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Past Threads

My blog http://ecchiquestgamer.blogspot.com/

You are Hito Hijikatai the current master of the mansion in Japan, and sometime you become your alter ego Sénior Jalapéno a luchador of Justice. Genki Shirou is your current butler who can randomly shift into his alter-ego June. Your half-sister Tomoe is magical girl from different world and she fear male rapist.

You have also got four maids. Katherine the delinquent maids, Sasha the mini-gun wielding maid, Akari the fortune teller and doctor maid, and Rachelle the sexy southern maid. Then also you have a cute crocodile ninja girl who are living in your mansion. Then you have your own steam robot Garenn who are quit hotheaded.

Your Current Favor: 17 points
Mansion Facilities
18 Bronzement Room (Count as dangerous training room)
Game Room
Luchacave (Formely Batcave)
Outdoor Pool
Maidlover's Bizarre Shop
Magical Portal Room
Secret Passages

Genki/June, Your Butler (Friendly/More than Friendly?)
Sasha, Your Maid (Friendly)
Katherine, Your Maid (Warm) BJ-SEXED
Akari, Your Maid (Warm)
Rachelle, Your Maid (Warm) SEXED
Croco-Chan, The Crocodile Ninja Girl (Warm)
Tomoe, Your Half-Sister (Warm)
Hana, Your Big Sister (Sisterly)
Garenn, The Steam Robot (Friendly)
Your Abilities

Jackie Chan's Training: You can move around like Jackie Chain and you become more skillful to use any objects as weapons.
Houdini Successor: You are natural born escape artist.
Martial Arts Training: You gain training on martial arts training and it improve your hand-to-hand combats.
Spicy Resistant: You had suffers too much of spiciness that you developed resistant against it.
Unlimited Ladder Works: You can pull out unlimited numbers of ladders from nowhere.

Your Items

Ancient Tachi: It is an ancient tachi sword that belong to the Hijikatai clan. It had been told about it may contain mysterious power.
Dandy Ninja Suit: It give wearer some ninja abilities.
Holy Sandwiches: When you throw the sandwich into the air, you can summon Heavy from Team Fortress 2.
Sénior Jalapéno Mask: When you wear it, you become Sénior Jalapéno the Luchador of Justice. It also increase your hand to hand combat skills.
Utility Belt: You can pull out almost any useful tools in most situations but you must make a dice rolls check for it.
File: 1342282195008.png-(322 KB, 523x360, KatherineAngry.png)
322 KB
"Okay, Sagad, and thanks. I'm looking forward to our match." You said as you give him a grin whiles doing a thumb's up.
"Don't thank me. I'm just doing for my own interested." He said as he still holding up Mr Tong who almost passed out.

You decided to leave them alone as you carry Tau with your arms. When you are about going down, you could hear bone crushing sound. You are not sure if Sagad have real killed Tong but you trusted his word that he will not kill him.

As you continue walking down, you finally Rachelle and Katherine but their clothes is completely torn off so that you could see their lingeries. You could see Katherine's... DAT ASS!
"Stop staring at me ass you perv!" Katherine yelling at you as she tried to cover herself.
Rachelle grinned at Katherine and then she groped Katherine's ass.
"I can understand why our Master like your booty. Because it is nice and firm!" Rachelle said as she still groping Katherine's ass.
"Sssst..sto..stop it! Stop groping my ass!" Katherine yell at Rachelle as she tried to remove Rachelle's groping hand.

Say something or keep going down?

>Fuck yeah, Maid Quest!!

I think Katherine has had enough for one day, plus there may be stray members of Tong's goon squad about. Might be worth some Kat points if we intervene.

"Oi, Rachelle....I think Kat's had enough, Dear. Let's go pick up Araki and Tomoe. Stay sharp...in case Tong's thugs are still lurking around."
File: 1342283694824.png-(352 KB, 444x768, Araki4.png)
352 KB
You decided to intervene when Rachelle are sexual harassing Katherine because you think that she had enough today. "Oi, Rachelle....I think Kat's had enough, Dear. Let's go pick up Araki and Tomoe. Stay sharp...in case Tong's thugs are still lurking around."
"Dear?" Katherine asked you when you refer Rachelle as dear.
"Uhmmm...! Let continue going down!" You said as you tried to change the subject.

