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Character Bio- http://pastebin.com/GdbR7BUL

ARCHIVE- http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=Mass+Effect+Quest

>Just a short one tonight, Q&A and general discussion
Dammit I was about to go to sleep TIM.

Oh by the way did you see the ME quest that got invaded by orks?
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"I have no idea how you pulled it off." The operator says flipping through your debriefing.

"Honestly I was a little surprised it went as smoothly as it did, but we didn't cause a scene and that is a win in itself." You say kicking your feet up on the table and lacing your fingers behind your head.

"You believe he'll eliminate the target?" the operator asks turning their attention towards you.

"Hard to say, I was sincere in my offer honestly but he's a wild card. Clairmont is just as likely to jump off the bridge as to cross it these days." you notice your rifle out of the corner of your eye. Still in pieces, you'll have to get on that soon, you've been missing the action of the field. Talking doesn't suit you well.

"Geronimo may win him over, if that happens we'll have to disregard our investment in him and move to eliminate. He's too dangerous to let live." the operator hinting ever so slightly that they'd be sending you in the event that happens.

"I'm gonna hold off on that, Clairmont would likely work for us under other circumstances, I've put him in a difficult situation but I'm counting on his greed winning out. If anyone can eliminate our problem, it's one of the butchers of Torfan." You lean up and start to pour yourself a drink, vodka seems most appropriate.
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"How much did you tell him?" the operator asks noticing that detail was left out of your report.

"Only that we want him out of the equation." you tell them, topping off the glass.

"No reason?" they ask

"Just the truth. We made him an offer, he declined in the worst way and won't let it go. I guess that's to be expected though after everything that happened." you say downing the entire glass, it burns all the way down, cloned organs hurt too.

"The Illusive Man wants this finished, he holds you responsible this entire ordeal, it's cost us much more than it's gained and costing us more to fix. You best hope that Clairmont resolves this. Operative Morpheus out." the hologram winks out.

"I'm counting on you Michael, it's time for you to step up the plate, I've given you the tools, show me what you can do with them." you mutter as you refill your glass.

Can't say I did, sounds interesting.

I didn't plan to do any playing tonight, I just thought it would be a good chance to get anything that's been bothering people out of the way. What they want from a quest, wtf is going on, etc. I'm very serious about feedback. My writing skills are garbage but I try to keep it from being an unreadable mess.

>Krogans are Orcs
So we ever gonna flesh out the Multiple personality rolls?

We already got three but I think we can do more.
Nah not like that. The OP tried to railroad the campaign and well things got orky.

Also what? Your writing skills are just fine.
File: 1345696403331.jpg-(201 KB, 751x1063, miranda1.jpg)
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I've actually got 4.
I've decided that on a hidden roll if you guys get the same number I did. (1 in 400 roll) you become Michael Clairmont, the Butcher of Torfan. (Will expand in certain circumstances as plot requires), needless to say this will be very, very bad for whoever is close by at the time.

We have Barnacle Bob, Terror of the 7 Arms of the Galaxy as our Nat 1

Paladin Robert, Alignment Lawful Stupid (Presumably a low roll.)

and Bob Drake, Criminal Mastermind and all around Alpha-Badass. (Our 20+ on the personality roll.)

Feel free to expand, honestly I was hoping to get some great input from everyone but I can make a few if you guys like. I like contribution, even stupid ideas can be great when given a chance. Honestly horribly off the rails can be an adventure in itself.
Right then.
So the higher the rolls the more competent and smarter. Lower rolls michealjust start to go batshit crazy, but is better at combat than higher personalities.

Alright Ill try to write some in my spare time.

Guess Ill make a chart or something.

1- Barnacle Bob
5-7 (empty)
20 Bob drake
Maybe just make 7-13 our sane self.

Poor Edinboro, what I actually wanted to talk with him about was the idea that we would expand the metaverse around his campaign. Basically the important decisions they make will shape the galaxy we play in while giving him an opportunity to bring anything he likes into his campaign as a sidequest. I don't think anyone has tried that before but the more I play with the idea the more convinced I am it's an amazing idea. Maybe that's just me though, it could very easily also be a complete clusterfuck.

>Also, perfectly valid point, why the hell couldn't you have split the party, really what can anyone there do against the Normandy's shields? Not a goddamn thing. I admit though, I saved Ash, I liked Kaiden but it came down to one thing, Ash talked about her family, as far as I knew Kaiden had no one but his friends on board the Normandy. Maybe that was a cold way to make the decision but I stuck with it for that reason. It broke my heart but I stand by that decision till today. I've never played past ME1 and let Kaiden live.

