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Poker Night at the Rogue Trader
Lost City of Dragons
We Teachers Now! (University Get!)

Wiki is here

Anybody know why the last thread wasn't archived? It 404'd, sadly. searching Foolz to get it now.
I'm actually working on a filler piece right now.

Are there any objections to a tourism pamphlet promoting the newly formed University?

One that advertises the various (non-military) aspects of TeeGee?

(Is it a city, or a state, or a city-state?)
OLD THREAD: Vol. 23 City of Dragons

I use sup/tg/ over Foolz, forgot how to into archive search over there.
And thank you for directing me to this thread.

Postan story.
I managed to track the merchant down a third time in as many years. This time, I managed to coax the trade route he uses to the Coininoch out of him. I quickly brought it to the Council of DMs, and suggested a diplomatic mission.

I went back to the merchant, stating my intent. After a not-so-small fee, he produced a piece of paper and wrote down a phrase in the Coininoch language. According to him, it’s a greeting, and should explain who we are.

Of course, when Cerran got wind of this she demanded that we (and Wilhelm) go along as well. I learned that in addition to us and the Fearghailes, the GearHearts would be attending.

This is going to be a fun journey.
After braving the heat and monotony of the Gnoll Wastes, we entered what I assume is Coininoch territory. While it’s still too hot for my taste, there is a surprising amount of plant life here.

We came across our first Coininoch; a rather short woman wearing a plain dress. She appears human, though she stands a head taller than myself. Her ears are rather rabbit-like; Long and furry, though they don’t seem to get in the way.

Upon seeing her, we stopped and Lem read aloud from the piece of paper I’d gotten from the merchant. She looked at us for a second, then starting laughing uncontrollably. Once she calmed down, she welcomed us in broken Common. Apparently she knows of Teegee from the merchant; he seems to be one of the few from the west who visits them. They’ve traded with eastern Mirthterrah, Serrid, and the Kanin, but the distances and terrain ensure that trips are infrequent.

However, she won’t explain what his greeting was, and snickers whenever someone brings it up.

Regardless, she agreed to lead us to where we need to go.
Our guide has decided to elaborate on their trading history. While the Wastes are a tough ride for any caravans, they do make it through from time to time. She implied that trading used to be a lot more frequent in the past, possibly indicating that the Wastes weren’t always so barren. Given that (to paraphrase Sir Andrew) it could be easily mistaken for the surface of the moon, I have a feeling that the area’s state isn’t entirely natural.

But I’m going on a tangent. They’d conducted much trade with the Kanin in the past, explaining where they got their kilts. Mirthterrah was another important business partner to the Coininoch, as evidenced by the similarity of castle designs between the two cultures.

Serrid has remained a valuable trading partner, even in recent times. While there hasn’t been much cultural cross-pollination, Serridian jewelry has become popular here.


We passed several villages, though our guide told us to be patient and wait until she got us where we “needed to go”. This place turned out to be a castle, the capital of one of the clans. (She’d neglected to mention that the Coininoch have several clans, and didn’t elaborate on them once it was brought up.)

The city extends a distance beyond the castle walls, but beyond that is a sea of multi-colored tents, occupied by Coininoch wearing kilts and other clothing of all colors and patterns.

The tents as it turns out, are for the biennial gathering of the clans. This is very fortunate, as it is a great opportunity to introduce ourselves, find out more about the Coininoch, and possibly trade.
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Well, we’ve had a chance to talk to the chief of the local clan. He has quite a large presence, and seems to be eternally jovial. But despite his boisterousness, he seems like a capable and intelligent individual. Lem thinks so, anyway. He also speaks our language remarkably well, probably due to his relations with the merchant. (I really should find out that man’s name some time.)

And because this is such a joyous occasion he insisted on a feast, which was organized in a surprisingly short amount of time. Of course, this was as much a meal as it is an opportunity for us to learn about each other’s cultures. It didn’t take long for him to start making jokes, and it was clear that our group was supposed to respond with some of our own. Lem said a few to a lukewarm response. There was a rather awkward pause as nobody was quite sure where to go from there. Then GearHeart stood up.

"So, a man walks into a talent agency..."

Half an hour later, the joke is showing no sign of slowing down, Cerran’s I've ever seen her, and the Coininoch are still laughing.


After GearHeart introduced the Coininoch to a wonderful form of humor, the clan chief brought up the discussion of the Highland Games, which (aside from political happenings) is the main purpose of their biennial gathering. He insisted that we join, implying that it would help our relations.
The first major event is a sport, which seems to be a complex version of Capture the Flag, using a colorful ball. The game is played on a pre-made obstacle course, usually built in a hilly area. I’m told that each clan has their own, and that each one is different. All team members are given enchanted equipment; what you get depends on your role. Push boots are given to everyone, but beyond that each class has its own loadout. As the class names are in the Coininoch language, I have decided to give them English equivalents.

The Runner’s job is to get the opposing team’s ball and bring it back to their base. They are equipped with bombs that do no damage, but instead force anyone caught in the blast away from the explosion. These are often used to keep opponents away from the Runner as he skates toward his goal, but are also used to give the Runner a boost. However, they also tend to knock the ball out of one’s hands, preventing the Runner from using this technique on the second leg of his journey.

The Bulwark is equipped with a shield, and pressing a button on the grip will activate a push effect with a large radius. It is their job to stop the Runners. They are also equipped with placeable versions of the Runner’s bombs, that activate in the presence of an opponent.

The Bruiser’s job is to negate the Bulwark, and they are equipped with gauntlets that activate whenever a punch is thrown. The effect is more powerful than the Runner’s bombs, but has much less range. Expert Bruisers have been known to parry bombs by punching them, but this requires considerable timing and skill.

As may be apparent to the reader, there is a balance between the three classes. The Bulwark can stop the Runner, the Bruiser can keep the Bulwark busy, and the Runner can prevent the Bruiser from ever getting to the Bulwark. Two of each class is allowed.
As such, here is our final roster.

Runners: Kikki Fearghaile, Cerran Kroeker*
Bruisers: Lem Fearghaile, Lilly GearHeart
Bulwarks: James GearHeart, Meina GearHeart

Lem will back up Kikki as she goes for the ball. Cerran and Lilly will try to harass the enemy’s ball carrier, and James and Meina are on defense.

The first game is tomorrow.

*For those who do not know, Kanin traditionally have no last name. When I adopted the name of Olin, I neglected to pick a last name as well. Thus, Cerran took Wilhelm’s name when they got married. I did as well, by proxy.
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Wilhelm here. I’ve made friends with a local engineer of sorts. He’s impressed with how I reverse-engineered the push boots, as well as my summonable armor project. (Hereafter referred to as the Rider armor for convenience.)

My new friend suggested I have a drink; apparently it helps when designing something. I’m not usually one for alcohol, but I figured I’d give it a shot. When in Rome...

1 drink: Head’s buzzing. No ephaphnes yet.

2 drinks: Still no idea how to rotate the armor correctly during summonig. The test dummy we used has been... divided by the armor. Same as the last one, and the one before that.

3 drinks: Fuck the belt. It summons the armor fine around the torso area, but if the limbs are even slighly off, they get telefraged. New solution: undersuit. We’ve drawn what shoul be the appropriat runes on a full-body swimsuit from the carriage. Let’s see if this shit works. Havin another drink for luck.

4 drink: It fuckin’ works! Not so much if the user moves during the summoning, but it fuckin’ works!Ned to fin way to fix tha problm, thouh. I thnik tihs stufs kickin in.

I wannna blow shit up. Im gona blow siht up.

Taht felt good. Bakc ot work.


Several pages of incomprehensible scribblings and designs follow. Most of the writing seems to be in Plattdeutsch, which I haven’t been able to speak fluently since I moved out of my mom’s house.

The improved Rider armor works as described, though it has several cosmetic additions that make it look much closer to its namesake. Hell, it even has the scarf.

I also created an artillery cannon that uses a Runner’s push bomb as the propellant. After the discovery of a tent with a rather large hole in it, we found that I had designed it to use chickens as ammunition. Why I thought this was a good idea is beyond me. Though it does explain why COCK OF JUSTICE was scribbled on the barrel.

I resolve to never touch alcohol again.
And that's it for now. I hope you all enjoyed my long-overdue look into Coininoch culture. If you have any comments, feel free to say them.

Also, there'll be more coming from the trip. I've been conspiring with Fearghaile and GearHeart on this, so don't be surprised if you see something from one of them.
Soooo, no objections to a touristy pamphlet?

I'm not hearing a no-oo...
No objections here. I say go for it.
Right, so far I have markets, entertainment, culture, dining and drinks, so now I have to come up with funny names...

These might be of help.

I take it you couldn't help teaching young Wilhelm the Old Realm injokes then?

Ehhhhhh...... Lets teach us first, then open the uni up to foreigners (not of TeeGee, I mean)
Wilhelm's an Outrealmer too. As I'd mentioned before, he attended Stanford and had Olin as his history professor. (Which of course, resulted in him shitting bricks when Olin showed up on his doorstep.)

He's part of the Kroeker clan, which has some interesting history. I admit, I included this out of vanity, as I happen to be somewhat distantly related to the Kroekers.

Anyway, I'm glad to see people like my writing.
Ahh, terribly sorry. Wait, isn't Cerran your daughter? Adopted, IIRC?
Just popping in to say it's nice to see furries hanging out and creating OC on /tg/.
Sage because I am not contributing.
Good luck, have fun.
Sorry to interrupt any important discussion, but are Earth natives referred to as Old Realmers or Out Realmers, or both?

The terms can get confusing at times.
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Oh my, we've finally got the Scottish bunnyfolk introduced.

Now we just need to make a road through the wastes and We can have a near monopoly on trade between them and the southern part of the human kingdoms.


We prefer the term Xenophiles.

Are we talking about one made by us or one made by our ever-friendly neighbors?
Its a promotional pamphlet, published, printed and distributed to the students and possible investors of the Uni.

I still need to know the final word on what Earthlings are called, see>>21039349
Cerran married Olin, and later Wilhelm. She approached Olin rather bluntly, (by kissing him out of the blue) and he just sort of went with it. Later, Olin sent her to The Hole to see if they might have anything worth including in his book on Teegee.

She found Wilhelm, and fell in love with him pretty quickly. She's not exactly the type to bottle up her feelings, so she confessed and they got together pretty quickly.

I haven't used Cerran much, but she does seem to have a personality, based on what I've written of her. She certainly has a thing for intellectuals, and isn't one to hold back her feelings.

Another note; Olin dislikes the terms "waifu" and "harem". He refers to Cerran and Wilhelm as his wife and husband respectively, and together they have a union.

Lastly, all three of them have some aspect of me in their personalities. Olin's a history geek, and he always speaks politely. (And though I doubt this'll ever come up, he listened to Iron Maiden as a teenager. Run to the Hills caused him to research the colonization of America, and his interest spiraled from there.)

Cerran's bluntness comes from me; I tend to be brutally honest with my opinions. This extends to crushes as well.

Wilhelm's interest in engineering exists because I wanted to describe all sorts of cool enchanted shit I might come up with, and I figured Olin might not be the right guy for the job. Wilhelm also exists to make any witty comments Olin or Cerran wouldn't make, though I haven't been able to use him in that respect just yet.

Y'know, I', sure you've posted that somewhere before, but it all makes sense now, thanks.
I think I've talked a bit about my characters before, but not at that length.

Though I'm probably repeating something. To quote a friend; "You have a good memory. Short, but good."
Finished my pamphlet, anyone want to see it?

Too bad, you are anyways.
File: 1349699906328.jpg-(83 KB, 640x593, Cauvy_An-Arab-bazaar.jpg)
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In order to celebrate the inaugural first year of the TeeGee University, potential students and investors were given a carefully guided tour of the town. This promotional pamphlet contains highlights of where to go, what to do, and so on. Limited edition due to a dispute between the publishers and the council, they paint a glowing review of this multicultural city-state.


The loudest and most notable part of the markets is the BAZAAR OF BAZAAR. Though not a candle to the famed Serridian BAZAAR OF A THOUSAND DELIGHTS, you are sure to find almost anything here due to the many trade routes running through our fair city. From exotic spices, to silk and charms, even the arcane buyer may find hidden gems within its many tents.

COUNCIL'S NOTE: TeeGee does not and will never support the trade of slaves or indentured servants within its borders. For all slavery related transactions, please vacate the premises.


If new students ever feel overwhelmed by their studies, then take up arms at GENERAL KNOWLEDGE, bookstore, purveyor of the collected texts and exotic grimoires of the land. Likewise, if any students feel overwhelmed by their enemies, then take up arms at GENERAL KNOWLEDGE, armory, purveyor of the collected weapons and exotic martial tools of the land. Due to an agreement with the University, student discounts apply to both.
File: 1349699980104.jpg-(148 KB, 960x1280, Leipzig_Hbf_shopping_arcade.jpg)
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For private students of the arcane or elaborate arts, a suggestion can be made to view the inner workings of THE PIT, scholastic laboratories. Though not an actual storefront per-se, arrangements can be made for commissioned projects of fine quality, as long as you don't mind the occasional extra add-on and complimentary blue print.

If reliable steel and sweat is your forte, then so is SMITH'S SMITH, blacksmithy and engineering workshops. Run by talented teams of Old Realm workers of metal and craft, orders fill up quickly, with waiting lists sometimes stretching for months!


