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File: 1341600854072.png-(307 KB, 500x500, 355054-Basilisk,%2520Chaos%2520Abuse(...).png)
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Are there any IRL artillerymen or forward observers online right now? I will be GMing an Only War campaign tonight and the players might have artillery as an option available to them. Rather than just saying "You call in the coordinates and the correction", I want to actually roleplay this out to make it sound more interesting.

I'm not asking for a class in being an actual artillery observer, simply tell me enough lingo to sound convincing while we roleplay this out.
What sort of lingo? Drop the Hammer, Danger Close, that sort of lingo?
Yeah that

But also like "Request fire mission at grid XY1234 KZ5678."

"Adjust fire add 300 right, up 500"

I have no idea what the hell I just said but I thought I heard it from somewhere before. Stuff like that.
Over 9000 seconds in google:
Try /k/. This is the sorta thing they enjoy.
I'm not an IRL artilleryman or a forward observer, but if Flames of War thought me anything, this is what I know of how Artillery operate.

first off, the observer ranges in on the target's coordinates on the map. This means referring to the map that is given to both the observer and the Field Artillery crew. After the coordinates are given, the first volley is fired. If it's off the target, then you radio in adjust your fire, and tell him how much X (to left or right) and how much Y (to front or back) he should adjust by, using meters to refer in distance.

If you're close by, and you need extreme precision or else you'll get gibbed from friendly fire, inform the artillery "danger close". This means the forward observer or any nearby friendly troops from the target area is at least 600 meters away.

Once you've got a good bearing and the bombardment is on target, just call in a repeat with "Fire for effect" or "all guns repeat" or any other fancy lingo you can think of.
Oh no. They're gonna "enjoy" themselves an artillery thread all right.
File: 1341601712558.jpg-(56 KB, 640x520, basilisk1.jpg)
56 KB
Field gunner in the CF here, but its really not that much of a mystery.

Doing training Ops, where it is really the only time you can have that kind of levity (at least in my experience) its pretty much anything you can think of along the lines of metaphors.

Drop the hammer is a good one, I've said that before. But really, it can be anything.

Now, the logistical side of being an Artillery crewman is where you get the elevation and angling coordinates. In the CF, it goes by mm, so 600 right, 500 gain would be 6 cm to the right, 5 cm elevation.

A "fire mission" is just a general strike at a regular pattern and interval, without specifics. This is unusual, and the request usually comes with parameters involving concentration of fire, depth, and pattern.

Hope that helped.
first of all you need to have your party identify themselves over the vox, maybe by unit reference or if in a siege by sector number.
the callers then they need to identify the artillery unti they want support from, or if in a larger engagement the commander in charge of the basilisk battalion
then you need to grid reference the target,
grid reference your position,
then confirm fire orders.
Which are then confirmed by the artillery,
who will count off as the shells are fired, "flash 1 flash 2 flash 3 etc"
(baring in mind this could be below the horizon or on the other side of the continent)
the party will then count the explosions and report back to the artillery; "splash 1 splash 2 splash 3"
if a second strike is needed the party must repeat the process and call for "repeat strike actual"
If ajustments are needed it should be allong the lines of "first shell 50 yards north, 25 yards west."
Rinse and repeat, side note roll a d20 every shell that is fired, 1 is it doesnt detonate, 2-8 it scatters

Oh, and artillery guns have different shells for different purposes, like incendiaries to flush out dug in troops, or general HE rounds against enemy armor.

Don't forget to let the artillery gun crew know that their shots hit the mark as well. Report in a mission successful if the artillery you ordered has achieved the desired effect, so they won't continue bombarding you. (But generally they'll radio in a confirmation first.)
The word "repeat" means "Fire that same mission again". No one in the military should ever use the word "repeat" over the radio for any other reason, because if they do, something might get blown up. Use the phrase "say again", instead.

"Foxtrot Actual, please repeat." is a very different request from "Foxtrot Actual, I do not copy, please say again."
aight, so your looking for the chatter from the observers towards the fire direction center? the observer and fdc talk to each other, then the fdc sends the data to the guns.

to get rounds from the gunline onto target, the observer calls FDC with a round count, any special instructions, target type, and the grid. and FDC would read back the data to verify, and then drop the mission down to the gun line. the guns shoot ONE adjusting round, and then fdc and the fisters keep talking, and then the observers would adjust if needed, and when they are content, they tell the FDC to send the rest of the mission.

assuming Snake Eyes is the observers, and Bulldog 1-0 is the FDC, a fire mission would look similar to the following:
>>bulldog 1-0, this is snake eyes. Fire Mission, 4 rounds, shell HE, grid MR 2005 6704, target troops in the open, how copy? over.
>>snake eyes, this is bulldog 1-0, i copy Fire Mission, 4 rounds, shell HE, grid MR 2005 6704, target troops in the open. Target verifyed AA 1002. over

then fdc talks to the guns, doing their things, as soon as the first shell gets sent, FDC will let the observers know its on the way. and the obeservers will reply in kind, to acknowledge the round is on the way.

