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>Old Thread >>20852968

Kikki and Lilly had been planning a date night for awhile now. I had only heard of it the day before. The idea was to get to enjoy each other’s company while Kikki and Sir Fearghaile were on vacation. Also Lilly wanted to know who was the cheapest date. Her money was that it would probably still be Kikki. Of course this being Lilly we are talking she had a lot of her ideas about what we should do. She didn’t really tell me much of what she had planned but, I do know that these panties she has me wearing aren't really comfortable. They’re really cold and they give me a wedgie. Reminds me of those swimsuits from that volley ball game.

So we got to the bar, dressed to the nines as Jim said. Don’t really get that saying, really I feel more like I am barely dressed Lilly just had to help me pick out my outfit. We saw Lem and Kikki sitting at a booth in a back corner. They looked nice. Sitting there just cuddled up against each other. Lilly ran up to them far faster than I thought it was possible to run in heels.

“Hey, Lovebirds. How you two been?”

“Somehow I feel accused,” Lem chuckled. “And she’s only saying hi”

“Nah, If I was accusing you. It would sound more like this.” Lilly leaned over to put her elbow on the table, bending far more than decency would have allowed her short red dress. “SO have you two done anything really unspeakable lately?”

“Only accepted an invitation to meet you at a bar” Kikki ribbed back. She was wearing a new kilt, this one Saffron and black striped with the pleats.

“Well then lets get this party started then.”
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“Lilly calm down, not everyone is as wild as you.” Jim chided.

“No, no. I like her enthusiasm. It means she can buy the first round.” Smooth. I think I know why he’s the diplomat.

“Well since I am buying, that means we drink them my way. I pulled a fun little nugget of info from James head. Its called the bodyshot. Lem you should know what to do, so tell Kikki, while I go introduce the concept to Meina.”

Lem gave a hearty laugh. “I shoulda expected as much, but sorry Lilly, shots come at the end of the night.”

“I didn’t know that well then, I’ll just have to buy the first and last rounds.” Lilly said doing that thing she does with her tail, where she wiggles it behind her head. She does it when she is trying to distract people. She then walked off to get the attention of a servant girl. She always like to go give them a hard time.

“So while Lilly is getting the drinks, this may be the only chance for normal conversation.”

“Well, that’s only if we can’t manage to get Lilly sleepy drunk.”

“Hey, Lem.” Kikki gave her lover a half-hearted punch.

“You can try I don’t think there is enough alcohol in the world. She drank the entire wine cellar in a week.” I said remembering that crazy time when Lilly had gone looking for her past and came back and tried to drink herself into oblivion. It didn’t work.

Lem right then flashed a mischievous smile even Lilly would be envious of. “Well, alright, let’s just enjoy what’s here. I hear they make a mean American Style IPA. As long as it’s bitter, I’m game.”

“Always been a scotch man myself and Meina here is a true blue milk drinker.”

“That’s not true. I can drink, I just don’t normally do it.”
okay before I finish my tarrasquemas thing (my schools internet went full retard) what is the deal with lily pissing off gearheart exactly???
Opening his massive maw I rolled the cask onto his tongue barely able to take the rotten stench of its breath. The maw closed and I heard a crunch as the cask was broken. The Tarrasque seemed to sample it for a moment then its eyes widened. In a moment the beast rose to it's full height and howled to the skys...oh yeah so fucked. The Tarrasque lurched foward moving it's great bulk at full force over me. Fear over came me and I fell to my knees clasping my ears with my eyes shut awaiting my fate.
When I failed to feel anything I opened my eyes to The Tarrasque consuming the offering, with great fervor I might add. Regardless container it was consumed, nothing could stop the beast. Then when about half of the offering was consumed the beast rose again and regarded the battlements. It stared at what for the group must have felt like eternity, then simply nodded snorted and turned. Stomping across the field the Tarrasque regarded me again. My fear was at its max, again it nodded and snorted. Stomping off towards the forest, with good haste, it soon was out of sight. With that I raised my mug to my lips and downed my brew, as the sharp sweet liquid was finished I heard the battlements erupted. I fell and was rendered unconscious. I awoke an hour later in my home with Teakay and Lily watching over me. Teakay showered me with kisses while Lily bawled. As I arose I was escorted to a great feast. Still in the fields tables had been set up and the offering was distributed. I was hailed as a hero of the Tarrasque along with the elf girl who had stood before the tarrasque, she had no name. We ate and drank all evening relishing the fact the Tarrasque was gone, or so we thought.
As the evening was winding down a mighty roar was heard and again great stomps were heard marching on TeeGee. The defenders rose prepared to defend their homes, no matter how drunk they were.
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Because aside from stepping on his lore toes, his succubus waifu is named Lilly

That was when Lilly came back serving girl in tow. Lilly literally had her tail around the girls leg.

“Wh-what’ll you be having?” The poor Kanin girl was barely able to walk, and that tail was slowly rising up to the hemline of her own kilt.

“A pitcher of your best ale. Was it the IPA Lem?” A nod “Yeah, a pitcher of that. On HER tab.” Kikki’s finger leveled on Lilly, as if to say ‘keep your tail to yourself’.

Lilly released the girl to go get the ale. “Talk about some evil looks, I wasn’t going to do anything, just being friendly.”

“Yeah, and I’m sure those were tears of joy she was about to cry,” Jim quipped.

“Bunch of softies, never would have cut it in hell.”

The serving girl came back with the pitcher nervously but Lilly left her alone. Instead she was playing footsie under the table with me. She was trying to get me to spread my legs and I was doing my best to keep them together. Lilly might not get drunk easy, but she does get drunk on the atmosphere easily. I decided to try and make some small talk to try and get Lilly’s mind off of me.

“So had any great adventures lately?” I said stifling a gasp as Lilly won.

Lilly gave a small, sharp squeal, and suddenly I could close my legs again. Lem grinned wider than he should have. “No, not really. It’s just nice to finally have a vacation. I don’t think we’ve had any time to relax since the hard months. It’s almost... strange.”
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“I have a feeling tonight is going to be an odd night. By the way Lem just a word of warning Lilly likes it rough so why don’t all of us keep our appendages to ourselves to night. That goes triple for you Lilly. Or you might be getting a return visit from your old friend” Jim said with a straight face.

“Man, Jim, and people think I’m a sick in the mud.” Lem gave a good hearted chuckle. “You make a deal with our little devil here to behave herself?”

“Not so much a deal as a understanding.” James gave Lilly a scary sort of piercing look. So that’s what they needed a couple of minutes to ‘discuss’ before we left.

“I’ll be good as soon as someone makes things fun. How about a drinking game. Anyone know any good ones?”

“Howabout shuddup and enjoy your beer?” Kikki said from behind her mug.

“Oh fine, next time though we do things my way.” Lilly said with a look that was both playful and pouting at the same time.

“If we did things your way, Lilly, more than a couple of us would walk away with alcohol poisoning.” Lem took a long sip of his draft. “I got one, ‘I have never’. Ever done that one Jimbo?”

“Once. Why don’t you start.”

“Alright... easy one. I have never. Kissed a demon.”

Jim, Lilly and I took a swig. Then Lilly said to Kikki. “Drink up dear, You kissed me even if you were too drunk to remember it.”

Kikki took a swig. “Really? You’re taking her word for it?”

Kikki went bright red “N-no, well, I don't’ know if it counts, but remember Rene? The one Felim that got corrupted on that expedition a couple years ago? I kinda kissed him when I was six...”

“Pfft, man, I really should not be laughing right now.”

Gearheart, could you look at my most recent work? I want to make sure I got Meina and Lilly tight.
The Tarrasque stood before the Knights of TeeGee and their families. And then from its arms and great maw poured the treasres. Gems and treasures rushed forth. Coins by the thousands and great piles of enchanted treasures (undoubtedly previous adventurers gear). The Tarrasque nodded and steeped back a few steps head slightly bent. Barely coherent after the festivities I seized the last cask of apple brandy. Barely able to walk never mind lift it I transported it to the Tarrasque. Flying to its great maw I rolled it in. With a deep guttural noise (something like a combination of a burp and a laugh) the Tarrasque turned and left.
With that the holiday of Tarrasquemas was founded. Every year, on the 9th of September, there is a great feast for all of the residents of TeeGee. Gifts are shared with friends and family. By tradition a cask of apple brandy is kept in storage. Then when seismic activity is felt a larger feast is prepared for the addition of our 'guest' who since then has never failed to astound us with the treasures he brings. As for me I am back to what I have always done running my store and bar and keeping cash flowing through TeeGee. I was given (besides a massive share of coin) a ruby the size of my head that still sits in a stand behind my bar there for all to see. As for the little elf girl I took her in and named her Jaquelyn. She helps out where she can and is looking to join a wizard academy when she gets a little older.
Well that's that you heard your story now run along the 5 o'clock rush is about to start and you are a little young to be in here

mfw anyone who reads this thread and not the last one won't get the begininng....ah fuck it if they care they will go to sup/tg/ whatevs its done now anyways
Its a good Idea for you to read other peoples stories. I know there are a lot and some are less than stellar. But in this case GearHeart has a young succubi named Lilly. And we were joking how everyone was fucking up my canon today.
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“K, I have never. Fought a Laima.” Jim said.

Lem and Kikki took a swig.

“Does having sex with one count?” Lilly asked coyly.

“For you, yes.” I said.

“Feral desert Lamia are really no fun...”

“I’m telling ya, the thing was only attracted because we made tacos that night”

“My~ turn, I have never had normal sex.” Lilly said all to proudly.

Everyone but Lilly took a swig.

“Man, I feel like such a sicko, consensual sex in the missionary position for the purpose of procreation. My, my, you must feel mighty morally superior,” Lem said, dripping with sarcasm.

“P-procreation?” Kikki went red for a few moments but dropped it quick. Lem tensed for a second as well. Man, he is touchy around Kikki, isn’t he?

“Don’t worry dear I’ll explain it all to you some time.” Lilly said teasingly. “See when a man wants to get a girl preg-”

“I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN BLACKOUT DRUNK!” I yelled over her. When Lilly gets going, it’s hard to stop the derail. Only Kikki and I drank though, so I felt bad.

“Alright, alright, I get it. Stop looking at me like that. I have never fallen flat on my face.”

“Pff, That’s not fair when you’re a Felim...”

“Well it’s also not fair that you can drink a Dwarf under the table.”


Everyone but Kikki and Jim took a drink. It went on like that for a while, and before long Kikki, Jim, and I just passed on our turns. But Lilly and Lem were still at it.
FUCK!!!! I feel like some kind of douche now...in a weird way. shoulder shrug I didn't know and i took the name from a character a buddy of mine played a while back....
Send me an email and I'll read it over.
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“I have never. made dinner for a Felim.” Lilly said as she started to pull out the cheap shots.

“Getting kind of desperate, are we? Well two can play at that game. I have never had more than one hole penetrated at any time.”

“I like the way you play. I have never used a sword.”

“Oh, I’m not drinking to that one. I’m certain you’ve used many ‘swords.’” It surprised me how collected Lem was after all that beer. All of which he’s managed to get Lilly to pay for. Which really meant Jim was going to be picking up the tab. Kikki was watching on, red from more than just the beer.

“Fine I have never peed standing up.”

“Don’t even try and pull the wool over my eyes on that one.”

“I don’t count being held upside down as standing. But fine how about... I have never been limited to two person sex.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing~” Lem took a swig.

“I was raised in a very odd world. Your turn man of steel.” Lilly said making a jerking off motion.

“Alright, how about we up the ante?” Lem shifted and pulled a bottle from a bag I hadn’t seen before. He had it hidden under his seat. The Label said ‘Straight Shire Rye’. “Barkeep, two tulip whiskey glasses.”

“Sounds fun, little boy. Just be ready to pay the piper.” Lilly said enjoying herself far too much.

Oh my, there was that smile again on Lem’s face as he uncorked the bottle and poured the amber liquid into the glasses. Kikki was a bit shocked. She knew what it was.
I figured. No hard feelings. I would like it if you changed it to a different race thought as Lilly is the first good succubi and she is still reforming. A story that is being told right now.
I must have missed how fallen angels are created in this cosmology. Beware: If they are too woobie (look it up on TVTropes), I may have to have one as a waifu. I kind of have a thing for girls I can support.
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Jim leaned over to me and whispered into my ear “Should we tell him about succubi?”

I whispered back “No it might work.”

“Yeah and I might have three eyeballs.”

“I have never...” Lem started. “Forgotten the taste of a good Kentucky Rye.”

“I’ll drink to that. I think that makes it my turn. I have never... been transported to a different world.”

“And Hell doesn’t count?

“Nope it does, take a shot.” Lilly said as she downed another one.

“Fair enough. I have never... gone immediately to sexual thoughts the first time I saw someone who I found attractive”

“Sorry but no go for that one, very first person I saw was trying to choke me to death and I found her hot latter but all I could think at the time was ‘Oh gods choking’ Lets see I have never gotten drunk.” And then Lilly let out a burp and a jet of flame burst from her mouth. “See all better now.”

“Too rich for my blood~” Lem took another glass, wincing, but making sure to enjoy it. “Alright, this one’s a bit too easy... I have never, seen Jim’s cock.”

