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Yo /tg/ - the last two days I have been up at my inlaws farm, chopping down trees and doing handiwork to help before autumn/winter well and truly hits. In the course of this - I exhausted myself and went into a 14 hour sleep, uninterrupted until I woke up this afternoon.

The course of this dream is pure /tg/ bonerfuel in my opinion - and I want to see/hear what else could be done to this "dream"/setting to turn it into some form of tabletop wargame or RPG.

So - here is my 14 hour dream of doom, do with it as you will.
Near future

Mankind suffers some kind of (nuclear?) apocalypse

World in apparent ruins

Next few years spent trying to rebuild broken Earth as food and water fail

Then – massive shimmering/glowing portals appear around the world at various civilian and military outposts and towns

Survivors compelled to travel through portals in their droves by some kind of unseen force, taking as many tools with them to survive whatever lies on other side, civilians taking things like luxury goods – the British and French taking as much foodstuffs and farming tools as they can, the Russians and Indians loaded up on as much military kit as they could drag through the portals. The Chinese take as many bulldozers and construction related vehicles/tools/materials as they can gather in one go.

World on other side is a massive, alien plains filled with plants akin to wheat – sky above is alien, with three moons visible in daylight sky and two distant suns.

In horizon is a massive (1km tall, .5km wide) white, shining tower – immediately visible from arrival point.

Newcomers head to tower – taking 2/3 days to reach the massive construction.

Tower is in fact, a massive – living, alien tree – hollow on the inside.

Tree is capable of pure photosynthesis – and naturally transmits energy (electricity, radio and microwaves) from itself – charging Earth-brought technology. Tree is capable of massive, triggered growth and changes to its internal structure – the entire thing seems to have been designed as a biological Arcology, ready for humans to move into.

Humans move into Acology, setting out residential, industrial, military and scientific zones and begin irrigation and agricultural operations for a permanent city within the Arcolo-tree.
World is named “Hope”

5 years later, Human population is booming and successful – new biological technologies from the “tree” worked into almost all human technologies – living computers with biological wireless transmission – perfect solar power, living LADAR cells and laser transmission/receivers for long range communications – first hover vehicles and quantum computers are developed.

Explorers on Hope discover first signs of life beyond humans – remains of another bipedal civilisation, long fossilized in the soil – no visible signs of technology with them, no visible cues as to their deaths.

Evidence leans towards the theory that the Arcolo-tree was genetically designed by the race of whom the skeletal remains where found – no evidence can be found to prove this however.

Explorers build first townships beyond the Arcolo-tree, despite having enough room within to comfortably house a good couple of million people – plans for long term colonisation demand expansion beyond their original city.

A year later – the first of the developed townships is attacked during the night – the few reports that are made are vague, the entire population seem to have been ripped to shreds by machines of unknown manufacture during the night.

By the time a military force arrives, no sign of the remains or the attackers can be found, and half the camp seems to have been scavenged by an unseen force.
Within a week the same happens to another township – far closer to the Arcolo-tree – military forces manage to fight back and down some of the alien machines, armed with multiple ripping, shredding and tearing weapons – they are utterly unknown and designed for close and bloody warfare.

The citizens of Hope gear themselves for warfare against the machines.

Limited success is had in hacking into the machines memory – mostly corrupted systems lead back to a base within 50km of the Arcolo-tree, and a force is put together to scout out and assault what is assumed to be the machines base.

The assault is made, and after a long and bloody fight the machines are beaten back to what seems to be a massive underground entrance to their base – human troops head inside.

Human troops hit what seems to look like the central cpu and downloaded its contents, before abandoning the base and detonating one of the five nuclear warheads the Chinese military had brought with them, utterly destroying the base.

Days later – the machine code is cracked – and its contents divulged.

The planet is a testing grounds, and is roughly the size of Jupiter, it is also partially artificial in nature, it is covered in hundreds, if not – thousands of these “Arcolo-trees” each with an opposing nearby machine base – not only this – but the events that had brought them to this point have been repeating for thousands of years.
Thousands of HUMAN occupied planets have been destroyed and sampled in this way – each time humans from planets across the galaxy had been seeded, evolved and targeted by the machines, brought to this world by portals and then directed towards a waiting Arcolo-tree, allowed to grow and spread, before their “challengers” – the machines awoke to wipe them out.

Thousands of these records, civilisations of humans from across known and unknown spaces, divergent evolutions and technologies, all stored and catalogued by the machines after the civilisations destruction.

