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Info, Stats and Past Threads: http://4quests.gamerchan.net/index.php/Maid_Quest:_The_Life_of_Master

You are Hito Hijikatai the current master of the mansion in Japan, and sometime you become your alter ego Sénior Jalapéno a luchador of Justice. Genki Shirou is your current butler who can randomly shift into his alter-ego June. Your half-sister Tomoe is magical girl from different world and she fear male rapist.

You have also got four maids. Katherine the delinquent maids, Sasha the mini-gun wielding maid, Akari the fortune teller and doctor maid, and Rachelle the sexy southern maid. Then also you have a cute crocodile ninja girl who are living in your mansion. Then you have your own steam robot Garenn who are quit hotheaded.

Your Current Favor: 9 points
File: 1348330184722.jpg-(48 KB, 400x263, sheraton_park_tower_hotel.jpg)
48 KB
You whisper her back, "No, I didn't. Now look, Melphina: Tomoe is beautiful and I don't think Dad would care, but keep in mind two things.
First: Tomoe comes from a dimension where most of the men are sexual predators, so her first reaction to guys is either suspicion, fear, rage or fireball spells. Second: Tomoe is capable of casting the Dragon Slave if she's angry enough. So no, I didn't do anything with her."

"I'm quit aware about it, because as your familiar I can read some parts from your memory." She whispers back to you.

You get dressed up and turned to the girls.
"By the way, is there any place you want to visit?" You asking them.
"I couldn't think anything because it is first time that I had visit England..." Tomoe said as she tired to dress up.
Croco-chan pulling the sign that read,
<I want to visit Doc Croc, the television host of Round the Bend.>
"I see. Let see if we ca visit him." You said.

After you had taking bath with the girls, you are standing outside the hallway and thinking out what you should do next. The time is only 17:45.

What will you do?
A: Check with Koutarou again who are planning the trip to Nottingham.
B: Call one of maids/butler from the school.
C: Prepare yourself for morning.
D: Something else.

B: Call Araki and see how things are going at the school. Talk to each of the girls and Genki if we can, then we'll check with our bro about our trip to GW Headquarters.
File: 1348332179706.gif-(27 KB, 325x330, newimagelge-19.gif)
27 KB

You decided to to call to Araki to see how see are doing at the school. You pull out your smartphone and called to her, it took for a while until she answered.
"Ugh... musical numbers every day... Oh hello Hito!"
"Hi Araki, how are you doing!" You asking her.
"Being training by miss Poppins was not that bad except that we are forced to do musical numbers everyday..." Araki answered with slight annoying about musical.
"Ok... What about the girls?" You asking her.
"They are pretty tired after doing the musical but Genki seem to be very enthusiastic about it."
"I'm not even surprising about Genki..." You said as you palm-facing as you thinking about Genki the idiotic butler.

"Hito... Will you come to visit us?" Araki asked you through phone.
"Yes I will do. Me and Koutarou are going for the Game Workshop headquarters so that I will visit you and the other." You said.
"Ok Hito.... I will miss you..."
"I will miss you too Araki." You said as you thinking about the moment when you hold her hand...

After talking with Araki, you head back to your bro Koutarou. And when you enter the room, you see that Koutarou are trying to make Gareen the steam robot to look like chaos dreadnought.

What will you do?
File: 1348332811172.jpg-(118 KB, 720x480, ThatsHeresyOnii-chan.jpg)
118 KB

Seems our buddy is into Chaos while we usually play Spess Muhreens.

"Normally, I'd call 'heresy', old buddy, but somehow that suits Garren. What do you think, Garren?"

>idea for later: take our little sister to Stonehenge. No one knows what it was: calendar, burial ground, or ritual site.

>That plus the stories about it being some place of magical power in Arthurian legend might be something that would interest a magical girl.
File: 1348333588459.jpg-(55 KB, 715x727, wewr-3.jpg)
55 KB

"Normally, I'd call 'heresy', old buddy, but somehow that suits Garenn. What do you think, Garenn?"
"I feel silly..." Garenn said while he still letting Koutarou continue working on him.
"The GW are gonna release the new chaos force and I thought... "Why can't we look like chaos marine before heading there." And also I had prepared another suits for us." Koutarou said as he reveals the costume and putting it on.
"The suit is still unpainted and I want your suggestion about which Chaos Legion I should dress as?"

Which specific Chaos Legion will you suggest? Otherwise you can just simple ignore it and go back to your room.

"I don't know if GW will let cosplayers in or not, but this could be fun."

My first thought is World-Eaters..."Blood for the Blood God" and all that, but there might be plenty of those already. I'd say them or maybe Iron Warriors.
I could get behind Iron warriors.