Lilly took a drink and said “You know lover boy I can do this ‘till you're blue in the face.”
No it turns out he was talking about how succubi were created not fallen angles.
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“I’m sure you can. Need to burn off more of that Rye?” Lem sat cool and composed. If anything far more relaxed. Maybe the whiskey? I kinda wanted to try some now...

“No, I’m cool, man. This is weird, Everything’s going in and out of focus...”

“Well that sort of thing tends to happen when you drink, right?” Kikki said somewhat sleepily.

“But that’s not possible I can’t get dru...” at that moment Lilly dived on the bottle of Shire Rye and started chugging it down standing on the table.

“Damnit Lilly no!” Jim looked horrified. Lem? Just disappointed.

Jim managed to pry the bottle out of her hands, still a little left. Lilly let out another flaming burp. “Too late, drunken funtime~” I felt a sudden pull on my mind, things were going a bit blurry, and then...

Nothing. Lilly gave a snorting giggle and then gently drifted down like a feather back into her seat and snuggled up against Jim like Kikki was on Lem. “Heehee, I know the last time you all made a poopie~”

“I should have seen this coming. What with your chesire cat grin” Jim said to Lem

“Toldya I’d do it. Something about sanctified grain. There’s a story behind it. You know ‘The Devil Went Down to Georga’?”

“Its was my ringtone.”

“Like that, but with whiskey.”

“So you knew this was going to happen the whole time? Because Succubi can’t get drunk off of normal booze”

Lem almost choked on his sip. “Y-yeah, I’ll go with that.”

“You had no idea, did you...” I said, slightly terrified.

Fearghaile downed the rest of his glass. “I admit to nothing.”

“You know that just earned you Lillys eternal gratitude.” Jim said with a smug grin on his face.

“Good, because then maybe she’ll buy me my next case.”

“Thank Gygax that raiding hell is good for your pocket.”
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We sat there for a little while longer, Lem and Jim sharing what was left of the whiskey. Lilly was being all touchy feely, but not inappropriately, which was really really weird for her.

Eventually, Jim starting getting up. “Well its getting late, we should get the girls home.”

“Sure thing.” everyone threw a little coin on the table, and we started back into the cool dark night air of early fall.

Lem gripped his right palm and rubbed the deep scar that was on both sides of his hand. “It’s probably gonna rain tomorrow...”

“Yeah feel it in my shoulder, so how ya get that one?”

“Last year. Spring...” He looked uncharacteristically forlorn at his palm. “Not sure if I’m really ready to talk about it yet...”

“I get it. Want to hear the one about how I got a scar from my neck to my hip?”

“You let Lilly call the shots one night?” Lem said with one of his chuckles.

Jim laughed heartedly “Nah, got it in the old world. My second real fight, the moral of the story is stay the hell away from Berkley at night, makes this world look like Disney World. He got me better than any ever has.

“Man, that college town? Try being a pasty white nerd in inner city Jersey. Only reason I never got jumped was because of my beard I think. Never wanted to mess with me.”

“You know there aren’t many like us. Most of the Knights are good, but they don’t have it.”

“Nah... I think you’re wrong on that... It’s us that don’t have ‘it’.”

“You mean sanity, I threw that one away long time ago.”

“Nah, we’re all crazy by now. Two months of frozen Holocaust will do that to anyone. No, we’re the ones that have the hardest time letting go...”

“Maybe... maybe.”
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“The last time I went out like this... I can’t even remember. It was in the old realm, but it’s like it was in a story I read or something. Christ, I can barely remember what my own parents looked like anymore.” It was strange to see Lem so at unease. Kikki hugged up tight against him, almost instinctively. “It just scares me sometimes is all. Kikki can tell you that much.”

“You two are pretty cute together”

“Well sorry, Meina, I like Lem and all, but...”

“No! I meant Lem and Kikki, the way she's clinging to you, I wish me and Lilly were more like you two.”

Kikki disconnected from Lem a bit, and I kind of felt like I had something to do with it, “Well, it’s not like clinging is really all that hard to do...” She was probably glad it was dark, because she was talking like she does when she blushes.

“Yeah its not, thats why I want Lilly to be like that sometimes.”

“Hey, whass wrong with being me? I’m plenty romantical when I wanna be.”
File: 1348604793061.png-(1.6 MB, 1366x2066, 7993314d74282ee4579dd7345(...).png)
1.6 MB
“You can be like a one woman typhoon at times, sometimes people like more normal.”

“Well you know, you didn’t HAVE to save me from hell, I woulda been quite alright with be’n a demon without you.” Lilly seemed to be snapping out of her goofy mood. I hoped she wasn’t getting a hangover already. “Besides, what’s so great about your relationship anyway...”

“Trust and understanding.” Kikki said in all seriousness.

“And if ya believe that I ‘ave a magic ring to sell ya.” Lilly said as she nearly walked into a gas lamp. I managed to pull her back on path.

“Lilly stop pestering them. You’re being a major ass.”

“It’s not like it happened overnight.” Lem said sheepishly

“I KNOW, it’s not like your guys weren’t broadcasting your thick headedness. Oh wait you were. Chaste Heavens, I would be able to smell that sexual frustration in Hell!”

“Lilly, knock it off or else.” I said with more spine than I thought I had.

“Et tu Meinai? Man, you guys are all nuts, forget this.”
File: 1348604954737.jpg-(267 KB, 750x1038, 5d99c01ecee6dd559afa97f87(...).jpg)
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Lilly stayed quiet (though fuming) until we parted ways at the Manor district. Lem and Kikki went to their home and we made our way to the portal we had set up. Jim activated it, but just before we could go through, Lilly suddenly wasn’t there anymore. All we could hear was “So long, suckers!”

When we got back, Lilly definitely wasn’t with us. When I asked Jim about it he said, “Give her space. She’ll be back soon enough. Probably with a nasty hangover though, so dig up the bondage gear just in case.”

>End Part One, A GearHeart-Fearghaile joint production.
Alright, that's it for part one. I'll be right back to post Part Two, but I have to go get something from the post office before they close.

Thoughts, criticisms? Was a pretty extensive piece. Really had to work through that second half.
>>20866924 In the mean time here comes a short bit about GearHearts kids.

“Grandpa tell us a story.”

“Just one, your mothers would kill me if I kept you up to late.” I said as I got out of my chair and threw another log on the fire.

Alvena, Garett, Loretta, and Rhett were sitting before the fire on a rug made from a giant demonic bear. They were cute little kids. Alvena and Garett were cute little Demon Coininochs. Loretta and Rhett were Holstaurus. Jill and Bix left Alvena and Garett with us for a vacation and Haskell and Destiney left the other two with us while they were off adventuring.

“Did someone say story, Just so happens that I made some cookies.” Lilly said as she came in from the kitchen with a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies. She pasted them out along with glasses of milk.

“Thank you grandma.” They said in near union.
“Well then, how about the story of how the Orc god Ter lost his eye. It all started during the time of demons. Back before the time of the Fey and before the time of Elves and long before the time of TeeGee. The demons grew strong and scorched the world. Ter grew mad at the demons for hurting his love, Tera. So Ter brought war to the demons. But the demons were far stronger than Ter imagined. And the war waged on and on for many long hard years. The war was harsh on Tera and she grew weak. The demons were dieing off and Ter grew tired. In the end the demons struck out Ter's eye with a magic lance said to be the size of a tower. Both sides lost so much in the war that Ter and the remaining demons came to an agreement. Ter would create a new world for the demons to live in and the demons would go to it and would not bring their chaos back to this world. And since that time the demons and Ter have been at an uneasy truce. Ter watches over the world for signs of the law being broken. When a demon walks this world, they must be wary for if they bring Ter's anger to the forth they shall be eaten by Ter. The Demon Lord has slowly been chipping away at Ter's strength though, so that his minons may get away with more. And at the same time Ter recovers and grows in strength creating weapons of war.”
“Grandpa, will Ter eat me?” Alvena asked looking worried.

“No he won't sweetheart, he would have to go through me first and he knows that that's a bad idea.”

“Didn't you kill the Demon Lord?” Garett asked. He was always the sharpest one.

“Well the story is old, but a new Demon Lord could arise. Now it's time for bed.” I said as I got up out of the chair and picked them all up in my arms, like my grandfather used to do. I carried them up to their rooms.

After getting them in to bed with Lilly's help I went out to one of the balconies facing the moon. And just sort of stared out at the night sky. Lilly came up behind me, prodding me with her tail suggestively.

“What you thinking about.”

“Meina. She would have loved being able to see her grand-kids grow up.”

“Yeah, she would have. I miss her. Sometimes I wake up wondering where she is, All those years ago I never would have thought that I would miss anyone.”

“Growing old sucks. There used to be a saying in the Old World, Who wants to live forever. They were right it does suck, seeing everyone grow old while we stay as we are. I don't look a day over thirty and your still the beautiful woman I met all those years ago. So how about we drop the angst and just enjoy the night.”

“I would like that.”

And then I danced with a devil under the pale moon light.
Ahh. Well, either way.

Also, someone may want to archive the last thread... I'm not sure of the format and tags, etc. sooo.... Not it.
“You know James, its been a long time since we went out on an adventure. When the castle is quite how about we close it up and just get out and see the world again.”

“Why not we could go out and look for Jewel.” As the words left my mouth I regretted it, Lilly stopped dancing.

"I think she doesn't want to be found."

"Don't care she is our daughter and I will watch out for her no matter what."

"Its not you, its me she hates. She can't stand being like me. She hates everything about this." Lilly said gesturing to her self with her hands.

"I think she just needs to find her own way in the world. And I doubt she hates you, most girls go through a time likes this I think."

"Its been twenty years since she left. That's a long time for a phase to last."

"She is a very emotional girl and we are strange people. She will come to terms with her background."

"You think."

"If she doesn't I'll drag her back here and look you two in a room 'till you come to an understanding."

"That would be nice. Now lets go you have a monster to fight in my dungeon." Lilly said sliding her tail down the front of my pants.

"Good thing I have a +8 magic long sword."

"Only plus eight? What are you going to do with that." Lilly said teasingly.

"Oh I'll show you.I said as I threw Lilly over my shoulder and made like a viking.
Already did I was just about to add it to the 1D4chan page.
And done.
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>And back, time for Part 2, Lilly's perspective.

“Captain’s log starda- No, that’s not right... Special operative 00-demon... Okay, forget that shit, my head is starting to split. I gotta shuddup and sneak into this place.” Talking to myself when drunk is a bad habit. I should see about that. But hey Jim does it all the time.

I made my way towards Lem’s place, been there before, I should be able to find it. Let’s see if I was a prick where would I live. Oh there it is. Chaste Heavens it’s huge. Making up for something much? As I remember its this way. I flew up to one of the windows. I could hear a distinct wet slapping sound. “Oho~ already~?” And pressed my face up on the glass...

To find some old wrinkly fucker jacking it off into some apron, no doubt stolen from one of the maids. That’s right, Lem lives in the small little shack adjacent. Smug, self-sacrificing prick.

Getting into the smaller shack wasn’t too difficult. They don’t even bother to lock the windows in their little walled garden. What if adorably evil flying demons attacked~?
File: 1348607480815.jpg-(249 KB, 500x739, 57512b202a8235a3dc048206a(...).jpg)
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“Hey Lem?” Found them~

“Hmm?” They were in bed of course, and invisible little me was not to be seen.

“Thanks for the good time. I know things like that can be rough on you.”

“Nah, don’t mind me, I was just being melodramatic. Sorry Lilly had to be a bad drunk at the end of the night though.” A bad drunk? The nerve! Well, I suppose I DID sort of just break into their happy little home... heeheehee...

“No, don’t apologize for her, I just kinda feel bad...”

“What about?” Man, they sure are talking a lot...

“She helped us along, even if she doesn’t understand how.” C’mon, get to the good stuff!

“Yeah, that’s true I guess.”

“I think she just doesn’t know how to feel sometimes, and it really bugs her when other people do, kinda like how I felt whenever I was trying to get into your armor, heheh.”

“Well, you’re deep in now” He gave a playful chuckle, and there was some rustling under the sheets, some more squeals from Kikki, and this was it, this was the...
File: 1348607569944.jpg-(102 KB, 850x602, sample_8746e5bca440ee03b0(...).jpg)
102 KB
Vanilla sex. Talk about BORING. I really wanted to yell out. I wanted to fucking SCREAM. But I couldn’t, all I could fucking do was sit there and watch these two people be so obnoxiously PURE at each other. I couldn’t... because... I... I...

I wanted it.

I wanted it soooooo fucking bad but I didn’t know how. It was so unfair. My head was hurting and my face was leaking and oh gods, if I stayed in there much longer I was gonna lose my shit and they were gonna know I was there. I hovered into their kitchen, making sure to close the door behind. I grabbed the half-finished bottle of table wine and chugged it down, burped flame, and still nothing. Fucking Lem. Fucking Kikki. Fucking Magical Rye Whiskey. I didn’t want to ever see it again.

Somewhere in between feeling sorry for myself and ruining my dress with running mascara and tears, I fell asleep. I woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs frying over a stove. And there was Lem, wearing barely anything and an apron, being all manly and shit. “Morn’n. Want some breakfast?”
File: 1348607900364.jpg-(490 KB, 850x1280, sample_2b4e7960fd61babe44(...).jpg)
490 KB
“Got any sausage?”