And mankind from Earth was the first to ever find this out.

There are also other groups – still active and either building towards their destruction, or in the midst of their war against the machine on the planet right now – cut off from communications by either extreme distance or deliberate and advanced jamming techniques.

- AT THIS POINT, I woke up . . . my head filled to the brim with fuck.

SO /TG/ What the hell do I do with this fuck?
Bump for a cool idea.

Thanks dude, was about to bump myself - is /tg/ being a tad on the slow side tonight?

/tg/ has spoilers now? Wut?
sometimes /tg/ doesn't latch onto good shit.

if this dies repost it in a few days/a week with a narrower aim.
beware what happens when one of these human civilizations finally manages to 'win' against the machines testing them.
Always slow, all the time.

How to put this into words....
Cool idea, though I'd be much more interested in the arcolo-tech then the killy machines. Monsters are easy, the premise of "normal life in a huge tree" or outpost intrigues me more.
Seems pretty Mass Effect-y with Machines = Reapers.

That being said I would have stopped at the "beautiful new paradise world, EXPLORE!"
Your mind is onto something. Also .. My head has been blown apart by the huge amount of information. Great job OP!

This. The idea of the tree seems so cool. Don't waste it. Also put emphasis on conflicts from within the human group. I think it'd be fairly safe to assume that the Chinese are the leaders of the community?

> I'd be much more interested in arcolo-tech then the killy machines


>Also put emphasis on conflicts from within the human group.

That's the thing though, I don't think we need human conflicts and whatnot. The whole thing could be handwaved as "In time of human extinction, people put their resources together." Conflicts could come from individuals vs new environment or individuals vs other individuals.
That was all a dream? Damn, I'm jealous, I never have dreams that are that interesting. Very nice, OP!

It was a weird thing, my mind seemed to skim over the whole living tree thing as if it where normal - by putting the basic shape of a cube or a floor into the tree's walls/floors - you could build a structure of any size or shape within the tree . . . and the whole wireless power thing was awesome as well - but my mind skimmed over most of it to make it work more than anything else. I spent most of the dream as a 3rd person camera moving between people and events and wished when I woke up my brain could have filled in more.


Thats what I thought as well - but it started to shy away from that as time went on.


In truth - I think I may have already forgotten or skimmed more than I have written, but that was the horror of rolling over the moment I woke up and getting all of this down into wordpad.


I can kinda remember a few bits between the Indians and the British - the Indians had brought a hell of a lot of jets with them - but little fuel . . . I remember one liner from one of the British Army commanders about the Indian "raggos being stupid enough to bring a set of 35 tonne paperweights with them"

Wether or not jets actually weigh 35 tonnes I have no idea, but it amused me - so thanks for reminding me
Sounds like a great setting for a Minecraft custom map.

Hah - normally I get less than 3 hours of sleep a night, I have a toddler at home who doesn't sleep the night through.

This must have been the first time I had slept for that long in about 6 years, possibly more.

So you can kinda understand why I wanted to get it out of my head before it faded away.

>In truth - I think I may have already forgotten or skimmed more than I have written, but that was the horror of rolling over the moment I woke up and getting all of this down into wordpad

What I was trying to say is leave a world with enough openness for a GM to explore and then have her players explore. So maybe incorporate that there are the remains of the giant war machines littered all over the place and then let the GM decide if the machines are long dead or if they are awaiting their return. Stuff like that.
File: 1344188730926.jpg-(492 KB, 1280x1450, 1302332387177.jpg)
492 KB
Mother of god OP, write a book. Or run a campaign with FATE, GURPS or Savage world.

>Mother of god OP, write a book. Or run a campaign with FATE, GURPS or Savage world.

Those would work? I've never run/played those before (I'm a newbie, I've only ever played D&D or FUDGE)

If they do, I am already half convinced to do so when my tabletop group starts up again in October.

FUDGE would also work I think.

Anyway, players make normal humans (maybe with some military training. They are scouts/scientists/soldiers/hunters whatever the fuck they want).

Machines got what, one, two, three, seven different types you need to stat out? Workers, soldiers, leaders, harvesters, infiltrators, tanks, flyers.

Focus on the inevitable extinction caused by robot death if the PC's don't figure out the full mystery.
You're like one of those old writers who took opium and just wrote incredible books.
Minus the Opium.
File: 1344189640391.png-(347 KB, 450x464, 4369-i-am-so-offended-by-(...).png)
347 KB
>tl;dr Humans from multiple planes are transported to the first sphere of Phyerixia so that Yawgmoth can find the strongest and use them in creating his biomechanical nightmare engines.

