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Sup, /tg/

I feel like sharing. And the most interesting thing I probably have to offer you, is small-scale wargame made by myself. I created it after I realized that I have a fuckload of ships from Twilight Imperium, and it's sometimes hard to gather round five people - the minimal number required to play it. And, well, if I manage to do this I'd rather play RPG's anyways. So I whooped out some rules and created a wargame. Of course, you can use anything instead of TI ships. You'll also need some tokens (change will do) and dices - d6 and d10.

So, I'll do it like this:
- First I'll give you general rules (which may take some time; not only have I written them down in a notebook [like, paper notebook] but I will also have to translate it into 4channish a.k.a english as I go along
- Then I'll dump you shopping tables
- And end it up with "spaceship sheets".

I've played quite a few games, trying to balance this stuff - but it is probably still far from perfection. If you ever have any improvement ideas, feel free to incorporate them into the game, although I'd be most thankful if you shared them here.

Approximate translation of this game's name would be something along the lines of "Oh shit, spaceships", but that's only because never had I given myself enough time to think about it.

So, I hope you are ready /tg/.
Basically, players receive set amount of points that they spend buying ships and SSCPs (Self Suficent Combat Platforms). To construct a ship, they need to choose a hull and generators. Everything else is fully optional, although flying without engines would be problematic; so would be getting into fights without armaments, shield and armor.

SSCPs do posses neither engines, nor generator, but I'm running too far ahead.

As for now I've played two game modes. One of them was standard deathmatch, the other one - "Kill the flag". The flag is given a set amount of HP, the player whose flag (subspace beacon, whatever) is destroed first - loses. Due to how the armaments work the flags can be hit only using sunspears, as it would be too simple if you could use mass batteries, rockets and torpedoes. If there are more than two players fighting, it would be reasonable to reverse it - player that deals most damage to opponents' flags wins.

I'll run through ship creation first, and then move to moving/ shooting.
File: 1345556335615.jpg-(92 KB, 793x859, hulls.jpg)
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Hell, I might upload the hull table right now.

So, what do we see there?

Name is pretty self-explainatory. Please, don't mention goofy-sounding names, I've decided to make it sound reasonable when I decide it's balanced.

Cost is pretty self-explainatory. In games ~5000 points you usually use one dreadnought/ two cruisers, real game starts from 10000.

Size is the amount of stuff you can put in. It's especially important for engineering vessels, as they have to install a lot of modules to be able to do anything.

Structural integrity is a general measure of how far is the ship from becoming smouldering wreck. Please note that certain subsystems may be destroyed before the ship blows up, but the vessel might still be usable. It doesn't work the other way round though - as soon as the ship loses whole of its' structural integrity it becomes wrecked. It moves one unit forward every turn, and while some of its' armaments may fire even then - such a ship will surely be an easy prey for anything. As soon as the ship leaves the board we no longer think about it.

Shipboard tells us how many guns can we mount on every board (note that we buy weapons separatly for each side), "Bow" tells us how many weapons can we mount on ship's bow (these will usually be sunspears), and "Stern"... well, you should nave figured it out by now.
File: 1345556926099.jpg-(14 KB, 253x326, range.jpg)
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This picture shows us where sunspears/ mass cannons mounted on a given part of the ships can shoot. Of course, every weapon has it's range, but firing arcs are at least as important. Rockets can be fired everywhere around (if you have to count range aslant, use old D&D trick - first field aslant is "one unit", second "two units", third "one unit" and so on), and torpedoes move on their own.

Uh, since I haven't made that clear yet - we play on a checked board. This means we don't have to fuck around with measuring tape.
File: 1345557507783.jpg-(544 KB, 1920x1080, Space 23.jpg)
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Bump for interest. Also, space.
File: 1345557693954.jpg-(56 KB, 678x463, Generators.jpg)
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After buying ourselves a hull, we need a generator. Here is the list.

"Oh, what are those letters?" you may ask. They tell you whether this part can be mounted on a given kind of ship. N stands for destroyer (my national language again, sorry), C for cruisers, D for dreadnoughts and T for engineering vessels.

So, now you know what does name, cost and type stand for. Size is how many size does this generator take up - logically, in order to put stuff into a ship, it's added size cannot be bigger than hull's size.

