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File: 1347416571719.jpg-(97 KB, 500x408, 3276250442_bf961ef9e4.jpg)
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(I knew I was forgetting something. This is what happens when you don't sleep.)

Faced with a choice between pushing the Protoss to war or destroying the Xel'Naga who brought both of our species up from barbarism, we have chosen to destroy our Makers.

We have breached a heighliner, destroying more than 60 ships with one blow, and followed that up with a volley of nuclear missiles, destroying 3. The Old Ones are preparing for their counterstroke.
At last! Yay!

In response to the Xel'Naga's message, I propose we send (in case we ever showed them any entertainment of that kind)
"This is how we treat parents like [Insert ZergTV Fictional Abusive Parent]."

If we have not shown them any shows involving a highly abusive parents, I suggest this instead:
"No, this is how we repay abusive parents that would pit their own children against eachother. We do not know why the Overmind struck you, but we strike you for your cruelty."
Oh, and target the worldships above our planet with nukes / Orbital Spore Cannons / Other Orbital Defenses / Massive Boarding Parties and let'm have it.

We can probably safely assume that the worldships are planet-killers, if nothing else than by crashing into the planet.

Might as well make some money while we're at it.


>We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this live broadcast!

The Zerg Collective has issue a formal declaration of war against the Xel'Naga. Faced with the ultimatum of attacking our current neighbours or face destruction, the Collective has elected to refuse these demands (with nuclear explosions).

More at 11.
There's something from the Worldship archives we found that we never followed up on: Xel'Naga research into creating a Khaydarin Crystal Psi Amplifier.

We should probably work on that for this war.
Oh, and did we ever get a response from the Protoss?

If we did, we are supplying them with strategic intel to let them know where the Xel'Naga ships can be found.

Also, we should totally send a few thousand boarding parties to the surface of the near-black-hole planet and kidnap the crap out of them - using null-creature cages if possible.
File: 1347417628248.jpg-(49 KB, 1024x768, ZERG!.jpg)
49 KB
Like this pic, only with the Xel'Naga. Yes.

Yeah, sorry. Getting my body from a work-in-the-morning to a work-at-night schedule was easy. Going back to working in the mornings has done a number on me.

Roll yourself 4d100 right quick.
rolled 9, 45, 20, 63 = 137

rolled 59, 91, 93, 74 = 317


They see me rollin', they hatin'
The worldship fragment is busted. All of its computer systems are corrupted.

The Protoss have sent no word.

Seriously, enough with the nulls. You guys failed the rolls. You have no null technology. At all. Period.
File: 1347417804715.png-(3 KB, 300x300, 1298175524009.png)
3 KB

>Seriously, enough with the nulls.
Thanks, I was confused about whether it was a don't-use subject or a "just waiting for proper utilization of the little we have".

>The worldship fragment is busted. All of its computer systems are corrupted.
Well yeah, but we did still find out that it is possible - that alone should make it a venue of research to put into Labrate's lap.

>The Protoss have sent no word.
Can we beam strategic intel to them in the meantime?
Like ZergTV doing a strategic analysis.

If they see an opening they might be unwilling to let it pass, no matter their dislike for us.
Orbital defenses swing into action across our worlds as the worldships begin to turn. Over Tarsonis and Xenta, the ships suffer damage but manage to retreat from the system. Warbrate's defenses over Yoshus obliterate all three of its worldships before they can so much as spool their drives. The other colonies do little, if any, damage before the ships retreat.

Our fleet over the Cube planet readies itself as the Xel'Naga strike.

(Roll 11d100)
rolled 76, 67, 31, 69, 24, 99, 75, 11, 4, 35, 19 = 510


File: 1347418494293.jpg-(50 KB, 1467x365, 134113490763.jpg)
50 KB
Even though you're not Mahou shounen quest, I must post this picture and sage out of my deeply held convictions on the subject. My apologies.

No you're not. You're not sorry at all.

>Bump for ZQ
rolled 51, 65, 77, 7, 21, 91, 58, 2, 56, 68, 27 = 523


Holy crap, detonate the worldships? Not cripple their engines?

