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why: final hashing out of game mechanics, roll charts, tribes, and other excitement.
old thread: >>20025216


1d4chan article and archive links:

IRC: come and talk.
Player, lurkers, and those just curious, feel free to come in.
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man this grid fucking sucks, but there we go. Its a proof of concept. Red squares represent 1,000 KM. black squares represent 100KM. ideally, i would like to get it to where we can have squares of 10 KM. IG, if you are reading this, to pull it off in a way that we can post such an image on 4chan, it needs a few things.

Perfectly square as far as the cavas size goes, and as close to the edge of the continent as you can go. excess from top to bottom is fine.

Large enough to go into squares of 4, with 40 squares, then 400 squares. this will give us a breakdown of 4,000 KM. (more then covering width by about 300km) breaking each of those 4 into 1k, then further down into 100k squares. from there, the ideal situation would be to break those 100k into 10k, a black and white image with minimal detail may be needed.

or..or fucking or...we could just use the existing image, and if race x moves at a this many KM per day, it will take X number of days to cross one square, provided you make good rolls for travel...yeah, this option is way easier, unless you all, or IG desires the more visual display option of the former.
ok, now for concepts of travel.

kilometers per day (i fucking hate you metric system. miles are so much easier)

elen 137
geist 105
shwirm 72
logeads 54
puruu 40 *puruu are excellent climbers/ swimmers and pass hard terrain at no penalty.

there are only two types of terrain, normal and hard. hard terrain slows you down to 1/2 normal movement speed. what terrain is hard for your tribe depends on the race. Log'eadz cant swim, they are too dense with muscle. Geist probably freak out in the open plains for lack of things for their sonar to bounce off of. Mountains/ rivers are hard for everyone but puruu. etc. its open for discussion, not every race may have real penalties, with the shwirm being the all around guys.

so for travel! d20s all day. pick a direction, travel a distance.

Helpless mode- i have no concept of direction, am lost and making random decisions. you are more likely to pick a cardinal direction.
1-3 N
4-5 NE
6-8 E
9-10 NW
11-13 S
14-15 SW
16-18 W
19-20 SE
so your tribe has figured out how the sun rises and sets, moss grows on trees, or some other bullshit and you are a little better at navigating.

less helpless- you might pick this if you just got done navigating a large obstacle, or were hunting, etc.

by the current direction the traveler(s) are facing. modifiy it if you know landmarks, cartography, star chart. this is pretty much for navigation in unfamiliar territory

1-6 turn 45 degrees left
7-14 go straight
15 -20 turn 45 degrees right

(and yes that is a mind fuck, 15-20 is 6 positions on a d20.(15,16,17-18,19,20))
for note: set roads/ paths let you either go faster, or safer. we can figure it out.
IG and I came to some numbers for the continent. it is east to west 3700 x north to south 3000 in KM.
For travel in straight lines on new routes, roll a 1d20, 1 is a disaster or attack of some sort that prevents any movement, and may harm or kill your travelers. 2-5 is a reduction in speed to 1/2. 6-19 is normal travel speed. 20 you must have found some good crack, because you are moving at 1.5 speed.

for exploration you roll a second dice, and your travel speed is already cut to 1/2, so a bad roll can cut it to 1/4th, or no go at all, and something truely horrific.
a 1 would net you a bad consequence, disaster, attack by overwhelming forces, etc. a 20 would find a major landmark that will get put on the map and some associated one time benefit. (find a mountain...and a bunch of things to eat/ cattle type animals)
So this is a general table useable to any situation, which can be used as a degrees of success/ failure within even each group, there are lows and highs. its more of a guideline then a set in stone thing. Also as your tribe gets good at things or has a natural talent, or gains experience, consider +1 modifiers, or so to certain sets of actions.

1 fucking bad. really fucking bad. (death, crippling, coma, etc)
2-3 fucking bad, not as bad as one. (loss of limb, but life goes on.)
4-6 bad, but recoverable (badly injured but will recover)
7-9 Meh. status quo stays the same. (if starving, you find just enough food to surive and keep starving, instead of die.)
10-13 minor positive
14-16 positive
17-19 very fucking good
20 a legendary act/ event/ result

But nongent, you say, Im playing hardcore, with perma death even, you say.

well, that 1 is death, horrible ultra death with a ripple effect to the rest of the tribe
the 2-3. also death. basically, the bad is worse, and the good isint as good. a 20, is just something that is pretty nice, with 14-16, and 17-19 being merged into an area of simply ok, to good results.

Now for an example

Log'eadz- already quite strong and good at combat. have been fighting...cedya for a few generations with good rolls on degrees of sucess. go to fight a new enemy. +2, 1 for natural, 1 for prior experience.
when do i roll you ask. good question. for new things. for inventions, discovery, or improving something. If you are trying to learn how to make baskets, as long as you dont experience a major or catostrophic fail you can learn from experience. On things that arent like "trying to kill another tribe, or conquer" but more like "make spears or a basket" after 3 failures, you have it. it is not legendary for a product and can be improved, but its yours now. improvements are not given like that. this stops endless "i roll to harvest wood."

how often after that do you have to roll? no more. we can safely assume that making baskets or spears, or whatever is now a fact of life in your tribe, and they have a healthy, if indeterminate output. This game is a setting builder, with no clear victory, other then to create an awesome world. So alot of that management is done via story. If you make spears, and you now need to fight a sudden war, you might want to roll again to increase production, that would make sense for a story.

When do you not roll? Preferably for social things. thats all you. i hate dice diplomacy. allows for full retard.
File: 1343218494100.png-(13 KB, 800x600, qS9RS.png)
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In order to really customize and make each person's game experience awesome there ive got a list. This is the product of many games, and many games of primordial evo.

Social: yes/ no. also state if you want to be isolated, with a very off chance for discovery until later in the game.
hardcore: your tribe can die.
Hard location: life is gonna be a little rough/ dwarf fort mode (you can always move if you find yourself hating it), there will be no EPIC AWESOME OVER THE TOP
possible player vs player Combat: yes please/ no please.
roll results: GM or Self GM or Assisted GM: GM will provide a large amount of input into your tribe, with periodic injects of story or plot. You run the show for your own tribe all the way. Last option the GM provides results for travel and exploration. things outside the tribe or upon request.