Special... well, it's another thing that I will work on - basically some parts give your ships some additional abilities, +1 on attack rolls or something like this. Every special skill is explained below.

Resistance is how much punishment can this part take. You certainly don't want you generator to break down - not only will you lose all your energy input, but also will your ship go into burnout. This will be explained in a moment, when I get down to fighting. Also, whenever a part is damaged its' efficiency also drops - but again, I will tell you about this in a moment.

Finally efficiency is how many energy unit does this generator produce each turn.
File: 1345558185113.jpg-(15 KB, 715x132, Batteries.jpg)
15 KB

In order to stop players from setting up ten cannons with pimped out sunspears, SSCPs only have batteries. And no, they can't regenerate used tokens. Thats the price for setting up a sunspear platform which firing arc is 360 degrees.

Again, name, size and cost ale obvious and you already know what resistance is. Capacity is how many battery tokens may be on a battery at one moment; regen is how much energy do you have to use in order to produce one battery token.

A battery token may be used to regenerate one unit of shield OR fire single armament OR use engine. The token is spent afterwards, and you remove it from you shipsheet.
File: 1345558699558.jpg-(64 KB, 760x439, Engines.jpg)
64 KB
We have generators and batteries, now we have to move.

Name, size, resistance, type, spec and cost you've already met.

Efficiency tells us how many energy units do we have to sacrifice to power our engine.

Speed is - basically - how fast will the ship fly. Again - I'll tell you about avaible moves later.

Manoeuvrability is how good can the ship avoid rockets and macrocannons fire.
File: 1345559212316.jpg-(78 KB, 715x762, Defences.jpg)
78 KB
Next, we've got passive defences. Shields soak damage until they collapse (then you have to power them up again) while armour is deduced from every damage that bypassed the shields. Whenever incoming damage is greater or equal to the armour, the armour is reduced by one. This represents how pieces of ceramite break and fall apart.

- Shields

Name, size, resistance, type, special and cost were mentioned earlier.

Capacity is maximum amount of shield tokens that shield can posses at given time (one token = one point of blocked damage).

Efficiency is how many energy units are required to produce one shield token.

SSCP shields don't have efficiency mentioned since, as I said before, they don't have generators.

Armour does not cout towards size limit, as it is mounted on the outside of the ship. The first number is the amount of armour points it gives to the ship, the second is cost.
File: 1345559413625.jpg-(20 KB, 575x171, turrets.jpg)
20 KB
Turrets are armaments mounted on the outside of the hull, designed to shoot down incoming light craft/ missiles/ torpedoes. They DO have size, since putting them on the ship requires sacrificing some space to crew quarters, ammo storages etc.

I guess this table is pretty much self explainatory. The power? Well, it's the turret's power.
File: 1345559937289.jpg-(74 KB, 720x505, Arms1.jpg)
74 KB
Not much left, I promise.

Here we've got armaments part one.

Once again - name, size, spec., cost and resistance are obvious.

Shot cost is how much energy do you have to spend to fire this cannon. If you have multiple cannons of the same type installed - well, you have to sum it up.

Power is how much damage single hit deals.

Range is the range of given weapon. You can shoot to every ship that's both in your weapon range and firing arc.

Sunspears have "accuracy". This is... well, accuracy. The higher the better.

Finally we have "Type+slot". This shows us on which types of hull and on which slots can we mount given weapon. B stands for boards, D means "bow", and R - keel.

So, if we have DN, DR, DK (or DNRK) it means that we can place this weapon everywhere on any destroyer. DN, DRBK means that we can place whis weapon on a bow of a destroyer or anywhere on a cruiser and so on.
File: 1345560416215.jpg-(74 KB, 763x424, Arms 2.jpg)
74 KB
Aaaand the rest of armaments. Rockets and torpedoes.

Salvo means how many ballistics leave our ships when we fire. In case of rockets it increases our chances to hit and damage, while in case of torpedoes it gives us additional tokens to place (...just bear with me for a moment...)

Torpedo's explosion tells us how big is the explosion. Each ship caught in the explosion suffers full damage.

Torpedo's speed tells us how many units it moves every single turn.

Finally amount tells us how much ballistics do we have. It tells us the number of rocket salvoes or how many single torpedoes do we have.

