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The Xel'Naga returned from the dead. We have sent many of them back.

After a few powerful salvos, we have destroyed more than 50 of the worldships (most of those in our universe-rending heighliner explosion), and the worldships have destroyed or incapacitated 60% of our ships over the Cube. We have no sent reinforcements.

But that's not the most interesting thing happening. One of our boarding parties managed to get more than 50 troops aboard a worldship. They are spread across two decks, but close to each other.

(Boarding first, then large-scale combat)

The forces are primarily zerglings, with a contingent of gausslisks, some drones, and a small platoon of marines.
(I can wait aaaaaalll night, 4chan)
(Overmind, this is embarrassing)
I don't feel so bad about being late last week, now...
File: 1348106920968.gif-(60 KB, 300x168, 3928093+_6913f9793768410e(...).gif)
60 KB
>thread numer CIV
rolled 4 = 4

I love you lets warn the protoss send "creates return. issuing a test. kill first born we refused. requesting assistance.give a map to were the still active world ships are

It doesn't help that you don't put 'quest' in the subject any more, you were halfway down the catalog and I usually don't scroll that far.
Anyway, lets get our hunter-killer on.
Is /tg/ still autosaging anything that has Quest in the subject line? That's why I quit.
I don't think that was ever automatic, just some asshat mod running a search and checking boxes.
TG Quest is bumping.
Well, then I'll start up again next thread.

Anyway, you just want to start attacking?
Sorry I'm late, people. D:
And we didn't send no reinforcements? Whaat? Why didn't we do that?
Damn Conservation Of Detail.

Not sure what 50-something zerglings can do on a hostile ship the size of a flippin' moon, but go hunting engines, control room or maybe just a terminal if we have any thumblings?
We should attack in a direction that will cause as many enemy casualties as possible.
Do we have any knowledge of Xel'Naga physiology? Could we poison them if we got access to environmental controls?

You can if you want. You'll have to roll for them to board.

>if we have any

I told you exactly what we have.
The quest IS bumping, by the way

And I don't know about the others, but I want to send reinforcements.
Also assumed the initial boarding party would actually be a number that could turn the battle (50-something zerglings would only be enough if the Xel'Naga ships were completely retarded, and had no internal defenses whatsoever. And somehow helped the boarders find their way around. And helped transport them several hundreds or thousands of miles to the nearest critical system!

Well, unless we pretend the worldships are only carrier-sized, I suppose. That kinda kills the point of being worldships, though..)

Can we get ten-thousand something at least?

Fan out and engage. Zerglings should cover our more valuable troops. Can we spontaneously mutate one into a drone to establish a forward operating base in their world ship?
You want to try to land 10,000 on the worldship?

That's 20d100, but your odds are not great, what with the ships having vaporized the majority of the forces we sent for this small strike team.
We are, of course, hot-dropping them, right?

Would also be good to know if ten thousand means a considerable investment of resources or just a spit in the ocean.

Preferably try to hot-drop 10 000 on each and every one of the worldships to prevent them from reinforcing eachother.

Oh, and we should prepare to (personally) evacuate whatever planet we're on, move to another one in our Empire and leave an emitter cluster in place. And spread more emitter clusters onto the rest of our worlds before they try striking against our cerebrates.

>I told you exactly what we have.
Can any of those operate a Xel'Naga terminal?
If so, that should also be a priority, (otherwise, just use a zergling - slow but reliable. That is, of course, only working on the assumption that Xel'Naga actually use keyboards... ) putting the computer-hacking zerg directly under Cyberbrate's control.

Finally, how quickly can our battleships jump?
Is it feasible to unload their weapons arsenal and then jump a few light-hours away again before the Worldships retaliate?
Warbrate would miss 10,000 if they just went missing, but it can spare them for operations.

It could even spare the 1,000,000 troops (plus transport) you just suggested sending, though it doubts many would survive the trip.

>can any of those operate a terminal?

We have marines. You know what marines can do.

If you've been paying attention at all, you also know that ships can't just to warp that fast.
Let's not go for a mass landing just yet. We can use what we've got on board now to see what sort of defenses they've got and then build up some real boarding forces to suit.
Also, let's warp in a shitload more spacebourne forces.
What makes most of them unlikely to survive the trip? We're hot dropping them, not dropping them inside the ship, leaving most to fuse with the walls, right?
Is there any way to cut down on the death rate?
(Also, a-ha! So we DO have so many that we can spare 250 million forces without complaint! You gave a concrete number! Mwuahahahaha!)

Now that I think about it - since most of this arc has worked on narrative logic instead of in-world logic, can we follow one of the million-man boarding actions in detail, and how well we do in that mission symbolizes how many of our forces arrive successfully?
The worldship's weapons completely vaporized more than half of the forces we sent for this boarding mission. With that kind of casualty rate, it would take a lot more than one million forces to LAND one million.

