skulks have to stay behind for fear of capsizing (a big Gantu takes up room, heh). Wave joined him. During their trip, they exchange ways to fish. Plenty of fish were caught, and had to be dragged behind the ship in a net. The Kaze and Mohu'awane have a feast on Nuros and Rohas that day.
During the feast, one of the coast scouts said that he found something washed up ashore... it is a Ca'rethill. He might have been swept to sea during the storm, but he's alive.
Sorry, I'm a bit busy, can only pop in ever so intermittently.
rolled 4, 19, 18, 7, 3 = 51


Kiknau managed to bind Daki's leg and support it with some wood bits. It would heal over time. Her daughter had fallen unconscious from the pain.
She would need to investigate what had happened when Daki wakes up.

Macia attempts to calm the gohroks down. She moves closer to them, offering them food. She tries to comfort the children with all the motherly skills she has.

Jun thanks Hia for making her a nest. She is still depressed for her sudden inability to make one. Hia asks Jun some questions about when these symptoms appeared. Jun can't really say for sure, but she knows that she was fully capable of building a nest earlier. Hial notices some slight shuddering in Jun's every movement. As if she was having hard time moving accurately. What could be the cause of this?

Hakel has had it with all these damn creatures attacking him. He attempts to rip the ribboner to shreds.

The scoutss continue onwards. THey should reach the village by nightfall.

Rolling to see when Daki wakes up, Macia's attempts of calming down the gohroks, Hia's attempts to figure out what could be causing Jun's symptoms, Hakel's attack and to see if the scouts make it back to the village without incidents.
I remember the good old days.
When I had time to play.
now I am intermittent lurker
Falc, good to see you. work, school or life? if you want to just post every once and a while what your birds are up to in a super dense roll loaded post I will make story for them. I still remember their lore.
currently, all of them

The only reason I am even here is because I can't sleep. something I will pay for later.

I'll try and drop some Friggan stuff every now and again, but I don't expect much.
If anybody wants them, feel free to take over.
rolled 14, 12, 5, 20, 4, 9 = 64

It was both a stroke of good fortune and bad luck that the the monsoon season came early. It prevented a couple fires from reducing the village to cinders, but prevented exploration and some fishing. Looking at the sails made, it seems that they wouldn't have worked, so that and glass shaping are continued until the weather clears up, there the exploration and dock construction are resumed.

Symbols are becoming too numerous to have one for every thing. A true written language is needed

Rolling for sails, glass blowing, exploring east and west, written language, and the dock if the roll is needed for it (again, knowledge from previous bridge-building could possibly be applied).
If I fail an exploration roll, there's the possibility of washing up near other coastal villages.
Daki dozes in and out of sleep, eating and drinking briefly then passing back out again over the next week. in her sleep she sees all the wrongs done to her, then a monster that wrongs her entire tribe. Cruel acts, cruel thoughts, cruel words. How could they let this creature live amongst them, why didnt they stop it? If she were around surly she would kill it! In her dreams it began to take shape, this familiar, awful thing...was her?

Macia wins over the gohrok's with her display of selflessness and love, protecting them and feeding them. two run up to her and happily make excited chirps, while the one that was stomped on by daki crawls over to her quietly wheezing. Gohroc are strong, and sturdy, but this one needs attention to survive. ((macia can now make social interactions with the gohroc and young children without need of rolls, save for the most dire of situations.))

Hia notices scars, bumps and and bruises on the back of jun's head. She had seen creatures hit on the head act with similar lack of control before. Someone had been causing Jun head injuries at a constant rate, likely her entire life. No wonder she cant build a nest. She would have to speak with jun about this.
((falc, hop into IRC as linked above. we can communicate faster, and my boring ass dialog may put you to sleep. also i can get directions and notes.))

Hakel is lifted up by the massive ribboner, their brawl rips them thru the canopy above the tree tops by a small margin. Hakel gets his pincher around the beast's throat and with a quick snip, its life blood begins to pour out. They are falling now, and he is laughing, each smack against these flimsy tree branches hardly even bothers him. He lands hard, onto something soft. Looking up he sees his village in the distance! Home! Looking down he sees what has broken his fall. A child of the tribe, dressed in armor made from apparently more runt gohrok. The children seem shocked at his appearance and raise their spears....really...they were going to attack...him? This was a laugh. He would have to go easy on them. Apparently their parents had never taught them that adults do not wish to play in games of pretend battle with toy spears.
File: 1339053493811.png-(122 KB, 882x1170, 1338949541027.png)
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Reposting this for usefulness' sake
File: 1339053902382.png-(181 KB, 288x499, 1334164919184.png)
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Who dares to abuse our honorary mascot/waifu?

Oh, see I'd thought this was a huge "going back home" or "more exploring other lands" kind of trip, not a quick 'drive around the corner'. Will respond to these in a moment.
File: 1339054238679.png-(2.06 MB, 2810x3024, east map2.png)
2.06 MB
Might want this to go with that.
sails improve with the advent of putting holes in them that a secondary set of control ropes can manipulate. prevents them being destroyed in high winds. With beaks glass blowing is a little hard, but they get the basics of it down by using billows and a tube. To the west is a tribe of Huge horned men...HUGE, with little plant creatures...they mostly dance and sing. odd. The eastern ship crashes on the norther coast, over the horizon they see smoke..((going towards it leads to solomon's tribe)) the dock is built of wood. it is very crude, but it has a certain charm that attracts the tribe to sit out on the water.
rolled 3, 15 = 18

Seeing how sails will be a success from a 14, I'll also put up the Leif Bordicson roll to discover the southern continent and start a colony. Consider it an event for when we start that place.
the explorer's go wildly off course, and crash ship on a strange coral island. Their first day there they notice the landscape slowly shifts. If they stay in one place too long it attempts to swallow them whole. Giant roha's and strange aquatic creatures swim in and out of it. A strange clear biological slime pulses thru and around the landscape, moving on its own volition to some unknown direction....this place is madness...and with their boat destroyed. it is their home.
welcome joorods...welcome to the cancer. if you look below you, you may find Old nameless!
rolled 7, 17, 19 = 43

ok lets get a little bit of catch up underway

The friggan have had a charmed life so far and have flourished. Being on the move means that they will always be near some food source that they haven't touched recently and the frequent breeding has helped the tribe grow, despite what they would lose to predators or mishaps on the Run.

The size of the tribe means that not everyone can get to dance every day or picking will be troublesome. So they have come up with simple patterns for when any Joord gets a chance to dance for leadership.
The ones who are not chosen, dedicate themselves to other tasks that have thus far recived little attention, but much desire.

Those being, predicting when the rain will fall, sturdier weaponry that won't break on the first stab and can even be thrown! and music, more sounds to go along with the dance other than the voice

(rollan for Weaponry, Rudimentary meteorology and instrument standardization)
File: 1339055336250.jpg-(52 KB, 930x578, Friggan start.jpg)
52 KB
capcha ate ma pick
rolled 17, 12, 10, 6, 6 = 51

Maybe I should have researched starcharts first... If they're lucky, maybe they washed up on the northern shore.
The western explorers only turn back to report their findings of these large blade-nosed people.
With glass blowing improved, the material may make for far better lamps.(burning alcohol)
In the east, the survivors prepare for a long trek back home.

Rolling for navigation by stars, glass alchohol lamps, and eastern explorers returning, and events on the way.
Also southern explorers washing up on shore if not already judged.
sorry man, this is long overdue
Sky hides so well that when she sees what passes by she laughs. it is a giant wooly boomer. She carefully climbs onto its back and it doesn't even seem to notice, or failing that, care. At least she can get around faster this way...it is named jup. ((it will be friendly to her and follow her directions for the most part))
Water storage on the ships evades them. A great roha attacks the boat, and drives them far off course to the point where they are lost in the wide and blue, no land as far as the eye can see, weeks drag on but rain and fish keep the crew alive and in fair spirits...but they do see something in the distance! other boats! they must be near kaze territory! ((in actuality the time spent lost has sent them very near to NOTRIP's tribe))
friggan have developed very beautiful instruments...out of their spears. half rain stick, half percussion, half clarinet, and part didgeridoo. this leads to spears that still break easily, but are awesome sounding, and thats right, they are over twice the musical instrument of anything else....as four halves makes for AWESOME.

they predict the rains with regularity and can follow them easily. where the rains go so do they. They have started to migrate more towards the coast to enjoy the stronger rains there. The tribe continues to grow, and will soon have to split into component family/tribes that will link back up every few months or year. its really all about the journey man. so maps were invented out of necessity.
Indonesian Gentleman, I'm a huge fan of yours, any more room in this game? I followed some of the earlier primordial evo threads way back, but kind of lost track.
File: 1339056524720.png-(105 KB, 510x546, Gifts from Mother Ocean.png)
105 KB
rolled 16, 7 = 23

Two feasts in two days, discovery of sailing, whale oil, and realizing we are not alone in the universe (2 species no less), truly Mother Ocean is most generous with her gifts.

Perhaps this is the same Ca'rethill responsible for the invention of nets, washed up on our shore?


Alright, for srs, this time.
The Gantu attempt to nurse this waterlogged creature back to health, but although it is on the mend, it will take a number of weeks.

Rolling for:
1) This number will be the number of weeks it takes for the Ca'rethill to recover.
2) Perhaps, surrounded by Gantu healers, the Ca'rethill can pick up enough of their language that we won't have such obscene communicative dissonance.
File: 1339057013599.png-(183 KB, 1484x920, Untitled.png)
183 KB
im not indo, but yes, there is room. if you have an idea on what you want to do, here is what ya gotta do. pick an area on that map that isint inhabited. the southern islands or northern wastes are still available. as are the far west beaches on the other side of the mountains. next, you get a race, you make a logo. you customize your race a little for what they are about. then you get injected into the world. make a picture sorta like pic attached.

if you dont know what races are available, feel free to ask.
Sure, jump on in! I'm kinda busy for the moment, though. Feel free to elaborate your tribe first, here are the species available:

Joorod: birdpeople
traits: Eager, inventive, travelers, friendly, logical
starting tech: simple tools and spears, fire, druid like worship of the elements, primarily fire, volcanoes, lava and ice, blizzards, etc.

Govkar: marsh bugpeople
traits: Reckless, curious, confused about the world, observant, superstitious.
Starting Tech: canopy high swamp nests, stick and rock use, family teaching, primitive shamanistic beliefs based on the environment, fate and luck.

Skulk: plantfolk
traits: protective of family, musical, secretive, guarded, lemuy based, territorial
starting tech: singing, the lure tree, simple beliefs in the flow of life within one's self (blood/ sap/ water/ lemuy fluid are seen as important to them, anything that has to do with life.), glowing moss tattoos, masks, simple "armor" made of formerly living things.

Gantu: knife-headed hulks
traits: Bro-serkers, gregarious, challenge/ thrill seekers, very physical.
starting tech: Spears, rocks, tattoos, swimming, ancestor worship via tiki/ totem/ fetish, wrestling and calisthenics.

Don't forget to come up with a tribe symbol/logo, and a tribe name.
If you want Gantu, polemarch, you and I can put our heads together and interweave our tribes' stories together.
File: 1339063981572.jpg-(54 KB, 377x465, yeti4.jpg)
54 KB
Noord deviation concept. not finalized or cannon.
File: 1339065271406.png-(216 KB, 910x432, NoordTribal_00.png)
216 KB
Other Noord deviation. Shown "bare" and with optional/possible tribal accouterments.
nice. i love how our styles are so radically different. but the same idea is conveyed. primitive. see you in irc, then im hitting the sack
File: 1339066475954.png-(10 KB, 260x243, rr398y2.png)
10 KB
More work on Polemarch's tribe.

Daki sleeps restlessly. Her dreams show her all the things she had done to her siblings and children, most of them...not very pleasant...She had treated everyone close to her in horrible manner..No! She had just treated them like the swamp would treat them! There was no benevolence in this world! Another memory flashes in her dreams...It's Jun..they are younger..somewhere near the village...Qua had dissapeared..she and Jun were close friends..Daki knew where she was, she had found her..she escorted Jun deeper to the dark grove.
"Where are we going big sis?"
"I found Qua, come on now!" she says and slaps Jun at the back of her head, quite hard in fact. Jun flinches, but continues.
They enter the azrach grotto and Daki slows down. She knows that despite the fact that she had killed the thing already, there could still be something lurking here.
"I don't like this place."
"Shut up, Qua is very near."
They walk deeper, the thin strands of web clinging to their bodies as they walk through them.
There it is. She saw it, the child sized bundle hanging from the low growing canopy. Jun and Qual had a bad habit of wandering outside the borders of the village, and Qual had now paid for it.
"What is that sis!?" Jun fearfully asks.
"Go and take a look" she said.
"b-but I don't want to!"
"Let's go together shall we?" She grabs Jun's hand and drags her to the body.
"What are you doing Daki!? I wan't to get out of here!!"
"I am sure that you want, but I am tasked with making sure that younglings like you and Qua stay safe, and it won't work if you disobey me! Look! This is what happened to Qua!"
She tears the web from the bundle, rewealing a shrivelled face of a child. Jun begins to scream in horror.
"This is what happens if you disobey me! Qua paid for her recklesness with her life!" Despite Jun's strugling, she doesn't let go of her arm until after a couple of extremely uncomfortable minutes, during which Jun had stopped screaming and started to weap and wail pafetically. She released her hand, and watched as she fell to the floor sobbing.
"Come, I am sure that you have learned your lession."

The dream fades...Daki wakes up for a moment and screams. She had to do it! It was their own fault! They didn't listen to her! Jun never wen't very far from the village after that! She was safe there. Daki had kept her safe! She falls back to her dreams, strained by the memories...

Could I perhaps get a result for this.
too tired to draw or update. gotta take a nap. bumb!
File: 1339082806847.jpg-(42 KB, 424x600, 1331877257224.jpg)
42 KB

>mfw the only species I ever made changes to in the history of this game had the branch I created survive to sapient.
File: 1339086060557.jpg-(15 KB, 312x294, That Baby 2.jpg)
15 KB
>Govkar: marsh bugpeople traits: Reckless, curious, confused about the world, observant, superstitious.
Starting Tech: canopy high swamp nests, stick and rock use, family teaching, primitive shamanistic beliefs based on the environment, fate and luck.
>Starting Tech: canopy high swamp nests, stick and rock use, family teaching, primitive shamanistic beliefs based on the environment, fate and luck.
>fate and luck
I assume you did the original making Joords smarter.

Just keep in mind that Noord anatomy is still quite bird-like underneath all of that fur.
File: 1339096442201.jpg-(69 KB, 644x450, pic-white-silkie-chickens.jpg)
69 KB
Indeed, personally, I imagine they have super-short finch-like beaks underneath, and you'll notice the feet I gave them? The "skeleton" outline I did for that drawing used chicken feet as reference.
I imagine the Noord are akin to Silkies, a breed of chicken whose feathers are structured such that it resembles soft fur.

Captcha: RYTOWN onstari
WRRRRYtown, more like it.


Macia embraces the children and gives them more food. The two healthy gohroks skitter around her hut, and occasionally return to her side for more food. The wounded one just rests it's head against her thigh, as they sit on the bark floor of the hut.
She attempts to heal the child's claw again and otherwise help it, as it's wounds have made it quite weak.

Hia asks Jun about who has been hitting her to head. Jun is shocked by the question, and becomes evasive, clearly afraid of something. She tries to explain that she fears the head trauma Jun has experienced might be the cause of her symptoms. Jun is on the verge of tears again, but still evades the questions. Hia tries to comfort her and get her to speak.
File: 1339096563928.png-(200 KB, 800x600, Macia and the gohroks.png)
200 KB
rolled 20, 4, 5, 13, 9 = 51

(forgot mah pic)

Hakel sees watches the children who fearfully wave their spears in his general direction while attempting to circle him.
"What is this game?" He asks. "I don't have time for this, but where did you get that armor? It looks interesting."
"Stay back abomination! Stay back!" One of them yells. The voice isn't that of a child. It is a voice of a mature govkar.
"What is going on? Why are you so small?" He thinks out loud.
"We are normal sized! Men, we can take him down, even if the witches have made him huge!"

Hakel prepares to defend himself. He doesn't want to kill these warriors, but he isn't going to die in the hands of his own kin. He attempts to simply knock the attackers out.

The scouts watch horrified, as the abomination speaks. It had fallen out of the sky, and it was massive. The scout leader gathered is courage and ordered an attack at the abomination. This thing could not be allowed to wander in the vicinity of the village!

Rolling for seeing if Daki's nightmares continue, Macia's attempts at healing the child, Hia's attempts to convince Jun to speak, Hakel's defense and the scout's attack.
File: 1339098117594.png-(95 KB, 975x450, PolemarchGantu_00.png)
95 KB
Jesus... that's just... horrid.
You know, I just thought of something. Your tribe and mine are sort of two opposites, two extremes of lighthearted and dark toned storytelling. I can't even imagine what will happen if/when the Gwiliak and Mohu'awane meet.

That picture is far cuter than a depiction of an alien bug-girl and domesticated Bohrok has any right to be. Well done.
As for Hakel,
> shit just got real!

Also, finished up more concept work for Polemarch's Gantu tribe this morning, as was discussed in IRC last night (for those wondering what all this is about). Here we have two different colour scheme options, can make more and/or provide an uncoloured template if it's desired.
Thanks. My tribe is kinda darker themed than yours. But I'd say that the Zu-nul tribe was actually more serious than the Gwiliak. I don't remember any particularly funny moments that occurred when I played them, but there were some with the Gwiliak.
Hoppas were just unintentionally goofy.
rolled 16, 19, 17, 8 = 60



Niru has forced Nar to help her in trying to figure out how to build a water transit system, as his horn caused her previous attempts to fail. They try to hollow out azrach branches, and connect them to each other with silk sheets, that will be then sealed and reinforced with azrach sap.

Now that the feast is over, Kiknau starts to examine the suspicious glowing sheets. How had Niru done this? Kiknau feared that the witches might be behind this somehow. The witches planted the glowing moss, it was through that they surely channeled their foul magics. If these sheets had the taint of the witches, they would have to be destroyed, and Niru punished, though not severely, she was just a child who had no idea what she was meddling with.

Meanwhile even farther away:

Nufa observed the river. It had to lead somewhere...A river ran through the marshes, well many rivers actually, but all that water had to originate from some place. Could this river lead back home? But how long would the trip even take? He begins to plan an expedition down river, and hopes that the Kharum might be willing to help him out.

Liak and Aval spend most of their time together now. Aval still occasionally berates her mate, but Liak has pretty much gotten used to it. They are attempting to build a nest for Aval's soon to be laid eggs, Aval throwing insults at Liak for his every mistake and blaming him for her mistakes. They are equally unexperienced at building nests, so it's a learning experience for them both. ( I am NOT going to write any more of that shitty dialog. It clearly isn't something I am good at.)

Rolling for Nar's and Niru's attempt to build water tubes, Kiknau's examination of the glowing moss, Nufa's preparations of an expedition and for nest making.
the Ca'rethill is up and on its feet, not with medicine..no. Constant physical therapy. EXERCISE and good food! it is the tribes way! However it seems to have trouble learning language as it is apparently...cursing with what it perceives as rough treatment, never mind how quick its recovery was.
Daki has deeply, if somewhat uneasily. She is now awake, somehow her leg feels as good as it ever did. Macia looks over the child's body. The cracks down its back and chest plates are down to the flesh. blood still seeps slowly from them. she uses silk and azrach sap bandages to stop the flow of blood and make a "patch". The child doesn't really get any better, and if fact passes out. Hopefully the gohrok's rugged biology will allow it to survive. Hina cant get Jun to speak, but she starts listing off names of people, and jun flinches on daki. Hakel takes down the scouts with some difficulty as they are so fragile....and he is so confused. A few backhands,several kicks. Some broken jaws, arms, ribs, and a several concussions later and Hakel is standing over the alive but broken scouts, relatively unscathed. if and when they return to the village it is unlikely they will speak of this for the great shame that would be brought upon them. He takes all their armor, weapons, and belongings, drags them off to a safe but remote area, and then returns with his looted gear to find his children. Indeed, his children are off in a corner of the village, son and daughter nearly side by side, one working over some large jars suspended in a stream and the other hollowing out a tree branch and putting holes into it. From beyond the tree line he calls out. "Your father needs your help young ones." the two rush over to their father, his voice was odd, but it was him.

Nongent, could you by chance do this.
water tubes are built the two young prodigies work together well when not fucking with eachother.

Kiknau see's that niru's sheets are indeed of skulk origin. She would have to figure out a careful way of playing this. Her tribe was already diminished, and further would make her look weak instead of the rest of the tribe unruly.

Nufa and the Kharum come to an agreement. two warriors will follow him. They are older, past their time for breeding, but good enough. The tribe could handle that loss. Both his team and the main tribe would start leaving flag stones so they could find each other in the future. Loaded up with equipment, food, and weapons the three get ready to soon depart.

The new family of Liak and Aval have caused the tribe to stop for a while. Their attempts to make a nest are clumsy and awkward. A few elders have had enough and just stuff a backpack with feathers and fur scraps. Mobile nest. now they can keep going.
rolled 2 = 2

Heh, swearing like the sailor he is.

The southern sailors awaken to their small ship in ruins on the coast on a most unusual island.

Rolling to explore the above water portions of The Cancer.
rolled 12, 9 = 21

This stop Kharum made at the river took longer than any stop in their exodus to this day but even if this area wasn't that bad, Kharum knew that this wasn't the land they were looking for. Now they must somehow get over the river so that they can continue their travels. As there were death frowgs in the river they didn't try to swim but use something to stay on while going over the river.

