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File: 1346602963214.jpg-(447 KB, 1700x1063, MEQuest.jpg)
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You are Michael Clairmont, Sentinel, madman, and one of the butchers of Torfan, this is your story.

Character Bio- http://pastebin.com/GdbR7BUL

ARCHIVE- http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=Mass+Effect+Quest
File: 1346602995521.jpg-(61 KB, 583x900, Kelisa Janios.jpg)
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>You arrived on the Citadel
>You invested in the future of the Horizon colony locking down the farming business and heavily investing in the defense of your assets as well with a down on his luck Financial advisor named Ming.

>You purchased some gaming gear, a new Omni-tool and an upgrade for your tech armor.

>You're now attempting to recruit Dr. Kelisa Janios who has just asked you how you managed to get on Aria's shitlist.

>You are currently Berto the Biotic God, master of the God Complex.

[ ] Remain tightlipped and wait for her to continue
[ ] (Free-form Answer)
[ ] Awesome Escape Scene
File: 1346605310861.jpg-(75 KB, 1280x640, elcorusingtheinternet.jpg)
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Bump for scheduled time.
[X] Snort some Red Dust off some blue space stripper tittays.


Delivered, what now?
File: 1346606468945.jpg-(91 KB, 659x484, playermentality.jpg)
91 KB
Last bump

>Pic related, was hoping for a little of this later on
Oh wow, that was certianly different.

[ x] Remain tightlipped and wait for her to continue
rolled 18 = 18


Hey, he asked, troll or not I thought it impolite not to deliver.

"Well, nothing to say? That's an interesting change of pace... Aria has an ever increasing bounty on you I believe it's now up to 50,000 credits. Quite a bit of money, it's obvious you've done something but she remains remarkably tightlipped about what it was. So I was hoping to get the answer from you..." she says staring you down.

>Problem is you don't remember what you did, you remember going to Omega and your escape but the details are just...gone.

[ ] Make up a story (Free-form)
[ ] Tell her the truth about why you went after Aria
[ ] Try and escape

Also you may make a new personality roll if you wish.
[X] Tell her the truth about why you went after Aria

May as well get things out in the open. It's bad policy to start a relationship with a lie, business or otherwise.
Woo! Stay up all night to beat a videogame and then come on /tg/ in the morning to one of my favorite quest. This is going to be a good day.
[X] Tell her the truth.
We seem to take a policy of being open and honest with our crew.
"I see, very astute doctor. Well I'll be equally blunt, she is responsible for the death of my parents, they starved to death in a cargo container on Omega. I don't know what you've heard but she has a lot more coming if I have anything to say about it. I hope you don't intend to try and apprehend me Dr. Janios, it will not go in your favor, I can assure you." you say slowly uncrossing your legs and giving her a long hard stare.

She doesn't flinch, "I see, well you don't have to worry about that, I have my own business to settle with her. I was hoping you weren't finished yet." she says a smile creasing across her face.

"So do we have a deal?" you ask extending a hand

"You've got yourself a doctor." she says taking your hand

"Meet me here in Zakera ward and I'll guide you to our ship." you say passing along navigational data to her.

"I'll gather my effects and be along shortly, it's a pleasure to meet you Bob. I look forward to meeting the rest of your crew." she rises and escorts you out the door.

Well that went smooth enough, you should have a little bit of time before she gets her effects in order.

[ ] Investigate Gallery Heist
[ ] Go to meeting
[ ] Other

Awesome what game bro?
[X] Investigate Gallery Heist
We already bought everything we could ever really need for the foreseeable future. We got the doctor. Time to play detective.

Oh, and I was doing a playthough of Sleeping Dogs. Better than I expected after reading the reviews, although the plot was basically just The Godfather.
[x] Investigate Gallery Heist

The doctor has to get her things so we have a bit of time
File: 1346609478933.jpg-(436 KB, 1280x720, Classy.jpg)
436 KB
I'm waiting on Borderlands 2 to eat my life.

You take a shuttle over to the gallery. It appears to have returned to a relative sense of normalcy but you can see two C-sec guards standing watch over a roped off section and what appears to be a very worried Asari curator pacing back and forth with an attendant trying to console her.

[ ] Try and speak with Curator
[ ] Talk with C-sec
[ ] Have a look around
[ ] Other
I'd say first have a more in-depth look around. Then talk to the Curator, and finally the c-sec guards last.
File: 1346610217131.jpg-(220 KB, 600x470, Atrium.jpg)
220 KB

While most of the gallery is blocked off due to C-sec investigation you do have free access to a very large atrium, surprisingly large in fact. Someone is paying big bucks for this much real-estate on the Presidium Ring.