“All out. Bacon, eggs, and hash good?”

“Yeah, uh... sorry for breaking in.”

“I’m not gonna worry about it. You didn’t take anything anyway.”

“Oh yeah? How’d you know?”
“You wouldn’t be able to hide anything in that dress.”

“You would be surprised. I have pockets.”

“If there’s anything in THOSE pockets, you can keep ‘em.” He put a plate on the table and another two on a tray.

“I’ll be out of your hair in a bit. Meina is probably worried sick. Jim too.”

Lem drew some powder out of the cupboard and mixed it in with some water. “I have to let that set for a minute. Anything you want to talk about?”
I lol'ed loudly. That pic, just that pic.
You guys mind if I post more noncanonical stuff in here, that you've inspired? Some of it might turn out to not clash or you may adopt it
File: 1348608019580.png-(1.59 MB, 670x831, 3c5f1f416af643735610261de(...).png)
1.59 MB
What would you do?”

He shrugged. “Listen? It’s pretty much what I do for a living.”

“Thats the big secret? Listen?”

“You’d be surprised what people say when you let them.”

“I’ll give it a shot. You know no matter what I may say about you, you’re a good guy.”

“Honestly? If I had a copper for every person that’s said that to me...”

“Never been everyone before, feels normal. Get back to your girl and be sure to give her some tongue. I need to go talk with Jim and apologize to Meina.”

“Heh, will do. Eat up though, and drink this. It’ll help.” He slid over the glass of noxious looking liquid.

“Well it can’t taste worse than demon urine.”

“Oh my, you’ve discovered my secret ingredient,” Lem said in that deadpan snark of his.

“I knew it. That shits magical.” He started to walk out with the tray. “Oh and Lem?” He turned. “Thanks again.. for every thing.”

“Make sure to lock up when you leave. And no peeking!”

“You sure you don’t want a hand in there? Or a tail?” The door to his room clicked behind him. Silence, then muffled giggles. Well, he didn’t say anything about listening, did he?
As much as I might bitch I do like to see people participate.
care to give me a location that a Waifu Outpost could be in a swamp?

May as well attempt canon

Thank you for pointing out the obvious typo that I missed.
File: 1348608211342.jpg-(318 KB, 566x800, kiki.jpg)
318 KB
>END, Part 2

And that's that. What does everyone think?

As long as you frame it as tall tales or false, embellished stories, I don't think we'll have any issue.
My best guess would be near the Free Kingdoms

Always helps to have a second set of eyes. I miss lots too. Like in the bit I just wrote I had look instead of lock..

Feargaile missed that one too. So... Sometimes it takes three sets of eyes.
So how long to volleyball?
File: 1348608738994.jpg-(276 KB, 493x699, 1330240839870.jpg)
276 KB
As long as it takes.

Just have to finish up some dialog and other stuff first.
That is the worst drawing of hellsing I have ever seen :p
File: 1348609045043.jpg-(838 KB, 1134x1238, 605efb44e948dec996ceff112(...).jpg)
838 KB
In my defense, I was more focused on writing this piece with GearHeart during that time.

And if anyone wants to make comments on it, it would be great because alot of thought and effort went into that one.

Also, pic because it amused me. Needs to be used for some Coininoch story.

Phallic carrots. That's all you need to know.
the bunny in the background ruins it :-/ too pervy. the rest is just cute
Yeah even without the background bunny her eyes make it in no way cute.
I liked it. Sexually frustrated succubus are hilarious.

Almost makes me want to do a joint piece, but my writing style doesn't mesh very well.
You have an interesting definition of "cute"
If you want I'll work with you. Its not easy meshing any writing styles its why it took time for us to finish the one we did.

Also its not so much sexually frustrated as emotionally stunted.
I find naughty succubi cute. Everyone has their own opinion.
Might be fun. Should give me something to focus on. Just shoot me an email if you have any ideas...jeeze, is it midnight already?
Why have these threads gotten me to write more than I have in the past three months combined???

You second generation kids think you have it so hard nowadays since you have to choose between two waifus and three. When I was your age, I had to choose between shitting on zombies and shitting in my grave! I woke up three hours before I went to sleep and my only source of water was dew off of rocks! But I digress.
Now, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Dead Thirteen. And if you haven’t, then you can kindly get out of my bar. They were twelve of the bravest men I’d ever met in my life and I’ve never seen better since. Now I led those men and they called me the cursed one, because I was the only guy they had ever met that hadn’t found his waifu. But that kept me vigilant it did. I was in the best shape of my life in order to find her they first day I could. And I earned their respect the hard way, leading them personally into the maw of hell.
File: 1348610830214.jpg-(883 KB, 850x1001, Cute and Fluffy.jpg)
883 KB

I find this cute.
The first day I showed up at the swamp, I made the foolish choice of sending my personal raptor out to take a letter to my friends back at Castle Waifu. A serpent fifty meters long leaped from the water and caught poor Mr. Tweetums before he could even make it clear of the canopy! Those twelve men laughed at me and thought of me as little more than an upstart sent from the capital. I had a long way to go from there.
Now, something you should know about us, was none of us had chosen to be sent to the swamp per say. What we had chosen was a quiet life. The others were all quietly living with their waifus of every shape and size. It was a swamp though, just walking within a hundred meters of the edge filled you with a loathing built from eons of decay. No sane being would willingly stay there for any length of time, but this was during the time that the council decided to cover their bases as best they could. So figuring that the swamp might contain untapped death magic, they needed to occupy it to keep anyone else from using it against us.
Day in and day out we watched over that swamp, living off the land. The methane in the air was just starting to get to me, it had already driven the others quite looney actually since their main sport was noodling for catfish and wrestling the great crocs. They came the first night I noticed I had stopped being bothered by the smell of asparagus in my urine.
The first sign we had of them was their flaming arrows raining down upon our small fortress. We had never been attacked. Nothing sapient was in the swamps and the Free Kingdoms weren’t the least bit interested in our endeavor. Their rain of arrows struck with wave after wave of chaos, but our walls were strong. Within moments we had gathered ourselves and retrieved our own arrows and were repaying volleys with our own, but we didn’t see where they were coming from.
Arrows were flying from the twilight swamp but nothing stood to loose them. I gave the order to fall silent and we watched as the water rippled. Without a word we sent the men’s waifus beneath the fortress so we might stand vigil without worry. When the ripples came closer we saw them, great beasts waded through the water. They were practically on the walls when the clouds shifted to reveal their true form to us. Great Apes had been risen from the swamp to fight, and riding atop them were elves.
Not just any elves mind you. We wouldn’t have had trouble had they just been elves. Our walls were too thick and our technology superior by this point. No, these weren’t normal elves, they were manly elves. With great bushy beards and rippling muscles covered in conjuration tattoos to control the undead gorillas they rode. As they approached the fortress they drank and jested to each other believing their attack had bested us.
We looked at each other and understanding passed between us. If we let these manly elves best us what did that make us? No. We would stop them, and destroy them, route them from the swamp itself if need be. The apes had begun to attack the gate when our first volley loosed into their midst. Thirteen arrows flew and thirteen elves fell, but many more stood before us.
The beasts roared with the death of their masters and charged the walls, scrambling up the sides despite barrels of flaming tar. I split our forces. Six men stayed below at the arrow slits to rain death upon them as I and the other six rose to the top with halberds and swords to do battle.
Blood was shed that night. Enough to stain even the swamp itself. Our fighting had raged for hours on end when we finally succeeded in pushing them back and slaying their risen monstrosities. That was one of the most beautiful sunrises I had ever seen, all the more so as it shimmered through the methane mist.
We sent word pleading for more men, but we were rebuffed. Our tale was simply too outrageous to be believed. That night they came again riding atop risen mangrove panthers. We slew them as well.
Our supplies were almost out the fourth night. Every day we tried to forage for supplies we were harried and forced back. The attack had become a siege and we were losing. So we invited them in. That day we clogged and sealed the entire fortress, allowing the gasses to collect as we removed half the supports on the gate. We were half a kilometer away as we watched the elves bash into the fortress atop the backs of mega sloths large enough to reach over the gate themselves, and enter with their flaming arrows. We have never seen a larger fireball in our lives, as dozens of elves were burned alive.
Turns out nobody had seen that large of an explosion before. The Free Kingdoms reported to us that the outpost had been lost due to a swamp gas accident. No help was ever sent. We spent months in that swamp as true guerilla warriors. And I didn’t lose a single man nor waifu in there. By the time we drove the elves out of there we were armed with stolen weapons and garbed in the bones of the defeated. Thirteen men and their waifus destroyed an entire warband of manly elves. That is the legend of the Dead Thirteen. And you think you have it hard nowadays.
'Course, some people just think this is the ravings of an old glory hound. But these scars no better than that.

I'll stop now
Let's just say that "cute" doesn't have to do much with sexual appeal in my book. These are qualities unrelated to each other.

I also like the idea of doing a joint piece, but I don't think Kuro and Belle are well acquainted with anyone other than Giovanni yet.

But anyway, I shall now give you a description of what happened during those oh so sexy volleyball games.
You ever see a Coininoch like that, I'm going looking for a wizard specialising in mind control and putting an armour-plated boot so far up his ass, he'll be able to taste the polish. This should tell you two things:
1) I fucking hate mind control
2) A Coininoch woman like that? Ahahahaha, my sides. I need to flesh them out fast... Pity that's in part 2 of the story and I'm not even done with part 1 yet... Long story short, you'll either get energetic sexings from a Coininoch, treating the whole thing as part bedroom-romp, part play-fighting. Or you'll get consensual and loving sexings because dammit, sometimes they want to show they have a ladylike side too (or gentlemanly, if that's your thing).

Or I would if it let me.

“We were almost late.” Belle says as she fidgets with the ring that’s now on her finger.

“Still made it in time. You seemed reluctant to stop though.”

Belle gives me a look of indignation. “Be serious, the game is starting”

I walk up to the net while Belle takes her place in the middle. A few seconds into the game, one of the girls on the other team runs for the ball. Her eyes go wide with surprise as she collapses in the sand . I think I hear frantic giggling as the girl shudders and moans. The balls goes across the net a few times without incident, until I feel something begin rubbing my breasts. I can feel my face heating up as I cover my chest and search for the culprit. Unable to find anyone near enough to grope me, I turned my attention back to the game while keeping watch for any more attempts to grab my breasts.

The first match ends with an amazing spike by a Felim named Serenity.
Immediately after Lilly serves the ball to begin the second match, I hear Belle shriek.
I turn around to see what’s wrong, only to find Belle covering her bare chest with one hand while chasing her top.
I grab it as it goes past my feet and return it to her.
>Ok now... Onto the next part.

The games continue in much the same manner. In the third match, Meina starts moaning and squirming for some reason. I soon see why: her bottom was riding up her crotch! Then Meina’s hands shoot to her crotch as she gives a loud moo. In the same game, I nearly lose my own bottom. I can hear Belle’s giggles as I hold the bikini on with one hand while trying to tie it back together with the other.

By the end of the tourney, everyone has lost part of their bikini at least once. We’re now putting more effort into keeping our clothing on than playing the game. The ref doesn’t even notice that we’ve stopped playing until someone pegs him in the face with the ball and knocks him out of his chair. He reluctantly calls an end to the tournament as everyone walks off the field with their faces various shades of red. I walk over to Belle and take her hand. She tenses at my touch, and then relaxes when she sees that it’s me. We head home together.

Neither of us says a word on the walk home. I can’t take my mind off the warmth of Belle’s skin on mine, and can tell that she’s feeling the same way. Once we’re inside of our room, Belle pushes me down onto the bed and starts removing her clothes.

“I’m never playing volleyball again.”

“You’re never this aggressive.”

“I just went through a few hours of torture.” She kisses me passionately, “Now shut up and take of your clothes.”

Any thoughts, criticisms, or general comments on it?
And Lilly just inadvertently strengthened another relationship.