Expectations/ goals: this is probably the most important thing you can address. what you want, and how you want it. Do you want endless war, a kingdom builder experience, a very character driven story, a tribe driven story, a great adventure and some exploration, slave capture/ trading/ sacrifice, whatever your desires/ goals are.

communication: this is fucking important. talk about things if you have a real life problem with them, and we will move to fix it if it does not impact other players. Example: you are being attacked by aliens, and you go "nope." we go "ok.", but if another player is being attacked and enjoys it and you go "it offends me that this is happening in this setting but does not impact my game play experience" i will go "shut up and color." by the way. aliens will not attack you. that was an example. a horrible one.

Epic/ over the top: do you want to experience that, and how often?
File: 1343219047317.png-(61 KB, 1278x876, tribal template sorta.png)
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here is a sample of a tribal chart, by no means a definitive one.
I have returned... Good to be back. Also, sad news. Fortune 404'd. I swear I take one night off to go to bed early and get some rest...
File: 1343219690121.png-(774 KB, 960x960, 1343179346953.png)
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so, unlike previous games where there were set starting locations, I would like to do an experiment where players can choose where they start, anywhere on the map, with some degree of GM intervention. I put down red and green dots to indicate places that would be very hard to live in, vs easier to live in. Common sense comes into play.

Top of frozen mountain? fucking hard. Middle of the desert? fucking hard. even so, state that you want hard mode gameplay if you want the unforgiving roll results as well. Middle of blung/lacorra territory? bad idea, but i dont stop you.

"but Nongent, thats insanity, how will we know what races go where?!!" why, that is also common sense and knowing a little of each races lore.

Puruu can live in/ under/ around water. They like water. they also like to climb. Forests with rivers and lakes are very, very likely places for a puruu. a desert would likely kill them, and a mountain is not a natural environment for them either.

Shwirm, came from the caves, the mountains have a high degree of cracks and other bullshit. likely to be around there, or the regions immediatly near the mountains/ plains.

etc. etc...as long as its "biologically" possible, a shwirm tribe could have migrated to the forests of the far north. nothing stopping them. A geist is not going to set up shop in the open plains due to their sonar showing it as a big horrific void. jungle, mountains, or some craggy valley.

finally: im going to sleep, all of this is preliminary, and more of a guideline for people who want to get really, really specific.

a final thing: when two or more tribes team up, they can accomplish truly amazing things in the story.
Hmm, since South Continent is roughly 27 squares from North to South, the northernmost land in the South is in A, while the southernmost land is in AA. AA goes after Z.
Similarly, since the East to West length of South is 35, the westernmost land is in 1, and the easternmost land is in 35.
That said, to ease the transition to tribal thread, we can use this thread to put in ideas for your tribes. This'll streamline the thread-making process.
Also - as for tribal starting areas - how many squares should the tribe start with? One or two?
Damn, stellar work nongent. I think that this will work out pretty well.
The map feature idea could be perhaps incorporated to this?

One square seems to be quite good. It still indicates relatively large area of terrain under the control of a tribe.

Also, regarding the blungs, their migrations do span quite large areas of the continent. They exist in the plains, mountains, forests and even lub forests. They aren't static however. They move to new areas and set up new fields in intervals ranging from few years to decades or in extremely suitable areas centuries. The point is, they aren't things that can always be found in the same place.
They are potential competitors, threats and even resources for the tribes.
The soil they leave behind their field is far from unusable. It is filled with waste material of the placenta field which are usable nutrients for plant life. The red blung weeds are clear markers of areas that were recently covered by the placenta field.
Bump for papa nurgle
File: 1343245834226.jpg-(54 KB, 500x336, 1329914513419.jpg)
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> Nurgle

Master Tzeentch race reporting in.
File: 1343246295042.png-(54 KB, 800x600, Brute cedya.png)
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A new cedya species for the plains.

The brute cedya is a bigger cousin of the brawler cedyas (Ceryatzi) that live in the mountains.
The brutes are omnivorous creatures, with the preference for meat.
They live in small packs, usually consisting of up to 7-10 individuals who are often born from the same clutch of "eggs" the adult brutes lay inside the carcasses of their favored prey the cathedral chompas.

The brutes spend large amount of their time just grazing on the sivari plants of the plains. But when a suitable opportunity arises, they do not hesitate to attack other creatures and eat them. They release toxic spores from their bodies, which cause similar effects on the victims as the ceryatzi spores cause. These spores don't have as rapid effect, but it lasts much longer and is far more severe. The spores can cause their victim to fall into a comatose state after inhaling them for long enough.

The brutes hunt cathedral chompas by attacking lone ones and overwhelming them. The pack will split into two groups. One will attack the victim directly by leaping on it and puncturing it's shell with their under slung spike. The other group will distract it with howls, and excreting thick cloud of spores around it. Eventually, the victim will either die out of blood loss, or fall into a coma. Then the brutes will use their strong fangs to break trough the catherdral chompa's shell and eat their fill. Then they will lay a large clutch of eggs inside the massive beast.

Tens of dozens of small brutes will emerge from the corpse after few weeks. They will band together, but only few will grow into full adulthood.
reposting from the last thread

For players we ask this of you: Pick a Race, Pick a Location.

Locations have a difficulty rating attached to them, so be mindful. A higher rating reflects how harsh an environment is against a tribe. A Low rating has plenty of resources and little competition from the wildlife or other tribes. An Average rating has enough resources from a tribe to survive and experiment with and some hostile wildlife. A High rating has scarce resources and over competition from predators and stronger NPC tribes.

The following are optional player decided settings. So far as everybody is concerned we are playing the Tribal game of the Southern Continent. This is the same setting for everybody, but you have the option to tell the DM/sub-DM what gameplay experience you want.

For example: if you really like the setting and want to write a brilliant epic but don't want other players involved, the DMs are ready to do that. On the other hand: if you really want to build a society that will stand the test of time and are open to other players being involved, the DMs can do that too. Else: if you just want a spear and armor and to battle some terrible creatures with everything on the line, guess what the DMs can do that too.

Hardcore (Yes / No)
This setting explicitly states whether or not your tribe can fail. A tribe fails when it can no longer support its members and must disband, or when there are too few members left to go on. The surviving members get absorbed into neighboring tribes or may die in the harsh environment. Setting this option means the DM will not offer ways for your tribe to survive when it is close to failing.
Awesome, as always Nad. I know I say it all the time, but it bears repeating.

