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File: 1347426865528.jpg-(103 KB, 502x509, Grenthmural.jpg)
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>Stormy nights where massive shapes are shown moving just behind the clouds

Image unrelated
File: 1347427165146.png-(3 KB, 188x128, 1301495911405.png)
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>Your reflection in a mirror acts differently then you. All of a sudden it starts freaking out, pointing at something it can see behind, then comits suicide. Nothing is behind you
sounds like the set up to a "yo mama so ugly" joke

>You wake up one day to find that you can no longer hear anyone. Oh, you can see them, and you can hear everything else...But when another human opens their mouth, you can't hear a thing.
>There's a table in a restaurant that is occupied by 'Pirates of the Caribbean'-style animatronic patrons.
>No sound. They just pretend to eat and celebrate in a silent, never-ending loop
>The automatons are left running after the restaurant is closed.
Bad "yo mama" jokes are the scariest, for example..

.. Yo mama so fat that when she's out walking stormy nights it looks like massive shapes are moving just behind the clouds


.. Yo mama so ugly that when she looks in a mirror her reflection freaks out and commits suicide.
Your old digital alarm clock rings in the middle of the night. For a second, as you look at it before turning the bell off, it seems to you HELP is written where the hour should be.

When you look at it again, everything is normal.
>Be an adventurer
>Go to a new village
>After 2 days there find a note saying "no one in this village has eyes"
>Everything still looks normal, except sometimes, on the corner of your eye, you see the people passing by you... changing.... as soon as they get off your field of vision.
>You wake up feeling somewhat dazed, it's hard to focus your vision. Everything appears mostly normal, but the faces of your party members seem longer than usual.

> Everything has been flipped! East is west and west is east! Why? How? And why does nobody seem to remember what it was liked before?
you wake to the taste of blood in your mouth, but when you look in the mirror you don't see any blood.
This has been happening every night for the last month
The rain beats down upon the inn and you hear the crack of thunder, soft pounding, a creaking noise, and grating stone.

No allusion to what was important, just odd details mixed in.
File: 1347428331124.jpg-(49 KB, 500x333, eyes in the forest.jpg)
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>Only eyes are visible
File: 1347428337831.jpg-(179 KB, 500x375, Adorable.jpg)
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I woke up and had this strange organic object in my hand

I've never seen anything quite like this before

It opened its eye

And looked at me and said

How about an orange?
Last campaign I was in we had a session where everyone was rolling great in combat, and poor in everything else. DM had us roll perception, and no one rolled more than 11. He smirked, and we continued through the mansion we were investigating. Soon more perception checks. All fails. Soon every door we opened we all rolled, and we were failing them all. DM started looking nervous. Combat ended so fast because we didn't roll under a 15, but these perception checks were starting to make us worried. Finally I rolled a 19. DM hands me a note.
>>Nothing seems out of the ordinary. Can you look scared though?
I just stared at the note and glanced up at the DM. Who nodded solemnly. Players are bugging out and finally the party decides to bail, and burn the mansion down behind us.

DM And I laugh for hours after.
File: 1347428557266.jpg-(138 KB, 1024x576, ss_eldinor_032510_203604_(...).jpg)
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>You go through an abandoned factory at night
>You don't really see anything unusual
>Your head starts hurting
>You start hearing quiet muttering and eerie clanging in the background
A shadow stops at the base of your door as if someone is standing outside. An hour passes, and it moves away.
File: 1347428626682.jpg-(3 KB, 215x293, LumpTime.jpg)
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One word.

File: 1347429446184.png-(155 KB, 744x339, Gasp.png)
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>You find a note tucked away in your pocket written in your own writing that you can't seem to remember writing
>The words make no sense, but if held up to a light, the words "HELP ME" are clearly visible
>You and your party enter a dungeon in Bubblefuck, nowhere; a place none of you had never heard of, nor visited.
>Deja Vu all over the place.
File: 1347430014204.jpg-(28 KB, 200x450, fading_stars_01.jpg)
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>One by one the lights in the sky are going out

