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You are Sonia Reynard, Squadron Leader and man at arms for the House of Jerik-Dremine. Your ship is the attack cruiser Bittenfeld, a fast powerful starship able to outrun anything it cant outfight. Its spent the last two weeks under repair and refit at the local Nav station.
You've spent the last two days under repair yourself after being stabbed by a crazed attacker while out jogging. According to security the man was seeking revenge for family members who died aboard the Pirate super heavy cruiser John Avery which you damaged.
"-and the knife must have hit a major artery because you'd just about bled out by the time a station medical team got there. They stuck you in a portable stasis field until they could get you to a hospital." Linda tells you. The two of you are walking back to the ship with a pair of your marines and station security as escort.

"I thought stasis systems were big bulky things?" you ask your Navigator.

"Apparently they're new. They have a deployable stasis device that can fit inside a suitcase. Battlefield medics will be able to carry them in a few years."
File: 1340132910583.jpg-(29 KB, 461x499, Bombardment-SotS.jpg)
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The view of a crowd forming around a public news terminal draws your attention and you ask Linda to slow down for a second to watch the broadcast.

"This is Kellsey Mullah reporting live from the New Avalon Colony Zone. For those not aware this area was settled as part of a joint Republic-Terran venture. With Civil war plaging the Republic most of the fleets that once protected this region have either returned home or gone mercenary, leaving only local defenders and a small Terran Garrison fleet.
Twelve Hours ago multiple Pirate Warlord fleets began arriving in the area after abandoning attacks on the Pandora cluster. Local colonies have refused their demands for resupply despite threats of orbital bombardment or enslavement. The following footage was received from Avalon Prime twenty minutes ago. We caution viewers that they may find this disturbing."

Dozens of the converted super heavy cruisers the Warlords use as long range fire support and transport ships have taken up positions in high orbit. You knew they had a lot of them but not this many. Their supporting fleets of smaller ships surround them twinkling like a cloud of mist. The occasional flash of explosions light up parts of the fleet.

Sparks of lightning arc across the bombardment arrays on the giant warships as they charge and fire. Beams of energy lance down towards the surface eight or twelve at a time. Shockwaves propagate out from the impact sites, mushroom clouds forming at their centers. Planetary shields still protect a handful of arcologies in view providing enough cover for starships to launch. You recognize some of them as Lance class medium cruisers meaning the city buildings they launched from must be enormous.
File: 1340132996518.jpg-(31 KB, 594x396, nukeit.jpg)
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Three of the escaping Lances charge out ahead of the others and a bright glowing sphere of light begins to emanate from their bows, like that seen in subspace when jumping. Maintaining formation they point themselves towards the weakest point in the Pirate line. As they close to range the spheres contract, dissapearing just before they each launch a brightly glowing torpedo. Each of the weapons strike a super heavy, an odd shockwave traveling through the rest of the ship. After a delay the hull within 7km the impact point explodes. Secondary explosions rip apart the sublight drives and fusion reactors spread throughout the ship, even those safely away from the initial explosion.
In a mater of seconds a hole has been made in the warlord line and the escaping ships push through it heading for safety. Concentrated fire downs a handfull of the Terran cruisers as the cover the transports. The distraction doesnt stop the remainder of the fleet from continuing the bombardment. The video feed cuts out shorty after.

"If they survive every human on those three cruisers just halved their lifespan." A Marine nearby tells you.

>What say?
"Why? What did just happen?"
"Those were Veckron Torpedoes. Super capital killers. They emit some kind of weird subspace radiation that nobody knows how to block, it's probably how they can pierce shields. The radiation emissions during the charging sequence penetrate nearly the entire ship, hell its powerful enough you can see that weird energy bubble despite the launcher being deep inside the hull. There's no such thing as veteran launcher crews on ships that carry those things."
"Wouldn't it be smarter to put them on automated platforms or ships, then?"
File: 1340134751166.jpg-(151 KB, 800x480, 800px-Craggy_Gardens-27527.jpg)
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Just a reminder in case anyone missed the last thread.
As payment for helping the Rovinar you selected:
1) Upgraded Shields for the Bittenfield. They are the best that can be found short of experimental ones.
2) Light Power armor, Recon version. It has been fitted with holographic camouflage though you suspect Duncan has devised a way of removing it so he can borrow it if necessary.
3)Property back home on Dreminth. 1 anon was asking about land in a more hilly/mountainous area. Confirm this?
"No idea. Personally I wouldn't want to risk someone hacking a ship like that and platforms aren't mobile."
"Do we know how many of the colonists made it out?"
January 23rd the 16th day into repairs. After taking it easy with the physical training the past couple of days you're slowly getting back to fighting trim... mostly. Everything is knitted together and fixed but you shouldn't do any heavy lifting for another week.

Dowaire wasn't kidding about how boring some of the training could be. The ship was never built with a captain's mess so you've been taking some of your meals in a separate room. Learning things like which fork is acceptable for what food is trying at times.
>Unless you guys think Sonia would like learning this stuff?

The one thing you have been looking forward to is training with holographic practice knives and swords. It doesn't take long for the old instructor to find a Marine aboard that has some formal training for you to spar against.

"We will have to compartmentalize your fighting styles." The old Dro'all tells you. "Remember; fighting in combat is far different from a duel. When combining your new power armor with Monofilament or High Frequency blades it is important not to overextend yourself. You might cut through an opponent with little loss of momentum throwing you off balance."

You distinctly remember Knight Sylvan cutting through several Rebels while fighting in the prison on Gesaur. Its not a sight that will soon leave you.

Repairs to the Bittenfield are nearing completion. Armor is already being attached and sublight drives equivalent to any you lost are being prepped for installation. There were some delays with the FTL drives and one of the light pulse cannon turrets but they've now been resolved.
There were enough ships that if they'd been packed with civilians could have evacuated several million. Maybe tens of millions if they'd had warning ahead of time and stasis cylinders to keep people in.
According to news feeds the planetary population was listed at 10 billion between the five major archologies as of the last census 100 years ago. Avalon Prime was used as the marshaling point for colony fleets setting the surrounding sectors.
Time for action soon? I'm sure Sonia can't wait for it.
January 24th, the 17th day of repairs and the last. A few sections of armor are being layered on and will be done before midday. A good thing too because the 1st Dominion Expeditionary Fleet arrived in the area this morning and has begun deployments.

It occurs to you that you havent had access to fleet requisitions in some time and wonder what all you could purchase by now. Other than the equipment you took as your reward House requisitions are only avilable to House Posat here. There's bound to be an opportunity to grab some more upgrades.

Just after 1200 Hours the dock workers signal all repairs are done and begin retracting the manipulator arms and recovering worker pods. Taking your station on the bridge you and the others start go go through a full final systems check.


"We are looking green across the board!" Shouts Kavos.

"Drive system checks are all looking good." Agrees Linda.

The coms officer turns in his chair. "Docking control is asking if we can vacate this berth at the first available opportunity. Apparently they would have liked it freed up a week ago."

You signal the station to detach the docking clamps and use repulsors until you've cleared the ship berth on the inner docking ring.
>Any inspiring lines for your crew as you head out?
Rocketing out away from the station you receive a transmission from the Fleet. Its Knight Captain Sylvan.
"Glad to have you back Squadron leader. They've given me command of an entire Corvette wing. You'll be taking command of the second squadron. As soon as you form up we're heading out for our new assignment?"

"What's that sir?"

"We're clearing out the Smugglers run once and for all."

Following your HUD indicators you take up formation at the head of one of the corvette squadrons.

Alex then Mike each signal their welcome. Flight Leader Daska is a bit more tentative in her greetings.

After receiving your nav data the wing jumps out along with the other House Jerik-Dremine ships.
>>Unless you guys think Sonia would like learning this stuff?
It's necessary, but not very enjoyable.

>Any inspiring lines for your crew as you head out?
They've done very well so far and it's an honour to serve with them.
the upgarded sields how much would they cost?
From what i rember upgrades to the next level would have been 600RP or 800 RP so...

i kind of remember a teleporter being 10000RP, easily more worth than those shields.
File: 1340138211300.jpg-(72 KB, 798x380, 1329484782190.jpg)
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A barely an hour filled with short jumps and course corrections later later you arrive in a system you passed near on your initial flight out to find the Pirate fleet.

One of the planets in the system is habitable, but barely so with signs its undergone repeated attempts at terraforming. Sections of mountain ranges poke above the thin atmosphere in places. Two stations are in orbit, each built out of modular sections that could have been shipped here and assembled in the past two day or two decades. Its hard to say. Other ships from your House have begun docking and Knight Commander Winifred's Medium cruiser has taken up position a few dozen km away.
All three attack corvette wings are soon assigned parking orbits and the reason for the Attack Cruiser shortage Mike and Alex mentioned becomes clear. Each of the other wings have at least one of the ships present. If Captain Sylvan's damaged ship were to rejoin the wing it would bring the House forces up to a total 4 Aries Cruisers. Buying that many ships from a private manufacturer is not something the House will be able to sustain.