I didn't even realise we HAD weapons CAPABLE of casually obliderating an entire moon (that is probably made out of some epicly sturdy material as well).

Please get sciencebrate, Gorm and internbrate on analysing that wipeout.

We need to figure out if we found a critical weak spot we can aim for.
File: 1347419389984.jpg-(66 KB, 680x760, SAGE DOES NOTHING.jpg)
66 KB
You know, I saved this picture to respond to your brand of bullshit back in thread #2!

I would think off-topic meta-posters would be closer to tripfags and furries than quest threads, which have been ruled by mods to be /tg/-related.

(Warbrate has Yoshus armed to the teeth, the worldships were caught off guard, and he rolled very well)

Lances of white light strike out from the worldships over the Cube and our underlings scream in pain as death washes across our fleet.

When the attack subsides, nearly 40% of our fleet is dead or dying. Love Muffins fare no better than overlords or scourge.
rolled 83, 22, 76, 33, 42, 60, 76, 51, 20, 14, 72 = 549

Good thinking, we're in desperate need for knowledge about critical systems in worldships since their sheer size would make it nigh-impossible to destroy them by aiming for central mass.
Sage is indicative of a noncontribution - you sage when you wish to post but not to bump the thread, or when it's an ancillary comment. Such as this one. You've been here for a while so it's surprising you don't know this.

Polite sage.
... huh. We could use some of them guns.
Let's board the worldships.

Prepare the next wave for imminent warp to the Cube.

Have a heavily damaged love muffin warp to the location of a worldship.

As in warp to the space-time coordinates it occupies. Lets see what happens and if the kamikaze attack works.
rolled 72, 17, 1, 100, 36, 8, 64, 6, 92, 71, 32 = 499

Which one of our fleets is 40% dead or dying, all of them or just the first wave?
Where's the warp-in nuke barrage at their engines, and the boarding parties?

Also, how much damage did the Xel'Naga fleet take from their own barrage, seeing as most of our fleet (mutalisks, guardians, scourge, overlords) is in practical point-blank range?
Or do the beams never overpenetrate?

And where'd the barrage of warp-in nukes go, didn't we have thousands from nukeworld set up before we attacked?
Also, did the Worldships attack our fleets over interstellar range, or was our fleet for some reason just hanging around the worldships and waiting to get mashed?

And what anti-worldship weapons did we develop before attacking?
All this would be really good to know, the important details feel really fuzzy right now.

Love how you think, but not sure how much damage a mere kilometer-long vessel will do to a ship the size of a flippin' moon.
How about warping them into the engines, or whatever other critical points we might have discovered by now?
Board them: 1
Ramming speed: 1

While that's true, off-topic no-fun meta-comments shit up the board and are borderline not-/tg/-related cases and everybody knows it.

Well the idea is you warp past its thick armour and just appear within and super-imposed over its superstructure.

The mass has to go somewhere and hopefully it just EXPANDS outwards as it explodes.
/tg/ - Weaponising Spacetime
rolled 62, 31, 86, 40, 85, 31, 3, 1, 92, 88, 81 = 600

I vote for boarding to disable and turn them on eachother (Try to escape with at least one of the worldships instead of gunning for their allies so that we can do emergency-science to figure out what makes it tick - or stop ticking) as many as possible (Destroy if takeover isn't probable) and warping injured ships into the engines of anything else.

Of course, but it's still the size of a mosquito compared to a human - it's not gonna do much harm unless it's in a critical system.

I'm quite sure that if we wanted to, we could weaponise furries.
I think we already did that as one of the body modifications we sold when we took over the Terran UEF.

Alien Terror Weapons.

Imagine an XCOM mission where the terror units are humping and impregging civies, squaddies and even other aliens.
>40% of hentai
Since we've only sent one fleet to the Cube planet, that's the one that just lost 40% of its forces.

We're not at point-blank range because we haven't closed to attack, yet. We detonated a heighliner and nuked them before doing so, because it would be silly to rip a hole in the universe and lose just as much of your force as the enemy does.

We already did a nuke barrage. Not only did we never have "thousands" to begin with, Toaster is still managing the fact that we took all the missiles off of Nuke World, then shipped them back.