>mfw this is the classic Magic: The Gathering Universe
>OP had a premonition of the future

FUDGE I can stat - congrats to you sire for taking what I was already thinking and convincing me to do it.

During the dream though I had only seen one "type" of machine consistently - I am presuming it was a soldier/combat type - and it was mostly just long/thin arms and legs with blades that moved at stupid-fast speeds with a single insect like compound eye at the front of its "head" - they just rushed on mass and dived into people in a slice and dice attack before they split off and did so again until everything was dead.

I remember being in 3rd person view over the shoulders of troops (mostly chienese and indian with a few other racial types mixed in) during the base attack and lots of people lost limbs/heads/torsos when passing corners before combined fire took the damn things out.

The only issue is the memory is fuzzy now, but I am sure with some /tg/ knowhow I could re-expand what my brain forgot into a workable setting/campaign.
File: 1344189893536.jpg-(79 KB, 580x436, Wilhelm_Roentgen_580x.jpg)
79 KB
I hereby seal this thread with my approval.

It shall be saved for posterity and the enjoyment of future /tg/ generations.


Where do I access this archive good sire?

One robot should work fine, you just need to use them very sparingly.

Yea, this is essentially the early mtg fluff, with a fictional medieval setting instead of the post-apocalyptic future.
File: 1344190116405.jpg-(26 KB, 341x400, bilinska-bohdanowicz-old-(...).jpg)
26 KB

Not knowing what to name your setting, I have given the thread the name 'Emulsiworld' a nod to the chemical process of emulsification.

Have a nice day.
Well, with arcolo-techs "infinite energy for everything" I'd be willing to push the boundaries of normal troopers equipment quite far.

Depending on the speed of the recharging that the tree provides, every soldier could have an exoskeleton, laser weapons, mobile, robot transported heavy weaponry for the squad and constant VR and overlord presence.

This means that the "machines" could be either fucking monstrous, or fucking huge and monstrous.

The only ccg I have ever played was the Pokemon card game - and I avoid all others like a plauge, I don't have the cash to support that kind of crack again.

So yeah . . . I have no idea what the Magic universe is, not entirely sure I want to either, I normally avoid those threads on /tg/, sorry.

sparingly or en masse.

You know, to make the players shit themselves.

No, not en masse. The same creature fought en masse constantly leads to stale encounters unless handled very carefully.
Now I'm curious, where were you in the middle of all this OP? A soldier, a leader? A floating camera that watched the events transpire?

>One creature is a challenge
>Two are a hard encounter
>A hundred...

Make them shit themselves.

Thank you kind sire - archive has been bookmarked, you are a litteral gentleman and scholar, for lack of a better name - I like Emulsiworld, many thanks.


I remember the Hover-tanks being almost like what we have now, just with chunks of the "tree" tech worked into them for things like power generation and comms gear. I don't think it had advanced much further than that as the advanced computer tech was still static to one place.


As for other tech - everything was still very much in line with what we have today - just with thinks like power requirements and some more advanced computers being used in the field (not the quantum tech which as I said above, was still static - but more advanced than what we have today) I do remember the machines being monsterous.

A stampede of knives would probably be the best way of describing them, I work better at bullet pointing the events than I do describing them in detail.

Floating head camera I'm afraid, moving between events as they took placed - skipping time and having bits and pieces filled in with either overhead conversations or I just "somehow knew" in that weird way that dreams fill the gaps.

Homie, you are thinking way to simplistically. We need to really think about the system and the mechanics. If this were a videogame where the player had to physically exert themself in order to go through the motions required to defeat the enemy, then there is challenge because there is an attrition effect going on as the player is physically exhausted.

That attrition does not exist since the fight can break down to "I do X" "I do Y" and "I do Z". There is no challenge unless the GM introduces a limited resource that they must use to defeat the enemy.

Like I said, en masse can be done but it requires a specific encounter to be designed in order to make the fight exciting.

That being said, I know nothing of how FUDGE plays out.
File: 1344192488709.jpg-(369 KB, 1024x768, Emulsiworld.jpg)
369 KB
OP here once more - stole my eldests wacom tablet in the hope of being able to get one of the images out of my head - the first lines or troops and dozers as they approached the tree.

On behalf of all drawfags - I apologise.

