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File: 1349571347125.jpg-(284 KB, 750x750, DaleGribble.jpg)
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So I'm playing a sci-fi game and there's a convention amongst anti-authoritarians to use names that, when they're used publicly or for official purposes, they cause embarrassment in the person reading them out loud.

I come to /tg/ because I need to tap some damn witty bastards' great intellects. As funny as naming your ship "Gigantic Throbbing Dick" is for a little bit, it's hardly classy or as funny over time.

So, suggestions?
The obligatory "U.S.S. She's One Of Ours, Sir"
The Motherly Despoiler

The Smelly Knuckle

The Indeterminate Genitalia

The Doghumper

I can go on.
Are there aliens in your setting?

If not, the "Oh Shit, Aliens!"
File: 1349571579774.png-(680 KB, 797x797, GryllsEclipsePhase.png)
680 KB

A good one to get the ball rolling. Personal names are great too.
"This is mutiny!"
The "Sir, I've always loved you!"
"What Button Do I Press, I Don't Know How To Computer"
"I don't fucking know computer now stop fucking pestering me to name the ship you warty cunt oh fuck how do I change this undo undo"
"I suck cocks for a living and you can quote me on that"
"I sure do hate -authoritarianstatehere-"
"dont shoot"
The Most Sparkly Pony Of Them All, Who I Love Dearly
File: 1349572214731.jpg-(240 KB, 773x800, 057SciFi.jpg)
240 KB
I have to admit, all this has me suddenly wanting to make a "Fuck the Space Pope" shirt for the campaign.
; DROP TABLE "sys_targets_hostile"; --might as well try

Before a major battle, copy the names of every known enemy ship in the area, so they have to specify that whether they're talking about their own ships or not. Do this for every battle.

>; DROP TABLE "sys_targets_hostile";

That is... Actually an awesome idea. I will be passing that along to the team hacker.

Lacking Dexterity, Subtlety and Aesthetic Merit - This one should be a captured enemy ship

The King in Yellow Paint

Hastur Hastur Hastur

Thus Always to Tyrants - Should probably be a flagship and also the only ship in the fleet with a serious name

Colateral Damage

Our Guns Are Larger

Flaming platypus

Smaller Than Your Mother - One of the largest ships in the fleet obviously
My Other Ride Is Your Mother

Victory in Less Than Thirty Minutes or Your Megatons Are Free

Initiate Self-Destruct Sequence - Yes

Fisting the North Star

If You Can Read This, You've Just Experienced A Basilisk Hack

No, We Won't Give You Reach-Around

Freedom Is The Right Of All Sentient Beings

Our Ship's Name Is So Long That By The Time You Finish Reading It You've Given Us More Than Enough Time To Turn You Into A Rapidly Expanding Cloud Of Debris

Help! Help! I'm Being Oppressed!

The Revolution Will Not Be Commercialized

Your Mom Seized My Means Of Production Last Night

Obligatory Culture Reference Here, Right Next To The Gravitas Joke

We Built This City From Rock and Roll and Over Nine Thousand Missile Launchers
I am so using 2,9,10, and 13.
Richard Tickler, infiltrator extraordinaire.
Or as his friends call him, Dick.
so wait what i don't get the point of these names?
Like I Give A Shit
Sic Semper Tyrannosaurus

Semper Fido

Come Ride My Disco Stick

Oh The Huge Manatee

You May Have God On Your Side But We Have His Smite Button On Ours

I See A Little Silhouetto Of A Man

We've Got More Guns Than Your Wife Has STDs

Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down

I Hope You Practiced Your Wilhelm Scream

I'm Here To Chew Ass and Kick Bubblegum, And I'm All Out Of Ass

Discount Psychopomp

The Worthless Piece Of Shit

In Space, Paladins Are Always Falling

Bring My Brown Pants
File: 1349573656437.jpg-(410 KB, 950x707, 061Alien.jpg)
410 KB

>Help! Help! I'm Being Oppressed!