I'll get to working on those Yazda descendants.
Gamestyle (Story / Development / Combat)
This setting reflects focus of your experience, the pace, and type of hazards you wish to challenge. Bare in mind the Southern Continent isn't civilized and is very dangerous whichever choice you choose. Also note that the game can dynamically change from one style to another.

In a Story Driven game, the DM will facilitate the encounters of individual tribe members. These members become Characters of Legends through achieving their personal goals. Choose this option if you're more interested in a game that moves at its own pace.

In a Tribal Development game, the DM will facilitate encounters of the whole tribe. The tribe attempts to cooperate together to build and protect itself. The pace of this game is regular compared to other players with everybody progressing at the same speed.

In a Combat game, the DM will facilitate hostile encounters. Whether by member or group, the tribe fights the whole Continent to survive. The pace of this game is unpredictable
>Papa Nurgle wants to know why can't we be friends?

also, gonna post a big lore dump pertaining to the fist spikes of the Log'eadz soon
Player Interaction (Open / Removed / Isolated)
This setting tells the DM and other players how open to other player interactions you are. Interactions should be between representatives of each of the tribe, or between named Characters should you wish. This setting is a flag to others and can be changed during game.

Being Open means that you freely welcome encounters with other tribes, and will pursue relations with other tribes. The nature of which could friendly, feuding, or fair trade.

Being Removed means that while you welcome encounters with other tribes, you won't pursue long relationships with them. Or if you do, it will be in the background while you focus on your own tribe.

Being Isolated means that you will concentrate on your own tribe. Any encounter you have with another tribe is minimal. You're tribe is either located on the other side of the Continent, or doesn't involve itself with outside influences.

All the above can be recorded here >>20031396
General Roll Result Table
A roll is called when the consequences of an action are uncertain. Examples are: experimenting with agriculture, hunting and gathering in unfamiliar terrain, landing the death blow on the terrible Ripper Tyrant! After 3 minor failures, you succeed in making the base requirements of your efforts. 2 minor successes are equal to a normal success. There are several different charts that explain these ideas. As re-posted everywhere try to use diplomacy rolls sparingly. DMs prefer the players to roleplay these interactions.

1 Dramatic Failure - The effort is completely wasted and terrible things happen.
2 - 5 Failure - No progress is made, and you suffer a setback that prevents you from continuing your efforts
6 - 9 Minor Failure - No progress is made, and you suffer an obstacle
10 - 14 Minor Success - A little progress is gained toward your goal
15 - 19 Success - A great amount of progress is gained, and you usually only need one of these successes
20 Dramatic Success - A miracle occurs or through great skill and luck you accomplished more than you thought possible
Grid Map Travel
In the picture above ( >>20030921 ) the continent is divided into squares that roughly measure 100KM with red squares being 1,000KM. Each race has a different daily travel distance measured in kilometers per day. This is the distance a single member of the race can travel in a day without encuberance or becoming too fatigued to continue in the next day.

Each race also has difficulty traveling over certain terrain. When a member tries to travel over terrain difficult for its race, she may only move up to half their kilometers per day. Some terrain is considered impossible under ordinary circumstances for some races to navigate. Dreamforest are a great example of this since the hallucinogens affect perception. Special note: Blung fields, a swampy like terrain that's sticky, and Lacorra Badlands, with their prickly electric spines, are considered universally hard terrain.The Different races and their kilo/day rate and difficult terrain are below

Elen (aka Upright Stridas)
Speed: 137 km/day,
Hard Terrain: Blung Fields, Lub Forest, Mountains, Lacorra Badlands
Wandering Terrain: Dreamforest.
Justification: Elen didn't evolve for mountain climbing but for tree and canopy travel

Geist (aka Smart Communal Geist)
Speed: 105 km/day, Hard Terrain: Plains, Desert, Blung Fields, Lacorra Badlands
Wandering Terrain: Dreamforest, Plains, Desert
Justification: Geist evolved in the maze like and cramped caverns and can't "see" well without a good ceiling

Shwirm (aka Bipedal Bladeshwrim)
Speed: 72 km/day,
Hard Terrain: Blung Fields, Lacorra Badlands, Lub Forest
Wandering Terrain: Dreamforest
Justification: These little guys aren't hampered by much and they can climb almost as well as Geist

Logeads (aka Upright Punchas)
Speed: 54 km/day
Hard Terrain: Blung Fields, Lacorra Badlands, Rivers, Mountains, Lub Forest
Wandering Terrain: Dreamforest
Justification: Logheads will always have difficulty swimming the rivers or lakes under the Lub Forest

Puruu (aka adorable)
Speed: 40 km/day
Hard Terrain: Blung Fields, Lacorra Badlands
Wandering Terrain: None
Justification: The Puruu evolved into excellent swimmer and climbers. The hallucinogens of the Dreamforest don't affect their radical brain structures to confuse their sense of direction. Special note: traveling in the Desert or the Plains is extremely hazardous to Puruu health. They suffer death from dehydration in less than a day in the desert, and less than a week in the Plains.
A tribe member is wandering when she is traveling with no sense of direction. She may have gotten lost away from her tribe, or maybe voluntarily in a random direction. The roll is as follows:

1 - 3 North square,
4 - 5 North East square,
6 - 8 East square
9 - 10 North West square,
11 - 13 South square,
14 - 15 South West square
16 - 18 West square,
19 - 20 South East square

A tribe member is navigating when she is traveling with a general sense of direction. The strength of this sense is based on the reliability of the landmark and member's ability travel in a straight line. Retracing your own steps is often a reliable way of returning to the tribe. Other examples include: Mountains, rivers, tree lines, water holes, or even the stars if the tribe studies them enough. The roll is as follows:

1 - 5 You find yourself in the square left of your intended direction
6 - 15 You travel straight and find yourself in the next square of your direction
16 - 20 You find yourself in the square right of your intended direction

Roads and Paths
To travel on a path a tribe must first create it. Afterwards navigating a path is an automatic success since the path is reliable and constant. The speed of travel can vary depending on a roll, but does not count as difficult terrain. The roll is as follows:

1 No progress is made due to obstruction or disaster
2 - 5 Speed is reduced due to the path falling under disrepair
6 - 19 Normal race traveling speed
20 Speed increase by 1.5 due to easy traveling and making good time
File: 1343249768443.png-(20 KB, 800x600, Geist wolf.png)
20 KB
Adding a new species of geists to the forests, mountains and meadows near the forests.

The geist wolfs descend from the strong jawed geists. While the smart geists continued to take steps towards intelligence, the strong jawed geists became even more bestial. Their jaw muscles continued to increase, which reduced the size their brains held even further.