Within the hour you're contacted for a conference call with the other squadron and wing leaders.
File: 1340139218011.gif-(58 KB, 1730x1318, Smugglers run Local South.gif)
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The Knight commander's image appears on the display and she begins to lay out the new assignment for the fleet.

"Assembled Knights and Pilots our House has achieve some important victories and with them earned both respect and ire in equal amounts. Our daring on Gesaur and resultant popularity with the ruling house has aroused jealously among many whose toes we've stepped on. Many a House has ground down fleets attempting to take this corridor and so it is the hope of our rivals that we will do the same. Prove them wrong."

Your transmission switches over to Third Wing only and Sylvan speaks up.
"The third attack wing has been tasked with clearing out parts of the smugglers run. Four other Houses will help hold down the areas we've taken as we advance. Most of those Houses are deploying fleets comprised of older standard corvettes which cant take as much punishment as ours.
The first and second Wing are clearing other parts of the immediate area and will take turns acting as a reserve force should the third need to be rotated out."

The screen displays a map of the area with a YOU ARE HERE marker.

"This is the most forward operating base House Posat has been able to retake with the help of friendly forces. The modular stations in orbit are not suitable for ship construction but they can handle repairs of the sort we'll likely need. Their House has had salvage teams in the area ready to begin retrieving wreckage from the corridor for years but activity has been too heavy to let them loose. There's going to be a lot of old crap in the area but some of it might still be good. Don't forget to check some of the wrecks for ships we could put salvage claims on. Some of it is still left over from the Faction Wars but with some fixing up will be good as new."
"The blue line on your map is the Smugglers run. Our top priority is clearing it. Anything else is secondary.
Recon missions are going to be the most numerous we'll be performing. I recommend deploying at squad level but you can send single ships. Each sector should take 12 hours to scan down and deploy sensor buoys. Those of you who have better quality sensor packages might only take 6 hours.
Squadron commanders, its up to you to determine if you want your squads to engage any enemies they find on recon missions or to pull back and analyze their sensor data first. Before anyone asks Requisition will not be available for another two days. Logistics still need to catch up.

We have a lot of new pilots so I'm sending you all data on Threat ratings. Once your squads have completed recon of a sector you'll get a threat rating on each on. Space is big and most will be empty but we're bound to run into some malcontents."

Threat Level 1 - These are missions a squad of 3 corvettes should be able to handle though they're bound to take some damage.

Threat Level 2 - May require 2 squads of corvettes to safely complete the mission.

Threat Level 3 - Full squadron level deployments. Be prepared to ask for help from allied squadrons.

Threat Level 4 - Full wing or greater. A minimum 3 Squadrons of attack corvettes are recommended. Cruiser support would be helpful.

Threat Level 5 - Fleet engagement. Requires the forces of an entire House or several Houses.

Threat Level 6 - Mass Fleet engagement. An entire expeditionary fleet will be necessary to deal with this threat.
File: 1340139789165.gif-(60 KB, 1730x1318, 6stagecleaning.gif)
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I'd like to put forward this plan regarding the smuggler run... in importance order. Doing it like this make it less likely we'll run in a bad surprise when we'll deal with the confirmed enemy presence.
Its certainly an option. Be aware that there are other allied squadrons that will be assisting in clearing out sections.

>This is probably going to give me a headache later but...
As the commanding officer of a squadron new RP related features have become available.
Squadron Requisition Points (SRP) can be accumulated by the squadron for completing missions. They can be used to assist the squadron as a whole or individual pilots that have had a run of bad luck.

As before for every completed combat mission each pilot will recieve 500 RP. For each squad that completes a combat mission the squadron recieves 200 SRP.
For recon missions pilots will recieve 100 RP, and for squads adds 100 SRP to the squadron.

The squadron has been assigned a stockpile of 100 torps for this campaign. You can either distrubute them as you see fit or set an RP cost pilots will pay for them. RP spent on torps will be assigned to SRP.

You can call in an allied recon mission by Rovinar silent hunters for 200 SRP.
Immediate reinforcements from other squadrons can be called in for 500 SRP
Calling in an allied Cruiser squadron will cost 1000 SRP
how many corvettes do we have in our squadron?

11 + Bittenfeld?
15+ bittenfeld?
23+ bittenfeld?

either way we should split up in four groups led by Mike, Alex , Dask respectively our illustrious selves and start scouting four hexes along the major nav hazzard, with general orders to retreat in case of contact for a more detailed response, subject to squad lead review depending on case.
Squadron starship assets
1x Attack Cruiser (V-ACRS)
3x Dagger Corvette (DCRV)
8x Attack Corvette (ACRV)

Squadrons are normally divided into 4 flights, each with 3 ships. (You can change this if you want.)
Choose how you wish to divide up your ship assets. Once you've done so select a Flight leader for each of the 4. (You, Alex, Mike, Daska )

1st Flight

2nd Flight

3rd Flight

4th Flight
2 attack corvettes per flight and one other ship.

1st flight - Alex
2nd - Daska
3rd - Mike
4th - Sonia

Just going in alphabetical order.
1st flight Us
2nd Flight Daska (she was squad leader before we came back after all)
3rd Flight (whoever was the squadmate with a DCRV I'm not good with name)
4th Flight (remaining squadmate)
I'm also proposing a 25req price on torpedoes...
File: 1340142032381.png-(25 KB, 299x368, Warning Math danger.png)
25 KB
Anyone/everyone in favour of this? We can still change this setup if there are objections or if ships are taken out of action.

Recon will operate on a d100 system.
We can do this one of two ways.
1) Everyone rolls multiple dice for however many squads are scanning and we average them.
2) Everyone rolls 1 dice at a time and the first few results are used for the squads.

The dangers and rewards of either system should be apparent to most of you.

MAP NOTE: As I have a tendency of being somewhat unclear and I didn't previously state it. To recon new sectors you must pass through those that have already been secured or risk a random encounter with any enemies that might be present in sectors you pass through.
That's what I thought... also I vote for 1, averages are better than extreme
yup, good enough outfit. so a squadron is 12 ships basically.

we can go with the orders from here

but I say we take zone 3- we can scout it in to pops of squad mission (4x2 = 8) and clear it all.

or we could go for zone 4 and scout it all in one go, and have time to spare for a full squadron reaction in case we find something.
The dice here have been rather cruel to us, so I'm with >>19546232 on that.
rolled 32 = 32

Sectors we should explore in the pic, and rolling dice for it as well.
rolled 59 = 59

rolled 96 = 96

File: 1340143048138.gif-(61 KB, 1730x1318, 1340139789165.gif)
61 KB
rolled 19 = 19

And the last one. Also, it seems I forgot to upload that image.
Okay, both proposals have 2 attack corvettes per squad and single Dagger class or the Bittenfeld taking up remaining slots.
1st Flight - Alex?
2nd Flight - Daska
3rd Flight - Mike
4th Flight - Us?

>Giving Alex the Bittenfeld
I loled. There's me not being clear on shit again. I have no one to blame but myself. The Bittenfeld is the only attack Cruiser currently in your squadron.

>but I say we take zone 3- we can scout it in to pops of squad mission (4x2 = 8) and clear it all.

>or we could go for zone 4 and scout it all in one go, and have time to spare for a full squadron reaction in case we find something.

Okay, If you're deploying by squad or using larger groups of ships please say so.
Choose which sectors you want the squads to check first.
And someone has already done that.

Everyone that hasn't done so roll 4d100 linking this post. I'll let those first 4 slide since we're just starting off.
rolled 43, 44, 97, 81 = 265

I'd rather we go toward sector 1 but oh well
File: 1340143725775.gif-(60 KB, 1730x1318, scout proposal.gif)
60 KB
rolled 96, 24, 6, 34 = 160

we better use those scouting more thought out.

remeber there is a entire conquest fleet acompanying us and at least one if not more wings each made of three squadrons each are scouting.

this means we should consider it well.

I say we advance towards three and scout diligently o remove threats of flanking on the blue route of the smugglers run.

remember this is our first actual command on a strategic level- and as prelude to knighthood lets rise to the occasion, and think a bit more about the big picture.
File: 1340143880069.gif-(60 KB, 1730x1318, scouting hexes.gif)
60 KB
rolled 52, 31, 65, 66 = 214

if we go towards nr 3 , this way it would be better, since a flanker will try to be as close to the nav hazzard as possible.
Not sure, that would in 3 rolls for random encounters.
this is fine too.

well then, disregard my scouting proposal and consider this one having +1 vote.
File: 1340144136729.gif-(59 KB, 1730x1318, Smugglers run Local South 02.gif)
59 KB
We could have a different anon select the map direction choice each time?

1st Flight -Alex Encounters some ships but before they can run away the realise its a House Posat squadron.
2nd Flight -Daska Encounters smugglers and gets nav data on the direction they fled.
3rd Flight -Mike Recovers some escape pods while scouting!

4th Flight -Us Are nearly jumped by friendly ships!
All 4 sectors are secure and friendly forces seem to be present in each one.