(fdc)>> Shot, over
(FO)>> shot, out.

and when the round is 5 seconds from impact, fdc will call Splash to the observers, and the fisters will reply again.

(fdc)>> Splash, over.
(FO)>> Splash, out.

and after the rounds impact, the fister can either make adjustments, or call in more rounds,

>>bulldog 1-0, left 500, drop 80.
>>this is bulldog 1-0, i copy left 500, drop 80.

and same as before, fdc will call out when the adjusting round is on the way, and when it's 5 seconds out.

>>shot, over
>>shot, out.
>>splash, over,
>>splash. out.

and again, the FO can either adjust, or call in the rest of the ammo.

adjusting round on target:

>>bulldog 1-0, this is snake eyes, Fire for Effect. over
>>this is bulldog 1-0, roger Fire For Effect, over.

and that means for FDC to fully shoot the mission that was originally sent. the 4 rounds onto the enemy. and same as before, once the rounds are up, depending on the number of tubes shooting of course, fdc will send the Shot and Splash data. once the rounds impact, the FO can either call for more fire, or end the mission.

never EVER say repeat on a radio. always use Say Again Last for clarification.
Finally, "Immediate Suppression" means "I don't have time to muck about with calibration shots or with deciding on the appropriate type of shell to use. I need all available guns to fire whatever they've got loaded at these coordinates, right now."

You'd better have a DAMN good reason to call for Immediate Suppression, because it's dangerous, and it's inconvenient to whatever else all those other batteries might be doing.

What sort of circumstances would require immediate suppression?
A million screaming Chinese charging across a field towards friendlies.

A million screaming Tyranids charging across a field towards Guardsmen.
Basically, if the target is

A. At least as big as the broad side of a barn, and

B. Something you NEED splattered with extreme prejudice NOW- not 120 seconds from now, but NOW.

C. Important enough to justify distracting all those other batteries from whatever they're supposed to be firing at.

The observers can also request how tight they want the firing pattern to be. Do they want to "lightly" suppress an area hundreds of meters across, or bring half a dozen HEAP rounds down on one target?
File: 1341613480612.jpg-(5 KB, 120x90, boom-phone.jpg)
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"Yeah man, I tell ya what, man, that dang ol’ artillery, man, you just get in on there and point and shoot, talk about one-niner-delta-whiskey-foxy, mean you got the barrage incoming, man, just go boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, it’s real easy, man."
Holy shit, is there any knowledge /tg/ doesn't have access to?
We're baffled by that whole Cinnamon Toast Crunch thing. Seriously, what's the appeal?
i like the sugar, i like the cinnamon and i like the crunch.
to each his own, if you like it you do and dont then you dont.

also how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop for the average human child age 6-12?
Three, I believe.
Hey OP, I'm a 13B (artilleryman) in the US Army. I might be able to help you out.
Fun fact, the smoke of the M109 Paladin smells like wolf pussy
Why do you know that? Were you on the job and a coworker remarked "Ah, this reminds me of my bitch's cunt!" and you asked him for clarification on "bitch"?
File: 1341617093244.gif-(2.23 MB, 817x537, 1340850767841.gif)
2.23 MB
This thread is wonderful.
File: 1341617250320.jpg-(64 KB, 500x500, 1299206548829.jpg)
64 KB
You know when you smell something and you just picture the origin? Well it's a widely known term for artillerymen, "Just get a whiff of that wolf pussy"
File: 1341617340707.jpg-(55 KB, 235x359, 799_Fouad.jpg)
55 KB
>Nick Swardson Reference
Is wolf pussy slang for like, an MRE or something?
It's just something you know, man. Like how I know that if horses could talk, they'd sound like Cher.
Nah, howitzer smoke just smells like ammonia, and it's coined the term 'wolf pussy'

Speaking of MRE's, the worst? Chili. Only comes with the main course, dense bread that's a choking hazard and some shitty refried beans. The best? Either buffalo chicken or cheese tortellini. Both come with candy and the tortellini comes with blueberry cobbler.
File: 1341617776174.jpg-(81 KB, 1024x791, 81971681.jpg)
81 KB

At least its probably better than WWII rations.
Depending on the MRE. Anything with tomato sauce makes me shit something fierce. Are those condoms on the bottom?
Are we making Nick Swardson references up in this bitch? Cuz I just dropped like, $400 on monkey high fives.

powdered coffee I'm afraid.