I lost it.
Most of them are space ships for a faction that likes to name things in such a way as to embarrass whoever is talking about them.
They're designed to fuck with the enemy's communications.
Now I'm picturing a whole fleet of ships and each of their names is a part of the lyrics for a song.
oh, my bad that makes much more sense now!
>Jump to warpspeed, coordinates (insert coordinates to the nearest sun here)
Name every ship after a line from "Never Gonna Give You Up". Preface each name with a letter or number, so when the enemy looks at the list of ships it's always arranged in the proper sequence.
The Red One
>It's not red
The Flagship
>it's not
Our Flagship
>Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop
>Shit, we're being flanked!
>We can't let them take us alive!
>name every ship "That One"
>use the captains' name or the last 3 digits of their ID for internal communications
Lou Spowels
And this is how you rick roll in the futurex
Imagining people trying to describe which ship to target
>draw a bead on "Your syphilitic mother"!
>excuse me sir?
>I meant "Your sister's a whore, deckhand"!

thus began the trials of the IJSS Intellegensia and her rumored Tourette's-addled captain in the war against /tg/ naming conventions
Even better. Name every ship "357201859773632-012"
Then use captains name or something for internal coms
Suq Madiq
"Beer can" in a Jamaican accent


The Unknown Ship is Friendly

Captain There's a Spider on Your Head

Sir We Just Lost Life Support

Sorry I Farted
This is just beautiful. I can't stop laughing. I love this thread so much.
I Only Like Living In Bondage When I'm Horny

You'd Think A Police State Would Have Stricter Gun Control

The Ship Your Ship Could Fly Like

If You'll Stop Fucking Us We'll Stop Castrating You

No Gods, No Masters

We're Not Retreating, We're Aiming Our Fusion Torch At You

I Asked Your Parents About You; They Both Said I Was A Better Lay

Burn The Women, Rape the Fields, Salt the Houses

Our Name's A Haiku
Thank Tommy Tutone

Romanes Iunt Domus

Even In The Future Nothing Works

Looks Like We Could Into Space After All

Disable Inertial Compensators, Full Speed Ahead
Okay. Imagine it like this.

The Space Taliban got caught trying to launch a ship to bomb some Space American troops in the Space Desert because the Great Space Iblis, Space Israel, is making them invade the Space Desert to secure Space Israel future supplies of Space Oil. Upon getting caught, the Space News Agencies report the following;
>In local news, in the Space Arab town of Mulamim-Tookookali-Wofamksim-Praise-Be-The-Prophet-In-Heaven-For-He-Is-The-Servant-Of-The-Mighty-One
, a local Space Taliban leader "I suck cocks for a living and you can quote me on that", was caught trying to arm the ship "With As Many Guns As My Wife Has STDs".

Now imagine how hard everyone is laughing in space after the reporter just said he sucks cocks for a living and can be quoted on it, and that the ship was going to be armed with as many STD's as his wife has.
>The Ship Your Ship Could Fly Like
Oh fuck you.
This is golden
File: 1349574716411.png-(523 KB, 1600x1200, rowmecloser!.png)
523 KB
Those are good ideas too. Name them after other ship commands, preferably with something like "Belay that" prefacing them
>Belay that, hard to port
>Belay that order, drop shields
>Belay that, drive me closer so I can hit them with my sword
That's An Order

Shit I Lost Them

I Respectfully Resign from my Post

They've Boarded the Main Deck


That's all I got for now.
Of course, enemy ships wouldn't really refer to your fleet by name. They'd just be 'track 1', 'track 2', and so on. Not to ruin the joke or anything...
File: 1349575429038.jpg-(356 KB, 1100x804, 003Monster.jpg)
356 KB
This whole thread has had me in stitches.
In briefings, they'd probably refer to them by names, or at least "they have x number of y class ship"

Therefore, even if in battle it'd be track 1,2, etc, if you named ship classes and the flagship well enough, you could still mess with people.
>USS Stop Reading Our Name In Briefings
>Frigate class "Add 10 to that number"
At least one ship must be named after the legendary anarchist hero Old Man Henderson.
The Government Stole My Baby

Extra points if the totalitarian government actually did steal the captain's baby.
Ship classes are named after the first ship in that class.
Therefore, if you make a new class of ships, the first one should be named "I Failed Every Military Academy"

"There are twelve I Failed Every Military Academy Class ships surrounding the station... Damnit Pearson, stop giggling!"
Yes, Ladies, It Is This Big

