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File: 1344538843416.jpg-(52 KB, 720x555, Super Villain Quest.jpg)
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And I am exactly one hour late. Oh, well. I need to be off at around 20:00/20:30, incidentally.

Regardless, you, the IRON MASTER, have successfully seized control of the seedy underworld of Catalina Island, striking fear into the hearts of its population of nearly four thousand! Mwahahahaha! Okay, so in terms of modern population centers that is teensy, but everyone's got to start somewhere.

After using your ghostly spies to unveil the secret identities of heroes Amp and Kestrel, they contacted their super friend Behemoth to lay a trap in an attempt to discover YOUR secret identity, and presumably initiate a MAD situation. Although the attempt ultimately failed, your robot minion posing as an emissary of Santa Muerte was publicly destroyed in front of dozens of Santos Espada gang members, thus putting an end to your plot to usurp control of the religious gang.

Your minions Julio Pedone and Rica Rivera have been discussing with you your next move with regards to gang expansion. So far you've agreed with Julio's more cautious plan of drawing police attention away from Catalina over Rica's bold plan to collapse the precincts entirely before they can call in reinforcements, but you're undecided as to whether you want to attack the Stalkers in Compton as Julio suggests or use Rica's plan and attack the Nine Rollers in Palos Verdes.

Meanwhile, you've used your new synthskin power to create a bot that appears human named Steve, giving him enough sentience and autonomy to convincingly imitate a real boy on his own. You've sent him to get close to Kestrel, who is in truth sixteen-year old Sofia Span, hoping that you can mold her impressionable young mind into turning sides and joining you.
Health: 1 (3)
Power: 2 (6)
Resources: 0
XP: 0

Athletics: 1
Cunning: 3
Technology: 4
Insight: 2
Observation: 3
Nefariousness: 2
Stealth: 1

Powers: Terminators, SynthSkin, Ghost Whisperer

>Link to (incomplete) rules (including powers list): http://pastebin.com/YdF9QA3p


4 Warrior bots at H4 A4 C0 T3 I0 O3 N0 S2
2 Info gatherer bots at H0 A0 C2 T4 I2 O4 N0 S4
Julio Pedone at H3 A1 C3 T2 I3 O3 N3 S2
Rica Rivera at H2 A3 C1 T2 I2 O3 N2 S4

Action Points:
Iron Master: 1/2
Julio Pedone: 2/3
Rica Rivera: 1/2
File: 1344539762411.jpg-(572 KB, 1755x1275, Villain Quest Gang Map.jpg)
572 KB


And I think that's everything. So, Steve interrupted a tutoring session with Sofia (her grades have taken a nosedive since around the time she became Kestrel) when he notices some jocks who were (verbally) picking on a debate club kid, and decides to stand up to them to try and get closer to Kestrel (who is, after all, a super hero). Sofia has joined in the fun, threatening physical violence to the bullies whereas Steve was just telling them to leave the other kid alone.

You've created a bot that looks like Andrew Scott (who has very little in common with your own appearance) and met up with Julio and Rica in a private pool room to discuss your next course of action over a game.

Current events:

Objective: Defeat Amp and Kestrel
Reward: 2 XP

>Wat do?
What was up in the air after last night? Who we were gonna kidnap? And I think we were gonna let Sofia take care of any physicality, if it comes to that.
Laugh manically.

Congresswoman Jessie Doyle, Mayor Matthew Pellitier, or one of their family members. Julio recommends staying away from Police Chief Lenore Slemp, since she's gets about as much done as if she were constantly sleeping off hangovers in her office all day (her Notability is 1 out of a maximum 1d6 possible).
How about we start this thread by selling the identities of amp and kestrel to our fence?
Because we already had this argument last thread?

There was some opposition to that plan in the last one, since some people wanted to try and convert one or both of them to your side, and selling their identities would likely undermine that. Of course, if there's no opposition to that now, we can go ahead with it.