Need clothing that's fashionable, affordable or durable? Then saunter down to A STITCH IN NINE, tailors and dressmakers to the masses. For off the hook clothes or something more custom, their staff-on-hand ensure that alterations are available on demand for any exotic body-shapes. Students and investors may request assistance if necessary, but please keep your objections of the staff to a minimum.


For excitement and spice in a dull love life, walk discreetly to LILLY'S, recognizable by the large variety of exotic goods on display. The more devout customer may require a proxy buyer, as meeting the owner of this establishment is always a shock to the unprepared. A stern buyer beware warning applies to all patrons, as not all the products may be considered publicly acceptable.
File: 1349700033711.jpg-(144 KB, 550x368, the gallery.jpg)
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The ON BEYOND Museum is both a repository of both Old Realm Artifacts and a collection of exhibits that stretch from the Free Kingdom the the Elven Realms and back. Run by the owner of the nearby book and weaponstore, no exhibits are for sale. Working replicas and souvenirs may be ordered to your satisfaction, but thieves are dealt with harshly, then placed in cases as humiliation. We can assure you that aside from thieves, all exhibits were acquired with non-violent methods, with many donations accepted.

View fine artwork at the AVANT GUARD, notable for the many pieces being donated by grateful clients and coworkers of the famed Harem Knights. Some may be familiar to you, while other sections have been marked for Old Realm reproductions, which may alarm the more conservative patrons. From oiled canvas, sculpture and statues, many forms of media have been covered.


The rhythm and flow of sound is ever-present at DEAFEN AUDITORIUM. As the language of music is omni-cultural, many fine and exotic movements that can bring audiences to blinding tears or a standing ovation. Please note that there is a rota set between the reserved and more lively musics, and the establishment is not responsible for any hearing related injuries due to schedule mix-ups.

COUNCIL'S NOTE: Always pack earplugs, mostly for Metal, but definitely for the arias.

File: 1349700082228.jpg-(103 KB, 1024x768, dojo.jpg)
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But for the more martially inclined, there's always the DOJO OF MASTER FIGHT! Match prowess against warriors of all races, worlds and ages, or simply spectate and place discreet bets. From Elven blade dancing to Orc wrestling, all styles and forms, Old Realm boxing to [EXPUNGED] are welcome (within restriction). Different arenas have been set for sparring matches with or without weaponry, and enchantments cast to prevent fatal injuries.

However, due to the unpredictable nature of magic based duelling, we ask that all practitioners of the arcane arts hold off their gauntlets while the new arenas are constructed and reinforced.

Tournaments are held with regularity, sporting events with little equal in terms of diversity, and many a match can be traced back to the spar ground, both martially and maritally. Categories exist for entrants of melee, weapon melee, and free form. It is not a surprise to see an armoured knight on steed face off against a wrestler, in fact, odds usually favor the steed!

To all students who participate in the Dojo, obey the rules and laws of its proprietors, lest you face expulsion from the Dojo and from the city. An important one is this: keep it to the sparring grounds, no grudges on the street.

COUNCIL'S NOTE: NO DEATH DUELS, PERIOD. Also, gamble your lives and coin with judgement!
File: 1349700115452.jpg-(92 KB, 573x382, BroadwayShow1.jpg)
92 KB

Experience the stage and theatre of the Old Realm at the NEW GLOBE, where plays and operettas old and new alike are scripted, rehearsed, and performed before your very eyes! The range of the acting company reaches from romantics, comedies, dramas and (with some preparation) the epics. The director has a strict policy of embracing new ideas, and if the programme is not to your taste, come back next month when it is sure to delight!

If your viewing tastes vary towards the fantastical and the allophilic, or perhaps the nostalgic, then head over to the rival establishment, THE TESSERACT, where the art of the moving image has been brought back to life, so to speak, by sorcery and science. Be entranced by the tales and fantasies of a world long lost between borders! Please note that the images are harmless and will not jump out at you, even on 3D night.


For more light hearted entertainment, the comedians of the SHAKING CLAM are sure to tickle your sides! With a wide arsenal of Old Realm and local flavour, their antics and anecdotes are sure to bring a smile to your face. Open Mic night is available every week, with amateurs often applauded off stage for their comedic attempts, but they are not for the meek.

File: 1349700176342.jpg-(63 KB, 520x375, the-uni-pub-image4.jpg)
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To avoid the more outspoken crowds in the often misspelled ROGUE TRADER bar, there are plenty more fine drinking establishments in this fair city. Though it is the watering hole of the famed, some may say notorious, Harem Knights, with familiar faces a usual sight, the bar fights can be left wanting.

The BLIND SCOTSMAN, staffed by a surprisingly competent blind man, has a policy of absolutely no silence. If the conversation won't drown you out, then the occasional drinking song or fiddle will. Be prepared for spontaneous dances and singalongs! Stay after the rush crowd to hear anecdotes from the barkeep, and maybe they'll tell how they lost their sight.

For those whom the grip of alcohol doesn't allure, why not enjoy a delightful afternoon in the EARL OF BOMBAY, whose soothing atmosphere and wide varieties of tea, juices and cocktails ensure that you will pass out from the comfort at least once. The staff is not responsible for any social scandals that occur within its walls, customer's discretion only.

For the on the go traveller who craves instant energy, the FUEL TANK is not a reference to Old Realm machinery, but a one-stop-shop destination for instant rehydration and invigoration. The house blend is a secret mixture of Old Realm recipe and local ingredients that is sure to make you fire on all cylinders.

File: 1349700290380.jpg-(58 KB, 323x484, dining_1_.jpg)
58 KB
Eat at THE KITCHEN, fine Old Realm dining, and once you've had your fill of the normal gastronomic platter, stagger over to THE LAB! Or don't, if you are no fan of experimental dining and the occasional bout of stomach aches. This can be attributed to the chefs' total lack of restraint to the culinary arts and vast arrangements of ingredients, fresh from the BAZAAR. There is a running joke among regulars on how long the diners can last without a case of indigestion. Longest record, 15 days!

Though many would not view cooking as a battle, IRON WOK STEEL PLATTER would disagree. With chefs trained in the martial arts of cooking from both worlds, this is a dining experience one must not miss. Especially not when they have their cook-offs, and a panel of judges selects what ingredients are to be used in signature dishes. Beware of flying knives, those are usually not meant to do that. The establishment would like to remind customers to keep the ingredient jokes to a minimum, they may alarm other diners.

COUNCIL'S NOTE: Please advise all chefs what allergies or prohibitions will affect your dining experience. Your stomach is in your own hands.



And may you have made many memorable moments in the walls of TeeGee. We hope to see your patronage and your coin once more.
And now, to let you all read it.

And theenn, I'll possibly get flamed...
File: 1349700504695.gif-(342 KB, 350x272, 1338750271857.gif)
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I see what you did there, and I like it.
File: 1349700622229.jpg-(30 KB, 640x426, 1344957115633.jpg)
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No mention of the Item Shop?

I am disappoint.

Just kidding, great job.
...Recettear's Item Shop?

I have no idea what you could be talking about...
That was what I named Karrigan's store way back when...at least I think I did...one second.

Okay, nevermind, I did but that was way back in thread 5 or 6.
File: 1349700983299.jpg-(492 KB, 3072x2304, oLx7Z.jpg)
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I was reminded of Boufball when I was considering the enchanted gear, but it's mostly inspired by Tribes: Ascend.

If I'm somewhere in the walls of Teegee, you can bet that I either work at or frequent The Lab. Either way, they're probably using at least one of my recipes.


Evidence of my handiwork.
dangit, I knew I missed something.

I'll think I'll wait a bit longer before posting up the Sneaky Deals.
File: 1349701301554.jpg-(104 KB, 450x1489, 61354_v0_460x.jpg)
104 KB
By the way, if anyone wants to contact me, there's two ways to go about it. You can email me, but I'm more reliably reached via Steam. If you need proofreading or editing, I'm your guy.


Now to go to bed. In eight hours I will wake up, see the thread, and debate whether to skip any of the hundred posts that have appeared during my sleep. I will also contemplate my lack of a sleep schedule, noting that 6:25 is not an appropriate bedtime.
File: 1349703985403.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 64 KB, 696x572)
Spoiler Image, 64 KB
Somewhere in the hubbub of urban life

B: Reprieve in investigation. How did Project Smokescreen go?
K: Hook, Line, Sinker. Waters muddied. Market Gates are open.
B: Sending Sheep your way. Word on circumnavigation?
K: Confirmed. Planet spherical. Without O, research unsupervised.
B: Understood, will update maps. Homefront situation?
K: Seat is warm. House is waiting. None suspect absence.
B: Final note, tinfoil is protection, not immunity. Learnt hard way.
K: Not unexpected. Keep Tinfoil Defense. Will research further.
File: 1349704119521.jpg-(38 KB, 640x480, bbc test card.jpg)
38 KB

And with that, I'm off to bed.

I hope you all enjoyed my attempt at a filler piece and marketing ploy. The Squid Story will be completed within two days.

I wonder what everyone else will think of it...
I lay claim to the Human-Dragon war.
I'm going to assume that Nito, Gwyn, and the Witches of Izalith weren't involved.
I have no idea who is involved yet ,other than Eregoj and his dragon lover. I have ideas though.
Gotcha. Damn server issues on War of the Roses are driving me crazy, so I may as well write something.
Before you do that! I'd suggest you read the piece me and Clover put together. It's not for publish, but it does go over the basic metaphysical realities of our new world.
Where is it?
fa/tg/uy here, Ive been out of internet connection for the past 8 months and I for some reason decided to come to 4chan and stumbled on this thread.

Holy shit, continue, this is fucking amazing.

Dont you crazy bastards ever stop rubbing ears.
Well you changed it from flag to ball when I wasn't looking so I need to rework most of the games. As some tricks just don't work when its a ball. So delayed.

Email or link me this would you
Did that, check your gmail. It's in the second half of the document. As for the ball thing, you can safely blame me for that. Thought it came across better than capture the flag with explosion gimmicks. This makes it feel like an actual sport.
You sir are a gentleman and a scholar.

No argument from me but I had just finished it. Oh well rewrites can be fun. As they often come out better.
File: 1349725498633.jpg-(86 KB, 630x440, 1297377039206.jpg)
86 KB
Entry 12, Vol 2 23rd Second Seed

Not everything went as planned. I saw the confusion my decision to call the institution a Wat wrought and loved every minute of it. Sadly Sir GearHeart put an end to that with more pressing matters. Namely the security of the university. I was adamant on not allowing weapons but most of the seasoned adventurers had talked me down, even citing my experiences as a reason to permit such things. We agreed to a compromise. I will have to permit to allowing the students to own real weapons however only their training analogues may be carried on campus. The rules for the teachers have remained, now only without the discouragement.

Adelaide reminded me that Kanin use magically enchanted weapons for their mock wars. I remember such stories and I wonder if importing such things would be possible. If so, I could consider arranging for the to hold regular fights to supplement whatever income the Wat manages to generate. This could be the start of a wonderful athletics program!
The real success of course was that we had now established a proper curriculum. As I’ve aimed the Wat to provide useful graduates for TeeGee, the slips of paper we call degrees will be for Accounting, Economics, Medicine, Engineering, Law and International Relations. Each of these are derived from mathematics, the sciences and languages. I also wanted to name the schools after the heads of the program but many others, Lem amongst them, would not accept such an honor in their life time. Pity, I don’t think I’d be able to outlive some of them.

I’ve asked the Council to aid me in finding the appropriate teachers required. I already know some of the Knights have expressed interest as teachers already, like Sir GearHeart who wishes to be “the LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWH”. Regardless, they have until the inaugural winter semester starts on the 16th of Sun’s Dusk to get everything squared away. The semester will run through until a few days after Savior’s Day. The second semester in the year will probably start sometime around Midyear and end before Hearthfire.
With the schedule laid out, Cynthia has expressed her concern about the commute. The Wat is located an hour and a half walk TeeGee’s southern gate. I foresee the university to expand and become a secondary hub of TeeGee though mostly as a student town which is why I had it built so far away. I assured Cynthia that we shall be moving there as soon as the dormitories are finished. That and now her catering business will be directed towards the students that live there instead of the occasional request by Vincent and various couples who prefer Kanin cuisine. The details of how to get such a thing running so far outside of the main city elude me. Maybe eliminate the middleman and go directly to the suppliers themselves?

Which also brings me to another issue. The administrative and maintenance side of things. I’m not sure how I’ll be able to do both on my own. I’m sure I could rope a few students in to basic maintenance but good administrative staff will be hard to find, especially when we lack true accountants. I’ll figure that out later. At least the Wat has a motto now, “Learn or Leave.”

--Journals of Khru Thai, “Disce aut Discede”

WTB Lecturers
So. I seem to be on my way to the Castle bearing a gift!* Any customs against doing so within our fair castle?

*Drake head
You might get a few upturned noses at the stench, and more than a few wondering why the hell you're doing that, but I can't see why anyone would stop you.
Well a drake fucked with him once. Once.
A few looks of wonder and confusion, especially if some taxidermy wasn't involved, but none that I can think of.
File: 1349728026063.png-(487 KB, 500x700, A Witch of TeeGee.png)
487 KB
Photoshopped to hell and back. But....a Witch's portrait.

>ymbios fancies
So her name is Ymbios...and apparently she fancies me.
I forgot to ask, but what timezone are you in?

We've got Aussies, Euro's, USA (East and West Coast)...