As Alex has better sensors his squad can complete recon missions faster. If his squad encounters no enemies do you want his squad to automatically recon the nearest sector or wait to assist other squads if they're in danger?

Does anyone know of a good online diceroller besides /tg/ dice?
>Additional rolls
Dammit. Oh well, there were no enemies in those first 4 sectors anyways.
File: 1340144487763.gif-(60 KB, 1730x1318, scout mk 2.gif)
60 KB
if alex has better sensors, he should be scouting for us too with us being the ones lending assist, since we are the freaking cruiser.

for this one he better use it to scout.
Assist is better than more scouting......
The freaking cruiser is part of the recon froce too
So, combine these 2 for the next bout?
Roll 4d100
File: 1340144995725.gif-(65 KB, 1730x1318, wing lanes.gif)
65 KB
jumped by friendlies?
encountering posat houses?

this is fucking it.
proposing we give HQ a proposal to split scouting on lanes for each wing and each wing split it between squadrons.

something like this :

so that we dont get to assets on the same hex at the same freaking time !

waste of resources and time!
rolled 29, 55, 42, 10 = 136

Am I the only one having problem posting?
rolled 68, 1, 83, 96 = 248



lets scout some more and get something done today.

also once we do our second bout could you update what has been scouted by other squadrons so we dont revisit things that have no purpose.
After talking to Sylvan you get the following response.

"This is all technically House Posat territory. They have ships scattered through the area that they don't necessarily have continuous contact with. They'll do as they please regardless of our demands.
1st Wing is currently in reserve. 2nd Wing will explore the sections we don't."
The rest of the wing is on different Z-levels above and below relative.
NO. cant friggen post half the time.
rolled 16 = 16


rolled 13, 79, 29, 37 = 158

4d100, sorry.
File: 1340146301090.gif-(59 KB, 1730x1318, Smugglers run Local South 03.gif)
59 KB
Was already working on that.

1st Flight -Alex 37.6 Encounters enemies and House Posat forces. Enemies flee.
2nd Flight -Daska 45 Encounters enemies and trades fire at long range. Both sides break off.
Sensor readings show corvette wreckage in the area worth salvaging!

3rd Flight -Mike 51 Encounters smugglers and gets nav data on the direction they fled.
Sensor readings show mercenaries operating in the area. They may be working for House Posat.

4th Flight -Us 47.6 Encounters enemies who flee when they see an attack cruiser.
Sensor readings detect a ship graveyard with enemy forces present!
Threat level 2-3
All flights engage the enemy in the ship graveyard.
Send a salvage claim to our CO and secure the area. Use the now secured area as a staging point to attack the ship graveyard with the whole squadron
You tell the squadron to rally at the corvette wreckage while you go over the recon data. There doesn't seem to be a huge number of ships present at the grave yard but if they ganged up on any 1 squad it could be trouble. The grave yard is difficult to get good scans of but everything seems to be the remains of a larger fleet battle from the Faction Wars. The locals may have defenses scattered through the area or they may have a hard point defense, you cant tell.
>Post your tactics for attacking the pirates looting the wreckage and roll 4d20

The wreckage in the rally point seems to be from a squadron of older standard corvettes. Enough to build 2 or 3 out of the remains.
Sylvan tells you House Posat Salvage teams will arrive in a day or two. Do you wish to put a claim on the wrecks or let them have it?

>MySQL connection error
N-no! Don't do that its not nice.
Hmmm I'd say to fight the enemy then put a claim on it to replace our losses if we have losses otherwise let them have it
rolled 7, 3, 16, 18 = 44

>Post your tactics for attacking the pirates looting the wreckage and roll 4d20

The Bittenfeld should be more than able to take anything those pirates can dish out. So the other ships should hide behind us if necessary.

Otherwise, surround them with our 4 flights. And stay close to each other once the combat has begun.

Make it clear that nobody should risk their ship or go off chasing pirates on their own without proper support.

rolled 10, 2, 8, 19 = 39

going to agree with him on that
rolled 15, 15, 16, 15 = 61


have the fastest corvette only squad do a pass on the flanks of the enemy, somewhat displaced on the z and x lane, no engagement beyond reaction pot shots at opportunity targets just a fast fucking run and the maximum safe engagment distance to minimize any incoming fire, in order to reveal any fixed positions. then as a follow up we and the rest of the squadrons hammer through while the squadron doubles back and rear-fucks them

>on the first salavage
- no option
perhaps let them have it and claim this scrapyard after we win it.
"We're going in heavy. I'll draw fire and punch a hole with the Bittenfeld that everyone else can exploit. Stick together and cover your wing men. If its a small number of ships we'll try to surround them."

You jump in to the target zone few seconds ahead of the others and it appears you've caught the pirates off guard. The massed fire from your ships guns tear through an unshielded light cruiser before it even realizes whats going on. The squadron corvettes barrel through the gap you've made laying waste to any active ships you haven't.

A group of gun and missile sentries open fire on Daska's flight from a concealed position. Alex's flight is the closest and turns back to assist.

Within a few minutes you've chased a group of fleeing missile boats converted into salvage craft back to their mother ship. The single Heavy phase cannon on either side of the Y-Type transport isn't quite enough to pierce your new shield, still you're not about to let it try. Combined fire from yours and Mikes flights knock down the shields then cut the weapons and engines to pieces.
Before you can even launch Marines the transport is signaling its surrender.

Alex and Daska report that they've cleared the sentries that were attacking them but that a Frigate escaped. Daska's squad has taken damage and will need to return to base after this.
Secure the transport and take prisinors as needed. Send the damaged squad back with the captured vessel. File the paper work for it. Lets comb over the Grave yard for anything of use, space doesn't rot shit.
>Readily available salvage

From per-existing wreckage there are some starfighter wrecks that could be easily put back together, a Frigate, a Light Cruiser and a Kavarian Attack Cruiser.

There's also the Y-type transport and the crippled light cruiser your unit just blew halfway to hell.

Everything else is a bit too blown up to be a quick fix and will require extended salvage efforts.

Roll 1d11 to see what model of Attack cruiser it is.

How much of these do you wish to make salvage claims on? Do you still wish to put claims on those corvettes in the other sector? Only got 1 response.
rolled 3 = 3

>How much of these do you wish to make salvage claims on?
Everything except the fighters.

>Do you still wish to put claims on those corvettes in the other sector?
If it nets us some goodwill with Posat, then they can have them. Otherwise, file the claim.

Hopefully, it's something neat.
rolled 10 = 10


>Hopefully, it's something neat.
As this man said, minis the bit about not claiming the Starfighters, we need all that delicious RP.
On the claims:

Put Squadron salvage claim on everything in this ship graveyard, AFTER we've scouted the wrecks in condition to be salvaged with marines.

Our squadron located and secured them, so we should get at least partial reward for such. Perhaps they'll be willing to negotiate the removal of partial claims for a whole claim or something.

Don't claim the corvette wrecks in the other sector.
The transport has been secured but its engines will need repairs or assistance from the salvage fleet to get back to base.

It's an old C-Type Attack Cruiser! These things are old but can be easily upgraded. They're also a bit rare.
It may prove more financially convenient for the House to sell or trade the ship to a collector.
Weapons 4x Torpedo launcher
2x Spinal mount phase cannon (1 Dorsal, 1 Ventral)
1x Phase cannon turret (Aft)
Did the second roll not count?
In this case not. Besides the average would have been 6.5 and I don't really want to round up or down on.

Searches of the ships and wreckage by Marines turns up little in the way of missiles or torps. A few but not many, this wreckage has been thoroughly worked over.

After a few hours waiting salvage ships and an escort both from your House and House Posat arrive in system. The Posat forces seem to be fine with you taking the more intact ships, happy that they'll be hauling away scrap from everything else in the area for months if not years to come. Map incoming.
well it's only one cruiser...

Sell it, the house needs the fund right now
>well it's only one cruiser...

And a rather crappy one, at that.
File: 1340151694020.gif-(61 KB, 1730x1318, Smugglers run Local South 04.gif)
61 KB
You have 3 active squads with which to search the surrounding sectors. Choose 3.

Roll 3d100
File: 1340152635769.gif-(61 KB, 1730x1318, planed reccon.gif)
61 KB
Alex can do two, right?

but best to keep the fourth scout in reserve for fast reaction.

perhaps ourselves since a cruiser coming to the rescue is better then alex and his corvettes.
File: 1340152973635.gif-(61 KB, 1730x1318, scout.gif)
61 KB
Too exposing . lets go with this:
Roll 3d100 for recon. If Alex doesn't run into any trouble I'll roll another d100 for a second scan using a random number generator.