Something Derogatory About Your Mother

I'm On A Boat, Motherfuckers

We Take The "The" Out Of Psychotherapists

Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue
Your Ship Is On Fire
And Now So Are You

All Aboard The Party Van

The IRL Banhammer

Disregard This, I Suck Cocks

All Ships, Fire On Our Coordinates

No, Your Other Honor

Computer, Shut Down Life Support And Open All Airlocks

Don't Worry, It Happens To A Lot Of Warships


My Nacelles Are Moving On Their Own

I'm About To Blow My Load All Over Your Insides

The Most Interesting Ship In The Fleet

I Just Saved Fifteen Percent On My War Insurance By Switching To RKKVs

If You Can Read This, You May Be Only Light-Seconds From Death

And Then There's This Faggot
You're assuming that this ragtag bunch of ships actually has any coherent classes, rather than a vast number of different body types with different modifications and crew skillsets.
>U.S.S. Dammit Henderson, I Don't Know Where Your Gnomes Are!
my/our master

my tiny dick

>I'm About To Blow My Load All Over Your Insides
Make that Payload and you got yourself an 11/10 post right there
Up Against The Wall Motherfuckers ?
>I'm On a Boat, Motherfuckers

oh god, this
>"My Tiny Dick has just unleashed a full salvo! Emergency maneuvers! What are you laughing at?! We need to"
Captain My Wife Just Called and Said She Was Pregnant

I Think the Navigator is Sexy

It's Russel's Teapot

False Alarm the System is Glitching

It's an Invisible Pink Unicorn

Someone Put a Turd in My Pants

Get Off 4chan Captain

The Doctor Has a Great Ass Don't You Agree

Goddamnit Captcha

Shit I Lost the Game
Can we get the ships cameras to get a lock on my tiny dick?
Bring my tiny dick up on screen
USS Fucking Nothing as a flagship
>what forces are in the area?
>fucking nothing sir
forgot to add:
'our master's flagship'
I Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny That I Saw A Ship
Forgot to add that its a stealth ship
Why are you looking at me? We need to focus on My Tiny Dick!
What smells like ass?

Kneel before Zod.

It's just some debris

The curled mustache

It's coming right at us!
I knew I'd see this again one day.
All hands, prepare to engage my tiny dick
Lost my shit right there, well done /tg/
event horizon
>captcha: agricultu ftabute
Yes, Your Dress Uniform Does Make You Look Fat

I Just Jizzed In My Pants

Drop And Give Me Twenty

Are You Still Up For Bukkake Later, Captain?

Meet Me In My Cabin In Ten Minutes, I'll Bring The Lube And Condoms

It Seems Legit

I Filtered Your Coffee With My Kidneys

If You're Reading This, Then We've Just Successfully Stalled You For A Few Crucial Seconds

Bitch, Please

I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today

I'm Not Sure It's The Right Time To Mention It, But Horse Porn, Captain? Really?

Never Go In Against A Sicilian When Death Is On The Line

You're In Season And There's No Bag Limit

That Boy Needs Therapy

We Can Take Ten On A DC80 Escape Artist Check

I Put A Camera In The Crew Showers And Damn Are Some Of You More Flexible Than You Look

I Masturbate While I Watch You Sleep

>I'm About To Blow My Payload All Over Your Insides
Consider it done.
I can just imagine them talking about my tiny dick through the whole duration of the combat, and just at the end

"Life supports failing, hull stamina at 22%. Its all over for us, and its all because of my tiny dick"
"No sir, its my fault. My tiny dick is to blame"
"No gents, My tiny dick is at fault, its been an honor to serve under you"

moment of silence

Female: What the fuck are you people talking about?
This is the single greatest thread ever. My contribution
"Destruct Sequence 1, Code 1B 2B 3"
My tiny dick is equipped with some sort of experimental shielding.
>Frothy Discharge


>Unkempt Pneumatic Squeamish Ossifrage

>Unintiated Anus

>Throatwobbler Mangrove

>Russel's teapot


>Jonah's Tits

>Mnemnosyne numismatist


Other good ideas include profanities dead or unknown languages ("Secundus defecated here!") or similar lsurs would be funny.
It's anti-ahtuoritarian. We're either going to be screwing with government officials or be speaking shibboleths to fellow anti-uthoritarians
Well, there's always the Space Mutiny class of assault transports, with the lead ship "Blast Hardcheese".