>Give me a D100
rolled 79 = 79

I'm guessing this will be on the low to middling end.

In addition to the rare and presumably very expensive exotic plants there are more cameras than you can count, laser emitters, this place has near state of the art security. It would have been very difficult to break in if not outright impossible.

[ ] Talk to Curator
[ ] Talk to C-sec
rolled 98 = 98

On to the Curator.

You approach the curator and her assistant.

The salarian assistant turns to you as you head up the hall, "I'm sorry sir we're not currently having any auctions or tours at the moment due to the robbery, however if you would like you're of course welcome to enjoy our atrium and lobby area as a guest. I apologize for any inconvenience." he says gratiously.

"Sudin! Can't you see this man isn't a art follower!? I think he's the one we've been waiting on, you're the private detective right?" she asks you eyes wide and hopeful for any answer that might help with getting their art back.

[ ] Yes I am
[ ] No, you're mistaken, I'm not a PI
[ ] Other
rolled 6 = 6

"Private investigator, detective, gun for hire. Same job by different names. Sometimes I think this life is nothing but stumbling from tragedy to tragedy with the relief of the bottle inbetween. Name's Robbert Drake."


"We really appreciate your help then Robbert, let me go ahead and introduce you to Sergeant Halor, he's heading up the investigation, he can inform you on what we know so far." she says leading you towards the Turian guards
rolled 54 = 54

"Don't mention it sweety, I'm here because you're paying me, and that's it." And I guess greet the guards for now.

"Sergeant, I'd like to meet Robbert, he's a private detective who's going to be helping us find whoever did this." the curator says waving you towards a gruff looking Turian with a fair share of battlescars.

"Serrina you can't be serious, a PI? Do you think this is some kind of game? We're dealing with a highly sophisticated robbery, not a cheating wife. Tell this amateur to go waste someone else's time." he says turning his back to the both of you.

[ ] Leave
[ ] Answer (Free-form)
rolled 79 = 79

"Amateur? Well coming from a Rent-A-Cop that means about as much as the bonds of matrimony these days. Just cut the crap and give me a run through, Skippy."

"I take it you're having a great success on your own then, huh? I don't think so, otherwise I wouldn't be here. Look, my job and your job are the same; get that art back to where it belongs and see the bastard that did it rot in a security cell. Now Sergeant, let's do this job right so you can come out of this, with your head held high, as the saying goes."

"Amateur? Well coming from a Rent-A-Cop that means about as much as the bonds of matrimony these days. Just cut the crap and give me a run through, Skippy." you say as the Turian is a little taken aback.

He shoots a glare at Serrina who smiles and he delves into the details.

>The robbery occurred during an exhibit on early Asari portraiture that from what you understand would have been the equivalent of our Renaissance period.
>Everyone had been gathered in the atrium with the exception of a few guards standing at all the entrances and a couple patrolling to gallery itself.
>There was a window of 2 minutes between their passes for the pieces in question to go missing.
>There are air vents above the painting, but they were too large to have gone through and the frames are missing as well. (Explanation, the frames were the originals, created from a now nearly extinct tree on Thessia. Also highly valuable.)
>The security was stripped and all cameras in the gallery set to loop and while there is a refresh protocol to prevent that it only happens every 5 minutes and the security was alerted when this was found to be changed.
>This presents a very tight window for the robbery and it's a complete mystery how they got out.
AWESOME my favorite quest is back.

Are we still going to play games with the crew when we get back to the ship?

Asking for both Serrina and Sergeant Halor's opinions yield this.

>Conspiracy by detractors on Thessia to have her removed from her station as she concentrated more on the older works of Thessia and not the new since taking her office.

>Inside job, too much doesn't fit, to keep that tight a window someone on the inside had to be a part of it though he's had a difficult time finding who has the motive and the access. He admits while Serrina's theory is possible it's highly unlikely, too high profile, too much at stake.

[ ] Examine the crime scene
[ ] Ask other questions (Freeform)
[ ] Leave
What are we scooby doo?

Lets just leave maybe go get a drink somewhere.
Damn it, we need a duster and some cigarettes.
"Ever seen a man cut to ribbons with surgical tools, Sergeant? Let me tell you, they can do some pretty impressive things. Tiny little tubes that can take a man apart in seconds. I imagine a clever hacker could find a way to use those to remove a painting from a glass case. Serrina, had any new hires lately? Any employees that haven't shown up for work in the last few days? Any major purchases before the heist took place?"