This actually terrifies me.
>You wake up and you don't know your name, where you are and don't know how you ended up here.
>Bonus points if you don't even recognize your own face and voice.
Watch the skies, traveler
>Trees scream a bleed when cut
Shit that terrifies me shitless in a way that I would get ghosebumps and be unable to move like a little puppy?
>Suddenly I wake up and there's no one, nowhere.
>Entering huge abandoned places in non-populated areas.
>Enter in the sea, in a beach that has no people nowhere I can see.
>THIS:>>20693508 (this man's post inspired me!)
>Same as above, but also with lamp posts, when I'm in the street.
>Old cathedrals iluminated by candles, when all the rest of the street is dark.
>One day, for any reason whatsoever, no matter how brief, I see the face of GOD or anything in this supersticious fashion.
>Enter in the sea, in a beach that has no people nowhere I can see.
This one is so live and real, that when I'm in the beach I freeze. For a long time. The more people I see the more confortable I become. Going to a beach trip? NO WAY. NO. JUST NO.
File: 1347430702754.png-(329 KB, 592x336, 1333557221398.png)
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>You enter a dark room
>You turn on the lights

Never again.
They already do that


You could always rip off that scene in Neuromancer near the end with the empty beach that goes on forever.
being in the ocean and just seeing the outline of something massive....like a whale. or being in the ocean and seeing sometihng massive....like a whale
File: 1347431038215.jpg-(12 KB, 284x370, 1296263618762.jpg)
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>Digging up any grave in a small town will reveal it empty
>There a scratch marks on the inside of the coffin. Even in ancient graves

The party find wake up from the Night in the inn to find it deserted. The rest of the town is also empty. Empty, but for all the ash, about a foot deep an evenly scattered.
File: 1347431499309.gif-(209 KB, 450x340, 1338071316156.gif)
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Wandering through an abandoned facility of sorts, you come across something like this.
>Starts floating, and floating and floating and never stop getting up until you reach space and die or you fall and die.
I'm affraid of getting confused with someone and be institutialized for good (like in a mental hospital) or the medics confuse me with someone and do the wrogn kind of operation in me.
I fucking hate hospitals.
>Eeerie shit is happening, suddenly combat with whatever the fuck it is is imminent, you go reach for your weapon/gun and IT'S NOT THERE.
>Suddenly, all characters are extremely afraid of heights, even looking down at their feet provoking panic attacks

I experienced that feel, it's not nice.
I am running the Halloween game for my group this year.
I am using all of this.
Just finished Metro 2033 (the book)

>Walking down dark subway tunnel. Alone.
>Can barely even see you hand in front of your face.
>Your footsteps create a strange echo, slightly off-time.
>The echoing footsteps aren't yours. It's not an echo.
>The footsteps follow you.
>You stop and flail, trying to strike the interloper in the darkness.
>There's nothing there.
>You take another step.
>It's following again!
>You flail and swing, and again, there's only darkness.
>You stop and compose yourself, convinced it's just acoustics.
>You take another step.
>"Wait. You can't go there now." someone whispers in your ear.
>"Who's that? Who's here?" you yell.
>There's only darkness around you.

Holy shit that book is scary.
File: 1347431992231.jpg-(8 KB, 205x197, 1290025504152.jpg)
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>You wake up in the middle of an operation They aren't operating where they should be
>You wake up to find yourself missing fingers, and stitching on your back where your kidney is.
>While you are in anesthetic induced sleep, you can feel every incision made to your body
>I'm affraid of betrayal. Not infidelity stuff like, oh my wife is cheating on me. No I'm affraid of that kind of betrayal, like I'm falling in a cliff, I give you my hand, so you can help me up, and you're my best friend/wife/brother/mother and instead of landing me a hand, you give me an empty stare and do nothing. Just slowly walk back, never losing the cold empty stare.
Shit, I dreamed with this once, and I never again recovered.
Jesus Christ man! That's horrifying. Fucking hospitals, man! I'm not even kidding. I don't if movies gave me some kind of phobia, but I don't like hospitals. I don't remember a single time in my entire life that any hospital made me feel safe.
That really is kinda fucked up.

Those people are risking the fact that you might manage to climb up.
I'd shoot you.

Also, when did /tg/ get spoilers?!
Worse yet, you wake to find stuff there that shouldn't be.
Maybe that's the scary part. They're no trying to make me fall. They're just not helping me getting up.
File: 1347433029213.png-(321 KB, 640x435, EYE SEE YOU.png)
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>sit at home on the sofa
>watching news broadcast
>reporter suddenly stops speaking and stares at the camera
>feel she's staring directly at YOU
>get unnerved and change the channel
>old black and white movie
>after a few moments the actors suddenly halt
>they turn towards the camera and stare
>get freaked and change the channel
>this happens on every channel
>after a while they are staring even before you switch the channel
>they seem to be getting closer to the camera with each switch
>continues until only singular eyeballs are visible on the screen
>they stare
>something touches your shoulder
>You are just about to fall asleep at night when you turn over and feel something coil around your leg.
>You panic and throw off the covers, nothing is there.
>It must have been the sheets, falling back. >You hear a slight hiss under the bed.