Canadians as well. Wink Wink.
File: 1349730408491.jpg-(179 KB, 800x600, supharemknights.jpg)
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From the Diary of Rhenel:

A few days after we were saved by the Felim, and even after the most reticent amongst us realized that we weren't going back home anytime soon, we realized that if we wanted to see another winter then we couldn't keep feeding ourselves with those bitter red berries or expecting our hunters to come back with small-game even more malnourished than we were. Somehow I ended up commenting how my family was into the wine business and I was kind of raised around grape orchards and vegetable gardens. Yes, that's the funny story of how I ended up involved in this whole farming business. Me and my big mouth.

We approached our feline friends and started asking about what kind of grains and vegetables people cultivated in this world. Now here's something to really think about: when we arrived here we could understand the other inhabitants of this world perfectly. What passed as Common here sounded exactly like regular English to us. The problem is that not all of us were English native speakers and, apparently, whatever magic allows us to communicate with the inhabitants of this land doesn't work with other Earth languages. Now imagine me trying to see if there was a certain vegetable here in this world when neither me nor him knew how it was called in English/Common. It took days for the headache to go away.

What we learned, though, was kind of comforting. There were wheat, rye, barley, apples, almonds, pumpkins… almost everything one would expect to find in medieval Europe and even more. It was good to know we weren't in Morrowind or any other weirder place. Sure, we had elves and catgirls, but at least the bread was still bread. Thankfully for us, the forest hadn't yet reclaimed the fields closer to the outpost, but still they were abandoned and would require a lot of work before we could have an actual orchard in this place. I quickly set up a lentil farm (well, they don't really look like lentils but they sure taste like them) in a tiny garden behind the main hall. We would have enough lentils to barely feed all of us in… probably a year or two. Yeah. Things were looking pretty great back then.

Now, you can say anything about these people. They are nerds, some of them downright autistic and way into That Guy territory, but when they saw me going out to the fields with a rusty scythe they came over and asked me if they could help. Most of them had no idea of what to do, their only experience about rural life coming from Harvest Moon and Minecraft, but that day we worked together. And the next one. And then, the next one. Man, Felim and horse sweated and blooded to prepare those fields in the remote case that we would somehow survive long enough to put them to use. By the end of the first month even those of us with a bit of overweight lost it all in the future orchards.

Then the Elven conflict happened and, believe me, it all changed for us.

I've already written about what happened then so no need to elaborate on that, but… do you have any idea of what's like to suddenly have people who knew almost everything there was to know regarding plants, trees and vegetables in that region working alongside you? The Elven waifus came in bringing their knowledge, but also their magic. The idea of magic still weirds me out, I know some of us happily play with that stuff, but what can I say? Nonetheless, it got the job done. They turned the barren we had been working on for the past months into a garden in over two or three weeks. We filled the old warehouse inside the outpost with all sorts of grains and beans in only the first four months, and then we started with fruits and vegetables. We lost the first harvest. That's when we learned that even magic has its limits.

It was a fungi. As simple as that. The plants would go grey in a matter of weeks and all the fruits and seeds would rotten. We worried it would expand into the other orchards, and we were right to worry about it, because after a few months it hit our pumpkin field with a vengeance. And, well, it occurred to me… way before modern pesticides my great-grandparents would use something a little bit different. Of course, for that we would need to start a mine and pray to whatever god was still checking up on us to let us find copper. One of the Felim helping us with the farms suggested that, if the solution to our problem could be found underground, then who better than the Dwarves to find it for us? I'm not ashamed to say that I kissed his damn stupid abused half-fae catboi mouth. We needed to sent a diplomatic mission to Dwarven lands. Hopefully before we lost everything we'd been working on for the past three years.

We already had have contact with the Dwarves. One of their explorers, Dorf StrongFast (like I said, this magical translation thing sometimes doesn't work as intended), already visited us a while back, but other than knowing that they weren't hostile to us, we knew nothing about them, their culture and god knows what else. Still, it was either that or watching our growing population of Felim, Kanin and even weirder races die of hunger. Since I was needed here in Castle Waifu (bloody onions…), I couldn't join Fearghaile, Kikki, Fatwelder and others, but I spent an hour carefully explaining them what I was looking for. I wrote them down instructions and information. I questioned them to see if they had been paying attention. I still don't know how nobody strangled me to death that night.

What they came back with was something extraordinaire. They bought back two huge carts full of sacks, a herd of what looked like extra-hairy goats (oh, yeah, that's a very funny story too, yes, it has to do with a psychotic spider-woman, fun stuff, I think I've already told that somewhere) and a treaty between the nascent Teegee and the Dwarven Ranges. Me and my people jumped on the cart like hungry wolves and there they were, the prettiest blue rocks we had ever seen and the kind of lime only true Dwarf Fortress players would admit in their cocktails. Copper sulfate and quicklime. Nobody used that stuff anymore back on Earth, it gets into the soil and contaminates subterranean waters. I kept my mouth shut, I'd rather see the disappointment in one of the Elven farmers than see my people hungry. We boiled the lime, just like my ancestors did, and mixed it up with the blue rocks. Since we didn't have a machine to sprinkle the pesticide with, we used improvised brushes and rags. We saved the harvest that year. The fungi had come back thrice after that, but those times we were ready.

Magic? Bah. Humbug.
Thanks to the sudden influx of immigrants traveling to Castle Waifu, we soon had access to stranger seeds. Some of them bore fruits similar to the ones we had back on Earth. Other were… well, strange. From the Snarletooth Isles, the Kanin homeland, came exotic fruits and plants that we tried to grow here with little success. Still, the blue grapes were a huge success and soon we were trying to make wine out of them (actually that didn't work out that well). I personally insist to all adventurers and guards who have to go outside to bring back all sorts of curious seeds they find in their travels. You never know what you could find. Nothing too dangerous, I hope. I don't need to go out there to have adventures, right wrongs and save maidens, you better believe this job has enough excitement as it is.

The Ork Invasion was a mixed blessing in that aspect. We lost many good people there, many of our orchards got torched and some of the outer farms got razed to the ground. But when the Ork females decided to joins us we farmers gained a lot of workers. It kind of helped that these Orks were seen as too simple minded for other tasks. At first we welcomed them warily, now we wouldn't get rid of them for anything in this world and whatever hellish and celestial planes there could be. Some months later we were celebrating the first "weddings" between Orks and Humans. And by weddings I mean an Ork female claiming a poor anon and threatening to gut any other Ork (or Felim/Kanin/absent-minded bartender) who laid eyes on her future Husbando (no Ork ever claimed me as a mate, I suspect Victoria must have decided to visit the Ork district one of those nights and set things straight). Soon the fields were as green as always. Well, actually sort of a little bit greener. It was a pun. Because of Orks. No, I don't know why I wrote it, nobody is going to read this ever. Where was I…?

Our work is not glamorous, but it's not as thankless as one would think. We welcome everybody into our fold, soldiers can sometime earn land after serving in the guard or doing a special service to our city, but most of the orchards are communal, each worker having a share of the benefits and access to the wells. There is always food at the table, and at the end of a hard work day, we are a big family. We sing and dance (and sometimes they actually let me sing one of my songs), we tell stories and, around the end of Frostfall, we make a huge bonfire and roast chestnuts inside of it to celebrate the end of the harvest. People in my home country, back on Earth, used to do this too, although it was slowly fading away. I like to think that, sometimes, a new place still requires old traditions. And after the celebration is over I walk back to the dungeons under the Castle, where she always awaits in silence.

But this time was different.

This year, one of the first Elven refugees approached me. We've been working together for many harvests now. Apparently, some of them wanted to give me a present. It was inside a finely carved box, excellent wood, clearly Elven. I, of course, started uttering the usual stuff you say whenever someone brings you a present. When I opened the box I found a single seed. It was old and dry. They told me it was from a mythical Elven tree, a tree as high as a city, with shiny pollen and sweet fruits that never rotten. I called bullshit, looked at the other fa/tg/uys present and they were as shocked as I was. I looked back at her. I had a seed of mallorn in my hands. Well, not mallorn, but quite similar. I told her we were going to plant this thing right now, but apparently the seed was too old, she said. I refused to listen. Walked all the way to Castle Waifu and, at a sensible distance from the northern wall, planted the goddamn seed.

We are going to have an Elven district.
File: 1349731614687.jpg-(28 KB, 350x262, 00084709.jpg)
28 KB
I can't believe you bunch of glorious, crazy lunatics kept the Harem Knights alive the whole month I was away doing the grape harvest. I could get online every now and then and all I can say is that I'm flabbergasted, and also proud of being part of all of this.
Anyway, I wanted to write something about what I think agriculture should be like in Teegee. Next time I'll probably go back to describe the relationship between "Victoria" and me.

(Also, just so you know, some weeks ago instead of stepping on a spider, I carefully put it out of harms way because, after all, "my waifu in Harem Knights is probably some long lost cousin". What are you doing to me, /tg/?!)
File: 1349732351887.jpg-(44 KB, 640x480, 1265284201608.jpg)
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Would it be out of the question to assume that some of us established noble houses in an attempt to seem more legitimate to the human kingdoms, insomuch as a bunch of upstart deviants can be that is.

I was thinking about doing a story about the establishment of House Artorias as a trade house, possibly something for me to do for the rest of my family in my old age as a reminder that we can't always support ourselves on adventuring alone.

Trust me, we were as surprised as you that it went on this long. I expected it to go on a week at most, but here we are, and all over a comment in another thread about rubbing elf ears. Strange since there seems to be very little of that lately. Almost completely absent, in fact, aside from one bit I did with it recently.
Well to be fair, we're trying to focus on the high adventure rather than the potential smut. Rubbing Elf ears is delicious, but it's oh so lewd.

As to the household comment, I would say no. We might establish something akin to an estate or clans, but that would be more as a method to keep affairs in order than anything. We have no need to prove ourselves to human realms, and the feudal system of nobility is in fact only found in Human lands. Why adopt a broken system when we can make our own, better one.

>captcha: James Earstu
Oh look the name of Sir Gavran's first born. Man, I wish he stuck around...
West Coast USA, but I exist on a graveyard schedule, so I'm up on Europe timezones.
Holy fuck, we have been doing this for a month, haven't we?
Guess I'm not the only one who woke up at 3 PM today. At least I know I'm not alone in my madness.
You guys are lucky I wake up at seven and go to work
File: 1349742269600.png-(609 KB, 1600x844, 7ec75ed263c132a92d5bf28b3(...).png)
609 KB
Well it IS a long weekend.

Yeah, man, really? a whole month? Shit, we've gotten shit done.

Alright, question: How do we deal with Dwarven women? Bearded or no? I've heard pitches for beards and no beards, though I'm partial to no beards at first. They grow one later in life than male Dwarves.