...This generator seems to roll a bit on the high side. I'm using the one on the mathgoodies site. Anyone know a better one?
rolled 64, 18, 10 = 92

rolled 22, 55, 2 = 79

Could we rename this to Shitty Dice Quest?
File: 1340153394813.gif-(66 KB, 1730x1318, scout 4 mission ahead plan..gif)
66 KB
rolled 1, 17, 12, 15 = 45


tying in to this a four mission ahead plan for after the mission.

first phase: brown ish with a ? for in case we are still down to three
second phase : pink with a ? in case we are still down to three
third phase: blue
fourth phase: violet.
You're supposed to roll d100s, not d20s.
rolled 74, 59, 25, 69 = 227

gah, leftover from combat.
rolled 49, 55, 90 = 194

I am somtimes a idiot.
1st Flight -Alex 43 Alex encounters enemies and a group of ships with House Posat IFF's engaging each other. With their combined firepower they drive off the pirates.
Sensor readings show the sector is clear

3rd Flight -Mike 36.5 Encounters enemies and nearly ends up in a dogfight but manages to lead his squad to safety.
Sensor readings detect a civilian ship in distress.
4th Flight -Us >>19548131

>Special encounter unlocked!
"We're detecting a ship incoming on an intercept course." Reports sensors.
"They're not charging weapons... It looks like they're attempting to match course with us."
"What kind of ship is it?"
"Its a mining barge converted for combat, almost 1500m in length. They have a pair of heavy phase cannon, a bunch of smaller ones long range tractor beams."
>What do?

>More maps
I've gone with this one atm, we can still go after those other sectors next though?
Seriously I'm going to have to set a time limit on rolls or something because it takes way to long to do some of this stuff, post it then find out there's been 2-3 other rolls that could have dramatically affected the outcome.
>What do?
Have Alex and Mike assiste the civilian ship if the enemy forces aren't too strong for them.

Well, hail them.
"Hail them." you tell coms.

"Having some trouble here. Its like they're translating... oh okay nevermind its fixed. Putting it on your screen."

A face appears on your smaller monitor of a species you're not immediately familiar with. Two aquamarine eyes make up just about the only feature on the bone white surface of its face.

"Greetings we are searching. Perhaps you help us?" It asks in an odd echo-y voice.

"What are you looking for?" you ask. "This is a dangerous area."

"We know danger. We have built appropriate for danger. You are with Houses yes?"

"Yes we're with House Jerik-Dremine, why?" You wonder where this is going.

"We look for ship. Ring of Caina."

>What say/do?
"I am sorry, according to our information the Ring of Caina was destroyed months ago."
If I remember the correctly, that's actually truth. Isn't it?
we could .. escort them to a secure place for further investigation...

backed up by proper superiors, for the just in case. - they are a security risk to a former covert op, aren't they?

whats the policy on that?

"Perhaps you provide Captain Catherine Bonny and spare wrong ship?" The alien says.

A strong tremor shakes the ship.
"Tractor beams!" Reports Kavos. The converted mining barge has closed to range fast it would be difficult to get away under normal circumstances.

"They've got weapons locked on us and their tractor beams are too strong to break."

>Your orders?
(Roll 3d20 if your plan is to fight them ship to ship.)
"Please disable your tractor beams, or this will be seen as a hostile action against the expeditionary fleet and the House of Jerik-Dremine."

Let them fire the first shot, then all bets are off. Could we disable the tractor beams with well-placed shots?
sure we can. they dont superimpose on another so we can do them all in less turns.

or at least faster at any rate.
>could we disable the tractor beams with well-placed shots?
"We'd have to get fire past their shields to do that. I don't know how hard that will be but the whole ship looks heavily upgraded. Enough to make a Battleship rethink engaging it." Kavos tells you.

"Long range coms are down. They've got jamming equipment on board. Whoever these guys are they mean business."

"We have minutes before they're on us. It looks like they're going to try to board us." observes Kavos. "If they match speed closely enough with those tractor beams on us our shields might not even matter."

"Our escorts are requesting orders sir."

[ ] Fire first
[ ] Keep waiting
[ ] prepare to repel boarders
[ ] other
[ ] Some combination

will their tractor beam pull us into their ship (or the shield bubble of their ship?)

I assume they wish to board us and take us for a bounty or revenge torture, perhaps we could slap them point blank?

I really want to say:

"Avast ye scallywags, man your guns and prepare to repell boarders and counter-boarding!"

If that thing can fight a battleship, then shooting it will probably not help.

Prepare to repel boarders, send our escorts away to get help.
Yes at the last second before docking your shields will overlap enough that you'll be inside theirs.
we upgraded our armour- how is their structural integrity?

in order to face of a battleship they most likely went for shield heavy- we could make a 180* and boost us to slamm into them at high speed aided by their own tractor pull.

it will rock us both hard. perhaps even force a mutual restart for the shields enough for the other to pump the fucker full of holes and perhaps even get in their shieldenvelope- since they are a big ship, corvettes could get under their shields before they restart and shoot them silly while they take fire shielded.

after we get some consciousness we can add our fire too to the mix- by them most likely the corvettes took out the shields.

these are most likely privateers or agents provocateur of the aliens who cat-pawed the pirates and had the whole factions make that joint mission.

of course this all hinges on our upgraded shields being on par with theirs and our momentum being fast enough and unavoidable and course of action rather unpredictable.

if they manage to avoid our charge, then we can flee or retreat at range and pelt them long range.


"180, full impules, all power to forward shields. - escorts get ready for some skin dancing , as i will try to open the option up, and i dont know for how long your invite will last. all hands prepare for imapct"
Kavos shakes his head. "Its a good plan but we're too close now to ram their shields down. The bit with the corvettes might work though. We could wait until we've been dragged inside shield range then ram them or open fire? If we're lucky we could drop their shield from inside and the corvettes could attack."

"Why don't you just roll the ship so our shields graze with the speed difference and they cant board the ship?" Asks Linda.

"Because they could still shoot us then."

>This plan ok?

ramming them hull to hull will put us at a disadvantage, since we are smaller, and even though most likely more compact it might get us embedded into them.

lets have the corvettes ready for some skin-dancing and us providing them with the extended window by blasting with abandon at anything resembling a shield emitter, power conduit or reactor. - put all beams, pulses, heck even a few missiles and the new kinetic guns through their paces - full alpha. rake them as hard as it gets.
>Alpha strike
Before or after we get through the shields? Its kind of important.
Uhm... I'm not really down with that plan, so let the anon(s) who suggested it decide.

I assume that blasting them -after- we've been pulled under their shield is more damaging and lets us do some "pinpoint" shooting?

Can we use our spinal mount weapons? If not, could we roll and bring at least one into a firing line? (could we roll the whole time and counter-act our weapon's cooling/recharge times?
>I assume that blasting them -after- we've been pulled under their shield is more damaging and lets us do some "pinpoint" shooting?
>Can we use our spinal mount weapons?
>If not, could we roll and bring at least one into a firing line? (could we roll the whole time and counter-act our weapon's cooling/recharge times?
Maybe sort of?

In addition to all this we're still preparing for boarding right? Because two people said to do that.
Screw it. Roll 3d20 for us making some progress with this encounter.
these might be the fucking borg and be unaffected by our fire, and the corvettes might be up on some silly shrooms and miss the shield down window, to get in and do skin dancing.

and yes, doing it while they lower the shields.-- just blasting away at them with those shields up, especially if designed to survive battleships is not a wise choice. its the most practical one.

there is of course the paranoia that its just a paper tiger and in fact is loaded with bombs but that is just the paranoia voice.
rolled 19, 13, 3 = 35

rolled 10 = 10

rolled 9 = 9

Sorry, misread. Here's a d20.
rolled 18 = 18

rolled 5 = 5

Okay, back up for a second and define how you're using "skin dancing" you mean the ships are flying around with no shields?

I believe the idea was "get under the enemy's shield once we knock it down"?
rolled 12, 2, 8 = 22


flying so close to the enemies hull that they cant use PD effectively- a term used mostly for fighters.

in this case it would be orbiting the target ship under its shield envelope.

also , dice
"All hands prepare to repell boarders then brace for collision." You order.

The other ship is coming alongside fast.
"They've come to a stop 10km starboard and are pulling us in."

"Standby weapons." you tell the gunners.

"Five km. Four... three... two." calls out the sensor officer.
"Shields overlaping." reports Kavos

"Wait for it."

"They're firing!"

The heavy phase cannon shot hits one of your light arrays on a leading wing edge destroying it. Your return fire with pusle cannons and the rest of the other phase cannon on that side destroys hull armor around the heavy turret and blasts out debris blocking it from view. The rest of the enemy weapons open fire three of them concentrating fire on your starboard Heavy pulse cannon mount. The weapon light up with red damage readings.

"You fuckers I just had this ship FIXED!" Cranking up the throttle on the portside engines you ram the starboard bow into the larger ship's side. Using engine bursts you bring the ship around enough to bring the port side Heavy pulse cannon to bear then unload into their bow.

Point defense guns are peppering the enemy ship anywhere it looks vulnerable as another few shots strike your armor.

"Jamming is down!"
[ ] Call for Mike and Alex?
[ ] Use 500 SRP to call for assistance from another squadron?
[ ] Use 1000 SRP to call for a cruiser squadron?

Still typing.
[] Call for mike and Alex
>[X] Call for Mike and Alex?
rolled 5 = 5

Your continued firing destroys a section of the bow even as you lose another phase cannon turret.

