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Character Bio- http://pastebin.com/GdbR7BUL

ARCHIVE- http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=Mass+Effect+Quest


"Ryan?" you turn to see a beautiful red headed woman rushing towards you and grab you in a tight embrace.

"God, it's been ages! How have you been?!"

Oolot and Luke both look a little confused, you're trying to place her but not having much luck. That's the problem with having so many names, you live so many lives you forget what some of them were even for...

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rolled 5 = 5

Punch this bitch in the face, fall the fuck back whore you don't know me.
We can work with this, her name will come up eventually, I hope.

Hey babe, good to see you again. There isn't much going on.

When we're hugging her and she can't see our face mouth to the others "I have no idea who this girl is, help."
That's cool OP, just read the last thread and well I figured we need to be on high guard plus we don't know who the fuck is under Aria's Pocket.
We'll wait for a few others, it's the time I told them last week.
Try to explain that we can't really explain for reasons we would rather not go into.


Failing that, just say "been better" and make the conversation about her instead.
I'm seconding this action. The last thing we need is some bitch on us. Gonna have to uppercut her.
Motion for our Krogan pal here to pistol whip her with his shotgun, right across the back of her neck, then frisk her to see if she's got any creds/weapons... After that Double Tap
Valid point, back story, Michael is slightly mad, between his emotional trauma and the amount of lives he's led it sometimes bleeds together, it allows him a degree of safety from his past but also makes identifying old friends extremely difficult. You have to make a judgment call. Most of these will be behind the scenes rolls I make to determine if they're friend/foe/bystander.


"Hey babe, good to see you again. There isn't much going on."

You do so and Oolot and Luke both nod. Luke takes the initiative and asks you to introduce them.

"This is Luke Grey and Rox Oolot, they're friends of mine." you say gesturing towards them.

She extends a slender hand, "Dana Ross, Public Relations for Cord-Hislop Aerospace."

You remember now, it was a meet and greet you'd attended a few years ago. You'd made quite the impression, you'd been searching for additional information on business ventures that could help with undermining Batarian interests in the Verge. It came up that Cord-Hislop was bargaining for Alliance funding for several key renovations to Arcturus station. She had expressed interest in similar goals, you left planet shortly there after, this is a good opportunity to re-open ties.

Ryan though...shit it must have been a temp, I don't have any forms of ID that show me as Ryan anything, that will pose to be an issue if she digs too deep my cover is blown.
Well Shit.. this just got 20 fucking kinds of complicated real quick.

Just tell her you're busy and push her away and be on your business, but keep a eye on her. If she tries to come after us. One right in between the eyes.

Aria has claws everywhere... EVERY FUCKING WHERE.
Tell her that we're in the middle of something but we'd like to talk to her later. Get her phone number, try not to give out ours and get out of there.
rolled 20 = 20


"I'm sorry Dana, it's very nice to see you again but really I must be going. I'm terribly busy right this second and we really must be on our way." you say shaking her hand and nodding to Oolot and Luke you've had enough of this conversation to last you a lifetime.

"HEY! Well I suppose...but really we should try and get together sometime, will you at least take my contact information? I'd like to get together and talk business sometime, I presume you're still with the Alliance, you must have a command by now I imagine!" she smiles nervously and fiddles with her omni-tool.

>Take the information
>Snub her and be on your way
File: 1345085968937.jpg-(25 KB, 358x400, calibrations.jpg)
25 KB

rolled 16 = 16

We can just hack for her information later, bro's before Aria's hoes.

Is this your final answer?
You know it, we need to gtfo
Take the information but don't promise anything, say we'll call if we get a chance but we're rather busy of late.

We're leaving... her in the fucking dust.
Take the info.


"I really can't, but I'll look you up when I get the chance, it's kind of an emergency. Gentlemen?"

She stands slightly dumbstruck as You, Luke and Oolot scramble away.

"Well...that could have gone better..." Luke mutters...

Oolot just manages a hardy laugh as you round the corner.

Shit, shit, shit, I have to be more careful...

Fuck what was I doing?

>Where to now?
We need to find some work/ a bar.

There's a bar called Moderation a few blocks down.
It seems to be a pretty popular place from what you find linked on the extranet.

You elect to head there with Luke and Oolot.

The bar's motto seems to be based on some archaic concept of only drinking in moderation. Catchy you have to admit. You can tell most of the patrons drink a fair bit more than in "moderation" and that applies in both ways. Honestly you can't remember you saw this many people drunk at 5 in the afternoon on a week day.

There's a few empty seats at the bar, a small dancefloor and some pool tables off to the side. Most of the patrons seem much more interested in their glasses only Oolot is granted more than a few glances and that's likely only due to how unusual of a sight he is especially as big as he is. The bouncer sized him up a fair bit and has elected to stand close to what you can only assume is a gun concealed under the counter, even he knows if Oolot and him get's in a fist fight he won't be the one left standing from that encounter.

>Have a seat at the bar
>Shoot some pool

First of all, we need a drink because after the shit that went down on Omega... we need it. After that poke around a bit? see if anyone needs some business done.

What no response for quads?
Ok, let's do this then.

You take a seat at the bar and order the strongest thing they got and the waiter comes back with some awful looking concoction.

You look at him and he takes 10 credits.

"Moderation special, technically you only had one drink so it's still in moderation right?" he mutters as he cleans up a glass.

"What's in it?" you ask

"Nothing good for you." he dryly replies

Luke heads over to the pool table with Oolot and they seem to have elected to shoot a game.

You proceed to get sloshed out of your mind.

Lol, oh man sorry didn't see this one, oh well, what's done is done.

Roll a d20, let's see what we find
rolled 16 = 16

ROLLAN Dem bones

You overhear two ladies sitting in a booth nearby.
"Did you hear about that art collection?" the one facing your direction asks.

"Yeah, I wonder if C-Sec has any leads? I mean, how do you steal so much priceless art and not get caught?" the other inquires.

"I don't know, but from what I understand C-Sec is stumped but they're faking it well in the media at any rate."

"Who told you that?"

"Friend works in the gallery, she was there that night..."


"Yeah, she said it was the strangest thing they'd ever seen, it was there one second and the next it was gone."

Hmmmm, interesting, but might be a bit over my head at the moment, I'll make it a point to keep it in mind.

>Roll another D20
>Something else
File: 1345091666823.gif-(439 KB, 350x233, tim2.gif)
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Bump for life

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