So guys, gotta make the choice. Pic related.
So instead of menopause beadopause? You have my vote for that.
So I hope you have a place for my gift, its a looong walk to the gates and it might not be in the best condition...
How about about... no.
No female Dwarves? Even Tolkien had those! And they were bearded too!
File: 1349746917756.jpg-(6 KB, 224x225, Angel_Banishing_Sigil.jpg)
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It’s been a very interesting couple of months since I fought Lucy. I didn’t want to stay in one place and make it easier for an enemy I had no clue how to fight to find me, so I took my family and headed out, though I made sure to pay to have my house warded with every type of magic we have first. Luckily Rydia was willing to help pay for that one, warding a whole house against one thing isn’t exactly cheap, warding against lots of stuff is expensive. First place we headed to was Serrid so I could get a little work done by my Cyclops friend. I wanted to make sure there was no way I would be caught unarmed or unarmored, so I finally coughed up for the gear summoning enchantments. It wasn’t cheap but the only other option was the guys in the Hole, and I’ve seen their practice dummies. Also had a pair of those movement enhancing boots the coininoch use worked in, they go great with the enchantments I already had on. After the work was finished (and I was significantly poorer) we left Serrid and headed for the portal to that dragon theme park place that Kuro and Gearheart’s group found.
The map we had was accurate, so it wasn’t very hard to find the gateway, and after a few magic words we were inside. I’ll admit this place was pretty damn impressive, but I get the feeling that it would have been even more impressive a few years ago. As it is now quite a lot of the “attractions” don’t work, I think Gearheart may have fried a power generator or something. There was also a very large pile of rubble, scrap from what looked like several dozen golems, and the broken remains of a giant dragon golem. Damn Gearheart, he’s like a child sometimes. He gets all these awesome new toys and he breaks them before any of his friends have a chance to play with them. Still, the place was huge, and there were still lots of places left unexplored.
File: 1349746962452.jpg-(143 KB, 400x463, 88268_620_4.jpg)
143 KB
We split up and headed our separate ways, each taking one of the magic bags Gearheart had lent us, looking for anything of value. Kari and Ana paired off and explored the ground level, Rydia transformed and searched the air and rooftops, and I started parkouring (Gods that place was fun, I hardly ever get to move like that, these jump boot things are great) to look into any of the doors that were just in the sides of buildings several stories up. We weren’t allowed to just keep whatever we found, but if there was anything specific that we found, we would be allowed first dibs. I did run into a few still working golems every now and then, but they didn’t attack me. Actually, they didn’t really do anything. No repairing the place, no attacking anything, not even a second glance at me, just walking around aimlessly. I think they may have all been linked up to some type of hive mind that Gearheart’s group took out and just didn’t have any orders without it. I decided to bring one of them back to see if the Hole could use a still running one to get that big stone one from before up and running, so I picked up one that was about two feet tall and had some kind of hedge clipper things in place of one its hands and stuck it in the Big Bag, still with no reaction from it.
File: 1349747015651.jpg-(77 KB, 800x600, il_fullxfull_343938503.jpg)
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I explored around some more, jumping from place to place, marking down the location of anything that looked important, and taking a sample from each place. I found a small library and some kind of kitchen the size of a Costco filled almost to the roof with literal tons of canned (well, barreled) food, but the most important place came a few hours later. It was some kind of lost and found, with a bunch of items on these little pillars, each with a plaque in draconic saying what it was and where and when it was found. Most of the stuff wasn’t really very interesting, but there was one thing that stood our above everything else. It was an egg, a two and a half foot long, dull red, still warm to the touch dragon egg sitting in a stasis circle. I read the plaque, and that egg had been sitting there for a very, very long time, even by dragon standards, so I took it. I couldn’t just leave it there, and I honestly doubt the ones that laid it were still alive, so I took it in my arms (not putting it in a bag with a golem) and headed back to our rendezvous point near the entrance where I waited for the others. They were all speechless, none of them had expected a dragon egg to be here, but thankfully I didn’t have to even try to convince them to bring it back. They all found pretty nice hauls themselves. Kari had headed to the nature park part of the place and found a bunch of plants that were really rare, some of which were even supposed to be extinct. Rydia had found a dragon-sized armory. Only one suit was anything special, some type of mithral alloy done up really fancily with gold inlays, but that was still a lot of high quality steel. Ana managed to find a small storehouse of more human sized weapons, quite a few of which were magical. After a good meal and we made sure that we had all of our things together, we headed back to TeeGee, partly to give our report, partly because I couldn’t be traveling around with a dragon egg.
File: 1349747066198.jpg-(99 KB, 650x650, dragon_egg.jpg)
99 KB
The council was pretty happy with us. We each got a pretty fair amount of coin and got to keep one piece of gear each. Rydia went for the fancy dragon armor, we had to have it resized but it still looked nice enough to pass her standards. Ana took this staff thing that could turn into a sledgehammer at will by summoning a giant block of extra hard ice onto the end of it. Kari chose a bow and set of arrows made out of some kind of crystal that when used together would summon two extra arrows mid-flight that disappeared after they hit their mark. The crystal arrows can break though, so she still uses normal ones mostly, but she says the bow still has amazing strength for its pull. I picked out a dagger that could wrap itself in flame and throw the fire forward in a slash, but more importantly the council also let me keep the egg. I didn’t have to make much of an argument; there aren’t very many people that know how to deal with dragons, even in TeeGee. And that brings me to today, the day she hatched. The egg started moving around a lot a little after dawn and by about ten she had broken herself free.
File: 1349747245882.png-(2.65 MB, 1280x720, shot00029.png)
2.65 MB
She’s absolutely adorable; red, all scales, big eyes, and oh so very many questions. She attached herself to me, saying that she recognized my voice, which I can only guess came from the fact that I kept her egg warm and barely set it down for a good three weeks straight. Eventually she decided on her human form and transformed, modeled a bit after all three of my waifus, though Rydia seems to be more dominant. Oh right, I should probably let Gearheart know a couple things for his encyclopedias. Dragons are born able to speak draconic, and their human for can look like pretty much whatever they want, but is set after they take it for the first time. I ended up giving her that magic fire dagger too, at least until her breath comes in. It should be fire breath based on her body temperature. I hope it’s fire breath; I don’t need to proof my house against another element. And now here I am, at two in the morning in a house covered top to bottom with protective magics, writing this with one hand, unable to get to sleep because if I move my now numb arm I may wake the little dragon girl that’s passed out on top of it. I need to get her some clothes too, all I have right now that fits her is the old Zelda t-shirt I was zapped here in. even more important than that though, I need to come up with a name.
and done for now

Don't forget that we're going to fix that place up. The deactivated stuff was probably dangerous.
Oi, who here is still alive?
File: 1349752516846.jpg-(27 KB, 504x393, 1334062878456.jpg)
27 KB
I am.

I am aroundish
The council doesn't know about the city yet so shush. GearHeart told you because of reasons and is keeping it secret also for reasons.

I loled.

Yeah anything deactivated is dangerous using the book, breaking it, or cutting the power. Also Velt could very easily be back. Hopfuly less nucking futs
I should mention, the push boots don't actually have that much power to them. I guess you could use them for a powerful jump, but their intended function is a bit closer to roller skates.

That said, I can see some pretty high jumps being made using those things. Dammit, now I want to play a parkour game using those things.
File: 1349759914288.jpg-(16 KB, 300x259, urumi.jpg)
16 KB
Urumi bump. Will type something up soon.
I will type up something tomorrow hopefully.
File: 1349761549701.jpg-(299 KB, 760x596, Fountain_of_Doubt.jpg)
299 KB
Sir White Knight, I think there might be some Dragon lore that you would do well to check in on.

Heck, this should probably be seen by everyone. I have some conversations with the guy who wrote Clover's stuff where we fleshed out the metaphysical nature of this world. Leave comments on stuff you'd like as different or are confused on. This is mostly consistent with the major works, but doesn't have to be the only explanation. Let's hear other words on it. So far I've heard positive things.

Find it here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11PjkZ2hsPmXos4-Xexhvc-cPrrG0CsZ5Q6uSP5NtZlw/edit
Just read it, I love this shit.

I also left a comment. Feel free to shoot the idea down if you have something better, though.
my bad, one minor retcon as to who i talk to then. just figured they found out due to the
“They were my squires for a wacky misadventure. We found a lost flying city, fought giant robots. One which was bigger than this building.”
line, since even if you told kuro to be quite i don't see the council just ignoring the mention of a floating city, but if you say keep it secret i will.

not super good on their own, but they work well with the newtonian fucking enchantments i already have on my armor
We now have cannon. THANK YOU BASED GODS!

We so need to begin making the push balls *expoldey things* in tiny sizes. We just found our charge and propellant for proper rifles. And Cannon. Now, we just need airships, and we can take over the world!

Pinky and the Brain?
Whatever it is, there are other methods of dealing destruction than with guns. I fear the fixation on rifles may slow the creative process.

...wait, so dragons hatch fully formed? It sounds like a child, which implies the entire babby dwagon period is spent in the egg.

I may have opened the can of worms by introducing First Magic. I am kinda regretting it...regret's gone.
Well, to be fair, it makes Home Defence soooooooo much easier and less bloody.

No one will fuck with us if we can kill them at kilometer + ranges.
That and fuck you, I want airships. From Sergeant-Major of the Guard to Admiral of the Fleet? Yep, lots of adventure stories there!
If you are aiming for airships, make your peace, or better yet friends, with the flyers!

Nothing says aircraft deterrent more than airborne fleets in infantry numbers.

Hmm, aircraft carrier airships with harpy drop troopers...
Well, nobody else has air supremacy, and weaponizing Harpies would be a baaaad step I reckon.

However, a Grand Fleet of Aerial Battleships, cruisers and frigates would be hilariously epically cool. The only problem is if TeeGee is the only place that has the technology, well, we'd win pretty fucking quickly.
I don't want to give the designs away either, war can be fun in videogames, not fun at all in real life.
Bear in mind that we still don't have a good source of sulphur, so gunpowder is still hard to come by.
>...wait, so dragons hatch fully formed?
compared to a human anyway. think like how deer are able to walk around like an hour after being born only kicked up a notch. by dragon standards they're still babies, but they're much more ready to experience the world than human babies
Random idea I had; trans/posthumanist cultists who use runic tattoos to augment themselves. Rather crazy, partially due to their brazen use of magic. They probably use embedded enchantments on themselves, too.
I have power armor
Hmmm, something like this:

or this?:
Or did you mean something along the lines of "turn hand into claw/tentacle" or "Wonder Twin Powers Activate: Shape of an Elephant"?
File: 1349794724047.jpg-(343 KB, 1241x900, Summoner.jpg)
343 KB
There was, once, a mention of Oni.

Are Oni acceptable? And if so, is there lore around them/waiting to be built for them/just shut up and writefag it you silly witch?

Picture not really related, just very handy. And easy to find.
They do pose a bit of a puzzler, being monsters unique to East Asian legend. I had sprinkled some skeleton work for the Far East, but I wouldn't count on it taking off.

If you do decide to write one, I recommend having them wander around. Travellers get lost all the time, don't they?
I'll bear it in mind. Thank you.
I'm trawling through the archive now to see if I can find the first 5 threads of this for lore purposes. Need those damn weather patterns and to find fae/partial-fae established lore.
They were ignoring GearHeart and just writing it off as his usual crazy. He did go into a speal about marriage, demigod spies and ninjas. They were also preoccupied with BOWS. They also wouldn't know how to get there.
There is quite a bit of faerie lore in "A witch of TeeGee" tales in chapters 22-24.
I've said it once and I'll say it again:
Did I miss something, or are there actual demigod ninjas and spies lurking about?
No there where not/are not. Its part of the reason the Council did not pay attention to him.

But there are. But they secret. Nobody knows. Working on a super secret piece with people. Clues are in the Dragon city story.
Another Night At The Rogue Trader. A Barmaid’s view.

It was another rambocuses night at the Rogue Trader. Lilly finally had gotten Belle, Kuro, and Meina to do body shots. So people were starting to calm down after a wild start.

“That was fun” Said Kuro, giddy with excitement.

“Why’d I let you talk me into that?” Belle said red faced.

“Because I was the one drinking, and I have to say it tasted good.” Kuro teased.

“I told you girls it would be fun.” Lilly said.

“It was an, odd experience. I think the drinking was just as fun as the other part. Belle if you could have seen your face when Kuro sucked.” Said Meina.

Belle hid her face in Kuro’s chest. “Come on, don’t hide.” Kuro said, patting Belle’s head.
“Next time we’ll make sure we do something you enjoy.” Added Meina.

“You girls done distracting everyone, cause some of the boys wanted to play a little tune.” Jim said, fiddling with his guitar.

“I don’t think Belle could take any more.” Kuro said, sitting back down at the table.

“Right then. Ok boys hit it.”

Then they played a song called gold on the ceiling.

Halfway through the song the door flew open and in walked Shacklesbane. Hadn’t seen him in a long while. Still remember when he saved me. He took a seat in the corner like he always does. I went over to talk to him.
“Hey shack, how ya doin?”

“Not too bad, hows the job treatin’ you?”

“Oh same old, same old. Saw a salomon bunch an elephant. Ate a horse. You know that kind of thing.”

“...I wasn’t aware you were allowed to drink the merchandise.”

“Only when Lilly’s around.”

“Fair enough. The usual if you would, probably going to be here awhile so just keep um comin’. Got a lot to think about.”

“Thinking bout ya girl?” I said stressing every syllable.

“Always, but have no complaints there. I think I might need to retire sometime soon.”

“WHAT! Why? You’ve done so much good. If it wasn’t for you, me and a bunch of other girls would be dead or worse right now.”

“Thing’s are just getting too dicey out there nowadays. I’ve been doing this for 5 years now, all the low level scum have been dealt with leaving just the big organized crime rings which I can’t tackle on my own. Too many close calls lately too. Remember when we got ahold of that crier’s message? Thing had my bloody name on it and we still don’t know how they found that out. I’ve tried to keep things quiet to give Fearghaile deniability, but i’m starting to think I might be running out of time with that as well...”

“Some of us been thinking, what ya need to do is start an anti-slavery gang. I heard one of the knights use the term gang busters. Get some help, you take too much on your self.”

“Me and Belle are willing to help. And Marick may take more kindly to chasing down slavers than demons.” Said Kuro, standing up excitedly.

“Nope.” Said Marick, as chill as ever.

“Is there anything that you actually want to do?” Belle asked, frustrated.

“Not get killed.” Marick said, balancing a dagger atop one finger.
“Way to kill the mood Tristan.” Jim said, coming over having just finishing the song.

“Don’t call me Tristan.”

“I’ll bloody well call you anything I want ‘till you do something that shows why I should give you an ounce of respect.”

Marick rolled his eyes, but didn’t say another thing on the matter.

“Maybe that’s not such a bad idea. Could try teaching a class at the new college if they’ll have me. ‘Slaying Slavers and Saving Slaves’, would have to be referral only, can’t exactly have something like that on the brochure...” Tanash concluded.

“One can’t carry the world on their shoulders. ANYWAY. So, who’s turn is it to share embarrassing life stories? Kasai and Tomoe went last. So I think that makes it Kuro and Belle. And no, what you just did doesn’t count.”

“Why us?”

“Alphabetical, and Kuro wears the pants in your guys relationship.”

“Wears the pants? We both wear pants most of the time.”

“It means shes the aggressive one and that your her bitch.” Chimed in Lilly.

“Lilly don’t call people names.” James Chided.

“It’s true though.”

Belle looked up from her glass. “There was the time you lost a sheep. You spent all day looking for it, it was so funny watching you panic like that.”

“I didn’t lose it, you hid it.”

“How did this strange turn of events come to pass?” Said Jim, who looked shocked. I was a bit shocked too. Kuro was always the trickster.

“Kuro never lost a sheep. They’d always stay near her because she was better at keeping the wolves away than anyone else in the village. So I wanted to see what she would do if one went missing. She looked over the entire valley for it, she was almost crying by the end of the day. She never did find the sheep though, I returned it to her because I couldn’t stand the thought of her crying.”
Huh. Only that recently. I'll reread it, then. Lets see from the start here. Terrible winter, elves haunt forest, Felim arrive, elves attack, Spring arrives, we attack the elves, summer and fall not referenced, though "good harvest" at the end of the year implies warm summer with light rain, rainy spring (but not too much), no early frost in fall. "Savage" humans arrive in the middle of this.