Rolling for Raft building and for travel speed

Daki tries to walk a little. Although her leg is still in pain, it she can move around. Her dreams...have changed her. She has grown to regret her past deeds. Perhaps, she has been too cruel to her siblings... She would need to repay them, somehow... She calls her mate, and asks him to go hunting...she needs some time to think..

Macia, despite her efforts to heal the gohrok, seems to be unable to really help it. She tries her best to keep the creature comfortable. She lays it on her bed, and feeds it azrach fruits until it falls asleep. She then tends to the other two gohroks. She tries to teach them simple language, so that she could communicate with them more easily.

Hina knows enough for now. It is no secret that Daki has been abusive towards Jun especially. Unfortunately, Hina doesn't know how to help Jun, at least not yet. She pities the girl, she is younger than Hina, but already has more children and apparently even more coming, and she is clearly suffering from persistent problems with precise movements. She leaves Jun to lay her eggs, while she goes back to her hut and tries to think of ways to mend Jun's symptoms.
Jun begins to weep as Hina leaves. Not out of sorrow, but out of anger and bitterness. Curse that Daki! She had ruined her life and there was nothing Jun could do about it. She was too weak, too worthless to amount to anything. She cries herself to sleep and dreams of being something more than she is.

Niru and Nar make great progress on their water transmission system, but then suddenly they hear their father call for them. They abandon their work and excitedly run towards the voice in the woods.
rolled 5, 18, 18, 6, 5, 6, 11, 9 = 78

Hakel sees his children coming towards him. Foolish kids. They should know better to just blindly run out of the village...
As they approach him, he makes sure to hide the most mutated traits of his. He even smears some mud over the third eye, despite the pain and protests of the skulk in his mind. He hides in the shadows of the azrach trees and speaks:
"So good to see you again children, how have you been doing, what about your mother?"
"Is that you dad? Your voice...is different."
"It's me alright...something..has happened to me.."
don't tell them..
"Shut up!"
"What was that dad?"
"Nothing. Now, listen, Niru and Nar, I don't have much time, but I need your help. These armors, did you make them?" He throws one of the armors to the feet of his children.
"I did!" Nar exclaims proudly.
"Good boy, now I need you both to make me one, that is much bigger than those, at least to times as large."
"I can't tell you right now, but understand this, it is vital for my plans to have that armor, and I don't have the time to make one myself. I will be near the village."
"But how will we tell you when it's ready."
"I am sure you'll find a way, you are clever kids." With that, he retreats to the shadows, leaving his children confused, but happy at the same time. They now have an important task from their father himself.

Kiknau decides to handle these glowing moss sheets quietly. She tries to find Niru so she could question her.

Rolling for Daki's mate's hunting, Daki's ideas for repaying her tribe, seeing how the gohrok recovers, teaching the gohroks to speak, Hina's attempts to find a way to help Jun, Jun's dreams, Niru's and Nar's attempt to make armor for their father and Kiknau's search for Niru.
Wow, I am *so* sorry, guys, my players just moved in and just TOOK OVER in the IRC.
In the future, I'll provide a different channel so Primordial stuff doesn't get muscled out.
File: 1339126455165.png-(111 KB, 342x377, GantuTribe_00.png)
111 KB
Ah! Excellent, we're just happy to see him back on his feet.
Let's go back to Tala'alahe and her scouts, the ones in search of the Silith (I think it was the Silith).
Alright, they were attacked by Higitains? I assume, being combat that's something I'd have to roll for. After that, I want to see, assuming we come out of the fight in decent-enough shape, that we can once again get back on the trail of the Silith people.

Rolling for:
1) Defeating the vicious Higitains.
2) Getting back on track in following the Silith.
rolled 20, 6 = 26

Woops, forgot dice.
rolled 11, 14, 4, 1, 5, 9 = 44
Roll for metallurgy, the wheel, farming, the wheel, domestication and progress on the city.

Close...so close to discovering good metal. A smith in his frustration started dumping of all things, garbage into the molten liquid....and some of the metal that formed was almost as good as that of the dead smith...how? do the spirits view us with the same regard as garbage....no. perhaps it is the sacrifice.
((im gonna give this to you, with the caveat that your metal is made with the superstition that it requires sacrifice. how you play that is up to you))
Shaving off more edges of the wheel, to create a circle, makes it even better! now its useable...but for what?

Attempts to farm have yeilded crops but a swarm of hungry boomers make their way into the field, and start eating the crops. A tribal kills one the wrong way setting off a chain reaction. It blows the field to pieces and scatters boomer eggs everywhere...the quick growing gas bags will plague the area for generations. The other boomers stampede into the city, also to meet a similiar fate. Buildings are destroyed, the people attempting to domesticate animals are all killed, as are their animals. The group that had just invented the wheel was also killed, and the wheel damaged. The notes have survived intact, but the process on how it was done was lost. ((you rolled for it twice. second one was bad..super bad. Hold off on wheel related development for a few posts, as your tribe recovers and studies the notes))
notrip: ((try to stop making colonies in off map lands for now. as when i do the cancer its going to be along a similar time line as the rest of the world. but feel free to expand to the southern islands of this continent, or elsewhere on the map))

Madness...they find madness and death, the only way to survive this place is to become like it. ((all sorts of horror for the cancer mini continent))
Kharum: many small rafts are built, nothing fancy, or even permanent. just chunks of frilla bark, and long branches to push themselves. they will work well enough...and they do. The river crossing is not particularly fast, but they find a shallow enough region and make it across, one of the tribe members falls into the river. Flailing and drowning all think he has died..yet another loss. untill they see him, sputtering and thrashing, somehow move...he moves! it is enough to get him to another raft.

((from nad's kid and his wifeu your tribe has traveling nest backpacks. mobility all day. you can now attempt to repopulate without stopping, and with this, your tribe has learned swimming...they are no gantu, but good enough to not drown.))
Daki's mate goes out hunting and is stalking a lone glow ramel. easy kill, good meat. What he doesnt know is that a slaughter beast is behind him. Scouts find him several hours later badly injured, and missing a foot. His hunting days are over, unless perhaps the creative children of hakel can help him out.
Daki decides to no longer raise her weapons in violence, she will not participate in war against the other sentient races unless first acted against. The first steps are the smallest, and she will apologize to those that she has wronged...hopefully it will pave the rode to forgiveness. She will start with the ones who knew her least. The brutalized gohrok children. Gohroks are built like...gohroks. hard to stop, hard to kill. Its natural healing process aids it and inside of a few days it is up and moving around, happily making clicks, tooting and chirping noises with the other gohrok children.
The Gohroks are hard to teach, but the one who was most injured and spent the most time with macia picks up the most of the language. Food, sleep, play, sore, love, and various names are what it can say for now, and the other children follow its lead, with much less skill, often breaking down into excited squeels and laughter at the new noises they can make. Only the one really uses the new works correctly, for now. It is the simple concepts that they grasp easiest. Hina cannot help jun, like pet boomer, somethings cannot be taken back. She will live, just without fine motor control. Jun dreams of a world where she is not needed or useful, and then not loved, and with that she wakes up terrified. The armor has taken basic shape, but it is not enough, they work on their secret project with all the glee and zeal of children trying to impress their father. not for their father, they may be absent from the village for several days. they will work on it more. Kiknau searches the families hut, and finds nothing. the child will eventually have to return.
rolled 11, 7, 16, 9, 4, 2, 15, 19, 10, 18 = 111

the tribe has done well for itself. The cave is complete, their numbers are growing for both races. The skulks are exhibiting a strange link between each other. A whisper of thoughts is shared across the tribe. It is eventually figured out they all have the taint of the skullcrow within them, but it is different. The taint was a warping of themselves to begin with, and this is a warping of the taint. are they blessed, or twice cursed?
Voice and Courtesan work on improving the tribe's life by creating a system to lift heavy loads. Buzku and his kind works on armor projects, as well as weapons.Daughter is working with a bulk of the tribe to further domesticate the glow ramel, and to make them used to being rode upon. The twins have taken notice that the tribe is excellent at parkour, wild gymnastic dancing, and sneaking....perhaps if they approach their combat training from this perspective. each one takes a group to train in a slightly different way. Warriors and gatherers have moved out to harvest animal and plant parts to bring back to the tribe.
rolling for: understanding the taint, developing armor, weapons, mounts, assassination/ guerrilla fighting, frenzied rapid/ barrage of strikes fighting, hunting for animals, gathering plants, developing a pulley/ crane
The taint is a strange connection that they all share, but that much is all they know. Some express worry that it may consume them due to the strange dreams they have. Others say they can feel things beond the tribe.
the Govkar make very light flimsy armor (its pretty shit, but better then absolutely nothing), but good weapons. (daggers, clubs, axes, halberds )
the ramel do not like to be ridden, but they will accept heavy loads. (beasts of burden)
One twin finally has a breakthru. The skulks and govkar can fight in a frenzy, their melee looks more like a blender, sharp tipped tentacles, teeth, pinchers and claws make their force a charging tide of carnage.
Many kinds of animals are killed and brought back to the tribe for hide, chitin, and horns...plant gathering only yeilds fruit and not even much of that. (meat and building materials)
An elaborate system of pulleys and simple crank driven cranes adorn the cavern, greatly enhancing day to day life.
the twins are satisfied for now with their training of the tribe, and move on to the issue of poor armor. They approach the govkar, who have always found them frightening, in no small part because they weak govkar chitin as armor. As macabre as it was they show them how the armor is made, and that it is easier to follow the natural form of what they are using then to try and bend it to unnatural shapes.
further study into the whisper (their group thought) is investigated and practiced on. It is believed daughter is the cause of the taint within the skulks of the tribe, and that it was deliberate.
voice studies the cranks that cause a plank of wood to bend...then break. how odd. courtesan capatalizes on the chance to interact with voice, who is usually hidden away with daughter.
The predator has been scouting for weeks now, no one noticed it missing. she didnt even concern herself with the thoughts of others. they come and go. she stays.

rolling for: chitin/ natural armor, the whisper, the tribes reaction to daughter, crossbow type launchers, long distance scouting for other tribes.
rolled 3, 3, 14, 6, 16 = 42

derpity doo!

The Govkar are understandably horrified as the twins take off the pieces of their former tribe and place them on the ground before them. The twins sigh and shrug. Elsewhere voice and daughter were working on the beginnings of a crank pulled device that would fling things great distances. It was over torqued and broke to pieces. Unspoken they said fuck it, lets go outside. so they did.

The whisper will remain a mystery for days to come, but the tribe has no ill will to the daughter. Perhaps a bit of confusion, but she has always held their best interests close to heart, and the whispers are comforting. Family is always near now, but so is something else. Though now voice can communicate with others, it is strange, to hear thoughts, emotions, and concepts. Newly born skulks have no concept of depict as it is impossible to hide intentions from their tribe other then thru great distance or being a true sociopath or monster.
Sorry I've been quiet guys. Some RL stuff has come up and I don't think I will have time to be as proactive here as I used to be. It may mean I will be backing out from the game a while. Since my Tribes are pretty well worked in with some of the other tribes, I can't just vanish on them... so I was hoping someone would be willing to take over for me. If they want to that is. Otherwise, the Kaze can kinda just fade into the background. Anyone interested in taking them over? Have other ideas?

Daki's intents to repay her tribe are put aside for now, when she hears of het mate's fate. Despite often not showing it, she cares for Teka, and now it's her turn to help him out. She attempts to tend and take care of him so that he might recover as much as he can.

Macia continues her efforts to teach the gohrok children. She takes them with her everywhere she goes, despite the slight resentment it causes amongs the tribe. She hopes that the gohroks learn better from experience, than simple teaching.

Hina is approached by Kiknau who is searching for Niru. Hina is unaware of her children's whereabouts, but takes the change to inform the tribe's matron about Jun's problem, though she doesn't mention Daki's involvement, in fear that it might cause problems in the future.
Kiknau is rather worried by this, as she had been unaware of Jun's condition. The symptoms actually explain quite much of the problems Jun has been having though. She goes back to her hut on the massive tree growing in the middle of the lake, and tries to commune with ancestors for potential answers. She hopes that they could give her some insights on how to ease Jun's life.

Jun tries to sleep, but the nightmares and pains in her abdomen keep her awake. She lays her eggs that night in the nest Hina made.
rolled 11, 17, 7, 2, 12, 5, 2 = 56

Niru and Nar continue their work on the armor, Niru trying to make it more easier to wear and quicker to put on, while Nar tries to incorporate his, in Niru's words, "idiotic horn" to the armor. Niru berates the Nar's efforts, but for now, they continue their efforts together.

The scout's wake up and find themselves laying in mud near their village. They had lost their armor, but thankfully, one copy of their map had remained. They return to the village ashamed, and present try to present the map to Kiknau, but as she is meditating, they have to do with Kiknau's cousin, Likanat.

Nufa begins his expedition to east, following the river. He says farewell to his son, who is eager to come with him. Nufa however says that Liak must stay by his mate's side. He swears that if he succeeds in finding back home, he will return to the Kharum and bear the regards of his people.

Rolling for Daki's efforts to tend her mate, Macia's continued attempts to teach the gohroks, Kiknau's trance, Niru's attempts to improve the armor, Nar's attempt to ad the horn to it, reaction to the scout's reports and the start of Nufa's expedition.
the western exploration team saw a strange figure on a Great wolly boomer...how anyone could survive in this cold region was a mystery, but they needed to ask if they had seen anything.....a while later they are happily reunited with sky and on their way back home.
The black flag has navigated back home after a period of time
all is well at the tribe, the great ribboners fly with their riders, and life is good. This is primordial, and it is not good. ever. The swamp they live upon rips open and explodes, with no warning. They were living on the continents biggest deposit of methane. Many die, everything is in ruins, the mother tree lays on its side, broken in half. bleeding and dieing. The spirit of the mother tree transfuses its memories, its hopes, and its will into the singer that is its voice, its mind lives on in union with the singer...then it lets go. Swift and shadow move quicky and find the skulk still alive. The times ahead will be rough.
in the months to follow the tribe salvaged their destroyed boats, the huts, even the dead mother tree, to create an ark, to escape. their weakness has allowed the fractured and numerous govkar tribes to come and try to kill them, sometimes successfully. The day is at hand, and the survivors launch into the ocean and down the river to lands unknown. In time they will inhabit the southernmost island of the continent with their flying mounts
two eyes saw the explosion abord the black flag. he turned around and left...his tribe was dead, and he and his crew were all that were left. his sour mood became pure salt. after weeks of sailing along the coast he saw the horizon finder...he would spread the news to a tribe member he thought was dead already.
Sky and her rescuers return home to find only a burnt crater...everything is lost, until the team lets her know of the boat that is with the Gantu. they had received word of the tribe shortly before the explosion, and knew of its general location.
Shadow watched from the treeline as he was returning with prey as his entire world erupted in flame. Dozens of his kin lay dead in the initial blast, and the heat from the fires would claim more before they were extinguished. And then he heard it. It sounded like a tree branch breaking, only way louder. Then another, and another. The supports of the All Mother were broken and giving way, one by one. Then, with a loud groan the entire tree keeled to one side. Flames licking up the trunk were extinguished as the water from the pool above came splashing down, putting out most of the fires and saving a few Skulk who were trapped.

With the sound of thunder, the All Mother was laid low, its roots tore a massive hole in the earth, its trunk split wide, exposing its interior to the air. Agitated Kaze Ribbons bucked as their riders struggled to keep them in check. They returned to the ground to help in the rescue operations.

Today, the Kaze learned the price of comfort in this world.
Daki's mate takes some comfort in the companionship, but is sullen about loosing his foot. She assures him that he was not chosen as her mate for his foot. Her new disposition on life makes him feel better, as he was worried she would leave him for a more capable hunter now that he was a cripple. Macia's entourage draws concern, curiosity, and even ire of the village. She cares not, her little ones grow daily, and begin to string together simple works and concepts. The speak quite well for what was previously considered mindless. They also seem quite terrified of the "dead men" those who wear gohrok armor, but over time come to grow used to it.
Kiknau goes into the trance, but only sees...war, there is only war, and the laughter and thirsting of...gods? This makes no sense...Green monsters are killing and eating her people, then an armored giant strides amongst her tribe, his voice like thunder, he smites them. He is familiar...then the cries. she wakes up crying for some reason, she feels guilty and tainted, and knows not why.
Niru and nar work long and hard on the armor, and when it is complete, it is monstrous and hulking. The horn inside the helmet is small and compact, but it gives the wearer a strang, tinny, harsher, and deeper sounding voice. No, it was not beautiful, they felt as if they had failed their father, but it would work. they left it by the tree line as instructed.
The scouts are laughed away, a half witch giant? Truly? And missing valuable armor? No doubt they got beaten by Gohrok and were too ashamed to admit it, and even more so to come back to the tribe at all. Their words were as worthy as a promise written with smoke during a windy day.
Over the next few weeks, the tribe took their All Mother and converted her remains into a massive ship. The Mother's Spirit. Using pieces from their destroyed other ships, it comes together quite nicely. The inside is fitted to support the few remnants of the tribe, and they bring everything left with them as they disembark. The relentless Govkar attacks force them to abandon what was left of their Biolumenescent paradise to ruin.

All that remains when they leave is a massive burnt out husk of land. A giant crater from where the All Mother was uprooted, and a huge ravine that goes deep within the earth. A near bottomless fault that rumbles occasionally with cave ins and explosions. The air is fetid and stale. Some say that there are Skulcrow that reside inside that deep ravine now, but nothing that enters, ever returns. Trees for hundreds of yards from the explosion all die and wither over the next few weeks, but the humidity of the region does not change. This area soon becomes muggy and swampy, but not in a way that would support life. A desolate bog filled with petrifying trees, quicksand and sinkholes. The death world has reclaimed this paradise as its own.
Two-eye returns to the ocean aboard the Black Flag. He knows of Wave's time with the Gantu and stops to inform them of the loss. Nothing lives in what was once called their Bioluminescent Paradise. Out of the ashes of her tribe comes first sorrow. Then; anger. Two-eye is unable to tolerate the peaceful life of the Gantu, and sets out to sea aboard the Black Flag with his crew.

Wave is devastated. Her family is gone. The All Mother destroyed. She has no place that is left, but here, with the Gantu. She will make it work. She has to. Thunder and she decide to stay. Together with the rest of the crew of the Horizon Finder, they create a small family unit within the Gantu tribe. They will do whatever it takes to make sure their hosts do not suffer the same fate as the rest of the Kaze.

(Fortune. Wave, Thunder and 5 other Skulks become permanent members of your tribe, along with their ship, the Horizon Finder. Wave is an expert fisher. She has a lingering resentment towards Sky Ribboners as she believes they ate her adopted daughter Sky. She makes nets, rope and fishing traps like a pro. Thunder is a genius engineer. He designed the Kaze fleet, and knows sailing well. He will make the Gantu ships to suit their needs and do whatever he can to make sure the Mother Ocean becomes tameable for the Gantu. The Horizon Finder is fast and sturdy, it is a fishing marvel and comes as part of the deal. Use it, and her crew as you see fit)
File: 1339159287717.gif-(1.26 MB, 227x136, 1268596765003.gif)
1.26 MB
Sky and her Wooly Boomer start their trek south. The Scouts are skilled at finding their way across the countryside. The map they had drawn out helps immensely. Will they find their way back to the Gantu camp with the remnants of their tribe? Only time will tell. (Nongent is taking over for these guys for now)

(Other motivations for the Kaze at this point would be to find/plant a new tree to be their Mother/Lure tree. And then, to survive. They will be completely open to changes in attitude/action to suit the needs of the tribe that adopts them)

Meanwhile, the Mother's Spirit heads to sea. Strong currents come from the North and drive them out further and further until land is lost to them. For days they are set adrift at sea. And then, when all hope was just about lost. A small green line is spotted on the horizon... They were saved. Or were they?

The End (for now)
(Personal update. The Kaze are off on an adventure at this point and won't be back for a while. I've been given a chance to write some more. My muse has come back and I don't want to pass it up, so the game is going to have to be over for me for now. I will swing by and see how things are going from time to time, but I can't dedicate myself as I once did. I hope everyone has a great time, and maybe I'll catch you around.)
rolled 15, 15, 12, 8, 16 = 66

It all seems so simple now, haha, so so simple. We tried to discover metal, and what happened every time? We got a bit of metal, and death! Don't you see what the secret here is? Death! The release of souls! We must SACRIFICE to make this substance, but what must we sacrifice? We will test animal and willing Govkar to see the final quality of the metal. The question remains however, what quality will our metal be once we begin it's production. Although we could certainly alter it if it doesn't turn out well, we believe the metal will be of noticeable quality...

... It's one of the few things that have been going for us, to be honest. Boomers have exploded throughout the city and fields, while the damage to the fields is easily repairable, the damage to the city is not. Our Kin are a species of Engineers however, doers and endurers of hardship, we shall rebuild, greater then ever. The loss of the Wheel was a tragedy, but our discovery of the notes on how to re-create it? It will certainly be useful in the days to come as our sages pour over it to discover how it's produced.

The Boomers, their devastation on Muskato was horrific... And yet, oddly extravagant in it's chaos. Whatever causes a boomer to explode, it might prove useful to harness their destructive potential down the line. Although we continue to hunt them, we shall begin observing their kind, determining things like what they eat, what calms them, what sets them on edge, things that will allow us to eventual master their minds and bend them to our will.