To this day after watching a Star Trek episode with Riker getting a python in his bed I tuck the end of the sheet under my feet so nothing can slither up up my leg.
>See a shadow
>Oh shit! There's a velociraptor waiting around the corner!

My childhood. Thanks Jurassic Park.
Don't know why, but this one gave me the heeby jeebies.
/tg/ sure is /x/ tonight.
File: 1347433228009.gif-(183 KB, 480x270, Terrified Ika.gif)
183 KB

I am so scared right now. ;_;
Walking around to see a dead boar lying on the ground being pecked at by birds.

Then suddenly, the boar lurches up, snatches one of the birds with its teeth and swallows it whole. Then it resumes it dead position
>The last memory you and your friends had was each of you falling asleep in your own bed.
>Wake up in strange house, in crinkled, filthy clothes. One of you is covered in dried blood.
>Go to investigate house. Find the foyer has a heavily decayed body, sitting in a leather chair, facing the door.
>Door will not open.
>Wander by door leading to basement. Horrible smell comes from it. Won't open.
>Go into dining room, find fresh corpse of police officer. Left hand is missing, has killed self with handgun.
>Smell gets worse from basement.
>You hear something move from below you.

I was proud of that CoC one-shot.
File: 1347433566667.png-(20 KB, 100x100, 1.png)
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So, /tg/, I had an idea while I was working today that I thought would be pretty cool as a setting, and I wanted to get your opinion on it, since it featured mainly you guys.

Alright, the gist of it goes that one day, every D&D book with any depiction of certain species of monster, Demon, or Undead all blacken and char, as though burnt. This leads to a great tragedy, as even PDF's, and many of the sites hosting them, have been affected. Then we find out the culprit; magic. More specifically, it's kind of a curse of information. These creatures actually existed, and do exist, and we were getting inspiration of them from across the barriers of time and space. And as they enter our world, depictions of them that are so precise as to even include their weaknesses, burn.

Specifically, I was originally thinking that it would just be Demons and Devils, making the actually seem more legit as something infernal.

Now, about a month later, portals start opening up. All over the damn place. They aren't all the glowing, open gates we know of; some of them are as bizarre as quicksand full of crow's wings spitting up Dry Liches. National Guard, etc. are called in to fight these things; and are butchered.

Because what do Demons have? DR/Cold Iron. And we don't have Cold Iron bullets.

FUCK. Meant to post that as a seperate thread. My bad.
This.reminds me of "Jodie" from the original Amytiville Horror.
Not very subtle, but my first foray into the wonderful world of lucid dreaming ended with me being dumb and deciding to look into a mirror.

>wake up in the middle of an operation
>the muscle relaxant is working but the anaesthesia isn't
>unnable to move but fully aware while being operated on
This happened to some woman having an eye operation. Jesus Christ that's horrifying.
W-What... What did you see?
Thats not really subtle, thats Boars being Boars

Loving this thread BTW
>MFW eye surgery is done while you're awake
>MFW i have no face
I'm still uneasy about looking into mirrors from seeing Poltergeist way younger than I should have.

This reminds me of something that scares me every time I look in the mirror.
>Looking in a mirror, and not seeing you as people see you.
>See your true self. The monster inside.
>No lies, no self-deception
>Just you staring at the monster that is you.
Oh my God.

I wondered where I got that phobia. I do that every goddamned night, even if it's so hot in my room I can't breathe.
I don't know how to lucid dream, but I've always been curious about what you see in the mirrors.
Ever read Beach World by Stephen King?

What the hell is that picture from? That's goddamn terrifying.
File: 1347434571586.png-(260 KB, 600x600, 1346348267038.png)
260 KB
>OP image scary
Kind of ironic if you actually play GW where Grenth (the figure in the image) is actually the most active and effectual god out of the other six.