Lilly seems to be more like a cupid than a succubus.
Well she is trying to go good, that might be it.
File: 1348612770881.jpg-(37 KB, 400x400, 1330898381207.jpg)
37 KB
Who says it was only one?
Good point only one mentioned.
>>20868386 Willing and ready to give a try at a joint work with anyone. The nonsense I scribbled, is in no way part of the story unless you want it to be.
>50m snake snagging a bird out of the air
Love it already, I'll read it in about three hours.
“Doctor what should we do?” my assistant seems like he’s about to break down crying. I can’t exactly hold it against him though what with the army of orks at our doorstep and all.
“Go warn the others than go wait with the rest of the noncombatants in the shelters.”
“What about you doctor?”
“I’m activating the golem”
“But sir we haven’t even activated it yet let alone test it”
“No time like the present my boy, now hurry on to the shelter and try not to embarrass yourself in front of all the women.” Barnaby’s a bright lad but I do wish he would hurry and grow a spine.
After navigating my way against the crowd of frightened civilians flooding in to Castle Waifu I made it to the streets leading to the market that’s when the first shots went off. It’s almost funny how quick people can go from a calm and orderly march to a panicked mob. As I made haste towards my workshop I turned a corner only to bump into the most green mass of muscle I’ve ever seen.
I instinctively ducked dodging a hammer blow that would have easily painted my brains across the side of the wall. The wall couldn’t have fallen so soon they must have sneaked in somehow, after dodging another hammer blow I realized now was not the time to be thinking. So I ran while insulting every ork I came across in an attempt to lure them away from the castle. As I neared my workshop I turned to see no less than twenty very angry orks giving chase.
Upon entering my workshop I closed and barricaded the door. I entered the main room and I saw the 12ft tall golem just waiting to be brought to life and with a number of angry orks on outside lusting for my blood I believe the council will have to forgive me if I sped up the golem’s activation and skip a few safety measures.
As I threw the switch the roar of the steam engine deafened the angry warcries of the orks and as the golems eyes began to glow with life it spoke
“PK-001 active. State my primary directives”
Being in a bit of a rush I said the first thing that came to mind.
“Serve the public trust"
"Protect the innocent"
"Uphold the law"
“Affirmative” the golem responded as soon as the door gave way a group of orks began pouring into the room, only to be knocked back in pieces by a single sweep of the golem’s bladed arm. Blood now dripping from its polished iron surface it was a mighty intimidating sight I can hardly blame the remaining orks for running, but a single sweep of an arm doesn’t constitute a proper combat trial so after climbing on the golems back I ordered the golem give chase.
We busted through the wall and crushed a couple of orks unlucky enough to be in our way. What happened next was nothing sure of a massacre the golem hunted down the fleeing orks with a speed and grace only possible through its enchanted parts. I was more than a little excited between the fear of death, adrenaline, the activation of and the riding on my magnum opus, and the straight up bloodlust I was having the time of my life. By the time the last ork fell a loud horn echoed calling an end to the battle.
and that's it would appreciate any comments and criticisms
File: 1348615906677.jpg-(275 KB, 640x512, 1328073125537.jpg)
275 KB
You're pretty good. There were a few grammatical things I could pick at, but it's quite nice otherwise.
I look forward to the next thing the Doctor cooks up.
Cerran seems infatuated with this Wilhelm fellow. It’s hardly been a month since they met and she already proposed to him. She never was one to beat around the bush. I’ve read his reports, and he seems like a good person. However, I shouldn’t approve of him without meeting him first. Still, unless he does something egregiously horrible, I will probably say yes.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I can’t mess with him. With no grad students around, it’s been far too long since I trolled someone.
Harbinger’s still busy with the gnolls. Plan B it is.
I went to The Hole and asked for Wilhelm. Apparently he’s respected enough there to have his own room, which even has his name engraved on the door.

Wilhelm Kroeker
VIL-helm CRAY-ker

When he saw me, his expression was a mixture of surprise, shock, befuddlement, and probably a few other things I didn’t pick up on. I would later learn that this was because I used to be his history professor. In retrospect, this makes what I was about to do all the sweeter.

I produced a thick book on the history of the Habsburg empire, handed it to him, and said that I wanted a ten page paper on it by the end of the week.
Wilhelm showed up at my desk today, looking somewhat worse for wear. He slapped the paper I’d requested on my desk, found a chair, sat down, and promptly fell asleep. Frankly, I’m surprised he finished it, though the quality does drop noticeably after the first six pages. Let this be a lesson to anyone who reads this; don’t pull all-nighters.

Anyway, when he woke up I told him that I admired his determination, and that he had my approval. I then told him that if he wanted to scream in joy, he could do so in the soundproof room.
That's too perfect. There is no escaping the homework.

Poor guy.
Entry 1 A.A. 3
After much hardship I finally acquired everything needed to start Project Dreadnaught in earnest, no thanks to the council I might add. Project Dreadnaught is my attempt to add a sort mechanized division to our guard; we have chosen the target height of the golem to be around 12feet small enough to fit in my workshop yet large enough to perform as a defensive weapon as well as a siege weapon should it be deemed necessary. The golem will be started with a stationary steam engine and remain active through enchanted core providing power as well as a housing its “brain”.
Note: Basic frame design has been completed. Armament designs underway.
Addendum: the addition to a canon to the golem’s armament has been denied by the council, pricks.
>damn character limit
Entry 2 A.A. 3
Beginning experiments involving multiple enchantments of opposing elements to help isolate any problems before enchanting the core
Subject: Pocket watch gifted to me by one of the knights
Experiment: Starting experiment involved adding a resist frost enchantment to one of the many clockwork parts while adding another enchantment to another piece of the watch that improves one’s ability to use fire magic.
Result: repeated experiments show that the spells interfere with each other weakening the effect
Note: repeated experiments lead to discovering a sort of magic feedback which destroyed the watch. After contacting interested parties I’ll resume experiments.
Addendum: Discontinue experiments with “gifted” items
Entry 3 A.A. 3
Subject: MP3 Player (Mine)
Experiment: I’ll add a water resist spell to the Electronics inside of it and a small “shock self” spell to the battery.
Result: Another feedback explosion
Note: Bringing in Wilhelm Kroeker to see if he has any ideas on the cause of the feedback.
Addendum: Kroeker is “busy” with his own work, prick.
Entry 4 A.A. 3
Failure after failure has started to take its toll on me; repeated experiments yield mixed results. I have decided to take a week long break to cool off and hopefully approach this problem from a different angle.
Entry 5 A.A. 3
I’ve decided to work around the problem was warned by assistant of the possibility of a meltdown of nuclear proportions in the completed product ignored his silly protest.

Entry 6 A.A. 4
Progress on Jims side is coming along nicely the frame should be done soon. My progress on enchanting the various bits and pieces to channel magic and be a bit more resilient to damage is slow work but I’m proud to say it’s about 60% done. I’ve begun formulating a few field test to well test the golems ability on long marches and such, but I’m getting ahead of myself I want this done by midyear I promised the council results by A.A. 5 and I still need to develop some sort of U.I. or A.I. interface and test it.
Note: Assistant’s girlish protest might have merit two injured in a feedback explosion during construction of the right arm.
Entry 7 A.A. 4
The Frame is complete as is the enchanting of all the parts the steam engine should be finished tomorrow I’ve ask Jim to oversee construction of the body while I finish the core
Note: No other feedback explosions possibility of a feedback reaction in completed project is minor, will have to make haste slowly as the saying goes.
Entry 8 A.A. 4
The physical makeup of the core is relatively simple a ruby the size of my fist with a few bits and gears to connect it to the machine. The insides are where it gets tricky multiple complex enchantments crafted by myself and two enchanters from Mirthterrah. Afterwards I’m sorry to say the enchanters fell ill and had to take a trip into Harbinger’s office.
Note: will have to find a way to tie up loose ends. Project must remain confidential.
File: 1348619991544.jpg-(86 KB, 630x440, 1297377039206.jpg)
86 KB
Entry 21, 30th Rain's Hand
I've always wanted my wedding to be just signing a slip of paper so I could go back to living as I usually did, if only to disappoint those expecting a lavish ceremony. TeeGee are a boisterous lot and this has infected my bride to be. As soon as I made it back, I swear they had that guard up on the northern rampart looking for me, they had dragged me off the tired horse I rode in on and sent me on my way to my union.

Of course I'm not sure I was ready to face the fact that it was not only Adelaide that I was to wed. Raising children with the two of them was going to be awkward. But aside from that I think things went off without a hitch. Poor choice of words there, I wish I had an eraser.

I also noticed that Adelaide had my upper left incisor drilled through and strung on a rope around her neck. She tells me it's an old Kanin tradition between lovers but when I asked Cynthia about it, she says that there is no such thing. I'm not sure who to trust here. It would have been much better if I lost a molar though, I have plenty of those.
Entry 22, 1st Second Seed
My first order of business after marriage of course to stabilise my situation. Up until now I've been a beggar, a lifestyle which is no way suitable for raising a child and thus I will have to look for some honest employment. Cynthia was a former camp follower and currently has a small catering business. It provides barely enough and given that Adelaide is with child, it'll get worse from here on out.

Still I could not abandon my studies and thus scheduled a meeting with the Council of DMs for the establishment of a centre of higher learning. I'm not sure how I'm going to sell the package just yet. Maybe free tuition for Harem Knights and “government” employees would make the financial pill easier to swallow. Maybe I could get a few of the knights interested, I'm sure Sir Fearghaile would be.
Entry 9 A.A. 4
Final checks for the engine earlier today no anomalies or explosions, a good sign. Final construction is in progress, everything should be complete by the hour with activation hopefully not long after. It’s hard to believe it’s been four years since I started this project I never thought tha
Note: entry interrupted by news of the ork army marching on Castle Waifu
Addendum: Activation of golem was great success.
Entry 23, 2nd Second Seed
Of course, the Council, in their infinite wisdom, has agreed to my proposal but can not act on it until the financial situation resolves. I assume that is another way of saying, “Oh we'll get back to you later on that.” It never happens. Still I must thank them for their time and left to see the Librarian to see if he could use a hand. He's had plenty, what with his assistant fawning over him a bit too much, so I'll try again at a later date, specifically when he's alone or inebriated preferably both.

My current troubles aside, I've been prattling too much I think, I also held another seminar to discuss High Orc and Dwarven religion. I'm not sure there's anything in that seminar that is worth repeating here except maybe a special group of dwarves that for lack of better terms are monks. I'm not talking about the masters of fisticuffs while drunk though there is a whole hold dedicated to brewery and the fine art of tearing your foes limb from limb with your bear hands. No I'm talking about the Dwarven order that seclude themselves in the highest peaks.
No one had ever seen their sanctuary, if they even have one. It is a near mythical place but it exists as one amongst the dwarves from time to time would leave for this place for many years, or decades, simply to return and set their affairs in order before departing again. Strongfast had a had cousin who had a brother who had a friend whose second-cousin twice removed had left and returned. I got the name of the dwarf in question though, Mirin Diamonddust and will have to follow up on that lead some day.

From what I've been told, they live a monastic life, cloistered away and learning what they call “the First magic”. I asked someone who was more knowledge in magic than I and he told me what these dwarves practice may be a form of drunk or compulsion magic, with the way they enforce their will on the world with their voice alone. I'm not sure how a monastic life would be conductive to such a thing however.
Entry 24, 3rd Second Seed
I'm running out of pages. Also running out of hair too. It seems some of the hair I have shaved isn't regrowing and part of me was relieved and part of me wondered idly why such a thing is happening. Cynthia had found a way to cheer me up as no other could and I fear Adelaide may be getting more possessive. I attributed that to biological and chemical changes during pregnancy. Regardless, I found myself cooking this morning and throughout the whole day to keep Cynthia's business running. Funny, it's almost how I imagined my life would turn out sans the marriage part but that's a blessing in itself too.

Which leads me to the next best thing to happen to me in a while. Some one was interested in my studies and at this juncture I need not have to say who it is. Regardless, he wished me to accompany him in a trip to the Gnomish Gear Cities and the Halfling Shirelands. Of course I accepted, planning to fully take advantage of the opportunity for his friendship so that my dreams may be realised. That and learn more about those people of course.

It also is a bit of curse in retrospect, I would be leaving Cynthia and Adelaide as it was not suitable to have the latter travel far in any capacity. Admittedly it is still my selfishness but I'm surprised Cynthia was very willing to let me go. Adelaide however required more coaxing and I've been negotiated in a position of weakness, not that I mind.

--Journal of Bhikkhu Thai, end of vol 1
That's it so far any criticism or comments are welcome.
That last one was right on the dot, right lads, time to get back to working on the joint I had Sir Fearghaile roll up. Opinions as usual are welcome.

Orc attack was in the 4th year after summons in the summer. I think. Will check the wiki again later.
File: 1348620348593.jpg-(10 KB, 322x199, 1347141673799.jpg)
10 KB
I seem to keep getting more and more left behind in these threads... I just don't have enough time to read them all.
>From Alaric, Fluffy, and Me comes another colab
Lilly had dragged me out for a night on the town, I had made her promise nothing to brazen. The way she wore that dress, told me what I had said had gone in one ear and out the other.

Her tail was flickering at every skirt we walked past. Leaving a trail of surprised women in our wake. Meina had gotten sick and wasn’t up for Lilly’s usual ways, the amazing part was Lilly actually letting Meina be while she recovered. So Lilly was a bit flustered. As much as I can and will do with Lilly, she does like to have fun with girls.
>Entry 9 A.A. 4
check last entry started at A.A. 3 went to A.A. 4 to show how much time would have had to have passed for some golem building.
i spent a week trying to read everything from the start before writing man i know how you feel.
So there we were just walking along looking at the wares for sale. When Lilly goosed a girl going the other way. She let out a shriek and turned around to confront Lilly.

“Who did that! Hey, you're from the volleyball game. Lilly, right?”

“That’s right! And who are you, my delicious little tart?”

“Delicious little tart? I’ve never heard that one before. I’m Kuro.”

“Oh yes the Dragon girl, usually a fox at her side.” I said. “Haven’t seen you two since the concert as I remember the fox... Belle right, she played a little. So how you been?”

“Patrols with the Homeguard. Been preparing to go investigate an old castle too. Be a nice distraction from daily life.”

“As long as it’s not the old castle in the mountain range near the Knoll wastes.”

“It’s on the edge of the desert. No one’s supposed to be living there.”

“Ah good, just last week we had a group of adventures disturb us during a rather awkward moment.”