I'd also go with "The Frumious Bandersnatch" as an awesome ship name.
>Fleet "Graffiti at Pompeii"
The ever-victorious USS "I screwed the barmaid"
The aptly-named USS 105 and half sestertii most agreeably on whores.
Space Station: "No really, it's just a moon"
The mighty War Cruiser "That's just a smudge on the view screen, sir"
I Am A Spaceship And So Can You

Now The Galaxy Will Know You Died Scratching My Balls


That Other Dutchman

Your Room. My Dick. Your Ass.

You See, When Two Shipyards Love Each Other Very Much...

You Should See The Other Guy

Shit, Don't Start Yet, I Lost A Contact

You're Just Asking For It With A Hull Like That

And You Thought I Was Gonna Make A Penis Joke

Scrap Metal Dispenser, Just Insert Starship

I Am Your Virgin Now, Feed Me Your Gods
USS "del c:\Windows\system32"
Here, some classics from previous threads on this subject:

Just A Stray Asteroid

Sensor Malfunction

Unnecessary Compensation

Awkward Silence

Nostalgia for Infinity

A Frank Exchange of Views

To Whom It May Concern

Extra Ribbed For Her Pleasure

Consider This a Mutiny, Sir

With All Due Respect, Sir, Suck My Dick, You Worthless Fucking Faggot

I'm In Love With You, Sir

Candlejack's Shi

Trapped in Shipyard, Send Help

Sampling Error

Suicidal Tendencies

Oh God, What Is That

Look At Me, I'm Flying

Why Do I Even Bother

Hey, Look Behind You

Straight For Your Ass

I Am A Hammer

Captcha Stopped Working

Chariot of Memes

Just Read The Instructions

Of Course I Still Love You

So Much For Subtlety

A Really Bad Idea

Litany of Litany's Litany

My Hyderdrive's Longer

Nobody Here But Us Asteroids
File: 1349578301883.jpg-(31 KB, 302x210, graffiti1.jpg)
31 KB
>Secundus defecated here
Oh shit son, someone who knows latin come and translate this for us. Even in the grim darkness of future space, humanity has not forgotten Secundus.
Secundus will always be in the universe. He's the very embodiment of Chaotic Neutral
our own fleet
ur mom
File: 1349578570694.png-(15 KB, 139x150, urafaget.png)
15 KB
written just like this right on the front of the ship
The Fa/tg/uy
The Battle [spoilersdon'tworkon/tg/]W[spoilersdon'tworkon/tg/]ard
but they do?
You didn't get the memo
And some more:

A Brilliant Plan to Win the War Involving a Coathanger, Three Nails, Two Ballons and a Pack of Bubblegum. Trust Me On This Guys, This Time It Will Work Mk XIV

If This Thing Enters the Equation You Have Made Some Terrible Mistake

A Glitch In the Targeting System

Was There a Planet Here?

Not Part of Your System

Gigaton Tantrum

Obvious Target

Ask Me About Transhumanism

Where Did Everybody Go?

Informational Pollutant

Am I Popular Yet

You Want Fries With That?

Not Really Understanding the Gravity of This Situation

I'm On Fire!

Let's Empirically Test How Long the Name Ca

I'm Bait!

Ladies, I Can Make Many Avatars

Look! No Hands!

Say Did You Hear There's A War On

My First Impression Is Great Because I Don't Make A Second

Compensating For Something

Oh Shit, It's Them, Run For It

Seriously What's The Worst That Could Happen

The Ship Is Now Diamonds

Striking A Blow For Moral Relativism

Despite Our Insurmountable Differences I'm Quite Sure We Can Both Get Along

I'm Hiding You Can't See Me

That Windmill Went For A Gun, I Swear

Prepare Your Anus

Your Orifices Look Nice, But I'll Make My Own

Sorry, It Seems I Forgot the Lube

You Call Them "War Crimes", I Call Them "My To-Do List"

Do You Prefer Your Soldiers Medium-Rare Or Extra Crispy?

They Said "Fire at Will", But I Shot Everyone Just To Make Sure

Certified To Perform Stellar Iron Injections

Captain Is Unfit for Command

Bite The Controls, I'm Going In Dry

Captain, I'm In Love With Your Wife

Captain, I Deflowered Your Daughter

AI, Begin Cargo Drop

There's A Bomb In The Cockpit!