Roll for initial metal quality, repairs to city, farming, hunting boomers and observation of Boomer mannerisms/habits to make eventual domestication easier.

>Captcha: rspresq spirit, the spirits have their answer!
Ach, you don't have to uproot your tribe in such dramatic way, man, but what you did write is good, in a way. You just could leave the tribe be and return far later on... in any case, good luck on your writings, man. You just set up an event for the South Continent Tribals. Looking forward to see you in the future!
>>19407503 >>19407567
>>19407587 >>19407663
I... uh, wow. I didn't know you were a writer, Gag, but I'm enthused that whatever opportunity that's come your way has done so, and hope it finds you well.

You have given me a great gift here, and I shall not squander it, you can trust that the Kaze will be in good hands, the hands of FortuneHost. I don't know whatever it is you wanted to do with them, but I will ensure they're treated with dignity as the honored creation of a fellow fa/tg/uy.

"p'ua malo", Gaghiel. May Big Sister bless you with her bounty and may you pass Little Brother's tests.
So does one just jump in with a roll for starting population and tell folks about the tribes location, mindset and members, because I'm interested in playing.
Hey IG, good to have you back, man. Has nongent filled you in on some of our developments on Bord Empire background?

In an irc, we came up with a bunch of stuff, including, but not limited to:
Bord language
Bord psychology
Bord culture/society
Bord government/political structure
Bord mythic origins
Bord philosophy

I copy-pasted the entire thing onto a text file on my laptop, so if you'd like the whole thing I can provide, but the bulk of it can be found here:
> http://pastebin.com/ybY7RUmB
I'd hurry though, I set it to expire within 24 hours of posting it (as of the time of this writing, it has 17 hours left). If you miss it though, I can post it again.

In the meantime, have this work-in-progress of a Bord officer I've been working on.
File: 1339173278194.png-(140 KB, 3380x600, gohrok size chart.png)
140 KB

Hi Fortune! What's up?
Care to join us in irc?
Anyways, here is a chart of gohrok sizes when compared to each other and a govkar.
Forgot image, oh well, it was causing my post to not get through, so have a link to it instead.
> http://sadpanda.us/images/1002745-RIUQ5FT.png

Maybe, Nad. I want to get work on some stuff for this game and Fortune, but when I IRC, *nothing* else gets done, I'm afraid.

Also, damn, those things are enormous.
Need results here. Ignore the last one, as NG put the sailor on the cancer.
File: 1339179634222.png-(144 KB, 282x283, fuckingvikings.png)
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But vikings always get there first.
Btw, NO TRIP, here's the IRC transcript from last night.
> http://pastebin.com/0eizNzvE

Well, many months have passed by the time that word reaches the Skulk on the beach. By this time they have finally have a firm grasp on the Mohu'awane language, so, when Two-Eyes came to bring the sad news, Wave and the others were able to relay the information.
[going to devote an entire post to developments here, stay tuned]

Btw, nongent or IG, still need a result on this, when you get the time. Thanks.
Where did you go Fortune?
We are currently discussing how the eventual Bord invasion would be caused.
pick a race, pick a location that is not inhabited. look what i had shown for one guy who was curious. the game goes daily, with rolls and responses and some RP. it lasts longer then one thread. it also helps to name fag it up here so we know who is who.
Pretty much. Just need a symbol to mark the tribes location, which doesn't need to by anything more than a few lines in paint.
Population can be a more abstract thing. Some people actually keep track of numbers if their play style is character based.
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I didn't get anything worthwhile done with my tribe today. In penance, I bumb this thread with cute govkar girls.
File: 1339195274520.png-(9 KB, 141x144, shogun glund.png)
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I got dat steel! Also for specifics, farming refers to large-scale agriculture meant to sustain a large population.

Something I forgot to tell you about boomers. Almost no meat on them. The only useful thing that you can get from them is skin, and that's only if you prevent them from exploding.
rolled 19 = 19

Nufas departure was great shock for the Kharum and it caused great sorrow as many already saw him as one of them. Elders saw that Liak was much like his father and would one day be a great warrior and perhaps.. a leader. If they continued their trip to north there would be no way for Nufa to find them again and after talking through night they decided that Kharum would stay here so that if Nufa would return he could find them. Kharum then travelled to the west to the Great falls near the mountains. there they would settle down after travelling a long way from their previous home.

Roll for finding suitable place near the falls.
the new metal is good! it is keen, and it sings with the voice of the ancestral spirits. By accident it was discovered stretching and twisting the metal while it is hot makes for beautiful patterns on crafted items, and also appears to make it stronger. It would seem the more life, or even meat or plants offered to the metal the stronger it is. With this new metal, and the knowledge that the spirits are appeased with not only life, but once living things, the city is rebuilt! A town of black stone and metal banding. The new plows that were made allow the farmers to make progress, and the soldiers keep the tiny boomer spawnlings away from the crops. Boomer hunting is accomplished, but the creatures grow in many sizes, where you hunt a great beast, you fail to realize you are about to loose a foot to a fist sized spawnling. Many losses are had, and the infestation remains a threat, but a threat that is under control. The observations made during extensive hunting indicates the creatures have patterns, behavior, and mannerisms that may make domestication possible. it will not be easy, as when faced with death they will explode. It is important to make them feel safe.
The Higitains took the scouts by surprise. Spears killed a few, but there were still more. Ultimately it came down to strength. the scouts swarmed the Higitains. Two would hold down its front legs and head, while the third would punch its skull unto death! The process was neither easy, nor quick and resembled a wrestling match for the ages. Tracks lost were lost in the melee, but smoke can be smelled on the air.
((read in there somewhere, one scout did indeed break off to find notrip's tribe. i included it in one of your results))
The Kharum investigate the falls and find a suitable defensive position to set up. It is elevated, steep slopes with only one way up and lots of fresh water.
Guess I forgot my name here.
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Bumping before I head to bed, catch you later, fellow tribals.
Wrong post. That's not me. I meant this one. How did I click that one?
10, 6, 6 = 51
and eastern explorers returning, and events on the way.
Also southern explorers washing up on shore if not already judged.

A townsman notices something. looking up at the night sky. those dots are ALWAYS THE SAME. FUCK. how could he have not ever noticed that before....within weeks that man had become a mapper and navigator of the night sky. what a boss. The prior discovered alcohol is used in simple glass jars. The alcohol is lit on fire and a blue flame provides illumination. swanky. if only there were a way to make that work better....

as for your explorers >>19393505

Heavy winds cause the ship to crash near gantu territory. The other ship sinks at sea, all hands lost ((unless those are the ones that crashed near solomon's tribe, in which case i already DMed it. getting a bit lost with your explorer's man, also, if im taking too long to respond, feel free to self DM to keep your story going, otherwise shit is gonna get lost in the shuffle. until IG comes back im only one man))
rolled 3, 6, 18 = 27


This should be a proper place to live for now, and it's elevated position let's Nufa easily see it. First thing is to get our people proper dwellings to live as we are going to stay here a long time. Another thing is to find more food because while we still have some food left from our recent combats it will get bad in time. Also some scouts are to be sent to the volcanic mountains to find something useful.

Rolling for number of tents to be build (literally roll of 1 means 1 tent and 20 means 20) another for finding food and last one to scouting the volcanic mountains for useful things
the tribe only builds three tents, the upside is that they are three very big tents that will house about 25 people each. Inside are crude hammocks "stacked" three high on poles. Food is scarce up this high, but a few creatures are found and killed without much trouble. The volcanic region yields a few useful things. Pools of molten salt are found, the salt is useful for preserving their food. The region is rich in sulfur, saltpeter and carbon deposits. Its a very hostile landscape.
rolled 1, 17, 12 = 30

Now that Kharum was settled they had more time to try new things. One of them was to test Bagrs metallic exoskeletons uses for new ways. Building those great tents required huge pieces of wood and there were only few trunks laying in the ground so Kharum would need to find a way to fell more trees to get required wood for additional housing. One night as some of the govniks were watching in the nightsky they realized that every night the lights in the sky were same as last night and started to play with them like giving names and such and perhaps in time this play might turn into something useful.

Rolling for uses of Bagr metallic exoskeleton, new way to fell trees and astronomy
Bagr exoskeletons are very hard, impossible to manipulate at the moment, but perhaps if one were to take it near the lava pools. With that thought in mind, one tribe member attempted to take and heat the exoskeleton with the lava, first he dipped it into one pool of sulfer...that did not work, the sulfer would not corrode the shell...then he tried the molten salt...still not hot enough.....going to the saltpeter, still no result. Sighing the Govkar resigned himself to rest for the night. Upon getting to the camp he set the shell in the fire to cook overnight and see if anything happens. indeed. the shell blew up like a frag grenade. many were injured and one guy lost a pincher.

This sparked great interest, more then rage. how was it done? what caused it? well, apparently the minerals of this area are volatile. Mixing one type of dust with another creates a fire that burns hotter then the blood of the planet. White bright and painful to look at. This powder is used to burn thru trees to fell them quickly and efficiently. The stars are mapped and enjoyed, but not much else comes of it.

you have discovered, that this volcanic region is a treasure trove of volatile compounds. salt, saltpeter, carbon, sulfur, magnesium and white phosphorous.

Magnesium and phosphorous are good for melting/ burning thru just about anything. its also really horrible to get it on you then burning.

something mixed together causes explosions.

Daki helps her mate in everyday tasks to the best of her abilities. It is clear that he can no longer work normally in the tribe, as he can't move around without help. If there just was a way to get his leg back.....
Daki ponders long an hard about how to help her mate, until it dawns to her. Hakel's kids! They were smart! perhaps they could come up with something! She finds the at the borders of the village, as if they were returning from somewhere. Seeing her, they become cautious, but after hearing about her mate's problem, they promise to try to come up with something that would help him.

The gohroks grow fast, and Macia is happy. She sees that they are capable of learning well enough from example. Kiknau had approached her about them, and told her that the beasts should be made useful somehow. Macia had expected her mother to punish her for breaking Daki's leg, but it seems that Kiknau didn't know that it was her who wounded Daki.
Macia tries to make the gohroks useful for the tribe by getting them to do some work, such as clearing the debris that the river brings to the village every time it floods. Hopefully, the gohroks would find a place in the tribe through their work.
Kiknau rests. The trance had been...draining on her strength. The visions had caused much concern to her...she had all but forgotten about her suspicions about Niru. She ponders what the visions meant. Her meditation is interrupted when one of the scouts enter her chamber. She is about to yell at the scout for disturbing her rest, but the scout starts to speak before she could even open her mouth.
The scout knew that Likanaat didn't take them seriously, and thus he sneaked into the Great Matron's chambers in attempt to get the message directly to her.

Hakel finds the armor his children left for him. What ingenious kids they were. The armor of course, wasn't perfect for him, as Niru and Nar were unaware of his condition. But their armor would work as a perfect base for his modifications. He starts altering the armor to suit him better.
rolled 1, 20, 4, 18, 8, 4 = 55


Jun tends her eggs, keeping them warm by layering them with dried fluffy moss. She begins to collect easily digestible food to her hut, as when the younglings hatch, they need attention and care for some months, before they are independent enough to move with the other older govkar kids that live and play quite freely in the village.
It takes about 5 years for the govkar to reach adolescence, and become full members of their families and tribes. At that stage, the govkar is also ready to find a mate and start his or her own family. Liak for example, was only 6 years old when he started a family with Aval. Govkars can live quite long, Kiknau is over 20 years old for example. Their minds retain almost childlike flexibility and capability for learning for their entire lives however.

Nufa's voyage starts badly. After only two days of travel, his expedition gets lost in a sudden blizzard. One of his companions disappears during the snow storm, and when it finally subsides, Nufa has no idea where he is. He and his remaining companion try to find back to the river, so that they could follow it again.

Rolling for coming up with something that would help Daki's mate move about, teaching the gohroks to work, scout's report to Kiknau, Hakel's attempts to modify the armor, Jun's efforts to collect food for her children and for seeing if Nufa finds the river again.
The children are busy right now, but promise something big soon, they set off to work. for now it is daki who gives her mate a long Y shaped stick to hold under his armpit. It helps him get around and deal with the loss of his foot. The Gohroks love to work, it is physical, and sometimes they can even eat things that are supposed to be gotten rid of! like bark! They are intensely loyal to Macia and growing like weeds. One day they encounter wild gohrok and run screaming, terrified, the wild gohrok disappears back into the forest. Apparently living with daki wasn't much different from gohrok life.

The scout makes an ass of himself, blurting out wild accusations and not backing them up. He will not be heard again, and will be punished with a life time of long, far patrols to investigate the central rift. (death sentence)Hakel takes his children's crude but impressive armor, and refines it with additional plates, sinews, and leather. Donning it makes his already impressive size enormous. He is like some sort of god among men in this armor, his voice booming thru the compact Vox horn built into the helmet. He lets out a long sigh after the hard work that sounds more like a metallic growl.

Jun collects a decent amount of food, but her uncontrolled shaking has gotten worse and she spills much of it entering her hut. Nufa and his companion get lost for several days until they find the river again. they have went backwards and now need to go the right way. embarrassment all around.
rolled 12, 11, 1, 6 = 30


The explosion of the Bagr shell caused many wounded and healing of them came as first priority. The new types of wounds needed new ways to be healed. The new way of felling trees with fire brought additional ideas to use controlled fire to shape trunks for better use but it might take some time to learn it perfectly. After the Explosion event some wanted to try meddling with the minerals to better learn it's uses. Elders and Liak said that they could try it but they must build the workshop in the cave away from the camp to minimize the damage if something went wrong. As one of the tents suffered much damage due to explosion new housing would be needed and perhaps it should be sturdier this time.

Roll for learning medication, Shaping trees with fire, testing minerals and building new housing (again with exact numbers)
After much experimentation, simple bandages, and antiseptic, as well as adhesive and stitching are learned. ((First aid)). the tribe recovers and has bad ass scars.

shaping trees with fire prooves to be dangerous, and while a few are done sucessfully, the rest are reduced to charcoal...which is actually quite useful ((charcoal)).

Six new structures are built, with one being made from the shaped trees. it is a watch tower.

The testing with the mieral's this time is done away from the tribe. Sulfur makes one sick, saltpeter is..salty..and also makes you sick. Magnesium cant be put out with water (it sort of explodes), and phosphorous will not stop burning... these are all very, very valuable lessons. sadly, it took the lives of two of the tribes most elderly and sick to figure it out, in rapid sucession, by accident. Long story short. taste the saltpeter, get sick, knock fire into sulfur, breath cloud, get sick, fall down into phosphorous and magnesium, try to put out with water, explode a little and now really on fire, fall over dead. flaming corpse for a while.

Niru attempts to work on the project Daki assigned to them, Nar however, is not very eager to help Daki, as she had threatened him earlier, when his father had been exiled.
He instead, is simply messing around. He has found out that the tendons of many of the prey creatures are elastic. This gets him the idea of trying to fling objects with them, such as the neat disks that the hunters use. He himself lacks the strength to throw the disks like the older govkars can, but he hopes that the slingshot like contraption he made could work better.

Macia is pleased with the gohroks. They are growing fast, they now stand almost as tall as she. They can no longer be simply lifted to her hut, and as the water sometimes rises and covers the village ground, Macia fears for the safety of the creatures. She attempts to build some sort of sturdier shelters for the creatures that they can climb into if the village floods.

The scout tries to repay his transgression against Kiknau by finding something useful in the rift. He hopes that he will be allowed to return to normal life if he proves his usefulness.

Hakel is pleased with this armor. The modifications cover up most of his mutated traits. He binds his many head tentacles together into two braids with ngung silk. It now looks as if he had only two head tentacles. He also attempts to make the armor darker by smearing it with mud and azrach sap. He hopes that he can sneak around better with it. After his final touches are done, he begins to train himself in using the armor, how to move around, fight and so on.
Daki sees how Jun drops all the food she had been carrying to the muddy ground. She decides to come in her sister's aid. When Jun sees Daki's approach, she becomes visibly tense.
"What do you want?"
Daki begins to collect the food from the ground.
"..thosearemine..." Jun mutters, but doesn't otherwise try to stop Daki.
"I know, here, let me bring them to your hut." Daki climbs up, carrying the food and places them to the floor of Jun's hut. Jun just stares, confused about her sister's behavior.
"Is there anything else I can help you with?"
"...What game are you playing...?"
"I just want to help you, and to...apologize. I have treated you horribly, for long, long time."
rolled 7, 6, 7, 7, 3, 4, 4 = 38

Jun just stares, and then starts to chuckle, and then laugh. Now it's Daki's turn to be confused, as she watches her little sister's laughter starts to get mixed with angered cries.
".Hah..ahahaha..Apologize? You want to apologize and help me? After all these years?...hahaahaha! It doesn't work like that...you can't just apologize after all the shit you have done to me...hahah! You broke me Daki..I can't even make nests anymore...see this shaking...it is your doing! I AM BROKEN BECAUSE OF YOU! DO YOU EXPECT ME TO JUST ACCEPT YOUR APOLOGY?!! AFTER ALL THAT YOU DID TO ME?!!
Hahaahah! Get out! Get lost! I don't want your help!"
Daki is shocked by her sisters outburst, she has never seen her talk back to anyone like that. Jun collapses to the floor and starts crying. It seems that the outburst drained her as well.
"..get out...!"
Daki ignores her sister's protests, and begins to clean up the food from all the dirt and mud that stuck to it from the ground. She starts also otherwise cleaning Jun's hut, which is quite messy, and in general, she tries to help her sister out while she tends for her eggs. Jun, not knowing how to deal with Daki's sudden change in persona, simply ignores her.

Now that he has located the river again, Nufa makes another attempt to follow the river, hopefully back to his home.

Rolling for Niru's work on the task Daki gave to them, Nar's attempts to make sling powered disk shooter, Macia's gohrok shelter, seeing if the scout finds anything useful, Hakel's training with the armor, Daki's attempts to help her sister and to see how Nufa's expedition goes.
((everyone, here is whats up. like i said, prior failures will result in experience towards future success. next, if you tell a good story, im going to go out of my way for you to keep making a good story. Let that be motivation. With all of you I have tried to open a door even if you fail, offering new discoveries in place of what you were looking for. So if you feel cheated, or that i am doing a favorite, I want to know, so i can do a better job for you. Thats the job of a good GM, but GM's are also players, so try to be entertaining, youve all been doing good so far.))
Niru has created a crude prosthesis for a foot, offering limited mobility. It was nar's tinkering in palce of doing his job that yeilded the nessessary movement mechanisms that were bonded to the artificial foot. His sister saw his various broken and half completed toys left behind as he grew bored with his failures and left to go outside and play. This was exactly what she needed. When the thing was completed she ran to find daki but could not. With a little help she got the foot mounted onto daki's husband and as soon as she stood up he was able to move. It was with a slight limp and a little pain, but he was whole again...he had to find his wife and show her!
Daki continues to do what she can for her sister, Jun has every right to hate her, but she should not. Jun is kind with a soft heart. This is not her way, to carry anger. Jun's hut ends up looking quite nice, when daki finally speaks "It was wrong...all these years. I hated you as much as I loved you. You were so weak, but kept being taken care of while I had to stand on my own. Its no excuse, but thats what I thought, and now i see how much of a child I was while all this time I accused you of the same." a moment of silence "You might be unable to live a complete life due to me, but My family will be here now, and we will protect your family....sister." without knowing it Daki has just bound herself to a promise that will force her to challenge her deepest beliefs. Jun could not hold out any longer. It wasnt in her nature, she hated her sister for being right, but at the same time she could not continue to hate, or to refuse this apology any longer. Its everything she had ever hoped for, all her life, finally here...just at....a cost...she cried a little more.

Macia could not build a good Gohrok shelter on her own, and the rest of the tribe still shunned the creatures so very few were willing to provide assistance, and those that were willing were already busy with their own tasks. Sighing she climbed up to the top of the trees with her "Children" looking up with innocent and eager eyes. they were going to die if she couldnt do something for them. it was then that the most shocking thing happened. The child who was most injured, who learned to speak first, once again amazed her. With his claws and powerful feet he dug into the tree, climbing slowly, awkwardly, until he was about half way up and the branches got too thin. He looke up at her once more and all she could do was smile. ((that nat 20 is gonna keep paying off))
The nameless scout searched the rift, and the crater, near it. Skulcrows swarmed the region, and he had already had to dispose of a few of the beasts. They seemed to be coming out of a great smouldering hole in the swamp. He had heard reports that this place was paradise, but all he found was hell. Nufa and his companion keep following the river, slowly frost gives way to jungle and swamp once more....but they are attacked by several Gohroks.

Hakel was hoping for some measure of subtly to this armor, there was none. the plates growled as they moved past each other. Leather creaked and groaned, yet to be broken in. At least while looking like a monster, he looked like no monster that the tribe would associate with legend. He strode into the village, looking like death incarnate. It was time to see mother. No one tried to stop him.

Outside the village the Gohrok that had seen the children in the captivity of the small ones raged, he spread the message to all who would listen. That day the gohrok began their march against the enslavers. They killed them for no reason, ate their bodies, and wore their dead. These little ones would go to find the swamp mother's embrace early this season, and then never again.
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> mfw
My idyllic lifestyle seems to be attracting a lot of fans.

Oh Mother Ocean, I've turned into a tourist destination.
File: 1339267176714.png-(26 KB, 713x535, hiding.png)
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Yeah, eastern explorers crashed on shore, near Solomon's tribe.