1 PKG Defense Biscuits
1 PKG Compressed Graham Biscuits
1 Can Real Luncheon Meat
2 PKGS Soluble Coffee
3 Tablets Sugar
1 Stick Chewing Gum
1 PKG Malted Milk - Dextrose Tablets
I've actually been researching MREs and C-Rations for Only War. I've been wondering whether I should make my players roll Toughness checks to make sure they don't get the shits. Tomato sauce, you say? I'll keep that in mind.

Is it true the cheese will make you constipated? Also, I've heard jalapeno and cheese spread is like, the best thing in the whole package.
File: 1341618649527.png-(1.56 MB, 1091x699, Basilisk0.png)
1.56 MB
Its interesting Krak rounds aren't available for the mortar in Only War. Given hits would strike the top (rear) armor on a vehicle, I'd think they'd be a pretty decent means of damaging enemy armour. But I guess their inherent lack of precision prevents that (I assume most artillery relies on the blast to damage vehicles as opposed to direct hits).

Got a question for our artillery savvy people here. What is involved in Counter-Battery Fire? Say your defensive position is getting hammered by traitor guard mortars (or throne-forbid heavy artillery), what can you do about neutralizing this threat? Can the people being attacked do anything about it other than call for help from another unit (the artillery) or do they have to rely on others to locate the source somehow?

I mean I think I read there is some sort of way to track incoming shells via radar and and calculate the origin based on trajectory, but that might be a bit too high-tech for the imperial guard. Maybe an auspex could do it?

Basically how DO you locate the source of enemy artillery short of sending out scouts/aircraft/whatever to locate it?
No the guy you're replying to, but I would have murdered someone for jalapeño and cheese spread. Also, it's not just the cheese that makes you constipated. Everything makes you constipated. Makes it easier to stay out in the field for long periods of time when you only have to shit every 3 days
please dont bring that up in the game, or if you do make it clear that its a joke. i would be very uncomfortable if my DM insisted we discuss our bathroom habits in game.
I figured it was pretty obvious that I intended it as a joke, yes. I'm not going to make the players roleplay taking a shit.
i know nothing of artillery.
but the imperium might have something that can track a projectile through the air, and extrapolate where it came from.
oh thank god
File: 1341619585266.jpg-(96 KB, 568x430, pallie.jpg)
96 KB
*Pull round from the shelf behind you and place round on tray, so the fuse is visible to crew chief*
SHELL HE (high explosive)
FUSE PD! (point detonation)
*Crew chief verifies round, making sure the round is HE and the fuse is PD*
*Shoves 155 round into tube*
INDICATOR ON BLACK, RED, BLACK! (there are color coded indicators on the ramming tray, which lays in the down position. You pull the ram back, right then push the ram forward allowing the shell to rest on the ram)
RAMMING! (Counts to 5 while holding a lever which pushes the round forward with the hydraulic ram)
RETRACTING! (Ram retracts)
INDICATOR ON BLACK, RED BLACK! (The ramming tray is back down in the original position)
*crew chief then releases the lock on the hatch, the hatch slams shut*
*with your left hand on the sliding firing mechanism you have a primer, which looks like a 22 round without a head. With your right hand you push the primer into the firing mechanism and you slide the firing mechanism to the left, closing it*
File: 1341619758318.jpg-(318 KB, 800x600, pallie2.jpg)
318 KB
*You have a lanyard with a hook on one end. You "hook up" to a loop on the firing mechanism, which is essentially the trigger. After you hook up you await the go ahead from your crew chief*
*Pull lanyard, tube pushes back when the round is fired then forward, awaiting another round. You then check the tube for obstructions, and when cleared;*
*There is a bucket with a foam swab plunger on the ground next to your feet. You dunk the swab in water then push it into the tube, back and forth 3-4 times then you swab the inside of the hatch where the primer was fired called the "obturating spindle group" until clean. Place the plunger back into the bucket and you await further orders, unless if your fire mission called for numerous rounds.
That, is a fire mission. In total it should take about 45 seconds when done by the book, but can be done in as little as 15-20 seconds when not.
File: 1341619897089.jpg-(22 KB, 480x360, firingmech.jpg)
22 KB
Picture of the m109 paladin firing mechanism
The tomato sauce makes all of us shit. I've never really been constipated as far as I know, the cheese has been good to me thus far. Jalapeno cheese spread is amazing, but I'm a huge fan of bacon cheese spread. You heard right, bits of bacon in cheese spread.
File: 1341620479878.gif-(63 KB, 360x382, shrap2.gif)
63 KB
If you're pinned by incoming rounds, you're pinned by incoming rounds. You make sure you're not under something easily collapsible and you report it in. Hopefully you're helped by artillery or air support, but when you have incoming you're not moving anywhere man. If the blast radius doesn't get you, the shrapnel sure as fuck would. As for tracking rounds I'm not positive. Usually the habeebs have short range mortars so they're not too far away. Not saying they're at all accurate, but anybody can get lucky with indirect fire.
Soluble coffee, I guess...
File: 1341620659902.jpg-(123 KB, 869x312, MortarSquadPtd.jpg)
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Anyone else think the Only War Mortar is a bit short ranged? 1200m max range is a bit naff. Even WWII light Mortars were good for a couple kilometers or more, and the usual guard mortar you see looks a bit larger than a light mortar.