When you arrived at the lower floor, you see Araki are sitting near Tomoe who falled asleep. Araki turned to you and say, "Tomoe was real tired so that she falled asleep..."
"I see, can you check him?" You asked her as you put down bruised Tau on the floor. Araki seem surprised to see bruised kid but she did her best to make Tau feel better.

What now master? Do something else or check up with Genki and Sasha?

Better to have the group all back together. Text Genki or Sasha for a status report while Araki finishes checking Tau's medical condition. Ask Araki if Tau's okay when she's done.

Have Croco-chan or Rachelle carry Tau while we carry our half-sister piggyback to where we left Genki and Sasha. If Genki and Sasha are still in a fight, all of us can help.
File: 1342285599294.png-(289 KB, 405x576, Sasha2.png)
289 KB
You decided to gather all group together, you first texting the message to Genki and after a short while you got message back from him.

Message From Genki:
Yaaay! We beat all the bad guys! By the way boss, I need a new suit because my suit is covered with holes. I think that I got from the bad guy's gun...
See you later boss! (^O^)

You shaking your head and then you return to Araki. She had already finish taking care of his wounds and then she give him some berry to make him little happier. "Is he fine now?" You asked her.
"Yes, he will be fine in few days." She responds as she patted on Tau's head.

You have Croco-chan carry Tau while you carry your half-sister on your back. When you go down to meet them, you see that Genki's suit is covered with bullet holes but strangely he seems to be unharmed and Sasha are polishing her machine gun after they had taking care of the thugs.

Talk with them or keep going?

>Going to get some coffes.

Compliment everybody on a job well done. Do a double-take on seeing all the bullet holes in Genki's uniform and comment,
"Genki...are you all right?"

Fill everyone in on what they've missed: the encounter with Pheromone Girl, the fight with Big Jeff, Sagad Po showing up to throttle his boss Tong for kidnapping Tau and roughing him up. Also tell Genki and Sasha about Tomoe Dragon-Slaving the fat goon on the 7th floor.

When we find Master Kovit, we tell him about the fight in Tong's office. Especially tell him about Sagad showing up & laying the smackdown on his own boss for hurting and kidnapping Tau. It seems Sagad still loves Malee even after her death, so it appears he will protect her sons and daughter from Tong.

Need to let Katherine and Rachelle get dressed when we make it back to the hotel. They're walking around in their lingerie after all.

Since Kat wants to stay at the hotel, we'll take Rachelle and Sasha back to Master's along with Araki and Tomoe. Give us a chance to work on upgrading Sasha to Warm.
File: 1342287830565.jpg-(27 KB, 500x312, derp.jpg)
27 KB
You compliment everybody for their effort. Then you double checking the bullet holes on Genki's uniform, surprise you don't see any blood or injured.
"Genki...are you all right?" You asked him to make sure if he is real alright.
"Yeah, I'm fine! But... I want to eat icecream now!" Genki said as he makes childish expression.

You turned to Araki for concerned about Genki, "It is possibly to survive the bullet shot without getting harm?"
"Yes if you are superhuman body or if you stupid like Genki then it is possibly to shrug it off." Araki answered.
You turn back to Genki who showing his most derped expression. You start to wonder about how your former butler found him....

You and rest of the people are heading down to the bottom floor and you can see that your Master, Kovit are still fighting against the assassin Conrad Jaeger. Their fighting speed start to become inhuman as they strike faster and faster.

What will you do?

I guess Genki's earned some ice cream when we get back to the hotel. As for the fight going on right now: that's a good question. Jaeger is WAY out of our league; I doubt Hito, Genki, and all of the girls at once could take him. I'm not sure letting Master know that Tau's okay right now is worth the risk; it might distract him and give Jaeger a chance to strike a lethal blow.

We should at least call Daeng and Jintana at the hotel to let them know Tau's okay but Master is still fighting Jaeger.