With the shoreline to follow, finding the way home was not difficult for the shipwrecked sailors to the east. On a few occasions, they had to hide from Aggressive Joorods, which seem to have acquired weapons. A couple sites of old villages were found, but they were stripped bare long ago. Aggressive Joorod raids by the looks of things. The trip home was long and frightening, but they eventually made it back.
- Journal of Forgemaster Kakmil -

The soul metal sings to me with every strike of my hammer, white hot with the souls of the beings used in it's forging. Leader Polyandos has instructed me and others entrusted with this sacred task to begin beating the metal into forms more suited for war and death. Death, it's taken such a new meaning now. What once was the end of life is merely the transformation into another form!

- Huntsman Jannis to her fellow hunters -

My friends, allow me to weave this song into a tale of what transpired last night. I was hunting for Boomers, as is our current charge these past few months, when I was ambushed by a Gohrok! The great beast let out a bellowing roar and charged me, to which I was able to parry it's attacks with my claws until I could get a good stab with my spear [she does a little jabbing motion with her right grasper, as though holding a spear.] Blood glistened on the tip as it struck home, but only apparently winded the creature. Still, it was long enough for me to get to a distance proper for use of the bow, and as we all know, my aim is pretty good. The ferocity of the creature was... Admirable, to say the least, and it confuses me why Polyandos and Sandril seek to make us observe Boomers! We should be seeking to bend the Gohrok to our will, not the Boomer. So what say you, friends? Shall we observe the Gohrok as we are tasked with observing the Boomer? Polyandos may be upset at our disobedience for a moment, but imagine his joy when he discovers we know how to control the Gohrok!
rolled 5, 1, 9, 7 = 22

- Transcripts of Master Engineer Seran -

I've been thinkin'... All these angles, all this rigidity and straight efficiency, could there be another way? I've been looking into Sage Zuran's notes on the Wheel, and I've been thinking of that curve... Why can't we emulate it with stone? The issue is apparently something needs to bear the weight of the curve... A central stone... I shall get those under my claw to test it out.

Roll for swords, metal armor, observation of Gohrok for future domestication, and the Keystone.

I'm getting the feeling the Silith are just going to come completely out of left field for most tribes, considering the closest another tribe's gotten to discovering we exist is some things left over from a heavily burned out village.
Awww, you're not going anywhere near me? Sad day.
Anyway, nongent, I'm confused as hell, Polahu finds Silith remains. I send out Scouts to follow where they went. You tell me they're about to meet the Kharum, while one scout goes alone after the Joord.
What am I missing? I don't know where the mis-communication was.
File: 1339282394065.png-(187 KB, 1024x768, GIGAA BEAK BREAKAAAH!.png)
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Bumbing with the power of the GLORIOUS BORD EMPIRE!
fortune, if i said they were going after the Kharum, then i made a dire mistake. Here is the series of events. Scouts lead by your male scout character go..scouting. as they are spread out and not moving as a tight unit he is attacked by the great trap dahon. the others go on to find the Silith one scout goes after the joorod tribe due to noticing something.

things to back that up

find those two and its some of it, the rest... after combing thru three threads im getting burned out on digging. If you chose to ignore that result, then, my bad, i never knew. Ive been a bit confused on it. We had talked in IRC that I was just going to accelerate your scouting a bit that one night.
NOTRIP, do you not want to make first contact yet? If so ill stop making these chances for it to happen, for you at least. I dont want to make you do anything you dont want. so far you have avoided solomon and fortune's tribes every time i place your expeditions near them, instead of going to check it out.
File: 1339287901918.png-(16 KB, 766x410, Gwiliak disk launcher.png)
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Teka, Daki's mate goes to find his wife. He finds Daki in Jun's hut, where the sisters are busy working and chatting cheerily with each other. What ever had caused Daki's change of persona received thanks from Teka, as he limped forth to the hut. His wife was at first, confused, but then overjoyed to see her mate walk again. Jun too too joined the merriment and decided to share the two some of the food she had collected in celebration. Over all, the tensions between the siblings seemed to have almost disappeared, which both puzzled and pleased Teka.

Niru found her brother playing outside, trying to catch the light butt ngugns from the air. She had started to wonder what her brother had been trying to make while he was supposed to work on the new leg for Teka.
Nar shares his idea about the disk thrower thing, but also tells her that he couldn't make it work properly. The disks never flew in any kind of controlled fashion, and they didn't stay properly in place. Niru however, is inspired to try her brother's idea again. It is clear that Nar just didn't think off all the possible solutions. The idea became clearer in her mind. Yes, by making a groove in the base of the device, and making the disk clamp go along it when launched..Yes. It could work... it would need some sort of lubricant though...
She sends her brother to find something that could work as a lubricant, while she herself attempts to build the device she envisions (pic related).

The scout sent out the rift attempts to return with his new information.

Nufa and his companion try to defend themselves against the gohroks.

Hakel walks forth towards the tree rock, in where her mother lived. He wasn't of what he was doing, but he had an irrational urge of seeing his mother again..to show her what he had become...No, he couldn't show her, he couldn't show anyone.
As he arrived at his mother's hut, he yelled out for her.

"Matron of this tribe, come forth, I am here to talk to you."
Kiknau, who had already heard of the strangers approach stepped out of her hut.
"Who are you giant stranger? What do you want off me and my people?"
"I am here to see to the safety of this tribe!"
"Are you implying that our defenses are weak?"
"Not at all, matron, though your warriors allowed me a free passage to you, so there might be a little room for improvement."
"For all you know, I myself told them not to hinder you, what is that you seek here stranger? Where did you get that armor? And what are you? Are you one of those who belong to the witches, or what is that has made you so large?"
"You ask many questions matron, wise questions, that I should answer, but I do not. My identity is irrelevant. I came here to state that I will be protecting your people outside the borders of your village. That way, your warriors now I am your ally, and not your enemy."
"What makes you think that we wish you to protect us?"
"Nothing, but you too know that there is nothing you can do to stop me. I will leave now, but remember matron, I will be watching over this tribe."
With that, Hakel walked out from the village.
Kiknau allowed the stranger to leave. She recognized the figure from her trance. She was scared. This beast, would it be a bane or a boon for her tribe? She dared not to guess.
rolled 20, 18, 19, 16, 12, 20 = 105

STUPID, STUPID, STUPID! It was a mistake going there!
"....you should have struck her down...you should have taken the place of the leader..."
NO! I will not kill my mother..My place is not that of a leader! It is not who I am!
"...you are much more now...you could lead the tribe...you know it...the matron is old...her rule will end soon anyway..."
But it is not my place to rule! I am not fit for it!
"...but neither are your siblings....you saw them there..."
You can't know that!
"...we know what you know...we are as one with you..you saw them...macia...still too young...they will never respect her..especially now that she has a mangled face and associates with the gohrok beasts....jun...her spirit is broken...she can't lead....nufa...has vanished....most likely dead....and daki...you know that with her rule..all the other families will be in danger....you are the one...the only one fit for rule..."
NO! I can't do it! I can't challenge mother. It is not the way how rulers are decided..
"...the proper way is irrelevant...they can't stop you..."
Silence! I will do this my way!
"....we are just trying to help...to make your task here quicker...so you can fulfill your promise and return north...."
I will do as I agreed, do not meddle with my tasks here!
"...very well then...do not keep us waiting..."

Hakel stands up. He has picked up sounds of movements of many creatures some distance away.He attempts to scout them out. He will defend the tribe, no matter what his mother thinks of him.

Rolling for Niru's attempt to make a disk launcher, Nar's efforts to help his sister, to see what genders the 3 gohroks are, for the scout's return, Nufa's defense against the gohroks and to see if Hakel can find what is moving about in the marshes.


Now, to sleep. Almost 3.30 am here.
can hardly stay up...
Ng, I have a great narrative in my head for Hakel and how the things go for him and the tribe...just wait for me..gonna sleep a couple of hours...try to get back up..when you guys are here..
12, 20 = 105
Nufa's defense against the gohroks and to see if Hakel can find what is moving about in the marshes.

Niru and Niru create a very impressive device, lubricated with tallow from dead animals, held taut with tendons. it will launch the disks with frightening speed and accuracy. They are simple, easy to make, reliable and rugged. So easy a child can use them, and they often do. The disks are smaller then the hand thrown disk "daggers".

The three Gohroks are two males and a female. The one who is known as broke claw is male. The scout unexpectedly returns, making it past the horrors of the rift. Nufa and his escort fight the beasts to a standstill, eventually driving off the creatures. Hakel moves thru the marsh and eventually finds the source of the disruption. Gohrok army. In a large clearing there are at first count...about 40 adult gohrok, camped, resting, and arguing amongst themselves. about 10 are juveniles too small to be a threat, and another 20 are adolescents, smaller but still capable of fighting....this was bad, they seemed to be waiting for more of their numbers. he rushed back to the village, they needed to prepare. ((you have about an in game week to prepare, as the gohrok tribes are still amassing.))
rolled 15, 3, 18, 4, 18 = 58


- Journal of Forgemaster Kakmil -

Polyandos will have my shell for the disaster I had just created! A waste of metal, the lot of it! I have angered the spirits of the steel, there must be a way to appease them... I shall try again. I will not be seen as a failure in the eyes of both my Kin and my Ancestors!

- Account of Huntswoman Jannis -

Well that was... Less then expected. We didn't cause the wrath of the Gohrok, but they still managed to elude us. Polyandos had heard of our plans, and while showing annoyance with the idea, gave it the go ahead. So once more my friends, the Gohrok cannot be that hard to tame, can they?

- Engineer Seran -

No no no, that's not how it's supposed to work! Preliminary results show our attempts at creating the Keystone have... Failed, to say the least. One of my poor working assistants crushed his claw in the resulting mess of stone, forcing us to amputate... A truly vile business indeed. Still, study continues, as does study into the Wheel.

roll for swords, metal armor, Gohrok observation for easy domestication/taming, the Keystone, and the Wheel.
File: 1339296454409.jpg-(34 KB, 350x370, dramatic removal of glasses.jpg)
34 KB
> mfw those rolls

This is good and you should feel good, Anon.

Alright, thanks, I wasn't trying to be confrontational, I assure you, I was just so utterly confused. What I wrote and what you wrote seemed like two different stories. I think I may have assumed some things, that, while in my head, never made it into writing. I'm going to go over the old threads and try and make sense of it all. For now, though, Polahu has returned to the village, to find strange new creatures (the Kaze and the one Ca'rethill Joord) as neighbors.
Attempts to fix the armor were fruitless, each iteration only mangled it further.The failed metal armor was quickly melted down. the molten steel was re-appeased with offerings of flesh and it sizzled happily. From there thin streams of liquid were poured out into long thin depressions in sand. Those bars hardened, then were pounded flat with sharp edges. light weight straight swords have been made, glistening with residual sand still embedded in them.
The Gohrok's are a brutal people, though one can barley call them that. They breed in great numbers as their young often dont survive their first few months. Frequently left to fend for themselves they are routinely killed by rival families, their bigger siblings or just wildlife. Those that make it to adulthood are the most vicious of their kind. "rescuing" the younglings will be easy, they are not often protected. They seem to respond well to food, and positive attention, this was observed when a scout found one clinging to his leg for protection from another larger Gohrok child that was chasing and beating it to death. Rescued it now lives in the village, running around and living its life at a much better quality. the captive raised Gohrok seems to be smarter then its wild counterparts. perhaps their brutish nature was a societal thing.
the keystone continues to hunger for the fingers and blood of the govkar, but the wheel, it reveals itself finally. and it is good.

Hakel returns to the tribe as swiftly as he can. He runs to the middle of the village and yells.
"Great Matron and the people of this tribe! I come with grave news! When I departed from here, I picked up the noises of massive movements about a half of a day walk from here. I investigated the noises, and discovered massive numbers of the gohrok beasts. I do not know their intentions, but whatever they may be, I suggest that you bolster your defenses!"
Kiknau steps forth.
"You only left few hours ago stranger! If you claim to have seen these gohroks half a day walk away, how can you be already here?"
"Great Matron, I am bestowed with the gift of speed! I can move swifter than any other govkar!"
"Who has bestowed these gifts to you? The witches? Why did you come here to warn us, assuming that you aren't lying?"
"My gifts have been given to me by the spirits of the marshes themselves! I swore to protect you, but even I can not hope to deter over 50 gohroks! Why would I lie? I only seek to protect you! And what harm would come from bolstering your defenses?"
"Your answers are unsatisfactory stranger, but I shall believe you, for now. We shall soon see how much truth there is in with you."
Kiknau orders the tribe to prepare for the worst, partly because of her vision, to which an army of gohroks would fit very well, and also because she fears that opposing the giant stranger might cause problems. If the giant is true to his words, and only seeks to protect the tribe, why should she antagonize him?
rolled 11, 20, 5, 17, 17, 9, 13, 7, 6 = 105


The tribe begins to prepare. Daki's spike fortifications at the borders of the village are repaired and refortified, spears and other melee weapons are made.
Niru and a couple of other kids she managed to recruit begin to manufacture more of the disk launchers and their ammo.
Nar is convinced that his horns could be helpful so he tries to make more of them.
Jun overseers the manufacture of more armors.
Macia helps on what she can, but mostly she tries to find a way to keep the gohroks safe, if things go sour.
Daki and her mate train the younger govkars in battle and also in the use of the new disk launchers, though neither Daki nor Teka have really mastered them either so it is a learning experience for all.
The scout's return goes mostly unnoticed as the tribe is too busy preparing for the coming battle. When he approaches Kiknau to give his report, she simply sends him to work on the spike fortifications.

Meanwhile Nufa tries to continue his expedition.

Rolling for improving the spike fortifications, making melee weapons, making more disk launchers, making more horns, making more armor, figuring out how the keep the 3 gohroks safe, training in fighting and usage of the disk launchers, and finally for Nufa's continued expedition to east.
the walls had previously existed, and improving on them worked like a charm. Spike fortifications all around! ((nat 20)) The weapons Daki oversaw the making of were inspired. long spear bodies with a heavy weighted head on the end, ideal for delivering a massive amount of force for cleaving the bodies of the Gohrok, and short thrusting swords for up close fighting. the disk launchers were made in small amounts, but they will benefit the tribe when in the hands of the best shots. Numerous horns are placed around the village at various points. beyond the spike wall, at the spike wall, at the village proper, and inside the village. Each one is connected to a hose for blowing it remotely. On top of that certain individuals carry the horns. Under Jun's guidance armor is cranked out at maximum production, and she feels pretty good about that, at this rate there will be armor for the entire tribe. Macia struggles to find a safe place to put the Gohrok children, eventually using a rope and some assistance to pull them up into her hut. Its not the best, but it will protect them from being targeted accidentally. Niru, Nar and Daki make an odd trio of trainer's for the tribe's fighters. The education between them all is adequate enough to make the tribe competent in what must be done. They are not extravagant fighters as a whole, but their gear sure as hell is.
Nufa's travels are fraught with daily danger. One day, a ribboner swarm, the next a higitanin, it never ends, but he survives. His old companion is looking quite worse for the wear though, he might not have too much more in him.
The Gohrok begin the march, at 200 fighters strong. about 40 children travel with them. They are lead by the strongest of the Alpha Gohroks. it will be a few days before they make contact with the village.
rolled 17, 7, 18, 16, 3, 5, 11, 16 = 93

The za'siel's caverns are beginning to become a little more like a city. The population has steadily grown. Resources are self contained, and the caverns are mapped out. Some of the Govkar and skulk have started to dig into the rock in the deepest parts of the caverns, trying to open up new tunnels for future expansion, and storage of food and resource. Attempts at ramel riding are taken up again along with combat exercises for tribal defense. Craftsmen attempt to make armor out of laminated layers of plant fiber and ramel plates, while captured silk ngungs are coaxed into producing silk. further research into weapons is also done. The skulks attempt to learn the secrets of their unspoken communication and how to control it. a Govkar that was burning bits of bark noticed how flakes of ash float on the air above the fire, it is curious. ((sorry my tribe isint so interesting, but i pour a lot of my effort into the roll results for everyone else.))
rolling for: ramel riding, mining, armor, the whisper, flight research, combat training, better weapons, Silk
The new generation of ramel are used to carrying heavy loads, so carrying a lighter rider isint such a big deal. The seem to get the idea on where to go as well. Attempts at mining are meeting a dead end, literally, the tools they use are too weak to chip away at the hard rock of the caverns. The craftsmen make a great deal of progress on the laminated armor, the discovery of usable silk fibers also enables further development. The armor is light and flexible, made of plant fiber, ramel plates, silk, and azrach sap lacquer. The weapons have improved and branched out into two trees. Great gauntlets with extended claws more durable then the skulk's own, and long wicked blades that are worn in their "hair" and on their tentacles. Silk becomes a very sought after commodity in the tribe, used as currency as well as product.
The tribe's studies into their own modified skulcrow taint has show them how to mask themselves from the beasts, as well as exert limited control on them. Their inter skulk communication is constant and offers a good range. The mutated govkar seem to lack this ability. Their bodies do not play host to the taint. The skulk wish to free or free by destroying the skulcrow's from their mindlessness by introducing their modified taint into the reclamation pools of the skulcrows. they are unsure what will happen, but it must be better then their current existence.
flight reseach goes up in flames, literally. the combat training does not go well, but when you depend on hiding and speed, perhaps you dont need to fight.
rolled 13, 7, 4, 16, 15 = 55

The news from the east is disturbing. Sister tribes to the Ca'rethill being wiped out by Aggressive Joorod raids. Scouts are posted at the edge of the tribe's territory to at the north to east in order to watch out for the savages and anything else out there.

Explorers returning from the west tell tales of a simple tribe of incredibly large, but seemingly peaceful creatures. Some are expressing a desire to reach out to these blade-nosed folk. A package of fine silk and glass beads are prepared as an offering of good will. They wait until the weather appears clear before making their journey again.

Rolling for scouting north, northeast, and east by land, noticing weather patterns, and diplomatic trip to the Gantu tribe.
((this is the last named character from the Kaze. and its on its way to you.))
Sky rode jup, her faithful giant wolly boomer. Jup was shedding in the heat of the swamp, but otherwise was as happy as a giant wolly boomer can be. The scouts followed behind. The trip was uneventful, though alone the way various seeds and plants were collected and stored in bags that the boomer and scouts carried. By virtue of sheer luck, and a two ton boomer they made it past the skulcrows without much event, crossing thru the narrow strip of land that was between the rift and the river near Gantu territory. Upon reaching the village there was much rejoycing by all the old kaze tribe members. Many had believed sky to be dead, but a big meal and a long story later they had the who picture. The Gantu couldn't keep up with how fast the story went, but a simplified explanation got the point across. During the night the boomer makes horrific noises, and sky worries that it is sick. The gantu get ready to put it out of its misery, its only untill they realize it is laying eggs that the misunderstanding is apparent. Damn, it lays a LOT of eggs. Apparently Jup was a girl. *shrug*
this is a non story update, for absorbing part of the kaze tribe you get this pile of stuff. so here we go. two boats: Horizon finder, a small 5 man, long endurance, fishing vessel. The Black Flag, a bigger vessel made of bones and varnished animal hide. tribal indivudals: thunder: a tough female fighter, Sky: a female explorer/ wanna be great ribboner pilot, wave: male, a rather brilliant inventor, and two eyes: a salty skulk pirate. included are also 14 "Redshirt" skulks. From Jup, comes jup. A big stompy wolly mammoth type thing. And domesticated wooly boomers. Useful as pets, work animals, clothing, leather, and explosions (if this breed explodes..i forget). The plants the skulks bring with them are hit and miss as far as what does and does not grow. The glowing skulk moss seems to have no problem with the area, the lure tree seedlings also dont seem to have a problem with the region either. --skills inherited are: expert boat makers, scouting, improved nets, basic armor (animal based), tattoos (Complex).
I dont really expect much more to happen with the Kaze Characters. you just have a bunch of skulks living in your village now, dont worry, They are very outgoing. i'm sure they are hard workers and fighters, eager to meet the challenges of the little brother, but remember, salt water is like poison to them for some reason.
I'm a bit concerned with how a Wooly Boomer, and arctic creature, is supposed to survive in a near tropical climate. They have thick, insulating fur and an organ that acts as a gas furnace. They're built for staying warm, not cooling off.