It looks bad, and I should feel bad.

If anyone else wants to have a shot at this - go for it, I am going to hide behind a wall of shame.
Nah, that's some good shit. Is that grey stuff a wall/cliff?

Yeah - its supposed to be anyway - it was set into a cliff all with a nearby lake for water - the whole area pretty much made it ripe for settling (defensible, already made and adaptable shelter, nearby water and land for farming).
a cliff isn't really that defensible unless you're on the high ground. anything is pure suicide.
Sounds similar to an idea I had where Earth was just a "lost colony" that managed to lose all its tech and then regain it to our modern level independent of the majority of humanity who's stuck in the middle of this fuckhuge millenia long war against
1. aliens who want to wipe everything that isn't them off the face of the galaxy for not being "pure"(at first this was just propaganda spread amongst the populace to encourage them to go to war with a different set of aliens hellbent on their genocide, but after literal thousands of generations over tens of thousands of years being exposed to it, it became a religious, fetishistic fervor to eliminate the impure)
2. some weird as fuck aliens who use a technology known as "the gene warp" to convert all alien species to their own slurried DNA, with the premise that the only way the war will end is if all life is the same. The brute force of the military is mindless flesh drones or the twisted result of science experiments performed on those who refuse to cooperate. Their scientists are all giant slimy jellyfish/squid looking things who's "body" is jam packed full of brains from all galactic species(and many unknown ones) linked together to form one thinking gestalt. They are tasked with the burden of being "dissonant" for the sake of innovation
3. A race of beings not endemic to this dimension. Don't seem to obey the laws of physics, kill fairly indiscriminately, speak nothing but word spaghetti (Think Homsar or the Oorz from Star Control) and just seem "wrong" on all accounts

Also, humanity is all tough and geneetically engineered as fuck at this point, making Earthlings look like retarded inbred midget monkeys in their eyes.
*anything else
I forgot to mention, the aliens from 3 only showed up after humans tried a stellar scale version an experimental bomb on the aliens from 1 that ripped reality apart a little bit. Basically, it would be like if when the Americans nuked Japan in WW2, demons started spilling out of the mushroom cloud and irradiated crater.
That could be a good setting by itself. Man /tg/ is on a roll today. You could either have it be the demons and spirits of Japan, out for revenge, or hell/other dimensional demons, out for a good time or whatever, depending on what kinda game you want to run.
File: 1344193657783.jpg-(372 KB, 1024x768, Emulsiworld robot.jpg)
372 KB
OP here again, been busy trying to draw what little I remember of the machines - all I remember is just speed, blades and limbs.

So the result looks like what would happen if a zergling fucked a necron.

Ugh - I really, really suck as this drawfagging lark.

Also - I may need to sleep again soon, the result of that fuckhuge long dream has actually messed with my sleep cycle, I already feel tired and I've only been up for 8 hours.
It would have to be more like we tested the atom bomb, saw that it worked small scale, and then dumped not Fat Man, but instead fucking Chernobyl on their asses. At least, that's how it worked in my setting. They basically said "okay, this works fine, lets scale it up to 11 and dump it right on the biggest population center we can find"
But yeah, demonic irradiated Japan would be badass. It would be ironic if DIJ forced the US to ally with Japan and help them force the demons back, since America is just a short trip away and, after the demons managed to pull off a second Pearl Harbor run, the world learned that they could leave Japan just fine.
Chernobyl probably wasn't what you were going for mate, since that was a radiation leak, not a bomb. I'da said Tsar Bomba instead. I was thinking Japan becomes a demonscape and adventure zone if demons or a just weird land (and adventure zone) if spirits. (demons being western/interdimensional and spirits being traditional japanese.)
File: 1344194811350.png-(14 KB, 499x430, Run.png)
14 KB
I know it's not a bomb, but I just meant the scale of Chenobyl.
> I was thinking Japan becomes a demonscape and adventure zone if demons or a just weird land (and adventure zone) if spirits. (demons being western/interdimensional and spirits being traditional japanese.)
That's the gist of it. Japan gets evacuated and sectioned off, as everything beyond the death wall just doesn't behave right. The landscape goes all weird, shit changes suddenly and without reason, monsters that seem to follow their own set rules of flora and fauna but still look just plain wrong show up, shit begins to attack you on a personal psychological level, like a woman who suffered a miscarriage sees a hanging bloated corpse of some grotesque mockery of a humanoid shape and must fight the monster that claws it's way out of said corpse's gut. Basically that whole Godzilla/Red creepypasta but you don't even get the benefit of being the King of Monsters. Maybe there's some Solomon and neutral types in there, too.