>You gave a concrete number

Not only did I never say anything about 250 million, ground forces are not the same as air forces.

>can we follow one boarding action in detail

That was the plan, yes.

Zerglings into the air vents. For now.

Have them scout everything!
HALF the numbers arriving safely is more than enough, I feared they would be beyond decimated - one million don't need to arrive, just a substantial percentage.

>Not only did I never say anything about 250 million, ground forces are not the same as air forces.
But you DID say we could spare the one-million boarding parties I wanted to send earlier, and there are roughly 250 Worldships left (Assuming none of them left or no new ones have arrives.)!
And what does ground/air forces have to do with anything? o.o

>That was the plan, yes.
But can the success of the overall operation be dependent on it? More fun than just a roll.

You know what? That's a good idea - we send the first boarding party a million in reinforcements and test their internal defenses.

But I also want more boarders and space forces close enough that they can be called in within a moments' notice.

If we can't send the first 50-something boarders reinforcements right away, let's just follow them until those reinforcements do arrive.
>roughly 250 worldships left
>started at "nearly 200"
>"we have destroyed more than 50 of the worldships"

Your math is fabulous.

>send the first boarding party a million reinforcements

ONE POST AGO it was a million total spread evenly among all the remaining worldships, and now it's a million to this single worldship. What is your suggestion!?
What? No, it was a million for each of them. (Because, you know, they're WORLDships, and so f*ckhueg that one of the primary problems inside them will be NAVIGATION and getting anywhere within a reasonable time frame - and that assuming our forces can travel as quickly as a good car?)

But very well, if we can't easily spare a million for each one, send the first party's' share of those reinforcements' first, and have the rest hang back in "ready to warp in" mode until we give the word.

>Your math is fabulous.
Actually, I'm pretty sure you said they were 300-ish when they first showed up - could be wrong, though.

Claustrophobic alien-boarding with zerglings. F*ckyes, awesome, DOO EEEET!
>Preferably try to hot-drop 10 000 on each and every one of the worldships
>What? No, it was a million for each of them.


100,000,000 =/= 1,000,000
Was talking about the initial plan where I quoted way too many numbers - or did I want a billion units for each ship there? No, I'm pretty sure I suggested a million each.
(The point of all that was - of course - that a ship the size of a moon could conceivably fend off 10-100 million Zerg Quest-upgraded boarders, maybe even without breaking a sweat.)
Anyway, we're clear now, right? We're assigning a million units to boarding in general and assigning them as necessary?

And you missed the important part:
Alien-infested-claustrophobia nightmare, AND WE PLAY AS THE ALIENS!
Goddammit this is turning into a fucking fiasco.

Begin sending reinforcements now, because they'll take time to arrive anyway.
1,000,000 ground troops, with the requisite escort flyers. Another massive task force of space forces to engage the rest in conventional space warfare.
Concentrate on 10 Worldships, including the one we were able to board.
Just roll 20d100.
rolled 100, 70, 81, 50, 55, 82, 29, 19, 52, 29, 62, 52, 75, 45, 61, 9, 35, 40, 90, 48 = 1084

He's starting to get annoying, isn't he?
rolled 44, 13, 57, 13, 79, 52, 69, 48, 67, 63, 49, 85, 86, 88, 84, 57, 50, 65, 18, 53 = 1140

>no 1s
rolled 40, 16, 84, 13, 36, 2, 20, 151, 52, 85, 67, 31, 171, 34, 110, 134, 69, 62, 175, 149, 30, 93, 129, 39, 43 = 1835

I know, I know.
Have trouble with dropping a point, no matter how insignificant.
Of the million troops we send, only 400,000 manage to evade destruction, pouring onto 6 worldships as their compatriots are atomized by the worldships' now-alert weapons systems.

Do you want them to try attacking a key system, or just run rampant, slaughtering crew?
Attack key systems.
Like life-support. Zerg can handle harsher environments, I believe.

Big loud scary troops can run amok.

It'll give us an idea of how the enemy fight.

Smaller troops enter air vents, scout and attack isolated points.

Talk amongst yourselves.
Crew? I thought those things were automatic, how many Xel'Naga ARE there?

And yes, we want to go for a system, depending on which critical system is closest (unsure what laws of physics apply and which ones we're pretending don't exist).
If we can somehow get to any of them, I suggest heading for wherever the controls to the ship are >
finding a mainframe to try and get access to their sweet, sweet tech >
Infest some of the crew >
Going on a murder-rampage by spreading out across the ship like a maniacal murder-plague, through the vents, preferably, and setting up small ambushes along the way for maximal crew-terror >
disabling the weapons >
disabling the engines.