They started hunting with more aggressive tactics, instead of stalking and ambushing their prey, the ancestors of wolf geists simply pursued their prey until they could clamp their jaws on its flesh. Their strong jaws could easily kill their prey in just one bite. Because of this, they developed bodies more suited for running fast and for long periods. They lost their grasper like hands, but instead gained agile paws that easily allowed them to catch up to their victims.

They are still capable climbers, though not as good as their tribal cousins. They hunt mainly in the jungles, forests and the mountains, though they occasionally venture to the plains to hunt. Because of this, they have developed even more accurate hearing than their ancestors. The crest extending from the back of their head allow them to pick up and gather sound waves from far greater distances than their ancestors could. This allows them to venture quite far in to the plains, without the risk of getting lost.
nad, awesome evo. i think bronze will like it too. (for his clubs)
Poe. thank you for the excellent refinements and clear head.
File: 1343250702610.png-(20 KB, 426x258, Cathedral Chompa with lar(...).png)
20 KB
Some information on Cathedral Chompas, as they may have an impact on this game.
They are omnivores that feed mostly on plant roots, but won't let any carrion they find go to waste. They live near the borders between plains and forests. An adult can get to be a little larger than a wooly mammoth. Generally, these Chompas are loners, but gather into herds during times when food is plentiful.

Mothers are incredibly protective of their young. Like other descendants of Glunds, they give live birth to larval offspring. Usually one or two at a time. They spend about three years eating and growing before entering a pupal state. During this stage, their shell is the thickest it will ever be for the rest of their lives. They have limited mobility, and are able to eat a little bit. After about a year, a nymph will break out off the thick pupal shell. Nymphs look just like miniature Cathedral Chompas. They still have a few years to go before reaching maturity. It's about seven years later that they are forced out into the world. The young Chompas aren't yet fully grown when this happens, but they are otherwise fully matured.

Here are a bunch of pun terms for them.
>Young ones (larva, pupa, nymph) is called a chapel
>The name for a male is an abbey.
>Females are called a chancels.
>A herd of them is referred to as a congregation.
>When they migrate, it's called a pilgrimage.
>A stampeding congregation is known as a crusade.
> those names
I love it so much. Update: still working on the Yazda radiation, I think you'll all be pleased with what I've come up with. I hope so at least.

This would be so much easier if I had a fucking tablet, but they're too expensive for me at this time.
File: 1343250939762.png-(44 KB, 1000x800, Geist wolf.png)
44 KB

Forgot to include the scale of these things.

Also, I still feel that we could use more biodiversity to the environments. An easy way of coming up with new creatures is taking one existing in other biome, and adding it to a new one. For example, adding runnas to the lub forests. How would they survive there? How would they change to the new environment.

In addition, the lacorra fields could use more plant life overall. Currently, the only plants that exist there are the algae growing in the shells of the lacorras.
With more plants, we could ad more fauna there. Rainbow horn offshoots and so on.

One thing I have been wondering is what happened to the other cave critters that got above the ground? The bords and so on? Also, the gesh and scwars haven't received much love lately. Neither have the slime hamuns or hamun offshoots in general.

And as a final reminder, people are free to make new cedya species. I posted the body part reference picture to the earlier thread. I can repost it here after this post.
File: 1343251087485.png-(15 KB, 775x331, Mulpac-maluc.png)
15 KB
Lets see if /tg/ will accept my posts now...

All Log'ead tribes call their fist spikes "Mulpacs" with only small differences in pronounciation. Mulpacs are central to the Log'eads ideas of strength, honor and diginity. Mulpacs are seen as physical embodiements of these attributes, so, Where as a warrior of another race might eat his enemies heart, to gain his strength and courage, a Log'ead will take his opponents Mulpacs to do the same. Log'ead chieftans take this further, and attach the Mulpacs of slain enemies to strips of wood, which are bound together with animal sinew, then strapped to the top of the head, showing the Chieftans prowess and history of combat to his foes. However, these crowns are worn only for honor duels, and warfare between tribes, while at other times the chieftan will wear the Mulpacs of slain enemies on necklaces.A crown of Mulpacs is called a "Mulpac-Maluc," a necklace is called a "Mulpac-Makul" while the Chieftan who wears it called a "Malucal"

Pictured: A Malucal wearing his Mulpac-Maluc
Uuuh, I dunno, the lub forests occur in water, so... swimming deer maybe?
File: 1343251187545.png-(8 KB, 333x272, Goodshow.png)
8 KB
>MFW /tg/ finally accepts my log'ead posts
>Also, gentlmanly log'ead

Because Log'eads see their Mulpacs as physical reprsentations of positive attributes, they regard other races as weak, and without honour or even diginity. A Log'ead without a Mulpac is seen as defenceless, and without strength, and are called "Malcada(z)," and other races are regarded as entire tribes of Malcadaz. A Log'ead will often spare an opponent who is either Malcada, or from another race, as killing them is seen as without honor, and unbecoming of true warriors. This also means that Log'eads only earn true honor and respect by battling other Log'eads, which leads to a great deal of infighting, although this rarely escalates into full warfare, and instead remains at the level of honor duels, and minor skirmishe, but they still remain fractured and disorganized.
File: 1343251543757.png-(26 KB, 800x600, Cedya parts.png)
26 KB

Here are the most common cedya parts.
Feel free to come up with your own new parts if you feel like it, as well as mix and match aspects of the cedyas that already exist. There aren't any clear evo chains for these things, and I doubt that there will ever be, neither by us, or by the people of Borgas V.
The ceydas can alter their shape over the generations so rapidly, and they don't leave any fossils around, which will make trying to determine the relations of different cedya species all but impossible.

There are however few base forms that I have used people are free to use themselves. These are the 4 legged, semi humanoid creatures with "mouths" on their chests, the dome headed cedyas and the wormy ones.

Let your imagination run wild, they are mushrooms, and their morphology is pretty freaking flexible. Remember though that they still need to make sense. They can have their moths in strange places, but they will still need to be able to actually eat with them. One guideline I would give is that people could consider making more herbivorous cedyas. Of course, if people don't feel like it, they can make predatory ones too. Just place them in either environments or niches in which a similar creature doesn't already exists (cedya or any other creature).
cave life that is above ground: giant worm thing, rare, in the plains. laser bord, ripper bord, deep bord, in many places.

i suspect the mountains have a high concentration of cave creatures due to their porous nature, being full of caves etc.

bulkwarks and inoglunds are out in the low mountains and in the plains. they like the surface and have taken to it quite well as day time creatures.