Absolutely sir, the thing that kills me is because I try to keep it as open end as possible I have to type up a lot of my responses as we go, so forgive me for the delay

Serrina shakes her head. "No, nothing like that at all, the only thing remotely out of the ordinary was the Matriarch who requested to see the exhibit believing she was a decedent of one of the Asari featured in the portraits."
rolled 2 = 2


SET SWAG TO MAXIMUM. Lets go "question" her.

"Where is she?" you ask Serrina who looks a little taken aback.

"She's not here, she went back to Thessia I imagine, why?" Sergeant Halor looks to you.

"Who was this Matriarch?" he asks stepping forward

"Ma...Matriarch Medili, you can't seriously expect a Matriarch, she is one of the highest ranking members of our Cultural Affairs board!" she exclaims.

>What do you think?
rolled 18 = 18

Oh well damn if she is on thessia then its not worth pursing.

Unless she hired someone to steal it.

But hey like I said we are not scooby doo lets go to that meeting.

Anyone else have thoughts?

Guess not, you tell Serrina you're going to look into that and get back with her and bid them both a good day.

You make it back to Zakera ward and find Dr. Janios already at the meeting location.

"About time, don't you know it's impolite to make a lady wait?" she asks tossing your her bag.

[ ]Head back to the ship with Dr. Janios
[ ] Other
rolled 18 = 18

[X]Head back to the ship with Dr. Janios

(Dammit where is everybody?)

(I guess leviathan killed Mass effect for a lot of people)

Won't play it, I've already made peace with my series being dead. Never again will you have my money Bioware...

You both head back to the ship and head to the ship's mess hall to make the introductions.

The crew seem relived to have a real deal doctor on board and congratulatory drinks go around along with another impressive dinner by Sushoo that even impresses the good doctor.

In addition it looks as though Sushoo found some vacuum rated armor of his own though you honestly have no idea how he could get into it and the kitchen looks fully stocked, you imagine that cost you a pretty penny.

>-10,000 credits

>Pick a destination.

Possible Objectives
>Cereberus requested your presence in a backwater system of the Horse Head Nebula
>Sushoo believes he has contacted the Drell he knew from his youth
>Thessia to investigate art theft
>Blood Pack Base to try and sell weapons
rolled 5 = 5


To kahje!

Then start our tabletop group.

You have Switch plot a course for Kahje and invite all the crew members to the mess hall for the game.

>You're DMing, what's the plot?
Just got here
What game are we playing?
rolled 27 = 27

post zombie apocalypse on the Citadel
What? No! Lets play some DnD/pathfinder game.

Or dark heresy
rolled 100 = 100

dark heresy non human crew are you kidding?
Its 2186 GW has got to move the plot a little to include alien races
rolled 1 = 1

GW move the plot?
I can understand Spence of disbelief for element zero but that's a bit much even in a light science fiction uiniverse
rolled 20 = 20

Fine fine. lets just play pathfinder or CoC.
rolled 56 = 56

CoC sounds good
File: 1346623688329.png-(1.44 MB, 1920x1080, ME3_Shepard_three_Leviathans.png)
1.44 MB
rolled 8 = 8

Hmm Call of Cthulu...I wonder if they added in more stuff from other alien mythologies.

Or hell I wonder if these guys are in it
rolled 20 = 20

I think the OP left a while a go.
And thus another great quest is lost to time.
File: 1346626143037.gif-(498 KB, 400x225, tim4.gif)
498 KB
I'm terribly sorry guys, power just went out and our entire county was at a stand-still, we have the best infrastructure ever let me tell you.

Ok so you're gonna run some Call of Cthulhu.
Everybody rolls up some investigators and by the end of the night everyone with the exception of Rin, Dr. Janios and Sushoo is dead and rolling new characters, Oolot seems frustrated.

"If you can't fight anything what's the point?" he asks
Switch seems to be taking it in stride and working on improving his survivability a bit and Luke seems like he can't wait to roll a new character.

You feel like the crew is bonding well and you see them talking more even in your absence.

Since I've heard they'll be making repairs for a while I'll just go ahead and end here for the day unfortunately. I'll try to play next Friday to make up for it.
>power just went out and our entire county was at a stand-still

Jesus, what third world hole do you live in?

The great American South of course, the last time our infrastructure was updated was when Harry Truman was in office.

You should try living it texas. Its great here aside from teh bi-polar weather.
rolled 21 = 21

lets get the doc to do the L4 implants on us
make sure she is good
What part of

>I'll just go ahead and end here for the day unfortunately.

do you not understand?

I'll have her get started on the procedure, also, I only say that because it just went out again. I can't vouch for my own stability.

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