Tell Jaeger that Tong's out of commission for the time being and that his mission to stop us from rescuing Tau is a failure?

You're right. Derp....
File: 1342290313769.png-(27 KB, 237x445, 1.png)
27 KB
You have thinking about giving Genki an ice cream when you come back to the hotel. But right now your biggest problem is how to stop them from fighting. Kovit are still forced to fight because if he gets distracted or ending his fight, he may suffers a lethal blow.

You turned to Jaeger and say, "Mister Jaeger, Mr Tong is out of commission, and you have no reason to keep on fighting."
Suddenly both your master and Jaeger are stopping their fighting. Jaeger turned to you with calm and cold expression.
"Herr Tong is out of commission...?" He asked you until he saw injured Tau. His expression become less colder and turned back to you.
"You know what my junge? I have no longer reason for working blackhearted peoples. Those who have too much darkness in their heart don't deserve my service." He said as he turn around and he start walking away.

Ask Jaeger more question or just let him go?

Might ask him if he would elaborate on what he said about our grandfather, considering Mom and Dad don't discuss him and won't talk when we bring up the subject.

Nothing too much though; don't want to bog the quest down or delay reuniting Tau with his brother and sister. Update Master Kovit on what he missed while fighting Jaeger, especially Sagad's assistance in Tong's office.
Pretty much.
Jaeger is being honorable enough to not fight us; we don't want to push it.

Just what I was thinking.
File: 1342292679402.jpg-(151 KB, 800x600, Mukdahan-april-18-2009-078.jpg)
151 KB
In your mind, you want to know more about your grandfather.
"Herr Jaeger! Before you go, please tell me about my grandfather! Because my parents never tell me about him."
Conrad Jaeger just standing still and turn back to you.
"If your mutter and vater don't tell you about him they must have real good reason. I can't tell you everything but I can tell you that I can't find any information about his birthplace or his nationality. Now then... auf Wiedersehen!" He said good bye as he left.

After Conrad left, you talk with your master about the rescue and how Sagad helping him out. Your master patted on Tau's head.
"Yes, Sagad is still in love with Tau's mother. I think it is why he left us, because it is painful for him see my son and his wife together. Sagad become colder and he started to join in underground fighting arena to drown his broken heart. Hito, let us get back to home and continue with your training."
"Yes master, we shall continue with my training." You said as you bow for your master.

After you come back to the hotel, you and rest are gathering some rest until next day. Before you headed back to your Master's home, you decided to bring along some of your maids.

>Ok if I understand, you want to bring along Rachelle, Sasha, Tomoe and Araki to the training. Correct?

Yep, sounds good. Kat wants to stay at the hotel and we need some time to work on Sasha. Plus having both her best friends here will make our baby sister happy.

Oh yeah: tell Rachelle and Sasha they can dress casual as well while we train: don't want them getting heat exhaustion.
Yes, that list of maids seems fine.
Tell them to dress appropriately for the heat, we don't want them to be uncomfortable.

Plus we avoid the possibility of Rachelle resorting to rape or trolling because we left her behind again. She loves to play pranks when we leave her alone too much.
File: 1342294837824.jpg-(162 KB, 600x835, preview076e3f3bc1eb7033f4(...).jpg)
162 KB
You decided to leave Katherine in hotel while you bring along Rachelle, Sasha, Tomoe and Araki. Before traveling, you tell them to wear more comfortable clothing in the heat. Rachelle and Sasha went back to their room and changed their clothes.

Sasha is wearing her brown pants with white long sleeved shirt. She looks quite normal and pretty. When Rachelle come back... She is wearing black bikini top with loose jeans.... One of the hotel bellboys just staring at her while knocking on the door until he accidently hitting on the guest's face who just recently open the door.

You and the gang head back to master's home and it took a long time. The other decided to sleep so that only you and Sasha are awake while your master are still driving the pickup.

What will you talk about with Sasha?
Kind of drawing a blank.

We might have already gotten this, and I think we might have, but can we ask about her hobbies, or anything she wants to do?