Also, if I understood Nad's old post correctly, I think they give live birth. That, of course, could just be a misinterpretation. I'd better link it.
Scouts to the north find nothing of note, other then some trees pushed over by a storm. the tribe quickly pulls them back to the village for processing. ((free wood for building projects, consider it a one time +3 to any building)) the north east and east finds agressive Joorod packs. They are outnumbered and the fighting is feirce, but their superior arms, armor, and training win the day with them only loosing a few members of the two scouting teams each. The bodies of the dead, both tribal and enemy are brought back to the village to feed the steel. Ca'rethill would find it humorous that the Joorod as a species seem rather adept at determining the weather. A continent away the Friggan Joorod are experts at tracking the rain. The tribe's knowledge of the weather is almost instinctual.
The diplomat's make it to the gantu in record time, thanks to one amazing experiment. First, a cart was made with wheels. this worked well enough. Next, one particularly mad individual used a sail from a boat to propel the cart on land...indeed it worked! Fine silks and fine beads, a young smith even included a few small, yet beautifully crafted steel blades in the box of goodwill. ((yes, i know... ididntaskforthis.jpg, but you get it. consider it a perk. or if you really want to play hard more, research this unique prototype to mass produce it, otherwise its yours.))
nice research man. I like it. Looks like i have to retcon the statement a bit. anyway, the Boomer's migrate away from the extreme cold, so when faced with the tropical weather its like a siberian husky in warm climates. They survive, they just shed fur alot, are more inactive, and drink a lot more water/ pant. (trust me on that one, i live on a desert base, and a ton of people here have those dogs)
replace lots of eggs, with lots of squiggling, chirping, noisy, fuzzy baby boomers. They also apparently do not explode, as their bodies are adapted for using the gas as heat. good on colder nights.
File: 1339340283356.png-(118 KB, 800x600, Bord Egg suit.png)
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Guys, I have been thinking. Should I redesign the Houyi species? I have to admit, that I am kinda ashamed of them. I really went too far with them and I feel bad about it.
I could try to make them less blatant hydralisk knockoffs, as long as you guys are ok with that kind of retconning.
Also, bumb!
rolled 15, 5, 18, 18, 1, 9, 2 = 68


As the winds and scouts carried the news of the marching gohroks, the tribe makes the final preparations.
They gather what little food they can to the containers, and make few quick hunts to bolster their food supplies in case the fight gets too heated.
In a fit of inspiration, Hakel, orders that the glowing sheets made by Niru should be hung
around the perimeter of the village, so that they could illuminate the twilight of the marshes, allowing the tribe to spot the gohroks when they make their move. Kiknau sees this, and is concerned, but doesn't protest. She could handle this later.
The tribe sits tight, Daki overseers few more quick training sessions, additional disks are made, both for the launchers and the more traditional ones, herbs and other primitive medicines are prepared so that the wounded can be tended.

Meanwhile, Nufa slows down his pace, so that the travels would be easier for his old friend. They continue their trek to east, but with slower speed.

Rolling for food gathering, hunting, hanging the glow sheets, last-minute training sessions, extra ammo, primitive medicines and Nufa's continued travel towards home.
I think you should stop posting
File: 1339352795692.png-(109 KB, 800x600, Bordnaught.png)
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Have I done something to offend you sir?
Also, bumb!
Actually, I think they're fine, plus they seem to be really popular with a lot of players.

I know you feel like such blatant references are a bad thing, but really, I think they're sufficiently far enough away from the source material.
Aww damn I'm slowing down in my ability to post immensely, at home from college and all.

Will try to get a post in, or join the IRC.
rolled 18, 14, 2, 2, 20 = 56


Wild animals stealing food was constant problem and Kharum wanted to stop it. Two ways were figured out and first was to simply build house where they would store the food to keep it away from animals and the second one was to build pallisade which would also work as defense against any who would try to attack them. With more wounded, caused by tests with different minerals, Healers had even more work than before and these new wounds and sicknesses were the cause for inventing even more ways of medication. Playing with stars continues and perhaps this time it will yield something useful. Now that Kharum have settled there is more time to have with family and this might cause population boom.

Rolling for Granary, Pallisade, Medication, Astronomy and Birth rates.
File: 1339363566371.gif-(7 KB, 97x146, 342094.gif)
7 KB

Nat 20 for birthrates?
Lots of bees and flowers
File: 1339367785431.png-(121 KB, 800x600, Cute govkar.png)
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bumb to keep this from dying during my sleep.
File: 1339371460340.png-(3 KB, 150x145, Baby Boomer.png)
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Baby woolly boomers just sounded way too cute. Had to draw one.
Food is packed away for a prolonged battle. Meat is smoked, and azrach fruit is dried. Water is stored in massive containers and buried to keep it safe. Attempts to get additional meat from the hunts meets with failure, the local species seem to know something is going down soon, and run. The tribe knows that if it comes to it, the Gohrok forces they kill are meat, and armor. It is a gristly task but is the way of the swamp. The glowing sheets hung around the swamp illuminate the darkest areas, and keep the night at bay, the tribe has even taken to flying them as a banner...the elder can only sigh, this was all spinning away from the way it had always been so fast. Beastmen, Giants, and little heresies... it was truly the end of times, she grabbed a disk launcher and made ready for the battle to come. The last bit of training was as inspirational as it was educational. Daki and the hunters delivered rousing speeches, or acts of unexpected kindness, along with instructions on how to kill with efficiency, and the tribe was ready, men, women and children. The ammo was scarce, as a fire claimed all the material needed to make more, each launcher had about 20 shots. Attempts at medicine are a small improvement over what they used to have. Simple numbing agents, antiseptics and silk bandages covered with azrach sap are the mainstay of healing.
The Kharum are expert builders when it comes to expedited defensive structures. A granary is built by digging a deep pit, then lining it with treated leather to keep out moisture and pests. The Pallisade sits around the village, further making scaling the steep sloaps impossible. The naturally occuring ramp up to their mesa is turned into one big DFP (defensive fighting position) and kill zone. Stars and Medicine are the last thing on the tribes mind as they blow off some steam after the long walk. The tribe can safely assume that it will have about 3 children for every two parents. One thing to come of medicine was the extensive loss of limbs has caused the rise of crude prognostics. knives replacing lost hands, or pinchers lost replaced with great cleavers or clubs. Legs end in pegs, or sometimes something slightly more articulated....the tribe is forever militarized, it is part of their culture now.
Far away, a conclave of black joorods speak to eachother in their rough, cackling language, plotting the downfall of the Kharum. The warring tribes found unity against the wandering destroyers, something they could all hate.
I don't have metal. Not one bit of research into it yet. You're thinking of Silith (Solomon's tribe). Also, I was intending to head out by sea again.
rolled 10, 9, 3, 16, 6, 5, 3, 16 = 68

The blades our Forgemasters have produced are true works of art, objects of ancestral fury whose sheen glimmers like the Spirits in the Aether. I've tasked our hunters to begin training in the usage of the sword, especially given our recent activities (which were nonetheless begun by a rogue Huntress) into finding out Gohrok younglings for uplifting... It will be a tough road ahead of us, especially given how we also seek to conquer the will of the tough Ramel. The Gohrok are intelligent, intelligent enough to realize the danger a blade will bring. We must develop a means to both take them out from a distance as well as a means to defend ourselves once they get close enough to attack. Oddly enough, our engineers have an idea for the former, and our forgemasters an idea for the latter. I pray their results are useful.

The Gohrok our Huntress rescued, a particularly bright creature we've begun to call Skildar, has been able to show us the locations of various areas the Gohrok call home. Only issue is, we need a way to record this information, perhaps parchment? I'm no engineer or philosopher, so I'll leave that, and the way to know just how FAR we'll be traveling to them. Speaking of engineers... The wheel seems to work best on flat surfaces, something we simply lack, Engineer Seran believes he has a way to develop roads; flat surfaces upon which a wheel can properly function. Given his disgrace in the study of the Keystone, I'm wary of what he may discover.

Roll for mapmaking, roads, swordsmanship, Ghorok "Uplifting", Ramel Domestication, unit of measurement, the crossbow, and the shield.
rolled 11 = 11


>18 on Gohrok Observation and understanding of habits
>16 on catching Gohrok younglings to "uplift" them

I wish I could say the same about our ability for swordsmanship...

Oh, also rolling for random event.
Sorry folks, last weekend I got a lot events going on. But now I have returned! Bord egg-mech looks awesome, ahaha!

Well, that's a kinda easy retcon... the blades weren't made from metal, but temperature-hardened wood. And instead of land-sails, the Ca'rethill used the wheel to make paddle-wheels, which sped up the boat when there's no wind in the sails.

Man, I just remembered that I haven't seen the Bord pastebin thingy! I'll hop on the IRC or somesuch.
the maps are vague and crude, but get the job done for at least indicating what region you are in by simple landmarks. The roads exist only as footpaths, and clearings in thick brush. The tribe has a hard time with swordsmanship with a few eyes being lost :( . More and more Gohrok "runts" are found, desperate for family and attention eagerly join the tribe when found by scout "gatherers". Ramel are stubborn animals ill suited to riding, it will take more effort to break them, but for now they carry heavy loads, grudgingly. Simple measurements are lost on the tribe as a whole, leading to inprecise manufacture of a precision istrument like a crossbow. It breaks while being cranked. Shields however, are easy to make, large and ornate.

On the outskirts of the tribe angry gohrok see their way of life being changed, their young being stollen, the start to mobilize... from the beaches the aggressive joorod have watched these invaders build up their homes, on their own stolen ancestral lands...This would not continue.
rolled 7, 20 = 27


Alright, update time!
Polahu returns to the tribe, he's surprised to see a host of strange green creatures living with the tribe, but eventually this is explained to him.
He balks at the massive woolly boomer though, truly a marvel to behold.
The tribe celebrates the return of their hero, and Polahu wows them with the tale of the great trap dahon, with both tentacle and beak as proof, no one doubts the truth. He in turn is regaled with the tale of Te'wane and the White Roha (yeah, finally gave the Diver a name).

Only a mere week after trying to adjust to having these refugee skulk as permanent residents (they're welcome but it's still a big change) as well as woolly boomer babbys everywhere, the Joord come...

The one Ca'rethill staying with the Gantu, believed dead since his invention of the net, is greeted with tearful reuinion by one of the caravan's members, who happened to be a relative. The Ca'rethill, who by now has picked up enough Gantu to serve as a translator, explains the situation to both parties.
Rolling for
1) greeting with the Ca'rethill (can i get a bonus since we have a friendly translator?)
2) to have Tala'alahe's team fucking find the Silith, goddamn!
rolled 13, 4, 7, 17, 2, 9, 9 = 61

It was in the year 3 AE when war in all of it's terrible fury came to the Silith. The Silith, our people, were already a hard-working, industrious people, used to conquering hardships and developing themselves even in the face of intense adversity. It was this development, specifically in the area of the Gohrok, that the Silith made their first enemy.

The Gohrok were a stubborn, violent species that practiced barbaric acts upon themselves and others, including cannibalism and wanton murder. Otherwise loosely held together by an Alpha, the Gohrok nonetheless were able to be united under one thing; their hatred of the Silithi people. The Silith were able to notice this, giving our people time to prepare. Swords were forged, Kin trained in the ways of organized combat and their newly acquired blades, and in the deep recesses of the Black City, our sages poured over means to combat the threat at range.

As though sent out by the Burning Moons themselves, the barely sentient, savage Joorod came upon us from the shores, striking out with impetuous fury with a desire for our flesh. The valiant efforts of our soldiers during these days against both the Gohrok and the Joorod will be further mentioned in the annals of our history.

Roll for swordsmanship, soldiering (training and mustering), Ramel domestication, the crossbow, initial defense against Gohrok attacks and defense against Joorod raids.
File: 1339386697314.png-(313 KB, 2618x1020, Gwiliak info.png)
313 KB

The Gwiliak tribe waits restlessly. The guards keenly observe the tree lines at the borders of the village. The river's at the sides of the village would mean that the gohroks would most likely try to attack from the northeast, the area which had the most dry land, although the river's could be crossed...(picture for reference of the terrain around the tribe.)

Finally, after two days and two nights, the gohroks are spotted. Their swarm is seen moving in the opposite shores of the rivers, and in the forests to the north east. The village is by all intents and purposes, surrounded.
It takes one and a half day of waiting, before the gohroks launch their attack. They majority of the swarm moved through the north eastern dry patch of land, though few foolhardy ones came over the rivers as well. The main block of the defenses concentrated on keeping the beasts at bay on the North eastern border of the village, while some of the warriors were sent to keep the gohroks trying to reach them over the river from getting inside the village. Hakel assists these warriors, as he can move swiftly across the village, and make the first strike against any gohrok attempting to reach the village over the river.
rolled 3, 2, 16, 1, 8, 11 = 41

The massive beasts clash to the defensive line. The spikes plunging inside their guts, snapping against their armor and tearing their flesh.
The warriors behind the first line fire volleys of their disk launchers, aiming to the necks and joints of the creatures, while other warriors use the heavy tipped spears impale the gohrok beasts as they try to come closer.
Nar's horns are used against the beasts, the booming noise could be heard from miles away.

Rolling to see how the over all fighting goes at the main defensive line, how well Hakel and the warriors can keep gohroks from flanking the main defense, the effectiveness of the spike walls, the disk volleys, spears and horns.
Ca'rethill are greeted well enough, though it is very formal. Tala'alahe's team have scouted out the Silith. For weeks....watching.. they know a great deal about them, as they quietly observed. Their culture, the habits, their patrols, their town..even a little of their language. *stalking to the maximum*
sword and shield tactics are perfect. It was the shield that balances out their fighting style. the attempt to raise the army are slow, they have a few weeks before the enemy is coheasive enough to strike, but for now they have their chances. The ramel become slightly more pliant to being handled, and will charge on command, but will not allow riding. The crossbow is wonderful contraption...so deadly. its a very fine piece of craftsmanship...almost...art. The early attacks from the two enemy forces strain the tribe, losses are light, only because of their equipment. Seeing this forces the civilians of the tribe to realize what is at steak.
File: 1339390732263.jpg-(11 KB, 220x138, 220px-Tiki_statue_shop_2%2C_Ha(...).jpg)
11 KB
rolled 5, 19, 9 = 33

Excellent. We shall continue to be creepy. Must gather more info. Perhaps we can learn more of their tongue via observation/observation. More creepan'!

Obviously, the Ca'rethill are welcome, and while they feel stiffly greeted due to language barriers, the Gantu decide to greet them, well, how did they greet the Skulks? A luau, of course! This one's a little more modest because of a slim catch last season, and the Gantu apologize profusely for it. Hopefully the visitors know that we have only the best intentions.

Well, now that we've tried making tikis and so far each time was "meh", our woodcarvers are... a little better at it now, hopefully our new totem pole tikis are more spectacular.

Rolling for:
1) continued stalking of the Silith, hoping to learn their language and any other information that would be helpful.
2) Making a good impression on the visiting Ca'rethill
3) Alright, THIS TIME, we're getting this tiki right.
The battle is going badly. The Gohrok charged into and past the spikes. The dead were trampled at a heavy loss. But the lines of the defenders were broken quickly. the fighting became a meelee as carefully laid plans went awry. Spears and horns inflict small losses, while the disks are too few to do anything more then kill a handful. Children shrieked in their huts while hakel did all he could to control the tide. The fight had just begun. Gohrok forces stand at about 80% of their total numbers after the initial charge to meet the defenders. Killing their alphas will break their spirit, the alphas are bigger then the rest and easily identified.
rolled 20, 16, 19, 8, 4, 15 = 82

Kharum hunters spend long time in the wilds to find prey to hunt and that is time lost from other things. With that idea in mind hunters figured that it would be easier to bring the animals to home and grow them for food to be butchered. Even after accidents there still were some who wanted to keep testing the minerals to find more ways to use them. With the great population boom more housing will be needed and surroundings of the town should be explored more to find useful things. Liak was bored and he decided to take other party to explore the mountains.

rolling for Animal domestication, Mineral tests, Housing, exploring the town surroundings, Liak's exploring of mountains and improving carpentry.
File: 1339392551600.jpg-(259 KB, 1159x588, dragon_mask.jpg)
259 KB
the silith pick up on the large gantu, as their attempts at stealth grow more and more overt. it is when one of their tribe members turns around to find a 9 foot tall gantu standing behind him.(the covert ops are over)
the Ca'rethill are impressed by the massive feast and festivities, as well as their hosts gracious and gregarious nature.
The Gantu have finally, become proficient at making tikis, and tiki torches, as well as...tiki masks tiki art in general really. see pic related. to the gantu the faces are smiling friends and ancestors, to outsiders they might seem a bit fearsome.
File: 1339393648013.png-(145 KB, 482x398, Gantu Concept.png)
145 KB
AT LAST! Tiki shall be mine, IG said I'd need a good reason to change my tribal symbol, can I change my tribal symbol to a tiki now? You'll also see some ideas for Gantu tattoos that I had.

This here is one of my ideas, but it's only preliminary. Again, IG, this is NOT FINAL. The last time my tribal symbol, well, that wasn't my "final answer" and it got set in stone just after I'd come up with something better. Then I wasn't allowed to change it. Made me a sad panda.
File: 1339394595328.png-(103 KB, 1562x524, 1337871756978.png)
103 KB
rolled 20, 16, 19, 8, 4, 15 = 82
rolling for Animal domestication, Mineral tests, Housing, exploring the town surroundings, Liak's exploring of mountains and improving carpentry.

...The Kharum have brought the local beasts of the volcanic regions into their fold. They have a way with animals, that just makes them obedian. probably the quick and brutal deaths of those that do not comply. Extensive testing of minerals yields knowledge of mineral combinations (gunpowder, burning magnesium and termite). A boom happens in housing, extensive and elaborate tents are set up, some of them multiple floors tall. The surrounding of the town are rather desolate, but the exploration of the mountains is fraught with hazard, all but Liak perish in a Baghr ambush.

The tribe has become quite skilled with carpentry. get a one time bonus of +3 regarding woodwork, and a permanent +1 to all future wood related rolls.
alright everyone, feel free to draw a village/ town map of your tribe, showing off what you have.
rolled 11, 11, 18, 9, 14, 2 = 65


The Gwiliak forces retreat back to the village, to the trees. Perhaps it had been a mistake to try to fight the gohroks by trying to hold them off on the groud. Speed and agility were after all, the main advantages the govkars had over the gohroks.

The strongest of the warriors keep the retreating line, their heavy tipped spears ready to strike at any gohrok foolish enough to come too close. They retreat back towards the village, giving time for the rest of the defense to find good fighting positions in the trees.

Some of the warriors start shooting the disks at the gohroks from the trees, and when the diks run out, they begin to use their spears to stab the beasts from the above. They move swiftly, jumping from tree to tree, striking behind the beasts.

Hakel joins the fray. He wields a heavy tipped spear as he jumps from tree to tree. He spots the large gohroks that are seemingly leading the charge. He uses his speed and agility to pounce them and attempt to pierce their necks with his spear.

The horns continue to be used to distract the gohroks. Hopefully, they will confuse the beasts long enough to allow the warriors to deliver finishing blows.

Now it will be seen if all that training meant anything. Because a failure to rout the gohroks now, would surely mean the anihilation of the whole tribe.

Rolling for retreating, disk wolleys from the trees, attacking from the trees, Hakel's attempts to assasinate the alpha gohroks, the horns and seeing how the battle goes on in general.
rolled 11, 11, 18, 9, 14, 2 = 65
Rolling for retreating, disk wolleys from the trees, attacking from the trees, Hakel's attempts to assasinate the alpha gohroks, the horns and seeing how the battle goes on in general.

The retreat is not clean, many are caught up fighting still as the line advances backwards. Disk's rip from the trees impacting into hard shell as much as soft eyes and joints. The Govkar take to the trees, slashing and stabbing, out of reach from the Gohrok. Hakel is stuck in the thickest of the fighting, his armor absorbing as many blows as he is giving out, one alpha was taken down with a spear to the gut and pinchers taking off its head, hakel is a living engine of destruction. While he may survive this battle, the tribe may not. The battle is going horribly now, but at the last moment the horns go off. causing gohrok to fall to their knees, screaming, howling. as much as it does many of the tribesmen as well. it has momentarily halted the carnage. The gohrok seem slower to recover.
Jun is huddled with her eggs hoping for the safe return of her mate, daki fights at the front, Hakel is in a sea of blood and flesh. The matron is close to the front, firing her disk launcher, old hands still moving with swiftness. The others are no where to be found. both sides have taken heavy losses.
File: 1339400881332.png-(40 KB, 800x553, Mohu'awane.png)
40 KB
Here's mah village, nongent, complete with individual placement of important members.
I'll post more in the morning, but for now, sleep.
rolled 7, 7, 3 = 17

When the group made it to the Gantu, it was quite a surprise to find that a sailor who had left to explore this way before had been living among these giants. He says that they had cared for him after the boat had capsized. Unfortunately, he had been the sole survivor. The shipwrecked sailor serves as a translator.
The meeting was a bit awkward on both sides at first, but with a little time, things got going pretty smoothly. While for the Gantu the meal was considered modest, it was quite a feast for the Joorod, whom were half their size. The gifts of silk and beads were delivered to the tribe's leader. Merrymaking was had that night. It was time to head back east the next day. They leave the Gantu with the location of the small village they call home. With them comes the shipwrecked sailor, excited to return home to his family for the first time in several months.

With the exploration of the coast, some think it's a good idea to draw out the areas surrounding the village.
Due to Aggressive Joorod activity, an alarm system is needed for the village. The decided method is building watch towers and signaling each other with torches.
Rolling for cartography, watch towers, and trying written language again (for same reasons posted earlier).
File: 1339403901231.jpg-(56 KB, 265x370, ime..jpg)
56 KB
All things slow the die.

Heat death is imminent.
rolled 4 = 4

Forgot one other thing also having to do with ships. Lighthouse.
the tribe has a decisive lack of literacy, their maps are crude generalizations of an area with landmarks, and a point for the sun in the sky at various periods of the day. its ugly, but it sort of works. The written language of the tribe becomes if anything more complex, but now certain glyphs are associated with sounds..its a beginning.