“I invited them to join, but they said they had some where else to be.” Lilly said, striking a seductive pose as she is known to do.

“Not everyone is into that kind of thing.” Belle said as she showed up seemingly out of nowhere.

“What about you then? My tail can do so many things, if you remember~.” Lilly said giving an evil grin.

“Remember? Did I miss something?”

“Oh you don’t remember all the fun that we had during the volleyball game?” Lilly said as she poked Kuro in the chest with her tail.

“You did that?”

“It all makes sense now.” Kuro said as she brushed Lilly’s tail away.

“I don’t know if I should love you or hate you.” Belle said while grabbing onto Kuro’s arm.

“Well how about I make it up to you two? Lunch is on me.”
Lilly grabbed the two girls and dragged them to a nearby tavern. I duly followed behind them. It was a quaint little place called the Ranger of Dawn. I think they were kind of going for a japanese feel with the red sun theme. The tables were all full except for one. Lilly not paying the other person any mind plopped down in the chair across from him. The rest of us took our seats.

“Hey, Alaric you mind if we sit here?” I said trying to give the group some semblance of civility.

“Hm? Sure, go right ahead” he replied, briefly looking up from his drink.

“Thank you Al.” Lilly said leaning forward across the table, letting the girls jiggle. Alaric paid her no mind.

“I told you not everyone is into that kind of thing.”

“But how will I know untill I try?”

“Maybe this will get a reaction.” Kuro said, kissing Belle. Belle blushed a bright red and looked down.

Alaric quickly took a sip, averting his eyes.

“Girls, you’re making this much harder than it needs to be. Say, Alaric you got someone?” I said while trying to get the waitress’ attention.

“Yeah, why?” he responded.

“Just making small talk, also it keeps the girls from embarrassing themselves too much.”

“I was just teasing Belle. I can never pass up a good opportunity to do it; it’s so much fun.”

“I know how you feel, I love to play with Meina.” Lilly said sighing slightly. “Anyway, you girls have any good stories?”

“What kind of stories are you looking for?” Belle said, eyeing Lilly suspiciously.
“Oh, no you don’t need to go there, unless your dirty little mind wants to. People tend to have interesting stories to share. Like the time James here set himself on fire.”

“Here we go again.” I said, facepalming.

“It all started when he was trying to bind a fire spirit to the oven. So there he is then BOOM giant explosion. He had forgot to clean out the grease from the bacon.”

“Lilly that’s a horrible story.”

“You just think so. The way you were rolling around on the ground was funny. Besides you weren’t hurt.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever lit myself on fire. Flame roasted sheep are a favorite of mine though.”

“And that’s what got you in trouble with my village.”

“It turned out alright in the end. I got to meet you after all.”

“I met James when he kidnapped me from Hell.”

“I hardly kidnapped you, I just forced you into a legally binding contract before you did it to me... That sounds horrible. I really need to find a better way to say that.”

Lilly leaned back in her chair giving the room a good view up her skirt. “So Alaric, how did you meet your lovely little fuck buddy?”

“Slavers.” he responded, averting

“That’s how we met Meina.” Lilly said as she tickled one of the servers walking by, causing the girl to nearly drop the tray in surprise.

“Slavers never went near the Snarltooth Isles, though they would attack traveling Kanin sometimes. I wish I could do more about them.”
Whoa sorry, I did not notice at all until you pointed it out. Maybe add a comma? Or format dates like I do? I dunno.

“Yeah, thats how most feel. There are a lot of us out there trying to fight the slavers, but its an uphill battle. You know though, if you two do something big like busting a slaver ring. I am sure you two will become knights in no time. And with you being a Dragon, you do have a edge.”

“I like that idea. I doubt many slavers have the equipment or numbers to fight a Dragon. I’d have to be careful so I don’t harm any of the slaves though. Belle does rather well shooting a bow from my back though.”
“My recommendation. Don’t land until you're done, watch out for any mages, and fly high enough they can’t get you, except for when you strafe them. Also keep your mouth closed unless you're breathing fire. You do breath fire right, not rock or water or somthing?”

“How else could I roast those sheep? And I can practice hitting small targets with some of my spells, I don’t have high hopes for that though. I always went for big effects.”

“You answer your own question, magic. As for the targeting just try a little less power, it should help. How much fighting experience do you two have?”

“Other than a few wargames back home and the orc attack here, not much. Most of the time we were in spaces too small for me to be in my dragon form.”

“Well if you ever want any sparring practice, feel free to stop by Castle Demon Reach. You can’t miss it. Its the big evil looking castle in the range just north of the Knoll Wastes.”

“Yeah and I promise we won’t kill you too bad.” Lilly said jokingly.

“I’m assuming from the story about the fire that Gearheart is immune to it, or is it just bacon fires?”

“Nope, I am. But he’s just that tough. Did you ever hear the story about how he became a High Orc king? He took six arrows to the back and fell of a cliff then walked it off.”

“Also magic, Lilly is actually rather good at healing magics.”

“That still sounds painful...” said Belle, with an astonished look in her eyes.

“Pain is something you have to deal with in this line of work. You either get used to it or you don’t. But it’s never easy.”

“I guess we’ve been lucky, no major injuries so far. Getting transformed in a wargame is the strangest feeling though.”

“So I have heard. Lilly keeps saying how she wants to get her hands on one.”

“I think it could be fun~”

“Lilly, NO.”

“Oh fine, ya party pooper.”

Well, reading everything or not, prepare for some stories told within a story in the near future.
Time passed and we shot the breeze. Finnaly the time came when it was the time for us to part ways

“Well it’s been nice talking with you girls. Good luck with becoming Knights. Alaric, sorry for bugging you.”

“No problem. I enjoyed the show” he took another sip.

Lilly grabbed one of the bags she had bought and handed it to Belle. “As an apology, I had bought it for Meina, but I think it fits you two much better.”

Belle looked into the bag and inside was an ornate box. She pulled the box out and opened it. Inside was what looked like a large pearl necklace.

“A necklace for a dragon?” Kuro asked inquisitively.

“Not quite, I’ll give you a hint.” And then Lilly whispered something into Kuro’s ear

Kuro’s face turned a shade of hot pink and dropped the beads.

“What did she say?” Belle asked, confused.

“I’ll tell you later.”

And with that we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.
Yeah I've been reluctant to use the TES calender but it seems like something ill have to suck up and do.
waiting warmly
I meant more like placing the number before the year notation.

4 A.A. as opposed to A.A. 4, which kinda doesn't make sense if you say it aloud.

Well that was fun. You should be expecting Kuro and Belle soon.
As we walked back to the gate something came to my mind.

"Hey, Lilly that wasn't the magic one was it?"

"I admit nothing."

"Damn it Lilly, well we'll check on them in the morning. What was the off command again?"

"I think it was 'Fuck me Harder'"

"Yeah the one sane people would never guess. Well it should bring them closer."

"James! That's horrible of you. But yeah the latch and vibrate enchantments will give them a good time."
i see your point i start doing that

Sneaky Lilly.
Yep, it's how she rolls.
This is certainly getting a tad saucy compared to what I can remember. Oh my...
Blame me and the popularity of Lilly the sort of good succubus.

So I take it the sex scene I was writing might be a bit much?

Lilly's just getting around now.
Yeah I think Lilly has been in more stories than any other character.
As long as it's not total smut. Keep it classy.
Its classy smut I think we shall see, as I just started it.
File: 1348622386028.jpg-(66 KB, 625x525, 1330903624017.jpg)
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I had nothing to do with this!
All my romance scenes were pure and emotional!
I've only had some assumed and hinted romance. Most of my writing has just been good friendship between Evette and I.
Should probably just post a link to it when you're done.

I try to keep mine cute, with implied sexy-fun-times.
Yeah that was what I was planing on. Fearghaile got me thinking about writing a, as he put it an R18 scene.

Normally I like just implied or light details. But Real 'Lilly' thinks I should try my hand at one.

He got me thinking the same thing, though I probably won't try it.
No guts no glory
Give it a shot. Can't hurt, right?

Thats what I try to keep my writing to as well Fluff. Cute with implications pf sexy-times.
Eh, we're likely to get marked for deletion if we post actual pornographic writing.
Pre/Post sex banter seems fine, though.

There's this thing about me not being a girl though. Kuro and Belle happen to both be girls.
No matter how vivid my dreams get, I feel that things may go a little strange.
All a board the strange train

So what Lilly and Meina are both girls. I am not. Attempting anyway.
We, he could post it straight to 1d4chan, or google docs or something, I dunno.

>Things might go a little strange
You say that like it's a bad thing.

Well then.... Maybe. Just maybe.
So, has anyone gone and compiled these stories into one volume? They'd be a lost easier to read if we could read them one auther at a time.
Oh man, seriously? You're going to totally overshadow whatever erotica I decide to write. As Lilly would say, vanilla sex is boring.

Then again, you posting first might give me the chance to see if you get banned for it...
Nah I'm going to just put it up on google docs and post the link here.
Well chaps, it seems that my story will be delayed as my racing time got advanced to tomorrow.

This ought to be fun.

>wake up
>go to school
>get back home
>read thread
>catch up
damn i hate having to commute to a different city for school (especially by bus, only one every 3-5 hours) five days a week
guess i'm gonna have to skip school tomorrow to right that paper that's due friday that you people have made me put off until now
never change, even if i drop out of the uc, never change

Rally car racing. I was supposed to race on Thursday, but one of my opponents dropped out.

You must lead an exciting life.

Not especially, its just amateur racing. Something to do for people with an expendable car.

You don't shoot you old cars into scrap?
File: 1348628240316.jpg-(246 KB, 860x645, Ford-Escort-RS2000-Sports(...).jpg)
246 KB

No sir, I drive them around 80 miles an hour down bucking and twisting roads.

Plus, I love my '68 Escort. The RS2000 even has the steering wheel on the wrong side of the dash.

So you found a European one. Or it was used by the postal service.

Came from the UK a long time ago, got it off a chap for 500 clams.
Just popped in to look at the thread health before I left to work.

Does anyone actually enjoy what I'm doing with my Clover Journal series?

Getting too long? Too much worldbuilding?

Nothing will change without feedback.

I find them interesting. Keep at it.
I like them
Yes, thanks for the praise, but are they getting too long was my main concern.

Casual readers may be turned off or flee from exceptionally long posts, no matter what the content, I find. Especially with the tl;dr crowd.

I don't think there are many of those left here, because everyone has long posts.
It's great, and awfully convenient. I was going to do a piece with the Dwarven mystics, so that saves me time fleshing them out. Only thing I could complain about was how often "masterfully" was used. I get it, they're dwarves, they make awesome shit. Just be sure to read it back through and streamline.

Furthermore, the lore isn't invasive of our timeline, so all it does is provide context to this world's magic and peoples. However, you're really going to want to read what me and Bhikkhu are cooking up. It'll have some very fascinating implications for the Elves and how their entire society works. You won't be disappointed.
Right, and you're all fine with what I'm doing to the setting?
Mysterious island, sympathetic characters, worldbuilding,
Sneaky deals, First Magic, etc.
If there's nothing around to limit me to what is or not acceptable,
I might accidentally introduce another "orc invasion", which would be bad.
If you do introduce another "Ork Invasion" then we will discuss it like all other questionable events. Then we will reach a conclusion like we did before.

So far everything is basically unreachable myths and such. I see nothing wrong with it.
And Kung Fu dwarfs I love.

Actually, I know want to see a series that is basically "Kung Fu [insert race here]"
I want to see just how crazy it gets.
Ooooh, you may be disappointed that the next piece will actually tone DOWN on the action.

Its basically what if all the demons (left) knew each other, and the circumstances
surrounding the requirement to start the succubus program. The protag this
time is a Demon mad scientist, for example.