Basilisk has a 14km range, which seems ok for a 135cm artillery piece.
File: 1341620913771.png-(133 KB, 296x333, 1339440033373.png)
133 KB
600mm =/= 6cm, son. I seriously hope I don't have the misfortune of serving with you.
I don't know what it is, maybe I should owe it to my metabolism but I shit on the reg and I eat MRE's.
That's really interesting, actually. In parts of Serbia, 'wolf cunt' is used in the same way we use 'bullshit.' I wonder if it has a similar genesis.
>ISHYGDDT (I Seriously Hope You Gunners Don't Do This)
You'd get kicked off the hot seat straight into a JAG office

Better hope that whatever is a few hundred meters in that direction isn't on your side.
"Saber one, this is Oxide, I've got bad news, we, uh, we might've called down a tactical nuke on your position."
Not really. L9A1 has a range of 750m, 82-PM-41 3,000m. 1,200m isn't that bad.

Did you count into the max range that in FFG games you can fire up to 4 times the range indicated on the weapon stats, but with penalties?
File: 1341621884560.jpg-(190 KB, 1000x750, Catachan Mortar squad.jpg)
190 KB

Yeah that is what I mean. The listed range of the mortar is 30-300m.
its for game balance. if the IG could strike everyone from over the horizon they would have a huge advantage
File: 1341622434463.png-(595 KB, 1015x465, Basilisk1.png)
595 KB
> if the IG could strike everyone from over the horizon

They already can, the Earthshaker cannon.
whats the range on an earthshaker cannon?
File: 1341622641710.jpg-(127 KB, 1023x670, nw_shrapnel_lines_01.jpg)
127 KB

3,500m, meaning a max range of 14km.
so i suppose i should rephrase
if the ig could strike everyone from over the horizon with their troops choices they would have a huge advantage
File: 1341623134616.jpg-(22 KB, 400x290, candywarehouse_2005_14539333.jpg)
22 KB
Here, soldier, have some candy.
3500 metres, so 14km once you take into account being able to fire up to 4x the range given.
Troop Choise? Nigga, we talking about Only War, the FFG RPG book featuring IG.
im sorry, i was working under the assumption that they tried to keep the stats for weapons and such consistent between systems. am i mistaken?
Why the hell would they want to use the abstracted-to-fuck-and-back system from the tabletop game?

The TT game is just as inaccurate as to the ranges of weapons, and even more so for characteristics and the like.
File: 1341623846407.jpg-(295 KB, 1600x898, M777_Light_Towed_Howitzer_1.jpg)
295 KB

That puts it somewhere between a 105mm and 155mm howitzer in terms of range.

Of course, it's a 40k gun, so that means it shoots explosive gothic school buses that can blow up the moon.
File: 1341623887322.jpg-(158 KB, 556x523, WHAT-THE-FUCK-WERE-YOU-THINKIN(...).jpg)
158 KB
File: 1341623928458.png-(167 KB, 1033x883, Random Issue Gear.png)
167 KB

Reasonably consistent. However there is greater opportunity for stuff to be used in a more logical fashion.

Afterall, unless the battle is being fought to defend those guns, why would basilisks be anywhere near an engagement like depicted in your average 40k tabletop game.

Epic/Armageddon would be a better influence.


Makes sense, IIRC the Basilisk is a 132 or 135cm gun.

>Of course, it's a 40k gun, so that means it shoots explosive gothic school buses that can blow up the moon.