Extensive miscommunication during the construction of the lighthouses and watchtowers ironically gets neither. The tribe has a battery of small lifeguard shack sized towers along their coastal territory, as well as around their village. On top of each is a spot for fire....it serves the purpose of neither, but does a new job. lighting up the night and offering shelter and observation.
File: 1339405593967.png-(26 KB, 814x522, village2.png)
26 KB
Got my map, and updated it to have the little light shacks around the bay.
File: 1339409505411.jpg-(123 KB, 930x578, 1339055336250.jpg)
123 KB
The Friggan started in the mountains on the west side of the map. They are nomadic traders, and runners. They enjoy dancing, music, games of chance, skill, or mind. They will trade little things for what you have...and usually all they want is a very small amount of resource, and perhaps a little knowledge. They have traded with many tribes over the ages, and have a strange assortment of skills, and an odd, free wheeling, free love, open road sort of lifestyle. Dont be fooled though, they are very clever. Expect them in an event soon.
rolled 12, 9, 12, 10, 9, 18, 1 = 71

The za'siel tribe has continued to cultivate a quiet life of family and construction inside their caverns. Though with the new reach of the whisper, they are remotely studying the outside world thru the eyes of the skulcrows. they began to focus on lost knowledge from when their tribe was first destroyed. Once again attempts to make launching mechanisms is practiced, this time in a variety of disciplines, armor for the ramels, and lances. The govkar try to divine the secrets of flight once more.
rolling for: spear launcher, cross bow, ballista, ramel armor, lances. govkar rolls for: flight understanding, if successful basic flight.
>>19406524 from many posts ago I had a good roll for scouting, I discovered the nearby gwilak. Its safe to say the skulks have been watching for a long time...a very long time. they are good at sneaking. especially the predator. The scouts in the region number about 20, and with keen eyes they have watched the tribe defend in a near genocidal war against the Gohrok. The fight is not going well, and there is debate on weather or not to aid an enemy if it may make them an ally. There is also much curiosity about the giant that fights for them, it gives off pheromones of one who is touched by the skulks...but much stronger.
The tribes attempts at small ballistic launchers is a failure, but up-scaling them easily corrects their flaws. man portable spear launchers and ballistas are built, the latter essentially just being an even bigger copy of the former. It took ramel's a long time to even want to accept a rider, they are resistant to armor at first, but in time they will come to wear it without much hassle ((building off prior ramel taming experience)). The attempts to make lances result in thin rods that break after the first strike. more work must be done.
The Govkar have figured out how basic flight works. hot air floats, certain shapes fall foward instead of straight down, flat things take longer to land then sticks. easy! One govkar tries to build a device that is part hot air balloon, part hang glider...he dies...horribly. In flight the whole contraption ignites, and his flaming corpse crashes into skulcrow territory...right into the reclamation pits. A week later a charred monster crawls out.
rolled 16, 18, 6, 17, 1, 7 = 65


The Gwiliak utilize the initiative they now have, as the gohroks are still in shock and confusion from the noice blast of the horns.

Daki leads a charge of warriors from the front, leaping towards the staggering gohroks. She is much faster than these beasts, and she uses it to her advantage. She attempts to kill as many as she can with clean stabs throught their eyes and necks.

Kiknau uses the short pause in combat to recall some troops and as many non combatant as she can to her and together they retreat to the rock tree itself, which is perhaps the most protected point of the whole village. From there, the few warriors with disk launchers along with Kiknau will provide covering fire.

Hakel is hardly even phased by the shock caused by the horns. He uses it to his advantage, quickly moving towards the nearest alpha gohrok, dispatching as many lesser ones as he can.

Macia is trapped under the roots of the tree in which her hut is located. She attempts to hide from the beastial creatures swarming all around her.

Some of the remaining warriors with disks launchers regroup and move to the trees again. They try to flank the gohroks, so that could trap the beasts between their disk volleys and the charge led by Daki.

Meanwhile far away, Nufa continues his travel. His comrade succumbed to exhaustion, despite their slower pace. After mourning him, and doing the suitable rituals for his spirit's safe passage to after life, he continues onwards, following the river.

Rolling Daki's charge, Kiknau's retreat, Hakel's continued rampage, for seeing if Macia can remain hiding, the flanking move of the warriors and for Nufa's expedition.
Daki leads a near suicial charge into the fray, spears puncture eyes, open mouths, armpits, anywhere there isint armor. It causes a break in the tide of enemies, with some of them starting to try and flee. Hakel continues his frenzy, but his base insticts cause him to spend more time making a spectacle out of lifting an adult gohrok in the air above him, ripping it in half and letting the blood and entrails wash over his body. these gruesome displays keep occuring, he even munches on a severed arm as he walks. While this does not kill the enemy, it has a profound psychological impact. Macia remains hidden as "monsters" stomp around her hut, sniffing and growling, looking up at the children above them. The attempt at flaking is met with total disaster, as all of them are either killed or incapacitated in a lightning quick strike. Hakel's two children burst into the fray blowing horns and launching disks trying to buy the fighters precious time to escape or fight back.
Nufa continues alone, stopping frequently to hide, he at last sees his village, but it is in ruins, being swarmed by gohrok! he must hurry!
the skulk and mutated govkar scouts of the Za'Siel come to a consensus. they will help, but quietly. One by one, stragglers and pack leaders are lifted up into the canopy and in a flurry of teeth, claws and stabbing, come crashing back down to the swamp. One alpha down...
the battle has taken its toll, you are down to about 30% of your able bodied fighters, but have cost the enemy dearly. some are starting to retreat, while the more aggressive carry on.
I am assuming that with the roll of 18, Kiknau's retreat was succesfull.
Gonna make a proper update when I get home

Kiknau successfully manages to gather almost all the children and other individuals not suited for combat. She even gets Jun and her eggs to safety inside the tree rock hut. Some of them seem to be missing... Macia is too young and still weak from her near death experience, but she can't be found anywhere. Niru and Nar both seem to have also disappeared, even though Kiknau made sure that they were taken to the tree rock as well.
From the matron's hut, the warriors who came there with Kiknau attempt to provide covering fire with their disk launchers with the Teka leading the firing. The non combatants are tasked with creating new disks from silk and azrach sap as fast as they can, as ammo is going to run out very soon.

Daki attempts to keep the motion of battle in her warriors advantage. She continues her assault, delivering deadly jabs with her spear, while bashing any gohrok that tries to get her to the eyes with her pincers. Her warriors follow her example filled with blood lust.

Hakel continues his fight, but as he spots his two children in the middle of the battle, trying to save a group of warriors from the gohroks, he is stunned. This wasn't supposed to happen! They were supposed to stay back, stay safe! They were both barely adolescent! With a desperate roar, that is only amplified by the horns installed to his helmet, he strides towards his children, attempting to save them and the warriors.
rolled 18, 13, 8, 2, 6, 13, 11, 18, 9, 8 = 106


Niru and Nar desperately try to hold the beasts of. They are not warriors, but they couldn't just sit there and do nothing while the others died to protect them. Nar blows his horn with all his lungs, while Niru tries to make her every shot count. The warriors try to protect the foolish children who came into their rescue. This was not their place to die.

Macia hears the screams of the juvenile gohroks from her hut. Her sense of better judgment is suddenly clouded by motherly rage. She grabs a spear from the hands of a dead warrior that had fallen near her tree, and starts stabbing the ankles and knees of the gohroks from her hiding place under the roots. The beasts would not harm the children!

Nufa sees the insanity going on in his home, what in the world had happened? He moves as fast as he can, jumping from tree to tree, above the gorhok swarm, until he sees Daki, fighting in the mids of the beasts. With a roar, he jumps into the fray to help her out, he only has a simple spear, but he has the element of surprise.

Rolling for providing covering fire, making more ammo, Daki's and her warriors continued assault, Hakel's attempt to save his kids and the warriors, seeing if Hake'ls horns have the similar effects than the other horns, Nar's horn, Niru's shooting, the warrior's last stand, Macia's attacks and to see if Nufa manages to help Daki in the fight.
rolled 1, 12, 1, 2, 1, 19 = 36

It was during the First War that our people first discovered the Gantu, although long after they had discovered us. The Gantu seemed to have come out of the sea to us, giants from the depths who knew not of the loving glow of the Moons. The beings seemed intelligent, enough to recognize our language. However their arrival was precluded with the First War, how were we to know if they were a knew foe? Wearily, we allowed those who wished into Muskato, the Black City, to see our splendor.

The development of the shield seems perfect for our swords, which smote Gohrok and Joorod alike with the Fury of our Ancestors. The spirits within the blades hungered for blood, and our swordsmen were all too happy to oblige, our Forgemasters seeing if they could by chance improve upon the design of the sword given they've now been wetted with our enemies. The creation of the crossbow was a relief as well, able to send small yet powerful bolts at range towards their target. While it was slower to reload then the bow, it was capable of piercing the hard shells of both Gohrok... And Govkar. Our only edge against these beasts was our superior technology, a cold reminder for our people to continue to innovate, lest they gain ground. It is our minds and spirits that will win this war.

It was in this year that Polyandos assumed full control of the Silith government, propping himself up as the sole ruler of our people while appointing Elders into a Council. This change of powers was not altogether opposed by the Silithi people, considering Polyandos already held almost full control over the tribe. Hard times call for hard leadership, and under the claw and shell of Polyandos with the spiritual guidance of Sandril, we shall endure.

Roll for impressing the Gantu, Improved Swords, metal armor, mustering and training of new soldiers, ease of transition into a Dictatorship/Absolute Monarchy.
rolled 11, 2 = 13


Good GOD those rolls.

Also forgot roll for defense against Gohrok and Defense against Joorod.
rolled 3, 12, 13, 19 = 47


With new succes to learning of minerals Kharum continues with experiments and tries to make simple explosives. There always has been some travelling across the great river but recently it has been increased and thus Liak decided that there should be a spot where people could safely store their rafts and on crossing the river. Even after failure at mountains Liak had the fire inside him and this time he would lead hunting party to keep the skills of combat fresh and sharp. Hunters also start to develop new type of throwing weapon(axe) to help them fight from range.

Roll for simple explosives, harbour, Liak's hunting party and throwing axes.
rolled 1, 2, 5, 12 = 20

The Gantu are not impressed, in fact, they look down on the Silith. They see a people that, while noble, cannot defend itself. They worry about them, being concerned for their safety.

Tala'alahe sends the fastest runner back to Mohu'awane, to tell the tribe of their discovery. She and the rest of the scouting party (now numbering 9 Gantu including the chief's daughter) stay in Muskato. This is both to learn more of the Silith and their ways, as well as keep an eye out on them, as these past few months, many patrols have returned startling information, gohrohk gathering in large numbers, becoming more agressive. Some of the veterans begin to worry that the beasts are getting ready to swarm, a dangerous possiblility. No, these people need our help.

Rolling for:
1) being allowed to stay in Muskato (they're 9 foot giants, they may unnerve people, no matter how friendly)
2) if allowed to stay, if they can learn any more cultural intel about the Silith
3) see if any of the scouts can pick up some of their weapons knowledge
4) Tala'alahe sends out one of her scouts to keep tabs on the gohrohk, if they really are getting ready to swarm, we'll need to know ahead of time.
File: 1339434949635.png-(7 KB, 350x346, 1300809231579.png)
7 KB
>Those rolls.

Damn, this continent is full of racists.
I know, I'm going to get chased out by an angry mob instead of teaching them how to fight. Then we'll know they are quite so defenseless.

I'm beginning to think if we did a reverse roll quality (1 is best, 20 is worse) we'd rapidly become the best continent on the planet.
rolled 15, 4, 11 = 30

During construction, something got mixed up. These small towers were quickly set up surrounding the bay. Unfortunately, the foreman was called to be a water runner for the next couple of days, so he wasn't there to prevent this mistake. When he returned, he was furious. The foreman ordered that these small, raised torch platforms be torn down, and the correct towers be built.

The maps serve their purpose, even though they are highly stylized, with landmarks exaggerated. To take the images literally could get one lost.

Another boat is sent east once more, intending to watch Aggressive Joorod activity from a safe distance.

Rolling for real guard towers (taking +3) and lighthouse, and for scouting east by sea.
File: 1339466291600.png-(32 KB, 603x502, Symbol-Kilo.png)
32 KB
rolled 4 = 4

And so a split happened in one of the Skulk tribes, and a sect of heretics separated from the main one. Bent on Controlling fire and all aspects of it. They named themselves the Sama'Guchy!!!
(Rolling for fertile land to establish camp.)
File: 1339471088061.png-(365 KB, 1024x1250, Hakel's armor.png)
365 KB
Alright, the updated version!
Hakel's armor is equipped with horns that alter an amplify his voice.
He lacks the pincer armor, as they are made from gohrok pincers, but normal gohroks lack big enough to suit Hakel.
Solomon gave me results for a roll before. Now I'm returning the favor. Said this previously in the IRC.

With their crossbows and steel, the Silith were well enough able to repel attacking Gohroks from Muskat. There are still some close calls, but they haven't yet managed to get past the city guards. The Aggressive Joorods however, are smarter than those beasts. The found an unguarded gap between posts, which allowed a small raiding party to enter the city one night, making off with supplies, mainly food and weapons, notably a couple crossbows. A week later, a Joorod scout was seen carrying a crudely built (but still functional) copy of the weapon.
rolled 8 = 8

>>rolled 4 = 4

The Sama'Guchy having found no fertile land in which to settle decided to move eastward in order to find at least a defensible location. To this effect they pray to their god for a sign of a good place.

Rolling for defensible position in the east, zone 14.
Hiya! Nice to see new players this late in the game. Please refer to this map here:
Where do you want your tribe to go? The marshes or the coastal plains or the non-coastal jungle?

Also, Khanum and Silith, tell me your tribes' current position, I kinda lost track of their migrations.
He's referring to the Nad's habitat map.

Silith are at the bay circled, while Khanum should be by the Great Falls.
Oh, I forgot to ask. What is the scale on the map approximately?
the whole of East Continent should be approximately as big as South America.
So yeah, each tribe's starting areas are kinda vast in retrospect.
Ah, I see... the Sama'Guchy would probably be starting in one of the big islands created after the Rift happened.
Actually, In the IRC, he said near the mountains, which would be near the Friggan.
File: 1339485726837.png-(2.41 MB, 2810x3024, east map.png)
2.41 MB
Posted the wrong map.

Just put the landmarks back on the map. A couple corrections need to be made. Khanum should be closer to the great falls, and the new tribe needs to be added.
File: 1339489952608.png-(8 KB, 167x122, not gone, just sleeping.png)
8 KB
((this is out of thread, so ill keep it simple, if you dont want to self GM, or find a buddy, say so and ill do your results for you, but from now on im keeping it dead simple unless you ask for more. but for now, im stopping until I hear back from individuals in irc, or otherwise. my latest results have proven to be disfavorable and i do not like ruining a game with overly aggressive DMing or railroading.))
for those that want to GM, here is the table.

"roll a 1d20 for attempts at progress. 1-5 is massive failure, 6-8 is a minor failure, 9-12 is a meh with no real progress made, 13-16 is a success, and 17-20 is a great success. failures usually are a disaster of some sort. Story telling and tribal development are rewarded above an arms race. past failures can compound into a success explained by learning experiences (by your third minor failure/ meh you have it, just tell a good story along the way)" one time +# bonuses or permanent ones can be given out, up to the player to keep track of em and provide the proof.
((factoring in plus three)) the guard towers are masterpieces of minimalist functionality. ((adding in the fact that you have a fuckton of wood from the scrapped mini towers im going to make the lighthouse a sucess as its more flavor then gameplay)) lighthouse built, its apperance is crude due to being built from scrap, but it is actually of very sound construction despite its uneasy swaying in high winds. the boat was too far out to detect much other then vague locations of the enemy villages.
What, did the Witches *really* think Kiknau would give up a *child* to them? That's a person we're talking about, even more, their own flesh and blood.

The Witches want peace, fine. But a child is off the table.

Also, from Kiknau's POV, the whole swamp is aligned with the Witches and "She Who Hates Us", possibly even the gohrok. To say that harm has been "few and far between", well... that's probably not how Kiknau sees it.

(not criticizing your writing nongent, it's great. just getting into the story and characters. for once, I'm on Kiknau's side)
Why? Have people been complaining about the results given? If not, goddamn, man, go easier on yourself. Speaking of results, can I get one here: >>19445352
this is a very interesting game
((im not going to give a response for the first one, i dont support diplomacy by rolls, save for very specific circumstances, thats up to what you two want, and how well you role play what your tribe wants))
Silith values are too complex, and alien, their weapons too small and fragile to really learn much from them at a glance. real effort and study will have to be put into them to figure out this radically new way of life and thinking. It seems unnecessarily complex to the Gantu.
fortune hop into irc. but long story short, the skulks didnt expect the egg right away, but they can smell the mutation in it. (long story short, there is a mutant baby on the way, that in normal times the tribe would have killed at "birth" or hatching.) i would have told more sides to the shorty, but 4chans post only allow for very short blurbs. i didnt want to flood the game as ive been doing lately.
explosives for some reason..do not explode. only smoulder and...oops...that one went off, killing the guy trying to use it.
harbor is built, it works pretty well. the fact that its not near the village means its not as defended. perhaps an outpost is in order. The hunting party had an average hunt, but their new axes were quite devastating. It seems the tribe has some natural skill with tomahawks.
kilo, go to 1d4chan primordial evo game. Next, look at the very bottom of the section for eastern continent discussion one and two, from there follow and post the template. ill be waiting.
((Trying to keep the options for your responses as open to interpretation as possible))
cover fire only slows the enemy. more ammo is made. daki/ warriors fare poorly. hakel...(you can go for this one, its a pretty bad roll for what you are dooing), the horn is loud but is more of a distraction then a stun, nar's horn stuns and induces vomiting in the enemy, niru inflicts minor damage to the enemy, the warriors last stand is possibly a tide turner, macia's attack is ineffective and she is now noticed, nufa is in the same position as daki.
File: 1339495443298.jpg-(50 KB, 315x417, welcome to tg, now get out.jpg)
50 KB
war is hell...unless you have a burst fire musket.

Ng, just so you know, there were parts of your roll result descriptions that I liked, such as Macia's encounter with the skulks. I hope you don't mind if I use them.
I mostly had a problem with the after marth stuff, in which I felt that many of the character's faced fates that kinda came out of nowhere.
not a problem. also. fucking awesome job on hakel's armor. That shit right there. yep. make a deviant art for submitting, quit being selfish with your art.

but yeah, feel free to pull as much as you want from my old posts or what you can remember, i dont think they got archived.

Thanks. I think that I'll make that account.
And no worries, archive foolz archives even deleted posts, or I at least think it does.
((As i told fortune, diplomatic relations with the characters will be RP'ed by players, not dice. thats like giving a monkey a loaded gun with the safety off. doesn't make sense. its where role play comes into the role playing game. be your tribe.))
((tacking on a plus 1 to make this a minor sucess from prior experience)) competition. Sword smiths become venerated within the tribe, as the ushers to the gates of steel where one is sent. Each Smith develops a school where they have their own style of blade, there are currently 3 schools, all swords are one handed to compliment the shield. heavy and Choppy, Stabby, and quick slashy shools (Figure out names) . (draw me up your equipment next post. everything your tribe has invented.)
The spirits do not want to protect, they want to kill. Metal armor is a failure again ((you have failed this so much that your next post, you get a +5 to this from experience as a one time bonus.))
It is hard to muster more soldiers when most of the available population are young. perhaps it is time to institute children soldiers, or child military training so upon adulthood they are ready for war and you dont need to worry about this in the future. With how quickly govkar reproduce children usually outnumber adults, due to their rate of attrition ((Child death due to environment, or in your case, accidents))
YAY ABSOLUTE DICTATORSHIP!!! the tribe has craved order, and logic, so long as the leader is a logical one, things should be great. ((get a one time +3 to any roll, can be stacked with any other bonus))
File: 1339504239030.png-(97 KB, 259x240, 1334990361466.png)
97 KB
foolz does archive deleted posts, worry not.

Whoah whoah whoah, WHO'S the monkey in this analogy? US? or the dice? Because if it's the first, I'd have to seriously doubt you're the same person as nongent, because I don't recall him *ever* insulting us as players.

As for IRC, sorry I wasn't available last night, kept nodding off and decided "well, that's my body telling me I need to get to sleep" so I did so, rather than stay up.
its meeee.....all mee..and no, you should know by now, i dont insult with clever witticisms. its blunt and direct if i do it. part of my concept of being honest. the dice are the monkey with the loaded gun. you never know who or if there is going to be a casualty. its why i started introducing the concept of "successful failure" or occasional bonus. it just doesn't make sense to fail, over...and over...and over...natural 1s and 20s are special.

but player interactions reguarding diplomacy, for example (Total example, this did not happen). how do the gantu feel about these guys...keep in mind they just had a raging kegger and sang and danced all night. come morning, you roll a 1. wow...how does that even work? i think the players should handle that from the perspective of their tribe/ tribe member, not the dice gods who are monkeys with guns. though i still laugh at the gantu and their inability to "Cant into tiny things" *Snap* "sorry...i killed your stuff."
Ahhhh, okay. Indignation subsided. As for the Gantu... I think they know their own strength, but the idea of accidentally breaking some "invincible iron" on pure accident is kind of hilarious.
File: 1339505209060.png-(82 KB, 254x250, 1339504239030.png)
82 KB
i love you guys.
rolled 2 = 2

That picture made me laugh a really high-pitched, embarrassingly girly-sounding giggle.

Alright, to not make this a complete waste of post...
Back in the village, a young and curious Gantu has been hanging out with one of the Skulk, the boatmaker, trying to understand how this sailing business works. Once he gets it down that wood floats (if built right) he takes a flat piece of driftwood, attempting to replicate Skulk designs. It is at this moment though that a wave is rolling in, unbeknownst to our young aspiring inventor.