Don't crush my dreams so soon!
Sounds good to me.
Oh did you read the part about the war between Ter and the demons and Lilly's story about how demons got law.
Well, in the meantime I suppose I can post what I've got that's set in the future. Not exactly the near future, though.
But first I need to run a quick test with the subject and name fields.
"Hm? Oh, you are talking to me? My apologies, I had no idea I was even permitted visitors. Are you here on your own? No guard to supervise this meeting? How interesting. It makes me wonder if anyone else knows where you are."
"Of course not. I have no reason to call anyone down here. If anything it will only make this impromptu meeting uncomfortable. Well, more uncomfortable, that is. These shackles were uncomfortable long before you got here."
"An interview? What would you want to interview me about?"
"Ah, yes, yes, of course. I suppose that would be the only reason to come all this way to see me. Before you start asking your questions, I have one for you. What year is it?"
"Twenty AA? Thank you. Losing track of the time here is so easy when you have no means of making carvings in the wall. All I have is that little window up there to let me know when it's night or day. Now, what is it you wanted to know?"
"All of it? I suppose I can do that. Oh, you are writing this down? Are you looking to acquire fame or profit from my story? I don't blame you; I would expect this whole ordeal is not quite public, at least that is what I have gathered with the few interactions I have had since I was incarcerated. 'Inconvenient truth,' 'swept under the rug,' 'passing mention,' those are the sorts of things they would say. That makes you the first to actually attempt to uncover the truth, or at least my side of the story. Sorry to keep you waiting, why don't we begin?"
"I trust you know of the way we Outrealmers made our way here. Though it may have grabbed hundreds of people for hundreds of reason, every story is the same. Mine is nothing particularly special. You also know of how the Felim came to save us, our skirmishes against the Elves, and the founding of Teegee. Those times were not so hard for me. I was part of a minority in that combat is something I am very much used to. How fortunate for me that much of my experience was rooted in fighting within forest environments. You can imagine how pleased I was upon being notified that Sir Howle was starting a division of the Harem Knights, the Order of Blades. We Blades specialized in the less direct sort of fighting and we did our job splendidly. Call it vanity, but I feel that if not for us doing our dirty work behind the scenes, Teegee would be nothing like it is today."
"Oh? Worry not; I have no objections to your interruption. My name? You should already know that, no? Bristow, formerly Sir Bristow. I am sure they call me something else now, but I know not what it is."
"My real name? If I could remember it, I still would not share it. Some things were meant to stay private; you should know that considering your position."
"Then continue I shall. So, the Blades were founded. By this time I already had my first waifu, an Elf girl with a name I am still unable to pronounce. We eventually settled on Penelope. She was what we Outrealmers refer to as a 'chocolate elf.'" The next few years were quite wonderful. I picked up two more Elf waifus along the way, Sheila and Mumu, I helped keep the lands safe from those rather anally ruptured Elves, I was personally responsible for disrupting my fair share of slave trades, I was even sent out on an assassination. I am obligated to keep the details of it secret. That sort of information would only serve to create enemies for us."
"I still live here, do I not? If something foul were to happen to Teegee because I failed to keep a secret, I would not be spared in the carnage. If anything, I would be an easy target. It is for my sake that I do not disclose the details. You may as well forget about pursuing this matter, I am quite resolved to not say a word about it. In fact, you may as well cease any pursuits of my secrets. Those are mine to keep. Now then, shall I continue with my history?"
"I never really aspired to be a well known man. Being one of the Blades certainly helped keep my fame down. I just wanted to keep my head down, focus on the job, and come back home to my waifus. For me that was all I ever needed. Perhaps if the following events never happened, I would not be here right now. Perhaps I would still be working in the shadows of the trees, ready to intercept those who would bring ill to our nation. But there is no changing the past, so there is no point in speculating any further about what could have been. It had been about four years since we arrived. As you know, the Orks launched an invasion against our castle. We would not learn until later that the Elves were behind it, but that matters not, not right now. As a Blade, it was my job to try and disrupt them. I had limited success. There were simply far too many of them all staying together, a large mass. Sure, I got small pieces of that mass to fall, but they could afford to ignore those losses. I kept at it until I noticed a peculiar sight, Orks attacking Orks. Orks running away from Orks. I couldn't believe my eyes. I killed a few more just to be sure before heading home. There was quite a lot of carnage, it was quite disturbing. I paid it no mind. You tend to not care until these things happen to you.
"When I got home, I was greeted by the butchered corpses of my waifus. It was a gruesome sight. With my waifus dead and my home wrecked, I broke down. I no longer had quite the drive I once did. There was no longer a reason. But it gets worse. Naturally, there was a memorial to those slain. It was nothing more than a token ceremony, something that simply had to be done. But the real kick in the gut? Almost no time had passed and the council had decided to go through with plans for a grand festival. With people still in mourning, people still recuperating from their losses. They reasoned that we needed to look strong to the other nations, make it seem as though this did not hinder us. The insensitivity, the sheer depravity of it all still makes me sick, even today. They expected us to just get on like nothing had ever happened, like our losses were minor, insignificant setbacks. It was at that point I knew the world needed to change and that I had to be the one behind it. For Penelope, for Sheila, for Mumu, and for all the other people whose deaths failed to receive their proper time. I suppose that is where everything began to happen or fall apart, depending on who you ask."
"Ah, I understand. Please, feel no need to hurry back here. I am not going anywhere any time soon. Come back at a time convenient to you so that we may continue this."
Trying to shoot for a "creepy" sort of guy in the vein of Hannibal Lecter without being Hannibal Lecter. Is that coming across? Or do motives and conviction make the man?
I'm not really getting that vibe at all, but its interesting nonetheless.
No where near creepy enough. He needs to be a bit more psychotic. What sold Hannibal was polite then stark raving mad. Also the motives and convictions are important. A character is only the sums of the part and in this version it seems like the author is trying to portray him as sympathetic. Also remember show don't say. He also needs to be a bit quirky. Re-watch the good version of Silence of the Lambs is my recommendation.

>Also sex scene is coming along swimmingly
Yeah, that's what I figured. I think I'll have to get more into what he does before he starts giving off those vibes of "this guy is crazy and he is going to kill me so I will just leave now."
>show don't say
>entire bit will be from a first person perspective like this
>that is, consisting only of say
That'll be tricky.
Now that I think about it, I probably shouldn't have likened him to Hannibal. That's a bit of a leap. More like nutty self-righteous activist that's not entirely there. Maybe more like somebody from PETA.
Its a bit misleading when your talking about the written word. What it means is don't say he is crazy have him act crazy. Also I suggest you stick with Hannibal as it will work far better if you get it and will work better than the other even if you don't.
Stick with Hannibal he's way more likeable than PETA.
Sad but true
File: 1348639902019.jpg-(39 KB, 495x455, 1330240564061.jpg)
39 KB
I can interpret this word several ways, depending on how punny we're gonna get.
Why do you think I picked that one. Also two pages worth of foreplay, tomorrow I start the real sexing.
Dear god, this could either go really poorly or be pretty awesome.
You know, I was going to write stuff, but alas, my time has run out for tonight. Long weekend coming up, I'll try and crank out some good stuff then. Look for an epic tale of the Ork Siege of 4 A.A.

Well, some bastard has to hold the main gate, eh?

Erm, for the timeline, when would we start properly training Guardsmen? Around mid 2 A.A. ya reckon? Well, that'll be when I take up the mantle of Sergeant-Major, not weaboo slaver hunter.

But yeah, you mad bros? I get to touch Fluffy AND Scaly tails at night. How bout you, bitch?
Right, a progress check in from me.

This time it's the audio memoirs of a Demon,
stretching from the first age of chaos, the wars,
the downfall and the resurgence of demonkind.

The Journal does show up, but only in the latter
half. I'm going to show another aspect of it.

If you find yourself cheering them on, that's
a common side-effect, don't worry.

Taking inspiration from the Ars Goetia, Asura's
Wrath, and Game of Thrones this time.
Cowgirl and Succubus, get on my level,

Ars Goetia, Asura's
Wrath, and Game of Thrones. You Sir are my hero
When are you faggots going to end this weaboo shit?

I got both.
You do realize that Asura's Wrath is not all epic fights and duelling gods?
It's a retelling of Hindu myth as something like Star Wars, so the demons here? Not all rapey and fighty 24/7.
At least, not until after the War Among Stars

Hindu myths are pretty bloody. Lots of missing heads.
Yes I know that. Reading is my hobby. Its still great to take inspiration from it.

Actually I am going more for Deviant Protestant in the Middle Ages not shitty japporn
I'm going for Divine Comedy right now.

Maybe Gulliver's Travels next, or My Immortal...
Aside from a few mentions every so often, do we even have anything really Japanese? Most everything is pretty European as far as I can tell.

Don't really know what my stuff is styled after either.

Some of the art. That's about it.
fluffy kanin, scaly lamia, fluffy dragon
you were saying

Fluffy dragon? You must tell me how you achieved this wonder.
Hey guys, I'm about to finish my first piece of writing and I was wondering if someone would be willing to spare a second to read and comment before I post it. It starts from the beginning of the whole idea. I would have written this before, but I've had 5 tests to do since this all started. Email available above.
Yeah, I can look it over for you.
Thanks. I sent it to you (no file, direct text)
File: 1348674272901.png-(430 KB, 856x640, waifu dragon.png)
430 KB
Rydia has scales, feathers, and fur. her tail just happens to be fluffy

File: 1348685689910.jpg-(102 KB, 516x728, dragon love (2).jpg)
102 KB
did i kill the thread
yes. and it was beautiful.
No, I'm just waiting until I get home so I can take some pics for the story I'm about to post.

I'm just sitting here. Waiting.
And staring at us. He won't stop.

By all means, please do.

Nah, it's usually slow for at least another hour or so.
Would boxing be any good written out, or would it be like volleyball?
Anything we write has the potential to be good if you put the effort in.

Then do you know anything that can help me write one, cause I know nothing about boxing.
Oh you've seen me, Hello is alright?
It is a wonderful day, all the bright colours and everyone having fun.
Don't run, I'm not here to start anything. sit down with me and I'll buy you an ale. Just tell me how it tastes.
The accent? Yes I was one of them. For a given value I still am one of them. Have you calmed down now? I suppose its traditional now to tell you my story. You know how they all begin? Well thats how mine ends. Starving, frozen and paralysed propped up against a tree waiting to die. Then there's the part they always skip because its not interesting... Two thousand of us died in the first 2 months.
When the portal sucked me through I was one of the less unfortunate ones, I'd just grabbed a bag to go camping and had food, shelter and some simple tools. Enough for one man in a temperate climate but not enough to share with hundreds of people in the middle of winter. Within hours all of my food had gone, shared out between hungry people who often had no more than light clothing. I strung up my tarp in a corner of the ruins to provide some shelter for those who could fit under it but it still was not enough. After a week all my tools and supplies were gone. Stolen while I slept or destroyed by people fighting over them. I never found who stole my boots, nobody saw anything. I found out which hambeast stole my sleeping bag but as one of the few armed transportees [seriously who carries a pistol round in the house] he was welcome to it.
Most of us were able to find water from the castle wells or in the streams and pools in the forest but with most of us not even attempting proper hygiene or even understanding about latrines it did not take long for the first of us to begin to die. Those who needed medication like insulin and other modern drugs were first. After a cold night you would find the occasional corpse curled up in its own filth stripped of everything that they owned. As the weeks went on forage and game became scarcer. I had taken to boiling pine needles and grass in an old tin can I had saved just to feel full again. I know it was not smart but when you haven't eaten in few weeks most of you would try anything.
As the first snows came we realised many of the groups were not coming back and we found the corpses with arrows left for us to find. I remember seeing a man whose only crime was to have made a bow lynched and torn apart by a crowd. I still don't ask what happened to his body but I'm sure I can remember someone talking about finding some pork that night. God help me I know I would have joined in if I was strong enough.

Every night I would edge closer to one of the fires which were dwindling in size and number as more wood was used and the weather worsened huddled with other men for warmth and comfort hoping to see the morning. We would talk of things we had seen and wonder if we would ever be rescued. Some nights we would talk about food. I would hold the image of a meal in my head so strong I could almost taste it. Some mornings I swear just by remembering hard enough I could actually taste the meals.

I didn't know how long this went on for. When you are slowly starving to death every motion brings you closer to the edge and a lethargy descends on you. You pay little attention to your surroundings. There were shouts of elves on occasion and more of us would never be seen again. I remained sceptical convinced that there was no proof beyond fever dreams and the little brutalities of our new life. I was more concerned with the fact that at least one of my toes had frostbite and I was probably going to have to cut it off if it got worse.

When the Felim arrived I was amazed. The cats were efficient in bringing order to our camp triaging the hopeless cases, feeding those who could not. Regardless of their motives they saved us. They were some kind of cross between a gypsy clan and a trading caravan and it did not take long for one of the biggest cases of Stockholm syndrome to occur and for the transportees to cleave their fates to our new companions. Food was still scarce but there was at least a little to eat enough to survive although I lost another toe and the tip of my nose to the cold.
One day there was a commotion in the far side of the camp, some poor sod had finally snapped and started screaming about elves and ears and later a village where the fuckers that had been killing us lived. Everyone that could move grabbed something and started towards the woods. I picked up a length of cloth with a rock wrapped in it. Not out of any desire to fight but more to see if there was a village where I could steal some food.
I panicked, then I panicked some more when I found that I really was immobile It was all I could do to breathe. I could still think though and later as snow began to fall covering me over I felt my self begin to slip away. I tried thinking of all of the times I had been warm, Willing myself to move. Visualising how my muscles were connected right down to nerve impulses. I don't know how long I tried this for. Hours? Days? it doesn't matter. I died slowly but not painfully beyond the terror of ending.
And thats where this tale ends. You think I am a liar? I see the drink has clouded me from you again. Well lets just say some time later I remembered how to be alive.

C&C more of lurkmoar?
Not bad, but I will point out a few things.

There was a bit of time in between when the Felin arrived and when we launched our assault on the elf village. You can't expect a bunch of starved, crazy people to fight, after all.

Also, I don't recall us loosing more than a few hundred during the first little while.

I was planning on making a Donner Party comment, but I'll keep that one to myself for now.
There's an official number of losses? I was under the impression it varied from account to account and that the only solid number is that the wizard only expected eight or nine people.
1000 survivors total, a few hundred lost according to most of the earlier threads.

Also, while those needing medication would have been SOL, the numbers do draw from /tg/, and some of us do know at least basic field sanitation, however hard it might be to organize without proper tools.

Then again, it might have just seemed that way from your point of view.
I better get to work on something non-smut.
My love is too pure to be jealous.
From what I can tell, there is a lot of punching. And sometimes kicking, also a lot of inspirational music.
I am drawing all of this knowledge from Rocky.