If You Can Read This, Then It's Already Too Late

Just The Tip, To See What It Feels Like

Your Wife Is Back Home Fucking Some Other Guy

Not The Destroyer You Are Looking For

Improbably Skimpy Uniforms Are Great
Shit, I didn't.
but they do
The Comic Sans
My sides are entering orbit!
>Improbably Skimpy Uniforms Are Great

Our Uniforms Are Better
File: 1349579090863.jpg-(55 KB, 700x600, 1273997547631.jpg)
55 KB
There was a SHIP here. It's gone now.
That's not a good thing.
The side with the snazziest uniforms always loses, remember?
Part the third:

Fuck, They Have A Dreadnaught

I Took The Name From a Cartoon

Unexplainable Infrared Emitter


Nelson 2: This Time, With Cyborg Arm!


We Have A Bank Of Coilguns, Don't Even Think About It

Seriously, Don't Even Think About It

We've Already Locked On

An Insignificant Speck of Dust


It Came Free With The Apocalypse

Sir, The Reactor Is Exploding

I'm Too Busy To Name The Ship

Well, That Quote Certainly Isn't Supposed To Be There

I Preferred The Last Edition

I Am The Star Of This Program

I'm Sure You Say That To All The Ladies

If I Hear One More Excuse Out Of You...

I'm Out Of Ideas, You Think Of Something

Yes, That's It, Just A Little Closer

And Then The Parrot Said "I Said Cracker, You Dumb Nigger!"

Assume The Position

I Like My Steaks Well Done

Beep Beep, I'm A Jeep

Their Earlier Stuff Was Better

Cunt Punt Long Distance Champion

I Crap Bigger Than You

As A Matter Of Fact, My Shit Does Not Stink

I Just Don't Give A Shit About The Kids Anymore

I Really Don't Care If You Find Out About My Diaper Fetish

I Am Announcing My Sexuality And You Can't Stop Me

You've Probably Never Heard Of Them

I Like It When You Call Me Big Poppa

Ladies, It Is This Big. Point Me To A Hole For It Or I Will Make One Myself

I Only Did It Because I Love You

No, He Said GRAPE Ape

You Can't Tell From Here, But I'm Wearing An Ironic Hat

Stop Inserting Your Fetishes Into Everything

Tell Me The Big Picture, I'll Fill In The Details Later

Now Might Not Be the Best Time to Mention This Sir But I'm Having an Affair With Your Wife
Strigidae Exterminus Sunt
The Pop Culture Reference and its frigate envoy, The Other Pop Culture Reference.
Unidentified cruiser: "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT"
The Vulgar Unicorn
The MSPAINT adventure
[spoilers]what have I done[/spoilers]
there is no "s" in the spoiler tags here
You... know... what I mean
File: 1349582141514.jpg-(57 KB, 600x337, Scooter.jpg)
57 KB
File: 1349582236133.jpg-(44 KB, 451x392, laughing.jpg)
44 KB
it has to be hack enemy communications at the beginning of the battle and say "THE SHIPS LIVE HERE! GET YOU ONE!"
thank you. I was hoping someone would.
File: 1349582681376.jpg-(423 KB, 600x800, Borderlands17.jpg)
423 KB

A lot of quotes from those games would work.


USS Hotness Threshold


The Bazillion Guns.

The Psycho Midget

The Bullet For You, And You, And You, Bullets For Everyone!
USS Girlfriend Mode
USS Imma Make A Coat Outta Ya

The I Already Died Tomorrow
USS <Error code 0xc004f074>

The I Need More Heads For My Merry-Go-Round

this fleet is starting to sound like a Reaver fleet
Its like the Slab King says, if theyre gonna treat you like a bandit, may as well act like one.

(the Flight of the Valkyries chord)
Ironic Opression is Still Opression
Dachau Rape Machine
Peter Eats New Iron Ships
Veni Vidi Violatum Est Vultu
I Was Playing a Chinese Girl Cartoon Rape Game
In that case...