Also, I thought I saw a response from Blackjack, but it's gone now. Curious.
Still opposing
Oh yeah I deleated that because I didn't want to refight weather we were going to kidnap a city official or start a gang war.
Right. So unless some more votes come in to tip the scales in favor of selling the identities, we're just going to hold onto them for now.
Oh, sorry, I didn't realize gang war was an option. I like it, just think it might take too long to instigate. We'll definitely have to use that for another scheme where we need eyes off of us, of which there should be many of in the future (evil laughter).
The thing I have against the kinapping is that heroes are virtually guaranteed to crash the party, while the gang war can be sparked by us crashing into the hideout of either the goblins or the Family (both of whom should be very suspicious of each other after the shenanagins that happened on our island) and shooting some random thugs while dressed as the other people. Bestvoption would be tomattack the goblins near the docks and the use our underwater capabilites to make a clean getaway.
rolled 80 = 80

I'd rather have the capes crash the distraction's party instead of the important one. And if we instigate the Family, they're gonna go after the Goblins (after what happened with the boats), and the Goblins are our best bet set (say that three times fast) to subvert at the moment, as we have Rica on our side. I'd prefer them to stay in as much of one piece as possible.

Chimera, I couldn't care less if they grab some heat and get raided, so they make good fallguys -- though I'd rather have our hands on their hardware instead of it in an evidence lockup. They seem to have some nice toys, but whatever.

I guess we're split 1-1, then. If no third vote, I guess roll for it?
rolled 76 = 76

Works for me highest goes
Looks like we're kidnapping, then. Target?
Mayor sounded like they needed their cage shaken a bit.
rolled 28 = 28

Why not. Send all non steves (with sythskin), and try to ensure we hit when Kestral is in school with steve.

Heh. Interesting.

Speaking of Steve, we'd better wrap up the scene with him before we embark on the kidnapping. He's currently talking it out with bullies, the way the teachers always said would work. Sofia apparently favors a more direct approach.

>Wat do wrt Steve?
By the way, do we have a means of staying in contact with our synthskin droids? Steve might be able to inform us if Kestrel tries to get out of school to interfere with our plans.

Yeah, building a cell phone into them is trivially easy and you already have camera feeds and bugs and such.
Well ofc, both the hero and sidekick work or go to that school. Hitting the mayor during class should constrict their options, and give us a good idea of their eta, so we can bug out before they arrive.
Let Sofia take the lead, she seems to have things under control

Right, one minute, writing. Meanwhile, you guys can figure out how your Chimera-bots will be kidnapping the mayor.
A direct approach? That might help to turn her, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering, we know where this is going.
Well, we need to know where the mayor will be first. It might be best to kill the mayor pretty quickly, because a prolonged stalemate is a terrible idea. If we aren't in and out in 20 minutes we probably won't get out at all.
"Y'know what my Dad always told me?" one of the jocks says, standing up from his chair. "Never hit a lady, but be sure to always beat a bitch."

Sofia smiles a bit. "Come on, make my day," she says.

The jock doesn't wait any longer, and lands a solid punch across her face, which sends her to the ground. The others laugh and cheer him on, but she lashes out from the ground, planting a heel in the jock's stomach and then sweeping him off his feet. The rest of the fight is fairly one-sided as she pummels the jock, until eventually a stray blow from Sofia drags two of the others into it. Even three on one, her experience in the streets gives her an edge.

By the end of the fight, the three jocks are running from the library, leaving Sofia with a bloody nose and a slight limp. "Hey, are you alright?" she asks the debate kid, who's been sitting petrified in his seat the entire time. He just stares. "Hey, come on, you're okay, right? You didn't get hit or anything?"

"Uh, y-yeah, I'm fine," he says, packing up his books.

"Great," Sofia says, leaning against the table and groaning a bit. "Man, I'm going to get into so much trouble for this..."

The mayor makes a number of public appearances every week, giving the occasional interview on a relevant issue for the local news, making public announcements on television channels nobody watches, giving speeches to graduating high school classes which, as of yet, have never culminated in his turning into an enormous demon and getting blown up by a massive stockpile of plastic explosives hidden in the library. All of these appearances have some police on hand as security, but he doesn't exactly have a secret service detail.
I'm thinking one near the docks, so we can make an unobserved underwater escape more easily, how clear is the water during the day? The real question is do we want to do it onchimera territory or not and what will be our crazy demands.