"Where are their shields generators?" You ask.
But the forward shields are already flickering. Your wingmen come in firing, attempting to breach the shield enough to get underneath it. Its a hard move with a corvette and a target ship this small but not impossible. The twin linked fire has enough force behind it to punch a hole for one ship. The second doesnt make it, the heavy tractor beams on the other side of the barge grabing hold of it and bringing it to a stop.

"I'm stuck! I cant maneuver!" The other pilot shouts. A heavy phasecannon shot drops the corvette's forward shield and destroys the weapons.
The corvette that did make it through opens fire on the starboard batteries destroying three of the topside turrets.

The Bittenfeld continues to shake from impacts and the armor around the wing engines flicks to red.

"Having trouble finding their shields sir!" Reports the first corvette. "They must be burried. I'll try to cut through their engine block."

"Unauthorized entry at external airlocks. We're being boarded!" Kavos shouts. "Marines and damage control to Block 4 section 80."

Roll 2d20
rolled 17, 19 = 36

>spend 3 weeks reconstructing our ship
>Destroy it the same day
File: 1340163219881.jpg-(46 KB, 600x450, are you frustrated.jpg)
46 KB
I know right?
You can start writing. Not gonna roll after that.
An explosion rocks the engine block of the barge as a white beam cuts through hull and armor.

"That must have done something, they've released tractor beams and dropped shields." Reports sensors.

"Shit they're maneuvering." says the woman piloting the other corvette.
Emergency thrusters on the topside of the bow light off dropping it out from underneath you. Then you see the drive section of the barge accelerating towards you with your wingman pressed against the top of the hull.
"Oh Shi-" Hitting emergency thrusters in full reverse you dodge out of the way in time to avoid the friendly corvette.

As you get clear and your shields come back up the barge lights off its engines almost right in your face. Even with engine damage it looks like it only lost one drive out of a bank of ten. It's now accelerating away on a course that will let in jump in less than a minute. The vessel's shields have already come back up by the time it passes the 100km mark.

"They're running fast. We could keep up with them but what then?" Kavos asks you.

"This is Ki. We still have boarders on the upper decks." Your Marine sergeant reports over the intercom.

"Incoming signal from Flight Leader Serth. He says his squad will be here in another five minutes. Flight leader Palaiologos will arrive three minutes after that.`

>Your orders?
Fire torp in the thing engine?
Can we even do that?
Try to disable whatever allows the barge to jump.

Then wait until Alex and Mike arrive.
"Hold them off the boarders and vent the sections they're in if you need to."
You put power to engines and try to keep up with the fleeing warship.

"Er, Katherine you you operational?" You ask the other corvette pilot.
"Yes sir!" She answers. A white beam firing past you to hit the enemy ship shield. You drop a trio of torpedoes into the aft shield along with fire from your remaining Pulse cannons but the ship is just too damn tough. A heavy phase cannon shot from a ventral turret and three smaller ones drop your main shield precariously low.

You spot Mike's corvette flight jump in earlier than planned a few hundred thousand Km away but its too little too late. The barge jumps away.

After four days in action your ship needs another trip to the repair docks. On the bright side its mostly external armor damage and weapons that can be swapped out.

>Your reaction to this turn of events?
>>Your reaction to this turn of events?

Fuck /tg/-dice. No really, FUCK THEM!
It seems I'll need a bodyguard for those mission...
Grab our new power armour and beat up some of those boarders.
To relieve stress, you know?

"So which one of you marines managed to take one alive for torture and questioning?"

Fucking Asscunts on fucking headhunting mission! - we need to get a rematch at them. with more heavy ordnance! and something to keep them from fleeing!

where is another pirate super-heavy in need of underhanded infiltration bombing and terrorism?

also , Fuck ! now two squadrons out of four are out of comission.

can we collapse the undamaged corvetes into a makeshift third?- we should! to continue scouting!
Odds are you would have run into this ship eventually, I just didn't expect it to be so soon.

To say that you're furious when you return to base is putting it mildly. Four days since you left dock and these boneheaded jackasses have messed up your ship. The only thing you have to show for it are the recordings of you blasting a hole the size of a frigate in their bow and the fifty dead members of their boarding team.
You don't know who they are but each one fought to the death. Of the bodies you looked at while helping to clear out the upper sections each of their otherwise featureless faces was painted with black and red streaks.

The next morning after docking at the station with repairs now under way an intelligence officer approaches you. The Marine now assigned as your escort remains nearby but doesn't stop him.
"Squadron Leader Reynard, I'm with House intelligence if that wasn't clear enough with all of these annoyingly obvious uniform patches. You had a rather nasty run in yesterday from what I hear."

"Yes sir."

"That was a group of Norune bounty hunters. Apparently you've made it into their kill list. Nasty stuff. From how I understand it before that smuggler tried to attack you the other day he let all his friends know what ship you were on. I have a full technical readout on their ship for you that should help if you encounter them in the future."
That would be extremely helpful, we attempted to destroy their shield generator but we couldn't "find" them.
>can we collapse the undamaged corvettes into a makeshift third?- we should! to continue scouting!
That is definitely an option.
The logistics ships have arrived at the station meaning all ships should be back at 100% within 24-36 hours.

You can either send out 2 full squads of 3 ships each or ask that one of the squadrons from the 1st Wing take over scouting duties for 24 hours.
Hmmm have Alex and Mike take it easy and scout together since they won't have backup for that time
Did one of our flights manage to help those civilians?

And is knight commander Winifred going to arrive here any time soon? We still have those readings from the stealth device.
"Yes they're tough little bastards arent they? Some historians say they've been a space faring civilization since before the Republic achieved spaceflight, though they'd hardly be the first. Most of the time they're a very peaceful people, a little widthdrawn but not xenophobic. They encourage the crazies and other fringe elements of their society to leave and go bother everyone else. Seems to be working out for them. I'll let you get back to it, some of the House Posat forces need to be made aware of these guys still."

He waks away then yells back to you. "Watch out for more bounty hunters, you're got a price on your head now."

You pick up the datapad he left and notice a stickynote stuck to the back.
"Captain Catherine Bonny AKA Sonia Reynard. Wanted by the South Reach League for warcrimes against civilian populations in a time of war?!" You read out loud.
"What the hell? Reward 50,000 dead 80,000 alive."

"Its not the biggest bounty ever but not everyone is in it for the money." Says the Marine.

>And is knight commander Winifred going to arrive here any time soon? We still have those readings from the stealth device.
Oh shit.

At 1100 hours you manage to get a meeting with the Knight Commander.
"I must say this seem highly irregular Squadron Leader. Little or no warning, you need to work on planning that will allow elements to fall into place."
>"Captain Catherine Bonny AKA Sonia Reynard. Wanted by the South Reach League for warcrimes against civilian populations in a time of war?

Write a very strongly worded letter to intel about them failing to keep both our ass and identity safe after we do the dirty work for them.
File: 1340168514248.gif-(61 KB, 1730x1318, Smugglers run Local South 04 l(...).gif)
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You show her the scan readings Duncan recorded.
"How did you- nevermind its not important. Our House has little or no experience with cloaking technology. We would need to bring in experts or go to a House that has such people. Then everyone would know how we aquired such information. Even if the other Houses didnt the Rovinar would. Things would not go well for us after that" She pauses and looks at you. "Five years."


"This data will be burried, figuratively if not litterally, for five years. That should allow time to put contacts in place and make it look as though we'd recovered such information from another source. This level of cloaking technology is such an advanced breakthrough it could well be unmatched until the end of the century. We have time. Be aware I will not be able to reward you for this but I will keep it in mind."

>Did one of our flights manage to help those civilians?
Also yes. Their ship was disabled not under attack thankfully. A ship from Alex's flight stayed behind and helped them get their engines back online.

Sending Mike and Alex together to rapid scan multiple sites in force! Thanks to Alex's scanner there should be time to scan down 5 sectors before your ship is repaired. Each roll will get a bonus against random encounter threats because of stronger force allocation.

Roll 5d100
rolled 19 = 19

rolled 42 = 42

rolled 100 = 100

rolled 17, 32, 82, 60, 25 = 216

Well I hope that goes well
rolled 22 = 22

rolled 60 = 60

"Oh, there will be plenty rewarding down the line when this thing pans out. till then lets keep them in a unassuming place. till then, Knight Commander Winifred, you never saw such a thing. And i understand that we will talk on it again in five years, like this never happened. - also i have a rather strongly and foul worded letter to the intel branch, but i dont know which- our houses, or the Rovinari? - doubtless you heard about the latest news on head-hunting bounties and intel security leaks..."

Also once this is done colapse the undamaged corvettes of ours and Dashas squadrons into one (Dasha was undamaged, right?) and continue scouting, with Dasha taking our place as the cavalry.

up until now it was Dasha and Mike 1 scout each and Alex 2, with us as rearguard, if ia m not mistaken, until dasha got hurt.

now dasha gets to play save the ass of scouts.

this way we still get three scouts a pop and a security net in case they need some assist.
rolled 62, 42, 35, 17, 33 = 189

gah, forgot the dice
rolled 28, 39, 6, 57, 67 = 197

rolled 80, 87, 95, 19, 47 = 328

forgot linky.
File: 1340170997465.gif-(61 KB, 1730x1318, Smugglers run Local South 05.gif)
61 KB
Mike/Alex - Encounter enemies attacking a civilian ship. With their combined firepower the two squads overpower them and are able to help the civilian ship escape after some minor repairs.