You guys still lurking here?
Original spacenon here. This is exactly what I've been looking for for a long time OP. Many thanks.
File: 1345560900354.jpg-(56 KB, 689x537, Stuff.jpg)
56 KB

Pleasure to be of service.

These are engineering ship modules and fighters/bombers stats. I'll get round to them - but first you need actual rules.
Allright. So you've bought yourself a spaceship. Cool, isn't it?

But enemy has spaceships too. Shit.

Well, first of all you'll need to move towards him. But... is it your turn?

Person that had less dreadnoughts (if tied break to the one that had less transporters, if tied break to the one that had less cruisers, if tied break to the one that had less destroyers) has the initiative. Let's call him P1. P1 moves (and shoots) all his fighters.
P2 does the same.
P1 moves (and shoots) his destroyers. Then it's P2's turn to do the same. Exactly the same scenario happens to cruisers, transporters, dreadnoughts and SSCPs.

So... how can I move?

Well, there are four moves you can do.

First - don't activate your engine. You'll move one unit forward (meaning, your ship's "forward").

Second - full speed. You can move a number of units equal to your engine's speed, and do one-eight turn. So, if your ship was headed I it can now head \ or /. If your ship was headed \ it can now head - or I etc.

Regular move - you can move your ship a number of units equal or lesser than half of your movement, and then do one-fourth turn. So if your ship was headed I it can now head -; if it was headed \ it can now head /.

Full swing - your ship moves one unit forward, and then turns however you please.
Brilliant. Thanks for sharing, Op. I'll introduce this to a couple of friends who might be very interested.
Now, when you moved you may shoot. First, check whether the enemy's ship is in appropriate firing arc and distance to use given weapon. Is he? Great. Now:

- If you are using sunspears roll d10. If your roll was equal or lower to your sunspears' accuracy you've hit.

- If you are using mass cannons roll d10. Then substract enemy's manoeuvrability from your roll. If the result is one or more, you have landed this many hits on your enemy. Roll for each one separatly. Do not add them up! (it is important due to how armour works)

- Rockets. You simply fire a salvo at your enemy and roll d10. You add your salvo size to what you rolled, then substract enemy's manoeuvrability and his turret power. If the result is greater than 0, you've landed this many hits (but it can never be more than salvo size). Resolve each hit separatly.
- If you fire torpedoes, you take torpedo tokens to your hand. You may now choose how many "real" torpedoes do you want to fire, but it has to be less than salvo size. Now take enough "fake" torpedo tokens so that sum of "fake" and "real" tokens would add up to salvo size (this represents torpedo's internal ECM and ECCM mechanisms). Place them anywhere on the board face down. When torpedo figure reaches them, you may reverse them.
You place as many torpedo figures as many tokens you've placed on board. Now, every turn the torpedo will head towards its' designated token with its' full speed. Once it reaches it - KABOOM.
Torpedoes - while powerful - can be easily shot down though. Enemy ships may open fire upon them with mass cannons, or even with turrets (if torpedo lies on adjacent field). Also, fighters/ bombers can shot torpedoes down if they've ended their move on a field adjacent to one containing torpedo figurine (or even "on it"). Torpedoes that are shot down do not explode and do not deal damage.
On the other hand if torpedo ever has to fly through/ ends it's move on a field containing any vessel it explodes immediately and any damage is calculated normally.
So how do SSCPs get energy? They regen battery tokens by using energy, but don't have a generator to get energy from.

...well, it's time to roll some damage.

You roll appropriate dice and add/ substract what you have to. You tell your enemy for how much did you hit him. He looks at his shipsheet. He removes appropriate amount of shield tokens, and then checks if the damage he'd received exceeded/ equaled his armour. If it did, he decreases his ship's armour by one.
Now, after substracting armour, the person that got hit rolls dice.

1 means that turrets were hit
2 means that stern armaments were hit
3 means that bow armaments were hit
4 means that leftboard armaments were hit
5 means that rightboard armaments were hit
6 means that engine was hit
7 means that shields were hit
8 means that you'd just hit the ship. Damage goes to structural integrity.
9 means that generator was hit.
0 means that bridge was hit.