Though I guess Dhuum could be considered more 'helpful' since he breaks out of his prison JUST to ban assholes, botters, and other jerks.
Tool music video.
File: 1347434740645.png-(1.05 MB, 1232x4500, 1313506946660.png)
1.05 MB
Fuck you /tg/. Some of this shit is legitimately scarier than that fucking thread.
Actually, its some crazy Russian artist if I'm not mistaken.
I got a whole lot of new phobias for free at the SCP Foundation.
>You go out one night and hear no sounds.
>No cars in the distance
>No people up late
>not even crickets chirping or birds

Actually, heavy silence out of nowhere tends to be pretty unnerving in general.
They mention this in one of the nWoD books. The party member wakes up in a bathtub full of ice as per usual, but when the docs check him out, both kidneys are there. They release him because, for all intents and purposes, he's tip-top.
You learn something new every day. Thanks for the info.
My neighborhood use to be like that during the winter nights. One time the electric went out and it was really windy out. It's a creepy feeling being the only light in a windswept abyss.
> your longtime pet is now scared shitless of you.
that shit freaks me out
Being heavily drugged to the point that you aren't really properly asleep or awake.

You try to move around and talk, but to your mounting panic, nothing works right, you crash to the floor because your half numb limbs and joints do not work properly, and you cannot effectively right yourself or call for help sense you are all numb and anesthetized.

All that comes out of your mouth is mushy sounding mewling. Your limbs are as weak and unsteady as those of a newly born babies.

>Investigating an unearthly keep
>Perception check
>Fails badly
>Later, hear a sound off away from the party, being a brash fellow I go to check it
>After getting a decent distance from the party an inhumanly tall, pale creature looms out of the darkness, unnaturally long arms hanging at its side, one clutching a long, thin sword similar to my own
>It's grinning extremely widely, huge black eyes staring a hole in me
>I reach for my sword
>It isn't there
>The creature's grin grows even wider, and it waves MY sword mockingly before just fading back into the darkness, while making a horrible clicking laugh.
>Every once in a while for the rest of the dungeon I see it staring at me from a distance or hear its laughter.
>Never see it again
>Get back to town, buy a new sword with treasure
>Wake up in the middle of the night with scratchmarks on my bed and my old sword in my hands
Another person here.
I've had some lucid and semi-lucid dreams with me looking into mirror. For some reason I'm always aware that doing it will result in scary shit, even though I easily forget that I'm dreaming (I go back from lucid to normal dream).
I usually see my reflection being twisted into something creepy, though due to the nature of nightmares the merely creepy reflection is fucking terrifying and I immediately wake up.
This pic looks differently in the thumbnail. It almost looks like the pupil and the eye as a whole are looking into 2 different spots.
I had laser eye surgery done to me. Right eye was fine, I was half way between sleep and being awake. Just saw light and a part of the machine with my left eye.

They change to left eye.
>The pain killer hadn't worked.

Try to imagine that something strikes an extremely thin and long needle into your eye. The needle explodes, ripping everything inside your skull into pieces and the sharpnel bounce around your whole body.

At this point I was like a bow, standing on my heels and back of the head, mouth open and unable to scream.

Then comes the mellow warmth. It just gradually continues into your body, starting from the eye. It was fucking soothing feeling, like being melted from the inside out.

The sharpnels continued to bounce around. I just started smiling. Couldn't laugh.
That... gave me chills.
Well done.
The only lucid dream I can remember involved me almost floating into a tree full of giant spiders. Besides that it was pretty nice.
The enemy says very calmly to the PCs, 'Exciting, isn't it.'
a voice in the wind silently calls for help
only you can hear it
File: 1347437546091.jpg-(272 KB, 920x920, oldking_lisa.jpg)
272 KB
>Millions will die. Exciting, don't you think?
Your pet looks behind you and stares. Often.

This shit right here, right here /tg/, is one of the scariest things that has ever happened to me.
everytime you drink something, the drink have a blood taste.
File: 1347438464502.jpg-(108 KB, 540x720, 1344546194342.jpg)
108 KB
I met a girl. I started to see her often, as she was pretty fun to hang around with.
then once...we almost kissed.
the day after, I met an old friend. he told me that he knew that girl. and that she wasn't a girl...
it was
a GUY!
Whenever you turn on the lights or enter a room, out of the corner of your eye you see a shadow seem to dash away.

Or, what apparently happened to a co-worker of mine. You're in bed and can't sleep. The wind is blowing and so you look out the window. Just outside your bedroom are two glowing red eyes staring at you.

And fuck you all because I'm apparently not sleeping tonight.
>Up late at night
>Listening to music, writing, browsing the internet, whatever
>You've heard these songs a hundred times
>The audio files distort suddenly
>You blow it off as a fluke, put headphones back on
>You hear your name in the song

Scariest fucking thing, ever. Bar none.

I hated my roommate.
>In the middle of the woods, typical fantasy game, your character hears the knocking of a fist on metal. All the time. Constantly. Nobody else can hear it, after the third day of this constant banging any attempt at bringing it up results in an explosion of pain just behind your eyes and the words coming from your mouth twist into incoherent vowels and consonants.