>or was our fleet for some reason just hanging around the worldships

Seeing as how we decided in-universe to go from supplicants to combatants less than five minutes ago, yes.

>what anti-worldship weapons did we develop?

None. That would have been big news.

We have done this before--well, Bernie did that, I think. It was somewhat effective against VoidGate's ships.

Board: 2
Warp inside: 1

That sort of thing has happened in this quest, actually...

Our ground troops aren't going anywhere.

How about both?

We cram a good number of troops and some drones in them before we warp.

Those that survive can rampage and the drones can go see if they can find some tasty raw resources within that world sized ship to turn into a hatchery.
Cyberbrate's estimation of the odds of combat-ready survivors making it out of such a stunt is not encouraging.

But you're welcome to try anyway.

Then... twice?

First warp in a damaged craft to cause damage.

Then warp a small dropship right at the same coordinates.

The explosion should expand outwards and the original location should be clear.
I voted for boarding and warping inside. : o
>None. That would have been big news.
Why didn't we? That was half the point of building up our fleets and getting them in position to begin with. o.o

>Seeing as how we decided in-universe to go from supplicants to combatants less than five minutes ago, yes.
I thought we were supposed to set up all the "chess pieces" for a brutal beatdown, develop weapons capable of damaging worldships seriously (because even massive nukes should do unnoticable damage to the mass of a flippin' moon) and letting Toaster FINISH transporting/managing those nukes?

I mean, the one and only thing we had in our favor save numbers and breaking heighliners was that we could take a decent while to prepare under the guise of preparing to attack the protoss.
Y u take that away, CAnon? :<

(Of course, for some reason you also allow peashooters to destroy 3 ships the size of a moon because of a good roll. The sucky thing about that is that we can't exploit metarules without metagaming heavily)

Well, even if we roll one, that might mean that one in 100 make it. So we simply send say.. 1 million to warp into each worldship?

Even if we lose them, I think our forces count in the hundreds of billions, if not trillions, meaning that it costs us next to nothing.
Can you *please* stop talking about how many supplies you think we should have? I deliberately don't deal with numbers when I don't have to, and there's been a clear disconnect between our output of forces and our fuckhueg empire since before the Overmind even died.
But how will we know how much is an investment without at least an approximate?

And I did count in the disconnect between our output forces and the massive empire:
1 billion / Planet as opposed to 100 - 10 000 billion (and we'd have a few thousand planets seeing as we now have the UEF world, which was several times larger than our old 300-something planet empire by your word).

But okay - and thanks for being clear. I'm.. not good at taking hints.

I still think you owe us at least a good explanation for why our preparation time was cut down to nothing when it was more or less unanimous to prepare thoroughly before attacking, though.
Because he's the GM and what he says is true. Quit being a dick.
I honestly don't remember anybody having any kind of plans for preparing this attack aside from hoping we'd have tons of boarding parties or cracking the heighliner(s).
We did refer to preparing and building forces in general (Yes, looked it up to be sure) and not contacting the protoss until the preparations were complete.

Even had a long argument before we figured out we were all arguing for the same thing.

Then again, it might've been somewhat vague, and it's a bit late.

I know, that's why we use "what he says" against him to make better storytelling, mwuahahaha!

Sorry about the dickishness if it came across as that - that wasn't my intention.
Well, not yet anyway.
Will let you know when I'm trying for that.
Again, I'm running on several days of not enough sleep, but it's not like we haven't charged in without shoring up our lines in the past.

Anyway, what's the plan, fellas?

(This Quick Reply thing is awesome)
(I know, right? It was there before too, but you had to activate it in the settings.)

I voted for boarding as many as we can and warping injured ships into the engines for the rest.

Anyone else wanna lend their vote so that we can keep up the genocide?

The answer is again, both.

Stage them together as a 1-2 punch.

Warp 2-3 of our most heavily damaged ships into their worldships with our troop transports warping right after to board them.

With any luck, the explosion will create confusion for the boarding force to exploit.

The main boarding force should be compromised of any terminator forces we have available. The Xel'Naga have shown that they can take over our troops so the biological forces should be used on the flanks or as small disruption parties to harry and make a mess of things.