Sorted in order of priority so that we can flexibly take them on without interrupting the narrative to ask what we're gonna do next unless something actually changes.

Yeah, realized that I missed the zero after I had posted - not much you can do at that point, or have I missed en "Edit" function somewhere?
We still have another 190 Worldships out there. Isn't it more important that we knock these ships out of the fight as quickly as possible?
Sounds like a general consensus (please correct me if I'm mistaken) of "spread out and look for critical systems, teaching the Xel'Naga the meaning of Terror on the way by playing Obvious Alien Boarders and "Alien: The Zerg Version - why you will pray that it were Xenomorphs instead" at the same time.

Which is awesome.
>spend a dozen posts describing wave after wave of Xel'Naga marching out of the Cube, in the vain hope that you'd realize they were dangerous and quit letting them revive
>how many Xel'Naga ARE there?

>spend half a dozen posts describing the Xel'Naga loading up into dropships to board the worldships in the vain hope that you'd realize what a terrible idea it was to let them board
>I thought those things were automatic

I cannot facepalm much harder than this.

>go for a system

Fine. That's two for this. Roll 7d5.
No, because as with every time you do this, you only get to vote for ONE option, not "this then that while this!"
rolled 5, 5, 4, 2, 4, 2, 1 = 23


You intimidated us too much.
rolled 1, 1, 2, 1, 5, 5, 4 = 19

After some searching, and minor skirmishes with Makers and with automated defenses, our forces on 6 of the 7 worldships locate vital systems. After pitched battles, the Xel'Naga manage to secure the bridges of two ships and the engine room of another behind crystalline blast doors the like of which we have never seen. Gorn suggests seeking easier prey on those ships. On another worldship, the Xel'Naga push our forces back from the weapons control station, and we pull back to regroup.

On two worldships, though, we overrun the Old Ones' positions with ease, killing them before they can lock down control. We have gained control of the weapons aboard one and the engines of the other.
Using our knowledge of the Xel'Naga language, can we read the controls?
With the ship that we control the engines on, can we set in Warp coordinates in order to steal the ship and bring it to one of our mature colony worlds to take complete control of the Worldship and begin learning about their vital systems and weakpoints?

As for the one where we control the weapons, turn the weapons against the other Worldships.

For the Worldships where we were pushed back, let's try to find the life support systems and wreck those.
We could take the ship, but we don't control its weapons, so who knows what sort of damage it would cause before took control?
That still doesn't sound like more than an absolute skeleton crew for their fleet, though.
As in "bridge crew only, everything else automated".

I mean,, It's a ship. The size of a moon.

They behave more like kilometer-long battlecruisers/carriers than a ship large enough to have its own ecosystem and planet-kill just by crashing, though, and it's really hard to plan for what to do when the description of things rarely ever make an impact of WHAT they are, which is why the inconsistencies annoy me so much.

How does letting them board hurt, though?
They clearly had control over the ships before they were actually inside them (what with calling them out of wherever they where and requesting dropships).
Oh well, fairly irrelevant now.

C'mon, now you're exaggerating the "only one thing at a time" stuff.
We're not even allowed to divert our forces between vents and corridors or look for targets of opportunity as we go?

said, we steal the ship and reverse-engineer it!
>you're exaggerating the "only one thing at a time" stuff

I'm letting you invade 7 ships at once!
Can we cause the engines to consume enough power as to drain the weapon output?
How about using the weapons of one to disable those of the other?
If not, just crash it into one of the worldships we don't have forces on.
As for the other ships, go for life support.
2d100 for those first two options.
rolled 22, 42 = 64

rolled 18, 59 = 77


File: 1348122001860.jpg-(85 KB, 500x850, Queen_SC2_Art2.jpg)
85 KB
(That's just bad luck)
Despite having control of the engines and mastery over the language, we have trouble with the engines, which are completely foreign to us. We experiment a little, but fail to manipulate the engine function in any meaningful way.

Our weapons skills are better, but not great enough to target weapons emitters. Our shots hit a worldship, but the damage appears superficial.

(I hope you guys don't think I'm quitting too early, but I've got work in the morning. Is Wednesday or Monday better next week?)


Monday's good.

Too much arguing with the DM instead of gaming, today.
And the two-hour period of us being late.
... And yes, the griping with the GM. I still say some of that stuff needed clarification, though. Much of it still does.

Will take a chill pill and leave you be next session though - maybe I'm better off just spectating.
Maybe the game is better off with me just spectating*.
Nearly same thing, but still.
Opinion on the day? >>20794604 voted Monday.
Monday it is, then.

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