The I Am A Leaf On The Wind, Watch How I *BLARGH*
>Veni Vidi Violatum Est Vultu

Care to translate for those of us who can't speak Latin? This sounds interesting.
>I came
>I saw
>I came
I came, I saw, I was violated as to the face.

Vultu usually would have a macron on the end since it's an ablative of specification (don't quite remember that term)
Life of Brian Centurion is going make me roll for anal circumference

"Violatum est" should be "Violatum Sum"
So you guys are basically posting Culture ship names?

I Accidentally a Whole Fleet, Is This Bad
Is That a Drawing of You Defecating on my Grave
Having risen up, he snatched up two from among the sailors and dashed them to the ground like puppies; and their brains moistened the earth.
The USS Fleet Admiral Is Just My Stage Name
The My Orbital Bombardment Cannons Are Moving On Their Own, Empire-Chan!
What Are We Going To Do In The Battle?

And then a little cartoon explosion next to the ship name.
>Owls Exterminate They are
You better not be doing what I think you are.
oh god my sides
Oops I did it again
That should be 'Sumus'
Not knowing the perfect passive. This plebian cannot into the Rome.

File: 1349585920921.jpg-(266 KB, 1099x1649, 1345641982187.jpg)
266 KB
The ship has no name.

Simply this picture emblazoned on the front.
Maybe You Should Try Diplomacy On Me
Roll For Initiative

A Cat Is Fine Too


Indeterminate Mass

do it faget

Explosive Compound

Weapons Smuggling Vessel [use this for a humanitarian/refugee ship, and it has has "shoot me can cause a PR nightmare" written ALL over it]
This thread is good, and you should feel good.
I'm Not Saying It Was Fascists, But
Freedom Forbidened
The Diamond Pony
Truffle Shuffle
That's A Lovely Planet You Have There; It Would Be A Shame If Something Happened To It

The Has Anyone Really Been Far As Decided To Use Even Go Want To Do Look More Like
IJSS Xzibit
a Carrier
This Ship is not a Decoy (totally have it be a decoy)
This Ship is a decoy (still a decoy)
This ship Is actually a cardboard Replica (actually made of cardboard)
USS Donkey Dick
What? It's military slang for EVERYTHING. If it's vaguely phallic in shape, you can bet the military will call it a donkey dick.
Just name the ship Candlejack and watch as everyone disappears "mysteriously" at random times.
Run it through the translator.
Ass Dick?
The USS Does This Ship Make My Butt Look Big

The Yes, That Is An Ion Cannon But We Are Very Happy To See You All The Same
I pressed the wrong button

God, my nipples itch.

My diaper needs changing


You need to clean your catbox


Cockpit disengage

My wife's tits are both different sizes.
the "It seems it's transponder is broken, but it is one of ours sir"
Hold Your Fire
Friendly Fire
The "I'm Too Old For This Shit"
The "Captain I Wanna Bend You Over That Command Console and Rape Your Ass For Hours and Hours and Hours Right The Fuck Now You Filthy Cockslut and That's Not the Name of the Ship I'm Just Telling the Truth!!!!!!!".
Bus Full Of Nuns

My Hull Is Ready

The Bigger Stick

>Weapons Smuggling Vessel [use this for a humanitarian/refugee ship, and it has has "shoot me can cause a PR nightmare" written ALL over it]

Conversely: Humanitarian Refugee Ship. (It smuggles weapons, also emblazoned with "shoot me, cause a PR nightmare, do it faget")
A School Bus Full Of Retarded Kids

One Of Ours

I Play With My Nipples In Public And Don't Care

The Captain Raped Me

Bit wordy.

The "Emergency Jump Now! Full Power!"
USS "What're we gonna do in the spacefight enemyfleet-chan?"
can't decide if pomf =3 or pewpew~ would be better under it
Pew pew kimochi, what's this gaping hole in me?

>reercum the
You have a dirty mind, CAPTCHA.
ship full of kittens
Fuck, my sides
Gee Bill, How Come You Get TWO Capital Ships?

Object In Viewfinder Is Larger Than It Appears

This Is The Smallest Ship We Have
Could someone explain this for me? I don't get it.

The helmsman is going to report to the captain, when queried as to the ship's name/ID, "She's one of ours, Sir."