The flying geist are out and about as well.
Mulpacs also play a role in showing emotional state amonsgt Log'eads. An angry or frigthened Log'eads Mulpacs will be extended, while a happy or sad Log'ead will have sheathed
Mulpacs, for saftey. When sexually aroused, the mulpacs of both male and female will extend, but will quikcly sheath once the physical act of reproduction begins, to ensure saftey.A Log'eadz Mulpacs will grow throught his or her life, with elder Log'eadz possesing Mulpacs so long that they cannot ever be completely sheathed by skin. Log'ead children, fresh from their eggsac, do not posses proper Mulpacs made of bone. They only have ones made of cartilage, which, over time, develops into the proper Mulpac of solid bone, usually around the same time as they reach sexually maturity. Naturally, this when Log'eadz begin to pick fights with one another.
There actually is a branch of runnas living in forests. Deer Stridas.

Also, something for the floating lubs. If not already done, they're doing it now. Around the massive central stalk-like structure, hundreds of thin, wispy tentacles hang down. These are covered in poisonous stingers which fire when brushed against. The purpose they have is protecting the central stalk. A few creatures have protection from these stingers. Being a form of Fus, Puruus have a similar texture to the lubs, so it feels like just hitting another lub. River Frowgs have a coating of slime that also mimics this, which allows them to climb up these tentacles to eat a yazda or two.
True, although different species of lub have longer or shorter protective tentacles. Possibly because those with shorter tentacles have developed stronger stalks or they just come from lucky populations that haven't had lots of attacks on the "trunk".
There is so much science going on in here. Nad, NO TRIP and I are bringing up the biology/ecology front, Bronze & Apoe are on anthropology duty, and nongent (with help from Apoe) is carrying the banner for game theory.

I love this game so much.
So... is this meant as an internal post for your game group or is this public? Because I feel like this assumes a LOT of prior evo RP post experience.
This for everyone who's already planing to take part, and for anyone interested in joining. Also, no experience is neccesary. I mean, I haven't really even participated in one of these tribal threads before, and yet I'm cranking out stuff related to the Log'eadz friggin FIST SPIKES. So yeah, this is defintely open to the public
File: 1343258917779.png-(68 KB, 800x600, 1034628-V2MTOP1.png)
68 KB
Always open to newcomers. We're just trying to make some sort of actual system for the game this time around. All that's needed is some understanding of the race you decide to play for the tribal portion. If there's anything you want to know, feel free to ask.
File: 1343259298085.png-(9 KB, 414x284, goon....png)
9 KB
>Gentlman Hoppa
>Must post gentlmen Log'ead
File: 1343265447677.gif-(13 KB, 320x238, bob.gif)
13 KB
>mfw I am Silent Bob to nongent's Jay
File: 1343273768508.png-(484 KB, 1500x800, Blung size scale.png)
484 KB
bumbing with blung size scale.
Where did everyone go?
I've got nothing to say, but it's okay
Good Morning, Good Morning

I know that you've put quite a bit of though into this Bronze, but you really shouldn't make things that apply to all tribes of a race except for biological functions. You need to leave the option for different tribes of a race to be radically different from each other.

An example: in another, using the blades could be a sign of weakness instead of strength, and because of this, many of this tribe may have them removed during infancy.
File: 1343280374467.png-(6 KB, 180x148, 1333180810671.png)
6 KB
without a fucking doubt.
real life has been eating me again nad.
hey man. welcome. stay a while, and listen. (that was funny back in like 2000. trust me)
i really like what you did bronze, but ill have to agree with notrip in that it should only apply to your tribe. but now you have a project for your tribe. to unite all log'eadz into a legion. imagine the headdress on that chieftain.

and as for pic related "i remember...a more innocent time."
File: 1343281677261.png-(22 KB, 544x530, glund skeleton full.png)
22 KB
>Shrieking at animals before goring them with one's face
Then again, this is a death world. On the other hand, everything here has split from a proto-ramel, so "innocence" not lost.

Also, basic Shield Glund skeleton. With a few alterations, it could be a Rage or Charge Glund.

The Emperor rises from his golden throne! A truly marvelous day this is!
The Emperor rises from his Golden Throne, and I believe... I might have reached Enlightenment. No, really, like Nirvana shit...

Anyway. I've returned from the movies and am ready for some SERIOUS evolving. Giga-Darwin-Drill!!!
File: 1343289183185.png-(177 KB, 760x560, yazdakids_preview.png)
177 KB
Working preview of the Yazda critters. For now, I've got to go to bed, bumping and teasing now.
To people just discovering this thread: do you need to know any lore about primordial to play? fuck no. each continent is a fresh start, and even though the games happened in order, they all happen at roughly the same time "in game". The IRC is full of people who know alot, and i do mean a fucking lot, about the fluff. the crunch gets refined as the game goes on, but its a game of fluff more then anything, a setting creator.

What do you need to know? About your tribes race. that is it.
onward to a final table for player's starting areas and final suggestions.

Mountain region may need to be expanded a bit to include the magma/lava fields/ pits. its where the worst creatures the caves had to offer live.

we could use some valley/ gully regions.
I'll have to get on it tomorrow, ng. After I'm done with the yazdas, that is. Though anyone who wants to help is welcome to. Other regions needing fluffing out are the deserts.
Geist could exist in the open plains if they are living in the fissures/ canyons of the region.
map will be in chunks of 100km. each race will have a travel time associated with that, it really doesn't mean too much other then how you choose to role play it but thats there now. IG and I talked on that one.
Features for a starting location/ to discover-not comprehensive, just the beginnings of an idea.

grove/ thicket- (tiny forest)
Ravine- Gully, gorge, or canyon. depends on how big.

rolling hills
lava fields
Mesa- flat topped hill.

there are two ways for your starting area to form. by your own rolls, or by a GM's hand, when you state up, state what you want. I'm still working on the tables. Also considering that your starting area is at minimum a 100km square, you got room to explore and discover. So feel free to make a zoomed in map of your home region.
how could i fail to post on this! it is glorious. Shoglund expresses pleasure with such a creation, surely!