That does sound good. There will probably be tons of World Eaters already (since they seem pretty popular) so Iron Warriors would make us stand out among the crowd.
File: 1348335107935.jpg-(287 KB, 1280x960, spy-title.jpg)
287 KB
"I don't know if GW will let cosplayers in or not, but this could be fun." You said and you think for a moment until you say.
"I had thinking about World Eaters but there might be plenty of people who will dress likes them. Why not Iron Warriors?"
"Hmm... Iron Warriors...? Ok I will paint the suit as Iron Warriors!" Koutarou said.

Koutarou start working on his costume and then you got the call from Spy. You walk outside from Koutarou's room as you pick up the call.
"Good evening gentleman, this is Spy! I had gathering intelligence about Mary Crownwell and her servants. Which info will you like to hear first?" Spy asked you through the phone.

Which info will you like to hear first?

Let's find out her servants' names and their abilities first, so that we know what Genki and the girls should be ready to deal with. After that, we can hear about Lady Crownwell herself and maybe figure out why she's pissed at us.

Since we have no idea, I believe it's due to amnesia from pushing Araki out of the path of that car or she's confusing us with someone else....probably our mysterious grandfather.

"I will send a files about the servants to you." Spy said and he sending the files through your laptop. You head back to the room and looking through the files...

Rudolf Verne
Nationality: German
Age: 42
Specialization: Cooking
Notes: He seem to have passion for making traditional food but he despised for making modern foods.

Bella Mercandez
Nationality: Spain
Age: 25
Specialization: Cleaning
Notes: She is good what she is doing but she seem to have phobia for mice.

Anne Lombard
Nationality: French
Age: 24
Specialization: Washing
Notes: She come from family that had been working as servants for many generation. Her sister was a real lovely lady...

Albert Windstone
Nationality: England
Age: 58
Specialization: Unknown
Notes: He had been servants for Crownwell for over 40 years. He have even earned award for being the best butler of the year.

After you looking through the files. You got another call from Spy again and you pick it up.
"By the way monsieur... Didn't you have meet her before?"
"No... why so?" You asking him.
"It seem that you had already meet her before when you was about 8 year old." Spy said.

You suddenly become stunned because you had never realize that you had meeting her before but it was very long time ago...

What will you do now master?

This information should be handy for figuring out which of our servants to pit against Crownwell's.

"Met her when I was 8, huh? Can't say I remember that but I did get hit by a car in high school and wound up with amnesia. See if you can find out more about when I met her; she said I promised to do something."

"Good work, Spy. Let me know if you find out anything new about Lady Crownwell or her servants that seems important."
"Met her when I was 8, huh? Can't say I remember that but I did get hit by a car in high school and wound up with amnesia. See if you can find out more about when I met her; she said I promised to do something."
"That will not be easy task for me but anyway, about Mary Crownwell she is skilled at riding and fencing. She can be quit stubborn lady. That is all info that I could find for now."
"Good work, Spy. Let me know if you find out anything new about Lady Crownwell or her servants that seems important."

After talking with Spy, you notice that it started to get late and you decided to sleep...

Ok,you may choose one character that you may take control until you switch back to main character.


Nice. Let's see, who to pick...Sasha. Let's see how well Hito is doing with her. She and Araki are close and seem willing to share us.
File: 1348339753399.png-(289 KB, 405x576, Sasha2.png)
289 KB

Sasha lying on her bed and she was very tired from dancing and singing. She is still wearing her uniform and turned to Araki who are working on her medicine.

Sasha despite feeling tired, she think that she can't sleep yet because two thing that is still stuck in her mind. Hito and her sister... Her sister who made her into slave despite being from royal line... Sasha think that she need to do something. She looks at the watch and it is still 21:30.

What will Sasha do now?

Ask Araki what she's making; see if she needs help. Then Sasha can figure out what she needs to do.
File: 1348343249189.png-(690 KB, 800x600, ArakiNew2.png)
690 KB

Sasha had known Araki even since they went to the same japanese butler and maids school. Both of them had never reveal their deepest secret for one another but they trust one another. She and Araki are aware that they like Hito and they don't mind sharing him.

"Araki what are you making?" Sasha asked Araki.
"I'm making energy potion that let us enduring the dancing and singing everyday..." Araki said.
Sasha shake her body when she thought about it. The problem where not about dancing or singing, rather about they must spontaneously doing it without preparation.
"Do you need any help Araki?" Sasha asked her.
"Well... I need a special flower and I think that I saw one at the garden. If you still feeling restless, you can go down and bring that flower." Araki said.

What will you do?
A: Go down to the garden and bring the special flower.
B: Go down to the combat room.
C: Talk with somebody.
D: Something else.

A. Go get the flower from the garden for Araki. Maybe we'll run into someone on the way.
File: 1348344625435.jpg-(32 KB, 601x336, Slender2.jpg)
32 KB

Before Sasha head down, Araki gave her a flashlight and a page about the special flower that call Bluesprite flower.
When Sasha left the bedroom, she notice that the hallway is pretty dark.