Mike/Alex - Trade fire with a Frigate that escapes.
Sensor readings show mercenaries operating in the area. They appear to be working for House Posat.

Mike/Alex - After deploying sensor buoys some of the corvettes stumble upon escape pods from a civilian ship nearby.

Mike/Alex - A few raiders using shuttles and starfighters are encountered and chased down along with their old FTL yacht.
Sensor readings detect a disabled freighter in distress, probably disabled by this same gang. Daska's now operational squad are sent to assist.

Mike/Alex - The two squads encounter some light resistance while deploying Buoys but scare off anything serious from approaching.
Sensor readings are detecting a distress signal from a civilian Colony in the area!
Threat rating 3

Cruiser and Frigate support is available. If enough notice is given SRP costs can be waved. Its more applicable for immediate deployment situations.
Current SRP: 2100
>Sensor readings are detecting a distress signal from a civilian Colony in the area!
>Cruiser and Frigate support is available. If enough notice is given SRP costs can be waved.

Notify command of our decision to help the civilians and inform them, that according to the threat level, we might need additional help dealing with this situation.
Ah, forget about that. The Bittenfeld hasn't finished repairs, right?
Ask to get some support for to rescue that colony once we are ready to go
meant to link
"Understood Squadron Leader. We'll have a mixed squadron ready for deployment in 7-8 hours. We'll start getting a Carrier and some troops transports ready just in case They have a ground situation."
Its finished repairs now but still, its just 1 ship and a Corvette squadron on its own can only do so much.

But I'm burnt out. This will have to resume when I get back from work tomorrow. I'll try to prep an RP and Squadron Requisition list with available equipment. I've been tracking what the squadron and flight leaders have each been making RP wise since the start of this thread but I still have to add in your, Mike's and Alex's old RP totals.

Thoughts on this type of campaign so far with the focus shift toward a larger scale? Recommended changes?
It's fun and I enjoy it. [spoiler don't work on tg]I can't wait until we get a bigger ship[/spoiler don't work on tg] I also hope alex and mike will have enough requisition to buy whatever ships they want to buy after it
> I also hope alex and mike will have enough requisition to buy whatever ships they want to buy after it
The problem of an attack corvette squadron is that you need ships that can keep up which limits options not to what you can buy but what you should. Sylvan for instance is currently commanding a Light cruiser which just cant keep up with his attack corvettes. This isn't so bad in larger battles but in recon missions where speed is key Its less than ideal. This is a problem he's used to though so he normally keeps a squadron of 12 in addition to his own ship.
Before you head out you check your messages and find one from your mother.

Hi dear.
I wanted you to know we got the money you sent. It was quite a bit, until your letter arrived I thought it was the life insurance payout and you'd been killed in action. Goodness, don't do that to me please. The PR people have been starting to play up the victory over the Rebels at Gesaur. The way they've been wording certain things I'm guessing it must have been bad but you're still sending letters so you must have made it through.

Your father has been off having fun with the whole logistical nightmare on Robrinaan. Finding food for that many people can be a hard thing to do just for our own world let alone one that the terraforming might fail on any day. They've been trying to hire any spare mechanics or repair technicians to help fix the shroud. Its partially operational again but some wings still can't be deployed. Its one of the few things the media has been able to report on openly so its helping spur relief efforts.

What else, your Sister has been transferred to another school. We're hoping that with new people around she'll get into less fights. She's already made a few new friends, I just hope that they don't form a gang.
Send a letter to excuse ourselves and tell her it's because we came upon a lot of liquidities... Also tell her about our future promotion to noble.
You send off the letter then go to check the available RP before you begin the mission.

>Still working on RP, give me a few minutes.
RP List since I don't feel like editing a pic a million times today.

When weapons have N/A with [prices] next to them it means your ship is currently carrying its max load out. For ships it means they're just not available.

Curretn ship: Vengence Attack Cruiser [Bittenfeld]
Trade in value: 14,500 RP
Available RP

Nuclear Missile -10
Torpedo -25
PD Turret -N/A [100]
Light beam turret -N/A[150]
Beam turret -N/A [185]
Beam Spinal Mount -N/A [200]
Pulse cannon -N/A [200]
Heavy Pulse -N/A [250]
Shield Upgrade -N/A
Armor Repair -N/A [150]
EMRG Thrusters -N/A [100 each]
EMRG Teleport -10k

Starfighter -150
Marines -150 (Currently at 3 shuttles and 60 Marines)
Power Armor -9k

Fusion Drives (Per unit)
GE = Tough, easily repaired, parts compatibility
-Best Quality 500
-Good Quality 320
-Average 250

Aries = High output, poor effeciency, less compatible
-Best Quality 450
-Good Quality 350
-Average 300

Iratar = Cheap, easily repaired, parts compatibility
-Best Quality N/A Kavarian Military only
-Good Quality 250 (* 4x in use)
-Average 150

DHI = Similar stats to GE, mostly parts compatible, built by House
-Best Quality 400
-Good Quality 350 (* 4x in use)
-Average 300
Squadron Assets
SRP 2100

Current ships in reserve
3x Standard Corvette (Shields & Engines upgraded)

Ships claimed as Salvage.
Pilots can requisition claimed ships and vehicles for the cost of their repair.
4x Type 4 attack bomber (Starfighter) (Under repair -Estimated requisition cost 80)Time 5 days
2x Arrow Interceptor (Starfighter) (Under repair -Estimated requisition cost 80)Time 4 days
3x V-688 Enforcer (Starfighter) (Under repair -Estimated requisition cost 60)Time 2 days

1x Frigate (Under repair -Estimated requisition cost 1000) Time 1 day
1x Light Cruiser[T] (Under repair -Estimated requisition cost 1500) Time 3 days
1x Light Cruiser[D] (Under repair -Estimated requisition cost 1400) Time 6 days
1x C-Type Attack Cruiser (Under repair -Estimated RP cost 1320) Time 5 days*
fill our torpedo stock... otherwise it's fine
Looks like we are about fine till we get some more RP as we need to continue our engine upgrades. However some starfighters might be handy.
The Bittenfeld currently has 8 torps left in the magazine but everything else is fixed and more Marines have been brought aboard to replace casualties killed or wounded.

Purchase 22 Torps at 25RP for a total of 550 RP?

>Available RP

5470 RP
>Purchase 22 Torps at 25RP for a total of 550 RP?

Sounds good to me.

>Pilots can requisition claimed ships and vehicles for the cost of their repair.

See if Alex and Mike are interested in the cruisers, and if Daska would like the frigate.

Would we be able to outfit one of those as a stealthy scout? I think they aren't surviveable enough for anything else in the numbers we could field them.

for those salvage claimed ships, would spending requisition on them be a temporary use deal or permanent? (just wish to double check on that)

What are the differences between the Arrow and Enforcer starfighters? I assume one is a "heavy" fighter?
What can we get in exchange for "selling" our salvage claim on each ship?

And forgive me... but I can't remember (or find) what the size/speed generalizations are for ship types.

corvette > frigate > light cruiser > cruiser > attack cruiser (for size?)
>I wanted you to know we got the money you sent.

How much did we send them?
Possible. Would take a few days.

You can acquire the ships for their listed RP repair costs or sell them to the House forces once they're operational. You can choose to sell any ship once acquired back to the House for its listed RP other than starter ships.
The Bittenfeld would net you 14,500 RP if you traded it in. (Why you would do that I have no idea.) Upgrading a ship using your RP then trading it back for increased value is also an option.

>differences between the Arrow and Enforcer starfighters? I assume one is a "heavy" fighter?
They're both Interceptors but the Arrow relies on lighter weight while the enforcer relies on brute engine power. Arrows have the advantage in space but are outclassed in atmosphere.

Very Fast
Upgraded Corvettes, Upgraded Attack Cruisers, Assault Corvettes, Light corvettes

Corvettes, Attack Cruisers, Combat Frigates, some Battle cruisers (Rare)

High Average
Battlecruiser, older attack cruisers, Light cruisers, some Frigates

Low Average
Just about everything else.
20,000 not a mountain but about what the average ship pilot's life would be worth in insurance.

Didn't include that part. Light Cruisers and Attack Cruisers tend to fall into the same size range 450-800m depending on other dimensions. Light cruisers are meant to be the main line starship, be more cheaply built and take more punishment. They're brawlers.
Attack cruisers have far superior engine power but can be a bit lacking in armor. They also concentrate most of the firepower that would have been spread out on other classes into the forward arc maximizing damaged caused by an alpha strike.
Say, is there a reason why Kavos never got his own command? He seems quite capable.
After you and the Dagger corvettes have loaded up a few extra Torpedoes you undock and head out.