After receiving damage, one that was hurt tells him enemy something along the lines of "your fire was absorbed by my shield", "nuclear fire of you cannons was withstanded by my armour" or "you see explosions wrecking leftboard armaments. These are now gone".

They got batteries and do not regenerate battery tokens. Every battery is full at the beginning. It simply gives them a set number of shots.

You see, when every ship has to maneuver to aim his cannons at the enemy, SSCPs don't. They simply check whether the enemy is within range.

That makes them kinda scary, especially if you give them most powerful sunspears. It (and SSCPs cheapness) is balanced by the fact that you only get a set amount of shots.
Ah. Then the Regen stat should be removed, since it isn't actually used for anything.
If the ship has no given part (e.g. I've hit Nathan's turrets, but he doesn't have one) or it was destroyed earlier, all the damage goes to structural integrity.

- For every point of damage the turrets receive, their power is reduced by one.
- Armaments are constructed so as to work as long as possible. Until they are completely destroyed, they operate as normally. Please note, that if ex. bow is shot at, every weapon receives the same amount of damage.
For every point of damage the engine suffers, ship's speed is reduced by one (to minimum of, of course, zero)
For every point of damage shields suffer, their efficiency is increased by one (which means that you have to pay one energy point more to "buy" one shield token)
For every point of damage bridge suffers it decreases its' efficiency by one. It means that it generates less and less energy.
IMPORTANT THING: Once generator is destroyed, it deals one point of damage to every other system on the ship. This represents the ship burning out, exploding and whatsoever.
If a ship is wrecked after its' generators are destroyed it explodes. Add this generator's maximym efficiency and amount of battery tokens. Every ship on any adjacted square receives this mny damage. Every ship two fields away receives half this many damage. Every ship three fields away receives one point of damage.
Roll to check which systems were damaged if necessary.

It doesn't on SSCPs. If you install this battery on any ship, you can easily regenerate lost tokens - if you manage to escape from the fray for a moment.
Ah. I assume it takes a turn to move a battery from SSCP to ship?

Umm, my bad - in the last paragraph you can read about "bridge". It was supposed to be "generator".

Bridge has 10 resistance points, no matter on what ship was it put. If a bridge is destroyed roll d10 each turn. On a roll of:

1 - Panicked crew. The ship doesn't do anything this turn.

2-3 - What shall we shoot at, sir? - The ship cannot shoot this turn.

4-5 - Where shall we go, sir? - The ship cannot move this turn

6 - OUT OF HERE! - The ship makes two full speed moves, trying to run away from the nearest enemy. It doesn't shoot this turn.

7 - Panicked technicians - all the energy from generator goes to shields this turn. If the shields are fully charged during this action, ship receives damage equal to energy surplus. It has no energy left to shoot.

8 - Full where? - Ship moves twice forward. It doesn't shoot this turn.

9 - For our captain! - ship moves towards the closest enemy, trying to get him within firing arc of sunspears or mass cannons and shoots - if possible, with -1 to accuracy.

10 - Shoot, shoot, shoot! - Ship attack closest ship, no matter friend or foe.

SSCPs cannot move by themselves. Sorry about that, I'm still trying to write all the rules down. They can only be transported by an engineering ship with a gravgrappler.
I mean if you install a battery onto a ship, how do you get it onto a SSCP?
So, as you've already read, SSCPs cannot move by themselves. If you want to field a SSCP, you have to have at least one engiship with gravgrappler. SSCP can't shoot while grappled. Grappling/ assembling can be carried by a transporter in its' shooting action. At the beginning of the fight, every SSCP has to be grappled by an engiship.

But there is still the rest of equipment of the "stuff" list.

Dyson bomb - allows transporter to emulate generator explosion without harm to itself. Every other ship takes damage as normal.

Scanner - allows transporter to scan one ship. You point at it and ask your enemy a question about it: "what kind of turrets does it have?" "how badly is the generator damaged?". He has to reply you truthfully.

Fighters allow engiship to launch fighters; bombers - launch bombers. Turrets can be mounted on fighters to increase their effectiveness, bombs - on bombers. In order to equip fighters/ bombers with weaponry, this weaponry has to be bought as part by the engiship.

I wanted to expand this list heavily, but I was afraid of doing so - I was afraid I'd create some kind of imbalanced monstrosity.