The first year seems to have gone pretty well. A shame. I was hoping for a summer drought. Looking back at clearing the trees will be interesting.
>Estimates omyCar
Oh Geiko...
“Where did you hide it?”

“A place she’d never think to look. Inside my house.”

At that a bunch of people started to laugh.

“Well I can honestly say I never would have guessed that story.” Meina said.

“I never did again. My parents were mad at me, even though everyone else got a good laugh out of it. No one never doubted her.”

“Ah, funny, embarrassing and heart warming. The best kind of drinking story.” Said Lilly putting her mug down.

“Well I have one about Lilly.” Meina said.

“Oh no you don’t, you promised never to tell.”

“To bad, shouldn’t have done what you did this morning.”

“I regret it already.”

“What happened?” Belle asked curiously.

“This morning or then?”

“Why not both?”

“Well this morning. Lilly decided she was in the mood for ice cream. Her plan of attack was, different than normal. I woke up to Lilly trying to freeze my boobs off.”

“I was tired and not thinking straight. You clearly have to get the milk out first.”

“Which leads to the next part. I asked Lilly what the hell she was doing. And then Jim said sleepily that she was making milkshakes. Cause mine brought all the boys to the yard. So then Lilly milked them her normal way. With her teeth.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

“It is when you leave teeth marks!”

“Those are love nips.”

“Anyway then there’s the time Lilly lost a bet with Jim. It was a long time ago. Back before you two showed up. So anyway, the bet was Lilly could steal Jim’s soul. She had two weeks to do so. If she won Jim would be her play thing for a month. If Jim won he would get to call the shots.”

“Steal his soul? Why would you want to do that?” Kuro asked, shocked.
“Its a thing Succubi can do. I was going to put it back if I got it. The whole thing was about proving whose will was stronger. Stealing a soul is complicated, but you can sum it up as a contest of wills. It wasn’t serious, and I was still rather... young at the time.”

“Translation she was way worse than what you two ever knew. So the two weeks are up. Lilly lost. Lilly’s coming on strong towards Jim. Asking him how he wanted it. Jim replies, I like my women like my wine. Stored until ready. Then he pulled a box out from behind his desk. Lilly about ran out of the room.”

“It was a chastity belt. Not even a special one. Where’s the fun in that.”

“Sush you. So by the end of the first week Lilly was so frustrated, Jim took mercy on her and let her out early. Course he still pink balled her for the rest of the month.”

“That must have been fun” Kuro said, with a smile like that of a predator.

“Oh the best part was teasing Lilly when she couldn’t do anything about it. I talked Jim into making her serve the last week.”

“And that’s why I stopped betting with him.”

“All I have to say is life can be frustrating, sometimes intentionally.” Said Jim with a shit eating grin. “Anyway now that we got more to drink, back to what you were saying Shackles? I think a group of slavery ring breakers sounds like a great idea. I know me and the girls would be more than willing to help out where needed.”
“It could work, would need to keep it low profile though. Something like how the Blades work. Travelling around Nimh as a roving band of slaver genocide, while fun, would likely draw a lot of unwanted attention on TeeGee.”

“Well yeah. You ever see the show Code Geass back in the Oldrealm? One time everyone dressed up in the same crazy costume to pull off a crazy stunt. Heres what I’m thinking. Find a good ‘strike the fear into them costume’. Get a bunch of proteges and play up being every where. A la the matrix.”

“So dodge the anonymity and go full out superhero on it?”

“Well you want will want to keep you anonymity with a costume that makes you all look sort of alike. Think like Anonymous in theory. Or like a reverse KKK. Cause that’s what you technically would be.”

“I still think costumes would be painting a target on our backs, but maybe we could leave calling cards....” Tanash supposed.

“I'm not going to lie, this sounds like the kind of idea a bunch of drunken bros would have at a bar. Which is what you all are I suppose.” Lem said.

“I thought Lem had died. He never says anything.” Kuro said with a poker face.

“NOFUNALLOWED man is not allowed.” Jim responded.

“Yeah Lem you can’t be silent all night then say something like that.”

Awhile later as people were leaving I saw GearHeart and Marick getting into a fight. I heard some odd things.
“Listen you may have everyone else fooled but I know you. I was there. Mr. Rogue of Air.”

“You got no proof, you're not going to do anything. You’re just a big bag of hot air.”

“I’ll kill you.”

“Not as long as I hold those two little pawns in my hands. You couldn’t stand to see them hurt could you.”

“Your days are numbered. Remember I’ve killed you before and I’ve killed bigger.”

“Talks cheap.”
“Get out of here I’ve had enough of you for this day.”

“Make me.”

I purposely ‘accidently’ stumbled into the room, drawing attention to myself. They broke it off before things got heated. They parted ways without another word. Then I went to go clean up all the spilled liquor. Bodyshots are messy at times.

Ah, yes. The famed Harem Knights in the famed Rogue Trader bar, in another famed near bar fight.

He said jokingly.
File: 1349799288363.jpg-(62 KB, 750x600, 1342654980163.jpg)
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Pic related in a really roundabout way
....what's roundabout in that relation?
The game being played is complicated. But /TG/ is not playing it nor is it magic chess. And the rules of said game are rather simple
Well, seems my internet has crapped out, so there won't be much out of me tonight.

Suppose I can always work on another story, this time with fewer distractions.
File: 1349818173150.jpg-(465 KB, 1050x563, griffin.jpg)
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what does TeeGee have in terms of an airforce?
Harpies and I think about two dragons.
You are the airforce.
Something I just realized. The push cannon/COCK OF JUSTICE might have some problems. The push bomb doesn't work like a traditional explosion; it's just a magical force pushing outward. Thus, the force isn't redirected like exploding propellant would be. Also, I imagine the push effect would damage the barrel.
File: 1349829087506.jpg-(698 KB, 2294x2814, 1334065332399.jpg)
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Bump. Writing now; intend to post tonight hopefully.
File: 1349832716898.jpg-(50 KB, 720x480, Sallet front view.jpg)
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Anyone home?
Always here. Always lurking.
Everyone's either busy writing, doing something else, or slacking off. But yes, we're here.

I am busy dragging my gift through the forests and foothills. I'll get there eventually.
Trying to finish like 8 stories now this gona take foreever
I only got one and it's taking too long. Got the fighting out of the way, so now comes the hard part: narration and dialog.
File: 1349835775997.gif-(887 KB, 480x268, panda cat.gif)
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a few questions
1) does this world have pandacats
2) if not, can we get this world pandacats
3) can we make pandacats the mascot of something, pandacat is a champion of justice
Rare breed of Felim

Can I hunt the Pandacats?
That would not be classy.
i was thinking more like a pet kind of thing

>hunting champions of justice
only if you wish to earn the enmity of Kamen Rider
File: 1349836065513.png-(194 KB, 835x339, 1346907474921.png)
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I don't know, yes, and fuck yes.

Class matters not in the pursuit of the hunt!
Fastly approaching the point where they send a posse after you.
File: 1349836422628.jpg-(36 KB, 450x555, van-pelt.jpg)
36 KB

I like to imagine myself as the Hunter from Jumanji that hunts Robin Williams.

I hunt things not for wealth or the need for justice, but merely for the THRILL OF THE HUNT!

But less British and funny looking.
Yeah, I only see this going badly.
File: 1349836738114.jpg-(51 KB, 450x384, 1349552091155.jpg)
51 KB

Fear not, I come bearing gifts of friendship and peace!
File: 1349836840380.jpg-(22 KB, 300x277, Moomba_by_dewdropfirefly.jpg)
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well then dibs on finding pandacats and moombas
Not helping. But we shall see
Good lord I've missed a LOT. Looks like I know what I'm doing tomorrow. I'm getting this story done if it's the death of me. Odds are it will be, given my current pace...

Sage for contributing somewhere between jack and shit.
File: 1349844340177.jpg-(111 KB, 850x602, dragonhorse.jpg)
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And now I turn things over to Lilly for the tale of her journey of redemption. As you might remember she left letters and went out to soul search to become a better person.
File: 1349848042568.jpg-(176 KB, 640x640, 5810161493_0436b779ac_z.jpg)
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I was long gone by the time they would be getting the letters. I had hopped through the gate to thunder rift. Seemed like as good a place to start as any. Orc Shamans and all that jazz. I scared the crap out of Ruby. She had been asleep on the throne. You know having a magic gate to your throne room doesn't sound safe.

“Damn, its you, and here I was hoping that it was Jim come to take me. What the seven storms are you doing here at this time of night?”


“What the fuck for.”

“I don’t know.”

“Well if its to get you out of my hair then in the morning I’ll help you figure out what your looking for. Have one of the servants take you to a guest room.”

“Thanks Ruby.”

“Don’t thank me. Only doing this to get rid of you, and it won’t be fun.”

“Nothing ever is. Night.”
Early the next morning before the sun came up and after the moon set I was roused from my bed. Dragged out to a large stone ring and told to strip. Well its not like I had my modesty and if she was going to kill me she would have done so well I slept. I stripped. The shaman's started to dance around the stone circle. It was large and lay on its side. It kind of looked like a well but it was only three feet deep. There was a flash of light and then the hole in the center was full of a glowing green liquid. Ruby gave me a nudge towards it. Well I had done stranger shit. I stepped into the pool and fell right in.

Down and down I went. Falling through one big acid trip. I can’t remember for how long I fell, but it felt like an eternity. I landed on me ass in a pile of flowers and vines. Not sure about the symbolism of that. I was surrounded by plants. The smell sickenly sweet. A voice rang through my head.

“Do get up and come to me dear.” The voice felt like it was going to split me in half.

I got up out of the bed of plants. Pushed aside some giant ass leaves that were acting like a curtain. There was a long hall made entirely out of earthen materials. Two smells were overpowering. The smell of earth and the other a smell I knew well. The scent of femininity, like a room full of horny succubi.

“Come closer daughter.”

Now I was feeling on edge. This place was coming off like a green version of hell and anything that called me daughter...

I walked down the hall. The floor made of branches. It started to rain, a pleasant rain like that of a warm spring day. Felt refreshing on my skin. Then the wind began to howl. That was a little less than pleasant. Then I was attacked by flowers.

“Chast heavens I don’t want a fucking makeover.”

Everything stopped.
“Don’t you?”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Admit it you like the feel of being dirty and you love to be wild. You're a wildflower to the core. You don’t want to be uprooted and trapped inside a pot.”

“I’m not a wildflower, those have others growing with them. I’m on my own.”

“The wildflower by itself is the most beautiful and freest. You stand out, you’re set apart. People want to be like you.”

“I don’t want this for anyone. It sucks, I rather be a flower among a garden than by myself. Being alone sucks hard.”

Trees parted next to me and out stepped a woman that made me seem plain.

“Hello daughter. I’ve missed you. Come lets go get you a proper outfit.”

“I’m not your daughter though.”

“You were and I do hate anything of mine being taken.”

“Who are you where am I?”

“You’re a smart girl, give it some thought and I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”

“You’re Tera? The Orcs Earth Mother?”

“Not just the Orc sweetie. All living things of the the realm are my children. Even you, though you’ve been taken from me. I don’t like it when people take things from me. Now the rules say I can’t just fix things. As you were taken fairly by the rules, questionable as they are, I can only even things out a bit.”
“Why do you care?”

“Like I said I hate having things taken from me. Also I can’t have such a powerful tool influencing my champion. There are other reasons but those are my own and are beyond you.”

“Your champion? Influencing?”

“GearHeart, the one to whom you play mistress.”

“Why does a god need a champion, and why James?”

“We can’t take direct action against one another, not since the war, and I have my grievances. I picked James because I like him. Now then let’s get you nice and clean.”

“I hope that’s metaphorical. Trying to stop with the naughty stuff.”

“Its a mix.”

And then the ground gave below me. Really getting tired of the falling bit. I landed in a nice relaxing Hot Springs with a splash. I came up from the water with a gasp. Nice looking place, surrounded by a luscious garden. I heard the sounds of rippling water behind me. I turned and there was Tera stepping into the water.

“You know two girls, one bath, no clothes, still not helping.” I said

“Well if you must insist.” She said with a snap of her fingers. Clothes similar to bikinis magically appeared on us. “Now let me wash your hair.”

“You do realize that this is somebody's fetish.”

“You should well know that everything is somebody’s. What you need to learn is to know.” She said scrubbing at my scalp.

“Oh, that feels wonderful. Can you get a bit more to the left.”

“You know, the world will seem less joyful if you fix all your problems. A good example is this, how good it feels. If I were to help put your brain back to normal, then this would feel like this.”

The sensation of her fingers running through my hair diminished greatly.
“That’s not as fun.” I sighed.

“No it’s not is it. It would make your journey easier, but your life blander. To bland and you won’t want to live. Too much spice and you can’t live. Hard choice isn’t it.”

“How long do I have to think about it?”

“As long as this bath. Now just relax and think your options over.”

Time passed. The hot bath felt good, helped me clear my mind and think about things. I really like experiencing a more intense world, who wouldn’t. But I could see what she meant. I wanted to change, but that much? I didn’t know for most of the bath. Towards the end though I had made up my mind.

“I don’t want it. Like James says if it’s done for me then I learn nothing. It might make it easier but nothing easy is worth it.”

“Well its your choice. Well then we can get to the next step then that much quicker. They say the past is the key to the future and explains the present. You need to reexamine your past and come to terms with it.”