>just barely missed spraying my keyboard with tea laughing about Rachelle's choice of outfit

Find out how Sasha's liking the trip to Thailand so far, ask what she's been doing while we were training, etc. Maybe we can find out what Sasha enjoys besides her guns.


I know how you feel. Sasha's the only girl I'm still at a complete loss about how to pursue. But we should figure out some method if we spend enough time hanging out and talking to her.
File: 1342296746248.jpg-(437 KB, 800x598, cowboy_action_shooting_dr(...).jpg)
437 KB
"Soo.... What do you think about Thailand?" You asked her.
"Thailand is pretty hot but they have nice peoples and good food." Sasha answered as she looked at the countryside.

"By the way... What did you do when I was training?"
"Well... I tried out the thaimassage, their massage style is pretty rough but I feel like a new being. Except the thai massage, I had tried out the shooting range. I had trying out by firing with .38 mm Smith & Wesson Model 67, Glock 19, Volquartsen Superlite 22 rifle.... " She answered and then she continue on the name of the guns....

Roll 1d100 for not falling asleep. I give you 5 chance to roll high.
rolled 75 = 75


This poor girl has no life other than her guns. We must change that.
rolled 46 = 46


rolled 46 = 46

Rolling to stay up.
rolled 13 = 13

Another roll
rolled 2 = 2

Not very outstanding rolls, eh?

.38 caliber is .38 inches, not millimeters.
Damn, the dice gods don't like us today.
rolled 60 = 60


As Sasha keep talking about the guns, you start to feel sleepy until you pinch yourself to keep yourself awake. Sasha seem to notice that you start to get sleepy.
"I'm sorry... Sometime I can't stop babbling about guns. Do you think that I'm little weird for liking guns?" Sasha asked you.

How will you answer?

>Shouldn't copy straight out from the non-english foreign sites...
"No, of course not. It's what you like, just like other people like flowers or computer games.
"And I'd be delighted to try some guns sometime. Growing up in Japan with its strict gun laws means that I've only ever seen guns in movies."


This. Maybe add "In my case, it's martial arts, New Japan Pro Wrestling, video games, and tabletop games."

OOC: Something that occurred to me:

Sasha - loves guns
Araki - doctor/fortune teller
Tomoe - magical girl

These three girls are close friends. Makes you wonder what the hell they talk about behind closed doors, doesn't it?
"No, of course not. It's what you like, just like other people like flowers or computer games. In my case, it's martial arts, New Japan Pro Wrestling, video games, and tabletop games." You answered and then you continue on.
"And I'd be delighted to try some guns sometime. Growing up in Japan with its strict gun laws means that I've only ever seen guns in movies."
"I had checking up some information about gun owning in Japan. You could own hand rifle but it requires a lot of paper writing. If you want, I can teach you how to use guns." Sasha said as she smile back at you.

Finally you arrived at master's home. After the arrival, your master Kovit put you in another strange training that involves with bloodthirsty hamster... How the... HECK did he find those aggressive hamsters from?! After the bizarre training, you are resting in your room until you saw Araki and Sasha outside the window. You see that they are together and they are exchanging some few words with each other. You could hear that are planning to take a bath in the river....

What will you do now?

Ooh....tempting. Katherine isn't here to punch us this time. If we're caught, we could use going to the river to do some kata as an alibi.

If we do, we should throw on some dry training clothes and follow them at a distance so they don't see us.

Music: http://www.endlessyoutube.com/watch?v=CvuADREwRNc

Sounds like a decent plan. Let's do it.
File: 1342302083405.jpg-(38 KB, 400x300, river_bath_anime_girl.jpg)
38 KB
Araki and Sasha are taking bath.... Ooooh... tempting! Katherine is not here to stop you if you do something perverts... You putting on your dry training clothes and start following them from distance.

After have following them to the river, you hide behind the large the trees while you peeping at them... Araki and Sasha are undress themselves until they are completely naked... Their naked body look beautiful and it start to look even more beautiful when Sasha start to tease Araki by throwing water at her. Araki seem to want to have revenge so that she throws back the water at her. They keep on throwing the water at each other until Sasha playful grabbing on Araki.

