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You are Michael Clairmont, Sentinel, madman, and one of the butchers of Torfan, this is your story.

Character Bio- http://pastebin.com/GdbR7BUL

ARCHIVE- http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=Mass+Effect+Quest
HUZZAH! You're back.

Turn to the Justicar and point at the Curator's body.

"Her blood is on your hands."

Wait for reaction.
>You are Michael Clairmont

>You just managed to survive a trap set by an Ardat-Yakshi intended to kill the Justicar Phora.
>You got hit pretty hard and feel like you might have a hairline fracture along your shoulder and collarbone but you are ok for the moment.
>You chose to save Phora over the innocent bystander.

You stand and look to Phora, she's covered in cuts and bleeding, your ears are still ringing.

"Her blood is on your hands..." you tell Phora turning back to the cold Asari closing her eyes with your fingers.

"Cap'n you alright? Where are you?" Luke asks over your com.

Phora starts to head for the door.

[ ] Talk with Luke
[ ] Go after Phora
[ ] Examine the room
[ ] Other
Talk with Luke, make sure Phora can hear us.

"Yeah I'm fine. Just had to deal with a bitch from some self-important cult of so-called "Justice" who doesn't give a shit about the innocent people she gets killed so long as she gets to masturbate to the mental images later."
Damn, that's harsh. Might want to switch the last bit a little. It might actually set her off.

She's already rounded the corner

"Yeah I'm fine. Just had to deal with a bitch from some self-important cult of so-called "Justice" who doesn't give a shit about the innocent people she gets killed so long as she gets to masturbate to the mental images later." you tell him.

"Status light shows you're wounded, Oolot and Janios are on their way to you." Luke informs you, noting the concern in his voice.

[ ] Belay that order, I'm fine
[ ] Tell them to meet me (Destination)
[ ] About damn time
Examine room as well. See if we can dredge up any clues.
"Tell them to meet me outside the Museum. Also, try and drop off an anonymous message to the press or something that says that some Justicar named Phora is responsible for the death of the museum's curator. I'm not letting her get away."

Need two rolls
D20 for personality and then give me a D100 for search once you answer Luke
To make it interesting you may alter the roll by adding or subtracting up to 3 after you know the result
Situational bonus to becoming Robbert the PI.
rolled 58 = 58

It seems like >>20745939 has us on White Knight mode. What's his name again?

Table for those interested. It may be expanding soon.

1- Barnacle Bob- Space pirate
2-5 Berto the Biotic God
6-8 Robbert the PI
9-14 Michael Clairmont- Default
15-17 Ryan Hastings- Suave mutherfucker
18- Bertie the Tech- Wimpy but a nice guy
19- Robert the Palabro
20 Bob Drake- Cold, calculating, and very, very, dangerous

Also not till we get a personality roll. We've not been the Palabro yet.
May add up or subtract up to 3 points. You can go all the way up to Bob Drake or down to Ryan Hastings.
rolled 18 = 18

rollan'. Hoping for Palabro.

Also, Bob Drake mentally translates to Bob Page for me.

I feel sorry for those who piss us off.

Think you can hide your 18 sir?
I saw that.
Ooooh, I'm torn between Palabro and Drake.

Going for Drake cause he sounds the most dangerous.
I don't think it makes much of a difference in this case. The second guy also got an 18.

... Dude, I think there's like one or two people in here right now.
My vote goes for Drake as well.

She will feel our wrath.
I generally don't get to participate in these threads but I have to pop in to say that our crew is probably really concerned about our mental state as we continuously freak them out. They're probably getting ready to stage an intervention now that Janios is on board.
TIM? You alive?

That's two for Drake, and no one has mentioned speaking to Janios about our ever more fracturing mental state.

>You are Bob Drake

"Meet me outside the gallery on my location, I'll be out in a moment. Believe the threat is over but have them stay out of sight, I don't want us associated with this." you tell Luke

"Aye Cap'n, passing along your message."

You start picking through the rubble and find what remains of the projector. Doesn't look like much to identify it, looks like superior craftsmanship, you doubt it rolled off an assembly line. But the internal components simply aren't there anymore, the explosion must have vaporized them. Whoever built this knows their explosives, there isn't much left to identify. You take a few scans with your Omni-tool for chemical analysis, maybe Switch can do something with it.

Standard alloys, aside from the explosives this device was fairly normal.

You can hear Siren's approaching in the distance.
You guess Asari aren't to used to crime or they would have been here already.

[ ] Continue looking
[ ] Bail out now

I am but no one else seems to be.

Well this has been productive...I'll check back at 2. Hopefully they'll be some more posts by then.
rolled 10, 2, 10, 6, 10 = 38


Also, try and send that message out about Justicars suppressing artistic licence to the press. SMEAR CAMPAIGN AHOY!
y lets try and contact her w need info on who almost blew us up I want there head no to piss off an order of biotic powered zealots with absolute authority in Asari space
We know who tried that. Ardat Yakshi chick from earlier. However, she was targeting the Justicar and for good reason apparently. Phora's an absolute bitch and got innocents killed.
yes I never said not to fuck her over latter but right now she probable has info we need


You make your way out of the building, managing to avoid most of the security detail, you kick open a backdoor and head towards Oolot and Janios on your HUD. They were tucked off in a side alley.

Janios' eyes widen when she sees' you. "Oolot, I need you to help get him back to the ship." she tells him

[ ] I'm fine
[ ] I can make it on my own
[ ] (Allow him to do so)
thanks quick asari culture lession what is a Ardat Yakshi?

>Ardat-Yakshi (meaning 'Demon of the Night Winds' in an old asari dialect) is a rare genetic condition in asari, specifically affecting their nervous systems. Although the condition does not harm the asari, during mating the Ardat-Yakshi's nervous system completely overpowers and dominates that of her mates, causing hemorrhaging in the victim's brain and ultimately death in extreme cases. As a result, the Ardat-Yakshi becomes smarter, stronger and deadlier after each encounter. Ardat-Yakshi also have the innate ability to dominate the minds of others.
>The condition is impossible to identify until the asari reaches maturity, by which time it is too late to correct. When diagnosed, afflicted asari are given a choice: live in isolation or be executed. The asari do this to the Ardat-Yakshi because it is an addictive condition; they feel compelled to mate, and the compulsion grows stronger each time they succeed.
>Up to 1% of Asari have a mild form of this condition that results in much less deadly side-effects such as headaches for their partners. True Ardat-Yakshi kill their partners.
leta get to the ship take the help
lest find some night clubs or any place a Ardat Yakshi would hunt

Oolot picks you up completely avoiding your hurt shoulder.

Once you get back to the ships medbay Janios tends to you.

Everyone on the ship stops by, even Rin though she doesn't say much.

"Do you wanna talk?" Janios asks once everyone has made their rounds.

[ ] No
[ ] You're not the first person to try that
[ ] (Free-form)

Since no one is playing let's continue this next week I guess.

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