The whole America helping after Pearl Harbor 2 thing was to show that the world was content to just let Japan deal with it since we were technically still at war until they realized this was much bigger than WW2.

You're describing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. except happening because of Fat Boy instead of Chernobyl and including spirits to keep with the racist oriental theme.
But Stalker is still too tame. Never do you step inside a building, only to find yourself in a frozen tundra with a single cottage, modeled exactly like your childhood home. Do you really want to see what's inside?
No, wait. Are you talking about the vidya or the the RPG? Because in the latter that's pretty much how the players will stumble upon a new zone.
my players*

Off to sleep I go.
File: 1344195724893.png-(62 KB, 510x436, Kill.png)
62 KB
The vidya. The vidya does plenty of weird shit, but nothing can really beat PnP I guess. Whatevs, I'm totally fine with Japanese STALKER meets Red
Ugh - Stalkerfags . . . I leave this thread for a while and look what happens . . .

Gonna go back to getting this ready for the wiki - sort out stats and stuff once everything is properly writefagged and good to go.

October - my player party gets a whole new world of "woah fuck"
This was an incredibly awesome dream OP, I would love to play in it.

Put that shit on the wiki for future generations.

Op here one last time on mobile, got the whole shebang saved along with extra notes, fluff and such - and then the toddler woke up, so I am back to three hours sleep a night.

I guess I better make something of this, because I ain't getting that kinda sleep again for a long, long time.

Captcha - assume position.

Fuck damn you captcha . . .
File: 1344215043675.jpg-(114 KB, 619x900, Shrike.jpg)
114 KB
I hate to nitpick, but for a tree to be capable of photosynthesis, it needs chlorophyll, which would turn the tree (or at least its leaves) green.

That said, I must ask; did you read the Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons recently?

>In horizon is a massive (1km tall, .5km wide) white, shining tower...Tower is in fact, a massive – living, alien tree – hollow on the inside.

The Tree of Thorns

"...a terrible tree of thorns rose five kilometers high into a blood-red sky..."

"The thorn tree seemed to be made of the same steel and chrome and cartilage as the Shrike itself: obviously artificial and yet horribly organic at the same instant. The trunk was two or three hundred meters thick at its base, the lower branches almost as broad, but the smaller branches and thorns soon tapered to stiletto thinness as they splayed toward the sky with their awful impalement of human fruit... All were alive. All were in pain."

>massive shimmering/glowing portals
Farcaster network: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farcaster

>machines made of blades

"It stood at least three meters tall, the four arms seemed normal on the elegant torso, and the body was a sculpted mass of thorns, spikes, joints, and layers of ragged razorwire. The thousand-faceted eyes burned with a light that might have been made by a ruby laser. The long jaw and layers of teeth were the stuff of nightmare."
Even if this was an original concept, fuck me everything has been thought of.
This sounds like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan
Bump for cool dream
File: 1344261707544.jpg-(62 KB, 900x600, cruciform.jpg)
62 KB

Remember, there is nothing new under the sun. What you thought of doesn't matter, it's about how it's executed. I mean, look at Avatar. It's basicly "White man saves ass backwards hippies from the evils of Progress, becomes an ass backwards hippie." This has been done a million times.

In the Hyperion Cantos, the great exodus is ancient history, it's already happened. But you can capture the fear, confusion and uncertainty. In the Hyperion Cantos, the Technocore is a quasi-benelovent third party that doesn't directly affect the story, and when it does, it does so in a subtle manner. The machines in your4 story are an immediate threat, they are visible, violent and in you face. Don't look at the similarities, OP, look at the differences. Read the Hyperion Cantos anyway, it's good sci-fi and it'll give you ideas you can use or teach you what you shouldn't do. Besides, the last book came out in 1997 and the movie will probably never be as popoular.

I stand by my observation about the tree however. Seriously, no chlorophyll, no photosynthesis. You could take an idea from the Tree of Thorns, but instead of sticking people on branches, put them in pods, like The Matrix.

OP here - my god I thought this thread would have died by now . . . I never expected it to last overnight for that matter.

Page is now up on the Wiki - along with my pisspoor drawfagging.


I have to admit, I have never read the book series - let alone even heard of it . . . but I shall look into it now, google is my friend.