Shoglund, the glund that talks in all caps. it is a shogun glund. and now you all know. G-I-Joeeee
File: 1343308730932.png-(9 KB, 141x144, shogun glund.png)
9 KB
Actually, Shogun Glund is one specific shield glund. There is no specie that actually goes by that name.

File: 1343309193037.png-(101 KB, 1040x304, scale issues.png)
101 KB
Something a bit more serious though, I'm curious as to how you figured those measurements for South. Double checking the old world map, this continent is indeed half as wide as East, which is just little over 3000 km from east to west itself.

Picture shows the original world map and one with the newly scaled Southern Continent.
Oh, I forgot. My measurement of 1500 km (east to west) only applies to the main landmass, not the island next to it.
File: 1343310136480.png-(55 KB, 1500x800, 1097656-TPMBYIZ.png)
55 KB

it could be quite argueable that our scaling was off for the previous continents, or perhaps south is quite large. one of these is the answer with me leaning towards bad scale for the last few games. This is the first time we have really sat down and tried to work it out like this.

awaiting IG's opinion on the subject.

in the short term, nad's template geists. do geists come in other colors?
Bluish black and brownish black are what I know of.
left one is to scale. That means the previous maps were quite out of scale; We can chalk this up with malleable time.

The geists are naturally quite nocturnal, so darker coloration suits them the best. It helps them to blend to the shadows and so on.


Those look damn excellent fortune!

I am currently drawing some of the ideas I sketched out to mu notebook earlier today.
The old rubber-time solution? I'm not sure if that'll really work in this case. One response to that I've had before is "even though the timeline here is a bit flexible, stretch it too far, and it will snap. If South is 3700 km across, then that would make East about four times the previously stated size. Regarding West and Central, I don't remember any stated sizes, so they need to be based on East or new South measurement.
File: 1343324487877.png-(75 KB, 1500x1000, Rainbow beak and thunder horn.png)
75 KB
Bumbing with two new Rainbow horn split off species.

The rainbow backs are very social omnivores, that mostly feed on the lacorra growths for the sugar rich layers of algae that exists under the hard, semi transparent shells of the lacorras. They move in herds of up to 30-50 individuals, slowly grazing their way in the tangled mazes of the lacorra badlands.

The thunder horns are large solitary omnivores, that eat lacorras like their cousins, but also actively hunt other creatures as well, such as the rainbow backs and mau'mas.
They have mostly lost the rainbow coloration on their horns, as their mating rituals have changed so the color no longer offered any significant advantage.
They have also developed specialized chambers in their skull, in which they store the static electricity that is abundant in their environment. They can release this charge trough their horn which can cause severe paralysis on the target.
Their jaws have also grown very strong, and the increased mass of their heads has caused their front limbs to atrophy so the creature could better stabilize itself on it's back legs.
Also, gonna cook up some more lore for MY Log'ead tribe, since I now understand its bad to write lore for other peoples tribes.
File: 1343330333428.png-(112 KB, 600x500, Bull Cedya.png)
112 KB
New Cedya species.

Unlike most of its cousins and although technically omnivorous, the Bull Cedya leads a peaceful, grazing lifestyle. Their pair of stiff tentacles for digging, dextrous feeding tentacles and rough teeth all aid it in uprooting and chewing on grasses.

They reproduce by ritually shedding spores from their cape of petals. Spores, those that don't get eaten beforehand, root themselves and bud into a mushroom that will eventually become the body of a new Bull Cedya; during its germination period it will feed on the spores of its father herd.

As mentioned, they live in herds. They tend to gather in large open areas with an abundance of grass and can be coerced toward a particular plain if the grass is plentiful.

When carefully prepared (ingesting the spores is ill-advised), a dead Bull Cedya can feed many with its considerable bulk and numerous petals.
File: 1343330843226.png-(806 KB, 1600x1200, yazdakids_08.2.png)
806 KB
Mother of God... that illustration is orgasmic... ahem, anyway, as promised, the Yazda descendants.They're all very small and likely serve as food for tons of larger critters. That way the rest of you can keep making your massive T-Rex creatures without unbalancing the food web.
Beep boop bump
Well, previously I did say the East is roughly the size of South America. South America's N/S length is 7465 km. South is more than 1/3 of East, so we decided to give the South 3000 km as N/S length, which made the E/W length (including the island to its west) 3700 km.

This makes sense, proportionally speaking.
Fucking fantastic.
It looks bloody great.
Excellent work fortune.
More small critters are indeed needed.

Speaking of small(ish) critters, meet the toruz climber. It is a small and agile descendant of the toruz bords, that lives mainly in the lacorra badlands and the forests near these regions.

They climb around the tall lacorra spires, absorbing the static electricity around them with their fan like tail "feathers". They use this static buildup to augment their electric lazer, which they mainly use for their own defense, as well as combat for mating rights.
They live in tight nit communities composed of few mated pairs and their children.

They are also known to occasionally shoot down a passing yazda creature with their electro-lazer, and then descend to eat it.
File: 1343359397797.png-(31 KB, 800x600, Toruz climber.png)
31 KB

forgot the picture.
You sir, have made me the happiest man in happy land. I am glad to see the laser bord and their derivatives getting love.

So we live and move across 100km squares. What does this mean to players? not too much, just refer to the Apoe related posts, and role play/ story tell accordingly on your journeys. Where an elen/ geist can make quick trips across large tracts of land, the others will have a few days of journeying.
File: 1343389135977.png-(37 KB, 800x600, Maw puruu.png)
37 KB
Bumbing with a new puruu. Will describe it later.
Jesus-titty-fucking-Christ this world is terrifying
hey anon, if you are new, please consider sticking around to find out how fucked up this place is. Perhaps you can be persuaded to join in the upcoming tribal game.
File: 1343391352462.png-(15 KB, 586x520, jungle bord.png)
15 KB
that is awesome nad. you again, make my day. have a shitty jungle bord. it desires to not be eaten. its gonna get eaten. about 1 foot tall.

The maw puruus evolved from the swimmer puruus. They are ravenous predators that eat anything they come across. Their numerous fangs allow them to both shred and grab bigger prey, as well as filter out smaller creatures from the massive amounts of water they swallow.

Though it is not pictured (i forgot to draw it) the maw puruus still have the long poisonous tongues their ancestors had. They use this tongue to grab and paralyze their prey, and then to drag them to their mouths.

Over the ages, as the size of the maw puruus increased, they became less reliant on poison for protection. Their poison glands adapted to excrete pheromones instead. They excrete thick slime the puruus smear to the "trunks" of the lubs to mark their territory. On younger puruus the poison glands still retain their original function. the change occurs when the puruu matures.