It's 1300 hours when the squadron arrives in the target system. The distress signal appears to be on a continuous loop.

You order Alex to get some better scans of the one habitable planet in the system. While it appears to have no shortage of water it is tidal locked to its star, a red dwarf. Most signs of habitation are at the terminator closest to the major ocean that dominates part of the day side. There are also smaller sturdier outposts on the dayside beneath the cloud blanket and ice bases on the night side.
"I've got two Frigates on the surface, three in orbit, ship traffic around the only spaceport and there's a Razor Battlecruiser in orbit. Hang on, there's an old assault transport coming over the horizon."

"What's an assault transport armed with?" you ask.

"Two phase cannons, three light pulse cannon and a dozen point defense guns. It's basicly a scaled down Y-Type transport with more guns."

"That's it? I thought there'd be more enemies.

Twenty minutes after your arrival your support jumps in.
"This is Knight Captain Kim Yu Chung. I've brought 4 cruisers and 8 frigates. What do you need help with?"

>Your plan of attack?

so salvage claims work differently now? We get the whole ship instead of just being given X% RP value? (though we have to spend RP to repair it)


so at the moment, all of our squadron falls into "very fast" speeds?

could either of the light cruisers we have available for salvage be upgraded to "fast" or are they forever stuck in "high average"?

It wouldn't be possible to upgrade FTL speeds of our ships, would it? (or is that a direct link to combat speeds?)
>It wouldn't be possible to upgrade FTL speeds of our ships

Getting a faster/better ftl drive was one of the reward options from the ambassador-

-If the transport is inbound for the planet, wait until it's so close it can't flee before we can disable it.

-As it seems we've more an better ships than the enemy does, we should focus on disabling their craft.

-Have our ships fall back as soon as they're damaged, we don't need to lose anybody today.

-Bittenfeld, 2 cruisers and 2 frigates disable the Razor Battlecruiser. (Are that enough ships to deal with it?)

-2 cruisers and 2 frigates take care of the transport.

The other craft play fire brigade and help wherever it's necessary, perform strikes of opportunity, and keep enemy ships from fleeing.
Kavos started in the infantry and when the option became available became a gunner aboard a corvette. After ten years he became a gunnery sergeant aboard a Frigate where he served for another 12 years. He was eventually promoted to Chief petty officer and has since spent the last 3 years aboard training Frigates enforcing the loyalty of trainees and recruits. It's been his job to prevent mutinies aboard training ships hes assigned to.
He has little personal ambition toward command himself preferring to keep things running smoothly. None of the previous trainees offered to bring him along on active duty and he had remained in the training corps. Your training period, while short, saw 3-5 times more combat than those of his previous training cruises.
Basically he's had to put all of his skill and experience into it with you around to stay alive.
File: 1340243411701.jpg-(34 KB, 162x320, Cast_2.jpg)
34 KB
So he's basically the old guy from Airwolf?

Battlecruisers are bad news, right?

I'm thinking we send Alex and his wing to get some sensor scans of the blind area behind the planet, while the rest of our squadron joins wide on our Knight Commander friend's force.

Let the Knight Commander's cruisers take on the battlecruiser while we try to prevent any enemy ships from escaping?
>so salvage claims work differently now? We get the whole ship instead of just being given X% RP value? (though we have to spend RP to repair it)
No, that's more or less how they worked before just you went with a squadron claim on the wrecks so every pilot in your squadron has a shot at them.

After you put the claim on the Bittenfeld you bought it shortly before it was finished repairs for the RP cost of the repairs. You've heavily upgraded the ship since then increasing the RP you'd get back if you wanted to trade it back in.
Is power armour that expensive RP-wise because it's a status symbol for knights?
9000RP is pretty rough.
>so at the moment, all of our squadron falls into "very fast" speeds?
It's on the razor edge of fast/very fast.

They're complicated pieces of machinery that require far more precise/expensive methods of manufacture than some starships do.
That too. And at the end of the day you're making a whole 1 soldier a more effective fighter rather than hundreds. Even the Terrans might have 1 suit of power armor per 50k soldiers.

So, heaviest ships deal with the battlecruiser and others in orbit while the rest of the faster ships block escape routes and check for other enemies?
>So, heaviest ships deal with the battlecruiser and others in orbit while the rest of the faster ships block escape routes and check for other enemies?

Yep, if any of the other elements need heavier support, the Bittenfeld can still disengage and help them.
Are there any anomalies nearby, that might enable the enemy to hid ships that might ambush us once we've begun the attack?
regarding the ship salvages lets make it open to all three squad leads.

the one who has the most RP gets first pick, since that one can afford to repair and upgrade it best.

although id rather like to sell that underpowered cruiser, but if they want it... whatever.
also onto more pressing concerns, we need to take out the bounty on our heads. - find out the payment method and the executor of the payment and somehow either fake our own death and have someone collect it or something of the sort. - also we cant steal it since it could be insured and piss of the bank or loan shark holding it, but we could try and drive them into ruin , making the bounty money default on payment, and nullifying the bounty.
rolled 6, 3, 3 = 12

"Sounds solid. I'll have my Frigates form the blockade elements closest to us since it will take longer for them to respond."

Your corvettes break off into two groups flanking out wide while the Frigates form a closer flanking element. You bring the Bittenfeld in on the left of the Captain's cruisers as they tak up a delta formation. the whole forces closes slowly but steadily waiting to see how the enemy reacts.

The battlecruiser reverses engines and falls back towards the transport along with the orbiting Frigates. A four older model Scarabs and some other ancient light corvettes head into orbit from the spaceport.

"Detecting starfighter deployment from the assault transport. A mixed force of Z5's, Enforcers, Arrows and Attack bombers."

Four squadrons rapidly launch from bays built into the sides of the transport. More are launching but at a slower rate. Mostly Enforcers and Attack bombers.

>State your new plan of attack and roll 4d20
rolled 68 = 68

Focus on attacking the enemy ships at long range, so their fighters can't swarm us while we're in close combat.

Focus fire on the ships that can endanger us

Any ship that doesn't have the necessary reach is relegated to anti-fighter duty or responding to break-outs.

1st roll.
Stop. These are d100.

You can call in additional support elements from the fleet for 1000 SRP.
rolled 18, 17, 7, 16 = 58

rolled 19 = 19

Whoops, sorry. Deleted.

rolled 14 = 14

rolled 10 = 10

rolled 20 = 20

Consult the Knight Captain on calling in additional forces. if he believes we require additional support to deal with those fighters and smaller craft, we'll call some in.

Can we "air burst" nukes and torps in/around fighter formations in an attempt to fry their systems or just hope some debris flies into the pilots?
>Those rolls
Offer them the chance to surrender.

"This is a problem, my ships dont have point defense." Knight Captain tells you. "But we do have a few fighters. All Frigates rejoin the Cruisers and stay close. Overlap shields if necessary. We have to shrug off the fighter attacks long enough to kill that Battlecruiser and the Carrier."

>Consult the Knight Captain on calling in additional forces. if he believes we require additional support to deal with those fighters and smaller craft, we'll call some in.
"We could certainly use more starfighter support. My Frigates will not last long, but it could take fifteen or twenty minutes for a carrier to reach us."

>Can we "air burst" nukes and torps in/around fighter formations in an attempt to fry their systems or just hope some debris flies into the pilots?
Possible, but detonations would need to be quite close to damage them. It would certainly blind sensor readings inside a few Km though. Theirs and yours.

You hail the pirate fleet and offer them a chance to surrender. There's some laughter in response.

voting to call for carrier support. Our House can't afford to take needless losses, and those fighters might hound our cruisers after they've done their job.
How much would the carrier support cost us?
1000 SRP
Okay. Just call it. Might help with the situation on the planet as well, if there is one.

>"This is a problem, my ships dont have point defense."
Your squadron and the rest of the fleet opens fire at maximum range, the formation contracting slightly around the enemy ships. Starfighter squadrons race towards you weaving back and forth to dodge the larger starship phase cannon fire.
Starfighters begin to launch from the side cargo bays on the friendly frigates while they keep their forward shield pointed toward the enemy. The battlecruiser shrugs off the incoming fire, not even bothering to return it with its shorter range weapons.

When you're certain the enemy fighters are close enough you yell out to your gunners. "Point defense fire!"
Your two particle beam turrets open up, each of the 8 barreled weapons throwing out a stream of beam shots. The flak guns add their fire a second later using solid slugs of tritanium. Six fighters explode under the concentrated barrage and the others break to either side aiming for the Frigates. Missiles and Torpedoes streak out from the fighter mass impacting Frigate shields.

With all of the fighters having left the enemy starships behind your squadron closes in, hammering the battlecruiser and frigates as they cover the carrier.

>Previous rolls are still in effect for the moment.
>Do you wish to update your orders?
Rotate the ships with weakened shields away from the front so they can recover.

Focus all effective fire on one target at a time, if possible.

And keep at range, I think we don't want to get too close to that cruiser.
Are we both faster and longer ranged than the Battlecruiser?