“I don’t remember my past though. How am I supposed to reexamine it?”

“Magic. Now close your eyes and listen to my voice. Hold your breath.”

And then the bitch tried to drown me. She forced me under the water, I struggled with all my might to no avail. Things grew black and fuzzy.
I woke up in a humongous bed, it was pitch black outside the window. I could hear screaming and smell smoke. Hell? No human house. Then I realized that the bed wasn’t big but that I was small. I was a young girl, again I guess.

Screams started to fill the air. A woman busted in through the door.

“Kenksd fqsdm gjhmsa.” She screamed.

She looked like me...

A bunch of men came busting in after her. They knocked her to the ground and well... raped her. I couldn’t look away no matter how much I tried. I was frozen in place, I wanted to run but I couldn’t move. One of the men looked up from what he was doing.

They chatted amongst themselves, I can’t remember what they said, but then they went and.. and... I don’t know why I can’t write it down. I can’t even find myself saying it. But. It hurt, and it was terrifying, and...and I thought I was gonna die. Strange, fear of death is so foreign to me most of the time, but here I was, hopefully in some sick mind trip, experiencing it in full.

When they were... done. They picked me up. Something about being able to get a better price for me if they hadn’t... damnit. I can’t finish a damned sentence about it.

Well, after I was bought. And placed, things at least got more numb. I got used to it a little. The broken bones, the burns, the wounds, sometimes left to fester, I don’t know why. I still wanted to live, somehow. They said they were going to get rid of me soon. I suppose that’s better than staying this way. I still was afraid to die though...

I thought I was dreaming when something came to me. It looked like an angel. I remember he offered me help and I took it. Just some simple words, “Lumo helpi min bv.”

I started to feel better. Warmth washing over me. I got up and asked him to help me get away. He offered me his hand and I took it.

The world warped. We were no longer in the manor, we were somewhere worse.
Lux no longer looked so nice. Things were worse than before. After torturous rounds of things far worse than I had ever experienced.

For some reason this next part was all too clear in my mind. I was dragged to a room and strapped to a table and gagged. A demon came in. He came up close and got right in my face. I thought I should be having flashbacks now. I wasn’t. This was it. This was just the way the world worked. There wasn’t anything left for me...

He started to talk his words hurting deep inside.
“My name is Dement. Don’t worry little one, I’ll be ushering you into this new world of paradise and power, I’m the one that perfected this after all.” He said pulling tools from a bag he carried.

I was awake for the whole thing, it was horrible. In the end I blacked out from the pain. Then came the memory I knew so well. The one I knew as my first. I awoke at the feet of a succubus.

Then I was being pulled out of water. I coughed and coughed.

“How was it daughter? What you have so long wished to know?” Tera asked me, her words booming in my drowning mind.

“Life turns out to not be all tea and roses.” I responded after yet another gasp of air.

“No its not is it. Rest and when you are ready you can begin your quest in full.”

“Begin? I thought this was the quest.”

“The first step. Armed with all the tools you need, you can begin soon.Many more trials before you. But for now sleep. You have been through much and it is a horrible night to have a curse.”

The world grew dark and my eyes heavy.
I woke up in yet another strange bed. Really getting tired of that. No clue where I was this time. And where the hell did this dress come from?

“Well I am glad to see you are well. Have to say when you fell from a glowing green portal I was a bit worried.” Said a familiar sounding voice. But I was still half asleep and was having trouble putting it to a name.

“Where am I?”

“Belowfaz, The great city under the sea. Home of the Merpeople.”

Recognition came to me. “Well then you should come to me. Though I’ve done it in the sea, I can safely say never under it.”

“Really a place where the great Lilly never made love, hard to believe.” Jame said getting into bed next to me.

I was about to start, but then I hesitated. Something felt wrong. Jim had already lifted my skirt up to my knees. I had some flashbacks to what I had just lived through. I can see why the mindwipe was such a part of making a succubus.

“Stop. There’s something I need to tell you.” I blurted out.

Jim put my skirt down and sat besides me.

“What so important that you can’t wait? You never wait. You're worrying me Lilly.”

“I... I have something I need to confess. I had a one night stand with a merc.” The words came out slowly and painfully. Like someone was digging them out of my heart with a rusty spoon.

Jim let out a deep sigh. “Meina’s going to be pissed.”

“You're not mad?”

“Mad? Yes but you know me, I can’t afford to do mad. Mostly I’m disappointed in you. At the same time I always knew that this day would come.”

“It sucked you know. Felt empty and cheap.”
“You know as much as I’m disappointed in you, I am also proud of you. Took a lot for you to admit it.”

“Doesn’t make it any better. Doesn’t make me feel any better.”

“No, I imagine not. Tell me, do you know why you did it?”

“Hunger is no excuse. I was frustrated, I’m not even sure with what. Everything I guess. But it used to be that a good fuck helped make everything better. Made me feel better. This time it just made me feel worse.”

“Well.... So, how was it meeting Tera?”

“Odd sometimes she was really nice and motherly and other times she was a psychotic bitch.”

“Yeah she can be like that. I remember the first time I met her. Was rather intense. I fought a freakin dinosaur to prove that I was who I was.”

“Wait, you’ve been pulled into that place before, and never told me?”

“Yep. ‘Hey Lilly, I was kidnapped for a short while by a god and she made me her champion and I fought a dinosaur. Oh and she sometimes talks to me while I sleep.’”

“I see your point. That would seem crazy even by your standards.”

We sat there for a few minutes in silence. The awkward tense killing me, but he seemed unaffected by it. Finally it got to be too much for me.

“So... what are we going to do about it.”

“Do we have to do anything? Meina and you will have big enough problems as is.”

“We have to do something, I have to do something.”

Then Tera stuck her head through the wall and said.

“You're supposed to have a heart to heart stupid mortals, not complain about me. Then you must go to the top of Mt. Muzbashi and pass the trial there. Thats what the white dress symbolises. You being washed of you old life.”

And then she disappeared like she had come.
“Well that was most queer. Nice though having a god directly tell you what to do.”

“Tell me about it. So we off to Mt. Muzbashi then?” Jim asked with that look he has in his eyes when he’s set on something.

“What happened to all that talk about not being able to do everything for me and such?”

“Never said I can’t be there to support you. Its what couples do or at least should do.”

“I would like that.”

We left then and there,well after James said goodbye to some people in the city. The city was amazing. Some parts were flooded and some weren't and a lot of them were made entirely of glass. We got into a large metal ball and we ascend up to the surface. We were a good six day journey from Mt. Muzbashi. I’ll be honest it was the hardest six days of my life. I wanted so bad to be with Jim but I couldn’t and he was right there. Being his normal self and I still felt horrible about the affair. It wasn’t fair, I wanted him to be mad. It would at least make not being able to sleep with him, but I couldn’t.

By the time we reached the foot of the mountain I was starved and exhausted. Feeding off sexual energy really sucks when you're not getting any. I didn’t even have enough energy to pop my wings out.

“This is going to suck. Jim remind me when this is said and done to get into shape without relying on succubus powers.”

“Will do. You going to be able to do this?”

“Don’t have a choice.”

“Always have a choice, most of the time they just suck.”

“Jim, I want you to come with me but don’t help me. You got that.”

“If that’s what you want. I’ll respect that.”

We started the climb, James right behind me. Thoughts ran through my head as we climbed
Why is he still here? He should be distancing himself after all the crap I’ve put him through. Everyone else abandoned me, only a matter of time. Truth is I deserve to be alone. Don’t deserve him, or Meina, or friends like Lem and Kikki and Kuro and Belle. Only reason they stayed around as long as they did was because they were being nice to me. Only a matter of time. Everyone leaves. Just me and suffering. Like this stupid mountain, one big fucking grind up a hill that never ends. After what felt like forever and a half I wasn’t even half way up.

Night fell and I was still climbing.The wind picked up a good deal. Climbing a mountain in a dress is a bad idea. The wind kicked up my skirt. I turned around to joke with James about even the wind getting bored, and he wasn’t there.

Course he wasn’t, I’m surprised he stuck with me as long as he did. There was a ledge larger than the others so I stopped on it. I sat there for I don’t know how long. Thinking about ending it all. When there was a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to find a dwarf standing there.

“Hello, Child. Dervish told me that someone was trespassing my mountain.”

“Yeah, got told to come here on some kind of soul search or something. The irony of not having a soul is not lost on me. Now I don’t even know if I want to finish this trek.”

“If you are simply here because you are told, then you are here not for yourself.”

“Yeah, I wanted to become better for my friends and lovers.”

“That is not something you can be told to want. If you are here because someone has told you to come here, I cannot help you.” The Dwarf turned and began to walk away.
“Wait! I want to be better, I just don’t know what I'm supposed to do. So when I was told I would find help here I came. I would like your help, I need to get better. For those who matter.”

As I pleaded my thoughts, the bastard just kept walking away as if I wasn’t there. When I was done, he turned, and called back to me. “The purest proof of desire is action.” And then continued.

Well I guess that means I keep climbing. I dusted myself off and resumed the climb. The rest had helped though. I hate being weak. If I had my old succubus strength I would have been at the top by now. Heck if I had Meina’s strength or even Belle’s I would be at the top. The sun was coming up and I was about a third of the way up.

Damn the sun was baking. I came across a cave. That same dwarf was just sitting there outside. He looked like he was in something of a deep trance.

“Enjoy your walk?” He suddenly spoke up.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m enjoying the morning sun?”

“You’re crazy and I’m tired.”

“That’s nice.” The dwarf continued to just sit there, soaking in the sun on his face.

I tried asking him what I was supposed to do next, but he wasn’t saying anything, just sitting there soaking in the sun. So I stepped inside the cave. It was nice and cool so I found a soft spot, lay down, and took a nap. The dreams were pleasant. But fake. The perfect family, not having a horrible childhood, stuff like that. Then I was woken by Jim.
“James what happened to you? You just disappeared.”

“Fucking Dwarf Mystic magic.”

“Yeah that guy is an asshole.”

“How you doing Lilly?”

“Not great. I’m exhausted. What I wouldn’t give for my old strength.”

“You know we could do something about that. Its not the most romantic place, but concerning some of the places we’ve done it before this is definitely not the worse.”

“That would be nice. I could go for some wild passion.” I went to push Jim over but I was so weak that I just sort of collapsed into him. He caught me in his arms.

“Let me take care of you this time. I promise to not disappoint.”

“Jim, I can’t do this. I really want to. But not to I do what ever I came here to do. I can’t give in to my urges, least not till it feels right. Don’t get me wrong, I am really happy you still want me. These damaged goods.”

“I’m a sucker for a broken woman. Hits me right in the heart strings. But it’s too bad, a little girl on girl action would have been fun.”

I nearly did a spit take. “Wait! What? No seriously the fuck.”

Jim warped as only a shapeshifter can. Standing there now was Tera.

“Hello, daughter. Doing good so far. Really impressed by your will power. Almost done you know just one more trial.”

“What the hell did you do with James!”

“Me? Nothing. But don’t worry he didn’t abandon you, least not willingly.”

“What’s the point of all this.”

“Think of it like a game. You either win or you lose. I want you to win.”

“Then why make this harder.”

“Am I?”

“Seems like it to me.”

“Well you should be going, don’t want to keep fate waiting.”

“Fuck fate.”

“He prefers oral.”

“Course he does.” I said walking out of the cave.
The old dwarf was gone from where he had been. Not surprising, as it was late afternoon know. Rested, re-energized, and feeling stronger I resumed my tribulation. I made it to the top of the mountain just as the moon was starting to rise. There was that smug dwarf bastard just sitting there atop of a rock talking to himself.

“Hello again child. How goes your search.”

“Well, I’ve had a lot of time to think. I can do it. Its just going to be really hard. So what now?”


“Don’t have to tell me twice.” I said sitting down in front of him.

“Quite. Relax. Let the word slip out of your thoughts. Put aside your wants and desire. Listen to my voice.”

There was a lot of other nonsense. I can’t remember most of it. But he ended with something like; “You are feeling very sleepy.” I thought no shit sherlock, I just climbed a fucking mountain.

Then things got fuzzy. I was back at Demon Reach, the library. Sitting where Jim usually sat when he was writing was a hand mirror. It had a strange allure to it. Pulled me to it, felt like an old friend. Dark temptation, all too sweet in nature. I picked it up and it clung to my hand. Dark gunk flooded forth from my pores and jumped into the mirror. The mirror started to grow and change.

I saw memories of all the horrible things I had done reflected in the mirror. The first soul I stole, my first kill, my first evil scheme. More recent stuff. Abusing my friends, acting like a whore. In the end the mirror took on my shape. Dark as midnight and cold as ice. I saw in her every thing I hated about myself. I hated it. Everything about it. I wanted to kill it.
====================Jim’s Perspective====================

“That’s it you hypnotize her? I could have fucken done that. Well it would have taken me awhile to work the details out. My knowledge of such is more naughty party trick than healing power. And after that making her not able to see me or sense me was a real dick move. If you weren’t like 400 years old I would kick your hairy ass up and down this mountain.”

“How about I punch you down the mountain with my beard.”

“I would tell you to bring it cause either way I would have a story no one would believe. Just don’t strain yourself grandpa.”

And then we had a good fight and he tough me some neat stuff.
==============Back to Lilly==============

I was getting my ass kicked. She was stronger, faster, and meaner. She was proving to be too much for me. She grabbed me by the throat and slammed me into a wall of books. They came toppling down onto us. Still she continued to squeeze the life out of me. I spat in her eye when she gave me the chance, I kicked out at her knee crushing it inward. She fell to the ground. I kicked and kicked at her. My leg started to hurt I kicked so much. I could take it though. I had taken worse for less. I had to take it. I couldn’t lose this.