Sasha slowly walking in the hallway but she could feel somebody are following after her and when she turned around she could see somebody who are wearing in black suit but she couldn't clearly see his face.

She suspect that person must be another butler-in-training.

What will she do?
A: Go and talk to the unknown person.
C: Shoot at it with heavy bolter.
D: Just ignore him and keep heading for the garden.
F: Something else.


>oh shit...

B. RUN for the garden! If he pursues, then Sasha can worry about defending herself.
File: 1348345792042.jpg-(31 KB, 620x465, slendermansource.jpg)
31 KB

Somehow Sasha feel something disturbing about the stranger and she feel that she must run. She start to run for the garden until she finally arrived.

At the garden, it is pretty dark but luckily Sasha had a flashlight. She turn on the flashlight and trying to find the Bluesprite flower. While she search for the flower, she spot the black suited man again and she still can't clearly see his face.

What will Sasha do?

Keep one eye on the guy while finding that flower. The sooner Sasha finds the flower, the sooner she can get away from him (not saying his name).
File: 1348346796520.jpg-(11 KB, 600x320, Slender_Man_As_Seen_In_Slender.jpg)
11 KB

Sasha tried to keep a eye on the person while she search for the flower. When she finally found the flower, the black suited man is gone...

Sasha slowly heading back to the school, when she pointed the flashlight at other direction, the black suited suddenly appear in front of you and he have NO FACE!

What will Sasha do now?!

Scream and run! If he pursues, have the minigun ready to go and yell, "Who are you and why are you stalking me?"
File: 1348348033990.png-(374 KB, 1280x1225, tumblr_m9fmvcGwrH1qmvzs5o(...).png)
374 KB

Sasha screaming top of her lung and she started to run for her life! She keep on running but she could feel that he is still following her.

She pulls out her minigun and pointing at the faceless man. "Who are you and why are you stalking me?" She asking him and she points the minigun at him.

The faceless man suddenly pulling out the bread and he holds it in front of her. It looks like he simple want to give her the bread.

What will she do now?
File: 1348348231820.jpg-(54 KB, 960x540, WutHaruhi.jpg)
54 KB

Accept the bread from him. "Sorry about my reaction, but you should be more careful about sneaking up on people like that."

Sasha accepted the bread from the faceless being and she say,
"Sorry about my reaction, but you should be more careful about sneaking up on people like that."
The faceless man simple nod and it seem that it don't talk. The faceless man starting heading back to one of bedroom.

Sasha looking at the bread and she want to try to make sandwiches with those bread. Sasha heading back to the bedroom and give the Bluesprite flower to Araki.
You wake up from the bed, and the morning was wonderful but you somehow feel empty when none of your maids came up with the breakfast...

You take a shower and putting on your clothes before you head to Koutarou's room. You see Koutarou came out from the room and he waives at you.
"Morning Hito!"
"Hito I had rented the car so that we can freely drive around the England. Shall we head to the GW at Notthingham or you have something else in your mind?"

What is your answer?
"Sure, let's go."

"Sure, Koutarou. But wait a minute: what about Croco-chan and Tomoe?" We should find out if they want to come with us or if they want to go sightseeing while we're gone.
File: 1348351301529.jpg-(44 KB, 711x533, protest.jpg)
44 KB
"Sure, Koutarou. But wait a minute: what about Croco-chan and Tomoe?" You asking him.
"I had already asking them and they will join us too." Koutarou said.

Then you see Croco-chan and Tomoe who are wearing chaos cultist clothes. Tomoe is dressing like Cultist-chan while Croco-chan is dressing like corrupted battle sister. You stare at them until you say, "You girls look good!"
"Thank you..." Tomoe said as she look little shy in her cosplaying outfit.

After getting on the car, you start to driving to the Nottingham and it took about 2 hours. When finally arrived, you see large gathering of people who are protesting in front of GW headquarters.

What will you do?
What exactly are they protesting?
Capitalism? Fuck that, we're part of the 1% now.
6th Ed Codex letting in Catgirls? I understand their protest but cannot agree with it, since it also brought back Squats.
GW is a bunch of money-sucking parasites with their overpriced models? Eh, but we've got the shares to try to change that.
Anyway, is there a different entrance we can use?
File: 1348352009569.png-(737 KB, 1188x842, The_Diversity_of_Allotaur(...).png)
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>Tomoe as Cultist-chan
>all of my WANT!

Find out what they're protesting, then try to find another way in. If they don't bother us, we won't mess with them. If they're a bunch of dicks who try something, like groping our little sister, then gods have mercy on their souls.
File: 1348352772638.jpg-(167 KB, 717x538, 118604465.jpg)
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You tried to find out why they are protesting but it seems that they are protesting about the price raise on the miniatures.
One of the person just palm-faced while he mutter about, "Every fucking year...!"