The maw puruus reproduce by budding off small "eggs" that form polyp like growths from which new puruus emerge.

Well, what can I say, Fortune likes making small, humble critters.

Awesome-ness! Good to see my Toruurz get some lurv!

He is... the most interesting drawfag... in the world.
File: 1343394265548.png-(192 KB, 1074x746, Slizers... Slizers, Every(...).png)
192 KB

And to think, you haven't even seen Slizers yet. But don't worry, there other forces at work in this world besides those of Evil.
File: 1343394468483.jpg-(50 KB, 558x378, slizer.jpg)
50 KB
File: 1343394921119.jpg-(369 KB, 800x600, split your lungs with blo(...).jpg)
369 KB
A joke we have already made. We only realized long after our Slizers had become an integral part of the world that something from our childhood was *also* called Slizer.

Here though, Slizers are large amphibious worm-like creatures that have acidic saliva. They are akin to the "dragons" of this world. It is a brave man indeed who can face them. Greater still one who can take one down.

Those who take one down ALONE are the stuff of legend. Only one person in all the world has ever done this, he was a young Alun of the Nad'lun tribe by the name of N'olai.
File: 1343395963316.png-(247 KB, 3114x1232, southern races.png)
247 KB

In the upcoming tribal game, you grab a race, pick a spot that is compatible to it, and try to carve a life out of the world. You will scout, hunt, build, research, and interact with other players or the GM if you wish. Its a place to tell a big story, and each one of those races already has an epic as to how they clawed their way to sentience.

You can make a tribe, and carve your own story into the lore of this setting. It doesn't end at tribal, the ages will progress into modern, and possibly post modern.
File: 1343396512193.png-(849 KB, 1920x814, Vlcsnap-2011-12-30-07h42m32s88.png)
849 KB
Can I be the Thing plox
on the lacora fields and desert. The desert is a vast hostile place, but the sand is actually made from the long disintegrated from erosion and age "shells" of old lacorra mounds. So its a vast swirling desolate place of wild and vivid colors that would make tzeench happy. Lacorra fields exist as oases within, and as a border to prevent the sand from moving into other areas.
if only you were here earlier...
Hmm, we could maybe put something together for you, help you come up with stuff...

Well, Anon, the other namefags and I are in our own IRC channel. No signup or register neccesary. Just point thine browser to the below address, it will give you an auto-name and then you can get started!

Actually, most of the sand was blown in by hurricanes that came from the Central continent, which had the biggest desert. Actually there's only two deserts in this planet, the Grand Central desert and the Southern desert.
Although, the Lacorra could have a major stake in its development. Some Lacorra could have made sandstone-like shells from local soil, which would get eroded to sand by the periodic sandstorms, which could also explain why the sand that was carried from Central didn't get 'absorbed' into soil properly.
We were just brainstorming in IRC, IG. nongent felt it was important enough an idea that he posted it here for all to see (though the full transcript of our conversations, is, as always saved by me, in case we need to refer back to something we came up with).
Bump with update of IRC Topics.
- domestication of various critters, including Ma'uma, Jungle Toruz, and Geist Wolves
- the geist and their echolocation and sonar-based sight
- the above's effect on other species
- Apoe updates us on his effort at organizing the Desert/Central Continent threads and getting them wiki articles
File: 1343402618934.png-(117 KB, 800x600, Points of Light in the Qu(...).png)
117 KB
- roads of wind chimes for the geist
- laser bord v. geist: no items, no healing, no extra lives, final destination
- geist as the gods of death to the elen (or maybe just a bad trip)
- geist see ocean, wat do?
A bump shall be placed here, for the Greater Good!
File: 1343416415263.png-(31 KB, 344x287, CodexAstartesSupportsThis(...).png)
31 KB
Something that I forgot to restate earlier. With Cathedral Chompas and Rainbow Horns, the vivid colors are only found in the males. They appear in late adolescence.

Something else about Slizers that was somehow forgotten. Not only is their saliva acidic, but it's also adhesive.

Just a warning for coastal tribes, the old aquatic Slizers could still be there. Land Slizers and Water Slizers are two different species.
bedtime bumb
File: 1343424701935.png-(174 KB, 1611x1126, thickblood.png)
174 KB
orbital bump
You know what would be useful? Making a list of traits for each race that give them bonuses to certain actions. Racial bonuses if you will
That's usually done. Check the first two games. Frowgs had electricity and poison, Hoppas had pheromone communication and herd empathy with other species, Mevolas had photosynthesis and electricity, and Lems were Lems.
The Blood Ravens chapter thanks /tg/ for the gift of this bump
Strongest/ biggest of the races on this continent, perhaps tied with strong male geist
arm spikes

not stealthy
cant/suck at swimming.
bad climbers
naturally arrogant/ aggressive (alpha as fuck)

arm knives
able to endure (but not survive in the long run) bad injuries.

second smallest
all around average ability
language is too high pitched to be heard by other races

fast as fuck runners.
got them antlers for charging, etc.
can climb fairly well.

second weakest

echo location

blind in large open areas
strange behavior to outsiders
strong light "burns" them

hard to kill, can survive decapitation, regrow lost limbs
excellent swimmers/ climbers.
toxic tongue

It suddenly seems like my Log'eadz have a bit too much of an advantage over the other races...
Well, if that's true let's give the other races some bonuses then (rather than penalize the Punchas). I'm back by the way.

For the elen, their antlers shed regularly (yearly?) so they can use them as relatively weak weapons. Not as strong as metal or stone but far more effective than a sharpened stick. As for the shwirm... I don't ever remember their language being too high-pitched, I thought we talked about that for the *geist* not the shwirm.
Playable Puruus actually don't have the poison stings in their tongues any more. Just the Amphibious, Bell, Hawk, Sloth, and Swimmer Puruus have the stings there. Hermit Puruus have them coating their inner sides of their legs and belly (along with a cocktail of different poisons). Bites are probably deadly though.
They also have an additional weakness. Puruus don't fare well in places of low humidity. Although they have makeshift lungs, a good amount of their oxygen exchange is still done in their skin, which must remain lightly moist. They need to stay near water in places that aren't humid.