But then she started to get back up. Her wounds knit and bones set. She looked up at me and gave me a grin. I wanted to wipe that stupid grin off her face. But she just kept going. She grabbed my leg mid kick. She pulled me down to her level. We fought and fought rolling across the room. Tearing each other to shreds, but she was getting stronger with every blow and I was getting weaker. But I kept fighting her.
Then she had me pinned, straddling me I could see the end coming. It was in the image of her fist being pulled back and aimed at my face. I looked at her one last time. It’s kind of strange, seeing yourself in a pitched rage, filled with seething hate and loathing. It felt surreal enough that I was looking at myself. Myself. Wait. She was me.

She was me. All the pain I had felt she had felt. All the suffering had shaped her to what she had and I had come to resent her for it. I resented myself for it. But that wasn’t fair, she hadn’t done anything to deserve it, she didn’t ask to be born in this crapsack world, to have everything, including her dignity stripped from her, to turn into this little ball of hate and fury. It’s wrong, it’s all wrong. She didn’t deserve it...
I didn’t deserve it. I found myself crying, but not from the pain, though it hurt all the same, but I had to do this. With one last surge of will power I lunged at her. Flipping our positions, all my strength just to stay on top of her. She rained blow after blow into me. But I held onto her, even if all I could manage was to utter “sorry” in her ear a thousand times. I had taken worse for less.

I wasn’t about to lose her. No matter what. This was a part of me, no matter how sick and twisted I might have thought it to be.

Then I heard someone else crying. The blows slowly stopped, eventually going limp. I pulled her close and I told her... no, myself, “Everything's going to be ok. I love you and don’t want you to go. We can do this,” I said it one more time, and this time I really felt it, I really meant it. “We can do this. I can do this.” There was a crackling sound. That Mirror, that somehow survived the brawl, it had broken. Things went blurry and the world started to fade, I came together and I felt a weight lifted off of me. The world went a bright white.
“For an old bastard, you sure proved tougher than any of the boys back at the castle.” I heard Jim say.

“You kept it up longer than I thought you could, laddie.” The dwarf responded.

The magic crap in front of my eyes cleared and I was on a small hill.

“What the fuck happened to the mountain?” I asked looking around at the surrounding hills.

“We might have gotten a bit carried away waiting for you. Learned some neat tricks though.”

“They are not tricks and should not be used as such.” The Dwarf seemed grumpy. I couldn’t tell if he was frustrated with James or impressed. Knowing him, probably both.

“How the fuck long was I out?”

“Two and a half weeks. We had a lot of time on our hands.” Jim said, coming over and giving me a hand up.

“I was going to say you wouldn’t believe the time I had but I think you beat me.”

“Well you can tell me all about it on the way home. Need to get home, finish up the bracelets for Lem and Kikki’s wedding. You need to apologize to people. Maybe even some R and R if you know what I mean.”

“Sounds good.”

File: 1349856110092.gif-(2.9 MB, 806x453, 1349726575120.gif)
2.9 MB
Alright, more story time tomorrow. Kikki's family's gonna get fleshed out and Lem's gonna shout from the mountaintops. Good deal of fleshing out the philosophical aspects of First Magic as well via the Dwarven Mystics. Hopefully the papers me and Thai are compiling on marriage rites of the realm will be completed as well.
Just got back and read through your story.

Now its time for me to say it:
You really need to proofread your stuff.

You have improved in letting in less typos, but some well placed punctuation wouldn't go amiss.

Character pacing and development is good, when it's in focus. But a problem I seem to have with many of the other stories is this constant Sue-like advancement of powers and gear.

I don't know if its just my own views clouding this judgement, you do write good stuff, but I just find it a bit minimalist.

Maybe its just a side effect of having to read up on Lovecraft and sort through all the prose. But whatever, i wrote it, and I can't unwrite it.

Not unless I delete the post...
Wasn't I supposed to answer some questions you guys had?
Sorry if that criticism comes off as a personal attack, I'm still new to this text only method of critique.
Hey, so drinking in Rogue Trader caught up. Good to know I've added something to the lore.
Echo, echo, echo...
Getting some z's here.
I try to clean up all the punctuation, but that's not exactly my thing.
Actually, yes. GearHeart was wondering about how the Gods managed to kill all but five true demons. Especially if True Demons are Fey and we don't want to overuse First Magic here.
Ah, thank god. Should have my internet back shortly, so I should have something to post up later.

Seems a bit strange that this thread has drug on this long.
Well, I personally have two separate pieces I'm cooperating on with others and another three to four I'm doing on my own. Because of class and such, going is slow. But like I said, Kikki is going to have her family and Lem is going back up on the mountain.

How about a new assignment? Let's get ideas for the Fifth Day of Union. What're we doing for it? What kind of things do we do? Who's getting hitched with their waifu? Who's swearing in with the Knights Harem?
File: 1349900622427.jpg-(93 KB, 600x887, Darksiders dlc.jpg)
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Bump. It's been three hours.
I'm up, I'm up...

Now to come up with a good answer for>>21068565
File: 1349903949783.png-(848 KB, 1280x720, grab05791.png)
848 KB
You don't know? Oh Divines...

I do hope you can at least work with me on some philosophical bent behind First Magic. I really do like the idea of the Weirding Way to be the basis for this sort of thing. Give me a bit and I can meet you in a google doc to flesh this out.
Oh, I do know how there were only FIVE Demons left in all of Inferno. The problem is wording the explanation so that it sounds satisfactory to everyone.

As for the First Magic thing, the Weirding Way sounds like a basis, and I could see how parallels were drawn. One thing that gets me is why you all assume a master of the thing requires to speak loudly.

There are plenty of other magics and methods lying around...
Skyrim. Dragon shouts.
Not physical.

(The loud echoing is to tell you you've said it right)

Didn't really draw from Skyrim. Willpower based magic has been around a looooong time
I assume that's where the 'speak loudly' part is from.
File: 1349904873205.jpg-(178 KB, 634x642, 1332628887850.jpg)
178 KB
Blame the modders. Also, I'm sure Skyrim can make Dark Souls look like a cakewalk if you search hard enough.
This brings to mind an old Laurie & Fry sketch.
The Gods, beings of Law and Order, stuck to their word after the War Among Stars, and left the Demons to their own devices. No Demon was personally destroyed by a God. (Their champions, on the other hand...)

The Dark Age of Demons resulted in a negative Demon birth rate, the Primordial Aether being locked out/tapped out. There are more than one way to ensure a Demon dies, First Magic weaponry is one of them. (First Magic is also one of the ways a Fae considers "losing". Being non-temporally continuous, they consider having existed AT ALL, as a win)

Starvation of souls, infighting, suicide, malnutrition, "Disease", backlash from the Warlock projects, the blade of a paladin, troops of Angels sent from above, elven heroes retrieving the souls of their loved ones, the only thing a Demon of the First Age is immune to is dying of OLD AGE.

With a little help from outside influences, all their decisions in the time of the Five only helped to thin out the number of Demons living in Inferno. The number of ones that left or were captured by wily sorcerors is unknown (see original djinni-in-a-bottle myth).

Why haven't we heard of Gods dying out in this way? Better PR.
I've secretly been referencing Mitchell & Webb, among other things...
File: 1349910152422.jpg-(502 KB, 1800x1200, 1348030610715.jpg)
502 KB
The days after Christmas, or Catmas, rather, always gave me an odd feeling. It was still holiday cheer, sort of, but now it was... natural, would be the word. Indeed, it had only been a few days since then. At least I still made some good memories, then. Good times. I gulped the last of some weak cider, then exited the Rouge Trader. The sun had set early, and a fresh snowfall began to form. Habitually, my hand slid to my belt. Sera had given me a utility knife. It was a nice one too; the blade was nimble, the handle wire-wrapped. It was also less cumbersome and noticeable than carrying a full sized sword everywhere; I carried it instead in town.
The streets were deathly quiet. Odd, it was still early in the day. The slightest noise felt like a demon's crazed laughter. Bushes were suddenly home to hostiles. I saw something fleshlike.
I began to get paranoid. My mind wandered, what could be hiding?
File: 1349910428012.jpg-(98 KB, 959x643, 1327727268813.jpg)
98 KB
>It's them, isn't it?
Shut up, brain, we killed them
>Now you'll have to do it again
They can't come back from the dead.
>What if they don't have to? What if they already are? What if there's simply more?
Now is not the time for this nonsense.
>You better go check up on Sera.
I began to sprint, feet crunching in the snow. An alley, a good shortcut to run from the pale fleshy humanoid across the street. Shit. It was them.
>Told you so.
File: 1349910490887.jpg-(24 KB, 657x218, 1333078803097.jpg)
24 KB
I hurried along only to see another in ahead in the darkness. A third appeared to the left.
What was there to do but draw the knife and fight?
I gripped the knife in my left hand, underhand, taking a boxer's stance.
“Come at me!” the first charged; I knocked the spear to the side and caught its face with a right hook. I gave it no chance to catch up; it was tossed to the ground and its head smashed with a jumping curb stomp.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw another charge me, attempting to bash my head with a rock. I sidestepped, caught its hand on the downward strike, before pulling it away and giving several slashes to the wrist and kneeing it away. A bottle slammed into my face, shattering. Stumbling, I looked to the side, another was dashing over with some rusty knife. Dropping mine, I grabbed its arm and kneed its gut, then drove the rusted piece of iron into its throat. A dark, almost black, greasy mist spewed forth. I only needed to see another twitch before I removed the rusted blade and slammed it where the abomination's eye socket should have been.
File: 1349910558477.jpg-(81 KB, 625x417, 1334519869466.jpg)
81 KB
The second was staggering from the ground now. I retrieved my knife and gave it a swift kick to the head. I straddled it, then brought the smooth blade down beside the sternum. Its hands went up, attempting to grab me before I brought it down again, and again.
The knife was dragged down beside the sternum. My hand entered, trying to pull it apart. Even its organs barely resembled a man's. It still had a heart, though. I cut it out.
File: 1349910682879.jpg-(222 KB, 1600x1200, 1334728325977.jpg)
222 KB
I was gore covered, my face stung, several abominations lay dead in an alley.... and I was late getting home now.
>Well, that sucked
I trudged through the snow. Thirteen days since the dungeon dive. My mind weighed the possibilities. If it was a curse, this was likely to repeat itself quite often, for God knows how long. If they were some invasive, probably magical species... TeeGee was going to have a problem sooner or later. All I could really tell was that they were human shaped and preferred the dark. They also had some sort of grudge against me. It must have been the book. Now was looking to be a great time to learn Cult runes. Still, they weren't too difficult to beat in a straight fight. The only problem was when and how they attacked, if they could form strategies... and where.
I was sprinting again, home in the distance. The lights were out, space felt blurry.
I was fumbling with the handle now, hands still greasy with their oily blood.
I was grabbing my sword from where it hung off the wall.
Hands trembling, I lit a candle.

Sera lay in bed, breathing softly. I remembered to breathe, letting out a great sigh. I barred the door, and slumped down on a wall. She was safe; I was alive. All was well, now I just had to keep watch. I didn't let myself sleep until dawn.
File: 1349910772830.jpg-(87 KB, 995x428, bastard sword.jpg)
87 KB
“Al?!” I gasped and looked up. Sera was standing over me, looking worried. I was still hunched over, back to the wall, grasping a sword.
“I...” I started to respond, looking at my hands. They were no longer bloodied.
>Good luck making her believe you.
“I think I drank a bit too much, is all.” I said.
“How'd you get that cut on your face?” I winced as she touched some cut on my cheek. How terribly interesting.
“I must have tripped.” she frowned, but bought it.
“Al, sometimes I worry about you.” she said.
“Don't worry. It's not like I'll just up and die.” I stood up, putting my sword to the side.
“Lately, you've been acting... strange. Are you sick or something?” she asked as I embraced her.
“No, it's nothing. Come on, we'll go out for breakfast.”
“You mean like we always do?”
“...Yes. Like we always do.”

“Did I ever tell you how much I like this knife?”
>but I just find it a bit minimalist.
That's my nature in all things. Working on it.
>You have improved in letting in less typos, but some well placed punctuation wouldn't go amiss.
That's recovery from accident.
> Sue-like advancement of powers and gear.
No excuse for this one. GearHeart wants to be Batman. I didn't think the gear was that bad. Smoke Screen bag. Magic Grenades. Sword of Hate. Magic Bags of holding. Faraday cage armor. The last one is balls to the wall crazy I admit. And as for power I guess I need to make it clearer that he spends most of his time studying magic and trying to improve at it.

I thank you for you criticisms and as always I'm trying to write less crappy stuff.
Thank you that works much better than can't be defeated. Or can only be beaten by First Magic.
quest threads about waifus/weeaboo/romance are the cancer killing /tg/
>inb4 no you are
It's not actually a quest, just a lot of writefaggotry.
Better or worse, depending on the writer and how you feel about quest threads.
File: 1349912889291.jpg-(193 KB, 960x540, 1332385957001.jpg)
193 KB
Now to calmly wait for critique.

I liked it, though I wished it was a little more fleshed out each story.

As an unrelated side note, i'm looking to collab for my last piece, anyone wanna play the big damn hero for me?
I would volunteer but apparently I am already too sue
Glad that you liked the explanation and the criticism wasn't that biting. Speaking of criticism...