Got it. I need to make sure inspirational music plays as you read it.
These bar stories could happen in Rogue Trader. Just saying.
I got what you need.
The wizard only expected a few people, but by the time that the picture was deleted/autosaged/ignored, there were 3 thousand and change. We determined this a few days after by a few of us managing to gather people together and grouping them off by 50 and counting from there. This didn't even count the people that died in the first three days due to getting trampled, lacking medication, or other unknown effects.

Most died to disease since it spread fast in the close quarters we were forced into, others exposure and hunger, a few to Elvish arrows (less than 100), thankfully even less by a fellow's hand. One guy died because he killed a guy and was dumb enough to eat the brain.

All who died, we burned the bodies most of the time since the earth was too hard to dig into. Sometimes they asked we didn't, so we left their corpses as carrion outside the walls and they tended to attract creatures that were good to eat (humans are pretty damn unsavory, believe it or not).

I was honestly expecting this:
Quick question was dwarven golem making ever fleshed out?
not that i know of
They have such constructs? I was unaware.

Doctor was writing about making one. And then sending it on a rampage.
As it turns out, my cookbook does not contain the recipe for danishes or strudel, and I am saddened. I had intended to use one or the other as the pic for the start of the story, but I cannot.

Thanks for reviewing, I've finished my story. Posting in 5... 4... 3...
File: 1348696836481.jpg-(200 KB, 1600x1260, Danish.jpg)
200 KB
All right, that’s one Apple Danish and a glass of milk. It was good seeing you again kid, come back anytime. Eh? My stor… oh hell. I’ve been caught. What gave it away? Doesn’t matter now, you’re the only one here tonight, so I might as well tell you.

Like everyone else, I showed up with what I had on me and nothing else. Typical student stuff you know? Backpack, keys, small knife, pen, computer, notepads. Nothing particularly conducive to survival. Anyways, appearance in the forest, blah, blah, blah, actually saw one or two people I knew. Heck, one of them actually survived that really cold winter later on. I must have lost a good 50 pounds that winter. I would have been thrilled at this if I hadn’t been starving. People were dropping left and right, oddly enough it was more fat guys than it was the skinny people. I guess they just must have been used to running on less. Had the Felim not shown I’m absolutely certain I would have been next, though I’m surprised they didn’t try to kill me at my reaction to them.
In my defense it was a rampage against orks.
I’m not proud of this, but as soon as I had the wits about me to realize the full situation of the Felim being around us was the second I lost them. Just think. Cat People! Real Cat People!

Naturally, like any cat lover, I immediately lost all control and just squealed in that annoying voice we all get when we see something too adorable.

Like I said. Not particularly proud of that one.
Well considering most Orks are in the far south savannahs, and any Ork that resides in TeeGee is under our protection, I fail to see the reason to do such a thing.

Constructs are more of a Gnomish thing anyway. If you want zany golem rampages, I'd go for them.
While the Felim certainly helped us out immensely, we were beginning to strain their resources and needed to do some foraging in the woods to ensure we had enough foodstuffs. I was one of the fortunate ones, whenever I went to the forest was a time that either the elves weren’t bored enough to go human hunting, or a time when they just plain weren’t there. Mostly I helped with collecting mushrooms or plants that I did recognize as edible, and I’d never hunted before so I was of little use there. When the bodies in the forests began piling up I didn’t stop going into them. Not a bravery thing, I just knew that there was no possibility of us surviving if we didn’t get the food that was there. After we were better off and we got to know our hosts a bit better, we decided that we rather enjoyed our own little slice of hell. I know it really wasn’t as bad as it seems, but look at it from our perspective! We had just been dumped in the middle of the woods, miles away from any civilization, and we were people who had owned ourselves for every day of our adult lives. We had never known serfdom or subjugation under a monarchy, and we found both ideas reprehensible so there was little chance of us integrating under the local system of Mirtherrah. And we were surrounded by a bunch of pointy-eared bastards who thought that they should kill us because we weren’t doing shit to them.
Things got ugly real quick before the war started. More and more people showed up dead in the woods, tempers flared, and before we knew it a bunch of scared neckbeards out in the middle of the woods were getting perilously close to a mob. Fortunately we had the sense amongst us all to try actual tactics first. I didn’t make much account of myself in the war itself, I wasn’t near the main part of battle, and got nowhere near the castle where the lord of the elves was. I was armed with one of the few bows we had and a couple of daggers that looked like old Bowie Knives.
I was assigned to one of our scouting units, being a relatively quiet man when I wanted to be. We were assigned to a minor base near the border of the forest with three other scout units, and were supposed to take out the sentries so that we could send in a task force in the middle of the night undetected. When we got the signal I lined up my bow and took out a sentry with a lucky shot to the throat. It would have prevented his people from knowing we were in the area had he only the decency to collapse, or to fall forward outside the wall, but no. He just had to fall backwards onto the guy he just replaced. Things went to hell quickly after that. The guards were roused, most of them left the area to search the forest, and a patrol happened to come across us.
It was during the ork attack.

It was during the orc assault.
There were about half a dozen of them, and the three of us. They had been the last to leave the outpost, and we had been sneaking back towards said fortification when the rest of the patrols passed us by. The soldiers were attempting to catch up to their fellows, which is probably what saved us in the first place. One of our group, a (relatively) tall and muscular Felim male, took on three of the elves while I and another fa/tg/uy took on the remaining two, and the last one just stuck along the edges taking opportunistic potshots with his bow. I got stuck with an elf wielding a longblade and shield, and I had learned from attempted larping experience back home that I shouldn’t try to shoot someone when he’s less than ten feet from you, so knives it was! I spent my time mostly dodging and using the forest as cover from his sword, making sure to keep him between the bowelf and me.
Once I got down how he was swinging his blade, I waited until he has struck and moved in close. I trapped his sword arm using one of my daggers, and delivered a blow to the face with my left hand. My staggered opponent took a moment to adjust himself, but it was too late. I brought up my right hand and stabbed him around the area where a human kidney would be, killing him. My human partner had likewise finished off his opponent, and we were both headed directly for the bowelf from different directions. With no sword and no way to run without heading into the Felim that was finishing his last contender, he decided to shoot one of us and hope to get the other one in time. He got me with a glancing shot to the abdomen; nearly hitting my intestines, and my brother-in-arms slew him with a well-placed blow with a hammer, and that’s about when I passed out from pain.
I woke up about a day later, patched up and feeling well enough for a man who’d been shot. We weren’t able to prevent the base from detecting the force, but we had done even better. When we were detected by the elves they only left a token force at the fort, which was taken over by our other scouts, and the elves had split themselves into small groups while searching for us, small enough that the main force could easily overpower them. I never really drank much, but I had enough during the celebration that night that I think would have impressed colonial America. So much for not giving in to peer pressure eh?

And that’s my story kid. If you ever want to hear another let me know. I’ll tell you about how I started adventuring.
>i don't drink much but i might as well since i've lost so much blood
and that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we make so many wizard
File: 1348697572050.jpg-(25 KB, 462x294, My Face When.jpg)
25 KB
That's what I was thinking, but I have a bit of a problem.
Plus, I think it was more pain than blood. Arrows hurt yanno?

Alcohol fixes everything.
Reporting in. That is, if I'm not still in the doghouse for messing with canon.

Fire the cannons.
All of them? I dunno if I'm qualified for that kinda firepower. I mean, I've fired an F-88 on the range before, but I ain't no artillery jock.
Fire a Mosin then. It's certainly loud enough.
File: 1348698706295.jpg-(22 KB, 335x215, ballista.jpg)
22 KB
Will this do?
For now.
Screw it, peasent railgun it is.

Hmm...I really like doing the origin part of the stories - it helps me get back in the swing of writing, and the survivalist in me is really interested in seeing how my character would do in the situation, so I'd love to keep doing that, but it seems that everyone's encouraging against it.

Not sure how to proceed.

Write it as fiction written by a fictional character.
Thinking that to get me back into the groove of writing, I'll put something up about the Men-At-Arms. They were formed after the Ork attack, soooo...

I forget; was the attack in 4A.A. or 5A.A.?

Figure I'll write up a speech to the new recruits. Something to represent the espirit de corps and give a little insight to their training and ethos. Shouldn't be too hard, even for me.
You could have your guy wander away from the main group and go from there.

Basically your self-insert character decided to start writing books about that for whatever reason.
4 A.A Midyear from the 1d4chan page
Wouldn't fit the narrative then. If we had a construct on our side, the odds would be stacked in our favor, since the Orkish weapons were crude and we took nearly half of their number before the females turned on their own kind. The Orks came far too fast for us to summon our banners and adventurers and prepare complete defenses. The Mirthans and Elves would all show signs of mobilization well before they attack with any level of threat, so we can pose a greater threat. The Orks, while only 2000 in number, reached our gates before we could prepare properly. That was why such a comparatively paltry force was such a threat.

So in general, a story about a construct in a battle that was supposed to be a SNEAK ATTACK doesn't fit the situation, sorry.
I was thinking of doing that, or simply continuing the current story until sunrise when the character first meets the others, and have the intro story end there. I just don't feel that it's over, yet.

That...is an amusing idea. "THE ADVENTURES OF SIR BRUCE THE ELFSLAYER, BY SIR BRUCE THE BULLSHIT ARTIST" I'd be like Cain or Lockhart. Scary.
Read the story its in the thread man
pretty sure the golem that was used was a prototype and powered largely by steampunk style stuff. could easily be fragile (for a golem anyway) or have a short battery life
I really don't get why we need the golem at all. Especially after only four years, it seems... Disproportionate, next to all the other stuff we have.

Thanks. I'll get to work.
Honestly yeah i would have preferred it if it happened a bit later but the ork attack was the best excuse to activate a untested, and potentially explosive prototype golem i could hope for.
Issue with things like golems and the like is mass production. If the prototype works, what's to stop us full-scaling the production and making an unstoppable army of terracotta soldiers (best golem army ever)? It'd totally wreck the setting.
I'm actually writing about that now should have it up tonightish.
Indeed. That's why I mentioned it was more of a Gnomish thing. They have a bunch for defense of their holds, but they're too ADHD to do anything as focused and calculated as mass production and proliferation.
same as gunpowder, lack of materials. if each golem requires a ruby the size of a grown man's fist to run and may very well explode i don't see us making or using them too often
File: 1348701239112.jpg-(1.36 MB, 2232x2256, 1348505519800.jpg)
1.36 MB
And that is why drunk magic is best magic.

The story it is coming. Hopefully with in the next two hours. All I have to say is hold onto your buts. As Lilly gets real rapey. But don't worry its all consensual...Mostly
Sounds like I better hurry with my not-smut. Need something to keep the mods from getting pissed.
Or alternatively kill their erections.
polite sage for off topic post
After another fifteen or so minutes of searching (it was getting difficult to keep track of time, since I didn’t have a watch and I’d turned my phone off to conserve battery), I was starting to get a little annoyed. I could have sworn I’d heard someone, someone speaking a language I understood in an accent I knew, but after that one phrase…nothing. Maybe I was hearing things. It made a lot of sense – people heard weird shit all the time when dreaming. By this point, I was determined to think of all this as a dream. In real life, people didn’t teleport to abandoned castles and murder elven women with their own arrows.

Still, my shoulder bloody hurt. I’d been in a few accidents before – split my skull clean open and blew my kidney to kingdom come, and according to the docs, my pain threshold was unnatural, but damned if that wound wasn’t the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced. Each step was a little more difficult than the last, as the warmth seemed to seep away from my shoulder. At least the bleeding had slowed, but I was starting to worry if the arrow had been envenomed. That, on reflection, would suck. Still, I reminded myself, this was just a dream, and the pain wasn’t real.
Knowing that helped, a little. My mind shifted gears, and I was able to ignore the worst of the pain. It’d be over as soon as I woke up, anyway. After wandering for another crikey-knows-how-long, I started to get a bit tired and hungry. I’d been on my feet for bloody hours now. Deciding the corridor in which I now found myself was as good a spot as any, I slowly sank down onto the ground, leaning my back against the stone wall (as much as I could, with the armour’s back tank) and slipping off my gloves. Crikey, I realized, I was starving.

I reached into one of my armour’s many, many pockets for the meat that I had taken from the corpse of the elf woman (what? She didn’t need it anymore), and bit into it with relish. It…well, it definitely wasn’t the best meat I had ever had, but hunger, as the saying goes, is the best spice of all. The act of eating distracted me a little from the pain, and warmth started to return to my tired body a little as the food energised me, even as my hands once again started to turn blue from the cold. Hadn’t the architects who’d built this place been told about insulation or ducted heating? Heresy.
Through the same trader that I bought the instruments from, another Coininoch artifact has made its way to my desk. This one is a pair of boots, made for someone with long and thin feet. Try as I might, I haven't found anyone capable of wearing them.

However, the enchantment intrigues me. When a lever at the toe end of the boot is pressed, a force of some sort manifests and pushes the boot away from whatever the sole is facing.

I handed the boots over to Wilhelm, and while he's made little progress in reverse-engineering them he has made a contraption that lets him use it. Specifically, a pair of wooden feet inserted into the boots, connected to sandal harnesses on his feet. While it's amusing to see him walk around wearing one pair of footwear on top of another, it seems to work.