Not quite, but the it does have a 41m wide blast.

Not really.

The rpg is made of d10s and multiple wound hits are common

The tt is made of d6s and everything has less than 5 wounds whatever.
How could I forget about bacon cheese spread?!
Guess it's your metabolism, then. MREs always plug me up for a few days, even when I have raging diarrhea.

That's the worst feeling ever, by the way. Having diarrhea AND being constipated at the same time
What does "time on target, fire for effect" mean?
I believe it means that the time is a set time upon which the artillery is to perform a full on barrage on an area.

I'm only know of the concept, since I was in a light infantry company and one thing we had was light mortars that we would use to cover our escape. So you plan to make a strike on an enemy position, you strike and withdraw, at which point the mortars pound the enemy, forcing them to seek cover and buy our guys more time. I was just a medic, so I wasn't part any of this.
This right here.


So FFE is the artillery equivalent of 'going cyclic' with small arms?
If that means putting as much heat as you can as fast as you can down range, then yes.
it was my understanding after reading the thread that ffe meant that you hit your target with the first shot, go ahead and finish the fire mission.
File: 1341638019653.jpg-(61 KB, 350x250, RayPerson.jpg)
61 KB
File: 1341646955282.jpg-(38 KB, 274x206, generation kill cpl. ray perso(...).jpg)
38 KB

Damn straight. For the MOS 13s on the thread, does the warning "Danger Close" mean a thing? Does that alter the firing procedure at all?
>infantry: "Artillery Omega, we got bogies in sector 137.089.001 by 901.012.002. Requesting cover, it's too much for us."
>Officer: "Copy that, Delta. We're free at the moment. We'll see if we can't send some shells your way, over and out."
>Officer: "Adrian, Load up! Kasi, set firing coordinates at 137.089.001 by 901.012.002! Smith, Prep the chamber!"
>Kasi: "Everything's ready, Sir."
>Officer: "Lay it on 'em!"
>infantry: "Much thanks, Omega. We're workin' our way through."
>Officer: "Not a problem, gentlemen. Emperor be with ya."
Another term you don't want to call as a Forward Observer is Broken Arrow... which pretty much denotes that you want the artillery (and anything happening to be flying overhead) to drop everything they got onto where you are... because you are about to be overrun and hell if you are going to let anyone take that spot. Hope you are good at calling in the coordinates.

I know one of my old Vietnam vet friends got stuck in one of those situations as a FO, called it in and got a rather nasty surprise when an unexpected battery responded. They were along the coast and had expected only airforce and navy aircraft support. Not carry though, considering the village was surrounded, he radioed in all those coordinates and the voice over the radio merely confirmed. Seconds later, the jungle around the village literally exploded as the shells came in.

Seemed when he called that they were being over run, the New Jersey was off shore and in range, lending her big guns for the battery. Needless to say, the enemy left his unit alone. To this day, he loves that ship for saving his ass.
>Broken Arrow
>Broken Arrow refers to an accidental event that involves nuclear weapons, warheads or components, but which does not create the risk of nuclear war.
Yeah, I'm calling you out on your bullshit

Context, Anon.

Broken Arrow is an artillery term as well as a NBC one. It's also a term by IBM on 3270 terminal meaning the system is down. Which is correct?

All of them.
This is really informative. Why not archive, so there is something we actually want to look up later instead of a collection of stuff that made us laugh once?

It basically means 'double check all your shit, because if you fuck this up you WILL kill our guys'.
the range for mortars is definitely low
bump for an interesting thread
IRL 13A, Field Artillery Officer, here.

Time on Target is a restriction that allows the rounds from several guns hit at the same time. Guns 1, 2, and 3 fire in order and the rounds hit the same target at the same time.

Fire For Effect is stop making adjustments and fire all the guns in the mission.

Steele on Target is when the Forward Observer sees a round impact an armored vehicle (sparks fly) before detonation. It's not "important", but it makes the gun line really happy to know.

Deflection is the left and right aim in mils. When a gun is positioned (laid) its is always laid at 3200 mils.

Quadrant Elevation (QE) is the up and down

Getting laid is setting up the gun. Artillerymen always get laid and always get the wolf pussy.

Killer Jr and Killer Sr are nicknames for HE rounds fused to explode between 10 and 20 feet off the ground, usually used in direct fire. Jr is a light gun (105mm) while Sr is a heavy gun (155mm)

Here is a video of my old unit doing a direct fire mission back in 08 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERAaN7vL8Q4
Does firing artillery ever become boring?

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