I like it a lot.

Though we'll really have to expand on what Michael's true personality is. I planned that to be planned mostly by his actions, he's leaning more towards Renegade side at the moment but that's more because he's pragmatic than an idealist which isn't necessarily a bad thing at all.
OH I just thought of something.
Since he is a sentinal, we should try to play it up a bit by allowing only certain abilities per rolls.

Like the higher the rolls Tech powers do better, Lower the rolls biotic powers do better.
At 20 Micheal can basically disarm or decrpt anything while at 1 he can tear the universe a new black hole.

This can tie in with the personality stuff too. Like Bob can only do Biotic attacks and Drake can only do Tech attacks, and let it go from there.

Or am I just over thinking this?

maybe his power in biotics can stem from his trauma he received at Torfan
Well I remember Kaiden saying how his L2s are stronger cause of all the migranes he has.

So maybe its the same thing for Micheal.
i thought the migraines were a side effect.

then again i was thinking of subject zero aka Jack when i was typing mah post
I checked the wiki and yea you are right but L2s are stronger than L3s so we can always make micheal a L2 biotic, plus the whole insanity thing might help.

>L2 implants are notorious for causing severe medical complications such as insanity, mental disability, and crippling pain
>Homebrew Mass effect universe

That would be great, would totally make up for the whole >no reapers thing,
File: 1345699044913.png-(212 KB, 1519x1336, moldy tomato dred.png)
212 KB
personally i usually don't care about stuff like this, but i would choose to stay in the dark about what implants we have, after all considering what happened to our character's mind, an L2 implant makes all the mindfuckery feel kinda weak
>while i have ME pics to post with i feel like going for a change of pace, so here's this drednought i horrendously slapped paint on in GIMP

Emotion definitely seems to tie into Biotic powers. Every-time we see a truly incredible biotic display or hear of one in the game it was some pushed to their mental limits.
EX: Kaiden's Biotic Kick, Samara and Morinth's Fight, Jack escaping purgatory.

Honestly on the note of limiting his powers I don't think it's the best idea but his more competent or forceful personalities will fair much better with their rolls than their average counterparts. The idea for the Butcher personality is basically going Juggernaut, max level Tech Armor, Biotic God, and a complete fucking monster who will kill each and everything that gets in his way. Basically the berserker button.

I don't think we should restrict him but making him excel in a certain area for certain interactions may be possible.

Say Paladin Robert is a an excellent people person and is very well liked by the crew in general but he's such a moral fag he fucks with anything the Bob's have going on currently while he's out. Bob Drake is the one with no drawbacks as he's the result of Michael's training and determination. If you can help Michael pull his mental state together some personalities may begin to disappear and he will spend more time in the personality you choose to focus on. That way essentially we have a full toolbox for most occasions.

Honestly I was going to say there are still Reapers but on a severely delayed time line. If they're close to coming back they pretty much become the essential plot to any campaign. I mean, sure you can engineer the hostile takeover of a small corporation but that's really kind of small time when their are multiple kilometer long dreadnoughts exterminating species from orbit. The espionage kind of takes a back seat.
Right since we have Lawful stupid we should also get a Chaotic stupid personality.
The opposite of Robert, Robbie beats, fucks and shoots whatever, or whoever he feels like.
Great with weapons bad with talking.

I love how all of these are various forms of Robert as well. Should be have Rob the IT? Incredible skilled with electronics and tech stuff?
Simon Bryanne, that's our chaotic stupid's name
>rob the IT
No no, His name is Bertie

Look at all them variations.
Bertie the IT guy, and Berto the BIOTIC GOD.

Bertie is kind, and rather beta while Berto has a bit of a god complex.

I like it all.

I'll leave you gentlemen to it, I'm gonna go ahead and crash out.

BTW I'm not sure if anyone but Mick was familiar with 1.0.

Geronimo and Volkov had it out, it didn't go well for either of them. More on that later though. Suffice to say Shepard isn't the only guy in the universe TIM gave some very nice upgrades to after he put him back together and Geronimo is dead set on destroying Cerberus now.
Alright Tim.

I think I'm gonna hit the hay too. Ill be sure to write all this stuff down.
File: 1345700374030.jpg-(68 KB, 750x600, 1335224594512.jpg)
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have a good one Gents

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