Rolling to invent SURFBOARDING!!! <Wipeout Music in background>

but...with more death. no..no death today. just getting pummeled under the waves, and clonked on the back of the skull by his board. the skulk would have helped, but...salt water death and all. First gantu life guard to the rescue?
File: 1339507858444.jpg-(13 KB, 400x400, Ice sword.jpg)
13 KB
wretch dood here, need any help drawing shit?
File: 1339507924568.png-(220 KB, 800x472, GantuWipeout.png)
220 KB
rolled 8 = 8

I had that *exact* video open already. Perhaps "Wipeout" was a poor choice of track, jinxed me from the start. I imagine our intrepid inventor didn't last long, but, if it's alright, I imagine it did give him an idea... (even if he gets it right and stays on, he'll have to perfect the design and what not)

Rolling again, now that it gave him an idea, he's going to try again and see how long he can stay on the board. The concept is there, but the technique is not. Thinking "what if I stand on a board" is one thing, actually doing it is another.
I think...that many tribes could use your help. im plucking away at my skulks with their man portable spear launchers. (Fucking bazooka crossbow...tube...thing) and armor, etc. also dude, we have a tribe to pick up if you want >>19443278 those guys are busy not giving a fuck, and looking for good times. the smaller text is what i added onto them, the bold text is what they started with.

speaking of which
those bastard ramel are stubborn but can be broken. they will learn to wear armor when the time comes. the skulks decide to set up a competing project to motivate the govkar, perhaps something positive will come of this. Winter is setting in and the world outside their cave is starting to chill. Insulation is needed. Finally, the twins and the predator are out on a mission and have been gone for months, and the tribe is worried, so they take combat training upon themselves, trying their best to put into practice the skills of assassination, murder, dirty fighting, and berskering that was taught to them by the twins and predator.
roll for: ramel armor, govkar flying attempts, skulk flying attempts, warm clothes, assassin training, berserker training
rolled 19, 6, 5, 10, 18, 12 = 70

rolled 7 = 7

>>rolled 8 = 8

Feeling tired from the long migration the tribe decides on a harsh course of action. Some feel that their god of fire is testing them, waiting for them to find a promised land. While others think that there is only betrayal by this 'god' Not finding a proper place is causing the tribe some discourse. They will continue eastwards, the mountains to their back just in case.

((Rolling for defensible location near the Friggans))
rolled 13, 7, 16, 1, 10 = 47


(I'll get the pictures by tomorrow or Thursday, I'm on my laptop, which means using MS Paint simply isn't an option)

The Silith grow to deeply mistrust the Gantu who have chosen to stay in Muskato, nearly at times coming to blows against the gentle giants. Miscommunication and a few cultural faux pas later, and the Silith are prepared to kick the Gantu out of their city. The only Silith who sees the Gantu as perhaps being useful is the newly appointed Danuri, Polyandos. Ordering them to a great feast in his house, he wishes to calm the nerves of the city to these intelligent beasts, and find a way to utilize their knowledge for Silith interests (We can do this in a non-roll convo on the IRC, or perhaps here.)

The theft of the crossbow has shocked the Silith, who realize now that the enemy has access to one of the few weapons that can truly pierce a Govkar's hard shell; no part of their body is safe. As a reaction to this, the smiths are ordered to work double time on crafting metallic armor to protect their shells.

Curiously, Silithi soldiers are beginning to adopt young charges, teaching them the ways of the sword. These squires are trained in combat, proper technique, and even how to properly calm a Ramel. How well this training sticks in their young minds, however, is open to debate.

Roll for metal armor (+5), defense against Gohrok, Joorod, success of squiring and the success in apprenticeship catching on with the rest of the city.
rolled 6, 7 = 13

>>rolled 7 = 7 (they have forsaken us I tell you!!)

The Sama'Guchy tribe is feeling uneasy now, going so far out east. But they will continue even if it means the death of some of their members, only the most devoted to their fire god are continuing. The others want to break away and return to their literal roots. Moving closer to the coast they still look for a defensible location and a way to resolve their differences.

((Rolling for defensible location and resolving disputes.))

Leadership name is still subject to change, and woot! 18 on metal armor!
File: 1339524399458.jpg-(47 KB, 406x347, derp question.jpg)
47 KB
So the squiring is bad but it catches on anyhow? Oh dear.
rolled 19, 7, 7, 9, 9 = 51

rolled 6, 7 = 13

And so the tribe decides to move on, the threat of breaking apart is more eminent now. The other faction of tribe, those wishing to go back to the old ways are at the brink of splitting off. They fear that this heretic worshiping of fire has plagued them with bad luck. The beginnings of a totalitarian leadership are likely. They move on eastward ever closer to the friggans. In look of fertile lands and a defensible place. Some scouts have been sent ahead to map out possible resources.

((rolling for place to defend, fertility of land, new leadership (totalitarian) (better tribe relationship) And likelihood of scouts finding resources. ))

Seeing how the roll for covering fire was 18, I figure that it slows down the enemy pretty considerably.

The covering fire from the tree rock pins many of the gohroks down, as the smarter ones duck away, and the dumber ones howl in pain from the deep lacerations caused by the razor sharp disks. Many gohroks start retreating after seeing their comrades jugulars being sliced open, their ears cut off, tendons of their joints severed and eyes punctured by these attacks. The hardier ones continue onwards, slowly, ignoring the pain and lifting up their armored claws to shield their eyes from the volleys.
The ammo keeps the shooters supplied for now, as they pick of easy targets, and make every shot count.

Daki and Nufa fight back to back with the other warriors, many of them who were children of either one. Nufa's travels had granted him new insights to battle, and he tried to use the skills he learned with the Kharum to his advantage. Despite this, they are almost overwhelmed, but then the disk volleys from the tree rock strike the gohroks around them, giving the warriors enough clearance to fall back and regroup.

As Hakel surges towards his children, he forgets caution and is suddenly tackled by a large gohrok. The beast's strike throws him to the ground, and he is quickly overwhelmed by gohroks. With rage, he howls and fights against the beasts but to no avail. Only as another blast from Nar's horn shocks the battleground again, he manages to escape from the grasps of the beasts by further shocking their ringing ears with his own horn. With rage, he attempts to strike them down as he tries to fight his way to his children.
Niru and Nar find themselves in a fight that is way over their heads. Nar's horn causes the gohroks to momentarily pause their assault, as they recover from the booming blast. Niru's disks cause some wounds, but she doesn't manage to get any kills. Just as all hope seems to be lost for the two prodigies, the warriors they had tried to save rise to their defense. The warriors utilize the advantage Nar's horn gave to them, and quickly launch a devastating assault to the gohroks. The beasts are now even more confused, as they had thought these warriors to be dead. The assault clears the surviving warriors and Hakel's kids respectable amount of breathing room, as the gohroks either retreat or try to figure out what to attack. The steady humming of the disk volleys, the devastating booms of the horns, the war and death cries of both gohroks and govkar alike, confused the beasts. They had lost many of their numbers, and the ones who were the furthest away from the alpha beasts leading the attack were starting to flee.

Macia stabs the ankles and knees of the beasts few times, but suddenly, one of the gohroks grabs her spear. Macia, in terror tries to hold on to it, to pull it back, but is instead pulled out from under the roots along with the spear. The beast throws the spear aside and grabs her body with it's pincers. It begins to trash her around like a puppet, bending and pulling her arms and legs. She screams in pain as she can feel her insides tear and strain from the abuse. It bashes her against her home tree, and as it is about to continue ravaging her, it suddenly releases it's grip. As Macia begins to black out, she can see the faint figures of slender creatures whose skin is like the bark of an azrach.

Disclaimer: Much of this stuff was agreed with ng, and I will just wrap up the battle now.

The Gohroks are starting to retreat by the masses. The remaining alphas are too focused on surviving themselves, or simply fighting to keep their underlings in control.
The suppressive fire from the tree rock keeps the beasts from closing in, and the swift spear jabs from Daki, her warriors and Nufa slowly force the beasts to back off.

Hakel has drawn many of the alphas to himself, as well as many of the lesser gohroks. Makes swift work of them, but he is far from unscathed. He has lost many of his head tentacles, along with a part of his ear. His body is bruised and he bleeds from many wounds. Yet, he manages to stand his ground.

The warrior's last stand proved to be a tide breaker of the battle. As the gohroks attempting to assault the village were now pinned from the disk fire and faced with spear wielding govkars from both sides, many of them panic and flee, while others stubbornly stand their ground and are gutted when the spears and disks tear them apart.

With no alphas to control the horde, gohroks begin to disperse, first slowly, but then more and more rapidly, as they see their comrades make their escape.

As the night dawns, the glowing moss illuminates the twilight of the battlefield. Everywhere, there are dead or dying gohroks and govkars. The beasts have dispersed to the night, but their screams can be still heard, as if someone was still hunting them.

The wounded are gathered and tended to the best of the tribe's ability and the dead are served their final rites, so that their passage to the ancestors would be peaceful.
Macia is found unconscious under her tree, as the chirping of the broken clawed gohrok alerts some of the warriors. They recognize the beast as Macia's pet, and are somewhat surprised by it's behavior, as they think that it was calling for help to it's adoptive mother.
Macia is badly wounded, the last bash against the tree had caused major damage to her backside, and her limbs were severely strained. Unbeknown to her or the ones treating her, the bash had damaged her reproductive system. While not completely sterile, her egg production is now impaired. She can perhaps produce one or two eggs per clutch, and even that doesn't guarantee healthy children. The future of her family line lies on the shoulders of her eldest daughter, Cwia.

Daki, Nufa and their warriors were in the front lines as the gohroks began to disperse. With roars of relief and newfound hope they charged the retreating gohroks to the river, which the beasts were forced to cross.
Only after this do their gazes meet. After their separation, the two rival siblings had gained newfound respect for each other. No words are needed, they hug and then start walking back towards the village.
rolled 3, 10, 4, 3 = 20

Hakel is the last to cease fighting. It takes time for the final, infernally persistent alpha gohrok tor realize that he is all that is left. The realization causes the creature to fall in a shocked state of terror, which Hakel uses to finish the beast off.
He moans in pain, as he releases pincer's deathgrip from the gohrok's neck. He would have to tend these wounds...away from the tribe. They must not know of his true nature. He moves to the nearby thicket and attempts to tend his wounds. For some reason, he was still uneasy, even though the gohroks had been driven away. He could feel something strange in the air, but for some reason, his mind couldn't seem to be able to focus on it. Eventually, he falls asleep, exhausted by all the fighting of this day.

With the warrior's protection, Niru and Nar survived the ordeal, but not unscathed. Their bodies may be fine, but their mind's are tormented by the horrors the saw during that day.

There is no celebration this night. The tribe quickly begin to harvest meat and other usable parts of the gohrok beasts, before they start to rot. After this, they each depart to their own respective huts for rest.Kiknau gazes to the village from her hut. So much slaughter. She who hates us had truly tried to destroy her people that day. The wind brings a sudden sensation of dread to her mind. There was something foul in the air, bur she couldn't pinpoint it anywhere. She is also far too tired to really ponder it.

Rolling for tending the wounded, tending Macia, Hakel's attempts to tend himself, and for harvestingg usable stuff from the corpses. (too tired to write anymore. Gonna go to sleep.)
File: 1339532821962.png-(215 KB, 1600x600, Kilo-Skulk-Cave.png)
215 KB
rolled 7, 10, 13 = 30

>>rolled 19, 7, 7, 9, 9 = 51

Having Finally found a good place to set up camp, the Sama'Guchy are appeased. And the tribe calms down, the up to now quarrels take a turn for the better. The refuge is a cave amidst a mountain, in very defensible location, making it ideal for the tribe.

While the land is no very fertile the Sama'Guchy prepare themselves to use their knowledge of plants to make the land lush. Although some tension does come across from the initial change of government structure, it is swept beneath the joy of the scouts finding promising resources elsewhere.

(Rolling for making the land able to bear plants, toolmaking, and making the cave more habitable)
Pic courtesy of fortune
File: 1339549470267.png-(177 KB, 511x501, Kilo Map.png)
177 KB
Kilo, here's a piece of the map with your Sama'Guchy added. Just line it up with the full size (since nothing else got changed).
More like others see how bad the first squire is, and go 'oh man, look- not that way- dangit, I can do better than that guy! Where do I sign up?'
rolled 20, 15, 1, 12, 17 = 65

Sank you sir, very moch.

>>rolled 7, 10, 13 = 30

The Sama'Guchy have not been very successful in making the land near the cave habitable for better plants but they have been learning from their mistakes. And some minor accidents have occurred though, nothing major. The skulks are after-all quite capable of taking a lot of damage with little concern, Although Skilla the daughter of the current chieftain got herself trapped under a falling tree, while trying to find suitable land for plants.

However the tribe has made good strides towards tool making, they have found that attaching rocks to sticks make for durable spades. Not out of the rock age yet, but certainly a mark of progress. Some ideas seem to plague the Young inventor Skuller, though he thinks that fire could help him along. But since the Sama'Guchy have yet to master the primordial force and fear their god. Thus he went to consult with the chief, who has agreed on fire-making ceremony.

The tribe has at least managed to make the cave very comfortable to their needs and plants seem to thrive in there at a slow but steady rate. For the moment the focus has shifted into making a more permanent settlement, so it has been ordered by the Chieftain that there should be some form of hunting training to take place.

((Rolling for better soil, rescuing Skilla, Better tools, Fire making, hunting training.))
rolled 17, 7 = 24

> dat soil roll
I think you're in business, Kilo, my friend.

Whoooah! Another wipeout. Seems our plucky inventor can't get a break. He can't seem to work out the best way to stand on the driftwood. The Skulk inventor, while he cannot assist, watches the young Gantu with amusement. Nothing seemed to break his spirit. The Skulk does assist when the youth returns to land though, offering that perhaps the driftwood could be remolded, reshaped to offer better results, though given that this whole sport is something new to Borgas, it's anyone's guess as to what the result will be.

Elsewhere in the village, a Skulk is feeding the Woolly Boomers, as a young Gantu child, no more than [the equivalent of 7 earth years of age], watches with rapt fascination. The Skulk smiles "would you like to help, little one?" The boy nods excitedly, and attempts to help the Skulk.

Rolling for:
1) Seeing if the Gantu and Skulk inventor, now that they are both working on the project can produce any better results.
2) See if the young Gantu can learn anything and retain interest, possibly becoming the first in a line of new Boomer breeders for the Mohu'awane.
rolled 19, 19, 13, 6, 11 = 68

>>rolled 20, 15, 1, 12, 17 = 65

By hard work and determination the tribe has been very, very successful in making the mountain support all kinds of plant life. And in turn it has become very habitable to them as Skulks. The land is good and has provided for them as predicted in the prophesies of fire. Following the fire-god has been kind to them and for that they are very grateful.

Skilla was rescued after a few hours, and while she suffered some injuries she learned a great deal about trees. So she plans on making things out of this experience, but she has yet to envision what. So she will ask her childhood friend and great thinker Skuller, surely he has some advice for her.

Presently though Skuller had some matters to attend to with the Chieftain regarding fire. So he was left a bit shorthanded, in his haste to tend to the fire-making ceremony he left his cousin Skerp to figure out tool-making. Something that didn't quite workout as expected. Skerp is not the brightest of the Sama'Guchy tribe and it certainly showed. Later that day he proclaimed a rock 'good' and proceeded to smash other rocks with it.

Needless to say that was not exactly the kind of tools that Skuller was hoping for, but he could not really blame his 'special' cousin. As the fire ceremony went however.. No fire was produced, a small flame was ignited but it quickly died out. However Skuller noticed sparks when his cousin was playing around with rocks, perhaps that could create fire?

Meanwhile Skolur the son of the chieftain and brother to Skilla has had a great amount of success training hunters, and has decided to take a few out as scouts to find areas of game.

((Rollin for better tools, Skilla Making contraptions with logs and twigs in the forest. Fire ceremony, Skolur finding game and good hunting locations.))
File: 1339569050330.png-(192 KB, 1074x746, Slizers... Slizers, Everyw(...).png)
192 KB
Well, it's time for me to sleep, fellow Tribals. But before I go, have a lovely little bump, as well as some art I made and has been waiting in the wings for a while.
A Gwiliak and Gantu ponder upon the effects of a "1" roll.
File: 1339569454090.png-(27 KB, 814x522, village2.png)
27 KB
rolled 18, 4, 18, 17, 14 = 71

Lighthouses are flavor? How can you have a port without one? Or mark where where are rock reefs which pose danger to ships? I'm just joking around.

Areas in which there was the most Aggressive Joorod activity was marked on a few maps.
The simple writing is used often in keeping important records. Without a proper structure though, many other writings which exist are a jumble that make little sense.
With dangers surrounding them becoming apparent, it becomes important to find out what else there is near the village.
It isn't too unknown that salt is left after sea-water dries up. It's been used for flavoring food and has been kept in a barrel, but one day, an old fish was found in the barrel, but it wasn't rancid. Around that time too, it was found that something happened to a slice of fish meat when left near a fire. It... Changed. It became tender, and the flavor changed.

Rolling for refining writing, exploration northeast, salting for preserving food, cooking, and avoiding Aggressive Joorod attention (seeing if this happens sooner or later).

Making a guess at the villages population. I'd have to say near 90 individuals. They live mostly in the longhouses. A few well-respected elderly folk have their own huts. Most huts however hold storage and work materials.
((+3 from basic first aid, silk wraps and sap, etc, +2 from taking care of macia the first time)) The govkar have had previous experience with battle wounds, but their medicine is still limited. There was no helping the dead, but the living still cried out, the worst injured died in the night, the following day many amputations were preformed to remove mangled and destroyed limbs.
Macia will survive, but she is in and out of consciousness, though she will recover on her own in a day or two. surrounded by her "Children". The tribe is uneasy about them as they are the same species that attacked, but their behavior is much different. The one known as broken claw asks a question that takes her grieving mother off guard "mother live? happy tomorrow?"
Hakel's attempts to heal himself are crude at best, he has no idea what he is doing. Blood was seeping out of everywhere. Thankfully the other inside him knew what to do, and to him it was pure horror. his blood began to crawl backwards, into him once more, flesh sealed, tentacles began to regrow slowly. It felt like termite ngungs were under his skin crawling everywhere."that wasnt so bad was it?" the voice mocked him in a way two old friends would to each other.
The battlefield was ripe with the dead, animals eating, and the swamp already starting to claim them as its own. The tribe managed to shell a majority of the biggest and most intact Gohrok, the meat was already spoiling...there wasnt much food to be gained from this, but then, the tribe was a lot smaller now. ((enough shells are gained to make much more armor, especially if you factor in the armor taken from the dead fighters.))
The sulk and gantu laugh at the wild times. The gantu crashed so hard that one time he skipped across the mother ocean, landing horn first into the sand. The two looked at the board and after a while gave up, and started carving tiki patterns and shakes into it. the very front of it was a grinning gantu, horn straight ahead. The whole thing was funny looking, and they both laughed about it while the gantu decided to give it a try. Perhaps he could surf with the guidance of his ancestors at his feet. Swimming out, that first wave hit, and he wobbled, caught himself, and didnt fall over! Looking at the skulk on the beach jumping up and down with excitement the gauntu cheered, and wiped out. A salty skulk pirate looked from his grim ship at the scene, his age was catching up with him. Before he goes that's something hes gotta try!
The tribe moves to a hybridized written languge where the runes and glyphs individual markings contain sound, inflection, and intent. So while the runes have remained the same, the way they are drawn can mean a lot. individual letters also exist, purely as sound. these are often used in research, and places where information is more raw.
(examples: :> feelin good {:> feelin sad, ):> everythings gonna die. modification of the same symbol. and yes, that is a bord face.)

The explorers run into a fucking flesh crawler. its a little ways from the swamp, but not unheard of...its fucking huge....like the size of a two story building. It stomps along absent minded, its long tongue lolling out, scooping up dirt, plants, and anything else into its gaping maw. while not particularly agressive, it is mindless, and hungry. It is making a slow path towards your village. Salted fish for all! your tribe are masters of curing meat, probably a tie for the best chefs on the planet at the moment. The tribe has managed to keep a low profile and shoot agressive joorod's with crossbows if they seem suspicious. so far, so good. Disturbingly the agrojoorods have continue to make crude copies of their weapons, and now armor, though their's is thick, malformed, and crude. perhaps a comparison between the two tribes on some level.

As the new day dawns the tribe mourn is dead, but tries to start the normal life again. The rotting gohrok corpses are dumbed to the river, so they wouldn't attract any more trouble for the tribe. In the end, the victory of the Gwiliak was due to the gohrok swarm's uncoordinated attacks and it's ultimate dispersal. The aid provided by the skulk scouts had gone mostly unnoticed by the tribe.

During the next few days, the families of the tribe mourn their dead, almost all of them had lost members, Daki had lost many of her own children, as had Nufa and Jun. Many small children had disappeared during the chaos and majority of the adults with no families had died or fled. Macia's and Hakel's families had suffered less, but mostly because their children were barely adolescent, and thus not excepted to fight, although Niru and Nar had almost sacrificed themselves.

There is a feast, of sorts, which is held in the memory of those who were lost. Hakel chooses not to appear, he has withdrawn himself from the tribe for now. He thinks that his presence would distract the tribe from their mourning. As his wounds were healed so easily, he doesn't need to rest. He is instead trying to track the strange disturbance he had felt during the end of the fight. Something about the battle seemed off. Many alphas had just disappeared, there were wounds in the beasts that couldn't have been inflicted by his tribe. There had been the strange scent in the air. Something within him seems to be drawn to it.