>Your significant other is replaced with someone else who has a different body shape, eye color, hair color, and voice. Nobody (including the person) but you notices this change.

>During the daytime, your eyes will apparently cease to function which will plunge you into complete darkness. Apparently. After four days of this happening, you begin to notice movement whenever your eyes, "fail". Followed by rustling and other strange sounds, which sound clearer than the real world.The seventh day, there is no sound at all when your vision fails - but just before the world reverts to normal a howling crowd of voices screams your name followed by the sound hurricane-force winds whipping past you.

>Whenever you attempt to move your right hand, your left hand moves. Nobody comments on any odd behavior exhibited because of this.
The only option is...

How can you touch her weiner when

File: 1347438787297.jpg-(190 KB, 1600x1200, pathfinder haunting of ha(...).jpg)
190 KB
>Party in small, superstitious, haunted hamlet
>Enjoying a drink at the tavern/hunting lodge
>Tavern has lots of stuffed boar heads, stags, squirrels, rabbits, etc.
>Ask PC's to make Perception check
>Only witch succeeds, notices one of the stag heads LOOKING RIGHT AT HIM
>Suddenly they all hear screaming its coming from that animal heads
>Its all human screaming
>It won't stop
>Men in tavern start screaming
>Only animal noises come out

One of the first times I was able to creep out the party. Felt really good.
how can she be a skeleton when

Does this skeleton...

Uh, I actually do that pretty often.
No, It wants to touch

> thunderstorm @ night
> quiet lightning
> no apparent rain
> anyone that comes outside is drenched
I think that strange movement can be scary, and poor visibility combined with it.

>3am, rural area. There is a man walking slowly down the road, crying. He sees you and begins coming direclty towards you, sobbing and moaning.

>long limbed humanoid/canine moving very fast, and bizarrely, like, loping with some strange elasticity, nearby but it runs behind cover.

>wake up in bed, with abdominal pain. Inexplicable scars on body.

yeah i don't know what else
>long limbed humanoid/canine moving very fast, and bizarrely, like, loping with some strange elasticity, nearby but it runs behind cover.

You mean something like these?


Now I'm nostalgia-ing for Kingdom Hearts.

I love games that start out kid-friendly and then pull the rug out from under your tender sensibilities. Especially when it's a boss that you weren't expecting doesn't appear until it's too late to deal with them any way but rightthefucknow. Shit is unnerving. Even if you knew it was the final boss, you weren't expecting THIS. (Whatever "this" happens to be.) Some vidya examples. (Spoilers.)

This motherfucker wholesale.

I nearly dropped by GBA when I heard it pull off this scream.

This was made infinitely worse by the fact that it's an escape scene, and trying to fight him at all is an instant kill.

I apologize for only having vidya examples.
I knew a guy this happened to with local anaesthesia while getting a tumor excised.

And here I want to get Lasik.

I have some bad news for you.
Oh, wait, my bad. They made it faster now.


It's now faster than the fastest human on the planet.
Look here
This is the worst that could happen.
>repeating nightmare
>You are walking through a long corridor, 20 lamps ahead of you. At the end there is a red door. if you turn there is a wall behind you
>The first night nothing happens. You walk through the corridor into a circular room and wake up
>second night the first light explodes with a faint pop after you have passed it.
>This repeats the following nights, one additional lamp blowing out each time
>by the third night you are starting to hear a faint scratching sound in the darkness
>on the fifth night you notice a red stain on the floor of the circular room.
>sixth night comes, and you can hear the scratching sound more clearly, a howling wind adding to the noise
>Seventh night comes, the stain has grown larger in the circular room. It is reaching toward the door
>ninth night. The stain has reached the door. It shimmers like fresh blood.
>Eleventh night. The stain has snaked its way to reach the fist lamp. It has grown up the wall and reached the bulb, coloring the light it gives red
>Thirteenth night, the walls are leaking, the floor is wet with some sticky substance.
>Fifteenth night, half of the bulbs are now red. You could swear you see movement in the walls under the red glare. You hear screaming behind you when you run through the corridor
>Eighteenth night, you see distinct movement bubbling out of the walls when you run past, too terrified of the dark and cacophony of screaming that follows you to stop
>Nineteenth night. There are arms growing out of the walls of the circular room.
>Twentieth night. The arms are growing all over the corridor. They grasp at you as you flee through the corridors, barely making it into the circular rooms
>Three weeks have passed. You run, out of breath arms grasping at you, the floor slippery with blood. Behind you the darkness is catching up. You hear a pop behind you and grab hold of the doors handle just as the darkness closes in on you

>The door is locked.