Fighter and bomber rules incoming.

Huh, apparently I haven't made myself clear.

You create ships the same way you create SSCPs. The difference is that the platforms need much less parts, and have to be transported by engiships. SSCPs equipment is in no way connected to ship that deployed them.
Fighters and bombers have very few stats. These are manoeuvrability, speed, damage vs. vessels.

First one is used whenever light craft gets into dogfight or is being shot at with mass cannons, the second tells us how far can this craft move, the last is pretty much self-explainatory.

But first of all, you have to remember that fighters can stay in space for only four turns. I advise using some tokens to count that. After that - they simply disappear as both batteries and life sustaining system reserves run out.

Light craft starts in group of three. Such a group can move however it please. It may move up to [speed] fields anywhere, turning in meantime or doing barrel rolls.

If dogfight is engaged (opposing light craft groups end their turns on the same od adjacent fields) both sides roll d6 then add their manoeuvrability and vs. aircraft bonus. Fighters get this bonus if engiship they were launched from had either Tarantula or FTE turrets bought. You substract the lower roll from the higher roll - this is how much units does the losing side... well, lose.


If a bomber/ fighter group ends their move on the field with enemy ship, they may commence bombing run. Fighters always deal one point of damage. Bombers throw appropriate dices - one for their model, and one or two additional from different types of bombs. Each bomber rolls for itself; the damage is resolved separatly for every single one of them.

Then the ship returns fire. Both sides roll d10. Bombing units add their manoeuvrability, ships - their turret rating. If the ship had higher total, the bomber's total is substracted from it - this is how many bombing units will be destroy.

After such a run, light craft has to return to its home unit immediately to rearm.

Light craft can be also shot at with mass cannons. Treat this case as if it was any other kind of ships.
Some additional rules:

- Every ship can buy a repairman for 50 points. You place his token on appropriate part of the ship. Every turn you may either remove one point of damage from this part or move engineer. A hit in the part where the engineer is wil kill him immediately.

- Flagships - every player chooses one of his ships as flagship. If this ship is wrecked, every other ship has to roll for panic as if it's bridge was destroyed. Please, mind that it happens only once, while a ship with destroyed bridge has to do it every turn.

- Ramming - NO RULES YET.

Now I will upload shipsheets, and then... I don't know, I've been posting for nearly three hours now. I think I'll leave for a moment, return later and reply all questions - provied that this thread will still be up.
File: 1345565644003.jpg-(97 KB, 1207x864, SSCP&Fighter.jpg)
97 KB
I've managed to fit fighters and SSCP's onto one sheet. Sorry for quality, it was a five-minute Word job anyways.
File: 1345565958601.jpg-(134 KB, 1116x781, Destroyer.jpg)
134 KB
Destroyer shipsheet
File: 1345566298714.jpg-(132 KB, 1116x783, Destroyer1.jpg)
132 KB

Fixed destroyer shipsheet, the tags were wrong.
File: 1345566394471.jpg-(139 KB, 1118x786, Cruiser.jpg)
139 KB
Cruiser shipsheet
File: 1345566502583.jpg-(136 KB, 1116x779, Dreadnought.jpg)
136 KB
Dreadnought shipsheet.
File: 1345566660436.jpg-(125 KB, 1116x773, Engiship.jpg)
125 KB
Aaaand engiship shipsheet.

I'll gladly respond to all your questions, but I have to take some rest from my computer now. Keep the thread up!
If this OP is a faggot, then everybody is.

Bump for epic, free wargame.
seem cool OP, keep this thread alive so i can save everything when I get back

You can use HTTrack Website Copier

worked for me
Archieved for future generations

God damnit OP learn the fucking difference already and quit typing like a retard.

Sorry. My English is far from perfect and I've been translating it for three hours straight. While I would love to see some native speaker correcting mistakes I did, I don't think it will make the rules uncomprehensible.


Thanks for kind words!
Bump for a great - even if a bit shabby - idea.

I'll sure as hell play it tomorrow, although we need an artfag to create bearable shipsheets. Is there such an individual on board?
The translation's pretty good. Some of the wording is a bit odd, but it's all understandable.
Honor Harrington meets Warhammer 40k IN SPEEEHS?

Count me in.

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