How Sasha touching Araki look wonderful...! Suddenly you feel a hand on your left shoulder...

What will you do?
A: Turn your head slowly...
B: Turn your head fast.
C: Feel the mysterious hand on your left shoulder.
D: Something else.
File: 1342302557910.jpg-(26 KB, 500x357, OhShitSwimmer.jpg)
26 KB

A. Turn our head slowly...

..and pray that it's Rachelle.
File: 1342303844472.jpg-(72 KB, 720x540, 438440-arigatou.history_s(...).jpg)
72 KB
You turn your head sloooooooowly....You pray that it is Rachelle but you have so wrong.... You see your master, Kovit who are naked...

"Ohohoh! You have a healthy vigor my boy! That is no wrong watching beautiful naked ladies. When I was at your age, I peek a lot! Ohoho!" Your master said in jolly tone. He looked at your maids and then at you.
"I'm about taking bath until your girls came here. So I want you to distract the girls while I take a bath at father part of the river."

Before you could respond, he grabs on you and tossed you into the river, near the girls....

Roll 1d100 for Fortune, you get total 3 chances to rolls.
rolled 58 = 58


Hope the girls won't be too mad
rolled 66 = 66


Bullshit check GO!
rolled 9 = 9

Aw fuck.
rolled 43 = 43


We're busted
rolled 37 = 37

We should tell the girls that we were doing kata when Master Kovit told us he was going to bathe here but needed a distraction so he threw us in the river.

A 50/50 mix of bullshit and the truth. They might accept that.
File: 1342305377402.jpg-(12 KB, 1024x768, screenshot-3409.jpg)
12 KB
Today is not your lucky day, because your master tossed you into the rivers near the girls. When you dive into the river and your head is between's Sasha thighs. You tried to pull out your head but you caused Sasha to panic so that she still grabbing around your head with her soft legs...

You could not breath so that you slowly start to see darkness...

Everything is dark now... You slowly start to panic until you see a small light in front of you...

What will you do?

"Hello, anybody there? I wonder if this means I'm dead..."

Wait for a response. See if we hear anything. Not sure if heading towards the light is a good idea or not.
Stand up and roar defiance at the dark and the light in equal measure.
You are trying to stand up and roar in defiance at the dark and the light... Nothing happen and it make you feel silly...

You started to worry about that you had already died but you don't want to give it up so easily until you confirmed.
"Hello, anybody there? I wonder if this means I'm dead..." You yelled and waiting for the answer. You waited for a while until you hear a crying sound, it sound like a little boy who are crying and it seems the sound came from the light.

What will you do now?
Let's go towards the light.

I think we should move a little closer to the light (but not too close) and see if we see or hear anything more from it. That might tell us if the light's purpose is for: 1) leading us back to the land of the living; or 2) leading us to the afterlife and, probably, reincarnation.

Call out again, as well, and keep calling out.
File: 1342307074030.jpg-(196 KB, 475x356, di_20080307_shinjuku_cent(...).jpg)
196 KB
You decided to get closer to the light but not close enough because you don't know if you come back to life or go to the Heaven?

As you get little closer, the light start to get brighter until you get engulfed by the light. Suddenly you are standing the playground in Tokyo and you see a small boy who are crying.

What will you do?
Go up to the kid and ask him why he's crying.

Walk up to the kid and ask what's wrong. Look at him and see if we recognize him.
You walking up to the boy and decided to ask him, "What the matter little guy? You don't need to cry..."

The boy don't seem to notice you but as you get closer look at him, you become shocked! That boy.... is..... YOU!!!! You started to get confused until you slowly start to remember. Now you remember! At this park, you where bullied by other kids until your....

See an older man who are walking to your younger self, you can't see the old man face because his head is covered with darkness.
"What is the matter my boy! Why are you crying?" The old man asking your younger self and his voice sound almost like John Cleese.
"The kids bully me grandfather...*sniff*" Your younger self answered as he still crying.
"Bully you? They will regret it when you become stronger!" The old said as he tried to encourage him.
"How will I get stronger?" Chibi-Hito asking him.
"You will first need a strong will before become stronger. By the way boy... I shall give you a lucky charm!"
"Lucky charm?"
"Why yes! This lucky charm call..." The old slowly pulled out from his pocket...
"Sénior Jalapéno!" The old man said as he show the luchador mask!

