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File: 1347667396342.png-(47 KB, 1872x857, robotlady778.png)
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>My internet connection done fucked up

You are Blade Woman, your mission is to spread the MORRIGAN virus throughout every single Robot Master in Mega Man history. This is part of Dr. Wily's latest plan, which is hella awesome, like his other plans that involved disguising himself as Mr. X, making buildings shaped like skulls, and stealing an alien energy source for no reason.

You were in the middle of talking to Plant Man with the Hornet Chaser equipped. He was talking about how Dr. Wily has him making robot plants for no reason.
File: 1347667478027.png-(96 KB, 1583x681, infection progress.png)
96 KB
You have already infected all these guys, and are infected with two other Stalker viruses.

See, those are other versions of the MORRIGAN virus. You've already fought and defeated Shade Man, Blade Man, and Flash Man who carried the DEMITRI, HSIENKO, and PYRON viruses respectively. Cut Man's JEDAH virus was benign, so you let him go.

Still infected with two more, which is bad. Wow, this all seems really stupid.

You also selected the following upgrades:
>Class - More respectable
>Wisdom - You got a Wikipedia in your head
>Charm - The less said about this the better, MAXED OUT
>Skill - Can demonstrate an impressive talent at will
File: 1347667543033.png-(226 KB, 2322x1722, lrmq weapons.png)
226 KB
>this is terrible, you are terrible. report/sage/etc
I ain't drawing no porn, this is just softcore silly fun. That's it, no nudity, never. Give it a shot, might enjoy it maybe?

>i am morbidly interested in this, but i never know when you update
I'm keeping a semi-regular schedule, I make sure to tell you when the next update will be at the end of every chapter now. If that's not enough, you can get up to the minute updates on my twitter: https://twitter.com/bizarroDF

That about covers it, what do?
"So... how do robot plants even work? Can they actually grow like normal plants?"
File: 1347668315443.png-(44 KB, 1901x852, robotlady779.png)
44 KB
You ask if robot plants can grow like real plants.

He tells you that they do, as they're actually a blend of natural plants and synthetic tissue. Between the nanobots and neuropozyne fertilizer, the machine and organic parts should grow in a fairly synchronized rate.

He seems quite proud of this.
"That's amazing. What about, uh, reproductin?"

Damn it, I can't be the only one here.
Well... since we're here, uh...

"Why don't you show me how the birds and the bees work blink blink?"
File: 1347669370970.png-(54 KB, 1872x857, robotlady780.png)
54 KB
You ask him if the plants are capable of reproduction, hint hint.

He says no, he's gotten them to grow remarkably fast but they don't currently bear fruit. Ah well, that's the advantage of cyborg plants, he can patch that in when he gets it figured out.
Inquire if he can use some pollinating himself, if he knows what we mean.
Actually, this is kind of interesting. Has he made any fancy new types of flower?

Also compliment him on his change from red with yellow polka dots to green, it's very fetching.
So, judging from what was deduced like... What, two threads ago, this is the list of possible Stalker-carrying Robot Masters that we've infected so far (not counting the past few threads).

Sheep Man can be ruled out, since we've already encountered a Stalker from 10, as can Heat Man, as we've encountered a stalker from 2. We haven't been able to identify a stalker from the 4th wave of Robot masters, so Pharaoh Man may be suspect.
File: 1347670922792.png-(56 KB, 1901x852, robotlady781.png)
56 KB
You compliment his redesign and ask if he wants any pollinating himself hint hint.

>Plant Man hates bees, you switch to the Freeze Cracker, which he is actually weak against

He says yeah, he could use some pollen... for his... stamen...

look i dont know shit about plants, you two just fuck already
File: 1347670969620.png-(101 KB, 1583x681, stalkers.png)
101 KB
File: 1347671036994.png-(46 KB, 1901x852, robotlady782.png)
46 KB
Also forgot to cross out Cloud Man.

File: 1347671398431.png-(66 KB, 1888x845, robotlady784.png)
66 KB
File: 1347671509152.png-(97 KB, 1583x681, infection progress.png)
97 KB
File: 1347671547538.png-(60 KB, 1888x845, robotlady785.png)
60 KB
ALRIGHT, now that you have one more of the ever versatile and super-good shield weapons, it's time to move on to...?
For reference, here is the last thread:

Bright man.