The implication being, of course, that the ship is not, in fact, one of theirs at all.
When the sensor officer reads off the transponder it'll cause at least a moment of confusion.
Captain asks "Commsman, what's that ship?" Commsman responds "It's the... She's One of Ours, sir!"
Then pew pew lasers they are dead.
Generally it would go like this
Captain: "Ensign Sensorman, which ship is that?"
Sensorman: "It's One Of Ours Sir."
Captain: "Oh. Good. Carry-" *interupted by fire from It's One Of Ours Sir.
It's supposed to confuse the ship commanders.

"Everyone target that ship!"

'She's One Of Ours', Sir?

"Belay that order then, and fire on that one!"

You want fire on the 'Ship Full of Kittens', then?
A Bunch of Numbers

"What ship is that?"
"It's A Bunch of Numbers, sir."
"Well, what numbers are they?"
"No, I mean it's-"
File: 1349591189557.gif-(999 KB, 266x173, Thanks for the confidence(...).gif)
999 KB
>Discount Psychopomp

I came here from the archive just to say SOLD, good sir.
Fuck you guys, my sides are killing me.
Stop Fruiting It Up, Sir
I Brake For Kittens
Insert Penis Joke Here
Give It All She's Got
Some fake cover names, Benjamin Dover, Hugh Jass, Theftan van Dalism, Mr. Edward Mann (Mr. E Man), James Rustler
Robin Banks, Robin Graves, Dusty Graves
always had the idea to make a ship overloaded with guns, called The Compensator
Michael Hunt
I need a firing solution on DeezNuts as soon as possible. Yes im serious!
The Civilians

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

Just a Sensor Ghost

How Long Until They Start Using Brevity Codes Instead of Names, Captain?
Friendly Vessel
Allied Ship
The One On The Right
That is assuming that future ships use some windows derivative for their systems.
>not linux master race
USS Comms, Please Open A Terminal And Run 'rm -rf /'
USS "Install Gentoo"
HMS Comms, Please Display The Pain Series On Every Terminal For The Next 24 Hours
>I'd also go with "The Frumious Bandersnatch" as an awesome ship name.
As a big fan of "Jabberwocky" since early childhood, I am absolutely going to use this next time I play a character with a ship.
"What Ship?"
you spelled 'luxury yacht' incorrectly.
Any Latin fags around? I would really like to have the original phrasing of this on my ship.
if we're going with confusing names as well as embarrassing ones...


things of that nature
Make the code 404 and we talk.

Working on the Latin translation too.
Would help if I could make out the letters better.
That's not a bug, it's a feature.
Found text: Secundus Prime suae ubique esse salute. Rogo, domna, ut me ames.
Translation: Secundus greets his Prima wherever she is: I beg you, lady, love me.

Not that it makes much sense.
Never have I wanted a Classical education more.
Primae is either his lover who moved away or someone he wants to fuck who wasn't interested in him.
Keep Reading This Name While We Finish Reloading

If You Can Read This, We Have A Target Lock

Your Princess Is In Another Starship, Servicing Its Crew

Do A Barrel Roll

Put Your Cock On Her Shoulder And Pee In Her Bum

We Put The "Fun" In "Fundamentalism"

I'm Just A Poor Boy Nobody Loves Me

Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

There's Two Kinds Of People In This World: Those We Like And Those We Set On Fire

Our Health Plan Offers You Free Fourth-Trimester And Later Abortions

Computer, Activate President Madagascar Contingency

Captain, Are You Sure That Running A Train On The First Officer's Wife Was A Good Idea?
File: 1349641538568.gif-(1.65 MB, 200x150, laughinggeneral.gif)
1.65 MB
>Computer, Activate President Madagascar Contingency
HMS Terbation
Precisely. It's the secret code you put in their systems. When it activates, they shut down everything.
There's Just No Way That We Can Win, That Was A Masterpiece

You Don't Always Have To Fuck Her Hard

Oh, No! There Goes Tokyo!

You And Me Baby We're Nothing But Mammals So Let's Do It Like They Do On The Discovery Channel

If I Stick It In Uranus You're Gonna Feel It Where The Sun Don't Shine

The Internet Is Really Really Great... FOR PORN
Latinfag here, who said it's a dead language?
This actually translates rather cleanly, and is a poem from Secundus to his lover.