If so they are about to have a really bad day.

With the additional enemy forces, voting to abandon the "shoot to disable" bit.

I assume fighters are faster than ships, so would it be possible for our ship to tack along the cruiser formation (we have speed over them, so we should be able to keep up?) and bring our PD/flak to bear against fighters attempting to hit our allies in the rear? If so, voting to do that.

Has our squadron gotten sensor data on the "blind" areas we originally had? We might consider diverting a group of them to intercept the friendly cruisers after they've passed/destroyed the battlecruiser. Our ships have PD weapons to take out fighters, right?
The phase cannon and torpedoes out range the enemy ship's main weapons but your pulse cannon do not.

Unfortunately the allied cruisers are turning their fire from the battlecruiser onto the starfighters, attempting to help cover the friendly Frigates.
"My Cruisers can shrug off hits from the fighters but my frigates cant."

"This is Alex. I think we could swing in behind their formation and land some hits on the carrier but we'd risk that Battlecruiser turning on us."
"Good thinking but not necessary. We have the upper hand in this and are simply trying to minimise our repair costs. Keep that plan in mind if we should need something to tip the scales in our favour."
"Gunners watch your fire, there are friendlies out there." You remind the point defense teams.

Off on the right flank a pair of attack bombers manage to get a clear lane, firing off their torpedoes two at a time. Eight torps strike a frigate in rapid succession droping its shield. Five nearby starfighters begin to stitch the ship's hull with micro phase cannon fire.

"We've lost shields, taking hits!" Reports the Frigate crew as they try to roll in behind the cruisers for cover. Your guns are managing fighter kills but it takes time to box in a target and knock them down. One of the other friendly frigates attempting to launch another fighter into the battle takes a torpedo hit to its unshielded launch bay. Fuel stores in the bay light off and a bright fireball erupts out of her side.
The other remaining attack bombers launch their torpedoes at the formation then retreat, the interceptors covering them and drawing fire. They'll likely try to reload aboard the carrier for another run.

Your tough shields have held despite a few hits as have the cruisers but half the Frigates have taken armor damage of some kind. 9 friendly starfighters remain and more than thirty
enemy fighters are still in space. A squadron of attack bombers has slowly assembled behind the battlecruiser over the course of the battle.

All of the allied ships are just outside pulse cannon range and Carrier support should arrive in 10 minutes.
>This is a Wat do btw
Have the frigates jump out if their damage is endangering them beyond reason.

Did we manage to put a dent in any of the enemy ships?

How much firepower does a battle cruiser have, exactly?
Angle around and try to get some hits on their carrier without getting swatted by the cruiser.
The enemy Frigates are faltering under fire from your squadron. They'll soon need to quit the field.

Enough to knock down your previous shield in 1 pass provided you held still long enough. The last time you fought one your maneuvering, fast shield restart, and wingmen drawing fire saved your ass from serious damage.
That and dumping all of your missiles to blind its sensors when it used aerobraking to almost catch you.
How do the other cruisers we have compare to theirs?

And continue to keep our distance, it seems to be working so far.
>Was typing a response to this when my browser up and died. WTF firefox, why did I even switch to you?

Did you want to do this yourself or let part of your corvette squadron handle it?

With 4 light cruisers its definitely outgunned but the supporting starfighters could well change that.
Keep an eye on those attack bombers and be ready to make their run as difficult as possible.

If anybody has nukes available we should probably use them for this, while still being careful enough so the enemy ships can't get away after the explosions.
Btw., this has been fun. Thanks for doing 2 days in a row but it's getting late, or rather quite early, over here.
Good night.
File: 1340252199358.jpg-(20 KB, 990x709, Situation room.jpg)
20 KB
>but it's getting late, or rather quite early, over here.
Agreed. And getting cracked in the head at work is not helping my concentration any.

This pic was supposed to get posted last time.

Okay, after a few minutes of waiting and firing from range Starfighters are relaunching from the carrier and appear to have loaded up again. You own support will soon be arriving.

"New Contacts. Eight enemy standard corvettes and two frigates on an intercept course. The Carrier should arrive before they can get within weapons range."

Battlecruiser turns and points itself at Mike and Daska's squads the other ships and fighters turning in their wake.

>What do.
rolled 2 = 2

Oh, and roll 4d20
rolled 11, 11, 19, 2 = 43

Have Mike and Daska focusing on dodging the enemy fire while getting closer to our group
Try to suppress the Battlecruiser while attempting to keep the fighters away
have alex be a bit more agressive
Tell everyone in our wing to don't shy from using torpedo if they want to

>rolling for horrible outcome
>Everyone in the most danger get the best rolls.

"Mike, Daska, try to edge around them to link up with the rest of us, Alex shake things up."

You throttle up and begin closing in concentrating fire on the battlecruiser. Captain Kim's unit move up as well, frigates falling in behind. As the larger ship closes in the starfighters break from cover firing torps at your corvettes. Mike and Daska are the only ones with point defense guns but it doesn't seem to matter much, each of the ships maneuvering quickly and taking torpedo hits on fresh shields. Daska takes a few torp hits that down her shield for a second but the fighters fail to exploit the gap and the her shields recover.

The Battlecruiser shows no hesitation as your corvettes get out of the way, starting to accelerate ahead of the others. Your own attempts to get in close enough to land Pulse cannon fire on the less well armed larger ship's aft are met with failure. Two of the Scarabs and a Kavarian equivalent swing out and hit you with phase cannon fire which your gunners also fail to return with any accuracy.

Alex manages to disable one frigate's engines before the other scarab and light corvettes attack his group. Its a gap the Captain tries to exploit making a run at the carrier. An enemy Frigate explodes under concentrated phase cannon fire and a pair of torpedo hits.
Seeing their carrier under threat every starfighter piles onto Cruiser squad dropping their torpedoes in seconds and forcing them back. The remaining Frigate turns and attempts to ram a cruiser landing a glancing blow.

The House Carrier sent as reinforcements chooses that moment to jump in along with its escort. They're out of position though and it will take a minute or two for starfighters to reach you.

You Mike and Daska are the only ones in position to continue engaging the fleeing ships before they link up with the new arrivals.

[ ] Target the Battlecruiser
[ ] Target the Carrier

Also Shoot to disable Y/N?
Roll 3d20
rolled 7, 18, 10 = 35

Target the carrier, if the battlecruiser flee and we meet it at a later date we can deal with it but we probably won't be able to deal with the carrier

>shoot to disable
If they can make a shoot to do so then they should, but if there is no other possibility than going for lethal shot they should do it.
"Target the Carrier, we can always track down that battlecruiser later." You order.

Daska's squad pulls in first firing away at the ship's weapons and taking pusle cannon fire in return. Using the distraction Mike's unit lands some fire on the starboard side destroying one of the ball turrets before knocking down the aft shields. Rolling in below a follow up shot cuts open the port side sublight drives.
"Like a boss!" Yells Mike.

You pull in behind as a squadron of fighters attempts to swarm you. Their attacks are inneffective with their ordinance expended. Taking pulse cannon fire from the light topside turret and some particle beam hits you carefully line up a shot then fire into the Carrier's aft.

Heavy Pulse cannon shots blast craters in the hull but dont seem to cause any trouble for its engines. Then the portside engine assembly goes supercritical and blows up, sending the assault transport tumbling out of control. A pair of fighters are destroyed either by the blast or ship debris.

You and the other corvettes tractor the ship and get it under control. Despite extreem damage to the aft 100m of the ship it seems to be largely intact. A team of Marines are aboard the ship before their bridge crew can recover and decide to do something rash.

"This is one of those rare cases where they built the bridge near the exterior of the ship. Not a smart move." Comments Ki.
That went better than expected...
With the Carrier under control for the most part and 100 Marines doing what they can to quickly secure key areas you turn your attention back to the rest of the battle.

The last of the Light corvettes flash past you at full power, headed for their allies and a means of escape. Alex's squad and the Light cruisers soon arrive at your position but don't continue the pursuit. They're all looking a bit beat up.

"One of those scarabs had missile racks." Alex explains.

Some of the enemy fighters are attempting to link up with the battlecruiser and the other ships, some are still fighting and others are surrendering. Friendly fighter squadrons end the last of hostilities in orbit in a few minutes.

"We still have two enemy Frigates on the ground. No idea what they're up to." The Captain tells you. "The space situation is secure and salvage teams are being called in. One of the other Houses will have two squadrons of Standard Corvettes here in 12 hours to establish a blocade around the planet. If you want you could stand down and begin repairs until they arrive. The Commander of our Carrier said she wants to try and get the remaining ships to surrender."

[ ] Remain on alert
[ ] stand down for repairs until more ships arrive
[ ] Try to do something about those ships.
[ ] other
[ ] some combination

I'm going to end it here for this week but try to decide which of these we're going to do.
[Try and do something about those ships]
we can have them ordered to surrender or get blown to bits from orbit. - solid state artillery is nice like that. cheap, and very effective at delivering in excess of nuclear yields from orbit to planetside for a pittance
they can surrender or get blasted to smithereens.

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