Well written, panicky, brings up the option of are the monsters real or do they only exist behind your eyes. The descent into madness is a theme I'll be working in for the Squids. As for knife fighting, well...
>Knife fight, you gonna fight with a knife~, Knife fight, you gonna fight for your li-ife~
to be fair, the whole "chosen by a god" thing sets off lots of people's sue alarms
Well don't have to worry about that. If I didn't make it clear enough. Hes more of a chew toy. Just haven't been able to work it in yet. Since the getting fucked over literally by Lilly wasn't working so well for some people I'm moving to more of a the gods hate you and use you for entertainment.

Weren't you Sir GearHeart not too long ago? What happened?
Sir GearHeart, GearHeart, Lilly, Meina, any combonation is possible. I just dropped the sir for the Lilly bit and forgot to but it back on. Though that may be a story some day.

Alright, just checking. I am no Harem Knight (yet?) and was wondering if something had happened in the last couple of threads.
Theres a process. Need to squire a bit. Prove you got the right stuff so on so.
also, no hunting pandacats
That falls under right stuff.


File: 1349923847436.jpg-(22 KB, 335x215, ballista.jpg)
22 KB
I think we can one up a mere greatbow.
File: 1349924114236.jpg-(5 KB, 250x166, cleaner.jpg)
5 KB
Oh fine.

I wont hunt the pandacats...
File: 1349925329706.jpg-(74 KB, 256x296, guilmon bread.jpg)
74 KB
thank you, have some guilmon bread

That... doesn't look very appetizing.

Regardless! I will make my entrance to yon fair city and explore its vast cultural richness... I guess...

Or ask if there be any monsters to kill. Which ever one comes up really, I mean, I'd equally enjoy both... but... you know.
File: 1349928217395.jpg-(328 KB, 936x904, 1331009102684.jpg)
328 KB
You want appetizing?

Are those churros sticking out of the sides?

Regardless, I wouldn't eat that either.
So much sugar...
File: 1349932385460.jpg-(410 KB, 1655x1275, funnelcake.jpg)
410 KB
But can you resist.... THIS?!
File: 1349932568086.jpg-(137 KB, 1024x748, adorable goo girl.jpg)
137 KB
probably gonna catch a lot of hate but i don't like funnel cakes. i got food poisoning from one when i was a kid and i haven't liked them since
also, has anyone discussed goo girls yet?

I dont like funnel cake.
What is this thread?
>wizard zaps you to fantasy world wat do?
>"i'm going to find an elf girl and rub her ears"
>dude that's brilliant, we could found an order of knights based on rubbing elf ears
>hell we could found a kingdom based on rubbing ears and touching fluffy tails
then a fuckton of writefaggotry and worldbuilding happened and here we are
Oh...Oh! I have a lot of reading to do to catch up then don't I.
lots, especially since the 1d4chan page is massively out of date since lots of us don't know how to into wiki, but it's actually a pretty nice read overall, just don't bring up bow designs
File: 1349933418783.png-(3 KB, 156x166, 1287639804076.png)
3 KB
Damn and I was actually going to start studying russian tonight. Well I'm off to go read through all the threads.
yay, feel free to writefag for us when you're done, just try to keep it leaning towards noble bright and don't do anything world shaking without talking it over with everyone first
File: 1349934047762.jpg-(118 KB, 520x390, 1331173712333.jpg)
118 KB
Not yet; they're fresh for the waifuing, or whatever it is you're planning.
You heartless bastard.
File: 1349934458259.jpg-(224 KB, 600x650, snow girl (4).jpg)
224 KB
no plans for goo girl yet, just trying to remember what we've run into and maybe give ideas to new writefags. also really surprised no one has a yukionna waifu considering our first winter

I just don't like funnel cake man. I don't like many confections to be honest.
File: 1349934827853.jpg-(29 KB, 480x258, Dagon.jpg)
29 KB
I thought we were sticking to European based myth entities for now. (With the exception of Kitsune).

Also world shaking? How does everyone feel about me introducing something...pic related?

Never had funnel cake btw, don't know where its at
Quetzalcoatl. Various Aztec based stuff. Great for a horror night maybe.
nations and tribes are primarily european based, but there's nothing stopping individuals from various origins from being in our part of the world. TeeGee doesn't have the only adventurers on the planet (though our adventurers per capita is ridiculously high compared to everyone else), and there are always those brought here against their will by slavers (like Kasai's kitsune if i remember right)

also, don't know enough about dagon or most lovecraftian beings to render a fair judgement
All these people who don't like funnel cake. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD.

On a different note. Sure why the hell not. Though we do need to flesh out all the others. Still trying to do a good bit on merpeople
File: 1349936701485.jpg-(1.62 MB, 900x1920, 5c9a16d6fb9f783877af815de(...).jpg)
1.62 MB
I'd be careful about letting things get too esoteric. The Isle of Obsidios is already stretching it just a bit.

In either case, I got like nothing done today. Tomorrow then. I'll definitely have something to post tomorrow, even if it's only the first half of things. In somewhat related things, why doesn't everyone help me do things? I need some good Felim names for the names of Kikki's Father, Mother, and siblings. Let's go people and do my work for me give me hand!
Uh huh, getting warmer.
That's not really a guess, but whatever.
No, no, its part of established background.

The answer is....in the story!
You want a guess its one of the creatures from a lovecraft story. Fuck if I know which one been like 6 years since I last read Lovecraft. Was it the one with the staris leading deep down into the earth? Beyond that I have no clue.
Well I got through the thread that spawned this idea, but I think it is too much for me. TL;DR.
Alas poor anon,
We hardly knew ye.

I also had this "horrible" idea for the sneaky deals sections, where I stop writing them with the spoiler tags and in actual code!

I will, of course, post up the decrypted versions, but not before letting you all stew in it.

Mwa ha ha.
Looking forward to it. I like breaking codes.
File: 1349939238036.jpg-(644 KB, 800x721, 1343893990079.jpg)
644 KB
Also been meaning to post this for awhile keep forgetting
File: 1349939519502.jpg-(62 KB, 250x275, TV question.jpg)
62 KB

Then what's the general opinion on my use of pictures to liven up the story posts?
I'll try to keep an eye on the threads as they go.
Ophanim, my favorite kind of angel. It's just so awesomely freaky.
You know, I don't think we've ever described how you write runes. Well, I say they're written with magically charged soapstone. Anything you can draw with normally will work, but soapstone works best for some reason. (The reason is because I play Dark Souls.)

Now I'm imagining Olin playing the game. I don't imagine he'd be very good at it.
As the "ink" or as the "surface"?

I imagine that you might want disposable runes for some occasions (traps, party tricks) and more permanent ones for other occasions (Sentinels, cities), so materials will matter.

Or maybe there are several methods of rune marking, just like how we have Celtic runes, Norse runes, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and so on.
Hm, good point. Maybe any material with the right enchantment will work?

Also, touch runes. They do nothing by themselves, but when they come in contact with a source of magic, (say, someone's hand) they trigger any runes they're connected to. Great for parties, the bedroom, and mass demolition!
File: 1349954427325.jpg-(92 KB, 400x300, temporary rage.jpg)
92 KB
Oh great, I go away to eat dinner expecting the thread to end so I can post my 30+ monster of a story, and it is on its last legs!

I also probably bumped it again!

Pic related is how I feel on the lack of new content!

I am mildly ticked!
You can enable post counting in the settings. Bottom-right of the page, click [Settings]. Enable thread statistics in the Advanced section.
I had hoped to have finished my latest story, but alas Work + Study has reared its ugly head and eaten into alot of my time.
Hey Clover, which thread did you start posting in again? I missed a couple and I'd like to read from the beginning.
The last story I think he posted was the Illithid tale with the [Family]. If you read that one, you're caught up.

In other news, maybe with should get this thing archived so we don't accidentally lose it to being idle. I'm in class so in no place to do it well.
File: 1349978175362.jpg-(96 KB, 608x932, 1346329256991.jpg)
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Runic and Rubic, On the subject of written magic.

Rune magic is a magic possible for any of the schools. Though difficulty changes as to which school. The hardest being Sensate the easiest being Drunk magic. Even those of the clerical school can do it.

First there is what you use to write them. Though you can use near anything, some mediums work better than others. For the best long term enchantment you want nothing short of crystal. First you carve out the rune in the object you wish to enchant then you fill it with crystal. Then you work the magic you want into the rune. But different runes hold different magics better. So you might be able to but a bit of fire in a rune of air you can't put fire in a rune of water.

Then for the short term the best choice is soapstone. You can write on anything with it. The down sides are it wears off after a number of uses depending on the strength of the magic it lets out.
File: 1349978297739.gif-(16 KB, 300x292, 1346329586956.gif)
16 KB

One rune won't do anything what you need is a series of runes connected by lines of magic often done in a circle. But they need not be. All you need is to make sure the runes are wired in the order of effect you want and that every rune is getting power.

Drawing power. There are near as many ways to power runic devices as there are runes. But the usual ones are leechers, charged, and connected to a source.

Finally we come to effects. Anyone who has been to the more daring side of Lilly's has a good clue as to how many different things you can do with runes, and those are just the bed room related effects.

What activates a rune varies based on the activation runes in the work. There are runes for touch, presence, magic, word, and countless others. These can be combined to respond to nearly any trigger.

For those who wish to learn more of runic nature seek out Lilly's. She knows more about runes than most and is more than willing to share. As everyone learned after her last party trick. And again apologies for the flying skirt and water jets incident.

Pictured here is the infamous runic circle of stripping. Don't step on such a thing unless you got the guts and the goods.
File: 1349984760013.jpg-(102 KB, 900x666, 1336093590246.jpg)
102 KB
To be fair, I have no idea what a Yukionna is.
Snow woman. They control snow and stuff like that. Supposedly have cold bodies too.
Sounds like an Ice sprite to me, and I'm pretty sure those have been mentioned before. Something about one with a Lamia needing some help from Lilly's store.
no, that was me in full armor shopping in lilly's for some "properly shaped" never melt ice for use on my lamia waifu

You're both right. a Yukionna did stop by in one story and needed some help with her Lamia lover. And also Lyrik did stop by to buy some nevermelt toys.

>Implying that would save you if she was determined.
there are wards on my armor and home that are there solely because Lilly was determined
Good times. Also
>Implying a wizard can't still get at you. See circle of stripping rubic.

Forgot to mention. Rubic is the catch all term for anything with magic runes.
Depending on how you look at it, Prescilla is half snowwoman, but that's about as close as it's gotten.

Finally got my internet problem fixed.
Just woke up

I think I started back in the...
Twelfth Thread?!
And have steadily been around ever since.

I'll try to get some filler posts out between the big chunks.
Like an intercepted list of Other books declared heretical.

I've been too busy as of late to post. Will probably do tomorrow or the day after.
File: 1349994109955.png-(9 KB, 644x360, harbinger.png)
9 KB
Um...Harbinger has been real busy lately. I don't know what, because when I ask...he says I would not understand. Sis would normally get him to talk, but not even she managed to convince him to confess. So I'm here because uh...I'm a bit bored since well normally Harbinger and I w-we uh...I can't say!

Um. But since he has been so busy with his work and stuff, my sis told me to take up a hobby. So I tried sketching and stuff. Here's Harbinger. Um. What do you guys think? I know it's not good, but I want to know if you think I got Harbinger's good side.
File: 1349994197133.png-(12 KB, 644x360, harb aixys.png)
12 KB
That's not his good side. THIS is his good side.

Finger lickin good side. I managed to get him to do this once. He was stoned off his ass but it was still fun~
Wh-what?! I-uhhhh, but y-yo-you did wha? Uhm? The draw-and my s-uh...urmmm........Ihavetogonowbye!
File: 1349994895406.jpg-(387 KB, 500x675, 1346887256215.jpg)
387 KB
I prefer chocolate over honey. But nothing beats fresh cow milk
....is that cheese?
Looks like a nice spicy honey mustard. Zingy and delicious.
File: 1349995870592.png-(31 KB, 445x640, 1336007564612.png)
31 KB
>Wasting a perfectly good condiment for lubricant
File: 1349996460458.jpg-(682 KB, 1477x1200, 1348368882229.jpg)
682 KB
Who said anything about wasting it. Get every last drop.
Ooh! More Harbinger stuff! I am excite!
Would it be reasonable to assume that succubi can subtly shapeshift into a form more pleasurable to their target? Because a succubus with Rob Liefeld proportions would just be too amusing.
That would just be silly now wouldn't. But maybe~
spoilers lilly, worksafe board involves workplaces other than your own
I apolgise of that and yes Olin to answer you question they can shapeshift, but rob would be a form that would kill anything
File: 1349998031416.jpg-(27 KB, 500x450, 1349762941177.jpg)
27 KB
Sage so we can get the next one rolling.
I apologize, forgot its a blue board. Not used to them; also apologize for being unable unable to delete the pictures. Stupid error.
>getting humans to feed you from their table
>their table
>implying it isn't the cat's table
don't draw attention to it!

So who's making the next thread? I'm pretty sure Clover has a good deal of material. I might have the first part of "Meet the Parent" down by the end of the night, if not the whole thing depending on how inspired I am/how much battlefield 3 I play.
Forgot the sage Lil
All the sages
I suppose I'll make the new thread.
Right, sorry, saged.
File: 1349998594511.gif-(2.66 MB, 500x300, 1349810680666.gif)
2.66 MB

New Thread:

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