"Secundus greets his Prima wherever she may be
I ask you, m'lady, to love me."

Sorry to spoil it, but here's something along the vein of what you'd want:
"Secundus hic cacavit"
meaning, "Secundus shit here"
It's "dead" in that there are no native speakers.
Like Cornish, or Hittite.
Or Esperanto.
You interrupted my porn for this?

Not now captain, I'm browsing /d/.

It's a trap!

Esperanto was never alive.
She's One Of Ours, Sir
Unmanned Surveillance Craft #0583-C
File: 1349644195098.gif-(453 KB, 500x500, 1330648672333.gif)
453 KB
Surprisingly, no; there are native speakers of Esperanto.
...that was the second post in the thread.
Beat me to it.
Esperanto is designed to be a second language.
Easy to learn with fixed rules and no exceptions.
The "Imagine Putting A Toothpick Under Your Toenail And Kicking A Wall"
The "Kidney Stones Are Usually Covered In Very Large Spikes"
The Missionary Position
The Bukakke (best for a ship with multiple short burst weapons, like lasers)
Your wife called, apparently my dick tastes like your ass.
The Menstruating She-Devil
It's Nothing, Sir
Hey, the names mean second and first (or something along those lines). Never noticed that. Makes me think it was more of an advertisement than a message to a specific person, like somebody named Juliet looking for their Romeo.

Anyway, ship names.
An Asteroid
My Other Spaceship Is A Porsche
Gah, that's evil.

USS "You are now breathing manually"
HMS "Never mind, sir, it's nothing"
Primus, Secundus, Tertius, etc (first, second, third) were often used as names
The good ship Lollipop. Kudos if anyone gets that reference.
It's Wincest with an older sibling.
Actually, in Rome, it was very common to name your children in the order they were born, e.g. Primus, Secundus, Tertius, and so on.
Romans didn't care much for the "special snowflake" mentality in their children, it seems.
Some cultures still do.

Just about any Japanese name beginning with "Ichi", for example.
The MSS Fucking Hell, This Thread's Still Going?

/tg/ yo, threads stay up a while.

Power Down All Batteries
The /tg/V You Don't Even Need The Other Boards Anymore
The USS This Thread Shall Not Go Gently Into The Night
The HMS We Got The Bang, You Bring The Whimper
The SMS Grit Those Teeth, We Forgot To Bring Lube
USS "This is the thread that never ends. Yes, it goes on and on my friend. Some people started posting in it not knowing what it was, And hey'll continue posting in it forever just because...This is the thread that never ends. Yes, it goes on and on my friend. Some people started posting in it not knowing what it was, And they'll continue posting in it forever just because-"
In case of AI attack,

The USS "This Statement Is False"
Unfortunately, that was being read by the ROU Every Time Somebody Thinks I'm Stupid Enough To Be Caught In A Logic Loop, I Feel The Urge To Choke A Bitch
The Allegory

The Allegorier

The Allegoriest
The S.C. Apple Fritter
The RMS Open The Door, Get On The Floor, Everybody Walk The Dinosaur
This thread hit autosage yet? Either way, have a link. In it is a fuckton of names I've either thought up or found good enough to steal. Have at it.

autosage is what, 250? it's at 231 right now
Pretty sure it's 300.
File: 1349684002683.png-(3.52 MB, 2525x701, Gideon's Culverin.png)
3.52 MB
I had a D&D character who owned a culverin--a huge, barely man-portable black powder weapon.

He named it "Reduce Person". It often did. Pic related.
I see what you did there
USS Reduce Starfleet
So many of these would make great band names.

anyway, my contribution:
>Give Her The Dick
>The Drunken Foot
>Tiny Toadstool
>Pfieifer's Frepher Fruckles
File: 1349690647027.jpg-(175 KB, 760x596, image.jpg)
175 KB
To confuse the enemies:
"You're overthinking this"
or simply

To embaress the enemies
"See Goat: PhraseThis Reverse"
"[insert any line from Three's Company right before Mr. Furley barges in]"
"Engage My Rear for Massive Damage, Sir"
Did this to a similar effect before with our party Alliases
Who's- Medic
What - Demolitions
I Dont Know - Inteligence
Tommorow - Supplys
Cant you pick normal names - Sniper
Im Confused - Leader

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