While the force emitted by the boots is insufficient to lift the user more than a few inches off the ground, it does effectively nullify all friction. It seems to make for an efficient mode of transportation, assuming you can master it.

Wilhelm is working on deciphering the enchantment, and I await his results. An enchantment that pushes things away could have many uses, including a very comfy chair.
Of course, one has to wonder what the Coininoch use the boots for. I'd asked the merchant, but he responded with a shrug. He'd described them as being rather warlike, so maybe they use them to charge into battle? The enchantment does work remarkably well on dirt and other rough surfaces.

Another possibility is that they're used for sport. Some form of racing, perhaps?
GearHeart needs to get some in his size so he can glide around like a boss.
I stayed sitting there for a long time. It was obvious that the castle was deserted, and I wasn’t about to wander the wilderness around it in the dark. I’d have to just wait until the sun rose, then I’d be able to do all the exploring I wanted. I was going to have to find a source of fresh water, and probably hunt for more food. With gleaming white armour, that wouldn’t be the easiest thing in the world. At least I had shelter, in the form of the castle. I doubted that the tall building would have the mutitide of deadly critters that whatever was out there had. I yawned a little, exhausted from the night’s ordeal. Before I knew it, I had fallen asleep…

I hope its a real flavor like: cookie dough, mint, or chocolate.
File: 1348706647640.jpg-(328 KB, 936x904, 1331009102684.jpg)
328 KB
Just go all out with that shit.

Not a little of everything. A lot of everything.
Who here's read Air Gear?

The heavy fanservice sometimes obscures the story, but do want a pair of those skates. Aaand then I'd fall flat on my face trying to use them. Still! Something cool for folks around the castle. Particularly the kids!
If we could figure out the enchantment behind them our scouts would be unmatched.
Woke up, checked the thread, now I'm going to finish the rest of my story.

Here's a warning though, it does mention several demonic invasions, so that may place the timeline.

(That and it mentions relations with the Fey, another race not known for its timekeeping)
Air Gear sucks ass. And you know it
I love how your first thought is a chair, rather then magitech monorails and airships.
I want a chair like that so bad.
Honestly, I was going for a mix of Jet Set Radio and Tribes.

That said, I can totally see Coininoch skiing into battle with broadswords.
Huh, and here I thought it was just a magical extension of their legs. You know, being rabbit people and all...

I do see what angle you're all coming from, though.
It reminds me of LoZ OoT

Hover boots.
Mint with Chocolate Chips good enough for yas? I bloody love the stuff.

Looking back on my work, I'm not sure I can write at a standard that's good enough for Teegee. Tempted to just bow out gracefully.

Just keep going. You should get better, eventually.
Mint and Chip is best flavor ever so yes. Also don't give up I think everyone thinks their stuff sucks at some time or other and some people think it a lot. I think every word I jot down is an atrocity, but I keep writing cuz I enjoy it.
you're doing fine. being teleported to a different part of the castle is fine since fitting 3000 people in one room would be tough, and most teleport spells have something in them about "if where you're supposed to go is full, you go somewhere really close", and a lone elf out wandering is fine since half of TeeGee spends its time wandering around random ruins too. only real thing i've seen a problem with is that you describe it as being quite, and i can't really see 3000 fa/tg/uys being quiet even without the whole stranded in fantasy thing
Is it an atrocity because of your writing ability, or are we just about to read something that depraved?
They'd probably be rare. The Coininoch don't usually get too fancy about things. And at a dead run, they're as fast as a galloping horse, so their charge is already plenty fearsome.

I can totally see them having ski troops though, for winter battles in the highlands.
Tonight it is both. Also its going to be a bit delayed as I got distracted by real 'Lilly'
>has a real lilly
this may be the the alcoholic meat pie talking, but is this a sign to look out for snakebutt?
real 'Lilly' is not a succubus but she acts like one in bed, so no. No snakebutt if your talking about real demons. however if you mean some freaky ass shit going down in my upcoming story then YES.

Also 'Lilly' inspired Lilly in a very heavy way and is helping me write the sex scene.
I think I'll write something here if that's okay with you lot. I'll post about half of what I've actually prepared for you all and if you'd like me to post the rest then I shall. I'm interested in writing with you all and have been reading through a bit of your stuff.
I followed it up with eggs, bacon, fruitloaf and hot chocolate, too. Food for the gods.

SHIT! I should have thought of that! Sound carries a shitload at night, and not even my bad hearing and padded helmet would blot all that out. Damn damn damn.

Shamefur dispray indeed.
Dude, go right ahead. We've always got open doors for another aspiring writefag.
As long as they don't bring back piss off gearheart day.
I wasn't used to being inside city walls. The last time I was even around much civilization was when I had gotten the sword that was slung over my back. "So this is TeeGee?" I asked myself as I sat in the first tavern I could find. I needed a drink. These walls closing in around me were more than a little scary. I kept myself closed off from the others. I did that even with my own race. It was natural to me. Among my fellow Kanin I was a lone wolf. Before I began to drink I began to ask myself why I was here. I was curious of these Knights of Harem simple as that, so I could stand dealing with civilization for a while. I was confused as to how easy it was to get in the Castle Waifu. They just allowed anyone. What an odd ammount of compassion for others. A waitress walked up to me, handing me what I had ordered. I knocked back the glass, chuging a half of it's contents and then gave a sigh.
My nerves of being inside were calmed. I had been given a lot of trouble on my way here. Considering the way humans treated me as I was traveling to TeeGee I was surprised to see what I had when I arrived. Humans and just about any other race I could think of walking hand in hand. It was refreshing in a way but also more than a little confusing. Perhaps this meant that things were changing in this world. That maybe if this place survived that the races would finally be at peace with one another. My sisters wouldn't have to live in fear of becoming slaves. There was one thing for sure. These knights were doing something interesting and their life consisted of tons of adventures. I wasn't about to let adventure pass me up.
That's all I'll post for now. Sorry if it's not the most interesting thing.
i find an outsider's perspective interesting
Should I put up more?
Yes, please.
Yes! We need more outsider perspectives. Writing as a Knight is all well and dandy, but there's a point where the stories all more or less become the same. Only reason I have an advantage is because diplomancing is apparently hard to write about that and I've been building a great deal of the fluff structure for the piece since I posted the second thread.
And I write fluff for races that don't get much attention and porn. Which is almost done. Brace yourselves.
I'm trying home life, short adventures, and daaw.
File: 1348716152785.jpg-(25 KB, 500x375, deja.jpg)
25 KB
A small smile spread across my face and I leaned against the back of my chair, ears flicking back and forth, listening in on conversations between the other people. "So many different people. I wonder why things haven't gone down the drain yet." I muttered, "Possibly because they are so different. Because they are accepting that they are different. It's rather impressive now isn't it?" I sighed and closed my eyes, imagining what might entail for me which caused my brown tail to wag back and fourth, a thumping noise being caused as my tail hit the chair.
"What seems to have you so happy?" A Felim waitress asked with a bright smile on her face. She had orange ears and tail and blonde hair.
My jaw slacked for a little bit as I looked over the girl. I was surprised to hear someone adress me it wasn't something I was used to as I didn't often even really see others, "Uh... N-nothing. It's just a great place here is all. I'm interested. It's my first day here and all."
"Oh that's great!" She said, her longer tail flicking back and fourth, "You're going to love it here I'm sure. Would you like me to give you a tour once I get off?"
"Uh... Nah." I replied, my eyes turning away from her, "I think I'll be able to handle myself here thank you very much."
"Oh... are you sure?" She asked, her ears flicking a little.
"Y-yeah." I said and then sighed as she walked off. I wasn't going to have adventure if I kept pushing people away. "Wait." I said, getting up, "When do you get off?"
I had an outsiders perspective for all of two seconds.

I'm not sure how to feel about this.
She turned around, her eyes bright, "In a few minutes. I just need to clean off the next few tables and we can go. I'm Shey by the way."
"Deja." I replied with a nod. I waited for Shey to get off of work.
When she was done she took me by the hand and dragged me about. I stood there with my eyes wide and confused. I didn't really know what to think of this Felim girl. She seemed very happy so who am I to lessen her mood?
"So what of these Harem Knights?" I asked idly as we strolled down the streets. It was getting dark out now.
"The knights? Well I know a few things about them and I admire them greatly. It's as if they took everything that humans stand for in this world and just pushed it off a cliff."
"I've heard of this before. Do you know anything that I don't? Like how they started?"
"Some guy wanted to rub elven ears." She replied with a laugh.
"So all of this started in the persuit of... elf ears." I replied, "Am I getting this straight?"
"Yes." She replied with a quick nod. "And now they stand for love and adventure." She said with a sigh.
"Well things have got to start somewhere now don't they?" I asked with a small laugh, "Well I aughta go buy a room at the inn. Thank you." I said with the nod of my head.
"If you'd like you can stay at my house. I live alone so it might be nice for the both of us to have someone to keep company with."
"I don't think..." I stopped myself, "Alright." She said, "Just be careful not to scare me, I sleep with my sword by my bedside."

Alas I must be off to bed now. I'll probably put up the rest tomorrow.

I look forward to the rest of it.
File: 1348717910219.jpg-(51 KB, 864x451, gladiator_mask.jpg)
51 KB
Man, that Shey works fast. And for a Kanin no less. I'd be careful if I were you~

Alright, what I work on next will be my next story post. What should I work on? So far I have outlines for Sir Fearghaile's Hero Quest or Adorable Erotica with Lem & Kikki. The former gets into Lem's head a little deeper, flesh out his motivations, be "super cereal" and have a decent amount of action (along with heroics, of course) and the latter is more or less the same Lem x Kikki romance bullshit I've been writing under the context of a bit of snu-snu. This too will have some action, but not the same kind, if you catch my drift, not to mention probably diabetes inducing adorable if the reaction to my previous stuff is any indication.

I'm not particularly partial to either, so I'm curious as to what you lot think. I should be finished by tonight or tomorrow.
Snu-snu you know you want to. I am but five or so minutes away.
It has come
Your ass will never know peace.
>This too will have some action, but not the same kind, if you catch my drift
normally, i would catch your drift, but we're a bunch of crazed adventurers. action in the bedroom may very well involve an attack by demons other than lilly
I think you just ruined the joke.
So is that a vote for ADVENTURE or ADORABLE?
Whatever comes to you easier, I guess.

Meanwhile, this next piece is getting preeetty long.

Is everyone ok if I try to split it in two?
Why not both: an ADVENTURE for ADORABLE! Or an ADORABLE ADVENTURE! One must sometimes work between the lines.
Ok people give it to me straight. How much did the story of sex suck. Also nb4 easy joke
i liked it, dat snake tongue was...interesting
Freaking snake tongue girl rape
File: 1348722134244.jpg-(747 KB, 3160x2592, Sallet.jpg)
747 KB
There is a brief, fleeting moment upon waking when you know absolutely nothing. It's an interesting feeling, as your brain boots up and you feel everything come meet you in one brief moment. Faint sunlight streamed in through the window, a layer of frost covering the other side. Blankets formed a barrier between me and the chilly air. There was also something close to me; it was warm, a pleasant contrast to the cold.
The Felim lay on my chest, breathing softly. It needs not be said that I very much wanted to stay there forever. And yet, I had dungeon diving to do.
>Engaging hug and roll. Get off your ass, Al.
I regretfully escaped, and rummaged around the room for my armor. Chainmail, plates, belts, all were strapped on. The sallet and bevor I admired in my hands I always found immensely stylish, as if Robocop and Darth Vader had filthy helmet sex and this was their medieval bastard child. However, helmets were too cumbersome to wear all the time, so I carried it from a strap on my belt. Carefully, I took my trusty sword and board from where it hung on the wall. Sure, the blade on this was more plain than the finely etched sword I won in the festival a few months ago, but I'd used it longer and it felt better in my hands. Finally, I snatched up a satchel. It contained dried meats, a wineskin, and a few other supplies for the trip. Geared up and grinning, I pointed a finger at the now empty bed.
File: 1348722285023.jpg-(161 KB, 1280x1024, German Armor.jpg)
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"Leaving so soon?" a voice sounded from behind. Damn, I was hoping to be mysterious today.
"Business beckons."
"Business beckons too much during winter" Turning around, I faced the Felim, only to be met with another firm hug around my torso, getting a nice look at the top of her head.
"Hey, I didn't want to get up and go, either."
"I told you, you should have saved up more money to wait out winter. Now you have to work...Your armor is cold."
"Well" I got ready to pry her away, a difficult thing to do to one's waifu, doubly so when they're only in a nightgown.
"You can help me warm it when I get back"
And with a kiss, I was out in the shallow snow.
File: 1348724303285.jpg-(181 KB, 600x337, 1345906496561.jpg)
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I think this is the longest lasting thread yet.
Right, the first half is almost done, but clocks in over ~2000 words.
Do you guys want it in Google Doc form, or should I try cutting it into itty bitty pieces?
Which ever you prefer. But I do like the post by post way
school/work can slow threads down, especially when we put off working on our papers until less than 36 hours from when they're due thanks to these threads
i really hope i don't drop out because of you guys but if i do, just know it was worth it
shit we're on page 10, this needs an archive and new thread

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