How will you act now?
File: 1342308998181.jpg-(15 KB, 312x234, HitoSurprised.jpg)
15 KB

"Grandfather gave me Señor Jalapeño's mask?"

Since our younger self doesn't seem to notice us, try to get Grandfather's attention. Call out and see if Grandfather can tell us how to get back to the living world and tell us more about this mask.
Second. Not much else to try.
File: 1342310261290.jpg-(38 KB, 500x281, tumblr_l9t7cyDaRH1qcelkv.jpg)
38 KB
"Grandfather gave me Señor Jalapeño's mask?" You said in surprised tone. You always wondering where you did get the mask from.

You trying to get your grandfather attention to see if he notice you. When you got his attention, everything become black so that only you and your grandfather are standing there.
"Grandfather...? Can you tell me how to come to life?" You asking him.
"Very soon." He replied.
"Grandfather.... Can you tell me more about the mask?"
"You should ask your mask for answer!" He replied again.

Slowly the darkness that cover your grandfather's face are fading away until you see a bright light.... You open your eyes and see that Araki are giving you mouth to mouth..... and she is still naked...!

What will you do now? You are back to life!
Cough up whatever water is still in our lungs, rising to a sitting position.

"I...thank you, Araki. I saw...I saw my grandfather..."

Move a little, cough up the rest of the water, and start breathing. As great as it is having Araki giving us a liplock in the nude, we probably shouldn't milk this too much.

Sit up when we can. "Grandfather...Grandfather....oh, Araki? Thank you, you saved my life." Look around for Sasha; she's probably bawling her eyes out thinking she drowned us. We need to tell her it's okay.
You cough up the water from your lung and you slowly sit up in sittiong position.

"Grandfather...Grandfather....oh, Araki? I...thank you, Araki. I saw...I saw my grandfather..."
"Thank lord... You almost got near death experience... You saw your grandfather?" Araki asked you with confused look.
You started to look for Sasha until you notice that she is sitting near you and she is still naked.

Sasha start to cry when you finally come back to life and then she cover her face with her own hands.
"I'm so sorry...! I'm so horrible person who making you drown." Sasha said in sad tone.

Before you could respond, Sasha picking her clothes and running away in shame. Araki looked very concerned for Sasha.

What will you do now?

Jump up and go after her. Shout, "Wait, Sasha. It's not your fault; it was an accident. I don't blame you!"

Catch up to Sasha and hug her. "I'm okay now. Don't cry, Sasha."

Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6yr56Xvmk8
Thank Araki, and tell her we'll go after Sasha.

Then run after her, tell her that it's not her fault and that we're okay and don't blame her.

Seconding both of these. Sasha is a bit on the clumsy side; if she trips on a rock or a tree root or two, we should be able to catch up to her without too much difficulty.
"Thank you Araki but I must catch her." You said to her and she fulled understood. You started to chase after her but it start to become more difficult when it started to rain.

"Wait, Sasha. It's not your fault; it was an accident. I don't blame you!" You yell her as you still chasing her. Chasing after her through the rain is not easy at all because you are forced to slow down.

Sasha keep on moving until she slip on the mud and fall down on the wet dirt. You finally catch up with her, Sasha is till crying as her naked body are covered with some mud. She look very ashamed, but you know that she don't do it on purpose. You hugging her and say, "I'm okay now. Don't cry, Sasha."
She try to hold back her tears. You still hugging despite the rain, because you are now focus on comforting Sasha.

End of 22, continue on part 23
The Fight

Thank for playing with me guys! See on the next weekend or otherwise look at my blog for news. If you have questions or suggestions, just post at my blog.
File: 1342314145598.jpg-(54 KB, 500x362, WinSpock.jpg)
54 KB

Great session, ML. Sleep well and see you next week!
See you next week, ML.
Something I've been thinking about the last few threads: Rachelle likes Katherine, so she can help us get her.

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