Also rebroadcast this info to the Protoss. We need their aid.
Attempt to force a boarding of at least two worldships above the Cube World, and send reinforcements.

All worlds to begin war-time Mutalisk, Overlord, Mantalisk, Scourge, and Guardian production. Accountantbrate will need to accept that we're at war and need to go to a war footing.

The worldship computer may no longer be operable, but we still got the relevant files on the psi-amplification process before it shut down. Of course, the Xel'Naga never finished it, but it should be a starting point for Labbrate and Internbrate to begin their research.
We also need to issue an state of emergency to our protectorate.

Activate and call up all reserves and bring their forces to full readiness should any of the worldships arrive.

We might need to commit their forces to the battle should /tg/ dice decide to be a dick.
Cyberbrate still urges against sending boarding parties warping into ships. The odds of survival are not great.

Despite seeing footage, the Protoss remain silent.

Remember: Terminator forces still require a relay transmitter nearby to remain under our direct control. Cyberbrate has programmed combat AI for them, but we have never had a chance to test its effectiveness under fire.

Sorry, don't mean to warp right into the middle.

I mean hot drop then right on in close proximity to the world ships so that they don't have much of a chance to shoot down the transports.
How about we warp damaged ships into their hulls, then warp the transports into the holes?
That could work.

If it's truly empty space, then this might work or it might splatter them across obstacles. Sort of a toss-up.
Supporting the hot-drop version of the plan.
I vote for trying the close-proximity warp with zerg forces against undamaged ships and using the "Pop and warp" with Terminator forces.

Preferably, we should try to warp any ships we manage to commandeer out of the system for reverse-engineering. (Fire all weapons at the other ships before leaving, if convenient).
Dude, just pick one.

...You know what? That's good enough.

We decide to send in two boarding teams, first.

Roll 3d100.
We HAVE to pick only one?
D'aw, I hate when we have to hold the Idiot Ball..

Very well, changing my vote to the hot-drop (the first one) since we presumably can do it against many ships instead of being limited by how many of our Capitals are crippled.
rolled 73, 73, 21 = 167


Hot-drop o'clock!!
rolled 85, 57, 40 = 182

rolled 58, 74, 82 = 214

Time to roll!
File: 1347430963952.gif-(14 KB, 85x85, Overlord_SC1_Game1.gif)
14 KB
In order to keep the Xel'Naga distracted, our most damaged Love Muffin jumps to warp directly into the space where a worldship is. It manages to come out of warp melded with the machinery of the ship, across decks and through power systems, and disabling the ship's weapons and navigation; It's dead in the water.

While this is happening, two other Zerg strike forces arrive. The first group of overlords comes out within 15 meters of the target's hull, and the overlords use their psi lashes to cut openings in the ship before disgorging their passengers into the ship. They remain attached for a quick getaway like barnacles on the otherwise smooth surface of the ship.

The second team unfortunately finds itself less fortunate, coming out of warp in the range of a recharging weapons array, which discharges enough of its white energy to tear the group to ribbons.

We have boarded one worldship. It's time to see what we can do with it.

Next week, that is. Let's say Wednesday of next week. Maybe I'll be able to remember Wednesday, instead of blowing in here an hour and a half late again. ;)

rolled 13, 43, 10 = 66



The warp attack works!

I'm tempted to just order what remains of the fleet to warp into everything the can see.

Figures, I finally get to my PC, and it ends. It's a pain in the rear to use 4chan from a smartphone.
>4chan from a smart phone

That sounds unpleasant.

Sorry, but I'm in danger of sleeping on my keyboard.

>The warp attack worked this time!

Nah, I understand. I passed out this morning during MSQ.

It'd be a little worse if I was the DM instead of just a player.

>Warp Penetration tactic

I christen this tactic Bernie's Spear
I'm surprised the MSQ guy doesn't pass out mid-post. Those threads are running every single time I come to /tg/. He can't be human.
He's an accountant. He runs it during work. That's how he's there all night, he does it while he has down time.
DAMMIT I missed Zerg Quest again!
Ohwell, another time.
(sage because I see no reason to bump)

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