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/tg/, while browsing through some of my D&D material i came across this little chart and noticed something. when rolling for random npcs in a metropolis, it is entirely possible to roll up a 28th level commoner, which intrigued me. so now i come to you for help. i need tales of the life of this extraordinary ordinary npc

need fluff for a 28th level commoner
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Whipping something up OP, don't give up hope.
He's 28 times as common as anyone else
I think he would be a 28th level Factotum, if anything.
I once had a 16th level commoner NPC living in an area. I gave him feats such that he was assumed to be a mid level ranger.

His fluff was that he accidentally a longevity potion that a group of dying adventurers were hauling out after a fight with the sequestered evil alchemist making said potions of longevity.

this guy had been around 3 generations now, and often moved about in pioneer/settler areas to start a new life when his obviously slowed aging would start to get suspicious.

Life extending effects were mostly nixed in 3.5e, so this was all hand-wavium.
>need fluff for a 28th level commoner

That would entirely depend on your feat choices, would it not?
There once was a girl by the name of Triana Hurtall. She wasn't extraordinary in most measures: average looking, somewhat shy, and with long brown hair that curled at the ends. How does she fit into the tale of a 28th level commoner?

She aided every champion and hero who entered the city that she could. Her parents ran the local inn, so if an individual came through and told of stories of their adventures, she would sneak them extra food or drink. She craved adventure, but respected her parents and their need for her to be at home to help the family. This is all ordinary of a young adventurous child and was so, until one rowdy adventurer stopped in for a drink. Long story short: he got drunk, made a ruckus, and got kicked out. However, in his drunken state, he and left behind an artifact that was found by Triana in the clean up. At the young age of 13, Triana came across a "Pendant of Mass Renown". The wearer of the pendant becomes known for their best trait to all within their city.

Almost over-night, Triana became known to everyone as the person to go to if you needed food, drink, and an ear to hear tales of battle. At first it was overwhelming, the amount of patrons to her parents' inn! Over time though, Triana began to revel in the stories of various parties. Though she would often get requests to join up with groups (if as nothing more than a story-repeater), she declined to assist her family.

Triana now owns her parents' (very successful and ever growing) Inn and has taken on a family of her own. Married to a decently leveled human Bard (11th level), she has learned a great deal of battle and warfare from the countless number of stories she has heard and recited. She has 3 children, all who crave adventure.
For some people, life comes easy. They were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and were given everything they ever wanted. Others worked their natural talent, their natural aptitude to fighting, magic or diplomacy.

For others, life is full of hardship and all the natural talent you have is the ability to endure them. For a James Fletcher, a common man with common beliefs about life, his life is nothing but hardship. James had no inborn talent. He had no taste for magic nor fighting and whilst he was sociable, he simply did not talk much. From when he was young, he only had little dreams; dreams of owning his father's farm when he was to pass away, dreams of marrying the local bar girl who was cute and a little buxom, dreams of children, working hard and passing away happy knowing that his son can take care of himself and his own.

But as mentioned, life is not so simple.

James has survived attacks more than he cares to remember. The plague of undead, the centaur beastmen, the pillaging army. He did not know how to fight and he was unwilling to. All he did was when the storm had passed, he would roll up his sleeves and till the fields clean once more and begin anew. He was a knowledgable farmer and he always found a way to feed himself and his family.

But even the small joy that he found from his wife was cut short by a passing dragon. He could not raise a daughter and keep the farm, so with a sincere apology to the graves of his wife and his parents, he sold the farm and moved to the city, in the hopes of raising his daughter better.
Life was not easy for an emigrated farmer. Some find themselves joining the militia. Others took up new trade, learnt new skills. All James knew was hard manual labour and without complaint, he simply carries out his work, often to the amazement of others. The militia asked him to join, but he refused, since he wanted to have as much as time as possible with his dear daughter. Often other asked him if he were to learn Magic or perhaps take up tools or tinkering, but still, he denied them. He denied each and every call to adventure, so that he could spent as much time being the best father he could be.
Yet fate struck out on James once more. His daughter fell sick. He walked with her upon his back, searching every healer and wizard within the city for help. Even when he found help, the ingredients to cure such an ailment would be difficult to obtain, nevertheless, with the little money he had, he found someone to take care of her whilst he travelled to obtain the exotic ingredients.

He often traded travel for labour. He would help out anyway he can and found himself amongst adventurers who would be willing to fight whatever dangers came his way. However, only he is the one willing to endure attacks from the environment, the biting wind atop the snowy mountain, the poisonous vapours of the swamp, the intense heat of the volcano, it was all for his little girl.

Although he had done his best in obtaining all the ingredients, the girl's illness was getting worse and worse and he arrived in the city in time to see her smile for the last time. The wizard was willing to trade the rare ingredients for enough money to last him a lifetime, but without his wife and daughter, a lifetime didn't seem like it was worth living.

But everyone has a special skill. And for him, it was to endure. He took the money and returned to his job as a manual labourer. When adventurers broke the place, or the city was invaded, he's at the forefront of the repair crew, always rebuilding, always enduring.

I really shouldn't write when drunk and tired, but you get the idea. A level 28 has gone through more adventure and work than a lot of other people. Some people just continue to refuse the hero's call. I guess a lvl 28 commoner would be that kind of person.
Ouch, right in the feels.
What would the stats on something like that be?
>enough money to last him a lifetime
Isn't that enough for a Raise Dead spell ?
I know what you're thinking. That it's strange for a city this size with a caster population this large not to have reported a single undead in over 30 years. You can check the bars on any given night and there'll be some "hero" going on about how they just took on a horde of zombies just as they were rising up, trying to impress the other taverngoers. You can ask the churches and they'll each give you some speech on the protection of their god and no one else's. All of that is crap. The real reason we don't have undead in this city is old Artie, the gravekeeper. No one's quite sure how he does it, some say his spade used to be the scythe of Death, which he won in a game, other people think he is Death, working to keep the Balance, and other people think he's just really damn stubborn. Only one thing everyone knows for sure though, if there's something dead in his yard, it's gonna stay that way.

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