Things to do to your party when playing with Horror in your RPG game

Subtly alter details of rooms, NPC characters, the map. Nothing major like suddenly there being a fireplace in the small room they just left, but little details. Spot/Perception/Noticin' Shit checks every time they enter or leave a room.

Have some areas in the creepy underground basement/dungeon/cellar/whatever be completely immune to light. Just flat out unable to be lit up, works best in settings with magic but can be adapted to settings with high tech.

Things you shouldn't do.
- Immediately split the party up, let them wander around together for a bit or split up on their own.
- Man Door Hand Hook Car Door or the like. Creepy scratchy sounds where it makes no sense purely for the sake of, "horror".
- Screaming, loud banging, or light flickering in real life unless you've got outside help is just stupid. Even then, it's only good for a quick, cheap jump from the party and a lot of annoyance.
Bump for creepy.
File: 1347484199247.jpg-(48 KB, 640x480, 1296668920467.jpg)
48 KB
>Get a box without any hinges, or way of opening it outside smashing it
>Leave it on table for the night
>Have nightmares that night
>The box is now open
>And empty
This is a good thread. Back to page zero.
back to the front with you awesome thread
Hollow eggs? Creepy.
Oh fuck, whatever was in it hatched and is now inhabiting that guy's subconscious
>Everything you touch now turns into spiders for no reason. You have to be careful, because if you touch a spider.....
Also try not to sneeze, and make an effort to enjoy your no-fap forever!
File: 1347491240345.gif-(1.58 MB, 320x180, spider was spider.gif)
1.58 MB
Yeah no, I'm just going to hide that and pretend nothing was posted at all.
>in adventuring party
>go exploring
>arrive at nice little town
>no seriously it's great
>beautiful scenery, wonderful atmosphere
>let's stay awhile

>I just wonder why nobody here casts a shadow
Thinking about using http://www.ichorfalls.com as a campaign setting some time. It's full of good stuff. Personal favorite is the following:
I love this thread.
I'm so going to try to intergrate some of these into my DH campaign.
I...don't want to watch television ever again.
>Looking out a window
>Nice view
>Close the blinds
>Notice a small gap in the binds
>Look through
>Things changed
>Sometimes you see things looking back
Very cleverly done.
Plot summary

This short story tells of a Tibetan lamasery whose monks seek to list all of the Names of God, since they believe the Universe was created in order to note all the names of God and once this naming is completed, God will bring the Universe to an end. Three centuries ago, the monks created an alphabet in which they calculated they could encode all the possible names of God, numbering about 9,000,000,000 ("nine billion") and each having no more than nine characters. Writing the names out by hand, as they had been doing, even after eliminating various nonsense combinations, would take another 15,000 years; the monks wish to use modern technology in order to finish this task more quickly.
They rent a computer capable of printing all the possible permutations, and they hire two Westerners to install and program the machine. The computer operators are skeptical but play along. After three months, as the job nears completion, they fear that the monks will blame the computer, and by extension its operators, when nothing happens. The Westerners delay the operation of the computer so that it will complete its final print run just after their scheduled departure. After their successful departure on ponies, they pause on the mountain path on their way back to the airfield, where a plane is waiting to take them back to civilization. Under a clear starlit night sky they estimate that it must be just about the time that the monks are pasting the final printed names into their holy books. Then they notice that "overhead, without any fuss, the stars were going out."

Dark Heresy has some really creepy stuff.

Last night I dreamt of the tower again. I stood on its pinnacle and I felt the wind on my face. I watched the darkness spreading as the storm rose. My face was turned to the oncoming storm and I could not look away. The world shook and the stars were lost as the lightning struck. I saw in that flash that the world was turned into a pale thing over which clammy shapes crawled, their eyes lidless and black, but they cried out with the voices I knew.
The world grew darker with every peal of thunder. As always, I first saw him in the distance- a far away silhouette of a man unmoving, cut out of the sky, made bright by the lightning flash. The thunderclaps came faster, like measured and monstrous steps, and with every flash of lightning the still man was nearer. With the pace of a beating heart he drew closer and I could see his eyes. They were dark and filled with stars stolen from the sky.
Each night I wake later and he is nearer to me then when I woke on the previous night. Last night he advanced to the foot of the tower.

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