On the subject of the tree - I still have no idea how it would work, but my subconscious worked it all into the whole "tree was created for this" theme when it was first found and moved into. After all, how many trees do you know that are capable of wireless energy transmission, radar/radio and LIDAR?

Now I've had a day or two to sit on this, I am using mah /tg/ storytaime skills to fill the gaps but this still makes me struggle - how could I explain it to the point where it makes sense, rather than GM handwaving?
File: 1344267377889.jpg-(282 KB, 1300x808, Ivory_Tower_by_Hideyoshi.jpg)
282 KB

Instead of having the tree to be entirely organic, you could fluff it as another machine. The trunk and branches could be carbon nanotubes that are capable of rearranging themselves in order to support what ever life is needed. The leaves could be solar panels which provide energy for the inhabitants and the roots could suck up water and deliver it to a large resevoir to be purified and redistributed among the people. At the end of every brach could be an antenna used for wireless transmission.

You mentioned the sky being alien as well, have you given any thought to this? The two suns are both distant, this implies that the two suns are close to each other and the planet orbits the two of them. You could think of other configurations such as "the planet is in geostationary orbit with a white dwarf and gets most of its heat from a much hotter star further away". In that scenario, you'll get one area in constant sunlight, possibly even create Bright and Dark seasons. Also note, the colour of the sun dictates the colour of the sky: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extraterrestrial_skies
File: 1344267431293.jpg-(95 KB, 700x467, ivory_tower_lich.jpg)
95 KB

On the planet and moons; Hope is the size of Jupiter. For a planet to be this large, it would need to be a gas giant, incapable of sustaining life unless floatng cities were built on it. This would mean that natural resources were scarce and would fuel infighting among the human poopulace. A more likely scenario would be that the humans were transported to one of the moons (or several, a planet the size of Jupiter having only three moons is unlikely. It is also unlikely that all seven billion human beings made the journey.). A moon orbiting a gas giant would have erratic, powerful tides and be subject to very long eclipses, which could be the cause of bright and dark seasons on the moons.

Further reading:-






Not especially related but read up on Dyson trees (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dyson_tree) and play Eufloria (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eufloria).

And for art, look up "Ivory Tower".

Op here once more . . .

Thinking about the three - I am thinking of having it as some combination of the two in game terms, in the dream it was some kind of vaguely engineered tree that filled all these functions. In game terms - I am thinking of it being more of a bio-mechanical tree, that still has the functions of a plant, while providing the power and Arcology functions as I had described above - but I do like the idea of the branches acting as wireless transmitters and solar panels and so on - I like these a lot.

As for the whole planet/two suns/multiple moons issue - I will openly admit, even as a member of /tg/ - I know next to fuck all about Solar Dynamics.

Some of these things I like to keep - the planet being the size it was - that was hinted at being an engineered aspect to the world (I think I had typed it above) and the scientists who researched it had figured out it was impossible, but couldn't figure out how.

I want to try and keep that in the setting - as the planet could be hollow, or a massive stellar factory or something even weirder - and the Robot forces/testing could be the key to something greater to do with the planet, as well as the divergent civilisations of mankind that are being brought to and wiped out on Hopes surface.

One Idea you had put into my head was the moons being artificial as well - and being far larger than moons normally would be (say, Earth/Mars sized) with atmospheres - and would be tidally locked in a day/night hemisphere.

Not sure what else to do with that idea -yet- but it has given me food for thought.
File: 1344283083554.jpg-(65 KB, 500x350, hollow-earth-1.jpg)
65 KB
I know next to nothing about solar dynamics as well, those are simply possible configurements.

For the planet, I don't think that's it's possible for a factory the size of a planet to exist. If you want it to be hollow, you could fluff it as a dyson sphere with a small but powerful star at the centre. Remember, small stars can have a large gravitational pull, and it's possible to have a star as small as planet Earth (white dwarves). This would provide gravity (a dyson sphere the size of Jupiter may not be heavy enough to provide enough gravity) and a large amount of energy. If you want the inside to have its own continants and oceans, you could put holes at the north and south poles and say that the rotation of the sphere simulates gravity on the inside. At this point you've left science fiction and moved into science fantasy.

I'm not sure about what you mean by the tidal locking of the moons, as for a celestial body to have on side permenantly day and the other night, then it would have to be tidally locked with a star. Also, by tidal locking do you mean that you can only ever see one side of the moon (like ours) or that the moon is always directly over one part of the plant (like pluto and charon)?

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