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I have a story for you all.

I just got back from my July 4th trip to my family get together. Earlier that day I was at our local GW store, enjoying a game of apocalypse with some people...

Next table over, was an Imperial Guard 'club' - yes club. These fuckers were setting up for a July 4th night game. 50,000 points of Guard against a tyranid invasion. Guard were pre-setting the table with themed pieces. I noticed in the back two things.

A missile silo array of 4 missile tips sticking out. Then a group of 6 Death Strikes in another corner. I thought, I would hate to be those Tyranids.

An hour later, in our most desperate defense...Orks and Chaos were over running our Guard and Marine positions. The table next to us was set up for the night-game.

The phone rang.
A GW store group in the UK called. It was night for them...they were ready to close. They wanted to give our US store a "fire work show."

The store teams agreed.

Out walked the employees with templates, asked everyone to pause their games. With a short talk to the guard team on the other table...some nods and an agreements.

The guard players went on red alert, began deploying their death strikes. The timer was set.

The GW employees informed us another store was firing 30 death strike missiles our way. With a 3d6 foot scatter. My table was what-the-fucking as we all went to ground. Both sides.

Our guard players trying to fire their missiles as well. One of the GW guys was on his cell phone calling another store in town.

Apparently that store had their weapons fire, their guard players dragging their weapons and Apocalypse toys out.

5 Minutes until the "UK missiles arrived" as the guardsmen desperately went through 5 makeshift turns (store said, 1 turn a minute, to try and launch...) their missiles off.
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F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5
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Yes. This is good.
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The timer was up...the missiles arrived.

Two of which scattered onto -our- table, wiping out swathes of a green tide, severely damaged a chaos land raider trio, and killing Abbadon outright. We lost nothing. Absolutely fucking nothing. Both warheads landed right at our feet and killed our opponents. To their great dismay and our cheering.

The Guard positions with the launchers next door to us, took one directly to their front line of prepared guardsmen. Killing a vast majority of them. The Tyranids would have it somewhat easier that night... others landed off table and "damage" rings slipped onto it, damaging things hiding along the edge or outright killing any guardsmen caught.

Another game towards the front of the store took a missile -right- into a close combat between Eldar and Space Wolves. The entirety of it died.

The rest hit with "no effect" beyond imagined mushroom clouds all about the store.

-cont, field to long-

Reports over the phone was the UK store had not anticipated the "allied' GW store we had rang up. Their guard armies were hit heavily. They had spread out across several tables before closing to "avoid" cluster-fuck-plates...but scattering out only made it more likely to be hit due to the distance the plates would scatter from chosen tables.

With 2 of the 3 stores hurting badly from M.A.D. the game was 'over.'

About an hour later, the 2nd store called up, apparently an East Coast store "allied" with the UK store, and fired at them in revenge. They said that the missile war was spreading, but that was the last I heard of it.

As for our game, we went on to pulling a narrow victory. Thanks to the people in the UK.

As this isn't my regular store and I left before so - I have no idea what happened to the July 4th Guard-Nid game. I do know two of the players were asking if they could use replacements to get their shit back. GW said no, because they had finished deployment and those units were not chosen for replacements to begin with.
You lucky motherfucker. NONE of your units got hit? And they killed Abbadon?

Yeah, but understand, we were in a small section of the board about to be over-ran with melee combat. Literally 1/15th of the table. We were a "small" but clustered target.

Also to explain the plates. They used Apoc-big pie plates, and added inches where necessary on them. Worked pretty well as most strike hits were smaller and made this quicker.
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Enjoyable story. So does this sort of thing happen often, or only on days like the 4th of July?

@ my FLGS? Very little.

This is a GW store I was visiting in a California.
Nuclear launch detected.
Archived for posterity.


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