Also, a fun idea for Shwirms. Resilience against environmental factors.
Almost forgot.
It's not so much that Puruus are good swimmers, but rather that they can "breath" under water.
Just a heads-up: I've done rearranging the size chart. I may end up using it as the OP pic for the South tribal thread, followed by the South map.
File: 1343450288441.png-(52 KB, 876x1232, helm moult.png)
52 KB
I've mentioned this idea before, but only now have I actually made a picture for it. The antlers of a Elen are not true antlers, but projections of their exterior parts of their skeleton. They keep growing longer until a new layer begins to form underneath. When this occurs, blood circulation is cut off, and the layer of bone dies. It takes a short while until it actually comes loose, probably being forced off by the developing nubs on the new helm plate.
They wouldn't just make tools from their antlers, but rather from entire moults. That's a lot more material to use.
File: 1343450295884.png-(8 KB, 394x294, keepcalm,andpunchon.png)
8 KB
Intersting stuff guys. Have a pic before I go to bed

i've tried to figure out a diplomatic, well thought out way to say what I have to say, so i'll say it directly and laser like. If you keep trying to worry about if your race is OP or not, you are fucked. Just tell your story. That is it. You could have golden super solider race, and if you are a half way decent role player and story teller, you are gonna make them interesting and worthwhile. If you are a worthless guy who only wants to win in a setting where there is no "win.", you are gonna create a shallow, forgettable society and story that will get buried under the better ones. The win, is not how much strife, or how massive, or whatever else that people seem to think it is they are going to do/ create. It is having a good time, telling a memorable story, and advancing the setting.

Have a good time and focus on having fun and none of you will go wrong. the physical aspects of your creature quickly become less important as you progress in the game.

all my yes. that...is awesome. can you imagine two rivals racing off with the looser being "scalped"?

I love it, to the point of real life lol. enjoy your victory. it will not last.
Alrigt. I think my tribe's gonna have plenty of social boundaries to hurdle (lack of unity, focus on the individual, super agression against outsiders) for an interesting story.
Woah, woah, man. It was only a suggestion. He worried he would be at an unfair disadvantage, that's rather sporting of him, don't you think. I was merely trying to reach a compromise. No need to raeg. And besides, when have you ever known me to sacrifice story for winning nongent. The Mohu'awane still don't have writing or farming yet.

:( i was no rage. Was a dynamic entry into concern, i didn't want for it to come across as an attack. I just couldn't type it very well worded without it sounding like me rambling, so i stripped it down to the core of the message.
I don't think any "scalping" would occur unless the plate was already coming loose.
Again, applies to entire exoskeleton.
Boop! Here is the tribal thread. You can still use this thread to discuss things, probably ooc stuff or further development of stuff. Maybe even more evolutions, who know? Until natural thread death, that is.
Guh, forgot the link
but... I... aw fuck. I'm nowhere near ready. Any of you guys ready?
... I drew up the area where my geists are living and picked out my two locations. That's about it. But this is stuff we've previously made in the thread itself. We never had this "week long preparation thread" thing in the past. Time to wing it!

Also, I'm wondering if this thread should be archived and then manually deleted, so we don't take up two spots on the board.
...but now the Shwirm don't have thumbs! That was something we only thought about doing and now it's canon without ever seriously discusssing it... oh god i must sound like a whiny faggot
Thread archived. No need for it to take up excess space any more.
File: 1343473062496.png-(224 KB, 1500x1200, Lacorra badlands organisms.png)
224 KB
Have some additional fauna and flora to the lacorra fields.

These are pretty generic organisms that exists in the lacorra badlands.
Some lacorras shape their colony shells in ways that allow the symbiotic algae living in them to get as much light as possible.
The lacorras feed on the sugar the algae produce and in turn give the algae nutrients from their slime.

Many creatures living in the lacorra badlands feed on the lacorras. To break trough the shells of the colonies, they have developed strong beaks, claws and fangs.

The constant static electricity and ionized air present in the lacorra fields have forced the animals to develop ways to avoid getting shocked. Many have developed appendages or spurs that absorb or redirect the electricity away from more vulnerable parts of their body.

Plants aren't as affected by the electricity, and some actually have started utilizing it to their advantage.
The tuft sivari has developed fuzzy conductive hairs around their seed pods, that downright attract electricity. This both keeps all but the most determined herbivores from eating the plaint, but it also helps it to spread around.
When a powerful enough bolt of electricity strikes the tuft, the whole seedpod explodes, spreading the sivari around.
File: 1343475604467.png-(471 KB, 1430x751, 1341979908557.png)
471 KB
the desert is not an empty place. life thrives there. the bulwark inoglund (reflective variant) will thrive there with the sun not ever warming to too badly, eating the rugged grasses that live in the sand. Hauman will burrow and feast on roots, and all in turn are eaten by the giant leviathwirms.
File: 1343475693505.png-(80 KB, 2062x628, sand worm.png)
80 KB
a lot of time on the surface gives us the sandwirm. The sandwirms are natural predators of the desert sands, beaches, and lacorra mounds. They will grow massive with age, but are few in number. (think of graboids from tremors.)
This thread reminds me of Sagan 4.
But that's not really a game.
File: 1343504261585.png-(105 KB, 1200x1200, Flying things.png)
105 KB
Have some fliers to the skies of this continent.

Trawl lubs catch spores and smaller fliers with their long tentacles and then digest them.

The mountain geists are smaller cousins of the wyverns that live in colonies. They race over the cliffs of the central mountains and canyons, and ferociously attack and pursue creatures enter their territory.
Their screams seem to be almost unnaturally annoying to other beings.

Raputas are massive floating ragas plants that have developed chambers in which yazdas can live. This symbiosis helps the Raputa defend itself.

The Puruu hawks are light weight flying puruu creatures that hunt smaller fliers.

The Flappers are small flying gesh creatures that live in hexis forests. They live in large colonies and hunt yazdas and other small fliers.

The vulture cedyas are flying cedya creatures that seek out carrions. When they find one they will land on it, eat from it and lay their eggs in it.

Glider scwars live in the hexis forests. They move from tree to tree by gliding. They eat smaller creatures living in the bark of the trees.
Awesome and astounding as usual, Nad.
Non-picture update for bipedal shwirms. Basically a mutation in the gene governing metacarpal growth goes awry, adding a third finger... and on the wrong side! (basically, a thumb)
bumb before bedtime. I still have few ideas I wish to draw.
Man, that stuff is awesome Nad.

Also, for any lurkers, don't let this level of detail scare you off. You don't have to contribute anything nearly as detailed as what we've put out here

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