You try to instead sneaking in to the Warhammer World. You are making sure that other men will not getting near her because you are worrying about that she will cause more people to become eunuch.

You and the gang finally arrived at the Warhammer World and you see some people are playing.

What will you do?
Why is he holding a disc vagina?
Check out some of the tables, see what's going on.

Check out the tables and see what's going on. See if any of the other players are good. Hito and Koutarou brought their armies with them, right? Maybe we can find a game or start one.
File: 1348354316580.jpg-(68 KB, 550x412, warhammerworld.jpg)
68 KB
Luckily you and Koutarou have brough along their armies. When you checked out some of the tables, you notice that they are talking about Ward Leisterman than playing the games.

"I can't believe Leisterman become a freaking Archon and leading his own real life dark eldar!" One of the player said as he moved the Leman Russ tank.
"One thing I'm wondering about is how the bloody hell he becomes a Archon? He is a human and not a eldar!" Another player say as he roll the dices.
"I had heard that Leisterman got contact with mysterious stranger who offer him great powers." A third player said as he moved his Genestealers.
"I wondering what the Japanese government will do? Leisterman's dark eldar just kidnapped some of the people."
"I'm very lucky that didn't join the tournament in Japan." The other player said.

What will you do now?
A: Still try to find a game
B: Ask or gathering information about Leisterman.
C: Something else.

>> I will continue with some posts before I ending it for tonight.
B: Ask or gathering information about Leisterman.
Wait, kidnapped some Japanese people? Who did he kidnap? Anyone we know?

B. Get information about Leisterman.

Sounds like that fat mouth-breather still hasn't learned from that thrashing we gave him at the WH40K tournament.
File: 1348355734483.jpg-(112 KB, 550x700, imageshack-59928060.jpg)
112 KB

When they mention about Leisterman, you can't simple ignore it and you want to gather more information about it. When you inquire more information. It seems that Leisterman randomly kidnapped peoples around the world and his recent attempt was Japan. It seems the governments are trying to hide the fact about Leisterman and his dark elders.

Suddenly a blonde female player patted on your shoulder and she asks you.
"Hello there! Don't you mind playing a game with me?" She asks you.
She looks pretty cute and she start pulling out her Space Wolves army... All the Space Wolves marines are converting as females and they look extremely impressed.

What is your respond to female player with female version of Space Wolves?
We're not autistic so we're not going to rage.
Compliment her on the artwork, and play a game.

Leisterman would rage about it since he's an autistic sperglord, but not us. "Impressive mod on your army. Sure, let's play."

"I'm Hito Hijikatai...and you are?"
File: 1348357132661.jpg-(40 KB, 524x397, anime-girl-video-games.jpg)
40 KB
rolled 4, 2 + 3 = 9

"Impressive mod on your army." You compliment her works on the mini. It seems that she was expecting for autistic rage but she seem to be happy from your positive respond.
"I'm Hito Hijikatai...and you are?"
"My name is Kelly Watson and it is real nice to meet you!" She introduce herself and she start shaking your hand.

You start placed your army on the board while Kelly do likewise.

>Roll 2d6+2 against mine to see how well you played. You get max 3 rolls
Space Wolves? More like Space Bitches, amirite?
rolled 3, 2 + 2 = 7




rolled 6, 3 + 2 = 11



Let's not be rude to the cute blonde 40K gamer, k? That's a Leisterman dick-move.
rolled 5, 4 + 2 = 11


One more, and we engage her in conversation during the game.

If we win, compliment her play and maybe a bit of friendly advice on how to improve her army and/or tactics. Be charming about it and crank the Swag up to about 9 or so.

That may be bit much: 7-8 max. We want a friend or a penpal for when we make it back home. Hopefully our bro is taking notes so he won't be socially awkward around female 40Kers.
File: 1348359028595.jpg-(5 KB, 160x193, bluefromshock.jpg)
5 KB

Kelly was not a bad player because at first turn she pressing on with her Long Fangs (they look like sexy milf). As the games go on, you successful win by scoring because she was too focus on taking out your units.

"Nice playing Kelly! You play well but you need to think about scoring too." You said
"Thank you for advice! You are good player too, shall we make love in my apartment?"
You suddenly got shocked by her question until she start to laugh.
"I just joking with you! How about that I offer you foods at the Bugsman's Bar?"
"You shouldn't joke like that... But I thank for your offering." You said.

You, Kelly and the rest are heading to the Bugsman's Bar for eating the lunch.

End of Part 30, Continue on part 31

Now it time that I ended the quest for tonight. Thank for playing with me guys! See you on next Saturday!

Sleep well, ML. See you next week!!

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