As the tribe moves to normalized life again, the families of the siblings begin to form distinct functions. Niru and Nar, along their mother start making repairs and improvements to the day to day devices of the village, Jun's family begins to collect food again, harvesting dahons from the water traps made by Niru and in general, helping the other families out. Daki takes over the hunting and defense of the tribe, as Nufa's family simply no longer has the numbers for it's former task. There are only one of his adult children here, along with Ilna, his mate. Liak is with the Kharum, and after the time he had spent with them and his travels, he no longer feels at home with the Gwiliak. So much had changed during his time away from the tribe. (About a year probably, or several months at least.)
Somehow, he feels disconnected. Daki acts in a completely new way, she no longer berates and treats others in her familiar harsh way. Although he appreciated the change, it was not how he remembered her...and the change was just too great and too sudden.
He begins to prepare a return trip to the west as he had promised to Liak. He intends to bring presents of his people to the Kharum, and open some sort of relationship between the two tribes.
rolled 9, 18, 1, 11, 16, 1, 11 = 67


Macia is weak, but the in the presence of her adoptive children and her daughter, she attempts to do what she can to help the tribe. Her mate had gotten wounded even more badly than her, and he was still recovering. The gohrok children prove to be useful in the following weeks, as they help the tribe in tasks that required muscles that the tribe didn't have to spare at the moment. She attempts to teach the gohroks to obey orders from her daughter as well.

The families also begin to work on repopulating the tribe. Jun's eggs are also almost ready to hatch (next update)

Rolling for Hakel's attempts to track the skulks, Hakel's family's attempts to make repairs, hunting, food gathering, Nufa's preparations, seeing if the gohroks accept Macia's daughter and for breeding.
A random Ca'rethill event occured!
A stranger arrived from the west, and stops at the village's borders. His coloration is jet-black like the ashen joords of the volcanoes, but he has no wings. Of course, some guards were dispatched to deter him, but the jet-black stranger resisted capture. The guards use their martial arts, only to be repelled by the stranger's own martial arts, one which they have never seen before. His movement seem so feral and chaotic compared to the controlled, precise movements of the Ca'rethill. At the moment, he remains at the western village border, deflecting and incapacitating the guards. Only one guard managed to slip free, and went to the elders and masters.
What is your reaction?
Hakel slowly follows the pheromone trail, even if he doesn't realize what he is doing, soon he finds himself quite far from his village. The Nar and Niru are invaluable in the repairs of the village, they have some new ideas that not only fix, but improve the village. The defensive walls are fixed and azrach seedlings are planted all around them to ensure an eventual living wall. Rope and wood plank bridges are built between huts and thru the canopy to help keep the tribe off the ground unless necessary. Hunting went poorly, one of the hunters got bitten by a venomous ngung. The beast was killed and brought back as food, but the hunter will be sick for a few days, but otherwise fine. Jun's family found moderate plant based food and even a few recently killed Ramel. chasing off the local predators they dragged back the carcass. This was a good find, ramel bodies make good for meat, armor, weapons and building. Nufa pulls strings, and manages to load up on a lot of spare gear and dried/ smoked foods. There weren't enough alive to use it all anyway. In the morning he and one of the hunters will take it back to the Kharum. ((both are wearing full armor, carrying two disk launchers and disks, the new horn helmets, and a spear as well as food and bedding)). The tribe set to the task of re population with decisive quickness, though it quickly became apparent Macia could not bear eggs anymore. Still, about 3-4 eggs per tribe member.
Macia was a bit distraught at her inability to make more children...she was barren. What was her purpose. The gohrock children shadowed her, cocking their heads to the side, ears twitching as if to figure out what was wrong. She goes for a walk to clear her head, but part way into it she hears a familiar chirping and moaning. Behind some brush not too far from the village is a large pit dug by the gohroks...it was horrible. There were many very young children in it, only recently learning to walk on their own. This was what passed for Gohrok culture, dig a pit, put the young in, the strongest will kill and eat the weakest untill they are big enough to climb out and lead. It had not progressed that far, there were dead and dieing, but from starvation, the living ones that could walk looked up at her in desperation, pleading with chirps and sequels. those that could not walk crawled and pathetically clawed at the side of the pits dirt walls. This....was horrible....she ran and brought as much food as she could, ensuring each living child was fed. In total, 21. a fairly even mix of male and female (you could tell by the ears and in the eyes). She did what she could for them, and brought them back to the village without asking. a simple hut was built by nar and nufa for them all....(a week later) when Macia introduced her daughter to her "adopted children" they grunted and hissed, feeling threatened and displaced.

Hakel finds himself at the edge of a small glade. The sun light pours down from the open canopy, and he can see ribboners flying over him. It was too open, too dangerous, he knew it, but something, the voice within him, urged him to enter the clearing and this time, he could not resist. He walks to the center of the clearing and gazes around himself..what had he been afraid of?
Suddenly, he spots movement in the trees, slender beings moving with extreme grace amongst the branches. Witches! This was a trap! He tried to prepare for a fight, but the voice in his head stopped him.
"...you are safe...they are kin...."
You betrayed me!
"...we did not.."

His body refuses his commands, the voice holds him in place as the skulks surround him. It is as if the voice had taken over him, he tries to protest, but is only met with promises of good intentions. His body starts to move, as his hands remove his helmet and untangle his head vines. His mouth begins to speak, but not with his language, but with the one of the witches, and yet he understood everything.
The voice talks with the witches, about many things...some Hakel recognizes, others he does not. It seems that the skulks around him know the voice in his head, and they too speak, they speak of their new home somewhere northwards, but they don't tell it's exact location. The discussion goes on, and then abruptly stops, Hakel's mind was numb, and before he even realized, he was being held by two of the witches. He lacked the mental fortitude to protest, though he left out an angry grunt when he saw one of the witches approaching him.
She was larger, and more bestial than her peers, it's mouth wide with sharp teeth, sharp tentacles whipping from her back. Despite Hakel's weak attempts to protest, the creature embraced him, tentacles intruding into the back of his head, and inside the strange fruit like organ that was within his chest.
"...fear not...this will be over soon...."
For a time that felt like hours, he is held in place, during this time, the voice speaks to him. She tells him of how he was made into what he is, of her people and their ways. According to her, it is a token of gratitude, for his help to get her back to her people. As the voice starts to weaken, as if being drained out of him, she bids him farewell and then disappears.

Hakel is placed to the ground, exhausted. The Skulks stand in watch as he rests and regains his strength. When he finally wakes up, the skulks begin to leave. They don't say a word to him, but as they depart the one who had taken the voice with her, turns, and lays a final gaze upon him, before disappearing to the marshes.
Hakel stands there, confused. He is relieved..the voice was gone, but at some level, he feels as if he had lost something. The memories were still in his head, or at least scraps of them were, but the mind of the voice had vanished. As he starts heading back home, he ponders on the information that the voice gave to him...about his transformation...perhaps..there could be a way to use this knowledge he now had?

The return to normal life goes smoothly for the Gwiliak.
Nufa spends the little time he has between his preparations for his trip back to the Kharum with his family. Eventually however, he starts his journey back to the west, biding farewell to his mate and children. He would return...but he no longer could simply stay put in one place.

The idea of planting azrach saplings is used further. They are planted thickly on the riverbeds, so that when they grow, they would help to lessen the flooding with their root networks.

Nar investigates the ramel corpses for potential usability. Their sharp head plates could be of use.

Over time, Macia slowly teaches the gohroks to trust the other members of her tribe. The original ones she had raised are now adolescent, and ready to breed. Macia, not really sure of what is going on, backs away and allows the nature to do it's thing.

Niru and Jun work together on a project that would help the tribe to get access to warm water without the need to light fires. They try to build large containers, and place them to the canopy, in which the sun would heat up the water. This warm water would then be transported to the individual huts of the village through the water tubes.
rolled 19, 17, 19, 13, 11, 14, 20, 5 = 118

Daki is overseeing many things now. First of is the hunting, the war had driven off the prey for now, so they would need to search for new hunting grounds. She sends scouts to south east to search for new prey. She also oversees combat training with the new weaponry as well as improvements to the disk launchers, with the help of Hakel's kids, when they get the time from their other duties. Daki had witnessed the killing power of these launchers, but she also saw that they could be still improved. (Faster reloading, stronger launching mechanism, better ammo.)

Kiknau, seeing how many members her tribe had lost, tries to prepare a better system for raising the soon to be born young safely. The child lethality rates of the tribe were far too high, and these losses could no longer be accepted. She orders that a central hut is to be built, in which all the young will be tended and taken care off until they grow big enough to move on their own.

Hakel observes his tribe from a distance. He has not disrupted them yet. His encounter with the skulks has given him too much to think for now. He has however noticed some changes he hadn't even realized...Daki acted...in a completely new way. She was no longer the same mean spirited and sadistic bully he had known her as. He was pleased by this development and continued to observe his people's efforts to continue on with life.

You said that I don't need to roll for Nufa's travels right ng?
Anyways, rolling for planting more azrach trees, figuring out uses for the ramel face blades (axes, sword, etc), gohrok breeding, warm water delivery system, scouting southeast, disk launcher training, improving the disk launchers and for Kiknau's attempts to develop better childcare.

Metal armor has been made, the spirits appeased, the cause considered worthy. It is heavy, and significantly slows down its user, but offers considerable protection. there is room for improvement, but its ready for battle.

The gohrok clash against the Defenders, causing significant meyham, and the loss of life from quite a few defenders, but they are driven back for now. The Dead gohroks hard body plates inspire the tribe's smiths. ((do what you will here, harvest plates, or try to emulate))

The more fragile joorod are slaughtered wholesale, they carry strange and crude weapons that launch pointed sticks. the numerous weapons are seized from the dead, ((your tribe has a +5 bonus for learning primitive crossbow building, so is a rip off, of a rip off of notrip's tribes weapon))

The squires are chosen very limitedly, instead of the projected goal of three or more per solider, its one at best, some refusing, though after this last battle every solider now takes at least one...this inspires the other workers of the city, teaching on the job, how smart. Smiths become a very popular trade, as do stone workers.
Kilo i see youve been self GMing and dooing a good job, what do you want?
An extensive azrach tree system was planet, and the saplings grew quickly. The village no longer floods, and is protected by a near perfect and dense circle of the trees. The ramel's body plates are shed thru out life, and can be used for armor, or tools. The horns and spikes are easily used as weapons, almost as hard and sharp as steel, the meat is good to eat, and the bones are excellent for tools, structures, clubs. even armor, sharing a similar quality as the horn. The gohrok look at each other, wiggle their ears and go off to make a better future. There will be no shortage of their new allies in the immediate future. Much hooting and celebration chirps were heard. The siblings manage to set up..plumbing. all houses have warm water. the southeast scouts find evidence of a nearby tribe but are having trouble locating it. Everyone in the tribe, down to the children, the first thing they learn is how to use a disk launcher, and use it well. Nar and Niru improve on the launchers design, with a self loading mechanism, each shot primes the next, and if you find a sweet spot on the trigger it will bounce off and shoot on its own at unimaginable speeds. The real charm of the weapon was the feed for the disks, a long tube connected to a backpack, working off of a string feed. the child hut was a disaster at first, until it was built into the canopy. ((its fluff, so its yours.))
File: 1339597247691.png-(27 KB, 855x562, swamp higitain.png)
27 KB
The rain was this way, he felt it in his beak. Taking a big drag off of his smoke root and exhaling thru his nostrils the ionized air of a coming storm whipped past him as he captured the gust in the sail's of his land cart. he flipped up his goggles, a mistake, as he caught some dust in the eyes for it, but it gave him a better look at the figures in the distance. odd ones, maybe they party.
Nufa saw a bord man in a strange cart pull up, dressed in a strange way, with strange manners, saunter over to them. His jewelery and spear making rhythmic noise. The bird looked at his disk launcher, but more keenly at the shiny disks. Nufa pulled out out and flipped it over to the bird man. The friggan was a little suprised, but waggled his eyebrows and walked over to his cart. Walking back he handed nufa a small crate full of eggs. no idea what kind of eggs, but a few of them wiggled slightly on their own....apparently a trade just happened.
The Friggan was on the beaches later that evening playing Frisbee, after unloading some rather dangerous eggs onto a new friend.

((nad...swamp higitain eggs.))
rolled 10, 11, 16, 17, 13, 7, 9 = 83


The spirits have blessed us with the new metal armor, our soldiers gleam like the stars in the blazing light of the Suns. The addition of this armor has... Allowed us to fight back successfully against the barbaric Joorod. The Gohrok are another matter, but our ability to... Re-educate them is already beginning to be seen.

The Gohrok we have uplifted are proving to be valuable workers, their strength proving useful where a Ramel would be inconvenient. They seem happy here, happier then if they were struggling for survival in the foaming coasts or the plains. Happiness is not a luxury we can afford in these times, however. The bodies of the dead Gohrok and Joorod alike reveal numerous possibilities, the Joorod have made alterations to our crossbow, enough to make improvements upon the design.

Although to wear Gohrok skin like an armor is monstrous, and would undoubtedly shock our Gohrok charges, we could perhaps attempt to emulate the design for light, superior protection for our lighter troops, scouts, and archers. This will be needed immensely for our troops, as we plan out attacks upon the Gohrok and Joorod to eliminate their threat once and for all.

Oh, and I guess this might be important in this account; Seran is back at designing roads and the Keystone again, when will he learn? He's even trying to use the wheel and Ramel to create what he calls carts. Carts!

Roll for improved crossbow (+5), emulate Gohrok plate for light metal armor, designing a plan to deal with the Gohrok and Joorod, development of the Keystone, stone roads and Ramel-pulled carts.

>Craft a plan to deal with the Gohrok and Joorod once and for all
>16 and 17

Just as planned...
File: 1339604665380.png-(46 KB, 456x483, omg2.png)
46 KB
Anyone remember these guys?

I do. They are still in the central continent, waging war against the bug horde.
Oh the starship troopers bugs right? I remember them
File: 1339606096011.png-(53 KB, 753x576, Blade Runner.png)
53 KB

Yeah, these.
nongent, I have to say that you're mixing me up with Solomon again. The only ranged weapon I have is just throwing things by hand.
I'll have a real update soon.
Also, already had a style of writing in mind.
What did you mean Non-gent?
>>rolled 19, 19, 13, 6, 11 = 68
Now that Skuller started to work on tools again the result were far beyond exceptional, unlike his dim cousin he was able to produce high quality stone tools. However Skerp is not without mention, it was his... stroke of genius that gave Skuller an idea. Striking rocks together produced sharp edges, and after consulting with Skilla he decided that a good application was spears.
But furthermore Skilla applied this to her contraptions around the mountain. Creating snares and traps of all ranges, Skuller's advice and advancement in tool-making greatly improved her proficiency in this aspect. And traps from pitfalls to loop snares were fashioned, the hopes are that these quality traps will keep predators away, trap enemies and capture good game.
rolled 14, 1, 6, 4, 19, 5, 9 = 58


The fire ceremony still produces no fire, which is strange, so Skuller suggest using dry twigs and smashing rocks together. The new ceremony is being held in some regard, some have high hopes for it, while other believe that the fire god is not real, and they are very vocal about it. Skuller has left the fire ceremony and moved on with another idea for the hunters, they are already proficient in their craft, even if luck has not been on their part.
But Skuller believes he could make little spears that fly faster and farther. He just isn't sure about how to approach that particular task, and since he is caring for his cousin the two go along with Skilla to try and work something out. As far as the hunters are concerned though, they have had a bit of a dry spell, no place seems to have good game. And there have been a few minor accidents, some falls and some setbacks. But they are eager to try out Skuller's new ideas.

Rolling for (( Traps deadlyness level, effective at trapping, Skuller's archery idea trip, Spears range, Hunters deadlyness, Fire ceremony, and Skerp's luck level.))
File: 1339614076860.jpg-(44 KB, 576x750, mugen.jpg)
44 KB
rolled 8 = 8

>Unusual martial arts.
>Feral, chaotic movement
>pic related

The decided course of action is to observe this stranger for now.
The Ca'rethill are well practiced in remaining inconspicuous to the Aggressive Joorod warbands, even after their village has grown to such a size.
News comes from the northeast of a large beast slowly approaching the village. They need a way to drive it away somehow.

Rolling for driving the fleshcrawler away.

I just have to ask why is the fleshcrawler is so large? That trait would only hinder them living in the thick tangle of the swamps. Thinking about it, since frillas are asexual, both the large and small varieties could still present. Small living in the thick tangle, large living at the border swamps. Also, do the large ones still root themselves to grow into a frilla?
File: 1339616380174.png-(211 KB, 1100x800, Gwiliak disk launchers.png)
211 KB

I hope you don't mind this ng, but I kinda got my own ideas for the disk launchers. I also can't quite figure out how the Gwiliak could pull your idea off with their current technological capacity. Fully automatic disk launcher will have to wait.
So, anyways, here are my ideas.

The research into improving the disk launchers yield numerous new breakthroughs that all serve to make the launchers into deadlier weapons, such as:

Figuring out that making the arc of the launcher from flexible wood makes the disk fly faster and farther.
>More powerful shots, longer range.

Inventing a new lubricant from the mixture of dahon poison, kerb fat and boomer oils.
>Less wear on the launcher, more powerful shots.

Adding additional arc and tendons to the launcher.
>More powerful shots, longer range.

Discovering that if the disks are slightly curved, they fly further.
>Longer range, less choppy due to the curvature.

Adding a pulley that eases repositioning the disc clamp.
>Faster reloading-->increased fire rate.

Inventing a press system for making new disks, which are more dense, resilient and sharper than their earlier versions.
>Deadlier shots.

Making holes in the center of the disk, which help to store them and also slightly stabilize their flight.
>Faster reloading, easier transportation of the ammo (tied to leather straps and so on) and increased accuracy.

Overall, the disk launcher is extremely deadly weapon against unarmored targets, as the thin, hard disks traveling at hight speeds can cause severe lacerations very easily, which will quickly lead into death due blood loss. Against armored targets they are somewhat ineffective however.

There is also a new variant of the disk launcher (right one in the pic), the rapid launcher. In this device, the disk rests vertically in the clamp, instead of horizontally. This makes the weapon easier to reload from the fast loader device, that contains many disks. This new weapon can be fired with almost triple the rate that the normal launcher can. It also has more powerful shots, due to the lesser amount of friction it generates when it launches, as the disk has fewer surfaces touching the launcher base.
It has some drawbacks though. It's range is shorter than the normal launcher's as the disks don't fly as well due to their new orientation. For this exact same reason, the weapon is also more inaccurate. It can use both the normal disks and new, thicker disks that have more stable flight. These thicker disks were specifically made for this weapon, as they make the launcher more accurate and increase the stopping power of the shots.
These new launchers are mostly used by the warriors, as the hunters prefer the longer range the normal ones provide.
This thread needs a bump, AND QUICK!

(I assume that the village won't flood anymore after a couple of decades, as the current trees are just saplings)
The tribe is committed into taking care of these saplings, making sure to keep them alive long enough for them to grow big and strong.

The Ramel beasts intrigue the tribe. (I assume that these ones were slaughter beasts, as I don't recall other ramel species having metallic blades.) The blades are fashioned into simple axes, that help the tribe clear away azrach growths when they need to. They try to use these tools to harvest branches from azrach trees for building material.

Niru, after recalling one of Nar's old projects he had abandoned, sets to work on reinforcing the huts with the azrach silk sheets, trying to make them more sturdier and resistant to rainstorms.

Nar is still trying to improve the disk launchers. He remembers how he saw the disk just shatter and bounce of from the hard shells of the gohrok beasts. As he ponders how to make a launcher capable of killing a gohrok despite it's armor, he comes to one conclusion. Make it bigger. He sets to work on making large, ballista like disk launchers that shoot thicker and heavier disks that he hopes that will knock even a gohrok cold with one hit.
rolled 4, 2, 12, 8, 10 = 36

The gohroks allied with the tribe are starting to thrive. They are now mostly accepted, due to the invaluable help they provide with their incredible strength. They are often seen helping the tribe clear out debris, tear down azrach trunks and lifting heavy stuff. Daki is intrigued about the killing power of these beasts, and tries to teach one to be useful on a hunt.

The scouts are intrigued by these traces of other tribe. They had heard Nufa's tales about the Kharum. Perhaps these were other exiles? They try to look for more traces of this tribe.

Kiknau manages to get her childcare project going on splendidly. Many of the young are brought there for their own safety, and some of the older children are put there to look after them and teach them. She knows that Jun has some eggs that will hatch soon. She leaves the new hut to introduce her daughter to this new project.

Nufa looks at the strange eggs, confused. From what beast did these originate from. Fearing that he might loose the eggs on his trip, he tells one of his companions to return back to the village with half of the eggs, so that a few of them might stay safe. His mother might also know better to which creature the eggs belonged to. They continue their trek, but at a slower pace, allowing the one sent back to catch up to them.

Rolling for:
Harvesting wood.
Improving the huts.
Making a heavy disk launcher.
Teaching the gohroks to hunt.
And for searching for the unknown tribe.
Surfing invented, fuck yeah. Alright, since you didn't mention it, I'll self-GM the other event.

The youth, although interested, gets nipped by one of the Boomers, and runs away in fear. It's unlikely he'll want anything to do with the hairy beasts in the future.

Solomon, if you're here, I'm heading into IRC now, if you want to work out Gantu/Silith diplomacy there.
Excellent, thank you NOTRIP. I'll link it in the wiki, if it already isn't.
The new thread is here, gaze in amazement at PART 4! >>19470773

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