Have we found a Stalker from his generation yet? Because I've been suspicious of him since we saw him around on a couple missions, and the yellow certainly doesn't help.
I vote Bright Man.


A list of presumably safe and uninfected Robot Masters, from those generations in which we have already encountered a Stalker. We should probably check these guys out and see if that bears out.

Bomb Man
Fire Man
Elec Man
Crash Man
Nitro Man
Chill Man
Solar Man
File: 1347672625144.png-(41 KB, 1877x844, robotlady786.png)
41 KB
You find Bright Man just sittin' around readin' a magazine.
"Sup, shiny?"
Sneak up behind him and stab him in the back of the head cover his eyes.

First switching to whatever he's weak to, as determined by somebody else's vote that actually knows such things.
That'd be Rain Flush.
File: 1347673662499.png-(40 KB, 1877x844, robotlady786.png)
40 KB
You switch to the Rain Flush, sneak up behind him, cover his eyes and ask him what's up.

He's like uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nothin'.
Man, I have got nothing.
Ask him about what he was reading.

File: 1347675598677.png-(39 KB, 1877x844, robotlady787.png)
39 KB
You rub his head and ask what he was reading.

He says it was just the latest issue of Traps Illustrated, nothing too fancy.
Sit down on/besides Bright Man, investigate said magazine!
"Like, spikes and fake doors and stuff?"
Comment that you didn't know he was into that.

Had too. Fucking /tg/, what are you doing to me?
File: 1347676072811.png-(46 KB, 1877x844, just another guilty gear (...).png)
46 KB
You ask if it's like... spikes and stuff.

He says it is, actually.

Come to think of it, we're actually probably eventually going to have to fight Mega Man, aren't we?

We should totally have some spikes. Or blades.

Like, huge, instant kill moving blades on the ceiling and floor that have to be dodged in succession.
I Wanna Be The Guy levels of spikes and blades? Fruit too?
File: 1347677052175.png-(43 KB, 1877x844, robotlady788.png)
43 KB
Now that you think about it, you might want to look into some traps too. Some spikes, death apples, some kinda robot... knife... thing.

All kindsa shit, for when you gotta fight Mega Man.

Granted, he'll get past all of them, but still.
After all, it's not about actually killing him.

It's about STYLE. You could get ranked up there with Guts Man's droppy platforms or Heat Man's insufferably long vanishing block thing!
Vanishing platforms over spikes. He HATES that. Better yet, make them invisible, vanishing platforms.

Actually talk to bright man about some trap ideas, he'll eat that right up.
File: 1347677790905.png-(47 KB, 1877x844, robotlady789.png)
47 KB
Using your WISDOM you and Bright Man have a deep discussion on trap design.

He is impressed, you really know your way around trap placement and timing mechanisms.
There are many potential terrible come-on lines involving puns about spikes and pits. Throw one of them out there and fuck him already.
File: 1347678468710.png-(41 KB, 1877x844, robotlady790.png)
41 KB
You mention that he should trigger your release switch to... automatic... trap trap... robot sex.

He's like alright, sounds good.
File: 1347678504259.png-(37 KB, 1877x844, robotlady791.png)
37 KB
File: 1347678541420.png-(27 KB, 1877x844, robotlady792.png)
27 KB
File: 1347678749501.png-(63 KB, 1888x845, robotlady793.png)
63 KB
>Other (Stops time)
>Stuns target
>Shield piercing
File: 1347678786883.png-(98 KB, 1583x681, infection progress.png)
98 KB
File: 1347678979662.png-(54 KB, 1888x845, robotlady794.png)
54 KB
Wow, is that two more Robot Masters already?

Ah well, just means more PLOT will have to happen NEXT TIME.

On the next episode of LRMQ:
>One more of these fuckers
>More obtuse video game references
>A Stalker will definitely try to wreck your shit


I hope you've enjoyed it.
Of course we have. Even if no one else will admit it.

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