The Port of Los Angeles also has a swimming beach. I'm an unreliable source on how good any beach on the planet is just because I never go swimming, but I think it's safe to say the water is pretty clear, though it's not going to be swimming pool levels of clear just because you can't get that without dispersing poisons that kill every living thing throughout the body of water in question.

Also, I typed this up and thought I had sent it, but apparently have not. Oops.
So, does anyone else have any ideas? 'cause leaving all the planning to the guy who thought it was a bad idea might not be very smart.
Is there some way we could get a copy of his itinerary? May make target selection easier.

Public appearances are public. This guy isn't the President, so it's not like they keep him behind six inches of bulletproof glass every time he gives a speech.
Well then I guess we wait until he's in an area where we can make him disappear fairly easily, perhaps close to our territory, then we grab him. Maybe have our minions wear another gangs colors to throw the authorities off track?

The plan was to disguise yourselves as members of Chimera, if I'm not mistaken.
Right, so we only have control of Catalina Island. If we just grab him and shove him on a boat then head off the police will know where to start searching, So maybe we grab him, hide him for a while, and then move him to Catalina?
We've been arguing our corse of action for three hours, lets just do the dang thing. During school so the supers can't interfrear, rap it up as soon as possible. Use hollywood hacker skills to tap into police feeds in real time for aditional info. Demand that they release some random chimera types, doesn't really matter who as long as it is believable. Doesn't matter if we get the chimera types out, only thing that matters is getting away without people realising these guys are robots.
It doesn't matter if we get caught, we don't need a really secure location to bring him to. The robot is disposable.
Hell, we can't even allow them to get scratched. The entire point of this is to pin it on someone else, to take the heat off of us. Letting people know that it was robots defeats the entire point of the crime.
File: 1344551205772.jpg-(108 KB, 881x720, SCC_103_cromartie_new_skin4.jpg)
108 KB
You know, we really need to get our robots some blood if we're going to keep pulling crap like this, something like the stuff the terminators use would be nice.
Of course the Irony is that normally have totally disposable robots is great for hostage taking, as the psrinks will mot make much headyway by apealing to the bots better nature and desire to live. Anyway I've got to go to dinner, be back in a bit. Pls get the show on the road OP
Today is not your lucky day.

Having lost all of your heavier weapons in the failed ambush on Behemoth, you equip your Chimera-bots with the sort of cheap pistols that the Avalon Goblins just sort of have lying around. Unfortunately, one of the police patrols is running a little late, something they failed to mention on radio, which means you didn't see it coming. They run straight into a pack of your three Chimera-bot goons with weapons drawn, and immediately pull their guns and order the Chimera-bots to surrender. Well, you didn't necessarily have to *successfully* kidnap the mayor...So instead you settle for killing some cops and getting out before one of your bots gets shot up and people realize it is not, in fact, human.

Opening fire on the police, your Chimera-bots hit them all straight through the eyes, killing them all in an instant. Then you're able to slip your bots into the sewers before more police can arrive.

Well, that didn't exactly go as planned, but at least a few police corpses will take the heat off Catalina...
Well, mission accomplished I suppose. What next?
>"Man, I'm going to get into so much trouble for this..."
That's it! I might have an in! Have Steve offer to take the blame.
Do it, she helped him, it's only fair.
Get better weapons I suppose. Maybe build guns into our bots somehow?

Worth noting that it wasn't really lack of firepower that was your problem in this last sortie.


"Heh, thanks, but I don't think that'll work," Sofia says when Steve offers to take the fall, "there were four other guys there, and even if we can convince the debate kid to go with our story, what're we gonna do about the guys I actually beat up?"
Man. I think in the future it's probably better if I call off the quest for a day rather than try to do three or four things at once. This didn't really get very far.
So next session on Saturday?
I'm still good for another 20-30 minutes if you want to try something. I can probably get one more action out in this time if I actually focus on it.

Next one is probably on Saturday, yeah, Friday is pretty booked up for me right now.
Since we did get a little bit done today, I have archived the thread here:


I am sort of a little bit hoping this thing can be kept alive until Saturday, just because this has been such a tiny blip of a thread so far, but that's not likely without irritating bump posting. Oh, well.

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